Finding Your Liberty in 2017

If you couldn't join me at Liberty in January, here is a chance to try out some of the tips, tricks and techniques we enjoyed in The Heritage Room over two nights...

If you couldn’t join me at Liberty in January, here is a chance to try out some of the tips, tricks and techniques we enjoyed in The Heritage Room over two nights…(and by the way, if you were there, thank you so much for your time).

Liberty is not only the greatest store in the world, it also happens to be a key word for the planet Uranus, which is making some unusual and striking aspects in 2017. Allow a day either side of these dates, but do note them – this is when you will come closer than at any other time in 2017 to achieving some kind of freedom. A break with, or a break from, what restricts you!

If you know your chart and have factors at Aries 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 then these patterns fall in your First House of image, appearance, name, title and brand. Any situation or person which you feel holds you back or keeps you small in terms of your ‘Me’ agenda can easily be ditched near these dates.

Friday 3rd March
 Uranus 22 Aries opposite Jupiter 22 Libra

Sunday 26th March
 Mercury 23 Aries conjunct Uranus 23 Aries

Friday 14th April 
Sun 24 Aries conjunct Uranus 24 Aries

Friday 19th May
 Uranus 26 Aries trine Saturn 26 Sagittarius

Saturday 3rd June
 Venus 27 Aries conjunct Uranus 27 Aries

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Which Area of Your Life Calls For a Freedom Experiment?

Your Sun Sign chart can show you which area of your life calls out for a freedom experiment. Of course, you have been trying various ways to be more independent for years – Uranus has been in Aries for a long time. It is only in 2017 that you have your last, full, final 12 months of the cycle, though. So maybe you should build on what you’ve changed in your life and go for one more radical step sideways – or forwards.

ARIES – Name. Reputation. Social Media Profile. Face. Shape. Wardrobe. Image. Profile.
TAURUS – Secrets. Classified Information. Confidential Matters. Roles Behind The Scenes.
GEMINI – Groups. Social Media. Teams. Friends. Societies. Organisations. Committees.
CANCER – Ambition. Achievement. Success. Position. Role. Rights. Responsibilities. Career.
LEO – Publishing. Internet. Education. Academia. Foreign People and Places.
VIRGO – Finance. Business. Property. Charity. Your Values. Taxation. Shares.
LIBRA – Former, Current, Potential Partners. Enemies, Opponents, Rivals.
SCORPIO – Lifestyle. Body. Workload. Duty. Service. Routine. Obligation. Chores. Health.
SAGITTARIUS – Lovers. Babies. Children. Millennials. Younger People.
CAPRICORN – Home. Family. Household. Home Town. Homeland. Belonging.
AQUARIUS – Internet. Microphones. Telephones. Communication. Publishing. Education.
PISCES – Money. Business. Possessions. Charity. Property. Values. Companies. Shares.

What Uranus Feels Like in 2017

Classically, the feeling that you just can’t take any more of a situation which is tied to the past and keeping you stuck – that’s typical. It may be that you feel bolshie, rebellious or like starting a revolution. Maybe you are with dinosaurs and need to go forward and evolve. Perhaps you constantly have the feeling that something is 20th century and you’re moving in 21C. We associate this planet with all the French revolutions, which is where I found this painting in The Louvre.


Uranus Revolution France 600x449 - Finding Your Liberty in 2017


Make a List – Make it Real

One of the exercises we tried at Liberty was writing postcards to ourselves of all the people/organisations/situations/places we wanted to be liberated from, according to our Sun Sign cycles. Were we feeling totally sat on, suffocated or stifled by some work set-up that cramped our style? Were we no longer interested in the same old banking system, or same old bank? Try this. Fill a card on both sides with what/who you would like to be released from. Say it out loud. Make it real!

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77 Responses

    1. Uranus at 22 Aries will quincunx your natal Pluto at 22 Virgo in the Sixth House of workload, daily routine, lifestyle and body. Basically, you have a lifelong pattern of working a particular way, and also approaching food, doctors, drink, drugs, fitness, healing – in a rather set manner. This simply has to shift, in slow stages, in 2017 and 2018. The phrase ‘know thyself’ will come to mean a lot to you. Only you can really figure out what’s right for your own mind, body and spirit, because with Pluto in Virgo you are very unlikely to just follow someone else’s advice or instruction. Transformation does need to occur though – you’ll have to compromise with other people, or with the universe and do things differently in future.

    1. Uranus on (conjunct) your Venus in Aries in the First House is already a reality for you, and you have Jupiter opposing from 20 Libra. This is about your projected personality, image and reputation. Your name and your face, clothes and style. Your decision to use yourself as a kind of human badge or walking poster for what you want and need! It can be exciting to wake up and realise that you have no fear at all, about being yourself, as you really are today, and promoting yourself on social media, multimedia or just face-to-face with people. That’s where the liberty is for you.

