French Election Astrology Predictions 2017

Who will win the election in France in 2017? Marine Le Pen wants to stage a Frexit referendum that would offer the French the choice to break free of the EU, the European Union.

Who will win the election in France in 2017? Marine Le Pen wants to stage a Frexit referendum that would offer the French the choice to break free of the EU, the European Union. Her rival Emmanuel Macron is a former banker who wants to stay in. Neither of them have reliable horoscopes, but we can take some educated guesses. The first part of this feature was filed on 12th April 2017, before the French went to the polls.

The second part, at the end of this page, has been filed on 25th April, using the Lenormand deck, the most famous French oracle cards in history. I will leave the interpretation of that to you…



Any time astrologers are given first one birth time, then another, the chances of the natal chart being a useful guide to destiny reduce. In the case of Donald Trump, we didn’t even begin with a proper birth certificate – and the time changed twice. Hillary Clinton presented us with two birth times, and a third was suggested.

Fiercely patriotic Marine Le Pen is just the same. 

She  has an AA rated birth chart set for 5th August 1968 at 11.20am in Neuilly sur France. The original birth time given was 11.00am, however, and I am wary of these kinds of time differences since the Donald Trump fiasco



Fortunately the chart set for France and her Fifth Republic is a good, reliable guide to history and I have also been able to road-test it for prediction, as you’ll see. It’s dated for the 5th October 1958 at 00.00 CET in Paris.

What you read on this website, way back in was a prediction of a serious terrorism risk at Christmas 2016. As The New York Times reported on 21st November 2016, an attack timed for the opening of the French Christmas markets was successfully foiled by the French authorities. Mon Dieu! – but also thank God, too.

The New York Times – Seven men who French authorities say were planning a terrorist attack have been arrested in France…The arrests occurred a few days before the opening of the popular Christmas market in Strasbourg, which attracts over two million visitors every year.

The Independent newspaper, below, reported that an Isis terror cell planned the attack for 1st December. This is three weeks wide of the original prediction, but as we’ll see in a moment, we can narrow that down.



Screen Shot 2017 04 12 at 12.59.00 PM 600x375 - French Election Astrology Predictions 2017
The French horoscope reflected the Christmas risks.


This was the original astrology forecast you read on this website way back on January 10th 2015,  two years previously, and it was based purely on that chart we have for France. It was set for 00.00am (in The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion). There was a ceremonial moment one day later, on 6th October and then General de Gaulle actually took power in January 1959. All this gives us a little wobble with the chart – maybe 2-3 weeks out, in terms of timing.

The prediction – 

“France, and Paris, will experience a Saturn Return in Sagittarius when this planet moves to 20 Sagittarius 29 on Christmas Eve, 2016, the exact position occupied by Saturn back on 5th October 1958. Chiron also forms a square on Christmas Eve at 20 Pisces 54, and that is an extremely big stress point in the French chart. In fact, December 24th 2016 (about two years away as I write this on 10th January 2015) is a major pressure point all round, as a cluster of heavenly bodies lining up in Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius is creating a T-Square in the chart.”

“On Christmas Eve 2016, and perhaps the days either side of it, including Christmas Day itself, France will experience her Saturn Return in the sign of Sagittarius, which rules foreigners, religion, universities and publications of all kinds. She will learn a serious lesson then and take a heavy reality check. Exactly in what form, is up to France, but astrology is there as a lighthouse to warn us away from the rocks. The astrological chart for 5th October 1958 reveals precise patterns, working backwards from Charlie Hebdo to the 1960’s and it is a good, working lighthouse.”

The French chart works, but we need wiggle room with the timing. Now, what about Marine Le Pen and her plans to take France out of the EU? One thing is really clear about Europe and it was predicted way before Brexit – as far back as 5th July 2015. This is the forecast here, which you may remember seeing.


“Europe is breaking apart and this is the start. It began on the Uranus-Pluto squares ( a whole series of them, which evolved at the time of the Greek financial crisis and the rise of UKIP and Nicola Sturgeon). …. Even just using Sun Sign astrology – very simple – the Euro currently has Pluto (critical transformation) in her Second House of currency, too. It’s all adding up. The Euro will not last.”

This astrological forecast is interesting from the point of view of Scotland, in particular. It obviously foresaw Brexit a long time before it happened, but also Scotland’s second chance at independence, which Nicola Sturgeon is committed to.

What is the back story with all this? Uranus in Taurus from May 2018. The people who are put into power in 2017, or even put into power in 2018 (if others resign or are pushed out) will be those who collaborate with fate to end the Euro and EU trade.



