The Cancer Stellium June-September 2017

Between June and September, we have an unusually high number of horoscope factors passing through the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Between June and September, we have an unusually high number of horoscope factors passing through the zodiac sign of Cancer. From Sunday 4th June when Mars enters Cancer, your chart may be triggered until Sunday 24th September, when Ceres is finally out of Cancer. What’s affected? Your house, apartment, family, home town, homeland or household. Read on.

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243 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, l only have my sun in cancer at 16’05’53. Is it more significant and important when your sun sign is part of a stellium???

    1. You have the Sun and Minerva in Cancer, actually, so that matters – but it’s not a stellium. June-September is not going to change your life, but there will be a major recurring issue about your house or apartment; perhaps your neighbourhood or nationality. You are strongly identified by where you live ,how you live and where you come from. It’s also where you have innate wisdom. Lots of people with a nose for property have Minerva in Cancer. So do historians who focus on their own country and culture. No big deal, but you have some important choices.

  2. Jessica,
    I check your web every day looking for a new articles and voilà ! You made my day.
    I have Ceres 4 in Cancer, Desc 6 in Cancer, Ops 14 in Cancer and 7 other planets in Capricorn . How it will affect me ? Thank you so much for your time and effort to answer to my question.

    1. Thank you! You have the classic Capricorn/Cancer split in your chart – if your birth time is strictly accurate, as two of the factors are your Ascendant and Descendant, which do depend on a birth time that’s 100% correct. The Capricorn/Cancer split is best described by the pull of home, against the tug of success. People with this placement are often forced to move, to get opportunities, but ultimately end up moving back. This may be an issue for you now through September. Most importantly you have Ceres at 4 Cancer, so you will experience your Ceres Return on July 21st, 22nd. You will need to find a way to give everyone in the family or household situation what seems fair, but also ask for a fair outcome for yourself. If it’s not the family or household, it will be a situation affecting your local area or nationality/residency. Of course, it is hard to figure out what is fair when you own Ceres in your chart, as this is a highly emotional, powerful, entitled part of yourself. I expect you grew up in a family where there were major questions about who got what kind of time/access/attention/energy/space and the pattern pops up every now and again in a different way, which is what is set to unfold in July. Each time you go through it, it gets easier.

  3. That is quite important, as you have been through a couple (at least) of every difficult episodes involving your family, property or home town/homeland. Maybe in combination – those with Saturn in Cancer have sometimes been through stories where mother/house was involved or father/homeland. Because life has dealt you a tough hand you have become very used to making yourself feel safe and secure, building walls, protecting yourself and your place, maybe overdoing it sometimes or even giving up, and underdoing it. This is all put to the test now through September, to see if you are still using the best possible attitude and best possible strategy with your apartment, house, family, home town, homeland. Lots to learn.

  4. HI Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Cancer or at least I think (the sun, Mercury, Vulcano and Desc). I also have 4 other in Capricorn. Does this mean a rough patch is awaiting me in summer? I hope not because the last few months have not been easy.

    1. The Sun and Mercury in Cancer mean you express yourself through your family, for better or worse, and perhaps through real estate, if the money is there. You are also the kind of person who strongly relates to a country and its culture, almost as if it was a person – and if your local area is ever threatened by developers you will be first to sign the petition or get out the protest banners. This summer is really about your apartment or house, and then the wider issue of your neighbourhood or country. Not a rough patch at all. Complicated, energy-consuming, demanding, rewarding!

  5. Very interesting article! Thanks, Jessica. I so happen to have Minerva 17 Cancer…I talked with you in the past about fashion with Minerva in Cancer; creating a fashion business with my sister on social media at this point. We also have property in our homeland (parent’s land in Greece) to deal with this summer as well! What perspective should we take and what should I expect with this? Thank you for your thoughts and your time. 😉

    1. Thank you. Minerva in Ancient Greece was Pallas Athene so I expect you will have a lot of synchronicity around this goddess, who is also symbolised by owls and the olive. The situation with Greece over the summer is the whole story, really – it is not just about your sister and parents, it is really about wider trends in the EU and your own country, as Greece was ‘born’ in 1974 when she gained democracy, and has Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Cancer. I suspect your business interests and lifestyle will be powerfully affected by the deal Greece has to make with herself – and other nations.

  6. Hello,
    Thank you for all you do! I really appreciate the time you spend on all this. I have quite a few factors in both cancer and Capricorn in my chart. Any insight to how I will be affected? Thanks again!

    1. Cheers. The Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn suggest a recurring theme in your life – having to move, because of your ambitions (or other people’s aspirations for you). The desire to ‘do better’ or move on up (thank you Curtis Mayfield) is common with this combination and so there is a lifetime of leaving people and places behind. You do have another episode coming up. It may not be yet another move, but it will have a common theme with your other choices about family background versus personal ambition – or issues around where you live, and how it affects where you work.

  7. Hi Jessica , Thank you for this awesome article it is so in depth , will be so grateful for your insights on my charts , i have some cancer factors .
    Sun 11° Cancer 51′ 29″ , Venus 15° Cancer 31′ 48″ , IC 14° Cancer 38′ 54″ , Mars 08° Cancer 24′ 05″ ,
    past few years have been turbulent , do you see us having to move homes , I was thinking of getting a flatmate would it be wise thing to do . what does it look like work wise , are there going to be any breakthroughs .
    will appreciate your advice and insights , Thank you so much for your time and effort ,blessings

    1. When you say ‘us’ moving home, I don’t have the chart for your partner or other household members so it’s very hard to say if you’ll move. You’ll certainly have to figure out a new way of running the home, and it will be action stations a few times over this period as you get conjunctions to Mars in Cancer in your Fourth House. Mars Fourth House people tend to be into DIY, gardening – and also get caught up in a whirlwind with flatmates, family members, landlords, tenants and so on. I know an Air BnB landlady with this placement who is always building things and having rather a colourful time with her guests! If you wanted to get a flatmate, that would suit this transit, but be mindful that you are going to have to divide up territory and turf quite thoroughly. You may want to lay down terms and conditions in writing very clearly with whomever moves in.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    With Sun sign in Capricorn 42’11”, Panacea 12 degree Capricorn 54’02”, Bacchus 16 degree Capricorn 36’43” and only Cancer in Juno 26 degree 02’26″R, is this likely to impact my life in any particular area?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Not really. Although the bigger change will begin from Christmas 2017 through 2020 when your entire career or other ambition in life is affected by first Saturn, then Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, joining Pluto along the way. I’ll do much more on this Capricorn cycle as we get closer to December.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Two new articles – lovely!
    I don’t have anything in Cancer but my husband has loads. I wonder if you could please comment on them re this time period?
    He has Uranus 2, Ops 5, Mercury 15, Sun 25 and Juno 26. Phew!
    Many thanks x

    1. Your husband goes through regular cycles with property, home and family. At the very beginning the world turns upside-down. There’s always a dramatic change. He has probably done a lot of chopping and changing with real estate in his past as well as his own family/your family – and of course flatmates, tenants, and the rest. The cycle then ends in a commitment. So he commits and then the cycle starts again a few years later and it’s all up in the air again. Ceres crossing that is significant, so he will need to make some compromises and deals, no matter if this is the physical home, the local area/country or the family.

  10. Hi Jessica, I had to repost as the message wasn’t complete when I was trying to write it out earlier.
    How does the presence of Cancer in my chart affect me in this time frame? My daughter is moving to New York tomorrow.
    Additionally, under managing complex relationships, you mention oppositions with Capricorn people. My romantic interest is a Capricorn man (born January 4, 1964) so does this affect our relationship as well?
    I have Jupiter 25° Cancer 45′ 49″,
    Ceres 06° Cancer 52′ 45″,
    Apollo 20° Cancer 26′ 12″,
    Ops 12° Cancer 01′ 43″
    Thank you!

    1. Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House will always protect you with family, property, home town, homeland, household. So will Ops, who was Jupiter’s mother. You are naturally blessed with real estate with Jupiter there too. That’s quite a big line-up so I am sure you will experience changes not only now that your daughter has moved, but also with the actual rooms/space itself. The Capricorn man is really only an issue if he wants to move in with you/want to moves out/wants to renovate/merge your families and so on. I don’t know if you live together or not. If any of that applies then you will have an epic deal to strike with him. I am not sure how serious this is – if you are actually in a partnership and see a future together, then in May 2018 he’s going to have to figure out the relationship with your daughter in a radical new way, as well as his own feelings about having chosen fatherhood…or skipped it.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    I love being a premium member and Learning so much about these transits. I have my Sun 25° Cancer, mercury 11 cancer, Saturn 22 Cancer, and Juno, Aesculapia and vulcano also in cancer. I have had quite the intense up and down year so far with my partner. I’m an American dating a guy in England, I’ve been in england the majority of this year staying till August and I’m really wondering where I will end up. I’m America or here in England. Issues with work visas, my animals, all my belongings and my mom being in California and me being here in England for my boyfriend have really made for one torn, sad and confused Cancer. I would love to see what the astrology says about all this. Thanks so much for all you do for us premium members!!

    1. Thank you very much, I will pass that praise onto James, Justin and Alyas. If it’s any comfort, you are having a classic transit of your Cancer stellium and the reason it feels so intense is that you are so strongly Cancerian. Just in 2017, for example, you have Pluto moving across 16 Capricorn, so he is right opposite Vulcano at 16 Cancer in your chart, in the Fourth House of mother, home and family. You will be able to make up your mind once and for all by September. I know it’s like The Clash song – should you stay, or should you go? – but there may be a middle way. You can almost watch the astrological weather as we see transits over your Mercury at 11 Cancer, Juno at 12 Cancer – then a break – then Vulcano at 16 Cancer, Saturn at 22 Cancer, the Sun at 25 Cancer and Aesculapius at 27 Cancer. News and decisions will come in waves and it’s probably early September that decides it for you as transiting Ceres (the compromise) crosses 22 Cancer on September 3rd, 4th, 5th and sits right on your Saturn, which is where you have to figure out a strategy to make yourself feel more secure. This is a real building period in your life when you will structure your world so that you feel more comfortable. You may want to leave yourself more time and space in September so you can focus fully on your apartment or house, your mother or family, and England or America. It will work out. You may see more options and paths than those around you now.

  12. Hi Jessica, I am dwelling in OCD in the need to feel in control. It is a foolish thing I know, but I really struggle to fight the compulsions. Isn’t this very Pluto thing. Nevertheless, It is not all bad. I learned some lessons. But also received some blessings. And I learned to be more flexible with plans, to be more dynamic and open minded – I am far more open now to living abroad or just doing things as they come. I also rediscovered myself, my tastes, my style of doing things. It should be my Ascendant giving a helping hand here. Usually Pluto and oppositions are a bit scary. Would love to know if Pluto can also be a good thing?

    1. You have what is known as a Grand Cross in your chart, so Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder needs a closer look, in terms of your whole chart. A Grand Cross occurs when there are four horoscope factors in opposite signs. We have Venus and the MC or Midheaven at 6 Cancer, in your Fourth House of home, opposite Neptune at 6 Capricorn, and the IC at 6 Cancer in your Tenth House of career. (All using the Natural House System). We then have the North Node at 5 Aries and South Node at 5 Libra, so if we drew lines across your chart, we would find a cross. You are right. Pluto is tied into the pattern as he falls at 7 Scorpio. He is not part of the Grand Cross but he is having an impact. I am very sorry about the OCD as it must be so tough to live with, but it sounds as if you are doing well with it. It may help you to look up the signs Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries to see how you might be bouncing around between four very different sides of yourself, and how you deal with that. In general, you might want to watch transits or travelling horoscope factors moving across 5 and 6 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and keep a journal – just a thought. If it helps in any way I am glad, but it sounds like you are on top of things. And never be scared by Pluto!

  13. Hi Jessica, I have a cancer stellium … specially mars in cancer and my MC in Capricorn … how would you interpret this? It feels like my chart will be triggered but I’m not sure how it will play out as currently I’m not experiencing any push or pull between family and career. Thank you.

    1. Mars at 25 Cancer and Mercury at 26 Cancer are conjunct in your Fourth House. You would not be experiencing anything at all yet, because the cycle hasn’t started! You are about to go through a process of change with your house, apartment, family, household, town or country. It will take quite a lot of negotiation or deal-making, both with yourself, and other people. When Ceres passes 25, 26 Cancer in September 2017 it will be complete.

  14. Hello Jessica,

    Another excellent write-up that was much food for thought. I have a stellium in Cancer (IC, Ceres, Vulcano and Aesculapia) and my MC is in Capricorn. Until 5 odd years ago, I was living away from home for a decade working and studying – I moved several times and was largely happy with that. Few years ago, a career transition brought me home and I’ve stayed here since. Although it’s been great to be with family, I feel I’ve partially regressed – complacent, reclusive, wary and I feel like I’ve lost myself in some ways – it’s almost as if I’m too comfortable here. It seems being away from home bodes better for me and may be it’s time to move away – just not sure when and how. Would you have any insight on this?

    Also – in this week’s horoscope you mention Jupiter at 13 Libra .. I have North Node (Leo) South Node (Aquarius) both at 14° … I’m not clear on what this triggers in my chart?

    Thank you so much for your time Ms. Adams.


    1. Thank you S you are very kind. First of all, Jupiter transits your Leo-Aquarius nodes this week, and in fact in July as well (exactly) so you can expect a couple of important developments. Leo rules lovers and the world of children. Aquarius rules friends and groups. Something useful is on the way and it will help you with both. Your Cancer-Capricorn axis describes the career transition that brings you home, and now the need to move away again, because you’ve become too reclusive. The MC at 23 Capricorn and IC at 23 Cancer depend on an accurate birth time, but in general, you are very likely to take on a new job, from 2019 and in fact it would be an entirely new way of life. Jupiter, Saturn, Ceres and Pluto all pass 23 Capricorn in your chart in slow stages, starting in April 2019 and the process does not stop until November 2020 – in fact that month or Christmas 2020 seem decisive. As these are classically times when people leave or begin jobs, that seems likely. The time is coming when you will need to dig in deeply into your ambitious, striving, climbing, Capricorn side and that does mean a trade-off with your Cancerian side. It’s worth a bit of research into both signs and also the meaning of the IC and MC if you want to hit Search.

  15. Hi Jessica – I have Venus, Diana and the southnode in cancer. Anything of significance? No plans to move right now but I am open to choices come lease renewal next March. I have lived in my neighbourhood for 17 years so have obviously spent a lot of time on my journey in this part of the world! Otherwise, the other important factors in my life right now are spiritual growth and a possible new direction with work. Thank you and have a lovely day.

    1. Venus describes relationships with family, flatmates, live-in partners, landlords and tenants – and they really are relationships. Diana describes your need for independence, space and freedom at home, and also within the family; Diana herself was not particularly family-minded. The Node is karma so you have incarnated to explore issues about home, home town, homeland, success, ambition, status and so on. The classic push-pull of Capricorn versus Cancer. All of this will come to the fore shortly and by September you will have made some choices: probably more about the people than the place.