  1. Hi Jessica , as always very excited to read your posts and I’m really looking up for some miracle aka revolution to happen . I have Jupiter in Aries at 20 and Chiron in Aries at 26 . How will this affect me .? Thanks

    1. You’re in a rebirth cycle when you can forget the old version of yourself – if you are daring and willing to try – and come up with a new way to dress, a new way to promote yourself, and a new niche to call your own. You can sit on your hands and do nothing, but this is a rare chance for you (which has been evolving for months) to step out, and also step out of line. You can be a lightning rod for some major electricity at the moment, exciting others but also liberating yourself. However, nothing will happen unless you make it happen.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I have Saturn in Aries at 25 degrees. Is that going to create difficulties moving towards independence from organisations and a routine lifestyle?

    Thank you.

    1. That’s a big one. You will experience Uranus crossing Aries at 25 degrees and conjunct your Saturn in the First House. This is really about the burdens you have to carry regarding your image, appearance, reputation, name, title and so on. You would already have experienced the reality of this as you left your twenties and went towards age 30, as you had your Saturn Return in the First House of ‘Me’ and I’m sure it was hard work. You built walls at that time, to make yourself feel more secure and comfortable. You had to take steps to protect yourself, and defend yourself, and you did. Now, along comes Uranus to shake and rattle those walls. You need to figure out if the strategies or coping methods you have been using to make yourself feel less vulnerable (about yourself) are useful, or if they need to change – or even be dismantled.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I’m so going to try this, hopefully I might escape – I’ve applied for a new job! Not sure if I have Aries factors, but I do hope so as the cancer sign it’s all about my career! ( I’m a premium member)

    Things can’t go on…

    Love your work and site xx

  4. I feel like you’ve written this just for me, it couldn’t be any more personal. Everything, including the painting, revolutionary feelings, dinosaurs, breaking with the past, stuck. Thank you

  5. Hi Jessica, I have sent a message before, I’m not sure if they are getting to you? maybe its just about timing for me…? (i posted it in the liberty’s events blog) Anyway here we go again and maybe today is the day I get the answer or message I need. I had a lovely time at the event on Thursday, every informative and powerful – thank you! Please could you look at my birth chart and give me … a message. 2016 was horrendous it hasn’t started that great in 2017 but it all changes this weekend or at least moves forward in one direction or another… my birth date is 25/05/68 Manchester England 6pm in the evening (Saturday). Have a wonderful sunny Saturday its just glorious weather today!! XC

    1. Thank you C – I can see 1,944 messages in my queue so it looks like they have crept up again and I may not yet have reached your first post. I did have almost 100 people, alongside you, at the Liberty event in London so maybe they snuck in before you! I am sure 2016 was very tough for you, given your date of birth. Every 29 years Saturn comes along to oppose your Sun and you have well and truly seen what that is like. You will actually find February begins your new year. It simply did not occur in January but look up and spot the New Moon over the rooftops in February and you will realise it is timing a brand new beginning (perhaps more than one) in your life which is long overdue.

  6. Jessica, as you can see I do have aries 23 factors. Could you comment on this in regards to my work. Trying to decide if its time to call it done, or continue on in some capacity.
    Really enjoy your site, means a lot to me!

    1. Thank you Russ. I will pass that compliment onto my webmasters James, Justin and our computer guru Alyas. I can’t see a birth chart for you, but in general, if you have Aries 23 signatures in your chart, then 2016-2017 is life-changing and will encourage you to be authentically yourself. The magic word for you, again and again, is ‘independence’ and if that means you have to step out of line, and push yourself forward, so be it. I don’t know what kind of work you do, or what kind of role you have, but you have reached a stage in your life where you can genuinely do your own thing.

  7. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article! A very interesting read, indeed! Just a question regarding Uranius trine Saturn on 19th May – Saturn will conjunct both my natal Sun and Neptune at 26 degrees in my forth house of belongings. Uranus is transiting my eight house of business and joint finances. Hopefully it will bring a much awaited change in the professional domain where I have been stuck with an employer for years. Any reflextions on your side will be highly appreciated!

    1. You are using a different house system to me, so I need to spin your chart to Natural Houses. Saturn will conjunct your Sun and Neptune in your Ninth House of travel, foreign and regional differences, education and academia, the worldwide web and publishing. This is actually where you shine brightest and seek to escape from reality, most frequently. You’re a born traveller, migrant or student of life. The aspects to this pattern in your chart will make you cross a serious bridge in regard to this. You need to get real and you will, with benefits in 2019 when Jupiter is in Sagittarius.

