Supermoon! December 3rd 2017

It's a Full Moon and it will appear bigger and brighter than any Full Moon you see this year. It has a message for you.

We only have one Supermoon in 2017 and it falls on Sunday 3rd December at 3.46pm in London (adjust for your city). The Sun will be at 11 Sagittarius opposite the Moon at 11 Gemini. It’s a Full Moon and it will appear bigger and brighter than any Full Moon you see this year. It has a message for you. A message about the end of the tough Saturn in Sagittarius cycle. On the same day, Mercury stations retrograde at 29 Sagittarius. You can underline that message, now.  This Supermoon is going to feel like the exclamation mark before the end of a book, and what a long book it’s been – especially if you have Sagittarius chart factors.



The word Supermoon was coined by astrologer and my Twitter amigo, Richard Nolle in 1979 in an article for Horoscope magazine.  NASA says: “The term supermoon has entered popular consciousness in recent years. Originally a term from modern astrology for a new or full moon that occurs when the moon is within 90% of its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit, supermoon now refers more broadly to a full moon that is closer to Earth than average.”

This Full Moon in December, because it’s so close to us, should look about 7% bigger than a regular Full Moon. Seasky has more information:  This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Cold Moon because this is the time of year when the cold winter air settles in and the nights become long and dark.



Saturn (challenges, tests, waiting games, obstacles, lessons) moved into Sagittarius (the sign ruling foreign people and places, travel and immigration) on September 19th 2015 and will not depart until December 20th, 2017. Thus, the Supermoon is the end of a long story. A Full Moon is always D-Day. A moment of truth. The point of no return. This particular D-Day, for the world, will be about the way we relate to each other across national, cultural, religious and language borders – or the way that we usually don’t! You can read more about predictions I made about Saturn in Sagittarius here, back on 13th May 2015.

You might say that the Supermoon tells us, it’s time to kiss this cycle goodbye. And that’s going to be a relief for so many of us. It will be a delayed kiss, because Mercury Retrograde means this isn’t entirely over – not yet – but the general intention and emotion will be there, even if the final details take a while to sort themselves out.

On the world stage this is likely to be a dramatic time for international relations, questions about borders, passports, residency and so on. We only have one Saturn in Sagittarius cycle every 29 years and this Supermoon is a very loud kiss-off!



As you prepare to kiss the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle goodbye, which area of your life will show the exclamation mark and the end of the paragraph? The end of the story? Your Sun Sign horoscope shows the headlines of your life, so see them  here.

ARIES – Foreign people and places, international relations, publishing, education and academia, the worldwide web.
TAURUS – Finance and property, business interests, shares, currency exchange rates, taxation, charity, precious possessions.
GEMINI – Former, current and potential partners in love or career. Enemies, opponents and rivals. Two, or one-against-one.
CANCER – Your daily workload. Your duty and service to other people and cats or dogs. Your body and your physical condition.
LEO – Godchildren, stepchildren, nieces, nephews or other young relatives. Your son or daughter. Pregnancy. Your lovers.
VIRGO – Your house or apartment. Your home town or homeland. Your family and family tree. Your household.
LIBRA – The worldwide web. Your speech, hearing and sight. Your communication skills. The telephone. Multimedia. Books.
SCORPIO – Your values. What you will or will not sell out for. Your money, house, business, apartment, possessions, charity.
SAGITTARIUS – Your reputation. Your personal appearance. Your title, brand, name or image. Your profile.
CAPRICORN – Your secrets. Your classified information or confidential plans. Your unconscious. Any role behind the scenes.
AQUARIUS – Your friends. Your group. Any ensemble cast, society, committee or association. Your social media or social life.
PISCES – Your career. Your mission, ambition and position. Your academic aspirations. Your unpaid work; full-time parenting.


What if You Have Sagittarius Chart Factors?

Because you express yourself so much through your journeys, your study or teaching commitments, your use of the worldwide web, your interest in books – and people from other cultures or countries – you are most strongly affected by the big, bright December Supermoon. In general, by the time you reach December 2017 you will feel as if you have been on an epic trek through these areas of your life. The Full Moon/Supermoon will bring one issue to a head. You will have to choose, or act. Doing so will help to finish the cycle for you, although note – because Mercury Retrograde is at large, there may be a sense of unfinished business, despite the apparent ‘finished’ business – and you need to allow for that in the weeks to follow. Typical examples of this might include rescheduling, retraction, reversal and all the other ‘re’ words we associate with Mercury Retrograde!


