Your Scorpio Factors and the October 2016 New Moon

If you have horoscope factors in Scorpio then you can begin building a better future for your money, business, house, land, apartment, company, charity or investments.

If you are a Premium Member and have your personal birth chart from me, check to see if you have Scorpio factors. If so, I have good news. The New Moon in Scorpio on 30th October, 2016 is a fantastic fresh start, with a big pay-off for your money, house, land, apartment, business or charity from October 10th, 2017.

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424 Responses

  1. HI Jessica, I have nothing at the above degrees but I have :

    Sun 10 scorpio
    Venus 28 scorpio.
    Cupido 29 scorpio and Uranus 20 scorpio.

    Am I going to benefit in any area of my life?

    Thanks millions!

    1. That’s a stellium. Your entire life will change for the better in terms of your home, money, business, charity or possessions, starting in a very small way in October and November 2016, with much more obvious to you in the final quarter of 2017, taking you into October 2018. This will be about a relationship or marriage, and possibly a family relationship. It is far more likely to be sexual and romantic as Venus and Cupido are involved. Fresh start now. Big finish later.

  2. Hi Jessica …Excellen article. During 2014. I found ou lies from my wife, my father got extremely ill and passed away in 2015, my father in law got sick an passed away in December 21014. We investe in a group of properties and the developer abandoned the project. We live in the North America and our families live in South America, we had a lot of expenses and we had to travel at least 16 times to support and help our family. I started an MBA and I Los my job because the MBA demanded too much time. I never thought that all these things could happen in one year to a person but after reading the article makes complete sense. I have MC in Escorpio and Minerva and Physce in Escorpio ….how this could work for me.

    Many thanks


    1. Lord, what a disastrous time you had when Saturn went through Scorpio. Your birth time is exactly on the hour, so I am not sure about your Scorpio MC (it depends on a precise birth time and very few babies are born right on the hour!) However, Fortuna at 7 Scorpio and Psyche at 20 Scorpio are important, as the New Moon is on Fortuna and then Mercury is also rather close near the same day, Sunday 30th October. That’s a fresh start with the money, business, property, charity or possessions. Just make sure you take the blindfold off. You are writing a ‘forever’ financial or material story when the Sun crosses Psyche at 20 Scorpio on Saturday 12th November 2016 and Mercury passes there near Monday 7th November. All that you plant will come to fruition from the final quarter of 2017 into 2018.

  3. Hi Jessica – I have neptune at 17 degrees in Scorpio – will I be directly impacted by this new Moon? many thanks

    1. Yes. Mercury crosses your Neptune at 17 Scorpio near Friday 4th November, 2016 and the Sun passes 17 Scorpio near Wednesday 9th November. What you hear, read, discuss and see highlighted with the money, property, business, possessions or charity is important because if you build it, then when Jupiter crosses 17 Scorpio in September 2018, you will gain or save.

  4. Hi Jessica, many thanks for the article. I have Proserpina 19 Scorpio and 12 Psyche Scorpio, what are the possible effects of this new moon for me?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. The New Moon does not have any effects at all. It’s just a timing device and although it’s too wide to have much of a direct impact on your chart, you will gain by setting goals on it. In fact, once Jupiter eventually moves across 12 and then 19 Scorpio in the fullness of time, you will be able to write a ‘forever’ story about the money, business, precious possessions, house and/or apartment to your total advantage. This would be left in your legacy, but in terms of a spiritual legacy, it will outlive you for more fascinating reasons. You are a natural go-between and middle person with all financial, business and property arrangements and have quite a powerful role, bridging the gap between two sides, two people or two organisations. You will also gain from this when Jupiter crosses Proserpina, long term.

  5. Hi Jessica

    This does sound promising and I would like to be more positive about Jupiter or Scorpio factors but truth is life hasn’t been getting any better this past decade (quite the opposite) and it is difficult to imagine something different. So it would be wonderful to understand this astro and where to focus my energies for change!

    I am looking at my chart and there is alot at 6º and 7º (South Node Scorpio a few seconds off 7º, which raises the question – where to look/focus with something at these degrees in 6 houses – and what is it I should be doing to work with these times?

    Would appreciate your magic insights, thank you!

    1. Whenever people complain about a whole decade I look to Pluto because he moves so slowly. Sure enough you have a lot of Cancer in your chart and Pluto in Capricorn has been opposing the lot – clashing with one factor after another. So, this has not just been about home and family, it has also been about changes at work. I think you would gain from reading more widely about Cancer and also Pluto so you can wrangle the cycle. Okay, so your Scorpio chart signature will definitely pay off with what you save or make, in the final quarter of 2017. The New Moon near Halloween should be used to set clear goals. Pray, even (see another reader’s amazing story).

  6. Excellent article Jessica, thank you. I’d like to share a story with you. From 2012 to the end of 2015, I have tried to sell my house with absolutely no luck, despite big renovation works and lowering the price. Everybody was telling me : “I don’t understand why you can’t sell your house, it’s so fantastic”. I was totally desperate and I just thought I was cursed. Then, around 13 May 2015, in the evening, I thought : “Ok, let’s try again. I’ll publish an ad and see what happens.” Before hitting the “OK” button on the classifieds ads website, I remember making a wish : “Dear God, send me a buyer tomorrow, one that will fall in love with my house, wanting to buy it without even discussing the price”. Guess what happened ? The next day, at 10 am, I got a phone call from a woman asking for a visit. She came by one hour later, visited the house, totally fell in love with it, came back in the evening with her husband and they both literally begged me to sell them my property. And of course, they didn’t discuss the price. I consider this as a miracle. What happened that day in the stars ? Was Jupiter going through Scorpio ?

    1. Fantastic that your prayer about selling your house worked so well! Jupiter was not in Scorpio then, but what you did manage to pull off was a big wish when the Sun was in Taurus, the sign ruling property, business and money. I suspect your buyer had a Taurus chart signature. Thank you for sharing the story with us!

    1. You have a stellium in Scorpio so need to hit ‘Search’ to read more about this sign. You will make or save a lot of money, or gain through possessions, a house or apartment (not yours – shared, lent, given or dispatched to you very affordably) on the Jupiter cycle. Use the New Moon to focus on your goals. You need to be thinking long term here, as from 2018 world currency changes, and so does the world economy.

  7. Hello Jessica,

    How would my natal Pluto at 12 Scorpio and Psyche at 18 Scorpio will be affected?


    1. Psyche describes what lives forever about you. This is literally about the inheritance you leave, and that inheritance continuing on, through time. A good example is a possession that is passed from one generation to the next. Of course, charity can also be an eternal contribution as you save lives and change lives forever. Look at this on the New Moon. It will be relevant. And you will save or make a small fortune when Jupiter goes over 12 Scorpio – use your calendar (part of your Premium Membership) next year and also in 2018 to watch for dates.

  8. Hi Jessica, Thanks for sharing this positive news 🙂 I have always loved the full and new moon phases and my mum taught me to wish/pray during the new moon for success, and your articles have reaffirmed that notion for me.

