Diana, Freedom and Independence

Diana is an important part of the family tree you can find in your horoscope. She can show you (by sign and house) why you may be reluctant to commit.

A symbol of freedom and independence

Diana is a symbol of freedom and independence in your horoscope. She is an asteroid, and the daughter of Jupiter in Roman mythology. Of course, all our modern astrology is based on these Roman/Latin gods and goddesses. Diana is thus an important part of the family tree you can find in your horoscope. She can show you (by sign and house) why you may be reluctant to commit. With Diana in the Tenth House, for example, you may not want a lifetime career path. With Diana in the Fourth House you may be very shy of mortgages.

This is an ancient archetype, or symbol, which has survived the centuries. Here is Diana in the Middle Ages with her bow and arrow, and her dogs. To the Romans she was their version of the Greek Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Diana is that part of you which roams free. She is all about Women Who Run With The Wolves.

Diana Twitter @OEWordhord 600x600 - Diana, Freedom and Independence
Diana image from Twitter @OEWordHord


Diana: Key Words and Ideas

Non-binding agreements. Commitment phobia. Autonomy. Space. Liberty. Spontaneity. No Ties. No Strings.

Diana was the goddess who begged her father Jupiter to release her from motherhood and marriage. Jupiter granted Diana her wish and set her free to hunt with her only companions, a hunting dog (usually a greyhound) and her nymphs, who were her followers, but also her friends. They are often seen in art bathing naked together. Some people have suggested this makes Diana a bisexual symbol. She had male lovers, too. Famously, Endymion was one of them. Endymion spent his entire life asleep. Diana only visited him when he was slumbering. They had children together, so it was a passionate affair, but it was never an active partnership (to put it mildly). Diana types often need Endymion types. The house and sign where you have Diana shows where you are always ‘hunting’ and roaming free and wild, but may need someone who is passive to partner with you.

I photographed this statue of Diana with her slumbering lover in Bath. You can see Diana’s dog underneath his leg but Endymion has passed out! It is common to see Endymion types in modern life who are addicted to television/computers/games/meditation and thus, barely present. Or, Endymion can manifest as a man with depression, or someone who is an habitual stoner or drinker – physically there, but not wholly there at all.

There is the suggestion that Diana falls for Endymion precisely because he will not get in the way of her hunting, her swimming and her dog! Can you see Diana-Endymion patterns in your own life?

DIANA and Endymion Adams  450x600 - Diana, Freedom and Independence
Diana and Endymion by Jessica Adams.


Diana in the Signs and Houses

The sign (below) you find Diana in, also gives you the house, or the life department she’s involved with. Of course this may be a complex and sometimes contradictory part of you! Why? Diana may be in the same sign as the Moon (for example) and the Moon needs to be needed. Or she may be in there with a number of heavenly bodies, which makes this part of your life rather complicated.

If Diana makes aspects (patterns) at the same degree as other chart factors, she’ll be quite busy in your personality and your life. If you have Diana at 1 Aries and the Moon at 1 Cancer, for example, you’ll find Diana pops up quite a lot.

Strongly Diana types are typically single women who don’t want children, who tend to have affairs or part-time relationships with men rather than commitment or domestic life – and who are either the outdoors type (active) or born to travel. If you have Diana in Pisces in the Twelfth House then you may be a secret free spirit who ‘roams’ when nobody is watching!

ARIES Image, brand, appearance, self-interest, self-promotion, profile, reputation, publicity, packaging.
TAURUS Money, business, charity, value, communism, socialism, economy, possessions, property, charity.
GEMINI Multimedia, publishing, internet, words, ideas, images, journalism, books, public speaking.
CANCER Mothers, home, family, home town, country, patriotism, roots, heritage, houses, apartments, home exchanges.
LEO Children, babies, young adults. Youth projects. Junior generations. Lovers who could make you a parent/aunt/uncle.
VIRGO The Body. Daily routine, lifestyle, work ethic, service, duty, food, drink, drugs, doctors, healers, surgery, exercise.
LIBRA Partners. Partnerships. Former, current and potential partners. Enemies, rivals and opponents. Lovers or foes!
SCORPIO Power and money. Sex and money. Death and money. Basically – property/finance in power-based ties.
SAGITTARIUS Travel. Travel in the mind. Academia, education, publishing, beliefs, foreign or regional ties, the internet.
CAPRICORN Ambition. Social climbing. Social status. Achievement. Being at the top of the hierarchy. ‘Making it.’
AQUARIUS Groups. Friends. People power. Clubs, societies, associations, political parties, bands, teams, Twitter networks.
PISCES Drugs and alcohol. Meditation. Mediumship. Secrets. Operating behind the scenes without any credit/visibility.


Working with Diana in your chart

We live in a world where security is sold to us as the ultimate kind of happiness, yet the truth is, we all have Diana in our charts somewhere. I know that big business, government and banks long for us to commit (that fits nicely into their spreadsheets and projections) but Diana has nothing to do with security, safety, commitment, longevity, assurances, responsibility – or anything else. She is all about hunter/gatherer instinct. You can spot her all over the world. Here she is in a Paris antiques shop. She is always shown with her bow and arrow, and usually a greyhound or spaniel at her feet. Diana is usually shown with one foot raised, as if to run. She’s that side of you which does not hang around! Diana helps you deliver the goods, but you will want to do it on your own terms, in your own way, on your own time.

Her famous fight with Actaeon came about when he accidentally saw her swimming naked with her nymphs. She was so enraged at this invasion of her space that she turned him into a stag. He was torn apart by his own dogs, as a result. Diana can be a fierce, remorseless, part of yourself too. This is where you will not stand for anyone or anything taking away your territory. If you have Diana in the Sixth House of the body, for example, you will be fiercely independent about your food, drink, fitness, healers, doctors, drugs and so on. You won’t take kindly to others (even accidentally) tramping on your turf.


