Taurus Birthday Horoscope


Your Taurus Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

You have been going through tremendous changes with travel since 2008. You are now over the halfway mark of this cycle.


You have been going through tremendous changes with travel, or travel in the mind (study, the internet) since 2008. You are now over the halfway mark of this cycle, which you will notice again near Friday 30th June when Pluto is opposed by Mercury.

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45 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the Taurus 2017-2018 forecast which I have eagerly awaited since April 20.
    I would like to think that life will be getting better for me as I have gone through major challenges during the past 8 years.
    I welcome my birthday month with open arms as always in the past, major changes have taken place around this time for so many countless years now.
    Thank you for all you do to provide us with such a fantastic website and articles on a regular basis that have thrown light on so many different subjects.
    Kind regards and have a fantastic weekend.

    1. Thank you Juakali. You are strongly Taurus with a stellium in the sign of the bull. You have survived the Saturn in Scorpio cycle, when Saturn (slow, serious, stuck, sad situations) opposed every single Taurus factor in your chart. No wonder you feel you have been challenged. What you need to do, starting now – but with more intensity from May 2018 – is get right on top of world economic and financial trends. Update yourself constantly with what is going on, because, to quote – you could ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’ We are going to experience a revolution. Please read more about Uranus in Taurus to understand the next 7 years and how you can successfully surf the waves of change.

      1. Dear Jessica,
        Thank you for your prompt reply as it all means a lot to me.
        You are awesome.

  2. Dear Jessica

    Thank you very much for this article. I am a premium member and always take a lot of appreciation in the wonderful job you do for all those who follow you. I would very very grateful if you could take a look at my husband’s chart (humble request)and give us hope. He is a taurus born 18 may 1964 and is self employed but since the begining of this year things have gone from bad to worse not a single contract and i am really worried about our future. We have 2 sons going to school and really wish things will improve soon.

    Kind regards Mina

    1. Mina thank you. I am very sorry your husband is being put through this. He is actually going through the toughest cycle in 29 years for money and of course it affects you too. It ends on December 20th when Saturn (slow, stuck, serious, sad situations) is finally out of his Eighth House of finance, business, property and so on. Of course he wants action before then, but I can tell you at least the worst will be over, astrologically speaking. Your husband is actually being coaxed into a totally different way of thinking about salary, debt, savings and so on. It may take some time as he is quite Taurean with the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter there – but the revolution is coming from May 2018 and this is part of it. Sometimes strongly Taurean people can dig in so hard that they end up getting in their own way. He is resisting change, but actually, change will set him free. With Uranus in Taurus about to conjunct his Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter he is up for the ride of his life as far as ‘thinking about money’ is concerned and as you were also born with Uranus at 00 Scorpio you are part of the story. Together you two will take quite revolutionary steps where the house, apartment, debt or income is concerned and it will happen with a big open door for you in particular in October this year. Read more about Uranus in Taurus on this website. Over the next 7 years or so, the world is going to turn upside-down and you need to flip, when you see it flipping!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this. I hope your talk went well.

    The detail and direction in how to navigate this is superb. Friday, June 30 is when my present work contract ends. Interesting to read that date here. Off to process this all.


  4. Hi Jessica,

    I tried (repeatedly) to write this in the Forum this month, but it did not go thru. 🙁

    Anyways, I have the most planets in Taurus, although I’m an Aries… can you tell me please how I will be influenced by them in the near future, money/business wise?!

    Also (more important for now ), I’m considering some cosmetic procedures in June. I believe Venus in Taurus is auspicious for that, I was wondering what your thoughts are. And, related to this, does it matter where the moon is the day of the procedure (avoiding the void, of course) ?!

    Thank you so much !!!!!

    1. I am checking the Forum tomorrow (Sunday) when my Premium Members in the United States have had a chance to ask me questions too. I am sure your message will be there; if not, please use the Support button. In money and business, you enter the most unpredictable cycle of your life, from May 2018 so if you are not already reading more widely around the subject of interest rates, taxation, digital currency and so on – it may be time to start. In general, you can make or save a small fortune from October 2017, but from May 2018 you must be aware of global and national changes which are also going to affect you. Cosmetic procedures have nothing to do with Venus in Taurus. They are about your First House (Aries) which rules the head/face and also matters of image. We have had Venus appearing to go backwards in Aries recently, so whatever went down in March and early April/late April will have to be thrashed out one more time in May. From May 19th though all delays, u-turns or changes will be at an end, as Venus is back on track and I suspect that’s when you’ll find the information you have been looking for or finally get/make commitments. I don’t work with the void of course moon.

