Sex, Seduction and Your Horoscope

Venus is all about the sex. Not much else. Your Venus sign and house shows where you have this kind of Marilyn Monroe story going on.

Venus Return Chapter III 449x600 - Sex, Seduction and Your Horoscope

Venus is a very famous, old-fashioned archetype of woman as she existed before feminism. Venus is still alive and kicking as the ‘femme fatale’ or Hollywood babe who men find irresistible (though she betrays them). Your Venus sign and house shows where you have this kind of Marilyn Monroe story going on. Venus is all about the sex. Not much else. If you have Venus in Taurus in the Second House you may flirt with potential lovers using money or your possessions. You pull them in with your nice sexpensive car, or your shoes. If you have Venus in Virgo in the Sixth House you use  your body.

Venus is always shown pointing to her breasts or vagina (pretending she is covering them up while actually drawing attention to them). Her bottom is her other great selling point. In fact, if you find Venus or her Greek predecessor Aphrodite in any museum, you’re going to find it very hard to escape THOSE buttocks. They follow you round the room. These photographs (above and below) were taken in museums where I saw Venus being worshipped like a supermodel. Everyone wanted her photograph. If you ever see her in The Louvre, it’s like watching Adele from the front row.


72gw8gwp ve 600x400 - Sex, Seduction and Your Horoscope


Your Venus sign and house show how you seduce, why you seduce, and what you use. Venus in Capricorn in the Tenth House means you use your career or status to tempt people into bed. You may be the classic boss who wants an office affair. The aspects are the patterns Venus makes. Look at the degree or number of your Venus sign. If anything else lines up you have a story going on inside you. It may be rather complex. You may find that your need to seduce dominates everything! Or perhaps you have issues about being sexy, or sexual.

Venus was never faithful. She was actually a very difficult female archetype, despite being a very successful one. She was married to Vulcan the lame blacksmith but had sex with Mars behind his back. She was jealous of her future daughter-in-law Psyche and subjected her to punishment, just for being in love with her son Cupid. Venus was all about her own beauty (thus the jealousy and insecurity around other beautiful women) and she is usually shown with a mirror. In fact, the Venus symbol in the chart is a hand mirror sketch.

u5zt hoocrm 600x400 - Sex, Seduction and Your Horoscope

In men, Venus is obviously the feminine (old school) side of themselves. Men with a lot of Venus aspects tend to be notably feminine, interested in their mirror reflection and sworn to the game of love, even though the game is hard for their lovers to play. Venus is powerful! When transiting or travelling Venus returns to the same sign she was in, when you were born, you have your Venus Return and will learn a lot about your powers of seduction. You can check this any time by looking at the planetary positions on this website.


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71 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, enjoyed reading and learning more about Venus, thank you. I have Venus in Capricorn, I was curious how it’s applied in Capricorn if one doesn’t have a career or job, and when is my Venus return? Interesting to learn Venus had sex with Mars, I have Mars in Capricorn as well. I’m going to read Mars Horoscope secrets now 🙂 Thank you

    1. Capricorn is social position and status as well as career, so with Venus in Capricorn you can marry your husband’s career or make a job out of being a full-time partner and parent. You are strongly Capricorn with Mars there too! You can track your Venus Return by watching the planetary transits on this website to find out when she’s back in Capricorn, of any year.

  2. So *this* is where I need to be asking you about that 24 Taurus placement!!!
    Hi Jessica – again.
    My natal Venus (not Diana) sits at 24 Taurus, with Pluto in Leo, Ceres in Capricorn and Bacchus in Pisces also at that degree.
    What story do these factors tell?

    1. Your values dictate everything. What you will or will not sell out for, or who/what you consider priceless, has a major impact on your career, the children you choose (or choose not) to have in your world and so on. You bring your values into your relationships and so the choices you make about former, current or potential lovers are based on that. Venus in Taurus can be the shopaholic businesswoman or the alternative lifestyler who raises funds for charity and has no interest in shopping malls. You’ll learn more about your Venus every May.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    too many interesting articles in the same time from you so many questions from my side:-)
    I have Venus 25deg in Leo so I suppose I should seduce the men through my role of mother, or ??? But in the same time I have Saturn in 0deg Leo so actually I have problems to have children.. So in which way works Venus in my Leo sign?

    Thank you!

    1. Venus in Leo is about the Queen (or when younger) the Princess who seduces members of the court or seeks a consort to reign with her. The Virgin Queen Elizabeth I never married but had male courtiers, whom she probably slept with (those four poster beds hide a lot) and of course the current royal family have to carefully select a mate worthy of them, or if not, secretly find lovers who are unsuitable but probably tons of fun. You live out the Leo myth in your relationships, yet the deciding factor every single time is your desire to be pregnant, or not – and the other person’s status and preferences regarding parenthood – or not.

