Your Aries Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

Aries, your professional life is being dominated by people, organisations or situations which want the reins.

Career Transformation

Your career transformation continues over the next 12 months with an important question about control, near the Pluto-Jupiter square on Thursday 30th March. Your professional life is being dominated by people, organisations or situations which want the reins. The challenge to you, is to find a way to share the reins. Going to extremes has not been the answer, as you appear to been veering between giving in/giving up – and then trying to tightly control what is going on. As April begins, it may help to remember what has worked very well for you since 2008, when this cycle began – and what to avoid. Is there a middle way or compromise?

Near Friday 30th June the question will repeat, as Pluto is opposed by Mercury. Around a week later, you have a Full Moon on Sunday 9th July to deal with, when you must make a firm decision. Around one month after this, on Friday 4th August, we have the second square from Pluto to Jupiter, so you can give yourself a progress report. August does seem like a time of reckoning, as those old adversaries Pluto and Ceres face off, on Monday 21st. Even if you do not particularly want to seek professional advice or career counselling, it is still worth surveying the lay of the land in your chosen field. See where things are really at, by reading widely across the web, dipping into forums and if possible, reading hearts and minds.

This becomes absolutely crucial once Saturn changes signs on Wednesday 20th December. There is usually no great clanging sound when an outer planet moves from one zodiac sign to another, but in this case you will be confronted with the realities of your business, company or chosen profession in the days just before Christmas. This is, of course, the time of year when people resign, new appointments are finalised, companies merge or fold, redundancies are signalled or retirements kick in. All of this is going to have a more profound impact on you than usual, even on Christmas Day itself.

This birthday report covers you until April 2018, so we now move into the first quarter of that year, starting with the Full Moon on Tuesday 2nd January. You then have about a fortnight until the biggest new beginning of the year, around Wednesday 17th January. The time for fast and easy options is over. You must now live in the real world, regarding your position, mission and ambition. In fact, near Wednesday 24th January you seem likely to have one of the year’s most vital meetings, news announcements or paper trails to follow. You have learned so much about movers and shakers, power trippers, and ‘Great Dictators’ by this point that you could write a book about the way power actually works – but no need to do that – just lean on your gathered wisdom.

Europe, Australasia, the Americas and Wider Exploration

As you enjoy travel, have far-flung connections and strong ties in other countries, you will see a welcome change in the atmosphere from 20th December 2017, when the toughest cycle in 29 years is at an end. Until then it will be helpful to slow down and stick to a plan that is tried, tested and trusted. The issues for you now may revolve around immigration, airlines, cultural differences, language, borders, religion, or cultural gaps. We associate the Ninth House with publishing, the worldwide web, education, beliefs and philosophies of all kinds – and academia. Perhaps something on that list is crossing over with these rather serious questions tying you to Europe, Australasia, the Americas or places even further afield.

Timing is everything in astrology and you can make your life a great deal easier by avoiding the more difficult periods for discussion or action plans. Friday 19th May is not particularly helpful, as Saturn trines Uranus, and the opposition between Saturn and Mars on Monday 29th May could also park an obstacle in your path. June in general is very hard work, so if you are trying to book a holiday – for snow or sunshine – you may want to allow more time than usual and do a great deal more checking.

These tricky times cover all the oppositions involving sombre Saturn in Sagittarius, so – Saturday 11th November is also on the list, as Saturn again trines Uranus that day. Almost immediately, Mercury Retrograde Shadow begins, so from Wednesday 15th November 2017 until Wednesday 10th January 2018, you will see delays, reversals or standstills. Check with your airline before you fly, or receive overseas visitors and keep a weather eye on university schedules, publishing deadlines and so on.

Partners, Lovers and Children

2017 is an important year for reshaping your personal life, no matter if your priority is your former, current or potential partner. Children also have a fated part to play, from May, when past life karma returns and you will collect credits from a previous incarnation, or settle some debts. The children in question may belong to you or other people and stretch from toddler age to young adulthood, depending on your own age. A sense of déjà vu or a genuine flashback will become obvious to you from May 2017, stretching past your birthday in 2018. In some cases it will directly relate to the events of 1999 and 2000. Near Friday 21st July your karma will speak to you, very clearly. If a baby is born this year or a stepchild arrives, it is entirely possible that you knew this face in a previous life.

Decisions about pregnancy, children, adoption and so on, are best made well away from the eclipses this year. These include August 6th, 7th, 8th and crucially, the Great American Eclipse (which affects us all) across August 20th, 21st, 22nd. An eclipse always coincides with a blind spot, a cover-up job, or a ‘not knowing/not seeing’ situation, so you can see why it’s best avoided.

I am sure you have heard all about the cycle of Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, happy endings, problem-solving and growth – in your partnership zone. This classically brings new opportunities to date someone who is good for you, as well as welcome changes in a marriage or serious relationship, which help both of you find greater meaning and happiness together. Jupiter is also a planet of resolution, so if your love life is unhappy, the way out, or the way through, will be evident. This cycle ends in October.

Partnership is about more than love and sex, of course, and it may be that you are finding your other half, professionally, this year. If so, this person would be very different to you, but also rather good for you. Together, the pair of you can create a double act that is your own version of the Moon landing astronauts, Armstrong and Aldrin.

Romantically or professionally, duets make wonderful new music for you, near Wednesday 6th July at the Jupiter-Neptune quincunx. We also have a useful sextile from Jupiter to Saturn on Sunday 27th August. There is a Jupiter-Chiron quincunx on Saturday 23rd September which helps you keep growing together, and even if there is a moment of truth near Thursday 28th September at the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, it can only help you. Just as the cycle is closing, we have a Full Moon on Thursday 5th October which I think will help you sign off on one episode; no matter if 2017 for you has been about fixing issues, or pursuing bigger dreams. The New Moon on Thursday 19th October really will be a genuine fresh start for you. If this period coincides with a new lover, you two could move in together or be engaged by 2018.

