The Full Moon in Astrology

The Full Moon in astrology is about that time of reckoning, when the Sun is opposite the Moon. It typically brings mixed feelings or opposite points of view, either inside you - or in the outside world. How do the Full Moons in 2021-2022 affect you?

The Full Moon in astrology is about that time of reckoning, when the Sun is opposite the Moon. It typically brings mixed feelings or opposite points of view, either inside you – or in the outside world – and if it triggers your birth chart, or even the birth chart of a whole nation (countries have horoscopes too) then it’s big. This is an extract from my book 2020 Astrology which goes into more detail about this lunar phenomenon, with a list of every major Full Moon until 2022 at the end.

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188 Responses

  1. This was so interesting and informative, I loved it! I’m still learning, and I see I’m on the full moon list. My sun is 23 degrees Aquarius and my moon is 28 degrees Leo.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    14th December – Full Moon in Gemini

    Any clues on what to expect?

    Thanks again!

    1. The Full Moon in Gemini is always about the internet (these days) though during the last war it was about Morse Code and radio. We are going to see major issues about global internet security, hacking and online surveillance. We will all be affected but I hope you are immune. I am concerned about the airline industry then too, but I wrote about this over a year ago.

  3. Full moon in Gemini in December, but you have have mentioned some Saturn in Sgaggitarius/Uranus in Aries clashes with a little Pisces in Neptune square going on near Christmas (correct me where I am wrong here).

    You study historical astrology which is really fascinating and mentioned that it was an unusual or rare aspect. That whole paragraph is not really a question, but I am curious about your intuition for December 2016.

    1. Thank you. I’m not crazy about December 2016. I think Trident and the N word (nuclear) will be extremely hard for the world to deal with at that time. We will all feel as if we got sent back to the Eighties!

  4. I was born on a Libran full moon and so was my mother – I make that about a 335/1 chance!

  5. I was born Feb 12, 1960, Aquarius Sun, full moon Leo, what can I expect. I so need employment by August.

    1. You have the North Node at 24 Virgo in your Sixth House of service, duty and work. You are very, very Capricorn so ambitious by nature – you want to get to the top – but actually what works best for you, as Jupiter also crosses 24 Virgo (near Friday 12th August) is putting others first and being okay about being a wheel in the machine, not a big wheel. That comes later. Use your journal to write down intentions, make sketches, state goals and see what you can create for yourself. Good luck!

      1. Thank you Jessica, I’m at a point in my life that I want to do work that’s of comfort to people. Spiritual work, helping people feel seen and cared for and not alone. I’ve raised 4 kids and did what needed to be done to pay the bills now I want to do something that’s good for my soul and try to make a difference in this world. Just trying to figure it all out and work with astrology for guidance. If I didn’t help to pay my mothers bills I wouldn’t be worrying as much.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I wanted to thank you for the positive energy sent my way when I told you about my ex not paying child support. Your readings have been spot on too. When Mars was stationed 23 degrees sextile my Cap sun, we settled before trial. The truth is, I ran out of money to fight any longer. I got about half of what I was due–but it is better than nothing! I’m grateful. I will work harder to earn extra at my job. You are a remarkable astrologer! Again, thanks!

    This full moon will be conjunct Ops in my chart. I will keep remaining hopeful that I can continue to move forward.


    1. I am pleased things are working out for you and glad the readings have been spot on. Give yourself some time and space on that Full Moon. Ops will work for you, but you do need to cut yourself a break, the day before and after the Full Moon too.

  7. Sorry I was unable to add this to my previous comment and probably should have posted this comment under your write up on Pluto in Capricorn and Your Career which I just read. This was so right on for me, I mean EXACT! Just to name a few my company announced in 2015 that in February 2016 they were closing the doors to our site, so after 13 years the job that I reluctantly went to was ending and I was so happy! Absolutely no control in that job, we did receive a nice severance package and I was recently playing with the thought of starting my own business along the lines of spiritual service, I want to make a difference. WOW just WOW you rock!

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Many thanks for all your brilliant articles.

    Your July reading for Capricorn reads that aspects at ’16 or 27 Capricorn then July is major, for your career, university degree or unpaid work’. My Sun is 27 Capricorn, and on Tue we have Moon 27 Capricorn opposite Sun 27 Cancer. I’m not sure how to interpret this. I’m actually expecting professional exam results next Tue/Wed would you believe! Anyway, gulp, should I expect bad news? I worked really hard for these – been on a bit of an extended ‘career break’ and thought extending my knowledge/ skill base might not be a bad thing. Look forward to hearing.
    Thanks again.

    1. Cheers. Yes, the Full Moon on Tuesday 19th July does occur at 27 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn and so I’m not surprised to hear that you are expecting exam results – and you also have the Sun at 27 Capricorn in your Tenth House of achievement. You also have Jupiter, the planet of protection, solutions and growth very close by in your chart at 26 degrees of Scorpio – so despite that D Day feeling you will gain from what happens. This is why we have to put the Full Moon in context. It’s never easy but sometimes it’s right. This will work out for you and in fact, it will play a small part in amazing financial, business or property gains for you in 2018 when Jupiter himself crosses to 26, 27 Scorpio in your Eighth House of shared abundance.

      1. Hi Jessica

        Just out of interest, if you had the time, I just checked my husband’s chart and he has Jupiter at 27 Capricorn too – he’s Cancer 18 July 49. He also has Panacea at 27 Taurus. Do they interplay with this full moon also?
        No worries if this is a cheeky ask – you do so much anyway. Thank you.

        1. Yes, this is about your husband’s career and he’ll either have an inner conflict at work or be dealing with other people being pulled in two opposite directions. Time and space required this week! And you’re not being cheeky at all.

  9. Hi Jessica, I have Capricorn and Aquarius in 28 degrees and Scorpio in 27 degrees. What does this mean for me with the Full Moon on July the 19th? Will all areas be affected? How do I interpret this. Thank you.

    1. You are ambitious and that is a good thing – yet your ambitions are strongly affected in 2016, 2017, 2018 as tremendous changes are affecting your chosen field, industry or profession. This Full Moon will remind you of the usual issues about wanting to get to the top and stay at the top. You may have to look at new ways of defining what success means to you. This also applies to your social status. You are a climber who goes up one or more classes over the course of her lifetime (moving up in the world) yet right now you also need to figure out alternative ways of going higher. These are years of powerful transformation not seen in over 240 years and releasing the past is one useful way to handle them.

  10. Hi Jessica
    It’s a full moon tonight here in Britain, big and bright – and the hottest day of the year so far – 30 degrees where I live.
    But I want to ask you about the Full Moon in Aries on 16th October – I have the Moon in Aries in my chart – how is it likely to affect me?
    best wishes

    1. You paint a great picture of that Full Moon above our lovely British Isles. If I were you I’d pay more attention to Jupiter crossing your MC at 22 Virgo – very shortly – and the stunning opportunity to explore how a family member’s work ethic and sense of service and duty can influence you, today, in your own working life. This applies to paid or unpaid work.

      1. Thanks Jessica – the bright full moon and hot weather has now turned into thunderstorms……
        Interesting about the Jupiter MC in Virgo shortly – Both my elderly parents have HUGE work ethics and sense of duty and service (even though they don’t work anymore) which they have instilled in me. I like to do work which is of benefit of those in need.
        I’m thinking of applying for a job which involves making contact with people across the County where I live who have long-term medical conditions in order to introduce them to a new telephone helpline service which will offer them support with their health and finances.
        The application has to be in by 27th July and interviews will be on 3 August – how does the astrology look regarding all this?
        Best wishes

        1. The astrology looks stunning and I am glad you can see how the astrology has worked with your parents. You have an excellent chance of landing this job but double or treble your luck and see what else you might apply for, from grants to new gigs – stick to the same concept of serving others.

  11. Hi Jessica, where I am (UK) the full moon was just before midnight last night. Still trying to work out what it means for me with Uranus at 27 Cancer, Pluto at 26 Cancer, Jupiter at 28 Cancer, Mars at 27 Capricorn and Venus at 28 Scorpio! Nothing much happened last night except that I got to sing a few songs for a group of friends. I am trying somewhat late in life to launch a singing career.

    1. Give it a day or two for the New Moon to fully kick in. Launching a singing career is exactly what the Full Moon in Capricorn is all about – as you can see it is in your Tenth House of career. Good luck, despite the pros and cons of the Full Moon!

      1. Thanks Jessica, but your July 18th to 24th week’s predictions are that the full moon occurred at 27 degrees Cancer (not Capricorn) this week. Confused!

        1. Sorry, figure of speech. The Full Moon took place with the Sun at 27 Cancer and Moon at 27 Capricorn, so technically, yes, the Full Moon was in Capricorn – but hopefully you know what I mean!

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Could you please answer another full moon question for me?

    I’m looking to book to take another professional exam on Friday 19th August and note the full moon on 18th at 25 Aquarius. I don’t have anything in Aquarius any near that degree, in fact the nearest (degree wise) is Jupiter 26 Scorpio. I know Jupiter had a positive role to play with the last full moon in July (I did pass by the way) and wondered if this would be a similar case here? Or, is this a square? Which isn’t good is it? I’m sort of committed to that date and wondered if there is anything I need to be aware of. I realise Mercury starts its shadow thereabouts (10th ?).

    Look forward to hearing from you as always.

    Many thanks.

