Uranus in Taurus in Astrology to 2026

We are going to see this global transformation affect not just currency, but also just about every aspect of your money, house, apartment, business or possessions you can think of. And it’s foreshadowed now.

Uranus in Taurus and April-May 2017 – Our Money Revolution Preview
Story filed April 4th 2017 and updated June 18th 2017.

 In around one year from now, on May 15th 2018, Uranus, the planet of revolution, enters Taurus, the sign which rules money, staying there until April 26th, 2026.

 These are the specific dates, below. The financial revolution that will replace your own country’s notes and coins with one global internet currency will seem radical in 2018, to most people, but be mainstream by 2026.

Uranus in Taurus May 15th 2018 to November 6th 2018
Uranus in Taurus March 6th 2019 to July 7th 2025
Uranus in Taurus November 8th 2025 to April 26th 2026

We are going to see this global transformation affect not just currency, but also just about every aspect of your money, house, apartment, business or possessions you can think of. And it’s foreshadowed now. April through May 2017, as a chain of heavenly bodies also passes through Taurus.

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Uranus and Brexit

Uranus is the planet we associate with room to move, multiple choice, freedom, space and a variety of options. In Taurus, the sign which rules the pound and euro, and other foreign currencies, we’re looking at Brexit, of course. The “Swiss” option – based on a multitude of bilateral trade deals – would grant partial access to the single market in exchange for a smaller EU budget contribution. I am writing this in 2017 before Brexit talks have even begun, but it seems very likely that the United Kingdom will opt for a Swiss option.


Why You’ll See Changes Start April, May 2017

The cycle itself, kicking off from May 2018, will be volatile, move very quickly and leave us with our jaws on the floor. Yet – we are also going to see the storm building in a small, slow way in April and May 2017. This is rather like watching storm clouds being charged – we will be able to gaze about 12 months into the future and see how things are already tingling. We’ll feel those electrons. In fact, conditions for a perfect world economic storm will build.

The investigation into Donald Trump and his circle and the fall-out from that. Climate change. The rising boom in people power, working against corporations and politicians, rising in popularity. The rise of cryptocurrency. The increase in crowd-funding. These are just a handful of elements at work. There will be more.


The Capricorn Traffic and Uranus in Taurus

Of course, Uranus in Taurus (revolution and money) comes alongside first Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, then Jupiter and Ceres – all across Christmas 2017 through 2020. Capricorn rules Prime Ministers and Presidents, Royalty and Chief Executives. It rules the people at the top of business and government.

Saturn and Pluto is going to give these people the toughest cycle in 240+ years, but why? One has to suspect that there will be class action lawsuits against them. There may be jail sentences. Saturn cycles are hard – you have to choose between a rock and  hard place when they come. Pluto transforms everything, forever. Do you remember The Panama Papers? That was not the end of the story. There may also be a big push against corporations by large groups of individuals. You’d have to suspect massive legal reform affecting corporations, governments and even the democratic process once it’s all over by 2020.


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Money, Money Money! How Are You Not Free?

Uranus in Taurus asks you ‘How are you not free, when it comes to money? When it comes to houses and apartments?’ Classically when Uranus lands in a new sign, people realise they had no idea, just how trapped they were. It’s rather like the familiarity of life under lock and key. Until the door opens you become habitually used to confinement. Uranus in Taurus from May 2018 will first shock us, then – over a number of years – show us very clearly, just how ‘free’ we were not.

Freedom for you may revolve around credit card debt, or mortgage debt, or the tax system. Perhaps it’s about the impossibly high price of houses or apartments, where we live (or even where we were born). London is a case in point. Sydney is a case in point. New York is a case in point.  One thing is sure. If you put this question to any group of people in your world, you’ll see the tension. No system which keeps the majority down, ever lasts on a Uranus transit. This is a storm cloud building. When Uranus finally moves into Taurus, the rebellion will begin. There will be moments from 2018-2026 when the Storming of the Bastille looks like a tea party.

We associate Uranus with the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and the American Revolution, because he was found in 1781, a key year for those events. We’re going to see a global Banking Revolution, Economic Revolution and Currency Revolution from 2018. It will start small, go away for a while, then come back even more powerfully, as Uranus moves into Taurus, out, then back in again. These are basic astrology rules. Uranus needs tools, though. New inventions. We will see a huge push here, using new technology. Even our experimental use of mobile phones and digital currency in 2017 could look rather quaint and old-fashioned after 2020.


Watching History Repeat – The 1930’s and 1940’s and Uranus in Taurus

It’s been about 80 years since we saw Uranus in Taurus the sign of the bull. How does astrology predict the future? By drawing on the past. Unlike mainstream time, astrology time is circular. It’s not linear. Astrologers know history repeats.

On June 6th 1934, Uranus entered Taurus (the sign which rules currency, the economy and banking), remaining there until October 9th. This gives us a fair idea of what to expect from this new cycle.

 Uranus then re-entered Taurus on March 27th, 1935 and remained there until August 7th 1941 (the Second World War). There was one final move back into Taurus from October 4th 1941, ending on May 15th 1942. These were the years immediately after the Wall Street Crash, which coincided with the Great Depression – and then the rationing and austerity of the war.

Same principle, but different context. Ration coupons replaced normal money, during the war. The value of currency in some countries went crazy. We also saw fundamental questions about the value of human life. This will repeat from 2018. We’re going to see the same issue – what price humanity and what price human beings?


High-Rise Mountains for Capricorn Goats to Climb

What’s the context of Uranus in Taurus from 2018 through 2026? The end of old government and business systems. The end of the banks as we know them. Perhaps, the end of the worldwide taxation system as we know it. Why? Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are all passing through Capricorn at this time, and Capricorn rules the people at the top. The people in suits and ties at the top of the tower. Those high-rise blocks – the skyscrapers – are a symbol of the mountain upon which Capricorn the mountain goat perches. We’re not talking about the basement here. We’re talking about the penthouse. The jaw-dropping combination of Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Jupiter in Capricorn 2017-2020 is going to utterly transform the structures (corporate, political) but also the actual structures themselves. The mountains which the ambitious goats climb.

The skyscrapers themselves may not last. They may be pulled down, or affected by building flaws, or earthquakes. Astrology tells us that the powerful combination of Uranus in Taurus and the stellium in Capricorn is going to bring the old 20th century system crashing down. People and buildings, even those which in 2017 seem impossible to topple, will make a dramatic fall.

The dreadful tragedy of Grenfell in London happened as I was updating this story on June 18th, 2017. (I had originally filed it on 4th April, 2017). The first thing that occurred to me was the symbolic link between Capricorn and skyscrapers.

This goes beyond the concrete, glass, steel and cladding, though. It goes into the symbolic shift set to occur with those at the very top (the tiny percentage of people at the peak) and the masses down the bottom. If you think of a mountain, you’ll see the Capricorn reality. Uranus in Taurus and the total deconstruction and reconstruction of banking and taxation will play its part.


What Does Uranus Mean in Astrology? How Does it Work in Your Chart?

To understand what a planet means, we need to go to astronomy (which tells us about the conditions surrounding the discovery and naming) first. Then we need to look at the Roman/Latin mythology around the name. You can track Uranus in your birth chart two ways. First, by its actual birth position. Second, by the way it behaves as it passes through.

Astrology works on synchronicity – the uncanny connections between things. The word synch is hidden in synchronicity. It’s a good word to use when explaining astrology. The heavenly bodies are in synch with us. The Goldman Sachs tower, below, is a Capricorn symbol. Why? Because Capricorn the mountain goat rules the top of any high place – like the penthouse suite of the CEO in a major corporation. In April 2017 it is possible to make a prediction, in writing, that Goldman Sachs will go through a massive crisis between 2018 and 2020, that changes it forever, or even brings it to an end. Why?  Uranus in Taurus (finance) brings a revolution not seen in decades, at the same time that Pluto, Saturn, Ceres and Jupiter all pass through Capricorn (high rise buildings, people at the top) and transform things. This is synchronicity at work. Gold is part of Taurus symbolism. Gold bullion (Taurus the bull) and Goldman Sachs share that symbolism. Goldman Sachs, sacks of gold…but what happens to the sacks when Uranus the planet of shock and revolution passes through?

450px Goldman Sachs Tower 011 - Uranus in Taurus in Astrology to 2026



Uranus – Never Still, Never Satisfied

Uranus was the right name, as in Roman mythology, he is the god of the sky and father of Saturn – and as the planet beyond Saturn – he fits into the family tree. This planet is about a part of you (and life) which is never still, never satisfied. Even its own name never stuck, from the start. I’m sure you can see that in your own chart. Uranus by sign and house shows where you can never ‘settle’ or accept, for very long. It also shows where others are never content to live with the status quo either.

Astronomy helps astrologers understand their horoscope symbols. Astronomer Johann Bode, wrote, ‘You know perhaps that I was the first person in Germany to see the new star; this was on the 1st August 1781 – since when I have observed it as often as opportunity offered…I have proposed the name Uranus for the new planet as I thought we had better stick to mythology…” (in The Georgian Star, Michael D. Lemonick, Atlas and Co. 2009).

The name didn’t stick. In fact, some astronomers thought Uranus (formerly The Georgian Star) should have been called Herschel, after its discoverer, William Herschel. You can still find old books with Herschel written down, instead of Uranus!

There is a twitchy feeling of discontent about this symbol in your horoscope. Rejection follows rejection. We associate Uranus with distancing, cold contempt – but also with those who will not take being ignored or set aside.

This historic decision by the astronomer Bode – to propose an alternative name – also gives us the idea that Uranus is about alternatives, full stop. And his choice to link the new planet in 1781 also helps us with interpretation.

Uranus is very different, natally and by transit. In the birth chart, he is part of you – that side of yourself which creates, invents, produces – and then distances yourself. You reject your own innovations or creations. Let me give you an example. If you were born in the Sixties with Uranus in Virgo then so was everyone else! Virgo rules diets. Uranus rules invention. So, your generation invented the diet industry – from Stevia to Weight Watchers to low-fat milk to diet milkshakes. Your generation (and possibly you) are constantly rejecting that. Your own bodies may be rejecting that, physically! So the churning over food goes on. Uranus in Libra people have this with dating, mating, relating, separating, marriage, love, sex, divorce and the rest. Who is on Tinder, never still, never settled? Uranus in Libra people.

When Uranus goes into Taurus the babies born from 2018 onwards will grow up to be the adults of 2038 who invent a brand new world economy, yet they will also reject it and go on searching endlessly for new, different, new, different!


Uranus by Transit

Uranus by transit is quite different to Uranus in the birth chart. By transit this planet brings sweeping, global revolution which challenges you to either get on board and become part of the transformation, or to be left behind – a man or woman out of time. If you realise that we are now in almost the final year of Uranus in Aries (and Aries rules self-promotion, self-interest, image, name, reputation and ‘Me’) then you can see how the internet itself has mirrored ceaseless change. Selfie sticks and Instagram filters, Facebook (the clue is in the ‘face’ part of the corporation) and the rest have played their part in a tidal wave of churning dissatisfaction with ‘Me’ – and how to promote or push ‘Me’ (which is me, you and all of us).

Cosmetic surgery is another part of this Uranus in Aries cycle, which began in 2011. So is the vast array of make-up at Sephora and other outlets. There’s money in heavy cosmetics, of course, but when you see young women (the people least likely to actually need cosmetics) filling their baskets with eyebrow pencils, colour-corrector, highlighter, translucent powder and the rest, you realise you are seeing Uranus in Aries. Never satisfied. Never still.

When Uranus goes into Taurus in May 2018, and for many years afterwards, we will see this chopping and changing with banks, or their new equivalent – and online marketplaces. We will also see it with competing currencies. After 2018 the old days of one bank, one card, one currency are over. Finished. Wall Street used to fix the value of things, along with other markets. Not any more. What things are worth – and why – and when will become a huge question. Watch the FTSE and the pound. Crazy.


TRUE PREDICTION MONEY 2016 date 11 October UK  600x375 - Uranus in Taurus in Astrology to 2026

The Naming of Uranus – Why This Planet is About Rejection and Rebellion

To really understand what Uranus does in your chart natally – and also by transit – and the difference, it helps to dig into history. The naming of Uranus was controversial, as we’ve seen, and the name did not stick – but there are interesting reasons, why. William Herschel, who discovered it, was given 200 pounds every year, for life, by King George III of England, in exchange for becoming the royal family’s astronomer and, unofficially, naming the new planet after him – the Georgium Sidus – the Georgian Star. This was a political act that provoked rejection and rebellion, two other concepts we link to this planet.

Astronomers in Europe objected to Herschel’s choice. ‘They argued that the new name wasn’t consistent with the naming of the other planets. Five classical deities and one British monarch didn’t quite add up…Herschel defended his choice vigorously. ‘In the present more philosophical era,’ he wrote, ‘it would hardly be allowable…to call on Juno, Pallas, Apollo or Minerva, for a name for our new heavenly body.’ He tried, but he failed, to get Georgium Sidus welcomed in Europe.

You can see the churning and discontent right there. The lack of acceptance. The refusal to settle. It is amazing how often the naming of a heavenly body tells us about the symbolism, or meaning. Uranus is a classic case.


Change and the Rejection of Change

Writing in The Georgian Star, Michael D. Lemonick notes ‘It took years for the name Uranus to be universally accepted, and while most British astronomers came around within a few years, William Herschel steadfastly refused to accept the change.’

This is the Rejection Dance that comes with this planet. You can see this in famous events like Brexit, which took place on an exact line-up of Uranus and Ceres. Uranus was at 23 Aries, Ceres was at 23 Aries on 23rd June 2016, on EU referendum day in the United Kingdom. The people rejected Europe. Their vote was in turn rejected. They then rejected, the rejection.

On the most minor level, we are going to see a crazy ‘rejection dance’ with currency when Uranus goes into Taurus. You will find yourself at shops and restaurants which won’t accept pounds, but will accept the new X currency. Or – they will take Z currency, but only if you pay a little more.

I am sure you can think of even more bonkers scenarios when Uranus goes into Taurus. It’s freedom but it can also end up being a free-for-all when we lose our stability. When we lose our certainty. When the ‘known’ world becomes the unknown world.


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Uranus and New Kings – Goodbye to the Old, Hello to the New

William Herschel found Uranus at 19 New King Street, Bath. Note the address. The idea of a ‘new king’ is tied to Uranus in astrology. In 1781, when America won the Battle of Yorktown against the British they threw out King George III created their own ‘new king’ who would become the American President.

In mythology, Uranus himself was overthrown by Saturn, his son, who became the ‘new king.’ Thus we associate Uranus cycles with the replacement of established leadership with radically different, new leadership.

We are no doubt going to see a New King (literally) beyond 2018 when Uranus goes into Taurus and that means a new head on Commonwealth currency. Even if that remarkable woman, HRH Queen Elizabeth II lives to be over 120 years old, at some point the Mint must consider new digital ‘coinage’ for a new age and that may well mean a new portrait – of a new face.


Uranus and New Technology

The circumstances of the discovery of Uranus also tell us, the planet is a symbol for new inventions and new technology. It is also a symbol for discovery itself.  Primitive people could see the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with the naked eye. Uranus was only visible through a telescope. That was new technology, in 1781. Today we associate Uranus with computers and the internet. After 2018, there will be even more innovations.


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Uranus, Storms and Lightning

Uranus in mythology was the father of two kinds of lightning – sheet and forked. (Steropes and Arges). Thus we associate the planet with electricity and all technology/invention that runs on electricity, too. Uranus is also linked to upsets, stormy weather, and all natural forces that turn the world upside-down. This last point comes from the fact that in the myth, Saturn castrated Uranus while he was having sex with his wife, Gaia, the earth – and threw him off her – thus sending her spinning.

It is appropriate that the discoverer of Uranus, William Herschel and his sister Caroline, his assistant, were brought together in their work, during wild weather.

In August 1772 Caroline made her way to Bath, England from Germany, to begin her new role as her brother’s helper. Patrick Moore tells us, ‘They had a bad sea crossing – Caroline recorded that she lost her hat, which blew off as they crossed the windswept dykes of Holland – and when they reached Yarmouth, after a severe storm in which the ship was badly battered, they were landed from an open boat on the backs of two English sailors and “thrown like balls on the shore.” During their coach journey to London the horse bolted and upset the cart, throwing them out.”


The Uranus Story in Mythology by Robert Graves

Writing in The Greek Myths (Penguin) Robert Graves records, ‘Uranus fathered the Titans upon Mother Earth, after he had thrown his rebellious sons, the Cyclopes, into Tartarus, a gloomy place…’ This cements out idea about Uranus and rebellion, as a theme in astrology. He goes on to record that Mother Earth persuaded the Titans to attack their father, led by Saturn (Cronus to the Greeks) armed with a flint sickle. ‘They surprised Uranus as he slept and it was with the flint sickle that the merciless Cronus (Saturn) castrated him, grasping his genitals with the left hand…’

This idea about surprise is also linked to Uranus in astrology. Because Uranus was also the father of two different kinds of lightning, sheet and forked, we also link the planet to shock, and whatever is shocking to us. Electrical shocks and electrical strength psychological shocks are very Uranian, in the horoscope. Uranus is often the only thing that shakes our chains and breaks our chains. It is typical of the cycle that we never knew how trapped we were, until we realise what freedom actually feels like. It may well be the case that  2018-2026 snaps who/what traps us, financially. Maybe we never really understood the extent to which the banking system kept us firmly under lock and key.

It’s really worth repeating this. Uranus typically wakes us up – so that we realise how confined or restricted we were, before. By 2026 we could look back at our lives with credit cards, banks, taxation as they stood before 2018 and shake our heads.


