What Astrology says is next for the USA

One thing that works perfectly, though, is the USA national chart. And this chart tells us that September 2017 is a possible Watergate for the United States, for reasons we'll see in a moment.

Let’s get over the first problem. How can you predict the future of America when the birth time data for the President is in doubt? The Trump horoscopes clearly don’t work (we have historically been given two, one with his mother’s memory of his birth time, and another which completely disagrees – and was not actually from a birth certificate in the first place). See the ABC News report here. For the record, The Guardian newspaper was refused a copy of the certificate. And Fox had questions about the birth data too, so this issue has been under discussion for years. Was Trump born, as his mother claimed, at 9.51am or as later paperwork claimed, 10.54am?


The Clinton charts don’t work either and there are three of them with three different times.  She’s variously stated as having been born around 8.00am, 8.00pm and also, at one point, 2.18am. See and Skyscript for the debate. The confusing birth times were such a concern for astrologers, The Wall Street Journal even wrote about it here.

I have since put all astrology predictions about Clinton and Trump on ice until we get firm data and the charts start giving us some equally firm predictions.



One thing that works perfectly, though, is the USA national chart. And this chart tells us that September 2017 is a possible Watergate for the United States, for reasons we’ll see in a moment. America was actually born on January 2nd, 1776. That’s when we have the first historical evidence for the phrase, the ‘United States of America’. You can read more about this alternative (but uncanny) American chart in my book 2020 Astrology.

It turns up in a letter written by Stephen Moylan, Acting Secretary to George Washington. Even with a 12 noon time, which we use for no known time, the US chart is a spot-on,  accurate guide to the past, present and future. So let’s take a look.

jly4.1915 - What Astrology says is next for the USA



Women Get The Vote in 1920
Hillary Wins the Popular Vote in 2016

Women won the vote on August 18th, 1920
. Neptune at 11 Leo aspected America’s Sun at 11 Capricorn and her Chiron at 11 Aries. Jupiter also stood at 11 Libra on November 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 2017. Four days later, Hillary Clinton made history as a woman, by winning the popular vote by 2.9 million ahead of Trump as CNN reported.

Barack Obama is President in 2008
Donald Trump is President in 2016

November 4, 2008
 hit a hotspot in the American chart. Chiron at 16 Aquarius aspected America’s True South Node at 16 Aquarius and True North Node at 16 Leo, along with Ceres at 16 Capricorn. Eight years later at Electoral College in December 2016 we found Pluto at 16 Capricorn and another new President on the way in.

Pearl Harbour Attack 1941
Russia Cyber Attack 2016

On December 7th, 1941, 2.22pm (New York time, Associated Press documents) Pearl Harbour exploded.
 Jupiter at 16 Gemini aspected America’s True North Node at 16 Leo and True South Node at 16 Aquarius. Decades later, Pluto at 16 Capricorn on 29th December 2017 held the chart, as Barack Obama sanctioned Russia for hacking the American election. The Guardian report is here.

This Russia hacking story, potentially as explosive as Pearl Harbour, is not going to go away. Pluto returns to the 16 degree hotspot in September 2017, October 2017. For reasons you’ll see in a moment, September 2017 is increasingly looking like a White House crisis.

Vietnam War 1955
China 2016

November 1, 1955 was a key moment in American history as the Vietnam war began. 
Ceres at 20 Capricorn aspected America’s Saturn at 20 Libra. On 16th December, 2016 a Chinese warship seized an underwater US navy drone – with Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries. China is the one to watch here. Jupiter goes back to 20 Libra in August 2017. More importantly, Pluto is at 20 Capricorn in February 2018. This is a continuing story.

AMERICA 1 600x563 - What Astrology says is next for the USA
The USA horoscope


Nixon Quits 1974 over Watergate
This Pattern Repeats in September 2017

Presidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached and acquitted but on August 9th, 1974 President Richard Nixon actually resigned. We have a line-up in the American horoscope at exactly the same degrees in September 2017.

The Watergate pattern repeats exactly in the American chart.

Nixon Resignation Letter 600x484 - What Astrology says is next for the USA
Nixon letter from Twitter. Astrology repeats.