Making and Saving Money

You will be given a chain of opportunities to make or save money, quite substantially, from Wednesday 18th October and the call, news or paperwork which appears then is very important, as it is the start of something big for 2018. The Full Moon on Saturday 4th November will show you the pros and cons of your new decision about the money, house, business, company, possessions, charity or apartment. An extremely beneficial relationship is then the main story, with a new beginning near Saturday 18th November, followed by a natural high at the Jupiter-Neptune trine on Sunday 3rd December.

You can, and must, mean business in early 2018 as well, because the year as a whole could be extremely rewarding, with the end of any issues in sight, and vast potential ahead. On Sunday 7th January we see Mars conjunct Jupiter, so the new year will be off to a flying start, as Mars is your ruling planet and Jupiter – as you know – is all about abundance and win-win solutions. There is only one real concern at this time, and it is the radical changes to come from May 2018, but that is really a prediction for next year. From that point forward you are going to be affected by a revolution with banking, currency and the world economy which sweeps the world, but has a personal impact on you. For that reason, when you are making your plans for 2018 and beyond, try to be as flexible as possible so you can move with the changing times.

The only other point I would like to make about your money, business or property is that we have quite a long Mercury Retrograde period, which will coincide with your 2017 birthday. For that reason you may want to allow for delays, changes or reversals – and perhaps a standstill – affecting your finances, from now until May 2017.

Past Lives, Old Friends, Important Groups

I have mentioned the importance of past life karma with the world of children and young adults, this year. You will also see old patterns played out, old friendships (from this or previous lifetimes) return, and important groups in your world, become even more so. This is all triggered by the return of the True South Node to Aquarius, the sign which rules political parties, rock bands, trade unions, football teams and the rest.

From Tuesday 9th May there is an important return of particular situations, faces or bonds which matters a great deal in terms of collection or repayment – spiritually. Please do avoid the eclipse period across August 6th, 7th, 8th though as eclipses conceal, they never reveal. In general, though, you will find 2017 and 2018 bring you full circle with a group of people, among whom friendships are made, or re-made, which will have a lasting impact on you.

Happy Birthday Aries.

Career Transformation

Your career transformation continues over the next 12 months with an important question about control, near the Pluto-Jupiter square on Thursday 30th March. Your professional life is being dominated by people, organisations or situations which want the reins. The challenge to you, is to find a way to share the reins. Going to extremes has not been the answer, as you appear to been veering between giving in/giving up – and then trying to tightly control what is going on. As April begins, it may help to remember what has worked very well for you since 2008, when this cycle began – and what to avoid. Is there a middle way or compromise?

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66 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this prediction!

    I’m interested in the North node entering Aquarius. Recently I was contacted by a representative of a group I was working with 1999 & 2000. So your prediction was spot on! We might start co-operation with them during spring/summer.

    Another thing I’m worried about is the upcoming Saturn in Capricorn. I don’t have factors in Capricorn, do you it will still effect me?

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad the prediction was spot on. You knew these people in a prior incarnation, and perhaps more than one. Saturn in Capricorn will not affect you at all – lucky you!

  2. Hello Jessica! I’m sorry if I am repeating myself, but this comment seems to disappear! I am 7 degrees Aries with Ceres rising at 1 degree Scorpio. My career has been a disaster over the last few years despite my best efforts. Ceres was on my ascendant again when I married and joins the north node at my MC (13 Leo) at the end of the year. Any chance this is good news? Many thanks for taking time to answer everyone like this! Catherine.

    1. Thank you Catherine. I have been flying London-Dublin-Dubai-Melbourne so don’t always get to my desk. So you’re a Sun Aries with Pluto going through her Tenth solar house of career since 2008. Ceres is not your issue, but Pluto certainly is. He is joined by Saturn in your Tenth House from Christmas 2017 and then Jupiter, so this whole period of your life (to 2020) is about transforming how you work, why you work, and for whom you work. If you have had disasters, it is probably because you have allowed people, organisations or situations to overpower you and take your own power away. The trick to Pluto is to summon up all your willpower, strength, stoicism, determination and self-control to steer your own ship, and to hell with what the rest of the world is trying to throw at you. Once you steer your own ship, you get on course. The time is now.

  3. Dear Jessica,

    I feel so stressed and tired at work and all the fruits of my efforts at work are being enjoyed by the bosses. Due to the terrible market conditions and family commitments, I’m unable to quit or find job elsewhere. No promotion and no salary hike. What can you say from my chart on the career part?
    Secondly there is a romantic relationship at work – where we both are trying to work out a plan to start some business of our own. But this should take some time. Will this work out?
    I would really appreciate if you can answer both my concerns.


    1. With the Descendant (DC) in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, of course you want to work with the person you are sleeping with! Yes, it will take time, and if you persist, you will change your life, as Saturn will move into Capricorn at Christmas 2017 and eventually Jupiter will follow into Capricorn as well, taking you to 2020. If you two are utterly committed to each other (and if your birth time is accurate) then it will be like Chariots of Fire, as you jump one hurdle after another but successfully complete the marathon.

