2017 Astrological Financial Madness

From 1-20 May 2017 we will experience the kind of sharemarket and financial madness that only Mercury Retrograde can deliver.

From April Fool’s Day (1st April, 2017) through to 20th May, we will experience the kind of sharemarket and financial madness that only Mercury Retrograde can deliver. Mercury Retrograde is occurring in Taurus, the sign of the bull, which rules bull markets and gold bullion. It also rules the charging Wall Street bull sculpture.

When Mercury, the planet of computers, information, the internet, communication and multimedia goes forwards, stands still, goes backwards, disappears, pops up again and then goes back over old ground – you just know we’re in for six weeks of financial madness. One of the reasons for this is that a stack of astrologers still don’t use Mercury Retrograde Shadow, so large portions of the world think life is running smoothly when it isn’t!

It’s a great six weeks to sit on a beach somewhere, stare at your laptop, drink a cocktail and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse your moves. It’s a very good time for rough sketches, first drafts, first attempts and the rest (to be concluded when Mercury Retrograde Shadow finally ends on 20th May). If you want to make a major transaction, purchase or sale, though – be aware. This cycle is notorious for coinciding with delays, suspension, rescheduling and even total reversal. A complete turnaround.


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Not only do we have the muddle and mess of Mercury Retrograde in April and the first three weeks of May, we also have Mars and Ceres also in Taurus, the same sign (ruling finance) where we find Mercury madness. This means people move faster, react more hastily, and take less time to check. It also means there is a major reorganisation or restructure taking place, not only with the American business world, but also with the American, Asian and European economy. This will be echoed around the world, in the Eurozone and also in terms of the British pound.

This is the very first sign of the massive revolution to come in the banking system, big business and taxation – perhaps even currencies – which we will see from May 2018. Why? Uranus (radical change, reform) goes into Taurus from that point on. People are going to look back at this crazy time and say ‘This was the catalyst.’

Watch the Moon. We have a New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday 26th April which spells a new beginning. It may be a big political announcement about banks, or taxes – for example. It may be a huge merger between two corporate giants. This is not a New Moon to trust any new launch, though, because the actual details will be in flux for around 2-3 more weeks and depending on the personal charts of the individuals or organisations are involved, it is possible that this will simply never stick.


April 1st to May 20th 2017 sees the risk of a flash crash or regular crash on Wall Street or a similarly important stock exchange, like China. We will see wild fluctuations. There is a good chance of a technical meltdown which causes sharemarket flux.  This period also sees the chance of a substantial hacking of at least one bank, maybe more.

From April 1st to May 20th we will see the messiest negotiation process in years, as more than one big business gets caught by computer or human error. Anything from a political scandal to a major hacking could rock at least one world economy. The Dow is likely to be extremely erratic at this time. We’re going to see protests about banks and the economy around the world.

This period, April-May 2017, will go down in history as the forerunner of the biggest revolution in banking, taxation and currency in our lives, starting May 2018, which may even be chosen as the start date for the particular anniversary of an event now. May 2018 and the years beyond 2020 will turn the known financial world upside-down, partly because of what goes down in April and May this year. Why? Uranus in Taurus from May 2018 will ultlmately move across 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 degrees of the sign, which is where muddled, messy Mercury Retrograde is this year.

What to dotreat this period as a dress rehearsal. Go through the motions but don’t sign or agree too easily.

What not to doexpect permanence, finality, completion in this time-frame. A stop-start process is likely!

Do you have factors at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Taurus? You have a financial, shopping, business, property, charity or economic story going down, which will trigger mail, e-mail, meetings, calls or news. Allow the process to go back and forth for a few weeks. This is not the full story nor is it the final story. Read the fine print. Allow for stop-start progress. These are old astrological rules!

April and May 2017 see financial madness that will eventually lead to the biggest banking and economic revolution of our lives, starting in May 2018 and continuing beyond 2020. 