Diana Paris Antique Market 449x600 - Diana, Freedom and Independence
Diana by Jessica Adams

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109 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,
    Can you please comment about the Diana on my natal chart?
    On your email on Friday, You said that there are 2 charts – one is the sun sign and the other is the birth chart. I did not understand that. I see only one birth chart under the premium members.
    Is the 2017 reading still open? thank you

    1. Thank you. The 2017 personal charts have been sent out and we have the 2018 waiting list open for just a few more weeks, so please put your name down if you want to be waitlisted (we will then be in touch at the end of next year to see if you want to go ahead and order). Okay – so I work with your Scorpio chart (Scorpio Sun Sign, Scorpio solar house chart) and your natal chart (Natural Houses). Accurate prediction can be made by looking at the timing in both of them. You have a Diana-Mars square in your chart, exactly at 0 degrees, leading from your Fifth House of motherhood. Over the course of your lifetime you need to figure out exactly how you are going to have children in your world, because it will raise a lot of issues for you about commitment, independence and freedom. This pattern is common in the horoscopes of women who have babies then decide they want their husband, mother or nanny to do the parenting! It is also common in the charts of women who know they never want to have children. The clash with Mars suggests a little inner conflict here. Sometimes women with Diana squares or oppositions avoid love, or they fall in love with men who will never become husbands or fathers to them.

      1. Dear Jessica,
        when I open the link in my email, it takes me to a webpage where it says 100 dollars for 2017 report for my natal chart. I would love to have it please. Can I pay via credit card and can you send me for year 2017
        Love your reading and I really need it. Thanks

        1. I’m sorry about that – let me pass it onto my webmasters – as the cancellations for 2017 readings are now closed. However, 2018 is now open for a limited time. Let me find out more about that particular webpage for you. Thank you.

          1. I registered for the readings for 2018. Can you please ask your webmasters and let me know whether my name is on your list. Thank you Hema

    2. Dear Jessica,
      I am laughing away since what you say strikes a chord. You hit the nail right on. I have 2 children – one is an adult and one is in middle school and my mother and husband played a major major role in their lives until they were like 5 years old. I was in grad school and so on. They raised both of them. Pretty much I was away for most of their lives from age 1 to age 4 (for both of them). After the age of 5, I spent a lot of time with both my kids. Now I talk to them a lot and do the cooking/cleaning/picking up after them. They are great kids, especially the younger one who has the soul of a 90 year old and the body of a 12 year old. He is wise beyond his years, its just shocking – never picks sides, always diplomatic in speech and actions.
      I was saying in the last post that I received an email from your website that I can pay 100 dollars to get the personal chart for 2017.If so Please let me know and I will pay through your website today. You must be this awesome person I would love to meet. Australia seems so far away from US. Thank you Hema

  2. Would you please check my placement of Diana? Does a Diana transit relate to fertility and increasing odds of conception? Love your website! Thanks.

    1. Diana is part of a stellium you have in Sagittarius which is a double whammy. Diana hunted with a bow and arrow and Sagittarius rules the archer, of course – who also galloped around Italy with his bow. This is nothing to do with fertility or conception, but everything to do with your tremendous need to travel. You can do this locally (even a long ride across town will change your whole week) but it is the classic sign of a globetrotter. You will see why in 2018 when you move or travel extensively. Diana, for the record, refused childbirth and marriage as she had seen her own mother suffer too much from it. The Greeks knew her as Artemis. For you, Diana is your inner explorer and you don’t even need a compass.

  3. I love this Jessica! Can you tell me what Diana means for me in my chart? Thank you.

    1. Thank you! Diana at 4 Gemini in your Third House of internet, telephone, writing, public speaking and so on, is your key to a great deal. She is hooked up to other chart factors close to 4 degrees, so when you ‘roam free’ online it’s not just about using the worldwide web, it’s actually about the rest of your life too. We also associate Gemini with multimedia, poetry, songwriting and singing, acting, and so on. You won’t notice Diana all the time but when you have transits (cycles) of planets in Gemini, she will wake up. Your online life or online persona allows you to do what you want, as you wish.

  4. Super interesting! My Diana is 16 Capricorn, IC 15 Capricorn. Moon is 16 Aries and Pluto 17 Virgo. I really am ready to pursue my career now I am 50. Any thoughts?

    1. Pluto is going over your Diana and IC shortly in your Tenth House of career in Capricorn, triggering Pluto in Virgo in your Sixth House of work. Yes, your career begins now. It will deepen and intensify in 2019, 2020 as we experience that rare line-up of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and even Ceres in Capricorn. I suspect you will be personally involved in the massive transformation at the top of business and politics which waits for all of us then.

      1. I have become a member this week, a smart move I think. Enjoying all the extras.
        I wonder if you could elaborate on this Diana, Pluto and career situation for me now you have my full chart?

        1. The Moon at 16 Aries is square Diana at 16 Capricorn in your chart. You have an inner conflict between your need to come first/be upfront/self-promote (the Moon in Aries in your First House) and your need to be free/independent/autonomous (Diana in Capricorn in your Tenth House) in your career. At the moment this inner conflict is in sharp focus as Pluto is moving across 15, 16, 17 Capricorn in your Tenth House, joined by Saturn after Christmas 2017, and ultimately Jupiter – so between now and 2020 what we have is total transformation of your ambition, mission and position. You may find, for example. that you are given a new role or title, perhaps a uniform or particular professional image, which challenges you to find your freedom at the same time. Figuring out your Moon-Diana square can be quite a creative process for you, but yes, deep change is afoot.