  4. Hi Jessica, My Venus 22 degrees Gemini on full moon in December and if its like the rest of this year!!! Just had a new moon on my north node and just when I thought that might be positive next day, bad news comes ( re income), so, have you got any good tidings for me with my chart being hit in every way from December to almost end of next year, it can’t be all bad surely?? Happy Christmas to you and yours. Have an electric one.

    1. Merry Christmas – I think it will be electric as London is well and truly lit up with Christmas tree decorations. Your Venus in Gemini in the Third House is being transited by Saturn (coming very close to an opposition) and of course the Full Moon just ahead. Basically this is only about one issue and that is the project, concept or idea which involves you with a partner. A writing partner would be typical or a graphic designer. It’s a learning curve that necessarily reshapes the plans or the end product. Transits are actually less important than what is in the chart natally so Venus is pretty free in your chart – no real issues there. The next year or two is actually about babies, children or Millennials for you. Own your right to be Queen to a younger court – you will see why as 2017 moves on. Born to rule!

  5. My aries Venus has not had much air since I shy away from attention, preferring a back stage supporting role. But I tend to attract attention even when I just walk into a room. Kind of self defeating chart with a virgo ascendant and cancer mars wouldn’t you say?

    1. You are choosing to live out your other chart factors. This is not unusual because society does not cope with the true Venus in Aries woman very well. She is fearless, frank, sexy, provocative and is often the single woman at the dinner party who makes everyone nervous! It’s interesting that you are keeping her at bay, but as you see – you can’t get away with it for long.

  6. Hi Jessica. Thanks for the Chrissy present and merry xmas to you! So I have venus in Aqu opposite Uranus in Leo. I do have difficulty in relationships! Is there any hope this can get better for me?? Thankyou.

    1. Merry Christmas. I’m glad you like your present! The Venus-Uranus opposition in your horoscope means (as I am sure you know) that every time you seduce a lover and become involved in a complicated sexual relationship, another part of you upsets the apple-cart quite unknowingly or unconsciously and stability goes out of the window. There is this feeling of ‘New!’ and ‘Different!’ and ‘New!” and ‘Different!’ with the opposition. The good news is you add people to it and it turns the opposition into a beautiful and useful pattern like a snowflake. So you bring in specific friends or particular kinds of lover, who make sacred geometry for you. To see more about how this works please look at the story I wrote on Sacred Geometry. I suspect you may have been pulling in the wrong lovers with Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and/or Scorpio factors who trigger the pattern in a difficult way, yet if you were to bring in other signs it would alter it. A good example is making your own friends and your lover’s friends the hub of the relationship. They break up the pattern. In-laws and your own family members could do that too.

  7. I have venus in capricorn 22 i have three others at 21 2x aries 1x pisces but no other alingn. can you have a look at my chart and explain how my love life can be helped?

    1. Venus in Capricorn triggering the rest of your chart is about your desire to use seduction to further your ambition to get to the top. It’s very common in the charts of people who marry into corporations, big business or the higher ranks of society or government. Venus in Capricorn finds it easier to go to bed with someone important and helpful, than with a mouseburger! In general Venus ‘sleeps’ in your chart but I suspect in 2019, 2020 when we have a stellium passing through Capricorn and your Tenth House she will well and truly wake up.

  8. Hi Jessica, merry Christmas!

    By the looks of it, I have Venus in Virgo 13, and Minerva at Scorpio 13, as well as Bacchus at Scorpio 14.

    I’ve been one of those people all my life who somehow appears invisible in a room, particularly when there are people around I’m interested in. Is this something you can see in my chart, and does my chart give any pointers as to how to combat that?

    1. You’re talking about being invisible in a room so that’s first impressions, your appearance and so on. This is really about your Ascendant, and there is a conflict there. Proserpina at 29 Aries is square your Ascendant at 29 Capricorn. I think you’re probably trying to fit in (Capricorn) and playing life rather cautiously, which Capricorn Rising people can do. I just heard ‘Riverbank’ clairvoyantly which may mean something to you. The issue with Proserpina in Aries is that she’s being squashed by your Capricorn side. I wonder why? Maybe you released her a long time ago and got into trouble for being too pushy, too upfront and so on. Proserpina in Aries can be like Lucy in Peanuts. Once you figure out your Aries-Capricorn conflict you’ll find you send out a clearer signal. The right person can then pick it up.