  4. Dear Jessica,
    Kindly help me understand what’s happening….
    My dob 28-03-1977, time 11:37pm, India…
    In mid of 2011 all of a sudden a man entered my life…His dob 10-6-1969…Time I guess 10am………Our love grew to the point of marriage BT suddenly April 2013 he left as his ex wife came back in his life……Ever since it’s been an on n off relation with lots of what u call the rejection dance!!!! Whr she left him, sm other girl walked in…..N everything seems screwed up coz all the while I kept waiting for him and we remained best of buddies!!!
    From nowhr on Nov 2016 he CMS bck, sad BT expressing his feelings for me…..N expressing to remain my friend forever!!! Though I still wait for commitment in terms of marriage
    As for now just on 12th March again a sudden change…..Another man walks in n proposes me whom I hvnt met as yet…..I am going crazy…..I love this Gemini man truly n in hope tht one day soon he might cm bck n tht his circumstances might change…..He as for now says he’s committed to remain as friend n CNT commit for nything more n here this another man proposes whom I don’t know!!!!! Whts happening.wht kind of dance of stars is this!!!! Whts up in near future????? Is this new man gonna be my partner or will the Gemini man tk a stand soon….
    WD be grateful if u CN shed SM light n help me…thnx

    1. Make up your mind quickly, as you need to commit to one of these people before Jupiter (good fortune, improvement) leaves Libra and your Seventh House (love, sex, engagement, commitment, marriage). That happens in October, and this cycle won’t return for 12 years.

  5. Hello Jessica, can you tell me what this years holds for me? I have important projects right now and some guidance would help. Thanks

    1. Avoid June for launches or important yes/no decisions as there are too many hurdles. In general, the middle of the year is the proving ground and testing ground, as you have a stack of oppositions crossing your Gemini-Sagittarius, Third House-Ninth House axis, which is where we find big ideas. The good news is, you will ultimately have the chance to reach European, Australasian or American markets you did not know about before, starting in late 2018 and good through 2019.

  6. An incredible bday horoscope yet again, Jessica! This is my second one and the first one did not disappoint and kept me out of a few situations with power struggles, where the Aries temper could have become unhinged. I’m curious to see if you see anything more, especially as my south node is in Aquaries and the spiritual dragon’s loop of karma sounds fascinating! thanks so much for your desication to these horiscopes!

    1. I’m glad the Aries horoscope last year kept you out of power struggles. You have a stellium in Aquarius and will experience the Nodal Return there, in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, as well as South Node conjunctions to everything in that cluster in your chart. You have had one or more important incarnations with your friend, and the circle around you. Common examples include comradeship within an army unit, or even time spent acting in an ensemble cast in the theatre. Themes of loyalty, true friendship and the rest will dominate your life after May and by 2018 when the Node finally moves on, you will have had some karmic wheel spins designed to allow you to repay debts and collect credits.

  7. The date where karma is supposed to speak to me, very clearly (on or around July 21st) is my daughter”s birthdate. She was born July 21, 1998, and she is definitely a strong, wise and highly intelligent young lady. I’m anticipating the karma around this date. What will I be looking for as far as my chart goes?

    1. You knew each other in a previous life, possibly not as mother and daughter, but with other close connections. In fact, you may have shared several incarnations. Only you two know what you owe each other, and what you need to give each other – but the transfer will be made and karmic closure will result by 2018.

  8. Thank you Jessica.
    Indeed, I have been having lots of peaks and troughs in my job since Feb. At the moment, there is a tussle between the powers at the top and me on the pay and hours. Do you see any resolving of this issue in my favour? I am working towards starting an independent nutrition practice from Nov 2017, my partner is not confident it will earn enough in this current economic climate. I am however very keen to start my own and earn, don’t want to depend on any corporate to pay me. Do you see this happening and well in this time frame?
    Thank you again, bless your generosity and gift 🙂

    1. With Pluto and the MC (Midheaven) in Virgo in the Sixth House, no wonder you want your own nutrition practice. You need to research your market very carefully and also your competition. People in their fifties are a good target market as they have Pluto in Virgo, like you, and Uranus in Virgo too. Yet it is also true that it’s an overcrowded demographic so you need to do some serious home work.

  9. Wow Jessica! Just wow. What a jam packed year Aries people are sure to have. Thank you for this great post. I have my birthday coming up on April 18 and wanted to ask is there anything in particular about my chart that strikes you as significant and I need to to look at in this coming year?

    1. Jupiter crossing Uranus in your chart at 19 Scorpio will give you a huge opportunity – beneficial to you – to radically reinvent the money, house, business or apartment situation. That’s coming in 2018. Early clues and signs will come, October-November 2017. You’ll liberate yourself from someone/something that kept everything locked down for too long – or others will break away from you – which also sets you free.

  10. Hi Jessica!!

    Aries has been in the lead role of the star cast of my life. My mother, my husband, a very dear friend(we had a disagreement, he blew it out of proportion and has stopped talking to me) are all Aries suns. My father was an Aries moon. Another dear childhood friend stopped talking for no apparent reason half a year ago, she was an Aries ascendant.

    What kind of karma brings these people in my life? These are supposed to be my pillars in life. I feel like a helpless spectator with their infantile egos, tantrums, and sadly watch the tides of fate sweep them away.

    What in my chart draws this experience over and over again? Will the next year resolve anything? I am mainly concerned with my husband(DOB April 10, 1974) Thanks in advance for your answer.

    1. You also have a stellium in Aries so your husband, mother, friend, father (and their Aries characteristics) are holding up a mirror to you. It can sometimes be quite enlightening to realise that what you truly loathe in other people, is there in yourself. In fact it can be a blessing, and stop you from making mistakes in your life. Why is the infantile ego associated with Aries? Because this sign is ruled by Mars and we have our first Mars Return at the age of two, when we are toddlers. Unfortunately, tantrums can occur with Aries placements. You also have to ask yourself why you have lost two friends. Have you ever tried mirror work? It can be quite revealing. Lock the bedroom or bathroom door, put your earplugs in if it’s noisy, and gaze at yourself, eye to eye, in the mirror. Have a silent conversation with yourself about how your own Aries characteristics are creating problems for you with people. It might just be the answer you need, in the nick of time, before things reach a head with your husband again. You might also want to ask yourself what was going on for you, around age two, and if you can’t recall events from that year, around age four, your second Mars Return. How did your parents deal with anger? How was selfishness (‘Me, me, me’) handled in your family?

