Astrochemistry allows you to look at your birth chart, and the birth charts of your former, current or potential loves, to find out what’s really going on.

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 Exclusive to all Premium Members, Astrochemistry  allows you to look at your birth chart, and the birth charts of your former, current or potential loves, to find out what’s really going on. Adapted from Astrolove, this ebook is a useful guide to the many different ways the 12 zodiac signs blend in your personal horoscope – and that of your beloved. Download now. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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28 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, Thankyou for your wonderful work! I always look foward to Sundays as I get to read my weekly forcast from you ! I have a quick question if you didnt mind. I was born on 3rd August 1981 in Ballarat, Victoria. I have had a wonderful start to 2017, which I am enjoying and am very grateful for. I was interested to get your perspective regarding love and relationships for me this year. Thanks and Best Wishes Melinda

    1. Melinda, that’s so nice to hear, thank you. You could easily accept a commitment from a lover this year, or make one, as trends not seen in 12 years cross your chart. Jupiter is crossing 21, 27 Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex and promises. That’s both a healing experience and an open door to something or someone really big. You don’t say if you met someone already or are moving along in a relationship, but I expect you already are.

  2. Thank you so much Jessica, fascinating…

    if I only knew you, or this much astrology, when I got into a relationship with someone with whom I have/had differences on everything; literally every planet is in different signs. ;)))
    But then again, where would I have learnt this much, and changed this much, if not thru pain!? :/

  3. Peace & Abundance Jess:

    Hope all is well for you and family!

    I have my South node in Libra at 22 degrees. What should I expect???

    Love & Light

    1. Thank you, Vee. Jupiter’s conjunction to your South Node is about your past life relationship with your former, current or potential partner. You will experience it now through March and again in September 2017. The time has come to heal the past and also any past life debts that need to be balanced. You will also gain from past life credits. It is possible a situation from recent years will repeat itself, thematically, and this time you will have a chance to achieve total closure.

  4. Wow, you have done it again, this read was fascinating, Thank you!!!

    two quick questions:

    The book says we can find planetary placements for ourselves or our mates on page xx, where is that?

    Also can you tell if my past life returns will be past life credits or negative karma return?

    Thanks and happy Asian New Year

    1. Sorry, a paragraph I intended for the introductory page has gone missing. What you should have read was ‘This ebook, updated for 2017, now enables you to use your Premium Chart and that of your partner (if he or she is a member too) to compare chemistry. Instead of looking up the planetary placements as advised (on page XX) just turn to your charts to decode the factors you share.’ I’ll make sure that missing paragraph is put onto the page now. Thank you!

  5. Thank you for the Valentine’s gift. Somehow I don’t see Gemini + Scorpio, and don’t see Virgo + Aquarius.


    1. That’s because there is no chemistry between those signs. You are probably trading on Cancer/Scorpio stuff in both charts, and Libra/Aquarius stuff in the other set of charts.

      1. Thank you. And maybe the Leo/Sag stuff too.

        Thank you also for the article on the explosive Feb – March astrology. US politics is unraveling day by day.


        1. Because the Trumpascope does not work, I am now using the White House chart (at least we have a foundation stone that’s been there for a couple of 100 years). To be fair, the Clintonscope doesn’t work either (three birth times, and who knows if any of them are right!) Stay tuned.

        1. No, I’m saying the chemistry between a Sun Scorpio and Sun Gemini is probably down to the fact that the Scorpio type has Libra factors which agree beautifully with the Gemini factors of the other. Or the Gemini type has Cancer factors which agree beautifully with the Scorpio type.

  6. Hi Jessica. Thank you for your blog posts -I always find them so interesting and look forward to reading them as they come out daily/weekly/monthly. I have a very close amazing male friend (pisces/pisces) who it seems at times things get closer to being together in a more relationship style but i am often left in a confused/uncertain state by mixed signals. Alot this week for Aries points positively to Relationship potentials, but none in his astro. I wander if there is some direction of to be positive and patient or other things are on the horizon for me 🙂

    1. Pisces/Pisces connections can be confusing, as you two share psychic communication but you are also dealing with a slippery and elusive person who will disappear and occasionally distort the truth, it has to be said, in order to evade and avoid. I have seen a few Pisces-Pisces couples in my time and there is a lot of time-wasting unless both people talk turkey. Which usually doesn’t happen! Sometimes it’s better to put the hard word on a Pisces man (a fine Australian phrase) so that you can find out if he wants to sleep with you or if he’s just wasting your time on some kind of weird ego trip for himself.

  7. Happy Valentine’s day in advance Jessica! I love, love, love the pdf file! Many thanks for this wonderful gift. Would you be so kind as to tell me what I can expect this year in terms of love and romance? Again. Many thanks in advance.

    1. I’m glad you like it – I will pass that onto Janine (though you can read this like an ebook – just click on Slideshow on your desktop). You have Mercury at 23 Libra in the Seventh House of love, sex and commitment. The communication (Mercury) you share (Seventh House) with your former, current or potential partner (Libra) is expanding (Jupiter) in 2017 for the first time in 12 years, adding to (Jupiter) your love life and fixing (Jupiter) any issues you two have had – or you have had, with communication in general. The issue for you is Uranus (radical change) opposite Mercury also at 23 degrees, coming from Aries, the opposite sign. Confronting (the opposition) issues about freedom and independence (Uranus) will challenge you to grow, repair, resolve, fix and generally overhaul this crucial chemistry you share with this person.