The timing of the French election is une nightmare. Pardon my French. The first round of the 2017 French presidential election is set to be held on 23 April 2017. Should no candidate win a majority, a run-off election between the top two candidates will be held on 7 May 2017. This is right across Mercury Retrograde.

We will see a huge risk of the following for the French elections which begin on 23rd April 2017. You can look at the chart, below, to see where Mercury Retrograde, passing through Taurus and Aries, will do his worst.



  • Voter fraud.
  • Russian hacking of the election, similar to its hacking of the American vote
  • Extreme weather (possibly storms and flooding) delaying voting.
  • Suspended results or the possibility of legal recounts.
  • Peculiar circumstances which throw the whole election into chaos.


The French economy is going to be a complete mess at this time. Why? Mercury Retrograde will oppose Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio in her Eight House, which describes the Euro, the economy. Bubbles of trouble. Speculation and fantasy. Muddle and madness! What you’re looking at here is Mercury Retrograde crossing 2, 3, 4 Taurus which occurs April 1st through 20th and then May 17th to 21st. What else is going on, though? Are we seeing a push for freedom from the EU?



FRANCE 600x563 - French Election Astrology Predictions 2017
The astrological chart for France.


The Sun reports “Ms Le Pen says she wants to organise a Frexit referendum “to resign from this nightmare and become free again”. As we’ve seen, her closest rival is the 39-year-old independent Emmanuel Macron, a former merchant banker who is pro-Europe, and pro-free trade. Birth data on him isn’t great and unfortunately that is not a trustworthy chart.

What is quite remarkable, though, is that France is over her Saturn Return at 20 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of immigrants, foreign people and places – and religion. The pain has been great, but the worst is over. From April, Saturn moves to 27 Sagittarius and even when he moves backwards, it’s only to 21 degrees. When he moves to conjunct Panacea at 28 Sagittarius across December 4th to 11th, 2017 we will see a hardline crackdown on all those difficult questions about terrorism, and then it’s over. C’est finis. In fact, once the planet of hope, healing, growth, solutions, optimism and expansion – Jupiter – moves across the French chart from November 2018, it’s a whole new world.  By 2019, the country can put much behind her.



We are also going to see boom times for the French economy, as Jupiter crosses Neptune, Jupiter himself and Psyche, all in the financially focussed sign of Scorpio, in the Eighth House of trade, currency and investment – from October 2017. The most stunning opportunities and solutions in 12 years present themselves and by 2018 she’s on the up.

May 2019 to April 2020 will be a different matter. Shocking. Confronting. Challenging. Enthralling. Exciting. Electrifying. At that point the nation will go through the full impact of the long Euro and EU break-up.

At that point, Marine Le Pen is going to go the full French Revolution. She may be in power by then, or truly out of it – but her destiny in the summer of 2019, which will crackle with electrical storms across Paris, will be history-making. She will be part of the biggest shake-up for the French currency and economy in our lifetime and there will be shock upon shock. Quel surprise.















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39 Responses

  1. I note that transiting Saturn is making an aspect (opposition) to France’s moon – what does that mean?

    (P.S. Didn’t transiting Saturn make a conjunction to Trump’s Moon at the time of the US election? Is the Saturn-Moon thing a feature of our times?)

    1. Thanks for these comments – I see you’ve posted thrice, but I’ll reply in just one answer. First of all, the first birth ‘certificate’ Trump’s staff supplied to the public, many years ago, was not a certificate at all. We were then given more data, and with two contrasting birth times. I used one of these to create a chart, but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t show the admission of fraud in November (Trump University) nor the serious allegations made by President Obama about Russia. So, until I see something that works in terms of date, time and year – I’m not wasting any more time on that data! Moving right along to Marine Le Pen, you are correct in saying that the slow-moving planets, like Saturn, would not change their position in her chart. However, we urgently need an accurate Midheaven, Immum Coeli, Descendant and Ascendant to predict election outcomes and if the time has been bumped twice, I’m not sure I can rely upon that. The French chart, however, is a good one. Watch that.

  2. Dear Jessica
    Another cracking prediction and massive insights for all of us to reflect on and watch as events unfold. You are right to be wary of birth times for high profile people – why should they reveal such info to the rest of us? They may not even know what time they were born – I don’t know mine and will never be able to find out now. I love the French, such creative,sensitive and wonderful people who have been through some awful times recently, truly dreadful. I hope they get some brilliant times ahead.
    Jessica, this prediction leads me to ask if you could do a piece on what you see for the future of ISIS? Terrorism has been going on for centuries in various places around the world, at different times, so I don’t see an end to it ever, but I would be interested to find out how you see things progressing. As for the EU, I have always believed that Maastricht was a treaty too far, which is a shame, because the EEC worked reasonably well. If the French people get a referendum on it, this will be much more critical to the rest of Europe than brexit, in so many ways. As ever, your insights would help many of us make sense of the world as it is right now.