  9. Hi jessica, my venus is 28 leo retrograde, I also have mercury in leo 26 retrograde, sun in 29 leo, jupiter 25 leo, chiron 03 leo,vesta 06 leo, 21 leo bacchus , Ops 17 leo and physche 13 leo.. is there a connection here?? I believe this tells a story not sure what.. can you please help me understand how this affects my venus.. thankyouu

    1. You have a stellium in Leo in the Fifth House which describes your role as Queen to a younger court and also ‘Queen’ to whomever courts you in your royal bedchamber, and that could anyone from Kings to humble servants. Whenever this pattern is woken up in your chart by transits, you find that it becomes a huge deal – and you are due for this wake-up call in 2017, 2018 as the Node moves through Leo. The Node is about karma, past life debts and credits and the need to get closure by making choices. This pattern is common in the charts of women who don’t have children but work with/for them (Beatrix Potter) and with single parents whose lives become dominated by their children, but also their understanding of younger people (J.K.Rowling). We also see it in Princess Anne whose charity work for/with children has shaped her world and of course her royal bedchamber experiences with two husbands. I think 2017, 2018 will really put this front and centre for you.

  10. Hello Jessica
    I so really have to ask you about this – I have Venus in 0 Leo, Mercury in 1 Leo, Pluto in 1 Libra and Diana in 1 Virgo. I have been consumed for several years by the desire to have another child. Do you know if this will this happen? Please can you tell me how my chart plays out?
    Blessings and thanks.

    1. DQ, I just heard the phrase ‘year seven’ for you clairvoyantly – perhaps it means something to you? Now, you will find the choice about parenthood, godchildren, aunt status, adoption, fostering, step-parenting (because Leo covers them all) is in front of you when the Node moves to 0,1 Leo in the final quarter of 2018 – that’s a rare episode of karma when your past life debts and credits will come back to you, through a baby or child. It’s either your existing offspring or – yes, quite possibly, the arrival of a new face. If so you will have known that face before.

      1. Thank you Jessica for our kindness. I feel it is referring to an anniversary. I remain very hopeful.

  11. Hello Jessica
    I have Venus at 4 degrees in Gemini, Aesculapia at 5 degrees in Gemini and Hygeia at 3 degrees in Taurus. What does this all mean for me regarding how I seduce?
    I know I like a lot of talk and communication back and forth with email, texts, cards etc. with people I’m attracted to but I have no idea what impact the other two aspects have on this.
    Can you shed some light please?
    best wishes

    1. You have a Venus-Aesculapia conjunction in Gemini in the Third House semi-sextile Hygiea in the Second House. Venus is seduction, Gemini/Third House is email, pillow talk, love letters and ‘ideas’ projects. Aesculapia tells you that you can always revive one of these relationships quite miraculously – it’s never really over until you decide it’s over. There is a part of you that is very cautious about money, houses, apartments, though – and despite the allure of all that internet flirtation or bedchamber repartee, I suspect you always have to think about how rich/poor the other person is in relation to you, or how you’re going to share.

  12. Hi Jessica – I’ve been reading and re-reading all your answers to all the comments over the past few days, I learn so much from your replies. They help me try to get a handle on the meaning behind the crazy lives we lead – a lifeline of sorts.

    I am in a terrible state at the moment, after 5 incredibly difficult years. In a nutshell: giving up increasingly successful career to follow husband’s career to US, only to be dumped for a much younger woman; came moments from death during my pregnancy in 2010, though my son is healthy and wonderful – though also traumatised that his Dad has left us; I’m now stuck in US, in a house that is falling to pieces, career massively set-back; in an attempt at a new direction I poured everything into a fiction novel that I’m desperately trying to get attention from an agent for, but no responses; my Dad is dying of a terminal brain tumour diagnosed last November and my Mum is having a nervous breakdown over it (all back in the UK); and meanwhile the love of my life that I was reunited with in March 2015 back in Asia (where I grew up) got divorced and seems interested to rekindle things with me but keeps disappearing (has many of his own issues to deal with, and on other side of world from NY), and anyone else I meet and like turn out to be total cads and treat me with no respect. I’ve kept so hopeful and optimistic for years but I have to admit the past month or more have had me at rock-bottom, in private I just find it hard to keep going though publicly I always keep a smile on my face.

    My question revolves around my Venus in 23 degrees Libra. In a previous comment you felt that when Jupiter reaches that degree in Libra my love life will come round. I would like your thoughts on whether the 20 degree patterns you talk about over Christmas will trigger my 21 degree Nodes in Scorpio and Taurus, and whether they are close enough to then affect my 23 degree Venus and a bunch of asteroids I have at 24 degrees and if they affect my Venus too? I also have a second question which is what my 11 degree line-up means for me, I wonder if it impacts my deep desire to be a writer? Mercury 10 Sag / Neptune & MC both at 11 Sag / Pluto at 11 Libra and IC at 11 Gemini? What does that pattern mean, as it seems so dominant? Am I just a fantasist, going nowhere?