Chained Hands Rome August 2014 448x600 - Uranus in Taurus in Astrology to 2026
Chains in Paris. Image Jessica Adams 2014.


Uranus and Outsiders

In astrology we learn from astronomy, as I’ve mentioned, but also from the astronomers themselves, as people. The men and women who find the heavenly bodies always have lives or personalities which reflect the mythology, associated with the name they give their discovery.

More from Lemonick on William Herschel, the man who found Uranus, with his sister Caroline’s help: ‘Herschel was an outsider. He didn’t spend much time with astronomers and was unaware of how to make his way in the field conventionally…Until he reached middle age, in fact, he wasn’t an astronomer, or a natural philosopher, or anything like it: he was a musician.’

Herschel’s grave reads,

He was the first to discover a planet outside the orbit of Saturn.

Aided by new contrivances which he had himself both invented and constructed he broke through the barriers of the heavens.

These ideas about invention, discovery, breaking through barriers and being the first are typical of Uranus in astrology.

In fact, far from being a regular astronomer – William Herschel played the organ at The Octagon Chapel in Bath, where Jane Austen used to go to church. It is still there today on Milsom Street. Right from the start, Uranus was associated with some very independent women. I was reminded of this when I looked at the photograph of the new Wall Street bronze showing a little girl confronting the old charging bull. So what can William Herschel tell us about what to expect from Wall Street beyond 2018?


card uranus - Uranus in Taurus in Astrology to 2026
Uranus in astrology is a timing device for independence.

Uranus, Jane Austen, Caroline Herschel and Feminism

Money is male-dominated. No question. Corporations are full of men in suits and ties. This is an obvious starting point for the incredible revolution we are going to see in banking and business. To break the stranglehold, it may be that women in particular end up forming their own banks, and use their own currency. Nothing is impossible with the planet Uranus..

The Jane Austen connection to Uranus in the William Herschel story is fascinating. Her church, was his church. And she is far and away the most famous symbol of 18th century feminism we have.

William Herschel’s sister and assistant, Caroline, is a huge part of this story as she became the most famous female astronomer of the 18th century. He brought her over from Germany to work alongside him as a singer, and then as his assistant in astronomy. Caroline was very short, only about five feet tall, with little money – and had smallpox scars. It made marriage impossible. Of course, her forced single status would also set her free. She was liberated to become a professional wage-earner.

Caroline wrote, ‘I never forgot the caution my father gave me against all thoughts of marrying, saying as I was neither hansom nor rich, it was not likely that anyone would make me an offer, till perhaps, when far advanced in life, some old man might take me for my good qualities.’

Again we turn to astronomers to tell us about Uranus as a horoscope symbol – even if they do it unwittingly! The astronomer Patrick Moore profiled her in his booklet, Caroline Herschel, Reflected Glory (Museum of the History of Science, Broad Street, Oxford).

He tells us she was put to work in the home, with her family, before finding freedom with her brother in Bath. She recorded ‘Poor I got many a whipping for being awkward at supplying the place of a footman or waiter.’ Moore thought she was ‘very much a Cinderella.’

No old man ever did take Caroline for her ‘good qualties (sic)’. However, Caroline’s brother William wrote to King George III, ‘Perhaps our gracious Queen, by way of encouraging a female astronomer, might be induced to allow her a small annual bounty, such as 50 or 60 pounds, which would make her easy for life…’

The King agreed.

Caroline wrote, ‘In October I received £12.10, being the first quarterly payment of my Salary. And the first money I ever in all my lifetime thought myself to be at liberty to spend at my own liking.’ She was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1828.

Liberty is a key word for Uranus which is why we associate it with feminism (women’s liberation). The freedom it suggests can also be found in the story of black slave Elizabeth Freeman, who won her freedom in the year that Uranus was discovered, 1781, and changed the course of American history. This is another huge clue about what to expect from Uranus in Taurus from 2018.


Elizabeth Freeman, Freedom, Uranus and the year 1781

As Caroline Herschel was helping her brother William discover Uranus and the young Jane Austen was enjoying her childhood, a woman named Elizabeth Freeman was about to turn America upside down.

In 1780, Freeman heard the newly ratified Massachusetts Constitution read at a public gathering in Sheffield, including the following – ‘All men are born free and equal.’

And all women too? Freeman went to a sympathetic lawyer, Theodore Sedgwick, to help her sue for her freedom in court.

She was probably motivated by what had happened to her the year before. Her mistress Hannah Ashley tried to hit another servant with a hot shovel. Elizabeth Freeman shielded the girl and got a deep wound in her arm. As the wound healed, Bet left it uncovered as evidence of her harsh treatment.


Uranus and the Enlightenment

The year they found Uranus was also a major year for publications and ideas which formed the Enlightenment. This tallies with the idea that Uranus is the ‘father’ of two kinds of lightning, and thus, electricity. Whenever Uranus moves into a new sign, as he is destined to do in Taurus, the sense of all the lights going on is profound. Uranus in a fresh house of the world chart (in this case the Second House of values, money, land and valuables) tends to act as a wake-up. Rather like the sunlight coming into a dark room as dawn breaks. Uranus can shock us and dazzle us at the same time. To say it is going to be ‘enlightening’ to experience Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026 is an understatement, though. We will find that enquiries into corruption at the very top of politics and business, exposes the darkness of a world financial system which simply cannot be permitted to continue.

TRANSITS STUNNING 448x600 - Uranus in Taurus in Astrology to 2026



Liberty, 1781, America and the ‘new King’ – George Washington

1781 was also, of course, the year that America beat the British at the Siege of Yorktown, the final a battle in the American Revolutionary War. King George III, who was so closely associated with the planet Uranus, was no more . The ‘new king’ George Washington, who helped lead the battle, was the future. This brings us to one more important point about Uranus

Unless Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II lives to be 123 years old (the world record for the oldest recorded human) it seems likely that she will pass on, when Uranus is in Taurus. This is of course her own Sun Sign. Her passing would involve a ‘new King’ in Charles III – and the currency would also change. Of course her loyal subjects want to see Her Majesty on the throne as long as possible, but the astrology has a peculiar way of talking to us, all the way from 1781 to today.

Prince Charles is an environmentalist and a philanthropist. Should he take the throne when Uranus is in Taurus, this is yet another reason for the perfect storm behind major financial, business and property change in the United Kingdom.

The Future, Today

Uranus transits bring the future, now. That is often why they seem so shocking at the time. They usher in tomorrow, today. It is best to go along with the changes, even if we do not want to change. History and astrology tell us that progress made on a major Uranus cycle is always for the best. If you resisted liberty in 1781 in New York and clung to the old British King, you were already a man or woman out of time. Without Elizabeth Freeman, there would have been no Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey. At least, not when they found their power. Acting in the year they found Uranus, Elizabeth Freeman ushered in tomorrow.

Understanding Taurus

Taurus is a sign long associated with money and land. In 9000 BC cattle was used as a token of value, in barter. Cows were currency and bulls were more valuable than anything else, for their breeding value. The old ‘cow’ currency made it possible for the seller to come up with a fixed price. Taurus is also a fixed sign. What happens when Uranus goes into Taurus? A revolution in the fixed prices of Wall Street and other sharemarkets.

Women are going to come through. That relatively recent statue of a little girl facing down the Wall Street bull is unusually prescient. Uranus is associated with feminism, because it describes the liberation of anyone who is ‘chained’ or confined. Women are not part of the world’s financial establishment in 2017, as I write this, but they will be part of the revolution by 2026. Old Boys’ Club is over.

Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio – 2018

The new Uranus in Taurus cycle will obviously dramatically alter the world’s economy, with its fair share of shocks, outsiders, new technology and stormy weather. It will occur at the same time as fortunate Jupiter in Scorpio, another finance sign, in 2018 so the world will turn upside down, but also benefit us in some way. We, the people, are going to gain from this wild time.

From May 2018, when Uranus changes signs (Jupiter will already be in Scorpio at that point), we’re going to see a strong echo of 1934 through 1935 when Uranus was in Taurus and Jupiter was in Scorpio. It’s worth looking at those years!

October 12th 1934 to November 9th 1935 – The Second New Deal and Monopoly

Unusual stimulus of world economies is typical of the cycle. It’s very likely that social security in many countries will be radically reformed from May 2018.

Powerful American government intervention in the economy was a characteristic of these previous Uranus in Taurus years. The Banking Act of 1935 was signed into law by President Roosevelt, on August 23rd. The Second New Deal of 1935 offered security against old age, unemployment and illness, and slums – and a work relief program. The Social Security Act, enacted August 14th, 1935, created the Social Security system in the United States.

The current version of Monopoly we play today was launched by Parker Brothers in 1935. Dubbed “The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game” it was the ultimate Jupiter in Scorpio passion at a time when Uranus was in Taurus. It freed up the thinking of children, and adults too, from non-wealthy backgrounds to embrace the idea of playing with property. Which new board game, or new version of Monopoly, will appear after 2018? It’s bound to be digital.

How April-May 2017 Sends a Letter to the Future

We have some dramatic action in the sign of Taurus in April and May 2017 which sends a letter to the future. Mercury Retrograde is part of the message. The highs, lows, muddles and messes of the world economy, banking, big business and currency are ‘writing’ to May 2018, although it may take time for people to understand what was going on!

April and May 2017 and Uranus in Taurus

Apart from the Taurus Supermoon (Full Moon) in November 2016, we also have a lot of activity in Taurus in April and May 2017 including Mercury Retrograde. If you include the shadow period (this is important, because the shadow was a major player in the Wall Street Crash before the Great Depression) then it is April 1st to May 20th which seems likely to set up the future revolution of Uranus in Taurus, one year into the future. Taurus has a long association with bullion. 

It is worth digging into the deeper meaning of Taurus the Bull so we know what to expect from April-May 2017 and particularly its foreshadowing of the extreme new Uranus in Taurus cycle from May 2018.

This is from elsewhere on my website – ‘Bullion describes gold and silver bars. The word contains ‘bull’ as the astrologer Sue Tompkins has noted. Bullion originates from Claude de Bullion, a 17th century French Minister of Finance under King Louise XIII. A bull market is a confident, optimistic, sharemarket trend. A bull thrusts its horns up when it attacks (as opposed to a bear, which swipes its paws down – a bear market is its opposite).

Wall Street and the Taurus Charging Bull

Around one year in advance of the arrival of Uranus in Taurus, the famous charging Wall Street bull in New York has been challenged by a young girl. Given the association between Uranus and feminism is this a hint of things to come?


Dates to Watch – Uranus in Taurus – 2017 and 2018

There are some specific dates to watch in 2017 which will foreshadow the shocking arrival of Uranus in Taurus on May 15th, 2018. There are also some key dates in 2018 itself when we see major aspects involving Uranus in his new sign, which will coincide with major disruption. Typical examples might include the break-up of the EU (and end of the Euro), drastic rises and falls in the value of currency, including the dollar, pound sterling and the Euro – and perhaps another Panama Papers styled world tax scandal.

The first thing to watch is the strange behaviour of Mercury, the planet we associate with trade (Mercury has the same root word as merchandise). It begins to pass through Taurus (money) on Friday 31st March at 5.30pm in London, but it is also fated to stand still and go backwards, in that sign.

 The first thing that stands out is the EuroMillions 49 million jackpot, that day. That result is going to become extremely complicated as the weeks go past. There is also a hint there that European lotteries in general, from May 2018, may be radically reformed or revolutionised.

Friday 31st March was also the end of the Wall Street Quarter. It fell, pulled down by Exxon and J.P. Morgan Chase.


April and May 2017 – Mercury Retrograde in Taurus – Mercury Retrotrade in Taurus?

 The best way to explain Mercury Retrograde, including the shadows (which a lot of astrologers still don’t  use) is to show the way this peculiar planet is going to behave in the sign of Taurus, from March 31st 2017.

Friday 31st March
Mercury 0 Taurus
Thursday 20th April
Mercury goes back into Aries, one sign behind, leaving Taurus for a time. This is when life is going to tilt…the planet has literally started in a sign then vanished from it. It doesn’t get any easier when we have a New Moon in Taurus a few days later.

Wednesday 26th April
New Moon in Taurus

 We then have a Full Moon in Scorpio, opposite the Sun in Taurus, in May.

Wednesday 10th May
Full Moon. Sun in Taurus opposite Moon in Scorpio.

 Then, on Tuesday 16th May, Mercury, the planet of deals, news, paperwork, launches, announcements and negotiation suddenly reappears in Taurus, having vanished for weeks. He will only clear his shadow (finally getting away from the degrees of Taurus he has been hopping in and out of) on Sunday 21st May. From that point on, we’ll have a chain of muddle or mess to deal with, in terms of the world economy, which will play its part in the revolution to come, in around 12 months’ time.

The shadows before and after an actual retrograde are when the planet Mercury appears to be moving normally, but is actually already laying tracks on a bad railroad. It’s like a train which is moving forward, but across a path that is already sending it backwards. 


2018 Predictions for Uranus in Taurus

I am writing this on Sunday 2nd April 2017, so about one year into the future. I will include the degrees of the Taurus patterns to come, because your own birth chart may be affected. If you are a Premium Member you can ask me about that in Comments.

15th May 2018

New Moon in Taurus. Sun 24 Taurus conjunct Moon 24 Taurus
Uranus enters Taurus at 0 degrees

Allow 24 hours either side to let the world catch up with itself, but 14th, 15th, 16th May will see the beginning of a financial revolution. It may be the launch of a new cryptocurrency, the start of an investigation into banks or similar. There will be shocks and perhaps electrical storms in the cities where the revolution begins. Uranus transits often show themselves quite literally.

22nd May 2018
Panacea enters Taurus at 0 degrees
Mercury 14 Taurus conjunct Ops 14 Taurus

 The asteroids are making their presence felt here. This is a remedy. A cure. A solution. It’s about hope for the future. It’s global. Is this a bail-out? A poverty strategy?

23rd May 2018
Mercury 16 Taurus opposite Jupiter 16 Scorpio
Uranus 0 Taurus conjunct Panacea 0 Taurus

This Jupiter pattern (above) in the bank sign, Scorpio, can only happen every 12 years so May 2018 is looking epic. Remember, Uranus can only be in Taurus once in your lifetime, too – so what goes down with currency, bankers and the world economy across 22nd, 23rd, 24th May is going to alter your life. For the best? Yes.

18th June 2018
Uranus 1 Taurus conjunct Vulcano 1 Taurus

 Explosive, exciting, liberating and unforgettable. Astrologers who don’t use Vulcano should note that this asteroid is the husband of Venus. So if you use her, why not try using him? Cue volcanic emotion. There may also be a real eruption at this time. The natural world may reflect the financial world.

6th July 2018

Uranus 2 Taurus conjunct Juno 2 Tauru

Another asteroid – Juno, wife of Jupiter. She’s all about what you wed yourself to. This is a commitment to a financial revolution. From Tuesday 7th August, Uranus goes retrograde at 2 Taurus, beginning with a standstill. If cryptocurrency has taken off by this stage, this may be the point at which it also stands still.


Saturn Trine Uranus – The Big One

When outer planets aspect each other, it’s rare. We pay more attention as a result. This is a mythological treat! Saturn was the son of Uranus, who castrated him. Here both are forming a relationship in the sky in an almost exact trine.

 Saturn is the planet of fear. He’s in Capricorn the sign of big business and the top of government. He is locked down with Uranus the planet of revolution here. It’s pretty clear what the end of August is about: corporate and world leadership crisis which triggers a financial rebellion, or vice versa – the financial rebellion triggers the crisis.

27th August 2018
Saturn 2 Capricorn trine Uranus 2 Taurus

12th September 2018
Venus 2 Scorpio opposite Uranus 2 Taurus – Major Wall Street action, here, probably stretching across September 11th, 12th, 13th as the world has to catch up with its varying share markets.

10th October 2018
Mercury 1 Scorpio opposite Uranus 1 TaurusThe news opposite the truth. The media versus people power. The revolution against stuck financial, banking or economic systems is now starting to warm up. We are still only into the first year of Uranus in Taurus but this is a sign of things to come, and 2019 is just around the corner.

24th October 2018
Sun 0 Scorpio opposite Uranus 0 Taurus –
Spotlight on the revolution. Remember, we are in a cycle which owes a lot to the austerity and rationing of the 1930’s and also the New, New Deal of the 1940’s.

31st October, 2018
Venus 0 Scorpio opposite Uranus 0 Taurus – Halloween will see the old banking systems spooked. On Tuesday 6th November, Uranus does a strange thing. He goes retrograde or moves backwards into Aries, vanishing from Taurus. The revolution is on hold. But he’ll be back. What begins in 2018 isn’t going anywhere!


Generation Scorpio and Jupiter in Scorpio, Uranus in Taurus

Were you part of Generation Scorpio? Were you born in a year when the outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres – were in the sign of the scorpion? If you happen to have them at 0-1 degrees, ten you will be the very first to go through major changes affecting the way you see your salary, credit card, property, business and the rest.

Jupiter will conjunct your Scorpio placements in the same rough time-frame that Uranus opposes them.


Our New World of Money 2018 to 2026

So many of us were born with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio that the long transit of Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026 will change our shared destinies. Why? Uranus in Taurus will oppose those Scorpio placements for billions of us.

Whenever you see cycles like that, you just know that the fundamentals of life – renting, owning property, having a credit card, paying tax, paying a mortgage, having shares, having a pension/superannuation – are going to be transformed.