  5. Hello,
    This morning I had a conversation with my husband about the asteroid Diana in both our natal charts and I was attempting to determine what it meant for the two of us and our personalities. What wonderful synchronicity that you posted this article, this morning, about an hour after my conversation with him. I am hoping maybe you will help guide my conversation further with him. You can see my Diana from your chart. I have his chart from and he has diana 23 cancer. Also at 23 degrees in his chart is Ceres conj. Ops 23 Leo, Juno 23 Libra, Neptune 22 Sag, Minerva 21 Aquarius, and Chiron 21 Taurus. I am wondering if this is all part of my independence day (23 degrees on the 23rd of June) as I also have many factors at these degrees and signs. Any guidance is greatly appreciated and definitely will be put to use. Thank you so much for your time!!

    1. That’s great that you can talk to your husband about Diana as she matters as much to men, as she does to women. Diana often lets men be free as well. Her lover Endymion was free to opt out of the usual ‘male breadwinner/woman housewife and mother’ game because of his unusual love affair with her. In fact, they only saw each other at night, and although they had children, it was never a normal partnership. You have Diana right on 0 Scorpio, so I would say you were born to pursue the theme of freedom and independence, within marriage. Had you been born slightly earlier Diana would have been in Libra! So you timed your own incarnation. As your husband also has Diana at 23 Cancer (home and family) and it aspects your horoscope exactly, it looks very much as if you are old souls who have agreed to be together in this lifetime to work out issues around space, freedom, independence and autonomy in your contracts and relationship with each other. I bet your wedding vow was interesting. Have a look at the paintings of Diana with Actaeon, Endymion and the rest. They may have a message for you.

  6. Hi. I have Diana in Pisces at 21 degrees. I have always been a free spirit but lately have been struggling with feelings of wanting more security from a partner. Could you please explain this for me. Thank you

    1. It’s hard to say without seeing your chart. Diana in Pisces in your Twelfth House is unconscious or covered up. This is the chart of someone who does not admit her own longing for freedom, even to herself. Alternatively she hides it. So, often we see women who marry and have children even if they do not consciously want to do that at all – and then break away in secret.

  7. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for this super interesting but VERY unnervingly accurate article! My Diana is in Libra. I’ve come to recognize the patterns that I make in my relationships, and you couldn’t be more accurate if you knew me. Both the Diana and the Endymion bit!! I both love being in a love relationship and hate the idea of settling down, but I’m going to be 35 soon so you can imagine I’m in a tight spot. I guess I’ll settle with Endymion…. because, as you said, at least he’ll let me do my own thing right?!

    1. Thank you. The asteroids can be extremely accurate about our lives and Diana often comes with synchronicity. I gave a lecture in London on this asteroid and ‘Diana’ appeared in the street outside, witnessed by the whole group (a woman jogging with her greyhound). Endymion was not the only lover Diana had, although he was the safest. Why? Because he never went anywhere. He also satisfied her sexually and erotically, without stopping her from doing what she wanted, when she wanted, where she wanted. Endymion is never going to be a role model for Hollywood or for romance novels, as the ‘male asleep’ is not really the action hero type. Yet, there are many Diana-Endymion marriages which work very successfully as long as the couple don’t start judging themselves by other people’s standards. Have a look at the paintings of Diana to pick up more clues. I suspect you will have all your answers about a former, current or potential partner by October 2017, by the way.

    1. Actually Diana is locked into both your Nodes. Yes, you were born free. The nodes indicate past life karma so you are incarnating with strong memories of having been a hunter (or similar – a cowboy, explorer, gypsy) in a previous life. I am sure you have very strong instincts about that.

  8. HI Jess – Dianna in Taurus – funny, any other comments from my birthchart? Many thanks K

    1. Diana in Taurus in your Second House is locked into several other chart factors, so your freewheeling approach to money, houses, possessions, apartments, business, charity – has a big impact on the rest of your life. I don’t think you’re really a contracts kind of person. Your values are different to other people’s and you put a higher value on freedom than others do on ‘being rich.’ The years from 2018 will revolutionise your financial and property life as Uranus goes through Taurus and eventually conjuncts your Diana. At that point you will make a breathtaking, radical change.

  9. Just testing out my understanding… I have Diana in Cancer squaring my Juno in Libra, which seems like a hell of a clash. I do find that while I’m often aiming for an equal partnership, I do tend to prefer my own space, especially at home (they don’t seem to go together!). I’ve also realised that I can only really feel secure when I have space to move and independence, which could be Diana trine Moon at 24 Scorp (but could also be my Moon-Uranus conjunction).

    Diana’s also semi-sextile Ceres and Ops in Leo – not sure about that one as I haven’t particularly got to grips with semi-sextiles yet. Do you have any suggestions?

    As for Endymion… ho ho, yep.

    Loved this article – thanks very much

    1. You are reading your chart correctly and actually, all those aspects suggest the same thing. Even the semi-sextile, which involves Leo (babies, stepchildren) is part of the pattern. This chart pattern turns up with flight attendants who have regular absences from their lovers or partners and their job makes it okay to come and go. You have the kind of horoscope which suggests you have to do your own thing and go your own way. Never mind what is supposed to make you happy/content/satisfied – you have to mix up your own love life and I don’t think commitments will ever really be your thing, unless you both commit to be free. Still – you read your own chart best. Have a look at the paintings of Diana and Endymion and see what comes. Art can be a fantastic intuition tool, almost like a Tarot card.

  10. Hi Jessica, love this article after my little run in with Diana at the Met! In my birth chart she is in Aquarius together with her brother Apollo, Mars, Vesta, Salacia and Prosperina. A rather busy house…How does this cocktail affect my life?

