The South Node in Aquarius 2017-2018

Aquarius is about the group - the community - the friendships. It's a pure expression of togetherness, but without the complication of a relationship. Ellen de Generes is a good example of the Aquarius sign, as she has her Sun there.

On 10th May 2017, the South Node moves into Aquarius, and stays there until 6th November 2018. In your personal chart, if you have factors in Aquarius, you will see an important repeat of issues involving groups and friends, over these time-frames in your past. You will be put strongly in touch with your Aquarian side.

Aquarius is about the group – the community – the friendships. It’s a pure expression of togetherness, but without the complication of a relationship. Ellen de Generes is a good example of the Aquarius sign, as she has her Sun there.

If you do have Aquarius factors, then what went down with your friendships and groups in the following periods will return to you. Why? Because across these dates, Uranus (change) and Neptune (fascination) were both in Aquarius too. From May 2017 the South Node will slowly move across the original Aquarius placements of these planets, triggering flashbacks and karma.

  • January 30th 1998 to August 23rd 1998
  • November 29th 1998 to March 10th 2003
  • September 16th to December 30th 2003

You’ll note that 1998-2003 were the years that groups dominated the headlines, around the world, and questions about group loyalties, the people power within a circle, friends and allies fascinated us.  This was the period that Friends ruled.

Aquarian friendships are platonic, equal, go across the boundaries of race, colour or nationality. They are cool, light, friendly. Aquarius is an air sign. There is an easy, breezy feeling to Aquarian friends. Jennifer Aniston (below) is a Sun Aquarian and she was the perfect person to appear in the show. In 2017 and 2018, friendship will make a big comeback. And so might Friends.


Friends 600x335 - The South Node in Aquarius 2017-2018
Aquarius cycles and Friends.



The transiting (or travelling) South Node brings back everything that was learned and gained from the last cycle. We benefit from what we earned and discovered, last time. If there is anything unresolved from the last cycle, that needs to be laid to rest, that will also come back. There is usually a tremendous sense of fate about a South Node cycle. Everything feels as if it’s coming full circle.



Your Sun Sign horoscope shows the headlines of your life – the front pages – and it’s a good, reliable indicator of what lies ahead. The South Node rules karma and repetitive situations, stemming from the past. In its new sign of Aquarius, what you will experience as one long, slow flashback from 1998-2003? Your sign gives the clues.

Sometimes the long flashback is literal. It’s the same place or person. More commonly, it’s symbolic. It’s thematically the same.

ARIES – Clubs, teams, political parties, trade unions, committees, social media, friendships.
TAURUS – Career, unpaid work, university or college degree, ambition, achievement, success.
GEMINI – Travel, the worldwide web, regional and foreign differences, publishing, education.
CANCER – Finance, property, business, charity, ownership, taxation, buying, selling, banks.
LEO – Former, current or potential partners. Enemies, rivals or opponents.
VIRGO – Lifestyle, body, work, unpaid work, study, daily routine, doctors, drugs, food, drink, fitness, healing.
LIBRA – Babies, children and Millennials. Younger people. Lovers who can bring a younger generation closer.
SCORPIO – Your house, apartment or land. Your household or family. Your home town or homeland.
SAGITTARIUS – The worldwide web. Multimedia. Your ‘voice’ across all mediums. Communication.
CAPRICORN – Property. Finance. Business. Taxation. Charity. Everything you own, earn or owe.
AQUARIUS – Your image. Your reputation and profile. Your name. Your personal appearance, shape and style.
PISCES – The secrets you conceal from other people. Any role you play behind the scenes, unrecognised.



During much of 1998 to 2003, we saw Uranus (revolution, excitement, freedom) and Neptune (escape from the real world) both in Aquarius. In your own chart, and in your own life, you would have experienced something quite extraordinary and unforgettable. Your Sun Sign chart (above) will tell you what other people saw – what was so public about it. Your personal birth chart, if you have Aquarius factors, will reveal the very special friendship or group that privately changed your life. It may have been a charity. It may have been a cause. Perhaps it was a team, or an ensemble cast. A band or club.

We have even more repetition of the past going on, besides the Uranus/Neptune in Aquarius cycle I mentioned above, when Friends ruled the world. We are going to see literal or symbolic repeats of stories from 1943, 1962, 1980, 2000 – because in these years, we also saw the South Node in Aquarius.


Love Me Do - The South Node in Aquarius 2017-2018


The Beatles respond strongly to South Node in Aquarius cycles. Their first recording session at Abbey Road Studios, when they put down Love Me Do, happened with the South Node in Aquarius in 1962. Whenever we see this cycle return, popular culture is more than usually preoccupied with bands. The bands become bigger symbols for the Aquarian message, which is about equality, sisterhood and brotherhood within a wider group. Aquarius is also about people power. It’s coming back.

John Lennon had the Moon in Aquarius and Yoko Ono has her Sun in Aquarius. In 2000, The Beatles released Anthology, as the old 1962 cycle returned. Part of the purpose of Anthology was to celebrate the life of John Lennon. His life on earth was tragically taken on another South Node in Aquarius cycle in 1980.




The Aquarian ideal – ‘together we can change the world’ – will come back in 2017 and 2018. On another South Node in Aquarius cycle, in 1942,  the American Federation of Musicians, started a strike against the major American recording companies because of disagreements over royalty payments. The 1942–44 musicians’ strike remains the longest strike in Hollywood history. We can predict something similar in 2017, 2018. 

When the Friends cast all used their people power in 2000 to push for higher pay, they were sending a very strong Aquarian message. We tend to see stories emerge on this cycle that ‘advertise’ the meaning of this sign, which is about the community making change, to benefit the community.

As Sun in Aquarius woman Ellen de Generes has shown, this sign is not about the selfie, it’s about the group selfie. As the South Node comes back into this sign we’re going to see the narcissism and ‘Me, Me, Me’ of the Uranus in Aries cycle fade, to be challenged by a new sense of togetherness, unity and community. It’s about all of us, together. Male, female, black, white, straight, gay. And all the fascination (Neptune) and excitement (Uranus) we felt about that years ago, is coming back.

Ellen de Generes Oscars Selfie 600x338 - The South Node in Aquarius 2017-2018
The most Aquarian thing Ellen ever did.



We also find that trade unions and political parties concern us more on these cycles – they affect us more personally and emotionally. The British Labour Party leadership election of 1961 happened with the South Node in Aquarius. The issue of nuclear disarmament caused a huge split in the party. The leader favoured nuclear weapons in the UK, whereas the left wing of the party supported the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

This is how astrology can make another prediction. The Labour Party will see a leadership split with Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017-2018 cycle, on the same issue. Nuclear weapons. In this case we may see history repeat exactly.



Did you know that the teenagers of 2017 and 2018 who grew up watching Teletubbies are Generation Aquarius? In the year 2000, this famous show about a very Aquarian little community, won a Daytime Emmy Award, as the South Node went through this sign, and a BAFTA as well. Today’s teenagers are also the children who have grown up with another South Node in Aquarius obsession – Harry Potter. Also in the year 2000, with the South Node in Aquarius, J.K. Rowling produced Goblet of Fire.  Harry, Ron and Hermione are a powerful example of what this cycle can ‘tell us, about this zodiac sign and its deeper meaning. Harry even has the symbol for Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius – a lightning bolt – on his forehead. Then again, we know J.K. Rowling has drawn up a horoscope before now!

The Teletubbies/Potter generation are about to fulfil their karmic mission in 2017 and 2018, as those who were born with the unusual combination of Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, will have the South Node cross that sign in their chart. Watch how they begin to use all they learned from their childhood entertainment, as they pursue people power together.


Goblet of Fire 600x338 - The South Node in Aquarius 2017-2018
Harry Potter and the South Node in Aquarius



The original Aquarii were actually Christians who substituted water for wine in the Eucharist. They were a sect. They believed that water (aqua) was the source of life. The old symbol of the water-bearer may come to us partly from this. It is also very likely to come to us from the actual Roman job of Aquarius – water carrier.