  11. Hi Jessica

    I recently moved to Oz with my wife and 2 kids for a yrs sabbatical. Thing is for the last yr or 2 I feel that I’m not content. this could be work (hence leaving UK) or my marriage. you see I got back in contact with an ex whom I had not seen or contacted since we last saw each other over 15yrs ago. We sort of had an online fling. I know she has divorced recently and is still in love with me.
    Is my restlessness telling me something! will the move to OZ be permanent. Is my marriage over? where is my future and who am I really meant to be with?

    I know I will need to make some big decisions in the coming 6 mths about work and returning to UK so Im seeking some guidance and value your take on my horoscope

    thanks D

    1. You have Neptune at 11 Pisces right on your Mercury at 11 Pisces in the 12th House of secrets. It is very important that there are no more secrets and that you have, if possible, an honest talk with your wife about the online fling with your ex-girlfriend. Stop it here before you get ‘Neptuned’ and it all ends up in a mess. That is the very first step towards anything. Only when you have had a big, open, heart-to-heart with your wife can you get onto the other issues about returning to England, or staying in Australia. The cycle you are going through will only happen once in your life. If you are curious about Neptune hit search.

  12. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your website! It’s been a rough few years, to say the least, and just when I thought I was on the upswing everything came crashing down again. After 12 years of dating and feeling incapable of falling in love, I finally met the man of my dreams last December. The connection between us is truly unreal and felt fated from the start… even people around us — strangers and acquaintances– pick up on our energy. Unfortunately, he started dating too soon after separating from his suicidal and cheating wife (btw- they married 8 yrs ago during this same Venus RX cycle) and long story short, he is having to put his life-changing feelings for me aside to figure his life out (this started with Jupiter RX, then our communication ceased when Venus went RX) and also to see if he can salvage his marriage for the sake of his two young children. He is the reason I even stumbled upon astrology, so I am very new to all this and still in shock over how many of our major interactions took place on key transit dates and/or days with transiting aspects to mine or his natal planets (his birthday is 10/12/86). He first messaged me the same day as the Nov. Jupiter/Pluto square and many other key, happy/important dates from the beginning of our relationship had a Pluto aspect. Now, transiting Jupiter is exactly conjunct his natal sun (and also his SN at 20 degrees Libra) for Thursday’s Pluto square, which also happens to be my birthday. Then Pluto is going to station retrograde square his sun, sextile his Venus and opposite my moon, and will station direct with a trine to my Venus/Mercury and sextile my SN. We obviously both have a ton of key planets between 16 and 20 degrees in our charts, with numerous natal exact aspects involving our Venuses, Nodes, his sun, my moon and my IC/MC. So your mention of the nodes in this article is particularly interesting to me since he has two little girls whom I adore, and also because my SN is exactly conjunct his Venus in Scorpio (which is also opposite his sun), and his NN at 20 Aries is loosely conjunct my Venus. I guess I’m just wondering what role the natal nodes play in daily transits (should I expect anything for Mars’ upcoming conjunction to my NN?) and generally, what your thoughts are on all this…. Thank you in advance!!!

    1. It will work out with him or another by the end of 2018 so please don’t worry. He is actually a very good astrology teacher because your anxiety over the situation with his former wife and children, is forcing you to learn fast – and also learn more deeply. First of all, whenever I get someone who is massively concerned with love and sex, I always look to Libra or Scorpio in the chart. You have Saturn in Scorpio in the Eighth House, which rules sexually intimate agreements over money, houses, apartments or possessions. Also deadly serious ones – the kind where names are put in the last will and testament! Saturn, as I am sure you know, describes where difficult past experiences have taught you, the hard way, to try and make yourself feel safe by whatever means possible. So there are quite a few walls up there. Anyone looking at your chart could understand why, because you have obviously been through very, very tough times either within a relationship, or going through a break-up. Okay – so what you need to know is that your Saturn in Scorpio is being massaged back to life at the moment, and as Saturn is also exactly conjunct Minerva, this is an old, wise part of yourself (as well as quite an anxious part of yourself). The ‘massage’ is happening because we have transiting Jupiter slowly moving to 27 Libra, transiting Saturn slowly moving to 27 Sagittarius, Uranus slowly moving to 27 Aries. The transiting North Node and South Node will also cross 27 Leo and 27 Aquarius, so now through the end of 2018, this man, or another, will well and truly teach you to examine what you do to make yourself feel safe about sexually intimate, financial or property based relationships – and what works for you, and what does not. Do your walls protect you or are they wobbly? Maybe you need to build other kinds of systems or structures to make yourself feel protected. I could go on, but really, once Jupiter crosses 27 Scorpio in 2018 you will find so much has been healed and helped. So – you’ll be fine. But work with your Saturn. That’s the baseline.

      1. You are so amazing. I really hadn’t given much thought to my Saturn, so this is definitely a fresh perspective and it’s REALLY helpful to know there’s a timeline for all this growth and healing. Is there a reason this particular transit of these planets through 27 degrees of these signs is significant?
        Your words have been life changing. Thank you again so much for taking the time to respond!

  13. Hello Jessica,
    Not sure why my message from March 23 is still awaiting moderation. I am reposting the same. I am a premium member.
    Thank you for the 2017-18 Birthday forecast.
    Aries Sun, Leo Rising, Virgo Moon and Asian Dog
    My career has been in tank the last three years and I would really appreciate it if you can provide some input on what is in store for me in 2017? Where am I headed? I am really looking for respite in the career arena. Please advise. Thanks very much in advance.

