The 2017 Eclipse in Astrology

On a total solar eclipse, the Moon covers the Sun. The sky becomes dark and there is always a cover-up.

The Monday 21st August 2017 eclipse is a big event in astrology. How will it affect the world? And how will it affect you? These are the rules.

Eclipses Bring Cover-Ups 

On a total solar eclipse, the Moon covers the Sun. The sky becomes dark. Thus, we are left in the dark and there is always a cover-up. The affected country, in the path of an eclipse, is where a big truth will always be concealed.  In France on August 11th 1999 where the total eclipse was visible (some flew on Concorde to watch it), we saw one of the most notorious cover-ups in history during the Tour de France. American cyclist Lance Armstrong won on July 25th, only to have the cover-up about his doping revealed 13 years later. In 2012 he was disqualified from that victory and banned for life from the Olympics. The world found out that Lance Armstrong was the ringleader of ‘the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.”  (United States Anti-Doping Agency). It took years for the truth to come out about the August 1999 cover-up.

lance armstong cheat 440x600 - The 2017 Eclipse in Astrology
What  Cover-Up Can We Expect on 21st August 2017?

America and Britain are in the spotlight on this eclipse. Both countries will experience a cover-up at this time. The United States will see a complete blackout or total eclipse. Britain will have a slight partial eclipse, seen in parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from around 7.35pm on August 21st.

We can anticipate a cover-up involving hospitals, medicine, pharmaceutical companies, doctors and health insurance on August 21st 2017. The eclipse falls during Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, the sign which rules the body. This is about Obamacare, and Trump’s GOP health care bill. In Britain, it is about the N.H.S. Mercury rules paperwork, media releases, computers and hacking. Mercury Retrograde coincides with misinformation, delays and chaos. Virgo has always ruled illness. Be aware in August. Ask hard questions. We’re going to see important headlines about our health and medical care in August 2017. Keep pushing to find out more, because nobody in Great Britain or the United States is being given the full story, according to all the rules of astrology and history.


Eclipses Always Bring Back the Past

Eclipses which trigger old horoscope patterns in our past also offer flashbacks. That is why the August 21st 2017 eclipse will take us back to cover-ups involving the death of Princess Diana and the 2016 U.S. Election results. You can find out more about that here, in a story I wrote back on 17th August 2016, about one year in advance of the eclipse.


3de720c2740acd9b139dd482b1a93bf3 - The 2017 Eclipse in Astrology


The Eclipse and Your Personal Birth Chart – Do You Have Horoscope Factors at Leo 27, 28, 29?

If you have personal birth chart factors at Leo 27, 28, 29 then matters relating to pregnancy, babies, children, young people as a whole – and lovers – will be covered up in August 2017. Leo rules the Fifth House in your astrological chart and this is the horoscope zone associated with sexual relationships, and the younger generations who come after you.

You may be hiding information or others may be withholding it. There may be a genuine blind spot; you or others miss the facts, or the truth of one issue is just not available. For this reason if you do have Leo 27, 28, 29 factors you may prefer to avoid judgement or action across the eclipse period – allow August 20th, 21st, 22nd for the world to catch up with itself. Typical examples would involve a new love affair. Your child’s education. A teenage sports team. An adoption application.

Leo and the Fifth House rule courtship, sex, children (both in and out of wedlock), IVF, termination, fertility, parents, godchildren, grandchildren, nieces, nephews – and classically, any activity which brings adults and children together. So we associate it with Boy Scouts and cycling. Harry Potter and Beatrix Potter.

If you have Leo 27, 28, 29 degree asteroid, planet or other placements (you can become a Premium Member if you don’t have your chart, and pick one up now) then this Leo pattern is an ongoing story for you in 2017 and 2018. Why? We are seeing a lot of planets pass Leo 27, 28, 29 and trigger major choices for you over a two year period.


leo fancy 600x600 - The 2017 Eclipse in Astrology

If you have that Leo chart signature affected by the August 2017 eclipse, there is a long narrative unfolding in your life. The story began in May 2017 as the North Node passed Leo 27, 28 and 29. It will be picked up again near July 24th, 25th as Mercury passes those spots. Mercury Retrograde is at large, though, so please wait for this story to be rewritten or replayed when Mercury crosses back to 27, 28, 29 Leo from September 1st to 10th. You may think you are seeing the issue with dazzling clarity when the Sun passes 27, 28, 29 Leo on August 20th, 21st, 22nd but remember – that ‘new beginning’ with the New Moon is happening across an historic eclipse. You may be left in the dark. Have a blind spot. Experience a cover-up job. Be faced with shadowy information. Find the facts obscured. All is not as it should be, on an eclipse. Wait until it’s over, to judge.

This mid-year period is really important in terms of lovers, pregnancies, babies, children, young people.Venus crosses Leo 27, 28, 29 on September 18th, 19th, 20th and Mars crosses that spot on September 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th. I think the real story for you, if you have these placements, is going to be a deep change in 2018, in the balance of power between yourself and him, her or them. Why? Ceres crosses Leo 27, 28, 29 on June 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th 2018.

If you are curious about Ceres hit search or please pick up your ebooks to read all about this powerful dwarf planet, if you are a Premium Member. An eclipse is neither negative nor positive. It depends on the rest of the chart. It is, however, always about what we can’t see – and don’t know – and that is why pro astrologers always tell you to wait, wait, wait for an eclipse to pass.

Watching the Eclipse in America – From Idaho to South Carolina

NASA have given us these local times for Monday 21st August, if you are watching from the United States. Please follow NASA safety advice on viewing the eclipse!

  • 0:17 – Corvallis, Albany and Lebanon, Oregon
  • 11:34 – Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • 11:44 – Casper, Wyoming
  • 13:00 – Grand Island, Lincoln Nebraska
  • 13:08 –  St Joseph, Missouri
  • 13:09 – Kansas City, Missouri
  • 13:14 – Columbia, Jefferson City, Missouri
  • 13:18 –  St Louis, Missouri
  • 13:28 – Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • 13:28 – Nashville, Tennessee
  • 14:39 – Greenville, South Carolina
  • 14:43 – Columbia, South Carolina







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164 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica,

    I don’t know whether to be excited or nervous!
    I remember you writing about the 21st of August 2017 in another article and I was gobsmacked by the number of planets that will be at an exact degree on lots of planets in my chart.

    While I don’t have anything 28 Leo, do you think my moon at 28 Aquarius- being the opposite sign is significant?

    Thank you so much!

    Kind regards,

    1. Juno at 28 Sagittarius and your Moon at 28 Aquarius will both be aspected in your birth chart, N. The story is about other people’s issues with lovers/children/young people passing through (and sometimes a national or global trend) which triggers your desire to commit (Juno) and wed yourself (Juno) to your publishing, travel, foreign, worldwide web, academic or educational agenda (Sagittarius) at the same time, dealing with your maternal instincts and ‘need to be needed’ with friends and groups (Aquarius). The key for you is noting that others will have a blind spot/cover-up on the dates mentioned so you may want to take your time.

    2. Hi Jessica,

      I have Uranus at 29 Leo and am planning on recording a new album close to the Great American Eclipse date … and in America along the path of the ecliptic!! Do you see this as good timing for me? Love your site btw 🙂

      1. Thank you. I am not sure why you would choose to record an album around an eclipse – if your market is youth/young then this would be a concern, as you may be trying to reach radio/online stations during a time when peculiar things really are in store. The best analogy I can give you is anyone who tried to record an album on the eclipse, a few months before JFK passed. Can you imagine even thinking about music releases, later on that year? I am not for a moment suggesting this will happen in the White House but America really will be in for a hell of a ride 2017, 2018 to January 2019 and if you can pick any time at all to record an album I do wonder why you would choose an eclipse…but the best of luck with it.

  2. Hi Jessica

    I have Pluto rising in leo at 28degrees. What might I expect? I’ve got communication problems with my grown up daughters Aries and libra 12degreessun… Thank you for answering my question and for everything you do.

    1. Thank you. That’s a bit of a wide orb with Pluto on your Ascendant – I would not say he was rising, actually. Problems with your daughters? As you know, the Node has already passed 28 Leo in your Fifth House of children. The most important thing to say about now through June 2018 (when Ceres finally leaves Leo) is to slow it down, cool it down, relax the pace – and if there is any hint of provocation, don’t push back. Daughters attract boyfriends and husbands, as a rule, so perhaps that is your issue. In any case, you can set the agenda quite firmly if you wish. Time it your way. Nobody should be in a mad hurry to do anything. You can move quickly without creating so much imbalance!


  3. HI Jessica!
    My chart is a bit dry on Leo factors but I got Uranus at 29 degrees of Virgo, which is something of a solitary energy the way I understand it. Is this eclipse of any significance for me then?

    Many thanks,

  4. Oh BoY! I can only imagine the horror waiting for me at this eclipse. I endured the worst possible “karmic” aftermath in my relationship very recently and I still have not reached the final outcome or even know all the final repercussions. Should I be equally as concerned for this eclipse?

    1. I think I wrote a line there about eclipses being neither negative nor positive. And so it is. They just cover things up or produce blind spots. Sometimes women cover up their pregnancies until they know for sure, then they surprise their delighted husbands. You have Saturn at 27 Leo so you have hard work ahead with the world of courtship, courtly love, heirs and pretenders to the throne this year. You already know about one issue. You saw it when the Nodes moved to 27 Leo and Aquarius in May and early June. And that is the story here. Skip the actual eclipse for big choices.