Writing in Greek and Roman Mechanical Water-Lifting Devices: The History of a Technology, John Peter Oleson notes that “Aquarii could draw water for gardens, or fetch it for baths,and probably also regulated the flow of conduits and pipes in public and domestic gravity-flow systems. The aquaria supplied water for fire-fighters and checked there were sufficient water supplies around the city.”

This idea of sects, or cults, or circles of people seems to have combined with the idea of water bearers ‘feeding’ the community (especially the community at the Roman Baths) and given us the symbol we have today in astrology. Aquarius is about people who are outside the group, yet supply it with what it needs. Bob Marley, a Sun Aquarian, was apart from The Wailers, but also crucial to them. They needed him – and he needed them. Together they used people power to change part of the world.

Aquarian Bob Marley Wailers - The South Node in Aquarius 2017-2018




The Roman Baths saw young and old, rich and poor, men and women all join together in one central place – not only to bathe and swim, but also to gossip, play games and even offer up prayers. Without the Aquarii, there would have been no such place for the local community. Historian Mary Beard comments,  “The baths were a great social leveller. Imagine, everybody’s here in the nude. It’s then that the poor man aged 20 with a great body can turn the tables on the 60-year-old Roman plutocrat with the paunch and the hernia.”

Too funny (I love Mary Beard). This idea of levelling, equality, fraternity, freedom, sisterhood and brotherhood is very important if you want to know what will feel so radically different about 2017 and 2018, though.



Allies and friends from your past may come back to you now. The idea of team spirit or group spirit will become very powerful around the world. In 1943 when the South Node was in Aquarius, the Americans, British and Canadians together led the Allied Invasion of Italy.

In 1943 Allied forces also took back North Africa. US General Dwight D. Eisenhower became the supreme Allied commander, and the idea of brotherhood and sisterhood in a common cause gripped the world. In another South Node in Aquarius cycle in 1980, trade union membership in the United Kingdom hit an all time high of 12.2 million. Will the changes in both British and American politics bring the unions back to life? Return NATO to the world stage?

South Node in Aquarius cycles also teach us about equality, sisterhood and brotherhood in sport. The 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia took place on that cycle and Aboriginal athlete Cathy Freeman opened the games. In the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics, also on a South Node cycle, President Jimmy Carter announced a U.S. boycott of the Russian games.

If you have Aquarian chart factors ask yourself where your Olympics was, or where your allies were, on the 1980 cycle, or perhaps the 2000 cycle. Debts and credits written into your karma will come back. Aquarius Nodal transits show us that friends matter as much as girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives or children. Friends can be family! Bridget Jones Diary appeared on a South Node in Aquarius transit in 2000 to remind us.

Bridget Jones Diary 13 April 2001  600x400 - The South Node in Aquarius 2017-2018
So very South Node in Aquarius. Bridget and friends.



Typical South Node in Aquarius questions revolve around the Leo-Aquarius themes of leaders versus groups. Leo rules the ‘Kings’ and ‘Queens’ of any situation and whenever we have the South Node in Aquarius, we automatically have the North Node in Leo. In 2017 and 2018 we’ll see some major news stories that get us thinking harder about the power in a group. Does it come from the leader, and if so, what happens when that leader is no longer there? Does the group carry on, or not? Just how important is the court to the King or Queen, and vice versa? For some gripping reasons, in 2017-2018, we’re about to find out.


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147 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica –

    I was born in 1962 with the stellium (1-26-62) in AQ so the transiting NN opposes the stellium. However, my NN is @18 Leo and SN in Aq. Is this called the “Nodal Return”?



    1. Yes, Crys, you are having your Nodal Return. A very common outcome of this, in Aquarius and Leo, is to deal with a group around you, where it’s definitely about collaboration or co-operation, yet there are also Queens, Princesses, Kings or Queens to deal with, who dazzle the court. The art of balancing Leo and Aquarius stories within a network of people could take up a lot of your time in 2017, 2018, yet it can work very nicely too. Kate Bush has a Leo-Aquarius opposition in her chart and although she is the Queen, her band is just as important and she has found a way to make the group/leader chemistry work.

  2. Thanks Jessica! I have my descendant in Aquarius and I have read from this website that it can symbolize spouse or partner. During 1998-2003 I met my former husband and my group of friends grew to contain his friends, too. I’m currently single. Do you think this transition with South Node might help me meet someone?

    1. Yes. If your birth time is accurate then the South Node will either help you to revive an old relationship, or meet someone new who gives you a chance to address old patterns from previous relationships. I suspect your former husband will be on your agenda again, though. Perhaps it is time to clear some karma and move the situation between you into new territory. Watch what happens as the Node moves closer to your Descendant.

  3. Wow.. Jessica, you’re amazing!!!

    I read this article and got chills! I have Leo North Node and Aquarius South Node. I was also born in 1980. My North Node is in the 7th house as well. I remember 1998-2000 very fondly… I graduated high school, got heavily involved in music, began to find myself, got into the internet, began chatting/making friends online, and in 2001, I met my first love who later became my husband who’s now my former husband. I also met a girlfriend who I began going to clubs with every Saturday between ’02-’04; we were very close, she’s a mother now and resides in California. I often say 2001 was the best year of my adult life. It was a golden era indeed. But I’m also concerned because you stated The late great John Lennon passed during his nodal return in 1980…the year I was born.

    Can you shed some light on this years Nodal return for me???

    Please and thank you!

    1. Thank you. Thank you also for sharing, as this is very interesting to me as an astrologer. Your life is validating the astrology! I cannot see your birth chart, however using the Natural House system, you actually have the North Node in Leo in the Fifth House and South Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House. You’re talking about your former husband here (Fifth House) and friend who went clubbing with you (Eleventh House). John Lennon’s passing is not the only South Node in Aquarius story we have seen from these cycles – Bon Scott from AC/DC and John Bonham from Led Zeppelin also passed on the Aquarius Node and so did Ian Curtis from Joy Division. Astrology simply cannot predict the transition to the afterlife – however what it does reveal is major events which make everyone question if a group can carry on without a leader, or if the leader would in fact wish the group t to continue.

  4. Hi Jessica. I have several factors in Aquarius. How do you see the South Node going into Aquarius affecting me?

    1. Two of them are Mars and Chiron so there is a strong, masculine side to your personality which pushes hard and fast, both within a group, and sometimes against a group as well. It’s common in the charts of people who followed or played punk rock. With a chart like that, you were also born to ‘fight the good fight’ and activism is also a classical manifestation of Mars and Chiron in Aquarius in the Eleventh House. The Node will trigger at least one of those old cycles in your life – maybe several. Old friendships will revive and a new plan or goal may involve some of the old gang. If you need closure over any friction with former friends, frenemies, or unresolved issues within a group project from the past, you will surely have that chance.

  5. Hi Jessica

    I have my South Node in 27deg Aquarius. What will this mean for me? Currently single with minimal friends, last year was particularly hard in this area of my life.

    Thank You

    1. You have the Nodal Return this year and of course, if you have the South Node in Aquarius, you have the North Node in Leo. Friends are ruled by Aquarius and lovers are ruled by Leo, so in 2017 and 2018 you will have a good, solid change to look at your old patterns and figure out if they serve you or not. If you want to change them, you can, and it will make a substantial difference to the quality of your friendships and the shape of your social life. You could also handle the game of love rather differently, if you wanted to – with results.

  6. Hi Jess
    I have a lot of Aquarius factors being also born in the 1962 stellium. Can you advise of any key likely happenings from my chart? Many thanks!

    1. You completed a group/community goal around 2000 which was very special and in fact this collection of people, and the principle of the hive mind in general, surrounded the Millennium for you. It is how you express yourself best, actually. The only issue is that you have untapped potential with one or more friends/acquaintances which must now enrich your life again. You also need to explore unresolved concerns with a friend so that the friendship itself can go to the next level. It is also true that you are ‘owed’ karmically for what you did for others – again, through the group. You will collect some rewards this year. You will also tie up loose ends, karmically, with friends or others in the sisterhood/brotherhood from that time.

