Virgo, Pisces and The Body

In astrology Virgo is the only sign to have her body define who she is. Virgo the Virgin has a lifestyle, a personality and a destiny that is pinned down by her virginity.


In astrology Virgo is the only sign to have her body define who she is. Virgo the Virgin  has a lifestyle, a personality and a destiny that is pinned down by her virginity. Even sceptics would have to admit that in the 1960s when Uranus and Pluto made their historic trek through Virgo (a big moment for astrology) that was the moment The Pill changed women’s bodies. And the world.

Virgo in your horoscope describes your Sixth House, using the Natural House system. It shows your food, drink, doctors, drugs, healers and fitness. It is opposite Pisces which rules the Twelfth House. Pisces rules your unconscious mind, your astral body, your etheric body, your dreaming state, your chakras and your aura.

The two are connected and cannot be separated. Trends in your Pisces house trigger your Virgo house. And vice versa. This is why astrologers agree with the idea that the unseen self influences the constitution, wellbeing and health of an individual. You may have unwitting, unknown, unseen reasons for particular symptoms or body issues which come up for you. That’s one theory. Another theory is that by using techniques like healing, yoga or meditation, you can work with the ‘invisible’ world to affect the visible one – your physical wellbeing.

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Astrology is a numbers game. Find Pisces and Virgo factors at the same, or (close) numbers. If the degrees line up you have factors in opposition, so they work across each other. There is a story there. What is it? The story will unlock body issues for you but also have something to say about your work. Our health, after all, and our physical body type, affects the work we do, or the kind of study we can pursue.

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Getting to know the Pisces-Virgo axis of your chart becomes easier in March and September when the Sun passes through both signs. It is at those periods that you may have those ‘Aha!’ moments of revelation that show you what is going on.

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40 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I have my sun in Pisces at 18 degrees, IC in Virgo at 19 degrees and several other horoscope factors in 18 and 19 degrees. I’m interested to know how this affects my body and work? Thank you.

    1. The IC is about a branch on your family tree – in this generation of your family, or going back to grandparents, great-grandparents, you had a relative whose life was ruled by the human body. He or she may have been an invalid or a surgeon. You have inherited this story too. Look back at the family tree and find out more about this person. Nurse or chemist? Sometimes the issue for a relative was lifelong illness or similar.

  2. OMG, I Love this, thank you, thank you. I have a girlfriend who does Reiki and she literally stopped an asthma attack I was having within minutes. I’ve come into this world naturally believing the “invisible” world. Am I looking at Pisces 6 degrees & then look for other signs in that degree, and Virgo 24 degrees and looking at other signs in that degree? Can you please tell me what body issues I need to unlock? Thank you Jesssica

    1. Reiki is amazing. Stopping an asthma attack? Wow. Yes, you are reading your chart correctly – almost – what you are actually looking for is Virgo and Pisces factors at the same degree, allowing up to one degree’s orb or difference. So 6 Pisces, 6 Virgo or 24 Virgo, 24 Pisces. If they are not there then you won’t have major unconscious/body issues going on.

  3. Hi Jessica interesting as always!
    I am a Virgo sun at7 degrees , Proserpina at 23 degrees and Juno 12degrees Virgo
    I’m certainly a Virgo sun in my keeping fit exercise new vitamins on the market etc but
    Often feel out of step with others ! I also have Pisces sun friends who I’m very fond of but conversely they worry me by their lack of concern on this score what does this all mean !

    1. You are strongly Virgo and your body will always be the channel for your spirit, so your personal beliefs may be channelled through supermarket choices and your happiness or peace of mind is most certainly affected by what you eat, drink or take. Pisces types are often more interested in escaping from the real world than dealing with it so this sign attracts its fair share of stoners and heavy drinkers!

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I have Sun 27deg in Virgo and Moon 28deg Pisces. I don ´t think I am too concentrate on what I eat or drink and I try avoid doctors if possible.
    Can you help me to understant how I am influenced throught Virgo and Pisces house?

    Thank you very much

  5. I have been told I have healing powers. When I sporadically channel(reiki), people have responded instantly with relief. Only a select few know about this side of me that dabbles in alternate healing and spiritual practises. I do believe in the mind body connection and try to keep fit. My virgo ascendant must be nodal in this puritanical approach to food, fitness and life in general.

    How do I work with the virgo pisces polarity in my chart?