 The transformation will set us free from whatever/whomever restricts us. Uranus transits tend to be confronting, shocking – yet also liberating – and the key to managing them is to keep moving. Stay flexible. Keep adapting. We’re all going to invent this new world together. Those are the Uranus rules!

You can read an earlier story I wrote on Uranus in Taurus – it has many fascinating comments from other readers who are looking at this historic cycle and speculating about what might change our planet. What do you think? 

Even though I am writing this one year before the ingress even takes place, and Uranus in Taurus will be with us for years, it will be fascinating to see your ideas and experiences, written down here, gathered over time. 


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206 Responses

  1. PS.
    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have my Natal Uranus at 2 degrees Cancer (4th house) – have seen changes in my living situation for countless years, almost since early childhood!!
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for your fantastic and thought provoking article Jessica! I really hope that you are able to answer my question. I have my South Node 22 in Taurus. What should I do to prepare myself for this revolution?

    1. Never mind that, you have Uranus at 1 Scorpio. Transiting Uranus at 1 Taurus will oppose your natal Uranus in June 2018, repeating himself in September, October that year – and again in March, April 2019. Have a little chat to a financial advisor to make sure you are in a flexible position, able to duck and dive a bit, as life will chop and change. You will also need to evaluate the price of being free – being independent.

      1. Thank you Jessica! But now I am apprehensive. Will these changes be good or bad? I am hoping to launch a skin care business in 2018-2019. Will all these changes be good for my business or bad?

        1. You can launch any business on Uranus in Taurus as long as you keep watching the economic and market trends, day to day, as this cycle is associated with lightning bolts and sudden turning points, and life can change in the blink of an eye. Keep moving and keep watching. Do not assume what worked before 2017 is going to work beyond 2018 because within years we will be operating in a different world.

  3. Hi Jessica, fascinating article, thank you. It will be exciting to watch this all unfold!

    Uranus in Aries from 2011 turned my life upside down in true Uranian style! I broke away dramatically from caring about what others thought and acted more on instinct; ended a long relationship that had run its course (shocking to others and myself but hugely liberating), changed my look, my home and my job, lost weight, made new friends, rejected others and also found myself rejected. Incredibly challenging but so exciting and necessary. So, given I have stelliums in both Taurus and Scorpio including Venus (2 Taurus) and Jupiter (1 Scorpio), plus a lot of heavenly bodies at 24 degrees in my chart, I am nervously excited at what the next chapter might bring?!

    Many thanks x

    1. Congratulations on completing the rejection dance – you are almost there. You have seen first-hand how liberating it can be to hear ‘No’ from other people but also say ‘No’ straight back to them. You have an almost exact opposition between Venus at 2 Taurus in the Second House of money, values, possessions, houses, apartments, business and charity – and Jupiter at 1 Scorpio in the Eighth House of deadly serious finance and sexually intimate property agreements. This pattern tends to be about family money, or the joint account/property holdings with lovers or partners. It also turns up with the Mafia and male escorts, I have to add. You will be thrown a tremendous opportunity to make or save money, or cash in kind, when Jupiter moves to 1, 2 Scorpio in October 2017. Whatever you weave, make sure the fabric is stretchy, because you will be well and truly stretched when Uranus moves to 1, 2 Taurus in May-`October 2018. You will also need good advice from someone who is not stuck in the past. An accountant who is right across the internet on a daily basis (and not watching cat videos) is a smart idea. If you do end up with paperwork, either then or in March-May 2019 (the second pass of Uranus across those degrees) read the fine print and make sure it allows you maximum stretch!

    1. You have a Scorpio stellium, so with Jupiter conjunct this, from October 2017 until November 2018, you will gain or save. The charity, the house, apartment, possessions, money or business will offer you solutions and advantages not possible in 12 years. Just remember that whatever you build for yourself must be flexible, as over the long term, Uranus will oppose your Scorpio stellium, and unpredictable, ever-changing conditions with banks, pensions/superannuation and so on, mean you need a very good financial advisor who is constantly up to date.

  4. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for this wonderful article! Could you please help me identify how will this transit affect my life? Will my Chiron in Taurus placement have an effect on this transit or the money matters in my life in general?

    Thank you

    1. Malika, you have Chiron at 9 Taurus conjunct your MC or Midheaven at 9 Taurus in the Second House. If your birth time is accurate then your highest achievements in life will revolve around charity fundraising, business, philanthropy, economics, property and/or finance. If your birth time is not accurate, this may not make much sense. Still, it is enough to have Chiron in the Second House. Uranus passes over your Chiron in June 2020 and will repeat himself a few times. Let’s talk more then – but in general, you have a pattern of seeing what you can get away with, and where the goalposts just moved to, when it comes to charity, property, money. June 2020 is going to ignite that, in a way you have never experienced before and will never experience again.

  5. What a fantastic piece of writing! I am going to keep a watchful eye having been impressed by previous predictions and outcomes.
    And will keep in mind my uranus and saturn placements, along with jupiter. I’m excited for radical change though circa may 2018. Call me foolish but I can only think of it as positive. Do you have any guidance? Ta

    1. Thank you. You will have your Jupiter Return at 27 Scorpio at the start of this cycle, so this is an opportunity (transiting Jupiter) to use the money, house, charity, business, apartment or possessions (Scorpio) to help yourself, or gain – and it’s set for October 2018.

  6. With Chiron and Cupido in 15 degree, prosperina in 13 degree, Diana in 25degree Taurus, how will the changes in career affect me. Will I be able to financial growth with a low stress routine with time for my family?

    My Uranus is retrograde in 29 degree Scorpio. There is also an authority at work who shares a deep friendship with me who has uranus in 12 degree Scorpio.

    If a business partnership starts between us, will it work out..

    Thanks for your help.


    1. FA you have the Moon at 2 Scorpio so will notice the cycle before other people. You need to be needed (the Moon) financially (Scorpio) and you can expand this role (Jupiter) to your benefit (Jupiter) in October 2017. Just make sure that whatever is in place, probably involving your lover, relative or another close connection – can take change. Why? Because from July 2018, Uranus (revolution) will oppose (challenge) your Moon at 2 Taurus. As you have Scorpio factors all the way through to 29 degrees, the entire October 2017-November 2018 cycle will support you, and it may well involve your authority at work, but this person should really have a chart before I can comment.

  7. Dear Jessica,

    How this will affect my personal horoscope? Thank you very much in advance.

    Best wishes, Cee

    1. Cee, you have Minerva at 2 Scorpio so you are wise (Minerva) about money, charity, property, possessions and business (Scorpio) and I’m sure others know to consult you for advice. Jupiter was actually Minerva’s father in mythology, so when he crosses 2 Scorpio in October 2017 you will have a wonderful solution not possible in 12 years, regarding everything you earn, own or owe. This is the start of a really useful cycle for you, with your house, apartment, bank account, shares and so on. However – the smart money is on being flexible, adaptable and open to change, as Uranus will move to 2 Taurus and oppose Minerva in July 2018, starting many years of constant evolution, as one wave replaces another in the big, financial, world out there. You’ll be off to a very good start, though. Just keep watching the currents as they shift around you.

  8. Jessica, thank you very much for the blog. It means more than astrology. And another comment from me for collective purposes. The world will go very dynamic in the coming three years. 2020 should be the year for us to truly feel the world upside-down. So the message here for people who has A dream but not reaching it yet – just keep going and for universe’s sake, please stay true with yourself, don’t give in and up. 2022 and 2025 are very crucial as well. The key going through and getting benefits from this is very simple – focus on your own inner desire regardless of outside changes. Your inner voice will bring you to this new world safely with a content life.

  9. Jessica,

    You, my dear, are truly a gifted astrologer/teacher and I’m so fortunate to be able to learn from you! This article has really caught my attention because it affects me in a variety of ways: I’m a Scorpio sun: DOB 11/17/65 @ 5:15pm CST in USA. It seems that I’m very much feeling some of the impact of Uranus in Taurus now. I’m glad that you’ve confirmed that I’m not being overly paranoid or cautious regarding changing jobs, improving savings, and paying off my debts immediately. Additionally, I’m in a relationship with a Taurus DOB 5/13/60. Recently, I’ve been feeling stuck in both my personal and professional relationships. Since February, I’ve been interviewing all over the place to secure firm foundation in career so I can continue to save, save, and get out of as much debt by year end. Additionally, I’m in “hiatus” mode with my Bull. What can or should I do to prepare for this upcoming shake-up with Uranus moving into Taurus?

    1. Thank you very much. A Scorpio with a Taurus needs consideration on this new cycle. Your lover has Taurus factors at 11, 16, 22 which hits your chart a couple of times. Therefore the primary gains to be made for both of you occur when Jupiter crosses 11, 16, 22 from December 2017 to February 2018, in the first instance. This is before Uranus changes signs so life is predictable. You can both save or make money, or cash in kind (possessions, house, apartment, car and so on). The revolution for both of you, as a pair, won’t begin until Uranus moves to 11 Taurus from May 2021, so there is plenty of time to read the signs, out there. If you feel stuck in your relationship with your lover, I have to say it is very unlikely it’s going to last, as Uranus has a way of unsticking us. If that is the case Uranus at 1 Taurus opposing your Cupido at 1 Scorpio in June 2018 is going to be the glue-loosener. You can read more about Cupido on this site and in your ebooks.

  10. Hello Jessica

    I find your writings on this subject fascinating. As you can see it will likely impact on me, since I have 7 planets in Taurus and Scorpio. I would be interested to know what you see for me in 2018, by which time I’m hoping to have escaped the 9-5 workforce, though will still need (and want) to work, but at my own slow Taurean pace, and when it suits me.


    1. Thank you Angela. You will feel the cycle straight away, as you were born with Venus at 1 Scorpio, so there is an opportunity (Jupiter) to gain from (Jupiter) money, property or business (Scorpio) as early as October 2017. However, keep things open, flexible and adaptable so you can move around and have wiggle room. May-June 2018 will see you experiencing Uranus (revolution) opposite (challenging) Venus (relationships) which are financial (Scorpio) in nature – and it may be whatever you arrived at, back in October or November 2017. You have a huge stellium in Taurus-Scorpio so will need to surf your way through 2018, but the waves you catch will take you further and higher, so with good advice, you should do quite well from the instability and uncertainty that year. This is a long cycle which will pay off for people who stay on top of the news, and read widely around the subjects which count. Surfing is the best way to describe it – reading the currents and waves – which will be unlike anything you have experienced. i am using the analogy of waves, because you have Neptune at 4 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, property and business too – and Jupiter will sit on top of this at the end of October 2017, start of November 2017. Whatever you gain from then is a total escape from the real world, rather like deep sea diving. It’s big and it benefits you – yet you must be ready to tackle new waves again when Uranus at 4 Taurus opposes your Neptune, in May-June 2019.

  11. Fascinating reading Jessica. Thanks again for another wonderful article.
    You predicted last year that I would be renovating and do quite well with it. We are well underway but as you predicted, it is going slower than I planned. We are planning on selling our apartment in 2-3 years time when common property works are completed on the outside of our block. This would also conincide with our retirement. As in sell, downsize and cash up. Wondering now whether that maybe too late given your predictions. Should we hurry up and get out before May 2018?

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the prediction about your renovations is working for you. You were born with Neptune at 8 Scorpio in the Eighth House of property and finance, and Ceres at 10 Taurus in the Second House of cash flow and ownership. Uranus will cross 8, 9, 10 degrees of Taurus in 2020 so whatever you plan to do, should be flexible enough to take the changes that year. In astrology-speak, Uranus will oppose Neptune and conjunct Ceres, that year and again in 2021, 2022. A great deal is going to alter in those years, as Uranus goes back and forth over those degrees in your chart, so it may be a smart idea to read very widely around the issue of currency, cryptocurrency, property, banks and so on – with one eye on the future. Ultimately, as always with astrology, the choice is yours.

  12. HI Jessica, Loved, loved, loved this article………..fascinating to read and extremely well written. Can I just ask as I have the Taurus stellium hitting on the 1, 16, and 17 degrees…… I’ve been struggling with debt and at this stage in my life, I know I should really have my financial ^&%$ together……does this Uranus shift into Taurus, mean that finally, finally I can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to my finances at least? Many thanks for your valuable time xx.

    1. Thank you very much. Struggling with debt is a pattern, so to unlock the pattern, you look to the Taurus and/or Scorpio placements in your chart to see what is actually going on. The answer is, a whole lot. You were born with the Sun at 17 Taurus in the Second House of money, property, business, charity and possessions. Fortuna is also there at 16 Taurus, just one degree away, so you have a Sun-Fortuna conjunction. You publicly (the Sun) have highs and lows (Fortuna) and The Wheel of Fortune on game shows probably describes your life. Read more about Fortuna online and in your ebooks. At the same time, you have Ceres at 1 Taurus, aspecting Diana at 0 Pisces, and the North Node at 0 Sagittarius and South Node at 0 Gemini. Every time you travel or move (Sagittarius-Gemini) you have to compromise hard (Ceres) over the money. I expect currency exchange rates – for example – would sometimes work against you. So would life as a student, and the business of student grants or debts. Beyond this, we also have Hygiea at 27 Taurus, aspecting Venus at 28 Gemini and Psyche at 28 Aries. There’s that Taurus-Gemini connection again. Phone bills also spring to mind, and internet bills as well! Last but not least you have Ops at 20 Scorpio trine Mars at 20 Pisces. Ops describes your ability to problem-solve in a practical way, despite difficulties. I expect you were hit very hard by Saturn going over 20 Scorpio, and the last pass was October 2015. You may still be recovering from just that Saturn transit, as he not only sat on your Ops (painful) he also *opposed* every single one of your Taurus factors. With the arrival of Uranus in Taurus, you are going to radically change your whole approach to everything you own, earn and owe. You will feel it earlier than other people as Uranus crosses 0-1 Taurus and you have some choices to make – in May 2018. Everything will feel very new and different and you may have to invent a unique way to deal with the house, apartment, cash, possessions and so on. I would say part of what you choose to do will be a reaction to what you went through 2012-2015 during that impossible Saturn cycle. You learned a lot and will no doubt handle your resources in a way that makes sure you never repeat the same mistakes. Hit your ebooks and Search on this website to unlock more information about that combination in your chart!

    1. You have Venus conjunct Juno at 5 Taurus so have a lifelong pattern with charity, business, money, houses, possessions or apartments. You tend to commit, or wed yourself to, quite complicated relationships which automatically make you question who and what you value most. It has always translated into cash, but of course there are some things money can never purchase. Whenever this pattern in your chart has been activated, along comes some kind of agreement or undertaking (a mortgage/marriage is a classic example) which triggers your Taurean side. Remembering that Taurus the bull digs his heels in and is a fixed sign, what goes down makes you strongly aware of what you will (or will not) sell your soul for! Now, with Uranus coming to 5 Taurus June 2019, you have a new cycle starting that month when radical change (Uranus) across world finance and property (Taurus) will revolutionise (Uranus) how you commit, and to whom you commit. If you do begin some new agreement then, be aware that you’re doing it on a famously unpredictable cycle. I suspect one word – freedom – will matter more than anything else, then. Of course it is also possible that you or others will leave an agreement. If this is the only thing that will liberate you, him, her or them – then that may have to happen too.

  13. Too exciting Jessica, I must admit I had to read it a couple of times to absorb and even then I am not sure I have understood it all, I cannot completely visualise it either!
    I am looking at my birth chart and notice that I have Mercury, Saturn and Ceres in Taurus, so I am thinking that Mercury and Saturn in Taurus will certainly affect me. How though? Will it be an avalanche of wealth, helping me pay off my mortgage :-). I have bought gold jewellery for my daughter, should I continue to buy it? or will it be worthless?
    I also have Uranus in Libra, so a change in my relationship, hopefully positive, getting closer, I do love my hubby 🙂
    Thank you so much for another thought provoking article. Appreciate your inputs, best regards Jos

    1. Jos, over a period of many years your finances will change beyond all recognition. Uranus is not abundance; Jupiter is abundance. Uranus is freedom. Financial independence will come your way, but thanks to global changes affecting you, where you live – in a personal way. Thank you for your compliment.

  14. Some astrologers prefer the name Prometheus to Uranus. What’s your opinion on that?

    1. They are two different deities. Astrology is a whole system with its own inner logic – all the original archetypes were Roman/Latin so Uranus fits right in. Prometheus doesn’t. Best check for yourself!

  15. Hi Jessica.

    I tried to give my take on what is happening but every time I pressed post, my computer crashed. Eventually it jumped to flight mode, which it has never done before, and I now have goose bumps. I will try yet again.

    I refer to a speech by Juncker to the EU on 9/9/2016 in which he outlined his vision of the future.

    He noted that it was 27 years from the day on 9/9/1989 when the Berlin Wall came down and I wondered whether the date was of astrological significance. In particular, the transit of Saturn takes 29 years and on 9/9/2018 it will be 29 years since the start of the process of reunification of West and East Germany, symbolised by the fall of the Wall.

    The two points in the speech which are of particular interest to the UK at the moment are social dumping and tax dumping, ie the mass migration of people to maximise their incomes (regardless of the effect on their host countries or their home countries) and the large scale movement of capital by global corporations to minimise their tax burdens (regardless of the effect on the country where the profits were made or indeed the ‘tax havens’). The two simply aren’t compatible – people moving in as the taxes needed to provide essential services are moved out.

    The most interesting development which affects all member states as well as the UK is though the digital single market. The whole world world will soon have to collaborate in respect of a digital single market which will revolutionise world commerce and trade. But the question is: how do we both develop a digital single market and avoid social and tax dumping? We shall see.