    I seem to have a few Scorpio factors, at different degrees from what you have mentioned.
    Would love to know what this means for me? 🙂


    1. Not every New Moon is a good one, but this one is! Don’t worry too much about the degrees, the general principle is the same. From little acorns, mighty financial or property oaks grow, and this New Moon will give you the chance to plant one. You are another person who needs to stay right on top of world economic trends, from October-November 2017 into 2018.

  9. Hi,

    I have the following in my chart – can you tell me how I will be affected please? The last 4 years have been a time of huge change – my husband passed away, I moved from Australia to London and I am due to complete on the sale of my flat within the next month… hopefully. Many thanks for any and all info and help.

    07° Scorpio 21′ 30″

    27° Scorpio 15′ 32″

    03° Scorpio 09′ 20″

    19° Scorpio 16′ 26″

    03° Scorpio 14′ 41″

    20° Scorpio 29′ 53″

    12° Scorpio 10′ 32″

    10° Scorpio 32′ 48″

    1. I am very sorry to hear about your husband. Your timing is immaculate, though, as the New Moon falls one degree away from your Mars. As you might suspect, close to Halloween, the big new chapter is here. Long term your entire financial, property and business situation is going to go through massive change, not only because of the Jupiter boom, from the end of 2017 into 2018, but also the arrival of Uranus, the planet of revolution, in the sign of Taurus (more money) also in 2018. Now is the time to ask yourself what a flexible long term plan would look like. One that bends when you bend. One that can accommodate changes with tax, currency, the world economy and the rest – because they are coming. Hit ‘Scorpio’ on search as you are heavily Scorpio too.

  10. Hi jessica thank you for this article. Can you please guide me on this matter. i am apremium member born 17 september 1975.
    Thank you

    1. You have Uranus at 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House so you are here to constantly invent a new way to save money, invest it or earn it. Not under your own steam, either, through the banks, your partners or family members. Your life path is about innovating and breaking new ground here and you will do this quite radically in May 2018 when Uranus at 0 Taurus opposes your Uranus at 0 Scorpio. Of all the people in the world who should be reading the financial websites online, it’s you. Always have super flexible financial, business or property plans which can adapt to extreme change, high or low. You could actually begin looking at this on that Scorpio New Moon.

  11. HI Jessica, All I have is:

    Hygeia 13 Scorpio

    What does that mean? Will I benefit at all?

    many best wishes

    1. You will certainly gain when Jupiter finally moves to 13 Scorpio and conjuncts your Hygiea. In fact, in Roman mythology, Jupiter and Hygiea are directly related, so you will be in a superb position to protect the future of your money, house, apartment or possessions. In fact, you could make one of your cleverest long-term moves, for years. Keep watching this website closer to the time. Use the New Moon in the short term to plant a small acorn.

  12. Hi, I have

    Neptune 13 degree Scorpio and
    Minerva 9 degrees Scorpio

    What impact if any will this Piscean have to work with?

    Many thanx

    1. You just need to make sure your bubble stays out of trouble! You can float in bubbles of credit (not your money, though it feels like it) or the inflated bubble of what your apartment or house is worth. This is a lifelong pattern. You will love how much money you have access to, or how big your assets become, when Jupiter moves to 13 Scorpio in your long-term future. Just keep it real. Minerva should help you do that. In the meantime, use that New Moon.

  13. Hi Jessica, thank you for a very informative and interesting post and I can really relate to the Oct 2012-Dec 2014 period, that was a particularly bad time for me. I have Scorpio influences of Neptune at 15 and Juno at 24. I have published a book that hasn’t taken off yet as I’d hoped, I was thinking of running a promotion in October – would the start of the Jupiter influence on the 10th be better timing, or around the New Moon? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, that Saturn in Scorpio cycle would have been bad for you. Books? Libra doesn’t rule those in your chart and nor does Scorpio. Books are a Gemini and Sagittarius thing and we have the most serious, slow, stuck cycle in 29 years affecting publishers and literary agents right now. You know how a horse walks into a bar and the barman asks ‘Why the long face?’ That’s so many people in the book trade now! You could do your promotion at any time in October, but perhaps avoid November-December as you really don’t want those Saturn in Sagittarius conjunctions to hold you back. When Jupiter moves into Sagittarius the book trade finally embraces new technology and it all looks up again.

  14. how very interesting Jessica….I have a stellium in Scorpio including pluto and mars both at 1 degree. Do the planets in the house influence much?


    1. Jupiter is an agricultural symbol and linked to acorns and the arrival of rain. Oaks take a very long time to grow so we associate Jupiter with 12 year cycles, each one building on the last. You could actually shore up your financial existence by planning 12, 24, 36 and so on years ahead into the future. A small acorn appears near Halloween for you so do plant it.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    I have Mercury 29 Scorpio, Neptune 26 Scorpio and my Descendent 18 Scorpio. Any thoughts on how this will affect me?

    Thank you!

    1. You gain from the later part of the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle, so use this website’s daily planetary positions for that, as when he conjuncts Neptune at 26 Scorpio then, immediately after that, Mercury at 29 Scorpio you will have an opportunity to take a holiday from financial or material reality, based on a blessed piece of negotiation. Use the New Moon in the short term to get on track.

  16. Hi Jessica, thank you for all the fabulous articles, i have been reading and following every new post! In my 12th have Venus, Sun and Jupiter In trine with my Pluto in Second. (12th : Venus 17°, Jupiter 20°, Sun 20° in Leo. 2nd: Pluto 17° in Libra.) Are there any good Scorpio factors for me coming this year? Needed badly : ) Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you. Uranus, Panacea and Vulcano are in Scorpio in the Eight House of your chart. You are using a different house system to me so I am just going to read this using Natural Houses. Given the hideous experience you went through with the apartment, money, house or possessions for an unforgettable part of the 2012-2015 Saturn cycle you have lots of healing and closure to do. You also need to understand your patterns around money. This will happen through that Jupiter in Scorpio cycle.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica. We have an old house which is empty now and we are trying to sell, so that we can purchase a new home. The old house is on my name only and even with bringing the price down, no decent offer has been made. Is there any hope of selling it soon? Thank you very much for your insight, last few years have been traumathic (home, finances, changing country) in so many ways for me and my family.

        1. You were born with Uranus at 17 Scorpio in a rare line-up with other major horoscope factors at 17 degrees. This whole pattern was hit very hard by Saturn (slow, stuck, serious situations). The hangover was 2016 and the end of the hangover is this New Moon. Common sense tells you that the new American President is going to transform the sharemarkets. It also tells you that Britain cannot begin its new trade partnerships until she knows who is running America. That’s two major forces in the world economy whose wheels are stuck. Watch the wheels begin to spin at the New Moon and start reading the financial news like a hawk – not only where you live but in other countries too. By November, once the Sun in Scorpio cycle is complete, we will all feel as if we have finally recovered from the hangover of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 at last. From this point forward and perhaps very quickly (if you are extremely lucky, by the third week of November) you will have a buyer or at least get exactly the right advice on what to do about this house. The answer you have to date may not be the final answer. There may be more information you need to know, yet you will have it, late October through late November.