  8. Hi I’ve got a Uranus sun square coming up in April\May. How will this affect me. I don’t think I can take any more upheaval. Thank you.

    1. Uranus squares are okay. And in fact, Uranus transits are always necessary, though they can feel dislocating at the time. Dance in the storm. You will find that someone else (or perhaps a whole group of people) act out Uranus for you. Their need for independence, their quest for freedom and their tendency to upset the apple cart, will also have an impact on your life. It’s absolutely fine and a normal part of life. In fact, neither you nor anybody else can stop this, so you may as well dance. In time you and others will come to see that there were way too many shackles, chains and padlocks on a situation and they simply had to be snapped off. By 2018 you will appreciate the huge amount of enthralling and exciting new freedom.

  9. Hello Jessica, with Uranus aspecting a lot of planets in Aries in my first house there has been a few changes in the last few years but the change has been gradual. Any idea what’s left before it moves into Taurus? Thanks again for taking the time, Christine

    1. You have the North Node at 25 Aries in your First House of image, Christine, so there is one more bridge to cross in regard to your personality projection, your reputation, title, appearance and so on. You have done a great deal of changing since Uranus first moved into Aries and there is more to come. Not looking like anyone else – not being like anyone else – can be tremendously exciting and also inspire other people to be free. Square pegs in round holes often feel like the most ‘alive’ pegs in the box!

  10. Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for posting this article. It’s wonderful to see an Astrologer talking about the theme of Freedom in 2017. I have Venus at 23 degrees in Aries and Saturn at 26 degrees in Aries. Do you have any insights as to where I can best focus my attention to make the most of this cycle?

    1. Thank you. This is about taking off the shackles in regard to yourself and understanding that ‘free to be me’ is your new mantra for 2017 and 2018. It may be that you need to challenge conventional ideas about fashion, hair, beauty and so on. More importantly, you can discover for yourself what it means to be frank and fearless. I realise that with Saturn in Aries in the First House there is a fair amount of concern about pushing yourself forward, or perhaps about your appearance or reputation in general. However it is time for some walls to come down.

  11. Hello Hello Hello
    I so wish I lived in your corner of the world to be able to attend your astrology events. Sigh.
    I am eleventy million % looking for some liberty one that is peaceful and gentle. Or even a correction in the balance of power would be great too! Is that possible? I don’t think I have any factors at those degrees that you mention though 🙁
    Love to hear your thoughts there though
    Have a fab day
    Ms Piggy

    1. Thank you Ms Piggy. I also wish you had been at our Liberty events in London, as I could have shaken your trotter personally. You do actually have a ton of chart factors from 20 degrees and counting, so 2017 through 2018 will set you free to do your own thing, in your own way. If you tag the adjective ‘independent’ onto any noun, you will soon see how it’s working. For example, some readers have been experiencing Uranus in their Ninth House of books, so have become independent publishers, using the new ebook push-button technology. Others have Uranus in their Eleventh House of groups so have become involved in independent music. You could take this any way you chose, but I suspect the world of health, fitness, food, drink and the body will draw your attention!

  12. Hello Jessica,
    What will 2017 bring for me with Aries 20 DESC? My ex was an Aries (1/4/1976), urgh!
    It’s so not my favourite sign by any means 🙂
    Thanks for all your hard work and for helping us all seeing the method in the madness. Take care.

    1. Thank you! Actually, your Aries Descendant is already being triggered, and has been since December. If you were really born at 1.25am, then radical changes (Uranus) will revolutionise the way you deal with your former, current or potential partner, setting you free. It’s best to go with the necessary changes, rather than hang onto the past, as the faster you wake up and smell the roses (and alter the old patterns) the more free you will be. Uranus transits can be so exciting – if you are not yet fully independent now, you soon will be. It may take great insight to realise just how confined and trapped you were by the old set-up with this person, or actually with lovers and partners in general. If December did not blow your socks off, I suspect your birth time is slightly wrong, and it may be that 2017 is yet to deliver the classic Uranian thrills and spills.

  13. Hi Jessica, I’m feeling constrained by multiple forces right now, and have Aries at 27 North Node, Aries at 26 Proserpina, as part of my Aries stellium. Should I stay home and meditate on these dates?

    1. Meditation is always useful, but actually, Uranus transits work anyway – and they are nothing to be concerned about. This is really about the way you project your personality, the way you use your reputation or brand and also your personal appearance. It would appear you have been fenced in, or boxed in, for years and never really experimented with self-promotion. In many ways, you have to become the face of something on a cycle like this, and it would not be very surprising if you were more upfront about something you believe in (a cause on social media, for example) or even began to push yourself more. Uranus transits move very quickly and suddenly, like lightning, but you will be liberated and I suspect by 2019 you will realise it was long overdue.