    1. Of course. And you sound as if you are on the way with your astrology – you could be reading your own chart pretty accurately soon! Jupiter and your Descendant are in Scorpio, on that Full Moon at 25 Aquarius, so you have a T-Square, when the Sun at 25 Leo, Moon at 25 Aquarius create a T-shape in your chart. It’s tense, which we would expect on an exam. Congratulations on passing the last one, by the way. The forthcoming T for tense T-Square will be helped hugely by you adding *people* to the situation. Why? Because they bring their charts to the party too, and you end up with lovely shell and flower patterns in your horoscope instead of just the tense T-Square. Pick up my ebook 2020 Astrology on 1st August which has a section called Sacred Geometry explaining how even tight patterns in your chart can be broken up and helped by others. I suspect there is at least one person, perhaps more, you can turn to before the exam. A teacher? An online forum of people going through the same issues?

  13. Hi Jessica,
    Another moon question for you if you have the time.
    Full moon on Monday 14th November (Sun 22 Scorpio opposite Moon 22 Taurus).
    I have Apollo 22 Scorpio and Mars 21 Taurus but I can’t quite figure out if this is a major stress time due to Mars or not. Could you please help explain this to me?

    Many thanks

    1. It’s about the money, house, business, apartment, land, possessions and so on. Yes it is a bridge to cross, but crossing it will help you enormously from the new Jupiter in Scorpio cycle starting October 2017. Think long term with this one.

  14. Hallo Jessica!
    I was looking up what you had to say on FMs as I have Taurus Sun opposite Scorpio Proserpina at 21….you say the sun sign is more important so scorpio themes are highlighted. Taking a stab at this as I am still trying to get a grasp on meanings. I, would be the go between in financial matters? How would the sun opposition come into play? Also another question to throw out there as I am having car related issues lately, would that be saturn rolling through opposing my 5 gemini factors?? or are cars represented another way? I am still waiting for support to do their thing so dont bother looking at my online birth data. Thanks so much and have a lovely night there across the pond!!!

    1. Financially, keep watching the headlines and developments of November, as the macro affects the micro. What the world is doing (and that is a lot) will have a domino effect on your own bank account and you stand to gain from knowing what is going on – and which way it’s going in 2017. Yes, the car is ruled by Gemini, and so Saturn in opposition will certainly be having an impact. You can actually track that by watching Saturn move across those degrees, because when he’s gone, the issue is gone. Have a lovely night over there – you too.

  15. Hi Jessica, my telescope is at the ready for the full moon.
    I’ve just discovered that I’m expecting my third child. I’m awaiting some test results which are due on the full moon tomorrow. Will this full moon have any relevance to those results?
    Hope all is well for you.

    1. Congratulations on your third child, and as you may know you have Fortuna at 22 Leo in the Fifth House of pregnancy. The Supermoon falls at 22 Taurus/Scorpio so you have a T Square here. This is not unusual at such a time. Fortuna is that part of you which blindly turns the wheel of fate and fortune, without knowing/seeing what she is doing. It means you have the most tremendous controlling ‘hand’ with children, yet may never actually know just how much you altered their fates. This soul is part of that story. The last time I saw a chart with Fortuna in Leo like this, the person concerned was a teacher who gave generously of his time to young children, and changed many lives, without ever being aware of how much. So, there is something utterly fated about what is to come. You can find out more about Fortuna in your ebooks if you are curious.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    My sun is in Taurus and my Jupiter is in Scorpio. There’s a big full moon coming up in Taurus on 14th Nov but it doesn’t seem to be in a key cycle as you discuss above. Will the December full moon in Gemini be more important for me then? I’m still in a decisive phase about so many things that affect my long term. Thanks!

    1. Actually, the Supermoon/Full Moon will ping your Chiron at 22 Taurus. There may be some inner conflict or polar opposites/tug of war out there with the money, land, house, business, apartment, charity and so on – yet ultimately it is your Chiron that will win the day. You are quite punk rock when it comes to finance and property and have a habit of getting away with what is supposed to be outrageous, unthinkable, unacceptable and all the rest. (And to quote The Sex Pistols, you don’t care). I think you have your own values in life and whatever those are, you are about to really live them out, to the full, in a classically Taurean way. So yes, this Supermoon really does matter to you. You need to find out what you can or cannot get away with, and just discovering that reshapes your financial world.

      1. Jessica, possibly the coolest astrological reading I’ve ever had is that the Sex Pistols describe my future, financially or otherwise. YOU ARE AWESOME!! This entire week has been outrageous, unthinkable and unacceptable and I hope and pray that we can all come together to fight for and live out our values of equality and fairness (that’s my Libra speaking!).

        1. Well thank you very much. Yes – this entire week has been Anarchy in the UK (Nigel Farage) as well as Anarchy in the USA. if we can really take that Trumposcope as real, though, with a 100% accurate birth certificate – December is making me fall out of my seat. He was born with the Nodes (fate) at 20 Sagittarius/Gemini. In December we see Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries, Saturn at 20 Sagittarius. It’s a punk rock month.

  17. Hi Jessica
    I have Jupiter at 22 Scorpio so this full moon will be larger than life for me Value your thoughts on this many thanks Deb G

    1. Wow, right in the middle! You gain from this Full Moon with the land, money, business, house, apartment, possessions, charity. It is also a tight squeeze. You or others will be stretched. Yet, when Jupiter returns to 22 Scorpio in 2018, the famous Jupiter Return, you will make or save substantial money and will look back and make more sense of this Supermoon now.

  18. My Taurus factors are around this full moon. My Scorpio and Leo is empty. I am determined to turn over a new leaf and complete all my pending tasks in the financial zone, alongwith focussing on being a stable parent to my child with disabilities. My son’s North Node is at 25 Taurus exactly conjunct my Sun, and his Venus is at 15 Leo, Sun at 18 Leo and Jupiter at 26 Leo.

    How can I work with this full moon?

    Lots of love.

    1. Actually the issue here is Chiron at 22 Aries in your First House of name, title, profile, image and personal appearance. You will not be directly affected by the Supermoon but what will happen is this – major financial, property or business changes going on around you, either with those you know, or at distance, bring your Chiron to life. You may want to read more about Chiron and Aries on this site or use your ebooks as there is a lot to say about this part of you!

  19. Hello Jessica,

    I have South Node in 23 deg Taurus and Nord Node in 23 Scorpio. Then I have Jupiter in 22 Aries, Mercury in 22 Libra , Venus in 22 Leo.
    Can you tell me in which area of my life I will be most affected by this Super Moon?

    Thank you in advance

    1. This is about your money, property, business, charity or possessions. It is karmic in nature so you knew the person or the organisation before, or have been in the same situation in another lifetime. I am sure you feel some karma floating around at the moment. This is an extremely important moment in your financial path, but it goes beyond money into your whole value system. You will gain in 2018. The other factors in your chart are part of the story, yet it’s the money that leads with this one.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    I have South Node in 23deg Taurus, North Node in 23deg Scorpio. Then I have Jupiter in 22deg Aries, Mercury 22deg in Libra, Diana 22deg in Aquarius and Aescalupia in 22deg Leo.
    Can you tell me please how this Super Moon will affected my life?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. You are already being affected and I am sure you know why – this is about the land, the money, the house, the business, the apartment and so on. It ultimately works out for you in 2018. In fact, this tight squeeze of a situation is to your long-term benefit, not only because of the money you save or make, but because of the ‘richer’ relationship you will have with one of the people involved. This is the biggest deal of all in the pattern.

  21. The moon was looking pretty spectacular on a clear Saturday night here, my kids were agape!
    Arms outstretched to catch the moonbeams! Need some new pastures

  22. Thanks Jessica for the article! I’m currently in a recruitment process and hoping for some news this week. A key person in the process has sun in 23 scorpio while I have fortuna 23 scorpio. He’s uranus is also very close to mine, 11/12 scorpio. Other planets for him: pluto 15 libra, true node 14 libra, jupiter 5 cancer, mercury 8 sagittarius, mars 7 leo, saturn 0 virgo, neptune 15 sagittarius. Any insights for me to take into in the process?

    Thank you as always for your kind help!

    Anything there I should be aware of?

    1. Thank you. Wow, you know the person in the recruitment process has the Sun at 23 Scorpio – and your Fortuna is there. If you also have the Nodes in contact this is karmic. You two knew each other in a previous life. The Supermoon of course went right over the 22 Scorpio/22 Taurus axis, which is close enough for you to both feel the inner conflict or polar opposites that come with such a moon. I would say, the more you did, workwise, to set yourself up before August, the better – if you really worked very hard in 2016 it will be that, that decides the outcome in your favour. In general, your firm is headed for a massive reshuffle anyway (did you know that?) and it will be chaotic from December through January, so if you can get things in writing before 1st December, with a full and detailed description of the conditions and terms, that would be a huge plus for you. One thing about this process – Fortuna, is that part of you which is blind to what she does with the money, business, property or charity. You literally don’t see it and don’t know it – and in fact, never can. So there is something here which is actually unknowable, in terms of the salary, specifically, or any advantages like a bonus. If you look at paintings of Fortuna you will see what I am talking about. You are setting something up here but you don’t even know what it is!

      1. Wow, that’s powerful! Can’t help but to wonder whether this has something to do with Jupiter in Libra, too? I have a Libra stellium and just purchased the 2017 horoscope. Would love to see some improvements on the partnership field professionally!

        1. We are all waiting for the next big leap forward with Jupiter in Libra which occurs in December. Jupiter 20 Libra, Uranus 20 Aries, Saturn 20 Sagittarius, Ceres 20 Aries, Mars 20 Aquarius. That will move a lot of things forward. Shake, rattle and roll.