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Mansions on the Moon

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55 Responses

  1. What seems to be the problematic is 12 :17am in USA I cannot access my horoscope ,I put in my email and it does not allow me to put in my password to access my premium services this has been going on for a week I am losing paid time please respond

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I have my Saturn return coming up this year as my Saturn is 26 Sagittarius. I also have Uranus 27 Sagittarius and Aesculapia 15 Sagittarius. I’m starting a college course in February so it might be related to that but interestingly my ex mother in law has Saturn at 24 Sagittarius. She’s still very much in my life and I feel a heavy sense of control from her. I would like to break free from her this year. What do you see coming up for me this year and my troubles ending? Thank you!

    1. Not so much your ex mother-in-law with the Sagittarius aspects – those are strictly about college and you need to read the fine print on the paperwork before you sign up, so you can see the terms and conditions of your course exactly. Your mother-in-law is down to Psyche at 27 Scorpio in your chart, aspecting both Saturn at 26 Sagittarius and Uranus at 27 Sagittarius. Scorpio rules the deals we make with our ex partners about houses, apartments, money, possessions, business (and so on) which invariably involve one or both of their parents. Psyche in mythology was the daughter-in-law of Venus and you actually have Venus at 27 Leo tying into that pattern too. Space does not allow me to go into the meaning of Psyche but you can read about her on this website and in your ebooks. This is heavy nova. It is also karmic in nature, yet once the Node crosses 27 Leo in 2017 you will have your chance to finish the karma and move on. Look up Psyche and also look at the paintings of her, for intuitive triggers which will help you.

  3. Hello Jessica,

    Interesting article, as always, thank you for this. Foreign places, other countries…. been an issue for me for at least past 3 years. Is this Saturn’s influence in my chart? Thank you

    1. You have Neptune at 20 Sagittarius so Saturn crossing 20 Sagittarius is one of those rare cycles (it only happens every 29 years) when you have to accept what you cannot change about foreign people and places. In fact, 2016-2017 was always going to change things for you. It begins with the mature acceptance (Saturn’s key word is maturity) of what you cannot change. There is no perfect world, even in another country, or with its inhabitants. There are also rules – and these rules are going to become heavier and harder in 2017, so be aware of that – watch the headlines.

  4. Hi Jess, Thank you for another interesting article. Even your answers to other’s questions are fascinating. I’m definitely looking forward to Saturn leaving Sagittarius, but also looking forward to seeing how this final year plays out in terms of partners! Will that Supermoon have any particular impact for me, with a few factors in my chart at almost 11 deg? (In particular Gem Sun, and MC Libra). Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Basically 2017 is about understanding that everything has a price. You can’t really have any kind of meaningful relationship with your past, present or potential partners without doing some very hard work, or accepting what is real – not what you might call guesswork or wishful thinking. Awareness is everything so as long as you’re completely realistic about what you can’t change, you can still reach out for what is on offer. Yet, I also think you’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief once the Supermoon has passed. Everything you learn this year you gain from in 2019.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have circled this date in my diary!!!
    This cycle has been the hardest periods of my adult life and brought back repressed trauma from my childhood- when Saturn was last in sag!
    Not all negative- in the early part of this cycle I started counselling which has helped with the past and current Saturn life lessons. I think I have also modified my approach to many of my relationships, which painful at times in the long term can only be of benefit.
    I thought by now though I’d have more of clue how my romantic life would be ending up by the end of the transit. Having been in a long term relationship for 20yrs sailing along… Saturn hits! A curve ball (foreign person) has rocked me, who I am, values and what I thought I always stood for and has been coming and returning (mostly during mercury retrogrades-clearly I still need to re-do things!). Having followed your website closely all of which you have predicted…
    Jessica from my chart are there any comments / advice for the final leg of Saturn with my intimate relationships?
    Most appreciated as always & Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the predictions are working for you. Saturn crossing your Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House is manifesting as this foreign person who has rocked you. Remember you only have this transit once every 29 years so there is a big lesson to learn about getting real/being real about what or who is not real! I would be extremely cautious with this person. Do you know enough? Can you find out more? Your Neptune squares the Virgo stuff in your chart so I really don’t want you to go through an experience you could have avoided. Basically, Saturn will trigger those squares and it always brings a situation you cannot ‘square’ easily. I hope that helps.

