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Your Mars by Sign and House shows you where you push and where you get red in the face. Just like a toddler crashing and banging around in the house (or the supermarket).

Using Mars in Your Horoscope

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Your Mars by Sign and House shows you where you push and where you get red in the face. Just like a toddler crashing and banging around in the house (or the supermarket). I like this phone box photograph from London – because it shows the classic Mars scarlet colour and also the word PUSH in CAPITALS which are of course the preferred typeface of all emergency services, from the police, to the fire brigade, to the military.

Mars rules all of this. It has long been associated with scarlet faces because when we are angry blood rushes to the surface of our skin. When we run, as a soldier or athlete might run, we also turn red in the face. This is nothing to do with embarassment or blushing, and everything to do with the classic Mars reaction. PUSH! RUSH! PUSH BACK!

Your sign and house will show you which issues get you on the attack or defence. Aspects to your Mars will show you how you handle anger and the desire to be first – to compete – to win. Astrology is a numbers game.

If you’re a premium member, look at the degree or number of your Mars in your chart, and see if it matches anything else within your chart, to one degree’s difference. If you have Mars at 17 Taurus is anything else also at 17? The sign and house of your Mars show you where you are most likely to come on like Russell Crowe mixed with John Wayne. Mars is a masculine planet. It rules Aries a masculine sign. This is a very old-school, male side of our personality and life. Men who have a lot of Mars aspects can seem very traditionally male – rather like gladiators or warriors.


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If someone else has horoscope factors ‘on’ your Mars (or in the same sign at the same degree) they will bring out your inner pushiness and perhaps your need to compete, to fight, to win. This is how we understand that astrology is alchemy!

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25 Responses

  1. I enjoyed this, very interesting, didn’t want it to end actually. It looks like my sun and ops is a degree away from my Mars. I’m not sure if I’m pushy or me not taking crap is the same.

  2. Hi Jessica, interesting article! I was hoping you could comment on my chart as I have three connections to Mars if you also consider one degree differences. It made me laugh as it seems quite complex however fitting to my personality. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Thank you. Mars at 10 Leo is hooked into quite a few chart factors so you can’t go very far in life without feeling it. You were born to fulfil a professional or personal role with younger people, no matter if you have a child – or an important connection with a niece, for example. Pregnancy issues (yes, no or maybe) can alter your whole existence. You may also be a natural teacher or mentor, so involved with younger people in your paid or unpaid work. Pregnancy, fertility, step-parenting, adoption, IVF, child custody, terminations, the education of children and so on can be very contentious issues for Mars in Leo people as when Mars is triggered by transit, the lion roars. Yet – you need the experiences to make you who you are.

  3. Hi Jessica. I have Mars at 11 Aries and Ceres at 11 Leo – I guess this means I have to share something rather than being No 1! But I don’t know how to interpret Bacchus at 10 Cancer, Pisces at 10 MC and Virgo 10 IC in relation to my Mars and would be grateful for your guidance.

    1. You can take it apart by using the new book 2020 Astrology. Ceres in Leo is about your control, power and also your necessary compromises with babies, children, Millennials, younger people. You might be the children’s author who has it all her own way until you (occasionally) run into editors who want you to change the whole book. This automatically brings in Bacchus (giving and receiving pleasure) in Cancer in the Fourth House so continuing the hypothesis, your wrangle over control of the book brings in your own nieces and nephews (the Fourth House describes family and home) for whom you wrote it. Your Pisces MC is your life direction – in Pisces it is about escaping from reality or keeping secrets so perhaps you write under a false name and nobody knows. Your Virgo IC is opposite and again it is about the family so someone in your family tree, present or past, is very much a factor. Maybe your great-grandmother was a schoolteacher. Now, put together your own chart and see how you’re playing it.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Sorry to leave a website issue comment here but it seems like the only option. The +More button at the bottom of your blog page hasn’t been working:

    I’ve been trying to access the older pages for a couple of days, using Safari and Firefox. No problems accessing other sites from my computer, so perhaps this is a technical glitch on your end?
    Looking forward to reading more.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    oh dear…with 5 aspects at the same degree as my Mars, i guess i am now understanding why i struggle with being defensive and often why i am called bossy 🙁
    It all gets me down as it creates conflict with others and i usually hate myself afterwards for being like this. It’s a never ending cycle and one i really need to change. I would greatly value advice on any positive astro tools in my chart i can work with more consciously to help me address these issues and bring them more into balance. Feeling very complex with this many aspects… Mars 8° Aquarius, Venus 8 Pisces, Mercury 8 Capricorn, Ops 8 Virgo, Psyche 8 Capricorn There’s also Uranus 9 Virgo & Fortuna 9 Taurus
    Truly thank you

    1. I’m glad you can see how Mars works in your chart. Awareness is everything. It began when you were about two years old (the ‘terrible twos’) and I suspect one of your parents had a real challenge as you hit your Mars Return when you were a toddler. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling angry. Actually you have the chart of an activist. You need a cause you believe in so you can fight the good fight – going on marches, starting petitions and so on. This will really help you as Mars is in Aquarius, the sign of people power. As your Mars ties into career (Capricorn) and work (Virgo) you could actually use activism as a path to success. Unless you respect your Mars and give him a home, he will always cause issues for you. Rather than fight with friends, become part of a group which fights for (insert name of cause here). Mars in Aquarius people change the world. If you are more physical than idealistic, then join a football team and ‘fight’ the opposition on the pitch. This also fits the Mars in Aquarius theme in your chart.

