Gemini Birthday Horoscope 2017 through 2018

The next 12 months for people born with the Sun in Gemini is about the big advantage of children and young people as a whole - but also a major lifestyle and workload turning point with great results in 2018.

The next 12 months for people born with the Sun in Gemini is about the big advantage of children and young people as a whole – but also a major lifestyle and workload turning point from October 2017 with a wonderful breakthrough by 2018.

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65 Responses

  1. Hi:

    Please tell me more about closure with her (6-Oct-1955, 4:02AM GMT, 66w42, 18n16) because the lack of it has made me waste time and energy that I could use for bigger and better endeavors. Also let me know about other significant events I should be on the lookout for. As always, thankful for your insight and help.


    1. This Libra woman is on her own path with past, present and potential lovers and it is very hard to comment without knowing who/what she wants in her life. In general it is independence, space and freedom and one way or another, with or without someone, she will find it by May 2018. In general, it’s money that is the major story for you after Christmas and you may want to have the best advice you can afford, JR.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for your amazing horoscopes as usual. I’ve been corresponding with a Capricorn man for months. He was born on 13th January 1983. I’m a female who was born on 3rd June 1982. We currently live in different countries. He’s in UK – where I might return permanently after one year away – and I am in Belgium. We first started talking in January 2017 (foreign language exchange via Skype). I like his ppersonality a lot, however it feels so sluggish and so slow. I am soon going to visit a couple of cities in England and see where I might go and live. Should I even be bothered booking an Airbnb in the city where he lives in order to see if we are compatible? There are days it feels like he genuinely wants to get to know me better, and there are other days when I feel like it’s nothing but pure “business” between us: I teach him my native language, he teaches English, and that’s it. I must also point out that he has an usual passion for learning foreign languages. It’s almost an obsession.

    Thank you!


    1. The language issue is interesting given that this man has appeared when your Gemini-Sagittarius patterns are being triggered. The issue for him from May 2018 will be the children he did (or did not) choose to have. You don’t say if he’s a father or not. That, more than anything else, will dominate the next few years for him, as he is the kind of man who could make romantic decisions based purely on the desire to have babies – or not. As all the transits in your chart are about communication, you may as well see him, to learn what Skype means, versus reality. I have a feeling that he is all bound up in a wider issue for you which is understanding that language translation goes beyond the dictionary – we associate Sagittarius-Gemini with cultural interchange and understanding too, so going from Belgium to Britain is part of that. Just remember, you are doing all this across Saturn in Sagittarius and I am sure you know what Saturn transits mean, Hara.

  3. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you very much for this annual horoscope. I always read Gemini as I’m a Gemini ascendant (Sagg sun). Am I correct to do this? The forecasts for Gemini always resonate so much with me.
    Thanks so much for you work. It is so good and very much appreciated xx

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. Never read Gemini, based on your Ascendant, as I use a house system which is only about your Sun sign, Sagittarius!

      1. Thanks so much, Jessica. I thought as much – given the house system you use. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Thank you for teaching me about numbers Jessica. I have spent a lot of time this year looking back on issues and everything fits completely and utterly amazing, really. I have been looking at my Gemini recently, never took it in account before but I did know about Saturn opposite for the last 2 years and had a very hard time saving, so hard but empowering( I suppose) but wondering if you have time to look at my Gemini factors, I can’t see the woods for the trees. Also, intrigued by Jeremy Corbyns chart because of Uranus turning direct from last July when Theresa May just in the PM seat and really touching him, maybe he can really get in for the younger collective in UK.

    1. Thank you! You have enough on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of your chart to make you a lifelong student or teacher; student of life or mentor to others. You will never stop learning or passing on what you know, even if it is informal and casual (the internet) or more formal (a job in the field of education or academia, or a chain of courses and workshops throughout your life). Everything regarding this is rather stuck, slow and serious (as it was last year too) as Saturn trawls over your Sagittarius factors and opposes your Gemini factors – yet, you will learn by experience. When Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from the final quarter of 2018 into 2019 you will travel and also travel in the mind, in a stunning way. Mr.Corbyn? Someone is destined to come back from the political ‘dead’ on election day, so perhaps it will be him – but I suspect it may be the other Milibrother.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I was impatiently waiting for this article, thanks very much !

