Cancer Birthday Horoscope


Cancer Birthday Horoscope 2017 to 2018

Cancer, this is not just about your position and mission. It is also about your family tree, your roots and where you come from - who and what grounds you. The potential is vast by July 2018 but there's a little work to do.

What do you do when you find your world has turned upside-down? Or, if the world is the right way up, but you are upside-down? Cancer, this is not just about your position and mission. It is also about your family tree, your roots and where you come from – who and what grounds you. The potential is vast by July 2018 but there’s a little work to do.

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58 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for taking the time to write this , it all sounds very exciting and something to look forward to

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Wow this resonates with me so much – I am excited for the year ahead.
    Are you able to divulge how the next year works with my chart? I have a Cancer and Sagittarius stellium amongst others.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. Your Leo-Aquarius axis will be crossed by the Nodes and this rules money, business, possessions and charity. There will be something small but substantial there to use. The trick with this cycle over the next 12 months is to take something and make more from it. This works in both house systems I use for you. In your birth chart, you have Jupiter (reward) going through Scorpio, and of course you have planets there too. This chart reminds me of those business people or charity fundraisers who are given $1000 and then go on to make $10,000 and more.

  3. Dear Jessica, you are spot on about Uranus and about the 10th house, not only career wise but really like life-goals-wise. Since 2010 I have changed jobs, I ended a 6 y relationship last June because he cheated, I fell in love in October with a foreigner and due to circumstances out of our control, I am now again at the starting position because he has to attend a duty first. And now he is in his country. I got a promotion at the beggining of 2017 and I love what I do. And now I am considering buying a house. So much happened, and especially last year. I suffered a tremendous heartbreak, but I also felt awaken after that, felt like I found myself, my style and upgraded my tastes. Of course I am hoping for establishing a family too or may be perhaps reuniting with the foreigner. Can you share your thoughts?

    1. I’m glad that was spot-on for you about the Tenth House in your chart. Let’s go back to your cheating former lover. Six years is a long time. Before you go any further there is a great need to fix, repair, heal and sort out the damage from this. In fact I suspect this is really the story, if we’re talking the next 10 years of your life. You could wait for other people to do this for you, or the culprit himself – but if you wanted to be proactive you would get stuck in and address the hurt, the aftermath and the rest. As Diana once said ‘There were three of us in this marriage so it got a bit crowded.’ There were three of you involved in this very sad and painful situation and I do think it needs to be sorted out. I feel it will be.

  4. Hello Jessica,

    I look forward to all your articles, but this is the one I look forward to all year.
    Thank you for writing it.

    Could you please tell me what you see for me this year?

    Kind regards

    1. You have enough Cancer, Libra and Aquarius in your chart to make emotional satisfaction and spiritual fulfilment your big quest in life, over the next 12 months. You will have it, too. In fact, your cup will runneth over. Libra is associated with peace. Doves not hawks. Jupiter in Libra will bring peace. I am reminded of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ here. Of course that song came out during a major Libra cycle and Simon and Garfunkel were a classic Libran-style pair. Never mind the water, so much, though. The issue here is your heart and soul. I feel there is something of a spiritual cast to your chart as well. Buddhism? Christianity? Your own idea about the universe? By June 2018 you will be able to reach out for something/someone so deeply satisfying for spirit and heart, and bring it into the real world. That will take effort but it’s so worth it.

  5. This really strikes a chord with me. I am absolutely comfortable being in a job that does not make me happy or satisfied, yet pays the bills. Complacent is the word. Moreover, I have been contemplating moving closer to my parents and siblings for while now, but transition seems quite daunting, given, it would uproot my husband too. If you could please take a peek at my chart and let me know if there are any job or home related changes coming up in the next few months?

