Capricorn Birthday Horoscope


Your Capricorn Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

Capricorn, you go into 2017 with your reputation, name, appearance, face, shape, style profile and the rest firmly on your radar.

Capricorn, you go into 2017 with your reputation, name, appearance, face, shape, style profile and the rest firmly on your radar. Yet, because Mercury Retrograde Shadow rules until Friday 27th January it may take a few corrections, restarts or delays before you finally know where your Me Agenda stands. If you have the Sun or other horoscope factors at 16, 17, 18 Capricorn then very close to Sunday 29th January there will be a transformation. It may be about the way you appear to the world as well as the way you look.

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72 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica.

    Is there a light at the end of my dark tunnel? I’ve been depressed since 2011 mainly to do with family and loneliness. I’ve had a debut novel published to great acclaim.. psychological thriller and another accepted but even that hasn’t stopped me thinking about ending it all. I can read my chart and transits but a quick word from you would really help. Thank you

    1. I am very sorry to hear you are suffering from depression. I am sure you know about Australia’s famous Black Dog website, which is a world-class resource for people with your illness. If you haven’t already visited, do search Black Dog on Google. I am sure you know your chart pattern. It’s extremely unusual. Jupiter at 0 Virgo, Saturn at 0 Sagittarius, Uranus at 0 Leo, Neptune at 0 Scorpio. Sagittarius rules publishing so there you are, a successful novelist. Dorothy Parker had a wry sense of humour about depression and she comes to mind, now, as I look at this chart pattern. Your question should be, why is Saturn winning? I can see why this pattern is kicked off every single month, because whenever the Moon moves to 0 Virgo, 0 Sagittarius, 0 Leo, 0 Scorpio it is triggered – but only you can say why Saturn has the upper hand. The clues may lie in your Saturn Return, as you left your twenties. The answer for you rests with your body. Jupiter in Virgo in your Sixth House of the body gives you constant opportunities to improve your physical condition, and that in turn affects your whole life. If you have not already looked at the massive impact the physical body has on the mind, now is the time. I don’t need to tell you about the incredible research that has been done on yoga and depression. One other thing – as a general rule for living, the less you ‘do’ your Saturn sign and house, the more comfortable life is. This is just common sense. You may find life easier if you spend less time on Sagittarius/Ninth House pursuits (publishing, study, teaching, your beliefs, travel, foreign people and places). By the same token, the more you ‘do’ your Jupiter sign/house, the better life feels. In your case this is very firmly about Virgo, and thus your physical condition and physical state. It is amazing how often we don’t live out our Jupiter, and yet it’s our happy place. I wish you the best – and don’t forget to seek out the Black Dog online.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Will Jupiter in Libra affect me a great deal next year? My career feels pretty stagnant and uninteresting, and my preferred profession (writer) is barely off the ground.

    Although I’d love to see some success in my professional life, I’d also like to see some love too! – Venus in Capricorn seems to block that. Will there be love for me in the future?

    So glad to hear that later next year will see some more exciting friendships! My life seems stagnant in most places actually!

    Thanks for your insights!

    1. Venus in Capricorn does not block love, but it does make every professional relationship far more personal than strictly work-related. It’s the classic sign of someone who can seduce her boss, employee, colleague, client – if she chooses. Neptune is at 3 Capricorn, Saturn is at 4 Sagittarius and Venus is at 3 Capricorn in your chart so what you’re feeling is a constant friction between fantasy (Neptune) and fear (Saturn) when it comes to love and sex. You can figure this out. You may need to sit down with a notebook and work through it. You have Venus conjunct Neptune, and Venus semi-sextile Saturn, if you want to look it up. I do feel this is going to be enormously important when Saturn changes signs in December 2017, as by 2018 he will be passing 3 Capricorn and setting the whole pattern off. This will be a serious choice, made in serious times, about a serious professional relationship. If you were Kate Middleton we would be talking about marrying up. Sagittarius rules publishing in Sagittarius in your Ninth House so it could easily involve writing. Of course you don’t spend 2017 waiting for Saturn, as there are people to meet (or date) and you have your life to live. Yet – life is about to take you to a crossroads not possible in 29 years.