    So,I have Sun (10 degrees), IC (05 Degrees), Vulcano (04 Degrees), Mars (11 Degrees), Minerva (26 Degrees) and North Node (25 Degrees) are all in Gemini.

    I wonder what sort of year awaits me in terms of love and career. I am hoping/wishing to come back with my ex boyfriend ( born 10 May 1978, 16:30 pm, Chester, UK) although no contact for more than 8 months, and I am also hoping to get a new job abroad.

    I really wish that the end of Saturn cycle in Sagittarius (never been so frustrated) could bring the reconciliation eventually, as you mentioned in one of your previous article related to Jupiter in Libra, may be the 27 degree (Pluto) in Libra in my horoscope could change the things as the way that I hope for.

    Huge thanks !

    1. Thank you. Your chart is not a million miles away from Kylie Minogue’s and of course she has been through a very public and painful separation. Pluto conjunct Saturn at 27 and 28 Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex, partnership, separation and divorce is worth knowing about. This is a lifetime pattern for you, and every so often it is triggered by transiting or travelling patterns. I imagine your Saturn Return (around age 29) was very challenging, for example. Jupiter will cross 27, 28 Libra supported by other faster-moving bodies like the Sun, later this year. In fact, October will teach you more about your patterns with lovers, than you have been shown for many years. This could easily involve your former boyfriend, as he is more than happy to commit to someone from October, but his life is his own and I have no idea which other lovers will be on offer to him then. It may help to read more about Saturn and Pluto, specifically in your Seventh House, and to understand that the time has come for some overdue healing, as Jupiter passes over that spot in your chart. Whatever/whomever it takes to fix things will be there for you. Saturn describes what you do, and wha you think/feel, in order to protect yourself and feel less vulnerable about love, marriage, separation and so on. Pluto reveals how you take, and take over, and want total control – but must also compromise. I am sure it does feel very tough, as in your Gemini chart you obviously have Saturn going through the Seventh too, and in your birth chart you were born with Saturn and Pluto in the Seventh – yet this Jupiter transit will fix things on whatever level they need fixing. How this happens will be revealed as you go from September-November 2017. Now, career abroad – yes, yes, yes. You could try now, but actually your chart is showing the most fantastic outcome for you in a foreign country, starting in the final quarter of 2018 with some life-changing developments in 2019, as your Sagittarius (emigration) stellium is crossed by Jupiter (opportunity). You would not just be moving, you would also be travelling and learning at the same time – perhaps also teaching, or at least engaged in exchanging knowledge with the locals.

  6. Hi Jessica, Jupiter appears to bode well for my career as it will soon move into the sixth house. I think my job is currently going to be abolished though. I wonder if you have any insight into what might be going on for me career wise in 2018? Thanks for your great work.

    1. In both house systems I use for you (solar and natural) there is a clear sign of work improvement and career development starting in October 2017 when Jupiter changes signs to Scorpio and by 2018, if you took the opportunity or solution, you should be feeling fulfilled and rewarded. You are a Gemini who will have Jupiter (growth, improvement, expansion) in her Sixth House of lifestyle, duty and service from October – however you also have Virgo (daily workload) and Capricorn (success) factors in your chart, and Jupiter will sextile these, along the way – which is a nice pattern to have. Jupiter is also a problem solver so if you need a way out or through your current position or situation, that will appear, by all the laws of astrology, from the final quarter of this year into 2018, step by step.

  7. Hi Jessica. Am a newly sign up member and finding a new world opened up to me through your site… Your insights and the range of articles are proving really absorbing.

    I would appreciate any insights you could share insights you may have around my career decisions I need to make as I find myself in a period of transition after a long long road of persevering in this area since 2009. I have strong Journalism and Comms background) based on my chart.

    You’ll see I have Gemini Sun Mercury and Mars with stelliums in Taurus (asc) Virgo and Capricorn.

    I am also curious about my Aquarian factors 0 degrees Diana Bacchus and MC and what significance if any these have. I genuinely struggle with groups or situations where there’s pressure to conform. I don’t run from commitment to people and causes. On the contrary. I do however need the freedom to be myself. You’ll understand that this causes me much ambivalence and stress in both my personal and professional relationships.