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54 Responses

  1. Ohhh Jessica! I have Taurus at 0 and 1 and as you may remember I am concerned about money. Is this anything to be concerned about or just mindful of. Also we are looking at our budget and may consider a downsize. We don’t want to do this, what do you see in this regard?
    Thank you, I appreciate your responses.

    1. You may want to finalise the budget once April-May is over, depending on how quickly you want to move, as there will be strong clues about the way the long-term future is going to be for world economies, the property market and so on, from that point – with deeper changes from May 2018 as Uranus well and truly enters Taurus and crosses your chart. If you really want to survey the landscape and know where the land lies, you’ll get your binoculars out in April-May and watch, and also get good advice from a financial professional.

  2. Hi Jessica , I have Uranus in Scorpio at 1 degree with Saturn in Leo and Venus in Virgo both at 1 degree . Also I have my decendant at 5 Taurus . How is this going to affect me ? Thanks

    1. You will be personally affected by the transits ahead, including Jupiter in Scorpio, which gives you opportunities to save or gain money (from the final quarter of this year). In general, with a pile-up at 1 degree, including Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, business you are going to need superb advice from a professional once the cycle really begins. In general, be mindful of the potential for flux across April May.

  3. Thank you for this post as this is fascinating. I have Saturn in Taurus at 2 degrees and recently researched the markets. Hoping I choose wisely. Please let me know if I should be on the look-out for something. Thanks!

    1. Saturn at 2 Taurus is a good example of someone for whom security, stability, permanence and protection are massive issues with money so I am not surprised you are researching this early in the cycle. Some people do gain from Mercury Retrograde as they buy low and sell high during the madness, but you have to know what you are doing. In general, it’s a state of flux which is best remembered if you’re trying to nail things down.

  4. Hi Jessica, just got one question, we are planning to rebuild the house this year, so now are looking for builder, is Feb/March still good time to sign a building contract or should I wait till June?

    1. You can go ahead, having put up with delays, reversals or other complications in December, January. You may as well begin sourcing builders now, but just watch out for the Mercury Retrograde periods – the first one begins, in shadow, the final week of March.

  5. Dear Jessica,
    Thanks for this great article. In France, the presidential elections will be held on 23rd April and 7th May. There are 4 serious pretenders : Benoit Hamon (left wing, born 26 juin 1967), François Fillon (right wing, born 4 mars 1954, currently tangled up in the Penelope-gate scandal, not sure they will keep him as their candidate), Emmanuel Macron (3rd path between left and right, born on 21 december 1977) and Marine Le Pen (I’m sure you know her, extreme-right, born on 5 August 1968). Can you make any prediction about the result ? Unfortunately, I don’t have their time of birth and I know from the US elections that they are essential. Many thanks !

    1. Thank you for reminding me about these crucial French elections. I will look at the chart for France in a new post for you as it’s such an important issue. Without official birth certificates from the beginning, there is no point in trying to predict Marine Le Pen or anyone else, unfortunately. (We astrologers learned from the Clinton/Trump experience). The French chart is accurate, though, so I will take a look…merci.

  6. Hi Jessica.

    Mercury, Jupiter and my descendant – all at those degrees in Taurus. What should I do, or expect… OR NOT?! ;))

    Thanks a lot, you’re the best. 🙂

    P.S. If this matters…. I do have my own business, with a new product out, now available on my site, and on Amazon…. haven’t sold anything yet though. :/

    1. Mercury at 2 Taurus and Jupiter at 3 Taurus in your Second House promise you business, sales and trade revolution ahead when Uranus moves over 2, 3 Taurus starting in July, August 2018 – I wonder if your product is geared towards the Northern Hemisphere summer? The cycle intensifies in April, May 2019. Uranus is associated with the world turning upside-down. With reversals and u-turns so it’s entirely possible that the last thing you thought you’d do about money, business, possessions, property, charity and so on – is exactly what you’ll end up doing. Closer to home, be very careful with that Mercury Retrograde. You were born protected and born lucky with that Mercury-Jupiter conjunction but you could probably do without the hassles of that entire April-May period. By the way – you could fundraise a fortune for a good cause. Did you know?