  3. HI Jessica – Happy holidays! The past several years have been full of surprising challenges and some nice surprises, too. I’m working on a book and want to finish it this year – preferably by summer. However I want to find an agent/publisher before I finish it. Any good dates/transits for these goals – ? Will Saturn’s move into Capricorn have a positive effect on my chart/life- I hope? I’ve been working that Saturn transit, the Neptune transit, and the Pluto transit pretty hard…
    Thanks for your great writing and for teaching us all about astrology!
    Cheers, JD

    1. Thank you JD and Merry Christmas. I’m not surprised you are writing a book as you have the Moon in Gemini in the Third House, which rules writers, and you also have a couple of Sagittarius factors (Sagittarius, of course, rules the Ninth House of publishing). What you’re actually waiting for is Jupiter entering Sagittarius from the end of 2018, through 2019, when there is a substantial opportunity. However, nothing stops you from turning the wheels now. Just avoid Mercury Retrograde periods (listed on this website) as Mercury obviously rules agents and you want him moving forwards, not backwards.

  4. Hi Jessica

    My ex boyfriend is born 5th Jan 1980 at Kolkatta, India @1.02 pm.

    Is there any chance of his getting back with exes (aka me) or marriage for him generally this year – he is fairly commitment phobic but given he has major transits which he has gone through and still upcoming – I do think he is in the process of thinking more deeply on his life path…. any insights would b truly appreciated… thanks as always!

    1. The answer is actually about his apartment, house or land. He wants a change on the home front in 2017 and is already feeling restless. So it depends very much on what you (or any other woman) can offer him in terms of a place to live. His whole chart is about property and money in 2017, 2018. There will be a repeat of the financial/relationship situation he was in during 1999, 2000 – were you together then? It’s coming back. In fact, it’s karma.

  5. HI Jessica, I’m not entirely sure where to post this one as I popped it on the end of month forum but not sure if my question came across for you to view at the end of this month. so anyways, I thought if it’s okay I’ll pop it on here because I’m a little (read:extremely petrified) about some upcoming gynaecological surgery I am due to have shortly. I don’t have a huge of a choice about dates, but I’ve jumped at the chance since I took it as a Jupiter transiting my 6th house kinda blessing. I’ve been waiting for years for this, but now suddenly i’m terrified! I’m thinking of the dates I should be aware of e.g. Venus in retrograde. are there any other known ‘dubious’ times I should be on the alert for? do you see this surgery as being successful? I feel like I’ve gone down the rabbit hole with this one. I’m continually feeling lost about it all. Thank you again for all your wonderful astro advice throughout 2016! I look forward to renewing my membership in 2017 with you and wish you an amazing Christmas and happy new year! xx

    1. Gynaecological surgery? Yes, you do have Jupiter (improvement, opportunity) moving through Libra and your solar Sixth House of health. And you say you have been waiting years for the chance and here it is. You have Minerva at 19 Leo in your Fifth (birth chart) House, which rules motherhood. This is where we look for gynaecological issues, pregnancy, fertility and so on. I am not surprised you have mixed feelings, because in December we find Saturn at 20 Sagittarius, Uranus at 20 Aries, Jupiter himself at 20 Libra. They are all tightly aspecting your Minerva so you are feeling the fear (Saturn) along with the excitement (Uranus) and the hope (Jupiter). The thing to remember here is that Minerva is the wise, knowing part of you. She is in Leo in your Fifth House, working quite hard for you – so despite the intensity of December – you do know best. Talk to that part of yourself that just knows what’s wise. Don’t worry too much about retrogrades. In general, skip a Full Moon for surgery or any oppositions, just because they’re hard work for everyone in the hospital! If you have more questions about this use your Astrology Oracle.

  6. Hello Jessica,
    First of all I would like to congratulate you on the excellent advice you gave the person who has depression. I never would have thought that astrology and good counselling could go hand in hand but you have just proven that it can!
    The reason I am here is that I have an interest in a person who entered -and exited- my life who is a Capricorn. I actually had his birth chart made up by you but reading charts is way out of my depth! I have been finding it very hard to get closure-despite all good counselling-as deep down I feel there is something fateful about him. I wonder if there is anything in his chart that would help clarify things?
    His birthdate is 23 December 1955 at 8.30 AM Sydney
    Mine is 25 April 1963 Camperdown. I do not have an exact birth time-all I know is that it was in the early hours.
    I do hope you will be able to answer. Thank you very much and wishing you God’s blessings in the New Year.

