Use Your Jupiter Luck in 2017

In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of lucky breaks, good timing, big solutions and huge breakthroughs. Whenever Jupiter makes exact patterns in the sky, the whole planet benefits.

In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of lucky breaks, good timing, big solutions and huge breakthroughs. Whenever Jupiter makes exact patterns in the sky, the whole planet benefits. You can pick up on these ‘flow’ periods by noting the dates below and surfing the waves. You will typically experience an opportunity, lead, tip-off, favour or clue on the day itself, or the day before/after – depending on where you live in the world. The trick with Jupiter is to take action quickly.

February 14th
Jupiter 23 Libra quincunx Chiron 23 Pisces

Wednesday 8th March

Jupiter 21 Libra conjunct Vulcano 21 Libra

Wednesday 6th July
Jupiter 14 Libra quincunx Neptune 14 Pisces

Tuesday 11th July

Jupiter 14 Libra conjunct Vulcano 14 Libra

Sunday 27th August

Jupiter 21 Libra sextile Saturn 21 Sagittarius

Tuesday 5th September
Jupiter 22 Libra conjunct Bacchus 22 Libra

Saturday 23rd September

Jupiter 26 Libra quincunx Chiron 26 Pisces


How Jupiter Works For You in 2017

Jupiter is the planet we associate with people and organisations which share the luck. These individuals or groups are usually blessed in some way, and believe in unconditional giving. This goes back 2000 years to the myth of Jupiter (Zeus to the Greeks) who was the only child to escape being eaten by his father. He was raised on milk and honey, and when he became a man, he returned to save the world and save his father too. A golden age began.

The exact area of your life which benefits will be shown by your personal birth chart, if you have one from me. If you have anything at 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27 degrees then Jupiter will either make an exact aspect (same degree) or a very close one, as he passes through. You can easily decode this for yourself by using any of the ebooks which come with membership. The sign of the horoscope factor at that degree, tells you the area of life where you gain.


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So, if  you have factors at 21 Leo, this is about the role that children or lovers play in your life, because Leo rules the Fifth House of young people and romance. If you have factors at 23 Gemini, this is about your media, publishing or internet projects, because Gemini rules the Third House of communication. You can also read more about Jupiter in my book, Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins). If you are curious about Jupiter or any of the other astrology terms mentioned here, just type “Jupiter” into Search – there is a lot about astrology to discover immediately, on this website.


Essential Astrology for Women - Use Your Jupiter Luck in 2017


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183 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,

    This is a very important year and I’m counting on the all the Divine help I can get to move forward in my career and at the same time, have a baby — I’m trying to complete the puzzle with degrees and signs while wondering if there’s anything on my 5th house that points to this or how will my 22 degrees Libra moon and 22 degrees Sagittarius Neptune or 13 degrees Chiron will affect me? fingers crossed

    Thank you for your time,

    1. You have the North Node at 11 Leo and in fact, will have a Node Return in April 2018, which is significant because it’s unusual, it’s fated, it’s karmic and it happens in your Fifth House of adoption, pregnancy and IVF. This is also where nieces, nephews and godchildren are born. I suspect that’s your fork in the road moment. It is impossible to say much more without the father’s chart.

      1. Thank you for being a fairy-genius-goddess.
        I am deeply moved by your answer — what you pointed is exactly right.

        A million thanks

  2. Dear Jessica

    You mentioned today in the Libra weekly that Jupiter is in my sign, is there anything specific please for me that I should look out for?

    Thank you as always

    1. You have the Sun at 18 Libra in the Seventh House of former, current and potential partners. When you work (and work and work) you become well-known for your partnerships, no matter if they are romantic or professional. Sometimes both. You also become well known for making even a relationship with your ex, happy and successful. As Jupiter crosses 18 Libra in April you will have a wonderful chance to take one of these themes and run with it. There is a second chance in August.

  3. Hi Jess,

    I have to say that the V word has always been a disastrous day for me, so I can’t be anything other than skeptical over a chart that promises so much. Locked in a court battle and a media blackout, I really can’t see where this wonderful surprise will come from (I know that might spoil the surprise) it seems so unlikely at the moment. If you can offer any clues at this point, they’ll be gratefully accepted!

    Thanks again

    1. The North Node at 23 Capricorn, South Node at 23 Cancer in your chart are locked in a Grand Cross with Jupiter hovering around 23 and Uranus also at 23 – so your chart is a different case altogether. This does work out for you so try to trust the process even though I appreciate it is very stressful, as only a T-Square can be. If you are asking about love, then you are really asking about your Uranus at 17 Libra in the Seventh House, which describes the chemistry you share with your former, current and potential partners. You have a lifelong pattern of rejecting either the institution of marriage/relationship, or actually just rejecting lovers. Is this what makes it/them also reject you? It’s the famous Uranus rejection dance and it pays to be aware of it. You actually have a very strong inner drive towards new/different/new/different and each time it happens your love life turns upside down, yet everybody also gets to taste freedom. The reason I am banging on about Uranus at 17 Libra is that Jupiter will conjunct this, in April. In Easter you get to hatch your own egg all over again with a past, present or potential partner. This time make sure you know the patterns.

      1. Oh, thank goodness. I thought I was going mad with this hideous cross of 23s, yet everyone else gets promised so much. You don’t know just how much of a clue you’ve given me with your reply. Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Jessica, interesting article…..would you be able to tell me how Jupiter will benefit me this year….l am a premium member and you already have all my information….July 8. 1965 born in Melbourne at 10pm……Thank you

    1. Jupiter conjunct your Diana at 21 Libra in the Seventh House is the key to your year. Jupiter is one degree away now and moves to 21 in March, then again to 21 in August. Diana was the goddess who did not want to be restricted by marriage or motherhood and so was set free to roam the world, with her dog by her side, her nymphs and her slightly ‘interesting’ sexuality. There is no record of her being a lesbian per se, but she was certainly very broad-minded. She did have lovers including Endymion who slept his way through their lovemaking. He was her captive lover as he was never really ‘there’ yet Diana was quite happy with him. As Diana is in your house of partnership I will let you make your own predictions. Look at the art about Diana too!

  5. Jessica,

    I’m new to your site. How will this effect me? I think this is my Jupiter return.

    1. It’s your Jupiter Return in the Seventh House which describes the quality of the relationship you share with your former, current or potential partner. There is a stunning opportunity here to improve that, or expand it, and if any healing is required, that can also take place. I see this cycle a lot when people finally commit to a potential lover, or when couples choose to have a baby or buy a house. It is also very common with work partners whose double act finally takes off.

  6. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for the alarm.
    Since Jupiter moved to Libra, there were awful lot of squares to planets in Cancer and Capricorn. I did 2 interviews and made the eligibility list. I hope I get something.

    I have venus 21 Leo, Saturn 20 Gemini, Nodes at 23, Cupid 26 Libra. What are the possibilities?

    Plus Jupiter is going to cross my Uranus 17 Libra twice and together they are going to square Pluto in Mid 2017.

    You are very gifted and thank you for helping.

    1. Career is always Capricorn (Tenth House) or Virgo (Sixth House) and so I will check your chart to see what is going on. You have the North Node at 23 Capricorn in the Tenth House. At the moment, moving back and forth, Jupiter is at 23 Libra square that. Uranus is at 23 Aries square that. This is what they call a T Square and actually if you include your South Node at 23 Cancer it’s a Grand Cross. This is not going to be a fast or easy journey for you, but it will be a good one. It will work out for you. In fact, the whole issue with your career is that you are going to radically transform what you do for a living, where you do it, and how you do it – starting at Christmas 2017. Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto will all be in your Tenth House in Capricorn and so you need to look at the long term. I have written quite a lot about this in my book 2020 Astrology.

    1. Jupiter will cross your Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House, in May, and so the focus is your former, current or potential partner. This is where you like to be in control (to put it politely) and yet there are issues from the past to fix, repair and heal. You will be given a chance to do this, either with a former lover, a current partner, or a potential future lover. It’s quite a substantial transit and it will change your life.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Half of all my planets are at those degrees mentioned.
    Any thoughts ?!

    Thanks SO much.

    P.S. funny enough, tomorrow is the first day (this year) when it just happens that I have to make an important step in business.

    1. Uranus transits, combined with Jupiter transits, work in a spiral of time. It’s not all in one day, but it evolves, with each spiral adding more to the story. The trick to 2017 is to be honest with yourself about places, people or set-ups which might make ‘sense’ or keep you comfortable, because they are familiar, but ultimately you need to be radical enough to make a break and make a change.

  8. Hey Jessica, I needed to read this article today. Thank you! And happy Valentine’s day! Can I just ask you, I can see that I touch on heaps of those degrees (phew!), and today’s one hitting on my Capricorn and Cancer factors couldn’t be more appropriate. I have enrolled in a course of study which I am starting to have second thoughts about, I honestly feel so hazy and ungrounded. I can honestly say that it feels like my Pisces stellium has taken over my life. I feel like I am walking around in a perpetual mist with regards to my course/work. I don’t know what to do anymore. Will there be some ‘sign’, confirmation or clarity coming up that lets me know if i’m on the right path. I don’t know anymore and have lost complete faith in my intuition. I’m hoping astrology can lend a helping hand! Can you please shed some insight on when the foggy glasses will de-fog themselves? It’s getting awfully tough to see what’s what around here. Thank you so much xx.

    1. You should actually be a lot more powerful – in fact, a cross between Supergirl and a human powerhouse – when it comes to student life. Feeling lost is just another word for not feeling in control and it sounds as if you have given your control away to something/someone which feels like it’s in charge of you. Not so! In fact, you are meant to be a master of a particular subject, so if this course is not right, either you are not using your willpower to discipline yourself to learn (in which case, the course suddenly feels right after all) or you have literally chosen something that will never empower you. Your true self wants to be way better than this. So ask the mirror – are you being slack or have you chosen something you just won’t master? She who learns self control ends up in control and that can be a very powerful thing. Sometimes people are scared of being powerful, or threatened by their own power, so they flail around. It’s interesting. Have a closer look. Ask your dreams to speak to you as well – they will, with your Pisces stellium.