  16. Hello Jessica
    I have the North and South Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn and you’ve explained to me before about what this means for me in terms of Karma because of the tension between the pull of my career and my responsibility for my elderly parents and home. (My Mother has recently died leaving me to suppport my elderly father).
    I also have Apollo at 15 degrees Cancer. I wonder how this will affect me? Apollo (as described in Ask the Oracle) always signifies to me the Chief Executive of the young person’s charity I work for – he is gay and I find him both inspirational and caring as a leader. Apollo has cropped up a few times when I have asked about the future of my work with this charity. I wonder if there is a connection in June- September?
    Best wishes

    1. Pauline I love the way you are using astrology. Apollo was bisexual, and also a leader among men. So, yes, if he keeps turning in your Oracle readings it may be that he is manifesting as your Chief Executive! Apollo at 15 Cancer in your chart and the North Node at 20 Cancer are not about him, though, they are about your father, other relatives and the home itself. The Node is the big one because, as you know, it is karma. As you might expect after a loss in your family, the next few months are about adapting and adjusting. It goes in stages. At the end of July, Mars crosses Apollo so slow down and cool down. In early July Mars crosses the Node itself. Again, try to moderate the pace and not react in the heat of the moment to anything or anybody. By early July there would be paperwork or a discussion (Mercury in Cancer) and we have a Full Moon across 17 Cancer on July 9th so give yourself and others time and space then. What you’re doing throughout this period is moving towards a totally new arrangement with your father or other family – or those who affect your family life. This is going to run across the second half of August as Ceres crosses 15 and 20 Cancer in your chart and I suspect that is where the karma comes in. Past life debts and credits will be settled in a different set-up with your home and family life. I guess I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but it’s over by September.

  17. Dear Jessica,

    I have IC 24° Cancer 51′ 44″ & Hygeia 08° Cancer 50′ 21″ is this significant in any way?

    Thx, NP

    1. Yes, it is significant, as your IC at 24 Cancer is in the mix. This depends on a strictly accurate birth time, but essentially your heritage, family history, culture, roots and background is what the IC shows – and in Cancer it is very much about finding out how to develop and deepen your relationship with a particular place. As transits cross your IC over the next few weeks and months you will find yourself forging a new way forward that will help you to do this – just be aware of the days when Mars and Ceres cross 24 Cancer (mid July, early September) as you will need to slow down and cool down then.

  18. Hi Jessica, thanks for the post. I have 6 factors in Cancer and looks like I’m going to be very busy in the next few months with work but this seems far more fun! Any advice on how this might affect me? Renovations are underway but I can’t help thinking I should be dreaming bigger

    1. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Ceres in Cancer are joined by Hygiea and Psyche in your chart, all in the Fourth House of home and tribe. No wonder you are renovating. Dreaming bigger is easier later on, when Pluto has stopped opposing everything in your chart. You were born to play the Cancerian role, so turning houses into homes; saving heritage or the environment from developers; playing an active part in your region/country; carrying on the family name by taking one leaf on your family tree and turning it into a new plant! All of this will make more sense to you as the transits continue but you will have to do a lot of talking to negotiate with others who have a stake in the outcome.

  19. Hello, and thanks for another helpful article.

    I have a stellium in Cancer plus Pluto will be sitting on my Natal moon at 18 Cap for lots of that time. What especially should I be looking out for over the stellium period? (the birth time is accurate so Jupiter in Libra has been hanging about the Asc)

    with many thanks x

    1. Thank you. The Cancer stellium is pretty protective/protected with Jupiter there, in your Fourth House of family, houses, apartments, flatmates, home town and homeland. You are going to have to make changes, though, either with the space you inhabit, or the people in your clan. There may be wider issues involving the council or local government. Typical outcomes are ongoing repairs to a home; flatmate reshuffles; big family decisions. Your Moon at 18 Capricorn is a bigger deal long-term because not only Pluto, but Saturn, Ceres and Jupiter will transit Capricorn from Christmas through 2020. You were also born with Ops at 19 Virgo (work) which is involved in the pattern and Ceres herself at 20 Capricorn. The cycle begins with Pluto on your Moon now. You need to be needed professionally and are the mountain goat who is happy to be milked by colleagues, clients, bosses and the people at the top of the mountain! It’s comfortable. Moon in Capricorn people are natural networkers and professional/society mountaineers. Right now Pluto is manifesting as an organisation, person or situation which is taking over, or taking (typical Pluto stuff). That’s going to make you look very deeply at your ambition, mission and position. From Christmas 2017 Saturn moves to Capricorn so it’s time to slow down, steady yourself and get strategies. Saturn on your Moon in March 2019, June 2019, December 2019 suggests some huge decisions about success. In fact, Christmas 2019 looks like a milestone. Ceres enters Capricorn then alongside Jupiter so there will be some epic solutions. You could easily be in a new job in January 2020 or some similar professional move. Jupiter will deliver the biggest and best in February 2020 and again in October that year. So…this little Cancer transit is really nothing compared to all that – but 2020 will change your life and your C.V. for the best after a long, slow transition. Do bear in mind that this Capricorn stellium will oppose your Cancer placements, so you may have typical issues about having to move, to work – or having to change your work, because you moved. Other classic issues include mortgage/salary compromises and so on.

  20. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you so much for writing this.

    This Cancerian is seeing and feeling everything you have outlined in the article.

    My Sun, Mercury , Panacea and the North Node are all in Cancer.

    Could you please tell me how this may unfold for me with work?

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you. Nothing to do with work, unless you have a job in real estate, or fighting developers in your city, and so on – being part of a family business and working alongside your parents would be another example. (Cancer things). Work is Virgo or Capricorn in the chart. You have Psyche at 15 Virgo in your Sixth House of daily workload, service and duty. Psyche is currently being opposed by Neptune at around 15 Pisces, moving backwards and forwards. That is what you are actually feeling. Look up Psyche to find out more about her in your chart. Neptune people/organisations/situations are typically confused and confusing; muddled and muddling; sometimes outright dubious. This is what has been opposing you at work for some time, but you will be given a break from it, on and off, for long periods – until you deal with the final pass of Neptune at 15 degrees Pisces in February 2019, the cycle is out of your life for good. A good way to deal with this cycle is to ground yourself in your Psyche in Virgo; get earthed, look after your body, attend to the details, keep it real. Make a point of steering clear of people who are obviously Neptunian. You will also be helped hugely once Jupiter changes signs in October and slowly moves up to sextile your Psyche; that will make a great difference.

  21. Oh hell!!! Sounds like I am going to be in for a very bumpy ride over the next couple of months with a whopping 7 cancer factors in my super cancer stellium. I also have several small in comparison stelliums in Capricorn,Libra, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo Leo and Aquarius although from your very detailed article above, it is mainly Cancer and Capricorn I have to worry about. Any guidance you can give me is gratefully appreciated. I hope I make the 24th September in one piece or at least my property/family stays in one piece which is more the point I suppose.

    1. Yes, you do have quite a big Cancer chart signature, starting with the Sun and Mercury in that sign, in your Fourth House. Astrology is really about being strategic – so when Mars crosses your Cancer factors, slow down and cool down. Don’t charge into the renovations whirling a chainsaw around your head, and don’t make that the day you start a fight with your mother/the council. Ceres going over your Cancer placements is about developing a new set-up and system, in collaboration and co-operation with others. If you were in a share house like The Young Ones you would all be talking about where Rick’s room should be. You are going to end up with a new house/apartment/family/household situation, though, no doubt about it.

  22. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for your really interesting article.

    My birth time is correct, to within 5-10 minutes.

    I have a stellium of 4 in Cancer: Cupido @ 0 – Apollo @ 4 – MC @ 6 – Ceres @ 16.

    I have a stellium of 5 in Capricorn: Minerva @ 2 – Mars @ 9 – IC @ 6 – Salacia @ 12 – Bacchus @ 28

    I moved to Australia 33 years ago. I am 59. My career is stuck and/or I am! My house needs renovating. So, I have been thinking of renovating – selling – moving. Perhaps overseas.

    Appreciate your input. Many thanks!

    1. Thank you so much. I suspect what will make you do it, in the end, is Jupiter going into Scorpio and your Eighth House (Natural House System) of finance, property and business. From October this year you might just see the right ‘perfect storm’ with currency exchange rates, property prices and work opportunities to force you to make the shift. You are of course having your Saturn Return at 23 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel, emigration and life overseas. It becomes exact at the end of June, October and then you can say goodbye to the serious decisions that usually come with the territory. 2017 owes a lot to 1987/1988, the last time Saturn returned to 23 Sagittarius in your Ninth House.

  23. Hi Jessica
    Wonderful as always Jessica.
    Lot to look foward to.
    I have Diana 15, South Node at 23, and Vulcan at 29 of Cancer.
    What can I expect Jessica?
    Usually when Mars tours Cancer, career get heated (sun sign ). I have juggled 2 or 3 roles covering for people who is on leave.
    Thank you for your insights

    1. Thank you very much. With your North Node and Jupiter in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, every time Mars goes through Cancer, it opposes them, which may explain why your career becomes heated. It also happens in the other house system I use for you – Mars transits your Tenth House, ruled by Capricorn, so it’s the same thing. You will definitely have some issues about space, and independence, to sort out with a family member, flatmate or about the actual residence. Diana wants a ton of room to move and she will wake up in your chart through this period. The Node is your karma with a family member and I am sure you know exactly who I am talking about. When Mars moves to 23 Cancer in early July, followed by Venus in late August and specifically Ceres in early September, you have some sorting-out to do. It has happened before in this lifetime and many more, and although the actors, props and music might change, the script is the same. Knowing this helps you resolve things comfortably.

  24. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you very much for this interesting heads up. I’m particularly interested in your views on the UK!
    I only have my Moon at 9 Cancer and Ops at 14 Cancer. However, I’ve read that the placement of the Moon in its own sign of Cancer makes it more powerful? What are your thoughts (would this vary, for example when using the natural house system?). I’m currently in a stuck/static situation with my living arrangements (‘home’ for want of a better word), renting a small apartment while I wait for my ex husband to sort out property division (he’s still in our former family home) and my lover to also work out his own property division and an inheritance (he was born 19 October 1961, Melbourne, 8:45pm).
    Thanks so much, Jessica, for your great work xx

    1. Thank you very much. You actually just ‘spoke’ the cycle – you are renting an apartment while your ex-husband sorts out the property division, and your lover too. This is classic Cancer stuff and starting in June, you will be able to sort everything out. The Moon in Cancer in the Fourth House describes your need to be needed – your need to mother/nurture/protect/baby people and animals. It’s intensely maternal no matter if you have children or not. Once you establish what your family or clan actually is, you will embrace that and hold it, no matter what. This is also the placement to associate with caretaking and caring for homes and gardens, in quite an intense way. There is an emotional attachment to places as well as people and Moon in Cancer people can be hugely patriotic or very ‘guard dog’ when the places they love are threatened. Ceres is close by at 4 Cancer so you are going to have your Ceres Return on July 21, 22 which is when you’ll see the crux of the matter with your home. It might be useful for you to read more about Ceres on this website. I’m actually tempted to do a special post on the Ceres Return as so many people are affected.

  25. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for a great read. I have a stellium in Cancer – Sun, Ops, Apollo & the North Node so there will be some activity ! Would appreciate your insight Also, could you please explain the significance of the NN being retrograde at the time of birth.
    Many thanks & have a great week !

    1. Thank you. Your North Node at 20 Cancer in the Fourth House is the key here. Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn all made angles to this in December 2016, so your karma regarding a relative, or an issue about property/home town/homeland was triggered in quite an historic way. Jupiter was at 20 Libra square your Node, Saturn was at 20 Sagittarius quincunx your Node and Uranus was at 20 Aries also square your Node. Add in the fact that you have the South Node at 20 Capricorn and you had what is known in astrology as a Grand Cross by transit. What happens now is an echo of that. It is possible you had to make career/unpaid work/full-time parenting choices around Christmas which affected the family or property situation, or vice versa. Starting in June, for the next few weeks, it’s time to sort out what was not fully resolved then. You’ll strike a deal.

  26. Hi Jessica, Thanks for this article.
    I have Moon at 0 cancer 59′ 45″, Diana at 19 cancer 27′ 17″, Bacchus at 25 cancer 2′ 59″, Ops at 21 cancer 29′ 15″, Prosperina at 13 cancer 2′ 25″
    Jupiter 01 capricorn 31’37″R , Saturn at 17 capricorn 43′ 5″ R, Vesta 17 capricorn 1′ 19″ R, and Salacia 15 capricorn 56′ 34″ R. I’m in a holding pattern financially, home wise and relationship wise at the moment and for the last long while, in spite of best efforts. Any advise appreciated

    1. That’s quite a hefty Cancer stellium. You are very likely to change at least one aspect of your home life, if not more, starting next month, with unfolding events until September. Whenever people are in a holding pattern it is usually because they have bricked themselves in, or walled themselves in, because they are afraid of some outcome – so they create quite a rigid system or fixed approach, which makes them feel more secure. Saturn in Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, status, achievement and ambition may have given you this experience quite strongly, particularly as Pluto is hovering around the same spot. Sometimes it’s useful to ask if the strategy you are using, to stave off the thing you fear (unemployment? success?) is actually serving you, or if it has become a bigger problem than the outcome you are trying to avoid. June-September is not a bad time to ask that question. You can read more about Saturn here, or in your ebooks.

  27. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for your awesome insights! They sound really interesting and speak of some intense times before us.

    I do have my Rising/Ascendant in Cancer 18.53, Vesta in Cancer 25, Panacea 16.00 and Descendant in Capricorn 18.53 as well as Bachus 15 Capricorn.

    I am waiting some important news or developments in my career/working life.

    Please can you tell me how I am going to be impacted from the stellium in Cancer during june-september 2017.

    I am a Premium Member too.

    Thank you for your time and energy.


    1. Thank you – it’s a pleasure. In general, your working life through 2018 is so unpredictable – surprising you every other week, just as much as you surprise others – that you may want to experience and react to it, as it unfolds, without necessarily limiting yourself to fixed outcomes or fixed expectations. The pay-off for this is that you are completely free to do what you want, when you want – as you like. I suspect you’ve had a few rejections over the past few years, but also rejected who/what does not feel right in your career. It may even have been going on since 2011. This chopping and changing with projects, people, positions helps loosen the soil so new things can grow. How new? Radically new. This Cancer stellium isn’t really going to affect your career at all, but Uranus in your solar Sixth House certainly is. Surf the waves of change as they come to you.

      1. Dear Jessica,

        Sounds at least exiting what you write to me!

        Thank you very much!

  28. Hi Jessica

    Very interesting post!
    I don’t have much Cancer in my chart (Juno) but my husband has a ton of Cancer/Cap. Does this mean he would have a lot going on during this time?
    Sun Cap 9, Merc Cap 17, Venus Cap 23, Vesta Cap 8, Diana Cap 19, Desc Cap 14, Saturn Can 15, Asc Can 14

    1. Yes, your husband has major issues June-September about reshaping his lifestyle, property situation, home life, family relationships – with one eye on his ambitions to do more, and have more from life. There’s a lot of push-and-pull there, and he may have to compromise with himself as well as other people, trying to figure out which way he’s being pulled. Sometimes this combination is solved for the person, by simple facts about success, status, achievement and the rest. That becomes the excuse for making quite difficult changes which directly affect the home town, homeland, house, apartment, family, household and so on.