    I’d be grateful for any guidance or comments.
    Thank you

    1. You will have major opportunities to work very differently from October and by next year will have fixed issues you have with your current lifestyle and workload and either be in a different field/daily routine altogether or have made substantial improvements to things as they stand now. This is true in both house systems I use for you – solar and natal. You are strongly Gemini of course and belong in a field where you can translate and ‘sell’ information to others, or articulate what others might find hard to express, so it is easily transmitted and understood. The MC, Diana and Bacchus at 0 Aquarius depend on an absolutely accurate birth time. If so, your life calling is with a group, rather like taking a seat at a Bacchanalian feast, but you would always want the freedom to get up and leave – Diana is fiercely independent.

  8. Hi Jessica

    I’m a huge fan of yours and like many others cant start my week without reading your horoscopes and blogs! But I’m really struggling to work out why my life seems to be stuck in reverse and why I dont seem to be making any progress at all. I’m a gemini with aquarius rising I think!

    What are the planets trying to show me? And what hope do I have that things will start to improve? Last year my job involved a lot of travel overseas, but that ended abruptly, in December as did a very close friendship I had with a male friend, which has been worse than a breakup with any partner I have ever had. Since December 2016 I have not been able to find a job, despite numerous attempts at trying. Its like I am stuck in thick mud with no way out. I was lucky enough to become an aunty to twins in December and you mention children or babies will play a big part this year and next. I have no idea what to do job wise as I love travelling, but nothing seems to be on the cards. I cant think what might be repeated from the years 1999 to 2000, so what message are these crazy planets trying to teach me! As I’m struggling to interpret the meaning behind it all!

    Thank you!

    1. You are a Gemini with Cupido in Leo and in your Fifth House – so the twins at Christmas are part of that, though I suspect there will also be a significant romance next year. You are in the toughest cycle in 29 years with former, current and potential partners but it also ends at Christmas. You are strongly Gemini so one of the reasons you have been stuck is Saturn in Sagittarius, opposing everything you have in the sign of the twins. It’s rather like hitting one brick wall after another, but as Saturn vanishes in around six months, you don’t have long to wait. In the meantime focus on the project, idea or course which takes off this year. You were born to connect and communicate and this will showcase that nicely.

  9. Thank you Jessica. I wish more people would recognise how important astrology can be in their lives and the incredible accuracy and guidance it can bring. At least I now know I’m not going completely nuts and that the turning point is not far away. Its given me some much needed reassurance.

    P.s I love all your political predictions! And cant wait to see who is going to come back into UK politics….

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Maybe I have a very interesting clue for you. Watch out for this young female politician, quite a lot of French people think she could become a new Joan of Arc :
    (I am using this page because you already closed the comments on your French elections page. Sorry about that).
    Unfortunately, I am not sure her time of birth can be found (maybe I could try to contact her through her website, if you wish).

    And thank you for your amazing Brexit predictions !

    1. Thank you very much. It’s too bizarre that you mention Joan of Arc, because I was researching her recently, in connection with the Queen of Swords card on a Tarot project I am writing. I’ll go and have a look!

        1. Thank you very much. The birth times to trust are on using the Lois Rodden rating system (even then they are not perfect, though, as we have two conflicting times for Donald). However – I will look at the Le Pen family in more detail a little later. They haven’t gone anywhere.

          1. Merci beaucoup, I am glad the French websites are so careful with her birth data. I need to run it through some tests, which takes time, but I will come back to this.

          2. C’est bon, merci beaucoup – but we really need a simple statement about his birth, from him, and ideally it should have been made just once, with no changes. One thing people tend to get right, though, is their actual day of birth so the Sun Sign if nothing else can tell us a lot. I will have a look.

          3. Hi Jessica,

            all the data I gave you are from the Website astrotheme. They explain that they are very careful about birth time.