      1. I’ve been crying my little heart out at your response. It’s hard for me to be superwoman and in control at all, anywhere, let alone with my study! I have incredible anxiety/fears and low self esteem. But thanks for pointing this out. It hurts, but i know it’s the truth. Thank you for sensitively holding the mirror up so I can polish my own reflection. xx.

        1. No tears, but a bit of mirror talk is useful too. And a journal you can rip up. Your whole issue is Pluto crossing 16, 17, 18, 19 degrees, so triggering your chart. Pluto makes us feel as if we are not in charge of our lives, somehow, but the joke is – once you use your willpower to run yourself and your world – you realise you’ve just become supercharged. And once you learn how to do it, you never lose either the self-respect or the self-trust. In fact, you become powerful.

  9. Hello Jessica,
    Can you please see what Jupiter luck has in store for me with the following placements in my chart:
    -Moon in Sagittarius at 23 deg
    -Jupiter in Pisces at 14 deg
    -Bacchus in Sagittarius at 22 deg
    -Apollo in Leo at 26 deg
    -Chiron in Gemini at 21 deg
    And one degree out from making an exact aspect:
    -Sun in Libra at 15 deg
    -North & South node at 20 deg in Aries & Libra
    Thank you!

    1. The Moon-Bacchus conjunction will do it, in your Ninth House of foreign and regional differences, travel, the worldwide web and your map of the world. This is where you need to be needed and also where you experience natural highs. It means more and more as the year goes on, because it’s such hard work to make it happen, yet nothing is wasted and when Jupiter goes to Sagittarius from the end of 2018, you’re on your way.

  10. Hi Jessica! I have 22 Libra in Jupiter. Does this mean I should use my luck? How do I do that? Looking at my chart, would you be able to give me some examples? Sorry for the all the questions, I am so excited! Thanks for another great article. Juls

    1. You must pursue the partnerships you can revive or begin in 2017 as you have a 12 year luck curve with duets and double-acts which will not come again for another 12 years. You were already given one chance, which I hope you took.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I was counting how many factors I have at those degrees and I end up with something around 10…… is this usual?

    Cheers Cecilia

    1. It’s extremely unusual, Cecilia, and 2017 will go down as the year that everything changed, because you felt stuck or trapped to the point where you were prepared to do something quite radical. It’s a bit like that old Seinfeld episode where George Constanza reversed everything he usually did or said to see what might happen. You won’t go that far, but I can see you are itching to break out of a holding pattern that isn’t working for you, so with a bit of ruthless honesty about that, perhaps it’s time you jumped sideways.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    I seem to have a lot of planets at these degrees … most seem to trigger virgo and there is cupido at 23 in Leo. I’m at a crossroads in a potential relationship and also am currently facing a wall at work … it seems resistant to almost any sort of attempt at collaboration. Do you think these placements can guide me to take steps towards a more predictable and secure way forward?

    thank you.

    1. Jupiter and Uranus will work for you in surprising ways. And Jupiter is always right – you can trust the process to ultimately work in your favour. It might help to have an honest conversation with the mirror. If you are kidding yourself about anything at all, with love or work, then now is the time to front up to yourself. That might just trigger a radical move from you. Uranus transits ask you to get real and be honest, rather than just pursue something/someone because you ‘should’ or ‘have to’ …

  13. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for this insightful blog. I’ve tried using this information about Jupiter @ 23 Libra to see what areas of my chart are affected however I’m not sure I’m interpreting correctly. Could you perhaps interpret this for me once so I can follow your cues to better understand patterns that follow? I have Pluto in Libra/IC in Cancer/MC in Capricorn – all at 23 degrees. (For context: My concerns right now revolve around my career trajectory and I’m desperate to make the right moves but clarity evades me.)

    Thank you so much for your time.


    1. Thank you S. Your MC is at 23 Capricorn. (Your Midheaven is at 23 Capricorn) in the Tenth House of career. You currently have a T-Square involving Uranus at 23 Aries and Jupiter at 23 Libra, which has been switching on and off for months. A T-Square is always tense. You can’t really avoid T-Squares and we all get them from time to time. This one will work for you. Be open to change. I’m sure you don’t want to put a foot wrong in your career and are very committed to ‘slow and steady’ but actually, 2017 is about being squeezed and squashed into new directions.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been intrigued as to how Feb 14th might affect me this year, as my Sun is Libra 23. It’s been a quiet day so far, but I’d love to know what areas of my life I should be paying attention to.

    Any other particularly important dates for me from my chart would be really appreciated too!

    1. Jupiter and Chiron move across 23 degrees of their signs (Libra and Pisces) more than once, so rather than a big one-day ‘boom’ you tend to get lots of little booms, backwards and forwards, all relating to each other. You should know what you’ve been given by now. Sometimes it’s the fact that the same place/person turns up twice in two conversations. Sometimes it’s an offer or help or a favour. There will be more from all this, as in September 2017, Jupiter once again returns to 23 Libra. This is about one particular man (or woman) and you know who it is.

  15. Hi Jessica

    I am due to finish my degree this year and get back out to work after a nearly ten year break. Will this year bring me success? There seems to be a lot of my chart that are at the degrees mentioned above.


    1. You have Saturn on your MC (Midheaven) so there are no instant answers or fast and easy tracks up the mountain here – yet everything you learn this year will pay off, and sure enough, when Jupiter goes over your MC in 2019 you will be thrilled with your career highs. Keep climbing.

  16. Dearest Jessica,

    All this Jupiter info is wonderful, thank you…
    I know i have quite a few of those degrees in my chart as mentioned above. Could you possibly help explain what will be coming up for me this year? I’m waiting for what i can only explain as what feels like a fated relationship come to fruition. We both have things to do before we can be together officially.
    Something keeps telling me that this is all going to come about closer to September onwards this year…
    It’s been a long time coming…
    Could you share with me what you see in my chart for me, please?

    Thank you, Jessica

    1. Pluto at 27 Libra and Saturn at 29 Libra will do it. You have Jupiter crossing 27, 29 with other triggers, as you go from September to October.Milestone choices about your former, current or potential lover will follow and by 2018 you will be in a completely new situation. It might help to get to know your patterns, so read all you can about being born with Pluto and Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House. You’ll find a lot of information in your ebooks.

  17. Hi Jessica, Sorry to be a haunt as I’m reposting duplicate comment. I have the degrees mentioned here in my chart, but I was getting confused. Can you take a look please and let me know. Hope all is well, Thank you

    1. Yes, you have Jupiter aspects to your natal chart – which is always great. Jupiter people tend to be larger than life, physically quite big, upbeat, endlessly positive and tend to be very generous with their time or energy, without expecting a return. You will attract Jupiter types (and in fact you already have) so just go with what is on offer. They tend to open one door after another.

      1. Thank you Jessica, I’m not physically big, but I’ve been told I’m generous to a fault …I don’t consider that a fault since I love it. Welcoming offers & Jupiter types. Thank you Jessica, wishing you an abundance of Jupiter Luck.

        1. Other people will be the big men/big women in your life…not you! Big on every level – big personalities, big hearts, big physical presence in the room. You’ll gain.

  18. Hi Jessica
    When interpreting this ( as I seem to have several of the degrees you mentioned ) , do I take into account the planet or focus more on the sign associated with the degree ?
    For example Venus 20 Gemini & Mercury 22 Gemini – how do I translate this in relation to Jupiter’s transit ?
    Thank you.

    1. Jupiter will trine (or bring to life, in a good way) your Gemini placements in the Third House. You were born with a special ability to express yourself online, with multimedia, public speaking, writing, and so on – all forms of communication, digital or traditional. Jupiter’s transit across Libra this year will ‘ping’ your Gemini side so you will see a chain of opportunities to express yourself in new ways, or on new projects.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your article. My labor and economic luck disappeared eight years ago. No job, nor money. In spite of been waiting this year like “rain of summer” nothing has happened. Could you tell me if the luck will return?. I have five factors in libra. If yes, could you see when? please?. Thank you so much.

    1. You don’t wait with Jupiter, you take the open door and walk through. You have tremendous potential to form sexual partnerships and work partnerships that will reward you – and in fact have had a door open twice since September last year. You have until October to really use these opportunities. The financial story will improve after October, quite dramatically, but again – you have to walk through the door when it opens.

  20. Hi Jessica , My daughters father 19 .8 58 Leo made my life hell he was violent (in the extreme} and so abusive .Any way I got away in 1994 , we have not seen him since 2007 when I was forced to take a small amount of money for a flat I had bought in my sole name and let him have it, (long story) I have recently been sent a bill for £5000 for council tax for the flat we lived in for tax for the last 3 years !! This is the 2nd time he has done this to me 1st time was a water bill. I am mindful of you saying I should not make any enemies as it will go on on. He is the type of man who will try and break you. My birthday 29 06 58 . I am now happily married to a wonderful Taurean by the way. Thanks Jessica

    1. This sounds dreadful and I assume you have tried a wide pool of advice on this issue? Not only the usual channels but also organisations which may rest beyond page two or three of Google Search. Your happy marriage is something his Leo pride will not take. He also has that classic Uranus chart signature which means children and pregnancy are his most painful karmic experience. Do think carefully about engaging with him as it will be so difficult to break away from the game, while Pluto is in your Seventh House of adversaries (until around 2024). This is particularly true if it always flares up around Christmas and New Year, when we have Pluto triggers. It’s up to you but if you can withdraw your own mental and emotional energy from this feud you might see a shift. Have a look at cording, too, and how to break cords with people. Energetic links between us can be just as valid as keeping in touch via telephone, e-mails, texts or lawyers. I hope you can break free of this.

  21. Hi Jessica

    I just had to write and tell you that I found this particular prediction quite spooky. I am looking for a job and on 15 February I saw advertised the most perfect job for me, in the same industry I was working in back in 1999, when I was living in London. I was offered a promotion there more than once but chose not to take it because my partner at the time was not able to live permanently in the UK. I did end up marrying him so all’s well that ends well but that particular job has always haunted me to some extent…the road not taken. I am wondering if this is my 1999 flashback! Hope so. It was one of the happiest times of my life. Love your blog. Think I’d better become a member!

