Mercury Retrograde December 2016, January 2017

Make allowances for extreme weather affecting transport and commuting. Telephones and computers may not be your friends at this time.

It’s on again. Mercury Retrograde begins with the shadow on 2nd December 2016 and will not leave us until 27th January. Make allowances for extreme weather affecting transport and commuting. Telephones and computers may not be your friends at this time. Allow for product recall. Plan for rescheduling. None of this will be ordinary, everyday stuff. Mercury Retrograde brings drama which affects whole cities and nations.

Back on 12th August I gave you all the dates for Mercury Retrograde through 2020 if you need to check. This great photograph from my Twitter friend Esme shows how December and January will look to us. Back in November, we thought we knew where the leaves had fallen. We figured that the shakedown of the American election was over. Mercury tells us that this was only the beginning. Nothing has really shaken down, as it will be permanently for 2017, until we are over the final shadow of this planet at the end of January.


Ceres Autumn Twitter at Esmeandthelaneway 480x600 - Mercury Retrograde December 2016, January 2017




Messy Mercury Elections

I’ve posted before about messy Mercury Retrograde elections. The most famous one in history was Bush versus Gore in 2000 when it took around a month for the decision to become final.

The 2016 Election did not happen on Mercury Retrograde, but early voting did – and Electoral College and Inauguration will also occur on the cycle.  This is what I wrote about the early voting period, back on 11th May.

“It’s the time to take extra measures to ensure mistakes don’t happen and to have Plan B in case things go wrong. It’s also the time to be very wary with the internet, computers, the media, buses, trains, cars and planes – which Mercury rules. The most simple error can create a chain reaction of events on this cycle.  Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is about the internet, most of all. It is about Microsoft Word and Apple. It is about Google.  It is about hackers. It is about technical problems. It is about manufacturing faults. Basically, if it’s about your computer (or the computer at work, or university) then expect Mercury Madness.”


Flickr Sam Howzit 600x401 - Mercury Retrograde December 2016, January 2017


Pre Voting in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina

Electronic voting machines and hacking are both typical outcomes of a Mercury Retrograde period. So is extreme weather, issues with postal votes and so on.  This one ran from August 10th through October 7th. Hurricane Matthew appeared at this time. It formed on 28th September and did not dissipate until 10th October. You will remember on 3rd October Florida and North Carolina declared a state of emergency. One million people in Florida had no power. In South Carolina, half a million people had no power. (American flag image: Tumblr).

On this Mercury Retrograde cycle, December-January, the previous Mercury Retrograde cycle will come back to haunt us. What went wrong with the candidates and the election during Mercury Retrograde, August 10th to October 7th 2016, will be revealed during this next cycle, starting December 2nd.


December and January in Government and Business

Mercury will retrograde in Capricorn the sign ruling government and big business in December, January. This will result in chaos at the top. It will have a domino effect on your own life. Demotions, promotions, departures, resignations and redundancies will affect you directly, or through one-two connections in your world. These will not be smooth. They will be delayed and they may even be overturned.

We are going to see muddles and mess in Downing Street, in Canberra and of course in Washington. One of the reasons for that is that Mercury will get stuck on Ceres in Capricorn in the US chart. As I write this on 23rd November, the power structure is – President Barack Obama preparing to leave the White House, and Donald Trump and Mike Pence moving into position to take over. People are talking about ‘transition’ but this is not a transition at all.

Shocks Galore

Adding to the uncertainty of December, January we are in for some shocks. There will be a revolution in every country of the world. Why? Uranus at 20 Aries, Saturn at 20 Sagittarius, Jupiter at 20 Libra, Mars at 20 Aquarius. Each national chart will show where the rebellion come from and why.  (Image: Victoria and Albert Museum).


Uranus from Twitter Victoria and Albert Museum 600x385 - Mercury Retrograde December 2016, January 2017


What To Do, What Not To Do

Have Plan B and C prepared as you will find the ripple effect of chaos at the top of government and business, affects everything from airlines, to traffic, to computers or other technology. Get it in writing and read the fine print. Don’t just assume everything you hear and read is going to stick. Be aware that Electoral College begins on the same day as the actual retrograde in America. Also be aware that Christmas itself is the time for most of the big shocks to occur.

It’s a good couple of months to rehearse, create a first draft, a first edit or a beta test. It’s not so great for big launches, appointments, decisions and declarations. Do allow for extreme weather December 2nd through January 27th all around the world – storms which cut power, snow which stops flights, extreme heat or bushfires which hit traffic and so on.

For most of us, December and January are months to unwind, take stock, recap the year, review things and then slowly gear up for 2017, which we will all feel, does not even get started until February, when Mercury is back to normal!


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158 Responses

  1. From what I’ve learnt through your blogs not all Mercury Retrogrades are terrible, I mean yes they are in a way.. but not really. Is it odd to have a new year begin with Mercury retrograde any case this year has been one long homecoming season and I can’t wait for 2017 to start..
    I will be moving in Dec second week ( I mean I’d have to for new job) although I did sign the papers now in late November heeding your warning about Mercury retrograde. Hoping new city, new social circle and new job will bring a fresh start

    1. Your comment did actually come through twice, so you were posting successfully. Congratulations on your new job and property move. I’m glad you signed before Mercury Retrograde began. You have a stellium in Capricorn in your Tenth House so work, ambition, success and achievement are a major part of who you are. Give yourself plenty of time and space to adjust. You will need to adapt through December, January as your position is not the only one changing and you will see quite a different set-up by the end of January, compared to the one you were expecting. Make allowances in your schedule for delays, reshuffles, changes, reversals and perhaps a standstill over the next eight weeks, yet having everything in writing and having checked the fine print in your contract back in November will help you.

  2. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you so much for writing this with such clarity.

    It’s been so lovely speculating about this on Twitter!

    I can’t wait to see the real outcome of this election. It’s all very suspicious but I have faith that Jupiter in Libra will bring justice and reveal the truth of what happened with the votes.

    Despite my deep devotion to astrology, we are moving into our new house on December the 19th…

    May I please ask for your insights for me during this time?

    I am now feeling quite worried as both my husband and I have several factors at 20 degrees:

    My Leo Ascendant and Hygiea at 20 degrees and my Husband with his Sun in Libra at 19 degrees and Juno at 20 degrees Virgo.

    Thank you very much in advance for any light you can shed for us.

    Kindest regards,

    1. Thank you Nicole. No need to worry about December, as your charts are quite different to the American chart! I suspect the ultimate outcome for America will be independent from – freedom from – old, stuck systems. The whole political system might be the first candidate. For you, with Hygiea at 20, and your husband with Juno at 20, this is about exactly what you would expect from a new house. A radical change in your lifestyle and also your marriage, and specifically in terms of the babies or children in your world, or younger faces who might come in. When I say radical it really will feel as if you have to take a deep breath, and review and rethink – even revolutionise – your old approach. In fact you may not have realised how hidebound you were until you get the December shocks. On another note check the wiring and electricity connection. No big deal, just housekeeping, but Uranus does rule anything electrical.

      1. Thank you so very much Jessica. Your astrology is life changing.

        What wonderful news to hear about December. I shall swing open the door of the new house and let the revolution March right in!

        Ever since we started planning this move back in August, our hope was to get a backyard with grass for the little crab and lioness to crawl and pounce in.

        I will definitely check all things Electrical- thanks you for the advice.

        I can’t wait to move in!
        Thank you again!

        Kindest regards,

  3. Hmmm. Thanks Jessica. I feel like the mayhem has already begun at my workplace. Any tips from my chart?

    1. Yes, with a stellium in Capricorn, your workplace would already be showing signs of mayhem. You have Proserpina here, so you are the go-between who keeps both sides content. This may be two powerful people or organisations. You will have your work cut out for you in December, January as you must attend to both parties, so make sure you have plenty of me time to recharge and unwind. It will all be over with the final detail in place by the end of January and that should feel like a genuine fresh start after weeks of not fully knowing.

  4. Hi Jessica – If you can have a look at my birthchart – is there anything specific coming my way to look out for? Many thanks. K

    1. You have a stellium in Capricorn so your work, unpaid work, study or full-time parenting defines who you are. There is a strong pull towards not just work, but chiefly success, achievement, fulfilled ambition and the rest. I would describe the next two months as a mountain climb with variable weather. You will find your progress up the mountain is affected by some people dropping out, or dropping back. Others will streak ahead or go sideways. Then, it will all get stuck, or even reverse! Staying super flexible, watching the conditions and allowing for that will help you keep climbing. In general your chosen field, industry or profession will go through an epic transformation 2019, 2020 and this is a tiny sneak preview of the why/what/how/where.

  5. Hi Jessica
    Can you expand on the 20° conjunction with saturn, uranus, jupiter and mars. I have pluto, desc, ascendant and apollo at 20°. It seems major? Hoping not so, or positive as need to unwind this christmas !
    By the way reading all your posts on Trump and elections, there are rumours that many voters were prevented from voting and also rumours of rigging. I don’t know if you know the work of Greg Pallast, but he’s taking up the mantle (he’s an investigative journalist specialising in uncovering the unsavoury world of dirty money and tax havens amongst other things).
    When Trump won, (as I imagine many) I had this sinking feeling of the wrong world order taking over as somehow mirroring my own life. Then I had another feeling that told me that this is temporary, and a glitch, and something will change next year. Hope and good will always win in the end, as I feel the world and people are waking up.
    Thanks as always for your insightful posts – keep up the good work !