      1. Yes that really helps. Your horoscopes ‘lost at sea’ / ‘you need an anchor’ have become a reminder / affirmation because its quite out of this world at times & I wonder if its in my mind. It doesn’t make sense to me. So useful for you to apply it to my chart to help me understand better.
        Thank you.

  6. Hey there,
    it is really interesting that NASA is acknowledging the term super moon!
    For me a supermoon is not the point to kiss a period good bye – for me it is the time when you are at the highest elevation of a period. There are different ways and interpretations of this phenomenon. Another thing is that the supermoon is always an important event but for me as well as for Kurt Franz ( the sun is in the center of attraction this year. The year of the sun is coming around in a seven year cycle. Everybody has to take care of her-/himself this year to stay grounded – both legs connected to the earth and don’t fly to high and become arrogant or smug.
    I’m totally with you on :”On the world stage this is likely to be a dramatic time for international relations, questions about borders, passports, residency and so on. We only have one Saturn in Sagittarius cycle every 29 years and this Supermoon is a very loud kiss-off!” Supermoon and year of the sun together can be very adventurous!
    Have a great day and take care,

  7. Dear Jessica
    This post about the supermoon at 11 Sag intrigued me as I have Neptune and my MC both at 11 Sag, Mercury at 10 Sag and then Pluto at 11 Libra. My birthday is close too, on December 1st. I’d love your perspective on how these interconnect. If I understand it correctly it means my communication style is connected to my escape from reality (so true!) , and is my way of dominating others (?), and connected to my potential highest achievement…?! Is that a roughly accurate reading? So will the supermoon highlight all these areas that ensuing month, or ongoing? Or be more of a grand finale?

    As always, I’m grateful for your generosity – my lamp in the fog.

    1. Thank you Faye, you are reading your chart correctly. Thanks also for your lovely compliment. You’re actually done with most of the learning experiences, stuck/slow situations and obstacles which have come with Saturn passing over 10 and 11 Sagittarius. Yet, the Supermoon will trigger some memories and ask for some new decisions about the way you teach or learn, especially informally, and particularly online. By that stage of the year you may also be dealing with a trip, move, course, book or website question. The sextile to Pluto suggests that it’s never just about that, it’s always about your former, current or potential partner at the same time – yet once you make the choice, you sign off from the cycle. It all plays its part. In fact everything you learn from, and grow with, 2016-2017 pays off in the most wonderful way in 2019 when Jupiter hits Sagittarius.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I have a feeling that this super moon is gonna have a high impact on my life! I work and current trying to stay in research & higher education field. By the time this super moon comes around, I believe I will have a Saturn return, which is also conjuncted with my natal Uranus! Can you please elaborate how this Supermoon and mercury station retrograde triggering my natal Saturn, Uranus or other relevant factors might manifest?

    1. Yes, you have a Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of education, at 28 and 29 degrees of that sign. Saturn will conjunct that, and be timed by the Sun, also at 28, 29 Sagittarius, as you go through December 2017 and of course the Supermoon. I have written about the Saturn Return elsewhere on this website and in your ebooks. In general, try to simplify, cut back and streamline all the Sagittarian things in your life. Study, teaching, travel, foreign people and places, regional differences, the worldwide web, publishing. You will already have enough to deal with when you reach Christmas. If you take on anything/anybody new this year in terms of that (like a thesis, or a website, or a relocation) then do your research and be street smart, not just book smart. See what others are saying in online forums, for example! Saturn is basically housekeeping and life gardening. You have to be extremely practical and realise that – hey – it might not be all you want, if you run away to Paris, sign a book deal with a German publisher, commit yourself to an MA without reading the fine print and have an affair with an Italian!

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Happy New Year! After a mixed year for relationships, I started seeing some light during the end of 2016. Also I could take a dream vacation in another country with my partner in December.
    My Neptune is in 24 deg Sagittarius and Fortuna is in 9 degrees Sagittarius. How will I be benefited or affected at the end of Saturn in Sagittarius transit.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Happy New Year, Fiery. I think avoiding the actual Saturn conjunction to your Neptune is a good idea. He’s currently moving slowly from his 20 degree position in Sagittarius, and Saturn conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House (when it happens) is basically a big reality check about your vacation dream. You may want to plot and plan with this one and really check out the realities of the destination, accommodation, transportation and so on. It’s worth the extra hassle. More positively, you will be swept away by a glorious vacation, and perhaps even a relocation, when Jupiter moves to conjunct your Neptune at 24 Sagittarius. That’s stardate 2019.