    1. Thank you very much. I have friends who both survive depression and also counsel it, so I have a tiny bit of experience and knowledge to pass on. The answer to your Capricorn man question is his children, or his attitude towards other people’s children (a lover’s godchild, niece, nephew, child from a previous relationship and so on). He has not even begun to figure this out yet and this is why he cannot make a lasting decision about love. He will get closer in 2017 but it will not be until 2018 that his new love life begins and he sees, at last, why the only relationship or marriage that was right, was the one that would give him a new role, responsibility and ‘reign’ with a much younger generation. This younger generation actually matters as much (or even more) than the lover or partner, by 2020. I am not sure if he is in your destiny at this point, but you would certainly be given an opportunity to date someone who broadens your horizons, and encourages you to travel and also travel in the mind, from October 2017, with a relationship possible by 2018.

  7. Merry Christmas, Jessica:

    I was born December 22, 1955 in Winnipeg, Manitoba at 1:20pm. I have just retired. In fact, today is my last day of work. I do not have a full pension but decided to quit anyway. I do have savings and enough from 2 pensions to look after my monthly expenses. I am hoping to start up a business over the coming year and I also volunteer at a homeless shelter. I believe that I am on the right track professionally and personally. I have been single for 7 years and love it. I have a great circle of family/friends. Any input you can provide for me for the next 5 years would be appreciated. I feel real good and strong but then I always do anyway.

    Thanks, Jessica, and the best of 2017 to you. I will send some sparkle dust!

    Excited and Retired

    1. Congratulations on your new life. Give yourself time. It may not be until February 2017 that you finally figure out who and what you want to be. There will be a fresh start with your finances, house, apartment, charity work or business interests in the first half of February. You will also find that in 2017 and 2018 you repeat what you did in 1999 and 2000, not literally, but in a symbolic way – it is your path of learning about values, as you have the gift of knowing what money cannot buy. I love your message and hope others read it. Merry Christmas.

  8. Hi Jessica
    I was born January 18 1959 at 08.58 in London and my health, because of stressful situations, has been a problem all throughout 2015 and 2016. I had hoped these years would bring me a partner, love, money and stability for my family – or, most of all, a brand new life. I have a huge yearning to be overseas and did live in Los Angeles where I was happy, I now feel completely out of sorts being back in the UK (as my visa has expired.) It seems whatever project I have worked on to establish myself over so many years has been disappointing and my dreams have yet not been fully realised. I am not ungrateful, but now I no longer know what my real purpose is, career-wise – and feel stuck. I am a good trainer and have recently found such work which delivers a consistent income. Yet, deep down, I really strongly believe that the projects I have developed in film and theatre and have worked on to establish over the last ten years, will indeed find proper investment so we can move along – or even my book published. It is all about timing. Those ten years have taken a lot more slog and effort than I had anticipated to get any projects into production – and seem to have vanished at the speed of light, simply because of the lack of necessary investment interest. Every time we find new partners and each time we get prospective investment, the actual money on the table has come to nothing or is held up. I have noticed particularly over the past years that I have generally experienced a case of money “more often out than in.” Thus, it has been difficult to change things with only a moderate income especially when renting (after selling my property to go overseas) and with all the highs and lows of this financial pattern.
    I know I am an excellent trainer and my recent job has brought some consistent monthly income, but I recently suffered some anxiety attacks on a short break, because of all the stress I accumulated through on-and-off absence of work, accumulating debt and trying to solve family issues. I guess, too, that resentments and regrets – and still having no loving partner – played a big part in creating the anxiety. ( I do wonder if I will ever find the right one or whether I met them and did not recognise them, which makes me feel a bit like a sad sack at my age).