    Finally I have a strong suspicion my Dad will die when Saturn hits his sun. Sagittarius sun, born 16th December 1941 – when Pluto conjuncts my Mum’s sun (Capricorn sun, Sag moon, born 6th Jan 1947). It seems to be lining up that way though I don’t know their exact degrees. It’s all just so incredibly painful at the moment, like a car wreck in slow motion while I’m so far away.

    I know you’re very busy but I can’t tell you how much it would mean if you could find the time to reply and help me find some structure in all of this (while I wait for my Scorpio stellium to kick in 🙂 )

    Thank you.

    1. You have hit rock bottom but as J.K.Rowling said, that is the foundation on which she built her life. As an aspiring novelist you may want to look at how J.K. achieved what she did – persistence and patience were the bricks, rock bottom was the foundation. (And you will be very happy with your results in 2019). First of all, astrology does not show death so please stop worrying about your Dad or even contemplating that. The line-up at 20 degrees at Christmas is close enough (by one degree) to impact your Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio and you will certainly experience major choices about your money, house, apartment, or business interests. Jupiter in Libra, Chiron in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries all tell you that other people – or other organisations – going through profound transformation in the world around you, will have an impact on everything you own, earn and owe. I suspect this is about your parents’ legacy to you, which would be an obvious example. Another one would be your former husband’s provisions for your son. You went through the toughest cycle in 29 years when Saturn passed through Scorpio and triggered your Eighth House, which of course rules marriage/mortgage as well as family money. That is well and truly over now, but the choices at Christmas will affect your finances, house or apartment from the final quarter of 2017, into 2018, when Jupiter (growth, abundance, reward) moves into Scorpio. Christmas seems like a logical time to discuss money or similar with your former partner. It is the same with your parents – what responsibility must you fulfil there? This is all karmic in nature because the Nodes describe your past life with these people, so December is really about completing the karmic circle and fulfilling debts or collecting credits. We often agree to go through these experiences with people before we incarnate. Get to know your Nodes. Your entire future will change because of them, as from May 2018 Uranus moves into Taurus, for many years.

  13. Dear Jessica

    Thank you so much for your valuable insights. My Venus sits at Aries 19, along with Pisces Sun at 19, Aesculapius at 19 Capricorn, Fortuna at 20 Taurus, and Diana at 20 Capricorn. For many years I have been suffering with a deeply distressful problem related to my appearance, a hair problem which has baffled profressionals. I suspect somehow my Venus is involved because it has made shy away from two Venus- related themes you describe: mirrors and men because my self esteem has taken a nose dive. I feel shameful and ugly everytime I have to leave the house. Something that seems so trivial has somehow taken over my life like I am being punished for something. I have searched high and low for all kinds of help and insight. Any insight would mean the world to me. Thank you so much.

    1. You poor thing. I can’t see your birth chart so can’t really look beyond what you’ve told me – and that’s not really showing me hair issues. You shouldn’t feel shameful, nor ugly, nor particularly punished by fate. We all have aspects about our appearance that we dislike. Yours is unusual so you feel it more but every second man you see over a certain age is bald. I am trying to put it in perspective for you here. If you were a man I don’t think you’d care so much. I expect you are experiencing Uranus (radical change) on your Venus and that’s the issue here. Uranus passes across 20 degrees of Aries near Christmas Day and gradually moves on, and will be gone from May 2018. I think it’s the cycle which will change everything, actually. You may want to do something quite radical or revolutionary over the next few months and in fact, you probably should. You need to be liberated from feeling so trapped by your hair problem and believe me, there will be a way. You just have to be prepared to look for it as Uranus conjuncts your Venus. It would be revolutionary. That’s the exact word.

  14. Dear Jessica

    Thank you so much for your generosity. I am a 33 year old healthy female, hence the feeling of being punished (DOB March 11 1983, South Africa). I will reflect on your insights and hopefully will have the courage to take up for the opportunity for a revolutionary change if it comes my way, because I feel trapped in ways I can’t even describe.

    Take care

    1. Light a candle when it’s quiet and silently ask your angels, spirit family and spirit friends and helpers for support. Ask for a way to break through and solve the situation – ask for it to happen as soon as possible. Be open to what comes. It might not be what you think. The invisible world is ready and willing to help, but spiritual etiquette requires we ask clearly, strongly, deeply, truly and loudly. Put this out there. Do your bit, because they often give you the tools/resources but you must do the rest of the work. I do know this will work for you because of the cycle at play, now through 2017.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    I feel I have quite an interesting birth chart when considering Venus. I have it at 27 degrees Virgo, so I’m guessing I seduce with my body (though I’m not that physically attractive methinks) and my lifestyle (with lifestyle I’d understand if I was male, not sure how a female uses this as seduction)?

