Your Moon Sign and Your Chemistry With Others

Your Moon Sign shows the old 20th century version of your chemistry with others, before The Pill came in during the 1960s and suddenly motherhood became a choice, not an inevitable outcome of love and sex.

Your Moon Sign shows the old 20th century version of your chemistry with others, before The Pill came in during the 1960s and suddenly motherhood became a choice, not an inevitable outcome of love and sex. That’s why old-school astrology books from the 20th century can seem so dated. They also come from a time when we did not have software to give us the new asteroid positions (which show different kinds of feminine experience). They also emerged out of a period in history where women only got the vote as the 20th century began – and to be a woman, meant to be a wife and mother – most of the time.

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25 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica, very interesting about the patterns. It sounds like only exact numbers matter for aspects (i.e., not plus/minus one degree). In that case, I have my Moon at 15 Pisces, in the twelfth house with a pattern to Psyche at 15 Leo. Mystic mum as opposed to Meg? This is not really the way I thought of myself as a mother with a Virgo sun but it sounds rather more fun…Am I reading this correctly?

    1. Mystic Mum is a good description of the Moon in Pisces (you should make badges). Only exact numbers matter, in the system I use, but you can allow one degree’s difference for the patterns of Sacred Geometry to hold. Psyche at 15 Leo describes your ‘forever’ mothering or substitute mothering to other people’s children. It’s your legacy. And yes, it does pull in your Psychic Mum side.

  2. Hi jessica, how should i read moon at 27 aries, fortuna at 27 leo and venus at 28 scorpio. I understand the indvidual meaning though. I have two kids.

    1. Your Aries Moon in the First House is Mummy Bear or Tiger Mother and your two children bring out all your fierce maternal instinct – in quite a male way, actually, as Aries is a male sign. You are the kind of woman who would have been ready with the spade and rake in the last war with the children hanging onto her apron. Fortuna in Leo is common in the charts of women who deeply affect the destiny and fate of babies and children without knowing what they are doing. It sometimes turns up with women who are involved with young people professionally (teaching) and yet have no concept of how much they are changing their lives. Venus in Scorpio is about the sexual, financial and property relationship with the children’s father. I suspect this pattern was triggered when you became pregnant, perhaps both times. It takes a bit of work but it’s worth it.

  3. Dear Jessica, Years ago I was told by an astrologer that I had a “challenging chart” and I was too flummoxed/young/silly to ask what made her say that. However, now I’m looking at my Moon (12 Cancer) through new eyes thanks to your astrology, I think I see what she might have meant. I have Mars at 11 Aries, Venus at 13 Aries and Neptune at 13 LIbra and it looks as if my Moon squares them all. Could you please interpret this for me?

    1. Sure, a ‘challenging chart’ is a good way to put it. You have the Moon square Venus and Mars, and also Square Libra. If you were to draw that it would look like the letter T in your horoscope wheel so you have a T-Square. T stands for tense, taut and ‘triggered’ so whenever you have outer planets like Uranus moving across 11, 12, 13 Aries the pattern goes off. This happened for you recently. You need to talk to the Cancer, Libra and Aries side of yourself to find out what each wants and create a way to keep them all satisfied. Talking to cushions or the mirror is perfectly acceptable. There is an obvious conflict between ‘It’s all about me, me, me’ (Aries) and Libra (it’s all about us, us, us) and finally, ‘My family or home comes first.’ Look at the section on Sacred Geometry on how to turn T-Squares into something terrific.

  4. Hi Jessica, my moon is 18 Leo and I’m a Gemini. I have Pluto at 24 Leo and I know I have Saturn squaring my moon from Scorpio. Things have always been tough. Does it ever end?