    1. The most important thing about the next 12 months is the personal relationships. The nuts and bolts of work and property are far less crucial than finding a better way to maintain and enjoy those connections with people. Obviously this is your siblings, parents, husband and/or other sources of emotional satisfaction. You are strongly Cancerian. The only comment I have on that is that Cancer can cling and you may want to share and open up a bit more so that there is more freedom, more space and more to go around – I am sure you have seen crabs on the beach – they can hold and guard quite powerfully, but sometimes Cancerian types benefit from loosening things up.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    All I have to say is WOW! This is spot on! I have been going through a rough couple of years at work caused by things that are totally out of my control. I have been trying to deal with it because I want security combined with fear of the unknown but now I see clearly that if I want stability, I need to leave because my workplace has turned into the epitome of unstable! I am trying to find a new job but my work is specialized and I really don’t want to have to move because I absolutely love my home and the city I live in.
    I am also feeling the Neptune transits as well.. All I can say is my chakras have been opening up the past year or more and for the past 6 months I have been experiencing some really weird psychic, telepathic and supernatural phenomena. I believe I know why this is happening but like the horoscope says I can’t talk to anyone about it so I am just staying to myself. It’s scary how accurate the horoscope has been thus far and kind of a bummer that it sounds like things are going to be rougher before they get better. i am super strong but my strength and patience has reached the limits. Can you tell me if anything in my chart stands out to you and maybe the timing? Astrology is amazing! Bless you Jessica for helping us put it to use!!!!

    1. Thank you. I am glad your reading is spot-on. You have a strong Cancerian chart signature so finding the right space for your people and your place is the key to the next 12 months. I know you don’t want to move but with the solution planet Jupiter in your Fourth House of property, new locations and fresh destinations you might want to think about that by June 2018. This would be about your family or household as much as anything else.

  7. Hi Jessica
    Thank you so much – I actually feel much better knowing that this is a cycle ! Brings perspective on some situations understanding now the influencing energies of Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius and the way you have explained them. I have been turned 180 degrees and upside down a few times since 2010 but have also been deeply, if at times painfully, woken up & transformed. On the whole, a slow revolution with sharp shocks thrown in. I’ve had real estate ups and downs, a house move and a very slow renovation that has inched along now for six years while most of our belongings have lived at a storage facility ( hell for a Cancerian ) ! My husband moved overseas for work for two years, his mother died unexpectedly after a short illness and I was hit out of the blue by a speeding taxi which has severely impacted my daily life and workload 14 months on as I am struggling every day to overcome the injuries I sustained and get back to being more productive. So, what you wrote really spoke to me, it made sense of the senseless. I am a big believer in focus and faith and it seems that is what is required here. I want change but feel like my hands are tied and on some level I have to have patience. Would be grateful if you have some insights as to what is coming up for me.
    Many thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful words. I am very sorry that you lost your mother so unexpectedly and have also had to endure such a serious car accident. Whenever people use the words ‘upside down’ and ‘revolution’ and ‘sharp shocks’ and ‘ups and downs’ and ‘unexpectedly’ and ‘out of the blue’ you just know that Uranus by transit is triggering their chart – but also Uranus itself, in the birth chart, is probably under transit. These are all key words for this planet. Sure enough, your chart has been well and truly affected by Uranus in recent times. What next? The most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months is this – there will be a life-changing period of healing and improved health which finally allows you to remember how strongly Virgo you are. I am sure you know that Virgo rules the mind, body and spirit. You have a stellium in Virgo including Uranus itself, which can bring about a revolution that helps you, as well as a revolution that knocks you sideways. Your injuries are part of your Virgo path. This goes beyond the physical damage to your body. It also goes into the damage done to your aura, soul and spirit by the loss of your mother and the stress of an unsettled home life. Along with your Virgo side, which will be reborn by 2018, you also have a strong Aquarian side. Aquarius is the sign which rules friendships and groups. I believe it is a very important friendship or circle of people which will make the biggest difference to your spirit, but it will also help your wellbeing. A yoga or pilates class would be a typical example. So would a Reiki meetup, hiking club or swimming organisation. You have the potential to become a healer, either in conventional medicine or alternative health, fitness and so on. You may be self-healing at this time, or be powerfully influenced by a very special person who has the gift of transforming people. There is also a strong emphasis on what goes into your body as well – typical Virgo stuff – so the next 12 months is also about food, drink, medication and so on. This is the chart pattern I have seen with people who turn to naturopathy and Bach Flower Essences, but also the chart of people who understand that nothing they care about – travel, a home, the environment – can ever really happen, until the mind, body and spirit are aligned. Once you have taken your Virgo ‘trip’ you will be ready for another trip, and you are quite right to have faith in a holiday or a move, because that path is open to you.

