New England Horoscope and New Astrology!

On Tuesday 28th March, 2017 at 10.00pm in London, British Prime Minister Theresa May signed the Article 50 farewell letter to the European Union that separates England, forever.

On Tuesday 28th March, 2017 at 10.00pm in London, British Prime Minister Theresa May signed the Article 50 farewell letter to the European Union that separates England, forever. There is a slightly earlier clock-time signature photograph, which is interesting, but as the world only found out when the BBC beamed the news around the planet…

The BBC has it. This is the official record. 

This is exciting for astrologers, who have a new national chart to play with. People are often surprised when countries have horoscopes, but they work really well – especially for prediction. So what’s in store for this reborn England, over the next year or two, before we have the final rebirth, as the EU negotiations finish for good?


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Article 50 and a new UK horoscope



Does Prime Minister Theresa May use astrology? It’s remarkable that a New Moon in Aries fell on the same day as the new England! Maybe we’ll never know, although her predecessor Margaret Thatcher apparently had a keen interest in horoscopes.

Despite the New Moon – this is not the final, finished version of the new England. That may have to wait until as late as March 2019. We should still feel a very different outlook, atmosphere and temperament in the nation, from April 2017, however.

Temporary ‘new’ England starts here, though, and what a fiery chart. She has the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Aries so this is an angry new nation – at least for a time. Uranus is at 23 Aries, the classic 23-degree position which we find is in every single chart we have for the nation.

Astrologers use different incarnations for England, each time they look at her chart. They all work together and they all share one thing – horoscope factors at the same degree, or very close by. This new chart is typical, and it tallies with a chart going centuries back!

Why do all these charts work so well together? Because England is an ancient nation who has hung onto her monuments (even including Stonehenge) and her castles. So the old England is mixed up with the new England and all these horoscopes tend to merge.

21st March 0287
Moon 23 Scorpio, Jupiter 24 Scorpio

20th March 0410
Uranus 23 Aquarius

12th July 0927
Moon 23 Scorpio, Sun 23 Cancer, Uranus 22 Aries

11th May 0973
12.00 LMT, BATH
Jupiter 23 Virgo

14th October 1066, 5.28pm LMT SENIAC, NEAR HASTINGS
Uranus 24 Sagittarius, Neptune 24 Taurus

20th January 1265 12.00 LMT, LONDON
Mars 23 Taurus

3rd April 1603, 1.30am LMT, RICHMOND
Mercury 24 Aries

27th March 1649, 12.00LMT LONDON
Moon 23 Virgo, Mercury 24 Aries

23rd February 1689
Moon 22 Aries, Pluto 23 Cancer

12th May 1707
Neptune 22 Aries

7th December 1922
Moon 23 Cancer


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For as long as it holds, we are going to see unusual energy, action, initiative and can-do thinking in England. This is a strongly Aries chart. If England was a person, we might say she would suit a job in the police or the armed forces. She would suit bright red hair (the colour red is associated with Aries). She might be pushy, tough, aggressive. She would be hot-headed and hot-tempered; fiery by nature. Aries is also opposite Libra, the sign of special relationships. England in her new incarnation is going to have a troubled relationship with the United States of America – her opposite number in that relationship. We have seen Prime Minister Theresa May and Her Majesty the Queen be nothing but diplomatic with President Trump, but according to this new British horoscope, the gloves are well and truly off.


jly4.1915 - New England Horoscope and New Astrology!


From this super Aries chart, we can predict soaring summer temperatures and record heatwaves across England. We can also predict that the EU will be in for a fierce fight over money, trade, employment, free movement and the rest. Not only tension with America, but also with Europe, is showing up in this horoscope. If England was a baby born now, in March 2017, we would have to say she would be shoving all her toys out of the pram on a regular basis. Toddler tantrums would also be expected. She is not interested in co-operating, even though she knows it’s good for her (Jupiter in Libra). She will be over-sensitive to unfairness and fight very hard if she detects it. This is an angry country trying to find out who she is by putting up her fists against anyone and everyone who opposes her.


i6ynmfi6ubg 600x400 - New England Horoscope and New Astrology!


This new version of England is also deeply concerned with increasing military and police action. Football is also ruled by Aries so this is going to be a massive year for the England football team, although ‘friendlies’ will not be so friendly. Those FIFA world cup qualification matches for England in 2017 are going to be laden with injuries and rioting. Aries is ruled by Mars in astrology, the red planet – and also the Roman god of war.