  22. Hi Jessica,

    New member here. Am going through a mediocre phase, and hoping to find a stable job soon. I have been following your horoscopes for a while now and you are absolutely right – am Piscean and doing quite well with regards to publishing research. However, separated from family now because of my present (temporary) job. Could you comment anything on my near future?

    Thanks.. Enjoyed my subscription so far..

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Somehow my new comments are not getting registered… Hope this one stays…
    I have 14 Saturn in cancer, having issues with current house and looking out for new rental. Hope I find a better one… Does Jupiter @ 14 have any impact?
    Any other aspect from my chart that I should watch out?

    1. Jupiter is not at 14 Libra (making a square to your Saturn) until May 2017 and yet as Neptune moves to 14 Pisces that month, it looks as if you could start the search in May, and go through June, July as well. With Saturn in the Fourth House your home search will always be slow and careful, as you are looking for a moat, drawbridge and castle walls, not just a rental! Yet you will be in a good position to give yourself a better outcome May-July.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    Many thanks for more detail on Jupiter. I’m trying to take advantage of Jupiter re career but nothing seems to be working out. I follow up on all potential work opportunities, at least I believe I do, but keep encountering confused situations and communications that twist and turn , plus, people playing power games. I’m quite despondent and a bit worn out with it. Question – can Pluto, and Neptune adversely aspect in my Mercury in 10 th house, trump (sorry for pun) my Jupiter?
    Love your input and wise words.
    Sliver of opportunity from old recruitment agency contacted me on the 14th – nice chat sent updated cv but they have nothing at the moment. Was that my Jupiter opportunity?
    Thanks x

    1. Your old recruitment agency was the Jupiter open door, and you went through it – good – that will ultimately take you somewhere. Remember you were born with Fortuna at 19 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, and Pluto is at 19 Capricorn for the first time in 240+ years so you are allowed to feel like this! Look at images of Fortuna to see what you do with your success. You may be quite blind to the fact that you have a pattern of putting jobs/people on pedestals and then knocking them off, and maybe you are not aware that the giddy spin of your career situation is sometimes down to your own unconscious patterns. It takes great insight to recognise how you play Fortuna games (we all do it) but often the art or sculpture about her will show you exactly what is going on. Then the breakthrough can happen. I also think you were not born at 12 noon precisely – I’ll bet you were born slightly out, so your MC is not 22 Capricorn, it is probably closer to 19 Capricorn, which would also explain why you are having such an intense time – Pluto would be right on your MC or Midheaven. The whole point of this rather relentless cycle is to make you powerful. In fact, to make you a superwoman of sorts. Why? Because unless you use self discipline and self control to become mistress of your own ship, you will be buffeted this way and that by other people or large organisations. Learning how to rule yourself and your own world makes you very, very potent indeed and long after this cycle is over you will retain that power.

  25. Hello Jessica
    I have neptune 14 degrees capricorn, Panacea 14 degrees retrograde aries, is this pattern a trine when jupiter is 14 degrees libra? How will the jupiter pattern affect me this year?

    Thank you for your time and wisdom

    1. Neptune is moving to 14 Pisces and of course Jupiter is at 14 Libra, so your own Neptune position in the Tenth House of career, university life, unpaid work and full-time parenting is well and truly transited in 2017. You don’t live in the real world when it comes to the work you do, or the subjects you study. It’s actually an escape from the real world. Neptune in Scorpio people use credit cards to holiday from reality. People like you, use success/status/achievement/ambition as their holiday. You’ll be challenged on this, over the next few months. How can you contain and control things so they’re just a little bit more real?

  26. Hi Jessica!
    I have Neptune 15 and Pluto 15, plus Mars 23 and Diana 23. I have two major career-related projects on deck, plus a new, good relationship. Any thoughts on how the Jupiter transits might impact me?
    Thanks much! JD

    1. Jupiter is trawling 22 Libra in March, moving backwards, and goes all the way back to 13 degrees in June, before climbing again to the big finish from 15 through 23, which for you means July, August, September are the months to watch. Organisations or people which give, and go on giving, are worth taking full advantage of then. Those opportunities will not come your way for a while. There is on agenda. Just a desire to give to you.

  27. I am asking my question here again.. Thanks.

    Hi Jessica,

    New member here. Am going through a mediocre phase, and hoping to find a stable job soon. I have been following your horoscopes for a while now and you are absolutely right – am Piscean and doing quite well with regards to publishing research. However, separated from family now because of my present (temporary) job. Could you comment anything on my near future?

    Thanks.. Enjoyed my subscription so far..

    1. You have the Nodes at 12 Gemini (short journeys) and 12 Sagittarius (publishing, relocation, travel) and we now have Neptune at 12 Pisces making a T-square. There are no fast or easy answers to this, but from 2018 the pattern is well and truly over. One of the reasons you have been put in this situation will reward you eventually, as you needed to learn about regional, cultural or global differences. That knowledge will ultimately pay off with a project that really works.

  28. Thank you very much Jessica. Your comments tie in with what is going on with me in that I am busier now with work opportunities than I have seen in the last couple of years, and many of the projects involve partnerships, which I enjoy – whilst retaining my own independence. I just hope that the opportunities have successful outcomes.

    You have such a skill at making predictions so relevant. Thank you.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    I love this article. I have been reading a lot about Jupiter since hearing that it was coming into Libra in September. I have 12 factors at exactly the degrees you have listed and another 7 one degree away from the listed factors. Does having this many factors mean anything out if the ordinary? Would you be able to tell me how Jupiter will benefit me this year? I also believe that my Jupiter return is after it moves into Scorpio, will it benefit me then as well?

    Thank you for all of you knowledge Jessica.

    1. You could easily focus on your Scorpio stellium for the final quarter of this year and most of 2018, as you will have your Jupiter Return there, but the planet Jupiter will also trigger the whole pattern. Your Scorpio stuff is in your Eighth House which rules deadly serious financial agreements or sexually powerful property arrangements. We associate it with family money but also with marriage/mortgage. There are huge opportunities or solutions ahead.

  30. Hi Jessica. I have numerous factors in Libra Leo and Gemini that Jupiter will either conjunct trine or sextile. Can you paint a quick picture for me as to some of the situations that could arise for me now through to October? I am still struggling with finding a meaningful career so I’m hoping something will ping for me this year. I feel that something is there but I am missing the door that that something is behind! Thanks so much for your brilliant astrology blogs Jessica.

    1. With Ops conjunct Salacia in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, 2017 through 2020 will completely reshape what you do, why you do it, and what it means to your professional life. The reason for this is that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all gather in Capricorn in this zone of your chart, so destiny will reshape your path. The Jupiter transits to your chart are terrific helpers this year. In general you will attract people who are generous, giving, larger than life (or actually tall/fat), Santa Claus types. Organisations or departments who play Santa will also help you. Jupiter often turns up in human form.

  31. Hi Jessica, thank you for your continued insights and support! With Jupiter in Libra in 10 the house this is supposed to be a great year for my career. I have been told that my job is being restructured and i will be let go end of August. They have told me are that there may be another opportunity within the company. I am not sure this would be the right choice. Perhaps I should be looking for something different or retiring.? How can I use my Jupiter. Any advise about retiring versus accepting the new role if it is offered? Thank you!!

    1. You have Jupiter at 11 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. I am not sure where this other information comes from because it’s completely wrong. Here’s how to read your chart. You have the Sun at 16 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. In fact, everything in Capricorn in your chart is in your Tenth House of career. Please use the natural house system, which actually works! Right now you are in a cycle which can only happen every 240+ years, as Pluto moves across 16 Capricorn and completely transforms your professional life. Pluto passed through 16 Capricorn in December, right on (conjunct) your Sun which is when I expect they decided to restructure your company. You are about to go through a massive change, in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 as Pluto is joined by Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn and all your ideas about success, achievement and ambition are put to the test. You may decide to find another role or profession. Yes, you may decide to retire (yet you will still be working in retirement). Look up Capricorn, the Tenth House and Pluto in particular on this website and in your ebooks. I wrote a long chapter about the Capricorn patterns to come, in 2020 Astrology.

  32. Dear Jessica,

    I have my natal Jupiter in Libra. What do you see in my chart for Jupiter’s blessings?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Pluto at 23 Libra is the real key to your chart. You are powerful in partnerships and once you can learn to compromise over the controls, can make a sexual or professional partnership a potent part of your life. Any issues you have about that, or any doors you need to open, will appear as Jupiter crosses 23 Libra through your Seventh House, and that’s just happened, and will happen again in September.

      1. Wow, it just happened…..but I can’t fully trust the door is open for me to enter, as the same person opened the door for me last year 2016 January and closed it in June/July. I persevered and kept on knocking the door and finally he opened it again.
        Can I really walk through? Is he the one?

        1. The astrology is working. Keep knocking on the door and trying the lock. And by the way – there is no ‘one’ soulmate, except for a very few people. You will typically have more than one ‘one’ over the course of your lifetime.

  33. I have quite a few planets at the degrees mentioned. The past 4 years have consisted of me waiting on others and taking care of elders. What does the remainder of this year hold? Thanks in advance.

    1. You have a strong Virgo signature in your chart, so your life path is about duty and service to others. Of course, you can choose how you want to do that. Jupiter in Virgo means, it works well for you. You may want to read more about Virgo because this sign dominates your personality and your life. You have Neptune at 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House so will have an opportunity to gain more, or save more, through finances, property, charity or business in the final quarter of this year. It will be substantial and it will give you a holiday from reality.

  34. hi Jessica – reading these comments made me count how many aspects I have over the next few months. I have 10 instances where I have degrees in planets in the range you provided. Does this mean this year has particular significance for me. I feel something big is building in the work and relationship areas. Are my instincts in line with the planetary vibes, or am I overthinking this? Many thank.

    1. You’ll gain from the Jupiter transits all year long. People who are generous will help you in a number of ways. These are Jupiter types who spend a fortune on sushi for dinner, and get out all the wine. They have zero agenda and like to assist, for the sake of it. They are givers, not just takers. Jupiter organisations which offer you more, are also on the agenda.

  35. Hello again Jessica, I have 9 planets dead on these degrees and 5 that are one away so I’m guessing there will be an impact somewhere. I’ll see what I can find in your ebooks. Any chance of discovering the cause of a chronic health problem? Thanks again for your generosity.