  5. Dear Jessica,
    I have Juno 27° Leo 11′ 36″ what does this means to me?
    Thx, NP

    1. Juno is Jupiter’s wife in mythology and she is a symbol of commitment. In the astrological chart, by sign and house, she shows who and what you ‘wed’ yourself to, for better or worse. Juno is frequently pictured with a peacock and of course, in any marriage in Ancient Rome, the male of the species was the proud centre of attention, while his wife was often a mere pea-hen. Thus, we learn from Juno that commitment brings pros and cons. In Leo and the Fifth House, you commit to the world of lovers, courtship, babies, children and young people as a whole. This has been high on your agenda since the Node passed 27 Leo in May and the early part of June and it will be on your mind over those dates I mention in this article. Skip the eclipse. You can read more about Juno on this website and in your Premium Member ebooks.

  6. Hello Jessica,
    I don’t have much in Leo. But I noticed I have Chiron at 28 in Pisces in my natal chart and the day of the eclipse Chiron will be at the same place ( I read this in your previous article about the eclipse) how the eclipse could affect my Chiron return?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Chiron is the centaur who became a teacher, despite being half-horse, half-human. His very presence in mythology reminds us of what is not ‘supposed’ to happen and what ‘should not’ or ‘could not’ exist. He was found in 1977 by Charles Kowal who ‘should not’ have discovered him at all; he was not a famous or distinguished astronomer! That was the year that the Sex Pistols went to Number One with an anti-monarchy anthem, God Save the Queen, during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee year. That was considered to be beyond the pale too. The world’s first test-tube baby, Louise Brown, was dreamed up in a laboratory in 1977 and was born in 1978 – more ‘should not/could not’ to think about! As you might expect, Chiron in Pisces in the Twelfth House describes what you do in secret. What you hide and conceal about yourself and your life. There is a sense here that if anything ever got out, people would be confronted; outraged; astonished; challenged in extremis. We also find the Twelfth House associated with the Occult, which translates as ‘hidden’ and thus reflects the meaning of this part of your horoscope. The Twelfth is also about what you do behind the scenes without being identified, recognised or acknowledged in any way. Finally, the Twelfth House is about the unconscious; dreams; mediumship. Weaving its way through all these aspects of your personality and world, is this centaur, who is living proof that one can get away with anything, no matter how audacious, should the chart be tilted the right way. Given that the Nodes have already made angles to Chiron in your chart, in May 2017, you are already well on the way to exploring this side of your horoscope. Just be aware that the eclipse period itself is best avoided. Others can’t see and don’t know. That means you can’t see and don’t know.

  7. Hi Jessica
    How do you think this eclipse will affect me? My Venus is 27 Leo!

    1. Venus is the Greek Aphrodite. She is often called ‘the goddess of love’ but in fact she was the goddess of vanity, adultery, jealousy, seduction and marital complication. Her symbol in the horoscope is a stylised hand-mirror and she is often painted admiring herself in the reflection, while her son Cupid dances attendance. Venus sent Cupid to do her dirty work. His little arrow could pierce people to the quick, making them fall helplessly in love. The healing took a few weeks – about as long as the average infatuation period in a relationship. Venus tricked Psyche, of whom she was jealous, into falling wildly in love with an ugly creature – but the trick went wrong and instead, Cupid himself was pierced by the arrow in his hand, and became obsessed by Psyche. Once you realise how potent Venus is in the chart, and you place her in Leo – where we find courtship, courtly love, heirs to the throne and pretenders to the throne – you can see why you have chosen the nickname you use (above) but also where you are most likely to experience a blind spot or cover-up across the eclipse. I am sure you already know what the issue is. The Node passed this spot weeks ago.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I have three factors in Leo, Hygeia at 7°, Ops at 22°, and Apollo at 27°. I have a few planets in the degrees you mentioned but only Apollo at the exact degree in Leo. I know you have said that an eclipse is not negative or positive but I am hoping for more positive with this. Can you have a look at my chart and give me some insite?

    Thanks so much

    1. Apollo is the multi-tasking leader – son of Jupiter – and much venerated in Ancient Rome. In fact, young men styled their hair to resemble his. In Leo and the Fifth House, you were born to mentor, guide and set an example. This may be with children, teenagers or young people as a whole – those old enough to be your son, daughter – and eventually your grandson or granddaughter. What interests me about your chart is that the birth time is probably wrong. Very few people are born at 6.00pm on the dot. If the time is slightly out, then this gives you an MC (Midheaven – your calling in life) at 27 Sagittarius, which would make a perfect trine to your Apollo. One way to test this? If you travel ambitiously, move or emigrate within two years, the midwife (or your mother) got the time a little wrong. You would be taking an important project, concept or idea with you, if this was the case.

      1. Thanks so much Jessica, I have tried to prove that my birth time is wrong or even slightly off but on two documents I have seen it is recorded at 6pm and all that I have asked that were there are sure about the 6pm time (they have always joked about not being late for dinner because of the time). If this time is wrong though, you are saying that for the next two years I will travel possibly for a project?

        1. I stand corrected. If the family is joking about dinner time, then you are one of the rare people who really was born bang on 6.00pm. In that case you are travelling or moving rather sooner than expected. But you’re on your way and yes, there will be a special plan or project involved.

          1. Jessica, I have started a new project (two actually) in the past two months, both have me travelling. One of the projects will be over by November but the other will last another 17 months (and I often get asked if I will be moving for it). I wanted to let you know about this because of your response to me above. Is there anything else you could tell me about my chart with confirmed birth time?

            I really do appreciate this time you have taken to look at my chart and respond to me as well.

          2. The project which lingers from the end of 2018 through 2019 will benefit from the most fantastic changes affecting travel, residency, the worldwide web and the big global picture – from the North Pole to the South Pole. You can surf that. As you get closer, you may want to use your Astrology Oracle to zero in on the key people involved.

  9. Hi Jessica. As usual, another great article…I love your work the most.
    I’m a bit confused at the moment and am hoping you’ll be able to shed some light on this-I’ve just found out my real birth date. I always thought it was 11:50am but it turns out it’s 22:50. So, I put my new time into my profile and now my only Leo (was in Asc) is gone. So, no Leos for me in My chart. My husband and I have been hoping for a baby for years with no joy. Doctors can’t explain why-unexplained infertility. So, we’re having egg donation with a transfer planned for 14 Aug. In general, if no Leo is in the chart, does that mean no baby? Also, how’s the eclipse in Aug affecting our egg donor transfer? If successful, we intent to tell our child as soon as possible but aren’t shouting about it to family or friends.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. So you have been trying for a baby for years, which must be so difficult, I know – I am very sorry you have been put through these tests and trials. Then – You changed your time and lost your Leo Ascendant. This is what they call fate! Your Ascendant is your image, and as I am sure you know, Leo rules the Queen or King who has the heirs to the throne, or pretenders to the throne. If there are no children (the heir and the spare) it is a very big deal for the royal image – and in fact, that core truth has affected the entire history of the European Monarchy. You will remember King Henry VIII kept on marrying different wives because of his obsession with having a boy to become King after him. So you changed your birth time and lost that Leo Ascendant baggage of being seen purely in the context of children – with/without the heirs and spares. You have Apollo and Ops in Cancer, which rules family – same general area, different message. Cancer is about the clan; the tribe; the home. It’s about the actual family tree and the roots you have, as well as the roots you put down. And everyone has a different way of doing that. Let me see what is coming up here. First of all, your husband’s chart is crucial. He may have Leo factors so he feels this issue of heirs very keenly. Have a quick look at his chart on which will give you the basics (although you will have to find the asteroids by hand). There is going to be a powerful period of healing. This may be fertility treatment (sorry, more treatment!) or a more spiritual healing, which would address the soul issues about heirs. I mentioned the family tree. I would have a look at that on both sides, actually, because you could uncover all sorts of important information about the younger members of your clan and also, perhaps, buried information you need to know, to make the leaves and branches on the family tree clearer to you. That’s a Cancer mission and you do have a couple of placements in Cancer to explore. I can tell you that is there is any kind of suffering here, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, psychological – it will be well and truly cured. I am coming back to your husband again, or even a father/grandfather in your family, because you are not the person with the Leo Ascendant any more, but a male here, certainly has a powerful Leo chart signature. Read as much as you can about Leo the Lion which is a male, fixed sign and has long been associated with monarchy. Leo is also so dramatic. It’s the sign which takes up all our attention. I feel that once a period of healing, repair and recovery has taken place this will resolve itself and you can look at something with rich potential and vast possibility, which is family and country. Background, origin and culture. It’s related, but it’s very different – and it’s part of who you are.

  10. Jessica – I have Mars at 27 Leo – can you please help me understand how the eclipse will affect me?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Mars at 27 Leo is in the frame and it’s exactly square Ops at 27 Scorpio. I’ll look at life through June 2018 as Ceres takes that long to pass this point in your chart. I mentioned that the eclipse is about blind spots – not seeing. You may want to really look at what you are not ‘seeing’ or fully understanding and using in your life, over the next 12 months. This is not only the actual eclipse period. There are some solid-gold relationships, connections and bonds there to reach for, but for whatever reason, you’re in a phase when it’s not even on your radar. Leo is about the world of children and younger people, and also lovers. They can rest in the past or be there as your potential future. That’s just one example. Scorpio and Leo are fixed signs. You may find you are quite rigid, stuck or fixed in position for a time – and that stops you from doing anything with this rich potential all around. Only you can change that. It would be worth it. You would be wonderfully rewarded.

  11. Hi Jessica – my son is starting a new school (kindergarten) in august – registration was in May and we find out the classroom on the day of the eclipse! I have leo 28 ascendant, leo 28 north node and leo 27 mars – my son has leo 20 mars, leo 18 ascendant and neptune at 28 aquarius. Do you have any additional insights on what I should be looking out for? Many thanks!