    1. The Word Press message about moderation is a bit misleading, unfortunately – nothing is being actually moderated, it’s just part of a really long queue of 2,426 people waiting for a reply. Because I travel so much I can only get to the replies when I have time, so sometimes there is a wait – yet I try to answer every question that is here. So basically you have a tanking career and my initial thought is to look for Capricorn factors in your chart in the Tenth House of work. You have Fortuna at 15 Capricorn in the Tenth House of success and for the first time in about 240 years, Pluto has been slowly moving around that 15 degree position, also in Capricorn. Here’s what is going on. You are blindly, unconsciously, unknowingly, sending particular colleagues, clients or bosses up and down in favour, without knowing what you are doing. This is a lifelong pattern. It also applies to particular careers or companies. You put those roles, people or goals up high on pedestals, and then you (almost as if you were wearing a blindfold) spin the wheel and send them crashing back down to the bottom of your list. Then you raise them up again. Just by being aware of this you can overcome the pattern. You are currently being dominated, taken over and ‘taken’ by power-hungry employers or organisations. The best way to handle this (second step) is to find your own willpower and self-control and steel yourself to do whatever it takes to master your own world and your own self and destiny, resisting whatever seeks to take over. This is part of a massive career transformation for you which intensifies at Christmas 2017 and will not stop until 2020. You could transform everything and become extremely successful but you need to fix your patterns.Read more about Fortuna in your ebooks, on this website and look at the many, many paintings and sculptures of her to understand what you are doing.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the birthday forecast. I was really looking forward to this. As much as I was hoping to make the most of this Jupiter in Libra cycle, I just don’t see things improving in my marriage. I have both Saturn and Jupiter in Libra in my birth chart (I think) I just feel like the Saturn or the taskmaster is just not giving up. I am worn out. What am I missing?

    Please help!

    Thank you again for all the blogs. My personal life and the US political climate are both giving me anxiety but you blogs give me hope:)

    1. Pluto at 23 Libra in your Seventh House of marriage, separation, marriage counselling and divorce is your main concern now. Between now and October you have life-changing choices about staying or going, but trust the Jupiter cycle – whatever you choose, it works out for you. I think September/October 2017 could be crunch time. And you’ll be fine, honestly.

  15. Hi Jessica
    I hope you don’t mind me posting here but I’m having a long standing issue with posting to the forum and having spent a frustrating few days trying with no luck I’m posting here – first house so seems sort of appropriate. I am in contact with support but not much success so far.

    Hi Jessica

    I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post this as yet again I’m having issues posting to the forum. I had such a lot I wanted to communicate and ask but I’ll be brief as you may not get this.

    The 30th March Pluto 19 Capricorn square Jupiter 19 Lib is of great interest as I have Fortuna at 19 Cap. I’m somewhat confused by what you mean as to using ‘willpower to become empowered in your career.’ I know what willpower is, such as giving up smoking, getting up at the crack of dawn when in work just so I can get a short yoga session in etc. How do you use willpower to become empowered or even get a job? Sorry if I’m being a bit dumb.

    Also, Fortuna is a tad confusing. Is it destiny (difficult to escape and little choice), or down to yourself and more ‘creating own reality’? If the latter, how would I go about understanding how I subconsciously affect my fate?

    How do you see this playing out for me this week?

    Thanks as always. x

    1. Fortuna at 19 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career describes how you blindly or unconsciously put people, jobs or companies on pedestals so they are right at the top – then pull them down in your estimation. Then you put them up again. Then you pull them down again. If you look up Fortuna in your ebooks and online you will see she is a blindfolded figure who spins the Wheel of Fortune. What happens when you have Pluto at 19 Capricorn sitting right on your Fortuna, is that you have people or organisations trying to take over, or just take – and you can give your power away so that you feel helpless, or somehow not able to control what is going on. The solution is to push back very hard with your own willpower. Nothing to do with yoga or smoking; everything to do with grabbing back the wheel in your chosen field or industry and driving your own agenda.

      1. Oh ok, I get it now. We’re talking push back. I hadn’t equated that with willpower. You must think me a bit of a dummy!

        Thanks for answering in this section and apologies if that was a bit naughty!

        Many thanks x

  16. I’ve also been having issues, for a while now. Re-posting, hopefully not in vain.

    Hi Jessica
    Been looking forward to this Aries year ahead, I’m itching to get out of the gates this year! To tie in with the febrile atmosphere of UK/Scottish politics at the moment, I’m kinda ready for my independence uprising too. I’m a single mum of two and I’m their warrior but feel like I need more supplies, as every good fight requires.
    Any guidance for this Aries fighter?

    1. With the Sun at 24 Aries and Venus at 25 Aries, you have a ‘me first’ conjunction which suits being upfront. If you were in a band you would be Bon Scott. Uranus crossing that, now through 2018, is the only excuse you need to radically change the way you look, and perhaps your title/role/name and also repackage yourself so that you can use your own name, face or personality to get what you want.

  17. Looks like you’re not the only one having issues with posting comments here, T, although I’ve posted once before without any problem. – Jessica, I’m not sure why you haven’t replied to my comment of March 24, above here, which appears in the comment postings and I can see when I’m signed in (yet it’s not appearing in my Profile Comments). I then waited a couple of days but after seeing later postings receiving a reply from you, I posted a brief reminder on March 27 and still have not received a reply so I’ll repost it again here now (fingers crossed!):

    I’ve been in my current work field for a decade but for quite a while now have wished to switch my career as working nights and weekends at this public-centred job severely hampers my having a “regular life” and maintaining happy steady relationships. What I’d love to be working at solo (daytime only, Monday through Friday) will be quite the financial challenge as it would take me a good 6 months to a year of hard but enjoyable work of advertising my name and what I’m creatively capable of.