  8. Dear Jessica ,
    Thank you for taking time in writing this in depth articles , will appreciate it if you could please have a look at my charts and see how the year may unfold for me , work wise and home , things have been a bit up and down and my ex stopped paying school fees , will I manage things ,will things get better for us , me and my child 25.3 .2005 , many thanks for your time and insights

    1. When your ex stops paying school fees it’s time for a strategy. I can see why, over the next 6-12 months, you would be tempted to break free, take risks and explore your options. However, you need to be far more cautious than that. There is a small but substantial amount of money (or other resources) there and you can make a little go a long way if you wish. You also need to look at how grounded you are. How centred you are. Where you belong and how you should settle yourself in a particular location. You have Neptune at 24 Scorpio and Jupiter will pass 24 Scorpio which can lead to what I call Extreme Space Cadet. So by the end of 2018 you will have been given quite a remarkable opportunity to ‘dream dreams’ and turn them into reality but you must look before you leap. When in doubt look to your child. In fact children are quite intuitive and you may find that you are being pulled back/out by your March-born teenager. There are so many ways you two could go exploring, find a new path, figure out a place to be – and the rest – and you will have plenty to be thrilled about – but do be extremely careful about the risks of just leaping into the unknown. There are other paths and routes to take. Ban your Space Cadet.

  9. Dear Jessica

    Oh my Golly Gosh how I waited for this! Thank you!!

    Please can you tell me what there may be for me this year ahead? I have stelliums in Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Virgo and Aries.

    Thanks and Blessings

    1. Golly Gosh is good, thank you. You were born with Fortuna at 23 Libra and Jupiter will move to 23 Libra in September 2017 for the first time in 12 years. Fortuna is a powerful asteroid; Jupiter’s first-born daughter in mythology and in Tarot we associate her with the Wheel of Fortune, which reminds us to be philosophical about life’s swings and roundabouts, highs and lows. This is an important six month period for you and it will change your fate, as fate takes a hand. What is involved? Publishing, academia, education or the worldwide web with all its digital information. You also have a Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of knowledge, which is under transit. Every high is a low, waiting to happen, and every low is a high, waiting to happen! We also have a lot of transits triggering your Leo and Taurus placements. So you are right to talk about your Sagittarius stellium here, but actually it’s the Leo-Taurus placements which are also being picked up. These are fixed signs, rather stuck in their ways, and hard to shift. Yet – as the Wheel of Fortune spins around, you may find that ‘fixed/set/stuck’ is not in itself fixed, and everything can be negotiated.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the generous birthday post. I certainly had a few AHA! Moments through reading your words. June 22 is my birthday and I spent most of the day in a sort of trance (while eating the most divine chocolate brownie), and found a sense of feeling liberated within my attitude towards life.

    Points that resonated for me while reading:
    – feeling the tension of holding onto a job that will eventually end (contract position), while it satisfies my desire for community and creativity, I know it’s my time to go but having a difficult time figuring out what I’ll do next. This job also makes me feel comfortable and secure for now.
    – the desire to get physically fit like I never have before.
    – having spiritual revelations about existence.
    -Starting to speak up about what I really WANT rather than sacrificing for should.

    I’d be curious what you see highlighted in my personal chart this year?