  23. I ordered my 2017 horoscope last night. In reviewing the personal horoscope section, I’m asked to identify the top 4 stellum(s) in my birth chart. Will you please verify for me the the top 4 stellums in my chart, as I am a little uncertain as to whether I have the right answer. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for ordering your 2017 horoscope. You have a huge stellium in Scorpio with an unusually high number of chart factors there. You also have a big stellium in Virgo. You can add a stellium in Aries and Aquarius to that list. You are a Scorpio-Virgo-Aries-Aquarius type. You could squeeze another stellium in there too but because the Scorpio signature is so huge, that’s enough for you to deal with. You will save or make a small fortune from October 2017 into 2018 as Jupiter crosses your Scorpio stellium. It will make up for the time you had when Saturn was in Scorpio in recent years!

  24. Hi Jess,
    I was wondering how my Vulcano and Panacea are being pinged by this Taurus full moon.
    I also saw in the weekly scopes that my Psyche and Sun are being activated this week and your Get the Gloss scopes mentioned ticking things off to move on which I immediately connected to my work situation which has been dragging on due to my worry about letting go of an income source. Any thoughts on the chart pinging would be appreciated as always. Thanks Jess.

    1. Panacea exactly conjunct Vulcano in Scorpio trine Ops in Cancer is what you have here, and yes – you are being well and truly pinged by the Supermoon/Taurus Full Moon. To decode it, when it comes to finance and property, you are the ‘fix it’ person (Panacea) who always comes up with remedies and answers – although there is always an ethical or moral issue which comes along with it – no black or white, always grey areas. Vulcano in the same spot, is about your self-control which makes you very powerful in all financial, business or property dealings. This little pattern works automatically with all your house/apartment/household/family/home town/homeland concerns as Ops is in Cancer in the Fourth house, ruling all that stuff. Ops is the can-do part of you, the eternal optimist who makes everything work. You are going to see polar opposites in the world around you now, or deal with your own inner conflicts (sounds like that is already happening) about the house, the apartment, the household, the family or the home town. The good news is, this is a productive time. Why? Because in 2018 Jupiter (abundance, good fortune) crosses 22 Scorpio and you are going to make or save money – it will be directly tied to the residence/relative/flatmate in question. I am not sure if you can wait that long but it’s out there if you want it, according to your horoscope.

  25. Hi
    Hope you are well. I lovr your work. I have seen it all with fullmoons.. few just go pass and some just rock you.

    Fullmoon yesterday was close to my Asc at 21. I know this is not a planet. What does it mean. I wasn’t emotional but want to win a competition.

    Also Jupiter currently trine my MC in Aquarius, then it will be crossed by Mars. I am highly ambitious and applied for jobs. Do I have a good news?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you! Actually you have a Leo-Taurus-Scorpio T-Square which was directly hit by the Full Moon. Assuming your birth time is exact, you do have quite a lot of stuff to sort out, principally about money. For career, you need to look at Capricorn and your Tenth House. If you say you are ‘highly ambitious’ that is Capricorn talking. Actually, you have Jupiter and the North Node there, as you know, so you were born wanting to climb higher. Try to do all the talking before 1st December as Mercury is Retrograde Shadow from that point into January. Further ahead your entire career or lifestyle will change when you see Saturn crossing into Capricorn, then Jupiter later! We’re talking Christmas 2017 through to early 2020.

  26. Hi Jessica, I am a libra who has been trying to get a new job for a long time. I have a few irons in the fire (is that the correct saying?? Haha) But nothing has come through yet…. this has just been a really long year with a lot of things going wrong but I would like to end it with a bang! With this full moon help with that? It already started off terrible yesterday, I hit a deer while driving!

    1. I am so sorry you hit a deer while driving, for both you and the deer. The Full Moon is not relevant to your chart, but if you are looking for a new job, the key is reality, capital R. Your chart shows a ton of Neptune going down, which is about unreality and non-reality. It can be fantastic in a limited way (like being a part-time Disneyland extra in the Captain Nemo show) but if you let the whole thing take over, you can end up feeling that nothing is happening – or all at sea. One way to actually serve the transit is to find a small, part-time role with pay (or no pay) which is a departure from ‘real’ and allows you to live your life as if it was a story or escape. That should take care of Neptune for you then you can get on with the more boring business of earning a crust and doing the nine-to-five (or shift work, natch). The Full Moon/Supermoon is not about work at all for you, but Neptune truly is.

  27. What does it mean when you say put it in context. I have Sun in Sag and Moon in Aries, it does not match to the sun-moon combos you’ve mentioned. What is the full moon going to bring for me. I have been trying hard to attempt to read my chart but I just don’t get it

    1. A really simple way to start reading your chart is to know that you are a strongly Capricorn person with a large stellium in that sign, so you are here to climb higher, throughout your life, through the twin areas of status and success. You will find that your entire destiny is reshaped in slow stages, now through 2020, and starting in a tiny way in December as we begin the Mercury Retrograde Shadow cycle through Capricorn. It may help to give you Kate Middleton as an example. She has gone from a middle-class, Middleton (!) background to becoming the future Queen. She did it cautiously and carefully. I could also give you Kate Moss who went from working-class Croydon to multiple Vogue covers. You have this aspiration too and as we are going to see Saturn enter Capricorn at the end of 2017, followed by Jupiter, joining Pluto over the 2019-2020 interval, it’s all about your career. Maybe ‘trophy wifedom’ if you are headed that way, but actually the most satisfying part of this cycle is your own professional achievement, or achievement through voluntary work. The Full Moon is not triggering your chart but you need to know your Capricorn true self and watch those transits through Capricorn.

  28. Hi Jessica. Although I don’t have any Taurus nor Scorpio factors at those exact points I do have factors in Capricorn and Pisces. Interested in your thoughts as to how this moon triggers any career (hopefully) transformation for me. As for the Pisces point, can you expand how this would impact my Chiron and how it could potentially work for me. Thanks for thoughts Jessica!

    1. Career is a major choice in 2017 and 2018 actually – the Node moves into Aquarius and your solar Sixth House from May next year and there will be a real harking back to 1999, 2000 and actually that whole period that the outer planets were in Aquarius. You will be going back to old faces from the past, or returning to old skills/similar positions/similar or same organisations. You assume you’ve moved on, I know, but actually there is more karma to be sorted out and some credits to cash in, as well as some issues to resolve. Pisces? In your chart that is not so much about anything you can show to others, because it is about the secret you keep, or the role you play behind the scenes. The Supermoon itself will not trigger your career zone in any major way, but 2017-2018 will be memorable in terms of time-travelling and using ‘Back to the Future’ to build success. One of the reasons you incarnated was to serve – to do your duty – and that will also come back.

  29. Hellou Jessica,

    first of all thank you very much for your answer that you gave me in the begining of this day.
    I have just one another question as for my partner. His DOB is 15/11/1975, 11:30pm in Slovakia. As today is his birthday – just one day after Supermoon, I would like to ask you what will be the area of his life the most affected by this Full moon and if there is any impact on my life.
    Thank you very much for all that you do for all of us.

    1. It’s really hard to say without seeing his chart, and I don’t even have yours, unfortunately. You are with a Sun Scorpio who does indeed have the Full Moon/SuperMoon quite close to his exact Sun position. It’s about the money, apartment or house. Difficult choice for him to make but he benefits from this in 2018, generally speaking.

      1. Jessica,

        thank you as well for your answer. As I am a Premium member, you gave me an answer upon my birth chart sooner. But it is really thrilling , because as you wrote me, I will have some karmic situation in the same field as you wrote for my Scorpio partner as I have North node 23deg in Scorpio. So maybe it will be with him even if I don ´t really feel as I knew him before:-).

  30. Hi Jessica, I have uranus at 20 scorpio and mars at 22 leo at the above degrees. Also I have moon 27 aries. There are other factors at those degrees but I don’t know if they mean anything. Could you look at my chart and see what this full moon means for me.
    Thank you so much!!!

    1. Mars at 22 Leo in your Fifth House of courtship, babies, children and Millennials is the main recipient of the Supermoon. You won’t have a direct hit, but you will feel other people’s choices about their money, property or business interests, through six degrees. It will have an impact on the way you feel about dating (perhaps) and more likely, the way you feel about that younger generation who belong to you or other people. I do feel that babies, children, a younger generation will change everything for you 2017 through 2018 as the Node passes over Mars at 22 Leo and that whole part of your chart is activated. Milestone choices.

  31. Hello Hello Hello!
    What a divine picture of Lady Liberty and the Moon!
    Speaking of NY, I am still reeling from the election shock result! I can understand the protests out the front of Trump Tower in NY. I live in that neck of the world and am concerned about it.
    I would love to know your thoughts? A Bernie comeback perhaps?
    I did get to see the Supermoon! The clouds parted just in time for a magical glimpse!
    I have MC at 22 Scorpio. Given this is not a planet or asteroid, how would it affect my natal chart? Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.
    Keep rocking on!

    1. Hey there. I’m glad you saw the Supermoon. It is amazing how we have been watching these very bright, very large Full Moons for thousands of years and thinking something must be happening – yet not knowing. Actually it is indeed the American election and the world economy and the story that just started goes through 2017, 2018 and beyond. You will be affected at a distance. Your MC at 22 Scorpio is about your finances, property, charity, possessions or business interests. So make it your business now to read the financial pages and see what is going down, because it will be dramatic and from May 2018 it will change in a day.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this detailed explanation of the importance of this full moon. Something significant happened in my life on November 13, connected to courtship and relationships. My Uranus is in 22 degrees of Scorpio, and if I’m getting this correct Uranus is the ruler of my fifth house of relationships. Could you please take a look at my chart and help me understand the patterns?