    1. Pluto at 20 Virgo is what you will notice most. You are at your most powerful when you control work (master work, actually) and also when you are the boss of your own body. You have varying degrees of success with this and can go through waves of running your own lifestyle, food, job, doctors, drink, drugs, fitness, healers in an exceptional way – then feeling as if you are not in control at all. December sees Uranus at 20 Aries, Saturn at 20 Sagittarius and Jupiter at 20 Libra all transiting your natal Pluto. Thus, the time has come to accept a new order. I expect some of this will come about because you see promotions, demotions, mergers or departures in your work, university/college or home sphere (the latter, only if you are a full-time parent). This makes it necessary for you to completely alter the way you use your 24 hours a day. Now – Mr. Trump and your instincts. The American chart would agree with you. Nothing is fixed. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is stable. This country must get through the most radical changes in decades, December into January before she can ‘settle.’ Generation Libra, born in the 1970s, will be those who bring about the greatest upset. Why? They are the most upset by racism in particular.

  6. Hi Jessica, just want to say I love you, my partner and I moved country 2012, he got a good position, but after many rows I left him 2014. we got back together January this year, its be brilliant, but I cant get work I had a job but a woman was telling lies about me ( on the eclipse ) and ive tried everywhere, I would love to move back,but my partner wants to stay. he is hoping for a better position, but they do just pile more work on him I’m aquarius my partner is cancer, I know mars is in aquarius which is good for energy and getting things done , but I’m worried for Christmas, because my partner has moon libra, mars in aries, Jupiter aquarius, sat gem, uran libra, nep sagg, pluto libra, north n, and asc cap, what shall I look out for . thank you xx

    1. Thank you. So you are a Sun Aquarius and your partner is a Sun Cancer. Without a chart that is what I will work with. December and January are important for him in terms of deciding what to do about you – and with you – yet if you two have not made your minds up by 1st December it may be a long process of discussion, change and perhaps delay between both of you, until at last you have agreed on a way forward in the final days of January. You will have the lifestyle and job you long for, from the final quarter of next year. Until then, there is a new way to manage your finances (really manage them) or a new way to handle shopping, sales, budgets which will help take the pressure off. Have a look at what is possible.

  7. I have Uranus in my first house, sun and mercury in Capricorn and Libra moon and ascendant, what sort of ways do you think this retrograde will affect me? Many thanks and congrats on your 20 awesome years!!

    1. Thank you. Sun and Mercury in Capricorn is the important part. They are in the Tenth House of your chart using the Natural House system, which is your career, unpaid work or university/college degree. Just make sure you get it in writing and read the fine print in December, January. There will be reshuffles or rescheduling around you. Without your chart it is hard to say how you will be directly affected but it will have an impact.

  8. Jessica
    Interesting take on what’s happening globally. Do you think Trump is going to impeach himself? Back to more personal issues, what are the likely influences of mercury retrograde have in my life/ chart at the end of this year? I’ve been waiting for a conversation to recommence with an ex but it’s been stuck for months, don’t know why? any signs of us moving forward together soon?

    1. The Trump chart does not show anything that should be there – including the out-of-court settlement for fraud – so it’s hard to say what will happen to him, yet I trust Jupiter in Libra enough to know that equality rules 2017 and nothing else will do. The time to hear from your ex was actually October and the first three weeks of November – have you checked for missing post, e-mails, texts and so on?

  9. Thank you for another great article! You mentioned revolution and shock, as well as chaos at the top in December. I happen to have quite a number of trigger points at 20 degrees, and wonder whether it will be a bumpy ride for me. This year has not been the easiest, and I would love the holiday season to go smoothly.

    1. Cancer and Libra factors at 20 degrees tell you that December is about your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps a rival or opponent if you have one. Yes, the relationship with this person will change quite radically although you have already seen the beginning of change this year. Jupiter will return to his original position in your horoscope so it will work out for you – it will help you, fix an issue or allow you to progress. However, yes, Uranus will square and oppose the Cancer and Libra positions in your chart so this is what we call a T-Square. You will need lots of time and space to come up with creative, thoughtful, inventive ways to pull everything together. The upshot is your own freedom and independence. That matters a lot.

  10. HI Jessica, firstly I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the astrology report I recently purchased from you…I’ve even gone so far as to have it professionally printed and bound…all before Mercury goes retrograde 🙂 one thing I wanted to check in with you about was that I am considering enrolling in a course of study for next year…should I wait it out until the official retro period is over? Cheers! xx

    1. Thank you and I am so glad you had your 2017 personal report printed and bound – I have my own, also customised and bound for me to use throughout 2017 and early 2018. Born with the North Node at 0 Sagittarius you were a student and a teacher at least once in your life, and possibly in more than one lifetime, so no wonder you are feeling the call. Yes, look at your options for study in 2017 as all the Saturn passes over your Sagittarius Ninth House (study) factors are now out of the way. Just keep your options open December, January though, as we are going to see a domino effect of changes around the world, across all industry and business including academia, because of dramatic change and uncertainty at the very top. So you may want to keep shuffling things around, if you have the luxury of time on your side.

  11. Hi Jessica. Brilliant article, as usual. Do you think the previous Mercury Retrograde cycle will have any effects on this coming retrograde cycle, at an individual level if we have strongly experienced it August through October? In addition to having Saturn in my ninth house (that you have so graciously advised me about in my other comments), the most weird things happened to me August 12 to the end of the retrograde, the kind of baffling things that really has you thinking of these cycles. I was working on a behind the scenes project (I’ve actually worked on it the whole year, since January, this was like the last part). I went full steam ahead with it on Aug 12 and the situation completely reversed. This has triggered Panacea in my chart. I have used the solution at hand but nothing came out of it and then things were just stuck. It just amazed me of how that solution didn’t work, when by all means it should have. And then, when Mercury reached exactly 26 Virgo, in October, another solution came along that put things together, although it is not the original project, not by far. At the time, and even now, it felt as if something has been missing and I’m not quite able to solve a complicated puzzle. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot!

    1. Thank you very much. You are living your chart exactly, which can happen if you read it in great depth – you literally see Mercury transits, or triggers to Panacea, coming to life in front of you. The project behind the scenes – and the general theme of being unseen/unrecognised/uncredited – was a very big deal, I know, in August and September. What happened was the Mercury Retrograde/Eclipse cycle which is only just about to make sense to you now in December. In other words, you did not see/could not know what was actually going on. This second Mercury cycle will show you so much more – and yet, this part of your life is also history. You must now get ready to move onto the next phase of your life, which actually begins February. At the moment there is a bit of unfinished business to wade through, and sort out. There is the smallest hint of this, right now. It will grow.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Great article, as always. Am I reading correctly that the muddles from one Mercury retro can influence what happens in the next one? A bit like series of eclipses being related or part of a group in some way – may have that totally screwed!

    If so, could the career opportunities from Sept/ Oct that danced in and out of my life before just abruptly disappearing possibly return? With one particular role, even though quite different to the norm, it came to me rather than me applying, and, I just had a really good feeling about it. To say I’m completely despondent and at a loss at what to try next would be an understatement. This has happened to me all year – why? Just don’t get it.

    Any insight would be gratefully received.

    Kind Regards.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, Mercury Retrograde muddles in one cycle, carry onto the next. I have to say, this particular Mercury cycle in August-October was made worse by the eclipses. An eclipse is always a cover-up and we are only just at the tip of the iceberg here. You won’t actually have any idea at all about the role that came to you – and then went away again – because others are not disclosing why/what happened. The good news is, you will find that December, January brings so much change within one or more organisations, companies or administrations that you are perfectly placed to fill a gap. In fact, within six months you will be very happy with a new role or project. I completely understand why you feel something that seemed so perfect and right, did not occur – and yet there is more to this story than meets the eye, as you will see in December. I think a lot of things will make sense to you then and you will be able to see the bigger picture. And you will be fine. In fact in 2017 you will be better than fine.

  13. Hi Jessica. Thanks for a great article. I am dreading Dec and Jan because mayhem looks like it will happen in Capricorn. I suffered greatly during the Saturn transit in Scorpio and I am not totally over what happened. What should I expect relationship-wise and work-wise. I am starting a new job in January and can’t have a double whammy on my hands. Thanks

    1. You have Minerva and Hygiea in Capricorn in the Tenth House so you are clever enough and sensible enough with your career to handle anything. The new job in January is typical of this transit, which is not only about Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, but also Pluto (power) in Capricorn. You will be involved in a game of musical chairs and the music will stop and start and you will have to not only find your chair (each time) but figure out who else got a chair and why! It will be as stop-start and often as muddled as musical chairs and sometimes for the most simple reasons – your boss is away for a week on vacation or the new assistant starts the job, then gets pregnant and quits – or, classically, someone has time off work due to illness. You get the idea. Just play the game. From the close of January you will all know who is in what chair.