  29. Hi Jessica
    I have quite a few horoscope factors at 12 and 13 degrees in my Birth Chart, including:
    Vulcano at 13 Libra
    Sun at 13 Saggitarius
    IC at 12 Scorpio
    MC at 12 Taurus
    Fortuna at 12 Gemini
    Would you be kind enough to give me an indication of how these horoscope factors are likely to affect me please.
    I signed a new employment contract on the day of the New Moon last week and am eager to start my new job. However my soon-to-be former boss is looking to delay my release date from my current job.
    Much obliged for your invaluable insight, as always.

    1. Thank you Bisous. In general, Jupiter at 13 Libra will conjunct Vulcano at 13 Libra in your Seventh House, which rules your former, current and potential partner – and any enemies or rivals. This picks up your Ninth, Eighth, Second and Third House at the same time, so this is a significant relationship which affects your view of the world, your money, and the way you communicate. Work is really not related to this at all. I expect you pursued the new job across Mercury Retrograde so you have the usual issues about delays and so on, with your boss treading water. This will resolve itself but in future, if you apply for a job on this cycle, you may want to read the fine print, get things in writing and have Plan B.

  30. Thank you for this article ! I didn’t think that I had so many factors in Cancer ! So after reading the first paragraph I checked my chart and OH MY…! Then I continued reading and it just resonated so strongly with what I am going through. I have finally moved houses to a place were my husband and our kids are happy. There is a lot of work to put in but we are are so thrilled. On the other hand I have this feeling in my gut that doesn’t go away. I am so happy here in France but very homesick of my native Canada. I finally came to terms a while ago with my husband (who is French) by choosing to travel more often to Canada for short visits with or without him. I guess that could be Ceres in Cancer. I ‘ve already read your article on Ceres about compromises in one’s life. This article moved me so much because It echoed strongly with the compromises I live with. Speaking two languages, loving two cultures very deeply, having two families (one here with my friends and husband and kids and my family in Canada). I can’t choose one or the other because they are both who I am I need them. My heritage and home count very strongly finally ! 🙂 Thank you once again for helping me understand things about myself ! Oh and just last week I bought a ticket for Montreal to surprise my family ! 🙂

    1. I am glad this resonated with what you are going through. Homesickness for Canada while living in France is typical, and so is speaking two languages, having two families and two cultures. The trip to Montreal will be highly significant, assuming you are doing this through June-September, or letting your family know across that time-frame. The intensity of this period will fade by September, but you are reshaping your ideas about where you belong, and to whom you belong, and how on earth you are going to make that work. Don’t load yourself down by aiming for perfect. There is no perfect with Ceres, only something that works. And it will ultimately come to feel quite natural and organic, despite the initial strong feelings.

  31. HI Jessica

    Thanks for this great article. I’m still digesting it but I’m feeling hopeful now with Jupiter coming out of retrograde in Libra (my 4th house) and having a stellium in Cancer (natal 4th house). For family/mother/home issues, I say ‘It’s time!’.

    Cancer (5):
    Sun – 8 deg
    Moon – 11 deg
    Vesta – 22 deg
    Proserpina – 27 deg
    South Node – 7 deg

    Capricorn (2):
    Cupido – 18 deg
    North Node – 7 deg.

    I would really love to know what you have to say about all these in this cycle.

    Thanks ever so much and Blessing 🙂


    1. Thank you DQ. I have to spin your chart to the Natural House system to work with it, so Jupiter has not been in your Fourth House, he has been in your Seventh House, which rules your former, current and potential partners. Retrograde, yes, so rather stuck, in terms of the solutions and opportunities – but he is still there until October. Your Cancer stellium in the Fourth House is powerful and karmic in nature, as the Node is crossed, and undoubtedly the role of your mother and/or grandmother is also karmic – you have past life connections. The central issue over the next few weeks is your loyalty to your own ambitions to do well/do better in life – and your loyalty towards your own roots, past, heritage, history and so on. You’ll figure it out, but you will need to make compromises with others and a huge compromise with yourself.

  32. Hi Jessica, thank you for the amazing article! I am concerned about one thing you mentioned – I have mars in cancer at 18 degrees. You mentioned Mercury will oppose Pluto at 18. This raises a red flag because I’m also a Gemini sun. In particular, my mars in cancer intrigues me because I have so many planets in Capricorn but I’m not really sure how to read further into that. Can you please advise?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Thank you very much. You have a Cancer stellium with Mars conjunct Vulcano, which is unusual. Mars was at odds with Vulcano in the original myth, and the two gods fought each other. We associate Mars with action, heat, speed and competitiveness. We associate Vulcano with self-control and the willpower that makes one strong. Put these two together in Cancer in your Fourth House and we have a natural builder and renovator (a good use of these two) but also someone who grew up in a family where it was very easy to become angry. Perhaps this pattern began around age two for you, when you had your first Mars Return. In later life, it can reveal itself in fraught flatmate relationships, or ongoing issues with particular relatives. Another good use of this combination is to do battle to save the environment, or threatened buildings (beyond the DIY aspect of the pair). Pluto in opposition to this will be extremely obvious to you, and of course Saturn and Jupiter will also move into opposition by 2020. This is more than just a June-September story. There is a slow process of deep change taking place over 3-4 years which will ask you to go more deeply into your sense of belonging to a place, or to a family or household, and really work it, rather like working a sheet of metal (Vulcan was a blacksmith) so that you end up forging a much more powerful and enduring relationship with the home, home town, homeland, family or locals/fellow citizens than you had before. Obviously pay attention to the days when the transits hover around 18 degrees. You may prefer to listen to music then, rather than raise a roof.

  33. Dear Jessica, I asked the universe for a sign this morning, switched on the laptop and there you are. Because of you and your teaching of the numbers I know that this year is extremely important and next for me. My chart is being ‘hit’ all over. I am expecting my Dad to die, my husband is ill and probably got not a lot of time left and I need to go home to live where at least I have friends, been terribly isolated here since September 2015., saving money, have been in a state of acute anxiety and felt ill myself (unusually) since January and I know its extreme stress.. Feel like the weight of the world in on my shoulders and can’t win no matter what I do. Just decided this morning I must move back to Devon(home) where I feel like me in November/December worrying about money, state pension lost, being Plutoed, feeling bereaved already but feel I must do it for me. Switched on the radio ( I like the universe to send me songs) and R.Kelly singing ‘I believe I can fly’. I feel like a shot clay pigeon.! ! I will say though that I have found out that there are other types of family and they are not my sisters, brothers or children. Also Jess, would like to know when will your list for 2018 personal horoscopes be out because I really need some guidance as I also have the solar eclipse next July, worry is my middle name, make that first and last name at moment.!! Thank you in advance for your valuable time.

    1. I am pleased to know the astrology is helping with what must be such a tough time, especially with your husband and Dad. What you are talking about – the weight of the world – is your natal Saturn at 26 Scorpio in the Eighth House, in a tight pattern with many other chart factors at 26 degrees. The good news is, when Jupiter crosses your Saturn next year, you will find solutions and breakthroughs all over the place. You are only just coming out of your Saturn Return in Scorpio which is a tough call, but your chart is set up, so that as early as October this year, when Jupiter enters your Eighth House, you will have excellent reasons to be hopeful about a better future, both saving and making money. I will take the horoscope apart so you can see what is going on. Saturn describes what you do, to protect yourself against that which you fear. Sometimes you just avoid or evade what you fear (denial) which is one way of coping. Another way is to build up all sorts of walls and defences in your life so you don’t feel as vulnerable. Scorpio and the Eighth House describe sexual intimacy and money – typically the marriage and mortgage – and also deadly serious financial, property or business arrangements – the kind which end up in a will or legacy. Remembering what happened when you were around 29 years old might be useful in putting the last few years in perspective, as that was your first Saturn Return and it would have taught you a fair bit. What happens when Jupiter slowly moves through Scorpio crossing your Ascendant as well, will also change your image, profile, and the way the world sees you – for the better. So this transit, which begins in just a few months, and lasts well into the end of 2018, will really help you with who/what makes you feel so vulnerable at the moment. It may be helpful to read more about Saturn in Scorpio in the Eighth House, and Jupiter by transit.
      My personal horoscope waiting list for 2018 has closed but there will be cancellations so please watch your newsletter close to the end of the year.

  34. Hi Jess,

    Firstly thank you for such a brilliantly accurate article again.

    You’ve really helped me prepare for a summer of war, which I can’t comment on too much for legal reasons, but 21st June (date spot on) will start a new phase there. There are a couple of monster aspects that stand out for me in your article.

    12th August has this brilliant syzygy (I think that’s the word) between Ceres (boo, hiss), Venus and my Diana. I’ve a feeling this may be the first date we get any sense spoken in this matter, even if it is forced in an archetypal Cereal manner. This leads on the 20th August where I have this nodal opposition, which is trickier to decipher.

    The other particularly intriguing aspect is on 4th September, where we have the 22’ Jupiter-Ceres square. I think this may see us both at our strongest, having an arch straightener. I really like what you have written about this aspect already!

    In the most trying of circumstances, I really hope I can (relatively) breeze through it like a hardened veteran. It would be nice to be able to bring the matter to close by September, before I get as old as Sandy Gall.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again,

    1. Thank you KC, that is very kind. I am glad the astrological timing is useful. The 2016-2017 period will be unforgettably intense, but it will also be the making of future partnerships of all kinds, as you are heavily Libran and your superhuman efforts to balance the scales in your life on all fronts – equality, legal fairness, justice – will stand you in good stead. That is actually the stand-out story in your entire chart, although the other transits matter too. I do trust the Jupiter process and no matter what a long, intense road this is to travel, you are being put in touch with who you are – a Libran type – and this sense of self just won’t come any other way.

  35. Hello Jessica

    I wrote you earlier this year curious about the eclipses aspecting my chart. You responded that I had a pile-up at 23 degrees and you would be surprised if my personal and professional life was not turned upside down by October 2017. Well done! I find myself in a situation where my employers are trying to ‘manage’ me out of my job on trumped up accusations. Whilst dealing with this factually and civilly I think my best solution is to play for time and broker a beneficial compromise agreement. I am so done with them. I am trying to work out when I will get resolution and reading about the 23 degree transits in August. Do you think I will have resolution before August or will the current situation drag on until August/September?

    Kind Regards


    1. L, you do have a pile-up at 23 degrees and so although I am sorry to hear your employers are doing this, it is not a huge surprise. I am sure you are done with them. Actually, 2017 and 2018 will set you free. You are having a classic Uranus transit, in that it can be disruptive, but if you can step back from what is going on, you will see that you are being liberated from a system, an attitude, a way of life – and a set-up in your world – that has been keeping you tightly contained or confined. It does take great insight to see the truth while the world is turning upside-down around you, but it is also worth the huge effort to appreciate that sometimes we need to be set free, even when we think we prefer security. This process is even more important than the actual timing. Obviously you want it to be over as soon as possible, but the reality is, Uranus transits take the time required, to release you and everybody else from the old situation. Brokering a compromise is smart. Your career is being reshaped now through 2020 and it will ultimately be to your (total) advantage, as you will have your Jupiter Return in Capricorn in the Tenth House of success.

  36. Thank you once again for a very illuminating article! This does look interesting for me, though, albeit potentially bumpy? I have a Cancer stellium, with a couple of Capricorn factors, (Neptune at 18 Scorpio also relevant in this instance?) and I’m travelling with my children to the place of my ancestors. My ex will be there, so the potential for tension too …
    Thank you so much for your time and patience. I enjoy your articles, and your responses to your followers. Honestly, I don’t know where we’d be without you!

    1. You are too kind. Travelling with your children to the place of your ancestors is a classic outcome of this transit. Yes, there will be bumps on the road, but they will also deepen your understanding of the way your culture, roots, heritage and history has made you, who you are. It may be important to the child with the most Cancer placements in his/her horoscope too. Of course, if your former partner is the father of the children – that is also a classic outcome of this kind of cycle. It won’t leave things as they were. You will reshape your family relationships and your relationship with this special place in your family history. We don’t get pottery vases without a lot of effort, though, and you are throwing clay on the wheel, here.

  37. Hi Jessica, fascinating article! I really enjoy how you weave current political events into your articles, curious to see how this all plays out for the UK. I’m also curious to see how this plays out personally, with Minerva at 13′ Cancer and my Ascendant at 0 degrees Cancer – any wise words? Funnily enough I saw a prior comment where you mention Minerva/Cancer as related to property and the symbolism of Ancient Greece (Olives) – I’m in the process of buying a house in a town called Olive. Coincidence? Love to hear your thoughts and thanks for all that you do.

    1. Thank you very much. Minerva in Cancer is useful. I love that you are buying a house in Olive. That is a fantastic omen and I think Olive will end up being more important to you, than you might realise. Venus and Uranus at 13 and 14 Scorpio are trine your Minerva, and they are in the Eighth House of finance, property and business. This new residence of yours could easily lead to a substantial new commitment with a lover, family member, or someone who is tremendously close, even if there is no other relationship. In fact, when Jupiter moves to 13, 14 Scorpio and conjuncts that Venus-Uranus conjunction, and trines Minerva, you are likely to find 2018 is dominated by one particularly colourful, complicated relationship. Over the short-term, the transits to Minerva will wake her up. Her bird is the owl. Watch for owls as well. I once moved into a house on an island without electricity. I had to take a torch and the first thing I saw when I pointed the torch at the house was a large owl sitting on the mailbox. That house turned out to be full of books on Ancient Rome and it changed my life, as an astrologer. So – there is more to Olive than meets the eye!

  38. Hi Jessica,

    I have Jupiter 1,3 R Cancer and Vesta 13, 56 Cancer. Salacia 21, 6 Capricorn. I feel okay based on this article.

    I wonder how my friend (6/14/59 New York City) is holding up this summer with a Gemini stellium and Cancer/Capricorn factors as well:

    Apollo 0, 56 Gemini
    MC 9, 51 Gemini
    Sun 22, 52 Gemini
    Vulcano 28, 10 Gemini
    Mercury 6, 14 Cancer
    Hygiea 9, 18 Cancer
    Saturn 4, 36 R Capricorn
    Salacia 14, 10 Capricorn

    and my friend’s North Node and Juno are at 10 Libra, close to Jupiter there this week.

    Uranus 13, 32 Leo
    Salacia 14, 10 Capricorn
    Psyche 14, 37 Aquarius

    Lots of triggering going on.

    Thank you,


    1. Yes, your friend’s chart is being heavily triggered by the current transits. There are issues there about the best way to be heard, read and understood by the world. More importantly, the classic Cancer-Capricorn pattern is triggered, so now through September there will likely be issues about home town and homeland, and home itself. As a rule Uranus in Leo people tend to have lots of ups and downs with pregnancy, parenthood, children, young adults and this is the generation who developed the contraceptive pill, liberal attitudes towards abortion, the reform of family law (child custody, child welfare benefits) and so on. This brought tremendous freedom for them but it also resulted in a very fractured new world. When people with Uranus in Leo in their Fifth House experience transits, as this person will, when the Node crosses 13 Leo, there is usually a moment of truth about the children they had, or chose not to have, or could not have – and how they must now establish closure with a younger generation. This frequently affects their love lives, and they may end or begin sexual relationships, strongly influenced by that. For example, if they have a son but have broken up with the woman (never married) who mothered that son, they may want to begin a new relationship where the next girlfriend wants nothing to do with children, so that the father-son relationship won’t be affected. That kind of thing.