    Thank you

    1. Thank you Malika. Actually you have Uranus at 22 Scorpio in your Eighth House of money, property and business – always tied to sexually intimate relationships, or deadly serious agreements. You have Pluto at 21 Libra in your Seventh House of former, current and potential partners. Put that together and you were truly affected by the Supermoon at 22 Scorpio/22 Taurus. Basically this whole situation is about your conflict between needing to control and being forced to be free. It’s not just November. This is an ongoing pattern with love, sex and relationships into 2017 and you will really gain by learning as you go. The Full Moon was actually just a passing trigger, and the intensity will fade. Long-term you are watching Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn go over 21, 22 degrees (into next year) and figuring out the best way for you to be happy and content in love. I have seen this chart pattern before and it suits flight attendants who come and go, seeing their lover now and gain – yet still committed. You will have your own choices but it will work out for you, as Jupiter (improvement, luck, advantages) goes through Libra and Scorpio over the next two years.

  33. Hi Jessica ,
    I have Neptune 24° Scorpio 01′ 40″ R and Moon 15° Libra 00′ 06″ , will this moon have an impact on our lives (my son and I ) will appreciate your guidance .

    Many thanks
    Joan x

    1. Not so much, as Neptune is a little wide. (The Sun is at 22 Scorpio and Moon is at 22 Taurus). You will be affected, at a distance, by other people or organisations in your world making major financial or property decisions. This will not hit you directly, but you will notice a knock-on effect. Someone may be buying land, for example, or there may be a family loan. There may be a new business proposal or a bank offer in your world and the ripples reach you, though not financially – in other ways.

  34. Dear Jessica, just fyi as data for your interpretations, just the day after the US elections, the Govt of India announced the largest demonetisation financial reform the country has ever seen. It was a pretty rebellious act and it’s sent the country into financial ad political turmoil as I write, but despite the opposition many feel this might turn out for the better in the long run. More scorpio & taurus financial repercussions!

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know that about India – it’s so easy to be sidetracked by America and Britain at the moment – but I’m off to find out more, right now.

  35. Hello Jessica, 

    Every time i read an article of yours, it gives me this feeling of constant
    knowledge expansion which is so unique. Thank You for this!
    Hopefully this bright moon will guide everyone to their creative directions.

    What impact does this full moon has for Taurus born in May 17th 1990
    (time 11.30pm Athens Greece)?  

    Sun in Taurus, stellium in Capricorn and Pluto
    conjunct Juno in Scorpio Retrograde in MC (in 15th degree).

    I am Capricorn and my natal mars and cupido is also in Scorpio in 15th degree in my 7th house

    Is there any chance we will be back together once Jupiter in Scorpio will activate these degrees? Me-January 8th 1986 12:50pm Athens Greece

    Thank you so much for the informative and enlightening article!!

    1. Thank you. Without seeing the degrees of anything in your chart, and actually the whole chart, it is hard to comment. You’re a Taurus with a Full Moon/Supermoon in your sign, opposite the Sun in Scorpio and you want to get back together with your ex? Actually I would need your ex’s chart too. Sorry.

      1. I regret the unsuitable comment of mine!! I am capricorn with full moon hit my aesculapia in 1st house and ex is taurus with sun in 26’s fine..i am trying to figure out what/if any romantic remarkable change may happen for an ex couple. Anyway thank you very much for all the “decoding” guidance you offer.Keep On brightening us Up!!!

  36. Hi Jessica,
    I have the North Node at 21°Scorpio. At the moment, I have three headlines in my life : I’ll start to build my own house in a few weeks, I’m facing some relationship problems with my partner (not the best conditions to build future together…) and finalizing a novel that will be published in Q1 2017. Will this Full moon affect any of these fields ? Many thanks for your help.

    1. Actually you have the Nodes, plural, triggered by the Supermoon. Taurus and Scorpio rule money and property. You have karma (the Nodes) here as past life issues (Nodes again) are being woken up by an uncomfortable issue (Supermoon) about the cash, house or apartment. So when you say you are building a house and having partnership concerns – that’s it. This too shall pass. Despite the discomfort, you stand to gain (Jupiter) in 2018 when there is a reward (Jupiter) of a financial or property nature (Scorpio). Watch for Jupiter passing 21 Scorpio, year after next. It’s hard to comment on your partner without seeing his chart.

  37. Hi Jessica. Last week was truly difficult personally and in terms of political events. I could really use your insight into what is going on in my home life and relationship. I believe that you can see my chart. As for my partner’s, here are some possible clues, but I’m unsure how to interpret them. He has Sun in Leo 3; Venus in Cancer 23, Vesta in Libra 9; Moon in Libra 15; Panacea in Scorpio 22; Proserpina in Taurus 21; Desc in Gemini 7; North Node Cancer 20. Would appreciate some understanding and wisdom. Thanks so much.

    1. I have quite a few people asking me about the new POTUS so I will have a closer look at the American national horoscope later. In your own life you will only be indirectly affected by the Supermoon. Why? You have nothing at Taurus or Scorpio 22, but you do have a factor at Sagittarius 22, so your travel plans (Sagittarius) will be affected by global changes to currency (Taurus). You may want to read up on currency right now. This also goes for people in other countries (Sagittarius) coming in. Your husband is more directly affected. What was so uncomfortable but now-or-never for him this week about the money or property will repay him in 2018. A typical example would be having to borrow money from a relative to buy a property because of a bank’s failure – yet with the property adding 20% or 30% in value this time next year. I am sure he has his own example.

  38. Dear Jessica,
    Thanks for doing all that you do. Below is all the Scorpio I could find in my birth chart. How will I be impacted? Any guidance will be helpful. Thanks in advance.

    01° Scorpio 52′ 53″
    24° Scorpio 21′ 04″
    24° Scorpio 23′ 27″
    09° Scorpio 31′ 17″ R

    1. Thank you for typing that out. The Supermoon/Full Moon has not directly had an impact, but indirectly, your finances will be favourably affected in 2018 when you either make more money, or save a substantial amount from good deals/favours and so on. I guess you’ve seen all the big financial news headlines around this New Moon (October) to Full Moon (November) period. This will affect you at a distance – a ripple effect. When Google announce a 1 billion pound investment in Britain, it sends ripples. When a change of President increases the value of the pound, or India makes bold money moves, it sends more ripples. These also reach you, in time.

  39. Hi Jessica, great article, I believe you added on as I responded in July. Doesn’t appear that finance will ge a thumbs up in my personal chart but my husband has a Taurus Moon 19 degrees & Jupiter in Taurus at 23 degrees? You’re right Hillary did win, unfortunately our archaic electoral system robbed her. I have to say the picture with the Full Moon and the Statue of LIBERTY is chilling knowing what we know now. This country is divided and not knowing where my people are is scary. I’m blessed & thankful to have children and a husband who see this as I do. Are there US charts showing what is to come? Thank you Jessica

    1. Thank you so much. Your husband’s chart is significant as this Full Moon (Supermoon) just triggered money, business or property for him in 2018 in a way which is uncomfortable now but he will benefit from next year. Did you know the Full Moon photograph and statue of Liberty just appeared randomly? I must have filed it away some months ago but it popped up as the main illustration for the story. I think it is time to write about the American horoscope, as I can see others asking me about it. I understand why you feel the country is divided right now.

      1. WOW!!!Full Moon Statue of Liberty pic randomly popping up means something. Hopefully a reminder of where we’ve been and what she stands for. I listened in on a webinar election night where 5 astrologers were predicting the election. One Vedic Astrologer Joni Patry said on the webinar and I researched it to see she said this on her Facebook as well “The rest of this year will intensify with an event of great magnitude at the end of this year on New Years Eve. As transiting Saturn goes into Sagittarius it will hover in the last degrees of Scorpio and early Sagittarius” she said to not go out on New Years Eve. Would love to know what you see.

        1. That is fascinating about New Year’s Eve. When different astrologers using different techniques see the same thing, you know something is going on. My concern is with America’s special relationship with Britain and also her difficult relationship with Russia and North Korea. It is also absolutely true that the world is going to turn upside-down again in December. Another shock. I will go into this more when I put the story on America together, but first I need to gather all the points in history which show how this chart works, from the Moon Landing to the JFK assassination. All I can say about this lovely country is – December is massive. It may in fact extend into New Year, let me look further.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    Greetings! Please have a look at my chart to see what The Full Moon at 22 degrees in Taurus means for me. I have the Sun at 24 degrees and Mercury at 22 degrees both in Taurus, nothing in Scorpio (Mars at 22 degrees in Virgo though).
    Have been through a lot during the past 7 years and looking for some stability in my life. Still unemployed and divorced. Currently in my country of birth visiting Family and trying to sort out a real estate issue.
    Thank you in advance for everything. Visit your website 3-4 times a day minimum, always looking for hidden gems and trying to study and understand astrology.
    Kind regards.

    1. Thank you Juakali. You will have seen the Full Moon/Supermoon impact by the time you read this. With Mercury at 22 Taurus the Moon triggered a money, house, apartment, business or ownership question (usually about possessions) and the Sun at 22 Scorpio made it rather more well-known than usual – it wasn’t hidden away as these matters are. I am sure it was uncomfortable for you, yet in 2018 when Jupiter (reward, solutions) passes 22 Scorpio you will see the benefits. Your other issues are not about the Full Moon at all, although the family/real estate issue certainly was. You are your own best astrologer so please make sure all your ebooks are downloaded and keep tracking the planets. Use your journal and work with the cycles to sort out your work situation.