  14. I love reading about Trump and what might happen in December, it’s superexciting and you really are fenomenal!

    As for me, there’s quite a situation at my workplace and I was rather hoping in a solution by the end of next week but after having read this article I’m not so sure.. Should I be worried? Is it going to be a rollercoaster ride?

    1. With Juno and Ceres in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, yes, you will be affected for some weeks to come. (And thank you for the lovely compliment). Don’t worry but learn how to handle the rollercoaster. We are one week away from the start of this cycle, which always begins with a shadow. By January you will realise just how ‘never settled’ one position was, and likewise, one key piece of strategy everyone was banking on. That’s fine. You will need to compromise hugely, though – Ceres will make you do that.

  15. Hi Jessica. I’m interviewing for a role that I am so hopeful to get, on November 30. Should I be successful do you see mercury retrograde as an issue in starting this role? I have interviewed with this government agency in the past and I am really interested in working with them in the future. Do you foresee this Interview being successful for me? I have been without work for the past 18 months and am looking forward to this role being of benefit to me in the future. Thanks so much for your insight!

    1. In true Mercury Retrograde fashion I feel I have answered you before, but in general, go for it. They will be at sixes and sevens for weeks, well into New Year, so the more flexible and adaptable you are the better they can find a role for you, if not immediately, then later.

  16. Wow, another interesting article! Thanks as always Jessica. I’ve got mercury in Capricorn at 21degrees, a change of job in the next few weeks and 2 foreign trips either side of Christmas so I’m hoping everything will turn out ok!

    1. The job change is typical of this cycle – I wish you well with it – just have Plan B and C up your sleeve if you are doing this and travelling too, as December and January will be cray-cray.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the article. It’s interesting to know how Mercury will affect us in December and January. You mentioned changes as in promotions, demotions etc. Do you see anything in my chart in terms of career changes?

    Many Thanks

  18. Hi Jessica, being from Canada I am very interested in what is going to happen with the American politics in December! I have Venus at 20 libra, is this going to affect me in December? Thanks again for all you insights!!

    1. Your relationship with your former, current or potential partner will grow, expand and improve in December, January as Jupiter crosses your Venus at 20 Libra in the Seventh House of equal chemistry. Uranus will also oppose your Venus, so this is an extremely complicated relationship phase, and one which will challenge you – but in the best possible way. What needs to happen, will happen, to show you or the other person what freedom genuinely feels like. Christmas seems to be peak time for all this. You may want to look up Venus on this website and in your ebooks to see what she’s all about in your chart.

  19. Hi Jessica

    Could you have a look at my chart and reflect on how this particular retro period will effect me personally . As far as I know I suppose Capricorn will be my 6th house . Are there any other factors like conjunction or sextiles etc. Which may effect this retro for me personally . Thank you .

    1. You have Juno and Ceres in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career so yes, you will be affected by Mercury Retrograde, which begins with a shadow as soon as December starts and ends with the final shadow at the close of January. Juno describes the commitments you make. Ceres shows how you share power with others. There will be a new arrangement at work involving (for example) a merger, promotion, demotion which takes weeks to become effective and will change shape once or twice. There is even a chance that one ‘certainty’ will come to nothing. Keep an open mind, a flexible diary, and be aware that everything is subject to alteration.

  20. Hi Jessica. I’m interviewing for a role on November 30 that I am really excited about. I have interviewed with this government agency in the past and I am very interested in working with them as it relates to the position I have been called to interview for. Would the nercury retrograde have any impact on the process involved should I be successful? I have been out of work for approximately 18 months and I am looking forward to gaining within my career at long last. Thank you for your insight!

    1. Go for it. Yes, the Mercury Retrograde will have an impact on you, as you have Capricorn factors in your Tenth House of career, but even though the process may be a long and winding road, you should feel good about taking the first step. This government agency itself will be going through a lot of changes next two months so try to be as flexible/adaptable as possible when dealing with them. This makes it easier for them to find a way to make it work.

  21. Thank you. The shocks are not about your home mortgage refinancing, which is ruled by Cancer and Scorpio – neither of those is affected in December. You are going to see fluctuating interest rates, terms, conditions and offers with your home so don’t just settle for the first bank or institution you have in mind now. There will be quite a lot of change over the next two months and the market could become quite lively, so look at everything that is on offer, not just one source.

  22. Hi Jessica, My questions / concerns are two fold for this Mercury Retrograde period. How will this period affect me personally in that I recently started seeing someone again whom I had a been seeing up until about a year ago. Prior to that, we’d had a somewhat ‘odd’ relationship for about 5 years. (We’re coworkers.) My second question is regarding my work situation. I am on a project which can potentially be impactful for my career and there have been recent rumblings that a management shakeup is inevitable. Any comments you have based on my chart about these two items would be most welcome.

    1. Your love life is actually not about Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn at all (though please do see the stories on the Leo and Libra transits going on). The shakeup with management? Absolutely. The big Cancer-Capricorn axis in your chart will be well and truly crossed by this Mercury Retrograde cycle. This goes beyond your job. It goes into your house, apartment, home town, region and/or country. Why? Your Cancer stellium. Please get it in writing and read the fine print, whatever is being discussed. By all the laws of astrology this goes forwards, then stands still, then goes backwards…then forwards…all the way to the close of January. It’s okay but you do need to be adaptable, flexible and not just accept what is ‘law’ from above. It may not last or persist as originally trumpeted!

  23. Another interesting post Jessica and I plan to buy a new laptop this weekend before Mercury goes shadow!! As well as the usual travel/tech issues on merc retro, I find that people and situations from my past have a habit of appearing at this time. I’ve tried to look at my chart and see what this one will mean for me and I’m worried. I’ve been involved with a man recently and things have progressed a bit too slowly for me (he’s a Taurus). He has three daughters from his last relationship and in my chart I’m seeing vesta at 20 Aries and panacea at 20 Leo, does this indicate a lot of issues with other women are on the cards for me?!

    1. Thank you. I think we can already see how messy this Mercury Retrograde is going to be! Panacea in Leo in your Fifth House only means that you are a natural healing force with his children, yet you have to make moral or ethical judgement calls. It may be, for example, that you need to honour their mother’s position even though you can see how easy it would be for you to come up with a remedy.

  24. Hi Jessica, I’m posting this again, I was not logged in the fist time. My apologies, I’m new here. 🙂 I’m looking for a new job right now, is this a bad idea because of mercury rx or is it supported in my chart? Thanks!

    1. With Proserpina in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career you are a natural go-between who acts as a bridge between powerful people or organisations. This is supported while you are job hunting, yet you are going to hit delays, changes or reversals as you go through the process. Allow for that and from the closing days of January you should know where you stand with no more patchy progress.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    Can you please look at my chart and let me know if there will be major delays in me finding a full-time meaningful job in the months to come. It has been very tough for me in finding a long-term career since 2008. Also, I’m looking at changing my profession and going into another field all together does this make sense at this time in my life.

    I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you.

    1. You were born with Saturn in Capricorn at 16 degrees in the Tenth House of career and of course we have Pluto slowly moving across 16 Capricorn. wanting to transform makes perfect sense, though what you need more than anything else is expertise and the voice of experience. Older and wiser people will be the best sources for advice. December and January are good times to explore this, doing your research and your homework. It may help to know this cycle can only occur every 240+ years and once Pluto has passed Saturn, the work is done. What work? A change in the balance of power within your chosen profession, industry or field which utterly changes the way it all works – and your part in understanding that only willpower can make you powerful within that. You’re going to see a lot of mergers, demotions, promotions, departures etc. over the next two months and this will affect your prospects so please watch the wheels turning very carefully.

  26. Good Evening Jessica –

    Thank you for the article and the recent birthday 2016-2017 publishing.
    Upcoming events will be impacting me in Dec and Jan then again in Feb and Mar, in the summer and the fall. It is an understatement to say I am uncomfortably numb. Taking the proper measurement and your guidance did not make previous mercury retro easy. You and I did our part while external factors outside my control disrupting my progress and imposing undesirable outcomes. My life pyramid is at stake!! I can share from experience to prioritize matters in hand. I am hoping to pass two major milestones before mid Dec; one is financial and the second is academic. For now, I am pushing my job down in the list which expected to heat up due to restructuring (lots of uncertainties). I have Cap and Scorpion stellium. The load is heavy Jessica without “Libra” support. I am combining my questions about mercury retro and BD forecast to you in this comment. How mercury retro is going to impact me. I read my BD forecast few times and made me feel very pessimistic and hopeless which is not in my nature; would you recommend doing chart analysis and reading for me, is it doable? cause I would like that. I appreciate it. Best Regards!

    1. Not sure why you would feel like that about your birthday horoscope – actually you have a strong Aquarian chart signature in the Eleventh House of friends and groups which is coming to life, now through 2017, in the best possible way. You will see what people power and friendship can achieve for you. This is not so much about finances or academia – it is quite different – but you cannot buy or sell (or learn) the art of sincere friendship or the way a network or community of people can deliver your dreams. You will see what is possible, gloriously so, now through 2017.

