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A global boom in money and property is also coming, with a rapid spike in October and November 2017 and more good news in 2018.

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Jessica Adams

Your Aquarius Side and Friendships to 2023

If you have a stellium in Aquarius (more than three factors in that zodiac sign) then your Eleventh House of friendships and groups is unusually packed. What happens to those friendships when Saturn, Jupiter and then Pluto all pass through Aquarius? Have friends been lost, or has the friendship changed? That’s typical of this long cycle.

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Jessica Adams

Astrology Predictions for the NHS

The NHS was founded on 5th July 1948 in London with an astrological chart that shows a complete replacement in 2022 and 2023. The horoscope for the National Health Service reveals a perfect storm that will affect nurses, doctors and patients.

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Jessica Adams

Ghislaine, the Royals, Trump and Leo Eclipses

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27 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica… Happy new year! I’m torn between studying to become an early childhood teacher or undertaking a copywriting course. I need to make a decision by end of January… from looking at my chart, which vocation would seem a better fit. I can see the Saggy north node and all those Gemini factors, but I’m feeling so torn. Can my chart offer some guidance? Thank you so much!

    1. Actually, fate will decide for you. What were you studying or doing in 1999, 2000? The direction you were pulled in, during those years, will work like a magnet again in 2017 and 2018. Both copywriting and teaching are suggested by your chart. You could do either/both at the same time. The Node’s change of sign in 2017 suggests that the past is about to come back to you, though, so look back around 15 years and ask yourself what is unfinished, or due to return to you. That will shape your future career.

  2. Happy New Year, Jessica!
    So I think that I am in for an interesting year. Maybe karmic. I have a South node at 8 Aquarius, but I also have Saturn at 7 Aquarius and Diana at 9 Aquarius, so I am wondering how all of this fits together this year? I have a big cluster of other things at 7 and 9 degrees as well. If it is possible for you to tease all of this out for me, that would be fantastic. Looking forward to 2017!
    Best wishes

    1. You have your Nodal Return coming up in Aquarius, Tosca. This triggers a lot of other factors in your chart, so you might say that the group you belong to, has an impact on several other areas of your life as well. You knew the members of your group, network or tribe in a previous lifetime and may even have been in a society, club, team or association together – at least once. In general you will collect karmic credits and debts with these friends and acquaintances. You will know more from the New Moon in Aquarius in February 2017 when it will all be so obvious to you!

  3. Hi Jess,

    First of all, thank you for such a lovely horoscope – just wow!

    Valentine’s Day and my birthday promises so much, but I’ve been promised a lot during a very long fight (2-1/2 years so far). It’s just the sort of tonic to pick me up at this low time, so thank you.

    Can I ask a quick question though? Last year you did a Lenormand card for the year, which for 2016 was 19, The Tower – spot on! Will you be doing the same this year?

    Many thanks, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you KC and Happy New Year. I’m not giving Lenormand card readings for 2017 (although I am glad your Tower card was spot on). I am encouraging people to use The Astrology Oracle instead, so they can make their forecast more personal. On New Year’s Day, you’ll see a useful spread for the new year ahead you can try.

      1. Thank you, I already use the Oracle – far too much – as it is so effective.

        Just on Valentine’s Day again. I note that my new friend Vulcano is at 23 Libra too. He’ll need to be while Uranus, Panacea and Vesta are in 21′ T square. Ops and my Jupiter square Salacia at 29′ also. I can’t help thinking this doesn’t sound too hopeful – more like dashed hopes!

        1. Vulcano is an interesting asteroid. He was the cuckolded husband of Venus who found her in bed with Mars and threw a net over the pair of them. If you want to find out where your friend is coming from, look at Vulcano. I wonder if he’s been betrayed or if he has a fear of betrayal? In any case, the opposition from Uranus and the conjunction from Jupiter, ahead, will shake that up – and heal it – perhaps you are part of the healing story.

  4. Many thanks for the 2017 horoscope, Jessica! I follow your posts with great interest but I have to admit that I still struggle how to read the monthly/annual horoscope with my birth chart. I got married last year (3/10/15 civil wedding, 10/10/2015 for the rest) and I am particularly keen to understand what 2017 has in store for me an my husband(13/04/1979), especially with regards to having a baby and changing our lives (job, house, etc.) but I don’t know what I am looking at. Wishing you a wonderful, prosperous and a very happy year ahead!

    1. Thank you. You are looking for Leo in your chart which rules the Fifth house, and thus babies, children, adoption, godchildren, nieces, nephews and so on. We have a major transit in Leo starting in 2017 as the Nodes change signs. The Node in Leo is associated with past life debts and credits, and karma, so the younger face which arrives in your world in 2017 or 2018 is one you knew before. As an Aries your husband is experiencing the same cycle in his solar chart, so you two have a fated connection with the small person who is coming into your lives. The details are something that destiny will decide, but you will feel as if you know the new entry into your world.

  5. Happy New Year Jessica. Thank you for all your insights and guidance. Your honesty with your readers is wonderful and appreciated by all of us that follow you. Contrary to tradition, good news is always welcome, we have all had a gut full of the bad stuff in 2016. Can’t wait to see the back of it personally. I just hope there is something good waiting in the future for all of us. Hopefully you will tell us first! Hope you have a good 2017 and that many more people benefit from your gifts and talent.

  6. Happy New Year Jessica!

    I want to thank you for all your insights you have given to me last year!

    Hope and wish that 2017 will bring you lot´s of joy, prosperity and success.