  39. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium in cancer – Sun in 21 degree, Jupiter in 18 degree, and Descendant in 24 degree.
    How does the June-September cancer stellium affect me?


    1. VSN, you have late-degree Cancer placements so it may not be until July that you begin to see what the story will be with your apartment, house, garden, home town, homeland – or perhaps specific family members. You have Jupiter here which is very fortunate, as you will always be protected with property or family questions. You are the kind of person who could go through a drama with your home, then find someone offers you a home to live in, free of charge. More likely, you could benefit quite easily – without trying – from property. Jupiter tends to produce lemonade from lemons.

  40. Dear Jessica,
    I have Vulcano in 9 deg, ops in 17 deg, aesculapia in 13 deg, ascendant in 15 deg, Ceres in 15 deg Cancer. I have deep hurts with my family and from people whom I consider family. Each time I feel things are getting better, something unexpected comes up to upset the dynamics again. How does this stellium cycle affect me.


    1. I am very sorry about the family situation FA. So you have Vulcano, Ops, Aesculapia, Ceres and your Ascendant in Cancer in the Fourth House of family and substitute family. Vulcano describes self-control and willpower in highly emotional situations and has a great deal to do with the ability to master anger. Ops is about the ability to be practical, even about difficult situations, and come up with powerful solutions. Aesculapia will always bring a person, place or situation back from the point of no return and it can be quite cyclical. Let me explain. People with Aesculapia in Leo can revive a relationship which is over, or fall back in love with someone they have left years ago. For you, it’s rather like assuming a particular family member is ‘over’ or even that a relative who has passed away is utterly out of your life – but for whatever reason it all comes back again. The Ascendant is your image, so you probably resemble a family member, or remind people of a family member through your name, interests or job. Finally, Ceres – as you have seen – is about power and control issues, resulting in a division of rights, roles and responsibilities – carving up th territory or the turf. I expect this happens physically with your house, apartment or garden every so often too, or perhaps your home town or homeland. What I have mentioned there is a real story in your life and chart. The trick is writing the story yourself, consciously, in a way that feels more comfortable to you than the hurt of the past. As these transits wake up your Cancerian side, this is the ideal time to dig into your horoscope, look at the art work particularly about those archetypes/Roman deities – like Ceres – and begin to create your life differently. You can be strongly Cancerian without being pulled this way and that by fate. And sometimes the answer is to bypass family members who are never going to give you what you want, and go back a generation or two, to a leaf on the family tree you can be inspired by. What I will say is that Aesculapius/Aesculapia was a famous healer in Rome. In fact they took plague victims to his temples, because he was thought to be able to haul people back from dying. It obviously worked as if you wander around the British Museum today you will see a lot of Roman offerings to him, and in the Ancient world his temples were everywhere, rather as hospitals are today. So – you have that in you – you can be a powerful healer with the family. By the way, you can also bring ‘dying’ houses or apartments or gardens back from the brink by renovating them.

  41. Hi Jessica, I have Juno in Cancer 15 and my descendant is Cancer at 0. Will this be affected? Thank you!!

    1. The Descendant depends on a strictly accurate birth time, as a slight difference could take you back to Gemini 29. If you know for a fact your birth time is correct, then almost as soon as the Sun enters Cancer, in the third week of June, you’ll see what the issue is likely to be with/for your former, current or potential partner – for many weeks. Juno in Cancer does not depend on such a rigid birth time rule, and you are now slowly entering a phase which will reshape your attitude towards home and family, as between now and 2020, not only Pluto in Capricorn, but also Jupiter, Ceres and Saturn in Capricorn will oppose your Juno. The commitments you make to particular houses, apartments, towns, countries may be reshaped, along with the way you have wedded yourself to a particular family, or even some kind of family inheritance (taking a career similar to your grandfather’s, for example). There may be a small sneak preview of this, now through September as Juno wakes up in your chart.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    My question does not relate directly to this article. But could you please help to explain the meaning if I do not have Cancer factors in my personal chart. Thank you.


    1. Justina, it’s a good question. What does it mean if you have no Cancer factors at all? Basically, that you do not express your personality or make your big life choices through patriotism, a strong sense of belonging to a place, a country, a culture, a history. Similarly, you don’t have to make your biggest life choices, or express who you are, because of one or more family members. You are strongly Sagittarian with a stellium in your Ninth House and are far more likely to live your life as a traveller, migrant, foreign exchange student and so on. Sagittarius rules foreign people and places.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another fantastic article. Cancer falls on my natal 9th and it has no planets, nada. However, my Capricorn has Diana, Salacia and Volcano. In a recent previous Aquarius monthly horoscope(that’s me!) you mentioned that Aquarians were certain to be moving/relocating by Mid 2018. Is this Cancer stellium relate to that insight?
    Many thanks!

    1. Cancer doesn’t fall on your Ninth House in the Natural House system, it rules your Fourth House of home and family. You sound as if you want to move. You will be moving from May 2018, unless you do it right now, on this Taurus pattern. If you’re not going soon, you could easily make a radical departure second half of 2018, or from 2019 onwards. I’m using your solar chart to see this – your Aquarian chart – as you have Uranus transiting your Fourth House from May next year.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    I hope you are well. I always worry about my cancer placements in relation to my husband’s placements. I have Mars at 27 degrees and my husband has Saturn at 27 and Mars at 27 cancer. He also has Ceres, hygeia and psyche in cancer.
    I can never quite decode these placements could you please enlighten me.
    Kind regards,

    1. No need to worry Rosey. You two, together, are the kind of couple who should really get stuck into renovating or gardening as it will absorb a lot of the Mars, Saturn, Ceres, Hygiea and Psyche in both charts. You always go through the same cycle at the same time and of course this involves both your families (both sides of the Church) as well as the actual house, apartment or garden. Thus, it never rains but it pours with you two. Mars needs and wants action – and to be first – and to compete, and win. I imagine going to a property auction and bidding against you and your husband would be very gruelling! The best channel for this kind of chart pattern really is doing up an old house, or getting stuck into soil regeneration. Also, I need to add, fighting to preserve heritage buildings or the environment where you live. I mention this because you’ll have some pretty obvious choices to do any of these, now through September. So choose what feels comfortable. I’ve also seen this combination in couples who are intensely patriotic and also proudly ‘local’ and thus get involved in football teams/clubs and are first to wave the flag and yell at the opposition!

  45. Hi Jessica –
    I have Moon 24 Cancer, Proserpina 25 Cancer and DSC 28 Cancer (birth time is accurate) – along with six chart factors in Capricorn (including my Sun). Would love your insight – thanks so much! Great article!

    1. The Moon-Proserpina conjunction in Cancer in your Fourth House describes the mother figure in any household or family, who negotiates between two people, or two sides. It is common to see it in people who cover the gaps between in-laws, but you can also see it in people who work in real estate agencies and negotiate the property price between seller and buyer. These real estate agents tend to be far more caring than the average high-rise hot box hype merchants though! Your Descendant is close by, and continues this theme of family and property, which we also extend to town and country, as the Fourth House/Cancer is about the landscape one belongs to, just as a crab belongs to a particular beach, in a particular town. You find your partners this way – but also your enemies, occasionally. The Capricorn stellium is pulling you the other way, so you will constantly be tugged between home/class/culture/background/history/locals/family and success/status/ambition/prestige/social mountaineering. You’ll notice this vividly through September and have some choices to make.

  46. Thank you so much Jessica , your knowledge has given perspective to a situation. Am so glad to be on the waitlist for the 2018 horoscopes !
    Warm regards.

  47. Hi Jessica,
    I apologise as this may have nothing to do with a cancer stellium, although my husband does have one.
    Can you please tell me if there is a reason for my creative career to stall this year? From July to November last year was fantastic and promising but I have not made any sales this year.
    I feel as though I am taking every opportunity, is there more I can do or am I following the wrong path (it lights me up and fills my soul though)? I have an exhibition opening 30th June and several competitions in July. Is this a good time for me?
    Thank you

    1. You’re under the influence of a Neptune transit. You’re being ‘Neptuned’ in both your charts, one for Libra, the other for your birth date. Neptune is hovering around Pisces 14 so aspecting your Sun at Libra 14 – but also in your Sixth House of work. The phrase ‘it lights me up and fills my soul’ is the giveaway as this is the beneficial side of a Neptune transit. It is not particularly associated with making money, though, or practical/business considerations. Neptune is about alternatives, escapism and the soul. Things will move faster for you from the final quarter of this year and by next year you should be on your way.

      1. Thank you so much for replying Jessica, I really appreciate it. It is definitely escapism, alternatives and the soul for me.

  48. Hello again Jessica
    I know you must have hundreds of comments to answer but wondered if I could get back in the loop? Thank you as always.

    1. Thank you. You have Jupiter at 27 Cancer in the Fourth House of home, family, territory/turf, real estate and history/heritage. This is where you are always protected and will frequently do very well. People with this placement tend to fall into just the right situation with their houses, apartments, land and so on – even when times are tough, there is always a safety net for them. When times are good Jupiter in Cancer people can do really well with their properties – so well that they are in a position to extend largesse to others. This is the person who even as a teenager might land on his/her feet with housing, or in later life, find that they can play hostess/host with the most. You will have all this coming round to you again as the procession of travelling factors in Cancer lands on Jupiter as well as the other Cancer placements you have. Of course Cancer also rules your home town or homeland and as you grow older you may become the person who moves to protect that or becomes involved in civic or national pride projects. Family members or particular leaves on the family tree – even those which have fallen – are often very important with this placement and can deliver quite special experiences and changes in fortune and this may also be true for you, now through September. There will be a compromise and a sharing process, but it will ultimately work out, as Jupiter in your chart is the key here.

    1. You have Saturn at 27 Cancer – another person with Saturn in the Fourth House – and this is by far the most important placement. Now through September you will be asked to look at the moat and drawbridge you have built for yourself, and the castle walls. No doubt you have very good reason to shore up your defences, as you have had some extremely difficult times with a family member, with your home, home town or homeland – or with flatmates. Saturn tends to deliver what we never asked for, but must learn from and deal with. This is a good time to prod and poke what you have set up in your life to make yourself feel more secure and figure out if it does that. Do you really need the moat as well as the drawbridge? Are the walls strong or do they need repairing so you feel better able to manage everything? The Sun will go over Saturn in late Cancer in late July, which will be an ‘Aha’ moment when you can see for yourself. Do read up more on Saturn.

  49. Hi Jessica, It’s a wonderful article you have produced. Lots for members to consider and think about. I have a super stellium with 7 signs in cancer (Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter, Apollo, Cupido and SouthNode), and a Capricorn stellium (Salacia, NorthNode and Chiron). I am trying to secure a publishing agent for my children’s stories this year that is a career change for me – navigating the publishing sector will be a challenge as I enter unfamiliar territory. Another challenge is providing support to both ageing parents and two (out of four) children who live abroad. It is likely that the parent situation will change due to their chronic health issues and I am sort of geared up for that. I manage property for one daughter that will most likely get easier to manage from October. I need a creative outlet and a would like to see my children’s books flourish. I would appreciate your insight on how the Cancer Stellium will affect me. Many thanks

    1. Thank you. Children’s stories are of course a Cancer concern, but also a Leo concern too. Children’s writers who are very successful usually have the Cancer-Leo chart signature. You also share this. The Cancer issue is probably more your parents, however, and also your children – of course. The property that belongs to your daughter is also a Cancerian area. The books you want to publish are swept up in the Saturn in Sagittarius transit. Saturn rules stuck, slow, sombre, serious situations and Sagittarius rules publishing. This is not a boom. Yet, Jupiter in Sagittarius from late 2018 through 2019 will bring a definite boost for this industry. The other issues you mention will very much rely on communication (your Mercury will help) and also your natural protection/luck from Jupiter in Cancer. Yet, by September, there will be two or three new arrangements in place.

  50. Thank you for the article. I have a lot of Cancer factors and can identify with home being important and a sanctuary and family being very important.

    Please could you tell me how this will affect me.


    1. Saturn at 24 Cancer is the keynote of your Fourth House, and you may want to look at childhood and again your teens to understand how you have chosen to defend and protect yourself, in terms of the family – but also in terms of your ideas about home, home town, homeland. Saturn describes what we cannot avoid or escape – it is forced up on us by destiny – and often very difficult to cope with. We typically respond by putting up walls, defences and creating methods to make ourselves feel far more protected, as Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth is about feeling intensely vulnerable, for whatever reason. As Saturn will be transited in turn by all these travelling heavenly bodies, you may want to learn from this planet (do research Saturn further) and figure out how you use a particular strategy. Does it still serve you? Does it not serve you? Now is the time to find out.

  51. Hi Jessica – does this mean I will finally have some forward momentum, I’ve been stuck for far too long! ASC 24° Cancer 45′ 15″ , NorthNode 08° Cancer 18′ 23″ R,
    5-Oct-1982, 00:45 (33.9616801,-118.3531311)

    1. Stuckness is usually because people are wilfully resisting the need to change as Uranus passes through – Uranus urges us to revolutionise our lives but fear of what is new and different/who is new and different makes us paralysed, so nothing ever happens, and nothing gets worse, but it also fails to improve. People who have Uranus blocked in their chart by opposition or square usually have major problems adjusting to Uranus transits. Sure enough, you have had Uranus opposing your Libra stuff for quite some time so your response has been to dig your heels in. Are you asking about moving house? That is what this Cancer pattern is about. If you want to move, you can – very easily – as Mars will rev things up, as he passes through.

  52. Dear Jessica,

    I have Hygiea at 5deg in Cancer and Fortuna in 25deg Cancer.
    Please, can you explaine me what could be the most important effects for me as for this period from June to September?

    Thank you for your explanation!

    1. Hygiea is about protecting the future so people with Hygiea in Cancer in the Fourth House tend to anticipate problems before they arise with the house, apartment, home town, homeland, family, household and be rather cautious. This is the person who takes out home insurance or sells it, and the person who is very big on renovations, home improvements, safety and security. I expect you will have some major tasks ahead of you by September regarding this. The same goes for family or home town/homeland. This is the person who is concerned about what developers are doing; what the government is doing; what is happening to the cultural identity, and so on. Hygiea is protective. Fortuna is rather different. First-born of Jupiter’s daughters she is blindfolded, steering the ship of fate, with her famous rudder. She spins people high and low without realising what she is doing. You may find you have put family members up on a pedestal in the past, only to send them off the pedestal. Then up again. Then down again. That is very typical of this asteroid! Fortuna will also wake up in your chart over this interval and it’s good to become aware of your patterns.

  53. Hi Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Cancer and would really like your thoughts on how the June – September 2017 period will affect me personally.

    Thanks as always!