    My major motivation is that I want to express my creativity and inventiveness in some major way – whether it be on screen, stage or in writing, design, dance or invention – and to assist the production of our wonderful projects with the wonderful actors, writers and production teams we have gathered together, so that they are not disappointed. I would also like to find my own house. Would you mind just pointing me in the right direction – any hint would do! – perhaps advising if and when this might all materialise or come together? I have to admit I am a bit reluctant to ask because a) I have been informed a number of times of great things through psychic/astrological consultations , but which have ended up not materialising and so bringing me to my current situation. (Capricorn traits I guess, lol) and b) because I do not want to demand too much of your personal time and resources. However, I do follow avidly your websites, blogs and writing , so anything you can hint at or guide me on is greatly appreciated, Thank you, Jessica

    1. The issue is actually Britain and not you. Your chart and the old United Kingdom chart set for 1801 show the same thing – confusing and confused circumstances – and now you are here, you are experiencing this with your career and your love life. You probably feel all at sea. The first thing to remember is that the UK is being reborn after Brexit and so are you. New funding and business possibilities for all kinds of ventures will be there from Asia, America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada in future and in fact 2019 will be a boom year. I know you don’t want to wait that long for love or success. The first thing to do is get real and do something practical/ordinary/down to earth with your daily life. You are being ‘Neptuned’ so you have Neptune transits, and transits to your Neptune, which make it all too easy to lose the plot. The anxiety attacks are the most important thing to fix first. It’s very common on this cycle. You can feel as if you are in over your head, overwhelmed, losing your footing – and so you begin shallow breathing. There are many ways to fix this. I have seen my colleagues in the media cure their anxiety attacks using the books and recordings of Dr. Claire Weeks. Do Google her. Your next step would be to find regular, normal, everyday work (paid and unpaid) and keep the Neptune creative efforts on the side. When you overdo Neptune, which is escapism, it doesn’t work. When you keep Neptune in check it serves you. Your love life will change radically from May 2018 and other people’s children will be an exciting part of your future. Don’t hang around waiting for it, though, get on with living. You can read more about Neptune by hitting Search or picking up 2020 Astrology, free, now.

      1. Jessica. for taking the time over this busu Christmas period me. Funnily enough, Neptune is right ascendant in LA and I am very happy there. Good things happen there and I can release my creativity. I will take your advice and work hard to get the money to finally leave the situation I have been experiencing Thank you so much and blessings to you. X

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I am able to see like 8 lines in Birthday Horoscope for Capricorn. Is there any issue or that’s alright?


      1. Jessica Thank you so much.
        Your analysis of my Cap friend is so right it is scary! His two grown sons have always been his first priority!
        Your prediction is the best Xmas present I could ask for…I have been in an incredibly stuck situation for years now. Nice to think there could be some light at the end of the tunnel!

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for all that you do. I really enjoyed reading the Capricorn horoscope. What I’ve come to realize is that I am the master of my destiny, & astrology is the weather under which I operate. I have no questions really. Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and & Happy New Year!

  11. Hi Jessica I have been facing setbacks at home and in business and health since 2011 and need a miracle now to keep going – I am doing a boutique business and a job also to get a salary since the business has not given me anything since 2009 – my marriage is a painful connect now – I have taken care of my family including my brothers and sisters but they too are hostile and down right violently against me today – so very lost today but need that one break because I need to live for myself now – will my career / business get that success I seek and when ? Pls advise I am lost thank you

  12. Hi Jessica
    I was born on 12 Oct, 1984, 5.40 pm @ imphal , India. And hubby on 16 jan 1980, 12.02 am @ imphal.

    We have been facing family crisis with respect to his home n family since the starting of 2015, the only thing that’s keeping out sanity alive is our son who is a year n half . Do you think his family issues will get resolved in the near future or will it be ‘its time to move on’ kind of stuff ?

    1. You two have a lot to sort out in December. The main thrust of it, emotionally, will be settled by New Year, but the actual details will take until the last week of January to resolve. You need to find your power. And he needs to understand that he is being given freedom and independence, even if it feels confronting. That’s the horoscope story for both your charts.

  13. Dear Jessica
    I was born 12 January 1971 Guwahati India at 1:20 / 1:19 pm – I thought since I’m a premium member the info must already be there – my apologies . Pls advise a way forward with everything – merry Christmas !!!