    1. You are right to want to know more, and thank you for providing your son’s Neptune position as that’s important. As this cluster of Leo patterns runs for 12 months, ending with Ceres at 27, 28 Leo in June 2018 – I will look at that whole period. It will be important to give your small son some solid ground to stand on. Gardening, walks in the park, helping with chores are all good earthy things. He is at an age where his Neptune could easily take over and of course much as we love the imagination, poetic vision, brilliance and other-worldliness of the Neptunians, they can also feel all at sea. I expect your child would be strongly influenced either by a family member or teacher who has that kind of creative, drifting, vague, inspiring personality over the next 12 months. Your child won’t be bored! But – keeping it real for him will help so he doesn’t end up feeling confused, drifting, floating and the rest. This is particularly true because of his class and the various little friends/groups around him, which would pull him this way and that. This is a very important stage he’s going through and it will help to build his adult flair for the world of the imagination, but a bit of good old-fashioned boring routine would be very useful.

  12. Ok this is concerning. By transit, my Sun is on top of it, Uranus is on Sedna which is at 28 Aries and Sedna is on that degree by transit in next house too. Any advice?

    1. Please don’t use Sedna. Astrology is Roman/Latin as we use it today, and Sedna is not in the family tree of archetypes, gods and goddesses from Ancient Rome. There. Nothing to worry about.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I have my South Node at 25 degrees Leo and sun at 26 Sagittarius. Is the eclipse likely to affect me? Thank you!

    1. Your Sagittarius Sun needs to travel and explore, and it’s not just the trine from all the passing Leo traffic that will awaken this. You also have Jupiter (opportunity, expansion, growth) which rules Sagittarius, actually moving into that sign eventually. The map is stretched out before you to travel ambitiously, move or even emigrate by 2019. However, watch your blind spots. You need to see straight and clear, with that eclipse. If you do decide to embark on an Awfully Big Adventure please do your homework and keep your wits about you – then it really will deliver.

  14. Hi Jessica. I have Jupiter And Vesta at 26 and 28 of Gemini respectively, Apollo at 27 Leo and Aesculapia at 27 Libra. I don’t have a romantic relationship at this time however have some really big obstacles in my career (or lack of) right now. How do you feel the eclipse will affect me with the aforementioned factors in my chart? Thanks to you for your unfailingly insightful articles!

    1. Thank you very much. Ceres is the last cab off the rank to hit 27 Leo and she does this in June 2018. Between now and then the most important thing I can tell you is that you have a lovely pattern involving fortunate Jupiter and many other chart factors – not just your Apollo in the Fifth House of lovers and children. Bacchus (pleasure) is at 26 Taurus, almost exactly square Apollo and semi-sextile Jupiter. This is a family. Jupiter was the father of Bacchus and Apollo. By June 2018 you’ll be thrilled at your love-life choices which could easily involve a new home and family. If you want that, reach out for it in your mind and pop a few parallel universes – it’s out there for you.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    You are a Gem!

    I have Minerva at 29deg Leo and currently, very worried about the direction we are heading with our kids education.

    Son is studying year 11 and daughter at grade-8.

    Wife and I have no intention of settling in Australia, so, we are thinking of heading back to India. When, depends on how well my son does this year, we will stay back and finish his VCE if he is confident or have to decide to head back early. Staying here any longer will not help my daughter as the curriculum gets tougher for her when we head back and she has to complete her 10th in India.

    So, my wife wants to take a call this month after the term2 results and meeting with my son’s teachers.

    Its all getting too complicated for me as I have to consider too many things based on the scenario we end up with at the end.

    The Aug eclipse triggers this very aspect and I feel more more vulnerable.

    Sad part is we know its coming and have no choice other than delay our decision; what ever it is.



    1. Thank you Chetan. So your children are studying and you and your wife want to return to India. You also have an eclipse on your Minerva at 29 Leo in the Fifth House of young people. As you won’t be past these rolling transits until Ceres leaves 29 Leo in June 2018 I will look at the next 12 months. Communication is the key. So is understanding that your ideas/opinions are the same as everybody else’s. You have quite a strong Aquarius chart signature and of course this is triggered by opposition as all those Leo patterns pass through. So this is about how you deal with a group. I do feel you need to sort out where you live and work – and where you belong. You need to settle, geographically. Having chosen India, commit to India. It will be far easier for you to deal with opinions, ideas, concepts, plans which you feel are poles apart from you – if you have both feet on the ground. And actually, as you will see, once there is sufficiently thoughtful listening, talking, writing and reading, it should be possible for all concerned to find common ground and even create something together. Look at your Aquarius side. It’s about to come springing to life. The Leo side wants to lead – not to join in, nor to follow – yet that Leo-Aquarius polarity has to be sorted out, to feel comfortable by June 2018.

  16. Hi Jessica

    My North Node is 29 Leo! Is this big life karma over the next few months?

    1. Actually you have blind Fortuna, Jupiter’s daughter, at 29 Leo in your Fifth House of lovers, pregnancies, children, teenagers and young people exactly conjunct your North Node of karma at 29 Leo, and opposite the South Node at 29 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups and friends – which is also about past life debts and credits. It won’t be until June 2018 that we have the final last major pass across Leo, and that will be Ceres hitting 29 Leo on the 26th, 27th, 28th June. So let’s have a look at the next 12 months. There is definitely a baby, pregnancy or small child in the picture. This may be someone who is now grown-up whose childhood is part of your history, although we sometimes find the sadness of miscarriage or perhaps termination coming up too. I do feel you’ll come into your Leo ‘Queen’ self at this time. This is a sign you could find more about. There is pride, strength, leadership and the rest locked in your Leo conjunction. You will have some striking decisions to chop and change, axe who/what is not wanted, cut out anything/anybody not relevant to you. Just be aware of how Leo comes across to people and how best to play it. She can be frightfully fierce and sometimes the lioness with all her sharp teeth can get in her own way. Have a look at that baby/child/pregnancy issue locked into your past as well.

  17. Hi, Jessica, I’m curious about this eclipse, as it affects my Juno and Vesta in Leo. Can you give me some insight about the possible affects where my personal chart is concerned? Kind thanks.

    1. Actually there’s a pile-up at 26, 27, 28 degrees in your chart. So while you are right to single out the conjunction between Juno at 27 Leo and Vesta at 26 Leo in your Fifth House of lovers, pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers and younger people – it affects your image as well (Ops at 27 Aries in your First House of appearances) and of course, with Minerva at 28 Scorpio, it also affects sex, death, money and property. This is a lifelong pattern and if you cast your eye back to any Ephemeris you will see that major events regarding the above, tend to occur when the slow-moving outer planets moves across 26, 27, 28. Mainly because Jupiter (abundance) is crossing Scorpio 28 in the same time-frame that we see all this action in Leo, I’m going to assume that you want to make a good, steady cashflow for yourself by working hard in 2018. I don’t know if you have ever thought of mentoring, teaching or guiding younger people with your particular skill set, but that would use the Leo transit quite well. Of course, you wouldn’t tie anything up on the actual eclipse.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    Could you kindly tell me how this affects me? My moon is 28 Leo. Thank you kindly, greatly appreciate your advice and guidance.


    1. Over the next 12 months until Ceres crosses 28 Leo, Maneesha, the most important thing is travel, or possibly a go-between role involving two cities, or two countries. You have the MC and IC at 29 Cancer and Capricorn, aspecting your Moon – and being picked up by this huge pattern at 28 and 29 degrees. Cancer is home and property. Capricorn is ambition. Leo, of course, needs to lead. To be the King, Queen, Prince of Princess of the kingdom. In your case the kingdom really is quite widespread. A Tale of Two Cities, like London and Paris? Two hemispheres, the Northern and Southern? Maybe two districts in your part of the world. Of course we also associate Leo with lovers and sex, and there is an important story developing there as well. In fact it is very much part of your journey, or relocation.

  19. Jessica. First, thank you for being here online for me, my secret resource for insight into what the heck’s been going on, what’s happening right now and more importantly for me now–what’s in store soon–you’ve been a great support. Across the oceans. Thank you.
    Listen, I have this surprise gift now, this little girl growing inside me. I’ve woken up, somewhat I hope, from many of my past self-dillusions. I’m on the path of clarity, authenticity, hard earned self respect. Generally, with Saturn transiting these past 2.5 years, I’ve been getting my self and my life in order.
    But Jessica, help! This upcoming eclipse is already here full force in my life. I’ve been waiting and waiting for my fetus’ married father to reveal truths about his dark side to me… yet I still know I’m not seeing clearly what is in front of me.
    This said, I’m also constantly bombarded with my own trouble making and lack of self control.
    This is my wish–that my heart and body and mind will be safe. That I will be good. In all places, with all people, with my newborn baby girl, with my sisters and parents, with my baby’s father. How will I be good to myself?
    Please help me help myself Jessica. Please, I feel lost and drowning, and I’m eager and ready to stand up and act for my own best interest and for my little baby girl.
    Thank you Jessica, sincerely.
    May god bless you and may all be revealed in light and love for all of us.
    Me 🙂

    1. Very best wishes to your new baby. Unfortunately you haven’t supplied your time, place and date of birth so I can’t look at the chart.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    My descendant is at 29 Leo. I would be very grateful for your always insightful thoughts on how my chart is affected during this time. I’m a thirty something single about to move back to my home country after 18 months of living in the UK and wondering what the next chapter holds.