    1. I’m glad you had ‘AHA!’ moments reading your Cancer birthday horoscope and Happy Birthday for 22nd June. If you are curious about 2017, it is really about your Leo stellium. The Node is crossing Leo this year and we also have an eclipse there. You will need to make up your mind about a commitment and only you can choose. Sometimes people walk away from an engagement, a reconciliation, a separation settlement – or even a one-night stand. Yet, you will certainly be in a position to choose. There will be a fair amount of talk and negotiation through the head (not the heart) but the reality is, what both of you have to offer or exchange is solid gold.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    The paragraph on Uranus reflects my professional life for the past few years. Up and down and lots of changes. I wonder how my love life will look in 2018. Any insights or a bright light on the horizon? Are there any other changes I should be looking for?

    1. You’ll have to make a decision to cut someone/something out in 2018. This may be a choice between two lovers, for example. You have Juno at 27 Leo and Panacea at 29 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules pregnancy, babies, children, young people – and lovers. Thus, the August 21st 2017 eclipse falls right in the middle of your conjunction at 28 Leo, and this affects you next year too. Eclipses conceal, they don’t reveal. You may have to make your choices ‘blind’ and rely on instinct or intuition. It may also help – to ask for help – if you need to see straight. If you don’t want an unplanned pregnancy in your life then please be aware. That is just one of the many examples of what happens when an eclipse triggers your chart. Of course it may be that you decide to ‘cut out’ your former lover as well as a potential lover, and fly free and single.

  12. Hello from Michigan! This horoscope seems to apply to me although my birth chart says something a little different. Could you tell me if the Cancer horoscope applies to me better then Leo? I’m not sure what to make of the Libra stellium either.
    Thank You!!

    1. Waving to Michigan. Your Leo Sun is right on 00 degrees. Please check your birth time because if it’s slightly earlier you may be a Sun Cancer after all, but I am seeing 00 Leo 29 33 here.

  13. Thank you so very much for your reply and your thoughts Jessica. I just wanted to leave some quick feedback to validate how accurate you are. You referenced my natal Virgo placements – I am a great believer in natural healing and began a degree in natural medicine 19 1/2 years ago which I loved. Some years before I started that course ( and part of the impetus for deciding on that path ) was discovering a book on Bach Flower Remedies ( ! ) and implementing them into my own wellbeing. My gosh, how specific your insights are, you got it exactly right. The writer of that book which I so valued was a teacher at that particular college which was something I did not know until orientation day when he stood up and gave a talk. To me it was like meeting a rock star ! Now I know why. Shortly into the course , I was suffering from severe ( day and night ) morning sickness which went on for five months and as a result, I was unable to continue with my studies.Instead, I was launched into my next exciting role as a mother where I have administered over the years, many tissue salts, ear candles and Bach Flower Remedies.
    So, thank you, Jessica. You are so generous in your richly layered writing with information which we can really apply going forward. What wonderful information you have given me today on this Cancer new moon. I have received it with gratitude.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    This definitely speaks to my professional life. I feel I’ve come to a crossroad. Do I want to continue down my current path or prepare for something completely different within the next few years? I feel I’m at a decision point with my personal life as well. A relationship that is stagnant due to circumstances that are unlikely to ever change weighs heavy on my mind.

    Any additional thoughts you have on those two points would be most appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. You are the second person I have been looking at this afternoon who needs to remember her Aquarian side! You have a stellium in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of community, groups, circles and so on. You also have the exact same placement as the previous person, who had Diana in Aquarius like you. Basically, you have the Node going through Aquarius for the first time in many years so the next 12 months is a stunning breakthrough for you. I understand your concern about the relationship and the job. It’s hard to comment with you telling me more about either, but in general, ‘Activate Aquarius’ and particularly Diana in Aquarius, means 12 months of freedom, independence, solitude – yet with the most stunning group of people around you. This would be a dazzling spiritual connection, quite unlike any other sort of relationship. Diana was Artemis in Greek mythology; she was associated with wild places and was given independence by her father Jupiter so she never had to be chained to a marriage or children. She was an intensely sexual being, despite that, and had affairs – but on her terms. The Aquarian mythology is, as I am sure you may know, linked to the Aquarius of Ancient Rome, who carried the water that fed the community. The Roman Baths was a typical group/circle/people power venture literally fed by an Aquarius! So there you are. If you want to feed your soul, your spirit and your sexuality by June 2018 you will pour yourself into one or more groups but also make sure you have your friends and comrades right around you. Look at the paintings of Diana too. You may see yourself.