  14. Hello
    Merry Christmas !
    I do hope it has been a restful one :0
    Bugger! Got leap frogged again!
    Very electricky times isn’t it!!
    All zappy!
    I love reading your articles
    I don’t have the sun in Cap but I do have a number of planets / asteroids in it so…..
    I am starting a writing course in Jan 2017 and I am hoping this will lead to a book launch that will provide both an outlet but also the funding which I would love to go towards creating a very unique school for teens with special needs.
    I would love to know if this is somehow supported (hopefully very very well) in my chart. I would love your thoughts on this. It would be a major direction change for me but one I have been working/ contemplating for some time now.
    Have a brilliant day!
    So so so zappy right now
    Ms Piggy

    1. Thank you Ms Piggy. Your 0 Leo placement is the key to the special needs teenagers and in fact, the North Node will pass 0 Leo in 2017 so you will have a rare chance to fulfil your karmic mission, which is to be the Queen to a younger court – the ‘heirs’ to your ‘throne’ who inherit the legacy of your leadership. The karma will be bigger than you, so what ends up happening may take you in a different direction – perhaps – but by 2018 you will be satisfied that you were the light house these younger faces were looking for.

  15. Dear Jessica,
    Many thanks for all the fantastic astrological pathways shown by you in 2016! Would appreciate if you could elaborate on the following in my birthchart
    :IC 18° Capricorn 06′ 50″, ASC 18° Libra 32′ 03″, DESC 18° Aries 32′ 03″ and
    Sun 21° Aquarius 57′ 35″, Moon 19° Aquarius 48′ 58″. How will this pan out for me.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

    1. Thank you. Your Sun at 21 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friendship and groups is the key here. In fact you are about to experience tremendous past life rewards, debts and credits with people who you knew before – as friends within a group – and the process begins in 2017 with results by 2018. You will come into your own as the person who feeds the circle of people without actually being a full part of it. You also have the Moon in Aquarius so you have many lifetimes of being involved in clubs, teams, societies, associations, unions, bands, units and so on. Once Jupiter moves to 21 Libra in 2017 the whole situation will begin to unfurl like a flower. People power is what you do, so now is the time to return to that.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I wonder if you could let me know if my son will find a bit of direction this year. He was born May 1 1997 Sydney at 9.10 pm. He seems ok but has no ‘passion’ for anything in particular. Is that just the type of guy he is?? anything you could tell me would be gratefully received.
    All the best for 2017 – Pam

    1. Thank you Pam. Merry Christmas. Your drifting son is actually forming like a chrysalis to become a butterfly and he will eventually be reborn in the most amazing way, once Uranus changes signs near his birthday in 2018. You will really notice a shift near that birthday and by 2020 he is on his way. We all have to develop at our own rate and he is taking a little longer. He’s an artist. I don’t know if he’s discovered that yet. It would bring him huge pleasure.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I was born 8 July 1966 at 9am in North Sydney. I have been blessed with an amazing husband and kids and really am very fortunate. However, I suffer from chronic fatigue and sensitivity issues. I’ve seen several doctors, naturopaths, herbalists etc. Is there an end in sight? Do you see a solution ?

    1. You haven’t logged in, so I can’t see your chart, but in general, look for oppositions from Virgo to Pisces factors, within one degree’s orb. Your unconscious (the soul, the spirit) may be dictating terms to your body. You obviously see the results physically, which must be very hard for you, but have you questioned your unseen self, to find out what she might be ‘ordering’ for you? Or protesting? or avoiding? It’s not a bad question to ask if you do have that Pisces-Virgo polarity.

  18. Dear Jessica
    I’m sorry to be a nag but I have posted my comment after logging in as a premium member – I can only see ur responses after logging in as a member – what am I doing wrong and what do u mean for me to log in ?

  19. Hi Jessica,
    I love your site and your more positive spin on topics. These past few years, I’ve been bored and stuck, with no idea how to change anything. I was wondering if there was any change indicated in my chart. Thanks for your input.

    1. Thank you. You have a huge stellium in Capricorn so you are by nature the mountain goat who climbs to the top of the professional and social ladder. It is easy for Capricorn to get stuck, because she fears losing her place or falling off. Also, she knows that making it, is a matter of ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ It would be against your nature to do anything too drastic, but it is also true that you need to develop a completely different relationship with your home town or homeland. There is a lot to discover, rediscover and experiment with there. If it doesn’t feel like home to you, then you may well move by 2018, to somewhere that does.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    I love your website and all of the information you so generously share with us. My biggest questions for 2017 revolve around my career – i had one career (in IT) that I gladly left when I had children, then I later returned to study to complete a degree in health which is where my passion lives. But 2015-16 threw in some tough lessons in running my own business, and midway through last year it all came to an abrupt halt and i ended up returning to IT. While this job provides the financial stability, I’d still love to resume working in health (maybe one day a week to begin with) but I now have doubts that I have the ability or right personality to run my own business. Are there any clues in my chart that suggest which way I’m better to invest my energies work-wise? I noticed I have the north node & MC in capricorn so am curious to understand that better and if that relates to my struggles to have a successful career v just working for $.