  7. My sun is Capricorn and I have Aquarius rising, I don’t know much about the other things. What can you tell me about how this will affect my life?

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I just have the moon in Aquarius, but I feel like this node period will see a shift in several of my relationships that began in 2014. And interestingly enough I can see some echoes from Nov. 98-March 03, though the events are unfolding in a different order. Any insight?

    1. Actually, the Moon in Aquarius is about your friends and the groups you are involved with – not so much love and sex. You mother your friends, and you also mother your clubs, teams, societies, bands and so on. This is an evolving role, and every time the Nodal cycle comes around you add another layer to it, learning from what went down last time. Yet again this year you will be asked to take your pals under your wing, or shelter/nurture a group.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Fascinating and focused, as always. The Nodes will be in my ascendant and my moon sign. The repeat of the Aquarian issues from the time frames you reference came into being for me right before Christmas, with all that shocking Uranian energy. The full moon last week organized and confirmed a lot that energy.

    During the previous Aquarian South Node cycle, I was a milliner working on a storytelling program with kids. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, had lobster claws for hands, and went on a chemical treatment for four and half years. So, that project got shelved. One day my body rejected the drugs in a rather severe way. The swelling was gone in my hands, and my numbers were good in the blood tests, so I gave it a shot without going back on the treatment. I’m grateful to say I’ve been in remission since.

    Three projects, love triptychs, came out of that Christmas energy. All of them with my alma matter, all of them involving intergenerational groups, and sustainability, food, and seeds in some way. One is a storytelling project! This incarnation will about the history of food sovereignty in my corner of NJ, and I’m including current advocates working to sustain and revive what we once had. I have an age range of 18-70 for the current advocates. Ultimately, I want to have a multimedia show at one the school’s galleries.

    When I proposed this project, I didn’t know that there was a recent collaboration at the school on a story project that collected stories of workers from an old garment factory. The methodology is in place to adapt for the food stories, and I’ll have master level students to work with. A huge leap forward in resources for me to work with.

    I wanted to share this with you since you’ve been spot on with all of this. This is setting me up for when Uranus arrives in Taurus, as you told me about last summer.

    Thank you, your clarity has helped me see all of this while be stunned at the same time.


    1. Thank you Jeff and also for sharing that incredible information and validation of the astrology. Of course when you were working with kids before, the other Node was in Leo, the sign which rules children. For whatever reason you were fast-tracked on the healing path away from that. The North Node will again be in Leo in 2017, 2018 so you’ll get closure on the typical Leo mentor/guide/teacher role with younger people – probably through the stories.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    thanks a lot for this article! My ascendant sign is Aquarius (sun in Taurus)…what can expect concerning soulmates, relationships with this transit? Thanks a lot for your answer!

    1. Your solar chart reveals the repeat of a family or home situation from 2000 which arrives in a different form. This time round you get to tackle it in quite a different way.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    My birthday is Feb 4,1966 @ 9:30pm
    My ex husband is Aug 12,1968. Not sure of the time. He lied, cheated after many years of marriage. We never talked about what happened. We never had any closure. I miss him, my life being married . I feel stuck. I found a job that isn’t exactly what I want but am hoping it will turn into something better. I am a teacher. I worry about being financially ok. I would like to be married again. My self esteem needs some work. I am Aquarius my ex is a .Leo Just wish or hope I could have something to look forward to.
    Thank you for any insight you could offer. Thank you for your wonderful site. Love to you from California

    1. Thank you. You will get closure with your ex husband in 2017, 2018 as the Node goes through your solar Seventh House. There may also be a new lover. You will also get the project, course or job of your dreams from the final quarter of 2017, into 2018. The next two years offers you so much!

  12. Hello Jessica, I have few factors in Aquarius – Salacia, AC, Psyche And Fortuna. Is there anything in particular you’d suggest I look at? Thank you.

    1. Psyche is the big one. What survives of you is friendship, or the group (perhaps more than one group). What happens in 2017 and 2018 will help you round off a shared network goal from previous years or gain closure with others in the group. This is important as it will outlive you. A typical example would be a football team with a trophy that you are part of, or a friendship that is enshrined in your history.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    Great article. I don’t have any Aquarius factors in my chart. How will this new cycle affect me then?

  14. Dear Jessica,
    I am a bit overwhelmed with the nodes and so on on my chart. Can you please give me a hint of how this will affect me please.
    In the year 2000, I moved to the country where I live now.
    If you can share your insight, I will appreciate it a lot.
    Thank you
    H G

    1. Thanks HG. You have Aesculapia, Ops and Salacia in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, and so when you moved to a new country back in 2000, you obviously had to leave one group of friends behind and make entirely new ones. That has left a trail of karma in your life and in 2017, 2018, you will pick it up. You may have to get closure with one person or group. Perhaps you also need to open a new door with a friend. Friendships and group involvements are obviously very important to you, and Aesculapia suggests one friendship you assumed was over will come back.

  15. I’m a Leo and I have 3 factors in Aquarius but they’re all asteroids, will this have much of an impact on me?


    1. There is no ‘but’ about asteroids are they are just as powerful as planets in the chart – you may want to avoid June for the friends and groups in your world, as big choices or events then are likely to be so demanding – yet in general, 2017 and 2018 are about finding your tribe again and deepening the involvement with friends. Women not men. You’re about to find out why a community of mostly women can matter quite as much as a relationship.

  16. Hi Jessica. As always, thank you very much for your insightful advice.
    I’m a Leo with a DESC in Aquarius and I’m trying to understand how all of this will impact me , primarily in my personal relationships. Is it going to be positive for me?
    Thank you!!!. Laura

    1. 2017 and 2018 are important for your relationship with a former, current or potential partner and there may already be a couple of conversations you need to have. These two years are about retracing your steps and figuring out your old patterns in love and how to fix them. This all helps the ground shift in terms of love, sex and intimacy and growth which was never possible for you before, becomes possible – with a new person, perhaps, or maybe an old lover, relating to you in a totally different way.

  17. Dear Jessica,
    This was the discussion that I was waiting for. I have a south node in Aquarius at 8degrees, North node in leo clearly, Diana at 9 degrees in Aquarius, (also at 9degrees Chiron in Pisces, Pluto in virgo). I have Saturn at7 degrees in Aquarius, (also at 7 degrees Minerva in Scorpio). And I have one other Aquarius factor Proserpina at 17 degrees. moon 17 in scorpio, Salacia 17 capricorn.
    I spent 1998 -2003 overseas and finishing a major relationship in 1998. I have recently applied for a job in a conflict zone in an area I travelled to during this time. I actually dont think that I am going to get the job, but who knows! Thank you for your fascinating insight!

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Happy new year!!!
    I have salacia, Minerva and south node in Aquarius. What should I expect in 2017-2018.

    1. Old friends become deeper friends and barriers to trust are removed. Things that were never said or done as they should have been, in the past, can be updated and resolved. New friends come in. Most crucially you will be part of a group with a mission. This mission may have uncanny parallels to a group you were involved with back in 1999, 2000 – or a group which was outside you, but very much influenced you.

  19. Hi Jessica!! I got my professional degree in 1999, married on Jan 1, 2000, gave birth to my son in August 2003. Looks like karma will be active with the node in Leo. Will my natal node have a say in this? My son is a Leo sun, mother a Leo moon, husband a Leo ascendant.

    What should I look out for?

    1. Your family is really doing the Leo Node transit quite strongly. This is really about the royal family establishing itself. Queen, King, Prince and Princess need to find their places in the court and together you will learn that one never ‘has’ children, one mentors, guides and educates them. Your whole family is more like the ‘firm’ at Buckingham Palace than just another regular family and the Nodal transit through 2018 will remind you.