    1. Thank you very much. And yes – the uncertain birth times for famous people drive all astrologers nuts! The national/country charts are usually a better bet for prediction. The American chart is showing the Russiagate scandal very clearly at the moment, even though that old Trump chart is not. (I will be fascinated to see if we ever get to the bottom of that, once he leaves office). The ISIS question is really answered by Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules foreigners, religion and also foreign religion. Bear in mind, we seem foreign to them as well. The world is now going through a particularly tough cycle, which began with the arrival of Saturn in Sagittarius in September 2015. It ends at Christmas 2017. The reason it’s been so painful is that Saturn is following the tracks of Pluto in Sagittarius, which hung around from the late 1990s until 2008. That is when the deep damage was done. Now, Saturn is pulling up all the karma. It may be hard to believe, but when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from the final quarter of 2018, through 2019, we are going to see long overdue, massive improvements in the way the world tackles terrorism, immigration, people smuggling and refugees – all of which are ruled by Sagittarius. Jupiter, of course, is the healer and helper. It will be interesting to see France playing her part in le grand solution then.

  3. Donald Trump just committed treachery against his supporters. He broke his promise to be tough on China. What do you think?

    1. I am still waiting for a Trump horoscope which accurately shows the admission of fraud in November, the accusations of the Russian kompromat and the rest. I don’t see it. Thus, I’m just not going to use the chart based on the supplied data. But the American chart is a good, reliable prediction device and it shows an uncanny echo of Nixon in September.

  4. Hi Jessica, would like to ask you for any insight on an oracle question i was inspired to ask after reading the France article.My question was: “what career would i be really good in\at? My answer was, Apollo in the tenth house.I can’t seem to come up with anything.Any insight would be greatly appreciated.Love your site! Thanks Kerry

    1. Kerry you need a career where you are a multi-tasker but also a leader. Apollo in mythology was the many-talented son of Jupiter, who was imitated by Roman youths, who styled their hair to look like his (the ultimate compliment). Apollo was gifted with intuition, music and all-round leadership and this asteroid is common in the charts of people who take the top job, or a top position. You may want to read more about Apollo and look at the painting and sculpture depicting him for inspiration.

  5. Well, I always like to brag about your Brexit prediction, Jessicia, but do you really feel the retrograde Saturn return to 21 won’t make a rumble? I ask for purely selfish reasons as I have Saturn at 20 Saggitarius in my chart and was bummed to realize it would be returning (again!)so close! Thoughts?

    1. Too funny. Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius won’t make any difference to Brexit. In fact, once you work with the idea that Saturn is about fear, pessimism and caution – and Sagittarius rules foreign people and places – you can see why politics has gone in the direction of borders, deportation and so on, since September 2015, when he changed to that sign. If anything, Christmas 2017 intensifies the determination of people to control immigration, as we have a New Moon and Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, joining Saturn. From that point on, though, things shift as the planet moves on. So you’d have to say, looking at the charts for France and Great Britain, there’s a long trek towards a massive decision, at the end of 2017.

  6. Hi Jessica, I have had this feeling that there may be a very surprising result on the first round of the French elections. I checked Benoit Hamon’s birthdate (26 June 1967), although I do not have his time of birth so I used 12.00. Using this time of 12.00, his Mean Node is 3 Taurus. I then checked the chart for 23 April 2017, the day of the first round of the elections, at 12.00 (again I was not sure what time to use that day) and the Sun will be at 3 Taurus. Could Hamon be the surprise factor? He is the only candidate to bring a positive message of hope but his chances remain low according to French polls. Can you see anything about this candidate?

    1. Without a reliable birth time, we don’t have the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or Immum Coeli of a politician. This happened with Donald Trump, whose staff gave us two different times. It happened with Hillary Clinton, who gave two different times (once in person). We need the Ascendant to know about changes in title (President), the Descendant to know about the political opponents, the Immum Coeli to know about a change in residence, and the Midheaven to know (most of all) about the actual career changes. Thank you very much for looking at Benoit Hamon in any case. Have another look at that French chart and see what you can pick up. The chart for France is a pretty safe bet, given that we were able to use astrology to predict Christmas terrorism threats, two years before they happened.

      1. Thanks Jessica. I have now found his birth time: 6.30 (am) in St Renan, France, coordinates 48n26 4w37. I am not sure whether that helps…I will also check France’s chart.