    1. It must be nice to go home. Home is where the heart is, as they say – and you have Cupido in Cancer in the Fourth House, so you are passionate about your place in the world. The eclipse aftermath goes until June 2018 with the arrival of Ceres at the eclipse spot, so I will look at now through next year. Well, you’re about to be ‘Neptuned’ as Saturn crosses your Neptune for the first time in about 29 years. You could have a one-night stand or even a full-blown relationship with a Neptunian type. He would have a Pisces signature in his horoscope or Neptune prominently placed. The beach is also going to call you (and let’s face it, British beaches are frankly not the same as beaches elsewhere). Who is this chap? Well he’s here to teach you how important art, fashion, beauty, whimsy, poetry, imagination, spirituality and perhaps multimedia are. I have seen a chart like this before and the woman concerned ended up having a flirtation with a painter. They never even kissed but he entertained her for months and taught her so much about colour. So, if you’re up for an education, Neptune will provide it. Is this person a good bet for marriage, property and children? Not without a tremendous amount of life experience, maturity and personality change – but then, he would not be who he is. I just said this to another reader – but pack your swimming costume.

      1. Thanks very much Jessica. I’m intrigued by this mysterious man! I’ve had a relationship previously that ended as I left my home country and appeared to have a Neptune footprint so I’m no stranger to Neptune in my love life! I’m returning to my home which is near the sea and one of the things to which I’m most looking forward – both my nest and being near the sea.
        I’ve moved a few times over the years and your comment is spot on – my first priority is always finding somewhere nice to live and making it feel like home as fast as humanly possible.
        Thanks again!

  21. Hi Jessica,
    I think You missed my comment earlier so posting once again, How does this eclipse affect me? I Have MC at 28° Leo 45′ 26″.
    Nowadays I am Emotionally confused not able to concentrate on anything else thinking (overly) about relationship with that Libra women ( which I mentioned to you earlier) who happens to avoid me at present . Sometimes I feel whether she came to my life to teach me relationship lesson.
    Need your guidance and advice.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. So a Libra woman is avoiding you – and you are obsessed. Nick Hornby wrote about this kind of mad infatuation for people we don’t know very well. It’s amazing how we lose the obsession once we see them cutting their toenails. I will look at your whole chart and the many years ahead, not just the immediate present. You have the classic Gemini-Sagittarius chart signature of someone who will spend his life travelling. You are also always about the idea – the project or concept. So where does love, sex, marriage and children fit into that? It doesn’t, really. Not unless you have a wife who can understand your need to gallop off into the distance on a regular basis. It may be your job, course or unpaid work that requires you are constantly exploring, or on expedition. In fact, you need a lover who embraces that lifestyle because it will eventually become a part of who you are and what you do. The only other option is to abandon your Sagittarius side and become a completely different person, but then you would lose the essence of who you are. Disappointment in love (or infatuation) is painful but I think your obsession would stop if you returned to the real focus – which is your way with words, ideas and images – and the need to find the right place to plant them. You would appear quite dashing, even irresistible, to the right kind of woman. To avoid the ‘girl in every port’ syndrome, though, you may want to find someone a little like you, one day, who understands why travel, moving or emigration is irresistible. So irresistible it happens all the time. If you did want children, she would have to find a way to cope with that.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    I have a Leo stellium with Vulcano at 29 in Leo. I also have a moon 26 in Scorpio, Mars 27 Gemini and Chiron 26 Aries. The next two years are crucial and life changing for me and my family as we are hoping to emigrate. The emigration process is not straightforward and we are hoping we succeed in getting our papers. I am also looking to start a business, my oldest son starts school and the kids will have to deal with moving to foreign land. My husband and I are also looking into real estate investing. We have many plans. Will these planetary placements help or hurt us? My husband’s details are (2-Jan-1976, 05:05 (58.1599119,8.0182064))

    1. You are trying to emigrate with Saturn (obstacles, waiting games) in Sagittarius (foreign people and places) and in fact, this was the case last year as well, so you are hitting global trends which act rather like waves, moving against you, rather than with you. I am sure you know from your ebooks that Saturn is difficulty and Sagittarius is emigration. So, you have chosen to do this at the toughest time in 29 years, as Saturn takes that long to come around to this sign of the zodiac! The most important thing about the next two years is your oldest son. Nothing to do with real estate investment. He is the person most affected by moving, or even travelling, and he is shown by your Leo factors in the Fifth House of children, teenagers and young adults. I wonder about the younger children as well. However you set sail across the seven seas by 2019, it is one child in particular (I suspect your eldest) who will need attention. There is a great need for the creativity and imagination to be nurtured, and the sensitivity and poetic/artistic approach to life. However there is also a great need for this young person to be grounded and keep it real. Something about the trips or move could so easily leave this child feeling all at sea and so the need for a world tethered to reality and the mundane – the ordinary, gritty and everyday – becomes crucial. What you intend to do powerfully changes the development and personality of one child, perhaps more than one, and for an easier adult life it is important that the next two years is an education in the basics – cooking the fish, not just daydreaming about catching the fish. Replenishing the environment, not just being entertained by the environment. You can have the spirit of Byron and the vision of Keats without losing touch with the real world!

      1. Thanks Jessica,

        Your analysis on my family is fascinating! My oldest boy born 10 Nov 2011 12:01 local time in Oslo, Norway is strongly Sagittarian. He has a sun in Scorpio but has his ASC, Mercury, Venus and North node in Sagittarius. True to his chart, this 5 year old has already travelled to 12 countries. We are hoping to emigrate to Houston, a place we consider home since that is the best place to raise our international family. We have lived there earlier and both my husband and I have siblings in that city. My kids have all their cousins there, so it will be a good place to put down roots. Coincidently, their cousins are also mixed race and have parents from different countries. We can truly represent the UN! I will keep your advice in mind since my oldest is sensitive and has his Neptune in Aquarius. My youngest is much more balanced and happy-go-lucky.

        You said a move in 2019. Can it not happen before that considering that Saturn is out of Sagittarius in December this year?

        1. Interesting to hear, thank you. Of course you could move more easily once Saturn leaves your Ninth House (and the world’s Ninth House) but actually Jupiter in Sagittarius in the Ninth House in 2019 is what strongly Sagittarian types like your son are waiting for.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I find eclipses fascinating, and a bit eerie, so I love these articles anticipating what could be concealed at the next one. It’s interesting that 20 years on, Diana’s death still poses so many questions and conspiracy theories. In my own chart I don’t have much in Leo, I do however have a lot of factors at 28/29 degrees, how do you think this one will affect me?


    1. Ceres will be last in the queue to cross 28, 29 of Leo one year from now so I will look at the next 12 months for you – and about you. The Nodes and Neptune pile up in Sagittarius which is the sign ruling travel, moving and emigration. You have big decisions to make about staying or going. You will be in a great financial position to do that, as you have enough Scorpio factors in your chart in the Eighth House of finance and security, to benefit from Jupiter going through Scorpio. In fact, you will be sitting pretty. The question is, will you then take an ambitious trip or even switch location? I guess those special places aren’t going anywhere – but you do have a decision to make.

  24. How about those of us who have Sun at 27, 28 or 29 Aquarius? Would this eclipse be about our partners, enemies: 7th house matters?

  25. Hi Jessica! A wonderful article as always. Thank you. This eclipse is on my birthday!!! And I have Ceres at 28 as well. Should I be worried? Hoping to apply for a graduate degree in the arts this fall, happily married with one child but not ready for a second one. What should I watch out for? As you may observe from my chart, I am struggling with my career path as my responsibilities at home pull me back. I was hoping this would finally be the year to start getting ahead after the baby.

    Thanks in advance! I have seen one full moon eclipse as a child, it is a beautiful thing.

    1. An eclipse on your birthday falls on your Sun in Leo in the Fifth House of children and education. It’s hard to say more without seeing your chart but in general there will be a long-term rearrangement of your affairs in regard to motherhood and perhaps to teaching if you ever pursue that path. This will take place as Ceres crosses Leo in 2018. Across the eclipse, just read my lips – it’s a blind spot, missing information – nothing to worry about; you have to put the eclipse in context. If you were Lance Armstrong back on the last one, and had a rough chart, it would have been a rough episode. I can’t see your full chart so can only tell you to be aware that you won’t see/know what you need to see/know and it may be for the happiest of reasons, too.

      1. Hi Jessica – sorry, I just restarted premium membership so perhaps that was why you could not see my chart earlier. Thank you for your kind reply. I always imagined I had a kind chart – I read what you wrote about Armstrong earlier on the blog. Nothing to do but wait and see. Much love and thanks for your generosity as always 🙂

  26. Dear Jessica,

    I wrote to you a few weeks ago explaining about my south node at 29 degrees of Leo. What caught my attention in this article is that you mentioned the month of May that has just passed. I broke up with my partner then who is a Pisces (I’ve read your weeklies about his 5th house activities). He is also into astrology and I remember that he has moon in Leo (11) and south node in Leo, like me, but at 16 degrees. Normally an ending would be an ending however there was discussions of babies in April/May and this is something we will want to discuss in the future. Can you please tell me your opinion? Thank you kindly.

    1. You and your former partner both have enough Leo in your Fifth House of pregnancy to experience the full impact of not only the Node in Leo, but also the eclipse and Ceres to come. I can’t see either chqrt so can’t comment beyond that, except to say, there may be more Leo there hiding – and look at Libra too – because that’s marriage. You can hand-construct a chart at or if you search singularly for each asteroid.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    I’m going through my 2nd saturn return and living back in a city I lived in (and left) 29 years ago..I’m floundering here, high rental prices and ex partner nearby….just no idea what to do- should I wait for change, or try to find a way through this?!
    i just want to find my ‘place’ and a good partner who I’m happy that too much to ask right now?