    1. When people tell me things have always been tough I suspect a Saturn opposition, and you do have one. Saturn’s at 16 Scorpio and Diana’s opposite at 16 Taurus in your chart. There is a part of you which must work very hard, and perhaps worry more than other people do – in relation to your money, house, apartment, possessions or business interests. This isn’t born from imagined issues, it comes from a couple of really heavy situations which were visited upon you, in the past. I think you’ve probably learned to live with the outcome. Scorpio is a sign which we associate with family money, but also the classic marriage/mortgage situation. Diana in Taurus, right opposite, is that part of you which wants to be financially independent, but perhaps free of the material world, full stop. Finding a way to compromise between the different parts of yourself will be a lifelong quest so it is worth reading broadly about Scorpio and Taurus and also Saturn and Diana. You’ll actually gain from this creative tension when Jupiter goes through Scorpio from the end of next year. You’ll make or save money.

  5. Hello Jessica
    I have the Moon at 19 Aries with Salacia at 19 in Capricorn plus the North Node at 20 Cancer and the South Node at 20 Capricorn. What does this mean for me?
    I’m struggling to interpret the meaning other than I suspect parents and career feature along with my reputation. I’m not sure how oppositions affect these aspects?
    I’d be grateful if you could interpret for me please.
    many thanks

    1. Pauline, you have a T-Square in Aries, Capricorn and Cancer which is about image, career and family. As the T-Square sits at 19, 20 degrees you will find December asks you to make a decision to change everything. A very common example is a longing to move, with the result being a complete turnaround in your career, perhaps with a new job title. Or – you may think about moving in with someone new and giving up work for full-time study. Again, your image would be affected. It’s on that level of opportunity and radical change, as Jupiter at 20 Libra opens the door and Uranus at 20 Aries tells you how different things could be. Saturn at 20 Sagittarius and Chiron at 20 Pisces apply the squeeze factors.

  6. What does my twelfth house moon in Leo, squaring neptune (4) and and jupiter (10) (they are in opposition, so a t-square) signify. It is really the twelfth house aspect that intrigues me but yes, you are right the squares can be challenging with regard to parenting. I feel like the twelfth house makes it much harder though.

    1. Actually the Moon opposite Psyche is more important. The aspects you are calling there are too wide (I only use 0-1 degree orbs). I also use the Natural House system, so tilting your chart, we have your Moon in the Fifth House of lovers, babies, children and Millennials. It is in conflict with another part of yourself/your life which is shown by Psyche, just one degree wide of being exactly opposite. Mixed feelings and inner conflicts about being a mother are very common, or there may be obstacles on the road to motherhood. I suspect that when the Nodes move to Leo-Aquarius from 2017 (cycle lasts until 2018) past issues about this will come back to you, for final closure. It’s very much about what you did or didn’t do, in terms of pregnancy, step-parenting and so on.

    1. Yes, your Moon is exactly trine Chiron in Taurus so you are one of those grounded, down-to-earth people who can either do quite nicely in work and finance/business or turn to the home and garden for sustenance, creating a lifestyle from what you can make, create or grow. This will serve you all your life. Looking years into the future, when Uranus conjuncts Chiron in Taurus, you will radically change your approach to your lifestyle and security and may in fact opt for an alternative – self-sufficiency, for example.

  7. Hi Jessica – I have moon at 18 sag and fortuna at 18 libra. I also have quite a few aspects at 17 degrees as you have noticed before. Just wondering ho you would interpret this? Many thanks.

    1. When Jupiter crosses your Neptune (he changes signs to Scorpio from October 2017 into 2018) you will have a rare opportunity to escape from the real world through money or property and take a big holiday from ‘normal’ for a while. This will be because of an intimate relationship or a family connection. A typical example would be your mother lending you money or a boyfriend sharing his apartment with you, rent-free. Whatever goes down in your life will make all the wheels go round elsewhere, including travel or relocation (Sagittarius).

  8. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for the christmas present of e-astrology 2020 which is so enlightening. Looking forward to the Oracle Book .