Below is the Nixon data for August 9, 1974 when he famously left office.
 This is the way the U.S. horoscope looked. The transits are on the left, and the American chart positions are on the right.

Jupiter at 16 Pisces – America’s True North Node at 16 Leo
Jupiter at 16 Pisces – America’s True South Node at 16 Aquarius
Jupiter at 16 Pisces – America’s Ceres at 16 Capricorn
Uranus at 24 Libra – America’s Neptune at 24 Virgo
Uranus at 24 Libra – America’s Fortuna at 24 Capricorn
Chiron at 24 Aries – America’s Neptune at 24 Virgo
Chiron at 24 Aries – America’s Fortuna at 24 Capricorn


images - What Astrology says is next for the USA
Nixon astrology patterns repeat, September 2017.


Wheel of Fortune - What Astrology says is next for the USA
The Wheel of Fortune on The Economist cover. The Economist. Spooky?


When will the White House in 2017 most likely have a Watergate moment? Looking for this characteristic 16, 24 degree patterns, we find an uncannily similar line-up to Nixon’s resignation –  in September 2017. These are the triggers for the American chart that month.

Pluto 16 Capricorn
Jupiter 24 Libra
North Node 24 Leo
South Node 24 Aquarius

What interests me about this is that Fortuna in the American chart will be triggered. Fortuna is the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot and which card do you think The Economist chose to put on their famous 2017 ‘Tarot’ front cover? I wonder if September is also a time of reckoning for Germany and France, as well as the USA? What do you think?

Economist 2017 front cover Doom 457x600 - What Astrology says is next for the USA







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31 Responses

  1. There is no war on United States soil, but there is conflict with China, based on those patterns which began in December 2017. If you want to make or save money you’ll focus on late 2017/2018 as Jupiter transits your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of finance and property.

  2. Hi Jessica. I also have a June 14 birthday. What do you say about my current relationship with a man? It’s been on/off relationship
    Thanks and keep up the wonderful work.

    1. Thank you. You’re just a Sun Gemini having a Saturn transit through your Seventh House of love and sex, for the first time in 29 years. The real bridge to cross will come when you have the Full Moon in the Seventh House which occurs across June 8th, 9th, 10th this year. All the frustration of Mr On/Off will end at Christmas then you can enjoy Jupiter in Sagittarius in your Seventh House in 2019.

  3. Your analysis for the U.S. perspective is fascinating, as always. Thanks.
    While I’m reading your article, I’m also watching live Trump, speaking to his rally of supporters in Melbourne (!!) Florida. It’s so disconcerting to see and hear people mesmerised into apparent psychosis. I’m wondering if this is what it felt like watching Hitler. Are there any parallels there?

    1. Thank you. You know, I am one of the few astrologers in the world who never looks at The Great Dictator’s horoscope. It just repels me. The other issue we have with looking at the chart of the new President, with any comparison, is that the birth time his mother gave, is out by over an hour, with the time that appears on the birth certificate – which itself did not appear until the online media objected to the first document, which was not a certificate at all. This is both confused and confusing so that’s another reason for me not to look!

  4. I am fascinated by what is happening in USA, so enjoyed your blog. It is going to be an interesting year to watch. Thank you so much for your work and effort.

  5. Thanks Jessica for another fascinating post. You mentioned China as being the one to watch and I find it quite interesting that Xi Jinping (the President of China) is also a Gemini (15 June 1953, time unknown) with dominants in Gemini, Cancer and Leo (similar to Donald Trump). Like D Trump, Xi JP is embracing a nationalistic type of Leadership (Make China the great country it should always have been, reduce freedom and stop importing foreign values); and whilst there has always been some level of simmering tension between China and the US (their national values are miles apart), I find it difficult to imagine that tension could evolve into an open conflict as both nations would have so much to lose. Then again, can these two men be described as rational? The key question for me is Putin. Putin, a Libran (as is Theresa May, another politician keen to influence D Trump), is also pushing the nationalist agenda in Russia. Since Trump’s election, Putin appeared to have moved back to the ‘shadows’ and some suspect he holds information about D Trump. Whether this is true or not, Russia would have a lot to win from an open conflict between the US and China (as this would weaken both countries and leave Russia free to rise from the ashes and take over as world leader). Putin, the great KGB puppet master has not shown all his cards yet and we have Jupiter in Libra until September/October. Can you see anything about Russia/Putin around that same period and into 2018? I think Putin/Russia may be the key piece to the puzzle.