    1. So you are having your second Saturn Return in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel, emigration and exploration. And you moved back to a city where you had your last Saturn Return. Wow. The good news is, there is one more hard decision about where to be/where you belong across November, December and then it’s virtually over. What you want is not too much to ask at all. I think you could lower the stress and have more fun with your choices by thinking about late 2018, 2019 when Jupiter (opportunity, growth, luck) crosses Sagittarius and your world opens up tremendously. Play with the map once Christmas is over. Where could you be and where should you be? Potential lovers of the date-worthy kind have a funny habit of turning up when we use our Jupiter in Libra (which you have) in its alignment with Aquarius (groups) and Sagittarius (education, travel).

      1. thanks Jessica- patterns of life and saturn playing out till xmas then, so glad you are saying this too…just makes me feel I’m where I am and ‘it is what it is’ for now…

  28. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you are well. Thank you again for this insightful information. My Ascendant is 25° Leo which is slightly away from the critical degrees you wrote about. When this occurs, a natal chart factor slightly before, or after the critical degrees, does the same energy apply, but less powerful?

    My Sun is 26° Taurus, and so is my Mercury, my moon is 24° Aquarius and Ceres is 25° Aquarius. I seem to have factors close to the degrees and with my natal Sun and Moon so close to those degrees, am I going to feel it strongly?

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you Jeff, I’m very well. The eclipses won’t really touch your chart – I work with orbs of 0-1 degree, although other astrologers would give you a whopping 9 degree orb, so I guess the best way to find out is to see what happens. Your cluster is 24, 25, 26 and it’s a T-Square between leo, Aquarius and Taurus so there is creative tension your whole life between leading (Leo) and dealing with groups (Aquarius) with the inevitable questions about money or values (Taurus) creeping in. Hit Sacred Geometry on Search to find out what to do with a T Square!

    1. Interesting opposition, that one, Ven. Your Leo-Aquarius polarity is being well and truly brought alive in 2017-2018 and not just because of the eclipse. We have a lot of traffic over 27, 28, 29 degrees of many signs, and the Nodes pass by in 2017. Leo is King Arthur realising that he is nothing without the Knights of the Round Table but also realising that everyone wants his Queen and some people even want his throne. Loyalty becomes hugely important to Venus in Leo people as a result. It’s also like being Kate Bush and thus a superstar, but realising you can’t perform without your band. The push-pull between being the King/Queen/Prince/Princess and having to deal with friends and groups, is your path for months.

  29. Dear Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Leo but mostly in the begining of Leo or around 20-25 deg, so maybe I am going to feel the influence as for ND or eclipses lately in 2018, or?
    But I have Sun in 27deg Virgo and Moon in 28deg Pisces. In which way I am going to feel the influence of this Eclipse?

    Thank you!

    1. The eclipses aspect your Virgo-Pisces axis and actually we have rather a lot of traffic across 27, 28 as Saturn slowly ends his cycle and Jupiter does too. Uranus is also ending his cycle (they all screech to a halt as they near 29 degrees, ready to move to the next sign). So, now through 2018 is really about figuring out your Sun-Moon opposition. I am sure you know it very well already. Virgo and Pisces are diametrically opposed. The trick is to try and find a Virgoan way of being Piscean and a Piscean way of being…you guessed it…Virgoan.

  30. Hi Jessica
    I have the eclipse next to my natal sun at 29 degrees leo, natal uranus 0 degrees Virgo. This follows on from the 26 February on my natal jupiter/chiron (and coincidentally my 16th wedding anniversary) and looking on to next year an eclipse on 31/1/2018 the day before my husband’s birthday. I’m feeling a bit jittery! Love your insights, would love to hear some advice. Cheers eas

    1. Eclipses are just what they say on the packet – not seeing/not knowing – and it doesn’t have to be a Lance Armstrong scenario or even a Lee Harvey Oswald scenario. If you understand that the Sun describes how you shine – what makes you stand out – what people queue up to admire, or occasionally mark you down on – then you will understand that one of the most prominent things about you is your love life and the relationship you have with the world of children and much younger people. You may want to skip the eclipse for all that. Too hard to see. But not necessarily for any negative reason, from what I can see in your chart. It may just be a blind spot.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for your article. How will the eclipse affect me? I have mars close by at 26 Leo and my north node is at 28 Leo.

    Best wishes

    1. Mars can be quite impulsive in the Fifth House – the person who impulsively falls in lust with someone and then sorts the rest out later. I have a few files about unplanned and unwanted pregnancies with Mars in Leo/Fifth House people. I guess it’s the ‘act first think later’ aspect of desire. The Node next door suggests you have done these issues about sex and parenthood (yes or no) many times before. You may want to skip the actual eclipse period for choices. Yet by 2019 you’ll no doubt have had a choice about dating someone with children, or figuring out love and sex in the context of your own children. It’s rather hard to say as you don’t say if you are single, married, straight, gay, child-free or a parent…

  32. Reading this not half an hour after my kid drew me an owl and presented me with it. I have Minerva at 26 and I always remember she is associated with owls. No Leo but a few factors, Proserpina? Diana? Gosh, we just saw Wonder Woman too and it was quite a hit with my girls!

  33. Dear Jessica,
    I am so grateful to have stumbled on your website for the first time this morning, thank you so much for sharing this information with the world!
    Looking at my chart, I have lots to ponder with the upcoming Leo eclipse and would love any insight you may have.
    Neptune is in Libra at 28deg 54’ in my 4th house, which seems to be only a minute off of the exact eclipse degree.
    Saturn is in Scorpio at 28deg 4’ in my 5th house.
    Also both Venus and Uranus are in Leo in my 1st house (10 & 5 deg respectfully) and Pluto in Leo in my 2nd house at 29deg11’.
    Yesterday was my 37th wedding anniversary. And my son and daughter in law are at a critical IVR point! So as you can see, lots of resonance with your words!
    I have felt more like a bear in hibernation these past few weeks vs. wide open summer energy….definitely lots of shifting in the wind…I am slowing down to listen!
    I will check out your membership options (so excited!) and your books and once again, thank you so much in advance! Do you do private readings as well?
    Blessings from Boston!

    1. Thank you. To answer your question at the end, I don’t do private readings as a rule, although I am auctioning a private reading at Fortnum & Mason (a long way from Boston, unfortunately) for the Grenfell Fire Appeal. You have a pile-up at the eclipse degree which is worth a closer look. Not only the eclipse but also the Nodes (Leo and Aquarius) have been hovering around 28 degrees and with all that focus on Leo, Libra and Scorpio in your chart this story about 2017 is most certainly about your marriage and your children and future grandchildren. The final part of the story is Ceres at 28 Leo in June 2018 so this is a year-long episode in your life. Neptune in Libra is the key here. You will need to organise your life so that you have some firm ground to stand on, emotionally. Neptune can leave you feeling all at sea, or cast adrift, and although there is no denying that you have something rather precious and wonderful around you, and baby memories, as well as baby future dreams, are around – you’re going to have to do quite a lot of sorting-out. Neptune can sometimes be a bit random, messy and hard to manage. So when in doubt start with yourself and your life. There’s a fair bit of tying-up to do here, emotionally. Boundaries is the magic word. Capital B.

  34. Hello Jessica, my sun is in Leo, not at those degrees though. But I see that my Mercury IS in Leo at those degrees in my 7th house, but it is retrograde (?). Since this eclipse will be during a Mercury retrograde will that be some kind of a communication thing for me?…something entirely different?…or nothing at all? Just trying to learn more about all of this and what the eclipse may be holding, and/or hiding. Thank you.

    1. You are spot-on with your own chart interpretation. The eclipse will result in missing information, a cover-up or a lost piece of the jigsaw (Mercury) and it will involve the world of pregnancy, babies, children, young people – or lovers. This is what Leo and the Fifth House are all about. Sometimes the issue is an activity or project that brings young people and adults together, like riding or young adult books. You have rather a lot of placements in Leo so in general 2017 across 2018 is a turning point, if you want it. I don’t know if you are single, married, in a common law marriage, and so on – or if you have children, do want them, don’t want them – so it’s hard to be more specific but I am sure you can interpret the rest of your Leo pattern.

      1. I have 3 adult children, 2 grandchildren. I’m in a relationship with a man about to, I suspect, have his second Saturn return–07/20/59. Not sure where the eclipse will hit, but knowing it may be communication related helps. Thanks Jessica.

        1. Thank you for letting me know about your grandchildren, that makes interpretation a lot easier. So – the man in question and you – where to next? The eclipse has a rolling effect for about a year as it will take Ceres that long to pass the same spot. Mercury at 28 Leo in your Fifth House of adult children and grandchildren is the focus. This either a son or grandson, or perhaps a female who is a shining example of equality. There is a lot of hard work going on here, and gradual financial progress. Part of this comes from you as Mercury in Leo is a teacher, mentor and guide to the young so someone here has learned all about the work ethic from you. There are no charts for the children or grandchildren here to look at, obviously, but I suspect that the larger message is – can one generation also pass the baton to the next? In other words, you have taught someone how to work hard at their craft, art, skill or trade, but have they also considered teaching or guiding another generation behind them? In general I think this is the blind spot issue – the not knowing/not seeing. It may be that there is more to life than just dutifully churning out work and being paid for it. Perhaps there needs to be a wake-up call about using the same talents and skills in a different way.

  35. Dear Jessica, my Saturn is at 29 degree Leo, MC at 28 deg Virgo, Ic at 28 Pisces, Aesculapia at 29 deg Capricorn, Jupiter at 27 deg Gemini. What do you think can this mean for me because of this eclipse? Thank you for your answer in advance.

    1. The impact of the eclipse rolls on for about a year as we have to wait for Ceres to cross 29 Leo so I will look at the next 12 months. This is also key, because we have so many planets rolling across 28, 29 degrees – Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries. You were born with Aesculapia at 29 Capricorn in your Tenth House of ambition, position, mission, achievement and success. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the top. The next 12 months involves a small but significant sum of money and the question will arise about how to best use it. There are issues here about property as well – the house or apartment, the land, the local area. Aesculapius in your career, university and unpaid work zone is like a dormant volcano. Just when you think it’s dead, it comes springing back to life. The decisions about the money (made by you or another person), the property or locality situation and the towering ambition for higher status or a better position, are all entwined. You have some fascinating choices.