  17. Oh Scorpio have my prayers been answered? where do I begin…as a mom of 3 boys and 1 girl it is my 22 year old Scorpio son that I’ve cried, worried and begged the Universe to help me understand and provide him with guidance he needs to succeed. He has Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto & MC his birthdate is 11/17/93, he has a Capricorn Moon, Uranus & Neptune, NN Sag, SN Gemini, Rising Aquarius, IC Taurus, Descendant Leo & Chiron in Virgo. Anything you can provide Jessica, I’m so grateful. I just got an overwhelming feeling of Deja Vu typing this….Also my Neptune is in Scorpio not sure of the house placement. Thank you, thank you, thank you

    1. Your Neptune in Scorpio is in the Eighth House. Your Scorpio son has a stellium in that sign and needs to find his path the way Bill Gates found his path (similar charts). Money and power, but also power and charity. A ‘power couple’ marriage devoted to charity. You can’t make a heavily Scorpio person do anything he does not want to do, but you can trust that your son will find those kinds of opportunities offered from late 2017. The trick is, he needs to want them!

  18. Hi Jessica – re-posting this, as I think it got lost in the ether.

    Thanks for the insightful article. (Your furious efforts to respond to the voluminous replies this site receives is admirable!) I have Scorpio factors in my chart – Jupiter 0, Proserpina 24 & Neptune 28. Can I have my cake & eat it too?

    1. A lot of people are reposting – my apologies – nothing is being lost, it really is a question of when I can actually get in to answer the questions, as this website is visited one million times a month (and counting). You want to know if you can have your cake and eat it too? Absolutely. Get the ingredients together on Halloween. No tricks but lots of treats ahead, in Halloween 2017 so start making plans.

  19. Thank-you for the article.

    Anything to look forward to as it will be near to my natal Pluto & Mars

    1. Read the finance pages over that New Moon in Scorpio period and you will see exactly where the boom is coming from, 12 months from now. You stand to gain in a general way from that boom so set your goals now and then accelerate them from October 2017.

  20. Hi Jessica,your absolutely right about having a Saturn in Scorpio story. Man they were hard days. I’m hoping for some good news on this Scorpio New Moon. Moon in Scorpio at 12 degrees.
    Love your work

    1. Billions of people went through economic hell (the Global Financial Crisis) as billions were born with Scorpio factors in their charts and you are one of them. The New Moon will not make an exact conjunction to your chart, but you will gain from good global news about growth, inflation, interest rates or similar, October 29th, 30th, 31st as you see an opening for yourself.

  21. Hi Jessica
    I have scorpio in Proserpina and Jupiter….if I am reading chart correctly….so does this mean areas of my life will be impacted by the coming October new moon and scorpio…


    1. Yes. Watch the newspaper headlines across the New Moon in Scorpio period, October 29th, 30th, November 1st. Optimistic stories about a hopeful future for the economy and business are your first clue. By October 2017 it’s a boom. You stand to gain from that. Set clear goals now about the house, apartment, land, possessions, charity, company and so on.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    This sounds great, thanks for the info! I see I have 5 planets in Scorpio but none at 6 – 8 degrees. What might that indicate with regard to how it’ll impact me?

    1. Thank you. In general, new beginnings made all around you in the world of banking, business, property, finance, charity, auction houses and so on, begin new possibilities for you. Set new goals on the New Moon and aim to work towards them in a major way when Jupiter moves into his new sign of Scorpio in the final quarter of next year.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I have Mars at 00 Scorpio and Uranus at 21 Scorpio (still experiencing huge communication issues from 2012 – 2015 – which have affected the rest of my life).
    Just reading one of the other posts, you mentioned if problems run for a decade, you would probably look to Pluto and the opposition to Cancer, I have four cancer factors, and I remember you mentioned something about a rare conjunction I have (Aesculapia or Ceres – both at 8 Cancer), any advice would be great, thank you.

    1. Yes, you have an exact Aesculapia-Ceres conjunction in Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules your family, house, apartment, home town, household and homeland. Your issues would have been in 2012-2013, though, and are over now. You can hit Search to read more about Ceres and all your ebooks will have information on both Aesculapia and Ceres. It can work for you, too. You just went through a difficult time with Pluto.

  24. Dear Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Scorpio. 5 deg Moon, 12 deg Uranus, 6 deg MC, 16 deg Diana, 10 deg Psyche. How will the full moon lunar eclipse affect me?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. It’s a New Moon and it’s not an eclipse – so that’s cleared that up, then. The New Moon is at 7 Scorpio, so very close to your MC (Midheaven). If your birth time is precise, then it brings a fresh start with your money, business, charity, possessions or property tied to your career. If not your career then your other calling or vocation. Read more about the MC in your ebooks.

  25. Hi Jessica I have
    Sun in scorpio 02
    Moon in scorpio 15
    Mercury in scorpio 19
    Neptune in scorpio 19
    Diana scorpio 28
    Fortuna scorpio 8
    Mars in saggi 15
    Venus in Saggi 17

    I have had a roller coaster since 2012 on every level ……really hoping easier times are on the way!

    Thank you for any insights Jox

    1. Yes, the worst is over for you. I am afraid that the salary issue, the debt, the apartment, the house (or similar) was a channel for so much more from 2012-2015 and it is actually the feelings and emotions that linger, even though you are on your way to rebuilding. This New Moon is very important to you, because you need to see what is happening in Britain, Europe, America, Asia and beyond and read the signs about employment, business, currency and the economy and apply them to your own life. We are going to see important news on issues like interest rates (for example) then and as a heavily Scorpio person you should have an instinct for that. Set goals now. Use the stunning natural luck you get from October 2017 to help you fulfil them. You need a financial advisor. Do you have one? Your entire money destiny is going to change from May 2018 for many years and you need someone who understand your unique situation, then. There’s no rush, but look into it, maybe.

  26. Ahhh finally. Thanks for this news. I have neptune at 7 scorpio and my desc at 20. My house is on the market now. I am indeed working with new ingredients and new possibilities once it is sold. It does feel like an unshackling from the time that saturn was in scorpio which had a ridiculously hard effect on me. Through the underhandedness of a now ex I was forced to move from my home town and good investment to a much more challenging home and work situation.It did provide a healing with family though, in particular with my adult children. Having made lemonade from lemons over the last 3 and a half years has given me a lot of insights into what patterns in me led to this position. The new ingredients I am recognising and starting to work with are the pieces of myself and new attitudes to me self and self worth I have empowered and brought back to life. To bake a brand new cake from some brand new ingredients is exactly what i want and need to do now. The feeling that I can leave the entire previous saturn in scorpio cycle behind me completely is a glimmer of hope I have begun to feel just recently… whew

  27. Can’t seem to get thru here in weeks, here goes one more try ;-))

    Hi Jessica,
    Well, here’s hoping! I’ve been thru the mill and then some since 2011! Ok, so 6, 2 and 20 Scorpio (IC, Fortuna and Psyche)

    Let this be the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel! A girl needs a dream, right?

