Your Aquarius Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

Starting on Wednesday 18th October, you begin a new cycle of success, achievement and status.


Starting on Wednesday 18th October, you begin a new cycle of success, achievement and status. This will affect your career, unpaid work or university degree as you snap up opportunities or grab solutions not possible in 12 years. On Thursday 26th October, the Sun dazzles in a conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of growth, solutions and good news all round. Then, on Monday 13th November, Venus – the planet of relating – also conjuncts Jupiter. One week later we have a New Moon in this same zone of your chart when so many Aquarians will switch jobs, gain promotion, receive awards, sail into prestigious courses or similar. A project for 2018 which is announced then could change your life. A rare Jupiter-Neptune trine in December is the only encouragement you need. Even into early 2018, the period around Sunday 7th January when we see Mars conjunct Jupiter seems certain to jet-propel you. If you lost out professionally in 2016, you could pick up where you left off, thanks to immaculate timing and old-fashioned luck, from Christmas to New Year.

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50 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    exactly which would be the best dates to travel to meet up with people for the first time?



    1. Thanks Lucinda. What happens around Friday 3rd March will probably get you travelling (or welcoming a traveller) no matter if you plan to do that or not. Again, near 30th March, it looks as if that particular part of your country (or the world) is fated for you. The more I look at that whole month, the more I think you should pack your bags!

  2. Hi Jessica, I always look forward to your birthday horescopes, sounds like it will be a fab year. Q re love life really, been dating this guy and we always seem stuck sometimes, we share the same horescope unfortunately. His is 28/01/77 time 8.30am. Do you see this going forward at all or always delayed and stuck for us? I know funnily we were born 2 days apart but whilst we have some similarities, there are so many difference between us. Would ne great to hear your thoughts.
    I’m excited for 2017 in particular reading about business, thanks for the headsup on boundaries that need to be put in place.

    1. Thank you! You two have past life karma to sort out and yet nothing can be resolved until after May this year, when at last the Nodes move into Aquarius and Leo. Even if it’s just closure on the relationship, it needs to happen – but it is highly likely that you both share an incarnation together (perhaps more than one) and because of this, the connection must stay open, and then evolve past May, so that debts and credits are paid off between you. If you felt you knew him from the very first ‘hello’ then it’s likely that this is the case.

  3. Thanks for this! My husband is an Aquarian sun, with Mercury in Aq in 10th house as well as Aq on the MC. He recently went through his 2nd Saturn return. We have a great marriage (truly!!) but literally the only area of conflict that we have involves his friends. We used to have incredible rows about them. I find them so objectionable, firmly believing that they use him and only seek him out when they need his services. Most seemed to have dropped off since we married 5 years ago. I’m concerned that this issue might arise again, given the astrology for the next couple of years. I know this sounds bad, but I honestly don’t think that our marriage could handle them coming back into the picture. Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Your husband has an Aquarius stellium so he actually has all those placements in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. Yes, the South Node passing through his Eleventh House in 2017 and 2018 will bring the need for total closure with one or more people, or perhaps the teams, clubs or other networks which involve them. It does not mean they re-enter your life, but there may be some karmic loose ends for him to tie, or for them to tie, especially if they realise they used him. These things matter, especially once people are past their second Saturn Return and growing older.

  4. I do love reading your columns .. and look forward to the aquarian year ahead.. I do feel there is not a lot to look forward to after reading it though!
    I don’t think the relationship I am in will survive passed a few more weeks let alone May.
    I gave given so much for so many years I can’t see any more left in me to be able to resolve any past Karma anymore. Can you see anything in my chart that could bring good news this year??
    Thank you Jessica… you are a wonderful astrologer to follow.

    1. Thank you! Your Ascendant at 27 Libra is probably the issue here, as you project your personality through partnerships, duos and duets – yet you are also set to experience Uranus opposing the Ascendant from 27 Aries and Jupiter moving slowly to conjunct it, later in 2017. We’re actually talking a two year time span here, either of resolution between you, or a very long goodbye. In general, Uranus tends to bring major questions about freedom and independence and how shackled people feel and one way or another, I think you’re going to have to address that with your love.

  5. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you so much for the Aquarius birthday chart. Wow, you seem to have us all banged to rights! Are there any reassurances you can offer on the money front of my chart: I have Saturn in my second house, which traditionally doesn’t bode well for sensible money management, which has been difficult for me over a number of years. Is there any hope of getting things under control? I feel very apprehensive about your warnings of unreality in that regard. Warm regards, Jane

    1. Thank you, Jane. You actually have Saturn in the Eighth House in the Natural House system, which is similar – still about finance, property, business and the cautious steps you have to take, to protect yourself against the worst. It does actually bode well for money management, once you stop avoiding/evading what you fear and do something practical about it. It’s very common to go into denial with Saturn in the Eighth House as there is usually a good reason to be wary of what life can hand out. However, if you have had money management issues I suspect it’s because you’re doing head-in-the-sand, which a lot of people do with this placement! Actually, as you will see when Jupiter (problem solving, abundance) goes through Scorpio and your Eighth House from October 2017, you could end up in a sterling position. And I do mean sterling.