    Also I have three more things at 27 degrees – which you mentioned can get complicated – what might it all mean putting altogether with Venus?

    1. If your birth time is 100% accurate then you do have Venus tied in exactly to your Ascendant and Descendant, so Venus is present whenever you make a first impression and she rules your relationships, which are likely to be heart, not head, and complicated. Venus was married but had an affair. She was jealous of her daughter-in-law Psyche who was more beautiful than she. Venus is about ‘all is fair in love and war’ and about femme fatales in general. If you were born right on the time you say, then Venus is with you wherever you go. In Virgo, you seduce at work, so with your boss, colleague, employee, lecturer, classmate, client and so on.

  16. Hello Jessica,

    I’m not sure my question went through, I’m reposting (sorry if you get it twice) :

    Thanks a lot for this article. I have Venus in Gemini. What does it mean ? I’m involved in a long-term relationship but my partner often tells me that I am cold and I don’t show my feelings enough. It’s not that I don’t like sex, but I find it difficult asking for it… Sorry I’m transforming this blog into a problem page.

    1. You’re quite strongly Gemini, with a lot of factors in that sign. Venus in Gemini is about x-rated love letters, erotic fiction and pillow talk. Your partner may be strongly water/earth so he wants grunt, emotion and the rest. You are airy (Gemini is an air sign). You should find it very easy to ask for sex with Venus in the Third House. I think you may need to unleash your inner Anais Nin here. Forget online pornography, it’s too basic for Venus in Gemini and often plain stupid! You were made to write and read erotic fiction. Have a look at D.H. Lawrence as well. This may make it easier for you to work with your wordy Venus.

  17. Hi Jessica –

    First of all, I’ve been following and lightly studying astrology details from various sources for over a decade. I’ve found your horoscopes (despite being generalized and not tailored to me) 85% accurate which spooked me since no other source ever got that accurate, so I became a long time lurker, and finally took the plunge of being a subscriber! Thank you for all your work.

    I guess Venus-related topics – OK, more specifically, love / lust / men – have been something I’ve been confused about for 2 years now. Especially since while Jupiter was in Virgo 2015-2016, nothing significant really happened even if I’ve got my Moon in 16 Virgo (and I guess that means my 7th house?). I’m assuming I also have no patience when it comes to love given my Venus in 27 Aries. Now that Jupiter is in Libra, I’m trying to gather pieces from your website to figure what I can expect in general in this department (even if I only have Fortuna in 13 Libra), especially since there was a bit of a “situation” in early October that confuses me even more. I figured my Venus in 27 Aries (also Proserpina in 27 Capricorn) may be playing tricks…

    I guess I just want to know what I can realistically expect to happen in my love life in the very near future as I’ve been feeling a bit lost and frustrated to be honest in that department. Sorry if this post makes 0 sense and also sorry if this is not the right way to pose this question.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad the astrology is working for you. Jupiter crossed your Moon in Virgo in the Sixth House using the Natural House system so that was about work and your body, not love. No wonder nothing happened! Fortuna in Libra in your Seventh House means that you spin the wheel of fate and fortune for your lovers without even knowing what you are doing. You have no idea just how much you changed your exes’ lives. Your October situation was about that, as Jupiter was slowly moving across Fortuna. Don’t worry so much about Venus in your First House (it’s about image, not love) and look at Fortuna as a lifelong pattern. Seek out the paintings and sculpture of her online to see truths for yourself. Further ahead you will have a major opportunity to blend money, property and sex with someone important, once Jupiter begins the Scorpio cycle from October 2017. I am sure you can date until then but the chance for a commitment unfolds later. Watch Jupiter as he crosses your Pluto.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica – your insights are extremely helpful as always! I also found my exact time of birth and updated my chart with it, and I understand from your other posts that angles matter a lot. So I took a second look and it looks like Fortuna in 13 Libra has the same degree as: Sun 13 Pisces, Asc 13 Pisces, and Desc 13 Virgo, along with Pluto 12 Scorpio and Aesculapia 12 Sagittarius. If Fortuna is a lifelong pattern in spinning the wheel for my former / current / potential partners, how do all these things come together? I am assuming the Scorpio cycle you mentioned still holds true starting Oct 2017 but it seems to be “involved” with Fortuna given the degrees as well – or am I reading this incorrectly?