    1. There is light at the end of the tunnel and more besides. If your birth time is precise then a member of your family tree also had the same issues, in his/her lifetime, revolving around the deepest implications about marriage and money, death and money, death and property, marriage and property…you get the picture! You have inherited this. It would be interesting to find out more about this family member or ancestor. Fortuna is also worth looking at. She is blindfolded and so might you be when it comes to your bank, income, debt, house, business, shopping, charity, apartment and so on! In general, there is a fresh start for you at the end of October 2016 and some fantastic solutions from October 2017 into 2018. You need a super flexible, mega adpatable long-term plan as Uranus will move to 2 Taurus in the future and oppose Fortuna in your chart. That wheel is going to spin but if you have the right set-up, you can deal with the Ferris Wheel.

      1. Thanks Jessica,
        It’s on my birth certificate so it’s as precise as it gets! I think I know who you’re talking about in the family tree, it’s recent
        Can I just say how incredible it has been to read your very detailed blogs? Your output is immense, I manage a paltry 500 words a week ;-)))))

        1. I’m glad you have both your birth certificate and the family tree – and have found who I am talking about. Thanks also for such a lovely compliment. As I just revealed to someone else, I type at immense speed as I am a natural psychic medium and for certain readers and subjects, automatic writing comes very naturally. I work with their spirit guides, my own and some well-known astrologers in the spirit world. The truth!

          1. Jessica, Please can you write us all an article on the above comments, re. speed typing from the psychic guides, astrologers. etc. You see I know you were sent to me almost a year go the first week of October last year. I thought it was my step daughter who has’nt spoken to us for 15 years, but its you!!! Now, as stupid as this sounds Frank(Francis) approves of you and he really could chat to the spirits and I am the most sceptical person there is. Blessings to you and yours wherever they are.

          2. Sure. Speed typing is also known as Automatic Writing and it happens occasionally when I find the spirit world at my side, when I reply to questions like your own. I have to write a story on Wall Street first, but once I have my books around me, I will definitely post an explanation for you on this website. Thank you.

  28. Dear Jessica, thank you for another interesting article. I have in Scorpio Uranus at 15, Psyche at 15, Diana at 17 and Vesta at 23 all in Scorpio. What do you think they means to me? Thank you for your answer.

    1. This is interesting because you attract radical change – regular passing revolutions – with your money, house, business, possessions, apartment. You also have a strong need to be free of any ties or binding commitments, so I do wonder how you deal with the financial or property implications of marriage (for example) and the whole ‘Til Death do Us Part’ scenario! In a way, you need the most flexible, bendy financial or property set-up possible. Psyche also guarantees that what you do with your money, house, land, possessions or apartment will outlive you. I suspect those who inherit it will pass it on and on. The New Moon is a fresh start for all this. From October 2017 you are heading for an amazing stretch of potential … watch what happens when you see Jupiter moving to 15 Scorpio on this website.

  29. Many thanks for your insight and website!

    I have Neptune at 6 degrees Scorpio and my Moon at 25 degrees Scorpio.

    Sun in Leo with Libra rising.

    I have had financial issues for DECADES!

    Do I have reason to be hopeful with this New Scorpio Cycle?

    Many thanks and Blessings to you!

    1. Issues for decades? Sounds like you have Scorpio oppositions from Taurus or squares from Leo and Aquarius. It’s hard to say without seeing your chart. In general, we are going to see a global trade and economic shift right away from the gloom of 2012-2015, the hangover of 2016, right on Halloween 2016. Watch the headlines. Apply them to your life. Filter the information – we are going to see some seriously positive news.

  30. Hi Jessica, I don’t have scorpio at the above mentioned degrees. But MC and Neptune is in scorpio. Is that important? What does it mean for me. Since 2012, job/wages have been a real worrisome issue. Can I look forward to a turnaround? Thanks in advance.

    1. You were caught up in the Saturn in Scorpio cycle 2012-2015 and the hangover in 2016 on Mars Retrograde in Scorpio! The Money-Go-Round stopped going round, globally. It gets better from this point forward. Set goals on the New Moon. Plant a seed. Watch what/who fertilises it slowly in 2017, then in a massive way, from October 2017 through 2018. You will save or make money.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I have uranus, apollo, ops and mc in scorpio.. Could you please explain what does this mean to me…?

    1. You were born with Uranus at 2, Ops at 13, Apollo at 16 Scorpio in the Eighth House of your natal chart. Your birth time is very unlikely to be correct as so many people are given times which are neatly rounded to the half hour or hour – so I may ignore that Scorpio MC – there is enough in your chart anyway. You are a natural problem-solver and leader when it comes to finance, mortgages, legacies, life insurance, banks, collectors’ items, houses, apartments and so on. This will be true all your life. You were also born into the Uranus in Scorpio generation so what I have to say to you is about everyone around your age, not just you – yet you will be personally affected by what is to come. When Jupiter passes 2 Scorpio in October 2017, along with the Sun and Mercury, we are going to see front page news about the world economy which has not been possible in 12 years. For all I know, you could be one of the people who makes it happen. The revolution is here and it’s good news. The world will turn upside-down, though (or yours certainly will) and although you can make or save a small fortune, you need to take a deep breath and ground yourself. From that point forward you will be in the role of problem-solver and leader, as I mentioned in the opening to your question. You need an extremely flexible financial and property plan which can cater for change, as it is coming. When Uranus moves to 2 Taurus and opposes your Uranus at 2 Scorpio in July-September 2018 be sharply aware of that. Now…back to the New Moon on 30th October 2016! Read the financial news like a hawk, at that time. It will say something to you about your personal situation so use it.

  32. hi jessica

    september 14 my employement contract willbe end ( eclipse in pisces ?),i’m interested much in astrology since childhood ,i want to be an astrologer ,do you see an encouraging signs for me in this area , think you

    1. If you want to be an astrologer you will need to have a very good spellcheck program, unless all your consultations will be in person! Good astrologers tend to have useful patterns in Sagittarius (academia) and Gemini (the worldwide web) – but it also helps to have a Pisces signature, because we associate this sign with psychic ability. Yes, you could become an astrologer, looking at your chart, but you will need to study (obviously). I took a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Religious Studies, Ancient Civilisations and Philosophy when astrology was definitely not on the curriculum but I used to research it anyway then put it in my essays and exams! Good luck. But do watch your spelling and grammar, if you want to use the web to communicate with an audience.

      1. hi jessica
        Thank you for your reply , I have a Bachelor’s degree in modern French letter , and a university degree in modern letter also , I also studied mythology , I love the world of books , I work as a teacher, but I ‘ I was always attracted to astrology
        I master well the French and Arabic, but very bad englich .thinks for advice

  33. Hi Jessica

    I have 5 Scorpio factors and have definitely been hit by Saturn in Scorpio in terms of career and finances. What can you see for me from October New Moon? Thank you!