  7. Hi Jessica,
    amazing site, so much information. also with this up and coming transit;
    I have ASc leo 4 degrees, Saturn scorpio4 degrees, pisces moon 3 degrees, 6th house cap3 degrees. How can I think about this ? Thank you

    1. Thank you. Your Saturn in Scorpio in the Eighth House (Natural House System) is the focus for 2017 and you should be extremely careful with the financial, property, business, charity, retail or ownership news which arrives from April 1st as the story will go back and forth. I would not normally be concerned, but this is a transit over Saturn so you do not want to have a lesson that could have been avoided. More happily, Jupiter will cross 4 Scorpio from October 2017 so a great deal of repair work will be done with your financial situation.

  8. Hey Jessica

    Thanks for all of your interesting articles.
    I have money and health concerns. 2017 looks interesting / dangerous. I have…….

    South Node at 3 Taurus.
    Saturn at 23 Sagittarius.
    4 planets at 15 – 29 Aquarius. In 1999 I was diagnosed with an incurable chronic disease.

    Please let me know if I should look-out for anything specific. Many thanks!

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your health issue. Those signs aren’t actually relevant, but I can tell you something that is. You were born with Pluto at 1 Virgo in the Sixth House, which rules your physical condition and the way your body influences the rest of your life – and your identity as well. You can see other chart factors at 0, 1 degree too, so there are major patterns involving Pluto in your chart. Not only in 2017, but for the rest of your life, there is a very basic message about power and control. When you use your willpower to tightly control your lifestyle, you transform yourself and your whole existence, and become far more effective and influential as a human being. This may be down to what you eat, what you drink, how you move your body and so on. It may be down to traditional medicine or alternative treatments. The gift of power is so extreme that a lot of people will not take it. To be genuinely potent, out there in the world, can be an intense experience. Yet, if you want it, you can have it. Once you win it, you will never lose it. I have seen this pattern in the charts of people who were given all kinds of messages about their condition and went on to prove the experts wrong, one way or another. This made them very powerful and of course they went on to change other people’s lives as well. This is entirely your choice but two more things may help you. One is joining a group. You are a multiple Aquarian and you need a tribe. The other is reading more about Pluto. It’s worth understanding this planet in your chart because he is driving it. You could make an incredible leap forward from October 2017 when Jupiter crosses 0-1 Scorpio and makes a sextile that lights up your whole chart.

  9. Well, we do have Saturn in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of your chart. By Christmas the cycle ends. None of this is personal, all of it reflects serious difficulties for books (ruled by Sagittarius) as Saturn (tough times, reality checks) moves through this sign for the first time in 29 years. You can’t make your horoscope do what it’s not geared to do, Louise, but you will find that all you learn the hard way this year pays off wonderfully in 2019.

  10. Hi Jessica, fascinating stuff! The only Taurus in my chart is 9 degrees at Chiron so I wonder… does this mean the the mercury retro won’t affect me directly in terms of finances (currently a struggle!) or is there other planets at work in my chart that could have an impact here? Thank you so very much.

    1. Chiron at 9 Taurus is a statement about your approach to business, money, charity, property (your life is living proof that you can get away with the so-called impossible, audacious, outrageous and unthinkable). You won’t be directly hit by that RX cycle but take care across April, May anyway as everybody else will be in chaos and this will affect you. Further ahead you need to eyeball Uranus in Taurus very, very carefully as when he crosses 9 Taurus in April 2021 there’s going to be a revolution. Get great financial advice ahead of time.

  11. Good Morning Jessica,

    Trust you are staying warm in sunny England. :-). I don’t have any Taurus in my chart, but wondered what i should be looking out for during this period.

    Thanks so much for all this amazing work, insight and energy that you give for everyone on your site. Take care.