In general, England has a take-no-prisoners feeling about her, with this new chart. She’s not about to put up or shut up, no matter if the enemy is within, or coming from outside. This is a substantially different horoscope to the old 1801 nation, and we’re likely to see why, very quickly – as soon as April 2017. I would describe the mood as very Falkands War.  And as for the Scotland-England relationship? Well, astrology predicted a second referendum on Scots independence two years ago. This is not going to be pleasant conversation over afternoon tea, though. Not at all.


zk0fmrnwlkq 600x400 - New England Horoscope and New Astrology!


Here are some striking aspects for the new national horoscope, which will hold sway until the final EU divorce becomes a reality.  I’m going to look at two patterns which dominated the heavens over London as PMTM was preparing for this historic moment. I’m using modern astrology, so the complete family tree of asteroids (related to the old planets) is important.

At 9.13pm Mercury at 26 Aries was quincunx Minerva at 26 Scorpio, as the Prime Minister was preparing for the media to capture her historic signature. This is remarkable as Minerva is the old Roman goddess of wisdom, and she was the first astrological import to England, as far back as the building of the ancient Temple of Sulis Minerva in Bath. Minerva is in the finance and business sign, Scorpio. That’s a very good omen. The aspect to Mercury describes the letter itself – the signature. Mercury is in Aries, which we’ve already seen is aggressive and energetic. This letter means business and it’s very unlikely that England will pay the EU anything it is asking for, without a fight.

Screen Shot 2017 03 29 at 8.35.39 AM 600x375 - New England Horoscope and New Astrology!

The British have spent a long time staring over the English Channel at their European neighbours, wondering where Brexit would lead. The wondering is now over. The wake-up call is going to be loud, big and noisy – right across the sea. In fact, it will be heard and felt almost as soon as April begins, with further bangs towards the end of the month, as the lunar transits arrive.

What else is coming in? Asian money. The new British horoscope created for the end of March 2017 tallies in uncanny ways with not only China, but many nations throughout Asia. We are going to see massive investment and perhaps a bigger tourist spend. It’s the new, crazy economy – although it may not be until after May 2018 that we see the full picture emerge.

gmlnhabkcie 600x400 - New England Horoscope and New Astrology!



At 10.17pm Jupiter at 19 Libra was opposite Bacchus at 19 Aries, which is the perfect expression of the need for a fair deal (Libra rules the scales of justice, and the balancing act between the EU and England) – with the need to enjoy a good fight. Bacchus is pleasure, celebration and good times. In Aries, Bacchus savours an argument.

Bacchus also rules wine, and that’s an amazing exact opposition to Bacchus from abundant Jupiter, his father – so there will be an aggressive push on home-produced wine and champagne in England, taking on foreign European markets. That’s going to be one of the first changes we will see.

Boozy Britain seems certain to become a reality with this new chart. I wonder why?  This is going to become a more violent country, over the short-term, as Aries is so hungry for a fight. It’s also a highly masculine chart, so it’s a country for men, not boys (and not women, unless they are prepared to act like old-fashioned men).

If you’re watching fashion, then England in her new incarnation seems to favour bright scarlet, trousers/jeans not skirts/dresses, and you’d have to say Doc Martens, not kitten heels. All that Aries is swaggering, male and vehemently against pastels and frills.

Venus is in Aries too so it’s time for the return of the ladette. Remember her? It will be fascinating to watch the new incarnation of England unfold, now that the deed is done. What do you think? How can you see her Aries stellium and those Bacchus-Jupiter and Minerva-Mercury aspects shaping up? Should we all be investing in English-produced ‘champagne’ right now for what looks like a very hot summer? Over to you.

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49 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you once again for sharing your insight.

    I remember reading your Scotland prediction and thinking how could two votes happen since those types of votes use to be very rare. And as we see, it going to happen.

    I hope for the best for all.


    1. Emotions run high about the Scotland issue so I hope it works out too – and truly hoping England makes a constitutional change quickly so we can use a different horoscope to that heavily Aries late March one!

  2. Hi, Jessica ! What about the fact that this step happens whilst Venus is retrograde ? Thanks !

    1. I suspect Venus in Aries Retrograde is a symbol of our Nicola of Scotland, who is playing both Venus (the woman) and Aries (the fighter). Of course we also have someone called Venus playing tennis at the moment! Maybe it’s both of them. Watch them play the game back and forth. And maybe stand still.