    1. Thank you for this, it is quite brilliant and you have been channelling – not sure if you realise that! The spirit world has been at your elbow so I do hope people read your reply in some detail. Yes, the Berlin Wall is behind the karma here. The issue of social dumping and tax dumping is central, along with the digital single market. Boom! And this is where there will be rebellion, revolt and ultimately a revolution. This whole situation evolved when Pluto (transformation) was in Sagittarius (foreign people and places; migration; travel) from the late 1990s into the early 2000s and we’re going to see it blown wide open from May 2018.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    I would like to know how, on a worldwide level, Uranus in Taurus causing financial upheaval is different from the chaos that Pluto entering Capricorn caused.

    On a personal note, I also have questions. I reckon the Uranus transit will be quite big for me, but not sure exactly how. In 2018 Uranus will simultaneously conjunct my Venus in Taurus, trine my Capricorn moon, and sextile my Jupiter in Cancer all at the same time. On top of that we will have Saturns entry in to Capricorn. Reading all of that back is exhausting let alone contemplating the meaning as on paper it looks like a planetary car crash! I am certain of my time of birth so know that Sagittarius is my rising sign, although there doesn’t seem to be much reference to rising signs on this particular site. Predictably, my finances are unstable and I would very much like that to change. On 24th of January this year I had an operation and have been literally learning to walk again. Although I have steadily gained my strength back and so enjoy not having constant physical pain, I have no permanent job at present, but my family have been incredibly generous and helping me out financially. I find this deeply shameful and embarrassing, but they are fine about it. I also would like to eventually move back to my place of birth as I live on the other side of the world from it. I cannot be sure when or if this will happen. It was at the last Saturn in Sag transit that I moved away.

    As a Gemini sun sign, I am very cerebral and embrace change, but don’t like it being thrust upon me even though I am adept in coping with crises. Please give some insight if it is possible at this early stage.

    1. I am sorry you have been through such a tough time with your operation and learning to walk again, and have been put through such pain. Please do not feel ashamed of your family help. Don’t worry about your Rising Sign. It’s your image, not your life. Looking at your chart, I can see an exact Uranus-Pluto conjunction at 15 Virgo in your Sixth House of the body, and work. This is massive. It is trine Aesculapia at 16 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. Aesculapia, as you can see in your ebooks, was the Roman god of ultimate healing who brought people back from the brink. You are going to rise again. In fact you will stun yourself and other people with your professional comeback.

      You are pinpointing something that New Zealand astrologers also noticed in a recent workshop we had in Auckland, on Uranus in Taurus. What cannot be ignored, with the currency and economy revolution, is the crisis for corporations and government. In fact it’s all part of the same story. We are going to see presidents and prime ministers lose their positions, and global brands either merge, or go to the wall. Right across this period, there will be new job creation, changes in government funding, and the rest. You will gain from this.

      One of the last things I will say is that you have you used your time to read and learn. You also need to be writing, because that is how you process and absorb. If you don’t already have a journal, start one. Keep it private, though!

  17. In the U.S., we are having horrible problems with student loan debt. The Dept. of Education has become a predatory lender, and government agencies that service the loan are haphazard and brazen. They wield complete legal power and authority, there is no negotiation or compromise.

    I pray that Uranus in Taurus will provide a way out. Trump appointed a billionaire’s wife to head the U.S. Dept. of Education, Betsy DeVos has chosen to remain silent on the issue and even went so far as to deflect. Anyone in the U.S. with student loan debt soon finds themselves an indentured servant to whomever services their loan. Almost 10 yrs. ago, a public sector forgiveness program was created for qualified applicants to agree to steady monthly payments of a certain amount made faithfully in exchange for loan forgiveness at the end of the 10 yrs. The first of these contracts will be 10 yrs. old this coming November. So far, there is no application for this forgiven debt at the end of the 10 yr. mark for the program. A couple months ago some letters were mailed out informing certain program participants that their contracts were void and they were no longer eligible for the program.
    No recourse whatsoever.

    1. Oh, watch Betsy. Not on this issue. On the matter of her financial stakes, business interests and particularly what went down in September 2016. I’m talking about astrology, not politics, but I note her interest in the health industry and we had the mother of all Virgo (health) eclipses at that time. Are you worried about this White House remaining intact? It won’t. The Trump horoscope makes no sense at all, and in fact his staff supplied two contrary birth times – but we do have a reliable US horoscope and it’s clearly saying – this is wobbling, even as you look at it.

  18. Hi Jessica
    Another fascinating article … I have the North node and Vulcano in Taurus and many Scorpio factors. I’m confused as to how I should read the Taurus/Scorpio opposition – should one be reducing the debt, or is this an opportunity? How would this transit effect me overall?
    Thank you

    1. You will really feel this as your Nodes are there, but actually – as you say – you have a stellium across Taurus and Scorpio. From October 2017 through November 2018 do all you can to make or save money. It may be someone lending you a car or furniture. It may be a second income stream. Further ahead, many years into the future, you will radically change everything about your approach to what you earn, own or owe. In fact your values will change. You have one or more previous lifetimes as a trader, economist, banker, philanthropist, real estate agent, heir/heiress and so on. You have known poverty and wealth. In this lifetime your cosmic quest is to give, without compromising yourself and your values. To give for the sake of giving, but not to do it at your own expense. This will be really obvious during this entire cycle.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Scratching my head, think I have a similar chart to WBT’s with the North Node at Taurus and South Node Scorpio. Perhaps another get together of souls from the Crash of 1929 like on the first Uranus in Taurus comment forum? Is my cosmic quest also similar in this cycle? I want to help my brother pay for additional schooling from my savings, which are supposed to go towards a home for me. I really want to since it will better his career, but am not sure I can swing it since I have no current income…. It seems like a no brainer to help him as I don’t have prospects for buying a place just now. I could expect him to help me out later. He’s a Gemini, my current partner is a Scorpio. Does my birth chart give any info on this?
        Many thanks, this is the best comments forum!!

        1. Amy, I do wonder about the big gathering of souls born with the Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio. If you did all reincarnate as a group, to experience the radical shift of Uranus in Taurus, I wonder if it might have been the last war, as well as the Wall Street Crash. As the world went to war in September 1939 there were major Taurus-Scorpio patterns. Of course this was the beginning of rationing. It was certainly a time when people had their values on the line and had to put a price on what was priceless – namely human life, freedom and the rest. It is very kind of you to want to help your brother with his education, even though you must also save for your own home. You will have all the information you need about your financial or property situation across October, November 2017 and then May, June 2018 as first Jupiter then Uranus both cross that sensitive Nodal axis in your chart. If you are not in any great hurry to make your choices you may prefer to wait until you see what trends/conditions are around you then as a great deal is set to change. Jupiter only passes here once every 12 years and Uranus has never been there in your life. As a general comment, I would look at the power dynamic/the balance of power/the upper hand/the control with your brother, should you decide to lend him money, or give him money. This is based purely on the fact that he is a Gemini and has Pluto transiting his Eighth Solar house of finance and property for many years. Pluto always raises deep questions about power and how to handle it.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    These are big changes, and I can’t help but feel that there will be bigger changes for me.
    I have Uranus (retrograde) in Libra and a Taurus rising? I feel like it will effect me a lot because of my ascendent? How do you see it effecting me?

    Thx a bunch for you insight!

    1. Your Ascendant is in late Taurus. It will take many, many years for Uranus to pass by – and that depends on you having an accurate birth time in the first place. Uranus in Libra has nothing to do with what is to come, but the Uranus conjunction to your Ascendant will result in a radical new image, based on what you earn, own and owe. On this cycle I have seen hippies turn into suits, and suits turn into hippies.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        When I asked the first question about possible changes having a ASC in Taurus (
        25° Taurus 05′ 15) I didn’t even realize I have a stellium in Scorpio. I do have an accurate birth time. Do opposition transitions hurt or help? How do you see this effecting me? And also from your first answer, I hope to turn into a suit (a good-hearted one) … been a hippie too long struggling for money. Thx for taking the time answering this second question.

        Fortuna 03° Scorpio 33′ 07″ R
        Psyche 21° Scorpio 26′ 06″ R
        DESC 25° Scorpio 05′ 15″

        1. Finance, property and business – charity too – are where you create something that lasts forever, so your chart has all the hallmarks of a philanthropist whose work stands in stone, for all time, or a person who is smart with land, homes, possessions who then leaves it in the will, to be passed on down the generations. That is what Psyche in Scorpio does for you. Fortuna is the Wheel of Fortune – you may not be aware you do this, but you spin fate and fortune for others, in regards to money, property, business – you send people or organisations high, then low! The Descendant describes your former, current or potential partner – or your opponent. Again, the context is cash. Now, as Jupiter slowly passes 3 Scorpio from October this year, you will see your first major opportunity to make or save money, or cash in kind. Just make sure it’s supremely flexible as before too long Uranus will move to 3 Taurus and oppose this in your chart. Have a look at the Wheel of Fortune in mythology, art and on this site. Understand your past history in the context of that and start working with your transits. In general, it’s a giddy joy ride (even if we’re just talking about your pension or superannuation shares at the mercy of the markets) from October, with some massive future statement made in 2018. However, you need to make the most of this flush period, as you really are entering years of ‘keep moving’ after that point. You’ll need to zig-zag when the world zig-zags and that is going to be often!

  20. Aesculapia, Cupido and Sun in Taurus…Will Uranus finally wake up the Cupid in me? How will it affect my chart? My son’s north node is exact conjunct my Sun in Taurus. How will it affect him? He is August 11, 2003.

    Will this Taurean sun and Virgo Ascendant be able to handle Uranus? Any hint in the full moon next week exact on my natal Uranus at 24 Libra?

    1. Your Taurus stellium describes how you place a value on relationships and mix up money, shopping, ownership, wealth, cars, houses and apartments with your son, but also presumably his father. The Uranus transit in Taurus will completely change that and you may find that you turn your own world upside-down, shifting your value system and putting a different ‘price tag’ on who and what is most precious to you.

      1. Thank you for your precious wisdom. I am grateful for the energy you so generously pour out to us seekers. Will the uranus transit finally give me the courage to take the leap into single motherhood? I hold myself back due to my special needs son, not wanting to bring more havoc into his tiny world. It’s exhilarating and nerve wracking at the same time to imagine it.

        1. Thank you. Your small son with special needs, will either be shown by Cancer or Leo in the chart. As it happens – You have a stellium in Cancer, the sign of motherhood, and one of the horoscope factors in Cancer is Saturn. Thus, you have some tough karma with parenting and family matters in general, as Saturn is the planet we associate with difficult situations we do not choose; they are visited upon us. If you were to add another child to the family, you would be once again inviting Saturn into your life with all his tests and trials. As you are already going through the long, slow opposition (challenge) of Pluto in Capricorn, moving opposite every Cancer factor you have, you may prefer to keep your life simple. And his.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I love, love this article! and you are so right about the crypto currency, bitcoin is already proving that! I can’t wait for the rest to unfold, its just gonna get bigger! very exciting! 🙂 I have Saturn at 3 deg in Scorpio but the rest of my outer planets are in Sag, so I am guessing I am more generation Sag than Scorpio – will Saturns placement still bring about a transformation like you mention? Will they be positive on the abundance/ wealth side? I also have Chiron 22 Taurus and Minerva 21 Taurus, can you tell me how these placements will affect me when Uranus moves into Taurus?

    Thank you love your work 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. That Chiron conjunction to Minerva across 21, 22 Taurus is very important. You have a punk approach to money, possessions, business, charity and yet it’s also profoundly wise. I am sure you get away with the so-called impossible or unthinkable quite a lot. Jupiter will oppose that, creating conflict and confronting situations, but with a very good outcome, starting February 2018 and repeating in March, April and September, October that year. Track financial headlines and global economic shifts then, even with internet operations like PayPal, to see how you can gain or save. Years into the future, 2024 will change everything in a radical way as Uranus crosses your conjunction. A total change of values is likely. In this cycle communists become capitalists, shopaholics turn away from the malls, and alternative lifestylers become business hawks!

  22. Hi Jessica! I just recently found your website and have dived in headfirst. Would you help me understand how I will be affected by this? Being a single parent currently, I want to start preparing now for future changes.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. If your birth time is spot-on then it’s your Descendant at 6 Taurus that will be triggered first, as Uranus crosses 6 Taurus. The Descendant or DC describes your former, current or potential partner. Sometimes it is about a person who is against you. (For more information on this look up the Descendant in Search, or in your Ebooks). July-September 2019 is the first cycle so you may want to keep an eye on the main player in this story, and the paperwork you share together. Child support, for example.

  23. A most interesting article . Thank you for all that research. You kindly answered a question for me recently mentioning financial success 2018. My husband born April 21st 1936 has moon 0 taurus sun 1 degree Uranus 5 degrees and mercury and mars also in Taurus.
    I think it might be a big year in some way for my family especially as my three children all have their sun near to 0 degree . Two in taurus and one in aquarius.

    1. Thank you. Uranus crossing 0, 1, Taurus will affect the whole family so just keep an eye on issues like the pensions/superannuation and the terms of the family wills/inheritance because it may help to keep things flexible – not only on the first pass of Uranus but also the second one.

  24. Dear Jessica,

    I have Uranus in 0 deg in Scorpio and the South Node in 23 deg in Taurus. So I think that 15th of May 2018 will be important day for me. Can you help me to understant in which way? And there will be another important days for me as for Uranus, if only thing that have in Taurus is this South node?

    Thank you very much!

    1. It takes more than one day to create change, in astrology, as Uranus will spend many days at 0 Scorpio, moving back and forth – but in general, the Nodes across Scorpio-Taurus in your chart at 23 degrees, as well as Uranus at 0 Scorpio, suggests that from October 2017 you begin a new cycle for your finances, house, apartment and business of many years, when you are very likely to reject who/what seems old-fashioned and irrelevant to you. In fact, you could easily turn away from a way of life, or a particular set-up or system, that was once the cornerstone of your money and lifestyle. You will begin the cycle with some stunning solutions and opportunities as Jupiter moves from 0 Scorpio, through to 23 Scorpio in late 2017-2018. These will be karmic in nature; you earned your rewards or help in a previous lifetime. You may also be gaining directly from seeds you planted about 12 years ago. Moving along from this rather rosy opening to the cycle, you do need to be aware that Uranus will oppose Uranus in your chart, and ultimately hit the Nodes, so keeping your affairs as flexible as possible will help you to adapt to times of great change.

  25. hi Jessica! great article!
    So, may I ask, how this transaction will affect my birth chart?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. MK, as a Sun Cancer person with an Aquarius stellium in your chart, you need to be cautious about the agreements you are making with your friends, or particular groups, from May 2018. You express yourself strongly through your social life and social circle, and also through more formal societies, clubs, teams, bands and so on. Another typical example would be crowdfunding. What happens when Uranus moves into Taurus, for many years from May 2018, is a complete rethink of these circles, with some sudden developments which radically change the friendships or the nature of the communities. At the same time, transiting Uranus will square every Aquarian factor you have, so there may be a chain of situations you cannot square, involving friends or the group. These will not be directly related to your own financial position at all, but it is very likely that one or more friends, or group acquaintances, will go through huge changes affecting their bank accounts and this will have a domino effect on how things are between you. Just be aware of that, particularly in reference to any paperwork involving you all.

  26. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for this fabulous article.
    Can you tell me how my financial situation will be effected? I have been through enormous upheaval and transformation in every area of my life over the last decade. I have been through the wringer with my finances and would love to know that this is going to change for the better.
    I love your work and the information you share is just brilliant, thank you 🙂

    1. I can see why you have been through the wringer with your finances. You had Saturn in Scorpio to put up with and it must have seemed like eternity. You will have the chance to fix some issues and make or save money, starting in October 2017, and by 2018 should be pretty happy with your choices. You do need to make your moves within a 12 month period, though, as sometimes offers or opportunities don’t last. Beyond that, you will experience the radical changes of Uranus in Taurus over many years and will be among the first to explore what becomes possible online, with digital currency and so on. In fact, you may be a pioneer. Just remember the golden rule with Uranus cycles. Predicting, assuming and anticipating don’t always work, but zig-zagging when the world zig-zags around you is a better idea.

  27. Hi Jessica, I’m wondering what happens when Jupiter opposes Jupiter as it will for me in May 2018. My natal Jupiter is in Taurus at 16 degrees and it will be opposed by transiting Jupiter at 16 degrees in Scorpio. Mercury is there in Taurus too will I get good news or not. Another 16 Degree aspect is my natal Pluto in Virgo which I think forms a trine.

    A lot of my financial and personal plans up to now hinge on 2020 around my mortgage so while I’m keen to see all of this potential change on the bigger scale I’m wondering how my luck will hold.

    1. Jupiter opposite Jupiter from the Eight House (finance, property, business, charity) to the Second House (cash, possessions, lifestyle, security) is an unusual event and unmistakeable. It is an opportunity or solution, and will probably feel quite big to you – yet figuring it out may take some time and very good advice from a professional. Your own destiny is bound up with wider changes in your country/across the world at that point so a classic example would be new government rules on tax, or perhaps fresh interest rates. You do have a trine from Pluto at 16 degrees Virgo to Jupiter at 16 degrees Taurus in your chart and in general, that’s a big statement about empowerment and control through the work you do, and the incredible help you get from Jupiter’s natural luck. I have seen this pattern in the charts of people who have made a lot of money for charity. Even when the chips are down, you have a solid gold safety net! We are going to see Jupiter pass 16 Scorpio, then 16 Capricorn, and Saturn go across 16 Capricorn in the space of a few years. Watch those periods (check your weekly horoscope for the diary dates) as this is when you will be reshaping your own future in response to massive changes happening at the top of government or the economy which will have a direct impact on you.