            About Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, they write : (source pour son heure de naissance : Marc Brun, Astrodatabank, acte n°2599)

            About Emmanuel Macron, they write : (source pour son heure de naissance : Didier Geslain, acte de naissance) (= birth certificate)

            About Marine Le Pen, they don’t quote their source. They explain that they got this data from a relative (they can’t disclose his identity)

          4. Merci. It’s possible to do some speculative work here, missing the angles which depend on a verified birth time, although of course people do fib about their age (especially in public life) which is why astrologers have to be wary about any data which isn’t from birth certificate and parental memory…but France is so fascinating at the moment I am motivated to look.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        I checked the sources pn the Astrodatabank :,_Marion
        They indicate : “Data source : BC/BR in hand”
        Source Notes : Acte EC n°2599– Source : Marc BRUN
        (acte EC = acte d’état-civil = birth certificate),_Marine
        They indicate : “Data source : quoted BC/BR”
        Source Notes ! CEDRA database quotes birth record for 11:20 AM in June 2011. Original record gave 11:00 AM with the source notes as “Hubert Bregent quotes B.C. by email 4/2003 for 11:00.”,_Emmanuel
        “Source Notes : Sy Scholfield cites a genealogy website quoting birth certificate n°5148: “Le vingt et un décembre mil neuf cent soixante dix sept à dix heures quarante minutes (10h40) est né en notre commune Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric MACRON du sexe masculin”

        Thank you !

        1. Thanks so much for posting this information, which I know other astrologers will be curious to see. I have a feeling that the arrival of Uranus in Taurus from May 2018 (for many years) will be the key to all these charts and to the future of Macron and Le Pen. When I have a moment I will come back to this and look at the French chart again.

  11. Apologies for posting here but the comments on Ceres are all closed.
    My Ceres return in Gemini is imminent, my guess is my presenting job with the public?
    I am also learning a second language, my brain is aching to learn something new!
    It will also be handy with my company with is based in this other country and many employees hail from there.
    Any thoughts?
    Many thanks,

    1. Yes, S, you have your Ceres Return in Gemini. I love that you work as a presenter and are learning a second language. This is the perfect expression of Ceres in the Third House. You were born with Ceres at 26 Gemini so the Sun, Mercury and Ceres herself will cross this spot in your chart in June, going into early July. There will be major questions about power and control, either about the presentation work, the language, or perhaps a third concern, probably involving the internet. The best thing to do is share and share alike.

  12. Hi Jessica, You mention the importance of the younger generation over the next 12 months. I don’t have many ties to kids or younger folks (no kids of my own, nieces & nephews live far away). Could you elaborate on this in light of my chart & situation? Also, would you give me insight on how my relationship with my husband (25 July 1965, lay 41.785559.long -88.325726) will be this coming year? We were growing apart, and now we are coming back together. But it is hard. Thank you for sharing your talent!

    1. Thank you. Jupiter at 29 Leo in your Fifth House is very much about a younger generation, no matter if you have children or not – and I suspect that 2017 and 2018 will be about finding a way to incorporate that generation more closely into your life. Certainly this would matter to your husband who has the Sun in the early degrees of Leo in the Fifth House. The Node passing through Leo this year and next year may find you both talking about the fact that there are no sons or daughters – for whatever reason – and there is very likely to be a new focus on how those born after you will inherit your influence and guidance, no matter if this is a godchild, a children’s charity, or paid work involving young adults. Sometimes the generation can be all grown up – young people aged around 18, 19, 20 – for example.

  13. You are not logged in, unfortunately, so I don’t see your chart – but I used to read More magazine sometimes too, and the astrologer who wrote that (if indeed they did write it, and not the work experience girl) should be slapped soundly over the wrist. In general, as a Sun Gemini, you will gain so much from educating your daughter, but the big safety net and bucket of reward will vanish in October, so make the most of it while it lasts. If you have Leo factors in your personal chart, though, it’s clearly karmic and by 2018 you will realise that you and she were teacher/student over many lifetimes and often swapping roles. The new job sounds about right, too – from October you will love it, if you stay there – if you don’t, you will create a new lifestyle/work style and love that too. Your daughter is a Taurus? Hmmm. She has Pluto transiting her Ninth House of education so just be aware that she is learning about all her power and control issues from her teachers, the education system – and actually you, if you end up instructing her. She is very sensitive to being ‘taken over’ or dominated, or power-tripped so just be hip to that.