    Personally, can´t wait to see the benefits of Jupiter in my 7 th house, even I just read a post forecasting some “trouble” for me because of Pluto aspectin my Moon (in Aries) and my Descendant (Capricorn)

    Any quick thoughts from you about it ? I am a Premium Member.

    Thank you and all the best wishes for 2017

    1. No trouble for you. Pluto never brings trouble, just a change in the balance of power, which is quite different. The whole point of Pluto is to pressure you to change your life, and to use your willpower to discover how much more in control of your life you can be.

  7. Happy 2017 Jessica!
    Could this year be the year for me to enter a romantic relationship? If so when it is most likely to occur? Do I already know them or is it someone I haven’t met yet?

    1. Yes, 2017 is a great year for dating. It really depends on your attraction to people you already know – one of them is very likely to separate this year and that would leave the path open for you. If you have no interest any more, then watch what happens over the next nine months, as doors open.

  8. Hi jessica
    I wish you a happy new year and really appreciate the wonderful work you’re doing. I was born on june 7th 1986 in Tehran, Iran. I was experiencing my saturn return in saggitarius for more than 2 years. It’s my rival. My husband & I meet in 2013 got married in october 2014. I found that this woman and my husband had relationships since 2009. They still have but he denies. I know he has opened a new branch for his company that she runs. Some kind of behined the scene work. She is his accountant. This cycle is so heavy, left me really frustrated. My husband is aries and she was born november 20th 1986 in Rasht, Guilan,Iran. She is married now and has a daughter. My husband has two sons from previous marriage that ended up in divorce for this woman. I really and truly felt the other woman these years. After these struggles I gave up and thinking about getting divorce. It is not easy for a woman in Iran. I’d really appreciate your insights about this. What are his chances with me and with her? I really need your help. Thanks in advance

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are going through this – yes, it is not easy for a woman in Iran to divorce.You will find, as a Gemini, that your problems are over completely by the end of 2017. You don’t say if you have children or not. If you do, the children are your best asset. It may also be that the stepchildren, godchildren, nieces or nephews that you and your husband share, can also help you in this situation. It may be his two sons who help you, one way or another. This is the toughest cycle in 29 years but you are halfway through it. He has a major decision to make before October 2017. So, you do not have long to wait, to know where you stand, and what to do next. You will be extremely happy in love from the final quarter of 2018 into 2019.

  9. Hello Jessica – Happy New Year and thanks for the 2017 forecast

    I’ve been trying to interpret the Gemini forecast using my birthchart and the instructions you gave above but I’m not sure if I’m getting it right. Here’s an example:

    On Friday 3rd March Uranus is at 22 Aries opposite Jupiter 22 Libra –
    I have Diana at 22 Aries so I’ve looked up the meaning of Diana, Aries, Uranus and Jupiter but do I also look up the meaning of Libra too or do I just ignore that bit? Am I interpreting your instructions correctly?

    Your advice would be most helpful – always keen to learn!
    best wishes

    1. Thank you Pauline. With Diana at 22 Aries, you read the whole story together. So, Uranus at 22 Aries, Jupiter at 22 Libra and Diana at 22 Aries all work together. This is about your First House of image, title, role and profile – and your Seventh House, which reveals the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. Also any enemies, rivals or opponents. The planets and asteroids can be looked up here.

  10. Hi Jessica I need some help here I have reverse nodal return I know past karma will come back to me with lovers or children or with friends and groups?? so confused… and I have aesculapia and salacia conjuct my south node please help me to understand this node return Thank you so much

    1. You have the North Node at 3 Aquarius and South Node at 3 Leo in your birth chart. In 2017, we will see the North Node cross 3 Leo and South Node cross 3 Aquarius. Salacia and Aesculapia are both at 2 Aquarius, also in your birth chart, conjunct the North Node. There are two separate stories going on in 2017. The first one involves the group which matters most to you – the one involving your good friend. You were all involved together in another lifetime, perhaps in a political party, a football team or a similar group. Together you have some debts and credits to pay off karmically. Favours you owe each other, or things you need to make amends for. In 2017 you will be thrown into a situation with your friends, and this group, which makes that possible. The Leo Node story is different. There is also past life karma there, but it is either with a lover who was/is a parent with you – or it directly concerns the children, godchildren, stepchildren and so on. Again, you owe each other something. And you also want to give each other something. Of both these situations, the one involving the group is the most important because of Salacia and Aesculapia. Salacia tells you that the group is an escape from the real world. Aesculapia tells you that this group always returns to you, or the friends always come back, no matter what. It’s very special.

  11. Hello Jessica,

    I have been following your political articles and comments to questions. I am encouraged by what you wrote in this article. I am however disappointed that there was no “December shock”. I can’t imagine that Donald Trump fits the description of someone who values women on an equal level as men, as you said the person who enters the white house will?

    1. There were two December shocks. The Russian hacking of the American election, confirmed by the President – and Mr. Trump announcing he would shut his charitable foundation, although an investigation into its practices continues. Watch this space.

      1. So is there still a skight chance that Trump will NOT be inaugurated? Back in the Mercury Retrograde article there was a comment saying no one in the White House whi does not respect women in 2017. I realize that this an unusual election, it’s just that some of us are terrified for our future. Could the Supreme Court step in or possibly Obama declare Marshall Law??

        1. I wish we had been given an accurate birth certificate for the lemon-haired, orange senior citizen from the start. But – we never were (see Gawker a few years ago for that story). This is one of the reasons I don’t really want to work with that chart. It doesn’t work for me as an astrologer. What does work, is the world chart. And what it very clearly shows is, equality wins. Now – how that happens – you and I can only speculate. Because the fact is, Clinton gave us two different birth times as well, so that horoscope doesn’t work either!

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