  14. Dear Jessica,

    I feel that it could be big for me.
    I have Jupiter 22deg in Aries and Mercury 22deg in Libra. And then I have my North node 23deg in Scorpio and South node 23deg Taurus.
    I started my own Business. For the moment there not big results but I feel it was good decision..
    Do you think that upcoming events can positively influence this area of my life. Or it will be other area?

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    1. Yes, Uranus passing over 22 and 23 Aries will have a big impact on you, particularly if self-promotion is part of your business. In general, you will be set free from people, organisations or situations which have been holding you back. Sometimes it takes a flash of understanding (Uranus rules lightning) to realise how much others were cramping your style. You become so used to being kept small by them, or restricted by them, that it can be a revelation to see the truth and realise how much you can do without them!

  15. Hi Jessica, Happy New Year to you!

    I’ve got Aries in Venus 19, Aries in Vesta 27 and Aries Ceres 26. I’d be grateful in finding out what this means for me. Also I understand that Aries in going retrograde in Venus soon – should I be worried about my love life?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, you have a little Aries stellium there in your First House of image, appearance, brand, reputation and profile. Between now and May 2019 you will give yourself permission – to be yourself! This means rejecting what is fashionable, common or popular – no matter if this is your haircut, your clothes, your glasses or whatever. You will choose your own look and do your own thing and it will be quite exciting for you. You will also experiment with putting yourself ‘out there’ and being far more assertive and unabashed about who you are. This will also be quite liberating for you.

  16. Hey Jessica! I totally feel this article! I’m beginning to make some big changes in my life and I was wondering if you can see that reflected in my in my chart? I don’t think I have any Aries factors?

    1. You have Minerva at 24 Cancer so by 2018 the changes will have reshaped your family relationships, and your own relationship with your town, your country and particularly your house or apartment. You will experience Saturn in Sagittarius quincunx Minerva, Uranus in Aries square Minerva, and Jupiter in Libra also square Minerva. That squeezes you, but it means you will alter course. If you have not moved already, it is very likely that you’ll uproot by next year.

  17. You’re quite amazing, dead on as usual 🙂 Thanks so much. It’s a pleasure to use the website, so attractive and well put together.

  18. Your articles on freedon always interest me, and who doesn’t want freedom? As you can see I have many factors at those degrees, mainly moon at 27 aries , saturn at 23 virgo , mars at 22 leo and juno at 25 cancer. Can you help me make sense of all that? I am a scorpio, so how will this effect me with my work, body and health etc.

    Thank you for you time.

    1. Thank you! Yes, you are definitely in the Uranus freedom zone for 2017 and 2018. I will look at your lifestyle, daily workload and body first. (By ‘body’ I mean your food, drink, drugs, doctors, healers, fitness, surgeon, and so on). In this cycle your body will shape what you can do with the rest of your life. Specific issues with your body which push and pull you in particular directions, especially in terms of how you live your life, how you see your life, how you work, what kind of work you do – all have a message for you. Try to see what your body might be trying to get you to do, or not to do, as it will be ‘speaking’ very loudly to you at the moment. You may indeed have to make quite radical changes, yet it will set you free. I am specifically thinking of your Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House here, because it will be under transit by Uranus and other planets. At the same time, as a Scorpio, you have Uranus transiting your Sixth House, so it’s a double whammy or double message. Perhaps your soul is craving freedom or liberty on some level and your head has been ignoring your soul. Thus, the body comes up with some issue or concern that forces you to take a particular direction, or alter the shape of your life. It takes great insight to see it, but try to expose the trick for yourself! In general, I would also say that your Mars in Leo in the Fifth House is a major point of change in 2017, 2018 as the North Node will enter Leo from May this year and you are about to see some karmic debts and credits from years ago, and even lifetimes ago, return to you. You will experience this with a lover, baby, child or with a far younger generation than your own. Watch what happens in July and August this year, you have choices to make.

  19. Hi Jessica, thank you very much for this new article, you always find really interesting subjects to write about!
    Given that Uranus has been passing over my natal Moon and Ceres in Aries conjunction (which made me loose my Properpina, my former house, and I might have to leave the UK because of Brexit), do you think this is going to further things in the disruptive direction?