    1. I am so sorry your daughter has been bullied. The poor child. She has been experiencing Pluto through these people – yet it may help to remember, Pluto people are always demoted and sometimes they are spirited away altogether. Pluto the planet was expelled from the Solar System and dwarfed. As above so below. I hope she excels in whatever she does.

  14. Hi Jessica, can you please look in to my chart and tell me what’s there for me in coming year in terms of career and relationship? Last time I already asked you about my relationship (on & off) with libra woman (02/10/1984) but missed to tell you that she is already married to aries(28/03/1982). Sometimes she says she doesn’t like him and likes me and sometimes it’s reverse really confused with this relationship will there be a closure with her?
    You also mentioned with younger people, I have a daughter (07/01/2005) , any advice for me abt my daughter
    Thanks and regards

    1. You forgot to tell me the Libra woman was married? Ye Gods! Of course she wants freedom, space, independence and excitement right now because Uranus is going through her Seventh House, so adultery is one way of getting it. Let me look at your chart to see why you want to go there in the first place. Okay, for some reason, you are trying to give yourself the hardest time possible on a Saturn cycle through your solar Seventh House. If this was my chart I would basically wait until Christmas and maybe start talking seriously after January 2018. This is also unbelievably painful for her husband, the Aries, who has major karma going on with the issue of fatherhood. In the other house system I use for you, you have Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House, so this is the same issue, reversed for you (karma). It is about your daughter and your responsibility to her. All I can tell you is that it’s going to be a lot easier to have any kind of discussion about divorce after Christmas, and you also have some past life issues to deal with as a father, as the Node in Leo is going to sit right on your Saturn. Look up Saturn to read more about what this cycle does.

  15. Hi Jessica
    I have a full moon on my birthday June 9th. Does this mean something will be illuminated? Previously hidden? Or maybe I arrive to some conclusion mentally?

    Thank you for help:)

    1. You might want to hit Search as I wrote a long piece on the Full Moon. Happy birthday for June 9th. The Sun in Gemini always illuminates who you are, in terms of your projects, ideas, courses and communication. In fact, Gemini shines when she works on her ability to get the message across, no matter if it is professionally, or on a personal level. Christy Brown (My Left Foot) was a Sun Gemini who learned to write, famously, with his foot, to complete his book. What this whole period is about, for you, is reminding you that you are the Messenger Girl. And you’ll continually be learning how to perfect that, across your lifetime.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Im not sure if this is the correct section to leave a comment/ question, but I came across your article about the south node in Aquarius and the comments section was closed. So I’d like to ask what 2017-2018 might be like for me if I’m born March 4, 1971 with AQ north node conjunct natal venus? I met my ex husband in 98, married in 99 (during my leo south node transit). He is born with no Aquarius factors but has Pisces north node in ascendant/ Virgo south node in descendant. We divorced in 2016 (when the nodes were in Virgo/ Pisces)! I don’t know my time of birth. But can you shed some light on what this inverse nodal return might be like? Can this south node transit with natal venus in Aquarius help me met somebody new or perhaps bring back my ex husband/ reconciliation or is it more about let it go? We have young kids, so we still communicate regardless.

    1. The issues for you are all about the Leo Node transits now into 2018 and of course you were born with the Node in Leo. You married during the 1999 Leo node transit, as you say. The issue is the children you did, or did not, have. You say you have young children so that is clearly the central issue here, karmically, but there might also be a pregnancy which did not unfold, for example. You can read more about Leo, the Fifth House and the Nodes to fill out your understanding of what must come to pass. Completion will be the result. The circle has to complete.

  17. Hi Jessica. Wonderful post. Could you please tell me what shows up for moving and career in the next year. In April I became unemployed and was given an eviction notice due to a house sale. All happened in Jupiter retrograde.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have had the stress of losing your job and home. Nothing to do with Jupiter Retrograde, but everything to do with your extreme Cancer-Capricorn chart axis. Cancer rules your home. Capricorn rules your career. You have Pluto (total transformation) moving slowly through Capricorn, changing how you work, why you work, where you work and when you work – for some years to come – and of course it is opposite Cancer, the home. You actually need a three year plan. Have you seen a career counsellor? You need a path to get you across 2018, 2019, 2020 as we also have Saturn and then Jupiter and Ceres going through Capricorn, so I do think this twin question of work style/home style/lifestyle will have to be figured out at both ends. It will involve tremendous change, not possible in 240+ years so I reckon professional advice would be very handy.