  5. Hi Jessica…this new birthday year forecast sounds incredible! What particular changes do you see for me with regards to my personal birth chart? I know this sounds a bit vague, but I’m definitely going through a lot of spiritual growth right now, you could call it a ‘spiritual junkie overtakes the cerebral cortex’ period. I’m starting to feel like a vastly different person altogether and I’m pretty sure i’m still smack bang in the middle of my Neptune Squares Neptune mid-life crisis/transit too! Any insights would be most acknowledged!! Thank you as always! xx

    1. You have a Pisces stellium in your Twelfth House. I was talking to a woman who also had a Pisces stellium last night, at our astrology gathering in Melbourne. She agreed she needed a lot of time alone. You certainly do – because your Pisces elements are under heavy transit from the outer planets, as I am sure you know. To be strongly Piscean is to experience a different reality to everyone else. Some people take drugs or drink to excess. Some people meditate a lot. Some like to scuba dive, and others are professional psychics who work with an alternative time/space. I have known novelists with this placement too. The trick with your Pisces stellium is to contain and control a separate ‘space’ or headspace where you can lose yourself – but come back to the real world later. A classic example would be the person who sets the alarm clock for her meditation or astral travel. You will be in this transit until 2025 as Neptune slowly trawls through the house he is most associated with. Thus, do be aware of just how far you can drift away from the shore of ‘sensible’ and also ‘real.’ The ocean is a lovely place to be but it needs rules and so do you.

  6. Happy Birthday. Let me have a look at what is going on in your chart. You were born with Saturn (hard work) in Leo in your Fifth House which rules courtship and the heirs to the throne. I am sure you know Leo is the King or Queen of the jungle. We associate Saturn in Leo with the usual obstacle course and waiting games that go with this planet, and in the Fifth House it is very much about pregnancy, step-parenting, fertility, termination, young relatives, adoption, unwanted pregnancy and the rest. When the transiting North Node conjuncts your Saturn at 10 Leo April, May 2018 I do feel you’ll deal with life as it is – not as we wish it could be. Ceres will also cross 10 Leo at this time, at the end of April and start of May next year, but I can reassure you that once you have taken the reality check, you will be in the clear. Sometimes we just have to shrug and take a no-nonsense approach to Saturn in our charts. It is very important that you build structures in your life to deal with the issues – that serve you. In other words, whatever it is you are doing to make yourself feel more secure, or more protected, try to check very carefully that it will not end up being a bigger issue than your greatest fear. You were born with Saturn at 10 Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood, affairs and romance almost exactly square Uranus at 9 Scorpio, so it really is something to work on and think about. When I look at your chart I am more inclined to lead you away from the idea of being Queen to a younger court – and towards financial or property based relationships. In other words, with Uranus, Juno and Fortuna all in Scorpio in your Eight House of sex, money, power and ’til death do us part’ you are actually heading towards a fantastic cycle of problem-solving and genuine opportunity, not possible in 12 years. If you do not mind shifting your priorities away from babies to commitments where the emphasis is more on assets and lifestyle – you could have quite an enjoyable time. In fact, once Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October 2017, you are on your way – if you want doors to open, or answers to appear. When Jupiter conjuncts your Juno at 25 Scorpio in October 2018, about a year after the cycle kicks off, you would be in a good position to make or accept a major financial or property commitment. It could easily be with a lover.

  7. Hi Jessica – Thank you for your insightful words. I have a Taurus Ascendent and Taurus Moon but mostly Libra in my chart. I have only started to tune in to my Taurus side of my personality later in my life I think living more in the Libra part earlier on in life. The recent new moon was conjunct my ascendent I think and the new moon Jan 28 was conjunct my midheaven. I had a massively huge boost in my career since Feb although it required huge amounts of work since then. I also have been getting very close/attracted to someone through work. He’s a Taurus. He’s been a real mentor to me and very protective of me workwise although he’s in another relationship. I’ve been independent for over a decade focused on looking after my kids and getting qualified in my job which i love – do you think things might change for me soon partner/romance wise? I feel like the rest of my life is finally in balance now. I love astrology and it teaches me so much. Many thanks x

    1. Thank you! He will make his choices about you and/or the other person, from October and by November you will know. Don’t cross your legs and sit this out, though. There is an awful lot else going on in your chart, apart from this man and his love life decisions. You are quite right to say that you have just started to tune into your Taurus side. You will be stunned at how much money you can make for a good cause, which will evolve over the next seven years.