      1. Thank you for your reply, Jessica!! What you said feels kind of right, since the family does wield power.

        How is it affecting my personal chart with three factors in Aquarius? Unexpected events keep shifting my goals and priorities in relationships. There is so much flux I don’t know what’s real and enduring anymore.

        Please throw some light on this.

        1. Thank you. Relationships have nothing to do with Aquarius, but friendships and group involvements certainly do. People born with a stellium in Aquarius end up discovering that friends matter just as much as boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives. They also matter as much as family. You have some unfinished business with a friend from this, and also other lifetimes, that will come back to you, starting May 2017 – finishing in 2018.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    This article is exactly right, 1998 – 2003 was actually one of the best times in my life and 2000 – 2001 is the time I moved to my home that I reside in still. The grand cross of the late 90’s had huge impact on my life as well – for the better. Almost all of my family lived here and we all love this place. That was the public/external story.

    On the more personal side is my old friend. You previously have told me that this node transit would rebalance karma with an old friend dob 6/14/59 in NY, NY.

    Late 90’s – 2003 was an intense time in our friendship as he wanted to take things to the next level and I would have if not for his complicated situation. Nonetheless we remained friends.

    I read your articles on the geometry and also who is fated in your chart.

    We have many aspects:

    his sun 22, 52 gemini/my asc 23 gemini
    his sun 22, 52 gemini/my dsc 23 gemini
    his venus 7 leo and mars 8 leo/my moon 5 aquarius and juno 6 aquarius
    his chiron 27 aquarius/my IC 28 leo
    his chiron 27/my MC 28 aquarius
    his neptune 4 scorpio/my proseperina 3 scorpio
    his jupiter 23, 58 scorpio/my aesculapia 23 scorpio and my vulcano 25 scorpio
    his sun 22, 52 gemini/ my venus 24 sag

    We have many trines, sextiles and so on.

    Any thoughts on what this nodal transit might mean? We are still friends and he is still in his complicated situation.

    This transit will trigger my MC and I wonder what that might mean.

    Also, how does the transit work on the north node side which in this case is Leo?


    1. Yes, you two do have to get closure. Saturn opposing the Descendant in 2017 makes it a heavy and difficult matter. The Node crossing Leo and the Fifth House means this is about past, present or potential children on either side and the karma of old choices to pursue pregnancy or not – with each other, or other partners. I don’t really think this is going to be a walk in the park but you do need to have a conversation. You will find wheels turn then and whatever is meant to come out of this, will do so more easily in 2018 when Saturn has moved out of Sagittarius and Jupiter is beginning to approach your Scorpio factors, in both your and his Eighth House.

      1. Thank you so much.

        He has children, had them when we met, that is the main reason I did not want to take things to another level with him. They are all grown now. But back in the early 2000’s when I just couldn’t go there with him, we never talked through that. He felt rejected and kind of shut down for a long time, but our friendship kept going. I have great respect for him and did not think he would be happy with more complication in his life. I didn’t feel I was rejecting him, I really thought I was protecting him. We should have talked about it back then but he didn’t want to. He is used to getting his way. I have great respect for him – and myself – and did not think he would be happy with more complication in his life.

        I would find it hard to believe he is still hurt about that. He has stepped up as a friend since then countless times, more than anyone else.

        The strain on our friendship the past few years though has been enormous, with the Saturn transit on his end and the Neptune in Pisces for both of us with the email hacking.

        I feel he wants out of his domestic situation once and for all.

        Anyway the friendship is important, I hope we can work out whatever it is. After knowing each other so long, if it has to wait til 2018 then so be it. It’s worth waiting for to get this right.

        Thank you again.

  21. Thanks Jessica, Although I only have Aquarius in Diana, Salacia & Proserpina at varying degrees, I love this blog as I’ve been impacted by people with Aquarius factors – along with Ellen and FRIENDS! Namely my mum, oldest friend both Sun Aquarius and a dear Cappy friend with Jupiter in Aquarius (interestingly, my child Sag also has this placement!). My mum has passed on & my friends & I have drifted apart. I’m hoping 2017 will see my daughter and I start to rebuild the ‘village’ that seems to have dissipated with these water bearers!

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Well in Aquarius I have IC at 18 deg, Ops at 29 deg and Salacia at 19 deg.
    What does this entail or me please?

    1. Your Aquarius IC tells me an important leaf on your family tree belonged to a political party, religious group, charity, orchestra, ensemble cast, band, company, secret society – maybe a military unit – and this group completely defined that person. Starting this year there is an episode ahead, also with a group, which will remind you of an old family pattern. Find out as much as you can about this relative, who may go back a generation or two.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I’m not sure if you received my reply to your answer from my previous question, but I added my birth time and I wanted to know if I will find love during this Node transit, being that it’s in my birth Node sign.

    Here’s my info

    Minneapolis, MN

    Birth nodes:

    North Node – Leo 27 7th house
    South Node – Aquarius 27 1st house

    I hope I’m not being bother! But thank you kindly for your help!

    1. Thank you. Yes, you could have a shot at a relationship as the North Node returns to your Fifth House. The decision would need to be made bearing pregnancy, step-mother status, possible future aunt status and so on, in context. It is very common for people to get into the same relationship situation they were in years before (same patterns) or even come across the same lovers. Each time the issue would be the children you chose to have, or avoid, years before and the way that has left you positioned in 2017, 2018.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the post!
    I remember 1998-2003 very well. I was in college and then starting my career. I remember I felt lucky during that time and was feeling really great about the path ahead for me. I believe this is my return and I have a few other factors in Aquarius and Leo:
    South Node/North Node 29
    Fortuna 29 Leo
    MC 17 Leo
    Panacea, Salacia

    Does this return mean I should expect a change in my career this time around?

    1. Not so much your career, unless it involves groups (Aquarius) or younger people (Leo). You don’t say what you do for a living, but if your roles involve societies, teams, clubs, political parties, associations, trade unions, rock bands, ensemble casts, symphony orchestras – past rewards and karmic debts will come back to you. If your career involved babies, children, those born 20+ years your junior, then it is there that you will see the karma revolve.

      1. Thank you for the response! I lead a creative team that designs for children’s brands. I’ve always felt that was very Leo of me.

  25. Hello Jessica. How uncanny is this article! I have Saturn in Aquarius at 18 deg and I was involved with groups at that specific time 1998 – 2003. I was involved with a speaking group and a meditation/psychic circle. Honestly, with the psychic groups I had larger than life experiences! I had a meditation teacher who turned out to be a fake psychic in 1999. A few people in that particular group had negative experiences with her and I came out unscathed compared to the rest. I soon moved onto a grounded teacher who was a good influence.
    Interestingly, the experience I had with the fake psychic was connected with past-life regressions I had in 1992/93, the time of my Saturn return. So, it is amazing that the South Node years later aspected that experience.
    What I learnt from the dud psychic was to trust your own instincts and to never give your power away to anyone. I wonder what this year’s South Node will bring?
    I have Venus in Leo 29 deg and I am looking forward to the North Node conjunction in April/May.
    Again, fascinating article. I am always learning from your articles. Thanks.

    1. You have a huge stellium in Aquarius and many of the female asteroids are there including Vesta. One would have to say, you have patterns of regularly attracting two or more female ‘friends’ (although there would also be vibes that go beyond mere friendship) and you are no doubt lured by groups where women tend to outnumber men like you. So far so good, but there’s a bit of past karma to revisit this year with one woman in particular. A debt needs to be repaid and a reward needs to be collected.

  26. Dear Jessica hi and a happy new year!
    I was wondering with mars and moon in Aquarius how the south node in Aquarius will affect me??
    Thank you,

    1. You will return to an old role you played, perhaps more than once, as the mother hen to a brood of friends, acquaintances and group amigos. Actually with both Mars and the Moon in your Eleventh House you also have a bit of barnyard politics and pecking order history to return to with these people as well. One thing you will certainly learn from in 2017 is your own rule book about mothering people. The need to be needed is very strong here, but at what point should you say no? The best outcome will be a group effort to ‘fight the good fight’ which is also typical of this combination and you may have fought it before, or be returning to an old strategy. It’s classically a good cause/politics combination.