    1. Actually it’s Panacea at 5 Capricorn in your Tenth House of vocation, career and life calling. You are a natural Reiki healer and should also be pursuing the path of healing, health or fitness in other ways – yoga or vegan preventative medicine, for example. The Virgo Ascendant helps but actually if you look at Panacea you will see she is making close patterns to other chart factors so she’s quite busy. She was the daughter of Aesculapia, the greatest healer in mythology, and she provided cures, remedies and solutions, though always with an ethical or moral question. You can read more about her in 2020 Astrology, free to download, or Asteroid Astrology. You are living her. She may even turn up – look for the snake, because it is the symbol of her father Aesculapia and her sister Hygiea. Panacea is cited in the Hippocratic Oath.

  6. Hi Jessica, I have Diana 21 Pisces and Vulcano 21 Virgo and would be interested in what story is being played out with this exact line up. Many thanks

    1. You will feel the opposition quite strongly through your body – your experiences with food, drugs, healers, fitness, drink, doctors – and specifically illness, accidents and so on. Your Diana in Pisces in the Twelfth House describes your unconscious need to be free. If you end up with work or housework that prevents you from being free, your unconscious mind may produce a medical condition that pulls you out of your job or your domestic chores, yet allows you to do a lot of walking, outdoors activity, swimming and so on – to get better. This is just one example of how this opposition can manifest. Vulcano in your Sixth House bottles a lot of strong, fiery emotions about work and housework up. There are major issues here about being of service to others and doing your duty. It is best to become aware of these so your body does not have to produce concerns (like being overweight, for example) in order to force you to get you out and about!

  7. Hi Jessica!
    I really like this topic as it has always been in my life in some form or another…I had a lot of headaches, nausea etc as a child, as I became an adult I realized I had anxiety, mostly the social/performance type. Looking back it made sense that my body reacted the way it did to get me out of stressful situations. Home life was chaotic and stressful as well and I became an avid book reader at an early age and was outside as much as possible…hmmm wonder why?
    Now as an older adult and having worked on the anxiety issues I find myself drawn more and more towards the metaphysical. I always had an interest in astrology, astral projection, lucid dreaming, the other side….not that I had the patience to get anywhere with it, except astrology of course. Makes sense now that i know I have so many Gemini and Aires factors!
    But, having Pisces NN has always intrigued me and never seems as if I can get enough info about it as it pertains to my life. I am in the process of getting my massage license so that I can practice and particular type of body mind bodywork which incorporates energetic work, going beyond the physical sense. I can no longer tolerate doing traditional physical therapy as it doesn’t encompass the whole/holistic body. My goals are to continue to deepen my skills, get treatment myself and be able to bring this work to the many souls that need it and are willing to put in the work.
    Do you feel the NN/SN opposition will bring the “turning of the tide” for me and help me on my way?
    Thank you so much Jessica!
    As always ,great topics, great information and great learning on your site!!!

    1. The Nodes in Pisces/Virgo are common in the horoscopes of people who train as hypnotists (Pisces) in order to help people with smoking, drug or food addiction (Virgo). This is also the combination to look at for work with the aura, light/astral body, chakras and the impact of this on the physical body – again, Pisces rules the former and Virgo rules the latter. Energetic work may be something you did before in a previous life as the Nodes describe prior incarnations. You are having your Nodal return, of course, and for a few more months you may want to tap what you intuitively remember or know. You may be going back to old knowledge from a prior existence.

  8. Hi Jessica
    this topic feels very timely for me as in the past 18 months i have been feeling the call to change my career and work with energy and healing. I have undertaken 1st Degree Reiki and also recently taken up yoga and meditation and am loving how wonderful these practices are for me.
    I have always visited alternative health practitioners and complementary medicines when i am ill. I have often been told by lightworkers that i am a healer. I would love to work with animals and i have always seen animals and birds etc as signs when they appear in my life.
    I have a number of degrees lining up and would value your thoughts on what body stories these unlock. What lines of work & study would be good for me to pursue in order that i may now honour my desire to serve. Thank you for your light Jessica in serving us.
    MC 06° Virgo & IC 06° Pisces
    Chiron 12° Pisces and Pluto 13° Virgo
    Venus 08° Pisces & Ops 08° Virgo & Uranus 09° Virgo

    1. Your Virgo-Pisces axis is alive and kicking and the IC suggests someone in your family tree was also a healer, psychic, spiritual or religious. You have inherited the DNA from that person. Chiron in mythology was a herbal medicine expert as you may know, while Uranus in Virgo ties you to an entire generation of fiftysomethings who don’t want conventional medicine. I think this part of your life will skyrocket when Jupiter moves through Scorpio and slowly sextiles and trines that pattern in your chart – so, from the final quarter of next year. Look at what others in your generation are inventing, creating, innovating, when it comes to the body – this may sweep you along too – and although you can start any time it would change your life when Jupiter changes signs.