    1. Thank you. Yes, I can see you have a lot of birth chart placements in the late 20-29 degree bracket, which is of course where Uranus in Aries is currently passing through (the cycle ends in May 2018). The astrologer Patric Walker used to call these cycles ‘the winds of change’ and that is exactly what you are feeling, and will continue to feel, for some time. Change course. The only issue you will have, even when Uranus conjuncts your Moon and Ceres, is resisting the currents and remaining stuck. This is not going to be the journey you signed up for, but if you are prepared to set sail for unknown destinations and live each day, one exploration and experiment at a time, then it will be exciting and unforgettable. The biggest change you will experience is in terms of your role, title, image, personal appearance, profile and reputation. Remember the phrase ‘free to be me’ and enjoy being let off the leash!

  20. hi jessica. Just wanted to say how thought provoking your event at libertys was last Wednesday. Could you please explain how this will effect both my working and love life. Thank you

    1. Thank you for coming to the Liberty event, I hope you are using your crystal. Remember the phrase (which I have paraphrased from the astrologer Caroline W. Casey) ‘The invisible world is willing to assist but spiritual etiquette requires that you ask.’ Write down what you need freedom from. It may be this ‘being kept small’ or ‘being held back’ or ‘being disrespected’ or whatever. Phrase it just as you please. When you are sure you mean it and want it, surround yourself in white light by visualising a bubble around yourself – look yourself in the eye (in the mirror) and speak it out loud, asking your guides and helpers and angels in spirit to assist. Then trust and see what tools you are sent to help you make your moves!

  21. Hi Jessica, another fantastic article. While I don’t have anything in Aries in those degrees, I do have my sun at 23 degrees Leo, which will be trining both Uranus and Saturn this year. From what I understand, there should be some easiness in flow regarding 5th and 9th house matters. Is this correct?

    1. Yes, Uranus will trine your Sun at 23 Leo in the Fifth House, and Saturn will also trine that position. You also have the North Node moving into Leo, which will ultimately conjunct your Sun as well. You shine when you involve yourself in the world of much younger people, no matter if you are a parent, godparent, aunt, uncle – or if there is paid/unpaid work involving a younger generation. It’s how you ‘star’ in the story of your life and for the first time in a very long time, this leading role is about to come up again, over the next two years. It’s also possible that a lover who can bring this younger generation into your world is about to become part of the script. July and August 2017 will be interesting for you!

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article. I am going to try writing my list down as you suggested. 2016 wasn’t a real great year for me. For the past 4 months, your monthly and weekly horoscopes/Lenormand cards have been bang on accurate for me. I can really resonate with them, but I am not getting really any results so far. I have been stifled and shut down at my job for the past 1.5 years……to quote you I feel like I have had lemon juice squeezed in my eye! I thought I saw some light at the end of the tunnel when a former employer reached out to me at the beginning of December and wanted to talk about having me come work there again. I was so excited to not only escape my current oppressive work environment, but this job opportunity would also give me the chance to dump my current/potential partner in the process! Unfortunately after meeting with them about the job, they decided that I am over-qualified and are afraid I would leave them again….so I guess that job opportunity is dead in the water. So now it appears I am once again stuck in my job and believe me I am looking for new opportunities. And my potential partner and I haven’t spoke for 4 months though he reached out with a lame email about a month ago. I am just feeling so trapped and stalled in my life right now. I sure could use some happiness and freedom. I have a stellium in Aries, but only Saturn at 24 Aries. I also have 12 other horoscope factors at 21-28 degrees but in different signs. Do you see any good changes on the horizon for me? Thanks so much for all you do!

    1. Thank you. I am glad the Lenormand cards and horoscopes are resonating with you. You have a stack of placements from 20 degrees onwards, to the end of each zodiac sign, and as we are currently experiencing a lot of traffic from 20 degrees forward (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Chiron are all shifting forward from 20, 21, 22 and so on, across the rest of this year) you are being squeezed to change, no matter what. One of the issues for you has been Mercury Retrograde, and of course this cycle began with the shadow, right when you were being headhunted – and that is also the cycle you were in when your potential partner emailed you. The wheels will slowly start to turn from this Friday and by February you will feel as if you can finally get moving in your life. Fear is a big one with you. Saturn at 24 Aries in your First House of ‘Me’ is under major transits between now and 2018 as Uranus is slowly approaching 24 Aries as well, and I suspect that you are going to need to look at who and what you are scared of. You won’t be stuck in your life for too much longer. And it will even be exciting!

  23. Hi Jessica

    A very happy new year to you. I have some Aries factors in my horoscope …how do you see this playing out for me. I was heavily involved with an Aries type some years ago.. broke my heart and still think of them as the love of my life. No other partner has come close sadly! Currently I am revamping my look, body I.e. Fitness.. hairstyle and wardrobe… as for career we’ll still stuck at war with the local authority!

    As ever thank you for your insight.