  28. Dear Jessica,

    Great article as usual. Thanks a bunch. It’d be amazing if history in schools was taught based on astrology and time moving in circles/cycles. It would certainly help people feel they could ignore the contrived, conflicting and confusing news and media messages and find security in reading the past to know how they might be affected now and in the future. I was planning to invest in real estate and start a business venture within the next couple months. I was thinking having the real estate would add a bit of security. Is there anyway to tell from my chart the best moves to make? Thanks!!

    1. Thank you so much. I love what you’ve written there – I also wish that students could learn that time is a construct, and it is actually cyclical in nature, not just linear. The environment would benefit and so would our way of life, I think. You are a true Taurean with Juno (commitment) in Cancer, the sign which rules real estate. As Uranus is going to conjunct your natal Sun in the Second House of finance and business, from May 2018, you may want to wait until you know exactly where things stand (because everything will change very quickly) or alternatively, have the kind of set-up that can accommodate just about everything. Remember, Uranus is bolts from the blue and overturned/upturned situations. As a Taurus you value security, stability and a rather fixed life, but the conjunction from Uranus is anything but stabilising and you need to be aware of that, especially when it comes to houses, apartments and business.

  29. Hi, Jessica! Thanks for the great article! It seems that l have placements in my birth chart that will be triggered from 2018 onwards. Please, help me understand how I will be affected, having DOB 18.12.1982, 23:06h, Sofia. I see Saturn at 1 degree Scorpio (very close to Pluto @ 28 degree Libra and sharing the same sign with Jupiter at 28 degree Scorpio), also Chiron at 23 degree Taurus and a lot of factors at 4 degrees (Moon, Ceres, The Nodes, Vesta,Fortune) across the other signs. Thanks in advance for you help! 🙂

    1. Saturn at 1 Scorpio is a big deal in your chart. You have Jupiter crossing that in October, November 2017 when there will be a solution or opportunity which helps you deal with a financial, property or business issue you have always found difficult. Say ‘yes’ then and keep going.

  30. Dear jessica, can you have look into my chart and tell me how this is going to effect me. I have uranus at 20 scorpio and some factors at Taurus.
    Also what meaning does aesculapia at 0 taurus has for me in general and in this scenario.

    Thanks you so much!

    1. You have factors from 0 to 29 of Taurus/Scorpio so will experience change for the entire cycle, financially. In October-November, a situation you had assumed was over, with your house, apartment, finances, business, possessions or charity will come back from the brink. It will do so to your advantage. You may have written off a possession you had lost, for example, which may return to you – or perhaps you had assumed a business arrangement was on its last legs, and it makes a rather miraculous comeback. In general, doors will open all over the place for you from that point until November 2018, but you must get a good financial advisor as Uranus will criss-cross over the Taurus-Scorpio finance axis of your chart for years and ‘expect the unexpected’ is the rule with this cycle.

  31. Dear Jessica, thank you for such a deep and wide-ranging article. It’s intriguing that Uranus’s last transit through Taurus saw the rise and fall of facism in Europe – and here we are again!

    I have never paid much attention to Uranus but I notice that my natal Uranus is in Libra, so it was in the opposite sign of Aries (right?) for last few years – I wonder if that’s why life has been a bit stuck, not awful, but it feels when I take two steps forward I take one step back? I just have a feeling that things are beginning to move again and I am looking forward to my Jupiter return later this year. Aine x

    1. Thank you so much, Aine. If you are stuck with a Uranus-Uranus opposition it is because you are actively resisting change. To be born with Uranus in Libra is to be born to experiment with partnerships of all kinds, from personal duets to professional double-acts. You are the inventor and innovator who is here to reshape what we mean by commitment, but also one-on-one relating. This is a huge focus for you this year and then it eases up a little bit. If you want to feel like you’re progressing in life, though, you’re going to have to experiment and explore a bit more radically!

  32. Hi Jessica. Fascinating article! Thanks for all that you do. I’m learning alot. Can you tell me how these aspects will impact me? I have a lot of Scorpio in my chart and have been working on strengthening my financial foundation, including starting a business with my husband (he does all of the creative/social media work while I work on operations side of the house), while keeping my day job. Also, we need to make repairs on the house, which hopefully will start in the next month or so.

    1. Thank you very much. You have Ceres at 1 Scorpio so will feel the benefits of Jupiter in Scorpio right away, in October-November 2017. Ceres describes your power, productivity and creativity – and also where you are repeatedly forced to compromise and negotiate! This is a lifelong pattern with you, and it always involves your business, house, apartment, land, possessions, and so on. This period is about going through an open door, or snapping up a solution (a new window opening onto an old situation) and it may well happen because of wider trends across the country, or the world, as the year draws to a close. You may want to read more about Ceres in your ebooks or on this site and have a look at paintings of her – she is alive and kicking in your chart October-November and whatever deal you make with other people (and the world) will be to your advantage, though it needs to withstand a few challenges across May 2018, June 2018 as Uranus will start moving from 0 Taurus and will oppose this part of your chart. I suspect that whatever goes down then, will have a direct relationship with the arrangement you made, October-November the year before. You need to make sure that you are in a flexible position with it all, so you can adapt when you have to.

  33. Hi Jessica

    How are you?
    I’m not sure if you can see my earlier post I wrote on April 5, as its been awaiting moderation since then. Do I need to be logged in at all times, because I’m not at my computer all the time?

    I will re-post please: Thanks and forgive me if you have already replied. I just couldn’t find it.


    Hi Jessica
    Great in-depth article! Thanks for your knowledge.
    I have Bacchus at 14 and Minerva at 26 Taurus and Psyche at 9 Scorpio. My husband is a Sun Taurean born 12 May 1958. Please how will all these affect us both?

    1. Thanks DQ. The issue is 2,555 people in the queue – and I have been travelling, so not able to get to my desk every day. You do have a lot of Taurus-Scorpio patterns between you and your husband, so you have some decisions to make (easy ones) starting October, November this year – and probably quite quickly, as opportunities or answers with your house, business, apartment, bank and so on will come your way. Over the long-term, though, you are going to have Uranus in Taurus oppose Psyche, and then move on to conjunct your own placements, and your husband’s, so you may want to get yourself into a flexible position so you can zig and zag, when the economy zigs and zags too. This is rather a long way off at the moment, though. The first thing you will notice is that very useful Jupiter conjunction to your Psyche. Whatever paperwork is involved, this seems to be something that will outlast you, so perhaps it’s a property, a business or a precious possession which can be passed on, down the line, for future generations. It’s substantial.

  34. Hi Jessica,

    My question is still unanswered.

    My Chiron in 9 deg Taurus & IC in 12 deg Taurus, what are the changes affecting my life? My Uranus is in 12 deg Scorpio & Moon in 5 deg Scorpio. I share a deep friendship with someone at work and we plan to combine our resources, will it work out?
    I recently got promoted in a top position in my company.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. It will take a long time for Uranus to reach 9 and 12 Taurus, but what you will experience much sooner is Jupiter’s conjunction to your natal Uranus and Moon in Scorpio, VSN. This unusual opportunity and growth with the money, business or property begins to develop in October, and is most obvious to you by November, when the Sun will also pass over the Moon and Uranus in your chart. It’s not possible to comment on a financial partnership without the other person’s horoscope also being in front of me, but in general, you can look forward to an extremely rosy beginning, but should be sharply aware of the fact that transiting Uranus will oppose your natal Moon from 5 Taurus, over the long-term and that’s challenging. Bear that in mind when you are piecing together the agreement with the other person, please. You have a tremendous ‘need to be needed’ when it comes to money, business, property, charity or possessions. You protect, secure and comfort with whatever you earn, own or owe. What is entirely new to you, and what you have absolutely no experience with, is the rather unpredictable impact of Uranus coming along to 5 Taurus and opposing your natural ability to nurture and safeguard. You have to factor that in.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    Fascinating read on Taurus and Uranus, I feel like I’m going through the Uranus in Aries rejection at the moment as I keep getting rejected in both my professional and romantic life. Hoping that when Uranus moves on that will be the end of this period in my life!

    However, I have a lot of Taurus in my chart and wonder how I will be affected by these movements? I’ve been unhappy in my job for a while, but no luck getting another position, despite hundreds of applications I’ve only had one unsuccessful interview.

    I dream of going freelance but with a mortgage and no one to support me if it all goes wrong, I don’t feel it’s the right time. Do you see anything in the Taurus pattern that would impact this area of my life? Thanks!

    1. Yes, you are having the classic Uranus rejection dance! It sometimes takes great insight and a bit of time before you see it – but the truth is, these people or organisations would have kept you small, and locked you down. Your soul does not want or need that right now. You have a stellium in Sagittarius and were born to travel or move around a lot; it’s how you learn, and how you express your personality. This will become wonderfully possible for you once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius from the end of 2018, through 2019. Of course, you may find the world comes to you, as you invite different cultural or global influences into your life. Over the shorter-term, you have Mars at 0 Taurus and Vulcano at 1 Taurus so will feel the impact of Uranus at 0 Taurus across May, June 2018 in quite a striking way. You also have Saturn at 2 Scorpio, so the very start of this cycle finds you dealing with new challenges. In short you will be experiencing transiting Uranus opposite natal Saturn across your Second and Eighth Houses, which rule your money, house, apartment, charity, possessions and so on. Is this the right time to go freelance on a mortgage? Unfortunately not, so your instincts are correct. However, over the long-term, as Uranus slowly goes through Taurus, the entire world will change the way it does business. You could easily be part of this change and do very nicely from it so please keep the dream of being free. Stay right on top of the massive new trends to come as you have an instinct for some aspect of property, charity, business or money (even possessions) which will be right in synch with what so many people will start to feel. What is ahead will make Air BnB and eBay look like a picnic – and Paypal and Bitcoin too!

  36. You will notice Uranus crossing Hygiea in your chart first. You were born with Hygiea (protection, insurance, caution) in Taurus in the Second House (money, house, business, charity, apartment, possessions). This is actually part of your calling in life, no matter if you make it your career or not. You will experience sudden change, which alters everything, across May and June 2018, as Uranus begins to pass the 0 mark. This is likely to be on a world or national scale. Over time, as Uranus slowly comes to conjunct your MC, you may find your aspirations and ambitions are revolutionised; your values may change as a result of your shifting circumstances. You may come to value freedom and independence over predictable securities, for example. This does depend on your having a 100% accurate birth time, though.

    1. A lot does change, actually, so you are rather like the American president who gave astrologers two completely different birth times. No problem but please log in with your correct details.

  37. Thank you Jessica for this very informative article. I’m wondering if you could help me see where this might hit me in my chart? It doesn’t look to me like I have much Taurus in my chart, but I’m still having a hard time understanding the degrees and houses and all that they stand for. I’m cautious by nature, but am still struggling a bit and I’d like to stay on my feet if at all possible through this transit. I’m also wondering, does this transit have effects on personal relationships as well?
    Thank you for writing, and explaining, these transits in your articles. Its going to be interesting to come back and reread this article and see how it’s playing out worldwide.

    1. Thank you very much. You have enough of a signature in Taurus-Scorpio to make 2018 a crucial and useful year for your business interests, house, apartment, bank account, shares and the rest. It will be many years before you find disruptive world changes affect your own situation. A very likely scenario would be a shift in your superannuation/pension value, but of course these things tend to shift back again. Over the short-term you will enjoy the solutions and opportunities of beneficial Jupiter in Scorpio. He will move to 17 Scorpio and conjunct your Neptune (a lovely escape) and then move to oppose your IC or Immum Coeli at 21 Taurus and then conjunct your MC or Midheaven at 21 Scorpio. Timing is January 2018 through September 2018 for this and it will change aspects of your ambition in life, and also where you come from/where you belong/where you are going to. If your birth time is spot-on then I would not be surprised if your house or apartment was at the heart of it. You’ll gain.

  38. Hello Jessica,
    Fascinating read, thank you! Could you tell me how this will impact me? I plan to move from London (after 12 yrs) to Paris around September 2017 but I am still a little reluctant…
    Thanks very much,

    1. Opal, you will be thrilled with any new home overseas, and work too, from late 2018 into 2019. So you are jumping the gun, but reading your future correctly. You belong in the new Europe and you will gain from it, hugely. Once you are in Paris go to the Louvre and admire the statues of Minerva. You have her in your chart in Sagittarius, the sign of foreign exploration and the export/import of ideas. Bon chance, but you won’t need it in 2019.

  39. Hi Jessica, I was hoping you could shed some light on something for me? several months back you mentioned that my partner and I were in a ‘split or marry’ cycle…….I couldn’t really fathom it at the time, but now he seems to have withdrawn from me almost completely. We barely talk, and I feel so lonely, let alone completely unloved. I also feel rather trapped as I have to consider our children we have together, and feel obligated to ‘keep it all together’ for the sake of the family unit. He is not technically a ‘horrid man’ but he has always withheld affection from me and rarely (if ever) compliments me…my self esteem has plummeted to all time record lows…………. I am also rather scared to leave in case i end up a lonely old spinster as I can see only three Libra factors in my 7th house. This feels like a very karmic Plutonian relationship right now. How do you see things panning out? All I want is to find a true love that will enhance me and my children’s life. Thanks as always for your ingenious insights xx.

    1. I am sorry you are going through this loneliness within your relationship. Having children must make it very tough. You can get rid of the idea of ‘lonely old spinster’ based on your Libra factors! I’m going to repeat what I said. This year is ‘split or commit’ and you can’t get around that, as from now through November you’re going to need The Talk. His horoscope shows Mercury, Venus and Mars in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel, foreign people and places, education, academia, publishing and the worldwide web. He finds himself by travelling or travelling in the mind. Put yourself in his shoes and realise he is going through a depressing cycle in 2016, 2017 when this part of himself is blocked, stopped, and stuck. That does not excuse him for not paying attention to you but it may explain it. He’s lost his Mojo. The cycle stops for him at Christmas and he’ll feel much happier, as a key part of his personality (the Sagittarius side; the explorer) will be set free and actually he’ll be thrilled by the trip or head trip in 2019. Read more about Sagittarius and get to the heart of the man. How long since you both had a holiday, or even had one separately from each other? If there was ever someone who needed to get away to a totally unfamiliar place, it’s your partner. Even planning something (or planning a distant, dramatic property move) for 2019 would help him.

  40. Hi Jessica

    You writing is becoming more and more exciting and stimulating.

    Uranus is going to oppose my scorpio factors Juno first and later Dsc and Hygia. What are the possibilities?

    Could it be free from mortgage?

    Thank you

    1. If you have Uranus opposing your Juno, Descendant and Hygiea in Scorpio then you are in for a bumpy ride, long-term. You need to find out what the new rules of the ride will be and keep moving, as the rules will change every year. Short-term, you will enjoy the solution or opportunity with your money, house or apartment which appears after October 2017 and is there until November 2018.

  41. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for your excellent work and advice – it is very much appreciated. My husband (10th may 1975) and I have both been going through unsettling times since June of last year particularly ( though we have been on bit of a rollercoaster that has mainly worked out well for us since late 2012). Please do you have any thoughts if we will see some stability soon. I would really appreciate your advice. Many Thanks and Very Best Wishes to you.

    1. It is common for wives and husbands to share the same patterns, and you both do. Your husband has Pluto at 6 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage and you have the Moon at 6 Libra, in exactly the same place. You two are going through a rollercoaster that will never happen again in your lives. This is the year to decide – stay or go, and how much change? You have a very strong need to be needed, and probably mother him. His own relationship with his mother will tell you a lot about him, emotionally. His Pluto wants to ‘take and take over’ this side of you so it can feel intense, to say the least, and tremendously potent. There are also huge questions about who/what is in control of the marriage. I would love to tell you 2017 and 2018 are about stability, but they are about deep change. September, October, November 2017 will answer most of your questions. One thing that may be helpful is to remember that you two are on a set of scales. He is at one end. You are the other. You two will have to find a brand new way to balance those scales. You may also want a totally different set of scales and chuck out the old one. Once Uranus has opposed his Uranus at 29 Aries from March 2018 the scales will stop rocking or being rebuilt between you. Then you can get on with the rest of your life! I would say you need many, many partnerships in your life. Work or business. Charity. Find a duet or double act that is not about him. Maybe you already did.

      1. Thank you do much Jessica – as always you are incredibly perceptive!!! You are absolutely right – my husband and I very different emotionally but fortunately we also have a very strong business partnership/friendship that enormously complements our relationship … and I have found outlets for my need to work closely with other people through my work. The unsettling times I was referring to was our career paths … we are both going through turbulent times … does this change your thoughts in any way?

        1. Your own career issues come from a long Neptune transit through Pisces, opposing all the Virgo factors in your Sixth House of work. If I don’t have your husband’s chart I can’t comment on him, but you have a temporary period of confusing and confused circumstances. As a general rule, avoid ‘Neptunian’ people, situations and concerns – so, people who abuse drugs or alcohol, people who are spaced out/messy/forgetful, organisations which operate with smokescreens, evasion or mystery – and more. You can read more about Neptune on this website and in your ebooks. This does not last. It may help to get more deeply grounded in a daily routine which is sensible, practical and focussed on getting the tiny details right. This would involve not just paid work, but also volunteering and housework. Tiny things matter with Virgo factors.

  42. Hi Jessica, not sure if my previous comment published ok, I was wondering how the Uranus or Jupiter transits could affect my finances? Many thanks in advance.