  10. Hi jessica – thanks for another article!

    I notice that the supermoon will be right between the degrees that Saturn was at during the last two passes of the Saturn-Neptune square. Will the full moon bear any relation to that?

    1. Yes, it will trigger the issues that were going down (particularly with religion) when we experienced the Saturn-Neptune squares. I wish it was different, but unfortunately when you have Saturn in Sagittarius, which rules beliefs, square Neptune in Pisces, the sign which rules Christianity, the Christian church is not going to get away lightly, and we have seen awful repercussions of that, particularly in France. The Supermoon will be the sign-off, but it may also be quite hardline. It may be that we see final convictions or arrests of those involved with actions against Christianity from previous incidents (for example). If you hit Search you will find some old predictions about Christianity based on those squares.

  11. BOOM ! Alright! I’m sitting bolt upright! That got my attention. Shivers down spine. Tingling, zappy toes!
    Thanks for another awesome blog. You seem to have been writing about my life – I have Sun at 11 Sag, Mercury at 10 Sag. Living overseas for quite a few years, carrying a truckload of bricks on my back,, wading through quicksand. . . . . I’m hoping Dec 3 2017 is a MAJOR kiss-off from this horrendous cycle.
    I would be most grateful of your guidance.
    Have an awesome day
    Ms Piggy

    1. Thank you Ms Piggy. Yes, December will be the big kiss-off, but nothing you have learned will be wasted, as your rewards will come from that country when Jupiter goes through Sagittarius. The shivers down your spine is your spirit guide giving you confirmation.

  12. Triggers, wow. I have Uranus at 11 Libra. Is that between Gemini and Sagittarius? Also, I believe my Minerva is at 29 Libra also. What pray tell dear Jessica, will I be up to on December 3rd? I’ve read up on Uranus being some form of revolution and change then added in Minerva’s smart women… but personal, not like national figures. Can you add some sage advice on how to tie these to the Sun in Libra, Moon in Gemini, and Mercury in Sagittarius for this Super Moon?

    Many thanks for all you do! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Erina. Actually the Supermoon matters less than the fact that the Node in its new sign of Leo will cross your Sun. 2017 is an important year in terms of your relationship with a lover’s children from a previous marriage (for example), your godson or goddaughter, your own children (should you have them), paid or unpaid work with children, adoption, fostering, pregnancy and so on. What happens will be karmic in nature – you will receive past life credits and pay past life debts.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for another truly great article. Will the super moon have any lessons for me?

    1. Thank you. The Supermoon will only have an impact in a general sense – with Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House you escape from the real world by travelling. Holidays are so much more to you! Yet in 2017 you may find that travel is harder than it used to be, or surrounded by more delays, obstacles and so on (all typical of Saturn in Sagittarius). The Supermoon is the last chapter of all that.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Also, you had written Thursday 12th January Full Moon. Sun 22 Capricorn opposite Moon 22 Capricorn but isn’t it actually Sun 22 Capricorn opposite Moon 22 Cancer?

    I am confused. Thank you.


    1. Thank you CG I am sorry about that classic Mercury Retrograde mistake. Thursday 12th January – the Sun is most definitely at 22 Capricorn opposite the Moon at 22 Cancer.

  15. Hello Jessica! You always provide me with much insight that’s why I’m a premium member! I didn’t see a comment section for weekly horoscope so I hope my asking this question here is okay:

    I have OPS at degree 19 in my birth chart; per my weekly horoscope the conjunction tomorrow of the sun and aesculapia at degree 19 should affect me personally. Can you tell me in what ways this conjunction can/should be interpreted?

    And once again thank you for your insight and direction!

    1. Yes, you have Ops at 19 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, ambition and achievement. This is very much about a project, task, role or plan which reminds you of all you aspire to. Ops reveals how you deal with challenges and overcome them (usually quite brilliantLy) and this situation will bring a very important step on your ladder to your attention. One possibility is that you will be asked to return to an employer or position you had assumed was over. Another is the reintroduction of an old career contact you had dismissed.