    1. Jupiter will pass through (to your advantage) in 2017, probably turning up as think-big people who are larger than life, offer you opportunities and open doors, and solutions or pluses of all kinds. Never let a chance go by. Follow up. If a fantastic career contact wants you to go to the theatre with her, go to the theatre. Chronic health issues are always about Virgo/Sixth House placements so let me look. You were born with Hygiea at 4 Virgo in the Sixth House, which rules the body. Hygiea is about ‘prevention is better than cure’ and in fact she was a Roman goddess of health and healing and is often cited in the Hippocratic Oath taken by medical professionals. Fortuna and Apollo are at 4 Cancer so sextile Hygiea, exactly. Cancer rules the family. It rules every branch on the family tree. Fortuna shows highs and lows, always spinning and Apollo rules leadership. If you have not yet looked at your family tree for the same condition (DNA) and inherited health problems start there. You may also want to look at the whole issue of illness in family patterns, especially with mothers and children, and if there have ever been family systems/set-ups which revolved around being sick and being taken care of. It wouldn’t be a bad place to start and you might make some interesting discoveries. Look at Hygiea too. She was discovered in the year of a cholera outbreak (as an asteroid) and they quickly discovered that the issue was prevention, not cure. In your case, the issue is the same. It’s about shielding, protecting, avoiding, evading – before anything happens.

  36. Dear Jessica,

    I have Jupiter 22deg in Aries, Mercury 22deg in Libra, Diana 22deg Aquarius,south node 23deg in Taurus, North node 23deg in Scorpio, Venus 25deg Leo, Sun 27deg Virgo, Moon 28deg Pisces. Really hard for me to recognise in which area and when will be the impact of Jupiter in Libra the most significant for me.

    Thank you for your help!

    1. You have Mercury at 22 Libra in the Seventh House of partnership. You speak the language of duets and double acts and two is your number. Your projects, ideas and concepts involve (memorably) one other person if you look back at the history of your digital or other communication life. With Jupiter crossing 22 Libra in February, as it did in January, you have a big opportunity to make so much more of the communication you share with a former, current or potential partner. Have you taken the opportunity? Partners may be sexual or professional.

  37. Hi Jessica,

    I know this should go through your helpdesk but they don’t seem to be able to find a permanent fix – every month my subscription expires and every month the system won’t allow me to renew it because it’s not actually expired. It’s driving me crazy and potentially losing you revenue as I’ve seen some comments from other users over the past few months who seem to be having the same issues 😐

    I have mailed them again so lets see what happens…


      1. Thanks it’s sorted for now but let’s see what happens next month 😀

        If it was any other subscription it prob wouldn’t bother me so much!

        Tania x

  38. Greeting Jessica,

    Thank you for this post. I have Libra in ASC 22, Pluto 18, and Cupido 28. As per this article and the weekly horoscope, it was indicated that there maybe a doorway of some sort to walk through and although I’ve kept my eyes peeled for a sign of some sort, nothing has made itself evident as of yet…Am I missing something? Truthfully, I would love to reconcile with my former partner but she and I have not spoken since September of last year and there are no current or potential partners on radar at the moment. Hmm….Any insight would be most appreciated as I wouldn’t want any opportunities to pass me by! Thank you kindly.

    1. I expect your birth time is wrong. You may not have the Ascendant at 22 Libra at all, it may be later or earlier (or even in another sign). You should have experienced Jupiter at 22 Libra conjunct your Ascendant in recent days. It can only happen once every 12 years and it is always about your image (Ascendant) as one half (Libra) of a partnership (Libra) or your reputation (Ascendant) as a Libran (peacemaking, pact-making) type. If no door has opened then your Ascendant may be much later in Libra, in which case you will experience the opportunity later this year, or it may even be the case that you have the Ascendant in Virgo or Scorpio.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        As it turns out, you are quite correct! I had to go straight to the source (thanks, Mom) and my birth time is 8:52pm which would change things considerably. My ASC is 19 degrees Libra. With this in mind, how does this new information pertain to my previous query? I do so appreciate the time and energy you take to answer questions like this for folks like me.

        1. Wrong birth time! And I’m always happy to answer questions. Pluto at 18 Libra, Ascendant at 19 Libra are almost exactly conjunct. You have an important year ahead for the quality of the relationship you share with your former, current or potential partner. The reason for this is that Jupiter is crossing 18, 19 Libra (also forming what they call a conjunction) and Pluto is crossing 18, 19 Capricorn (forming a square). You will notice this most at the end of March, April, August. The time has come to look at the old patterns you have in relationships and your need to control the sexual or emotional agenda with your lovers. The reason for this may be a crucial new phase in an existing partnership or the appearance of a potential new date. Understanding your Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House will help so do look up this planet and this placement online and in your ebooks. It is very easy to take and take over, but actually the key with this placement is to be open to compromise. It may be necessary to share time/space with lovers or find another way to divide the controls between you.

  39. Wow, the big joke in our family is that there were no lifeguards in our gene pool. Definitely will take that more seriously and do a little digging. Thanks again for all of the info and insights, I’ll let you know where your read of it leads. May Jupiter spread the good works in your direction in a big way.

  40. I am glad you are enjoying being a Premium Member and will pass that onto James, Justin and Alyas. Your Leo factors are the most important aspects of your chart in 2017, 2018 and your involvement with babies, children or the lovers who could bring them into your life is very important. Jupiter will sextile, or support, the Leo placements in your chart. You also have the North Node in Leo which will trigger those patterns. There is a karmic or past life connection to these younger faces in your world, or to the lover who could make them a reality. A typical example is the boyfriend whose child from another marriage is someone you knew before, or the new godchild you are given whose parents have karma with you based on family ties from a prior incarnation.

  41. Hi Jessica

    I would love your insights into how Jupiter will play out for me over the next couple of years..

    I have been feeling frustrated with Jupiter in my 5th and Saturn in my 7th (as a gem) – ok with Jupiter in my 9th (as an aq) but am feeling the strain of Saturn in my 11th. Have been trying to build relationships for collaboration with a community type initiative and have had positive initial meetings but then absolute silence/no movement afterwards. When can I expect this to clear up? October? Or is it further away than that? Also keen to know what the deal is on the personal relationship front!

    Birth chart info below..


    Rising Sign is in 24 Degrees Aquarius.
    Sun is in 17 Degrees Gemini.
    Moon is in 25 Degrees Aquarius.
    Mercury is in 18 Degrees Gemini.
    Venus is in 01 Degrees Taurus.
    Mars is in 29 Degrees Gemini.
    Jupiter is in 16 Degrees Aquarius.
    Saturn is in 23 Degrees Scorpio.
    Uranus is in 15 Degrees Sagittarius.
    Neptune is in 02 Degrees Capricorn.
    Pluto is in 02 Degrees Scorpio.
    N. Node is in 17 Degrees Taurus.

    1. Community collaboration is Aquarius. You’re not logged in, so I can’t check your chart, but assuming you have Jupiter at 16 Aquarius, your instincts are correct, but your timing is too premature. The reason you are being kept waiting for action, is the imminent arrival of the True South Node in Aquarius, which does not happen until 10th May 2017. From that point forward, karma with these people, or perhaps quite another group, will begin to unfold. Past life debts and credits must be paid and that is why you are being held up. As the Node crosses 24, 25 Aquarius in June, July, August, finally conjuncting your Jupiter in December, it’s the second half of the year that makes the wheels turn.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    My date of birth is 05th October 1974. Birth time 20:40 PM, born in Jamshedpur, India. Being a Libra I am excited about Jupiter being in my sign & the opportunities for expansion & growth it offers. I am looking for a new job & chance to migrate to Australia – no doors have opened as yet. Will I have my breakthrough this year ?

    1. Jupiter in Libra is not about emigration or employment. It’s about a chance to improve your image, update your appearance, enhance your portraits, photographs and online profile. You have already experienced this, as Jupiter was conjunct your Sun in 2016 and will return to this position in 2017. You could conceivably get a new job which gives you a more flattering job title (business card) but that has nothing to do with emigration.

  43. Dear jessica, I have
    saturn at 23 libra, uranus at 20 scorpio, mars at 22 leo, fortuana at 27 leo, juno at 25 Cancer,
    and Sun at 27 Aries.
    I got two jobs, one in general hospital and another one also with a government department both part times and close to home. Now I also have
    pluto at 19 libra and proserpina at 19 capricorn.

    What are the headline of my coming life. You once told me that pluto and capricorn factors form T square in my chart. Could you explain it bit more what it means and how it will effect me.
    I have jupiter and north node at 6 virgo as well.
    Also, story about independence day seems to be coming true. Having my in laws , husband’s brother and his wife lived with us for the last many years, and feeling stiffled and guilty tripped i my own house for wanting my space and privacy and for not being a perfect daughter in law, I stand now independent , emotional chains broken, giving two hoots about what anyone thinks about me. And they understand. I have taken my power back that was mine in the first place. Thanks to the feminist websites I follow. I have diana at 7 Aquarius by the .
    Your website and you helped me understand many things about myself. Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate that….

    1. Thank you very much. I am excited to hear you have broken free of that family situation and that they also understand. Your Diana in Aquarius in the Eleventh House is well and truly kicking. You have Pluto at 19 Libra and Proserpina at 19 Capricorn. Your need to take, and take over (Pluto) is obvious with former, current and potential partners (Libra) and also enemies, rivals or opponents (Libra). You can never do this without automatically bringing in career (Capricorn) issues or status (Capricorn) questions. This is where you operate as a go-between (Proserpina) linking two powerful people, or two powerful sides, together (like two families involved in a marriage, or two government departments). This pattern at 19 degrees has been part of a T-Square recently as transiting Pluto moved to 19 Capricorn and transiting Uranus was at 19 Aries. If you join the dots between Libra, Aries and Capricorn in your chart you will see they make a T shape. T stands for tension and the way to transform the tension is to bring other people into the work situation who can break up the pattern. You need to surround the situation with new faces to support you, or find a way to bring familiar faces closer, who can also support you.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    Was wondering about accuracy of birth times and how much leeway one has regarding it. In my own case, am not able to trace my birth certificate so I know from my mother that the time is somewhere between 10 – 10:30 am. Is accuracy to the minute important? Thanks!! And blame it all on my mom for losing track of the birth cert!