    1. You would have found the 2012-2015 Saturn in Scorpio cycle very painful, financially, but you can recover and even profit. The reason it was so painful was basic astrology. Everyone born in the Sixties has Neptune in Scorpio. These fiftysomethings are the property owners and middle/upper management of the world, and yet they are the least realistic people on the planet when it comes to cash! They borrow money and forget it is not theirs, or they assume property bubbles or sharemarket bubbles are real. Neptune rules the sea and of course ocean foam is full of bubbles. What happened to you was not necessarily your fault, as a whole generation of people born 1960-1969 got hit by the pain of Saturn (tough reality, hard karma) conjunct, or sitting on, their Neptune in Scorpio. And that’s how we got a Global Financial Crisis. The reverse will happen from October 2017 through 2018 and we are going to see digital currency and purely digital banking take over in 2018. Take a deep breath, get to your know your chart by working with Scorpio and Taurus cycles right now – and learn. You are going to be powerfully affected by what happens and the more you know your horoscope, the better. You can gain but there are also risks because the changes in 2018 and onwards will be extreme, radical and happen in the blink of an eye. For now, use the New Moon on 1st October as a test, to see what happens globally (might the pound rise against the dollar, for example?) and how it has a domino effect on you.

  34. Magawisca September 10, 2016 at 7:53 am #
    Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for your article. I have been eagerly anticipating Jupiter in Libra, but I’ve not considered Scorpio astrological shifts. Can you tell me how the Scorpio changes might influence my life?

    I also wanted to say how much I appreciate your work!

    1. Thank you. The new Jupiter in Scorpio cycle which begins in October 2017 is a good example of how astrology works. You sometimes read astrologers who talk about ‘energies’ (I am not sure what they mean) changing the planet. There are no magical beams. It’s just sociology. There are huge numbers of people born with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and/or Pluto in Scorpio in the Eighth House of banks and business, who stand to gain in the most fantastic way, over late 2017 and 2018, as Jupiter the planet of abundance, solutions and growth moves into that sector in the world horoscope. You will benefit from a wonderful domino effect of prosperity. People in their fifties, in particular, are going to drive property bubbles, though, and major bank lending, so be sharply aware of that when you plan. This leads us into the Uranus in Taurus cycle from 2018 when we are going to see the end of the Euro, for a start – and around 2019/2020 even more dramatic transformations. Learn to work with your horoscope now. Use the New Moon on 1st October (allow 24 hours either side) to see what happens to world economies, banks and business and see how it has a ripple effect on your own life. You will see astrology in action.

  35. Hi Jessica.

    Reposting for a comment if possible thanks.
    I have ,Cupido, Venus at 7,8 degrees in Scorpio can you see any money or property in the
    coming future.

    1. You actually have a large stellium in Scorpio so the financial, property, retail, charity or business arrangements you make over your lifetime, define who you are. They are part of your personality, no matter if they involve the family, your colleagues or your lovers. To say that a company, mortgage, charity venture (and so on) show complicated relationships for you, is the understatement of the year. There is a bit of repair work to be done, as the past does leave a shadow here, particularly since 2012-2015 were so tough. You will love how easy it is to sort things out and get on track, within 12 months. By 2018 you will have been given a sensational opportunity to join forces with a partner, relative or business partner and make the most of a boom, either in bank lending, or income flow. Why income flow? Because (possibly due to a property bubble) everyone is cashed up. You are one of those people who needs to stay on top of the financial pages. Watch them like a hawk because what happens in the US, UK, Europe and Asia will directly affect your bank account or home.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the article. I lost both my parents during the dates you listed. Along with several siblings challenges in regards to their estate. The family of 7 is still divided…. And all due to money. So sad. I have a few things in Scorpio, and my Neptune is at 7 degrees. Can you share with me how this effects me?
    Thank you

    1. I am so sorry you lost both your parents on that cycle. The siblings challenging the will is also sadly typical of what can go wrong when your Scorpio/Eighth House factors are triggered. The IC at 4, Neptune at 7 and Bacchus at 11 Scorpio will ultimately reward you, starting in the final quarter of 2017. I suspect we are going to see global access to new, lower-interest credit cards and mortgages (easy money, easily lent) for a short time as everyone born in the Sixties is having the same mini boom. You will also be able to use this (wisely) and take advantage of it, if you wish to. The reason the family is still at war is the long Mars Retrograde in Scorpio this year (Mars is the God of War as I am sure you know). It is over now! In fact, the worst is over. Set intentions and perhaps pray, if you believe in prayer, near 1st October 2016 and see if your parents in spirit can help you all on the road to a resolution. A New Moon in that zone of your chart is useful.

  37. Neptune is described as ‘the ultimate holiday from reality’. Mine is 6 Scorpio. New moon = fab fresh start with factors 6,7 or 8. House of money, home, investments etc. I can figure out some of this but not the Neptune part. Can’t quite join the dots so I can’t see the picture. Could you help? I know you’re snowed under.

    1. It’s so typical of Neptune that you can’t see it. Neptune rules distorted vision, the fish-eye camera lens of 1960s photography, and all reality which is not quite real. This is why we also associate Neptune with dreams and with drugs. You were born into a generation who do not see money, shopping, property or business the way their parents or grandparents did. You have fantastic plastic. That’s the first clue. It’s a holiday from the real world because it allows you to buy possessions that are, strictly speaking, the bank’s property! I am sure you have your own bubbles. Another bubble is believing in property value, which is course an illusion when the market changes. I hope this explains it to you as many other people reading this will also have Neptune in Scorpio, if they are in their fifties. You can read more about Neptune and Scorpio on this site or in the ebooks.

      1. Thank you Jessica.
        So, the new moon in Scorpio, ‘the small step you are taking towards a bigger, better, brighter financial or property future’ may/will involve debt of some kind? My husband and I have been looking for our new home, within our budget, without much success. We’ve been hoping to not have to take out a mortgage – we want the freedom from debt and independence from the banks; aha moment, realising the Uranus in fourth house effect. So true with the card – forever running it up and then working hard to pay off and feeling very pleased with myself. Until the next time!
        Many thanks for the insight.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    It is unbelievable how astrology is accurate! I had the hardest times in my professional life in 2013-2014. Problems with my boss – mobbing and finally I had to leave my job in october 2014.
    I have Uranus in 0 deg Scorpio and the North Node in 23 deg Scorpio. Does that mean that I can expect good news as for my career and money – I suppose to become freelancer at the beginning of 2017.

    Thanks in advance for your answer

    1. Yes, astrology is unbelievably accurate. Uranus at 0 Scorpio is the first thing you will notice as Jupiter moves to 0 Scorpio from October 2017. Uranus in your Eighth House reveals how you create, produce and invent – basically, originate – different ways to invest, rent, save, borrow, spend and all the rest. You then have a lifelong pattern of pushing away the arrangements or systems that you’ve put there. Yet, they have a strange habit of taking on a life of their own and disrupting you (to put it politely) along the way. You would notice this most any time you live with a lover, for example, or enter into arrangements with a bank. Thinking about your past patterns is a good way to improve the future. Set some goals for 1st October and you will love the way it is possible to pursue them once Jupiter passes 0 Scorpio, later. Looking into May 2018, Uranus will oppose Uranus in both money and property sectors of your chart so it is very important that you have a flexible plan which gives you plenty of space, time and room to move, as tremendous changes are coming for you then.