    1. Happy New Year. Ops conjunct Vulcano in Aries at 27, 28 degrees is definitely the key to your chart between now and 2018, as Uranus is approaching its own conjunction to both, preparing to cross 27, 28 Aries and radically change the way you look (which you are already pursuing) but also the way you project who you are. Being ‘stuck at war’ with anyone is pretty typical of Aries placements in the First House as this sign is about fighting the good fight (you butt heads, like a ram) and in the First House it’s about using yourself as the major weapon. It can be quite exciting, even liberating, to be upfront in this way and I don’t think you’ll forget the next couple of years in a hurry.

  24. This article resonated…and I found it very easy to say out loud what I want to be liberated from: I have a child with a serious eating disorder and we are onto our fourth consecutive year of almost complete hospitalisation. It is Groundhog day on a yearly basis. I have turned to your site for some answers. Are we going to get out of this incredibly stuck situation??
    ( I had my daughter’s Child horoscope done by a site you have recommended-incredibly it predicted the disorder! )

    1. Thank you. It must be so difficult going through this for such a long time. Parents and children are always shown by Leo and the Fifth House in the chart and you were born with Mars at 13 Leo in the Fifth House, aspecting Neptune at 14 Scorpio and Chiron at 13 Pisces. Mars was the Roman god of war as I am sure you know, and this planet describes your attack/defence mechanisms, in relation to your daughter and any other children in your world. It is common to see Mars in Leo in the charts of people who fight for their children, but also fight with them – and fight over them. The aspects to Neptune and Chiron suggest that any time you have outer planets cross 13, 14 degrees of any signs, the pattern is triggered. Pluto is currently at 17 Capricorn but of course, this planet passed over 13, 14 degrees very slowly over the period that your child was experiencing the eating disorder. There is hope. Jupiter, the planet of growth, healing, hope, opportunity and improvement, will pass over 13, 14 degrees in 2017 and will sextile your Mars and also aspect Chiron and Neptune in your chart. One thing I would say, immediately, is that Mars in Leo people have to fight for something when it comes to children, and once a battle or war is there, it is hard for it to go away of its own accord. It might be interesting for you to see what would happen if you put your energy and attack/defence instincts into (for example) a wider cause which helps and protects children, perhaps UNICEF or Save the Children. That would take the heat off Mars in this very difficult eating disorder situation and give this planet something else to do, for you, rather than constantly being directed at the same thing, in the same way. You may also want to read more widely about Mars in your ebooks and pick up more information in general about Mars in the Fifth House. Knowledge is power. Your chances of being liberated from this problem in 2017 are extremely good. I wish you well.

  25. In a perfect world you would avoid 2017 altogether as Saturn is in Sagittarius passing through the sign which rules the book trade! Jupiter (growth, opportunity, expansion) enters Sagittarius from the final quarter of 2018 and will be there in 2019, in an exceptional period for the whole publishing industry. If you want to ‘publish and be damned’ in 2017, you may want to independently publish as you have Diana (independence) dominating this zone of your chart.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I am so glad I purchased the Premium Membership for your website recently. Your predictions are just amazing, and I have learned tremendously from the Oracle and Chinese Fortune Cookies.
    I have my North Node, Descendant, Vesta and Minerva in Aries. The December 26th opposition between Jupiter and Uranus directly affected me – my family rejected my partner of 5 years when his family visited us with our marriage proposal. Things in this part of the world work very traditionally and I have never considered rebelling against my family, not so far, although I am the most unconventional member of this family. Should I still be hopeful or do I need to move on? If things can work out with this person, when will I see progress?

    1. Aren’t you nice, thank you for your feedback, I will let James, Justin and Alyas know. I am so sorry you had to go through your family rejecting your partner. You well and truly had the Jupiter-Uranus opposition across your Aries stellium in the First House of name, image and identity – and the Seventh House of marriage. This is not going away. In fact, you have until October to set things right and make things work. Do not give up hope. You and your love, both like the same music, and it is important that you keep singing from the same hymn sheet – or humming the same tune. It might feel like it’s all about you, but it’s about both of you, together. There is huge karma at work here as I am sure you have guessed and it does take time to sort out. You are not alone and there is support and help around you. Reach out. You also need to light a candle and chat to your family in spirit to ask for their help, because actually, the parent who has made this so difficult for you, does not speak for your entire clan – some of them have passed over, but like all ancestors, they take a keen interest in what happens. State simply and clearly what you need, what you are prepared to offer, and what you are already grateful for. Luck is on your side, okay?