  16. Hello Jessica

    Another great article!
    Pray can you tell me what lessons/paths will the universe has for me at this time with:
    Neptune + Ceres in 5 Sagittarius
    Juno in 9 Sagittarius
    Moon in 11 Cancer
    Jupiter in 10 Aquarius
    Aesculapia in 11 Aries?

    Thanks and blessings,

    1. You have a stellium in Sagittarius with Neptune, Ceres and Juno there, so that’s the most important thing to look at, not only in 2017 but in terms of what you learned in 2016. You express yourself through travel, reading/learning/studying, teaching/mentoring/guiding – and of course, the worldwide web, books, education, academia. Strongly Sagittarian people are often hungry travellers – they need to get away or even move/emigrate to feel complete. You are over the heaviest part of this cycle thanks to all you went through last year, but in 2017 the Super Moon will remind you that you still need to get total closure over one matter from the last 12 months or so, to move forward. If you do happen to be travelling, moving or dealing with foreign people and places in December 2017 it may be quite hard work, before you have to sign off on the matter.

  17. Hi Jessica. This super moon will sit on top of my south node in Saggitarius but really doesn’t seem to aspect any other points in my chart. What effects do you see happening for me at that time? Lovely article and thank you.

    1. Thank you. The South Node in your horoscope is where past life debts, credits, rewards and experiences all return to you. In Sagittarius, you have had several lifetimes as a student, teacher, traveller, publisher or writer. Your MC (Midheaven) is also there. The MC describes your ultimate achievements. Even though 2016 and 2017 slow things down, place obstacles in your path and teach you sometimes hard lessons about these journeys, try to persist. When Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from late 2018 through 2019 you will understand why you had to evolve and grow – to gain later on. The Super Moon will trigger these issues for you. Expect to either feel inwardly divided, or to be dealing with polar opposites. As the opposite of Sagittarius is Gemini, which rules the internet, communication and short journeys, it may be that the longer, more ambitious ‘journey’ with education, academia, travel, foreign people and places, books, the web – is in conflict with another matter, or another side of yourself. For a peaceful life you may want to avoid that Super Moon period.

  18. I have a stellium in sag. How much will this full moon affect me
    Hoping this post goes through everything lately has been off with technology thnx to mercury retrograde

    1. Your Sagittarius stellium describes your life path, which is to always be learning (no matter if you do this formally, or just by reading, entertaining yourself with big subjects or pursuing courses online) – and also to mentor, guide and ‘teach’ (again, this may be quite informal and casual, or more formal, so you could be publishing online). You tend to do this best by travelling, or travelling in the mind, so a great deal of the output and input for you comes via other cultures, nationalities and countries. Cultural exchange is very Sagittarian. What you are now experiencing is the second year of unavoidable new realities regarding travel, residency, immigration, the worldwide web,education, academia and so on. The Super Moon will bring things to a head and you will be affected, perhaps indirectly. One example of this would be finding you have to change your whole travel pattern or residency pattern. Another example might be particular issues with the internet.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    I believe my Sun is at 13 degrees Gemini. This would mean the Super Moon will be directly opposite. I live in a country for over half of my life, but it is not the country of my birth. I am on my own and not seeking someone, so not sure of the impact of this moon, as it seems to me it has partnership issues written all over it. Could it mean something else?

    1. We’re talking about a situation which is 11 months away so you may be dealing with a new partner by then, or the return of a former partner. Partnerships are not always sexual, they can be professional too. 2017 for Gemini is all about the other person – the other half. In a few cases where the battle is more important than the partnership, it may be a feud, dispute or conflict which takes up your energy, yet the Super Moon will help you draw a line under that.

  20. Repost! I always seem to ask a question on retrogrades!

    Happy New Year! That’s a relief to say indeed. This is shaping up to be a big year of change for me, quite excited for that but still up in the air as to which direction I’m being taken in! The past few years have been so difficult personally and professionally, I feel a little like a caged beast about to be freed. December seems a long way away but I’d love to lay the groundwork now, what should I be concentrating on?