  9. Hi! Jessica,
    Sorry for the repeat post but felt that this comment got lost in the shuffle. Over the last few weeks reading the horoscopes and the blogs, I get the impression that major developments are coming my way around Christmas. Are they good changes or something bad ? Anything i can do to prepare for it? Will I ever have some stability from a relationship perspective? Thanks in advance.

    1. The Sagittarius and Aquarius houses of your chart are triggered by the line-up at 20 degrees. Saturn is at 20 Sagittarius, Jupiter is at 20 Libra, Uranus is at 20 Aries. Basically, try to keep your life very simple and minimal in terms of foreign people and places, regional differences, travel, emigration, the worldwide web, education/academia and publishing. This is a long list but all these things are ruled by Sagittarius. I suspect you will have to accept a reality that just can’t be avoided here – it may be about the airline industry, international relations or the web itself. Slow down and seek expertise and experience to deal with this. You have one or more friends involved in a group situation with you (perhaps Twitter, maybe more formal like a society or association). These friendships and group involvements will also be affected by changes and you have choices to make. This will help the friendships grow and the group achieve bigger and better things.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Love this influx of info – early xmas!

    I have Pluto 3 Virgo and Minerva 2 Pisces and Ops 4 Pisces. So, I read: power/control; wisdom; and, opportunities (?) respectively. But how do those play out against each other? or, do they complement? Could you please advise.

    I have a stress induced hive issue which started in 2004 after a series of major stress events in quick succession. Yoga and meditation are the only activities that help – wouldn’t dream of taking drugs for it. Not much point as its internally created and therein lies the key – just wish I could find it! Can play havoc with confidence on occasions.

    Love to hear your words of wisdom.

    Cheers x

    1. Thank you. You have a classic Virgo-Pisces pattern which involves your body obeying your soul/spirit (and not necessarily the rest of you) by taking you out of stressful situations and into yoga or meditation. If you would take the radical step of ditching who/what creates the stress then perhaps the hives would stop – only you know the answer to that one. It is common to have this pattern when you persist with a job or relationship which creates inner conflict (you feel you must, but at heart you don’t want to…) so the body intervenes by producing a condition which means you have to opt out. I am not sure if this is the case with you but it is worth looking at.

  11. Hello Jessica
    Thanks for all the interesting new blogs and for the new 2020 Vision too. There’s lots to read during the dark days of December and January in Britain! I always like to learn.
    I have stelliums in both Virgo and Pisces so I have several aspects at similar degrees – could you interpret this for me please? It looks complicated to me!
    Many thanks

    1. Thank you Pauline. Chiron in Pisces opposite Ceres in Virgo stands out here. You won’t feel it all the time but whenever you have transits across Virgo and Pisces triggering the opposition, you will have to make deals where your body is concerned. Big compromises, either with doctors or other health and fitness professionals. It’s never easy. In fact, tough bargaining over food, drugs, drink, fitness, healers, surgeons and the rest is probably your life pattern. Yet, at the same time, when you ‘run’ your body you become tremendously powerful. Chiron in Pisces suggests your dreams could give you plenty of answers. When you have body related questions, tell yourself you want your dreams to speak to you then write them down.

  12. Hi Jessica, I have a stellium in Virgo, but nothing connecting with Pisces. I do end up dealing with a lot of health issues that start off with high stress ,manifesting in the physical body, Could you please she’d some light on it for me? Your insight is totally appreciated. Thanks

    1. A Virgo stellium is a good reason to pursue meditation, yoga, Reiki in particular as the mind influences the body, and the body influences the mind, to an unusual degree. If you have not yet started on this path, begin now. Kerry McNally is my Reiki master and she has a good free introduction to Reiki if you want to look her up.