      1. We have disconnect somewhere. I have Saturn 18, IC 17, Cupido 22 in Aquarius. This mercury retro is impacting Capricorn and my Vesta at 20. In Dec we have Sag and Gemini impact. What does my image and friendship/network has to do with what I have at stake. I referred to your book re. Aquarius and was unable to find correlation in the matters at hand. Please enlighten me. Thank you

        1. I am reading your public chart. Jupiter is transiting your Eleventh House of friends and groups, so what others would tell you about December (and in fact 2017) is that it is your involvement with the group and some true, old friendships that matters more than anything else. This is where the buried treasure is and it’s priceless.

  27. Hi Jessica,

    It is amazing how the US election is more unpredictable each day, between the recount and top jobs in the new administration remaining unfilled. There is a daily sense of – what’s next?

    Regarding this blog, you describe ‘shocks’ when certain planets are at 20 degrees and I have Mars at 20 degrees Sagittarius so I wonder if there is any significance for me?

    I really want to change jobs and wonder if this will happen possibly btwn now and February.

    Thank you.

    1. The US election is a classic example of what happens when early voting takes place on Mercury Retrograde and Electoral College and Inauguration do as well! You have Saturn moving to 20 Sagittarius, conjunct your Mars in the Ninth House of travel, moving, education, foreign/regional differences, publishing and the worldwide web. That’s a reality check. Not so much about your job, unless you work in those areas. December in general is about accepting the way things are, and dealing with them – other organisations/people/countries have the shock and it sends waves over your chart. This will definitely change the way that you travel or travel in the mind, particularly over Christmas, so take your time and observe.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    I read on a number of other sites that the Mercury retrograde actually begins December 19th. What do you think about this?

    There is a whole lot of changes and shifts happening in my husband’s company right now and we are hoping for a promotion and transfer back to the US. Do you see that happening? If so will they announce it before the retrograde? My husband is born in Kristiansand Norway on 2nd Jan 1976. Time of birth is 5:05 AM. Thanks in advance!

    1. Mercury Retrograde always begins and ends with a shadow and that is why I start the period earlier than many astrologers. The best proof is in the news headlines. There is a major vote recount in America ahead, and so the December 2nd ‘start’ deadline for Mercury Retrograde is already working. Your husband’s job title and role may take quite a while to sort out, so please allow for delays and changes in December, January. You may not have the final story with the apartment or house for some time. If you are curious about Mercury Retrograde you can hit search to find out more. It generally involves an open mind, a lot of flexibility, and the ability to adapt and adjust. I’m sure you’d love everything to be wrapped up now, but I have to be honest and tell you that this is a process, not a destination, at the moment.

  29. Thanks for your blog. Love reading every one of them.
    Just wondering how this Mercury retrograde is going to affect me over the next couple of months with my 7 factors in Cancer, 4 in Aquarius and 4 in Leo. 3 pretty much everywhere else and no Sagittarius.

    1. You have enough Capricorn factors in your Tenth House of career, university life and unpaid work to feel the retrograde in December, January so just be aware of the flux to come, as it will take quite a few weeks to settle down. Even something as silly as a missing set of keys can have a big impact sometimes! Just check more than you would, normally, where work is concerned. And thank you for the compliment.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    It’s been a very rocky year for me and I’m truly hoping things will settle soon after having relocated to the top of Australia almost 3 months ago for work… Still suffering terribly with home-sickness and feeling lonely with mo relationship to speak of…
    Is there anything coming up for me in the near future??? Something/anything good to look forward to??
    12th May 1983
    Melbourne, Australia

    1. You are a Taurus experiencing Pluto in her Ninth House of emigration and travel, by transit. You may find you go back and forth, December and January, as Mercury will retrograde through this zone. Before you make big decisions to leave or stay, you may want to ask around, do a bit more homework and check on details, as we are up for all kinds of delays and changes in this period. Your work itself, and the lifestyle you can enjoy, is the key. In fact, you have some amazing fitness/body options around you where you would meet new people. This goes beyond a gym or swimming pool. It’s far more interesting.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica…
        It’s not really an option to leave just yet as I’m bound by a contract and the earning potential definitely beats what I was earning back home. Yet the cost of living up here is quite expensive…
        The fitness/body that you mention intrigues me. I’m just not sure where to start looking…
        I know this is more Mercury Rx discussion……… But you don’t happen to see any love or relationships entering soon??

        1. I think the yoga/meditation/riding/Pilates/whatever will find you – you won’t have to go hunting for it. This is a lifestyle change you will love. Without your chart in front of me it’s hard to say if love will walk in and find you – yet I do know that the changes you make with fitness, eating, drugs, drink, doctors, healers in your new life will benefit you for years and despite the temporary homesickness, you will always thank your new home for that.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Oh boy. Interesting times indeed. Something else that’s going to happen here in America during the Retrograde, the Veterans Stand For Standing Rock from December 4-7.

    In their own words from their FB event page;
    Come to Standing Rock Indian Reservation and hold the line with Wes Clark jr, Michael Wood jr, Tulsi Gabbard and hundreds of other veterans in support of the Sioux nation against the DAPL pipeline. Bring Body armor, gas masks, earplugs AND shooting mufflers (we may be facing a sound cannon) but no drugs, alcohol or weapons. Updated OP Order 11/27 will be pinned to the top post of this page.

    They’ve reached their 2,000 person capacity for this mission, and they’re just about 2/3 funded on their GoFundMe page. Tulsi Gabbard is a Congressional Representative from Hawaii.

    Before we shake or stir this cocktail, I need to add the Army Core of Engineers has stated that on December 5, 2016, they will begin evicting the people at Standing Rock.

    So to recap, we have Native Americans being forced by the American government to accept potential oil pollution on their sacred land that they own by a treaty that the white folks in Bismark, ND rejected. We have veterans showing up to stand in peace with the water protectors against the militarized police and their tactics. And now, the government saying it will evict the protestors.

    Update: Just saw an article saying the government won’t use force to remove the people. They want a peaceful transition to s different site. They did say though anyone on the old site after Dec. 5 will be trespassing.


    1. Thank you Jeff. Standing Rock is a massive issue in this whole American post-election period, because we are using a chart that goes back to 1776 so this is about Native Americans as well as the ‘Colonials’ or new arrivals! This will be a revolution, along with the other revolutions which are coming – the timing is still around Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The first week of December is a little too early but this will escalate. People are not going to back down.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks as usual for your article. I was wondering if you could give my any insight into what I might expect. I am trying to finish a big project I’ve been working on for years this December, and I am taking a trip from late December until mid-January. I’m just going to assume that travel will be wacky, especially being a Cap. I am more concerned about this project. . . . Thank you in advance.


    1. The project and the trip will be affected by Mercury Retrograde, but the world does not stop just because of that cycle! You will find simple things affect your progress, like sending out the wrong (early) version of a document, not the corrected later version. There may also be the nitty-gritty of paperwork or contracts to attend to. Before making any grand announcements about what will/will not happen for January bear in mind things may alter. Travel, you already know about. Do more double-checking than usual and have more back-ups than usual. Bon voyage.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    Can you tell me if Mercury retrograde will affect the job I started two weeks. ago? Things already appear disorganized. Will the current repeat of the same personal issues continue into the new year?

    1. Yes, your new job will not settle down for a while as there will be one project, decision or set-up that needs to be reconsidered, reviewed. There may even be two, that affect the wider pattern. You may have to work around this situation. I don’t know what you mean by personal issues, unfortunately. Do you mean your money, your body, your lover, your relative?

  34. Hi Jessica,
    I see many people requesting you to comment on their charts – how do you know their charts? Is this is what is meant by premium member? I would be so curious to see what is coming my way!

    1. Yes, Premium Membership means you have your personal birth chart instantly delivered. When I look at the Comments section each Premium Member’s birth horoscope immediately appears so I can look at the question.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the article. I have Saturn and Salacia in Capricorn – please let me know how you think the retrograde will affect me. The things I have planned over the next 6 weeks are some bathroom refurbishments and a long haul trip.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. You are likely to find that a question about your money or property is not quickly nor easily resolved in December, January, so take copies of documents with you and have a spare copy online somewhere.

  36. Hi Jessica,

    Seems like my comment are not going through! I hope you receive this one!
    Thank you for the article. It’s interesting to know how Mercury will affect us in December and January. You mentioned changes as in promotions, demotions etc. Do you see anything in my chart in terms of career changes? Also, the situation I’m currently facing with that special someone is being stagnant for a while. Is there any sign in the current planetary situation for progression in that side?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. All comments get through but I have just landed in the United Arab Emirates so often flying time gets in the way of replies. You will make a choice about a past, potential or current lover across December 13th, 14th, 15th when circumstances make it essential that you do that. You are not affected by Mercury Retrograde directly.

  37. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for such an informative site. I did have to smile when I read up on Diana and saw her in Capricorn in my chart but then I noticed she’s retrograde. One of the (many) things I am intrigued about is the effect of retrograde planets and asteroids in natal charts. Does being retrograde have any effect on interpretation?

    1. Retrograde horoscope factors in your chart only become obvious when a transit triggers them. So, you have Neptune Retrograde in Scorpio in the Eighth House of taxation, last will and testament, inheritance, banks and business. You just had transits there October-November so you were probably getting in your own way, reversing, stalling or similar – when you should have been building your bubble! That’s fine. Knowing yourself helps you manage yourself.