    1. Yes, I remember you running into the statue of Diana at the Met! You will find that your friendships and groups wake up every so often, thanks to the transits, and something is stirring now – you will see why in 2017 and 2018 as the Node goes through Aquarius. You have friendships and group involvements which are as complicated, multi-layered and deep as other people’s marriages. There is karma at work in 2017 and 2018 as at least one person was involved with you in another lifetime and perhaps more. Maybe you were all in a group together. A coven? An army unit? I have no doubt that you will go through some really major experiences together. If you join a new group in those years, the sense of familiarity will be uncanny.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    thank you for the interesting article.
    I have Diana in 22deg Aquarius and she is in the same degree as other important players – Jupiter in 22deg Aries and mercury 22deg in Libra. And very near is my South Node 23deg in Taurus and North Node 23deg in Scorpio.
    Can you help me to understand in which way Diana influence my life?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Diana dominates your horoscope. You are a free spirit who finds her independence in groups. In mythology Diana ran with the nymphs, her girlfriends, as a pack. She was with them, but separate from them. You are drawn towards friendships and group involvements where you are allowed to be yourself, with all the space you want. I have seen this chart pattern in women who are involved in weekend hiking groups, for example. It won’t always be there, but whenever it’s triggered, it will change your life. Watch what happens when the Node moves to 22 Aquarius.

  12. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for always writing such generous and detailed articles.
    I learn so much from you and it is life changing.

    Could you please clarify what Diana means for me?
    I have Diana at 22 Libra.

    I’m a bit confused – I am happily married to a Libran.

    Does my Diana mean I want freedom from my partnership?

    Thank you so much.

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you, you are very kind. You have Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Aesculapia in Libra in your Seventh House of marriage too – not just Diana. So it’s complicated. You want freedom and space within the partnership but it’s also where you can be passionately obsessive (Pluto) and also deeply committed (Saturn). With Mars there too, you know that the two of you fight battles better, as a duet, rather than each other! This is the Apollo Moon landing chart combination. Armstrong and Aldrin had to work as a pair or risk losing the space race to the Russians. Aesculapia tells you that no matter what, this marriage can always come back from the brink. Beyond the actual marriage you will have one or more work partnerships in your lifetime.

  13. I love how you explained Diana. Now I get it more. She is in my Sag house (3rd and 9th?)…how does she work in my horoscope? Especially with my stellium in Sag…? Thank you!!

    1. You have Diana conjunct Bacchus (one degree away) in Sagittarius in the Ninth House so love to travel and travel in the mind. Your greatest pleasure, freedom and joie de vivre will come in foreign countries, distant regions or with other cultures and nationalities. You will love 2018-2019 when Jupiter the father of both Diana and Bacchus conjuncts their position in your chart. Get the map ready.

  14. This is so interesting Jessica. Can you tell me what Diana means for my horoscope? If I am reading my chart right, Diana 17 Capricorn 00′ 20″.

    1. You have Diana in the Tenth House of career so in general do not want to be tied down, committed or restricted with your job. I am taking just one factor out of 34 out of context though – I can’t see your full chart to say any more – and Diana may be in conflict with other chart factors which want commitment and security very much.

  15. Hi Jessica, my Diana is at 16 Capricorn with my Apollo at 16 Cancer. Any thoughts about the meaning of this dyad? I also have Pluto at 17 Virgo and the Moon at 15 Pisces. Thank you!

    1. This is about work, pure and simple. You have Diana in the Tenth House of success, career and achievement trine Pluto at 17 Virgo in the Sixth House of duty and service. Any time you have transits over 16, 17 degrees your entire life changes and you must make epic choices about your C.V. and ambitions. You are due for one of those periods when Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn all pass 16, 17 Capricorn which happens in slow stages, 2017 through 2020. Never let your need for control (Pluto) get in the way of your craving for independence (Diana).

  16. Hi Jessica, interesting article. l have never been in a relationship that has lasted more than a month……and never met a man who wanted to commit to me. l really crave having a loving relationship and sharing my life with someone, yet it also scares me!!! l have Diana in Libra at 21 03 43. Will l ever be able to share my life with someone for longer than a month, or am l destined to be single forever?????? Thanks Jessica

    1. You have Minerva at 21 Cancer square Diana at 21 Libra so this is a classic inner conflict between wanting to be free within a partnership but also knowing what is sensible in terms of the rent, mortgage or property investment with a partner. You fall in love with men who don’t put you through the conflict because they are never going to be the kinds of people who will commit or to whom you can commit. There are creative ways around this. Sit down with your Minerva and Diana and make them talk to each other. When Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn all move to 21 degrees (starts 2017) the whole pattern goes off so you won’t have too long to wait before a certain someone makes you choose. Again!

      1. Hi Jessica, will this person be willing to commit to me, or is he another who will come and go??? If he is another person who doesn’t want to stick around…..l will give it a miss, l can’t bear to be hurt again……l want a serious person who loves me and wants to build a life with me, not a fling… What do you mean when you say l should sit down and let Minerva and Diana talk to each other?? Do you mean meditation or visualisation…can you please explain????Thanks…!!!!

        1. You are speaking your Minerva in Cancer there and also your Diana in Libra. Minerva wants the wisdom of a lifetime mortgage, man and property ladder. Diana says she doesn’t want any man. If you look at the paintings and sculptures of both these mighty goddesses you may find a different sort of message comes through. Meditation and visualisation help – especially if you need to understand past lovers as well.

    1. Diana at 5 Libra is square Jupiter at 6 Cancer so you have a classic conflict between wanting to be free within a marriage or partnership (Diana is in the Seventh House of weddings and common law marriages) and the obvious benefits of having someone else to share the rent, mortgage or holiday home with (Jupiter is about good fortune, benefits and growth). There are creative ways to make it work. Having a shed in the garden or demanding Me Time on weekends is one way!

  17. Thank you for this post, Jessica!
    Could you please comment on Diana in my chart that is (yet another heavenly body) in Aquarius, in particular its aspect with Ceres, Proserpina(?) and Neptune?
    And any upcoming Diana-aspect that I should be aware of in the near future?

    Thank you!