  13. Good Morning Jessica
    I have Minerva at 0 Pisces sextile by Jupiter in 0 Capricorn. What does this mean? Am I supposed to be good in arts?
    Last eclipse in Pisces 24 opposite my Fortuna in Virgo – very tough time at work as I was dealing with rejection. Again 3 wks ago I was given a temporary HDA at a different branch. As I went there on the first day I was told it fell through and go back to your old job. This year has been like this – about four rejections. Something stops me which is beyond my control. Thank you for your insight and thank you for all your replies.

    1. Minerva sextile Jupiter is a wonderful pattern to have in your chart, and it is about your career. You will have a serious decision to make when Saturn moves to 0 Capricorn at the end of 2017. A new job would be typical or a new college/university course. I am sorry you had the eclipse on Fortuna in Virgo. That is about work, rather than success, as I am sure you know. Fortuna is your unconscious, unknowing, unwitting, ‘blind’ manipulation of your own job situation. Do you put people or organisations on a pedestal then pull them down? Fortuna in Virgo is worth looking at. She may explain the erratic nature of your job this year.

  14. Hi Jessica , I have posted this before so apologies, but I’m hoping you will see it this time . I have Venus in Pisces oppose Saturn in Virgo with a 2 degree orb. Is this too far away for what you say to apply to me ? I am also a Sun Pisces and have taken Reiki to Master level but for some unknown reason , have never properly pursued it as a career. I wonder if you can shed any light on this for me ?
    Thank you ! Lynne .

    1. Saturn at 1 Virgo trine Ops at 2 Taurus is your answer, Lynne. You do have the classic Pisces-Virgo opposition we see in Reiki healers, but your issues with pursuing this as a career are down to Ops. This is about money. There may be issues here about working for nothing, versus charging people. As we all know, the Reiki story is partly about that journey! Saturn in Virgo in your Sixth House describes your karma (hard work) with your body, and with the mind, body, spirit connection in general. It’s quite heavy and can feel like a load to carry – although you must carry it. The almost exact trine to Ops in Taurus in the Second House of business and money, suggests that you will have to figure out your value system in relation to healing before you can pursue it professionally. It may be that it remains a free interest for you or a free gift for others. If you are curious about Ops you can read more about her in 2020 Astrology.

  15. hi Jessica – never really noticed it before but I have Saturn 14 Pisces and Uranus 14 Virgo. I presume this is the opposition you were talking about but I am not sure what it means. I did have a gallbladder removed in the year and have changed my diet completely, losing a lot of weight in the process, but not sure if this is relevant here. I also have Ceres 28 Pisces and Cupido 29 Virgo as well as Sun 10 Virgo with Pysche 11 Gemini and North Node 9 Gemini and South Node 9 Sag. Thanks.

    1. You have a huge line-up in Pisces-Virgo and so according to your horoscope your unconscious mind rules your physical body. Talk to yourself through your dreams, through mirror work, or through self-questioning by other means, like a diary. A Jungian therapist could also unlock some of the stories going on for you unconsciously. Being overweight is a very common manifestation of a Virgo-Pisces opposition. People have unconscious reasons for being fat. For a start, it makes particular jobs impossible and it can also prevent particular lovers from being with you. It might be interesting for you to find out why you may have unconsciously wanted to be overweight, back in the days before you changed your diet. Why did you need the fat? That’s really a search for you – it’s a personal quest. Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House usually takes a bit of work to uncover, but there is a secret burden there, according to all the laws of astrology.

  16. Hi Jessica

    I’m not trying to turn you into an agony aunt but I wondered if you could give me an indication of when the best time is for cosmetic surgery please , I have nothing at all in Virgo and I’m aware of the mercury retrogrades. I am planning to have eye surgery yikes!! I’m rather worried about picking the wrong time, was hoping to go for Feb/March. Would be fab if you could give me some advice
    Many thanks

    1. Mercury Retrograde falls in Capricorn this year so it’s really about big business and government, rather than your cosmetic surgery, yet there will be a general knock-on effect of delays and rescheduling. If you want a simple life you may prefer to make your move in February or beyond. Your image is actually ruled by Aries in your chart (Aries rules the First House, which is your personal appearance) and you have the Moon at 20 Aries there, with the planet of radical change, Uranus, currently also passing at 20 Aries in December. The only thing I would suggest is that you ask yourself just how extreme you want the change to be – and are realistic about just how big a difference it would make. Uranus spells revolution and so it may be useful for you to find out the true impact of your new look. The decision you are making about this is your own, though, and best made with one or two medical opinions on your side.