  36. Hi Jessica

    Very interesting article.

    I have Leo at 27 in my North Node. I also have another couple of Leo’s at close degs of 25 Mars & 24 Fortuna. Eek. To be excited or to hibernate? How will this eclipse period effect me?

    Thank you.

    1. From both your comments it sounds as if your main concern is being single. I will look at the next 12 months because it will take that long for this whole Leo cycle to end – we need to wait for Ceres to go through Leo too. Of course Leo rules the Fifth House of courtly love (we call it infatuation today), courtship and the royal bedchamber. It also raises major questions about wanting to have children (or not) and stepchildren, unplanned pregnancy and so on. You will be travelling ambitiously, or even moving, in the next 12 months. Alternatively you will welcome a traveller or someone who has just moved to our area. Either way there’s a major knowledge exchange – far-reaching subjects like astrology, history, astronomy, science are typical. Essentially Leo and Sagittarius are linked by a trine in natural astrology and you are seeing major action around both. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship but one of you is going to have to drop the defences and get naked.

  37. Hello Jessica. I have my sun at 29 Leo, my Aesculepia at 25 Leo, my Proserpina at 29 Cancer Vulcano at 28 Cancer. Would love any information you could tell me about how the eclipse might Affect me. I’m single, struggling with meaningful work, and wondering where to put my efforts for best peaceful and joyful life outcomes for me? Thank you for any insights you can impart. Sincerely Kim

    1. Kim, the eclipse will do just what you expect – it will temporarily blot out, or cover up, what you need to know/see about the world of lovers, pregnancy, babies, children or young adults as a whole. Avoid that period. In general, everything in your chart at 28, 29 is being aspected by the Nodes across 28, 29 but also Uranus at 28, 29 and Saturn at 28, 29 – and Jupiter also at 28, 29 – now through May 2018. Don’t worry about your Ascendant. Look at the impact on your Leo Sun, Cancer Proserpina, Cancer Vulcano. I suspect this will be about your house, apartment, household or family as much as anything.

  38. Dear Jessica. Thank you for your very insightful reply. My family, and parents home (parents are a big part of my life and are with whom I live) has been been a difficult part of my adult life. I feel my sun (light) has been somewhat dimmed by my life and family plus home circumstances and ancestors plus extended family. Thanks again. I learn so much from your comments. Very much appreciated. Cheers Kim

  39. Dear Jessica
    Another amazing post!
    My daughter 12th Feb 2003 born at 7:10a.m in India has a dream of being a world famous international pop singer…..We HV no idea whatsoever about how to go about it but yes somehow we all of a sudden HV thought of trying to use social sites as a way to get her there……It seems a far-fetched dream sitting at this part of the world BT we still thinking abt giving it a try….Who knows she gets noticed Ike Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes got discovered and one day she lives her dream of being like Ariana grande !!!!!!
    Don’t know anything abt her chart or abt stars position…..BT is there a possibility for her dream getting fulfilled…..Just wondering if u CD help shedding sm light on her future life…..Ur wisdom CN show us sm light….. Thanks

    1. If your daughter is going to chase an ambition she should use the door which opens in October, November 2017 and continue until November 2018. It may be music, it may be something quite different but she will realise she has a special chance for success, then.

  40. I’m a tad worried as I have Hygeia at 28 degrees, I’m a Leo (23 degrees) but I don’t have much else in my chart at 27-29 degrees except Uranus in Sag. However my partner of 2 years and I have been having relationship issues for the past several months over a woman I suspect he had an affair with. I feel that this eclipse might be significant for us. The other woman has Taurus at 28 degrees and when I calculated their synastry it was extremely high, whereas the synastry between he and I is negative. They have the same sun (Cancer), he has moon in Scorpio at 24 degrees, and Uranus and Neptune in Sag at 28 degrees. Is there anything to this? I read that Hygeia is health related, so will there be something concerning my health, like an STD? I know it sounds crazy but it’s giving me so much anxiety…

    1. Lordy, no need for anxiety. Hygiea at 28 Virgo along with her sister Panacea and Ops – all in Virgo, all in the Sixth House – makes you permanently geared to protect your health and fitness and resolve anything you need to deal with. The Eclipse will form a semi-sextile, sure, but you just make another time to go vegetarian, or whatever – it’s someone else’s blind spot. Your real worry is a possible affair between your partner and a Taurus. Now through Christmas you do have to make a decision and it will be one of two strong choices. Synastry is not something I ever work with, mainly because I have never found it to work! However – the lunar cycle will have a big impact on you. One particular New Moon over July-December will get you to a point where you can see straight, for a change. this means putting down your attack/defence just for long enough to get rid of whatever is blocking your clear vision. It’s all about feeling protected and defended in your life, but also being able to see who and what is actually there, because you’re flying blind at the moment. Once you have done that you can see exactly who and what to chop and change, to be at peace. Have a look at Neptune in your chart both natally and by transit as this is creating the fog/fuzz.

    1. The eclipse will affect others more than you – they will have the blind spots or ‘not knowing/not seeing’ which comes with this phenomenon across America. You will be affected in a general way. An example of this is the death of Princess Diana which took place with an eclipse in Virgo (which rules hospitals, ambulances and doctors) straight after the crash. We are all still being affected by that at a distance, in a general way.

  41. I’ve just posted on the Aesculpia article as I noticed that transit Aesculpia is conjunct my natal Aesculpia (25 Aquarius), Jupiter (25) and Descendant (27) right now.

    There seems to be a great deal going on in this area, in my chart, as I see that this forthcoming eclipse will conjunct my Ascendant (27 Leo) and oppose the aforementioned points, so I will be taking heed of the dates mentioned and your advice Jessica. Head down and mouth shut, LOL.

    If anything this may relate to a young child in my family whom I’ve been concerned about over a number of years. With ‘secrets’ seemingly at the heart of it all and with me being left totally powerless in relation to the situation.

    She, the child, has natal Uranus at 28 Aquarius which forms a configuration with a T-square of Saturn (13 Cancer), Ascendant (13 Libra) and Chiron (13 Capricorn). Her mother has her Ascendant at 25 Leo, Mercury 28 Leo square Aesculpia 26 Scorpio, Jupiter 29 Scorpio / Neptune 1 Sagittarius. Looks as though there’s a great deal going on there too.

    Do you reckon that this eclipse may relate to that issue Jessica? Just to add to that I see that transit Neptune is opposing my natal Saturn trine MC. Rolling eyes!!

    You also mention a cover-up involving hospitals / NHS in the US and UK Jessica. There does seem to be a great deal going on between the UK and US with Jeremy Hunt being spotted frequenting private healthcare companies in the US. It’s also amazing to find that few people seem to realise either that the NHS and Social Care has been abolished in England and Wales since 2012 through the Health and Social Care Act 2012, with the main objective being that of fragmenting and privatising the whole NHS kit and caboodle over time. Since 2012 the Secretary of State for Health is no longer legally bound to provide a national health service in England at all and now they’ve just recently published the Naylor (Review) Report basically recommending the selling off of NHS buildings and land to property developers. Little to no mention of it in the MSM either but it can be found online. The Tories are basically selling off everything they can get their hands on behind the public’s back.

    1. Thank you first of all for that background on the NHS cover-up which is coming. I will take a look. This child’s mother will have to deal with the karma of her past life involvement with the child, as the Nodes cross 26, 27, 28, 29 of Leo and Aquarius triggering both her chart and this young person’s. I hope all is well here. If all is not well, never mind astrology, you know exactly what you should do as a concerned person. If you feel this is a matter for them, then so be it.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    I guess there was a problem with my premium subscription therefore my previous comments might not be posted, I hope this one goes through.Thank you so much for the article. The closest Leo factor I have is 25 Panacea however I have 28 Saturn in Libra, 27 Pluto in Libra, 28 Bacchus in Pisces and 28 Neptune in Sagittarius.
    Do you think that my chart will be effected by the August Solar eclipse?

    Huge thanks

    1. The eclipse will pass you by in any direct way, but the transits of Jupiter, Saturn and eventually Uranus across 28 will make now through May 2018 a time of transition for you as a traveller, migrant, student, teacher, publisher, writer or worldwide web user. Perhaps a combination of that. You escape from the real world by travelling or losing yourself on the web but you are now being asked to come to terms with that, especially as Saturn crosses Neptune.

  43. Hi Jessica,

    Interesting article as usual, thank you for this! I have a question about this eclipse. Mid September 2016 a man that I have had a on again off again relationship with for 3 years (we are both in various stages of emotional healing) asked me to have a baby with him. I was still processing a MS diagnosis from the year before and told him that I can’t have a baby as I need to look after myself first. I am 38 years old and have never wanted to have children, I have never had an interest in them. However I believe my initial reaction of “no way” to him was based out of fear. Anyways, the last year has been unbelievably transformational for me, everything has changed and low and behold two weeks ago I decided that I want children. This has come as a complete shock for me. I read your article and I believe this is interesting timing, however I only have mars at Leo 5 placement, though the man who asked me to have a baby with him is a cancer with Leo Moon at 23. Does all of this tie in together? Thank you very much!

    1. The man in question is having the Node cross his Leo Moon and that’s historic. There may be some past life karma here with you. You have Fortuna in Leo (which you missed) alongside Mars. Between now and the end of the Leo Node cycle in late 2018 you will have a pretty momentous choice. It may be time to read more about Fortuna in your chart. I hope this works out in every way for you as your MS diagnosis must have been so tough. But yes – fate calls.