    1. Birth times are extremely important for issues like moving house, or taking a new job. This is why most astrologers did not call the 2016 election correctly. Mr. Trump had two conflicting birth times on record and Mrs Clinton had three. You can pay an astrologer to rectify your chart, which means she will sit down with the dates you have for employment start dates, or the beginning of a lease or property purchase, and try different times from 10.00am through 10.30am and perhaps the minutes around those times, as babies tend not to be born neatly on the exact half hour or round hour – but mothers often vaguely remember rounded times.

  45. Jessica . . . This is so helpful. Turns out February 14th was extremely fortunate for me – after many years of hard work, I officially cut my work week to three days, turning more of my business over to my son so I can focus more on my goal of church/volunteer work. I have Capricorn at 23 degrees.

    My question is looking ahead at September 23rd, I have 6 aspects at 26 degrees – that seems overwhelming to me. Where should my attention be? Honestly, I am hoping to have some luck with romance – I haven’t been in a relationship for quite awhile – I have many friends but no romantic prospects.


    1. I’m glad the astrology is helpful. You have an epic line-up at 26 degrees, as you say, so perhaps it’s best to focus on Mars at 26 Libra in your Seventh House, which rules the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partners. In September-October 2017 we find Jupiter crossing 26 Libra and Uranus right opposite at 26 Aries. This may be closure with an old lover, or a big leap forward with someone new, but there is a useful advantage here (Jupiter) and a substantial opportunity not possible in over a decade (Jupiter takes 12 years to turn up in Libra). It will not be without challenges and changes which confront you, as Uranus is like an electrical storm passing through, and in opposition, you are being asked to meet issues head-on. However, Uranus always liberates and sets us free from who/what was restricting us, no matter if we knew it or not. Sometimes I see this transit turn up when people have an issue with an enemy, rival or opponent as Mars in the Seventh House natally can easily be about that – but unless you have reason to suppose that’s the concern – it is far more likely that September-October is about laying your love life past to rest, or opening a door into a very different future.

  46. Hi Jessica, I am greatly appreciative of the time you have dedicated to respond to my inquiry. I realize that astrology will not decide for me, and I look at using it to guide me in making my decisions and hopefully also taking advantages of the blessings. This is all new to me and overwhelming. I have started to do my homework as per your recommendation. There is so much to learn. It is all so fascinating. Thank you again for the time and effort you dedicate to this website and your community!

  47. Hi Jessica,

    I have 21° in Capricorn. I’m a Cancer at 25° Sun, and 6° Scorp Asc… What does Jupiter mean for me? I’ve been through the mill relationship wise and with employment issues. So ready for an up and up.

    1. So you’re a Cancer Sun who has had relationship and work issues. That’s typical of Uranus in Aries in your Tenth solar house of career (years of unpredictable trends, rejection and also rejecting the old in favour of the new). It all adds up to ongoing instability and uncertainty. The good news is, this cycle ends in May 2018. The relationship stories are down to Pluto in your solar Seventh House, which hangs around longer, but with every passing Christmas and New Year you get better and better at learning what to do – and what not to do.

  48. Hello Jessica. Thank you for these amazing articles. I’m unsure whether I just missed my Jupiter breakthrough or the good is still to come. On Feb 7 was offered good job opportunity out of nowhere and a few hours later the offer was withdrawn mainly because of relocation, they couldn’t wait for me to start. I just now read this article and now wondering if a week earlier can still be considered Jupiter’s luck. I told them to keep my CV on file if it ever happens to have a position available again and they afford to wait a month for my notice period but no answer from them. Thank you

    1. I’m sorry about the job situation – how frustrating – though the clue is in the relocation. That wasn’t Jupiter, that was Saturn crossing your Ninth House (moving, regional/foreign differences) and holding you back. The good news is, you will experience Jupiter (advantages, luck, protection, good fortune) in your Ninth House from the end of 2018 into 2019 and that’s when you’ll finally be in a position to move for work, or travel for work, if that’s what you want to do. You are just going through a typical Saturn cycle in the meantime, yet you are over the halfway mark and by Christmas your work situation will look and feel so much lighter and easier.

  49. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all of your informative articles, I learn so much. I recently met in person, a man from a dating site that I had been communicating with for about 6 weeks. I was impressed. Turns out he is a libra sun and rising, his mars is conjunt my Venus at 21 libra, and his sun is 15 degrees , 2 degrees from my mercury. The only other obvious contacts I notice , as a novice would be astrologer , is his Venus at 4 degrees Virgo, where I have my Pluto at 6 degrees. We are very new into this, but I am hopeful we may be a good match…. actually wishing for a DIVINE match. Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. I feel like it’s my time!
    Blessings to you,

    1. Thank you. Teresa, Jupiter crossing your Venus at 21 Libra (and crossing his Mars) is really helpful this year as you two are naturally gifted at making the scales balance with partners and you are now in a position to use those gifts. You also have a Leo stellium in the Fifth House and from May this year, the North Node (karma, past life patterns, repetitions from this lifetime) moves into Leo and remains there until 2018. The Fifth House rules lovers and also children. The children in your world (or his) will play a part, as you will see from May onwards and there may be a replay of themes/issues from 1999, 2000 for you.

  50. Dear Jessica,

    first of all thank you so much for your prediction regarding my son, he has decided to go down a different career path after all, not sure which path just yet, but your kind words helped me to stop worrying and has made the transition much easier!
    I’d like to maximize my Jupiter luck with a certain group of people who you had previously mentioned in the Sag Forum would eventually be “hoist by their own petard” (love that expression btw) but they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Moving again (we just moved back last August) isn’t really an option. I consult the Oracle and am still learning to put degrees and factors together. I’m constantly drawn to Apollo 23 Virgo and Salacia (I feel like I’m living in two worlds) at 23 Capricorn for answers but not sure why. Was hoping Feb 14th with Jupiter at 23 Libra quincunx Chiron 23 Pisces would be a piece of the puzzle. Would love your help and thank you!

    1. It’s fine to just look at Apollo (leadership) 23 Virgo in the Sixth House of work and the body, trine Salacia (two different realities) in Capricorn (success) in the Tenth House of career. That is actually being triggered right now, and I am surprised you haven’t experienced an opportunity. You certainly have what it takes to create your own version of success, achievement and ambition. Clues – people who like pairing up (Jupiter in Libra) may be around you to trigger Apollo trine Salacia.

  51. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for such a great article, always inspiring.
    I have a question, I have started a new career and business in the last 12 months and I was wondering if Jupiter is going to benefit me this year, it’s been very slow and I hope that I can make traction before Saturn changes sign in December. Thank you for your very valuable time in advance!

    Sun 14 Leo
    Rising 27 Pisces
    Moon 26 Scorpio
    Mercury 25 Cancer
    Venus 15 Virgo
    Mars 27 Aries
    Jupiter 6 Aquarius
    Saturn 0 Cancer
    Uranus 19 Libra
    Neptune 4 Sag
    Pluto 2 Libra
    N.Node 7 Cap

    1. Thank you. This chart is missing about half the information I need to say anything useful – you have the Moon at 26 Scorpio in the Eighth House of business, almost exactly trine Mercury at 25 Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules family, property, town and country. That is really useful, considering Jupiter (flow, abundance, problem solving) moves to 26 Scorpio in 2018. Keep an eye on that, at the very least.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    I have four planets in Libra and several planets near or at the degrees listed in other areas. I’m wondering where I should particularly focus on to look for doors to open. I’ve been hit pretty hard in other areas and my life has changed drastically since about 2009, with lots of surprises along the way thanks to Uranus and Pluto. I would like to jump on any opportunity that I can from Jupiter for making improvements.

    Thank you,

    1. Mel, look towards the people (you already know one or two) who have already suggested pairing up, teaming up and using the power of two with you. You can either return to them if you didn’t properly use the chance the first time, or deepen the connection. You would be radically different to the person in question yet able to bring your very different resources, advantages or abilities to the situation so that you balance each other out. It doesn’t matter if this is work, sex, friendship or whatever. It’s about finding the two-way streets and walking them, rather than passing them by.

  53. I love how I can keep coming back to the same articles and have new realizations each time!!!
    Your work is the gift that keeps on giving!
    So I see coming up in March rx Jupiter conjunct Vulcano at 21* and in late August once Jupiter is direct again there is a sextile between Jupiter and Saturn at 21*.
    This hits my Sun in Taurus, Proserpina in Scorpio and Hygeia in Gemini.
    Could this possibly have anything to do with opportunities around selling land I own??
    I have had a contract with a realtor expiring in March and am wondering if I should get someone else. It has been on the market for about 2 years now. Any insight you can give would be so appreciated!!!
    Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you. I can’t see your chart, but if you are a Sun Taurus with Proserpina in Scorpio, your financial/property opportunities begin in October 2017 and continue into 2018 as Jupiter (abundance) moves into Scorpio (finance) and opposite Taurus (land). That is a very broad, general interpretation.

  54. Hi Jessica,
    I am still finalising the last parts of my divorce and last 2 years with my marriage and work have been turbulent to say the least. I am in the process to move overseas for work, but the process seems to be taking a long time. Can you tell me how Jupiter will impact me this year.
    Thanks again

    1. It does get better. In fact from May 2018 the turbulent divorce will feel like ancient history. Please trust the future as you will never have a relationship like that again. Future relationships will be remarkably calm. Moving overseas? Yes, it will take time, but you will end up in the right situation. Even more importantly you need to relaunch. Think about your personal appearance (everything from your teeth to your jackets) and look at new roles/titles – work is just one example – you could pick up some other prestigious niche, maybe for something you’re not even paid for. That is seriously where the luck is.

  55. Please could you tell me how this which areas this will affect for me? I seem to have had very little luck for years now and it would be nice to have something positive to look forward to.

    1. Look to the idea/project/course/plan that came up since September. You either need to put more energy into it, or remember what you passed over or ignored and return to it. That is where there luck is – and there may be more than once concept or intellectual challenge here. Could be two or three!