  27. Hi, Jessica,

    The upcoming nodal action in Aquarius is going to touch on my natal Saturn conjunct South node in Aquarius. I’ve had a lifelong challenge finding my “tribe,” broadly speaking, and in light of the social upheavals present and future, I’m feeling like plugging into a community is esential for many reasons. Going it essentially alone, as I have during prior nodal returns, seems like folly in these current times. Thoughts and advice welcome!

    1. With Saturn in Aquarius, being part of a group (team, band) will always be hard work and yet you will find yourself pulled towards it, or never fully able to leave it. You can walk away from the friends there, or they can walk away from you, but destiny will degree you have to plough through the debts and credits of karma with each other. As the South Node conjuncts your Saturn you will no doubt hear the loud clanging of a bell from your past, yet Saturn is just a cycle like any other. Dealing with the realities of the choices you’ve made about these people in the past is actually useful, because once you’ve done that, you can take a different approach to community, friendship and social media and go to the next level with it all.

  28. Hi Jess,

    I had been wondering quite why I’d been taken on a trip back to 1997 & 1998 recently. Now it all makes more sense. Some of it I can’t comment on for legal reasons, but another extraordinary coincidence is that a new colleague has started at my workplace and sits in the other corner to me. We’ve known each other from way back and I last saw him in 1997 !

    Keep up the good work,

  29. Dear Jessica,

    I met the love of my life and married her between 1998-2002. I have Juno in 3degrees, and Salacia in 10degrees Aquarius.
    What will be happening during this Aquarius cycle for me?

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Nothing to do with the love of your life VSN, but everything to do with your social life and friendships, and coming together for a common cause. You will deepen an old acquaintance into real friendship and explore the issues with an existing friendship which has gone through highs and lows. Your entire social world is being reshaped over the next two years.

  30. Hi Jessica:-) I think my comment got lost in the universe so I’m reposting… Loved this read! As you know I’m Aquarius Sun & Chiron. In 1998 I didn’t do much socializing with friends as I had a one year old, four year old, five year old and 15 year old. After this election I pretty much have no friends (a true learning and shocking realization) I’m curious and intrigued to see what happens for me. As for Teletubbies I’ve spent many years enduring there torture (although not nearly as torturous as Barney that my 1992 & 1993 daughter and son loved) as my Aquarius soon to be 20 year old son was a fan. He also has Aquarius in Uranus but Neptune in Capricorn. Any insight and comment is always appreciated. Thank you Jessica

    1. Too funny about Teletubbies. You will make new friends in 2017, 2018 as you become involved in one or more waves of people power, no doubt reflecting what you feel about the election result. You have the punk rock Chiron in Aquarius position which so many of the 1970’s punks possessed. You were born to be in a group which changes the rules and you will have that chance shortly after May 2017.

  31. Hi Jess and happy new year,
    Thanks for the post. I haveProsepina, Diana,Saturn and Apollo in Aquarius together with the South Node. Seems like a lot! I have heaps of things going on with both work and home. How will this affect me?
    Thanks again

    1. Fran, it’s not about work or home, it’s about the private members’ club, charity, ensemble cast, group of colleagues, secret society or other circle that increasingly becomes important as the year goes on. By 2018 you will realise that you either knew each other in a previous life, or certainly had karma from this one. Debts and credits must be paid. Your reward is a sense of completion by 2019.

  32. Hi Jess

    Cheers for sharing your skills with us – I think you’re a touch stone for so many – including myself. Thank you!
    I have a very airy chart and have lived a very shifty/adventurous life… but through a mix of luck and strategy (thank you :)) have set myself up with a very solid financial and emotionally supportive base. The period of SN in Aquarius is coincidentally (or is it ;)) the period I have eyed off as the time to start my family- either with a) a partner (he is keen for baby) where we have been very shaky with what I perceive to have had a major power imbalance with himself and by extension his clan (all Cancer and also extended clan of heavy water signs) – or b) by myself (through AI) with a very supportive clan of family/friends (mix of Elements, heavily female). Any thoughts based on my chart of which option sits more comfortably? Cheers

    1. Thank you very much. This actually sounds like the North Node in Leo, which of course is what happens whenever we have the South Node in Aquarius. The North Node will be transiting Leo and your Fifth House of pregnancy in 2017, 2018. You have the North Node and Descendant conjunct at 10, 11 Leo so I would say that the pregnancy or adoption ahead is fated and involves substantial karma. You knew this baby or child before. What you do about it is up to you but you will be at a crossroads so be sharply aware of that. You do have choice but the fated part of this story is the decision you absolutely must make about whether to pursue a pregnancy, adoption or not.

  33. Dear Jessica,

    I have three heavenly bodies in Aquarius and five or six heavenly bodies in Leo so I think this transit of north and south node will be important theme in my life for the next two years more than transit of north node in my sun sign in Virgo last and this year. But when I look back in 1998-2003 I can remember what was happened so important .
    Can you help me to see where major events – karma could happened?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Leo-Aquarius in the chart is best described as the inner conflict between being a monarch and being one of the court – or even being one of the revolutionaries who want to see the monarchy destroyed. It’s tension within you, between (for example) wanting to be in the Sex Pistols but also wanting to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. It usually surfaces whenever you become involved in a group or team project, or find yourself moving up and down the social ladder. Figuring out how to be Monarch while still being one of the people is your big ask over this nodal transit.

  34. Hi. What if my nodes are vice versa? North node aq south node leo and mars aq? 1998 motherhood. 2001 retrain in New career. 2003 qualify. Mars in aquarius…have to say I’m known for being a battler/straight talker…! Thoughts welcome thanks.

    1. The motherhood experience took place when Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius were opposing your Leo placements in the Fifth House of pregnancy and parenthood so I’m sure it was extreme. There is some closure you need to achieve about that time, and also a karmic reward to enjoy. You’ll see why as the Nodes cross their position in your chart. I suspect July, August 2017 will also be a clincher as we have so much activity in Leo then.

  35. Hi Jessica, this is really interesting, thank you for the article!
    I am curious about how the passing South Node in Aquarius will play out opposing my South Node in Leo and meeting my North Node in Aquarius? What do you reckon?

    1. Aquarius-Leo in the chart is always about the conflict between wanting to be the Queen or Princess and wanting to be with the people. It often results in someone who leads a group, but feels tension around being higher than/above everyone else – yet feeling deeply connected to people power. It’s an interesting tension to have and it can be quite creative and productive. You’ve been on this trip before and you’ll take it again this year and next year.

  36. Hi jessica . Posting again, as my comment is still awaiting moderation.

    An interesting article Jessica! Thank you so much for this interesting read. I want to take an opportunity to ask few things. I have

    Diana at 7 Aquarius
    south node at 6 Pisces
    North node at 6 virgo
    Jupiter at 6 virgo
    Ceres at 6 aries And two more factors at 7 degrees if you want to consider them.
    Does any of this is of any significance as the degrees are close to 7 Aquarius. My problem has been that I am an introvert but often find myself in situations where I become part of groups who I do not get along as I hate casual chit chatter and that’s what those groups are about. My neighbor expects a lot from me and so does group of moms at at my son’s school who is in kindi. I know come across very aloof and rude when I refuse to become part of such groups. But the fact is I am so complete in myself , and I seek people with whom I can have meaningful and intelligent conversations but I never get such people. I have fallen out with people due to this temperament of mine and went through guilt and self doubt as I am a very sensitive person. Though I made sure I never hurt anyone with words, I cannot pretend to be someone I am not.
    Sorry about the long comment. But is ceres at 6 degrees of my image also an issue?
    Also from year 1998 to 2003, i finished college, did a job as a teacher for couple of years, got in and out of a relationship with someone who only took advantage of me and got engaged to my current husband. Please suggest how this nodal return is going to effect me.
    Thank you so much for your time

    1. You’re with the wrong crowd. You actually do belong in a group, with Diana in Aquarius, but it’s not going to be a group of mothers at the school gate making casual conversation. Diana is a really powerful archetype. She was the daughter of Jupiter and begged her father to release her from marriage and motherhood, so that she could be a free spirit. He made her goddess of the hunt and she is always pictured with her group – the nymphs – running wild with her greyhound by her side. Diana is about feminism and female strength, empowerment and independence. You simply would not last in any social situation, club, team or social media which did not let your Diana do what she wanted. So – you need to run with the wolves, not with the mummies. Find your tribe – you’ll have a chance to do that in 2017 and 2018 and it might just change your life.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    DOB Feb 6, 1966
    Scorpio Ascendant
    aquarius 4th house with Sun, Mercury, Venus

    What can I expect!?
    Love your astrology and your teachings!