    1. You have the North Node at 1 Cancer which is the key to the chart. You have karma and past life connections with your current residency/living arrangements in this lifetime and of course have karma with the family. You and your parents or siblings may have had quite different relationships in the past. There is much to fulfil, a bit to forgive and much to do. There may also be deep questions about your culture, heritage, roots, history and sense of place – and people – kinship. The Sun passes your Node as it enters Cancer in late June when you will find this whole area illuminated. You do have some work to do, by September.

  54. Hi Jessica I am having the most ironically themed experience with my cancer horoscope regarding flats, neighbours, homeland etc. I have a Cancer stellium and descendent and have just moved to London ironically (maybe why I feel so comfortable immediately with the cancer connection). My landlord who is also my neighbour we literally share the same space separated by a door , has the most bizarre synchronicity with me we share friends of friends, our parents are almost the same (very unusual circumstances), same music taste, we get along so well it’s bizarre though there is a small generation gap. We share the same house placements exactly by 2 degrees off both with a cancer ascendant Pluto going over the descendent … I am due to stay here until end of October – I just don’t know what to make of the synchronicity it’s bizarre I’m almost scared it will backfire in some way it’s so in sync ?! What do I make of it I it’s so bizarre I keep wanting to see signs which has gotten me into trouble in the past ! Thanks x

    1. I love this. How extraordinary. You have the South Node at 26 Cancer which describes karma and past life involvements. I have just answered a question from someone else with a Cancer node. You have lived in London at least once before and knew your landlord/neighbour before. The question is, what was the karmic arrangement you two made, as something is usually given or received! I guess you’ll know by September as the transits cross your Node.

  55. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge here, the more I learn about astrology, the more fascinated I become.
    I’m not intensely Cancerian with only Vulcano in Cancer at 14º, however there seems to be a lot of home/family stuff happening in my life at present with at least one reunion from a long estranged member in August coming up.
    Can you please give me some more clarity on what this might mean for me? I’m still rebuilding from the ground up, every area of my life really.
    Thank you x

    1. You have Fourth House (family) patterns in both house systems I use for you, including your Vulcano in Cancer in your birth chart, so that explains your August reunion. You can sign off from this whole episode at Christmas. Vulcano describes that part of you which gains strength and respect from controlling your fiery emotions. Vulcan was the blacksmith of the Ancient world who had an unfaithful wife (Venus) and a fierce rival (Mars) but ultimately triumphed over his desire for instant revenge, by cleverly holding his own and making a net to catch them in, for all the gods to laugh. So, Vulcano is about taking fire and working it – mastering it – and managing it. And that is exactly what you will do. In this case ‘fire’ is a symbol for strong emotion.

  56. Hello Jessica
    During this Stellium will there finally be a “peace” of some sorts in relation to our home and family, I’ve got three placements in Cancer.
    Thx Maria

    1. Yes, there is always an accord agreement or relatively peaceful new arrangement after a Ceres transit. We associate her very much with the United Kingdom in 1801 when she was discovered (by an Italian) and although the kingdom has sometimes rocked (Let England Shake, as P.J. Harvey sings) it has remained cohesive and every member has found a way to share the territory – culturally, and in terms of land, taxes and so on. You are going through something very similar with your Cancer stellium. It’s time to love what you have, or can acquire – and shrug off the rest – yet, the arrangement you end up with will work, if you work hard at it too.

  57. Jessica,

    I have a cancer stellium with Ceres, Aesculapia, ops and Vulcano at 18, 16, 20 and 14 degrees respectively. It looks like betweeen Aries, Gemini and cancer stelliums my year from April to June is full of too many ups and downs. I have a oversees trip coming up end of June, should I be worried?

    Thank you for your insight.

    1. The trip is nothing to do with Cancer at all – Cancer rules your family, home, accommodation, home town, homeland and household. Also your roots, culture, heritage and history. Yes, you have some work to do about all of that – as I think I’ve mentioned, Ceres is about a brand new arrangement where there is division/sharing and forced compromise – a classic carve-up. Your trip is ruled by Sagittarius if you want to hit Search.

  58. Will this cycle apply to me? I am particularly freaked by the carve up scenario since I am currently going through a divorce with a capricorn.

    22° Cancer 02′ 41″
    20° Cancer 11′ 55″

    1. Freak not. The divorce with the Capricorn is a typical outcome of this cycle and you will soon be on top again. In fact, you are quite naturally powerful (and empowered) when it comes to property, houses, apartments, land and gardens and although this is undoubtedly very painful, it is also true that Ceres in Cancer always comes good and you end up being Queen of whatever domain you want to rule – eventually. Just be aware of the days that the heavenly bodies transit 22 Cancer in particular and give yourself more time and space. Panacea is less of an issue than Ceres.

  59. Hi Jessica,

    I have cancer in my MC and North Node. Can you give me some insight on the next few months for me?

    Thank you!

    1. Your North Node at 29 Cancer describes past life karma and circular repetition in this life, rather like that episode of Dr. Who where the Doctor and Jo-Jo Grant are doomed to stroll around the deck forever in the same scenario. Cancer of course describes home, home town, homeland, culture, roots, heritage, past and the rest. So you have karma here. And it will be triggered when the transiting heavenly bodies reach 29 Cancer, which you can see just using this website. In the third week of July, as you will see, the Sun passes 29 Cancer and illuminates and exposes karma involving family, home, real estate and so on.

  60. Hi Jessica! First of all thanks so much for your brilliant insights!

    I’m a Cancer sun with several Cancer factors in my chart. The changes over the last 6-7 years has been exhilarating to say the least. I’ve moved countless times, inland and across borders, but in November last year I finally found my city and people, and another language to learn. Still looking for my dream home though. I’m about to launch a project which I hope to develop into a business over the coming year. My gut feeling is to go all the way, but the fog, or uncertainty rather, is still there. On top of that, this intense and deeply felt relationship (a Libra I think) feels totally karmic. It has been developing very slowly since January. This came to an abrupt halt recently, but I’m not sure it’s over, or even properly started yet. In any case, there is this urge to push ahead on all fronts now. Any advice?

    1. Ah, thank you. Now, there are two questions – one sounds like it is about Neptune, because you are foggy about a business project launch. The other is a typical relationship question that any Cancer Sun person might ask at the moment, as you are going through the biggest change in 240+ years. If the other person is a Sun Libra, verified, then no – it is not over – and you will see why in September and October when you have an overdue conversation. The business issue is answered by the fact that you have Neptune in Scorpio (I knew it) and so you can be foggy about money – Neptune is in your Eighth House. Despite this fogginess, though, you are in a stunning position from October 2017 through 2018 as Jupiter crosses Neptune and so much will be resolved – along with a huge door open to you. Maybe you are stalling yourself waiting intuitively for better timing. It’s coming.

  61. Dear Jessica,
    Great article! By the way, you were right about an old friend making contact out of the blue! Pleasant surprise. Re-reading all your materials certainly does answer many questions. Is there one thing that stands out to you as most important for the next six months in my chart?
    Thanks for your help,

    1. Don, I am glad your old friend contacted you out of the blue, as predicted. You are a strongly Libran person who needs to sort out the chemistry with a former, current or potential partner (perhaps more than one person) through May 2018. It becomes easier after that, but basically you are going through a long cycle of radical change which is designed to liberate you, and also this person – or perhaps more than former/potential partner if that fits your lifestyle. I have no idea if you are with someone, single and free, or anything else. In any case you will need to throw out the rule book repeatedly – including the rules you make up for yourself – and surrender to the process of change. It will ultimately make you far happier but your old self pre 2011 would be astonished at how you are going to redefine what a partnership should be.

  62. Thanks for another fantastic article, Jessica!
    I don’t have a stellium in Cancer, but Cancer and Libra at 22*. I have recently moved back to US. Looking for a job and a place to settle down. How is this heavy activity in Cancer going to affect me? Thank you

    1. You are moving at the right time because there will be a huge amount of upheaval in the employment and property market, June through September. The reason for this is that the Cancer-Capricorn axis of the American national chart is being well and truly hit, so there will be job losses, resignations, hirings, firings, new job creation – and a great amount of reshuffle on the rental and mortgaged property market. You can pick and choose from the fall-out.

  63. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve always been curious about the Cancer influences in my chart (Sun in Cancer 28’23’42, and all these in Cancer: Mars 07’03’18, Panacea 21’55’36, Psyche 29’49’31, Jupiter 16’42’07 and MC 02’59’49).

    Any insights? (by the way your info on the Taurus Stellium was so spot on for me and my chart-amazing!)

    1. Thank you E.C. I am glad the Taurus Stellium information was useful. That is a huge line-up in Cancer in the Fourth House of home, family, home town, homeland. If your birth time is accurate then your vocation and calling is actually about your family tree or your roots, and perhaps property. Of all the placements Jupiter is the most important and helpful, as this planet in your chart describes where you attract good fortune, without even trying, and often end up with a surplus or excess. This has probably manifested in houses or apartments – even rooms at a University college. Jupiter in Cancer people get the best space. Typically around age 12, 24, 36 (every 12 years) the Jupiter Return kicks in and there is a memorable ‘win’ on the board. This part of yourself and your life will be thoroughly activated by September. The results will outlive you. Psyche describes what is perennial about your life and personality.

  64. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you very much for answering. With all you do and so many people seeking your advice and explanation it is amazing to reach you. As a single unattached man I look forward to the future – more now. Best regards to you and yours, Don

  65. I feel that this is a great post Jessica, where you are showing us synchronicity at play: how fascinating that Brexit will be negotiated during a time of Cancer-Capricorn oppositions!? Would Cancer relate to Nationalism and Capricorn to Globalisation by any chance? I doubt either European countries or Britain are in much of a Ceres mood and it may lead to a bit of a tug of war over the summer. I also wonder whether my Cancer and Capricorn Stellia (Stelliums?) – 5 planets each including a 16 Cancer (Apollo) and 16 Capricorn (Diana) opposition – will closely reflect the carving dance taking place. Reading from some of your earlier comments, I guess that Neptune has already led me on a crazy rejection cha cha since 2011 (I have the Moon at 15 Pisces and Psyche at 15 Leo): one step forward, one step backward, and a little loop-the-loop. I was hoping for a bit of a break over the summer: in spite of my two Stellia, can I just sit on the Universe’s Merry-go-round and watch the show until September? Everything just feels so unreal and temporary, what is the point?

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, Cancer is about nationalism (patriotism taken to the extreme) and Capricorn is about ambition, which can manifest in globalisation. Everybody wants to move to where the action is, in the skyscraper penthouses of the big cities – that’s Capricorn. Cancer is – ‘my country, right or wrong’ and very tied to the past. The village cottage not the penthouse. What you see happen in Europe over Summer is the macro picture of the micro story in your own chart. You can’t really watch the show here, you have to play your part. This means a living, breathing, new arrangement for your home life, and those who are ‘family’ or household to you. Diana is very independent and wants her space and freedom and I suspect that will be an issue for you.

  66. Great article!
    Wondering if you can give me any insight in how and if Cancer/Capricorn will influence my life for this period of time. I think change is happening soon, but I dont know yet how and where.
    Thanks inadvance for the insight!

    1. You have a stellium in Cancer in the Fourth House including Mercury the planet of communication. You are very clearly going to be negotiating either with the family, or within your household. The issue may be family relations, or the house, apartment, home town or homeland. There will be a distinct bump-bump-bump process by September and each time, you get to lean hard on your way with words, to make your point, say your piece and get your answers. I expect the paperwork that comes out of this period will be pretty binding.

  67. Hi Jessica my IC and AC are both in Capricorn and cancer please can you advise what i have in store

    1. Actually you have Saturn at 12 Cancer in your Fourth House which is far more important. You have a lifelong pattern of working hard to build, protect and defend yourself against that which you fear, in terms of property, family, your house or apartment, land, home town or homeland. It’s a pattern we sometimes see in people who have had some tough times with all that, historically, so they learn to furnish their world to make themselves feel less vulnerable. Sometimes we get it right; sometimes we get it wrong; June through September will show you what you are doing correctly or incorrectly about your situation, either with a relative (typically) or with the home issue itself. The Sun passing Saturn at 12 Cancer will be a useful wake-up call for you, so watch that moment.

  68. Hello, re-posting as I seemed to fall through the gap. Thanks for the article!

    I’m quite heavily Cancerian (Sun, Psyche, Diana, couple of others I think) and I have to admit that I’ve found the Pluto transit of Capricorn really hard going – even thinking about it makes me feel a bit tired and defeated.

    Please could you let me know what to look out for?

    1. Pluto is a real pain, I know, and in opposition to Cancer factors in your horoscope, you have been living with his long, slow transit – apart from anything else he is opposite your Sun. The only thing to do with this transit is to use your willpower and self-control. You may have to keep yourself on a very tight leash. Pluto people and situations die of their own accord, eventually, or they get relegated, or demoted, or sidelined! Until then resistance is the making of you. Feeling tired and defeated means you are just having a bit of a low – but you will spring back again. These cycles are notorious for making us feel as if we are being power-tripped, dominated, stood over, controlled and the rest. The secret gift is that they force us to figure out what we should be doing – to maintain our faith in ourselves, and what matters to use – and then we learn stoicism in order to make it happen. When we are eventually victorious and we always are, we have also learned how to become superhuman super beings as well. Chances are if you have identified people (usually male) or groups of people which to you seem to be taking, taking taking (or just taking over) then you’ve got ‘Plutoed’ and you must push back. If you don’t push back you’ll feel disempowered. Become Mistress of your own domain and Captain of your own ship. You can control that.

  69. Hi Jessica! Thanks as always for this wonderful article and for your generosity in answering questions. I wonder if my Cancer MC will make this a time of worry or growth – I am a pronounced Leo and lo and behold I am moving for my husband’s job at the end of the month. I don’t have many Cancer aspects but an interesting time is coming with the full moon solar eclipse on my birthday – you had very kindly answered my question on that in the comments before. Is the astrology warning me about a possibly difficult relocation especially around 28 June? Thanks so much, much love.

    1. Thank you. Moving for your husband’s job is a classic outcome of the cycle you are now in, which is about lifestyle change, and ultimately, a better/bigger home life (set to unfold from October). In fact, even though you are moving at the end of June, you may find you have other benefits and advantages with the property, the area or perhaps a second property, from October this year.

  70. Hi Jessica, I bought an apartment in last October. Moved in this year. Worked with an interior designer for the design. I wonder what could happen next in this department of my life. Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Born with Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House of apartments and interior design, you are always protected and frequently frightfully lucky! You will love the Jupiter trine to Jupiter, set to unfold once this planet changes signs in October.

  71. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for leading us in the astrological events at this very challenging times we all live in.
    May I ask you how this period June-September will rearrange the current situation for me?

    Thank you!

    24° Cancer 12′ 20″
    20° Cancer 21′ 31″
    21° Cancer 06′ 14″
    03° Cancer 23′ 08″
    28° Cancer 59′ 47″

    1. You were born to turn houses into homes with that chart, and you are strongly ‘crab’ in that you carry your homeland on your back – your culture, roots and heritage go with you, wherever you are. You may also carry a family inheritance. You may have inherited your grandfather’s talents for example. There is usually tremendous patriotism and a sense of being local here, along with a deep need to go home and stay home! Of course, these transits will bring all this alive for you and you have a few decisions to make about who/what truly spells out where you belong and why. Jupiter is a great blessing here as it will always protect you and it usually brings an opportunity. When the Sun crosses Jupiter after Mars at 20, 21 and moves to Venus at 24 you have an eventful few days – the second half of July.