        1. Remembering Lois Rodden, who was a stickler for accuracy, I do wonder if a round-hour birth time of 6.30am is convenient rather than accurate! The only way is to do some forensic astrology. It sounds like you are on the trail, though. The actual election results will be a real gift for astrologers, because they will prove to us just how well these charts work (or not). The French chart is certainly leaning towards an economic boom, though. Bon!

  7. Dear Jessica,
    I also would like your insight into a Oracle question. My question was, “The new job that I’m starting tomorrow will it be a success?” I got Neptune in The 10th House. What can you tell about this combination?
    Thanks, NP

    1. NP, Neptune is about escaping from the real world, so the cards are telling you – this is an alternative outlet. Nothing to do with the mundane, practical, ordinary life – but quite a fascinating departure. There will be boundary issues, so look at the schedules, clock, calendar, time sheets – or you may find that there are blurred lines with your colleagues, employer, staff and so on.

  8. Thankyou Jessica! Respectfully, please be careful with statements like ‘russians hacking the election, just like they hacked the american one’. Sorry. there’s absolutely no * evidence* (by all the legal criteria and definitions of the word) the american elections were hacked at all, let alone by russians. There is however lots of MSM smoke and mirrors, blaming, fear mongering and saber rattling around that whole issue. So why would the big bad scary russians want to do that to french elections?
    Perhaps something like ‘ conjecture, misinformation, projection of the shadow, neptunian murkiness’ is a better description. I have no partisan, politial or nationalistic leanings in this matter by the way. but I am a fan of astrology and of you !!!! xoxoxox

  9. Hi Jessica,
    We now have a general election called in the UK for June 8th – any insights please, and how will this effect Brexit? Just to put my mind at rest
    Many thanks

    1. I will write a feature on this election now that Prime Minister Theresa May has set a date for us. We don’t have a birth time for her, but the chart for the political parties, and the nation, is reliable. I’ll use that. It already worked, in terms of predicting the most difficult and challenging months (April and May 2017) for Mr. Corbyn – that prediction was made on this website last August, in case you missed it.

  10. Dear Jessica,
    Merci mille fois for your article on the French elections. A presidential election has never been so uncertain in France as this one. This morning’s poll said : 23 % Macron, 22 % Le Pen, 20 % Fillon, 19 % Mélenchon whereas Hamon only makes 8 %. Once, you told me in a post that I was psychic. I’m not sure I am, but if I listen to myself, I think that the smaller candidates (Poutou, Arthaud, Asselineau, Cheminade) will make a better score than what the poll say. Also, I have the feeling that Le Pen won’t make it to the second round. I think we’ll have Macron/Melenchon. OK, let’s see what happens. If I get it right, will you hire me ??? Grosses bises, Lisa

    1. C’est vrai Lisa, I did tell you that you were psychic and you are picking up on smaller candidates doing well, which suits the French chart. Funnily enough I am going to train Tarot readers in 2019 so perhaps you will join us, non? You would be very welcome. The situation in France now suits every word beginning with E in my dictionary. She is encrusted and encumbered by laws which do not suit her. An end is coming. She is also tired of being endangered, non? The enemy remains but what we are going to see is an endorsement of those who have the energy to enforce the end of the old, and the start of the new. For the results, I turn to O in my dictionary. I see onion and opera. From French Onion Soup to L’Opera in Paris, this election will be about patriotism, but it is the opinion (another O word) on what patriotism means in 2017 that will decide the outcome!

  11. Hi ! Thanks for your new predictions !

    You already should know that the French home office admitted that 500.000 electors were registered twice in the electoral list. This could make part of the risk of fraud that you denounce.

    Grosses bises

  12. Hello Jessica
    Bit out of the topic
    I just read your blog about
    Revolution! Astrology and Your Money 2018 to 2026

    I am Pisces 01-03-1979
    Can you tell me about my finances
    I had been through tough times
    Chances to buy flat or good business

    Many thanks

    1. As a Sun Pisces person, you are in your final 12 month stretch of Uranus (revolution, shocks, radical change, long-term ‘overturning’ of the past in favour of the new) in Aries – which rules money. I am sure you have been through tough times. You must take every opportunity you are given to save or make money, as Jupiter goes through Libra and your Eighth House – until October 2017. I realise the lack of stability or certainty is still there, but you are honestly being thrown one chance after another to stash or acquire, so do snap these chances up.

  13. First round results are out. Le Pen is on second place. Do you still think she has a shot at the presidency? Experts are all suggesting that Macron will annihilate Le Pen in the second round. Was watching Euro TV and they were jokingly suggesting that the only way Le Pen wins is if something happens to Macron. Are the planets changing in the next 2 weeks to cause any change?