    1. Thank you. Focus on one group. Club, team, society, association, charity, band, party, network, committee, whatever. Just do the group. People power will jet propel you to your happiest couple of years … for years.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    I am very new to this, but am trying to learn as much as possible about astrology and love your site. I can’t wait for the end of the Saturn/Sag cycle – it has been awful to say the least! Looking at my natal chart, can you see anything good on the horizon for 2017? Secondly where on a birth chart do you see your relationship with your mother – and (in my case) what tough lessons need to be learned with this relationship in order to move on?
    Thanks and best wishes to you for 2017!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry Saturn in Sagittarius has been so tough in 2016. You will love the work and lifestyle change which comes by October. A better way of delivering your daily tasks! Psyche, Vesta and Jupiter in Cancer all point to your mother. You will fix this in October, November when Jupiter in Scorpio trines Jupiter in Cancer, which rules mothers, families and home. (Jupiter is the problem-solver so when he trines himself it’s a double whammy). To find out more about why it’s been so hard, look up Vesta and Psyche on this site and in your ebooks.

  22. Hi, Jessica
    Read Leo daily horoscope today. You said “there are always pros and cons and be realistic ”
    Could you tell me something more? What is the best choice? If I still want to make up with the old love story, is it possible?

    1. If you want to go back to your old lover, it is quite possible, but you need to look at the pregnancy issue, or the question of this person’s children, godchildren, nieces, nephews (or yours) and the heavy implications of that.

  23. Not easy to think back over 30 years. I have many things in Sag. Including my M.C. In the last 20 I have spent a lot of time travelling and owning property. You may recall I asked some months ago about selling my French house. We appeared to have nailed that down and were supposed to close the deal Dec 2016 but to my surprised it did not happen. The buyer still seems to want the property but says the money is held up. My husbands says forget him but I have a feeling it may happen still. Fed up with it all though.. Is he laundering dirty money? What do you think this time? Thank you Jessica.

    1. You are being caught in the Mercury Retrograde cycle and a great deal of what went down in December really is subject to question. Without knowing the other person’s chart (the buyer) it is hard to say if you are just being delayed, or if there may even be a reversal later on. In any case you will be fine over the long-term. What both you and the buyer are experiencing is a cycle bigger than both of you, with tremendous uncertainty, instability and a little nervousness around. You will be fine in the end.

  24. Thank you Jessica! I’m a sun Sag, so this Saturn cycle has been understandably terrible. However, I’m Cap rising and have a bit of a stellium in Capricorn as well (Venus, Uranus, Neptune) so I have this feeling that the end of Saturn in Sagittarius is no cause for celebration for me. 🙁
    Can you give me a general overview of what I can expect in the coming cycle and how to prepare? (I should really get on with purchasing that Premium Membership!)

    1. All I can really do is comment on your Sagittarius Sun. Sure, if Saturn has been conjunct your Sun, it will have been very difficult for you – assuming that you have the Sun below 20 degrees of the sign, you are now moving beyond this. If you have a Capricorn stellium then your career or university degree will become easier to manage from the end of January, as you have been experiencing Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn too. Much larger choices wait in 2019, 2020 but you can pick up 2020 Astrology on Amazon to read about that (or perhaps you already have it, as I put out a free Christmas download offer a few weeks ago).

  25. Dear Jessica,
    I’m feeling intrigued and a little scared as like another member here I have Neptune at 20 Sagittarius. I moved out of my childhood home and bought my first home in a city 50miles away, completing in Feb 2016. It was a massive step for several reasons, largely motivated by a desire for independence and to focus on a career. It is by no means where I imagined myself! However overall I have been enjoying creating my own space, but there is still a sense of jitteriness eg did I buy the right property in the right place? I’m hoping it will settle with time but the mention of rules becoming harder and heavier and foreign places is worrisome, as I am an ethnic minority in a city shortly to undergo by election with a possible UKIP council appointment. Amy possible advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for all you do.

    1. If you are in an ethnic minority in a town which may end up with a UKIP councillor – that is an example of Saturn in Sagittarius crossing over your Neptune at 20 Sagittarius, sure. Yet Saturn will also move on, and by Christmas this cycle is over. In fact when Jupiter (opportunity) passes over 20 Sagittarius by 2019, you will find your entire world opens up. I suspect one of the reasons for this is that after Brexit, the place where you live will be able to open its arms to business/tourism with countries and nationalities which you just don’t see there at the moment. You might also find that the exchange rate with the pound to particular other currencies has an impact on expanding your global horizons too. Everything always works out in the end in astrology!

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