  56. Hi Jessica,

    I’m in the same bucket as of the other members here – I don’t have an exact birth time, and feel like I’m stuck in limbo at times, when looking at the chart and predictions. Are there any astrologers that you would recommend for birth chart/time rectification?


    1. Try Neil Spencer, who was formerly with The Observer as their astrologer and is author of True as the Stars Above, a wonderful history of astrology. He has a website under his own name and depending on his schedule may be able to fit you in for rectification. He is based in London.

  57. Hi Jessica, what areas of my life are going to be lucky for me this year as I want to make the most of any opportunities coming up? Thank you for your guidance

    1. You were born with Uranus at 23 Libra in the Seventh House, which describes the quality of the relationship you share with your former, current or potential partners. It also reveals the chemistry you create with your arch enemies, rivals or opponents. There is a part of you which can never be still, peaceful or content with the status quo with these people and you have a lifelong pattern of being attracted to lovers or work partners, even to enemies (we are also attracted to them) who are going to upset our lives – turn our world upside down. This is usually because, even though we think we are content with the way things are going – actually want a lot more freedom than that. There are always issues with Uranus in Libra about rejecting who/what we create, so it might be rejecting the institution of marriage, or it might be turning off a partner. We are then rejected in turn and in fact can trigger wholesale revolutions – cue instability, new beginnings, and the rest. You are now in a position to heal and fix a lot of the patterns of the past or resolve ‘the unresolved’ with your former partner. Jupiter is a tremendous healer and some overdue repair work can begin now through October which will either create far better chemistry with a certain someone, or even introduce a new person who you can workshop your old emotional or sexual habits with. If this is about an enemy or opponent of any kind, needless to say, you’ll get the best chance in 12 years to resolve this. Watch your weekly horoscope and if there are patterns at 23 Libra, boom, go for it.

  58. Hi, Jessica – Jupiter is hovering back and forth across my MC at 20 Libra, while Saturn is going back and forth across my ASC at 25 Sag (also my Bacchus at 25 Sag, and Fortuna at 21 Sag). How is Jupiter going to affect me? I have a freelance business doing several different things, and I love the variety. I just haven’t locked into a structure that is bringing sufficient income. Will Jupiter and Saturn shake loose some opportunities for me to jump on? I’m a premium member and you have my info. Thank you so much – I’m really enjoying my membership so far!

    1. Thank you. Actually nothing you mention is about money. Your best bet is to tap into the boom which is coming from October 2017 with more to save or make in 2018. One of your issues is the slowdown/stuckness worldwide as Saturn goes through Sagittarius and affects tourism, trade, globalisation, the worldwide web and so on. It improves dramatically at the end of this year when Saturn shifts.

      1. Fascinating! One of the things I do has to do with non-immigrant work visas for performers from Europe to come here to the States to tour. Another of my income streams has to do with social media and the web. Maybe I should take advantage of this slow time to enhance my skill sets with an eye to launching new product or services in October/November of this year?

        1. Your chart is showing! Definitely make a three year plan and watch for massive reform on immigration, travel, globalisation, export in 2019 which will affect your work on so many levels.

  59. I love photography. That’s one thing I am truly passionate about though I am an amateur. Will Jupiter help in taking it to the next level? Does my chart indicate any success in choosing that as a career?

    1. There is no symbol for photography in astrology – Neptune is about as close as we get – and actually you need to be way more adventurous than that. You have a gift for imagery but the technology and industry is massively shifting gears so the smart money is on new mediums/media and you need to watch what Silicon Valley is chasing.

  60. Hi Jessica please guide me nothing is helping me . I wanted for the time be passed so which will be better period for me to be successful in my work please guide me Thanks.

    1. You are in quite a slow-moving cycle so you can’t really rush your success, but between now and 2020 you will be given the chance to change your career to a completely different area. This will happen because the industry, profession or business you chose (which you don’t tell me, so I don’t know) will go through a massive upheaval. Most of your big choices will be in December 2017, January 2018, but December 2019-2020 is the really big fork in the road. As this is a long term transit it would be a smart move to get training in new areas, apart from the one you already are proficient in, so that you have something up your sleeve.

  61. Hi Jessica,

    I have a lot of Libra at the degrees mentioned, some in signs I’m not that familair with like Fortuna, Apolo etc. Could you give me a snapshot of what I should be expecting to focus on 2017. I’m in the middle of having to make a choice about a kids skincare/ health business with partners offering to kick start the intital investment for a %, or going it on my own with no investment. Partnerships scare me. I’ve never done a business with anyone before. They are friends that I’ve known since the early 2000’s. All that aside, very interested in the line up and undertsanding how I can use these lucky breaks to move ahead again after 2012- 2015/16 , which was a rough road personally. Take care.

    1. You actually have more than one good career choice in 2017. You currently have two or three, which began rolling in the last six months. So, this isn’t the only game in town. I don’t have the charts for the other people or the intended start date of the business so it’s not possible to comment. If you are scared by the partnership then use your Astrology Oracle to find out what’s going on.

  62. Hi Jessica
    How and in which way will my best luck come from Jupiter for me this year? I have Jupiter in Libra, but not quite sure how to interpret this.
    Thank you

    1. You have had your Jupiter Return in Libra in the Seventh House so I hope you used it. You also have Minerva at 23 Libra which is under transit from Jupiter and Uranus, which is very unusual. Minerva is your wisdom. She was the Roman goddess who was always seen with an owl. Libra and the Seventh House are about the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partners – and the nature of any conflict, opposition or rivalry. This will be a landmark year for this side of your life and you have some excellent solutions to reach for.

  63. Dear Jessica,
    Over the past few years my life has been pretty stagnant without any progress. Also currently I’m looking for work. Based on my chart will I be able to find work soon and will I be able to see a positive improvement of my life this year? (Assume that you can see my chart since I’m a member)

    Thank you so much for your guidance! NP

    1. Thank you NP. Whenever people use the word ‘stagnant’ you just know there is a Neptune problem and sure enough you are going through quite a long Neptune transit affecting your Sixth House of work. Neptune is associated with rivers, oceans and all bodies of water and if nothing is flowing – if it is as stagnant as stale pond water – then it is time to rethink everything. Have a look at the reality (or non-reality) of your ambitions. Are you being practical about the job you want, or the job it is actually possible to have? Sometimes this cycle is associated with yearning for work that does not exist, or longing for a career that is actually not possible. There is also very commonly a desire to escape from the routine of daily work and so one finds various ways of avoiding that. Sometimes the answer is to have two lines of work. One paid, regular, ordinary and bread-and-butter. The other, strictly cake – an escape. So, for example, people with this cycle can do very well having a fairly mundane 9 to 5 job, but on the weekends they pursue painting, or music, or writing, or acting. That gives them their non-reality/unreality.

      1. Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for the great insight around current situation. I have one last question, when will I find a suitable job? Whats’s the best time for this?

        Thanks again for the great work that you do. Really appreciate it. NP

        1. If your birth time is spot-on and you really do have the MC (Midheaven) at 24 Capricorn then it will be the transits of December 2017 and January 2018 that put you on show to potential employers. Please bear in mind though that your entire career is being reshaped, now through 2020, as Saturn moves over 24 Capricorn, alongside Jupiter – and Pluto is already in Capricorn. It would be a smart idea to talk to a career counsellor about your chosen field and possible alternatives.

  64. Hi Jessica, I’ve been trying for the past 3 months – to no luck so far – to find projects and assignments that I can do along with my research, to build a career network that can help with my full time job hunt a year or two down the line. In contrast to the last quarter of 2016 when doors were opening all over the place, this first quarter of 2017 has been the opposite! I don’t receive replies to my emails, don’t hear back on project applications, networking opportunities have been cancelled. Are things likely to change over summer and after?! I’m at a loss. Thank you!

    1. Ask The Astrology Oracle why you have been rejected and ignored. That could be interesting and the answer may not be personal. You do have the South Node at 14 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career and you have Pluto hovering around 14 Capricorn for the first time in 240 years. Some of this is karmic in nature – past life stuff – and as you can see if you read your ebooks the South Node is about repetition and stuck record situations. When Pluto moves right away from 14 Capricorn and goes off your Node, by all the laws of astrology the stuck record will change, but you do need to be aware of massive long term career reshaping now to 2020, please.

      1. Thanks a lot Jessica! So I did try the Oracle readings. First I asked about the current situation which was Proserpina + 4th House. Bang on, as I’m deeply conflicted across living and working in two separate parts of the world, but also want to find a way to be in both – a bridge of sorts. Then I asked about going forward, and it gave me Panacea and the 9th House, which I interpreted as my research (my PhD is being done overseas currently) being the solution to this in the long run, rather than some other job. So maybe I should try to more directly connect what I want to do with my research, and that’s where the opportunities will lie?! Fascinating process 🙂

        1. Congratulations, you just became your own pro psychic. And you nailed the interpretations. If you want to know more, look at Proserpina and Panacea in mythology and look at the paintings and sculpture too, online.

  65. Dear Jessica,

    I really need your insight for this matter. I was unable to seize the opportunity last Nov and now it seems he has decided another way. We met when Jupiter met my N. Node last June exactly on the day of your prediction. From astrology point of view, do you think my chance is still here or I should give up? Does my Aesculapia and Asc able to save it ? We have same Sun sign and he is a Leo rising while my asc should be 12 degree instead I guess as i had so much when Jupiter crossed it last year.

    one more thing, should i also check my asc horoscope monthly? Does Asc has as much influence as sun sign? Thank you very much for this.

    1. Thank you. Don’t read your Ascendant, always read your Sun Sign. Get on with your life but don’t give up because if you are both Sun Taurus people then your chances of making it work with each other are extremely high from October this year when Jupiter moves into your Seventh solar house of relationships. Perhaps seeing other people is part of the journey to a better relationship with each other. It’s such an intensely personal choice though so use your Astrology Oracle and try the Romeo and Juliet reading.

      1. Thank you for replying very time. It’s good to have you backup when things are desperate and there seems to be no way around solving it. He is probably not available any more. This is heart breaking. Do let Taurus know what is going on about the relationship matter. All the dates on your prediction have been very accurate which is stunning. The waiting and the guessing state is the most unbearable part of all. it is just better to give up than have the heart bleeding all the time.