    1. You have an Eleventh House stellium so even as a child you were involved in groups like the Brownies or book clubs, or created your own gangs with schoolfriends. Later on friends were almost like partners to you. Your adult life path is about harnessing people power within a group to change the world for the better. Diana is part of a line-up there, so it is when you are in the company of girlfriends in particular, that you are at your most free, wild and spontaneous. And can produce the most incredible results. This will come alive for you from 2017 into 2018 as the Node goes through Aquarius and sets the whole pattern off.

  18. Hi Jessica – I’ve got Diana at 4 Aries as part of a stellium. As a Libra I’m not exactly commitment phobic, so I’m not sure what this means?

    1. Diana is part of a stellium in your First House which has nothing to do with love, sex and marriage – but everything to do with your image, profile, personal appearance, title and so on. You project a complex, multi-layered image as Diana is not the only factor there. Yet your independence and wild spirit is part of the overall package.

  19. Hello!
    This is very interesting. I’ve been single all my life and was wondering what you see regarding my Diana in Aries.

    1. You have Juno at 13 Libra and Diana at 13 Aries so I am not surprised you have been single all your life (another word for single is ‘free’ of course). Juno is about commitment. She describes who and what you wed yourself to. In Libra, in the Seventh House, this is literally about marriage. Diana, the free spirit, is in Aries – which rules your title, identity, personal appearance and profile. Just changing your name in marriage would create huge conflicts for you. Elizabeth Taylor had a similar chart pattern. Her way of resolving it was to marry Richard Burton more than once, and then have more lovers and partners besides him. I’m sure you can find a less stressful way of satisfying both Juno and Diana in your life. Part-time love is a good one. A lover who does not mind you spending long periods of time away would be one way around it…

  20. Hi Jessica- I have always wondered how Diana in Scorpio works with my Venus in Libra – seems a bit conflicted. Only now am I starting to realise that although I value my independence, I still hope to find a soulmate to enjoy life with. Could you shed any light on this and also how I can tone down my sun conjunct pluto tendencies which does seem to be keeping some prospective suitors at bay. Thanks for an interesting article. Incidentally, I thought I was wait listed for 2017 horoscopes? Maybe I was wrong, perhaps I was just inline incase someone dropped out?

    1. Thank you for waitlisting for a 2017 horoscope. All the cancellations have now gone and the 2018 waiting list is open, but if you still have a question, please hit Support. Diana is conjunct Mars in Scorpio in your Eight House of money, property, sex and death. So…when it comes to deadly serious agreements over the house or apartment (the legacy you leave, or are left) and sexually intimate arrangements over money (mortgages, rent) you can be really fierce. I am sure you know this, as you suggest – but it is not so much Sun conjunct Pluto (five degrees is far too wide) as the virtually exact Diana-Mars line-up in Scorpio. Yes, this is there to be understood, respected and managed. You can pick up the new, colour illustrated edition of 2020 Astrology shortly which has quite a lot on these two placements. You will have a stunning opportunity to resolve the issues, once and for all, probably with a new lover, when Jupiter moves across Diana and Mars in Scorpio, once he changes signs in October 2017.

  21. HI Jessica,
    I have Diana at 23 Aquarius and Mars at 23 Leo. Interestingly, my name is Diane and people always call me Diana. I had a dalmation dog who was my beloved friend. I work with planetary energies, and I DO love Jupiter! Hence my profile name here. I never had children but helped raise my sister’s kids and several other people’s kids! I feel Diana in my chart is important but I’m not quite sure what she’s up to. I also have Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius and frankly I am a writer and have a lot of ‘air’ energy. Any suggestions?
    Love your work! JD

    1. I love stories like this. Thank you JD. Your Diana-Mars opposition will be well and truly triggered by the North Node and South Node as they pass over 23 degrees of Aquarius and Leo from next year. In fact you will experience karma from the years 1999 and 2000. It is very likely that you knew our sister’s children or the other children in a previous incarnation and agreed to meet again here. I think you’ll find 2017, 2018 fascinating in terms of what you experience.

    1. Minerva at 26 Gemini, Proserpina at 26 Leo and Minerva at 26 Virgo are all connected in your chart. This is about your work and lifestyle, and particularly the worldwide web. Interesting possibilities for you there either with paid duties or unpaid work. It would involve children or Millennials – or anyone born 20+ years after you. It’s a lifetime pattern that will be activated whenever we have outer planets going to 26 degrees. You can find out more about those asteroids in 2020 Astrology – the new colour illustrated edition is coming soon.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I have Diana at 13 Aries, Moon at 13 Virgo, Neptune at 13 Sagittarius, Panacea at 13 Taurus….
    Can you tell me please what do they mean?!
    Btw, I see the North Node at 12 Scorpio with South Node at 12 Taurus, but I’m not sure if they matter in this context.
    Thank you so much.

    1. That’s a big pile-up around 13 degrees which is triggered every month as the Moon conjuncts Diana, the Moon herself, Neptune, Panacea and also the Nodes which are close enough to be involved. So this is a living, breathing, constant part of you – the ‘free to be me’ push of Diana – in image, title and role terms you do not want to be tied down, and it affects everything from work to money and property.

  23. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for the interesting article on Diana, it has awaken me to protect and safeguard my future outcomes . Also freedom, peace of mind and integrity is priceless.

    When Uranus in Taurus conjunct my Diana in Taurus in 2018, what would happen to my life regarding a radical change? My husband has Sun in Sagittarius @11 degs and
    Diana @9 degs Pisces 12th House.

    1. Uranus is by its nature unpredictable but in general you will be affected by global changes to banking and world economies and particularly currency so you need to make sure that your financial and property strategy is adaptable and flexible enough to bend and flex with the changing times.

  24. Thanks for another interesting article Jessica. I have Diana at 24 Taurus, sextile Bacchus in Pisces, square Pluto in Leo, trine Ceres in Capricorn (and we’ve talked about that Pluto/Ceres story already this year!)
    I would love your input on this as I still have trouble interpreting aspects, despite all the help you give. 🙁
    What story do these guys and gals tell?
    Thank you for your time – it’s very much appreciated.