      1. Thank you very much , Jessica!
        It ´ s very exciting what you wrote. I don ´ t know if I should be scared what will come for me in May 2018 or to be thrilled. Does an oposition of the same planet with this in my natal chart usually mean something negative?

        1. Oppositions are hard work and they mean obstacles – there is no way around that – make the most of Jupiter in Scorpio until Uranus changes signs in May 2018. So basically, from October 2017 through April 2018 – about six months. From that point on you will need to be on your toes with expertise and experience helping you.

  39. Hi Jessica,
    Just re-posting this in case it got lost 🙂 Thanks so much for all you do – and answering readers questions.

    Great article as always. I have also been enjoying your recent blogs about Jupiter in Libra. I’m looking forward to that! Saturn in Scorpio was hugely difficult for me in so many aspects of my life. I don’t have anything at Scorpio 6,7 or 8, but I do have many Scorpio factors in my chart (Sun 12 degrees, Mercury at 9 degrees, Uranus at 25 degrees, as well as Ascendent at 22, Minerva at 22 and Bacchus at 28). Just wondering what you might see in store with this? Thanks so much!

    1. You were born to pursue the deeper meaning of money both in your love life, in your family life and with your paid or unpaid work (for example, involving charity). This chart is not a million miles away from the horoscope for Prince Charles. You are at your most powerful when you identify the things that money cannot buy – like the environment, which is priceless (literally). Of course, you have the kind of chart whereyou can also save or make a small fortune, either thanks to others’ generosity or your own business savvy. Use the New Moon to read the financial and economic weather around the world and set goals, starting from Halloween 2017. You will be amazed at what can unfold. Stay on top of radical changes to taxation, currency, banks from 2018 onwards, though, as you need to be constantly aware of what is going on.

  40. Ooh, this sounds exciting and promising!
    I have Bacchus and my moon within those parameters. I’m seriously wanting to buy an affordable property in my hometown by the end of 2016 or early 2017, before I take extended leave from my current job, so this new moon seems to be good news. Bring on the $$$. Thank you Jess.

    1. Yes, that’s a big Scorpio stellium you have there in the Eighth House which Jupiter will cross, in satisfying stages, from Halloween 2017. This New Moon is the first course. Just make sure you have nothing triggering your Saturn at 3 Cancer (Fourth House of property) when you buy your property – it’s easy to check, just look at the planetary positions on this website.

  41. Hi Jessica ,
    Thank you for this informative post and for fantastic predictions on previous forums and posts ,we did find a rental to move into , getting keys on 19th its no 307 , do you think it will be good for my son and me ,
    08° Scorpio 34′ 51″ ,


    24° Scorpio 01′ 40″ R

    03° Scorpio 43′ 34″

    DOB- 4.7.9168 ( 12:05 am )
    Son – 25.3.2005 ( 4:07 pm )

    will I be able to grow my apparel business ,I am also studying for real estate NSW licence . how will things go for us . is there anything that I should be cautious of in the months ahead . its very kind of you to do this with each post . so grateful ,many thanks
    Joan x

    1. Thank you, I am glad the predictions turned out to be fantastic for you. Yes, your move into the new rental is all about the New Moon which is very close to your Psyche in Scorpio. Have a look at the general property, financial, business, retail, charity news around you at Halloween as it has clues about how you could make or save money from Halloween 2017. Your son will love the new friendship he has, now through next year. It’s a very special friendship he won’t forget.

  42. Hi Jessica, My Scopio is 9 degrees will I still benefit or did I miss out by 1 degree? Thank you

    1. One degree is enough for you to feel the fresh start and first chapter with the money, business, house, possessions, apartment or charity. What happens near Halloween also shows you what could be so much bigger from Halloween 2017.

  43. Hi Jessica, Could you have a look over my chart and let me know what I might expect with my Scorpio placements in my chart . Thank you

    1. Born with Mars, Ceres and Psyche in Scorpio in the Eighth House, you have no doubt already been involved in a serious and extremely demanding carve-up between 2012-2015, either with a partner, relative or perhaps with the bank. As Mars was only recently retrograde in Scorpio in 2016 it has been quite a long journey for you, with the money, apartment, house, charity, possessions or business! Use the New Moon to get to know your Scorpio side better. Make friends with it. It’s quite formidable. From the end of next year into 2018 it will also change your life.

  44. Hello Jessica… Its amazing how everything aligns… First the worst then learning to be patient then then glory… Ive been through so much and all I can say after reading this was finally… Around he end of 2012 I had the worst time at my previous work then it gradually kept continuing. I finally left and took a pay cut at another bigger company and just felt so useless my skills where not noticed. Only one lady saw me shine there. She left the company and then towards mid last year 2015 she presented me with an opportunity to grow and its the small step that I have taken towards a bigger, better, brighter financial future. I now have a Boss that uses my talents to help me grow and I’ve achieved so much with hopefully more sucess to come.

    These are my Scorpio Factors can you help me to understand them further please?
    Sun 00° Scorpio 36′ 26″
    Saturn 27° Scorpio 13′ 34″
    Pluto 04° Scorpio 30′ 57″
    SouthNode 09° Scorpio 13′ 50″ R
    Mercury 19° Scorpio 45′ 29″
    Juno 06° Scorpio 16′ 18″
    MC 00° Scorpio 33′ 57″
    Ops 18° Scorpio 03′ 56″

    Thank you Angela.

    1. You certainly had an extremely tough time 2012-2015 and the hangover has only just stopped. Saturn in Scorpio conjuncted almost one-quarter of your whole horoscope! The planet of stuck, slow, serious situations really tested you. The good news is, you will make or save a lot of money from October 2017 and if you can be smart enough to use the radical currency, sharemarket, taxation and banking changes which are coming from May 2018, you could be at an amazing advantage that year. As a strongly Scorpio person you should have a natural grasp of big business, charity, collectors’ items and all the rest. We are about to see a global financial revolution, one year from now, and the rewards will be there for people who are always on top of every change, every day it happens. We think Bitcoin, Paypal, Stripe, eBay and Air BnB are interesting alternatives at the moment. Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet – and you would gain so much from being in the know. Start now.

  45. Hello Jessica, i guess with my Scorpio in Neptune means this is very relevant for me? Thank you Nick

    1. Yes, Neptune in Scorpio is common to everyone born in the Sixties, but it is also felt in a personal way, so you need to look at your relationship with banks, as we are going to see some major news about banks, currencies and the world economy near the end of October 2016 which hails a new beginning. And it’s a big one! Further on in about a year’s time, you will see options for yourself. The trick with Neptune is to take full advantage of the credit cards, mortgages and property price bubbles, without losing your place in the real world. It’s rather like borrowing money at historically low interest rates then being savvy enough to pay off the card in full (and gain all the bonuses and offers) by the due date. That’s a very good example of how a Neptune in Scorpio person might gain from this transit.