  27. Just wanted to say thanks for this!! I’m a Sag with moon at 21 Aries (which is 7th natally), and I think it’s fair to say I feel my love life and baby situation are annoying out of date, and I feel in dire need of liberation. I’ll do the postcard thing tonight…

  28. Hi Jessica, I was so pleased to have seen you in real at The Theosophical Society. I had to leave early because of the kids but was sat near the snoring man;)!
    I wanted to see if I can see a liberation from any aspects this year? I am most concerned about my father whose ailing health is not letting him be himself anymore. He was born 15.04.1946, in irinjalakuda, India. (3:30 am) . I also wanted to check what a Jupiter in 28 Libra would mean given I have Pluto in 28 Libra. Many thanks

    1. Too funny. Thank you for coming to the London event. I wonder who the snoring man was! Your father is an Aries who has the North Node in Virgo passing through his Sixth House of health, and the body. This Nodal cycle ends in May. By that time he will have finished his karma, in terms of his physical condition, but particularly in terms of the relationship between his mind, body and spirit. I was talking about the Nodes on Monday night and how we have to repeat, repeat, repeat past life experiences and themes until we get closure. I am sorry you are having this very worrying situation with your Dad, but this North Node in Virgo cycle will end eventually and he can sign off on what he had to learn/receive. Your Pluto in the Seventh House is about your former, current or potential partner. Alternatively, an enemy or rival. You need control here and have a lifelong pattern of taking people in hand and then having to compromise. It’s been quite dramatic for you. Jupiter will heal and fix anything which needs repair work, in terms of one person in particular and you two can improve and upgrade the chemistry you share.

  29. Thank you Jessica. There was a gentleman who sat in the corner of the room and was interrupting everyone with his snore! Anyway I was visibly the younger person in the room with glasses. Do you see any specific aspects that I will get liberty from. I’m glad to see my fathers node cycle ends in May. His health is very poor as he suffers from severe Parkinson’s and it’s not working for him to be staying alive in the way he is now.

    1. Oh dear, I think everyone at The Astrological Lodge of London knows who that is. Uranus moving from 20 to 29 degrees of Aries, now through May 2018, aspects so many different horoscope factors in your chart, that you will experience liberty in many areas at once – personal, professional, financial, family – the lot. In general, what will happen is this – you will be given the tools you need to become independent. This will not just be a compromise with others, it will be a genuine push away from who/what you used to identify with, and belong to, and be part of. It may take a bit of courage to make the jump, or you may find you are so utterly fed up with a situation which confines you (or a person) that you are ready to walk. By 2018 you will be proving to yourself and others that you can go it alone. Sid Vicious singing My Way with The Sex Pistols pretty much sums it up.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    In the description you said, “If you know your chart and have factors at Aries 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28”. My question to you for this as well as future posts: Is it still as effective if the major planets have no match for the degrees Aries Sun (18), Venus (17) & Chiron(16) but the smaller asteroids Minerva (24), Ops(27) do? Are the little ones as impactful as the big ones? 🙂
    Also, can’t wait to start the monthly sessions that will begin soon with the Chinese New Year – I hope you’ll be sending an email.

    Thx a bunch!

    1. Chinese New Year (The Rooster) is nearly with us and I’ll be online answering your questions in the Personal Chart Forum in a few hours. The asteroids matter as much as planets – they are all part of the same pattern – so do take Minerva and Ops as seriously as the Sun and Venus.

  31. Hi Jessica

    I am an immigrant in US currently working
    I changed States and jobs and am waiting to hear from the government about the status of my working visa transfer (my work visa is approved from my first job this second time is a transfer)
    Will I be able to stay here for good
    I have worked really hard to achieve this level of education and to work in this profession

    Thank you much
    God bless you

    1. Now that Mercury is no longer Retrograde Shadow in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career (and you have a lot of Capricorn factors) you will find out where you stand. This rather confused and confusing situation will be cleared up for you in February and March and then you can make some smart choices for your future.

  32. Hi Jessica, I was hoping to pop this one through on the Stellium forum but i can’t find it yet, maybe i’m too keen?! So I am finding myself in a major point of reinvention right now, with study, lifestyle changes, finances and (hopefully) my appearance. I lack a lot of confidence and my self esteem has taken a huge nose dive over the years. So…..with the 25 and 27 Aries factors that I have going on, are the freedom experiments that you mention only applicable for my sun sign of Taurus or do those Uranus dates listed above spell “bombshell moment”s for me regarding my appearance and lifestyle in general? I was considering some cosmetic surgery and am afraid Uranus might spell s-h-o-c-k in a bad way. I hope this makes sense to you! Thank you as always for your time. xx

    1. The 2017 Personal Horoscope forum is up. Yes, Uranus will conjunct your Aries factors at 25 and 27 degrees between now and May 2018 so you have plenty of time to research cosmetic surgery. You can do that by looking at online forums and also by questioning a range of clinics and then make a free choice. You are asking about a range of topics in one question but actually astrology does not work like that, so stick to the Aquarius subjects in the 2017 Personal Horoscope forum, which actually will come to pass in February.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you’re we’ll.