    I disagreed with quite a few of our upper management’s decisions the first two years (I thought I was being helpful with some of my suggestions) whereby they permanently moved me to another work location (which I was fine with as I had a good friend who worked there). I should mention that I did bring about many well received work improvements while at my original location. Last year I decided not to apply for our branch’s GM position as it would involve working closer with my former mgmt. team and our out-of-town owners but I did encourage and mentor a young inexperienced staff member to go for it and they were successful. However, I’m still the one doing the majority of the day-to-day/night-to-night more intensive work as well as still having to regularly deal with the unexpected and all emergencies. I’d now like to be anywhere else but here. Mgmt. did enquire a few months back if I’d be interested in another GM position at one of our more isolated and “dead” locations but I felt that would complicate my life even further so I politely declined.

    Any advice you could give me would be most welcome, Jessica. Are my Aries and Aquarius factors currently dominating my chart and, if they are, how exactly? And what else should I be paying more attention to this year, from this point on?

    1. You’ve posted twice, but not logged in – so I could not see your birth chart before. I have it now, thank you. I wrote before that I suspected you had a ton of Virgo in your chart, and you have a Virgo Ascendant at 24 degrees, exactly aspecting the Sun at 24 Aquarius and your Descendant at 24 Pisces. You currently have transits approaching 24 degrees of Libra (Jupiter), Sagittarius (Saturn) and Aries (Uranus). What that means is long, slow transformation – now through 2020. So what you are feeling is actually more than lack of satisfaction with your current people. It’s part of a far more sweeping change, which will work in your favour, for the next 3/4 years. It may help to see your vocation or calling over a longer time frame, rather than just chafing at the bit about 2017. In a way you are calling the situation prematurely as there will be massive shifts in your chosen field over the next few years which shoehorn you into a different position/different positions. What you are learning now is people politics. That is useful. I keep seeing shoes with this question. Putting yourself in other people’s shoes, perhaps? The shoes not fitting? I’ll leave that with you.

  18. Hi Jessica, sorry to ask you another question. I am just having a hard time right now…I enrolled in a course of study that I was never 100% sure of to begin with, a classic case of “it seemed okay at the time”………however, two months in and I’m not really feeling right about it all. I just know in my heart it’s not for me, trouble is I’m being pressured by my partner to do ‘SOMETHING’, but I have no idea what! I want to study something that I actually enjoy or look to do an opportunity with another person for a charitable cause. But i don’t have any connections anywhere…I consulted with your oracle and asked the question………”what are your thoughts about me forming a professional work partnership with someone?” and the response was Venus & the 10th house. I take this as a good sign, but still can’t figure out what to do with myself. I’m hitting mental roadblocks everywhere and feel like I’m duck diving in quicksand. Is there any career/study light about to turn on in my life? I’m having anxiety attacks over the whole thing. Thank you so much as always xx

    1. You have Neptune at 11 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of study, and you currently have transiting (travelling) Neptune at 11 Pisces, square that. This is a classic case of Neptune square Neptune. Thus the confusion. This will pass. And please don’t worry, as this all helps you move towards what really does reward you, when Jupiter (benefits, advantages) moves to 11 Sagittarius. He begins this slow shift from the final quarter of 2018. By 2019 even your experiences now will make sense to you and pay off in some way. The Oracle reply was fantastic – Venus in the Tenth House – did you specify a time frame? Because that’s a work relationship that really does feel like a relationship.

      1. Thank you so very much! I will have to research Neptune squares Neptune……I’m relieved to know at least! funnily enough, the course should finish up roughly in the final quarter of next year…….. No i didn’t specify a time frame, I didn’t even think of that! Thank you for highlighting these points, I’ll set about trying to muddle through and get back to work with the Oracle. Your gift of knowledge to us all, is much appreciated! xx

  19. Dear Jessica – I need your advice. I’ve been in my current work field for a decade but for quite a while now have wished to switch my career as working nights and weekends at this public-centred job severely hampers my having a “regular life” and maintaining happy steady relationships. What I’d love to be working at solo (daytime only, Monday through Friday) will be quite the financial challenge as it would take me a good 6 months to a year of hard but enjoyable work of advertising my name and what I’m creatively capable of.

    I disagreed with quite a few of our upper management’s decisions the first two years (I thought I was being helpful with some of my suggestions) whereby they permanently moved me to another work location (which I was fine with as I had a good friend who worked there). I should mention that I did bring about many well received work improvements while at my original location. Last year I decided not to apply for our branch’s GM position as it would involve working closer with my former mgmt. team and our out-of-town owners but I did encourage and mentor a young inexperienced staff member to go for it and they were successful. However, I’m still the one doing the majority of the day-to-day/night-to-night more intensive work as well as still having to regularly deal with the unexpected and all emergencies. I’d now like to be anywhere else but here. Mgmt. did enquire a few months back if I’d be interested in another GM position at one of our more isolated and “dead” locations but I felt that would complicate my life even further so I politely declined.

    Any advice you could give me would be most welcome, Jessica. Are my Aries and Aquarius factors currently dominating my chart and, if they are, how exactly? And what else should I be paying more attention to this year, from this point on? (P.S. – I’ve just recently been unable to post comments here while signed into my Members account and Support has yet to resolve the issue.)

    1. I think it sounds like you have a ton of Virgo in your chart and it’s under fire from the Pisces transits we’ve been having. Your chart is not appearing so I presume you are not logging in as a Premium Member. I can’t really comment on just knowing you have Aquarius/Aries factors because that’s actually not relevant to career at all. Can you log in and reframe your question? Thank you.

      1. Thank you for your recent reply, Jessica. Too funny (Mercury Retro Pre-Shadow, perhaps?) as, each time that I’ve posted a comment under this article — other than my comment dated April 1 (when I finally decided I’d post without logging in) — I have been logged into my Members’ account (still waiting on Support to resolve why those previous comments of mine are not showing up in my personal My Comments section (as, like I mentioned, I was logged in during those times — and I regularly clear out my cache).