        1. The path of true love never runs smooth and sometimes you need to see other people in order to come back to each other – or use the failure to move onto someone who actually is right – either way, you can’t lose – Jupiter in your Seventh House of love, sex and partnership from October is your best chance in 12 years to get close to someone in the right way at the right time.

  66. Hi Jessica,

    Looks like my previous message was not sent, so I thought I’d try again. I’ve been looking for a new job for a afew months now with no luck. Is Jupiter going to bring some luck in my professional life this year? Thank you in advance for tour valuable advice.


  67. Hi Jessica,

    I have Bacchus at 21 Sagittarius and Saturn at 27 Pisces and a potential career move to China in August/September 2017. Will Jupiter’s conjunctions to these degrees in August and September be helpful? I am concerned about the role of Saturn in both cases as I do not like Saturn. Thanks for any insight as it may help me decide how to proceed.

    1. Saturn crossing Bacchus at 21 Sagittarius in your Ninth House when you are considering China will slow you down, maybe give you an obstacle, but the long-term looks good, as Jupiter will move to Sagittarius in the final quarter of 2018, so perhaps the obstacle course is part of a wider pathway that you end up enjoying – even loving. I understand your concern about Saturn but actually, the wider travel or emigration picture holds so much for you, whatever you decide to do about those big boulders in your way.

  68. Hi Jessica

    I would love to know more about how I should move forward this year and where my luck lies: so far I’m not feeling terribly lucky at all!

    I recently returned from 18 months travelling, and whilst I had a wonderful time I was also incredibly lonely – possibly due to Saturn in my rising sign? – and this has continued now that I’m home. I have a flat that I rent rooms out in, and on my return I asked 2 of the lodgers to leave. The atmosphere was terrible as they were very annoyed, and I have just found out (by pure chance) that the other 2 lodgers had been planning to leave with them whilst giving me only 3 days notice. ‘Luckily’ for me their plan fell through, but now I feel stuck living with duplicitous people. I would rather they left, but I need the income.

    I am planning to move to Canada this year but am not sure when to leave, as I need to earn some more money beforehand I think. I would be renting the flat out to tenants and leaving it in the hands of a management company, but I am anxious about all the paperwork and associated costs. Perhaps the heart of all my problems is money, so I would love to know about the huge savings/earnings that you speak of regularly in my horoscope! (Your Virgo prediction also rings very true for me this week as I do indeed have a mountain of stuff to deal with – I’m a bit of a hoarder by nature.)

    My one bit of luck so far is that I managed to get the first freelance job I interviewed for when I came home; but all it really did was confirm that I hate the 9-5 lifestyle and my dream of working remotely so I can earn whilst I travel is still something I’m desperate to make a reality. Any insight here would be wonderful 🙂

    I’m also in the process of learning to drive, and need to apply for another passport: are these things likely to go terribly awry during Mercury Retrograde? I’m terrified of losing my papers in the post, or failing my test as it’s the key to my freedom in Canada.

    Sorry for all the questions! Thanks again for all your insight, I hope you can provide a bit more clarity on 2017 for me.


    PS will I ever have a boyfriend again? No sign of any luck in love this year yet either 😉

    1. Yes, you will have the opportunity to date a new boyfriend this year, as Jupiter crosses 22 Libra and sits on your Venus-Pluto conjunction at 22 Libra. The door will appear, along with the key, though it is up to you to turn the lock and not shut the door again. The situation will either go back and forth by October, or someone will pop up, go off the scene, then reappear. Moving onto money – yes, you are a Virgo who has the chance to save and make money. Thus the end of the lodgers and the start of new opportunities to use your property to make you steady income with this management company, or another. I can’t make you do the paperwork 🙂 Allow me to say – you sound overwhelmed and rather flat/down. You are actually in a really good position with your property, the freelance job, the driving test, Canada and the rest. What you probably need is a bit of distance healing. Reiki is very good and I suggest you experiment with all the generous Reiki masters on YouTube who provide their gifts for nothing. By the way you won’t stop travelling and although you think you’ve seen the world, what happens from May 2018 will change your life and blow your mind.

      1. Thanks so much Jessica 🙂 Yes you are quite right, I’m feeling really overwhelmed at the moment what with the all the decisions that need to be made and uncertainty with various paths in my life. I do know how lucky I am to have these ‘problems’, but it doesn’t stop worry creeping in! Thanks for the recommendation for Reiki, I have never tried it but will look into it for sure. I’ve taken up Pilates recently and that has helped. Interesting about the boyfriend who comes and goes; I tend to attract a lot of commitmentphobes so this sounds familiar already…! I’m very happy to hear I won’t stop travelling, and intrigued to see what May 2018 onwards will bring 🙂

  69. Hi Jessica,

    Hi Jessica,

    12 years ago I benefited from Jupiter/career opportunities in Sept 2004 and January 2005, both of which were quickly grabbed and started me on my current (former?) contracting roles; By coincidence I interviewed with the same org. in January this year as that in January 2005! This time I was on the receiving end of the now usual confused/confusing/disrespectful process I’ve experienced since May last year. It seems that Jupiter transits have to be understood in the context of one’s own chart AND current transits eg. Pluto in Cap. Have now sort of given up trying to get back in to corporatedom and working hard on home renovations instead, trouble is the little money pot will not last for ever. Is this all about finding my independence? Seems like one roadblock after another. Love your thoughts. X

    1. You’re a heavily Capricorn person going through the biggest transformation of your life, as Pluto goes through Capricorn and your Tenth House, reshaping who you are, in the context of the work you do, and the success you have. This is just the start, as Saturn and Jupiter will follow and by 2020 the process will be complete. Yes, Jupiter transits do have to be read in the context of the other transits you are having. What you are supposed to be doing is dealing with dominating, powerful corporations and people by developing your own strategy, your own power and your own tight controls, over your own life. People tend to throw their hands up in the air on Pluto transits and give in. It never works – in fact it makes things worse. Your home renovations will only satisfy you for so long before you have to get back in the game. You are supposed to be far more powerful – invincible, in fact – than you are at the moment. In fact, the power is being offered to you on a plate, repeatedly, but for some reason you are not accepting it. If you look around you, you will see that you have been steadily supplied with the resources, tools, contacts, connections, circumstances and all the rest – for years. The missing ingredient has been willpower. Actually, you may be confronted by the prospect of being powerful – a lot of women are – as they were not raised to own their own potency. When you figure out what your mountain top is, start climbing, because that triple transit of Capricorn could change your life and make you a real player – the impact would last your whole life.

  70. Hi Jessica I think I have my natal Bacchus conjunct this Jupiter transit in the seventh house? What does this mean for me? I’ve been dating (somewhat unsuccessfully) for a while…any insights on whether my luck might change would be appreciated! Many thanks to you and your team.

    1. You have Bacchus at 20 Libra and Ops at 24 Libra, and both are just as important as each other. Your luck is changing even as you read this, and Bacchus is about ‘have a good time, all the time’ in a very sensual sense. Bacchanalia were orgies and feasts and looking for a partner didn’t come into it. If you are up for that, then that is just what will be on offer as these transits circle 20 Libra. Ops is just as important, though, and she is that part of you which solves problems, overcomes difficulties and trusts in a win-win solution. Jupiter and Ops were actually son and mother, in mythology, so as Jupiter slowly crosses Ops – you will see a really profound answer. Now through October you’ll have choices. Just remember, Bacchus was never the marrying kind.

      1. Oh, how interesting Jessica, thank you. Not exactly what I had in mind from dating, was hoping for something more settled…I thought maybe with Saturn in my seventh house I just might get it? Or is Saturn limiting developments there?
        The ops interpretation is very significant as I’ve been having ongoing problems with my daughters father in the last few years who we currently have little to do with. This is starting to take its toll on my daughter who is becoming more aware as she grows and I’m hoping we might be able to achieve some sort of peace. I Iwonder if this transit might help with that? He’s a very difficult and volatile character so part of me wants to run in the opposite direction but I feel I must make peace for her sake.

        1. You’ll get there. The double-edged sword with Ops in a chart is that she brings solutions but also the problem before the solution. Ops was found in 1979 and given her highly significant name that year. The more you read about Ops (and the more art you see, showing her at work) the more you realise that you have to stick around for the long haul – the long-term outcome. I am sorry you are going through this, with your daughter, yet your horoscope is also on your side if you can keep the faith. And the ultimate answer will suit all of you.

  71. Dear Jessica,
    I am working with Cambridge start up technology company and we hope to make an internet safer for children – this is the specific focus of the company. The company was founded on 27 August 2013. Could you please let me know how prospects look like for me for this year? I have invested lots of time, money and efforts, as I believe in this cause.

    Many Thanks as always : )

    1. It’s going to be extremely successful and some good karma earned from 1999, 2000 will help (perhaps you graduated or got a significant project/job in those years that is relevant now). You were actually born to do this, as you have a strong chart signature in Leo in the Fifth House, which rules children. Just be aware of a couple of tricky eclipses in August when you won’t see/won’t know – exactly what is required – I will write about those closer to the time. Those eclipses are partly or wholly in Leo, which is why I mention them. By October, though, you should have been given exactly the support you need and the global interest you want.

  72. Dear Jessica,
    thanks for your extremely interesting work you are sharing with us! Please can you make sense of it for me, as I have 11 instances of exact match, and 7 one degree away. You have answered me that I will go independent, which is what I desire (learning, coaching, development field), so please let me know what to focus on and pay attention to along that journey. Thanks a lot!

    1. Okey dokey. So you are experiencing ongoing Uranus transits (from 2016) to your birth chart, and these are affecting several areas of your life at once. Uranus can manifest in people or large organisations, so you have seen self-defeating or self-sabotaging behaviour by individuals or groups, as they reject you, or reject what you are trying to do. You have heard ‘No’ in other words. This forces you to take radical steps and become far more independent, breaking free from who/what had you locked into a particular system or set-up before. If you continue to put up with ‘No’ but do not make the move, you will be going against the cycles of Uranus and astrology, which urges you to be independent. Doing your own thing, your own way, in your own time, is what this cycle is all about. You may have had 1, 2 or 3 examples of those who are stuck in the past, or stagnating, where you felt you simply had to rebel or reject what they were doing. This is also the ‘No’ of the Uranus cycle and by revolting against what they stand for, or who they are, you also break free and find new, far more relevant and authentic ways to be yourself, and do what you do! Lightning (real or symbolic) often accompanies such moments. It’s a 2000+ year old omen; do look out for it.