  6. Thanks Jessica for the birthday horoscope. I was hoping 2017 was a year where I feel like I could start moving again when I comes to my love life. The last couple of years it’s been either non existent or going in circles with the same people but it looks like more of the same! What you have written about karma feels true especially with 2 former partners. Do you see any kind of fresh start for me this year without them? Thank you

    1. You actually need to complete the karma with the two former partners before you can move on. You owe them, and they owe you, and at a certain point you will realise that there is closure. A few simple words can sometimes do it.

      1. Wow. What you just said here resonates very strongly with me. I have karma that I need to complete. Like Camille, I’m ready to embark upon the makings of a partnership. I’m not sure if this will prove to be the year for it though.

  7. Dearest Jessica,
    My aquarius husband is about to start a small business. The last 10 years was hard for his career. Good to read his birthday horoscope, thank you.
    The last 2 years was tough for me as I found out that he had an affair. His dob is 22 jan 1974 time unknown and mine is 20 dec 1975 4.30am UTC.
    We have been together since I was 17, through thick and thin. We are still together as he regret his action and I feel like he is sincere. But I am a wreck at times as I am scared that he will hurt me again. What do you see for us in the future Jessica?
    Thanks heaps

    1. I am very sorry your Aquarian husband had an affair. You two will sort out the karma from not only that, but also the years 1999, 2000 – starting in May 2017. By 2018 you will have cleared your balance sheet with each other as you both have credits and debts, emotionally and spiritually. Because of him, these will be ‘paid’ and settled so that you both feel your lives are in order. You don’t say if you have children, or if you had any unsuccessful pregnancies, but actually – for you, anyway – one of the major questions to answer is about the choices you made about parenthood in the past. The answer will set you free.

  8. Thank you for answering Jessica. We do have 2 children and an unsuccessful pregnancy in between. He is always a good husband to me and a good father to our kids. That is why I am still here and I really do feel like he regrets his action. But the affair just really caught me off guard because I always felt like I know him.. but it made me realize that I don’t know him because of what he did.
    He also travel now for his work and his small business. And the affair happenned when he was away. Most of the times we are okay. But at times I am just questioning everything and feel like running away because I am scared that he will hurt me again.

    1. This is about the children, first and foremost, and the need to look at how you both are, as parents, and how you personally feel about the current set-up with two children. Try to pull your attention back from the affair to the issue of parenting if you can, because you will find more answers there. I’m sure your friends have also told you this, but a counsellor would be a good idea. I hope it works out for you.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    Aq sun, Capricorn rising, Leo moon sign – everything seems so tough and uncertain. I set up a new business in 2014, but could not pull it through yet. In mid 2016, I was cheated on another small endeavour. I feel like leaving it all and going back to the security of a job – but haven’t even found a decent job yet. I was born Feb13 – Isn’t the Saturn transit to my career house over yet? Love life is dead too.

    1. Aquarius Sun? Yes, the Saturn transit of your career house is long gone. If you want a fantastic opportunity in your career, it will be on offer from October 2017, perhaps as early as November and certainly no later than 2018 – in fact there may be more than one chance involving work, unpaid work or study. Don’t sit on your hands until then, though. Your whole issue has been (and continues to be) Neptune in your Second House of business and money. You need to track all that carefully, methodically and in great detail as an every day routine, not just now, but for some years to come. Your love life will prove to you, this year and next year, that it is time to back to the future. The past will feed the present.

  10. Hi Jessica, Have you any insights at all on my husbands DOB 4th Feb 1949 please, I know that his age is quite a bit older than usual on your site but would appreciate anything you feel is relevant. Thankyou

    1. Your husband has karma with you, from this lifetime and other lifetimes, which will be obvious from May 2017 and completed by 2018. There are credits to collect and maybe some debts to settle, some of which he may be aware of – others he may not. There will be a repetition, either literally or symbolically, of issues from the past. You don’t say how long you have been married but if you were together in 1999, when the North Node was in Leo in his Seventh House of love and sex, what happens over the next two years will be a long-awaited answering call to the events of that year.

