What Do Eclipses Mean in Astrology?

An eclipse in astrology is simple to understand. It obscures what would normally be seen. Situations are in shadow. There may be a cover-up

An eclipse in astrology is simple to understand. It obscures what would normally be seen. Situations are in shadow. There may be a cover-up. Details may be hidden. For this reason, astrologers have always warned their readers and clients to avoid the eclipse period (allow one day before, and one day later, for world time zones to catch up) for decision making or action plans.

Here’s a famous example. Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer on Wednesday 29th July 1981. The wedding was sandwiched between two eclipses. It was too late for Diana to call things off. Her face was on the tea-towels. The first eclipse took place on Friday 17th July. The second one occurred on Friday 31st July. Somewhere  between the wedding cake icing and the honeymoon, everything was hidden. Cancerians (people born with the Sun in Cancer) are strongly affected by eclipses because they are ruled by the Moon. Princess Diana and Camilla Parker-Bowles were both Cancerians.

Princess Diana died near an eclipse. She passed on 31st August 1997 and the Solar Eclipse took place on 2nd September, two days later. It is typical of eclipses that months or even years later, there is always mystery, lack of information, lack of insight or lack of detail surrounding an event. An eclipse does what it says on the label. It blots out what would normally be seen.

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On July 20th, 1963 America went eclipse crazy. Even Peanuts mentioned it. The man who allegedly assassinated President John F. Kennedy was fired from his job the day before the eclipse took place.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s next job would be at the Texas School Book Depository, near where JFK would die. Polls show that most Americans do not accept the official verdict on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, even today.



When Lee Harvey Oswald was fired from his last job, at the Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans, before ultimately going to Texas, the total eclipse the following day saw the Sun and Moon at 27 Cancer.  Oswald lost his job on July 19th 1963 and America went dark on July 20th, one day later.

President John F. Kennedy was born on 29th May 1917 at 3.00pm in Brookline, Massachusetts with Saturn at 27 Cancer. Right on the eclipse point. Saturn is the toughest chart factor of all. An eclipse on your Saturn is not a good time to do anything dramatic, because you will not see what you need to see. You will not know, what you need to know. You will have a blind spot!

An eclipse is not necessarily negative. It may hit your Jupiter, which is the planet of problem-solving. However, you have to ask yourself if you want to proceed with any plan, event, decision or important discussion when things will be obscured from view. This image from The Daily Express in 1999 describes the famous eclipse over Britain that year. I saw it at Glastonbury when I was interviewed by Channel Four about its astrological meaning. Or rather – I didn’t see it. The whole sky went dark.

You can track the exact degrees of the eclipses to see if they hit your chart in your 2017 Moon Calendar if you are a Premium Member. Make sure you’ve downloaded it. You can print it, or keep it on your desktop.


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2017 February 11th, February 26th, August 7th, August 21st.
2018 January 31st, February 15th, July 13th, July 27th, August 11th.
2019 January 6th, January 21st, July 2nd, July 16th, December 26th.
2020 January 10th, June 5th, June 21st, July 5th, November 30th, December 14th.



During a Solar Eclipse, we on earth are in the Moon’s shadow. During a Lunar Eclipse, our Moon is in shadow. The word ‘eclipse’ comes from an ancient Greek word for ‘darken’. We are left in the dark on an eclipse. We can’t see.  There may be a deliberate cover-up taking place.  The facts may be shadowy at best.

On a New Moon Eclipse – check for the area of your life (house) affected by each eclipse, which is a simple matter of looking at the sign. I use the Natural House system for the personal birth chart you have as a Premium Member. Accurate, nice and easy.

This is personal information based on your personal chart so only you really know the story here! It’s intensely private. If you don’t have your birth chart from me, please keep reading further to find out how eclipses affect your regular Sun Sign or ‘public’ astrology chart. All systems work. What you read below shows the inner you. Further down, you’ll see how an eclipse affects the public, or outer you.

An Eclipse in Aries – Image, Brand, Reputation, Name, Label, Personal Appearance, Profile
An Eclipse in Taurus – Money, Business, Corporations, Economy, Taxation, Houses, Apartments, Charity
An Eclipse in Gemini – The Internet, Emails, Hacking, Telephones, Faxes, Computers, Multimedia
An Eclipse in Cancer – Property, House, Family, Apartment, Home Town, Household, Homeland
An Eclipse in Leo – Children, Babies, Courtship, Royal Bedchamber, Heirs, Godchildren, Nieces, Nephews, Youth
An Eclipse in Virgo  – Body, Job, Lifestyle, Workload, Duty, Service, Fitness, Drugs, Food, Drink, Doctors
An Eclipse in Libra – Partners, Former Partners, Potential Partners, Enemies, Opponents, Rivals
An Eclipse in Scorpio – Finance, Property, Business, Wills, Testaments, Mortgages, Banks, Investments
An Eclipse in Sagittarius – Travel, Foreigners, Export, Publishing, Worldwide Web, Religion, Academia
An Eclipse in Capricorn – Corporations, Business, Government, Ambition. Success, Achievement
An Eclipse in Aquarius – Clubs, Teams, Societies, Associations, Guilds, Friends, Unions, Freemasons
An Eclipse in Pisces – Secrets, Classified Information, Confidential Concerns, Life Behind The Scenes

On a Full Moon, the Sun will be in one sign, and the Moon in another. Both will show you areas of life where there may be a lack of clarity, vision or murkiness to deal with. Look up both signs to see the areas of your life affected, as each eclipse comes around. If you’re a Premium Member, you’ll have your 2017 Moon Calendar from me which shows you every single eclipse.

An eclipse is neither positive nor negative. It’s just missing information, concealed facts, blind spots, and the simple business of not knowing/not seeing. The rest of your personal chart will tell you if it happens to be a problem or not. People often aren’t telling you things on an eclipse, or there may be a ‘to be continued…’ element to what goes down. An eclipse event will happen almost as soon as the Moon moves into the sign where there will be an eclipse and it’s usually easy to spot.