  38. Hi Jessica, I Have been following your blog for over two years now and am excited, nervous and secretly hoping the big shake up or shock would take President elect out of the picture:)

    Thank you for posting and updating regularly as new information comes up.

    I am still struggling with Jupiter in Libra and cannot see it being positive yet but haven’t given up hope. Is there Any thing specific I have to worry about in this mercury retrograde.

    Thank you again. Wishing you a wonderful holidays season ahead!

    1. Thank you very much. Let’s see what Christmas brings for America (and the world). You have now had September-November to make the most of an opportunity to either a) fix an issue or b) find something wonderful with an important person. This person would be your former, current or potential partner. Think about this! It would be such a shame if you let the chance pass you by. If you instantly know who I am talking about, the situation has not gone away. Neither has this person. You really work so well in a duet. I would describe this person as Sonny to your Cher, or Bonnie to your Clyde. Simon to your Garfunkel. Ernie to your Bert. Please do look at this! It’s tremendously important as you only get this cycle once every 12 years, no matter if it’s about a new kind of friendship with an ex, or an amazing work partnership waiting to happen.

  39. Hi Jessica

    Just had an upsetting letter from tax office tonight saying I owe them money… again… due to unpaid taxes despite using their tax codes …this has been going on for over 8 years and I am at my wits end as I do check and repay the tax due… but our tax office HMRC is noted for making mistakes and I wonder whether I should review and challenge them? What do you think?

    Also, I want to get really fit again having lost all interest in myself and wonder whether I have the drive to start and the determination to stick with it .. over the next few months.

    Thanks Jessica… always grateful for your insight.

    1. I am replying to you twice because this is such a stressful situation. Eight years is too long to put up with it. Try everything and everybody who can help you, online and in person. That is what they are there for and for all you know, someone has your exact same problem and has found a way around it. People love to help, they really do, so start putting the issue out there. The trick to your fitness is to go back to life as it was for you up until the age of twelve and ask yourself what you either did without thinking about it, or genuinely loved. It may have been walking, swimming or riding a bike. The reason I say that is that by age 12 you have had at least one Jupiter cycle in your Sixth House of ‘body’ and that will be the year that your younger self found a fantastic way to be fit and healthy that she actually liked. Most exercise is ghastly, I agree, but there is one thing you did so naturally up to that age that you could easily take up again – in a different way, of course, as you are an adult now!

  40. Hello Jessica –

    My heart always sinks a little at a Mercury Retrograde but I’ve learnt to use the time to tick boxes, cross ts & dot is [so to speak] & prepare the ground for more communicative times!

    That said, I was wondering how close to 20 degrees is close enough? For example I have Sun 22 Aries, Moon 23 Virgo, Jupiter 23 Virgo, Dian 22 Sagittarius, NorthNode 19 Scorpio, SouthNode 19 Taurus, etc. but that may be insignificant?

    Life is on a reasonably even keel at the moment in most areas – work, studies, kids – except for a tricky Scorpio male [!] so would be interested to know, given nothing exactly on 20 degrees – & have just bought your excellent 2017 Report to mull over – how thing might be affected by this Mercury Retrograde?

    Thank you again for all the good insights & help your work provides xx

    1. Thank you! Your Nodes and Venus are close enough to the 20 degree line-up that you’ll feel Uranus at 20 Aries. December is about your image. Your name and appearance. Your brand and title. The mantra ‘Free to be me’ is right for the times. A necessary rebirth is another way to describe it. This will not be the real you (the inner person). It will be the outer packaging as you will be keenly aware that you are seen as a cipher or ‘face’ for a particular way of living and being – one that others need very much as it spells tremendous freedom and independence to them. Uranus always arrives with a certain amount of unexpected stuff, so what happens *near* December is literally unpredictable.

  41. Hi Jessica!
    Thank you for another great article! Things are going crazy at work as it must be true. It’s like Murphy’s Law. I don’t know how much longer I can work to wee hours of the night but it’s exciting at the same. I hope it all works out soon with no heads rolling.

  42. Hi Jessica.

    You never cease to amaze me with your predictions. I got so tickled a few days ago when watching the news and heard of the Mid-West recount for our Presidential election…all I could do was chuckle.

    Being Virgo Sun/Gemini Moon, I am no stranger to Merc Rx harshing my mellow. In fact, I started feeling the effects last week when I moved my website over to a new host…and yes, it’s getting worse by the minute. I already have Plans B, C & D on standby.

    But here’s a question, how could this Merc Rx be harshing the mellow on the New Moon in Sagittarius for me? I have Sagittarius SN on MC. I understand from reading Jan Spiller and chatting with Pam Gregory that the New Moon will be some kind of destiny trigger with my career, yet it’s on my SN…been there, done that. I run my own Spiritual Consulting services and have been a workaholic my entire life.

    Been using your Astrology Oracle and it’s scaring the pants off me, as it hints at a possible choice between doing the SN or moving it on over to NN. Mercury with 4th House card keeps coming up…

    But as you say, your “mountain of success” could be anything.
    Right now, having a home and nice tall, handsome man to cuddle with sounds delightful.

    What say you?

    1. Tara, North Node 7 Gemini, Apollo 7 Virgo, South Node 7 Sagittarius make a T-Square in your chart as I am sure you know. It’s about work and online life, and of course your beliefs as well. The New Moon is a new start which will be s-q-u-e-e-z-e-d out of you and in many ways it will be a reaction to the new realities you have been dealing with, ever since Saturn moved into Sagittarius and into your Ninth House. If you keep getting Mercury and the Fourth House in your Astrology Oracle readings I suspect it’s not about this work and lifestyle question at all – it would be purely about your family, house or apartment. Yet, if you work from home I can see why that would be related. If so you have some paperwork to get through and a few overdue discussions.

  43. Hi Jessica…

    Just received a letter from HMRC tax office that I am owing money…they keep changing my tax code…this is really upsetting as this saga has been going on for some years. I find it all very stressful. I do pay my dues as I have done over the years..but I have read that HMRC are guilty of making some major mistakes and wonder whether I should challenge them. Thanks.

    1. Yes please, pursue this. The whole situation is confused and confusing (not your fault) and as you have a whopping Neptune cycle in your tax zone, I reckon you should at least start with internet forums and see who else is being put through this. I am sorry you find it stressful, particularly when they keep changing your tax code. For all you know there are thousands of you being affected so please start trawling online sites – Money Saving Expert is a good one to begin with.

  44. Hi Jessica, thanks for another very interesting post. One event that is being overshadowed by events in America is Italy’s referendum this Sunday, 4 Dec. A rejection (looking likely) of the reform proposals will send shockwaves both politically and economically, not only in Italy but also throughout Europe. Who’s the dunce who set the date in a Mercury retrograde?!

    On a personal level, I was considering signing up to an accountancy course in January, it’s online/distance learning, should I wait until Feb?

    1. THank you. I’m so grateful you reminded me about Italy. That is a massive issue! And yes, which dunce set the date for Mercury Retrograde? I am travelling in the Middle East at the moment, far from my Italian chart data, but as soon as I return to London I will take a look! Yes, if you can wait until February to sign up for your course, you may be better off. The sky isn’t going to fall, but it’s the little things that can irritate us, and something as silly as an e-mail problem or a server issue can waste your time.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    Your website is wonderful.

    There are many planets at 20-21 degrees now. Is this significant or important for Mercury retrograde?

    20-21 degrees today:

    Thank you again.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that onto my webmasters James, Justin and Alyas. yes, the line-up at 20 and 21 degrees is life-changing for people who have patterns around those numbers. It all starts here, runs through December, intensifies at Christmas and carries on, to a lesser degree, in January. Mercury Retrograde plays a part, as do Ceres, Apollo and the rest – but actually the stage belongs to Uranus, the planet which liberates us from people, situations, places and organisations which have kept us small or stuck for a very long time. You will see one person after another being affected in your world and you’re also going to see it in America. The world will turn upside down. When it does a new world will be born. Freedom!

  46. Hello Jessica
    Love your work!
    I have moon Sagittarius 28 degrees natally. I am guessing Mercury retrograde will monumentally affect my expected finish for a major publication?

    I have been following your political predictions for years and watch with interest the next moves for the White House.

    1. Yes, you are reading your own chart correctly, and Mercury Retrograde will cross your Moon at 28 Sagittarius near Friday 2nd December. This is about the publication process, most likely, but it may also be about foreign/regional connections, journeys and the worldwide web as well, both of which are ruled by Sagittarius in the Ninth House of your chart. It’s a peculiar retrograde, rather like a courier or postman arriving with news, then vanishing for a few weeks. When Mercury returns in January you will get the rest of the ‘message’ and can continue. Further ahead you are going to love Jupiter in Sagittarius – opportunities galore. And keep watching the White House! I still can’t figure out the Bush family story but it’s there. If their birth charts are accurate, it’s been there for weeks.