  41. Hi Jessica, I have Diana at 22 scorpio, have you and insightful remarks on this placement please.

    1. Your independence is just as precious to you as money, shopping, a home, possessions, wealth. You find autonomy, space and freedom priceless, in fact. Any time you have to get into a financial agreement (or out of one) particularly with a relative or partner, Diana will make herself known. The Supermoon completely hit your Diana so I suspect you were not in the most comfortable place with the deal or decision, yet you will gain substantially in 2018 as Jupiter (abundance, solutions, win-win outcomes) conjuncts Diana. He was actually her father in mythology.

  42. Hi Jessica
    This full moon is triggering various points in my chart , not least my moon at 23 Taurus. I would be grateful for your advice on this as the last few days have triggered feelings of loss and grief that I thought were dealt with years ago .
    Many thanks , Lynne .

    1. Lynne, I am sorry about the loss and grief being triggered by the Full Moon. Of course it hits your MC/IC axis as well as your Taurus Moon. This too shall pass. In fact, it’s already passing. The Sun in Scorpio is the issue here, because it’s clashing with the Moon. As I’m sure you know, Scorpio rules the family, especially in connection with legacies and wills, and it also rules partners, especially when there is money or a home involved. Any time we see Scorpio in the mix (an emotional water sign) we know that feelings must be given space for 2-3 days.

    1. The Full Moon does not hit your chart directly, only at a distance – so the economic changes we are seeing now will affect currency exchange rates (the Australian dollar against other currencies) which in turn affects your holidays or export/import/foreign purchasing/sales. Why? Because you have a chart factor at 22 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreign places and people.

  43. Dear Jessica,
    I am writing to you because it is my birthday today. Last year same time was really stressful for me. This year it is much better. Can you please throw some light on the planets on my chart for the next year and beyond.
    I dont know whether it is just me growing up or whether the situation changed. I would like you to do a deeper reading on my planet positions – my birth time is accurate since i have checked it several times. May I request you please to do a full reading for me. Thank you so much. You are very talented. I read all the blogs from other astrologers in the US but this year only I came across your website. Certain wordings you wrote for 2016 “shine a light on the ocean floor ” resonated so much. 2016 had been terrible for me till September and definitely my eyes were opened in March 2016. Please respond to me. Thank you for your time.

    1. Happy birthday. The Comments section is not for a full reading – you will need to waitlist for a 2018 horoscope now, to do that (my waiting list is about one year long, because I do not use staff or a computer program). You were born with Venus conjunct Uranus at 20 Libra – exactly. In sexual relationships you have a lifelong pattern of distancing yourself from people and situations, even though you also want the complication and colour of a romance. You turn your own world upside-down whenever you do this, accidentally inventing different versions of the old relationship, or even brand new ways to date, mate and relate. It is common for people born with Venus-Uranus conjunctions to avoid sex, because they do not want the disruption. Then, there are those romantic adventurers who don’t mind the shocks, thuds and flashes that come with love. I am mentioning all this because you have the biggest and best opportunity in 12 years to either fix the past, or pursue the future, and it will happen as Jupiter passes 20 Libra from just before Christmas Eve to a few days past Boxing Day. That’s quite a Christmas. Always cherish freedom and independence with this pattern. Know that it will always liberate you from whatever restricts you, with former, current or potential lovers.

      1. Dear Jessica,
        Thank you for the reply. I have quite a good understanding with my spouse. He is a very patient person. God Bless. For past 2 and half years, I had issues with my boss who is a woman and treats her underlings very poorly and very badly. Looks down on people who work for her and throws us under the bus every chance she get with higher management. I was very stressed out but now I feel I should just sit and watch. I am still on the team though for the time being.
        How does the work aspect look in 2017 and want to ask you about money and investments for me in 2017. If i can get a better investment opportunity I want to leave this job and move on to better prospects. Please advise.

        1. You will need to make a decision about work and lifestyle in December and put a price on your own freedom. There will be a chance then to become more independent, so consider that. Everything will change in a flash and you will have to decide if you are going to pursue the future or stay stuck in the past. This will happen in the final half of December with lots of change close to Christmas. You made decide that life is too short to put up with a dreadful boss. However, I know enough about Uranus transits to tell you that shocks and surprises are very common so it may be the last thing you expected to see, which sets you free.

  44. Hi Jessica!

    Hope you are well!

    Are you able to take a look at my chart and advise if Dec. 13th, 2016 is a bad day for ear surgery? It is during Mercury Retrograde and falls on the day of the full moon. I have been waiting to have to this surgery done for about two years now to correct hearing loss in my left ear and hoping not to have to defer it any longer. It would be helpful to make an informed decision.

    Thank you muchly for all of your advise!


    1. Thank you. Psyche at 22 Capricorn in your chart in the Tenth House of career is transited by the Full Moon at 22 Gemini (opposite the Sun at 22 Sagittarius) on Wednesday 14th December. I expect the major outcome will be mixed feelings about the impact on your job. Waiting two years? I suppose if you had the luxury of moving it slightly forwards or backwards by a few days you might feel more comfortable. I am sure you’ve read the huge amount of astrology literature on the Full Moon.

      1. Thank you, Jessica! Yes, two years. One year of procrastinating and another of being wait listed after making the decision to go for it. I won’t have the luxury of moving it without the risk of waiting another long period of time so I’ll take my chances and hope for the best.

        Best wishes,

  45. Hi Jessica,

    Towards this full moon in Taurus, I’ve been having the urge to re-educate (in medicine), similar to the Jupiter in Taurus transit a few years ago (when I reducated in IT), could this be linked to the impending move of Uranus into Taurus? I think most of my Taurus aspects are about education, although I could be wrong.

    Notably, I have Uranus at 21′ Scorpio, but also Mars at 0′ Scorpio, I also have three Taurus factors (4′ 11′ and 18′), do you have any advice on how this full moon and the Taurus/Scorpio aspects affect me please.

    Thank You

    1. Born with Neptune and the IC (Immum Coeli) in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of academia, you were actually born into a family where one important branch on your family tree was a notable educator or student. It may be this generation, or you may be going back one or two generations. You are returning to your roots when you choose life in education. What you are experiencing is not the Supermoon in regard to this. It is Saturn transiting Sagittarius and your Ninth House for the first time in about 29 years. Take your time as you decide. December will reveal the realities of this choice to you. The urge to re-educate is sensible and will pay off extremely well when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from the final quarter of 2018 and into 2018. However – you may want to do a lot more research on your chosen courses before you dive in, as Saturn is conjunct your IC and Neptune in this cycle and he brings slow, stuck, serious, sombre situations. Be sharply aware of what is changing out there, and what is likely to change in 2017. The cycle ends Christmas 2017.

  46. Hi Jessica

    Just a little comment about an interesting article. The code breaker Alan Turing was working on an “enigma” machine…Kriegsmarine literally means “War Marine” (Navy in German). This doesnt detract in any way about the article. I hope that the full moon manages to bring out into the open the truth about an old very dear friend of mine and resets our relationship



    1. Thank you. Alan Turing turns up a lot in my astrological research. One of the few scientists to believe in life after death. I wonder what he thinks about the way his invention is being used to hack e-mails these days. You have Venus at 9 Aquarius and Saturn at 20 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendship. Obviously this is more than a dear friend (Venus is about complex relationships) and it is hard work (Saturn is slow, stuck, serious, sombre situations). The most remarkable piece of repetition – karma – will occur next year when the Node moves to Aquarius. Please do use July 22, 23, 24 to make amends or close the circle with your friend. Venus at 20 Gemini trines Panacea at 20 Aquarius then, right on your Saturn. We also have a dazzling New Moon on Sunday 23rd July 2017. Bon chance!

      1. Thank you Jessica. This friend is very dear. She was born in Sydney on the 19th of April 1988. But she is also estranged. She once called me her soul mate and I felt the same of here. Our estrangement was thrust upon us almost a year ago. In fact on her birthday. Is she really my soul mate and will this karma event bring us back together.

        1. Try your Oracle cards for this one. Find out what drove you apart and what you can do about it – it’s an intensely personal issue for you, so I think you should read your own cards, here. Your chances are very good.

          1. Thank you….i have been and assuming im doing it correctly the cards do suggest reconciliation

            Thank you again

  47. Hi Jessica,

    I hope all is well. I never heard of Avebury, looks like a fascinating place. I’ll add it to an ever growing list of places to visit. This moon was a few degrees off of my 26 degree sun in Taurus and 26 degree Mercury in Taurus. I also have Panacea at 24 degree Taurus. I had a couple interesting meetings, one on Sunday and the other on Tuesday, bookends on the moon if you will. In between those meetings, I was asked to present at my alma matter, which I recently reconnected with. I’ve proposed something significant, seed related, with them and their current expansion. I’ve been told that some people will be invited to this presentation besides the class I’m presenting to. This is how the moon played out in my chart. Opportunity, but nothing concrete yet.

    Can you please tell me how does Panacea play into this?