  72. Hi Jessica,
    I am a Gemini with Cancer in:
    Venus 02,26,23 R
    Vulcano 08,14,19
    Apollo 24,42,29
    Psyche 17,21,25
    Minerva 23,04,14
    And Capricorn in 3 other areas
    I’m still riding a roller coaster on issues with family, have my career leaving me and thinking of starting a business. Your articles and horoscopes give me a road map to follow but I think this could be one cross road too many. Any guidance you could give me on what to expect next would be really helpful. keep up the good work and thank you.

    1. Work your way through the Cancer issues about your apartment, home town, country, family, house and so on. The effort will be worth it, as this is where your passion is (Venus and Vulcano) and it is also where you can lead others (Apollo) and be a source of advice (Minerva). Most of all, your home/home town/homeland achievements outlive you. So does whatever you achieve with the family tree. Your Cancer-Capricorn axis is typical of someone who must try and figure out both ambition, success and home – all at the same time – but when in doubt, really think about your tribe, your residence, your place and your roots, culture, heritage and history. This is what pulls you and in fact, this period will sharpen that and refine it for you.

  73. Hi Jessica,
    I am a sun Taurus 11° 04′ 13″, have a stellium in Aries and another 4 havenly bodies in Aquarius. I just have 3 factors in Cancer. I’m worryed about what will happened between June and September, because there happen something around money, values and work in my live in May, especially around 10th, 16th, 18th and 19th May, but it also was related to my love live.
    You said that Taurus people are in the halfway of the toughest cicle in 29 years in money and business, but actually I worked and studied hard since I was a child, it never was ease, it almost killed me. Since 2009 I started to take it ease, and even so I still work a lot and go back to academy in 2016. But my work and money live always get better along the years in my whole live, and the last two years have been the best in this sector.
    What hurts the most is my love live, something I never really had. So when I read that at 9th May we would start to have deja vu about what happen around 1999 and 2000 I started to think about what happened that time. I was in academy, but the most important thing was that my parents split, it was not a surprise, but it was the best thing that happend in my live. My parents were not happy in marriage, but all my live they would put theyr anger over me, since I was a child. They would say that I was in academy because I did not wanted to work, and it would take 3-4 years since I left my parents home for they to split (1999-2000). After this, they started to respect me, and looking to me like theyr daughter and not a cleaner.
    The things that happened in 10th, 16th, 18th and 19th last May are in some way very similar with what was my relationship with my parents before they split, but it started some years ago, in December 2011. I knew a man (03/02/1975, -19.918156, -43.949643) at work and I fall in love with him, he also seemed to be interested, but he choosed a married woman. One year later, when he was going away, he asked somenthing to me, and we realized this woman had lied about me, she said I was enganged with a man in another city. In April 2015 he was back, but was dating, and even so we grow very close. In February 2016 he broke up, and one month later, before going to a vacation he asked me if I would wait him come back, I agreed and waited. But he met another woman (16/09/1983, 57.712616, 5.068555) when in vacation and started a relationship. It breaked me down. Since there he would say we were friends, but only to have me with him during work and for me to do everything for him, taking care of him, and most part of time he would treat me very bad. He loves travel, and he always did it a lot, but he always had been very economical. Although since he met this woman he started to spend a lot with her travelling around the world, and on very expensive hotels and restaurants, somenthing he would not do before. Since this he started to get crazy about finding ways to make more and more money because what he earns is no longer enough, and he has even begun to sell some of his assets. He also is trying to go to study in Europe because of this, and he payed me in the beginning of 2017 to help him with the paper. All of this would hurt me so much, but there was nothing that I could do, and helping him was a way to stay near of him. But on my birthday he did not give me the gift he promised he would give me, and I was already very disappointed by the lies, by being deceived, by everything that happened over the last year and a half. And at 10th, 17th and 18th May he said I just liked him because of his money, and I only wanted his money (It made me remember all the years I just wanted my parents to love me, and the only thing they could do was hate me and saying I was spending theyr money – I always was a sick child). It hurted me even more, an at the same day (18th May) I gave him back all the money he payed me, although I have done the work and he have debts with me (things I payed for him), and since there we don’t talk anymore, but I heard that now he says everyone that his relashionship with her get stronger. Around August/September he probably will be leaving for vacation and after to study abroad.
    I’m hurt, but I am taking care of my live, and now I have an oportunity to study for six months next year in another country, the same he will go. Actually, I always wanted to travel around the wold, and when I was in academy (1997-2004) I always desired to be able to study in another country, but I did not have the oportunity and did not could aford it. Since 2016 I feel like life is giving me another chance. In 2016 I finally started to travel abroad for vacation like I always wanted, I go back to academy, and now I am givin the chance to study abroad, but unfornatelly it feels like all my live builts around the lack of a love live.
    I’m afraid even the stellium in Aries is not helping me in this sector.
    Could you please say me something to give me a light, and help me make the right choices for the nexts months.

    1. Thank you for your message, this is obviously a great source of hurt for you. You are on the right track with travel and study and although this year is challenging, you will find from the end of 2018 into 2019, when Jupiter (opportunity, growth, solutions) slowly moves through your Ninth House of education and journeys, you are moving into a tremendous period of your life. Jupiter will conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius in your chart, which is where you take a holiday from reality. So by 2019 learning, perhaps teaching too, and certainly exploring the world will pay off for you. The 1999-2000 cycle was about the Node in Leo in your solar Fourth House of family. So this is when your parents split. You are now being given a chance to look back at how that affected you and learn from it, so you can build stronger relationships. In fact, the situation in front of you in 2017, 2018 is here to do just that. The Node is back in Leo in your Fourth House and you can see how your parents, even your childhood as a whole, has affected everything else. Take it slowly and be kind to yourself.

  74. Dear Jessica, thanks again for this excellent article. I learned so much especially from your answers to the questions of many concerned cancerians. Now in the middle ot the gemini-stellium-tempest I realize there will be another overloaded time becouse I have so many factors in Gemini and also in Cancer (Sun, Jupiter, MC, Psyche an more). I feel so strung out and squeezed like a lemon. I work as a teacher and I love this work with the young people. I started this career in 2000. But i never felt so completely overloaded with duty as i do now and I have to deal with people who want me to give, to give and to give. I resigned from some responsabilities since 2014 but I feel more and more embarrased by the requests of my pupils to teach more classes. I feel punished for good work becouse there is no “thank you”. Our director is ill becouse of a burn out (he is a cancerian) and the situation in our institution is quite disturbing. I have to confess that I am frightened about what may come the next 5 months. And for the first time since i become a teacher I am thinking of leaving this Job. My soul cries becouse of this.
    Could you please give me an idea when easier times are coming or what may happen to the better? What can i do or expect for the next months? Please excuse my language – english is not my mother tongue.
    Have a good time and thank you

    1. I am sorry this is so stressful and you would not be the first heavily Gemini-Sagittarius teacher who was born to the job, yet going through a very difficult period. Saturn is in Sagittarius for the first time in 29 years. He is clashing with everything in Gemini in your chart, which is about reading, writing, speaking and generally processing information. At the same time he is sitting on (conjuncting) your Sagittarius placements which can be so very hard to go through. It will get better. A lot better. It will feel as if a weight has been lifted at Christmas and then by early January some delayed paperwork or meetings will go through and this very tough time is over. Actually you will be thrilled by what goes down from late 2018 through 2019 when Jupiter changes signs. Long-term there will be new technology which revolutionises teaching and you will be riding that wave. As for ‘give, give, give’ please light a candle, ask your spirit guides and helpers to assist you with the young people concerned and then follow the signs. Really be quite aware of what you are shown and told, for the next few days after you do it.

  75. I have the following, in cancer, what will the stellium bring if anything for me
    29° Capricorn 24′ 50″ 29°
    IC Cancer 24′ 50″
    Minerva Bacchus
    18° Cancer 47′ 03″
    Vulcano Psyche
    08° Cancer 19′ 40″
    03° Gemini 17′ 44″ 03° 44″

    1. You are heavily Capricorn-Cancer so you will be brought home to the people or place which spells H-0-M-E to you and figure all that out. At the same time you need to update yourself on what is going on with your council, government and your own local area or country. Rather than let things hang or hover, find out – June-September is the time. Issues about residency, your garden, local identities, your mum and the rest are classic examples. By September you’ll be way more ‘nested’ than you were.

  76. Greetings Jessica,
    You thrill us as always with your amazing articles, many thanks for your dedication!

    I appear to have stelliums in both Cancer/Capricorn. My boyfriend (He is a Libra 9* , Sag ascd at 8*) and I, have not yet been able to resolve a real estate purchase with a real Scorpio(n) if you will. This situation has been going on for almost a year!

    We are also in the planning stages of moving, leasing his home, and making some real estate purchases for rental. How do you see this new line-up affecting us?

    Your sage wisdom is respected as always!

    Regards and thank you for your awesomeness!

    1. Thank you, you are very kind. Okay, so Scorpio is going through the toughest financial and property cycle in 29 years. This is your issue. It will all fix itself rather easily from October when Scorpio begins to see that Christmas or New Year might fix the issues. At the same time your boyfriend begins his best cycle for saving or making money in 12 years. You begin a stunning property cycle, also in October. So in a way, I would say it’s divine benevolence that you have been held up. If you are not in any tearing hurry, then please see what/who comes up from October, and especially in November. Your boyf has Jupiter in his Second House of cash, you have Jupiter in your Fourth House of property and Scorpio will see the end in sight with Saturn out of Sagittarius and his Second House at Christmas.

  77. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for taking the time to reply to me it means so much. I have learnt so much from your site and look forward to reading your predictions on the changing political arena for home and abroad.

  78. Hi Jessica,
    Would you be able to tell me a little bit more about what the next few months could have in store for me please. I have Cancer stellium (as well as Taurus and Libra). Big birthday soon and home/personal life isn’t quite as I would like it to be…
    Sun 03 Cancer
    Apollo 01 Cancer
    Panacea 29 Cancer
    Ops 12 Cancer
    Propserina 07 Cancer

    Thank you

    1. You are strongly Cancerian so you’re all about your people and your place. In fact you ‘shine’ when you put masses of effort into your country, your home town, your patriotism, your relationship with your countrywomen/countrymen and so on. Likewise, your home and garden, if you have one. This is where you lead (Apollo) by example and also where you have a huge amount of solutions and answers. You may have a natural flair for real estate too. Essentially this period is about remembering this about yourself and figuring out how to make it work for you. It might be wise to set aside the next 2-3 years as a ‘building’ time for love and sex, learning what you need to learn, fixing what needs to be fixed. Don’t pressure yourself and give yourself tons of time to evolve and grow.

  79. Re posting as it seems my message was not seen. Below are my Cancer/Capricorn factors in my chart. Interested to know the story!

    Sun 19° Cancer 26′ 23″
    Jupiter 18° Cancer 12′ 14″
    Chiron 09° Taurus 17′ 04″
    Ceres 16° Capricorn 17′ 58″ R

    1. Jupiter protects you in Cancer in the Fourth House of home, property and family so no matter what transits you experience, you will always be okay in that department. In fact you could be visibly fortunate (Sun conjunct Jupiter) with real estate (Cancer) taking pride (Sun) in your ‘bigger is better’ (Jupiter) approach. When the Sun goes to 18, 19 Cancer the whole pattern is lit up very clearly. People often have house guests who rave about their property; have successful house inspections; renovate; purchase; lease; pull off an Air BnB coup. You don’t tell me anything about your situation so I am taking a few wild guesses here.

  80. Hi Jessica !
    I have a stellium in cancer
    Sun 19
    Venus 25
    Mars 13
    Diana 0
    Apollo 3

    And one Capricorn
    Salacia 26

    What can I expect? I already love my home….will these transits bring positive changes? Thanks for all you do!!

    1. Thank you – yes, this is a busy time for home, family, home town, homeland questions and we haven’t really started yet – you are waiting for the Sun to cross Cancer at 0 degrees and illuminate Diana in the third week of June, so you can see the issue about freedom, space, independence, autonomy and feminism which is lurking, either with a flatmate, family member or in terms of your actual space/place. The last link in the chain is Venus quite late in Cancer so I expect you will still be sorting out personal space or physical space issues by September. Sometimes, of course, the issue is your town or country.

  81. Hi Jessica
    I’m reposting this as it seems the original might have fallen through the cracks.
    My Gemini stellium has felt the full force of Saturn on a close family relationship. Now my Cancer stellium is being triggered by a house move, yet again. This time I’ll be buying with the family member, which is tough as we are like chalk and cheese in what we like but too similar in the worst ways. So we’ve spent the past 18 months trying to learn to live together, with some almighty rows. There have been times when I have been tempted to simply walk out, leave everything I own behind and never come back! But I couldn’t leave my pets 😉 We are now (literally tomorrow) starting house hunting. Our budget is extremely limited but on our own we could not afford anything. Any words of advice would be much appreciated as, while I understand my Gemini side, I find the Cancer stellium emotionally draining.

    1. This will be okay, but you do have a huge Cancer stellium and so your family relationships and property situation will always be complicated and colourful, shall we say. What we have here is Venus (so you get into complicated one-on-one situations within the family tree) and Diana (so you desperately need your space!) and Fortuna (so without seeing what you are doing, you send people and situations high and low). Aesculapia says you can always bring a situation back from the brink, or back from the point of no return. Proserpina says you are a natural go-between and the Node says this is karma – you knew your family before, and particularly this person. With everything crossing this through September you do have an obstacle course ahead, but it will be okay – the final player is Aesculapia at 27 Cancer so I would not be at all surprised if you end up with a house which needs saving – serious renovation – you can read more about this powerful asteroid on this website. Please try to focus on the actual garden/house/apartment/neighbourhood and rescuing, reviving, resurrecting it. That is a really good use of your chart. Find your own room/rooms/independence because Diana just can’t bear to be cooped up.

  82. Thank you for your observations, Jessica. You’re spot on about the dynamics of the situation and my desperate need for some space of my own–but I think I’ll be the one who needs saving if I end up buying a house that needs serious renovations! Yet this might be the only way to get that space. Caught between a rock and a hard place at the moment. I’ll turn my Virgo moon loose on researching more about Aesculapia 🙂

  83. Hello Jessica, Hope you are well. I have Cancer in Panacea and Psyche and would be grateful to find out what this will mean for me.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. M, Panacea and Psyche mean you are the fix-it person for your family tree, although there is often a moral or ethical question about the repair or remedy. Psyche means what you do with the family, lasts forever. In fact it outlasts you. This will be brought back to you by September as you remember what you did, before, and come to terms with it.