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How do we make predictions with eclipses? It’s simple. Some eclipses are more important than others. If they take place in zodiac signs where we are also seeing major planetary alignments, the story becomes bigger.

On Monday 21st August 2017, we will see an eclipse falling with the Sun and Moon both at 28 Leo, which is a hotspot. Why? Because in May 2017, just three months before, the True North Node also passes 28 Leo. What does Leo rule? Children. Specifically, the children and younger people in any royal family. Why? Leo is the Royal sign.

Leo also describes the President in countries where there is no King or Queen. Prediction – The world’s karma (the True North Node) surrounding the younger members of families attached to Buckingham Palace and the White House (Leo) in May 2017, will be directly connected to a cover-up, or mystery, on 21st August (the eclipse). The new beginning then (the New Moon) involving these younger faces attached to the Queen or the President (Leo) will be unusual (an eclipse is rare). It will not show us what we need to see. (Eclipses conceal, they never reveal) It will hide from the world, what would normally be visible.

This is how astrologers make predictions. We take the whole astrological ‘sentence’ apart and decode it.

We can expand that prediction. Why? Because the eclipse falls at 28 Leo. Is there anything else at 28 degrees in August 2017? Yes. Chiron is at 28 Pisces and Uranus is at 28 Aries. From a global point of view, this is big. 

When people talk about ‘shadowy’ events or something ‘casting a shadow’ they are speaking the language of an eclipse. This is an old illustration of such a Moon Shadow, falling over England centuries ago. History and astrology teach us about eclipses.


Halley Eclipse - What Do Eclipses Mean in Astrology?




I’ve mentioned the story of Princess Diana in my notes on eclipses, but as you might expect, we also find them playing a major part in the 9/11 attacks and Watergate. We had a Lunar Eclipse on July 15th 1973 and on July 28th 1973, President Richard Nixon ordered the White House taping system to be disconnected.

We also saw a Total Lunar Eclipse across 20th and 21st January 2000. The first 9/11 hijackers secretly arrived in California in January 2000.



Your Sun Sign chart, or Solar Chart, shows the headlines of your life. It was created for the media, by the media, as a special technique. It works really well in revealing what is obvious to other people, about yourself and your world. Your personal birth chart (which you will have if you are a Premium Member) will tell you if you have anything at 28 degrees, which is where the August 21st, 2017 eclipse falls.

Your regular chart, based just on your sign, is just as important because it shows you what is easily understood by you and the people around you. So where will events be ‘in shadow’ and where will they be obscured? What area of life will blot out what you need to see and know? Please don’t be paranoid about this. Scaremongering astrology is just as stupid as happy hippy astrology (which is when you read about how an eclipse will be the best thing since Nag Champa incense).

All you need to know is this. Across August 20th, 21st, 22nd 2017 we have a New Moon, or new beginning, in the sign of Leo. Normally it would be straightforward, but this new beginning involves a cover-up, a blind spot, or low visibility. The area of your life affected (below) is thus where you need to put off choosing, acting, deciding until things become clearer. Simple.


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Eclipses tend to give us a ‘bump’ a few weeks or months later. Sometimes it can be years as we realise what we did not know, or could not see at the time.

On a world scale, it may be some weeks or months before we feel the classic ‘bump’ of the Leo Moon eclipse in August 2017 and it will involve the younger members of the Royal family and probably, also, the younger faces surrounding the White House. At that point we should all go back, back, back to May and August 2017 to look for answers, because there will be a mystery or missing links. Leo is the royal sign which always rules the First Family or Royal Family. This dramatic cover-up is about the White House and Buckingham Palace.

What about your own life? What about your ‘heirs to the throne’ if you have Leo factors? Because the eclipse occurs at 28 Leo, for those of you old enough to remember, there may be a direct link with the events of October, November 1998 when we also saw the True North Node at 28 Leo. Can you think back that far? There is karma here, in the area of life you are about to discover below. It may be a children’s charity. It may be your children. It may be your godchild.

ARIES – Lovers. Babies. Children. Heirs to your throne. Courtship. Millennials. Youth. The royal bedchamber. Offspring.
TAURUS – House. Apartment. Family. Home Town. Homeland. Property investment. Tenants. Landlords. Builders.
GEMINI – The Worldwide Web. Your telephone. Your emails. The media. Multimedia. Education. Communication. Writing.
CANCER – Your money. Your house. Your business. Your apartment. Your charity Commitment. Your possessions.
LEO – Your image. Your reputation. Your title. Your Name. Your appearance. Your profile. Your portrait. Your cameo.
VIRGO – Your classified information. Your secrets. Your confidential concerns. The role you play behind the scenes.
LIBRA – Your friends. The group. Your private members’ club. Your team. Your band. Your political party. Your committee.
SCORPIO – Your job. Your career as a whole. Your university degree. Your unpaid work. Your vocation or higher calling.
SAGITTARIUS – Foreigners. Foreign religion. Regional differences. Academia. Education. Publishing. The Worldwide Web.
CAPRICORN – Finances. Business. Charity. Property. Your last will and testament. Mortgages. Banks. Company finances.
AQUARIUS – Your former, current or potential partner. Your arch enemy, rival or opponent. The person opposite.
PISCES – Your job. Your unpaid work. Your body. Your daily routine. Your housework. Your service and duty to others.


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103 Responses

  1. Jessica:

    I had just changed my job and was settling in with my new responsibilities coworkers etc in 1998. Is there a change coming in my career sector with this eclipse . 1998 1999 were happy years for me, busy but happy. Can you shed some light on how the eclipse would impact me. Thank you


    1. Sue, you have a small Aquarius stellium so the people power, community, network and friendships of 1999 are coming back, one way or another. I have just seen a client who was involved in helping a friend tremendously with her career that year, and yet there was never any chance for the friend to return the favour. Now she can – and is.