    1. So the President of China is also a Gemini? That is extraordinary. We now have Mike Pence (Gemini) making a few moves too, so this will be a year to remember. Even without proper timed birth charts, these are three Gemini people going through Saturn in their Seventh House of enemies and allies. The Russian question is complicated by the huge number of charts we have for this country, but Putin as a Libran also has Uranus in his Seventh House of enemies and allies, so America falls squarely into that category – at least until May 2018. The fact that we have a repetition of the Watergate degrees in September and that also happens to be the end of Jupiter in Libra makes me think Putin’s time has come, as America goes into Fall. Another uncanny echo of Watergate is the simple fact that Nixon came into power on Mercury Retrograde and so did Trump – across the early voting period and again across electoral college.

  6. Hi Jessica. A Capricorn, I have Ceres at 16 degrees in my natal chart. What does this indicate for me in September?

    1. Nicely spotted. You have Ceres in exactly the same position as America, so what happens to the country, happens to you. You also have Mercury at 18 Capricorn so very close by. This is about your status and standing in the world. Your role at the top, and the people who are at the top alongside you – it’s about success, ambition and achievement. You have a history of dramatic reshuffles and reshaping in your chosen field, and this is ongoing for you, with a spike in September. There is a change in the balance of power taking place in 2017, which began in 2016, yet there are also some rules in place about this change. Basically any person or organisation which tries to take, or take over, will be well and truly sidelined. We’ve seen this pattern with Pluto since 1930, his year of discovery, and it’s not about to stop now. So – while you go on learning fascinating lessons about power and how it operates in your field, it is also true that if there is any imbalance with others trying to dominate/dictate – it’s a ticking time bomb for them and by the end of the year, that power trip is well and truly over.

  7. I played around with various times for DT. Do you think that he could have been born on June 14th 1946 at 6.54pm? The reason I say this is that it would put his Uranus in the 7th house (multiple marriages?), Jupiter in the 10th (enjoys the limelight?) He would also have several planets in the 8th house; Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto – joint resources?). Just pure speculation on my part, as you are the expert and would know more.

    1. Thank you for trying different birth times for DT to see the outcomes. He’s definitely a Gemini (anyone on Twitter knows that) and the alternative time you suggest is interesting. The clincher will be the end of his presidency, because if that transit also fails to show in the existing chart (but turns up exactly using your preferred timed chart) we have a possible candidate. Astrologers should probably have jumped on this whole birth certificate saga from the start, but we didn’t.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this blog – living in the US and watching the news everyday, you can imagine how we are on the edge of our seats with every headline we read – and not in the good way! I wanted to ask you how you think this is going to affect me, given personal horoscope this year, financially speaking. My husband and I are looking to buy a property abroad but I’m feeling anxious given the uncertainty of the economy of the US.


    1. Thank you NK. You may want to skip April, May as we have Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, then (the money sign) and this picks up the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart, which is also about money. Unless you know what you are doing and are one of those people who gain from flux and uncertainty in the market, it may be far more reassuring to act later. In fact, Jupiter (abundance, opportunity, solutions) will cross Scorpio from the final quarter of this year into 2018. The reason the situation with the USA is so intense and extreme is its rarity. It takes about 240 years for Pluto to conjunct Ceres in Capricorn, the sign which rules government and big business, and it’s happening now. Long-term I suspect what you will see in America is a total overhaul of the constitution as the old model clearly isn’t working for the majority of voters. That would also be typical of the cycle we’re going to see from Christmas 2017, when Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn, and then eventually Jupiter is there too. That’s historic.