    1. Okay, so you don’t have Aquarius ruling your Fourth House – in the Natural House system it rules your Eleventh House of friends and groups. The South Node in Aquarius will return you to the years 1999 and 2000 when you were involved with a network of friends and acquaintances in a common cause. It may have been winning a trophy. It may have been raising millions for charity. Old karma is about to return.

  38. Hi,
    These are potent dates for me too and I have a stellium in Aquarius, hoping this means easier times ahead! And Jessica, Brexit! The next few years up here in Scotland are going to be

  39. Hi Jessica
    I only have Chiron @12 degrees in Aquarius and my IC @22 degrees in Aquarius and not quite sure how I would relate to these Aquarius factors. Hoping you could shed some light! Many thanks for all your work Jessica.

    1. That’s quite a lot to work with. You have the punk rock position of Chiron in AquArIUS. A lot of people in the first wave of 1977 British punk have Chiron in Aquarius so you might say that groups encourage you to see what you can get away with – and bands/groups/clubs/teams/tribes encourage you to experiment to see how you can cross the line. By doing this you change the system. You’ve done this once before and you’re going to do it all over again over the next two years.

  40. Hi Jessica

    I have my moon in Aquarius- how does this affect me and impact on my south node of repeating events?

    1. You may or may not choose motherhood in this lifetime, but you have a definite purpose to fulfil as the ‘mother’ of a particular tribe of people. You do send out quite strong maternal vibes to those who feel themselves to be part of a movement, or a group of some kind. I am not sure if you do this intentionally (for example, by becoming the Girl Guides’ Brown Owl) or by default (waking up to find that you have become a kind of symbol to a group of people). This placement is common in the charts of musicians in bands, or music journalists who help bands, because Aquarius is the individual who gives the group what it needs. Whatever you chose to do with this in your life, will come back to you over the next couple of years.

  41. Jessica~
    I need your insight: my DOB is 11/17/65 w/GEM ASC. I’m with a Taurus 5/13/60 whose separated from Aquarius 1/24/65. We’ve been together since 2008 but he met his estranged wife 1998-2003. How will this node shift affect us?


    1. The Nodes have nothing to do with your own particular love life, in this case. It’s all about his priorities. He will have huge choices to make (which benefit him enormously) from October 2017, with a major discussion or signature in November, involving either you or his estranged wife. It really depends on who his priority is at that time and I can’t tell you that – it’s his free will – but it will work out very well for him by 2018.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    I’m sun in Libra and have my north node and Mars conjunct in Aquarius. I’m trying to figure out how this might pan out for me…any thoughts gratefully received! Thanks.

    1. You have past life history with military or naval units, organisations, committees and so on – with that combination. Perhaps you were in the R.A.F. or in a much older army from times gone by. The Node is always repetition of past life experience and Mars rules war. In this lifetime you have already been put in touch with one or more friends from your tribe, and perhaps the entire organisation or collection of people, incarnated in one group. Go back in time to that period when Uranus and Neptune were passing through Aquarius and ask yourself if some meetings or events seem oddly fated. Those are the keys to your new experiences over the next two years.

  43. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you’re still answering question regarding this. So, the dates you mentioned above were not very good for me .. in fact life kept getting progressively worse until 2005 when I had to make a shift. Naturally, a bit concerned here. I have Jupiter 8, Mars 8, MC 14 – all in aquarius. Nothing in Leo. Will this be a repeat? How will it effect me? Thx a bunch!

    1. Yes, of course. You have a strong Jupiter-Mars conjunction in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friendship, people power, community and groups. In fact, you have a stellium there, so you are strongly Aquarian and know how to feed the tribe. If you had problems across that period I would be surprised if they involved your friends, social life or tribal involvements, as you were actually born lucky with all that and know how to give back. You were the supplier for a memorable, special, group venture or enterprise back when Uranus and Neptune were in Aquarius all those years ago, and it will return to you (rather like a film sequel) in 2017, 2018.

  44. Hello Jessica
    I have Saturn and Cupid in Aquarius which seems like a strange mix to me! What does it indicate for me astrologically?
    I had a lot of things happening for me between 1998 and 2003 both with friends, workmates and lovers – I’m wondering which of these are likely to resurface with the South Node form May 2017? Am I interpreting this correctly and what do my Aquarian factors indicate?
    Many thanks

    1. This will be about your friends, and the group as a whole, from that time – although you may have turned a platonic friend into a lover as you have Cupido in Aquarius in the Eleventh House too. In general, your Saturn Return will come back to you, so whatever difficult bridge you had to cross as you left your twenties and entered your thirties (involving your social life, friendships or group commitments) will reveal itself one more time, but of course you are now older and wiser and will be able to lay some things (or people) to rest.

  45. Hi Jessica, not sure if my previous comment posted correctly but in any case loved the article! I have Aquarius factors in the MC, Aesculapia and Salacia so curious to find out how you see these aspects panning out for me in 2017? Many thanks.

    1. You have a little Aquarius stellium there in your Eleventh House of community. Barack Obama and Princess Diana had a strong Aquarius signature and you can see how it played out in their lives, as both were drawn to political parties, good causes, charities, community ventures and so on. They also had the gift of friendship with people, en masse. This is a major part of your life and times which you could explore further and you will have the chance to do this, over the next couple of years, partly because people from your past are there to be rediscovered, perhaps with the friendships operating at a deeper level than they did before. An old group concern may also come back to you, for renewal or review!

  46. With 7 degrees Aquaruis in Saturn and this Saturday 8 degrees Aquarius- in addition to significant Aquaruis stellium placements; 3 13 62- I have fears, frankly petrified – the last four years were periods of complete aniliation in a marriage and financial loss, is the period coming in 2017 one to fear?

    Thank you for any insight you can share- in light love and intregrity.

    1. Blimey, no need for petrification! Aquarius has nothing to do with money or marriage. It is purely and solely about friendship, within a community of people, and the importance of people power in making things happen in your life. The end of a marriage always divides friends, perhaps because it is hard for people to choose between both of you. I think what comes your way over the next two years has more to do with those friends you kept, or perhaps lost, than anything else. Some closure needs to happen.

  47. It seems my comment got lost thrice. I’m reposting….

    Hi Jessica,

    I have Aquarius in 14deg Salacia and 9deg in my N.node. From 1998 to 2002, I was doing my graduation, really enjoyed with so much attention and fun. I fell in love with a guy and we wanted to get married later on, but we couldn’t be together as we had to part ways due to unexpected and unanticipated events in each other’s home and family.
    We became geographically apart but it was easy for me to move on than him, but life was never the same with any friendships in my life. It was always like a friends with benefits in each relationship I went through, but I really couldn’t connect on a deep level with anyone.
    What is it for me in the new Aquarian cycle.


    1. Thank you FA. I apologise for your comment going back in the queue three times. I had a lot of unwanted traffic from Trump supporters who wanted to talk about politics, not astrology. Now that I have suspended the politics stories, fortunately the traffic flow has come back! I am not surprised you enjoyed graduation, as you were experiencing the social highs of the Aquarian cycle. I am sorry you were unable to marry the man you loved. You have Vesta at 26 Leo in the Fifth House of lovers, babies and children so I suspect one of the issues for you, or him, was the presence of other women in the picture. This may have been his mother, sister, former girlfriend, and so on. If you are curious about Vesta you can read more on this website and in your ebooks. Vesta will be triggered again in 2017 and you may need closure on this issue.