    1. I’m actually in New York, but nice try. Ceres in Scorpio in your chart does have a vested interest in controlling the money, the business, the charity, the house and the apartment. She wants to use her considerable power, but destiny usually forces her to compromise and a repeated sequence of enforced ‘deals’ is usually the result, every few years. Post break up settlement, divorce settlement is typical but so are tax settlements or redundancy packages. You won’t have any transits at all hitting this until next year when Jupiter conjuncts Ceres and there is the mother of all paper trails to sign – to your advantage.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    I have Sun 0 degree in Leo, Fortuna 2 degree Leo, Cupido 2 degree Cancer and thr
    Nth and Sth Nodes at 1 degree Cancer and Capricorn. I’ve been considering investing in vary financials and researching the last few months. Can you advise how this may affect me?


    1. I’m afraid I don’t have a birth chart to read. Money is Taurus/Scorpio so go back and look at your chart again. Nothing to do with Cancer/Capricorn. You may want to track things yourself, using those signs, to do your own research.

  13. Hello Hello Hello
    Got leap-frogged. Must be the green frog I hang out with – Kermit
    Im guessing everyone is going to be affected by this whether we live under rocks, or in billabongs. . .
    I have 2 factors in Taurus but not in those degrees.
    Any insight you have would be great.
    Hope you get this!
    Ms Piggy

    1. Ms Piggy, with your Juno at 8 Sagittarius, you tend to ‘marry’ travel or ‘wed yourself’ to foreign people/places and big cultural or religious differences. You really commit to it. The eclipse at 8 Pisces on 26th February will square that, so be aware that you may want to make choices about all this, another time – skip the 25th, 26th, 27th – too many missing pieces in the jigsaw.

  14. Dear Jessica,

    I have no planets in mentioned degrees of Taurus. But I have Uranus in 0 deg Scorpio. Can Mercury retro somehow influenced me? Thank you for your answer!

    1. Yes, Mercury Retrograde will oppose Uranus so keep an eye on the money, property, business, charity or possessions as it moves over 0 degrees and maybe allow for the usual delays or changes to the story.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Greetings! I have the following in Taurus and I wonder if you can have a quick look at my chart to inform me as to what is going on. I do have the Sun, the Moon and Mercury also in Taurus but at other degrees, namely 24, 13 and 22 degrees respectively.

    01° Taurus 34′ 23″
    01° Taurus 24′ 54″
    00° Taurus 00′ 23″

    Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you Juakali. Essentially you’ll have money, property, business or ownership news across April 1st, 2nd that isn’t going to stick. In fact it vanishes in the second half of April and then reappears in the second half of May, by which time the story could be changing anyway. Just allow for that if you are signing or accepting signatures. A typical example would be a bank loan approval which then goes into a void for a while. As always with these transits read the terms and conditions, especially on sales or purchases.

    2. Thank you, Jessica! Much appreciated as always.
      Have a pleasant and peaceful weekend.


  16. Hi Jessica , How are you doing , thank you so much for your valuable insights , they mean so much to me and show me the path as they are so accurate ,missed the last forum , back to school got hectic. ( tried to send this on the monthly forum but not able to post it )

    great reading the latest articles , ‘ April May Astrology Financial madness’ so another mercury retrograde ? I find the cycle challenging , is there anything I need to be cautious about in the coming months .

    My son is March 25th 2005 born ,a rooster , do you think all will go well for him this year …

    Web site well received and post and pictures liked on FB but no sale through the site as yet ..
    do you see me getting on to a 9-5 job ? when do you think something would work out ? or should i get a flat mate / open doors to bed and breakfast ?
    we have 4 school holidays in year and that is a challenge as my child doesn’t cope well with vacation care , unless I find that one mazing person to mind him and get that amazing job to pay for it and the bills , have been trying to make it happen .. do you think something may work out ?

    Just so you know the last prediction made by you was true . so big hugs to you as my thank you and if you like somethings on the website please let me know I really would like to send them to you as my token of thanks .