  8. Thank you and welcome to Premium Membership. My waiting list for 2018 is about to close, unfortunately, but 2019 will open later on, with a reminder to you on your newsletter. You are going through a major career transition between now and 2020 and should begin by searching ‘Capricorn’ and ‘Tenth House’ and looking up your Capricorn chart factors.

    1. If you waitlisted for a 2018 reading and you don’t know if you’ve been accepted, you may want to ask Support. You have Pluto passing 18 Capricorn in your Tenth House of position, mission and ambition and of course you were born with Saturn at 18 Capricorn, so you are experiencing the 240+ year cycle of Pluto over your Saturn. This is far more important than your house of apartment. Now through 2020 you will go through a series of transits as Jupiter and Saturn also go through Capricorn (your Saturn Return). If there is one thing you could do for yourself in 2017 it would be to gather all your qualifications, training, work history and the rest and go see a professional career advisor.

  9. Hi Jessica and Merry Love Day.

    Am wondering if you might be able to give me a heads up on when i might meet/have new love opportunity.

    I was divorced in 1999 and have been single since with a few very confusing relationships thrown in over the years.

    In reading this new ebook…I totally recognize myself as the Virgo workaholic whose health might be on the verge…

    Yes. I know i should do more to “invest” in my love life but honestly, love has not been that kind to me and I’ve almost accepted that I am to stay alone/single all the rest of my days; yet, deep down, I still believe in rainbows & unicorns and one day, meeting a mate.

    Will 2017 – 2018 present any better than normal opportunities for me in love?

    1. I suspect a Neptune issue in your chart. The key word is ‘confusing’ and then ‘rainbows and unicorns’ is not far behind! I can’t see your horoscope but look at your Neptune aspects. If you were born in the Sixties you may have Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money, sex and property, which is worth a book all by itself. Awareness is everything. What is Neptune doing for you, or not doing for you?

  10. Hi Jessica.
    You’ve done it again….excellent work on this. I got so tickled at reading “Her Virgo Side” and at one point I thought: “Why isn’t my picture sitting next to this?” LOL
    I am one of those Virgos, however, where neatness is not my thing. I have piles of books and whatnot all over the place yet there is order in my chaos. On the workaholic/stress/health…Yes. That’s me….no social life so I pour my energy into work.
    On the one hand, I know that I should become more proactive in dating, yet, Love has been very elusive for me and I feel that having Neptune so close to my Venus *and* Venus being in Scorpio creates real problems for me…I can never see the “true nature” of the male standing in front of me.

    Back in 2015 I met The Scorpion man. Our moons, NN, SN & Neptunes conjunct. AND…his Sun, Venus, Neptune & Mercury all sit on my MC.
    It ended one year to the day we met in 2016. It’s been very difficult….as I feel as though I’ve been amputated. Never experienced this before and having a hard time shaking it.

    I was wondering if you might be able to take a look at my chart and see if there might be a date in which the conditions might be favorable in meeting someone new. I’m not lonely, but am tired of being alone.

    Thanks so much for all your dedicated, hard work and wealth of knowledge that use to share with us.

    1. Tara, Fortuna at 23 Libra in your chart should do it. Every high is a low, and every low is a high – and it involves your former, current or potential partners in 2017. The phrase ‘kiss the joy as it flies’ comes to mind. You can read more about Fortuna in your ebooks and on this website. The big shift for you will be Jupiter into Scorpio from October and from that point you will have an opportunity to expand and improve the relationship you have with a former, current or potential lover who is crucial to your plans for your money, house or apartment. The door stays open through 2018.

  11. Hi Jessica, I’ve tried to find my birth time over the years with no luck. Is there any way I can work this out, so my chart is accurate. I really don’t think I am a Pisces sun and moon.
    Thank you Jenny xx

    1. You are strongly Virgo so may be living that out, because Pisces can be tricky to express. People in the busy, workaholic modern world tend to have issues with strongly Pisces people (too flakey, never on time, don’t live in the real world, use alternative facts and so on!) However, if you think you may have been born with a wrong birth time that’s not enough to change your Pisces Sun. Try Aquarius Moon and see if that works.

  12. You actually have a ton of past life karma to clear with your former husband and former lover, and that has not been possible until now. From May 2017 you will be balancing the scales with both of these people. Once the karma is clear then you can think about a new relationship.

  13. Dear Jessica,

    Me and my boyfriend has aries/cancer connection in the Sun, scorpio/scorpio in the moon, pisces/leo in mercury, aries/virgo in mars, and pisces/virgo in venus. When we are together it’s amazing but when we are apart it feels so platonic.
    We have scorpio/scorpio connection as the most common in other asteroids.
    We are planning to start a business together by the end of this year, will it work out.

    Appreciate you response and thanks in advance,

    1. Jupiter won’t make any exact hits on your chart in 2016 but you will notice Jupiter crossing your Pluto in Scorpio (sex and money, deadly serious property, personal finances) in 2018 when there is a substantial opportunity to save or gain.

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