  44. Hi Jessica i have those degrees in Cancer and Capricorn at 28 – how does this affect me please?

    thank you in advance

    1. Just the usual Cancer-Capricorn mixed bag. It is common for the family to influence the education or the career, by making decisions that sweep you along. Equally, you end up with a situation where your family or home/home town/region forces you to move in order to further your ambitions. The eclipse will touch on that but it’s actually the Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus transits across 28 which will make the end of 2017 decision time.

      1. Thank you makes sense! Am considering moving (taking school concerns into account) and what to do next in my career perhaps the move is for both lol
        Thanks Jessica

  45. Hi Jessica I don’t have anything in Leo but several other placements at 26 – 29 degrees. How will this eclipse affect me? I am single with no children and feel very alone. I would like nothing more than to have a family of my own, however no factors in Leo doesn’t give me much hope. I would appreciate any insight you can offer, either into this issue or other areas that will be affected by the eclipse. Many thanks in advance

    1. An absence of Leo/Fifth House factors does not mean no family (or even extended family, like young relatives or godchildren) – it just means these younger faces do not define you. Your 26-29 factors are all being hit by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus passing across those degrees so the decks are being well and truly cleared in 2017 for new possibilities to come later. If you want to dig deeper about why you are by yourself and how you might fix that, use your Astrology Oracle.

  46. Jessica,

    I feel like major changing are going to happen soon for me with this week’s horoscope and Solar Eclipse. Can you help understand what is really going on. I broke my so called boyfriend last month and I’m not dating anyone.

    For a detailed, in-depth look at the transits this week please turn to information right here on this website, or in your ebooks.

    Cancer factors at these numbers (degrees) will trigger landmark questions about your house, apartment, land, town, country, family and/or household this week. You can allow one degree either side. Part of you is the crab who has her place and her clan around her and doesn’t venture far.

    Capricorn factors at these numbers (degrees) or within one degree’s difference, will find you puzzling over your ambition, mission, position and ‘the top of the mountain’ as Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs.

    Leo is the King, Queen, Emperor, Empress, Prince, Princess. This is why the royal bedchamber, heirs to the throne and pretenders to the throne matters so much. Leo factors on/close to these degrees will trigger choices.

    The Aquarius was the water-bearer of Rome who carried supplies to the Baths. Thus, part of you feeds groups and communities of all kinds. Anything at these degrees (or close) brings you to a crossroads choice.

    Monday 10th July
    Sun 18 Cancer opposite Pluto 18 Capricorn
    Apollo 22 Leo opposite Panacea 22 Aquarius
    Ceres enters 0 Cancer
    Saturday 15th July
    North Node 24 Leo conjunct Apollo 24 Leo
    Sunday 16th July
    Mars 27 Cancer opposite Ops 27 Capricorn
    Diana enters 0 Capricorn

    Your Birth Chart Data

    Learn how to read your personal birth chart and interpret the Diary dates provided above. Launch the instructions which will open in a new window, by clicking the link below.

    Click here to launch instructions for how to read your personal horoscope

    Nicole Thomas Birth Chart Data

    7-Aug-1970, 05:26 (29.7604267,-95.3698028)
    14° Leo 30′ 07″
    10° Libra 54′ 53″
    10° Virgo 13′ 48″
    28° Virgo 56′ 22″
    12° Leo 56′ 01″
    28° Libra 55′ 36″
    21° Taurus 55′ 28″
    05° Libra 58′ 50″
    28° Scorpio 07′ 24″ R
    25° Virgo 41′ 20″
    10° Aries 06′ 33″ R
    12° Taurus 59′ 16″
    22° Virgo 30′ 11″
    05° Taurus 42′ 41″
    18° Aries 04′ 02″
    18° Libra 04′ 02″
    27° Cancer 06′ 52″
    27° Capricorn 06′ 52″
    29° Sagittarius 09′ 29″ R
    13° Capricorn 55′ 58″ R
    24° Leo 02′ 23″
    27° Virgo 47′ 27″
    02° Leo 24′ 58″
    11° Virgo 58′ 43″
    20° Cancer 10′ 02″
    13° Taurus 31′ 01″
    27° Cancer 15′ 05″
    28° Capricorn 35′ 10″ R
    20° Scorpio 53′ 29″
    05° Aries 39′ 01″
    03° Virgo 16′ 27″
    04° Gemini 29′ 05″
    02° Pisces 51′ 38″
    02° Virgo 51′ 38″

    1. I am sorry you have broken up with your boyfriend, but you need to know that you are figuring out your long-term future as a parent, or step-parent, or perhaps as one of those godparents/aunts who are more like a mum, sometimes. This had to fall by the wayside because it simply was not part of your destiny in terms of babies, children or young adults – as you will see in 2019 when you have an incredible opportunity to develop such a strong relationship with a much younger generation – either by parenting or substitute parenting.

  47. Hi Jessica,

    I would like to know if this eclipse will effect me. Although I have nothing in Leo, I do have Saturn 28 degrees Pisces right next to my Chiron and they are both sitting on my IC.
    I live away from my place of birth, and have decided to sell some of my belongings as I reckon there is a distinct possibility I will have to move back there. I feel sadness about leaving where I live, but know that change is inevitable. And scary.
    Please shine a light, as I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Thank you.

    1. You will (in general) not only have the eclipse quincunx your Saturn at 28 Pisces, but you have Jupiter at 28 Libra, Saturn at 28 Sagittarius, Uranus at 28 Aries now through 2018. Nothing to do with moving at all…but everything to do with your inner self. In the equal house system you have Saturn in the Twelfth House. It is very likely that you have deliberately covered up at least one secret, perhaps two – or maybe you have ‘forgotten’ something so enormous it has been buried deeply in your unconscious. This would be typical of Saturn in Pisces and the Twelfth. Now through next year you will benefit from stepping back from this and seeking some tried, tested and trusted advice in how to deal with it. I hope this makes sense to you.

  48. ps – I just spoke with the oracle and got Jupiter/First House. This seems very positive. I am feeling very optimistic and have been planting a lot of seeds this year. I am hoping this eclipse/this summer helps move them along. Thanks again!

  49. Hi Jessica
    Am I able to ask how this will affect me? I understand you cannot reply to all comments. Best reagrds

    1. You won’t be directly affected at all – but in general, you will find yourself wondering (as we all will) a few months later – perhaps even years later – what on earth was really going on, in August 2017! You will find people make plans that month then realise, later that year, next year – they were trying to prepare or launch something at a time when the world was never going to be in a position to receive it. These are seriously big changes ahead for America and they will affect all of us.

  50. Hi Jessica – just read this article, seems like this eclipse is a big thing. (I was in the UK during a solar eclipse – it msy have been the one in 1999 you were describing – it was pretty spectacular)
    I have Uranus in Leo 27 degrees and both my husband and I work in next generation fields – He is Leo too 18 August 1960 born 8 am . Does this mean more cover ups or camouflage than average . Thanks for your great insights.

    1. We both saw (or rather, did not see) that 1999 eclipse in England. You and your husband will be thrown a chain of choices about your jobs with the next generation, but also very likely younger members of the family, now through January 2019. We have quite a few Leo eclipses and also Ceres in that sign, the planet which brings a new world, after a big compromise. You would have to suspect reshuffles in your job, his job or both – affecting the power structure – but also a choice to explore how much control you have, with junior clan members too. It would peak July-August 2017, 2018. You may want to skip the actual eclipse periods – you just won’t see the details.

  51. Jessica,
    Can you tell me about how the eclipse will impact me? Moon / north node at 26 degrees Leo, rising at 27 Scorpio, Uranus 28 Leo, Jupiter 27 and Psyche 27 Leo. Seems like a lot, and your article mentioning cover ups is stirring concern. Had a rough and sudden break up with my guy recently. Also my kids are young adults, and I’m always mindful of them. thanks so much for your insight.

    1. This is really about your children and it’s worth remembering that eclipses are neither positive nor negative – they just cover things up, or blur the picture so judgement or action is never a great idea on an actual eclipse period. You have a whole stellium in Leo and the Fifth House and we have a chain of eclipses in Leo until January 2019 so the next couple of years will be really decisive for your potential as a grandmother, as a mother-in-law and so on. Leo always includes every other younger generation too and the choices your own children make, about adding to the clan or not. We also have Ceres going through Leo now through 2019 so there will be a carve-up of rights, roles and responsibilities. A new world with you and them, actually.

  52. Hi Jessica,
    I have Leo at 29degrees27 in the 9th house. Will this eclipse help me with my spiritual

    1. The eclipse is conjunct your Sun and this is about your royal bedchamber, your heirs to the throne, any pretenders to the throne, courtship and your junior court. I am posting a long piece on the Leo eclipses (there are many, through to January 2019) shortly which may help – but in general, be aware of blind spots and cover-ups too.

  53. Hello Jessica,
    Just wondering if you could help me with the dilemma that I have. I wanted to launch a new business. Mercury retrogate period is July 25th- September 20th including the shadow periods. So, this period is out of question. I have two windows in mind: around 17-19 july or around 22,23 september 2017. Which one should I choose ? Maybe a completely different one (waiting until Saturn is out of Sag is impossible due to many practical reasons). How eclipses will affect launching a new business on either of these periods?
    Thank you

    1. You want to launch a new business and wonder when – given all the Mercury Retrogrades. Looking at the next 12 months, I have to say there is a deep change here involving the legacy left by people who have passed away – or those who are making wills, like you and I. This is Scorpio stuff and you have Uranus (freedom, radical change) in Scorpio in the Eight House (last will and testament, houses, apartment, bank vaults, jewellery boxes, deadly serious arrangements ‘Til death do us part’ and so on.) Jupiter the planet of opportunity, abundance, growth, necessary change, new beginnings, will make a rare (not possible in 12 years) conjunction with Uranus and the tiniest signs will be there in October 2017. By 2018 you will be truly in the know. This is not the question you asked, unless your family/husband/wife was also part of the business. But there will be a massive fresh start and the fine print on the legacies (yours included) will be part of the change. Forget September. You are waiting for October forward to see this.