    1. Thank you very much. You are actually going through slow career transition and will see why in 2018, 2019, 2020 when the current uncertainty makes sense to you. Your degree in health will be well and truly used over the next few years, but you may be updating that with new training or adapting what you originally knew, so that you bring on the latest in the field. You are very ambitious with the Node and MC in Capricorn (assuming your birth time is exact) and in fact, the transits of Jupiter and Saturn over Capricorn, starting 2019, will transform the work you do and why you do it. There is a younger man who can help. He is like a son to you, or may even be your son.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I just wanted to ask if you can see from my chart – my work changing next year at all? any new opportunities, new streams of income? I am very aware of the fact that I am unhappy in my current role and I want to change it, in fact I want to change it completely and be free of a typical 9-5 job chained to a desk, I know its not for me, I don’t have the energy to work in an office, I feel like my soul dies a little bit everyday I spent at my current job, only problem is I have not figured out exactly what my purpose is on earth as yet 🙁
    I have thought about writing and also maybe becoming a exercise coach just not sure yet, I am just craving freedom from what I currently have.
    thank you
    Merry xmas and Happy holidays! 🙂

    1. Merry Christmas. You’ll be given a couple of new career opportunities in 2017 and in fact, you were already thrown once since September, which you may have ignored, or only pursued in a half-hearted way. That’s fine, as you can either return to this organisation/field later, or figure out what attracted you in the first place and pursue a different version of it, later on. You have a Capricorn stellium and are best suited to a pyramid like structure where you can gain advancement slowly and steadily through the ranks. People I know with this pattern in their charts start off as secretaries and end up in senior management.

  22. Dear Jessica
    I have tried support and given my details – I really need direction and you responding to me itself is a great feeling but I also need your guidance – I am On the verge of some very important decisions and for once I need to do it right – hope support helps me out here
    Looking forward to ur advise as always !
    Thank you for your patience !

    1. Okay if you have contacted Support they should be able to give you guidance about logging in correctly so I can see your Premium Member chart details. Thank you for your patience.

  23. Dear Jessica,

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Could you have a look at my chart and let me know what you think the key areas will be for 2017 given my chart. I’ve felt adrift in 2016, even though I had achieved more stability and freedom after the horrific years from 2012- 2015.

    I’ve read this forecast and felt a little bit of wind taken out of my sails, I was hoping for a massive increase in business/career and finances. Would really appreciate your razor sharp areas of focus in 2017.

    Always appreciative of your insights.

    1. Your career is building slowly – you will be promoted, achieve outstanding success, take a new job or win an award by October 2017. You have only had Jupiter in Libra since 10th September so you still have nine months to go. I hope you took advantage of the massive opportunity or advantage you have received. Money? I’m not sure why you would expect a massive financial increase based on your Capricorn reading. You have the Nodes going into your financial zones, which repeats the past, and that’s all.

      1. Thank you, Jessica. Any improvement, even a slow one in my career will automatically translate into a step up again and increased cash flow/ money. Especially since the last few years I’ve been out of the career zone since my little one came along. So, I’m happy! Take care

  24. Happy new year Jessica
    Your predictions for xmas day 20 degree upheaval happened as my father told the family he has a tumour and will have an operation in the new year also when Saturn was in sag in ’86 my mother died so it’s all very tough. Can you see any light at the end of the tunnel in my chart? I was so looking forward to new work arrangements but this has really knocked the wind out of me, thanks katie Lou

    1. I am very sorry about your father’s news, Katie Lou. Please don’t assume anything based on the fact that Saturn is in Sagittarius. You can see you have the IC at 19 Cancer in your chart. The IC is your family tree, and Cancer is of course, the Fourth House and your family. You are obviously going through transits at 19, 20 degrees which is triggering that. The higher purpose of the news about your father is to bring the rest of the family together. In fact, you have a special role to play there. Pursue that, for the moment. And I hope the operation is successful.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    Happy New Year – hope you have a good one.