        The only Virgo factor in my birth chart is my 24º Ascendant. So, if I’m understanding your reply correctly, my Virgo Ascendant and the aspects currently being made to it are the main reasons for my current employment situation and that nothing of my Aries birth chart stellium of Aesculapia, Mars, Venus, Proserpina, and Diana (with Venus Retro, Salacia, and the Sun all currently in Aries, as well as both Uranus and Bacchus being near 24º] will be activated during Aries season or have any bearing on my image, reputation, appearance, etc., and that nor will my natal Sun at 24º Aquarius be aspected in any way regarding my groups, tribe and friends? And lastly, which current transit(s) or shortly upcoming ones will be impacting me the most?

        1. You also have Capricorn (career) factors being exactly transited by Pluto and the other outer planets, but these will also pass. Essentially it’s a perfect storm around Virgo (Sixth House, work) and Capricorn (Tenth House, career) which can only occur every 240+ years.

  20. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for your brilliant yearly horoscope, I so enjoy reading your site.
    I’m hoping you can help me out here, we are having a legal battle with our neighbour trying to take our land, this has been going on for 3 years and will come to ahead in September 2017 in the courts. Can you give any advice on what we can do to help ourselves, we have been so stressed by it all, even leading to arguments about it in our marriage. I so hope we can rightfully keep what belongs to us, but this neighbour is hell bent on land grabbing. We want to leave this property because it’s too big for us, but with this going on our property is unsellable

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin and Alyas. I am very sorry about this hugely stressful situation with the neighbour. Land is usually a Cancer or Scorpio issue, so let me check your chart. First thing is, there will need to be a compromise and a carve-up (I’m afraid that’s the reality) and yet you must allow for delays, changes or u-turns within the ‘discussion’ now through the final week of May. From that point on I urge you to let go and just take on board whatever came out of it. If you have not resolve it by the final week of May then it will hang around and be at the centre of the wildest, stormiest situation from May 2018. I am sure all this makes you want to fight, and go on fighting, but please try to step back from the situation, and if possible, go to the middle person/mediator. Rest assured, the neighbour will not be 100% happy either, as it’s a tough compromise for them too, yet once you’ve done all the April-May work, there should (by all the laws of astrology) be something in place. From May 2018 the other thing that will truly work for you is putting a price on independence. Put a cost on freedom. Put dollar/cent/pound/euro value on having space, being liberated, not being held down or held back. I don’t think you will really comprehend the enormity of this until May actually arrives, but it will come – and please do remember this, then.

  21. Yes, this makes a lot of sense….Thank you, Jessica! Also, I have been in quite an uncertain relationship with my current romantic partner (born December 17, 1970 in Indiana, USA). There is another potential romantic partner (born August, 12, 1965 in Indiana, USA). As for my chart, and pertaining to my future over this new Aries year, can you provide any guidance or insight into which partner I should or will find my future with? Any thoughts on which way I am heading? The Sagittarius is not helping me grow as a person, he’s more of a really great friend. The Leo brings out my desires, passion and I can see an exciting future with him. The Leo teaches me new things about myself and seems to truly care for me. You are incredible, Jessica! I thoroughly appreciate your insight and knowledge. Thank you!
    Another key note. The Sagittarius and I have children who by the end of next school year, will make us “empty nesters”. I simply don’t see our relationship past that time period, but do see us parting as friends with special interest toward our 2 children and their adult lives. Anything you can shed on my romantic future with a partner will be absolutely welcomed! Thank you

    1. The Leo has karmic decisions to make about you and/or another lover, which begin in May 2017 and will not be complete until 2018. So you are jumping the gun a little bit with this August-born person as the time is not yet right for epic decisions – but they are on the way as the Node moves into Aquarius from May and Leo’s solar Seventh House of reconciliation, commitment and the rest. Leo also has Saturn in the solar Fifth House, which rules other people’s children, pregnancy, godchildren, stepchildren and so on.

      1. Thank you….you are the absolute best, Jessica. So much love to you and for your gift!

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the Birthday Horoscope, today is actually my birthday!
    I have been looking forward to my 2017 Aries horoscope, and as always, you didn’t disappoint.
    Nearly every aspect of my life seems to be on hold at the moment…relationship, work, home. I truely hope some changes are on there way for me.

    1. Happy Birthday. Thank you. We have a couple of retrogrades so the feeling of being ‘on hold’ is pretty characteristic right now. Yet, it also serves a purpose. There is a fair amount to digest, not just from the last couple of years, but even further back. You’re being held up, so you can look back. There may be some inner discoveries you need to make about yourself and your life before you move forward again. This is particularly true of the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner.

  23. A question for April : How dues the full moon of April 11 that opposes Uranus affect me? One more…How do I get access to ebooks

    1. The ebooks come with your Premium Membership so just explore the website to download. The Full Moon puts the focus on the Aries-ruled zone of your horoscope which in the Natural House system is your image/identity/name/face/shape/style/reputation/profile. What has been happening since March is a rather exciting wake-up call, allowing you to see some aspect of this, that you know quite well, in a brand new way. In fact, you might say this whole Full Moon period in April is about realising that everything old about yourself can be new again.