    1. Your comment did publish, thank you. As you were born with Taurus factors very late in the sign, it won’t really be until Uranus is conjunct Vesta in 2022 that you begin to see how much global/national financial revolution can affect your own life. We might be better off having that discussion in four-five years’ time! If you do have long-term paperwork in place about the house, bank account, apartment, possessions and so on, though, you might want to keep it flexible so that you can zig and zag from 2022. Over the very short term you will have a stunning opportunity to protect the future (a very good deal on insurance would be typical) as Jupiter at 2 Scorpio conjunct Hygiea at 2 Scorpio in your chart in October 2017.

  43. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you so much for this excellent post.
    Can you please tell me how my financial situation will be affected? I have been through enormous upheaval in my marriage and financial area of my life over the last decade. It has been very difficult at times I would love to know that this is going to change for the better. I was planning to start a business venture within the next couple months while keeping my day job. Is there anyway to tell from my chart the best moves to make?

    1. Thank you very much. Whenever people go through upheaval with marriage and money, we look for Scorpio in the chart. Sure enough, you were born with the Moon at 17 Scorpio, Neptune at 15 Scorpio and Juno at 26 Scorpio. You have just been through the hardest period in 29 years, as Saturn (slow, stuck, serious, sad, sombre situations) sat right on your horoscope, as he also passed 17, 15 and 26 Scorpio. I am sure you know Juno is a symbol of commitment. Sometimes the mythology is strikingly accurate, so I need to mention that Juno was the wife of Jupiter, the greatest of all gods. It was a very mixed blessing for her! You will have stunning opportunities to save or make money as transiting (travelling) Jupiter goes to 15, 17, 26 Scorpio and that begins at Christmas 2017. A very, very merry Christmas is in store and it will involve a deadly serious financial, property, charity or business arrangement, or a sexually intimate one. We then see Jupiter conjunct your Moon in January 2018 (an extremely happy New Year) and the cycle will roll on until October 2018. Long-term, you would have a bumpy ride when Uranus at 15, 17, 26 Taurus opposes your Scorpio factors from 2022, but you also have Jupiter (again!) in your birth chart at 26 Taurus, which is tremendously protective, fortunate and blessed. My general feeling about your chart is that you will be snapping up advantages and opportunities all over the place, Christmas 2017 through the end of 2018, as you are so strongly Scorpio. With good advice – the best advice you can afford – and a keen eye for the new craziness which is about to unfold with the euro, pound and dollar for some years – not to mention online trading – you could have the ride of your life. You either like bungee jumping and white-water rafting, or you don’t. If you do, then this cycle is made for you and in fact, you would play a key local role in the big global changes to come.

  44. Can you say how this affects the French General Election?

    Round 1 of the election is 23 April 2017 and Round 2 is 7 May 2017.

    If Marine Le Pen wins, she will start to pull France out if the euro, possibly breaking the euro up entirely.

    1. I am looking for reliable birth details for Marine Le Pen, as I already got caught out with Hillary Clinton (three birth times) and Donald Trump (two birth times, and a ‘birth certificate’ that was not a birth certificate). Having said that, yes, the EU is over. That is quite an old prediction which I think dates back to the Greek vote on an exit, some years ago. I am as interested as you in the future of France and once I have answered today’s questions, I will look at the charts. However she gets there, though, France is out of the EU and we may know the Euro is history as early as May 2018.

  45. Hi Jessica, could you tell me how this will affect me? I’m considering leaving my job and starting my own business as i feel a change is long overdue, on all aspects of my life. Many thanks!

    1. It’s actually Jupiter in Scorpio which you are feeling. This planet (opportunity, luck, expansion, hope, optimism, growth) moves into Scorpio, the sig ruling business, in October this year. He stays there through 2018. You were born with a stellium in Scorpio, including Mars, Jupiter himself (fortunate), Ceres, the Ascendant, Diana (independent) and Aesculapius. The only thing I would say is that you will have a wild ride once Uranus goes into Taurus, starting with the very first opposition to your chart, as he crosses 5 Taurus and clashes with your natal Jupiter at 5 Scorpio in 2019. So, you might say, flying start, lots to gain or save – and then a bit of white-water rafting with white knuckles, for some years. I wonder if there is a way you can establish a part-time work/income stream which is less vulnerable to the revolution we are going to see? You have an incredible nose for finance/business/property/charity and you should definitely use every chance you get to milk the fortunate Jupiter cycle, October 2017 through November 2018, but from that point on you really will be challenged by stormy weather. A financial advisor who is vastly experienced with small business would be a handy person to speak to.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    My DOB is 6/7/60 and my Sun is 16° Gemini 49′ 48″ in the 10th house ruled by Taurus. Any thoughts on what this means for me in terms of Uranus’s impact?

    Thank you,

    1. Nancy we use a completely different astrology system! Let me look at your chart. There is enough of a pattern across Scorpio-Taurus and your Eighth House of finance, and Second House of money, for you to feel the changes quite intensely, commencing as Jupiter passes 6 Scorpio and conjuncts your Moon, in November 2017. That is the start of several months of gains, savings, solutions and opportunities and I expect what goes down in November will involve a deadly serious agreement or a sexually intimate arrangement. A mortgage or insurance would be typical. We then find Jupiter moving to 9 Scorpio where he opposes your Psyche, and then onto 15 Scorpio, which is crucial as it triggers your MC at 15 Taurus and IC at 15 Scorpio. In other words, your sense of belonging in the world, your achievements, where you come from – and where you are going to! It’s all about the house, apartment, business, charity or possessions, as I am sure you know. You’ll experience this very close to Christmas 2017 then again in June 2018, August 2018. This does rather depend on you having an exact birth time, of course. Do all you can to capitalise on this period, as the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle won’t be with you beyond November 2018. It will take some years for Uranus to bring his radical changes to what you own, earn and owe and the first inkling of this will be the Uranus-Moon opposition in July, August, September 2019. This begins a new story in your life which is about freedom, independence and – no other word for it – revolution. It will be written and rewritten for years, until Uranus finally opposes your Moon at 19 Scorpio in May 2023. As a general rule of thumb, get the best advice you can afford about your legacy, contracts, shares and the rest. Read the fine print on the paperwork and make sure you are in as flexible a position as possible, as we are talking the long-term here.

  47. Hi Jessica,

    My D.O.B is 04.November 1976, I am a Premium Member and have a Stellium in Scorpio, but some values in Taurus too.

    Could you give me please an insight how Uranus, is going to impact me in terms of romance and work ?

    Many Thanks


    1. Uranus in Taurus won’t have any impact at all on work or love. It will, however, completely change your attitude towards money, your house or apartment, business and perhaps charity. The Uranus in Taurus cycle will conjunct all your Taurus factors (trigger them and change them) and oppose your Scorpio factors (challenge them, and also change them). It is very common on this cycle to start out in year one (2018) with a particularly fixed set of ideas/feelings about security and lifestyle, yet by the time the cycle is closing, in 2026, to have utterly transformed everything! Sometimes this comes about because of the ‘No’ word…so you may have rejections/hear rejections which powerfully affect your mortgage, for example, or your shares in a company. It’s rather like setting off on a predictable path, expecting the map to take you in a ‘guaranteed’ direction, but then realising you have roadblocks and must take another route. It is these alternative routes which will find you reshaping your destiny. Most of all, you set going to be set free by what happens. You will necessarily become independent, and that may mean separation from a bank, for example, or perhaps from a business partner. This is why having an extremely flexible position and factoring in a range of outcomes is a smart idea, on this cycle.

  48. Hello again Jessica,
    I have really enjoyed reading the above article! You write so very well!
    Could you give me any insight on how the Uranus in Taurus transit will affect me?
    I only have my South Node in Taurus! However, I do have planets and asteroids in Scorpio. Also, could you explain to me what the numbers after the placements represent? I think I have worked out that the ‘R’ means retrograde but I don’t understand the significance of the numbers!

    1. Thank you. To decode your numbers, let’s take your Venus as an example. When you read Venus 24 Scorpio 27′ 19 ” I do understand it can be a bit confusing. Just take the first number. That’s the only one that matters. Unless we’re doing crazy horse-race prediction where things have to come down to a nano-second, your life in general can be predicted just by using the number at the front. The degree. you have Venus at 24 Scorpio. You have a stellium in Scorpio (a cluster of three or more factors) in your Eighth House of finance, property, business, charity and possessions. You also have Neptune at 1 Scorpio, Panacea at 2 Scorpio, Vulcano at 27 Scorpio and the North Node at 10 Scorpio. You have the South Node at 20 Taurus. As the Nodes show past life karma, you have incarnated to complete a mission which revolves around the value of money, houses, apartments, precious objects and so on. You have at least one lifetime, perhaps more, when poverty/wealth as a major theme. All this is about to become extremely important, as from October 2017, Jupiter enters Scorpio for the first time in 12 years and he will conjunct, or sit on, all your Scorpio stuff. You will feel it earlier than anyone else, as Jupiter moves across 1, 2 Scorpio first of all, and triggers Neptune and Panacea in your chart. You will be thrown a stunning opportunity or solution then, so Halloween through Christmas is very useful. What you do need to bear in mind is that whatever is agreed upon in October 2017 must withstand challenges June-October 2018, when Uranus also moves to 1, 2 Taurus and opposes Neptune and Panacea. Thus, whatever is there must be flexible enough to take change, and give you maximum room to move. It may be useful to read more about what Neptune, Panacea, Jupiter and Uranus mean as they are all major players in your chart across this time. A good financial advisor would be useful.

  49. Please could you tell me how this will affect my finances. I always seem to be in a situation where I seem to have just enough money to cover the necessities but never seem to have any extra left for more fun things. I’m wondering if this this will ever change.


    1. You were born with Mars at 22 Taurus in your Second House of money, property, business, charity and possessions. He is joined there by the South Node at 28 Taurus, so this is actually a past-life issue for you. You give a round-hour birth time of exactly 7.00 which may (or may not) be correct, so I will not use your IC at 11 Taurus here, just in case it’s not correct. However, there is enough of a Taurus signature here – and a Scorpio signature too, which also rules finance – to give you some information. Basically you are crawling out of the toughest cycle in 29 years, as Saturn went through Scorpio, sat on you very hard in 2013, 2014, 2015 and you are only just recovering, and getting back to normal speed. Actually, normal speed for you is way too fast. Mars makes you charge into spending/shopping like a bull at a gate. I mentioned past life issues. You have gone through one or more lifetimes when you had major issues about poverty/wealth and perhaps that it is such a trigger for you. The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio will change your life and it begins in October 2017 and ends in November 2018. Across that period, there will be help, support, solutions, opportunities and some genuine luck, and as Jupiter will conjunct your Scorpio factors and oppose your Taurus factors, you have a lot to gain. Some past life good karma will certainly return. Make the most of this time and stash the cash away. It will be many years before you experience the revolution to come with Uranus in Taurus (not until at least 2022 if your 7.00 birth time is correct) but we can discuss that then!

    1. Thank you. I love this photograph. She is signalling Uranus in Taurus before we even get there, one year ahead of time. I wonder if there will be more girls to come, on Wall Street? Maybe an army of women, cast in bronze? There’s something about those statues…

  50. Hi jessica, this might be the 3rd time i comment and still awaiting moderation?
    I have taurus factors venus 29, panacea 28, psych 4, asc 20
    and in scorpio desc 20 and neptune 7
    i am waiting to sell my property and downsize and start a new business by the end of this year although timeframe is already not what i anticipated. love life is bleak and not helping

    1. Thank you. There is no actual ‘moderation’ here, I am just getting to your question on a long list of 2,582 people at the moment. So you want to sell your property and begin a new business. I’ll focus on that. All this is ruled by Cancer (home) and Capricorn (career) in your chart. You really need more information and that will come your way on the New Moon in Cancer on 24th June and the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 9th. You could make your decision then, or at least start thinking about a bigger change, which seems very likely in January 2018, when we have more lunar activity in Cancer and Capricorn. In fact, I would be amazed if the paperwork or meetings were not in your diary by January 31st. Use your Astrology Oracle to get more personal insights, please, as you will be on quite a demanding road with your business/career from Christmas 2017 and really need a three year plan. The year 2020 would be rewarding for you, but you would really have to treat this like an obstacle course – think the hurdling scene with champagne glasses in Chariots of Fire and you’re close!

  51. Hi Jessica,

    Can you please share how I might be affected by Uranus in Taurus? I would like to sell my home, but I’m unable to due to the mortgage being upside down. I share this mortgage with my husband who no longer lives in the home. The fact that I can’t sell is making me feel stuck in a situation that is no longer serving me. Do you see any positive changes happening soon in which I may be able to sell and move into a place of my own with my two children.

    Also, will Uranus in Taurus have an impact on my career. I feel strongly that the opportunity for the type of career I’ve wanted for so long is imminent.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. You will solve all your problems with your home, and the mortgage, from October 2017 with a good outcome by November 2018. You and your children will move into a far, far better position – and the situation with your husband will improve too. Don’t sit on your hands waiting for this cycle – do move towards it – but rest assured you will be so much happier once you get closer to Halloween and Christmas!

  52. Dear Jessica,
    Having never really been aware of significant impact of Mercury Retrograde on my chart before I seem to be feeling it’s full force this time, though I do not seem to have felt effects on my Taurus factors yet which may be down to misreading my chart, or because those fun and games are yet to come!
    Since the retrograde started I have been mobile phone free for a week as it fell out of my bag into a colleague’s car, had to travel 15miles back home after forgetting my wallet (I am never usually this absent minded!), and most frustratingly this weekend brought a surprise encounter with a friend’s brother. His brother and I hit it off at a similar time in 2009, followed by a couple of dates and things fizzling out with little effort on his part. At my friends wedding this weekend, having seen his brother on a few occasions since with no replay and whilst acknowledging the effect of copious amounts of alcohol, his brother unexpectedly became very attentive and amorous. Suffice to say it seemed unfinished business came to a close. I would still be interested, but he seems to have shut things down with a polite response to an initial message and then no further replies or interest. He is 41 (April born though not sure of date) and one would hope he may know better, and perhaps there is nothing more than him being a typically annoying man, but I wondered if my chart indicates if this rejection is likely some part of a cycle of closure, or what on earth is hitting my chart and has yet to come during this retrograde! As they say, forewarned is forewarned, and I am really quite emotionally exhausted with all the goings on for a few years now. Your guidance would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

    1. That is an astonishing Mercury and Venus Retrograde story (both are moving backwards and forwards). I suspect this man was playing the part of both planets. It’s really no big deal, just as the phone falling into the car is no big deal – just annoying. Long-term, if your love life is your priority, you are waiting for Jupiter to cross 21 Libra and conjunct your Pluto at 21 Libra in your Seventh House of sexual commitment. This happens in August, September when you will have a rare (only happens every 12 years) opportunity to greatly improve the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential lover. Doing so will empower you. It is possible that a new relationship will begin or deepen then, but if you are not ready for that, then at least you can repair the past and present, by fixing outworn attitudes, progressing spiritually/emotionally and so on. There may also be a shift with a former lover, which works to your advantage.

  53. Oh my, Jessica reading this certainly made a very long bus journey home from work pass by very quickly. I was so absorb I nearly missed my stop! So much information, I’ll need to re-read several times over.
    However, I know last year when Uranus passed over 1 of my house you were absolutely spot on in your prediction as” it did indeed turn my world upside down”. Question is what is next in store for me from now to 2026 ( it appears) as Taurus is my sun sign! only positive things, I hope on a personal level??

    Thank you M

    1. Thank you M – I am glad the astrology was useful. With your Sun at 7 Taurus and Saturn at 11 Taurus you will experience some radical changes to your money, house, business, apartment or possessions as Uranus goes from 6 to 12, so July 2019 through March 2022. This is a long-range transit which will slowly but surely revolutionise your attitude towards everything you own, earn and own. It would be a good idea to have an extremely flexible situation then, as you will need to alter your plans, as the world alters around you. With Saturn in Taurus in the Second House you have already built quite a lot of systems and structures to protect yourself financially, rather in the way that a bird builds a nest. You have quite a lot of walls around you, and your actual attitude towards shopping, property, business, cash may be one of those ‘walls’ which safeguards you. When Uranus comes to conjunct Saturn, after crossing your Sun, those walls may come down, or need to be restructured.

  54. As I near retirement and take responsibility for my recently disabled sister, what can I expect? I’m confused and can’t seem to make sense for me-there is so much to tease apart? I appreciate your effort and find everything on your website useful.

    Thank-you, AR

    1. You will have opportunities, solutions and progress with your sister, and also with the house or apartment situation, from October 2017, through November 2018 so take full advantage of what evolves and try to make it a lasting arrangement. You don’t say how young your sister is. If she is much younger (20+ years) then this is karma and you two share a past life debt together. If not, then it’s less karmic in nature, so you are far more free to make decisions, and find your own path through this. Your home will feel more like a home; the family will feel more like a family.

  55. I am reposting my request… Earlier one wasn’t answered… Mercury retro?

    Hi Jessica,
    I have MC in Scorpio and remember you mentioning that it may not be accurate due to birth time not being correct. How much difference does the birth time make? I mean, if it is off by few minutes, still the MC could move by few degrees and possibly remain in the same house.

    What other factors in Scorpio and Taurus should I lookout for? I have many things happening in my home, property family (son) domains….

    1. Chetan, Uranus at 2 Scorpio in your chart is the big headline story – far more important than the MC, as you are approaching Jupiter conjunct Uranus and Uranus opposite Uranus. Milestones! In October, November 2017 you will have the classic opportunity or repair work that comes with this cycle, concerning your money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment. There is a part of you which is never still here; never at peace; always shifting/moving. You often break your own rules, actually – yet this is also where you are most inventive, creative, productive. When Jupiter comes along in October-November, you will see all the doors open. Just be aware that whatever you come up with then (by Christmas at the latest) must be flexible enough to withstand change, because when Uranus slowly begins to oppose Uranus from May, June 2018 you are going to be dealing with the most sudden, dramatic, quite radical reshaping of your situation.