  15. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for another in depth year ahead! Just wondering if this year the niggly and annoying health issues will go away or is this still part of getting over the cycle from 2010. The younger generation in my life are becoming more independent and I’m wondering what’s ahead for me.


    1. Thank you. You need to reach out for the money. The old phrase ‘Throw money at the problem’ is a good one for your situation over the next 12 months. You may have to borrow, perhaps, or claim what is rightfully yours – picking up health insurance claims for example. There may be available finance you are not seeing because you are too consumed by your body. Saturn in Taurus can equate money with fear. So there may be fear of paying back interest rates on a credit card or loan. Fear of not being given/granted money. Fear of having it in the first place – even if you have earned it. There is actually no other answer, except perhaps one. Sometimes spiritual or faith healing can work wonders. If nothing else it can get you into a state of mind that helps you seek practical (paid) treatment. I have a few files where people have a poverty mentality even when there is money available. And really what could be more crucial than your precious health, energy and wellbeing? I would also hasten to add, as I am sure you know, if you let things run on, unless you are frightfully lucky, they tend to become chronic. I feel very optimistic for you with Jupiter (abundance) going into Scorpio (other people’s money) and I think you could tap that. Perhaps you also need to look at the spiritual side of healing too. It can be miraculous and of course, that is priceless.

  16. Thanks for the roadmap. I was happy to see it’s a good time for the remodel of our guest cottage. I am in the US and I worry about our new government and the future for my family. Anything you can share from my chart for the coming year? Opportunities or pitfalls to avoid? Thank you!

    1. You will be delighted with the cottage and your property situation in general, and the family. You are strongly Libran (the marriage or common law marriage matters) and Cancerian (the family, the home, the local area and the country matters so much). Lovely transits from Jupiter to Libra (conjunction) and then into Scorpio (trine) suggest that by this time next year you should have put down some roots and also loved creating that delicate alchemy between people and place. Your government, as it stands, will obviously not last. Specifics were predicted some time ago – September 2017 is an astrological repeat of Watergate 1974 in the American foundation chart. You can hit Search to find out more about the Nixon parallels.

  17. Louise, a nervous breakdown is often a breakthrough, though of course it takes time and healing – and insight – so you can see what just happened and why it happened. The most important issue in your chart for the next 12 months is your Scorpio stellium being crossed by Jupiter in Scorpio, which can only happen every 12 years. You will learn about your Scorpio side which has been largely unconscious to date. Dreams or meditation may show you, or an event involving either travel, moving or property – which shows you. Scorpio is associated with death, sex and finance. If you are curious about Scorpio you can hit Search. You will have some fascinating choices. The truth is, you do have to deal with the corporate or business world. The world of office blocks and skyscrapers. Finding out how to do that, and make it serve you, is part of the challenge of the next 12 months. Scorpio really is about feeling empowered and having control. It is a passionate sign and your stellium there is about to wake up. So, if you want to claim your power and use it, you are going to have to take on the office/corporate/business world. Doing so will take every ounce of your imagination, ingenuity and drive, but you also have wide open choices. How you move forward is up to you.

  18. Hi Jessica, thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! It is indeed so accurate every single time. Can you please look at my chart and tell me what I can expect the next 12 months. I am getting married this August and a lot of change is what I foresee in every direction. Also professionally I don’t like what I do but then I make good money hence I can’t quit.