  9. Do you know if Barack Obama’s and Bernie Sanders Charts show anything as far as them being involved in getting mobilized for the 2018 & 2020 elections? I have been reading some things and watching Bernie talk about speaking in Red States next. Wondering if there is anything in their charts showing progress in turning this country back .
    Also can you tell me anything about my health? Waiting on tests for this anxiety and nervousness I have had off and on since December.
    Thank you

    1. We don’t have a birth time for Bernie Sanders, unfortunately, so much of his chart is beyond prediction – but there is definitely a link with the United Kingdom, which is interesting – I often wonder exactly how that is going to manifest. Barack Obama will throw himself into groups of all kinds, including the Democrats of course, as the Node goes to Aquarius, the sign of community (and big in his chart). That starts after May. Kim, I am sorry you are waiting for test results. You have Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House, which rules your body. I expect you have had regular fresh starts/new regimes with your body over the years, as whenever this pattern is triggered, you press the restart button with a different way of eating, exercising, drinking, approaching doctors, alternative healers, alternative therapies and so on. This is another restart.

  10. This is Fabulous Jessica, and I sure wish this election went a different way. I may just lose my mind watching this daily insanity, it’s really astounding. This can’t be healthy.

    1. Thank you. I was talking to another astrologer about the extreme situation in America yesterday. It looks like sweeping constitutional reform now through 2020. Actually living through it must be so intense though!

  11. This seems to indicate that September might be the earliest time wen Trump gets impeached.

    1. It’s hard to say without some clarity on the President’s birth time and actually, the chart based on the supplied first ‘birth certificate’ (which wasn’t) does not work! Who knows what fate has in store for him? But if that American horoscope repeats the Seventies patterns, we’re going to see a massive change at the top.

      1. Well, Trump is facing scandals, so September could be the end of Trump’s presidency.

        1. One of the peculiar things about this website is that occasionally it speaks to me through a technical error. I can see – as I assume you can – the word SEP and SEPTEMBER repeated through the text. I did not put that there!

  12. Oh, Putin’s time has come? What a frightening thought. However, living in America as a former middle class person is just as frightening. The issue is that Amerika isn’t run by politicians and hasn’t been pretty much since the70’s but one can trace it back to Roosevelt’s “new deal” which “saved capitalism” …
    Oliver Stone’s “The Untold History of America” is worth watching and as far shining a light on the new Czar, Putin, “Hypernormalisation” documentary is really excellent.
    Sorry, I know this is an astrology blog! Anywho, as far as the Hilary v. Donald show, I see it as a Jungian dilemma, so to speak.
    Donald is a extroverted crazed narcissist and Hilary is an introverted horse of the same colour. If Hilary had been elected it would have been more of “Obamaland” in a quieter way … ordinary people’s lives destroyed by stealth. Whereas with Donald, it is obvious. Neither of these folks can change a system that is completely owned by big money. He will go on doing what Obama did … LOUDLY!
    Bernie Saunders was sold down the river by the DNC (so corrupt).
    I have a USA chart which lists the birth date as 4th July 1976, 5.10pm in Philadelphia. This is based on the Declaration of Independence. Why did you choose the touting of a proposed name of the country as against an actual event?
    Blessings . . .

    1. Thank you. I use the alternative American chart because it works – plain and simple – it shows exact degrees, exact timing and specific events. It is interesting that you mention a system owned by big money. That is exactly what will transform as Saturn and Jupiter move through Capricorn, joining Pluto, from Christmas 2017 until 2020. You may want to try the alternative chart. There is a chapter about it in my book 2020 Astrology, which was free to Premium Members last Christmas, although it is now on sale at Amazon.

    1. I am watching the Congress hearing live. America should go all the way back to September 2016 and look hard for the truth about that month. The eclipses were cover-ups. The hashtag for this on Twitter is #Russiagate and also #Kremlingate.

  13. Hi Jessica – do you have any thoughts on the Gorsuch vote McConnell scheduled for April 7th?

    1. It’s crucial, but it’s also Mercury Retrograde, so it’s complicated. My eyes are still on the exact Watergate/Nixon repeat pattern in September. I am also looking at all the Russian charts – and heaven knows, there are a ton of them!

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