  6. Greetings! I realize we are in the Mercury Retrograde shadow and should put off any major decisions or refrain from entering into any contract but I feel I desperately need the services of an attorney to retrieve real estate that was stolen from an elderly relative with dementia. Please look at my chart. Am I fighting a losing battle or can I succeed? Thanks a million!

    1. How disgraceful that your relative was cheated. Actually, Mercury Retrograde is a useful time to go back and challenge what was done before, especially if you believe there was deceit involving paperwork. I don’t know how long you are prepared to wait to get results, though as this could be a long-haul battle. And the key question is, who stole the real estate? A family member? A business associate? This makes a big difference to your question.

      1. Thank you for your prompt response. The thief is not a family member but an opportunist that was bold enough to enter the nursing home and secured a signature on a special deed.

        1. I am furious on your behalf. What on earth were the staff doing? They should be protecting those people like lions, not letting scum like this through the front door. Okay, so what you need to know – go personal/local not just official. Talk and talk to as many people as possible involved, in the nursing home and in your local area. Gossip about it, spread the word. There is a male who will help you, larger than life and also quite overweight. It is going to take time, but please persist. I also feel that the culprit and the organisation concerned will come a cropper. In fact they are already hoist by their own petard. Good. PS – In 2017, please offer gardening even if it’s just growing a seed in a jam jar. Gardening is very therapeutic.

  7. Hello Jessica
    I have Mars at 6 Degrees in Virgo and Aesculapia at 5 Degrees in Gemini.
    I can see how the Mars and Gemini link could indicate why I currently work (part-time) in charity fundraising writing grant applications – I have to push the needs of the charity’s beneficiaries to funders through my writing skills. I’m not sure how the Aesculapia figures though – ‘the miracle when something comes back from the brink’.
    Am I reading this correctly? What is your perspective?
    many thanks

    1. You are completely right about your chart, Pauline. You won’t feel Aesculapia all the time but when he is triggered, a project/grant/application/website/document you had assumed was over and done with, will come rocketing back. Your way with words makes it possible for you to perform miracles and get situations, people or organisations back from the point of no return. If the charity is about people or animals surviving – then you are doing this quite literally.

  8. Hello Hello Hello
    I would love your advice on this one too!
    I have Mars 14 Libra and Panacea at 13 Sag.
    How does this play out for me?
    I would love to get a full chart analysis from you because there are just so many hidden facets to astrology that it would be such a great ‘know-yourself-better’ tool then decision making would be easier wouldn’t it. Do you offer these at any point?
    I have a feeling, given your rock star status that the line up would be enormous!
    Have an awesome day
    Ms Piggy

    1. Thank you Ms Piggy. We have been looking at personal birth charts for a while and I will do them, once I feel happy that what you get from a report, is what you would get from a consultation with me. I’m working on it! Now, your sextile from Mars to Panacea is about the partnership you have and the impact it has on you as a traveller, as a world citizen, as a perpetual student of life. Just being with this person triggers that. When Jupiter moves into Sagittarius from the end of 2018, through 2019, you two will be on the road, or even move. It will change your life.

      1. Thank you!
        Love your work!
        You are truly wise beyond your years. I have been a follower of your work since your very early days.
        Have an awesome day
        Ms Piggy

  9. Hi Jessica
    I know I can be quite passionate about things I believe in and what I think is worth fighting/waiting for – then I looked at my Mars & other factors in my chart and maybe I need to ease up a bit. What do you think of my Mars aspects?
    I’ve got Mars in 6 deg Aries; Vulcano in 6 deg Virgo; Ceres + Neptune in 5 Deg Sagg; Panacea in 5 deg Libra; SN in 7 deg Cancer and NN in 7 deg Capricorn.
    When I was younger I felt I was more under others’ control due to family, age, maturity, finance and home. As an older and more independent person, I know I am quite sensitive to being ‘controlled’.
    Thank you

    1. You are a classic example of someone who has a strong Mars and needs an outlet for that. Mars in Aries drives your chart because it is hooked into so many other factors. You can’t pursue family, partnership, career (even travel) goals without having to instantly deal with your own need to be first; to compete; to win. Any time you get outer planets at 5, 6, 7 degrees the pattern is triggered. In general, you need a physical outlet with this placement. Strenuous yoga works very well. So does fiercely competitive sport or competing against your personal best at the gym.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I have mars in aquarius, but beyond that I am not really sure what it means with the rest of my chart – would you be able to enlighten me?


    1. Mars in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of your chart (groups, friends) trines Venus in Gemini in the Third House (the internet, multimedia, communication) so you are a natural people power person. When the Node crosses Aquarius from 2017, into 2018, there will be karma with one or more friends within a team, club, group, society or similar. You will collect past life credits and settle some past life debts.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    My Mars is at 12 degree of Libra. Meanwhile, my moon is at 11 degree of Taurus, Saturn is at 12 degree of Leo, Vesta is at 12 degree of Cancer, Diana is at 12 degree of Gemini. How do I successfully advance my career in these placements? Thank you!

    1. Actually your career is far more about your Sun at 20 Virgo. You shine when you serve. You gain attention and admiration when you fulfil your duty and put others first. This is a big story in your chart in December as Jupiter moves to 20 Libra, Saturn moves to 20 Sagittarius, Uranus moves to 20 Aries. You will find that tremendous opportunities, lessons and radical changes in the lives of the people around you, or the organisations which affect your world, bring you a chance to ‘be’ Virgo in your chosen field.

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