    I have Moon in 1 deg Taurus, Venus in 0 deg Taurus and Psyche in 1 deg Taurus. Being a wife and mum to three millennials have been challenging. Is it always about money, property, business ? Merry Christmas . Warm Wishes.

    1. Merry Christmas, I’m glad you liked it. You have a Pluto-Cupido conjunction in Leo in the Fifth House which rules your children. So, that’s the key here. It is very easy to feel so passionate about the children with this combination, that life becomes extremely intense. There may also be a need to control. Cupido is extreme longing. Pluto is power and dominance. Put that together and you may find that it doesn’t always work with what the Millennials want to do. What you feel is real and sincere but it can sometimes be too much – correct? Have a look at the paintings of Pluto and Cupid online to see what is alive and kicking in your horoscope. It takes a bit of work.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Soooo I have for exact aspects moon in Leo at 17 and Ops in Gemini and allowing 1 degree adds in panacea in aries, merc in taurus, mars, bacchus, venus in gemini and vesta sitting right next to my moon in leo. I love my girls (young ladies now) but they came into my life quite early and I was not really ready to be a young mom! Doing the best i could never felt I did even close to what I should have to be there for them as I was trying to live my own life. As we have all gotten older we have become closer, do many things together and I find I do more and talk more to help them through life using my own experiences, good and bad. I never wanted boys back then and was glad to just have my girls and then had my tubes tied soon after. I know you say vesta represents a male and two or more women, since it is conjunct my moon (mother) does that make me something like the alpha mother?? I think I like the trine from panacea… I wonder if the square from mercury represents them as siblings? One is a sun taurus like me with gemini rising and the other has merc in taurus and is gemini!! Sorry, I could go on all day as you well know by now! Could you maybe expand on the Ops/Moon aspect? Thank you very much!!

    1. Actually, Vesta is the father of your girls, plus you and him. That’s a typical Vesta situation, with a male minority and female majority. You won’t notice Vesta very often but when there are transits triggering that asteroid in your chart, you’ll have the typical gender politics to sort out. You will notice quite a lot of karma, past life memory or old pattern repetition with your children when the Node eventually moves to 16, 17, 18 Leo. We see the Node change signs next year.

  10. Hi, I have a number of aspects near my moon in Aquarius, Jessica. What does it mean for me? Love your articles, thanks so much for making astrology such an interesting subject.
    Click to Edit

    1. Thank you. You need your friends! One friend in particular is more like a sister or brother. Maybe you have two like that. Friends matter quite as much as family or partners and sometimes more. You also have many special roles to play with groups, teams, clubs, networks, societies, organisations throughout your life. You will always be slightly apart from them, yet make them work. People power will help you achieve some of your most important goals – the things you remember when you look back on your life.

  11. Hello Jessica! I have my moon in Virgo at 19 and also Ceres in Cancer at 19. I’ve read up on Ceres and she concerns me a bit. The line about above “conflict around the role of mother” resonants with me. I went through many surgeries to carry full term after being told I couldn’t have children, never really had the idea in my head to have kids. But now that I do, I am very involved with my kids but I have times where I wonder how did I get to be a mom? It is a conflict for me but I find that if I take time and space for myself (like a full day), all comes right again. Can you shed some light as to what planet or asteroid may be the cause of this? As always, thank you for your insights and time! Happy Holidays to you!

    1. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you as well. Ceres in Cancer is best managed, exactly as you are doing. You need to take a day off for yourself. Actually, if we were doing this strictly by the book, you would be giving yourself exactly half what you need. I am not sure if you have a daughter or not, but the original myth tells us Ceres was separated from her daughter for six months a year, or two whole seasons, Autumn and Winter. Whenever we find Ceres we find the need for a deal or compromise – taking turns.

      1. Wow, go with the gut feeling and what pulls me in the right direction. Yes, my oldest is a girl and I have fraternal twins (girl/boy). They are all under 13….Will keep my ears, eyes, and soul open as to the direction this takes. Many thanks for responding!

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