    Have a very wonderful March .and thank you so much for your valuable time .

    1. Thank you J and I’m glad the prediction came true. Actually the most obvious thing about your chart is Mercury at 23 Gemini in the Third House, which describes your way with words, ideas and images on the internet, but also in the real world. This is a common chart placement for natural writers and talkers; linguists; public speakers – remembering Mercury is the messenger of the gods, and the Third House is actually the natural home for Mercury and Gemini, you have a tremendous need to connect and communicate. What is happening, over many months, is a trine from Jupiter at 23 Libra and a sextile from Uranus at 23 Aries and as this will never happen again in your lifetime, if you want to save or make money, and find work that serves you and everybody else, you will be using the internet to update and upgrade your communication skills and to find gaps in the market. I’ve noticed a surge in demand for Digital Assistants, for example. However the worldwide web is an evolving entity and so it would make perfect sense to use those stunning transits to educate yourself on what the market is looking for. Don’t think the old way – one full-time job that you have to leave the house for – think about mix-and-match employment, so a little bit of real-world work, and perhaps online work with global reach. Find out more about your Mercury in Gemini in your ebooks and pursue, pursue, while the stars are in your favour.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I have my DC @ 6 degrees Taurus my 7th house. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

    Many Thanks

    1. If your birth time is accurate to the minute, then what you have here is a financial (Taurus) situation involving your former, current or potential partner (Descendant) and perhaps a rival or enemy (Descendant). There will be news (Mercury) regarding this which then takes you on a winding path, back and forth (Mercury Retrograde) until the cycle is over. So – read the paperwork carefully and get everything in writing.

  18. A couple of opportunities have arisen at work. Namely a leadership role or a training/assessor role. I’ve been in the leadership role previously and chose to extricate myself…vesta issues…! Female staff, female service users and a boss who took credit for my work and for whatever reason was unreasonable (ie a bully). In my current role I have brilliant colleagues who laugh/cry together in the midst of crushing bureaucracy and multiple changes/pressures. The role has become a bit groundhog for me and not inspiring. I’m reading my libra factors differently and not focussed on partnership as I work in the justice sector. Would welcome any guidance. Thanks

    1. You were born with Hygiea at 12 Virgo in your Sixth House of work and transiting Neptune is currently opposing that, crossing from 11 to 12 Pisces. That might explain the boss, along with your Vesta issues. You’ll find a lot happens very fast, from this week forward and there will be a carve-up or redistribution of rights, roles and responsibilities among you. This is actually planting the future for you, in quite a radical way, as you could easily reshape your entire career from May 2018 – it’s not impossible that you would even make a revolutionary departure from the role you fulfil now and if so – you would see all the signs over the next few weeks, with a real moment of truth, final week of April through third week of May.

  19. Hi Jessica, I love your website. Thank you. The only Taurus I have in the 0-4 degrees is Venus at 1, Taurus 42,22. The other Taurus degrees are Hygeia at 14, Taurus 45,49, Propserina at 26, Taurus 49, 08 and Fortuna at 26, Taurus 42,58. I currently have crossroad decisions to make regarding work, where possible paths are in flux, and I am helping my parents sell their home, while settling them into another, that has hit delays, and we are now in the mercury retrograde. Any guidance would be most appreciated. Many thanks, D.

    1. Thank you, I’ll pass that compliment onto James, Justin and Alyas. Okay, so you have a long Mercury Retrograde transit which will affect the sale of your parents’ home and you are already seeing the typical effects. This can and will work out for you, and you and your parents will see why from May 2018, but at the moment you are going to have to accept that delays, standstills, changes or even reversals are part of the selling and buying process. If you must go ahead now, so be it, but life would be a lot more simple if you could wait June and beyond. Get everything in writing and read the fine print.

  20. Such a good read! My sun (1st house) mercury (12th house) Venus (1st house) and rising is in Taurus – I’m also planning to move out by June! How do you believe this will treat me?