  56. Thanks for the image in chariots of fire – hurdling with champagne glasses! I shall smile and say cheers as I clear them 🙂

  57. Hi Jessica. I’m posting again as Mercury seems to be up to his tricks. I have Mars Diana and Neptune in Scorpio with Bacchus in Taurus. Certainly went through a rough ride with Saturn in Scorpio through 2012 to 2015 so I can’t say that Uranus travelling into Taurus gives me a warm feeling for the improvement of my property and cash flow projections. With all the shake up coming to the world’s financial charts what do you foresee for my own piggy bank. Thanks so much for taking a peek for me as well as your amazing blog on the Uranus in Taurus up ahead factors.

    1. Thank you. You were born with Mars at 2 Scorpio alongside Diana at 5 Scorpio. Heat, speed, freedom, independence, space, autonomy – and take no prisoners. You are highly competitive when it comes to making or saving money, or dealing with charity, auctions, shopping, selling, houses, apartments and the rest. You have Neptune there too, so it’s an escape. You’re in the credit card generation who believe the bank’s money is their own to shop with. At the same time, Scorpio stellium people usually evolve, so that they have a completely different view of money and materialism in the second half of their life. As they mature they can become less interested in that, and more interested in (for example) the environment, which is priceless. You will experience dazzling answers and opportunities as Jupiter crosses your Scorpio stellium, starting with a real moment of truth in October 2017. By November 2018 you will have been given one advantage after another. You may want to talk to an experienced professional about the long-term, though, as Uranus will oppose your natal Mars from 2 Taurus, and then move onto oppose Diana at 5 Taurus, and this begins in July 2018, taking you through 2019. You have a natural instinct for these financial, property, business or charity matters. In fact, you have a nose for them. time to smell what’s in the air and follow your nose, all the way to someone who knows – pardon the pun.

  58. Hello Jessica – you have mentioned to me that late 2017 will be fortuitous for me with my Scorpio placements but in reading comments for others, I am wondering if later there will be a bit of a sting in the tail. Jupiter heads off to Sagittarius after Scorpio and I have a stellium in Sag, so I wondered if Jupiter is the gift that keeps on giving for me for the next few years. That would be nice as the last few years were tough, financially and, more so, emotionally. I am considering a job relocation that would see me letting out my home which would cover my mortgage and give me flexibility. Just wondered if there were any stormy waters ahead as you have suggested for others. I have a Scorpio stellium but nothing in Taurus at all.
    Many thanks. I had better go I have just spent hours reading all these posts!

  59. Hi Jessica.

    My housing situation is not stable at the moment. Plus, I’m considering a move (destination undetermined) in two years from now. I’ve had major career upheaval the last 2 years, as well. Work is better now since I just started a new job in a new industry. How will 2018 play into all of this for me?

    Thank you!

    1. The answer to your question is – you were born with Fortuna at 17 Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules your apartment, house, home town, family, culture, history and sense of belonging. At the moment you are going through a cycle which can only happen every 240+ years, as Pluto at 17 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, opposes Fortuna in your chart. If you look at the art surrounding Fortuna in history you will get an instant impression of what this is doing for you! One thing to remember is that Fortuna shows us what/who we put on an impossibly high pedestal. We then bring it all down again, so we unconsciously (blindly) place particular individuals, organisations, homes, countries, towns at the very top, and then without realising what we are doing, we demote it all. It might be useful to look at your patterns with relatives, flatmates, your homes, home town, and so on to see if you have been spinning your own wheel without realising it.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply and insight. I’m just wondering how a 240+ year cycle affects my life today considering standard life span is so much shorter? So sorry, I’m very new to this. Please let me know if I’m missing something?

        1. To clarify – Pluto only returns to Capricorn every 240+ years and even though you were not alive when he last appeared there, this is an historic shift in world terms, which trickles down to you. It’s about corporations and business – and government too – and you are affected.

  60. Hi Jessica

    This is a very interesting post. Thank you!

    I’m wondering if you can tell me about how Uranus in Taurus will affect me based on my chart? I was thinking about purchasing investment/vacation property (although I rent my primary home). I’m not so sure this is the right path anymore or if I’m just nervous to make a big purchase.

    1. Use your Astrology Oracle cards in the first instance as this is a personal decision involving other people, for whom I don’t have charts. If your birth time is completely accurate, you were born with the Descendant at 9 Taurus, which describes the financial or property relationship with your former, current or potential partner. It would be inseparable from your own lifestyle and security. You would also be taking a pretty outrageous, audacious approach to the cash, house or apartment (or company) as Chiron is conjunct at 9 Taurus. If that is ringing bells, then you will be dealing with quite radical change when Uranus goes to 9 Taurus (first pass June 2020) which is far beyond your current time-frame. The final pass is in April 2021 when you will be glad that you read the fine print on any paperwork, particularly involving him (or her). Of course this may be a business partner. In general, the terms and conditions need to allow you maximum room to move so you can adapt to the changing conditions which Uranus in Taurus brings. It sounds like you are purchasing far in advance of this cycle, which is fine – but long-term do look at your room to move.

  61. Hi Jessica, great article! I am not great with change and thinking about this massive upheavel is unnerving for me. Having Taurus in ceres, my MC and vesta which is conjunct Capricorn in Ops and my North and South nodes in Leo and Aquarius, I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me how this impacts me. I have had a challenging number of years in both my relationship and work. I have this ridiculous and non-rational poverty consciousness. I am looking for some guidance for the upcoming transit of Uranus. Thank you!

    1. The ridiculous and non-rational poverty consciousness probably comes from your Ceres at 12 Taurus almost exactly conjunct your IC at 13 Taurus. Do you know about Ceres? She describes tremendous power, productivity and the capacity for abundance, but only after periodic crisis. There always has to be a division of the spoils, or a lot of difficult deal-making. She is in Taurus in your Second House alongside the IC, so this suggests your family line has more than its fair share of poverty or wealth stories. There may be a family business in there, perhaps, or maybe a relative’s involvement with a charity. You have ‘inherited’ some big stories around money from a branch on your family tree. With Ceres there too, I can see why you are not great with change. That is a classic manifestation of Taurus in the chart. The bull digs his heels in and does not shift. The bull is also an earth sign – grounded, and often stuck. Uranus will have the most impact as he crosses 12, 13, 14 degrees of Taurus in 2021, 2022 so it’s time to learn how to shift your hooves. A good financial advisor will have her/his eyes on the changes then and be able to advise you. Over the shorter-term you should be delighted with the amazing answers and opportunities that come when Jupiter crosses your Neptune at 13 Scorpio and then your Fortuna at 27 Scorpio, when the Wheel of Fortune will spin in your favour. There will also be a big opportunity to escape the usual financial reality – this begins to show itself at Christmas, so you’ll enjoy unwrapping that particular present.

  62. Hey Jessica, thank you for this incredible article albeit a lot to absorb. I would like to ask if you could shed some light and share some insight on my chart for this Uranus in Taurus cycle please. Thank you, Ness

    1. Thank you Ness. If your birth time is 100% accurate then you have the North Node at 7 Scorpio, which means karma relating to deadly serious finance (legacies) and sexually powerful property arrangements (typically, marriage). The South Node, also describing karma, is at 7 Taurus, so you have one or more lifetimes either working with money, charity, property, business – or experiencing extremes of wealth and poverty. If this rings bells, your birth time is accurate, and when Jupiter crosses 7 Scorpio in November 2017 you will have a substantial opportunity o solution related to all that you earn, own or owe. Further afield, you would go through a major change when Uranus crosses 7 Scorpio in May 2020. That is why it makes sense to keep your affairs flexible and to be constantly updated on financial trends, as they happen day to day, at that time. Looking at your other chart placements, you have Neptune at 4 Scorpio so the most welcome escape from the usual financial or property real world is coming your way at the end of October 2017 or in November that year. It’s a way out of the ordinary, the real and the everyday. I have seen people given waterfront apartments to house-sit on these cycles. You also have Psyche at 13 Scorpio, so I suspect when Jupiter crosses 13 Scorpio at Christmas, there will be a chance to write a forever statement about the money, possessions, house, charity, business or apartment. As Uranus in Taurus will oppose your Neptune in May, June 2019 you need to be highly adaptable and ‘assume nothing, allow for everything’. This is not just you alone. Everyone born in your year will have the same basic challenge, at the same time. This may be the moment for digital currency to come in properly, for example.

  63. Hello Jessica , i contacted you on 5th April for some guidance . I appreciate you are a very busy lady and not able to reply to everyones request, however , I’ve tried again after reading my weekly horoscope about remaining flexible regarding my financial affairs. I’m hoping to retire in 5 years and your opinions about what you see in my chart would be very much appreciated . Thanks again , i love your work even if you’re not able to respond . Jules x

    1. I’m no lady, Jules. For finance in your chart, we look to Taurus and Scorpio. For drama we would expect to see exact patterns, but you don’t have them. You do, however, have the Moon at 29 Taurus, Mercury at 17 Scorpio, Neptune at 23 Scorpio. Over the short term you have stunning options, solutions and open doors as Jupiter brings opportunities your way, crossing 17 Scorpio in January 2018 and Neptune in March, a couple of months later. Jupiter then hangs around those degrees until he finally exits in November 2018. Make the most of this period! You won’t hit the swings and roundabouts of Uranus in Taurus for many years – not until he opposes Mercury in 2022, 2023, but everyone will be going through the changes with you. As a general rule, try to get the best advice you can afford across that period and don’t lock yourself in. Uranus prefers things which are easy to loosen and alter.

  64. Hi Jessica, I think my original post must have gotten lost in the avalanche of comments here. I find it interesting that this article seems to have cut so close to the bone for so many people. I am one of them. Perhaps the world really does need a Uranian revolution in terms of money. I was simultaneously fascinated and terrified by this article. I want to say that I don’t think I can take any more financial upheaval after the last few years, but if I have no choice about it then it’s best to be prepared. Could you tell me if you see any red flags in my chart, please?

    1. With Juno at 00 Taurus you have a lifelong pattern of making financial, charity, business or property commitments which feel more like ‘wedding’ yourself to people or organisations. Of course, in relationships, marriages or partnerships it may be the mutual pool – the money, house of apartment – which is an integral part of the chemistry. You have been through financial upheaval in recent years because Saturn moved across 00 Scorpio and opposed Juno, in a pattern you could only experience every three decades. This is far, far behind you now. In general, make sure that the commitments or ‘deals’ you have with others are flexible enough to be bendy – elastic – so they can accommodate change, as when Uranus crosses Juno at 00 Taurus and conjuncts her in your chart, in May-June 2018, you will need to do some fancy footwork. At that point, either you, he, she or they may be putting a price on independence and that will come to have its own precious value. Is it a price worth paying, then? Yes.

  65. No Taurus in the chart… do I look for anything opposing (Scorpio?) at the same number as Taurus?

    Have a great Easter evening and many thanks!

    1. Happy Easter. You have Jupiter at 27 Scorpio and Aesculapia at 22 Scorpio, so you’re quite blessed when it comes to houses, apartments, business, charity, money and precious possessions. You see charts like this, when even during times of peak crisis (as you experienced when Saturn was in Scorpio in 2014) you always have a safety net. There is always someone or something to cushion you! At its best, this chart pattern produces schoolchildren who win endless competitions/prizes; big philanthropists who raise millions; people who buy property only to see it skyrocket in value. You will have your Jupiter Return in 2018 and also a Jupiter-Aesculapia conjunction, which is significant, as the two are related on the astrological family tree. In 2018 you will be handed a tremendous opportunity to save or gain, substantially. There will also be the reappearance of something/someone you had given up on; in October-November 2018. A real comeback or return. The Uranus oppositions from Taurus will not appear for many years, until 2023 – so let’s talk then. If you have a long-term commitment like a legacy, though, you may want to update it just before that transit appears.

    1. You have Uranus at 7 Scorpio in the Eighth House which rules deadly serious financial agreements, like a legacy, and sexually potent property arrangements, like a standard marriage/mortgage. You’ll have a big chance, not possible for 12 years, to take a very welcome opportunity to usher change in, when Jupiter passes 7 Scorpio, in November 2017. Be aware of the need to keep the situation with your cash, house, apartment, business, charity or possessions open enough to allow for a few twists and turns in your tactics, though, as transiting Uranus will oppose natal Uranus within one degree in 2019 and in May 2020 the cycle is exact. Keep tracking the wider changes out there in bank land, because they will affect you in quite a personal way.

  66. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your valuable insights. Can you help me understand how Uranus in Taurus will affect me? I have Chiron, ceres and Venus in Taurus. I also have natal Uranus in Scorpio. I have overcome debt and i am now at stage where I always have enough but I would like to secure my financial freedom. Will this cycle support me with this?

    Best wishes,

    1. T, you have Ceres at 7 Taurus in the Second House of money, property, business, charity, possessions. You will notice this first, as Uranus passes 7 Taurus in May 2020. Ceres describes your ability to produce, create and ‘grow’ so you are actually quite fertile when it comes to making or saving money, or getting your hands on a house, garden or apartment. The other Taurus factors matter too, but Ceres is your first major cycle trigger. This is also where you have to compromise and make deals, with other people and the universe. You can’t have it all your own way. May 2020 will be a major revolution in your affairs and you will have to get around the meeting table, or hit the paperwork. What comes out of this will be a whole new world for you, financially. You will need to put a price tag on your own independence then.

  67. Hello Jessica:

    Interesting article….a lot to comprehend.

    Can you please throw some light as to how this will affect my natal chart. My career has been stagnant for three years now since a job loss. All doors are being slammed shut when it comes to professional opportunities. Please advise. Thanks much in advance.

    1. Fortuna at 15 Capricorn in the Tenth House of your chart describes ups/downs/highs/lows with your career, being triggered by Pluto at 15 Capricorn. This can only happen every 248+ years. The best way to deal with this cycle is to use your willpower and self-control to force yourself to follow a path which you know will get you through. If you take the obvious/easy way through you may not get rid of the problem. From October 2017 the intensity of your situation vanishes. In actual fact, you are being put on a totally different professional, unpaid work or study pathway. Three years is too long to wait for work so I think you are hanging onto old visions, old habits and preconceptions about what your C.V. should look like. Be prepared to accept all versions of success and open your mind to alternatives. You could easily be in a completely different field by 2020 by the time Jupiter has also crossed Fortuna in your chart. It would be to your advantage.

  68. Greetings , dear Jessica, from across the water! I hope mercury isnt giving you too much trouble during your holiday and travels!
    Hubby and I plan on finally getting the mortgage paid off this year and then checking out some property in the next few years to purchase so we can build our future retirement home on it. Please look and see, is there anything timeline wise or really anything we should be aware of? hubby is July 15, 65 at 6:05am, havre de grace, md. Thank you so very much!!

    1. Very good timing for your husband – in fact he should be pleased with the end results with the mortgage by October. You may in fact find a different way of playing this, with a house or apartment, in 2017 that was not in the original plan, but is irresistible to both of you. What happens in 2017 and 2018 will take you back to a very familiar place (perhaps you have been there before, or before in another life) but also a echo of a past episode with real estate, in general.

  69. Hi Jessica
    Theresa May has just called a general election for the UK to get a mandate for hard Brexit. Will be interesting…as her/the parliament’s actions re Brexit and their results will be felt over this Uranus in Taurus period.

    I’ve quite a few planets in Taurus, so am wondering about the personal implications of this move of Uranus into Taurus. Feeling the winds of change in my life very keenly these last few weeks, but not sure about the direction to set sail. Any guidance you can give would be welcome.

    1. I will be amazed if the United Kingdom doesn’t push the accelerator on a Christmas 2017/January 2018 departure, actually. The reason for this is that Uranus will return to 24 Aries, very close to the crucial 23 Aries position he occupied when the country voted to leave Europe, back in June 2016. Your own horoscope reveals a stellium in both the money signs, Taurus and Scorpio. People with this kind of pattern either end up raising a lot of money for charity, K, or they have a flair for property, business, bargain hunting and so on. I suggest you use The Astrology Oracle for more personal questions, but in general, your finances will transform utterly from October 2017, and you are in a fantastic position until November 2018. From next year, though, you must get the best advice you can afford, from financial professionals who are always up to date with the cutting edge of change, as you will personally be affected by global changes, which go for many years – discussed here. If you can imagine what it felt like to be a white British slave owner in 1781, when the British were thrown out of America, and black slaves began their road to freedom – you’ll have an idea of what lies ahead. I am not for a moment suggesting you are anything like those particular characters in history, but the fact is, they had to transform their entire lifestyle, security, business interests and the rest – or be stranded in time. Something equally revolutionary is coming from 2018 onwards. It will involve the banks and currency and you need to be on it like a tight suit.

  70. I am just so amazed by your insights. I would love to hear your take on the latest announcement of a general election in the UK on 8th June 2017.

    Uranus is certainly springing some surprises!

    1. Not so surprising if you read this prediction for Jeremy Corbyn last August! I wish I had a birth time for Prime Minister Theresa May, but none exists. What we can do, though, is use the United Kingdom chart, so I’ll publish a feature on that in a few hours. One thing I can tell you – the pre-voting period will be a mess. Candidates will be announced then withdrawn. The Post Office and computers will not be our friends. Just the usual Mercury Retrograde muddle!