  14. OK Jessica, after seeing the results, I think I don’t have the slightest chance to become the next Madame Soleil (btw, did you know her ?). The smaller candidates did not make a better score and Le Pen is qualified for the 2nd round (it was close though). Now, we have Macron/Le Pen, both incarnating a kind of “renewal” (eventhough Le Pen’s idea of renewal looks more like chaos and fear…). I’m scared that the people who voted for Fillon will go to Le Pen rather than Macron because so many of them a real right-wingers. What do you think ?

    1. I don’t know of Madame Soleil, but I will take a look. We are yet to experience Mercury Retrograde in full flight, in May, so there will be serious problems with this election which are yet to be revealed. Something I should have done before was reach for my pack of cards from Madame Lenormand, because she lived and worked in Paris. I will do that now, in the next post – and hand it over to all my French friends to interpret!

  15. Merci Jessica for writing about France elections AND the economy. I really hope the economy gets better because we’ve had a hard time these past years. Small businesses, craftsmen and self-employed have been suffering so much. Purchasing power has been down also. I have a small business with my husband and things ARE looking a little brighter this year ! The good side is that we have to get creative to make our business thrive ! I’m just still puzzled about this whole end of euro and the banking system that will be turned upside down in 2018 and how it will affect our lives ! A suivre ! Bises xxx

    1. Merci, aussi. France has a horoscope tilted towards growth and productivity – remember the impact of Brexit will mean new trade agreements which may also benefit you too, once Jupiter changes signs in October. The end of the euro (in its present form) begins in the smallest way in 2018 but by 2020 it is very clear that the next decade will mean a revolution. I expect you’ll find it’s a one-world digital currency that is partly responsible.

  16. These cards are very interesting, and, I think, pertinent. The lady in the first might be France herself. She bears a striking resemblance to The Statue of Liberty, with that strikingly similar head dress, made and presented to America by the French at a time of new liberty from a shackling power. She is showing firm, confident composure, as if she is in possession of a fresh new mandate. The way the bouquet is arranged appears like a brides – new beginnings, the start of a different way in life. Also, the number 9 above her head is the number of Destiny in numerology, which I thought was interesting. The Ace? of spades also interesting since the spade suit corresponds to the sword card in taro. Cutting old ways to allow for new times?

    The second card shows a demeanour of quiet alertness while life’s necessities continue, to see how things will develop. Taking a wider view for absorption of facts, and new decision-making – how will friends an enemies react. Air of prudence.

    And the third card: new, solid strength, opportunity, and prosperity with self confidence – I’m the king of the chateau – well, palace. The card reminds me of France a couple of hundred years ago, the ‘Sun King’, I think it was. Palaces, beautiful gardens, fountains, superficial peace and beauty. This time eight spades: French very busy pressing ahead with change, even a hint of oppression? Number 8 stands for strong, goal-oriented life path. Ambitious in numerology.

    So: France could vote in Le Penne, blink for a time in the light of their surprise about face, and then get on with being French, and doing well for a time. On the other hand, and like you said, this could all apply to Le Penne herself. Does any of this make sense to you?

    1. That’s a really interesting way of reading the three cards, thank you. I agree about the resemblance of the third card, to the gardens of Versailles. I am beginning to wonder who the pair of birds are!

  17. Jessica please look at transits for Marine Le Pen today, I included Ceres, Spica, Reguluus…they are all conjunct her Ascsendant ! A Queen is born…

    1. Sorry for this late reply. I don’t use Regulus. She also has such a dodgy chart, like some other politicians I could mention 🙂 As it turns out, Marine did not make it. She does seem like a Leo, though, with her Sun there and that feline look/mane of blonde hair. That is interesting because her solar chart suggests, big shock, radical change, revolutionary career moment in May-June next year. I don’t think this is the end of the story.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Most of the French are breathing again after two weeks of a really trashy political battle. I can’t believe we have such a young president now ! I really hope he will get the country back on its feet again. You were right (encore !) : on Friday, the Macron team reported a hacking attack resulting in documents being published on the Internet, most of them being fake. Also, the election is not entirely finished as we now need to return to the voting booth for the legisative elections on 11 and 18 June. We’ll see if Macron gets a supportuve parliamentary group. If not, it will be hard for him to govern and make all the necessary changes to get France back on track. Thanks again Jessica, c’est toujours un plaisir de te lire.

    1. Merci beaucoup. You definitely had a Mercury Retrograde election there in France. Hacking is just part of it – as you correctly state, 11th and 18th June carry on the story for Macron. The country will boom economically, though – but Marine le Pen has more surprises in store next May, June.

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