  3. Is it possible and/or pertinent to incorporate Theresa May’s horoscope in to the reading? I notice that she is a Libra.

    1. Theresa May does not have a watertight horoscope (birth data is not complete) so we can’t really pop her in – except to say – yes, she definitely has the Sun in Libra (at least) and so, weirdly, she is actually at odds with the country she just recreated. The new England is heavily Aries, and that’s the sight right opposite Libra. This does not feel at all comfortable for her – for the moment.

  4. Thank you Jessica I hope that Scotland will have a peaceful departure from the rest of the UK is this possible?

    1. Much as we’d love that, if it happens, the new UK (with her strongly Aries chart) is going to be fast, hard and furious in her approach to sister Scotland. It’s a very short-tempered horoscope, at least until the next version we get – in around two years from now when the divorce from the EU becomes final.

  5. Just a thought (with legal hat on). Article 50 is triggered when the EU is NOTIFIED, i.e. when the letter signed by Theresa May last night 28/3 is actually delivered. Which is apparently going to be at 12.30 today, 29 March – no idea where or which time zone.
    May make slight difference to some degrees in event chart?

    1. Absolutely, and that’s a new horoscope we can also use. Although global, public awareness spiked when the BBC posted their story (across all time zones) and that is perhaps when the new nation became a psychological reality. But thank you – yes – we also need to use the legal entity chart, to see where that will take us.

  6. Good Morning Jessica,

    I feel this chart shows the rise of the female warrior/negotiator/diplomat in essence a true Feminist with Sun, Venus, Pallas Athena in Aries and the North Node at 2 degrees of Virgo conjunct Theresa Mays natal Moon how amazing is that !
    People underestimate TM she has a ‘ Velvet fist ‘ in an iron glove, in fact I would liken her to Vladimir Putin in Kitten Heels.

  7. Hi Jess,

    What a fabulous article again, I can’t tell you how much I love this of kind applied astrology. I wanted to write about all the serious stuff concerning Brexit, but what got me thinking was your analogy between politics and football. It was like being distracted by Legs-It.

    One of the key complaints about the EU was its cumbersome nature, the UK often felt constrained by European sensibilities. Much is being made of the Thatcherite-Falklands mentality of 27 v 1, but people are looking at it the wrong way. The UK as one is far more nimble and free to do business than the homogenised European juggernaut.

    That brings us on to football, where England (in particular) have adopted a very continental style in recent years. However, it has looked especially ponderous and unEnglish when adopted by the current identikit team. The tempo is far too slow and the opposition is now well able to cope with it. On the other hand, Leicester City have conquered England and are doing as much in Europe with a much faster, more direct style of play, which is thrilling and surprising everyone. It marks a return to the style that conquered Europe in 1970s and 1980s before English identity got out of hand in terms of hooliganism.

    This return to an English identity is key in both spheres. In football we’ll probably see injuries as the team play at an increased tempo (we hope) and aggression. I was expecting a serious injury in the recent game against Lithuania, however it was poor Seamus Coleman instead (right time, wrong match), while England walked around with the ball to the entertainment and endearment of nobody. Gareth Southgate has received widespread criticism that the team and he, himself lack identity,

    Now Article 50 is signed, we can really see a return to English ways. It is up to us (the UK / England) to dictate the tempo in every sense. I would not be surprised to see hard battles over the most trivial matters of fiscal policy and the like. It is bound to be a case of alternating between the serious and the trivial. But the UK must play to its strengths like its young football team.

    I don’t expect to see Mrs May with Terry Butcher’s horrific head wound and bloodstained shirt, but as comedian Paul Tonkinson said, she might make the point of ‘jumping up and heading the ball vigorously at every opportunity’ just to illustrate her point to the EU. Fortunately, she isn’t Thatcher and things won’t get out of hand like the 1980s because I think that the political intelligence has been carried out nowadays to prevent widespread hooligan politics breaking out. A generation on, she promises to be the more measured ladette.

    Keep up the good work,

    1. Thanks so much KC, this is really interesting to read (all the way from New Zealand). The football analogy is very appropriate and it may be that in true astrological fashion, we end up with a nation which mirrors its new approach to the beautiful game, with its approach to EU negotiation. Points taken about Gareth Southgate and Seamus Coleman. I think the games this year will be worth watching with one eye on the transits!

  8. Congratulations Jessica on your forecast of this moment. I am truly amazed.

    I would point out that the letter triggering Article 50 was officially handed to the EU at 12.30 today (Wednesday 29th March 2017) – at the same time as the PM started her statement to the House of Commons. Does this time and date have any significance?