  8. Ive been eagerly waiting your Taurus birthday scope.

    I’ve had a hellish couple of years… well really it’s more like 14 years. I made life changing decisions some 14/15 yrs ago which I should have never made and despite knowing deep down that was the case very early on, I only mustered up the courage to get out and try and reclaim “me” in the last couple of yrs.
    However, my path has not been made easy and it it slow progress trying to just get on with life without my x husband controlling my future and that of my 2 children, held in a foreign country not of my choosing. I feel I’m no longer me anymore as the yrs have battered me emotionally!

    However, of course I know I can’t take those yrs back but I’m wondering if destiny will give me another crack at it!!!!
    I want to find real love again ( not the sort I opted for with my x husband) but what I sacrificed when I took the other path all those years ago…I felt alive with this man, the man I gave up (26/03/68). But fear of rejection, failure again is paralysing

    Secondly, home and my children are cornerstones for me, generally. But I feel very insecure in my current situation and oddly I have a wish to break free and for once dictate a life for me and my children even if this means a completely different country etc.

    If only I can survive the fog , revealing blue sky and hope for a life of love, meaning, security and purpose so I can at least be at ease with my failures, mistakes and wasted yrs!

    Onwards and upwards!
    M x

    1. M, I am sorry you have been through such a hard time with your ex-husband. You have an unusual chart with many factors at 0 degrees of the signs, or just after that. This means you are a ‘restarter’ who goes through cycles more intensely than others do. In fact, you are due for a restart in October when Jupiter goes to 0 Scorpio. You are asking about the future. It looks bright. You will either personally and directly gain from money made or saved, or you will indirectly benefit as others are in a better financial, business or property position. I suspect you also have a talent for selling, investing, even bargain hunting at auctions, which could be milked to your total advantage over the next few years. Take a look at that.

      1. Oh dear my son has his ascendant and thus his houses beginning at 0!! A lot of other planets near the cusp of houses too…born on August 11, 2003 at 0710 in Mumbai…could you please throw some light on ‘restarter’ as you call it?

        1. Fear not about your son, nor about astrology, which is here to help … otherwise it wouldn’t have survived since Babylon! I am far away from my Ephemeris and software and your son’s chart is not appearing on this website. Thus, I have to take it that you know his birth time (as his mum) and his Ascendant degree is 0. This is huge. It means that his image/appearance/title/reputation/profile is changed every time Jupiter crosses 0. This happens again in October. He will gain. Restart? Yes, probably online.

  9. Hello Jessica,
    I have been looking forward to the birthday horoscope- particularly since I have had my chart rectified (! ) so maybe that may put a different slant on things.
    Could you kindly tell me whether there is some breakthrough regarding health/ body issues?
    I now have an estimated birth time which is 07.22 on 25 April 1963.
    thank you so much!

    1. I can’t see a chart, so have you organised a new time to fit your Premium Member birth chart? Then I can take a look. Thank you.

  10. I have really enjoyed becoming a Premium Member Jessica – thank you for the wonderful work you do! 1999/2000 was very successful work wise and getting together with someone very much like my first love. We divorced during Saturn in Scorpio which was the right decision but a difficult time. I am keen to look to the future but would like to ask if there will be any repetition of themes or people from 1988. Thank you so much x

    1. Thanks so much, I will pass this praise onto James, Justin and Alyas. Don’t be surprised if there is a huge thematic or symbolic flashback to your love life as it was in 1999, 2000 or an actual replay with the same faces. It’s coming.

  11. Hi Jessica
    How are you?
    I have empty taurus but Asc 21degree. Is this only for Sun in Taurus?

  12. Hello Jessica,
    I have an ascendant in Taurus at 6 degrees and my birthdate is right on the cusp of Aries and Taurus – April 20, 1967 (Sydney, Australia).
    This year I turned 50 and felt so thankful in every way. But my birthday month, April has rocked the boat altogether – it has been incredibly tough. I am a happy, warm, detail oriented, and disciplined woman – a single parent for 13 years. Now a sudden crisis with my daughter who’s 22, incredibly stressful work and a one year relationship at crossroads . And to think all was moving quite beautifully before April!
    I am so lucky to have a very supportive family. Any advice would be wonderful. What do you see with my child, romance and work going forward?
    Thank you always.