    1. Thank you. In the Natural House system you actually have the Sun, Venus and Ascendant all placed in Taurus in your Second House of money and property. Just allow for delays, changes, standstills with the process of moving out and get everything in writing, and check what’s there.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I have ASC 00° Taurus 19′ 44″
    Over the next few weeks I have some job interviews lined up. Should I be concerned?

    Many Thanks, NP

    1. No concern, just common-sense – this will go back and forth and there will be mucho negotiation and maybe a change of mind – but stay open and most of all, try to get anything about money or cash-in-kind in writing. Then check what’s actually being offered, in some detail. You will be out and over the other side of this, last week of May when you will know everything there is to know – at last.

      1. Thanks Jessica.
        Also if I did get a new job would it be ok to start during April or early May?


        1. NP, if you start a new job across the whole Mercury and Venus Retrograde period, you need to get things in writing, then read the conditions and terms carefully, to see what would happen if things changed or were delayed. That’s standard advice for these retrogrades.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    I have a couple of factors in Taurus – would you kindly look at my chart to let me know how these would affect two major life decisions that I am currently considering? The first is buying a property abroad and the second is returning to work in June after being on maternity leave for three months – will everything go smoothly or will I be looking to leave/job hunting shortly after?


    1. You may want to see how things pan out by the final week of May, if you have the luxury of being able to wait for outcomes. This is crucial with buying a property abroad, as by all the laws of astrology we are going to see erratic currency exchange rates, property highs/lows and so on. Returning to work should be fine, assuming you didn’t sign the paperwork on Mercury Retrograde last year and miss a whole stack of fine print! Congratulations on motherhood – you are strongly Cancerian and were made for it!

  23. Hi Jessica,
    I have Juno 4 deg in Taurus. I also have Saturn transiting my 8th house currently. I know late Dec the Saturn transit will be over, but it has definitely wreaked havoc along the way. How will Mercury Retrograde add to the mix?
    Thanks, K

    1. To separate the question – you will go back and forth with the financial, property, business, charity or ownership question until the third week of May, either because of internet/paperwork/postal issues or thanks to a protracted negotiation process. Juno is commitment and Taurus rules all those financial or material concerns, but Mercury can’t make up his mind about the commitment. Saturn is not transiting your Eighth House in the Natural House system, he is transiting your Ninth House.

  24. Hi Jess,

    Just reading back over this and probably missed the response time. Just has me quite interested in how you may see this relate to my chart? Thanks for your time. 🙂 Bull

    1. Your Taurus chart factors are too wide of the actual Mercury Retrograde for you to end up feeling the financial/business/property loop personally. However, you still have a Taurus chart signature, so you definitely have some thinking to do about May 2018 and beyond, as you express a large part of your personality through shopping, philanthropy, your house or apartment, your possessions, business ventures and so on. This will be utterly changed, by changes which are larger than you – and global – in around one year from now. So please stay right on top of the news, because it will pretty much alter every day from that point. Surf the wave and gain. Do not become a Man Out of Time (to quote Elvis Costello). Be particularly hip to crypto-currency as it evolves.

  25. Apollo
    24° Taurus 10′ 46″

    Hi Jessica

    Hope you are well.. I am due to meet with my building society on 15 Apr regarding my remortgage from end of May 17. How will the Mercury Retrograde period affect me and what should I watch out for . Thanks.

    1. Brave is the woman who arranges a remortgage on Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. As I am sure you know, though, you just expect a ping-pong game, as the ball is in the air, off the table, on the floor, back on your side – back on their side – and so on. It will take many years before Uranus passes 24 Taurus and there is a radical change, perhaps to the remortgage, or maybe the actual value of the property itself. We’re talking 2024! Focussing on the present, though, just check basic things like your e-mail in-box, spam filters, your telephone messaging service, the fine print on the paperwork and so on.

  26. Thanks Jessica… I have no choice as the rate will shift to higher interest! I will keep my wits about me!! Thanks

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