  46. Thank you for another great essay Jessica.

    I was born with Saturn retrograde at 15 Scorpio and Juno at 3 Scorpio. I’ve had a tough time over the last, oh I don’t know, eight to ten years, with the Saturn in Scorpio cycle particularly rough. I have a stellium in Cancer so have been going over old ground to see what Pluto in Capricorn has been up to. It would seem he’s been up to quite a bit!! I’m still trying to join the dots on that front.

    Of course my question to you is, how do you see the October New Moon affecting me? As someone in the comments above said, a girl needs a dream, right?

    1. You have horoscope factors in the Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra – from 0 through 29 degrees. Whenever people talking about ten years of rough times, I always look at Pluto (as you correctly did) and he entered Capricorn at 0 degrees in January 2008, starting a long pattern of squares and oppositions. You are not alone as there are many people who have been dealing with Pluto ‘on’ their Cardinal placements. The best thing to do is to summon up all the self-control and self-discipline you possess and then find some more. By becoming the boss of yourself and your own world, you become empowered, you are given the special gift of total self-trust and self-respect (for a lifetime) and ultimately, win the day. So your question was not actually so much about the Scorpio New Moon, as it turns out, but let me have a look anyway. You should definitely watch what happens when transiting Jupiter (opportunity, growth, solutions) moves to 3 Scorpio to conjunct your natal Juno (commitment, security, promises) as they were husband and wife in mythology. This occurs in the final week of October 2017. You also have Saturn there, but that’s another story, later on. For the moment, watch the financial headlines near Halloween and apply national and world trends to your own life, because that’s going to be the gateway to the major opportunity you have, to accept or give a very beneficial signature or handshake agreement, in October 2017. Yes, a girl can dream and she should!

  47. Hi Jessica,

    It’s all a standstill with my partner and I see a pattern with all my relationships. I just don’t understand if it’s all over or if he’s withdrawing temporarily for fear of getting committed, as always. My moon is in 2degrees, Juno in 5 degrees and Uranus in 29 degrees of Scorpio. Now I feel more independent than ever.

    Should I give him a chance if he’s back or just leave, what does the new moon in Scorpio have for me?

    Thanks for all your answers and advices

    1. You have a big 5-6 Libra pattern in your Seventh House of relationships which will benefit from solutions, big answers and open doors for better times, October 3rd through 11th. One of your issues is being born with Saturn in Scorpio. In order to protect yourself from what you fear about marriage and divorce, you create systems and set-ups in your life. If they work for you that is fine. If they are a bigger problem than the one thing you fear, now is the time to look at that. This man is your teacher.

  48. When you read the headlines about banks possibly dropping credit card interest rates in 2017-2018, or banks raising interest rates on investments, or banks lowering mortgage interest rates…that is also a message for you. You will see it worldwide near Halloween so light a candle, make a wish and write it down!

    1. Too funny. Every other Jupiter in Scorpio cycle in history has made those in the know, extremely well off, no matter if they were on the receiving end of American money after the war, Roosevelt’s New Deal, or sharemarket booms. We are due for one from October 2017 and the clues and signs will be there from the Scorpio New Moon. Watch. Even without astrology, you have to know that when the British pound drops and a new American President comes in, we are going to see serious economic action, around the world.

  49. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for another great article. I have 3 Uranus, 10 North node and 20 Cupido in Scorpio and would love to hear some good news! Looking forward to a fresh start. Anything I should look out for?

    1. The New Moon in general is a good time to set 12 month financial, charity, property or business goals with your eyes on the cutting edge of online banking and currency, which will affect you almost as soon as Jupiter passes 3 Scorpio and conjuncts your Uranus in October 2017. Further ahead in time, Uranus will oppose Uranus in May 2019 so you need to consult expertise and read widely to be aware of all the likely outcomes.

  50. Hi Jessica,

    Indeed heavy this last years, but also a lot of good happenings like new education, structure and working with the body. Im recovering from a breakup that happened last june…with so many scorpio factors in my birth chart (sun 22º/ascendant 25º/venus 6º/uranus 12º) what can i expect ahead?

    1. You’ll be part of the new wave of digital currency and banking change which begins from October 2017. There will be an entirely new way of organising loans and debt, for a start. This will affect you directly if you work in finance or economics, or at a distance, but it will profoundly alter everything you earn, own or owe. Just be aware of the Uranus-Venus opposition in 2019, but that’s years away. Before you get into binding agreements over your house, money or apartment, make sure that you have a great deal of room to move.

  51. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this article. I definitely remember have a really difficult time with work starting from around October 2012, this affected my health and I had to change jobs – into a situation which was also a little tricky. I now work independently and so far so good. I’ve got:

    Neptune 09 Scorpio
    Diana 19 Scorpio
    Hygeia 23 Scorpio

    I’m interested in finding out which area of my life will be impacted by my Scorpio factors.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. You are not suited to binding agreements over the money, house, apartment or business which tie you down and spell heavy commitment, as Diana is a horoscope symbol of freedom, spontaneity and true liberation. I am sure that when Saturn conjuncted Diana in recent years you felt unbearably restricted. Fortunately you have Hygiea there too so you know how to insure yourself against future issues. Neptune in Scorpio is common to everyone born in your generation yet for you it is also personal. You are a borrower and a bubble merchant! You borrow money on credit cards, or with mortgages (or certainly did, for many years) and your financial situation is often decided by the property bubble that happens to be floating at the time. You also have a history of entering into share house, romantic/sexual property arrangements where there are no boundaries and life can be confused and confusing. Again, this is difficult for you (marriage in particular, if you ever did it) as Diana wants to be free but Neptune wants to merge. Use the New Moon to promise yourself you will make a new beginning. And you will.

  52. Hey,

    I’ve got these placements in Scorpio:
    -Mercury at 6
    -Pluto at 6
    -Diana at 7
    -Venus at 19

    Please interpret to make sense of what has transpired and what it up ahead for me.

    Thank you!

    1. It never rains but it pours for you with money, property, business. You should definitely play close attention to what unfolds on the New Moon as it is so close to your Scorpio factors. Not only in your own world but in your country and across the planet. You are being given a sneak preview of ways you would benefit, from October 2017 into 2018. Even if you never bother reading the financial pages, now is the time to do it.

  53. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I am a new member and I must first say thank you for all this wonderful information. I used to want to study Astrology as a child.There have been things that have been spot on, and other things I thought were crazy when I first read about them, but later also proved to be VERY spot on. Like Virgo being all about the body. I didn’t think much of that until I decided to take my health into my own hands and deal with my post baby body. Which has occurred in Virgo 😀

    I would like to know how this new Moon will affect me personally as I have a huge stellium in Scorpio (8 Moon, 7 Mars, 15 Saturn, 2 Pluto, 11 MC, 9 Panacea). As a natal Saturn in Scorpio, hell doesn’t even describe what I’ve just come through, I was working full time and going to law school in the evening, sat for my bar exam 9 months pregnant. I feel like I am (finally) come back into the light. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad the astrology has been spot on for you. Congratulations on both your baby and your bar exam. This New Moon will relaunch your approach to your bank, the mortgage, property investment, your salary and so on. There may also be issues like family loans, your last will and testament and (typically) sexually binding financial agreements like a joint marital bank account. The relaunch will happen very close to Halloween. Global economic trends at the end of October 2016 or changes to big business and particularly banking will affect you, as the planetary and the personal are intertwined in your chart. I don’t know which branch of the law you are pursuing but you were born to handle the dark side of some business, corporate or family sagas. Hit Search to read more about Scorpio.