  84. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for sharing your insights….. They are always helpful & given with such generosity . I wonder sometimes what would become of me without your website which attempts to explain the unexplainable twists of life
    I think my life is at a standstill? Or more hopefully a crossroads? As my dreams of love have recently disintegrated ….. Work also feels like a constant struggle with peer ego trips ….is there anything to look forward to?
    Thank you so much for your time & effort

    1. Thank you very much. Your IC at 23 Libra will be helped by Jupiter and before October you will be shown what a branch on your family tree contributed to your understanding of marriage. It may have been a business or professional ‘marriage’ (like Eric and Ernie, or Ernie and Bert) or a classic lifelong marriage between two people who turned it into an art from. There is something in that for you to learn from and gain from in love. As for work, you are dealing with a Pluto transit affecting the whole planet. Everyone is being power-tripped by people or organisations who are ‘Plutoing’ them from corporate Capricorn. So you’re not alone. And it does get better. In fact, across December-January don’t be surprised to see a reshuffle.

  85. Hello-I am a new subscriber. I was born July 11, 1962 @ 2:00am. I resonate more to the equal house system which means I have a stellium in the second house the sun, juno, ceres, and vesta…I think I have castor also. I really don’t know what all of this asteriods mean as there are not a lot of books on asteroids. What I am also concerned about is the eclipse on August 21st. This is going to be conjunct my venus/uranus conjunction. Any thoughts? Thanks.

    1. I am releasing an ebook for you and other Premium Members in the Modern Astrology series, called Basics which will answer your questions soon. I don’t know what you mean by Castor, unfortunately. You can hit Search to read what I wrote about eclipses, and this eclipse in particular.

  86. Hi Jessica

    10° Cancer
    23 cancer
    26 cancer
    15 Cancer
    2 others in Capricorne

    I have been carefully reading all your comments on this article and found some answers that would apply to me I guess… looks like it’s good to have Ceres and Jupiter in Cancer
    I love your comment about Ceres in Cancer: *always comes good and you end up being Queen of whatever domain you want to rule*
    and this comment about Jupiter :
    *Jupiter in Cancer people get the best space. Typically around age 12, 24, 36 (every 12 years) the Jupiter Return kicks in and there is a memorable ‘win’ on the board. This part of yourself and your life will be thoroughly activated by September. The results will outlive you. *

    with 4 planets in Cancer , I am wondering how else would this impact me. I have had quite a bumpy 2-3 years: a 20 years relationship split (with a Cancer) 2 years ago. I feel much more happier now, but we still have a house in common (where I am still living for now… I guess thanks to Jupiter !!) GOD I am answering my own question 🙂

    Anyway I have some concern about a relationship with a Capricorn Not sure where this is going. we live in different continent. kind of difficult to meet and communicate. Some days I think : yes this is possible , give it a chance and some other days I feel like giving up. I also read on your website about this difficult cycle every 29 years that is impacting me.
    Congrats for your website , it is very interesting to read

    1. Thank you. The answer to your question about the Capricorn is children. This person has a huge destiny change ahead from May 2018 for many years and it will involve pregnancy, sons, daughters, stepchildren and so on. You may or may not be part of that. It is hard to say without Capricorn’s chart, but this is far too early to call, in terms of long-term marriage or living together. This person has a massive revolution coming with parenting choices.

      1. Hi Jessica
        I am amazed by your answer and you saw that just with the sun sign…this Capricorn man has been talking about having a child with me quite a few times this past year even if I keep telling him it might be over for me (my age) ! And he does have 2 young children already from previous relationships …
        I still have a lot of doubts about all this : he seems very busy with his own life and career,long distance relationship, time difference, each one stuck with his own life and a ocean between us.
        Anyway. This is what I could find with his date of birth, no birth time
        Sun : Capricorn
        Moon : Capricorn
        Mercury : aquarius
        Venus : aquarius
        Mars : Sagittarius
        Jupiter : Pisces
        Saturn : Cancer
        Uranus: Scorpio
        Neptune : Sagittarius
        Pluton: Libra
        Thanks again for your insight

        1. Okey dokey. There is almost no point in trying to pre-judge things now. You’re too early. What he experiences, starting so suddenly in the middle of next year, is going to turn his known world upside-down. He may pursue an angle with babies, children or young people that is in total contrast to his old way of living, and thinking. If you choose to take this journey with him from 2018 and beyond, it will be like sitting on a rollercoaster with someone and dealing with every swoop and plunge, and the occasional electrical storm. Never boring. Never predictable. His two children will be at the absolute heart of what occurs, but a further pregnancy, or even adoption may also be the story here. I would say, wait and see – because whatever is in place at Christmas is utterly changed within months.

  87. Hi Jessica. Gemini factors have definitely followed suit for me since early May. However, I’m not clear how the Cancer Stellium will affect the same 7th house issues. Given long-term and recent events, a Cancer partner whose mother is a triple Capricorn and all 3 of us with Cap moon, I am thinking we are perhaps caught up in a final showdown of a classic Ceres-Pers-Pluto scenario? Any guidance/insight would great !

    1. You are all heavily Capricorn, as you say, and there is a fair bit of fated astrology at work here as you will all experience Saturn, then Jupiter, then Ceres joining Pluto (currently in this sign) from Christmas 2017 through 2020. So the bigger picture is much bigger than just this fleeting pattern. You will find issues about success, status, social position, career, unpaid work and so on slowly come to dominate.

  88. Hi Jessica,
    Looking at my chart with all the Cancer factors, could you shed some light on the current Cancer stellium? Work and living situation especially. I know that I’m in the right place, however, roughly speaking.
    It’s probably not related, but the Leo/Aqua nodes in my chart seem to (re)play up against massive changes of 17 years ago, on the work front, me being put in the driver’s seat this time. But I’m at my wit’s end, patience not being one of my virtues, as regards the ‘stuckness’ of the work-related issues. Then there this (karmic?) connection with a Libra (mentioned in an earlier comment) which is not going anywhere, no contact. Wishful thinking maybe, but it feels like a missing and important piece of a puzzle since it’s related to communication/language and my work project. I know I should let things take their course and not force anything or anyone, but somehow I feel I should get this sorted out by Sept/October, and I suppose I will?
    Thanks again for your insights and kind words.

    1. You are right to think of October as the final deadline for seeing where things fall with Libra. The thing to remember about this sign now is that he/she is experimenting with freedom and has been plunged into a radically different new situation with former, current or potential lovers (ongoing) so there is bound to be a bit of choppy water. There may well be someone else taking up a lot of energy and thought here. The work situation won’t be tied to Leo-Aquarius nodes unless your job involves children (Leo) or young adults (Leo again) or a formal group like a rock band or political party. You don’t say what you do.

  89. Dear Jessica, I am reposting this cause I think it was kind of “lost” , couldn’t find it!…..what an amazing article again!
    I have a stellium in cancer so I imagine that this will affect me .
    Is it going to affect me more because my sun is in cancer too?
    Thank you again

    1. MK This pattern won’t affect you more because of your Sun, but you will need to toss up the pros and cons of a major choice about your house, garden, apartment or land. It will probably be heart, not head, as Cancer is an emotional water sign.

  90. Hi Jessica, I hope you don’t mind if I am reposting as it didn’t get through. Thank you for another interesting article! I am back working at my previous government agency (like unfinished business!) but deep down I know this is not right at all. Hence I have decided I will be moving again in September and settle down to the south of France for a new life and maybe a brand new career. The last 3 years have been very hectic to say the least (different countries, different jobs). Any insights? Many thanks for you time. Greetings from Paris.

    1. Uprooting before October should be remarkably easy for you and come with a few benefits – more space, perhaps, or a better area. You may find that freelance or part-time suits you.

  91. Many thanks Jessica for your time. I am grateful. Your reply is giving me confidence to move forward.

  92. Hello Jessica, I have a lot of Cancer and IC also there conjunct Venus.
    My Neptune is in Capricorn exact opposite my Venus in Cancer. I am curious to know – is Neptune always bad influence and does it mean I don’t see clear when in love?
    Very appreciated!

    1. You actually have a massive pattern at 5, 6, 7 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Aries and Libra and I would say it’s fated – karmic – as the North Node and South Node are also involved. So, never mind Neptune opposite Venus in your chart – Venus as a whole is surrounded by many patterns, including an almost exact trine to Pluto. What does it mean? Get to know your Venus! She resides in your Fourth House, which describes your feelings about your home town and homeland, as well as your heritage, culture and roots. It points to the strong influence of one particular leaf on your family tree, but also the importance of having a house or apartment which you turn into a home. Venus there describes the woman who is all about relationships of every kind. Venus had a son. She had a husband. She had lovers. Nothing else mattered to her, really. You are going to see all this lit up like a Christmas Tree as the transiting heavenly bodies cross 5, 6, 7 so you will be made aware – and that is very useful. Read more on Venus if you can.

      1. Thank you! I never thought of the pattern of the degrees in all signs matching the North Node. You could say Venus is very important to me – in all things she represents – money, love, things of value, career and flirting. I know Venus cheated. I never did. Though I had many opportunities to do so. I will read more about Venus. And with my 4th house – you are right about the influence. One things is changing though – I used to be very attached to homeland and slowly beggining to grow out of it. I feel like my hometown has worn out. I read in your comments to others that it may have something to do with Pluto in the opposite sign.

  93. Thank you for the very enlightening article Ms. Adams. I am relatively new to your website as a premium member and I am thoroughly enjoying going back through your blog posts. This particular article resonated with me in that I have quite a bit in Cancer. my Sun 03 Cancer 04’34, ASC 23 Cancer 39’13, Fortuna 18 Cancer 09’58”, Diana 12 Cancer 17’00 and North Node 02 Cancer 04’30. My question of course relates to my family as I am now entering into the summer as an Empty Nestor for the first time and my house is so very quiet. Can you tell me what I can be looking to in the coming months as I start a different journey. Thank you for your time, Kelbo

    1. The North Node at 2 Cancer is conjunct the Sun at 3 Cancer, Kelbo, both in your Fourth House, which rules your family tree, heritage, culture, home town, homeland, house, apartment and sense of belonging. The South Node is at 2 Capricorn and as the Nodes rule past life experience, you have reincarnated to explore the themes of staying/moving and ‘is blood thicker than water?’ as well as your country of birth and/or emigration. You will be made aware of where your karma is up to, especially if your nest is empty, as the Sun returns to 3 Cancer (your Solar Return or birthday of course) and Mercury will pass there a day or two before. Further ahead, mid-July finds Ceres on that spot so you will need to divide time, energy, space, people or place and again, I would suggest past life debts or credits there.

  94. Hi Jessica,

    I was born 6th july 1990 (unfortunately i have no idea what time!). I am unsure how this cancer stellium will effect me but I have a strong intuitive feeling that I will be moving abroad around September time! Could this be possible?


    1. Kate, moving is entirely possible, though without a time it’s hard to say if it’s abroad or closer to home. You don’t have a great deal of Sagittarius in your chart, or transits there, so you could have the chance to shift to a new area, but it may be within your own country.

  95. Dear Jessica, I’m excited to see the comments are still open! I’m a new member and thrilled with what I’m learning on your website! Thank you! I’ve had a crushing few years; unemployment and psychological foundations. But, I’m feeling fantastic, as though I’m coming out of it ( Pluto transitting back and forth my IC ) even though my circumstances have not yet changed! I’m feeling so excited! For 8 months or so my husband and I have been looking to buy a large tract of land with my mother. She has Cancer Sun 4°15′ Moon 21°13′ Mercury 14°13′ R Venus 22°22′ (Aries Asc). I’m hoping the Cancer Stellium evolving this month will trigger a wonderful arrangement for us all. Would you please share with me your thoughts on the matter? Ever so grateful to you!

    1. Thank you – I’m glad you are picking up so much astrology on the website, though obviously sorry to hear you have been living without a job during that long Pluto transit. So, you and your husband want to buy land with your mother. That is both a Cancer issue and a Scorpio issue at the same time. Sure enough, your chart is showing tremendous fulfilment from October, into 2018, with property and family. I don’t know what time-frame you were thinking of, but if you were to complete purchase or begin proper work on the land from that point, Jupiter (abundance, opportunity, expansion, optimism) would be well and truly with you – for the first time in 12 years. If you plan to grow trees or plants on the land you will be amazed at how well they do.

  96. Hi jessica,

    Just double-checked and i was born at 12.20pm (afternoon) UK time! Hope that helps!

    Thank you,


    1. Jupiter at 20 and Bacchus at 21 Cancer make a conjunction in your chart, Kate, and it’s a fortunate, protective and hugely enjoyable combination, in your Fourth House of home, home town and homeland. In mythology, Bacchus was the son of Jupiter, so this is doubly interesting. Jupiter always opens doors to opportunity, growth, improvement and solutions – Bacchus is a symbol of pleasure, even hedonism. He is of course always pictured holding or eating grapes, so if you do not already have the garden of your dreams, at some point in your life – when there is a helpful transit across 20, 21 Cancer, you will be given the keys to the gate. In the smallest way, now through September, you will also find that your natural luck factor with property, patriotism or your part of the world, begins to kick in. We often find people who combine their culture, identity, roots and heritage with their profession, or calling, with this combination.

  97. Hi, I know your list is long, so trying for third time lucky. I want to get on at work but have to support the family business as well, will I ever balance the two?

    I will be the third generation running the family business, not that my father will hand over the reins for years! I seem to have a chance of climbing the ladder at work finally, also my family upbringing has aided me in my job.

    Everything seems to be linked!

    1. Thank you for your patience. Unfortunately I had a few people who clogged up the queue with their personal politics (not astrology), which was a bore for everybody – but I have now cleared space for Premium Members like you and your horoscope questions! Okay, so you have a family business alongside a chance for promotion. This is a classic Cancer-Capricorn quandary and of course you will be dealing with it, now through the final week of September. Longer-term there are questions about success, ambition and achievement (Christmas 2017 through 2020). Your chart is dominated by Cancer the crab, who carries her home on her back, and moves with her clan, never straying very far from her tribe or her place. It is also dominated by Capricorn the mountain goat, who looks at the pinnacle of status or success and begins the slow, steady climb – never putting a foot wrong. You have Proserpina at 1 Capricorn, Salacia at 22 Capricorn, Aesculapia at 5 Capricorn, the IC at 15 Capricorn. You then have Jupiter at 25 Cancer, Juno at 11 Cancer and the MC at 15 Cancer. This will work out long term but the balancing act will take you a good three years. It’s all going to kick off when Saturn moves to Proserpina at 1 Capricorn after Christmas 2017 and into January 2018. You must be a go-between then for two powerful people or organisations. Find out what worked for other people in the same position. We then find Pluto moving to 22 Capricorn (almost) in March, April, May when you get the first hint of really big changes in the balance of power, not only with the family business, but also with work as a whole. My eyes are also drawn to Uranus at 1 Taurus in June 2018, trine your Proserpina. You would get a lot from finding out more about this asteroid in your chart and the goddess herself. I will tell you a bit about her. She was the daughter of Ceres and was abducted by Pluto. She became his wife in Hades and was then forced by Jupiter to leave Pluto for half the year, to spend time with her mother. Thus Proserpina in the chart is a symbol of the go-between who is in the rather precarious position of pleasing Pluto (ruler of Hades and the Underworld) and her mother Ceres (ruler of the four seasons and grain crops, like wheat and corn). Proserpina acquired power by being the focus of such passion and possessiveness by her husband and her mother, yet she also had to negotiate the middle ground between both very carefully, lest she disturb the 50-50 arrangement. Uranus coming along to trine this in your chart spells sudden financial, economic, business or property changes in June 2018 which trigger Proserpina in your chart, so you will be required to be the human bridge between two sides, two people, two entities. Further afield, once we find Jupiter moving into Capricorn at Christmas 2019, this same role will benefit you enormously and you will gain by it. In fact, from December 2019 into 2020, Jupiter the problem-solver and life-enhancer will help you fix every issue you currently have about the quite understandable pull on your loyalties. December 2019 through December 2020 will be unforgettable. You will experience transiting Jupiter opposite natal Jupiter across this period so the sky is the limit. This is not just about ambition on a professional level. It is about your social status – the social pages – and your prestige and position.