  47. Hi Jessica,

    I have been reading your site for years so I’ve just become a member… I’m not sure why I waited so long to be honest!!
    Hopefully you can see my chart. Also born with Mercury Rx 😉
    Thank you for your comments so far. I love that you say that my new lifestyle will find me…
    Could you tell me about love??
    I’ve not been in a committed long term relationship for almost 5 years… It’s lonely – I’m lonely. I know you have said that home-sickness is temporary, and I truly pray it is… Staying here sees me earning more than I would back home with a desperate need to cut down my debt… I’ve been working on that for some time now… Something I also struggle with.
    Could you be ever so kind as to tell me what you see coming up…

    Thank you, Jessica…

    1. Thank you, I will pass that lovely feedback onto my webmasters James, Justin and Alyas. You are strongly Taurus and have a stellium (unusually high cluster of factors) in that sign. You have been through the absolute worst, as Saturn in Scorpio opposed all the Taurus placements in your chart. I am not surprised you are working to cut back debt but the good news is, you will do it. In fact it will be one of the dazzling achievements of your life and in time, you will achieve quite heroic things in terms of money, property and business! You could easily begin seeing someone, from now through October 2017, with the relationship leading to a shared house, apartment (or something more) from November 2017. If you prefer to stay single then you could also easily meet a genuine contender from October 2017 and into 2018. This person would have the most amazing educational or travel background. In the meantime, when a sport/activity/lifestyle passion finds you, make sure you commit. It need not cost much or any money. And it will change your life in 2017 and beyond.

  48. Thanks Jessica …have started going online and putting it out there… have received a quite a few responses and all with the same issues but failed with their own challenges with the tax office! I am looking to enlist a tax advisor… Thanks again.

    1. Keep going – it may be a big muddled and murky out there – but eventually you will find your light house, drop anchor and feel your feet on solid ground again. As you have a strong Aquarian signature in your chart remember you are very community conscious too, so you are not just doing this for yourself, you are doing it for others in your situation who may not have the internet access, motivation and time that you do. Bon chance!

  49. Hi Jessica, I applied for a research grant in September and should know whether I am to get it or not in February – will Mercury retrograde put a spanner in the works?

    (Fantastic article, as always!)

    1. Thank you. You really will have to wait until February, as Mercury is retrograde in your solar Ninth House of research – meanwhile we have slow, stuck Saturn passing through your natal Ninth House – so it’s a double whammy of sticky, slow stuff. You’ll find 2019 blissful in compensation, and by comparison.

  50. Hi Jessica, I’m new to your site, and I absolutely love it. I noticed that your article about Nov. 14th moon lists those with 22 Scorpio as being personal, and I wondered what that would mean to me with Mercury 22 Scorpio in the 4th House and Taurus Mars in the 10th. On that night, I was encouraging a friend that this diverse country is worth fighting for. Trying to piece together the concepts you teach here and what my role should be moving forward (in general), I notice that I have many planets and asteroids at 20 degrees all over the place. You’ve written about revolutions popping up with other planets at these degrees. Now I wonder if there is something I should be aware of regarding me and politics, since it seems that I might be called to something. I know this is vague, but if you have any insight into this, I would appreciate learning where my advantages and strengths are in this transition period. Thank you very much!

    1. You have solid aspects across 20, 21, 22 so your life is changing, now through 2017 as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Chiron pass through. If you believe a diverse country is worth fighting for, then you are feeling it – and this is just the beginning. This isn’t really about Mercury Retrograde at all, it’s about Christmas, which begins the search for a new way of living and contributing. It may be quite radical – and happen very quickly.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    I just asked a question about the date of MR shadow. My last name was autofilled in. If you respond to the question publicly. Could you please just use my first name?

    Thank you!

    1. We can already see Mercury Retrograde Shadow working here, but I am replying to your second post, not your first one, Sara. Sorry about the confusion over dates. My readers come from Auckland New Zealand as well as Los Angeles California so we have time and date issues for the cycle! Basically (and this is for all of you reading) Mercury Retrograde Shadow begins at 1.17am in London on Friday 2nd December as this planet moves to 28 Sagittarius. He then does a peculiar thing. On the same day, at 9.17pm, he moves to 0 Capricorn. So from around the 1st/2nd of December we have Mercury embarking on his Retrograde phase in TWO signs of the zodiac. Thank you for asking the question!

    1. You will be affected at a distance by people at the top of politics and business who reverse their decisions, or get stuck in a holding pattern. A typical example would be chaos in government which trickles down to your colleagues, boss or staff – or muddles with a CEO which affects the whole industry. Treat December and January with a large grain of salt. If you hear about big policy moves or appointments wait and see what shakes down by January before you assume everything is final.

  52. Hi Jessica – i so love your writings and look forward to the wisdom and insights for the chaos we are in the midst of with the Trump election and all unfolding daily. You give me hope, thank you so much for that! I hope-hope-hope for unknowns and unexpected changes in the coming week or so!

    Can you give me insight for how the revolution will impact me? Personally, so much feels in positive transition and much is in 19s and 20s. I have Juno 20 Aries, NN 19 Scorpio, SN 19 Taurus, Jupiter 21 Virgo, and Fortuna 22 Leo. I am hoping for a breakthrough in some deep personal work I’ve been doing this year.

    I’ve printed and bound my 2017 Gemini guide and I’m jazzed to participate in the forums.

    Thank you so much for everything!

    1. I’m really pleased you have printed and bound your Gemini guide. You can always slip blank pages in there for journal writing or goal setting. Okay, so December is about your money, house, taxation, apartment, business interests and way of life. You will have to make quite a radical choice about who/what you value most. Unexpected turning points will ask you to put a dollar/euro/pound value on the things that money cannot buy, so you need a conversation with yourself about love, sex, security, freedom, independence, integrity, morality, ethics and the rest! I would call this ‘My Weird New 2017 Budget’ but you should be able to make it work for you.

      1. Thank you so much, Jessica

        I’ve been studying the numbers in December and am particularly interested in Dec 23rd which shows Mercury Retrograde 13 Cap/ Aesc 13 Cap.

        In my chart there seems to be significant relationship in 13s and I’d like to understand because I have a dinner with a potential partner who has recently entered my life on that day. He is a very different type of man than I’ve ever connected with and I’m very curious to see how this will unfold.

        My chart shows all of this in 13:
        Mercury 13 Taurus
        MC 13 Aries IC 13 Libra
        Aesc 13 Taurus

        Thank you – I’m excited to learn monthly in 2017 with my guide book, (and continue to hope for a change in the US presidential transition.)

        1. Thank you very much. Your chart pattern at 13 degrees depends on an accurate birth time (the MC and IC are tied to exact times) but if you are confident about that, then you have a lifelong pattern with your money, house, business interests, charity or apartment which involves the miraculous return of arrangements, organisations, people or situations which come back from the point of no return. You would see regular revivals and resurrections. I think your birth time is probably right, because the IC at 13 Libra is about partners so this man fits the bill. Your main issue is Mercury Retrograde (going backwards and forwards) right near that 13 degree spot so it may take a few weeks for you to get clear about where the fine details are with this person. It may not be until the end of January that you have the full and final story – this is a starter chapter.

  53. Hi Jessica,
    Thank for another really interesting article! Im not sure if my comments been lost in the many comments on this great article! I was wondering if this mercury retrograde time will have any affect on my relationship? I am still dating my Pisces guy (21/02/76) things are going well but I sometimes feel that he’s not integrating me into his complete life, I am starting to think I could fall for him, I just wondered what your thoughts on our future were and how things will go through the festive season (mercury retro), thank you for your thoughts and help Jessica and for all of your amazing work!

    1. Thank you. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn is about your work, if anything, not your love life. We’re already seeing chaos, with Southern Trains strikes in England and recounts in the United States – which could change everything. Okay, so Mr. Pisces is in the best cycle in 12 years for joining forces with a woman who can benefit him through her money, her apartment, her house or holiday home, her business interests, her possessions. You’re calling the situation a little too early but a subtle question at Christmas (assuming you have something to offer/share) would be handy.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica. It looks like our relationship might be over, I’m so upset I didn’t see this coming, do you see it being over? I’ve not been this upset in a long time, just feel like any relationship I have when I really like the person always ends. Any help or advice would be really appreciated, thank you for your kindness Jessica

        1. I am so sorry you are going through this. You’re actually not logged in, so I can’t see your birth chart. You may want a conversation with The Astrology Oracle cards. Ask ‘What are the headlines of my life, now?’ until you get a breathtakingly accurate answer. Then you will know you are in the right zone for a reading. Ask ‘Where is the relationship at?’ then ‘Why is it like this?’ then – ‘What five areas of my life do I need to focus on in the near future, to get the relationship I want in 2017?’ That should keep you going for now. You also need some healing. Go to Betty Shine on YouTube or visit Kerry McNally’s Reiki website. Both free.