      1. Will my Vesta conjunct Pluto always involve power struggles with women in my primary relationship? The mother of my husband is a looming dominating figure in my marriage, and another woman toxifying yet another relationship. How can I work with my libran factors for a fulfilling emotional life? My relationship with my mother too is full of power struggles.

        1. The best way to handle Vesta conjunct Pluto, which is currently showing up as your mother-in-law (and your own mother) is to refuse to compete with other women. The man in any situation like this is usually the culprit. Be watchful for him playing games or trying to manipulate and ignore it, or even move yourself right away. I know a man like this in the astrology world, funnily enough. He does not get on with other men, but he does try to gather women around himself (as friends) then position himself as some kind of harem leader! I always chuckle to myself and start talking to the women instead – it works wonders. A sense of humour will really help you with Vesta. Another way to stop the pattern, is to single out your mother-in-law and mother, and even this other woman, for special favours and presents. Flowers will do. Read more about Vesta in your ebooks.

  48. Hello Hello Hello
    Bugger! I got leap frogged . . .
    I love your blogs. They are a fab read indeed.
    I don’t have much in Aquarius apart from an ASC. How would that affect groups/ friends etc given it isn’t a planet or asteroid. Bit tired of being Nigel No Friends of Franny Fringe-Dweller for the last gazillion years due to family circumstances. I would love your insight.
    Have a totally awesome day
    Ms Piggy

    1. Ms Piggy, if that birth time is correct, then 2017 will amaze you with the new friends and fellow travellers who you are about to meet, or even re-meet. It will happen online. I’m sure you’re not really Fanny Fringe-Dweller at heart, so time to reach out…

  49. During 1998 I had my terminally son Jake a Leo,
    Met my husband 1999, 2001 I had my daughter and 2003 i split from my husband (divorced been mostly single since) and moved across from NZ to Australia.

    With all this karma and eclipse affecting Leo Aqua im feeling something is coming both good and an ending.
    What does my chart point towards

    1. You can see from your birth chart you have Fortuna at 6 Leo in the Fifth House of children. Perhaps Jake also has his Sun at 6 Leo. The South Node will move to 6 Aquarius (right opposite) and the North Node will move to 6 Leo exactly, in 2018. The Nodes are associated with karma as unfinished stories from years ago come full circle and we find out the next chapter, which always owes so much to what was done in the past. This cycle is also about your friends, and any groups you were involved in, back in 1999-2000. For example, the godmother or godfather of your children, if they were also friends of yours. Debts and credits will be collected.

  50. I love your blog and horoscopes and wanted to go to the London event, unfortunately I can’t make it but I have enjoyed reading the comments. I an aquarian born on 9th Feb 7.15pm uk time. I have Venus is Aquarius too. I have been grieving for a loved one and feel my life needs change. Can you give me any advice on the south node transit.

    1. I am sorry you missed the London events but there will be more, later on. I am sorry you have been grieving. The South Node will eventually conjunct your Sun and Venus in the Eleventh House of your horoscope so it is time for old friendships to become deeper, and new friends to come in. You will be given the option of joining a new group of people, or taking your place in a particular club, circle, network and so on. This will make you feel completely in tune with yourself, and with life, and the only answer is ‘yes!’ for you.

  51. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for your talk at the astrolodge last night, plenty of food for thought. I do wonder what the next year will bring.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    This is concerning. Thank you for writing about this and alerting us to it. Looking back at those years, each time it occurred, really rough separations happened. People, income, you name it. Was a very rough time. I’m dreading this go round. Any ideas about what this time might mean for me? Thanks, as always, for all your work.

    1. You have a big Leo-Aquarius axis in your chart. Nothing to do with income, but everything to do with relationships, friendships, chemistry. Don’t dread the South Node please. There is nothing else there this time, except the Node – it is here to make sure you get total closure about the separations that happened. Complete peace of mind and no stone unturned!

  53. Hi, Jessica my birth date is 6 feb1973 at 7,05am any good news for me and my Anita from Pakistan

    1. The good news, Anita, is that you will have the most amazing holiday, or even move, by October. Your eyes will be opened and this special place on the map will become something you never forget.

  54. Hi Jessica,

    This is a great article, as I have 6 horoscope factors (Diana, Salacia, Moon, Ceres, ASC, Aesculapia ) in Aquarius. My sun sign in Gemini (10 degrees)

    I have been expecting an offer from an overseas position ( my friend mentioned the position and he could be crucial person for me to get the position ) and I wonder if South Node in Aquarius would be any help for me to get the position in the overseas.

    Thanks !

    1. Interesting. It’s about your friend, first and foremost, and you two knew each other in a previous life, and perhaps more than one. Friends have sometimes been parents, children, lovers – the lot! I think it’s extremely likely you’ll get this job overseas. If you don’t, there will be another placement in another country by 2017 as you have got the motivation now and it won’t let you go.

  55. Hi Jessica, I’m an Aquarius born 2/2/1966 in a VERY complicated relationship with a male Aquarius born 1960 for almost 8 years… We are at the point where we need to move forward either together or apart, but something has to change.. Can you provide any insight ..


    1. He has to sort out his karma with you, and perhaps with either a previous partner in his life, or another woman now. The past life debts and credits are there to be cleared from May, as are the debts/credits just from the last few months. We do have a decisive eclipse coming up in February but try not to pass judgement or take action across February 10, 11, 12 as neither of you is seeing straight. Your situation is there purely because of him and the karma he has to sort out. This can and will happen from May, but February sets the situation up, emotionally.

  56. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve moved countries during 1998-2000. What can I expect over the next year?

    18:24 UTC+5:30

    Thanks for all the great articles.

    1. Moving countries was really about leaving one set of friends, and making a new set of friends. Maybe you also joined a couple of groups to meet new people? None of that ever gets forgotten on the karmic slate and it may be you, this time round (through 2018) who is helping your friends settle into a new life. People you’ve not seen for years from that time, may well come back to you.

  57. Hi Jessica,
    I can see in my chart that my South Node and MC are in Aquarius. As mentioned in your article about returns from the past, for the last couple of years I am again with person who was my boyfriend back in 1999. Do you think that this relationship is connected to the cycle? And will it continue till 2018?

    Thank you in advance for your response.


    1. Actually, the return of your 1999 boyfriend is not down to the new Aquarius node cycle – it will be something else in your chart. You are, however, about to have your Nodal Return in not only Aquarius but also Leo, which rules children. By 2018 you do have a decision to make about pregnancy, adoption or a child-free life.

  58. Hi Jessica
    Can you please explain the shift of north node in leo in general as with south node in aquarius you refer to past karma with friendships, so does that mean an opportunity to build new karma with new North node. Please pardon me if my question is stupid.

    When the nodes were here last time, I was a child and pretty much in a buoyant mood as much as I can remember. We moved to a different city and I made some pretty good friends then.

    Now, I am trying really hard to figure if marriage is for me or not? And if it is, then now or years later? Well not surprising as I am nearing my saturn return too. And yes the world of babies is the center highlight as I am drawn to unconventional ways of parenting. Will the nodes transits over my juno at 29 leo and midheaven at 2 leo help me in reaching a concrete decision?

    Also the lunar eclipse of august will be in an exact square to my scorpio sun. How can I deduce that?

    Thank you. You work really hard!

    1. The North Node in Leo passes through your Fifth House – it’s not a stupid question and many people will be curious about what is to come, especially if they have Leo chart factors, which you also have. You have a clear choice in 2017 and 2018 to date, or be with, a person who has children from another relationship, or who would like to pursue pregnancy or adoption. You may say no, of course, but the choice is there. There is also the question of children in your world who are already there – nieces, nephews, godchildren. Paid or unpaid work involving children or younger people is also a typical concern of this cycle. The North Node brings the past into the present. You may see familiar faces returning or actually find that agreements made a long time ago, or decisions accepted, come back to you and you must live up to them, and understand what they meant. Even a termination or miscarriage from years ago can become an issue when the North Node conjuncts Leo placements. A chapter must be closed by 2018.