    Just to set my question in context
    “On Thursday 30th March Pluto at 19 Capricorn squares Jupiter at 19 Libra and this is a big deal ina astrology. Again, if you havae the Sun or other factors at 18, 19, 20 Capricorn you will be going deeply into issues about how you are seen and how you look, at that point. No matter what your chart looks like though, 2017 is the year you must tackle the exterior. It rules what happens on the inside too.”
    So, this year I’ve noticed several age spots grow and deepen in colour and just change. My GP has referred me and I’m waiting for an appointment – takes a while in the UK 🙂 I’m clearly tackling the exterior and not in a nice way. I have Fortuna 19 Cap – could you possible elaborate for me. Bit worried must admit – hate having to go to the doctors/hospital. Really phobic about them – so silly!
    Kind regards

    1. That sounds like a typical transit of Mercury Retrograde through Capricorn, through your First House of image – in that you may go back and forth, or be delayed. Persist and pursue. If necessary, pay!

      1. Just to let you know I saw the Consultant today and all is well. With a full moon tomorrow I hope that is my moment of truth. Few glasses of wine raised in thanks for diagnosis and our NHS.
        Cheers x

        1. Good news. And if you pulled Vulcan in the First House, that is all about your image, appearance and reputation. You will need to be quite self-controlled. This combination of cards sometimes turns up when people have to lose weight – the self-control involves their food and fitness. Your own personal story will be uniquely yours, though.

  26. Hi Jessica. You were highly recommended from a friend, and after reading some of your blog posts for a while Ive decided to join as a member as I love reading the information and interpretations you come up with. I wanted to ask a question on a current love situation I am in and whether there is any direction as to whether I should persue or let it go. A pisces became a great friend which slowly turned into a deeper connection this past year but Ive come across alot of emotional barriers from him (or maybe me). There is definetely something strong there but I am conflicted as to whether something is in the limelight for it to become something greater. Any insight from you for what I should focus on for 2017 would be much appreciated 🙂 Have a lovely New Year!

    1. Thank you very much. If your Pisces is not the one for 2017, there will be another, and you will know within months. I realise that you feel there was a false start or misplaced early sign back in October, but actually, as you will see in 2017, an equal partnership is possible. For the Pisces person, the lure is partly the huge benefit he would have via your house, money or apartment situation. You would both gain. If not him, though, there will be another person.

  27. Greetings Jessica.
    I am jess born 12/30/61@3:59am. I am in a committed relationship with a man who says he wants to get engaged then married. We have been trying to find the best date for a happy, healthy & prosperous engagement & marriage in 2017.
    Also, I lost my job 10/24/16. My horoscopes say to relax and I have since that day but now I want/ need to get back to work. Any thoughts?

    Thank you so much for your time &
    Effort answering my 2 most pressing concerns at this point.
    Peace & Love to you

    1. I am sorry you lost your job on 24th October. I am not sure why your horoscope told you to relax instead of look for a new job! Are you sure? Actually, the time to look is now, even if the process is full of stops, starts, changes or even reversals – as eventually it will all make sense and in fact the organisations you want to work for/with are about to do some of their most important decision-making of the year. You want to get engaged? Even before you two talk about dates, you have to figure out the parenthood question. That will take up quite a lot of time in 2017 but get it right, even if you have to negotiate over every single detail. You don’t mention babies, children, stepchildren, adoption, godchildren at all in your question but actually it’s a massive issue and you need to get this straight before the years of tremendous change, from 2018, arrive.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    I only have three factors in Capricorn, including my ASC. Funnily enough, many work colleagues and acquaintances always assume that I’m a Capricorn!

    Can you please comment on how any of these transit might directly hit my ASC, and how it might manifest?

    1. It’s common for stelliums to be mistaken for a Sun Sign. You express yourself through your ambition, your position and your mission and your status on the ladder or in the pecking order is central to who you are. This is why the muddles and mess of January will affect you more than other signs. You are going to feel the ripple effect of other people’s reversed decisions, their change of mind and perhaps, more dramatically, the significant delay or reversal which surrounds an appointment, resignation, merger or changeover. Keep a very flexible diary and open mind.