  11. Hello Jessica – The two eclipses land on a few planets in my chart. I would appreciate your comments on their influence. I understand things will be hidden, not the best time to make decisions, but I feel they mean more than that. Thanks, L

    1. Uranus at 23 Leo is quincunx Jupiter at 23 Capricorn and Saturn at 24 Capricorn in your chart and Diana is at 24 Scorpio, square Uranus and sextile Jupiter and Saturn. That is what they call a pile-up at 23 degrees. Never mind the eclipses, the thing you will notice most in 2017 and 2018 is your own reluctance to accept situations which fence you in, limit your options and keep you small. If others have been cramping your style, or if you have been tolerating circumstances which make your world too narrow, then you may even surprise yourself, as you suddenly decide to turn your own world upside-down in order to break free. It will be worth it. You will be liberated. I would be very surprised if you had not done this, personally and professionally, by October 2017, as we have so many key transits over that 23 degree position.

  12. Hi Jessica. I am Aquarius rising, but my Sun is in Taurus. I identify more with the Aquarius Forecast. What is the best way to explore my horoscope: my birth chart (Aquarius) or my sun chart (Taurus)?
    I love your website!
    Greetings from Sudamerica,

  13. Hi Jessica. Very thought proving article. I have Juno in Aquarius however a stellium in Leo. The years mentioned were some very interesting times for me as I did the work and children “thing” truly hard although they were definitely some of the best years of my life. Based on the south node now going into Aquarius, how do you foresee this time around impacting my future? Happy Chinese New Year Jessica!

    1. Happy New Asian Year (it’s Tibetan Losar soon – also the year of the Rooster). Your Leo stellium is actually the key here, with the North Node crossing this sign from May 2017. It’s basically a big, repetitive Fifth House transit for you and what you did in terms of the children, particularly in 1999, has left a karmic trail – you will now be able to go back and follow that trail and see where you end up. This brings a sense of completion but also fulfilment.

  14. Dear Jessica i am successful in most areas of my life but have not had success in relationships so far. I am content despite that.
    Still curious though to find out whether I will ever be in a loving and trusting relationship?
    My DOB is 210174. Don’t know the time of birth unfortunately

    1. Your best bet is turning a platonic friend into a lover, or joining a group/team/club and pairing off with someone there. You have Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius in the Eleventh House. Actually, some old karma with a key friend or group ally from 1999 is coming your way in 2017, 2018 – you planted a lucky seed then and it’s about to grow an unexpected flower. And of course you will be content in a relationship, but for you, it works best to feel like a friendship first and foremost.

  15. Hi Jessica how you create your writings is amazing. You are so astute and write so clearly I love reading your posts and answers to people’s questions.
    Myself (6 Feb 1966 1130pm U.K. ) 1998-2003 was a hard and transforming time for me. Leaving my partner of 9 years, building a life as a single parent with 2 young children, moving location but also discovering spirituality.
    Again now I find myself leaving a relationship of 9/10 years. My children are now young adults although still live with me.
    I’ve grown more confident and stand up for myself better now but still feel lacking in my life purpose … any views on this? Thank you Jessica for your wisdom.

    1. Thank you very much. You are definitely repeating a Nodal cycle here if you left your partner across 1999 and are now leaving another partner, on the same cycle. Let me have a look at your chart to see what is going on. You have the MC at 6 Leo, in the Fifth House, which describes courtship, the art of romance, parenthood, stepchildren, godchildren, nieces, nephews and so on. In November 1999 the True North Node crossed 6 Leo and Neptune slowly began to oppose it. By March 2000, Neptune stood in opposition at 6 Aquarius and remained there for some time. It must have been an extremely confusing period in your life. What is happening now is the entry of the True North Node into Leo in May. You’ll feel the pull of time from that point, and the actual pass over 6 Leo will take place in 2018. This is about your two children. You gave a lot when you chose single parenthood. The time has come for them, or the universe, to give back to you. I am very sorry about the relationship ending now, but actually, that is part of it. Beyond your own children you may also be looking at karmic rewards via Millennials or youth in general. This is your calling in life because it’s your MC. Had you not chosen single parenthood you may have become a teacher, for example.

  16. HI Jessica, Its my birthday and is exciting. ITs been interesting but some of the investments and purchases I did during Saturn in Scorpio started disappearing until this last week I had an accident with my car and it was a total loss. Certainly my perception of money has changed my house of money was loaded with aspects for a while. I was born with Mercury in my second house is a good signal that Mercury is in my second house later this year?


    1. I am sorry about your car. You were born with Mercury in Pisces so in the Twelfth House, not the Second House (Natural House system). You are asking about money, so I need to look at Taurus/Scorpio in your chart, because they rule the Second House of possessions and finance, and the Eighth House of serious issues – property, business, banking and so on. Your MC is in Scorpio so no wonder this subject draws you. Charity, precious possessions, companies, economies, retail, and so on – are your vocation or true calling, no matter what you do for a living. When Jupiter crosses the MC, slowly moving there from October 2017, you will experience stunning opportunities and by 2018 will have taken a truly fulfilling new path.