    1. Diana at 21 Taurus is almost exactly trine your Moon at 20 Capricorn and you will feel that most, as the transiting Moon moves across 21 Taurus and 20 Capricorn every few weeks. Financial independence works well with your need to be needed at work, in business or in academia, or even unpaid work. You operate best when you are not tied down or committed with business interests, property, money and it feeds your ambition. You will ultimately end up with a lifestyle or a professional role which meets both needs.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    I love the story of Diana. I work in textiles and we have a beautiful print of a Diana scene.
    I have her placed in Aquarius, along with a cluster of other planets. Can you tel me more about how Diana works for me
    Best wishes

    1. Now that’s synchronicity! Diana is talking to you. She often turns up when she has something to tell you about your own independence. Diana, Ops, Salacia and Psyche are all in Aquarius in your Eleventh House so you will live forever through your friendships and your groups. You will be immortalised through what you achieve as part of a network – people power – and perhaps, a sisterhood. Diana is associated with ‘the sisterhood’ through the nymphs. Thank you Claire.

  26. Jess, this is so spot on it’s ridiculous! Diana in Libra – married for nearly 20 years to someone who really was absent. And thinking more about it, Moon in Cancer explains the importance of my relationship with my children.
    I haven’t been keen to re-marry since, with a preference for relationships that maintain independence. Good to know where I’m coming from – and not that there’s something wrong with me, as some have suggested!!! …
    I have Juno at same degree in Aquarius – significant? Also, MC in Libra means that notwithstanding Diana, relationships are a high point in my life?

    1. I’m glad the astrology is spot on. You are reading your chart accurately – there is nothing wrong with you. Society fears and often does not trust Diana types because she does not need men and she is powerful in her own right. She was in fact lethal when a man accidentally spied on her bathing and she is the hunter (in today’s terms, corporate killer) who no man can equal. Your MC in Libra is indeed your life path so despite Diana you will express your soul’s journey best in professional or personal partnerships. Yes, Juno in the Eleventh House is important. You ‘wed’ yourself to friends and groups even though you find it hard to ‘wed’ yourself to lifetime partners. One probably influences the other.

  27. Hi Jessica
    Just curious if Diana 29 Cancer could be linked to Proserpina at 28 Gemini? Despite your very helpful hints, still a bit rubbish at seeing the links!

    1. Yes, you are reading your chart correctly. The two stories are linked. You are the go-between on projects and ideas (Gemini) probably on the internet, in multimedia, publishing or education (Gemini) and Proserpina in the Third House is the switchboard operator ‘Connecting you now.’ This story is related to your experiences within the family (Cancer), and in terms of your house/apartment/town/country (Cancer) – where you are fiercely independent (Diana) and need your space. Perhaps you learned your skills as a go-between from experiences within the family where you were the bridge between two powerful people or branches. You can make the links better than me!

  28. Hi Jessica

    Fascinating article! In my chart I have Diana in 15 Sagittarius, does this portend more so for travel in the mind for me as opposed to physical travel? I have recently had alternative crystal healing and one of the most interesting insights to come from this experience was a deep yearning to travel back to the country of my roots in Northern Greece, even though I have never had any inkling to do this at all, as I was born in Australia. I love the synchronicity of everything! Thank you.

    1. Travel in the mind is one outcome of the Ninth House but real travel/emigration is more likely – perhaps the universe is conspiring – Northern Greece may be calling!

  29. Hi Jessica,
    I have Diana at 15 Virgo, North Node 15 Libra and Ops 15 Leo. My Sun is 14 Virgo. I love to roam free and loved that my childhood was spent with countless hours to roam the woods. Can you provide any further insight into what this means to my relationships and career?

    1. You lived your Diana as a child, roaming the woods. She is very powerful in your chart because she is conjunct your Sun. Diana at 15 Virgo in your Sixth House of daily life, routine and the body is right next door to your Sun at 14 Virgo. Have a look at the paintings of Diana. She is usually shown bathing (swimming with the nymphs) or running with her dog. Because Virgo and the Sixth House rules your physical condition, your mind, body, spirit connection and so on, your body equals your spirit and vice versa. Relationships will need to allow you plenty of space to be your own woman, particularly with the dreaded housework and in fact you may not want domesticity at all. Because the North Node in Libra is tied in, this is a karmic issue. It is about marriage and I suspect you ‘did’ one relationship before, either in love or within your family, in a previous existence where women simply did not have the freedom they do now. Once the karma on that is complete with a particular person you can get on with your life. Virgo rules small animals – the dogs we ‘serve’ by walking them and feeding them. A dog will be as important to you as a human being.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    This is the third comment i have left under this blog, which i was really interested in. It seems as though my comments somehow don’t register as you have managed to reply to all comments except for my two, which is commendable (unless you are me!). I have contacted your support team as this happens every time i leave a comment, and they tell me that you are just too busy to answer all comments. And I am sure that you are busy, but i dont think that you would only be too busy for my questions, each time. Or maybe you are? Anyway, i cant get any sort of investigation into this reoccurring issue, which is a little frustrating. I have tried twice now with your support staff. But just so that you know, I did actually enjoy your website! Have a merry one! Best wishes Tosca

    1. Thanks Tosca – I am still looking for your original comment – apologies, as I’ve been crossing time zones from the United Arab Emirates to Britain and sometimes this means I don’t see everything posted. I’ll keep looking for you!

  31. Hi,

    I think my previous post was unnoticed. Just posting again.

    I have Diana in Leo, so I’m not keen on children? How does Diana then effect 2017 and in general for me?