        1. I’m glad you found your exact birth time. Fortuna does in fact aspect many other chart factors, pulling in work, lifestyle and body as well as travel, finance and property. In other words, what you ‘spin’ with your former, current or potential partners affects just about everything else too. You can learn a lot from looking at Fortuna in painting and sculpture. She is also the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot. You can also read about her in the free book 2020 Astrology. Understanding what you blindly or unconsciously do, to send your ex lovers higher and lower in your estimation, can be very useful. It is common for women with this pattern to have up/down relationships because one minute their man is Mr. Perfect and he’s on a pedestal and the next he’s in the gutter, looking at the stars – she’s sent him down to the bottom of the heap again. Then he goes up again, and the wheel keeps spinning. Being aware of your patterns is the first step. You really are blind to this, just as Fortuna was blindfolded to her actions.

  18. I loved this article and also your recent venus download from get the goss. This year I have really started to become more and more interested in astrology and it really has become my little map. I’m Just a beginner though! I would love to know your thoughts…..I have Venus in cancer but I try to hide / reject this aspect of myself. Is there anything of note in my chart as to why this is so difficult for me?
    Thank you.

    1. You have Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House of love, sex and marriage. That is just as important as Venus in Cancer. There is a part of you which is very powerful here and extremely passionate, to the point of obsession. You can also ‘take’ and take over, which you may have noticed. It can be uncomfortable dealing with Pluto so sometimes people distance themselves from dating or intimacy so they avoid the intensity. Perhaps this is the case with you.

  19. Wow, this resonates with me much much more!!! Thank you for your insight. Will be hitting ‘search’ on your website. Thank you.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    I’m really enjoying learning more about astrology with my subscription and looking forward to taking part in the forums next year.
    I have Venus in Leo 1 (closest aspects are Juno in Capricorn 0 and Uranus in Libra 2.) I have had a steady male companion for over four years now and I have always been ridiculously loyal in love!
    However, last Wednesday (when I notice Venus moved into Aquarius opposing my natal Venus) I realised that a single man at work who I get on very well with and am very fond of thinks of me as more than a colleague and I am seriously tempted to see him outside of work. This feeling has actually been brewing since around the time of the October new moon and I cannot emphasise enough how completely unlike me this is. I am wondering how I should handle this new feeling/situation without hurting anyone? They are both Scorpio.

    1. Thank you and I’m glad you are enjoying Premium Membership, I will pass that onto James, Justin and Alyas. The short answer is, you have Diana at 19 Libra in the Seventh House of former, current and potential partners. Jupiter (opportunity) is passing 20 Libra in December which is still very close to his 19 degree position, which occurred when this colleague started flirting with you. It’s up to you, but as you also have Uranus at 20 Aries opposite Diana, December could be very stormy indeed. You would gain tremendous freedom, space and independence but lose security. If you are curious about Diana read more about this part of your chart on here, or pick up 2020 Astrology.

  21. Hi Jessica, I just adore your horoscopes and insight! I am a Gemini Sun (16º), Taurus Asc. (23º). Taurus Moon (3º) and my Venus is in Cancer (5º) House 2. My 8th House is in Sagittarius at 22º. I have had a terrible past 5 years. Can I expect anything positive soon? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Five years is a long time. It’s hard to say without your chart, but if you are looking for highlights and good things, turn to babies, children or those 20+ years younger for the pluses, advantages and benefits. A niece may have a beach house she can lend you. You may be offered a part-time job working with schoolchildren, which you adore. It may be personal or professional but a much younger generation is your good 2017 news.

  22. Hi Jessica
    I’ve Venus in Aries at 06 and quite smitten with a Venus in Leo. But quite complicated.

    Any tips on getting out of this one? In one piece? 🙂

    Thank you


    1. Thank you L. If the other person’s Venus is at 24, 25, 26 Leo then I can see why you two are entwined – you also have Leo factors at these degrees. If that’s the case, then you need to look at the children. Or the risk of pregnancy. That’s your very first question.

  23. Hi Jessica

    Thank you so much for your insightful blogs and super accurate horoscopes. You’re the best!
    I’m a Leo, born 29/07/81 @ 12.20pm NZ time. As this crazy year draws to a close, I have a few men who are hanging around that I have been casually dating. I feel like one of them has the potential to turn serious, I’m just not sure which one! My horoscopes point to a decision needing to be made this month re:courtship…Could one of these current men lead to a long lasting relationship? I’m sick of juggling and feel like I’m ready to commit.
    Thank you x

    1. Thank you very much. I’m glad the horoscopes are accurate for you. Yes, one of these men could become a commitment for you. It really depends on what your priorities are. Each has his own pros and cons. You probably need to sit down and figure out the rest of your life, not just the romantic/sexual part of your world. Each of these potential monogamous relationships comes as a package and you need to look at your house, apartment, money, sense of ‘home’ and belonging – but also at your bottom-line needs! I suspect it will be February that answers a ton of questions for you.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    As always I find the knowledge you share to be very insightful. I have Venus in Scorpio at 24 degrees, Ceres in Capricorn at 6 degrees and Bacchus in Sag at 23 degrees. I also have 6 other factors in Sag which makes it a stellium. How can I use my Venus in Scorpio to the best of my ability? Happiest of holidays and Merry Christmas to you, Sanam.