    I’m worried though with the election here last week.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Avebury is wonderful and it is worth spending half a day there – for sheer atmosphere and wow factor, it beats Stonehenge any day – and if you go off-season you may be the only person there. That is interesting about your meetings and the presentation over the Supermoon. You have the North Node at 22 Virgo in the Sixth House of work opposite the South Node at 22 Pisces in the Twelfth House, where you keep secrets or take a role behind the scenes, where nobody can see you. The Supermoon was at 22 Taurus/Scorpio so triggered that. The Nodes describe past life karma. You had a similar job in another lifetime, maybe more. Virgo, of course, rules the body and food. Other people’s conflicts (Full Moon Supermoon) around business and money (Taurus/Scorpio) are having an impact on your work. This goes beyond November because Chiron hovers around 21 Pisces for quite a long time. Saturn moves to 22 Sagittarius next year. You may want to dig more deeply into your Virgo-Pisces Nodes and see if you are repeating any patterns in your life, or about to do so – you can decode your own past and learn from that. The best kind of astrology.

  48. Hi Jessica,

    I have neptune in scorpio, cupido in leo and pluto in virgo at 23 degrees and 21 degrees respectively. Please help me deconstruct this. I’ve been on a sabbatical for a year now, studying, and am keen to get back to work. Thank you as always.

    1. Thank you. Actually, your natal Pluto at 21 Virgo (not 23 Virgo, as you say) in your Sixth House of lifestyle, daily workload and study/job is the issue here. The Supermoon, not so much. Why is your Pluto a big deal? Because we have Chiron passing opposite at 20 Pisces, within one degree. We also have Saturn at 20 Sagittarius, Jupiter at 20 Libra and Uranus at 20 Aries. So we have a ‘sandwich’ of factors around your birth position of Pluto. You can deconstruct this by using your ebooks. Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House is your constant pursuit of control where work, study or unpaid work is concerned. You are powerful here but you can be obsessive about your projects, tasks, courses and plans – Pluto is a very old symbol for control! This extends to your body. Pluto in Virgo puts you firmly in the generation of people most affected by food, drink, drugs, medication since the 1960s (everything from The Pill to personal trainers, to gyms, to GM modified food, to the use of E as a party drug, to supermarkets using additives). No wonder you are compelled by that as well. I wrote a long piece on the Pluto in Virgo generation you may want to read. What you are going to find in December, January, February is that your Pluto wakes up. This is nothing short of a complete transformation on every level – not just your interpretation of work, service and duty but also how you are going to play eight hours to sleep, eight hours of leisure and eight hours of chores/tasks. The application process will teach you so much about that.

  49. Hi Jessica
    I saw the Supermoon on Monday coming up over the North Sea in Britain on my way home from work. It was a big, golden ball with black bars of cloud across it. Very dramatic. It was a very emotional day for me – I handed my notice in at work so that I can take some time to support my Mother who is terminally ill and my Father who isn’t coping very well with this. I’m going to start a new job in January nearer to where my parents live so that it will be easier to offer that support. I spent most of the day trying not to cry as I explained why I was leaving work. Seems like it was a good example of Moon/Mother and Sun/Father inner conflict for me but I hadn’t thought of it like that until I read your blog. I’m glad the full moon is past now, I feel less emotional about leaving work and I’m starting to plan ahead. I can only hope I’m doing the right thing.
    best wishes

    1. Thank you Pauline. The Supermoon over the North Sea, your terminally ill Mother and the situation with your Father is one of those time-markers that you won’t forget and I am very sorry you are going through this. At the same time, I almost knew you would have the Nodes (karma) in Cancer (family) and Capricorn (career) before I checked your chart. You do. And what you are going through is the Pluto cycle of deep transformation in Capricorn (career, role, vocation) opposite Cancer (parents). It can only happen every 240+ years and this is why it’s so life-changing. You are doing the right thing, because according to astrology, you and your parents knew each other in one or more previous lifetimes and have made agreements to go through the process of sorting out debts to each other (what you owe) and credits (what you gain). Perhaps they even thought they knew you when you were very small! Maybe you seemed like an old soul to you. This karma may even have gone across several lifetimes, and the theme would always be the same – ambition, success – versus home, parents. Pluto will move off the Capricorn-Cancer axis of your chart in time (you actually have more than just the Nodes along that part of your chart) and the karma will be complete. Typically, we feel a deep sense of fulfilment when that happens. In the meantime please find Betty Shine on YouTube and see if she speaks to you. One of the best healers Britain ever produced. For you and your parents.

      1. Thank you Jessica – you are so kind in your response and recommendations. I was fascinated to read about knowing my parents across several lifetimes and the pull of career/parental connection. We have always had a strong bond and every time I have moved away for work or study I have always been pulled back to the area where they live. What you say puts what is happening now into context and I thank you for that.
        I listened to Betty Shine on YouTube. Her voice was so calm and soothing it sent me to sleep. I have no idea what she said to me while I was asleep but I woke up feeling calm and more positive than I have done for a long while. So thank you for that too!
        Best wishes

        1. Pauline I am so thrilled. I have Betty Shine here in spirit and she is helping you. Keep going. Betty is working as much as she did, in this life, as she does in the afterlife. Thank you!

  50. Hi Jessica,

    Taking in account my birthday chart and the positions of Taurus and Scorpio in it, do you think I can expect from this supermoon a positive and significant change in the terrible situation of my economy after several years unemployed??

    I am currently dealing with the intraday trading. Could be it this first step I am looking for?

    Thanks an advance . Kinds regards.

    1. Many years of unemployment is very hard and I am sorry about that. The Supermoon (which is now well and truly over) was really not about work, but it was about trading in general – and reading world trends. I am sure you saw what happened to Wall Street when Trump claimed victory. I am sure you also saw the price of Bitcoin jump. Your career in general is a separate issue. The two magic words here, are ‘duty’ and ‘service’ and if you can pursue that rather than ‘success’ you will, ironically enough, discover what it means to be successful. You are in a cycle when you have to work very hard at looking after other people, putting them first. If you can do that, even in a part-time job, you will fix a lot of the issues you have been having. It may be in an entirely different field – not trading.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    I have venus in 23 scorpio. What should I be expecting?

    PS: I can’t access my premium member, and I am sure I didn’t cancel it 🙂

    1. Please try Support if you cannot get into your Premium Membership. The Supermoon has now passed so by now you will have made your decision about the land, the bank, family money, the house, the business income and so on. It will have an answering call in 2018 when you will gain. So for example if you purchased land near the Supermoon it will go up in value in 2018.

  52. Dear Jessica,

    I’ve been going through a very difficult time for several years, with extreme trauma arriving in August 2016. Much of the crisis has its origins in the actions of my husband (birthdate 21 July 1955). I wonder if there is anything you can see in my chart that might help me to understand, cope, prepare, and endure.

    Thank you!

    1. Venus 26 Aries, Saturn 26 Libra will do it. You were born with an exact opposition between the planet of complicated relationships and the planet of life lessons which is being triggered by Uranus moving up to 26 Aries and Jupiter moving over 26 Libra next year. I am very sorry you have had such a tough time with your Cancerian husband, although I also have to say – if August was the breaking point, it was the right time for you to break away emotionally. In 2017 you will be free (without compromise) and your new independence will feel exhilarating. It may help to know this cycle can only come once in your life, so if it feels momentous – it is. You have an Aries stellium. You are a fighter. If you don’t want the fight to be all about him, one way to achieve this, is to ‘fight the good fight’ on a project, with a cause or campaign – this allows your Aries side to find her outlet and it will not be quite so necessary to put all yourself into the issue with him. Yet – Jupiter’s transit through Libra by October 2017 will help you so much. The planet of solutions, growth and improvement is set to cross 26 Libra, and help you fix a great many concerns.

  53. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for your horoscopes and posts. They have helped me through a difficult year. Saturn has opposed my Gemini most of the year which has felt really tough and depressing at the same time. I’m currently riding a Uranus wave that is exciting and scary and exhausting but should take me to a significant Xmas day. Saturn will then finish what he started as he squares off all my Virgo planets for most of next year. It feels daunting but part of some bigger plan I guess! Do you have any jnsight/prophecy/advice? Thank you kindly

    1. Thank you – and I can understand why you are having a difficult year. Mercury at 10 Gemini and Mars at 12 Sagittarius will do that for you, as Saturn is obviously crossing both – I always think this is an opposition which is challenging because it’s about how you communicate, how you write, how you speak and how you use the web – and it also strikes at the core of what you belief – what your philosophy of life is. Fortunately you know this is just a cycle like any other and this too shall pass. In the meantime any mindfulness, meditation or healing exercise will really help you, if you have not already begun to seek something out. I have been recommending Betty Shine on YouTube recently with excellent results. Mercury in your chart is strongly emphasised, because of course it rules Virgo as well and you have a Virgo stellium. I do think some of the nervous energy you are describing (exciting and exhausting) is down to the transits to your Mercury and that is why some mind, body and spirit discipline would probably make a tremendous difference to how you feel, within yourself, and how you see the situations around you. In fact, if you don’t already have something to lean on, like yoga or meditation, this could change your life. It often does for strongly Virgo women.

  54. Thank you! Any mention of past life anything captures my imagination. Interesting that it could be food and body related.

    The topic of other people’s conflicts and business and money that you mentioned, I’ve been looking at the relationship of food insecurity and income inequality lately. My alma matter is in the midst of a three year program about income inequality, and
    I was there yesterday wondering around, which connected some dots. I have a contact to that program, so I’m going to bounce an idea off of him, and hopefully start a conversation.

    Finally, digging into the nodes, yes, been very reflective about my life of late.

    You’re quite generous with you time and what you see, thank you again.