  2. Hey Jessica . . . Love your articles! I have 28 Leo at Uranus and Panacea – what does this mean for me? Thanks!

    1. You will need to bear in mind that no matter how careful you are, how watchful you are and how ‘aware’ you are, as the eclipse passes you are not going to see the full picture regarding pregnancy, lovers, babies, children or much younger people. You don’t say if you have a son or daughter, or not, but if you do – this is about them. Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House is common in the charts of people who have one or two accidental pregnancies in their lives. It also turns up when the love life is particularly dramatic – lots of exits and entrances. What went down many years ago now comes back to you. This is karma and you will get closure.

    1. Your comments are showing, but I have about 2000 people in the queue and I may not always get to the last one you posted, as quickly as you would like me to!

    1. This is about a lover, pregnancy, baby, child or younger person. This is about youth or a younger generation. It is also about courtship and bed. You may feel as if you have seen this before/done it before in 2017, 2018 and you are right. Either the past is returning for closure or a past life is returning for closure.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    How interesting, today here in London there is discussion about the murder of Jill Dando on 26th April 1999, on that day the North Node was at 19 Leo, 18 years ago. Today a hitman has come forward to say that he knows who committed this crime.
    How great is Astrology, will the truth come out now ?

    1. You should be an astrologer – you have an eagle eye for transits. I had no idea this was the case, thank you for letting me know. Oh, I hope they resolve this.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Another great article! I stumbled across your website a few months ago when in my horror over the politics in the USA I was looking for answers in the stars, and found your story (no longer up) on the predictions for the country. I quickly became a fan of all of your work and premium member. I have not been this excited over astrology in a long time, thank you! You are truly gifted and the time and effort you put into your work here is seen and felt.

    After reading my February horoscope, I was hoping you could give me some insight into my own chart this month, as I seem to have a lot of factors that will be affected by the eclipses and its actually making me a bit nervous! Namely my ascendant/descendant is 21 Leo/Aquarius, Sun is 22 Pisces, Mars 11 Pisces, and Ceres 8 Pisces. Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. That’s the most wonderful thing to read, as I sit down with my cup of tea and answer your questions in London. I will be back in New York soon enough, but for now, I can only gaze at the American chart and wonder at the role of both Britain and Russia over the next eight months. Your eclipse patterns are nothing to be nervous about, but you should be aware that you won’t be seeing all you need to see. The point of astrology is information to help navigation, so just be aware of what’s coming up with your image near 10th, 11th, 12th February and let it pass before you do or decide anything. The same goes for your former, current or potential partner or any rivals/opponents. (This depends on an exactly accurate birth time by the way). The eclipse at 8 Pisces is exactly on your Ceres at 8 Pisces in the Twelfth House of secrets, classified information, confidential matters and also life behind the scenes – any role where you are invisible. You do have choices to make here, but again, let the 25th, 26th, 27th drift past you before you take a second look. Your vision is not 100% at that time.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I have Saturn at 28 degrees leo. I am a little worried about this eclipse. Will this trigger anything else in my chart.

    Best regards

    1. You were born with Saturn at 28 Leo in the Fifth House which rules lovers, pregnancy, courtship, your ‘heirs to the throne’ (your own children, or godchildren, nieces, nephews) and also youth as a whole – your heirs on a broad level, because of your paid or unpaid work. Saturn reveals some tough karmic lessons that you have already learned the hard way in your life, specifically during your Saturn Return when this planet in transit crossed 28 Leo in August 2007. There is an echo of your past in August 2017, because the faces, the issue or the message from that time comes back to you. Actually the echo is there even earlier, in May 2017 as the True North Node enters 28 Leo for the first time in many years. There is past life karma at work here but you will understand easily, what is to be received, learned, earned or given. That way lies closure! Yet – please avoid the actual eclipse period in August for choices or action, because an eclipse conceals it never reveals.

    1. This is about your past, present or potential lover – especially if a pregnancy or child was involved. It is more pointedly about your godchild, niece, nephew, child, or your involvement with much younger people. You are a fix-it person with regards to this area of your life. Yet there are also moral or ethical issues about the solutions you bring. In general it works for you, but skip the eclipse period because you’ll be operating in the dark.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Leo and I note the eclipses/new moons are all happening in Leo! What does this mean for me in 2017. Sounds likes it going to be a landmark year!

    1. Not just the eclipses, Sally, but also the True North Node is back in Leo. You will find that all those things you are so well-known for – your ‘interesting’ love life, your godchildren, children, nieces, nephews – or more substantially, your efforts for/with children and younger people – become far more important after May. In fact, there is a major past life karma return regarding this as you will see in the next two years.

  7. Hi Jessica , brilliant article . I have Vulcans and aesculapia both at 29 Leo , so what can I expect in August . Also with 11 February eclipse I have north node at 22 Scorpio . How will this affect me now ?

    1. Thank you. Your Nodes at 22 Scorpio and 22 Taurus won’t be directly affected by the eclipse, but other people’s lack of knowledge, insight and clarity will influence what goes down for you, especially financially, with shopping/sales, business, property, or charity. Steer clear of major choices over the 10th, 11th, 12th in relation to that. Your 29 Leo chart patterns are about pregnancy, lovers, babies, children or a younger generation and yes, you will be ‘in shadow’ almost as if you were reading in a poor light or had the wrong prescription glasses. Avoid that eclipse period.

  8. Hi Jessica. I am new here 🙂
    A friend who swears by you gifted me a Premium membership:-)
    I have 26 Leo in my chart. Does that count for anything?

    1. Welcome to Premium Membership – isn’t your friend nice! You have a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Leo at 25, 26 degrees in your Fifth House, which describes your lovers, your courtship, and also your pregnancies, the children in your world and the younger generation whom you mentor or guide. This is quite dramatic and it reveals that you need control here, and are powerful here – and you are also quite blessed, fortunate and abundant. I see it in the charts of people who get involved with younger people professionally and give back to that generation, as much as they receive – children’s entertainers, teachers, and so on. The eclipse won’t impact you directly but there will be major karma coming your way as the South Node crosses 25, 26 Leo and that happens in June, July 2017. What you earned and learned returns to you – perhaps with a child who was born around 1999.