          1. Thank you so much Jessica, sorry don’t know why I wasn’t logged in yesterday. I’m logged in now if you can see my birth chart I would really appreciate your thoughts on what’s going on, I can’t quite understand it…. thank you for all of your help and kindness

          2. You have Cupido and Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House which rules sex, love and marriage. Cupido is intense, obsessive passion (like Cupid) which usually lasts as long as an arrow wound takes to heal. If you look at the paintings and sculpture of Cupid online you will soon see what I’m talking about. Pluto is also obsessive – this is a part of you which wants to take, and take over. This is a pretty intense combination to have in your chart and you may need to work with it, long-term. Get to know your Cupido and Pluto side and figure out a more comfortable way for you to live with it. Not every grand passion is going to be permanent, though some may. Understanding that, and treating lovers as voyages, journeys or vacations rather than a permanent place to live, will help you. If you come on too strong or try to control the relationship too much (this is common with Pluto in Libra) then it might work with some lovers, who need that – but others will simply not accept it. The good news is, love can always be made to work for you, but you need to understand that if you keep repeating a pattern which never worked before, it is not likely to succeed again. Look at your standard patterns/standard formula and ask yourself if you are cooking the same ingredients with the same recipe and getting the same cake. If you want a different cake then you will have to work on yourself in 2017, yet you are in the best position in 12 years to do that as Jupiter is also in Libra and the time is right. You deserve a better cake, right?

  54. Hi Jessica,

    I’m new here on your site and really enjoy your blogs. I’m really praying the mercury retrograde will turn everything around for the U.S. election. I’ve been so passionate about Hilary Clinton becoming the first women president. I honestly been scared and depressed about Mr. Trump leading this country. In regards to me, do you see improvements with my job and living situation?

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you Cynthia. I saw so many women crying at the news – you don’t often see tears at election time – this was a passionate, heartfelt year. Without a proper birth time for Clinton we are missing big chunks of the chart. I can call some things about her (and in fact did, like the threat of Benghazi coming back) but without the MC, IC, AC and DC in the chart, it’s really hard to see outcomes. We also know for sure that the first birth certificate produced by Trump was not authentic! This makes an astrologer’s job hard – yet the good news is, we can read the American chart. Please trust this. There will be nobody in the White House in 2017 who does not respect equality. The ultimate American leader will value women on the same equal basis as men. What is more, December is a shock. Okay? It’s a December Shock not an October Surprise. And your whole world is going to turn upside down. It will be exciting, crazy and for the whole country, one of those OMG moments that go down in American history. Hang on to your seat.

  55. Hi Jessica,

    Happy December and holiday season. I hope you’re well. I don’t think my comments are coming through. Hopefully this time.

    This month has been unusually busy. I’ve been moving forward on things that I would start and stop in the past but all of a sudden I’ve had this sudden surge of energy and will power to finish what I started.

    With Mercury retrograding now, I am hoping I don’t slow down on accomplishing these goals. I’ve recently had a job interview and even though doesn’t pay as much nor is permanent, it will give me the experience I need for my long term career path. Does my chart show whether this would be a good move for me i.e. short term pain for long term gain? The company also has offices in a different part of the country where I would like to relocate so the motive behind it is two-fold…work experience and hopefully a transfer.

    Are you able to take a look at my chart and see whether or not this would be a successful endeavour if I am offered the job, please?

    Thank you so much for a very informed 2016 and I look forward to your predictions in 2017!

    Happy holidays!

    1. Merry Christmas. All comments come through but the issue is my list, which shows 1,786 people waiting for a reply at the moment. I travel a lot, so I get to them when I can. You will find that wider changes affect your application process with this job and any others, now through the end of January, as there will be a domino effect created by more than one departure or arrival. There may be appointments made now which never happen, for example. This creates the usual chain reaction right through your own work and office situation, so given that you have a stellium in ambitious Capricorn and Mercury Retrograde is in Capricorn, you may want to treat the next few weeks as a process, not an outcome, and be pretty flexible. Get things in writing and read the fine print.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thank you so much for your response. Your guidance has been absolutely amazing and helpful. The symptoms have already started but since I mostly get very, very, VERY prepared for MR’s I made sure to follow up over and over. I noticed an ambiguous statement in the role description as well so I’ll keep an eye on the fine print if offered the job after my interview tomorrow.

        Also, I wanted to thank you again on the advice regarding me ear surgery this past Tuesday. All seems to have gone well on the ear side but more irritation in the throat caused by the breathing tube – you win some, you lose some but for the most part, the throat will heal. What’s most important is I get my hearing back! You were also spot on about me being more worried about the impact of surgery on my work rather than recovery!

        Once again, my sincerest gratitude for your advice this year despite your busy schedule. Here’s to 2017!


        1. Thank you AJ and I’m glad you are tracking Mercury Retrograde. Best of luck with your recovery process as well – it might be interesting for you to look at hearing and your throat as a third chakra issue and do a bit of reading about that. Have a fantastic 2017, which I hope will be as clear as a bell for you.

  56. Hi there Jessica. I hope all is well for you whilst travelling around with merc Rx shadow!!! Well yesterday I was told that my contract with work would not be extended! Merry Xmas to me. It has been a total roller coaster ride for 6 months, so in a way I’m sorta relieved although concerned about job prospects, and needing to wait it out til the end of January I suspect. I do have IC 20 Aries MC 20 Libra, but also Saturn 18 sag. (Saturn return) and Bacchus 19 aqu. This looks pretty big/shocking! Would love to know what you think please? Thanks for your fab work. Cheers.

    1. Thank you. Mercury Retrograde is best handled with a big glass of red wine in between train strikes, I find. I am glad you realise that your birth chart was going to be hit by these 20 degree patterns in December. You have not seen Jupiter at 20 Libra, Saturn at 20 Sagittarius, Chiron at 20 Pisces, Uranus at 20 Aries in your lifetime and you never will again. Yes, it is very likely that you will need to coast until the end of January as everything and everybody is unsettled. You have fantastic prospects for a new calling in life. This will go beyond a mere job. You would either be working in partnership with someone else, or be involved in a field where you must constantly keep two sides balanced. You will know more very close to Christmas Day, yet allow until February for things to sort themselves out.

      1. This is interesting. I am intrigued as to what this calling could be. Your self medication therapy sounds wholly civilised as I sit here with my glass of white I send thankyou and cheers!!!!

  57. Hi Jessica I am not able to any work , what ever I do I am not able to get success in it . I am retired trying to move and sell house please guide me when is the right time and worried about my and my husband,s health .

    1. You are strongly Aries and were made to work. The kind of work you do may be paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time, but I see this pattern a lot in people who are with St. John’s Ambulance, volunteer fire brigades, the police force, the Army Reserve and so on. You were built for action and are very good at emergency situations. You say you’re retired but actually you are one of those people who could do amazing volunteer work, especially if it is physical, active or tied to others who are in crisis – even animal rescue. You will be able to move and sell your house next year so please don’t worry. If you and your husband have health issues, I strongly recommend you begin self-healing using the work of Betty Shine on YouTube, who I love, or look up Kerry McNally and her Reiki work online – the trial course is free.

  58. Hi Jessica

    I’m all at sea with the full moon and the Mercury retrograde, communication at work is terrible and it seems to be affecting my job chances in a large organisation. Will I be going, will I be staying it all rests on other peoples hearts and minds. It’s very scary… I’m a Cancer (d.o.b 17.07.65) being keeping an eye on my horoscope to help me navigate … thank you for sharing your gift xx and a very Merry Christmas from Edinburgh, Scotland xx

    1. Merry Christmas. Don’t be scared. Treat December and January as choppy water and learn to switch direction when you must. By February you will be in calmer waters. Until then, you’re going to hear about big announcements or appointments – keep this to yourself, but they not come to pass, or they may be drastically changed along the way. Rather than longing for security, stability or safety it may be helpful to promise yourself you will always treasure the freedom to make independent choices about your work – to be your own person – to have the space you deserve. Whatever goes down at work, make sure you cherish the room to move which is your right, until May 2018. As a rule, the more trapped, restricted, hamstrung and confined you have been by particular organisations, people or arrangements, the bigger the changes usually are. It takes great insight to appreciate that at the time!

  59. Yet another Mercury retrograde and yet another miscarriage and yet another major work issue. It’s hard to see wood for the trees. My husband is very supportive. We’d love an addition to our family and a peaceful work environment. Any thoughts? Hope?

    1. I am so very sorry you have had a miscarriage, it must be so hard to go through – and work is obviously not helping. If you look at your chart you will see quite a few factors at 20 degrees or close by. I need to tell you that in December 2016 you are going through a line-up not seen in your lifetime, also at 20 degrees. Uranus is at 20 Aries, Jupiter is at 20 Libra, Saturn is at 20 Sagittarius, Chiron is at 20 Pisces. At least three of these patterns trigger your own chart. What your chart suggests is that this is not so much about parenthood, but about marriage. It might feel as if the whole story is about motherhood, but actually now through 2017 is about the relationship you share with your husband and a transformation which can only take place once in your lifetime. It is through the journey you are on together that you will explore the deepest meaning of what marriage actually is, what equality means, what it is to have a partner with a capital P – and to really understand what your wedding vow meant. There is the most tremendous hope for you two in terms of how you grow together as a pair. What you do to make that happen is up to both of you. You have every right to keep hoping, but you also have every right to take a different path, as there are any number of routes to fulfilment and happiness in 2017. I had a friend named Margaret Dent, a brilliant medium, who wrote a book called Love Never Dies, partly about miscarriages. She believed that souls often volunteer to pop in and out of the earth plane, to help our spiritual journey – our spiritual growth. I am not sure what your views are about this, but I thought I would mention it. The path you two are on will help you have a richer and more complex relationship than many others ever know.