  55. Hi Jessica,

    I am confused maybe you can help me. I was feeling hopeful with my Salacia 21 Capricorn that the full moon on the 12th would be good for me especially with Saturn trine Uranus right now.

    Then I heard about the grand cross.

    Can you shed some light on what this may mean for me? I do not have factors in Aries, Libra or Cancer at 22 or near there. But I know the energy of a grand cross can be really strong.

    Any clarity will be greatly appreciated.


    1. A Grand Cross is best fixed by adding people to the situation. You can read more about that in Sacred Geometry on this website. The Beatles had a Grand Cross. When they added their lovers, like Yoko Ono, and their colleagues, like Brian Epstein, they turned the cross into a beautiful flower shape and made beautiful music. So can you. This will be tense but you just need to pull helpers/friends/supporters into the situation and they’ll create new chemistry for you.

  56. Hi Jessica,

    I have my MC 14′ and South Node 16′ in Cancer, what will this pending Full Moon mean for me in 2017? Thanks so much

    1. You’ll either be inwardly divided over the usual home life/family (Cancer) issues or be dealing with others who hold opposing views to your own, about the same. The split means you’ll need to sort out your priorities.

  57. Health (heart) issues presented themselves this weekend. What Does my chart reflect on this? Thanks in advance.

    1. I’m sorry you are having health issues. Fortunately you were born with Jupiter (blessings) in Virgo in your Sixth House (the body) so you have some natural advantages on your side when it comes to handling your body. Please get well soon.

  58. Hi Jessica! How many degrees away does a full moon affect? I see I have Uranus Scorpio 18. Is this too far away to have an impact? Thank you!

    1. To really have an impact a Full Moon should fall at the same degree as your chart factors. Yet – even having a Scorpio chart signature in the Eighth House suggests this Full Moon week is all about the money, house, business interests, apartment, charity or possessions. There’s a bit of push-pull there. I just had lunch with a heavily Scorpio person whose parents offered to replace the gardener, who is over-charging her. That’s typical. This same person is also having contractual obligation issues with a boss. Again, that’s typical. The good news is, all this stuff swirling around in your chart this week has a jolly happy ending, final quarter of this year. This evolves!

  59. Good Evening Jessica,
    This will impact few areas in my chart. What do you think? Thanks

    1. What feels uncomfortable now (since the last 24-48 hours) and not a good jigsaw puzzle ‘fit’ is actually going to propel you towards the best possible solutions and outcomes with the house, money, apartment, business, possessions and so on – from October. Your Scorpio chart signature is affected by the Full Moon in this sign, but Jupiter will come along from October so much of what works so brilliantly for you, from that point, is seeded now, in the tiniest way. Typically family members, partners or lovers are involved.

  60. What a coincidence for this article to come up again….I am visiting Stone Henge and Avebury next week!! I think I lost another friend today, a full moon which was supposed to be good for me. Hope the stones align my energies to a higher frequency! 🙂

    1. Avebury is very special as I am sure you know. It’s worth buying Robin Heath’s book on it (Wooden Books are small, affordable and easy to pack when you are walking). I am sorry about your friend. And I have to say, Full Moons are never great. They often trigger D-Day, one way or another. They push us or other people to the point of no return. Enjoy Avebury!

  61. Hi Jessica,

    Can you see anything in my chart that will be triggered the last part of this year regarding business, and relationship? I am having major issues with both right now. Just hoping some of these difficult transits are coming to an end soon and more positive things will happen with my relationship and business. Thank you so much…. PS My partner and I have been off and on so many times this year but we both keep being drawn back to one another… is this maybe significant?

    1. Your issues with your partner will be over at Christmas, with some re-runs of the conversation, agreement or paperwork in January 2018 – but by then you are well and truly over the hurdles, one way or the other. You have Jupiter at 6 Leo so in 2018 the Node will cross that spot. This is about having children or not having them…(You don’t say if you are a parent or not). Epic bridge to cross, with your partner, and it really is about choosing to have heirs to the throne (an heir? an heir and a spare?) or not. Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House tends to want something big, in terms of those who inherit his/her throne and if it’s not personal it’s usually professional (Beatrix Potter never had children but expressed her Leo chart signature through her books, and her purchase of land, which she left to younger generations through the National Trust). Lots to think about!

      1. I have two children. Boys. 18 and 5. Not my partners children. Neither one of us can have any more kids either… He has two daughters that are 22 and 21…

  62. Dear Jessica, what if the full moon squares my personal horoscope? Take April’s Libra full moon as an example, when my heart told me you got to do this THING today. And that happened to be the day when full moon occurred, though precisely 12hrs later. The results turned out to be quite amazing (though one result came out on 21st of April and the other 4th of May). Normally square and opposite are interpreted negatively. What do you think of them? Because I don’t feel them negative from my own experience, including those in my natal chart. Thank you very much in advance!

    1. Full Moon squares can be relevant if you have a ton of chart factors at the same degrees (numbers). Squares and oppositions are not negative, just demanding and challenging. You are strongly Libra-Aries so that particular Full Moon would have been quite potent. Typical Libra issues (me versus us, you and me) may have come up.

  63. Dear Jessica. I’m just getting started and this is my first post. I’m getting familiar with my birth chart statically and are trying to now move into understanding how interpret it in a more dynamic way. Can you please help me understand how this moon affects me, and I’m also very interested in your previous writings on Uranus in Taurus as I’m considering making big investments this year with our house money, and then hope to buy a house next year? In this next year I will be looking for a new job to progress as I’ve been doing this one for nearly 5 years. Thank you! Andrew.

    1. Thank you Andrew. You are a Sun Scorpio with Minerva (wisdom) in Taurus (charity, money, property, business, possessions). The Full Moon isn’t such a big deal, but the arrival of Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus certainly is. You will relaunch at any point from October 2017 through November 2018 with a new title, role or image, so no matter if this is your paid work or unpaid work, you are well overdue for rebranding and it will happen rather more quickly and easily than you assumed. This is the kind of cycle when people get letters after their name, a new business card, or a prestigious new title thanks to volunteer work after hours. You do need to keep constantly updated and informed on the economy, taxation, government policy, currency exchange and so on – starting from May 2018. Uranus is the planet of upheaval, radical change and all that is new – and as this planet is going to conjunct your Minerva soon after it changes signs to Taurus, by 2019 you really need to be your own best expert. Seek the best advice you can afford at this time.

    1. As you know, we were given two conflicting birth times for Donald and actually, neither chart using either time works. (The out-of-court settlement for fraud at Trump University never showed up when it happened, for example, and neither does the recent sacking of the FBI’s James Comey). Until I get some kind of further confirmation of the birth data I’m not using either chart – but the American horoscope is useful. There are uncannily similar patterns to Watergate from August 1974 repeating in America in September 2017. Watch this space.

  64. Hi Jessica

    a bit late to this party 😉

    i feel that i may have finally severed all ties to my ex on the Wednesday morning – 10th May

    do you think this was the main impact of the full moon and do you feel that the relationship is truly over? I also have some long term business issues which raised their head on that day which are potentially quite impactful

    An unrelated question – some other astrologers recommend reading our moon sign forecast as well as sun sign. Do you agree with this?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Thank you Anthony. The core issue, deep down, with your former lover and also those before/after…is fatherhood. Did you have it, did you never have it, do you still want it, is it over now? That’s the key to a lot of what you are asking about. It will be almost over as an issue from May 2018 but you may need to have a longer and closer look at your line of succession, your heirs and the rest. It’s one of those cycles! I don’t write for Moon signs, just Sun signs. If there was/is a child or pregnancy involved, it is time to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and walk forward. Business is separate from this…

  65. Hi Jessica,
    Many thanks again for your interesting articles, comments and insights. My horoscope is interesting this week. I have been involved in a matter with my previous employer since January this year. The matter went to hearing for 3 days last week (it was meant to conclude last week) but it has been extended into this week. This means the outcome/decision will be made this week. And right on cue as you usually are, it has to do with my name and reputation and to use your words “my world will be reshaped” one way or another. Are you able to give me provide me with any more insight? I am not sure at this stage how the decision will go.
    Kindest Regards
    Amazon Heart

    1. Thank you for letting me know what happened. Mercury Retrograde Shadow is at large. I think an issue worth considering is what name/identity you can narrow all this down to. Neptune has been there along with Mercury and there are so many issues here about letting it flow, with oneself – but also knowing when it is time to get real about name, photograph, title, role, reputation and the rest. I suspect when you can look at yourself in the mirror or deal with your real name in print and have a conversation about that, the rest will sort itself out.

  66. Hi Jessica.
    My decision to stay or return back to homeland is fluctuating every week.
    Finally, I could convince my wife to return end of 2018, she wants to early if possible.
    Saturn is due to enter cap and I am sure there will be some tough lessons in store for .me.

    Is the timing of 2018 /19 OK, could you please let me know if there any pitfalls, and some good nice aspects to fall upon?


    1. I think I’ve said this before to you Chetan, but if you move by 2018, you will find freedom, space and independence by uprooting yourself. This is also about the family – not just your wife, but her family/your family. It would be a radical change for you, packing up and shifting – but with Uranus the planet of adventure and experiment in this area of your chart I think you will want something different. You can read more about Uranus on this website and in your ebooks. Try your Astrology Oracle too – see what comes up.

      1. Thanks you, please don’t mind, I know my question are on similar theme, but your advise matters a lot.

        Oracle has shown me third house last couple of times with Jupiter (Diana previously) .

        Thanks again.