  9. Hi Jessica – Morning from NZ, thank you for the Blog, how will this affect my chart? Many thanks K

    1. You will be indirectly affected, through six degrees of separation, by the blind spots or cover-ups affecting other people around you, or other organisations. Just let the 10th, 11th, 12th pass before drawing conclusions as those in your world simply are not seeing straight at that time (talking about the 11th of February eclipse).

  10. Dear Jessica,

    Most interesting. I do remember the 1988 autumn as the time when I learned something that devastated me at the time, but later greatly influenced my life in a positive way. I have Pluto at 29 Leo and Diana at 28 Aquarius. What will this summer bring?
    As for this week’s eclipse, I have Chiron at 22 Aq., and the one on the 26th is a degree away from my Mars in Pisces.
    Thank you for any thought. And my best wishes to you.

    1. Thank you. As the Sun at 22 Aquarius would normally highlight and expose the issues you have with your friends, and the group, you would be updated – yet we have the Moon at 22 Leo coming the other way, and a typically shadowy, unclear, masked eclipse. So this is not really a moment of truth about your friendship or club, team, society etc. at all. It’s a blind spot. I suspect the friendship/group theme is really what 2017 is about as you have Diana also there at 28 Aquarius under opposition from that dramatic August New Moon eclipse. I am sure you know exactly who/what I am talking about. There is something so unclear there – pay attention to the eclipse days and steer clear of judgement calls.

  11. Good morning jessica and it is the most amazing morning sittin in the park lookin over the ocean in burleigh heads qlds. Thank you for the opportunity to ask the question about my moon in leo which conjunct the eclipes … will this moment expand my life ….cheers deb

    1. Waving to Burleigh Heads. There is no life expansion from this eclipse, but there is a big missing piece of information, or perhaps things are right in front of you in August (your Leo Moon is very close to the eclipse point) but you can’t see it. I can’t comment on your sex life or children as I don’t know what your personal situation is, but in general – even if it’s teaching a class of young children – take care over the eclipse.

  12. Dear Jessica,
    Would you have any advice as to if/how this will affect my chart please? Trying to figure it out but an utter novice here!
    Many thanks.

    1. You have Venus at 29 Leo in the Fifth House of sex and children. Therefore you most certainly will feel both the Node going over 29 Leo, and also the eclipse very close by. 2017 is an important year for your choices about lovers, offspring or younger faces in your world. Karma returns from many years ago or even a past life and you will need to make a key choice to get closure. You may also want to avoid the actual eclipse period in August when you simply won’t know/see what is necessary.

  13. Hi Jessica. Fabulous article, as always. Would you say there would be something big happening for me at this eclipse on the 11th of Feb? Incidentally, I am anxiously awaiting if an employment contract will materialize with a group with which I have a complicated long story (and to make things more complicated, within the group there is a person that could be called serious lover potential with whom I also share a complicated year-long story). My jaw dropped when I saw this eclipse is happening at 22 Leo. But not sure what to make of it.

    1. Thank you. The employment contract is not part of the eclipse story. The lover certainly is, particularly if this person’s chart also has a Leo signature in the Fifth House of love, sex, courtship and so on. You may want to wait for more information in August or allow the two eclipses to pass, as both fall along that axis of your chart.

  14. Yikes! Despite reassurance I do feel a bit of trepidation re eclipse 21/08/17. I am usually quite melancholic round this time. Nothing at 28 degrees but leo 27 sun, pluto virgo 28 and Minerva libra 29. My interpretation is be wise re former/ potential partners, I will feel it in my bones and I won’t see the full picture….this north node in aquarius has me intrigued….and I must admit to getting obsessional with this horoscope stuff….!

    1. Your Leo Sun at 27 degrees is close enough to pick up the eclipse and of course the Node also goes over that spot. This year you need to answer the echo of the past as the forked road choices you made many years ago about pregnancy (yes or no) godchildren (yes or no) and so on, all the way to lovers, must be answered one way or another so you can get some completion.

  15. Hi Jessica! I have a question for you regarding this upcoming eclipse. I don’t have any planets at that degree so I don’t think it will directly impact me, however I know that sometimes effects of eclipses 6 months ago show up at the 6 month full moon (I totally may be wrong haha). On the august 2016 eclipse, this man I have had an on again off again relationship with for years asked me to have a baby with him and revealed that he already had a daughter (who he doesn’t have a relationship with) that I didn’t know about. Anyways, we are both on separate paths of emotional healing which is why we have an on again off again history. The next day after this revelation, he got scared and disappeared. One month later he tried to contact me and it was my turn to get scared and push him away without any discussion. Our history is very complicated due to both of our emotional states, however I feel we are connected at a soul level as we are strongly tied energetically and our whole relationship has had a lot of fate and synchronicity tied in. I do realise however that this may not happen in this lifetime, possibly the next. In the last 6 months I have changed exponentially in terms of healing and awareness and I can feel he might have too. Is this something that may come up at this eclipse? His chart is Cancer sun, Libra rising (July 11,1975). Thank you so much for your time and insight! I love everything you write! Hope you are well!

    1. I’m not sure where you read that eclipse effects show up six months later on a Full Moon! It didn’t take six months for people to realise that Lee Harvey Oswald had gone from one job to another (in Texas) before he was arrested for allegedly killing the President. Sometimes we can wake up and realise how blind we were to an issue, within weeks of an eclipse. Your love life is reflecting the eclipse. People who disappear or cover things up are typical, unfortunately. He’s a Cancerian so he’s examining how much power and control he has (or lacks) through his relationship with you, and perhaps with the mother who is involved with his child. I don’t have his chart so can’t comment more, but in general, if you hit a Cancerian power tripper and manipulator on this cycle, run for the hills. All Cancerians have Pluto transiting their solar Seventh House of love for some years.