  54. Dear Jessica,
    I got laid off today at a major corporation. Please let me know how this eclipse will affect me. Also, I want to negotiate for more severance payment. Everything feels weird now…
    Thank you!

    1. I am so sorry you lost your job and appreciate you are in shock. Let’s have a look. This won’t be anything to do with the eclipse (too early, wrong issue) but your Capricorn (career) or Virgo placements (work) will tell the story. Obviously money (Taurus/Scorpio) too. You are strongly Capricorn so this is going to work out for you, by 2020 – but essentially you were not powerful enough, so your higher self pulled the rug. I hope that does not sound too odd. You were potentially so capable, of so much more, in this world (which you are part of, and should be contributing to) that you almost drove an unconscious bus into this situation just so you could switch highways. The next 12 months (who is Andrew?) are about these choices for you. A partnership. A duet. A double act. A house or apartment is in the background. Major issues here about trust, but read that heart and mind. Invite the other person to read your heart and mind too. This goes beyond money or career into feelings, emotions, belonging, security, being at home/feeling at home. It goes into sensitivity, unspoken words…and the power of ‘Til death do us part’ agreements as deep feelings are often enshrined in money or property. Your reading has gone way beyond jobs or money, and into other territory. Please do avoid those Leo eclipses, though, okay? You can get all the dates on this website. Just skip those dates and allow a day or two either side. I do feel that the world of children or young adults is here quite fiercely – it’s as if a child, or teenager, or a group of young adults, has to come through no matter what – and this other person is your key. This is a 12 month reading.

  55. Dear Jessica,

    The upcoming eclipses in the month of August is causing me a lot of anxiety. My ascendant is 26° Aquarius 56′ 56″ and my Sun is 08° Leo 01′ 14″. My descendant is also in leo — 26° Leo 56′ 56″. Could you please tell me how the eclipses will affect me?I lost my father in May this year and there has been a lot of sudden reversals and misfortunes this year. All of this has contributed to a heightened sense of worry. I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Thank you very much.

    1. Anxiety is not what astrology is about. Though if you have anxiety symptoms you need to fix that on the body level – progressive relaxation techniques are good, so is cognitive therapy. Nothing in your chart is directly affected by the eclipse and I am not sure why you are using such wide orbs. I am very sorry to hear about your father – you have Diana at 18 Scorpio in the Eighth House, which describes legacies, and family money or property situations – and Pluto is exactly sextile at 18 Capricorn. You may want to find out more about Diana in your chart and how this asteroid works. No need to worry but you do need to find your own independent path through the financial/property aftermath of your father’s sad loss.

      1. Thank you so much for sharing your insights, Jessica! I will look up Diana and find out what its placement in my chart means.

  56. Hmmm…i just read this article and i have saturn in leo at 29 degrees, what does it mean to me? the full moon in capricorn wasn’t a easy one…and i´m afraid the eclipse will be in the same tone…any light?

    1. There are obviously issues here, going back years, about sexual relationships, or the world of pregnancies, babies, children or young adults. You may be returned to one of these, literally or symbolically, through August. Just avoid the eclipse period for judgement calls. Longer-term as Ceres goes over this spot in your chart you will need to make some decisions about sharing/compromise where lovers or the next generation is concerned.

  57. Hey Jessica,

    Thanks for all your wonderful insights. I really do love exploring this site!! I was wondering if you could tell me what impact the forthcoming eclipse will have on my love life and career? I’m recording a new album shortly after the eclipse – and along the path of the ecliptic itself in Nashville 🙂 Can you give me any advice about how to make this project the best possible personal and artistic experience that I can?

      1. Hi Jessica, I’m not sure what’s happened, but I did post a similar query a couple of days before that seemed to mysteriously “vanish” which is why I posted the same question again. I don’t seem to be able to find my earlier post – or your reply – anywhere in the comments. Would you be kind enough to post it again? Sorry for the confusion!!

  58. Hi Jessica, your eclipse analysis is truly fascinating. The point you made in your other post on the subject about the effects starting back in May really struck me as I challenged my partner about him deceiving me (over what turned out to be an infidelity) on the exact date in May you mentioned, and have only just had him tell me the truth. It looks on my chart like I’ve got Sun in 28 Libra as well as a couple of 27 factors and a 29. He’s an Aries with Mars 27 Taurus (and Uranus 26 Sagittarius if that’s close enough to be relevant). Should we be holding off our decisions about the future until after the eclipse? The universe seems like such a challenging and overwhelming place at the moment. Your thoughts would mean so much to me! Thank you.

    1. I’m glad the eclipse story makes sense to you, in terms of your own chart. Actually with 27, 28, 29 degree connections between you, the final outcome will take longer than August 2017 as you are waiting for Ceres to move to 27, 28, 29 of Leo too – and Uranus – in 2018. So, even though there will be some blind spots around the actual total eclipse, in general, you two have major issues here about freedom, space and independence and how to co-create a new world between you. The freedom is Uranus. The new world is Ceres.

  59. Please ignore my previous comment – just found your comments above. I’m full of a head cold and making no sense at all! Sincere apologies!!

    1. Trump’s birth data is still in serious question, but if you read the American chart – late August is fine for him. Or so he thinks. What he can’t see and doesn’t know – is the extremely shaky situation building with family members, and sexual connections (past, present, potential). A couple of people there are close to the edge. He has no idea. Look beyond August for the ultimate outcome with this one.

  60. Hi jessica I am thinking of leaving my job to start a business in late August but very scared! I was born 31dec 76 at 4.29 pm perth uk.

    1. No need to fear an eclipse, but if you could start this business at any time, I wonder why you would want to start it then? It’s just a flakey time and it may not months until we all realise how much we didn’t see or know…that can mean changed plans!

  61. Hi Jessica,

    I have Venus, Ceres and Diana in Leo but not at exact degrees. However, I have Cupido at 28 degrees in Virgo and Proserpina at 28 degrees in Gemini.

    I feel there is a strory for me behind this. However, I am not able to decode it.

    I would be grateful if you could have a look if this eclipse of any significance for me then?


    1. Justina, there is a story going on there with a previous, current or potential relationship (the kind where babies, stepchildren or inherited younger nieces/nephews count). You will have your Ceres Return as well as more Leo eclipses, now through January 2019. So this is really about the reshaping of the chemistry with one person in particular, over the next year or two. It will intensify or heat up, through August this year. Just skip actual choices on the eclipse.

  62. Can I ask about my Mercury 27 Pisces, Proserpina 28 Gemini and Diana 29 cancer? I will most definitely be joining for online lessons when they are available :-)))
    Also, I just re-read your New England horoscope and couldn’t help shuddering. The acid attacks on the rise and the febrile political atmosphere makes these very scary times, even up here “en Ecosse”

    1. Online astrology classes (with some events around the world) start in the final quarter of next year, so sign up – they are free to Premium Members. That way you can all do your own charts and won’t have to wait in the queue so long (3,292 people today). You can start now. Ask yourself how Mercury in your Twelfth House, Proserpina in your Third House and Diana in your Fourth House all work as a story together. If it makes it easier, begin with Diana, the symbol of freedom and independence, in your Fourth House of family and home. Do you have a family or property pattern of needing your own space, or needing to be quite separate from relatives or flatmates? Then look at the other two players in your chart. Ask yourself why it’s being triggered now through 2018, as outer planets pass 27, 28, 29 degrees.

      1. Yeah, I don’t do ‘stifled’ very well, neediness is my ultimate turn-off and as a solo parent, I constantly tell my own two little warriors to listen to themselves and not blindly follow group thinking! Perhaps I will start there, ta Jessica

  63. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge of yours. It is very helpful.
    I have my MC at 13 Aquarius . Lunar eclipse in August is bit close. 2 degree orb I am using. What can I expect?

    South Node passing the same degree will I loose my job?
    Thank you

    1. Blimey, astrology won’t tell you if you’re going to lose your job. Never has and never will! Two degrees is too wide for an orb, as well. And you know your MC is about groups and friends, in Aquarius – not work.

  64. Hi Jessica, how will the eclipse affect me? I’ve been going through some difficult time for the last few years.. and it’s getting intense..

    1. If there is one thing I can tell you about the next 12 months, it’s based not on the eclipse – but on the arrival of Jupiter in Scorpio. You have the Moon there, so you ‘need to be needed’ with property, money, charity or business. It’s how you take care of people, or situations, and how you nurture and caretake. This will work out very well for you, with huge new developments, from October 2017 through November 2018. This is about your former, current or potential partner in the situation. And it is most certainly about an apartment or house. Take full advantage of the big answer ahead.

  65. Hi Jessica,

    I was born on 22nd of August 1979 one hour after the eclipse in Zagreb, Croatia (currently I live in the US) with Regulus on my Sun and Moon, Venus is on 28 degree, all in Leo :)…
    This solar eclipse on 21st of August is on 28 degree ..My solar return is on the 21st…
    Is it possible that it’s the ‘RIGHT time’ for my big dreams to come true?:)
    Thank you! You rock!

    1. Thank you but I don’t use Regulus. And eclipses are not about dreams coming true, they are about blind spots and cover-ups. Missing pieces of the jigsaw. That is why most professional astrologers will tell you to let the eclipse pass – especially if it hits your chart.

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