  29. Dear Jessica,
    Happy new year, I love your site and your insights. I wanted to ask a question about career. I spent much of my free time in the past few years writing a novel and starting sending it out in October 2016. About ten rejections later, 2 agents are currently considering the full manuscript. I am in a state of limbo and wish I knew if anything might come of it. Separately, I have been thinking seriously about quitting my job for a while, with my partner’s support. This is mostly due to work/life balance as I have young children and life is a whirlwind but am uncomfortable not having status/income and structure.
    Does my chart support that things may happen with my writing or work in 2017? Any insights much appreciated!

    1. Thank you. The bottom line is Jupiter at 27 Gemini – your writing, in whatever form it takes, will always work out for you – sooner or later! Your instincts are correct and you are here to connect. You are also going through a cycle that can only happen every 29 years, as Saturn is right opposite Jupiter and when he moves to 27 Sagittarius in your house of publishing, you’ll find you hit a fence to climb, or a hurdle to stop and contemplate. This will happen within 12 months, but please note, whatever slows you down or stops you, is meant to be. Why? Because you will be thrilled with the incredible opportunities or solutions for you, as a writer, when Jupiter moves to 27 Sagittarius and opposes your Jupiter. That cycle begins slowly in the final quarter of 2018 and by 2019 you will be well on your way to something special. As Jupiter is about vast possibilities and the big picture, try not to confine yourself too narrowly to one goal or ‘only this’ option. For example, the creative core of your novel might also work as a podcast serial or a play. Anyway – Jupiter will eventually show you the path.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        I’ve just recently joined your site and I’ve found myself relating to a lot of the insights provided but not quite understanding what it all means and I feel a little powerless watching my life getting so close to what my partner and I had been working towards (post a tough reuniting year), to now in Dec/Jan appear to be unravelling on his part, with huge doubts and him requesting space.
        I’m a Libra born 7.10.1979 Australia and my partner is Capricorn, born 10.01.1969 in England. I believe him to be the love of my life and I met him in 2008, whilst we have been on an off for years, due to complicated circumstances with a young son and separation from his wife. Any further advice would be appreciated.

  30. Hi Jessica. I was born in orange NSW Australia at 2.30 am on the 1st Jan 1964

    The last year has been very difficult in terms of my relationships with two special women. One is my wife and the other was my best friend. Can you please tell me what the future holds for me and these two.

    Thank you

    1. You have Vesta in Sagittarius and Saturn will cross Vesta for the first time in 29 years so you are heading for difficulty unless you make a choice between one or the other, or manage to make it work with both of them. Saturn is very, very tough and if you read your ebooks you will see that Vesta describes situations where one man has the influence or authority, over two or more women. They call it the ‘harem’ asteroid and men tend to act out Vesta if they feel insecure, or if their ego wants more. Either way it can be very painful so please think carefully about this. Good luck.

  31. I am here again, as I just renewed my premium membersip at your fascinating website for a year. Throw a glance at my chart please, what can I expect in the theme of my health in 2017? Last summer I had a gynecological operation, and I am so much better now, but aftermaths are still an issue to me. Would it be that theme of children and young people born 20+ after my generation because of my sag asc? Or will be this theme related to some love issue? My birth chart is exact now. Thank you for your answer in advance.

    1. Thank you very much. No, your Sagittarius Ascendant won’t have any bearing on the issue of children, or a younger generation. However, I can tell you that from May 2018 your entire life will change as the result of younger faces in your life, either coming in, or becoming more important to you. It is very common for women on this cycle to date men who have children from a previous marriage, or to acquire godchildren, nieces, nephews, adopted children and so on. It will be tremendously exciting for you, for some years (past 2020) and will help to make up for your operation. In general, your health in 2017 is best handled with one eye on ‘maintenance’ and you may prefer to skip May, June when we have a ton of oppositions to your Sixth House, which rules your body. There are easier months to put your plans into action.

  32. The whole answer is babies, children or stepchildren and because your entire life is going to radically change in this regard from May 2018, for many years into the future, there may be very good reasons why you’re in a holding pattern now. It is very common to see women dating men with children from another relationship on the cycle you are about to experience in a year or two. Adoption and pregnancy are also very common.

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