  18. Hello Jessica I have been struggling through a shift in my life where I usually move every 3 years to new city for almost the past 17 years. I’m really trying not to backtrack by moving again. But I am single and feeling the urge to travel more than anything. Ready for my career to take me places. I feel stuck and bored with where I am in this transition between careers. Looking for key guidance also don’t want to miss out on my Jupiter return. June 2 1981 8:07pm edt/Timezone -4.00 ST 11.10 Lat 42.57 Long 85.40

    1. If you are having your Jupiter Return in Sagittarius then you should be pretty happy with your journey or move in 2019. Your Ninth House rules head trips as well as actual trips and it is time to learn and possibly also exchange knowledge. In general, if you are a Gemini, then you are a born traveller, though Gemini tends to cover short distances rather than long hauls.

  19. Hi Jessica, my daughter is a Gemini 6/15/92 her Gemini Sun is 24 degrees and she also has Gemini in Venus 25 degrees. Her moon is 28 degrees Sagittarius and Pallas 28 degrees Sagittarius. She’s anxious to start her career however her student loans are keeping her in a well paid nanny job which she’s hoping to leave by end of summer. She’s also dating a guy (writer) who I think is too old for her. He’s 10 years older. Anything you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hello there. Don’t worry so much about Pallas Athene, who is Greek (Minerva replaced her and is part of our Roman/Latin astrology). She’s a typical Gemini-Sagittarius type and she’s going through the most serious, testing, stretching cycle in 29 years. It ends at Christmas. She has Saturn in Sagittarius opposing all her Gemini placements (student, avid reader) and then of course Saturn passing across her Moon. Please don’t worry. I expect June and then Christmas will sort everything out and by January she’s way, way out of this cycle and has crossed a couple of bridges. Further ahead she’s going to love 2019 and do extremely well, and may travel that year too, or move right away – her greatest education.

      1. Thank you! When I read Student and Avid Reader (loves to read) I nearly fell off the chair. She’s been a Student in school and life. In fact I can remember her kindergarten teacher saying She Is A Student. She was always in the honor classes an a A student. She was actually a bit sad when she graduated college which she did full time and worked full time because she literally loved school and god forbid if she’s not constantly business (she didn’t get that from me). She set off for New York at just 20 and has always seemed to be at the right place at the right time. Her first tattoo at 18 that she got on her rib cage was Audaces fortuna iuvat (Fortune favors the bold) and she didn’t just get it because she thought it was cool, she had this whole philosophical meaning behind it that resonated with her. It would be interesting to see the house & sign Fortuna is in her chart. Shes a feminist and drove with a few friends from New York to Washington for the Women’s March, she just couldn’t march in NY (anything to add another gray hair to her mothers head). She’s danced since the age of 2 and is talented, shes very artistic and has a nice balance of femininity & masculinity. We have butted heads and experienced the drama of yelling and crying at each other believe you me. She’s “My Girl” in fact I’ve been singing that song to her since the day she was born. So sorry with this long gushing story, I’m very proud of her. I love my children more than life. I think I’m a true Leo Moon Mom, lol.

        1. Thank you for letting me know this – how fascinating to see the chart coming to life like this. I expect Fortuna, the asteroid, is big in her chart, because of her tattoo, as you suggest. Try to see if you can pull Fortuna up, or find out her asteroid number and type it into You sound like the most fabulous Leo Moon mother and you were born to be Queen to this Princess!

          1. Thank you Jessica, I went on Serennu and Astrodienst. Her Fortuna is 16 libra17’40” . I tried to find the natural house option and choose whole (1 Aries) which puts Fortuna in the 7th house. Then I choose whole signs and that put Fortuna in the 3rd house.