  17. I am a premium member. Why can’t I see the Aquqrius birthday horoscope. I van see only the comments.

    1. Kumareen, are you logged in? If you are still logged in and can’t see it, please hit Support and the chaps can help you out. I’m sorry about this.

  18. Hi Jessica, you’re always so spot on. Question, a cousin also started a business same time as me (DOB April 9, 1977, no time sorry), and acts all competitive. Even blocked me off social media. Two completely different businesses btw. Mines, retail, has been doing exceptionally well and allows me to travel – which you predicted more of for me. But wrt hers and this behaviour, do you see hers succeeding or just her Aries self keeping a competition wishing to come out on top? I want none of it but the fake life/happiness is annoying.
    Can you shed any light on this behaviour?

    1. People with Aries chart signatures are often competitive – if you hit Aries on search you can read all about this character trait. They either tend to do passive-aggressive or actually downright provocative! Drop out of the game. It needs two players and it can’t exist without them.

      1. I try. Unfortunately I have to see her due to mutual friendships. Will have a read thanks. But given we have a supposed recession here, what do you see for her businesswise? Can I ask that?

        I just realised my membership payment wasnt updated, let me get on that!

        As for my travels this year, so far 5 unexpected trips have come up, all before August. Guess 2017 is a big travel year for me as you predicted and I’m glad some of it is for my own business. Thank you!

  19. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing your amazing insights.
    I’m facing a tough situation with my career, where it is one step forward, one back. 2011-mid 2014 were amazing but since then I’ve been trying to sort my work with no real progress.
    I could not make the best of opportunities, and not for lack of trying. I’m still taking everything as a lesson but it has become harder. I’ve started to doubt everything.
    Should I take up a job? Should I continue with my business? July 2016 was especially difficult but I’ve moved over it. I worked on my big dream project from Aug-Dec, but now I realise I don’t have the funds to take it through yet. I’ve recently started on a smaller project again but doubt is killing me. I don’t like being this afraid but I am.

    Do think I can expect any improvements soon?

    Thank you

    1. It will work out for you financially, long term, so please don’t worry. You have a stellium in Capricorn that is at the heart of the current Pluto in Capricorn transit in your Tenth House of career. At Christmas 2017, Saturn moves there, and finally Jupiter joins in, so by 2020 you will have reshaped what you do, how you do it – and why you do it. I would need the start times for all your projects and ventures for accuracy, including time and place – and I am not sure you have those. What you can do is use your Astrology Oracle in the meantime. Follow the instructions and see what you get. It’s very helpful and I use it myself.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    I have quite a few planetary bodies at 22 degress. Particularly Saturn in Libra at 22 as well as my nodes… I’m feeling overwhelmed and ready to move on at work (I also have a healing business that incorporates travel and is starting to take off). Home and love (we live together) is another story.

    My partner (June 3 72 | 13:13 |Montreal Canada) is a wonderful person but I’m not sure there is truly mutual respect and value. There’s a lot going on at work and I think he might be let go (which to me, would be a blessing in disguise)… I don’t know if it’s just his personality or if he is actually hiding something.

    I’d appreciate your thoughts.

  21. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for another great article.
    Would you please be able to offer any insights re my Aquarius husband DOB 23/1/62, 7.30 EST Bathurst, Australia. How will the nodes impact us? Together since 1992, 2 children.
    Thank you very much. Best wishes.

    1. I’m not sure when your children were born, but if you have been together since 1992, then some old debts/credits regarding parenthood, nieces, nephews or godchildren – perhaps even attempts at pregnancy or developments with sons and daughters – return from May this year. These were created in 1999, 2000 and there are points to collect and some points to pay off. This is soul stuff. It’s karma.

  22. Hi Jessica, I’m an Aquarius and I’ve been having terrible time with earning income in the past few years. It goes up and down (I’m self-employed) and now it’s down again. I feel like I’m going for broke. How’s Aquarius money situation going to be in the next few months/year? I read in weekly horoscope that something is going to happen in May 2018…. is it going to be bad?

    1. You are still recovering from the worst 2-3 year cycle in three decades, as Saturn in Scorpio, very recently, hit your Scorpio-Taurus factors, all of which rule money. You may find it helps to separate your money into two pools. One pool is up and down, never regular, and very hard to predict. The other pool is watertight and you never touch it. If it’s possible to do that, you will find you can swim/surf with the ever-changing tides of the first pool and relax about the second one. You begin a stunning career cycle in October which will help you a great deal, and as Jupiter (opportunity, solutions, abundance) also moves across your Scorpio-Taurus axis from that point, you can fill up pool one and pool two!

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