    1. There are a few charts now, including the one you mention, when the letter was actually handed over. They will all work – which is strange, but typical of astrology! I am going to watch the BBC timed chart, based on the minute the news went worldwide and track that for outcomes. I’m watching the British wine and ‘champagne’ industries for a start!

  9. Thanks for the blog. Just wondering about the chart of the time the UK joined the EU and how that compares to this chart? Do you have this chart? I don’t think really that the British have any better idea of where Brexit will lead than they did after the referendum. The nitty gritty still has to be thrashed out. Interesting timing for starting the divorce process.

  10. Hi Jessica, i was looking at the photo of the signing and the clock behind her is showing 4.37 pm. just wondering where the 10 pm time came from. kind regards wendy

    1. The clock time is one thing – the BBC story quite another – and tradition states we use the national broadcaster for the ‘birth’ when news became global and public. However you are quite right and I am setting up another chart to see what shifts!

  11. iThank you so much for the heads up – looks like things will not be all plain sailing, we will just have to ride out the storm! Be prepared! I am sure it will be all good in the end, also be prepared for a heat wave in the UK. I suppose some will blame Brexit for that too lol!
    Really enjoy reading your articles.

  12. HI Jessica,
    Is 23 a significant degree in general? 28 Leo represents Regulus you said and with the new chart Mercury was near 28 Leo so I’m wondering how the Queen and England are linked with the new chart. There was also that eclipse at 22 Leo this year so maybe there is a link to the new chart. How are people with Aries 23 degrees or other 23 degrees linked to this or is there no relationship? I have planets at 23 degrees and am watching “Victoria” and just feel linked to England. Thank you.

    1. Yes, 23 degrees is a hotspot in every chart we have for the British Isles in all her many, many different forms. If you are curious about people with Aries 23 degree patterns, have a look at the story I wrote about Independence Day and Independence Day Two (hit Search).

      1. Hi. Sorry to but in on this, but I do have a vested interest in 23’s.

        It is the 3/4 point in the transit of a sign or house and I always liken it to any novel or film that contains an element of tension. It seems to be that point where things just reach that tipping point and finale is set up. I find that last scene tends to play out between 23′-27′.

  13. Daily Mail says, quoted from no.10, Westminster. Britain leaves EU when Big Ben bongs midnight on March 29th 2019. Perhaps devolution revolution for all countries in the “union”, 23 Cancer True node degrees there again on that day = English home rule??? so if we want free of Europe, can’t expect others to want to be in a UK! Pluto at the top of new chart, men ruling, the establishment. ??? True node opposite Pluto, ! Theresa May with the Sun 8 degrees opposite the day degree in Aries that Article 50 accepted, so, I don’t think that is good for her ( as a mere woman). But, I really hope the weather prediction is right, cheered me up no end. Thankyou

  14. Hi Jessica, I have always watched the fashions, especially in the UK. Personally I feel there will be another big emphasis on trainers. I haven’t checked the astro but In the late 80’s and early 90’s, brands like British Knights, reebok and acupuncture took the UK and international footwear markets by storm. With so many planets in Aries, could we see some sort of trainer design renaissance?? I am not overly keen on bringing back the bright red classic reebok of the 90’s but would love to see some very “now” designs with splashes of bold colour. Perfect for summer.

  15. Jessica interested to know is australia’s horoscope linked to UK. tropical Cyclone Debbie has reeked havoc for days… effects still being felt and accross eastern seaboard. Flooding records from pre 1900 are falling, widespread damage and human resilence.

    1. Such an interesting question! Thank you for reminding me. I’ve not had a chance to look at the Australia chart in relation to Cyclone Debbie, but will get onto this next week and look at Cyclone Tracey in Darwin too.

  16. I wish it was just England leaving the UK. Scotland and N Ireland voted to remain and are being dragged out. This might result in N Ireland reunification with the rest of Ireland so that they can remain. Scotland has asked for an independence referendum (which T May has refused). May I respectfully point out that England is NOT the same as the UK!

    1. England, Ireland in her many incarnations, Scotland and Wales are all part of this troubled 1801 UK horoscope, and each must find her own destiny as we go through this massive Pluto in Capricorn transit which can only happen every 240+ years.

  17. I just have this feeling we will walk away without a deal finding our own pathway in regards to Brexit. The payment for leaving the EU could cause problems.
    Also could Scotland leave the union?
    But hey I could be wrong.