  16. Dear Jessica
    Following your predictions given at the beginning of the year regarding the influence of 1999 on many people around the world ,mostly Aquarians (but not exclusively), I have been reading my husbands’ diary for that year. What a year it was. There were many natural disasters around the world including 40,000 people killed by 1 earthquake in Turkey, mudslides, avalanches etc it never stopped all year. There were plenty of plane crashes and an oil tanker disaster off France. Jill Dando was murdered on her doorstep, the war in Serbia and Kosovo was raging at its ‘ worst, the IRA were still shooting people although the Labour Government did manage to get the Good Friday agreement signed. President Clinton was nearly impeached over the Monica Lewinsky affair and an old woman of 87 was found to have spied for the Russians for 40 years. We had a total eclipse of the sun in August that year which I remember well as I was in my back garden as it went dark and the birds stopped singing. George Harrison was stabbed at home by an intruder. Britain and France were at loggerheads for most of the year over BSE and French apples and the Euro was in crisis. The son of JFK was killed in a light aircraft accident with most of his family.
    It really was an eventful year – how much of it is going to come back and bite us on the bum Jessica? Are we in for more trouble ?

    1. Interesting that you can read your husband’s diary from 1999 – and also interesting about those world headlines. Some have an Aquarian theme, some do not. The big one is Bill Clinton and the Senate, because of course Aquarius rules groups, like the Democrats and the Republicans, and the Senate itself. I am sure you know there is a push for impeachment right now, in America. Thank you.

  17. Hi,
    Well in Leo I have Psyche at 29 deg, Apollo at 26 deg and Aesculapia at 17 deg.
    The only thing I have at 28 deg is Ceres in Libra
    What does this mean for me please?
    Can’t really see a correlation back in ’98, ’99. I was only 12 and 13 years old then!

    1. Teenagers also have experiences which return to them during a Nodal cycle – I know someone who had a holiday job looking after young children in his teens, with a Leo stellium, who decided he did not want children as a result! It is always about the heart, one way or another, and it will come back to you in the next two years.

  18. HI Jessica,
    Looks like I am going to get some more whammies. The Aquarius match with the penumbral eclipse on the 11th of Feb, May, and August with Leo at 6. The Mercury retrograde usually helps slam me too. Any recommendations? Thank you!

    1. Aquarius-Leo concerns are best handled carefully at eclipse time and in fact we have two in August, along that axis of your chart. Just bear in mind that you are missing pieces of the jigsaw surrounding friends, and groups – and also with lovers, babies, children or much younger people. Why would you want to fill in the puzzle and finish the game in August when there are pieces missing? Leave it for later.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    Great article. I was wondering how this might affect my birth chart with regards to my Leo factors? Thanks

    1. We have a couple of eclipses in August stretching across the Leo axis of your chart, so that month as a whole is (for example) about your former boyfriend who married and now has a daughter who became your godchild – or it’s about Millennials/teenagers you volunteer for. I don’t know what your personal situation is, because you don’t say, but in general it’s about your courtship and the heirs to your throne – Leo – and you will not see what you need to see near 7th (first eclipse) and 21st (second eclipse) August – so when in doubt, don’t!

  20. Hi Jessica

    My North Node and Fortuna are 29 Leo and my Sun in 8 Pisces. Should I be worried about eclipses this year?

    1. I’m not sure why you would worry about an eclipse, any more than you would think they’re a wonderful thing – they are neither – just a blind spot or lack of information. Yours particularly concerns lovers, the world of babies, children or much younger people. Just allow for that in August.

  21. Hi Jessica, I am pregnant atm and the baby is due the end of June, is this eclipse going to effect me anyhow?

  22. Dear Jessica,

    as for solar eclipse in August 2017 , I have Moon 28 deg in Pisces. Can you tell me please in which way I could be affected?
    And I would like to ask you, if it is possible, how the Lunar eclipse on February 11th is going to affect me while I have Diana in 22 Aquarius, Jupiter in 22 Aries and Mercury in 22 Libra.

    Thank you for your explanation and help.

    1. The February 11th eclipse won’t affect you directly, but other people or organisations won’t be seeing straight and this will have an indirect impact on your friendships and the groups you are involved with, as well as your relationship with a former, current or potential partner. The August eclipse is also indirect – the secrets you cover up may be impacted, or the role you play behind the scenes.

  23. Dear Jess, I really appreciate your advice. How am I affected by this eclipse? My DOB15/10/74 12.01 pm Nuremberg Germany. I am still in a mess with my job… I am hopeless. Thanks in advance.

    1. For a start, delete that ‘I am still in a mess’ and ‘I am hopeless’ from your inner scripts. It’s like having your enemy brainwash you and you are not your enemy. Stop brainwashing yourself. You need a new daily routine which you write down on a piece of paper, or put on your desktop. One that keeps life clear, consistent, organised, methodical, orderly and leaves no room for ‘the Neptunes’ which all Libran people like yourself are susceptible to at the moment. If you are curious about Neptune please hit search.

  24. Hello Jessica,

    For this Saturday’s Eclipse at 22 Leo it aspects my 22 Libra Vesta and my 22 Aquarius Vulcano. Will any significant happenings occur? I don’t know much about Vulcano, but with it opposing the Leo Eclipse Moon is it anything to be concerned or cautious about? I have a Cancer Ascendant and usually sense the Eclipse. I will also be affected by this August Eclipse having Venus 29 Leo. I’m actually looking forward to that Eclipse.