    The Urainian bolts continue with my work. An opportunity came out of the blue to have a solo show at a friend’s art studio. They had a retail space that they’re converting to a gallery.

    I jumped at this chance to have a solo show, even though I had no idea of any details. I secured a slot, and was given a choice of dates that were available. I chose May/June since my birthday is May 17 and what better gift coukd there but my first solo show?

    Would an opening on May 19 be a good idea? It is a Friday, and I woukd be able to hang my show on my birthday.

    Content wise, about two years ago, a curator was written into this story of mine who presented an opportunity to apply for a fellowship. I applied but didn’t get in, yet I had this research for application. The curator gotten written out, but that plot twist remains. The research for the fellowship is what my show will be.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you Jeff. Your timing is great and the solo show is very Uranian. The plot twist is also typical of this transit! Your birthday is your solar return and as the Sun returns to Taurus and your Second House it also enters the ‘house of art’ as this is where we place everyone from Andy Warhol to Monet. Taurus, of course, rules collectables. Good luck!

  34. Hi Jessica,

    Love this post as it gives me some reassurance as to why I’ve found it hard in my career area for so long. However, Could you please tell me what is going on with my career and when I will see changes in the future, and when would be the best times to act in making change? I am just beginning my journey with astrology but I feel Uranus has something to do with how I’ve felt ‘stuck’ in this area for years, but I also have read other astrological factors influence this area of life.

    Thank you!


    1. There is actually a conflict in your chart between your Virgo side (serving) and your Capricorn side (climbing to the top). Danielle, you may want to figure out for yourself if your path in life is to be the wheel in the machine, or the person driving the machine. You are quite strongly Virgo and sometimes it’s actually more rewarding to do your duty and be the wheel, rather than strive for huge achievement. Only you can really work that out, but once you do, the arrival of Saturn, then Jupiter in Capricorn (from Christmas 2017 through 2020) will change your life.

  35. Hi Jessica, it looks like I have a lot going on with Aries. I am am Aries myself but I have the Sun at 26 degrees Aries, Saturn at 28 degrees Aries, and the Moon at 28 degrees Aries! I am a novice but that seems intense. It has been a rough few years which is right along what you have been saying. It has slowly gotten better especially job wise. I have always been antsy but I feel like I’m going to explode with the same old thing… do these factors indicate good changes especially in regards to a job? My job is not bad at all but I want SPECTACULAR! haha
    Thanks so much for your insight!

    1. That is a very tight pattern in Aries in your First House of self promotion, branding, title, appearance and reputation. You front up to life and would make a good front person/face for any organisation or cause. Uranus will slowly pass over your Aries Sun, Aries Saturn, Aries Moon by May 2018, and this is classically a period of revolution which radically changes the way you front up to life, setting you free and liberating you from who/what kept you restricted before. It is pretty common for people to suddenly rebel, or to be swept away by circumstances which make transformation necessary. You can read more about Uranus in your ebooks.

  36. Dear Jessica,
    The people of Serbia (a small european country in the Balkans) has been struggling for freedom for 3 decades now.
    Please give us hope when the freedom will come?
    Students have been on the streets for 6 days now, demanding the end of dictatorship, freedom of speech, etc.
    Thank you and God bless!

    1. I have one horoscope for Serbia here, provided by Nick Campion in his classic book, The Book of World Horoscopes (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). The chart is set for 13th July 1878 at 2.58pm in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. This gives us Neptune at 9 Taurus and Pluto at 26 Taurus so actually, the issue is your own free currency and independent economy. This is a few years away. It won’t happen until there is a revolution with your budget/finances/tax/exchange rate and I suspect digital currency and the collapse of the Euro is part of this. The first cycle happens in June 2020, which is a long way off. I understand why you want freedom of speech – Serbia has Venus in Gemini at 15 degrees, and we associate Venus with passionate relationships and Gemini with the internet, the media and so on. As your country currently has serious, stuck, sombre Saturn passing across 15 Sagittarius, in direct opposition, you are all feeling ‘sat on’ by Saturn. For the real answers to progress, please go back all the way to 1999 and 2000 as the Serbian chart shows Jupiter at 3 Aquarius and Mercury at 1 Leo, Mars at 12 Leo, Uranus at 27 Leo. Karma is about to return. The North Node and South Node will begin to pass through Aquarius and Leo from May 2017 through 2018 so everything you did, as a nation, in 1999 and 2000, will return to you. The teenagers will carry the karma as they were born then and are now approaching voter age and adulthood.

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