        1. Chetan the odds of your Astrology Oracle cards repeating like that are extreme, so Third House is telling you – worldwide web, public speaking, codes, typewriters, computers, languages, communication, radio, telephones, television, newspapers, journalism, academic journals, teaching, learning, education, academia, television, film – all the ways you are heard or read. This is you, reading for you! So your higher self is telling you – focus, focus, act. Jupiter is solutions and opportunity. Diana was the daughter of Jupiter (also blessed) and she rules independence and autonomy. The other key thing about the Third House is short flights/domestic flights/short haul travel/ taxis/trains/buses – because the Third is associated with Mercury the messenger with the winged sandals and he ‘flew’ to deliver messages as we ‘fly ‘ today. Advertising and signwriting, copywriting – is also ruled by the Third House. So is font!

  67. Hi Jessica, I am a new member. I wondered if to post this here at the Scorpio blog or at the Nodes blog. Friends have always been strong part of me and I hate being alone. I am also a devoted sports fan, but I don’t see much Aquarius factors in my chart.
    Long story short – I am going through hard time – romantically and financially. Friends have been huge support system. I saw Ms. Cancer late September last year but I asked her out around the New Moon in Scorpio last year. We connected instantly. I had just recently broken up with my Ex. Me and my Ex tried for a baby for an year but it didn’t happen. I think we did it for the wrong reasons anyway. I want babies. And I want family. I think Ms. Cancer wants family too. I really like her. I will be honest, I had problems with authority, that is why I don’t have money now. Nothing really bad but I feel very pressured. It bothers me I can’t offer her much at the moment. I am trying to do the right thing. Just pay my debts, both in material world and may be spiritually. Ms. Cancer seems really nice and I don’t want to give up on her. I feel like I have been waiting for Ms. Cancer this whole time. She heals old wounds.
    I want to have family already and I am trying to improve my financial situation. But it won’t really happen before I pay my debts may be in a year. Can you give me some insights? How will the Nodes affect me? Or my Scorpio factors? Or anything you see in my chart?
    Thank you!!!

    1. If your birth time is right you will have the opportunity to bring children into your life in the most wonderful way from October with a clear decision by November. it is hard to say if Ms Cancer or even your former lover is the source! Sometimes people just welcome a godchild into the world, or new niece or nephew. Sometimes they take on voluntary work involving young people, who are almost like children to them. All I can tell you is you will welcome the rich array of choices you have, starting October, and they continue into 2018.

  68. If you are committed to better, stronger communication then even though 2017 is hard work, you will find the final quarter of 2018 and most of 2019 very useful. What or who you need to make life better will be there. It may be new technology or another opportunity.

  69. Fascinating. So I bet you could look at the timing of all the full moons of a year and have a pretty good idea of the mood of that year and optimum timing for events in your own life. I was in Stonehenge many years ago when it was wide open and you could just wander. It was a huge reminder of how temporary our lives are. I really enjoy how you often present the ‘big picture’ and consider global issues. As well as feeding my own desire to know where things are going on that scale, it illustrates the ‘as above, so below’ factor that holds much fascination for me too. A person could study for a lifetime and still just touch the surface of all there is to know about the workings of this creation. Hmm, wonder where my moon is to get me off on this track :). Thanks again Jessica for all your work and for sharing your good self.

    1. Ah, thank you. I do miss Stonehenge and all Britain’s stone circles and you bring it back to me. How lovely to be able to wander among the stones, when you did. I really love this message and thank you for it – waving from Melbourne Airport!

  70. Hi Jessica

    This fullmoon was close to my Dsc in Scorpio 21.
    1. It was like Saturn in Scorpio – very cruel.

    2. We also found a good deal for refinancing – the best news


  71. Hi Jessica,
    Many thanks for your previous reply, I really appreciated it. Re the matter I have been dealing with since January 2017, unfortunately a decision has not been handed down yet. I have been advised it could take 8-12 weeks. All that I can do has been done, so now I just have to let it unfold as it will. I am really sorry to say this and I do feel rather guilty, but I did not fully understand what you wrote in your previous reply. Is there a chance of a further explanation? I am so disappointed that I was not able to attend your recent Melbourne event. I am hoping I can make the next one. Once again thanks for everything. Love, love, love Amazon Heart

    1. Thank you Amazon Heart. As your heart is clearly in it, I reckon you should use your Astrology Oracle to find what you seek. We live in a very odd world according to Bohr and other quantum pioneers, when just seeking an answer – observing – can change our world. So look. I psychically see your mother, or the other person’s mother – looming. Okay?

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Thanks so much for your additional reply, I really appreciate it. I have taken your suggestions on board and they have been very helpful. Re my mother, who passed a few years ago, this was really helpful and provided me the opportunity to do some healing. Throughout this whole journey I have been looking for the blessing, even though at times it has been really hard. So many amazing people have turned up when I have needed them to support me on this journey and you have been one of these people. I am so grateful. Love, love, love. Amazon Heart

  72. Dear Jessica,

    my question don´t completely relate to this article. It is more about New Moon and my birth chart. I wanted to write this comment for my 2017 horoscope but I didn´t find a space for comments under horoscope for 2017.
    I would like to ask you, if I can expect that New Moon in Virgo on 20th September (Sun will conjuct Moon in 27 deg Virgo) could be important for me. I have birthday that day. My Sun is 27deg Virgo and Moon will mostly oppose my natal Moon in 28deg Pisces.

    Thank you very much for your explanation.

    1. Sure – thank you. You have the Sun at 28 Virgo opposite the Moon in Pisces, almost exactly, to the nano-second. This is really about a lifetime pattern revolving around work, housework, unpaid work and study (if you become a student) – versus escaping, sleeping, diversions, particular kinds of drugs, food, drink – and the rest. You actually have to sort this out by the time Neptune passes out of 28 Pisces in 2024. It’s really a composite or creative combination. Working while escaping. Finding a parallel universe while honouring reality. Look up Virgo and Pisces as much as you can because you are living both signs. I reckon a lot of the issues you have had with your doctor, healer, fitness, food, drink, drugs and the rest will now disappear though. Why? Nodes are out of Virgo-Pisces at last!

  73. I am trying to learn to read my natal chart and this article I can finally understand and see proof of what has happened the last 8 months. I recently found out my fiance has been cheating on me since he started working out of town. The full moon in oct 2016 shows when they met, he had just started and dec 2016, when I first became aware of her. I have so many questions on how this will play out and why he continues to deny everything. What insight can you share with me? thank you!

    1. I am very sorry that the man you hoped to marry has been having sex with other people, behind your back. What a total piece of cat litter this man is! I cannot see your chart and you give me no birth data, but by all the laws of nature – walk away, dismiss this until you can deal with it, recover, move on and go forth. The 21st century is shedding these people fast. Look up Vulcano in your chart at

      1. Thank you Jessica, I keep wondering if I could have done something different way before this happened. My job, home, and our child are all tied to my decision if I leave him. My birth date is 12/14/83. The next full moon is in Sag and i have 7 factors in it, so i’m nervous! Thank you again for your insights.

        1. You’re strongly Sagittarian? Don’t be nervous, but do figure out your path through the Ninth House of knowledge exchange, travel and cultural exchange too. This is the higher purpose of your chart and it’s where your ‘soul stuff’ is, irrespective of what you decide to do. You also have Pluto at 1 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex, money and property (traditionally the marriage/mortgage house) so when Jupiter crosses 1 Scorpio in October 2017 you will have an exceptional opportunity to resolve issues.

  74. Repost
    Hi Jessica, I have quite a few Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius and Scorpio so I’m looking at these full moon
    2017 9th June – Full Moon in Sagittarius
    2017 5th October – Full Moon in Aries
    2018 30th April – Full Moon in Scorpio
    2018 27th July – Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius
    Any insight how they will affect me? Also in my chart having Sagittarius in few big planet, does it mean Sagittarius full moon will have a much more powerful effect/impact on me?

    1. Full Moons really aren’t that big a deal unless the pull in other, more important patterns in your chart. Then, of course, they can act as triggers. Your Sagittarius stellium is the most important factor this year, as it was last year. You express yourself through travel, the worldwide web, foreign involvements, education/academia or publishing. This has not been easy over the last 12 months and around 9th June at the Full Moon in Sagittarius it will be more obvious to you. At Christmas the atmosphere lifts and from the final quarter of 2018 into 2019 you will have the chance to travel(or travel in the mind) in quite an amazing way. Skip June 8th, 9th, 10th though – too hard, too much work.

  75. Hi Jessica
    Thank you….yet another fascinating article on an historical event …i simply love how you highlight not only the amazing connections to astrology but also to the symbology and the correlation to our language and words.
    Am i correct in saying that in a couple of days time on June 9th as the votes are being counted in the UK General Election, we again have Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius….is this another D-Day…a time of reckoning? Please could you put this Full Moon in context with the UK chart and how do we read the story it tells of the political arena at this time? Thank you

    1. Thank you. I did write about Jeremy Corbyn and Labour quite a long time ago and predicted May-June would be the fight of their life. You can probably hit Search to find it. If he goes, he may be replaced by the other Milibrother. It’s a fascinating election though without proper birth data for May or Corbyn it’s hard to call, but the UK national chart and the Labour chart suggest massive turmoil within Labour. Yes, a Full Moon is always D-Day and this one is so divisive. Very difficult. I do feel there will be new rules about Eurostar and exit/entry into British airports as Sagittarius rules foreign people and places and Gemini rules short journeys. Brexit will have her day yet again.

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