    1. Your Vulcano at 22 Aquarius in the Eleventh House is the key here. The Sun will conjunct Vulcano at 22 Aquarius and the Moon will oppose Vulcano at 22 Leo. There is a bridge to cross and it involves your friend, or the group as a whole. Try to avoid crossing it! It’s like trying to navigate in the dark. Take a note of what you feel about this person/these people but remember that the 10th, 11th, 12th is not the time. Vulcano is that part of you which controls your emotions and impulses and thus has quite a lot of power. In mythology Vulcan was the blacksmith who tamed fire and steel. When he found his wife Venus in bed with Mars, instead of reacting, he made a net to throw over them. Very self-controlled.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    I have Leo south node, and aquarius north node (also Mars and MC are aquarius)…how will this eclipse affect me,


    1. Jo, this is mostly about friends who are as important to you as family or lovers are. It is also about the people power in a community, circle or cluster. You have incarnated partly to re-meet people from other lifetimes. They appear now as friends or others in the group/club/team/party/band but they may have been much closer before – relatives, perhaps. You have all agreed to meet up again to carry out favours, trades, rewards, promises, pledges and perhaps to tackle issues you did not resolve before. It all rolls from May and is over by 2018.

  26. I was finishing university in 1998 and was experiencing terrible love problems, cheating partner, end of unwanted pregnancy… would be nice to know things will be better this time…

    1. Sounds like you have a Leo stellium hidden away in your chart and were experiencing Neptune and Uranus oppositions to the same, along with the transiting True South Node! Take heart. It will never be that rocky again, in your lifetime. Yet you do need soul closure on some karma and it’s coming, from May 2017 through 2018.

  27. Thank you Jessica this is really interesting and I have tried to interpret – this certainly does seem a big year for Leo’s (me) I have Leo at 25dg so I am thinking most of this will pass me by, with only Saturn at 28dg Pisces – I am thinking its going to be mostly about what i keep secret? and how I wish I had a diary to look back on for any idea of what I should have learnt all those years ago and probably didn’t as seem to make same or similar mistakes, and would like to be ready for the rerun. Just wondering if i am looking along the right path with my interpretation?

    1. You have a huge stellium in Leo in the Fifth House and the arrival of the True North Node in Leo after all this time will certainly bring you back to your past decisions about lovers or pregnancy. Sometimes the issue is larger, so paid/unpaid efforts with much younger people, who you ‘parented’ at a distance. The Node moves into Leo in May 2017 and from that point until 2018 you will have deja vu, flashbacks or rewinds. It’s all about karmic closure from this life and possibly from other lives too.

    1. You have Proserpina at 22 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups and friends, so you are the go-between who connects powerful people, or powerful organisations, to each other. You are the human bridge! Just be aware that February 10, 11, 12 is not the time to talk or act, as you will be operating partially in the dark.

  28. My ascendant is at 28 degrees Leo opposite Saturn at 28 degrees Saturn. I would really appreciate your thoughts on what the August eclipse might mean for me.

    With huge thanks for a fantastic astrology website.

    1. Thank you. Saturn at 28 Aquarius and the Ascendant at 28 Leo (if your birth time is spot on) do require some thought. Obviously your Descendant is also at 28 Aquarius as well. One way to look at this eclipse is just to ask yourself what was going down with friends, groups, lovers or the world of children in the closing months of 1998. The True North Node passed 28 Leo then and the True South Node passed 28 Aquarius, so what you experience, thematically and symbolically, across the August 2017 eclipse is a repeat of that. You’ll know it immediately and you’ll also know to leave it alone until you find out more. You might also remember February 2003 (Valentine’s Day that year?) because Uranus was at 28 Aquarius then as well. With such low visibility in August 2017, do wait for more clarity before you make big choices.

  29. Ah…Very Interesting! But this August 2017 eclipse relates to yesterday’s eclipse (Feb. 10, 2017 Leo) right? I’ve been anticipating this Feb 10 one for a while now and wondering what will result (I had a potential band-creation business meeting with a singer this past week – I am a musician, who has been sideline by massive health issues & always hoping that things will finally turn around & get myself back on the road to healing/playing again!)…. I have *alot* of Virgo factors *I’m told* (3 is alot?? lol = Merc., Mars., Pluto, but I have Leo Moon @11 deg. too, so….)
    (Libra Sun @2deg. 6th hse and Aries Rising 8 degrees)..(25/9/1970 18:45pm EST Canada). so here’s hoping there will be New Fresh Starts in Health/Vocation, ECLIPSING all these health issues once and for all!!!!
    I Will keep reading your articles.
    P.S. Love your column Jessica!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you love the column. We actually have two eclipses in August, on the 7th and again on the 21st, and both across the Leo-Aquarius axis of the chart, which is where we find this first eclipse, which just took place on 11th February. It’s really your Leo-Aquarius stuff you need to look at, and I don’t have your chart to read. Aquarius rules your band. Your health issues are down to your Virgo chart signature. Look at Pluto in Virgo, as deeply as you can. You have Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House and you need to go into that, in detail.

  30. Hi Jessica, Enjoy the blog and the tweet.

    My birthday is Feb. 28 and is very close to the eclipse this year. Also, I’ve got Sun and Jupiter in Pisces as well as Uranus/Pluto in opposition in Virgo. Anything I need to watch out for during this coming eclipse?

    Thank you!