  17. Hi Jessica….I’m currently trying to decide whether to commence study in Bowen Therapy early 2017 with the view to possibly redirecting my career pathways into some form of ‘health service’ direction. This is a vastly different direction to my career choices to date but I am yearning for something new and the complimentary/alternative therapies have always positively resonated with me in maintaining my own health. What do you see my chart supporting this new direction. My MC in Pisces directly opposes IC in Virgo which also conjuncts Aesculapia ?

    1. You have a great stellium in Virgo and from October 2017, Jupiter (opportunity, growth, improvement) will form lovely patterns with this, as he moves through Scorpio. You also have a Virgo IC so someone in your family tree was a healer, nurse, doctor, surgeon and so on. It’s in your blood. The MC/IC axis is typical of people who pursue mind, body, spirit alternatives like Bowen Therapy.

  18. Hi Jessica, I’ve been on a mission to improve my fitness and wellbeing for the past year, but have struck a number of issues with injuries. I have a number of factors in Pisces and Virgo; Sun 12° Pisces, Mercury 09° Pisces, Fortuna 23° Pisces, Bacchus 01° Pisces, Pluto 28° Virgo, Apollo 04° Virgo, Ops 09° Virgo. What does this mean for me? Thanks heaps.

    1. Look at your work, your housework and your unpaid work. Strongly Virgo people are really good at denying their own soul! You work hard, work well, do your best for others, complete the tasks and all the rest – but somewhere along the way, your soul has been saying ‘No’ to aspects of what you are doing. Thus, the body intervenes to carry out the needs of the soul. Even injuries can be a sign of that in astrology, as Pisces rules the unconscious mind, the soul and the spirit (the invisible part of you which drives the bus) and Virgo rules our physical condition and physical state. When you have some peace, quiet and privacy, look in your bedroom or bathroom mirror and have a little chat with yourself about your real feelings regarding service and duty to others. Could be interesting and shift a few things.

  19. Dear Jessica,

    I don ´ t understand that. I have written my question three times and it wasn ´ t not answered. It seems like it was not show to you. So I try last time:-):

    I have Sun 27deg in Virgo and Moon 28deg Pisces.
    Can you help me to understant how I am influenced throught Virgo and Pisces house?

    Thank you very much

    1. I’m sorry, I just checked my comments queue and there are 1824 posts from people waiting, so it seems you might have had a Mercury Retrograde experience in the line. Anyway – your Sun/Moon opposition is important so it is worth looking at in more detail. Basically you need to find the middle way between Virgo and Pisces. When you are too organised, too neat, too rigorous about your food/fitness, too concerned about your body, too caught up with work – you will find your Virgo side becomes so extreme that your Pisces side has to push back. That’s when you find yourself in passing chaos, mess or muddle – perhaps avoiding or escaping reality. A very common example of this is the perfect career woman, housewife and mother who suddenly snaps and finds herself hitting the wine bottle and watching daytime television on her ‘sick’ days! It works the other way too. If you overdo your Pisces side, you may find yourself being too escapist, too ‘spiritual’, too immersed in drugs/prescribed drugs/alcohol, too interested in dreams/astrology/crystals/psychics, too wedded to the computer or television. Then, something snaps and you become ‘hard’ Virgo to compensate! Finding a creative and thoughtful way to satisfy both your Pisces and Virgo side without going to extremes with either will work really well for you. For example, you may need a daily routine (Virgo) which allows you to escape (Pisces). It may be that a daily swim or spa is your answer.

  20. Hi Jessica

    Happy New Year!

    I have a question regarding Pisces/Virgo, 2 of my daughters (one Virgo, one Pisces) and my chart – North Node Pisces 04 and South Node Virgo 04.

    These 2 are like a see saw, when one’s up the other’s down and vice versa.

    What is the relationship between them and my own chart? Is it connected to my own health as i intuit?


    1. Thanks Sharlene. The Nodes in your chart describe your karma and past life debts or credits with people, so if your daughters have their Sun (or any other horoscope factor) at 4 Virgo or Pisces, that’s a giveaway. You could allow one degree’s difference, so 3, 4 or 5 Virgo/Pisces would do it. Even if there is no conjunction, the Virgo/Pisces node theme in your own chart is about many lifetimes of service and duty to others, hard work and routine, so lifetimes as a maidservant or soldier are common. Typically, the body is a concern, because in those lifetimes your body had to be a machine! It may be that your daughters were part of those past life stories, perhaps as employers or colleagues.

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