    1. Thank you Sanam. Merry Christmas. Venus in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, business and property ties into the rest of your chart quite strongly. Thus, Venus is with you wherever you go. You are most at home with complex agreements over your money, company, house and/or apartment. Perhaps charity too. It’s not just a sexual relationship or an emotional partnership, it’s the famous Venus in Scorpio ‘promenade a deux’. You will notice this most from October 2017 as Jupiter enters Scorpio for the first time in 12 years and ultimately conjuncts your Venus. A deeply important commitment, transformation or parting of the ways is coming from that point – to your total advantage – as you’ll see by 2018.

  25. Hi Jessica, I left a comment on this post, but it hasn’t been posted. Could you please have a look at my chart and see why I am having problems in my personal life? I have Venus in Leo in the 7th house but nothing is happening with me in my love life. Will this change in the future? Many thanks again and Happy Christmas to you!

    1. I have a queue of 1,770 people at the moment and it does take time to get around to the comments, but eventually I hope to look at everyone in turn. Your question is best answered with two more questions for you! Ask yourself where you put your imagination, wishful thinking and escapism first, instead of the realities of dating a living, breathing human being. Then ask yourself how you feel about parenthood and step-parenting and what/who makes you feel empowered, or powerless. When people complain nothing is happening in love, it is often because they are stopping particular relationships from ever starting and you need to find out why you are doing that.

  26. Hi
    Thank you Jessica. My venus square Taurus Asc and Scorpio Dsc. Feb 2017 Lunar eclipse is close to my venus, aspecting my Asc & Dsc. Not covring. What are the possibilities?

    Merry Christmas to you & yours.

    1. If your birth time is accurate then the angles of your chart at 21 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio suggest the issue for you in December and early 2017 is about the money, apartment, business or house. Outside factors in the world around you will ask you to handle what you earn, owe or own very differently.

  27. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for the post! It’s always so interesting to read up on a planet like Venus and to try to understand how the current cycle connects with a personal chart.

    I am a Pisces Sun with Venus at 21 Aries, Mercury at 21 Pisces, Pluto at 21 Libra and Apollo at 20 Virgo. I would love to know your thoughts on what that means. Thank you for taking the time and have a wonderful holiday!

    1. Thank you. Pluto at 21 Libra is the one to watch in that line-up as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus will all slowly move towards 21 degrees of their currents signs. You were born with Pluto opposite Venus, so the relationships you have shared (and may still share) with former, current, potential partners are your teachers. That’s probably the understatement of the year, as Pluto can be so intense. The basic lesson is, until you learn how to control yourself and use your self-discipline to balance the scales with one other human being – true equality – you are never going to feel the reward of genuine power in your life. This goes beyond love, sex, partnerships and marriage into work partnerships as well. I expect you have already been through one unforgettable episode with all this, as when Saturn passed 21 Libra a few years ago, you had a massive bridge to cross. Between now and 2017, you and one specific person (so fated in your life) have a set of scales to either replace or rebalance. It will change your life. To find out more about Pluto, hit Search or collect 2020 Astrology.

  28. HI Jessica – reposting as I think this one slipped through the website rehash.

    hi – i did actually get your venus in libra book which totally explained why I ‘get’ libra, gemini, sag and leo but not taurus and cap as one would normally expect. So I have a number of aspects at 17 including my asc, sag and des, gemini and neptune 17 scorpio, and fortuna 18 libra, one degree away. Partnerships feel important to me but I have trouble meeting the right one. The ones I seem to fall for are into someone else and the ones who chase me don’t interest me and I see no point compromising on something that should be so important. I am actually thinking about relocating with my work if possible as it would take me closer to an area with wider scope to meet potential partners as opposed to the limitations of regional australia. There is a chemistry at work with someone but he is attached and with Neptune lurking I am forever second guessing myself as to whether I am imagining things might progress there.

    1. Venus at 17 Libra semi-sextile Neptune at 17 Scorpio is actually the main story, so check the reality function with love, money, sex, rent, mortgages, business and passion. It’s very common for people with this pattern to fall in love with others who bring all kinds of non-real, impractical, confused or confusing situations with them, classically involving a home, shared company, last will and testament or fuzzy ‘share’ agreement over income or accommodation. Further ahead, Jupiter at 17 Scorpio will fix things in the short term future.

      1. Thanks Jessica. Working on Christmas Day too. I suppose at my age, there is likely to be confusing situations as most men of my age bring baggage and children from other relationships with them which inevitably impacts the ‘last will’ scenario, as happened with my ex. How do I find out when Jupiter is at 17 Scorpio and when you say short term future, is this a fling or a scenario where I am likely to meet someone without all the complications?