    1. There is no cusp here, so if your birth time is right, you are an Aries. The answer is karma. The Node is moving into Leo and your Fifth House of parenthood on May 9th. It is back-announced by elements in Leo, which you will read about in your weekly horoscope. Your daughter has a past life connection with you, and you have both agreed to figure out past life debts or credits together. At a certain point the karma will end and the circle will close. I am sorry about the stress but there is a way out and through. And romantically you will have more than one solution or opportunity staring you in the face by October.

  13. Dear Jessica,
    I am an Aries 26/03/1981 and had the worst period of my life since 2013 as I had been through a major depressipn and lost a life- time job at the university. Got another one and lost it due to government policy requring the second uni to be closed. Meanwhile I lost my grandparents and my father. Now I am in debt as a result of unemployment and trying to support my sister who is a student. Is it my chart responsible? When is the good news due? Please comfort me. Loads of love

    1. I am so sorry for your massive losses. I can’t see your chart but in general, you have been through the Pluto-Uranus squares. You can look these up online. Pluto is in your career zone, square (or unable to square with) Uranus in your image zone. Your very identity has been put through massive and historic change. Financially you will be given chances to save money or make money, from October. Trust the future. Jupiter is on your side then until November 2018. The depression I cannot comment on, although I understand why you had it. Do you know about the Beyond Blue website for people with this illness? It is wonderfully helpful. Bon chance, monsieur. When ‘the new academia’ takes off in 2019 get on that boat! I have chills about this. I feel your grandparent or father is with you here. Please, please take those opportunities with study/teaching/education which will probably be tied to massive technical invention or innovation.

  14. Hi
    Im finding your latest reports very fascinating and im quite keen to see what the changes are around may 9. Im an aries and my sun/moin signs comment alot on romance and exciting things to come. Ive been dating a pisces for the last 6 months who holds his cards to his chest, and there hasnt been alot of comment on his monthly reports re romance. Is this something positive to persue or is this the karma rearing its head im to deal with? Any insight would be positively appreciated 🙂

    1. Your Pisces could actually gain quite a lot from your money, possessions, house or apartment – or one you pursue together. It may be worth nosing around that subject before October to see where he’s at. You have until October to fix it with him or find a superior date.

  15. Hi Jessica:
    I have once again splurged on a premium membership, even though $ is tight. I love your turn of phrase, and the horoscopes are amazingly accurate. As so many above, I have had a really tough time with Saturn in Scorpio (lost love and major deceit) and now Sag. Two surgeries and 2 layoffs in the last couple of years. I am facing some life choices due to my age, money and my daughter leaving for university in a year, and with no work on the horizon. I am suffering anxiety now, and am trying to stay positive and motivated. I’m also so tired of feeling used and neglected, in particular situations with family members. Is there anything I should plan for? I’m mostly worried about my daughter, and ensuring her future. She’s so sensitive to my worries. Thanks so much for your writings! Kristin

    1. Thank you Kristin. Sort out the anxiety first because it’s physical – you may be over-breathing, holding muscular tension or may be tensing up, in anticipation of feeling tense! Fantastic free online meditation, breathing or mindfulness techniques are yours to find and the time is right to not only find them but actually do them. Day in, day out. You have the kind of chart where you over-think the solution, channel everything through your head, then wonder why the brain is not making you feel better. Actually it’s your body. Start with that. The body affects your state of mind so you are in a loop with it. Everything you are asking will make more sense and generate less anxiety once you have figured out your mind, body and spirit connection. Have a look at what you are putting into your body as well. Your daughter, work and money are all looking rather rosy, actually, but in the interval you need to sort out your peace of mind as you are inflating issues which are actually not as great as you fear.

  16. Hi Jessica , Thank you for some intriguing articles , my weekly and monthly forecast for May has got me thinking and I am keen to know more from you .
    something is taking place on 9th , where do you think things will go then on ?
    02° Taurus 06′ 41″
    12° Taurus 00′ 14″
    In a meaningful previous reading you mentioned Mercury in Gemini in my charts ( it makes me smile ) you also mentioned a trine from Jupiter at 23Libra and a sextile from Uranus at 23 Aries . really want to know from you how long will this phase last ?
    do you see me tackling a book and being able to get it out there in this time ? ,
    do you see something falling in place work wise , many thanks for your time and your very meaningful readings , over the months i have come to rely on them as they are so accurate . Thank you so much . X

    1. Jo, the book is best ‘cooked’ to a recipe you reconsider in June, with a view to serving it, using the new technology/outlets which will appear, when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius, final quarter of 2018 and most of 2019. This will cross over the Uranus conjunction (radical change, freedom) to your Minerva (wisdom) at 2 Taurus, at around the same time. You would want to work on your latest draft while Uranus is still in Aries, so hit that keyboard or notebook. Even if a book is not the final format or medium for your idea, this is a good time to focus on it all!