    1. The most important thing about the next 12 months is Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio and your Eighth House of finance, business, possessions and property. Jupiter (abundance) will conjunct your Scorpio factors, enabling you to hold on and hang on, to everything you own or earn. You are a typical Cancerian in that you cling like a crab. Property, home town and homeland are also never far from your thoughts. You can hug your enviable position to yourself over the next 12 months but you may want to share the joy, donate the money, or give it at some point – too much clinging in any Cancerian crab is not always a terribly good idea.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    My question being reposted 4th time
    I had a breakup in 2012 and i am still clinging on to the memories of it. She ditched me and I can’t take the memories out of my mind. Someone came into my life in 2016 who is a great support for me in every way and I feel good being in her company. This is a work relationship as well. We don’t get to see each other much personally due to her family commitments. We do have a very intimate relationship but due to the hurt feelings from my previous relationship I am reluctant for any commitments and at the same time I do not want to lose her.
    Secondly about my career, I had a big promotion this year but the remuneration hasn’t improved and I’m unhappy about it. I feel like breaking free to do my own thing, but can’t due to family commitments.
    What shocks and upside downs are awaiting me?


  20. Hi Jessica,

    I count myself among your US fan club and most ardent admirers. Self-employment (creative fields) and loner tendencies have pushed me off the grid, for good or ill, and yet your forecasts frequently touch the wire of what’s happening in my own life. What you’ve revealed about this birthday circle left me filled with both wonder and worry. I find myself nearing the end a process with a project of enormous importance to me. I’ve told myself that my next phase would be to firmly reconnect to the grid — a job or joblike commitment — and, now that I’m near the finish line, I balk from anxiety. I’m middle-aged and know my financial health requires this plug-in, but there’s an issue of my physical stamina, a point you frequently touch on for Cancers, and my having become settled in my ways over many years of working from home. I’ve also made living choices that force the issue for me, so I know the grid is the future. The deepest part of me feels that my project will in some way open a financial door, but past experience suggests otherwise. What have you to say about this eternal fight between need and want, optimism and wishful thinking? Shawn

    1. I didn’t know I had an American fan club – I am very flattered, thank you. So you live off the grid, and have an important project. For the next 12 months, across your birthday year, you will benefit hugely from Jupiter, the planet of abundance, in Scorpio. In fact you will have your Jupiter Return, Shawn. Everything in your garden will be lovely. Money does grow on trees, sometimes. This Jupiter cycle starts October 2017 and goes to November 2018. Much as you’re going to love simply enjoying what you are creating, growing and harvesting – you do need to remember the money-go-round. It’s not as glorious as nature, but the money needs to be planted and grown as much as a plant. If that is not your milieu, find someone who revels in that, who comes with a trusted, tried and tested reputation. You also need to throw away the deadlines for one issue. It’s small but important and it’s going to take years. Look and you will see it.

      1. US fan club, indeed! I’m been singing your praises to my savvy friends for years. 🙂

        Thanks for your reply. You hit the nail: The second and third of the last three sentences are the hardest part for me. When I lose patience, I hope I have the presence of mind to re-read them. Cheers!!

  21. Hi Jessica, this sounds like an exciting year. And what an interesting read!
    Thank you.
    What you said about feeling suspended resonates with me. I have moved from NZ to US in April. Wonder if that could be counted as upside down. Lot of inner work going on for a long time now, life has been a huge learning curve for last 7-8 years. Feeling exhausted from dealing with all the challenges life has been throwing my way, in personal and professional life.
    I do feel lost as to what next, to rebuild a career, feel like I need direction and help.
    Please do tell me that life is going to get better from here and I will find the direction and energy that I want so desperately.
    Thank you, Jessica!

    1. If you feel exhausted it is because holding that ‘nothing changes/nothing happens’ position is very hard. Ask yourself what would happen if you threw yourself into breaking free. Maybe your body will tell you.

  22. Hello Jessica and thanks for such an interesting article.

    I’ve just joined as a Premium Member and so glad I did. My chart has several placings in Cancer and I have experienced implosions in my life over the past six years or so. It has been very hard, especially during the Pluto/Moon squares since 2015 and Uranus/Moon conjunction in 2016. I hit the ground, and not running, when the two aspects occurred at the same time.

    Optimism has been gradually withering about the possibility of forming a good relationship with a decent bloke, I am attracted to charming, flirty manipulators when I long for settled domesticity.

    Also, despite attempts to mend my formerly good relationship with my son, in his thirties, we cannot seem to do it. Good intentions on my part, and his too I think, but it ends in heartache for me as he absents himself overseas without communication. This has been happening for seven years.