  98. Hi Jessica, I have Apollo and the North Node in Cancer. How will this affect me? Many thanks.

    1. The Node in Cancer describes past life karma with particular towns or countries, and sometimes there are two, so one juggles loyalties. There is typically a strong and powerful attachment to one nation in particular, as Cancer is the sign of patriotism. Sometimes it shows itself through a fierce passion for the culture, history or heritage of the country you identify as your true home. Sometimes one is prepared to fight for it, or fight for the local area (conservation). There is usually at least one past life spent fully engaged with one’s birthplace or homeland, and often more. So, for example, you have have spent the last two world wars in service, protecting your homeland! Odd little triggers about this will arrive on at least two occasions across June-September.

  99. hi Jessica I have Jupiter in Cancer 16 degrees just wondering if there is anything i should be aware of? many thanks x

    1. Jupiter describes where we attract good fortune without trying – and when we do try, even a little, we often end up being awfully lucky. You have this with your houses, apartments, land or property investments. Jupiter will be well and truly woken up several times by September so take full advantage of your residence, home town, homeland which is turning in your favour. A typical example would be the local council building a new park which increases the value of your property. Or a lucrative income stream from a spare room you let out.

  100. Hi Jessica,

    I was born 2th july 1958 (4:45 pm 16:45 Austria- Vienna). I am unsure how this cancer stellium will effect me. The last 2 years was really tough and rough ( money and family affairs ) would be great to hear your thoughts to this

    Thanks a lot!

    1. You are a Sun Cancerian Fredy, so I understand why family matters. You are in a fantastic position to snap up an opportunity to fix any issues you have with a relative, between now and October. Don’t hesitate. This won’t come again.

  101. Hi Jessica!

    Any insight/advice would be so appreciated!!! Been an awful few months with intimate relationships and home.

    7/9/69 02:35
    37.7652° N, 122.2416° W

    16° Cancer 59′ 20″
    02° Cancer 16′ 51″
    03° Cancer 25′ 27″
    02° Cancer 52′ 21″

    Thank you so much❤️

    1. If your birth time is correct you’ll be extremely happy next year as love and money work out for you (or love and property) as Jupiter, the planet of growth, hope, expansion, solutions and improvements crosses over your Scorpio stellium. This serves you very nicely in both chart systems I use for you. In one of them he is in your Eighth House of sex and cash, and in the other he is in your zone of lovers and children. You don’t say if you have children in your world or not, but 2018 would be an obvious year to embrace them. Yours, his or other people’s. They will add hugely to your life.

    2. Hi Jessica,

      You mentioned my Scorpio stellium. I only see 2 in Scorpio. Am I missing something or do I misunderstand what exactly a stellium involves?

      Thank you

      1. My apologies, I meant to write ‘signature’ not ‘stellium’ and you are quite correct. But yes, the Scorpio placements will play a part.

  102. Any suggestions or wisdom for my stellium in cancer. 29 s node, 29 panacea and 21 fortune all in cancer. I just decided that in 5 years I will be living between two places Europa and USA. Thank you.

    1. You are living your chart. That combination of Gemini/Cancer (you have a stellium in Gemini) is really common with people who commute between homes. Gemini rules short-haul travel. It is usually domestic flights but I guess Dublin to New York is seven hours! The Romans would have called that a short journey. You are doing all this across a few oppositions, in the heavens, but even if the rest of this year involves quite a lot of hard work, effort and energy, Saturn at 20, 21 Sagittarius clashing with your 20, 21 Gemini factors in August-September is probably something you’re prepared to put up with. Keep an eye on the basics, though – airports, airlines, internet connections, telephones – because Saturn opposing your Gemini stuff picks up all that and may throw you an obstacle or two to juggle.

  103. Hi Jess,

    I have a few Cancer and lots of Capricorn factors. I have just read my weekly horoscope and have found that there’s transits all over my Cancer and Sagittarius factors this week! My professional work is in the internet, social media spheres and I may have an opportunity coming in financial technology (fintech) again very much based in the internet sphere. Should I just be extra careful in going over the documents before I sign anything or any advice career wise for me would be so appreciated. Has been a case of one step forward – two steps back with the job search over the last few months, thanks to Jupiter and Merc Retro.


    1. P, your work is typical of someone with a Sagittarius influenced horoscope. I understand you’re concerned about your career. You will have your Saturn Return in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career after Christmas, so starting in 2018 (until 2020) you would benefit enormously from good solid career advice. I realise you are thinking short-term at the moment but you are going to experience milestone decisions about your very long-term future. Christmas is a time when people are hired, resign, accept redundancy, promoted and so on. Your company or chosen field is going to be utterly affected by that and you will find yourself swept along with what takes place. I would read the contract very carefully if you go into anything now, because after Christmas, your Saturn Return in ambitious, career-conscious Capricorn means you are at a serious crossroads that can only happen every three decades. So know exactly who and what you are in for, and do your homework.

  104. Hi! Jessica, I have a stellium in Cancer and reading this weeks forecast has my heart rate racing (due to anxiety). Could you please look at my horoscope and tell me what to expect in terms of personal and professional? Thanks in advance.

    1. If you have anxiety disorder you need to either talk to a doctor, or begin to find your answer, using methods tried by others before you. I always recommend Dr. Claire Weekes, ‘Self Help For Your Nerves’ to people as I know so many anxious types in the media who have been saved by her clever methods (no medication required). You are strongly Pisces, extremely sensitive, probably psychic and need to learn meditation or similar techniques to keep your mind, body and spirit balanced. There is absolutely no reason to feel anxious about your weekly horoscope. In fact I know a lot of people who would love to have your chart! You will always be so lucky with houses, gardens, land and apartments.

  105. Hi Jessica,
    I have Uranus at 2 degrees 47 mins and Bacchus at 26 degrees 41 mins in the sign of Cancer in my natal chart and nothing in Capricorn.
    The New Moon on June 24 is at 2 degrees 47 mins – I wonder what this means for me. With the placement of Uranus in Cancer, I have had changes of residences and countries ever since I can remember. I have been through a lot of challenges, especially during the past 8 years or so.
    Kindly please throw a light on this placement of the New Moon in Cancer at the same degrees as my natal Uranus.
    Thank you – appreciate all that you do as I am learning so much from all your articles.

    1. Vulcano and Minerva are both at 1 Taurus, Juakali, almost exactly sextile your Uranus at 2 Cancer so this is about the money, the house or the apartment – plain and simple. In fact this pattern in your chart works ‘as one’ and every time you have a transit at 1 or 2, the whole thing is triggered. Minerva is rather useful. You have an instinct for making or saving money and may be a source of advice for others. Vulcano is about powerful self-control. You know how to rein yourself in when it comes to finance. Uranus in Cancer itself is a symbol of the person who creates, invents and produces one home environment after another – either decorating, moving, renovating – or perhaps attending to the local area with all its buildings or natural features. Then that’s rejected. Then it takes on a life of its own anyway! Result – chopping and changing, so home is never where it was/what it was for very long. The New Moon is not enough to change your life, but it is important, because it is foreshadowing other transits at 2 Cancer, so very close to June 24th you’ll have an issue about your house, flat, home town or country – a new beginning, a fresh start – which asks you to look yet again at how you ‘churn, chop and change in your life. How you reject who/what you don’t want, but also how you are often rejected. Sometimes of course the issue is a family member, flatmate, tenant or landlord. Ceres crosses 1, 2 Cancer towards the middle of July, so that will be the really important new deal. The compromise. The new arrangement. Thank you.

  106. Hi

    I left a comment on June 2. It states it’s still awaiting moderation. Why is this?

    1. As I sometimes explain on this website, I am not ‘moderating’ comments, but I am working my way through them. There are 3095 questions/comments in the queue and it really is a matter of when I can get to them. I think my webmasters have also left a note about the way Comments works, elsewhere on this website. For guaranteed answers to questions it is best to go on the waiting list for a personal annual horoscope as I hold 12 monthly forums and reply to every question. The waiting list for 2018 has now closed but there may be some cancellations at the end of this year. If you are in London I am auctioning a personal reading for a charity set up to help people caught up in the Grenfell Tower fire – bidding is here – thank you.

  107. Hello Jessica,
    I work as a support worker in a primary school. Since April, I have had a couple of issues regarding the way another staff member behaves in a cruel manner towards some of the children. This has caused me a great deal of anguish. It’s been that upsetting, I cried whilst I was telling my husband about the incident. However, it’s a very complicated situation that I find myself embroiled in. The teachers I work with have worked alongside each other for a number of years and are very close. One is more senior than the other, she is the person I must go to if I have a problem. I felt so strongly about the above issue that I went and told her how upsetting it was for the child. Unfortunately, she made excuses for the other member of staff stating she was stressed etc. Since then, I feel I have let the child down and have even taken time off, which is something I very rarely do. The truth is I didn’t want to go back to work, but on the other hand, I love my job and care a lot about the children I work with, so I am now back in school.

    Reading through my June monthly horoscope describes perfectly, how I am still feeling about the above situation ie,( rooted to the spot) and/or (about to bolt)! I have four placements in Cancer and I’m wondering how this will all end. As you will already know, I really struggle with conflict and like peaceful working relationships. The other side of me is a real champion of the underdog. Hopefully this side of me will win through!

    1. I am so sorry that you have been in anguish over this child at your primary school and the teacher’s cruel attitude. I realise you are very worried about it, so let’s see what the most important story is, between now and Christmas – the end of the school year. First of all it will bring you and your husband closer together. You are strongly Libran and have some remarkable, wonderful patterns in Libra as Jupiter and other planets pass through. I am curious about the ‘stressed’ staff member and what is going on there. Is there a man at your school who can help, or a male who is higher up in education? Someone who has a rich proven track record with children and with staff? This person would also have patterns in Cancer in his chart, like you, and have that protective/defensive, ‘security first’ approach. There is caring but there is also a need to keep things pretty tight. You’re looking for the kind of man who is rather proud of his achievements in the school system. Only someone who has a stunning track record can understand the importance of the individual teacher within the group – or the individual child within the class. Of course you have total freedom of choice so if you feel the only option is to leave and find a new school – you would be looking for a headmaster, or a higher education authority, which is pretty glittering in terms of reputation and achievements. You have a ton of options. And you are very lucky to have your husband.

  108. Hello Jessica,
    You are unbelievably psychic! Yes, there is a man in school and he is the most senior of all the staff, but together with the sensitivity of the situation and my Libran procrastination, I have not spoken to him about the above.
    You are so right about my husband, he is the first person I rely on for his sound judgement and honesty. Thank you so much for your kind words and expert guidance.

    1. If this man is also rather proud of his school sports trophies or his certificates, that’s another reason to approach him, when the time is right. Good luck. Thank goodness we have teachers who do more than teach.

  109. Hi Jessica, I know you have answered so many questions on this page and may not get to this one. I am wondering if my Cancer placements are the triggers for a persistent thought about moving I’ve had the past few months – have been feeling a strong desire to leave Australia and live in another country, France Spain, USA, UK (as long as they’re near a beach) Haven’t visited any of them before but so disenchanted with my home country (Aus) and have always wanted to live o/s but circumstances not viable – feel urgency in the timing now which is odd given the global climate. Maybe also fear being too old to face a move later.

    However having aging parents and a daughter who has just moved in with them in Melb, make this dream seem selfish as well as ridiculous given I am not sufficiently financial to make a good go of it right now. I only comment because it is a really strong feeling building the past few months and I am puzzled by the power of this given my circumstances, I know that might sound strange…

    The opposition explains some of it but not the move to another country without connections or means? (Other interesting astro timing – my daughter and mother both have Cancer moons!)

    1. So you want to leave Australia and emigrate. You could easily move (less dramatic than emigrating) or perhaps move once, to a distant part of your state, or interstate – then eventually leap from there, overseas. The barrier to you resettling is a group situation where there are tons of opinions and ideas, and no doubt a lot of talk/e-mail/social media. Yet, this group is going nowhere fast. You mention your family so perhaps you see them rather like a club or team. If not, this collection of people may well be friends, or those involved in some kind of formal circle of people with you. Perhaps you need to let them all just go where they must. I can’t see anything for you there. What do you have to gain by throwing in your opinions/ideas with theirs, if it’s all going nowhere anyway? This is the only barrier to you packing your bags.

  110. Good Evening Jessica.

    I have 3 houses in Cancer and my dilemma is finding a place to call home post divorce, problem is: I plus my 2 children are held captive in a country ( not home or certainly not a country I will ever regard as home) due to The Hague convention and my x husbands revenge against me, despite his wrong doing!
    My family are urging me to return to the U.K. And fight for relocation ! However, I dont even view the U.K. as home anymore. I want to go to Australia but age and time are probably against me.
    I have to consider many things including my own life and happiness, career opportunities and the happiness and wellbeing of my daughters and also financial independence because believe you I cannot and neither do I want to rely on x husband for anything! I want to be anywhere that he is not!
    Do I have a life or am I goi g to be a prisoner for next 8 yrs until he kids can have a say!!!
    Life just keeps on punishing me, it seems


    1. So you are divorced and looking for a place to call home, and thinking about Britain or Australia. Your former husband is a problem and you also have children. This must be taking a huge toll on your peace of mind and energy levels. You have just gone through a cycle which can only happen every 240+ years as Pluto has crossed your MC and IC axis, which rules your mission in life, and your place in the world. Where should you be? Where could you be? We’re talking years here, because it takes years to build a new life. You will certainly be ‘crossing the oceans’ as they say and I actually think the beach or river will be the drawcard. This is about lifestyle. The holiday from reality. I feel a man will rule your decision in the end. The location matters – the ease with which you can travel away/back matters – but actually, it’s all about the kind of man who has learned how to make things work for him, in life. He has a great deal of himself to share with you, emotionally. I am talking long-term here. Many years into the future. The good news is, you two can have quite a trip together. I don’t think you’re going to plonk yourself down in one place and never leave home again, either. This seems to be a life full of travel. The question for this man might even be ‘How did you make it work?’ and that answer would help you. Trust the future. It’s a wondrous and entrancing place. Pack your swimming costume.

  111. Spot on as usual!! I am paying the first installment tomorrow on the first house in my name. My mother will soon move in with my sister in her new home, thus freeing up her house which we will be offering for rent. I am thinking of repairing it(my mom’s house), redesigning it , if necessary, breaking it down and rebuilding before proceeding further. It is so uncanny how I got busy with all these matters after i landed back home from my vacation a few days ago.

    Is there any advice of caution for me, given my strong Cancer placements?

    1. Thank you. If you want further advice please use the Astrology Oracle as I don’t have charts for your mother or sister to comment any further.

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