        1. Astrologers work every day of the year, except we have holidays when everyone else is working 🙂 Please don’t be anxious about love, sex, relationships and marriage. The world is actually taking care of it for you, and 2017 and 2018 are big years of growth and change, which will send little chain reactions right around the planet, to reach you where you live. Don’t hang too much on marriage. We are now well and truly in the Generation Libra era, when all those Seventies babies are mature adults who are ready for a revolution. Even the passing of someone like George Michael is a kind of advertisement for that. The man loved women, then he loved men, but he taught everyone to stop labelling love. If you want more personal insights, try the Astrology Oracle to learn more about previous lovers and what it can teach you, to help you with the next relationship.

  29. Hi Jessica
    Merry Christmas to you!
    I have a 5th house stelium with Mercury, Sun, Eros, Venus, Uranus, Pluto and Lilith! It’s fair to say I love all things fifth house- children, fun, romance 🙂 I have had one long term relationship which I broke up during a Pluto cycle (2007) and since then haven’t had any that have lasted more than a few months. I’m fed up with unreliable, flighty men and am ready for something more lasting. I know I have Saturn in my fifth house at the moment (Gemini ascendant) so this is a good time, and Jupiter in libra, but wondered if you see anything in my natal chart that is scuppering things for me (Uranus’ placement concerns me for example,…)
    Thank you and all the best for 2017!

    1. Merry Christmas. I don’t use Eros or Lilith as they are not part of our Roman/Latin astrology family tree, and Pluto is in the Sixth House and Uranus is in the Seventh, using the Natural House system – so I am basically going to spin your chart to read it. You may understand why you have had flighty, unreliable men better once you see that you have Uranus in Libra in the Seventh! You also have Venus, the Sun, Bacchus and Ops there. You are in the best cycle for 12 years in terms of fixing the past and pursuing the future. Uranus in your chart describes that part of you which rejects men, and is in turn rejected by them. It can lead to very distant partnerships. It also leads frequently to upsets and shocks. The good news is Jupiter in Libra in 2017 will help you sort things out, and in new company.

      1. Oh thank you for that insight that’s really interesting. I always read my chart as having a fifth house stellium but what your saying completely makes sense. What part of me is it that men reject? If it’s seventh house is it that they don’t see me as a good partner? I have often felt ‘distance’ in my relationships and that I can’t get emotionally close enough even though I want to. Is there anywhere online that I can see a natural house chart that shows the houses? I wonder what else might be different. Thank you so much!

        1. It’s actually the famous Uranus Rejection Dance. You reject men. They reject you. The distance is pretty typical – and yet there is a way forward, if the other person is prepared to meet you halfway. It may be that you need a loose, spacious, free relationship where you both have the freedom to turn on, or turn off, or drop in, or drop out, as you feel … that very close, gooey intimacy others have isn’t really going to be your bag. You need a lover who can understand that, but also understand your own tendency to chop and change. You can read more about Uranus in 2020 Astrology, free to download on this website at Christmas.

  30. Just re-posting this comment as I think it got stuck in moderation:
    Hello Jessica, what does Venus say at 19 Leo, with aspects to Uranus at 19 Virgo and Neptune at 19 Scorpio? Definitely confused about that one…and would be grateful for your thoughts. My husband has Venus at 19 Libra, so the degree does link up which must be a good thing I guess? Thank you, you are really spoiling us with all these new blog posts!

    1. Your Venus at 19 Leo is really about the babies you had – or could not have – or decided not to have. It is very common in the charts of people who decide their entire love life future based on a pregnancy, or a stepchild, or fertility questions. In other words, the actual partner and partnership is not really the biggest story, it’s about the child that does or does not emerge. You don’t say if you are a parent or not, or if your husband has children from another relationship, but nine times out of ten, that’s the whole story. December brings it home.

      1. Thanks Jessica! We do have two daughters (together) and there are decisions to be made in the near future about where I/we will live due to changing work requirements: this may mean some temporary separation between different members of the family with me in France and the girls staying in the UK. What do you think Neptune in 19 Scorpio means? This is what really confuses me about the whole picture…

        1. Neptune in Scorpio is about the lack of boundaries in any situation where a house, bank account, mortgage, rent, apartment is shared. One of the biggest favours you can do for yourself, now and in the years ahead, is to get real and get clear about who owns what, who pays for what, and where things stand. Preferably with expert advice and preferably in writing. Fuzzy thinking about property and money can create huge muddle. I am sure you have already seen this in your life anyway. It’s not a bad idea to ask a pro for advice.

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