    1. Happy Birthday for 28th February. The Annular Solar Eclipse is within one degree of your natal Sun in Pisces, so you need to take extra care with big judgement calls or action plans, across February 25th, 26th, 27th as you will not see, all that you need to see. This will both concern your role, image, profile – and any secrets you keep. It may also involve a part you play behind the scenes which is invisible. As you’re concerned with the Virgo-Pisces axis of your chart, it’s worth reminding you that the Nodes will finally move away, from May 10th. A great deal of the repetition, karma and constant rewind you have experienced over work, in particular, will stop at that point. The karma will be complete. By work, I mean those Virgo areas of career, housework, charity volunteering, full-time parenting or study. You will be able to draw a firm line under all that has gone on, and say that your karma is complete.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    The eclipses seem to trigger a number of points in my chart. Just this weekend I have seen the former job I was retrenched from go online. I was told I could apply for it last year when that happened, but my feeling is that I’ve been jerked around there and l’m done. At the same time I also find that last idea ( I’m done !) as hard to accept, as my mind says jobs in my field are hard to come by I need the money etc. At the same time last year as I was retrenched (in August) I continued working in exactly the same job casually everyday doing exactly the same thing but being paid less.(surely that in itself is unjust) Not long after I was retrenched My father had a stroke and his dementia became worse and he was put into aged care. Because I am now not working now I am free to visit and support my mother as she is now living on her own two hours away from me. However I still have concerns about working and providing an income once my payout runs out. Any insights, ideas about how these eclipses impact me and my future would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Okey dokey. That’s a typical eclipse situation. Vulcano at 21 Cancer in the Fourth House and Jupiter at 22 Aquarius in the Eleventh House were both hit by the eclipse as it passed your horoscope this weekend. It’s over now so let it go. What you were not shown/cannot see/did not know/cannot know involved a trade union, perhaps, or a friendship. There may have been an issue here about Facebook or some other group of people, like a professional association. Aquarius rules friends and groups, you see. You will not be surprised to hear that Cancer rules the family, so of course your next question is about the situation with your parents. The universe has an odd way of working sometimes, and there are some key things coming out of this. You just decided you matter more to yourself, than being jerked around by people who are exploiting you, even if it’s risky. You have put a price on your self respect and self value. You actually needed to do that for a very long time. I realise it is very, very tough about your father and I am sorry you are going through it, but your job situation has given you a gift. As you say, you are free to visit and support your mother. If this was not going on, then that would not be possible. The trick now is to rethink your finances and your work because you need a new direction. You are in a fantastic position to do this, because even though your chosen career/field/industry is very hard, your chances of making or saving money are extremely good. Have you looked beyond a full-time salary to other ways to do this? They are all around you and given your work and family situation there may be organisations or departments which can help you, beyond actual individuals. You need to be proactive and think laterally. Think outside the box of salary. Further ahead you will be thrilled with your career from the final quarter of 2018 into 2019. This does not last forever.

  32. Posting again with hopes that you’ll be freer to comment. Thanks!

    Hi, Jessica. What does this say about my personal and partnership upheaval? I’ve read elsewhere that this eclipse is significant for those who have signs at 22. I have Sag in first house at 22 and psyche at 22. My husband has Panacea in Scorpio at 22 and is a Leo with the first house at 7. Judging from this and my chart, would you kindly shed some light regarding this and 2017 eclipses? It’s been tough! Thank you!

    1. Yes, the eclipse on 11th February was important for people with chart factors at 22 degrees. You’ve just been through this, but I can only remind you that while it was going on, the White House blacked out all the windows with thick, black plastic sheeting so that a golf game involving a Japanese state visit would not be seen. An odd thing to do. There was also something out of the ordinary for you across the 10th, 11th, 12th. I use the Natural House system so your Sun at 22 Sagittarius is in the Ninth House. This was about foreign or regional connections, publishing, education or the worldwide web. It bumped when it landed but it was like trying to see with black plastic over the windows. It still is, so you may want to take your time before you decide.

  33. Reposting 🙂

    Hi Jessica

    As you can see from my charts 28 factors IC and MC – Gemini and Sagittarius. Seems to largely be a communication issue? So would this mean holding off on launching a website or blog for example ?


    1. If you really were born at that time (the angles are time sensitive to the minute) then yes, you should hold off on your website or blog launch, Shaolee.

  34. Hi Jessica
    I have Venus making a t square with Fortuna and Aesculapia near 28, can you tell me how the eclipse may have an effect to this challenge.

    1. Keep an eye on your money (Taurus), shopping, sales, business, house, apartment, charity over this period as you won’t be affected directly, but indirect ripple effects from other people and organisations will have an impact. They don’t see/know and this affects what you earn, own or owe.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I am reposting this as I am really keen to hear what you have to say in this area, although I completely understand that there was a lot of interest in this blog and you are inundated with questions.
    I seem to have a both a Leo and an Aquarian stellium, but much more Leo. Reading the comments above the Leo referred to a past, present, or potential partner. The person who fitted all of these three catagories for me passed unexpectedly late last year so I am not quite sure what to make of it all. If you can help to make it clearer that would be brilliant. Around 28 degrees I have Aries and more Aries. Around 22 degrees I have Virgo and Gemini. I got lost as to which degrees were most important here.
    Thanks for such n interesting (clearly) article. Zigi

    1. This is about the child you did (or did not) have, and is very much about previous chances at pregnancy, or the actual birth of a child. Sometimes it is the former partner who goes on to have a child, without you. There is a great deal of karma to be handled here as some issues have been avoided or sidestepped. This will happen quite naturally and organically in 2017, 2018.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for all of your interesting articles.
    So if on the 7th of August at the partial eclipse the Sun 15 Leo op Moon 15 Aquarius, and I have sun at 15 Leo, what should I be thinking about? i would be really grateful if you could put to bed all of the dodgy things that I have read about sun 15 Leo for a start.
    Then at the total solar eclipse on 21st of August, Sun 28 Leo conjunct Moon 28 Leo, and I have Uranus at 29 Leo, what does this mean? Just looking through the year the sun and moon seem to feature prominently as hot spots for me.

    1. Zigi, your Fifth House, ruled by Leo, is being well and truly crossed by eclipses. The Fifth House reveals your courtships (lust, lovers and sex) and also, for obvious reasons, your attitude towards the world of babies, children or younger generations. The Fifth House is ruled by Leo and this is a very old 2000-year-old association with Kings, Queens, heirs, the royal bedchamber, and the rest. Skip the eclipse periods for choices about all these things. Why? Blind spot. Maybe a cover-up too. It isn’t necessarily negative, it just means you can’t see, and you don’t know.