  60. A few weeks ago you had posted comments about a chart for the USA which went into some detail about late December into January. It was a link on the page where you talked about Donald Trump’s horoscope. That page has been removed so the post about the USA chart is also gone. Is the USA chart post still available and if so, what is the url?

    1. I posted several articles on American politics on this website but am resting these, because too many people were posting non-astrology comments and with a queue of 1,757 people at the moment I need to keep the space clear for Premium Members who have personal horoscope questions to answer. I think most readers know my predictions about Clinton, Trump, Bush and Sanders by now. Thank you.

  61. Hi Jessica, Thank you for another great article. Is there anything in my chart i should be aware of during this cycle (and for December)

    Thanks for your time.

    1. You have a number of Capricorn factors in your chart so you will be affected by the uncertainty, reversals and changes taking place in your chosen field, industry or profession. In general, you may want to allow a few weeks for life to become final and fixed – yet from the end of January you should be on your way – and ultimately know where you stand.

  62. Hi Jessica. i really enjoy your website and finally feel that I have something sufficiently important that requires your advice. Please have a look at my chart. I’ve moved three times in the past 18 months. And have been working really hard to save up to be able to finally settle into place of my own. One of the more important things that has been happening in my life in the months leading up to the mercury rx was apartment hunting. More recently, an apartment that I’d looked at months earlier but thought too expensive was relisted at a lower price that’s more in line with my budget. Unfortunately, this happened just before mercury retrograde and now I’m being rushed to sign the lease, which, of course, I feel a little worried doing – given the retrograde. At the same time, I don’t want to lose the apartment. Seeing my chart, what would be the best course of action?

    1. Thank you. The trick with Mercury Retrograde, which is well and truly hitting your chart, is to figure out the stakes (in the paperwork) and get expert advice. Once you know the stakes, you can make the choice. I have seen people put in mortgage applications on this cycle, then change their minds and lose the expensive mortgage application fee. Yet – if you knew the stakes and were prepared to risk them, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. This really is a choice for you to make. Knowing everything you know about Mercury on this cycle and the fact that people can go back on their word, or plans can change, or matters can be held up, are you comfortable enough with that margin, to go ahead anyway? And are you covered? If you’re not comfortable, then you answered your own question. I just had a friend move on this cycle, which began with the shadow three weeks ago. She has no heating because of various typical Mercury Retrograde issues. It’s going to be a cold Christmas for her, but she factored Mercury x factors into her plans and still felt it was worth going ahead with the house purchase. So you see – it’s a personal decision – you have to make it, not astrology.

  63. Hi Jessica,

    I enjoyed your article. My world has been choas for 3 years now. Lots of learning and life lesson. Does my chart show this ending soon or will I have to endure more of this “tough love” from the world? This election being what seems like a big blow to us all.

    My birth chart I do not know. My birth date is 06/02/1980. That’s June 2nd 1980. From what I have learned about astrology my Planet is Mercury. Any insite will be helpful and will help me understand and grow as a person.

    1. You may want to do the basics of your chart at or and write again – chaos for three years is too long and I suspect you have one or more Cancer factors in your chart, being opposed by Pluto. Have a look. Anything at around 12, 13, 14, 15 Cancer?

  64. Hello,

    Thank you so much for this information. I have been wanting to ask advice about this for a while… Unfortunately I had to accept a job position during the end of Mercury Retrograde. I will be beginning the job during the final week of Mercury Retrograde’s shadow. I am a Leo and prone to emotional turmoil. However, this job has been offered to me twice so the logistics have been in planning stages for 8+ months. Last time I signed a job agreement during Mercury Retrograde, it did not turn out well. Things seem different with this work environment, however. Do you think I should be worried? Do you have any advice for navigating this job? Thank you so much!

    1. Without seeing your birth chart, I can only comment in a general way, but if you are a Leo with Mercury Retrograde in your Sixth House of work in January, I am not surprised the job has been offered to you twice! You will know where you stand, once and for all, in the closing days of January. One of the reasons things are being delayed is – you need time out to really think about your needs, and not only work – your whole lifestyle. Sometimes being forced to sit and ponder is useful.

  65. Just thought I would say, Mercury Retro, still trying to get money owed from large stores who did not deliver at Christmas, its sending me batty. But, also, today , Minerva is on my Ascendant and an idea of being a group organiser on coach holidays from where I seem to be made to stick living at (come to terms with that now) has today taken off today, God knows what Mercury retro/forwards will make of that? But, I feel like the real me. I am always amused by the asteroids that I never knew about. But if Minerva is a go getter, then that is(was) the real me. , we will skip the fact that Saturn is in Sagittarius opposite my Venus!!!!! Happy New Year Jessica.

    1. They call it Batty Retrograde. Your coach holidays gig is down to Venus in Gemini which rules short journeys. You also have Fortuna and the South Node there, so you did this in a previous life – and it’s also rather fated. At a certain point you’ll move onto the same principle but a different project (relationships, travel, life-changing journeys for people). I’m sure it’s not easy with Saturn opposite Venus right now, but actually you’ll see the most incredible opportunities following expansion in the travel industry in 2019 when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius

  66. Hi Jessica, I am reaching out about another question I have concerning the full moon tomorrow;

    My daily horoscope mentions my former or current partner, but I see that my asteroid psyche is activated by the conjunction tomorrow of sun opposite moon at 23 degeees. How am I to interpret this?

    Thank you in advance for your time! You always provide me with answers and even more things to consider!

    1. Psyche is that part of you which lives forever, no matter how many tests and trials face you. In fact, there is often a feeling that the more hurdles you jump, the bigger your own achievements. Psyche describes what you create in our life that will outlive you and have an enduring impact, so this is rather an important Full Moon for you.

  67. I am so scared of Donald Trump being president I have lost my sleep. What do you predict will happen I feel like we are doomed !

    1. Please don’t lose sleep over Trump. Just stay wide awake and push back, if that is what you feel. The Trump horoscope using the supplied birth data does not work for me. I have stopped using it, primarily because the chart fails to show the many dramatic events since November. However, it is possible to read the American chart and I can reassure you that equality will win in the end. Equality will rule America. How that happens, we don’t know, but it’s coming. Jupiter in Libra will have his way.

  68. December and January I have been in limbo with work as there is major restructuring going on and I have almost been floating during this time, not knowing where and when I will find myself in the new organisation. Seems to be settling now, but still nothing firm or confirmed. Will I have clarity in Feb 2017, finally?

    1. Yes. February will help you start unpicking the complications of December, January with work and by March you know where you stand. The reason you were particularly affected by Mercury Retrograde over the last two months is your North Node and Cupido in Capricorn. Long-term, you have serious choices to make about your career, starting December 2017 as Saturn moves into Capricorn, with incredible opportunities from December 2019 as Jupiter moves there too. Get good advice throughout and take your time, as this period will transform your working life.

  69. Dear Jessica,
    I would never thought I will have to search for this post in archive. I guess it got stuck at the back of my mind for a reason. Right on the Mercury Retrograde on the 16th of December I got what I thought was the job of my dreams. Everything happened so quickly and unexpected: within one week I got an offer out of the blue, went through candidates’ selection and signed the employment contract. I felt like I’ve just won the jack pot! Nice little well established company with the Capricorn lady-boss…Well paid 9AM till 5PM HR job in nice cozy office… What more could I possibly ask for?
    3 months on and it’s been an emotional, mental and physical turmoil which made me feeling depressed, exhausted, suffocated and more and more locked in my shell. I can’t understand why I feel this way. So far I just force myself to hang on for another day hoping it might be just adjustment period. But to be true to you and to myself the only thing my mind and body is craving and screaming for is freedom!
    Dear Jessica, am I doomed because it all took place on Mercury Retrograde? Or should I dig deeper and look for the reasons of being restless and having that urge to sabotage everything in my life.
    Apologies for such a long letter. Any thought or advise of yours would be very much appreciated.

    1. I am sorry you are being put through this situation with your Capricorn boss and feel so depressed and exhausted. Let’s have a look at what is going on. You did indeed take the job on Mercury Retrograde, but there is always more to it than that (Mercury only ruled the paperwork and interview). I am hoping you took the astrological advice at the time and read the small print to see what would happen if there was a change, delay or reversal – so you are covered. You are having a Taurus transit through your Second House of income and salary, so actually the issue is – what will you do for money? You mention the jackpot and being well-paid. I am sure you can see the Taurus placements in your chart. Those are now under heavy transit by Ceres, and by Mercury Retrograde (again) very shortly. So I expect you will make up your mind in April and May, but it will take time and some stop-start discussion or paperwork wrangling, so be aware of that. Read more about your Taurus side on this site and in your ebooks, because it is this part of you which is waking up. This is not so much about work, but it is certainly about what you will (or will not) sell your soul for and putting a price or value on the work you do as well as the ‘priceless’ things – peace of mind, for example.

  70. Dear Jessica,
    Your reply struck a chord in my heart! Somehow You have answered the question I wouldn’t even dare to ask myself…
    Is prestigeous job worth losing your peace of mind? Is social status worth the negligence of your own child?
    My answer is no.
    Dear Jessica I can’t thank you enough for your advise!
    Wishing you peace of mind! It is priceless indeed:)

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