  71. Hello Jessica:

    Appreciate the input of Fortuna and Pluto effect explanation on my career. In my barely scratching the surface understanding of basic astrology for the past 4 months, I was under the impression the stagnancy in my career has been a cause effect of Uranus in Aries and Uranus Pluto squares etc. (Aries Sun, Leo Rising and Virgo Moon). You are correct “three years is a long time”. That being said I have gone through a lot of interviews and faired very well but never seem to bag the final offer, which is out of the norm for me. Also is an indicator of a career change requirement! We are in a severe recession in the energy etc which are other significant contributing factors as well. I also have a Chiron return in 2018 which will have some impact as well I presume. Will it not? Very insightful website/articles. Thank you Jessica!

    1. Thank you. I am well overdue a close look at the Canada astrological chart, so I am grateful for this tip-off. My spider sense tells me that Canada will be part of the new digital currency revolution, perhaps seeking to distance herself markedly from the United States. When I have a moment I’ll have a look at the chart.

  72. Hi Jessica I need your help I have IC venus conjunction and mars in taurus and MC and hygeia conjunction in scorpio can you please help me to understand how this transit will effect me. Thank you very much

    1. Do all you can to make or save money while Jupiter is conjunct your Scorpio factors in the Eighth House, which rules insurance, legacies, mortgages, loans, credit cards, shares, charity and so on. You have about a year to do this, from October 2017 through November 2018. From 2019 the Uranus in Taurus cycle with all its unpredictability kicks in, for the whole world. Try to make sure that what you own or earn is tied to reality. Not bubbles, assumptions, imagination or hopes. The reason I say this is that billions of people were born with Neptune in Scorpio. They will be in their fifties over this cycle and all their bubbles (Neptune) with property and finance (Scorpio) will be burst when Uranus opposes Neptune, year after year, in their horoscopes. This affects all of us. So in general, with your nose for business or cash, you are off to an excellent start in 2018, but do keep it real and stay on top of the changing currency and market trends as they arise. And that will sometimes be every day, for weeks on end, once we’re well into this cycle.

  73. Jessica…. I’m blown away by this article. What a gift you have! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I’ve had the strangest day – I’ve sort of lost a job I started just a month ago. This job was an attempt to changing my profile by entering a new domain. I was anyways making very little money and now I suspect it will be a trickle. But the weirdest thing is, I’m in some ways relieved and not as upset as I would expect to be even though I’ve terribly vague ideas about what’s next. Honestly, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m losing my marbles!!

    So, in context of all this talk about money/financial world in your article and the fact that I have a stellium in Taurus and Scorpio and Uranus in…gulp…Scorpio, could you tell me how this can impact me financially? I haven’t made decent money in years – I’d love to move cities, travel, buy expensive stuff for mum but the lack of money has been really painful to say the least. Can I expect things to get better? Can I do anything to make it better?


    1. Thank you S I am glad this article is useful. You will be given some big open doors to walk through if you want to save or make money, starting in October 2017 and complete by November 2018. Use this period to put the money saved (or made) into real assets you can put your hands on, that will hold their value. A share in an allotment would be a good example. Joining a collective who grow their own food is a good way to use the Scorpio transit. On a larger scale, buying a first edition signed Harry Potter – something else which will hold its value! In general if it’s rare, if it’s good and if it’s in your hands by the end of 2018 then it’s going to last the distance far better than anything else. Be very wary of attaching yourself too much to loans, bubbles or imaginary assets – like the ‘perceived’ value of a property or domain name, for example. Once Uranus whips through Taurus without the protection of Jupiter in Scorpio from 2019 onwards, you’ll find an awful lot of people’s bubbles popping. Don’t let yours be one of them.

  74. Thank you Jessica for your work it’s truly amazing! I just read your 2016/09/13 about the new economy in 2018/19 and so happy to get an update on that with this post.

    In my chart I have “Saturn 10° Scorpio 50′ 35″ , ASC 07° Scorpio 54′ 24″, Panacea 09° Scorpio 00′ 58″ ; Ceres 22° Taurus 23′ 57″ , DESC 07° Taurus 54′ 24” I have been struggling over come my debt in the past few years and I have so little room to move with my $ I really don’t know what to do and can only live paycheck by paycheck. Any insight how Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio help my situation?

    I have been going on a path for career change since 2016 and hope I can complete the transition from my current job (operational work in transportation) to whole new career (teaching mind body related such as mindfulness and fitness) by 2019. This year I finally start putting more effort in social media hope it can bring some changes in my life and also trying crowdfunding which is totally a new experience to me.

    Since Uranus Pluto square in 2012 I have notice the changes happened around me and something tells me I have to make real changes in my career and only in 2015 I have found my passion and started making baby steps working to my goal. I know there’s great changes ahead in 2018/19 I’m excited but also scared not sure if I’m ready and prepare enough for it.

    I had made lots of changes in my life improve my financial situation but it seems never enough and with new career and education it seems I could never get out of this black hole. Could you look at my chart and give me some insight? Thanks.

    1. You should start now, if you want a second income stream. You are in a good position to make or save money from October, and it will happen in just a few weeks, along with a solution to an outstanding issue with your bank, house, business, apartment and so on – as Jupiter will conjunct your Saturn at 10 Scorpio and the Sun will pass there too. Life is not a dress rehearsal so you may as well get on with it. Your best market would be people in their fifties who have Uranus, Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House, which rules the mind, body and spirit. You are on the right track with social media and crowdfunding, but there is even more on offer than that – start the research now particularly with successful competitors.

  75. Dear Jessica,

    Would you kindly be able to let me know how significant this week/this year going to be for me based on my horoscope? I did start a new job on the 18th of April and not sure if this week’s Taurus/Aries factors will have an effect on my work?

    SouthNode 22° Taurus 12′ 35″ R
    ASC 00° Taurus 19′ 44″
    NorthNode 22° Scorpio 12′ 35″
    Chiron 26° Aries 03′ 01″ R

    Many Thanks, NP

    1. NP, it may take a few weeks for all the financially related work issues, or questions about allowances/possessions/bonuses to settle down in full, if your birth time is strictly accurate.

  76. Hi Jessica!

    Fascinating and exciting read. I think I’m going to have to wander it through a couple more times to soak it all in. I don’t have much going on in Taurus, but Scorpio is another story. Also interested in the Saturn Trine Uranus – The Big One section. I think I was born during Saturn Trine Uranus, so would that have more of an effect? Still pretty new here and trying to figure this out.

    Thanks for the great read!


    1. Thank you Amanda. You have a Scorpio chart signature so will benefit from the solutions and opportunities to come, from October this year, with more rolling in by November 2018. A typical example would be a change in currency exchange rates which benefits you, as you travel, take a sabbatical or move to a different country and find yourself with far more money to spend than usual, as a result of the switch. Another example might be a sharp increase in the value of your land, apartment or house, thanks to national real estate trends. Another example might be a booming ‘big idea’ which results in incredible new cashflow, or a lucrative job offer. I have also seen people gain from this cycle, simply by being offered a house to rent at a rock-bottom price, then gaining a house full of white goods and other essential furniture, because a friend goes away and needs storage! Your being born with Saturn trine Uranus won’t affect anything. What you are looking for, first of all, is the conjunction of Jupiter to your Fortuna at 6 Scorpio. In mythology, Fortuna was the daughter of Jupiter, so this is meaningful. The Wheel of Fortune will spin in a way that helps fix an issue you have, or brings gains your way. You should be feeling very optimistic by Christmas 2017.

  77. Hi Jessica,
    Your article was really thought provoking! My natal chart has a lot in Taurus. How do you see my finances playing out moving forward? The last 12 months there has been a shortage with money and I am currently embarking on some new projects with my other half to hopefully turn this around. Any red flags or perhaps possible good fortune? I also want to find a new job this year and so far have not had much luck. Could you look at my chart and offer any insights? Many thanks

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are heavily Taurus. I am sure you have also seen that you have placements in Scorpio. Jupiter (problem-solving, abundance) moves into Scorpio in October and by November 2018 you will have been given a chain of opportunities to make or save money. It is important that you don’t assume anything is fixed or stable long-term, though – as it won’t be – Uranus in Taurus translates as ‘a shock for the markets’ perhaps more than once that the long Uranus in Taurus cycle is operating, over many years. You might also want to check a prediction I wrote here back in February about financial madness. Sure enough the Nasdaq just broke all records and is at an all time high. These global changes will have a trickle-down effect on you, as you are so strongly Taurus.

  78. Hi Jessica, I am keen to find a partner. How will Uranus in Taurus affect my chances?
    born 24.10.63, Melbourne, 10.20am

    1. Uranus in Taurus has nothing to do with love and sex, per se, but if you are a Scorpio, then you will notice a bump, from May 2018, when Uranus (radical change, freedom, independence, liberation, upheaval, revolution) enters your opposite sign of Taurus. This cycle goes for many years and whatever you might think about white weddings now, or partnership, is not what you will think about it by – at the very latest – 2020.

  79. Hi Jessica,

    First of all I would like to thank you for your 2020 Astrology ebook and the 200 secrets ebook which you so generously offered for free! There is so much information there along with the articles offered on your site. I log in to your site everyday. I really think you are one of a kind. Thank you for being you and offering what you do!

    I am trying to make sense of something. When looking at planetary transits for one aspect of life, such as career and finance, which planets take precedence? For example both my husband and I are very keen to start our own businesses or invest together in the next couple of years. When you look at my husband’s chart 2-Jan-1976, 05:05 (58.1599119,8.0182064) you can see that he is strongly Capricorn but he also has some crucial placements in Scorpio. The question then arises regarding what is stronger? What determines his fate regarding his career and finances. Would it be Jupiter entering Scorpio later this year? Would it be Saturn entering Capricorn later this year? Or would it be Uranus entering Taurus which would oppose several placements in his chart? How does one determine which transits cause the most gain or the most upheaval?

    1. Thank you so much – I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin and Alyas, and my book designer Mark. And Kerry helps the wheels go round! If you are looking at business/finance you are looking at Taurus-Scorpio – always. I read two chart systems at once for accurate prediction, so I would look at your husband as a Sun Capricorn, but from his birth chart point of view, he has a Scorpio signature. Both are equally strong. You two will see a repetition of past history together, but also past life history together, in terms of the money – from May this year. The Nodes (karma) are going into Leo and Aquarius, into his Second and Eighth Houses in his Sun sign chart. Just avoid August please. You two will figure out past life debts and credits with each other until the end of next year. In general, Jupiter crossing his Scorpio placements will benefit him from October this year, into 2018 – yet he needs to understand that the next few years will be unpredictable, erratic, challenging and changeable. Thus, keeping things open, not fixed, is a smart move. Along with billions of others he has a Scorpio chart signature. When Uranus opposes that slowly but surely over many years,starting May 2018, the entire planet is going to see upheaval with currency, the sharemarkets and the rest – as I discuss in this post. It’s like being swept along with a wave where you must learn to surf, very quickly, or be stranded on the shore. He should stay on top of the financial, business and property news throughout and learn to surf.

  80. Greetings Jessica. What aspects should we look for when deciding to retire from work (Good subject for future report)? My single sister (15 December 1953, Chicago, IL, 2:01 a.m.) is considering retiring from her job to help me take care of my aging and sickly relatives. I feel bad so I’m asking is now a good time to submit documents for retirement in May/Jun 2017. Is 2018 a better time? Thanks in advance.

    1. You’re a Sun Taurus with fortunate Jupiter in her Sixth House of lifestyle (until October) so you’re in a fantastic position to make your moves over the next seven months. You may want to look at the Taurus birthday horoscope which will be published here shortly for specific dates. I’m assuming that your sister’s retirement will help your own lifestyle with caring for your family. She is a Sagittarian who may prefer that you two talk the nitty-gritty at any time from the final week in May, onwards – less complicated. Whatever arrangement you come to with her, make sure it is flexible and adaptable for her, allowing her maximum space to move/switch/alter plans as from May 2018 beyond 2020 her lifestyle will be an uncharted voyage with no map or compass. I hope this timing helps you both.

  81. Hi Jessica! You were very right about a man I asked you about – dob 22/06/1987, Virgo rising, in London. We met around the New Moon in Scorpio, October last year. You said the Moon in Taurus around 26 April will be a crucial date for us. You were very right! Situation now is – he has a duty to attend before he can dedicate himslef to something else.
    Can you please tell me something more about him? What you see as main points in his life?
    Thank you a lot!

    1. Just to add – the thing is… the Oracle seems to be correct about most questions but I cannot work my mind around the ever showing evershowing North Node and Psyche and Aesculapius in the 9th house and Proserpina in the 3rd house. He is a foreigner by the way. I can’t see the Proserpina person for us. And we can’t keep in touch now.

      1. If your love is foreign, that’s the Ninth House. Aesculapius means, it always comes back from the brink; it ain’t over ’til it’s over, to quote Lenny Kravitz. The Oracle is telling you the truth – but what time-frame are you asking about?

      1. He can’t act on his free will now and is restrained to do anything until he completes his duty in about a year. We can keep in touch perhaps later, may be June-July will be the time. I don’t know what to expect for him in about a year time? Does his chart show relations with foreigners or will he stay at his homeland where he is now?

  82. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for another interesting and informative read! It all sounds very exciting, I love a bit of a rebellion! Can you please have a quick look at my chart and advise how my financial situation may change during this cycle, for better or worse… if that’s possible. It has been on a downward spiral for the last four or five years. I have been looking into crypto currency and wondering whether now is a good time to invest and hopefully turn things around in the future. Thanks again.

    Fiona S.

    1. Fiona, you have Mercury, Neptune and Juno in the early degrees of Scorpio so doors are going to bang open all over the place, very quickly, from October this year. Do all you can to research what is going on out there. I am not surprised you have been through tough times, as Saturn was conjunct (or sitting on) your Scorpio factors in such an extreme way. As we associate Scorpio not only with finance, business and property – but also with sexual relationships – no wonder you feel you have been spiralling! The good news is, as I am sure you know, Jupiter will go through Scorpio from October 11th and that month, but particularly November, will change a great deal for you. Just be aware that whatever you commit to, you are flexible enough to zig-zag when the world zig-zags, because once Uranus begins to slowly oppose your Scorpio factors, you will need to be very fast on your feet and ready to make u-turns as the old world of banks and currency that we knew, turns upside-down. Crypto-currency is a good example of that. Be aware that it’s a mad, mad new world and get the best advice you can afford. You’ll see why in May, June 2018.

  83. Dear Jessica,
    For many years I have struggled with making a big decision in my life. Came to the UK for studies with the intention to return to Greece (where I spent 12 years of my life) soon after my MSc but here I am nearly 13 years later, married to a local guy, with two kids.
    Now, I think (or should I say feel…) it is the time to do this. Go back to Greece with my kids and open my own business (a consultancy firm), while the husband does the “super commute” thing back and forth between two countries until his early retirement…I think this will help me as a person (my own sanity), kids love the place (big family, by the sea etc) and my marriage will not dissolve as the distance will reignite the desire for each other (a difficult marriage with an Aries stellium 31/03/69). The big question, of course is, is this a crazy idea with all that is happening around the world? Should I abandon it and stay put? Or go ahead with it – planning on going back in July 2017 with the aim to have something started by September 2017.
    Thank you very much

    1. You are on the right track, but a little too early. With your Sagittarian stellium I understand your desire to keep travelling and moving, and actually, the Greece-Britain connection would work very well for you – once Jupiter goes into Sagittarius! I am sure you know Saturn (hard work, obstacles, waiting games) is in Sagittarius right now. The cycle ends on December 20th this year, with a bit of Mercury Retrograde complication extending to January 11th 2018 – but after that you are in the clear. In fact, you will love what happens with travel, emigration, export and the rest, once Jupiter (expansion, growth, improvement) moves into Sagittarius from November 9th 2018. By 2018 your wanderlust and appetite to learn/grow through other cultures and belief systems will be well and truly satisfied. You may want to use your Astrology Oracle to confirm what I am talking about, in terms of Jupiter and Saturn cycle dates.

  84. Hi, Jessica,
    Could you plz look at my chart and tell me what to expect about money and apartment . Thanks.

    1. You may want to organise both money and apartment well before Saturn (hard work, waiting games, obstacles) moves into your solar Second House of finance. That happens on December 21st and if you do end up with commitments just before then, it may well be that you have to deal with more than you thought. A typical example would be buying a cheap flat very quickly, only to discover later that the council has okayed high-rise blocks all around you. Another example would be a hike in mortgage interest repayment rates. That is a general comment on Saturn in Capricorn, which will hang around until 2020. Acting sooner rather than later would be wise. Getting a good accountant to talk to you about the realities of trends in 2018, 2019, 2020 would be even more useful. You also have Pluto in your Second House throughout so whatever you sign up for make sure you know exactly who and what is involved.

  85. Hi, Jessica,

    My husband and I are considering purchasing property in 2018 to make into a small, self-sufficient homestead as we approach retirement in 7-9 years. But where will the money come from? You should be able to see my chart, and he is an Aquarius sun with both sun and moon in the 6th house and Virgo ascendant. Thank you for any insights you feel led to offer.

    1. Your husband is the key here. Watch the opportunities, answers and solutions from October and particularly by November, as things will happen in a rush. Then, keep taking every open door you see until November 2018. The answers may not necessarily be what you expect. I have seen people go through this cycle and be given a household full of possessions to house-sit, for example, or to move to areas where the cost of living is so much lower, they end up saving a fortune. You’re in a good position here, with your husband’s fortunate Jupiter Return in Scorpio in his Eighth House of finance, business and property in 2018! (Use the Natural House system – lots more fun).

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