          2. Yes, Fortuna is in the Seventh House. This is someone who puts lovers on a pedestal and then, unconsciously, or without seeing, pulls them down. Then the lover is sent all the way up again. Then down…it can help to be aware of your patterns with Fortuna. She is always shown blindfolded, spinning people around.

  20. He has to make a choice about being a father (or not being a father) after October and by November he’ll figure out who/what is right for him. It will work out for him, too.

  21. Hi 🙂

    You mention children and jobs are very important, especially September/October. things have been a struggle with my daughter (26/04/07) and I wonder if my chart shoes how things might pan out for her/me. You also mention property I have just brought a house….have I made a mistake?
    Thanks for any insight you can offer.

    1. You have Saturn (hard work) in Leo (children) and the Node is back in Leo preparing to sit on that – thus your issues with your daughter. Time is on your side with that situation. Of course, Leo rules family in her chart! I would say this is karma as the Node rules past life connections so you two just have a bridge to cross, tied to the past. Why would you think you have made a mistake buying property? Not at all. And the neighbours are nice.

  22. Hi Jessica

    I have been in an on again off again confusing relationship with an Aries Male 27/03/1982.
    I am a Gemini female, born 1/06/1981 4.30am.
    I am drawn to him but at the same time he also brings out the worst in me with trust and jealousy. We ping pong back and forth with each other but his commitment is not there.
    I honestly cannot work out why I am attracted to someone who keeps me at arms length.
    He has returned from travelling abroad and is now back in the same city and workplace, where we originally met in Sept 2015. I have yet to see him because we had yet anouther fight, but I am bound to run into him next week.
    I would like to know will this cycle with us end and when will I likely be more in a position to be in a equal relationship/partnership some time in the future that doesn’t make me feel so anxious and insecure.
    Your advice from the stars would be amazing – I have been following you since I was 15 🙂


    1. Michelle, you are a Gemini woman going through Saturn in your Seventh House of love and sex. That’s the hard-work planet, to end all hard-work planets, transiting your Seventh House for the first time in about 29 years. No wonder you have ended up with someone who only makes you feel awful. I am very sorry about that – but the good news is, Christmas ends the cycle. June seems to be crunch time, and if it is not then that you or he makes a decision to stay or go, it would be November-December as we also have minor planet transits through the same zone then. The future looks great. You will have the opportunity to date someone who adds so much to your life, from the end of 2018 and by 2019 could easily be in a happier relationship (if Aries does not pull his socks up).

  23. Dear Jessica,
    I am your very active follower on various social networking sites.
    My birth information : 03-Oct-77 and time 5:27am at Chandigarh,India.
    Since mid 2014 , my life has been roller-coaster and moving various placed with packing bags (with family). I have enjoyed the ride a bit but its causing discomfort for family.
    Now, i am jobless and planning to start a new job in July-2017 with decent company,
    Question – Do you see life stabilizing both professionally and personally:)?
    We don’t prefer to move home but i will be having a travelling job weekdays.
    Also, i sometimes find Libra but also Virgo forecast appropriate or more relevant in my situations.
    Please advise.

    PS: Sorry for posting again but my query on 14th June is still waiting moderation.

    1. Thank you Kay Kay. I should add, your comment isn’t being moderated, it’s just in a very long queue. You are a Sun Libra who should definitely be reading the Libra horoscope each week (at least on my website). Don’t muck around with Virgo! The reason life has been so full of intense change is this. You were born with Mars at 18 Cancer and for the first time in about 240 years, Pluto (transformation) has been right opposite at 18 Capricorn. Between now and 2020 you also experience Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres at 18 Capricorn. Learn to surf. I mean this literally. If you can learn to surf, or at least do ‘balancing’ yoga (on dry land) you will train your body to do what your mind, must do. Bend and flex, as life will ask you to move in tune with the times. What this chain of oppositions will do is put you strongly in touch with who/what matters most to you in the family, with your culture, heritage, history, home town, house or apartment, homeland. Read more on Cancer and Mars in Cancer to understand yourself. It is this part of your personality which will be brought so strongly to life through this time of change and challenge. Beyond 2020 you will have a powerful and strong sense of belonging to your people and your place.