  17. Hi Jessica
    I have updated my chart and am logged in now. Can you see anything of note regarding health-body issues?
    Currently investigating issues with a specialist but it seems rather murky…

    1. You’re slowly getting there. You have a ton of Virgo-Pisces factors and as you have been stuck with the Nodes there, it’s been one repetition after another (one stuck record situation after another) for far too long. That has now stopped. The issue with ‘murky’ is Neptune in Pisces, opposing your Virgo factors in the Sixth House which rules the body. You can’t change that cycle; it takes work and time. However, the stuckness of the situation is over and you can now make progress. Never see a doctor or specialist who is too Neptune, by the way. If there’s vagueness, haziness, a fish tank in the waiting room – you know what I’m talking about! On any Neptune transit you need people who are as real, gritty, practical and grounded as possible. You also need to figure out why you are producing particular conditions/illnesses in your body. What do they stop you from doing? What do they force you to do? Your soul may be taking desperate measures as your brain has not been listening or following. It’s worth investigation, anyway, and you might ask your dreams to tell you, as Pisces rules dreams.

  18. Hi Jess interesting information you say about Taurus. I am Taurean. What would you say about my descendant being in Libra st 11° my blast from the past potential libra partner having the descendant at 24° Taurus exactly the same degree of my Sun in Taurus? U have mentioned when Jupiter goes in Scorpio in 2017/2018 there is potential. I’m assuming that’s in October? Ta Jess

    1. At least you will know if it is this person, or quite another, by October! From that point you have an amazing solution or opportunity to expand your love and sex life as it should be expanded..for the first time in a very long time. You will know what the story is, by Halloween.

  19. Hi Jessica! this isn’t so much of a question for myself, more like a general curiousity about how astrology works…in my real life ‘You had me at hello’, example, I can distinctly recall meeting a lovely man 12 years ago, and although we hit it off like wildfire, I left the situation where I could see him again, as I was already in a committed relationship. There is absolutely no way he remembers my name or can even contact me again. In fact, if he still lived where I met him, then that is precisely 3 hours drive away! But It felt incredibly intense, even after only seeing him a handful of times…we just clicked like I can’t even describe…so my general question is, in your practice of astrology, have you ever heard bizarre stories like this where the two people ever came across each other again in a crazy synchronistic Jupiter in Libra fashion? Thank you for allowing me to indulge in my eternal curiousity. I think it would be awesome if you would ever consider running on-line courses for the ‘kitchen astrologers’, like myself. I am sure (well, hopefully!) I’m not the only one out there, that wishes they knew more about astrology in a single concise format, for their own spiritual wellbeing. Just a thought… thanks again for all your wonderful work, I fully appreciate all your hard work and everything you do for us all. xx

    1. Thank you. The medium Rita Rogers wrote a book called Soulmates where she talks about these kinds of connections. I believe our spirit guides and helpers do hear us when we ask for a relationship (and mean it) and so sometimes peculiar things take place, in order to get us together with people. Regarding astrology courses, I will be teaching online to Premium Members only, from the final quarter of 2018. Until then I have regular free events around the world, although my four Tarot events in Melbourne are now fully booked. Thank you.

  20. That’s awesome to hear! thanks so much, I look forward to checking out the course next year! I’ll go check out that book you mention too! thanks again xx

  21. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for such a detailed forecast with much to look forward to! Are there any positive indications in my chart for a relocation and romance this year? Essentially I will be moving back to the Caribbean after 8 years in August mainly for love but I think I have great career aspects taking place there as well. Thank you for any insight! xx

    1. You’re a Taurus with Pluto at 21 Scorpio, so using both house systems for you, it’s plain to see that you have made a fantastic decision to go back to the Caribbean to be with your love. In fact, almost as soon as Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11th this year, you will see opportunities and solutions with your partner. Further ahead, when Jupiter conjuncts Pluto at 21 Scorpio in February 2018 and again in September, there will be a chance to take control, with your money, house, business or apartment.

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