  59. Hi,
    These are potent dates for me too and I have a stellium in Aquarius, hoping this means easier times ahead! Posting again from laptop as I’ve been unsuccessful twice!
    I can’t help but think of what you said about big changes in organisations and govts, choppy waters indeed. I feel like I’m ready to emerge from a difficult time and am optimistic but times are still tough. What do I need to do to make things a little easier?

    1. Always ‘do’ your Jupiter when in doubt. You have Jupiter in Aquarius in the Eleventh House, so what will work very well for you, as a general rule for life, is to give to groups, and feed groups. Bring oxygen into clubs, teams, societies, Twitter, bands, political parties, charities or wherever you find your tribe. Friendship is also where you can give. Jupiter is rather like a feedback system in the chart. You give, and you receive. As we have the South Node also crossing your Jupiter (it changes signs in May 2017) this is an epic time for your Aquarian nature.

  60. Hello Jessica,

    As a Pisces, born in 1962 with the following Aquarius stellium,
    27 degrees Jupiter

    8 degrees Saturn

    4 degrees Descendant
3 degrees Diana
13 degrees Hygeia

    25 degrees Ops

    17 degrees South Node

    Is there anything I specifically need to look out for?

    Many thanks

    1. Your whole life is going to change in 2017 and 2018 as you realise how much you need your tribe and also begin to fully savour what friendship means. You will also join one or more groups/clubs/circles of people, or substantially reshape the one you already belong to. You are actually having transits of the Eleventh House in both house systems I use for you. One of your big lessons and achievements in 2017 will be to understand the way a group operates and to realise that issues about power and control (who is top dog/who has most clout/who is most popular) are irrelevant. The fact is, you all have to work as one big whole! You will also find that the friendships and groups you were involved with so much in 1999, 2000 come back to you over the next couple of years and one woman in particular, who never married or moved in with anyone (and may not have wanted to) plays her role. She is child-free, or if she did have children, has huge issues with independence! She’s back in your life to show you/teach you something.

      1. Thank you very much for the reply. Lots to consider and watch out for in the next couple of years.

        Nikki x

  61. Hello Jessica,

    I am an 83′ baby and I have lots of factors in Aquarius – (Mars, Venus, Juno, Ops and Salacia) How will the South Node going into Aquarius affect me? From what I can remember – 1998 I met two really good friends in fact they were my best friends in high school until we all graduated and went our seperate ways. I also remember meeting my first love and falling in love for the first time in 2002 -2003 that was really amazing, they were actually some pretty special years. Will it have any positive impact on me in the same way again? Also I just wanted to ask what sign the South Node is currently in?
    Thank you I love your blog and always look forward to reading it! 🙂

    1. Thank you. Meeting your two best friends was part of the Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius cycle and either/both of them will be back in your life in the next couple of years, as you bring things full circle and collect any karmic rewards that are owing, and also achieve closure over anything you or they feel is still unresolved. The South Node is currently passing through Pisces and will go backwards into Aquarius in May.

  62. Hi Jessica , I have my IC , salacious , Proserpina and Diana in Aquarius . Can you tell me how this is going to affect me ? Thanks

    1. You will get together again with an old group of friends or associates who were involved in a group project or plan with you some years ago. One of these people is a woman who has chosen to be free, and avoid children or husbands.

  63. Hi Jessica – So, if I’m reading my birth chart correctly, I have Jupiter, Salacia & Mercury (these latter two conjunct each other) in my 5th House of Aquarius and my Aquarian Sun in my 6th House. The only thing I have in Leo, my 11th House, is Apollo. Would appreciate your thoughts on how this South Node moving through Aquarius will be resonating with me during 2017-2018?

    1. I use the Natural House system and you have Jupiter, Salacia and Mercury in Aquarius in your Eleventh House, alongside the Sun. You shine in groups and your greatest natural luck comes from friends. The South Node will deepen old friendships and introduce you to a new, important friend whom you knew before in another lifetime.

  64. Hi Jessica – How then would this apply to my MC, Diana & Minerva in my 9th House of Aquarius? And in regards to my Diana-Juno opposition and later on when this South Node will be opposing my Pluto (holding my breath here, lol)? Please advise. Ever hopeful. And thank you.

    1. Actually your Aquarius stellium is in your Eleventh House of friends and groups in the Natural House system, so the South Node will conjunct Diana and Minerva, describing your female allies and acquaintances, two of whom are past life contacts for you. One is child and husband free and the other is an academic or highly intelligent. You owe each other debts and credits, spiritually, which are about to return. A new friend may also appear who seems oddly familiar. You two click and also knew each other before, and will trade favours.

  65. Hi Jessica
    I am posting this for the fourth time. I don’t know what happened to other comments.
    This article took me down memory lane. In 1999 -2000 I worked for a humanitarian organization helping people to rebuild lives post war, specially women who the bresd winner. I organised self help credit groups, about 25 of them, trained them in managing loans to fund small businesss.
    This time I had a lover (American ) who has children. So much fun , He was the best lover I had . Parents didn’t approve . So parted ways.
    In 2001 I migrated to another country, got married and moved on. I am not looking forward to be with him. I realised I still love him and the job I did gave me a lot of satisfaction, than the one I have now.

    I have salacia, ops, Aesculipius, MC in Aquarius and VENUS in Leo.

    Thanks for your insights

    1. I’m sorry you have posted four times. A quick look at my queue reveals 1,990 comments today so I may have some catching up to do. You will find that in 2017, 2018 (starting in a small way now) you are on a path to closure, completion and fullness of understanding about what happened in 1999. This is about your American lover as well as the work you did for women in war zones. The Nodes transiting Aquarius (groups) and Leo (lovers, children) tend to work in mysterious ways. So it may be that you have absolutely no choice in a situation but to travel to X, or do Y, and then you find out that this is going to bring these 1999 people, places, plans or themes back into your life. I think you’ll see the first clue in February, anyway. You saved peoples’ lives and changed them for the better, about 17 years ago. That has been written into your karma and there will be an answering call – watch.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    Last South node in Aquarius season I was in an abusive “relationship” with a Cusp dob 19 Feb 1957 culminating with a vicious bashing (nodes had moved into Can/cap by then.)
    Since my escape a decade ago I have been looking forward to “the best revenge – living well” however he is doing all the living well (thanks to my financial foundation, thinking I was setting up a business partnership) while I work 3 min wage jobs to scrape by each week.
    What is my karma situation?
    Have I paid my karmic debt off yet or is this meant to be a lifetime of suffering?
    Will the south node moving back to Aqua punish me again? (I’m in burnout already, would be better off 6ft under.)
    Is there any possibility of Cusp receiving a dose of his own medicine this time around?
    Yours in exhaustion,

    1. I am sorry to hear about this violent person, MB. This is not about the Nodes. Nor is it about karma. It is about a person born on 19th February 1957 with Pluto at 29 Leo in the Fifth House of sex and parenthood, using it in the worst way possible – to bully and dominate. Pluto is almost exactly opposite the Sun, as this person was born either with the Sun at 29 Aquarius or 0 Pisces. I expect their father was at the heart of the damage, as the Sun rules Dads. So – not karma – and not worth any more of your energy. You sound as if you need to do less work for the same or more money. Everything is possible. Light a candle or some incense and shut the door. Close your eyes and mentally surround yourself with white light. Open your eyes. Get a piece of paper and divide it into three columns. In one column, honestly list what you are grateful for. In the second, what you can give/offer others happily and freely. In the third, what you need and want. This will kickstart an interesting energy flow for you. Silently ask your guides, helpers and friends in spirit to respond. When you see an obvious option or fork in the road, take it – they can’t do everything – but they will certainly do what they can.

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