    1. Shaolee, Diana in Leo in the Fifth House is not the whole story with children, but it is part of it. There will always be a part of you, according to your horoscope, which wants another person (co-parent, nanny, mother) to take responsibility for children while you can be free. I think you’ll have to make one of the biggest choices of your life about this in 2017, 2018 as the Node goes through Leo and your Fifth House. It’s karma, basically, and one way or another you’ll have to make a decision.

  32. Hello.

    Please could you tell me what Diana means for me as I have 3 other asteroids at the same degree in other houses so not too sure how to put it all together.

    Many thanks.

    1. Diana is in Pisces in your Twelfth House so you have an unconscious need to be free, independent and without any commitments. Diana may come out in your dreams as you find yourself flying or even hunting with a dog. Unconscious behaviour can be very powerful so if you get yourself into relationships which have no chance of lasting, or fall in love with people who can’t be with you as proper partners or parents – you know what is going on. Diana can also emerge behind the scenes, so you may release your wild-woman side through projects where you are invisible, but others get the attention. Diana is pretty powerful. It’s good to be aware of her and give her some space in your life, as she can cause havoc if you consciously go for very tight, straight, conventional, arrangements at work or in love.

  33. Thank you so much for such an enlightening article about Diana in the horoscope! I was just wondering about Diana’s impact in my life when I read your post! What does it mean for me that I have DIana in my first house? Also, I found out that I have Hekate conjunct exact my Ascendant. Ceres is also in my first house, too. These archetypes seem to tell a story, and I’m really wondering what does it mean for me in my life? Thank you so much for everything you do! I really appreciate it!!

    1. Thank you. If you have Diana and Ceres in your First House, they are in Aries, which is a strong, fearless, active, energetic sign. You project powerful female energy and ‘the huntress’ in your image, if these two are in Aries. Don’t worry about Hekate – she’s not part of the Roman/Latin family tree we use in modern astrology.

  34. Hi Jessica, a great article indeed!!! and thank you. I have Diana at 7 Aquarius along with north node at 6 virgo and south node at 6 pices and also ceres at 6 aries. Also my ascendant is at 7 aquarious and descendent at 7 leo which you may not want to consider due to inaccuracy in the time. My mom said I was born at 01.05 pm at my maternal grandmother’s place, but my aunt said the clock was always 10 minutes ahead or so.

    So anyway, Diana in Aquarius might explain why I am so particular when it comes to making friends. I follow couple of feminists groups/websites that echo my views . How the above factors effect me ?
    Thanks a lot!!!

    1. You’re a true Diana in Aquarius type – she had nymphs to swim and hunt with – you have feminist websites. Diana is hooked into the rest of your chart very strongly and you would notice it most with your Node in Virgo. When you work, you do so with your Diana fully on board (Virgo rules your lifestyle and daily workload).

  35. Hi Jessica
    I could not figure out my diana in cancer. Could you help me . Diana in 15 degree cancer (currently opposite by Pluto). I’m not sure whether to use sun sign or natural house system.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, you have Diana at 15 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, home, home town, homeland, household, houses, apartments. You are a free spirit here and need your independence. Pluto’s opposition suggests now through 2017 is decision time for you. There are bigger trends around you which are affecting your usual choices, and I think December 2016, January 2017 will make it necessary to look at the pros and cons. Why? Because we have so many Capricorn transits, also opposing your Diana.

  36. Hi,

    I see myself in Diana. I was a leader of a girls group for many years, we have had many family pets who I always treated as family members, and I have had a few chances to marry but always felt they weren’t the right one, though the right one is out there somewhere, and he will understand me and let me be me. I have always wanted my own achievements and accomplishments independent of a spouse, on my own merit. My independence is important to me. I don’t want that to change, but I still hope to meet the right life partner/spouse some day.

    I have Diana in Sagittarius along with my Venus and Mars and Desc and South Node.

    Diana is at 1 degree Sag in my 7th house, same as my Jupiter at 1 degree in Cancer in my 2nd house.

    Any insights?


    1. That’s so interesting that pets were family to you! You’re a typical Diana and the cluster in Sagittarius in your Ninth House (not your Seventh, using the Natural House system – it’s your Ninth) suggests you are all about travel and travel in the mind. You will have your best chance in 12 years to begin a relationship with someone who understands your need for space, freedom and exploration when Jupiter (opportunity) goes through Sagittarius, towards the end of 2018, into 2019.

  37. Hello Hello Hello
    Bugger! Got leap-frogged again.
    Love your articles!
    Could you give me an insight into Diana in my chart.
    Diana 10 Virgo
    Mercury 10 Sag

    Are Fortuna 9 Libra and Sun 11 Sag close enough to contribute to the Sag aspects?
    I’m super curious as Freedom is what I crave the most but alas circumstances and responsibilities keep it well and truly beyond arms length. Is Freedom on the horizon?
    Have an awesome day wherever you are!
    Very electricky, buzzy, zappy at the moment!
    And that’s not the drink! :0
    Ms Piggy

    1. Ms Piggy, you are strongly Sagittarian and I looked at your chart in another question – you will be on the road, or even move, from the end of 2018 into 2019. You could have an extended vacation or uproot to another part of your country, or the world. I do feel this is major, not just another trip or relocation. It will change your life and you may find yourself ‘teaching’ or ‘studying’ as well, no matter if this is formal or informal.

  38. Also, back in ancient times hunting was regarded as a profession that provided food to survive and also income for sale of the hides or fur and so on. Hunting requires skill and ability.

    So I see hunting as whatever skill or profession someone has that enables them to be independent.

    How nice that Diana’s father enabled her to live her dream and have that time to be free. Really cool.

    I see the sleeping/passive partner as someone who does not interfere in what she want to do.

    1. Correct. The modern Diana is a career killer or headhunter type. The sleeping/passive partner type (Endymion) does not interfere, which can be very nice for women who want space. Diana’s boyfriends and husbands are not always the protectors or breadwinners that society calls ‘real’ men but if she is wise she will overlook that and value them for what they are. The trick is to avoid the wrong kind of Endymions – the stoners who sit in front of Playstation all day!