    Self examination about the reasons for my mistakes re men, and why my son and I cannot seem to get along has helped me understand intellectually but, then I go and do it again.

    Any insight you can offer would be gratefully received. Thanks.

    1. Thank you and welcome to life as a Premium Member. So you want to get married or move in with a man (and are giving up hope) and have a son who does not communicate when he is overseas. Let me look at your chart to see what is going on. You have a T Square and T stands for tension. It is also tension you can fix, which is the good news. Often T for tension also leads to T for trouble which is of course the broken relationship with your son’s father and the cut-off with him, overseas. The T Square looks like this. Bacchus at 25 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, love, sex, common law marriage, separation and divorce. Jupiter at 27 Capricorn in the Tenth House of status, ambition and success. Juno at 26 Cancer in the Fourth House of home, family and property. Tied into this T-Square we have Mars at 26 Gemini which can also cut quite deeply when he wants to – usually through letters, e-mails or ‘words spoken cannot be unspoken.’ The pattern always emerges when there are houses or apartments in the picture – even camping would bring it out! Why? Because Juno (commitments) is in Cancer and your Fourth House which rules property and usually family. I often find there is a Scottish clan feeling to these kinds of patterns, as if Braveheart was gathering his forces at the loch over the mountain. This ‘clannish’ mentality used to be typical in Scotland centuries ago but of course with that T-Square ending in a sharp point in your Fourth House, it may be some branches of the family tree you have to think hard about. How do you change this picture, for the rest of your life? You sharpen your awareness of the way property and clan can trigger the potential for conflict. To quote Midnight Oil, ‘put down that weapon.’ Be aware of your own contribution to any crossed swords, even if it’s just sharp words on the internet. I do feel that one or all members of your clan could be welcomed back into your life, believe it or not, but it would take a tremendous amount of work. Words not swords. You are an energetic, witty, entertaining soul who could probably sort out most things in life just by your sense of humour and your amazing ability to front up and be fearless. Who could resist that, if your intentions are to welcome others or extend hospitality? Your son will need a place to stay when he’s back. Perhaps there are other clan members who might want to come to a family wedding one day, or maybe you could organise the reception. Juno is Jupiter’s wife in mythology. She enjoys the good life in exchange for commitment and you were born with her in your house of property, home town, homeland and clan. There are major issues here about trust because nobody wants to feel vulnerable or under-defended, but then that goes for both sides. Can you bury the hatchet when the time is right? Or most of them? Can you find some way to communicate? It has to go beyond mere words into actions; gestures. There is a fair amount of Mars physical energy in your chart and I do wonder if renovating, gardening, or local environmental/heritage issues wouldn’t be the perfect place for it. You do need some solid container for Mars in your life and personality over the long-term. Good luck.

      1. Wow! Thanks Jessica, your reply is perceptive. Points taken and assimilated. I’ve always been aware of my Mars energy, especially as it’s conjunct Uranus, I find it scary and at odds with my longing for a tranquil life. When Pluto crossed my Pluto/Moon conjunction in early childhood, family life, due to major bereavement, became cold and unloving and I felt an outsider in the clan, subject to bullying. I cut most ties about ten years ago and, apart from my son, only one family member remains alive.

        Going back to your article on the forthcoming year, do you see any reason for optimism regarding love relationships in the next twelve months? That this cycle may be drawing to a close. I have found it exhausting and happiness elusive and transitory; it’s been dispiriting.

        Given the major Pluto transits of the past several years, I am wondering if this is karmic; that my purpose in this life is to learn to be alone, to resign myself to that and slide into old age accepting it.

        Thanks again.

        1. Thank you. It’s funny how we always cast our eyes twelve months forward when it comes to love, sex and marriage (it’s rather like Prince Charles thinking he had to marry by 30) and in fact astrology has its own timing. You have a strong Fifth House/Seventh House Leo/Libra pattern in your chart and will not spend the rest of your life single, free and child-free unless you very definitely want it. The Nodes are aspecting those Leo-Libra patterns through 2019 so if you want to date a much older man with grown-up children from a previous marriage – you can. That’s just one example of the many ways you can play this. Dating the newly single father of your godson? Falling in love with someone whose nieces and nephews are the cornerstone of his life?