  24. Dear Jessica,
    Your predictions for me about both work (2 or more part-time jobs – they’re clients but feel more like part-time jobs) and meeting someone 2016-17 have both been correct! I have a met a wonderful person (with whom I hope to make a serious, life-long commitment). Everything has been rosy (better than that, frankly, meeting him has been transformative!) but now his Spanish ex is back in the picture. Chaos from out of the blue as she seeks permanent UK residency (and his sponsorship) to ensure right to reside here although she currently lives in Spain. It’s a classic case… She is using their 5 3/4 yr old son to manipulate the situation. They weren’t married but share property. Many points of chaos.
    I have been in this exact place (3rd party, no influence, warring exes) before with another man. This time it’s the right man but it’s very weird (and rather sad) to be in such a similar scenario. Feels like I’ve again had my 5 minutes of happiness! What she really wants is entirely unclear so we don’t know what to plan for. His (David’s) birthday is the early hours of 22 September 1972 born in Bristol, UK. As an astrologer is there anything you can say about all this? Thank you kindly, Kate

    1. Kate, I am glad my predictions about your work and love life were useful. Both your horoscopes reveal this woman and the situation. He is not good at boundaries. I expect you think that’s the understatement of the year! One thing I would say, straight off the bat, is that there is past life karma involving the son. In other words, David, the child and the Spanish woman have made an agreement (between lives) to come back together and lay the past to rest. He will do this starting in a small, slow way from May 2018 and by Christmas 2019 it’s over. You will have to grin and bear this, in some respects, because the child has to come first. And you can’t have him without having the son in your world. In terms of your own agreement with him about your apartment, house, money, possessions – please see a good advisor and get it in writing, plain and simple so the boundaries are firmly there. If you can possibly step back from the situation and put yourself in his son’s shoes, looking at it all, as an adult – ask himself what he needs from you, and what he would be so grateful for. Job done.

      1. I really appreciate your work on this and your reply. Indeed with the boundaries! My own property can help everyone. If we choose marriage (I would like to next year) I/we will certainly seek advice and put in clear frameworks. Your advice to use the little boy’s needs as the ultimate compass – and the grin and bear it approach – are both helpful reminders. And I know I do now have the maturity and patience to do this. Thank you!

  25. Jessica, This is a very well written birthday forecast. In fact, the level of detail in your responses is incredibly impressive.
    I am currently involved with a man for over a year (DOB January 4, 1964). His life is much more complex vs. mine in terms of work and child custody. Is there a future with this relationship given what you see in my natal chart? You have mentioned the 12 year Libra aspect earlier.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. There is a future with him but he’s on a very bumpy road. Basically, the child custody arrangement won’t be done for a long time. It may appear to be signed off on April 29th but in actual fact, the Mercury Retrograde cycle means stop-start, and maybe a reversal, until at last you know where you stand (this year anyway) on 21st May. Even then, in about one year’s time, from May 2018, it looks as though the nature of the custody arrangement may be reshaped, for whatever reason. Over the very long term, 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond – you are going to have to deal with the reality of the child, and perhaps the question of future pregnancy, if that is something you would be eligible for – and it’s going to keep you on your toes, with almost constant changes over quite a long period. The Leo signature in your chart suggests karma with this child. In fact, from May this year, through 2018, you’ll have flashbacks or a sense of strong familiarity about what is going on. The Node will cross your Leo chart signature in the Fifth House of parenthood and step-parenting, so this is a past life agreement with the child, and possibly with Mr. Capricorn, too. The balance must be restored.

  26. Jessica, How very interesting. It feels as if you read what I feel inside. The child is very young so indeed this is lies ahead for a long time, which is why I asked especially as the child lives in another continent. Yet, I feel that all of us are in it together for the long run regardless of complexities. Thank you for the insights they mirror my gut level feeling.

  27. Hi Jessica, Love your posts!
    I was looking at the full moon on my birthday 11 April and wondering how that will impact my life this year.? I am moving back to UK after 23 years, in July, looking for a change of life style and love. I also notice a full moon in September hits my moon in Virgo. Lots of moon energy!
    Thank you in advance x

    1. Thank you. Full Moons are over-rated by some astrologers who don’t understand that they are only important when they echo other cycles. To over-emphasise a Full Moon can be a bit misleading, as many people will tell you – very little happens. If you are curious about moving back to the United Kingdom, you’re talking about your MC (Midheaven) at 1 Cancer. Your timing is better suited to June rather than July, when Mars crosses 1 Cancer and the Sun crosses 1 Cancer. The New Moon at 2 Cancer on 24th June is the clincher, because it echoes everything else that is going on. If your birth time is wrong, however, it may be July after all. You’ll be in a good position to date someone new, from that point until October – if you want it.

  28. Hello Jessica, can you please tell me what this years holds for me? I am currently interviewing for two jobs- one in a SF and the other in Colorado. But the stuff you mentioned about June-August has me a bit concerned. I want to move to SF. Have wanted to move to SF for over two decades but my husband has never wanted to, so hoping that a job will take me there! Any guidance would help me immensely. Thanks a bunch! Much love!

    1. Your South Node at 11 Cancer and Diana at 27 Cancer tell the story about your house, apartment and preferred home town. You also have the North Node at 11 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, so in general, you’re watching for the faster-moving planets to go across Cancer (and oppose the Capricorn axis in your chart), which begins with the arrival of Mars in Cancer on 5th June 2017. He is then joined by the Sun in Cancer from the 22nd and we have a potent New Moon at 2 Cancer, on 24th June. The real deal-making will be July, August, September that year, though! Ceres moves into Cancer on July 10th and remains there until September 24th so there will be a lot of negotiation, compromise and change at that time. It is impossible to talk about specifics like Colorado or San Francisco without your chart, your husband’s chart and the chart for that part of America. That might be better suited to an Astrology Oracle reading, so get your e-cards and go!

  29. HI Jessica

    Aries Man born 19/4/83 in the UK. Involved in a love triangle for the last 7 years, he pursued a female that was taken, she wants nothing to do with him. Do you see an end to the situation? Will the Aries leave the situation behind?


    1. The Aries in a love triangle is quite common, because some people have an overload of this sign, and many Mars aspects, which make them fiercely competitive and quite combative. Mars in mythology was the lover of Venus and he slept with her, behind her husband Vulcan’s back. In general, Aries the sign has Jupiter the helper and healer to assist with relationships – until October this year. So yes, there will be an end to the situation, one way or another, and it will benefit the Aries.

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