  39. Hi Jessica, very interesting post! My Diana is at 22nd Libra and my sun is at 22nd cancer, along with chiron 22 Pisces and Salacia at 22 Capricorn. That’s a lot of influence from Diana. What are your thoughts on it. Thanks in advance.

    1. You may not want a conventional partnership at all. The husband-wife or wife-wife thing may not feel right to you. Even so-called modern relationships between ‘partners’ who live in the same apartment could cramp your style. You are fiercely independent and being with a lover actually brings it out. You become more demanding about space the more the intimacy grows. You are best suited to an airline pilot/flight attendant relationship, perhaps, or you may prefer a lover who is very low-key, retiring (a former Buddhist monk would do nicely or an academic cloistered in his study) so that you can run around being Diana.

  40. Hi there Jessica. Thankyou for this article. I have just realised I have Proserpina and volcanos conjunct my diana at 15 and 16 degrees of cap. Also pluto has been and will be conjuncting all of this!! Does this mean anger/volatility?? Hope you can help me understand as there seems to be a lot going on with this stellium. Thanks and happy new year!

    1. Pluto moves very slowly but yes, you have an important transit taking place which will affect your place in the world, your success, your status and your ambitions. It’s very much about your position and also your mission. In general, Pluto brings people, organisations or situations which take over. They can feel quite dominating. You are a natural go-between and a free spirit at work (or university, or with your unpaid work). You are also quite potent in your own right. What happens now through 2020 is a slow transformation of that. You might call it your professional evolution. Not only Pluto but then Saturn and Jupiter will also begin to cross through Capricorn and so by 2020 the transformation is complete. You may want to read more about Pluto in your ebooks.

  41. Happy New Year Jessica!
    I wish I was in London to attend your astro-meetings, but I’m making do with trawling your web-page instead. Making plans for 2017 – one of which includes finally biting the bullet and getting a mortgage (I may have to change my name from Gypsy ?! ) Am I understanding this correctly – is Diana in my fourth house, thus giving me a lifetime of cold feet re: mortgages? (That’s how I understood your explanation earlier). It would help explain a lot.
    Hope your having a safe and cheerful festive season x

    1. Thank you. Hygiea is at 7 Cancer in your Fourth House, not Diana (she is elsewhere). You are extremely cautious and defensive when it comes to property, as Hygiea (who lends her name to the word hygiene) is about the maxim ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Sharp awareness of changing mortgage interest rates or falling property prices may have put you off before. On Friday 20th January Mercury at 7 Capricorn conjuncts Diana at 7 Capricorn, exactly opposite Hygiea in your chart so I would be amazed if you could sail past that without having mixed feelings – yet, ultimately, the property and financial story works out so well for you, starting from October 2017 into 2018.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    Diana was such an interesting woman and certainly did not fit the mold, so I very much enjoyed reading your article on Diana and your insights. All of your articles are well researched and analyzed.

    I was born on 8/20 and my natal chart has a birth trine of: Sun in Leo 28 degrees,
    Rising/Ascendant in Capricorn 28 degrees,
    Jupiter in Sagittarius 28 degrees.

    Could you give me some insight as to how this eclipse that falls a day after my birthday will effect me?

    Thank you so much,

    1. Thank you Jennifer. The Sun-Jupiter trine is exact and it’s the most important factor in your chart because Saturn will pass 28 Sagittarius in 2017 and trigger that pattern. Way beyond the eclipse period itself (which you should bypass for all major action plans and judgement calls, until you know/see more) you have a moment of truth about two areas of your life, in the second half of 2017. One is your godchildren, children, nieces, nephews, or paid/unpaid work involving younger faces. Another is about your foreign or regional plans. Take your time and go slowly. This can’t be rushed.

  43. Hi there Jessica and Happy New Year! I loved the article. I have Diana at 22 Aquarius. What does this mean for me? Many thanks in advance.

    1. Happy New Year. Diana reveals your need to be a free spirit – often, a lone wolf – with groups, clubs, teams, associations, bands, parties and other circles of people. You need to go your own way and do your own thing. It’s also the same with your friends. You operate independently within a friendship.

  44. Hi Jessica, love your site. I’m really glad you posted about Diana as she has always resonated with me. Just did my chart and i have Diana in Aries in the 10th at 28 degrees-exactly conjunct my partner’s moon. Can you please me how this plays out in our relationship. Thanks

    1. You two will be playing out the Diana story quite strongly, with one of you needing a lot of space, independence and freedom. In Aries in the First House (Natural Houses) it’s about looking the part of a free spirit, as much as actually being one. So people may assume either of you is single, when in fact, you’re not. If one of you has a dog then the Diana myth is complete.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    I have Diana in Leo. Could this mean that I attract or choose partners/lovers who won’t commit? Or there is other aspect in my birth chart that what would reflect this?

    Thank you for your time.


    1. Justina, you have Diana, but also Venus and Ceres in Leo in your Fifth House. You thus have three goddesses all sharing a house together and they wall want different things when it comes to pregnancy, step-parenting, parenthood, and so on. This is actually at the core of your love questions, as you might think it’s all about the heart/courtship but actually from your horoscope’s point of view, it’s about your choices or ability to become pregnant, or to sidestep that – and also your lover’s own situation regarding parenthood. Diana rejected motherhood and marriage, quite famously. Venus loved to be in love – she committed adultery behind her husband’s back. Ceres was a mother who had to learn to compromise. So – you can see – that is a complicated little Leo signature and it is possible you have fallen in love with people who enable you to play it out. Awareness is everything so the more art you can look at about these three, and the more you can read them, the easier life will be. In fact, you have a major couple of years coming up, as the Node moves into Leo in May and will activate all three factors in your chart, from that point until 2018.

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