  23. Hi Jessica,

    Not sure if my comment was lost in the sauce…but here goes try number two!

    Hi Jessica,

    Always love reading your thoughts, birthday year especially.

    Could you please tell me what you see for me this birthday year?

    It’s been a very trying time most recently in love (triangle) and with finances. I’d appreciate your thoughts on those topics and all others which need special consideration, handling and awareness!

    Thanks so much!

    1. For you and others who wonder why I have not answered their questions – I have an occasional job working as an Editor on the HarperCollins travel book series, Holiday Goddess, so I am often at airports or on the road updating our website. I love my other work because of course it takes me to all the great museums of London, Paris, New York and Rome (which is wonderful for astrology). However it also means I can literally answer one question then find my flight is being called. The next time I log on, a whole new page of questions will have appeared (today we are almost at 3,200 in the queue). Your love triangle is Vesta. You have Vesta in Cancer. Vesta is a symbol of one male/two or more females and how the females dance to a man’s tune by competing with each other. Cancer rules the family tree so have a look at your immediate family, then the grandparents’ family on both sides and so on. You may have picked up the pattern from that. Vesta is easily managed. Refuse to enter the competition to win the man’s approval (although of course you may be a man, I can’t tell from your name, unfortunately. If you are a man then ask yourself why you need to have two or more females dancing attendance. Is it insecurity or ego or narcissism?) Okay moving right along to money. Like all Cancerian people you have the Nodes across your Second House of cashflow and Eighth House of serious finance so you are in a repeat, repeat, repeat cycle when you could trot out the same old thing you have done so often before. It usually begins with a powerful emotion. Stop at that point and ask yourself what that emotion is and where it comes from. That’s the first step to breaking a pattern.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    Very intruiging and much rings true for me over the last 5 or so years. Is there anything in my chart you see that stands out?


    1. Thank you b, for the feedback. Long-term you should take full advantage of Jupiter (abundance) in Libra (property) and also use your Leo-Aquarius Node cycles, which are all about the money. There are questions here about hanging on tightly to what you earn or own – versus releasing the grip and doing something with what you have. Only you can answer that one.

  25. Hello Jessica, It’s always exciting to read your articles at birthday time. I have a Cancer stellium and several other stelliums. I am not used to a quiet life that seems to be gaining traction. Partly to address this I am trying to get my young children’s book published although I appreciate this process can often take years. If this doesn’t work out then I need to find another creative outlet. I sometimes feel in a state of flux and certainly feel that I am in a ‘waiting game’. Another focus is family support but this can be difficult with both my mother and daughter living in Europe (I can’t roll my sleeves up and be practical)! I see one arrangement will improve after October (daughter will help me with her property!). I have a lot to be grateful for but I would be interested in what you see as key areas to watch out for.
    Also, I am getting fitter in readiness for whatever life throws at me!
    Best wishes.

    1. The key is children, both your own and other people’s. You will see why from October. In fact, I was writing the horoscope for the Australian Women’s Weekly today and noticed how pivotal this was for Cancerians. You have an epic choice to make that month about your former, current or potential partner. It does involve the world of children. You will be able to choose if you want to travel that path together with someone or alone. The horizons will suddenly open up and a new adventure will be possible that month.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the above, it’s very interesting. Maybe it was just because I have so many planets in Libra but I found it easier to figure out where I was going with last year’s horoscope (or maybe it’s just baby brain!). I’d be grateful for any insight into this year’s.


    1. People dangle, or stay stuck, if the changes are too much of an upheaval in their lives. You have already had your world turned upside-down, or may be about to experience this, through 2018. Dangling or doing nothing (being stuck) is useful because it helps you figure things out. So dangle away, but when the time is right, put all your effort into breaking free and restarting your life again.

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