    1. The Scotland horoscope has been saying ‘independence’ even before the first ‘No’ vote, so let’s wait and see. And England will do a ‘Switzerland’ exit.

  18. Wow! A lot of Aries energy indeed! I am a Brit, but for the last ten years have been working overseas. Should I move back to the UK now? I have a lot of Aries factors in my chart. I actually voted Remain, but I am excited to see how the UK will fare in the long run.

    1. What you’re probably waiting for is Jupiter to enter Sagittarius, which happens in the final quarter of 2018, and most of 2019. You can bring your international experience/contacts back to the British Isles as Jupiter (abundance, opportunity, good fortune) goes through your solar Fourth House of apartments, houses, passports and patriotism – and in the world’s Ninth House of brand new export/import/immigration rules.

  19. This is so interesting, England play Scotland on June 10th for the World cup qualifiers- I wonder if there will be violence and trouble at this game?
    On another note- I have a rescue dog who happens to be a greyhound with 5 planets in Aries and he has become a demon! racing around and needing lots of runs!! he is very energised , as he’s usually a 40mph couch potato.
    I have in my natal chart mercury in aries at 23 degrees in my 11th house jupiter in libra at 24 degrees ..not sure how that will personally affect me?

    1. Football violence is horrid but unfortunately this new England chart is more like the horoscope of a warring nation in the Middle Ages than most other charts, so the terraces will not be peaceful places. That’s interesting about your greyhound, too. And if you are a Mercury 23 Aries person then that is in your First House (Natural Houses) so very much about your image online. This is where the revolution will occur in 2017, having begun in 2016. It’s your ‘free to be me’ cycle and you’ll do it online.

    1. The astrology suggests a repeat of the Watergate patterns in September 2017. It is interesting that this time round, it is not old-fashioned tapes, but the internet itself, which will be involved.

  20. Dear Jessica

    Thank you for your time effort and tremendous insight. My daughter has Aries rising 23degrees.. she is also Aries sun 12degrees 1990.
    How might this impact on her. We haven’t been the best of friends since 2011 sadly.
    If you have a moment to answer this I’d be grateful. Thank you.

    1. Strongly Aries girls/women can be very hard work, despite their fantastic energy and fearless approach to life. They tend to identify with the male/men in general and classically get on very well with them, but can be quite combative with their own mothers, sisters, female colleagues and so on. They can be extremely competitive and interpret the most innocent situations as a chance to do better/challenge. The way through, as you might suspect, is to resist the temptation to play them at their own game, and in fact – put the game right away – whatever that has been. There is also the very old-fashioned solution of giving the strongly Aries type both the time and space she needs to calm down and cool down. She is going through Uranus right on her Ascendant which is very, very tough and may be feeling rather wired or strung out. This does get better. In fact, it may never be quite as hard as this again! So have hope and stay tuned. When your strongly Aries daughter finds a cause to fight for, you will be amazed at how much easier she is to deal with. So here’s hoping.

  21. I note you have decided to use the moment the news about the signing of the letter from Mrs May triggering Article 50 was broadcast.

    However, the primary legal document, to date, was the Royal Assent of the Queen to the Bill, which gave the Government the formal power to trigger Article 50 and deliver on the will of the British people.

    The Royal Assent was announced at 10.52 AM on the 16th March 2017 by the Speaker of the House of Commons and broadcast by all the major news channels at that time. I did wonder whether this timing would be useful in forecasting future events.

    1. There are a few charts for the new England at the moment – and all temporary, of course – until the next major step. We can go with the moment the BBC made it world news, or the actual legal document. Thank you for providing that data. Once I get back to my study and away from various airports I will cast a chart for that, along with the other contenders, and add those to this evolving story. Much appreciated.

  22. I am 8march1954 Aries rising having tough time at the moment2017 is a disaster so far any better times a head Marian ireland thank you

  23. I have 23 moon in Aries. From India, working in az for last couple of years. Planning to move back 2018-19. Do you think that will work out well?

    1. You’ll know more about moving back this month (April 2017) and by May 2018 will have probably made your choice about where to live and how to live. If you haven’t moved by then, you may find the situation swings backwards and forwards, until you are finally gone by 2019, Chetan. The issue for you is independence, space and freedom and once you shift, that shifts too.

  24. Now Therea May had triggered a General Election on 8 June…now what… ! We have the French election on 23 April …It’s all very exciting…what’s your take Jessica..

Comments are closed.

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