      1. Thank you so much, Jessica! I have been stubborn, I suppose, and exactly having the mutual game of rejection going on … way too different values, beliefs, principles … and yet thinking it must come to the right way. Now I know it never could, and I will break free. You are totally right in your description of the situation – the whole thing did leave me drained, but I am sure the positive energy will come soon.

  73. Dear Jessica,
    I read this article with interest as I am desperate for some good luck in my life, as the recent few years have been terribly stressful, hitting all aspects of my life, financial, career, family, you name it! When I looked up my birth chart from you I was shocked to see I have Jupiter in Cancer! I remember reading once, in one of your articles, that when there are family/family tree problems you look at the Cancer placement. I have had awful family problems for the last 15 years (not with my nuclear family), with my mother and siblings. An argument years ago left me the scapegoat. Whilst I have cut ties with my siblings (self-preservation), I have recently found that they have spent 15 years harvesting a hate campaign of lies and hatred, tarnishing my reputation with others, cutting me out of inheritance and blaming me for anything and everything – which cannot be further from the truth. I used to be very close to my mother, so this has been terrible for me. How on earth can my ‘lucky Jupiter’ be in Cancer? (My birth time is accurate, I know that for certain) Lucky breaks, good timing, big solutions and huge breakthroughs are definitely not phrases I would use for the last 15 years regarding my family tree and I can’t see that changing. How does Jupiter in Cancer work here? Thank you for looking at my chart Jessica, I would love there to be healing between my mother and I, but I just can’t see a way forward, I feel I am up against so much hatred and damage. Can Jupiter in Cancer bring a change in 2017 or do I just cut my losses and give up on my relationship with my mother? In my own head, I have to forgive her for all the terrible things she has done and said. I find that a very hard thing to do when she stands behind her actions.

    1. I am sorry you have been through such a bad time with your brothers and sisters. Thank you for checking your birth time as it’s one of those (12.45) which people often get confused about, with am/pm and you were obviously born on the Jupiter cusp, just edging over the line from Gemini. If you have had problems only since 2002 then it’s a transit, not a lifelong issue. You say you were close to your mother before. If your birth data is bang-on then you have an exact Jupiter-Psyche conjunction in Cancer in the Fourth House of family. Psyche was the woman whose great beauty attracted the jealousy of her sisters who betrayed her. She then attracted the animosity of Venus, her mother-in-law. Psyche is worth looking at, in art and mythology, because I suspect the myth is coming alive in your chart. You also had Pluto right opposite Psyche at 0 Cancer when he began his long cycle in Capricorn back in 2008, so 8-9 years ago. You also have Vesta in Cancer, which describes situations of several females/one male, usually with the male power-tripping the females in some way. Have a really good, close look at Vesta and Psyche (beyond Jupiter) and particularly the art. Sometimes you can see an answer just by searching a painting. Both Vesta and Psyche can be painful but there is a way out. It begins by playing the female-to-female politics in a radically different way. Hit Search and also your ebooks to find out more about these two asteroids in your chart.

  74. Hi Jessica,

    Forgive me this cri de coeur, but I’m afraid I am in a bit of a quandary and I wonder if perhaps you may deign to elucidate me concerning a few but small matters relating to my general circumstances of late.

    To be quite honest, the last year and change has been something of a slow raking over the coals (including an encounter with a life threatening illness and subsequent time convalescing in hospital much to the detriment of my ability to secure income). With that being said, I have been patiently waiting for the tides to turn in my favor, however softly and slowly. And by patient, I do not mean idly sitting on my hands but instead quietly getting on with the business of life while keeping an eye open for opportunities to arise. A spiritual teacher once said to me, “It is enough to met one’s responsibilities’ and I am now learning to see the inherent wisdom in this statement. However, I wouldn’t be writing to you if I wasn’t in the market for some insight so I best get to the matter at hand….

    My Asc and Pluto are both in Libra (19 and 18 degrees) and it is my understanding that when Jupiter and Pluto square that a brilliant opportunity or breakthrough will be possible with a former, current, or prospective partner, something which only happens once every 12 years. As it stands, I am currently not partnered, have no prospects even though I am a man about town and actively engaged in the stream of life, and my ex partner (with whom I would dearly love to reconcile with) and I have not spoken a word since the eclipse last September. In few words, the waters are still without a trace of a breeze. What’s a boy to do, especially as now seems to be the time that this transit is occurring?

    Some other factors which may or may not bear mentioning are that I have Juno and Aesculapia in Pisces (at 26 and 27 degrees) and I think Venus will retrograde through those points soon. Also (and this may be really stretching it), I have Chiron and Fortuna in Taurus (at 6 and 1 degree) and those might be triggered during this Mercury Retro?

    With all that being said (and it is a lot), I am really starting to wonder when Fate is going to step in and lend a gentle hand to the proceedings because at this point it feels as if the “mating and relating” era of my life is well and truly over (what’s the male equivalent of a spinster?) and I may as well found my own private hermitage somewhere far from the madding crowd, spending my days conversing with the local wildlife and subsisting on berries and bark. Which, in a different context, doesn’t sound half bad some days.

    Any thoughts you may have regarding the placements in my chart would be a salve and a mercy. I should like to echo the sentiment of many, many people and say that your time and efforts are truly appreciated and your capacity for service is undeniable. My thanks and gratitude to you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. The life-threatening illness and hospital time must have been very hard to go through, but also not uncommon for someone born with Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House of health. What happened to you can only happen once in your life – transiting (travelling) Neptune passed by in Pisces, and opposed your Saturn. If you want to look up that transit, you were experiencing Neptune opposite Saturn. To be born with Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House at 9 Virgo, quincunx Bacchus at 9 Aries in your First House, describes real issues about how you are to serve others, or do your duty, or pursue some kind of work ethic. It will take a little while to work that out. It may be that you have to split up your time, so that some of what you do is practical/paid and the rest allows you to escape. Your former partner is at the heart of Jupiter’s transit through Libra and your Seventh House of dating, mating and relating. As you say, you were born with Pluto at 18 Libra, conjunct the Ascendant at 19 Libra – but you missed out Cupido at 28 Libra in your chart which is significant, as Cupido describes desire. It is quite true that Jupiter, the great healer/helper of astrology, has passed through 18 and 19 Libra – and on 30th March we saw a Jupiter-Pluto square, at 19 Libra and 19 Capricorn, which transited both Pluto and your Ascendant, almost exactly. Along with the healing and helping, you also have major questions about the balance of power, probably with your ex – and as the Seventh House describes enemies, rivals and opponents too – it may be about someone who is against you, as much as it is about someone who was once with you. Jupiter is on your side for quite some time (he’ll conjunct Cupido later this year) but the Pluto square can’t be ignored either. It’s rather intense and very hard work. The trick to managing this cycle is to summon up self-control and willpower to run your own life, or run your own love life, rather than submit to the power of other people, or overwhelming situations. There is no doubt about it; you have been put through the mill. However, you have a stunning line-up in your chart at 20 degrees of the zodiac signs, and will have the means to travel or move – and study/expand your knowledge – before too long. In fact the theme of travelling, exploring and learning is quite rich in your chart and will benefit you all your life. Your chances of working it out with your former partner are excellent this year, but if not, there will be another opportunity with someone else, so please do not give up hope.

  75. Hi Jess
    I love Jupiter, gives me hope and opportunities. I see that my Jupiter is in Saggitarius. So from reading your website, it means that I will get opportunities in teaching, education etc. However, just want to know if Jupiter is limited to these field because I want to start a nutrition practice and target young adults 15-30 to tweak their diet and wellbeing. I am aiming for November-Dec. Appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks

    1. That makes sense, Jyothsna, as you have Pluto and the MC (Midheaven) in Virgo in the Sixth House. I’m not sure why you are aiming at 15-30 year olds as it is actually people 50+ who are most obsessed with their bodies (they were born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, in the Sixth House, as a generation). However, you will be helped by Jupiter moving into Scorpio from October, which will immediately sextile your MC and then slowly move to sextile your Pluto in 2018. You may want to read more about what it means to have Pluto in Virgo, too.

      1. Hmmm…..interesting Jessica…I looked at that age group because of chances of more clients. Will read up on Pluto in Virgo too. Many thanks for your time. Appreciate your generosity regards

  76. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you very much for all the hard work you’re doing for us. May God bless you everyday for your talented gift.

    I’ve been unemployed since September 2015, and had to make a move back home. Since then, I’ve recovered from.a painful illness, which is better today, thanks God. As far as career, social life and love, it’s completely empty so far.

    Below are my informations, and I’d like to know what more to expect from 2017 and 2018, hopefully, a lot of goodies in my life.

    My name is Davy, and I was born on October 20th, 1987 @ 4.30 AM (Time Zone is CET), at Moanda (Gabon). I have:
    Sun 26 Libra 1st house
    Rising 4 Libra
    Moon 25 Virgo 12th house
    Venus 11 Scorpio 2nd house
    Mercury 12 Scorpio 2nd house
    Mars 7 Libra 1st house
    Jupiter 24 Aries 7th house
    Saturn 17 Sagittarius 3rd house
    Uranus 23 Sagittarius 3rd house
    Pluto 9 Scorpio 2nd house
    Neptune 5 Capricorn 4th house
    North Node 2 Aries 6th house

    1. Thank you, Davy. Unemployment and illness are usually a sign that you have chart factors in Virgo which are being put under pressure. You have the Moon at 25 Virgo but it’s not in the Twelfth House, it’s in the Sixth House, in the system I use. The Sixth House rules your body and your workload. You also have a semi-sextile from the Moon to the Sun at 26 Libra, so your identity (the Sun) can’t be separated from your physical condition and your work ethic. The time to rebuild your career and your body is coming. From Christmas 2017 through 2021 we will see Jupiter, Ceres, Saturn, Pluto all trine your Moon. There will be massive changes in your national/global career picture which benefit you. You can do yourself a favour in the meantime by reading widely on Virgo.

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