  24. Hello Jessica,
    I have been struggling in finding meaningful work in the last 8-9 years and I was recently let go on my birthday June 16th. And approximately 3 years ago on June 14th, due to downsizing I was let go.

    I have been thinking of moving to a smaller town, less responsibilities and expenses. If I would have a better chance of finding a decent job.

    I can’t seem to get a handle on what’s going on in my career. I just keep hitting 1 brick wall after another. Can you give me some insight and when it will start turning around for me.


    1. It must be very hard to hit so many brick walls in your career and we usually associate that kind of pattern with Saturn in Virgo (workload) or Capricorn (ambition) and sure enough – you were born with Saturn in Capricorn in the Tenth House of professional life. Saturn is conjunct Salacia in Capricorn, also in your Tenth House. This is pretty unusual. Vesta is not far behind. In fact the pattern looks like this – Vesta 14 Capricorn, Salacia 15 Capricorn, Saturn 16 Capricorn. This means that any time you have a slow-moving planet crossing 14, 15, 16 you are put through the same situation. A male who has authority or influence over two or more females – presumably you and a woman colleague, client, boss and so on. Sometimes it’s personal so you end up working with a man who is shagging his boss, or shagging his staff. More commonly there is just a lot of toxic game-playing as the male rather likes his harem and women compete with each other to be Number One this week. If we go to the macro level we find corporations like Virgin where Richard Branson and the Vestal Virgin flight attendants act out the myth and the archetype, or other patriarchal institutions where power is invested in men but women do most of the work. Across from Vesta, the goddess of the Vestales in Ancient Rome, we find Salacia, who is Neptune’s wife. She describes two worlds, neither of them particularly real or ordinary. People with Salacia in Capricorn in the Tenth House tend to pursue projects, roles and goals which put them in a separate or special space, quite different from the everyday and the mundane. We then go to Saturn, your biggest challenge, which is a symbol of ‘between a rock and a hard place’ and ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t.’ Saturn describes difficult realities which we cannot avoid or evade, but must somehow find a way to defend ourselves against, or protect ourselves against. The method we choose may range from denial (it’s not happening) to paranoia (the sky is going to fall; I’m going to lose my job) to self-sabotage (I’m so worried about being unemployed I’m going to take the first barely tolerable position I can find). Of course, in the latter case, one then can stand the job for only so many months before resigning, or being so damn difficult to work with (unhappy performance) that one is sacked. We all have Saturn in our chart somewhere and learning how to deal with it takes a lot of research and homework but it is worth it. You have my total sympathy as you have been put through the most extreme cycle in 240+ years as Pluto has been crossing slowly and inexorably across 14, 15, 16 Capricorn – again, in your Tenth House. The cycle began in a tiny way in 2014 and you are now living with it in 2017. Everything ends in astrology. Once Pluto is beyond 14, 15, 16 you will no longer have to put up with the relentless, dominating people/organisations/situations which never seem to let you off. You’re really close now. In December this year Pluto is finally at 18 Capricorn, then he moves to 19, 20 and beyond. In fact, your entire career will be reshaped from that point, as you will have your Saturn Return in Capricorn in the Tenth House, when travelling or transiting Saturn moves to 16, and as it’s part of the pattern of 14, 15, 16 degrees you will experience some life-changing decisions about success, ambition, status and the rest in January, February 2019. The pattern returns July, August, September, October, November 2019 and then you have well and truly taken everything on board, learned the most useful lessons of your entire life – and are ready for solutions and opportunities. You will love what unfolds professionally (or with any other role, like unpaid work, full-time caring, or full-time study) in February 2020 and I think that’s the year you will really feel ‘that was then, this is now, that was ancient history.’ You will simply never have another cycle like this in your lifetime. How can you best reshape your own definition of success? By understanding Saturn in your chart, and Vesta and Salacia too. By having a few conversations with yourself. Your small town idea is something you should explore with your Astrology Oracle cards. Ask ‘What will happen overall, if I do X, Y, Z?” and take it from there. Do this in a journal if you can and really work with the results.

      1. Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate you taking the time and bringing some logic into what is happening and why I keep hitting these walls. Much appreciated.

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