  37. Hi again, reposting this as well, thanks!

    Hi Jessica,
    From my chart I have IC and MC in Scorpio at 27 degrees and Pallas in Taurus at 28 degrees and Mercury in Taurus at 27 degrees. Will the Aug eclipse trigger my chart in a major way?

    Thanks for your insight

    1. Thank you. Don’t use Pallas as she’s Greek, not Roman. Mercury at 27 Taurus is important. Skip the 20th, 21st, 22nd of August for choices about your apartment, business, money, house, possessions, charity. There is no direct impact from the eclipse, but other people and organisations will be absolutely blind to what is going on then and this will have an indirect effect on all that you earn, own or owe.

  38. Reposting
    Dear Jessica,

    My Vesta is in 26 degree Leo. What can you tell me from my chart in my relationship area.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Vesta in Leo in the Fifth House is about male-female imbalance in the game of love, but also with the world of children. A typical example is Prince Andrew who has a former wife, former girlfriends and two daughters. He is the male lynchpin. You have a lifelong pattern of ending up in one male/many female scenarios. I have no idea if you are male or female, but this is what Vesta describes and although the eclipse is too wide to make a proper conjunction, the North Node will cross 26 Leo in June 2017 and restart the pattern.

  39. Hi Jessica, is having my south node at Pisces 8 going to have a lot of effect on me during the feb 26 eclipse? I also have quite a few other planets at 8 degrees, does this affect those as well or only Pisces? I have heard from an employee of a company that I have been trying to get hired on with for some time that they are considering me, would this eclipse touch on that at all? In December 2015 this company offered me a job to replace a man who was retiring, however right after they offered it to me the man decided not to retire so they had to rescind their offer. Thank you very much! Hope you are well 🙂

    1. Your MC at 8 Scorpio and Minerva at 8 Virgo are all about this job situation, as your MC is your career and Virgo is work. You either have a blind spot about the situation or you’re not being fully shown/told something about your career in general, across this eclipse. Looking further afield when Jupiter goes to 8 Scorpio (he changes signs in October 2017) you will have the most fantastic opportunity for promotion, a prestigious project or a new position – not possible in 12 years.

  40. Dearest Jessica, I have Minerva 27Leo50, but also Sun and Ops in Aries at degrees close to 28. My Diana is at 28 Capricorn, and have Moon 29 Pisces. This seems important, but please give me a closer insight about the meaning this August eclipse for me.
    All the best!

    1. Minerva leads a tight pattern in your chart so the decisions you make/have made to proceed with parenthood, or bypass it, affect many areas of your life. The eclipse is very much about lovers, godchildren, former lovers, children, youth as a whole (young people and the generation gap) and you may want to sidestep that period. The North Node will cross your Minerva at 27 Leo after May and you will definitely have some karma to deal with, scooping up past life rewards and gaining closure on what is unresolved.

  41. Hi Jessica

    In 1998 was a tough year for me and my son (then 1yr old ) as my husband passed away. By October/November of that year I was a bit of a mess – grieving (but trying to be strong), being a single parent, trying to find work and so on. I had wonderful family and friends who helped me through. What this might mean for me come eclipse time this year. Capricorn sun/ Pisces moon.

    1. I am very sorry for your loss, though I suspect 1998 was about a lot more than just the Leo Node cycle at the time. Capricorn Sun people will experience the eclipse in Leo in their Eighth House of finance, property, business, charity and possessions – it makes sense to bypass that period for major decisions regarding the same.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    I am wondering how Venus 8 Pisces and Mercury 8 Aquarius will effect me on the February 26th eclipse? Thanks so much for all your amazing insights!

    1. Thank you. You’re right to ask the question because the Sun at 8 Pisces and Moon at 8 Pisces form a Ring of Fire eclipse right on your Venus (one-on-one relating) in Pisces in the Twelfth House (secrecy, invisibility, mystery). You have a pattern of hiding what you feel emotionally and usually sexually and that’s in focus right now. Or rather, it’s out of focus, because there is always something foggy about the Twelfth House. Add the eclipse and you have low visibility about a matter so crucial to how you feel – how your heart feels – and that’s why it might make sense to skip this weekend, through Monday, for passing judgement or assuming you know what’s going on. Give yourself a bit more time and space here.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    Just had some bad news about my health. So close to this eclipse is it possible it’s not accurate?

    1. I am very sorry to hear you have had bad news about your health. The eclipse is not relevant as it’s in Pisces. Your body is Virgo and the Sixth House and you have Hygiea there. What is more significant is that we have Pisces factors opposing Hygiea, February through March, so that part of you which is about ‘prevention is better than cure’ and ‘forewarned is forearmed’ is now well and truly going to have to get to work. The more you can read about your Hygiea in Virgo in the Sixth House, the better. Look at the paintings and sculptures of her too. She is frequently seen with a snake and bowl in her hand and she is in fact symbolised by the bowl/snake symbol in so many European pharmacies. Time to start owning this part of your chart and making it serve you.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    Gee how right were you about the Academy Awards Eclipse strangeness prediction! That best picture La La Land and Moonlight blunder that just happened was a classic. Even the word Moonlight is very Eclipse-like. Cheers

  45. Hello Jessica, I am so glad that I chose to be a member on your site. I have factors in Leo what that does mean for me? Can you please also give me a hint about the eclipses on my chart.
    Thank you very much Jessica

    1. Thank you, I will pass that onto James, Justin and Alyas. Actually you have more Aquarius factors than Leo factors. The South Node (karma, flashbacks) moves into Aquarius from May 2017 and remains there until 2018. Aquarius rules your friendships and the groups you are involved with, or the groups which affect you from the outside – Twitter, sports teams or rock bands are typical. You all knew each other before, in this lifetime and others, and from May you will be completing a karmic story together.

  46. Hello Jessica, I just read your response to my health question. Many thanks, I was beginning to think there was nothing I could do to change the result. But I can at least try. I have checked out Hygeia and will now follow some coincidental info that could be helpful and am more optimistic that it will help. Thanks for the encouragement

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