  54. Hi Jessica I wanted to know if the Scorpio factors in my natal chart would benefit from this upcoming new moon in Scorpio?

    1. Of course. You have Jupiter transiting Scorpio in your natal Eighth House of philanthropy, real estate, finance and ownership, and he is associated with the acorn that becomes the oak tree, the thunderbolt that delivers the rain which feeds the acorn, and the eagle which sees the big picture. You will be swept along by a global boom led by people in their fifties, from Halloween 2017, so set your goals on Halloween 2016.

  55. Thanks so much Jessica. I have Diana at 18 Scorpio, Hygeia at 19 Scorpio and Neptune at 8 Scorpio. Hoping that is good news for me. We have a dud property we have been trying to get rid of in Vanuatu and we are visiting there from 31st October for a week to try and help things along. We are also renovating our apartment at present with view to selling possibly late 2017 so we have alot going on with property from now.
    I was also thinking that nothing too bad happened between 2012 and 2014 but then I looked harder and I was chair of our body corp at the time and went through some horrendous legal proceedings in those years that were extremely stressful and in the end I had to quit my position as I couldn’t take the stress any more. Amazing how time passes and you forget exactly what you went through. Astrology is a good reminder.

    1. The horrendous legal proceedings when you were chair of your Body Corporate was total Saturn in Scorpio stuff. You will find the world of property and real estate transforms in a way not possible in your lifetime, from May 2018. For now, make sure you allow for Mercury Retrograde when selling as there will be a stack of Leo or Aquarius buyers who are caught in delays. Long term, though, do read this.

      1. Thanks so much Jessica. Just read your latest article and it fits in with some economists I have been following closely. They are encouraging, that we buy bullion to protect wealth as the economy is going to change dramatically. Jim Rickards is one that I am following so you might want to look him up if you don’t know him already. Also I have 3 factors in Scorpio and 3 in Taurus so I think things will get interesting. I hope for the better though. I too am aiming to clear all debt by 2018 through the sale of my property. I will look out for mercury retrograde though as you suggested. Thanks again. Michelle

  56. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article! Good news finally, it feels. Having 6 factors in Scorpio made Saturn and the following Mars retrograde painful to say the least.. Saturn in Sagittarius feels like a doddle in comparison!
    Having such a stellium in Scorpio, could you tell me what am I in for with this new moon please?

    1. Yes, Saturn in Scorpio was painful, partly because Generation Scorpio (in their billions) were all affected with you, so nobody got paid, and nobody could pay anybody else! You need to read this to see how creative and inventive you can be – starting with that New Moon – as you will gain if you can reshape your own future.

  57. Hi Jessica, I’m approaching a big transition period in my life and have got these Scorpio factors:

    07° Scorpio 00′ 27″ R

    22° Scorpio 57′ 38″ R

    Please let me know what I can expect in the months ahead. Thanks so much Jessica, and all the best. T

    1. Thank you. Yes, you do have Fortuna at 7 Scorpio and the New Moon at 7 Scorpio on 30th October will give you a fresh start with your money, property or business. I am sure you know all about how Fortuna operates by now. You go through lots of highs and lows with people and organisations which are involved in everything you own, earn or owe. You do this quite blindly (Fortuna is blindfolded as she spins the wheel of fate) and it may be useful to become more aware of what you do, why you do it, and when you do it! You do unwittingly change other peoples’ lives. Anyway – expect a fresh start with your Fortuna and perhaps look at what is possible in November 2017 when Jupiter will conjunct Fortuna and your luck is in. I note you also have Uranus at 21 Libra and the Moon at 8 Libra so actually, although there is a fresh start with your money, property or business very close to the New Moon at Halloween – the real story now is about your former, current or potential partner. Why? Because Uranus is at 22 Aries, virtually opposite natal Uranus in October, exactly opposite in November and again, in February 2017. Sometimes the issue is about an enemy, rival or opponent. Extreme change! Join the revolution and do not resist it. This is such an odd cycle for you because you will have an opportunity you have not experienced in years, near the Jupiter conjunction to your Moon on 17th to 21st, but at the same time, 2016/2017 is about dealing with your world turning upside down in slow motion. You are being offered the chance to break free from old roles, situations, people (perhaps) and set-ups which have trapped and confined you perhaps more than you know. Even though the astrological weather is extreme, like the wildest of electrical storms, it is also liberating and exciting. It is better to consciously choose freedom than to be forced to have it, so try to make conscious choices.

  58. Hi Jessica, I’ve recently had a major setback in my professional life. I accepted a job across the country which turned out to be opposite of what was originally promised to me. While my silver lining is that I’m pursuing further education my professional life is in limbo and I’m not sure where to go from here. I have the following Scorpio factors

    27° Scorpio 40′ 49″ R

    04° Scorpio 00′ 32″ R

    03° Scorpio 04′ 05″ R

    27° Scorpio 09′ 21″ R

    18° Scorpio 53′ 43″ R

    Could you please tell me what you see in the months ahead for me? Also is it odd that all of my scorpio factors are during scorpio retrograde?Thank you so much and all the best!


    1. Thank you. I am sorry about the job offer. Of course, you know Mercury Retrograde is with us. You were born with Ops in Virgo in the Sixth House of work at 22 Virgo. Ops is that part of you which solves problems, repairs situations and has a very practical approach to work. Normally this serves you very well but Mercury, the planet of information, contracts, negotiations and paperwork has been moving like this – Mercury conjunct Ops at 22 Virgo, August 18th. Then, again, backwards to 22 Virgo on September 11th. The final pass at 22 Virgo is around October 3rd so this story is not over yet. You need to finish the chapter because there will be one more rewrite. Long term you should have no concerns as you will be fine, in work terms. You are also well and truly clear of the hardest financial cycle in 29 years which you had to put up with from late 2012 until August 2016! Please begin to watch the financial and economic news because you will gain. You will see the first relevant story coming in around Halloween 2016 and from Halloween 2017 (a useful reminder, though it is not exact) you will see the beginning of a global economic boom. Even if you don’t know a bear market from a bull market, it is time to find out. I can talk to you more about the retrograde Scorpio placements you have, closer to Halloween 2017.

      1. thank you so much Jessica! i really appreciate your insight. I’m curious as to why the hardest financial cycle went until August 2016. I thought that the hardest financial cycle ended when Saturn moved out of Scorpio since I was born with Saturn in scorpio. Could you please help me understand? Thanks again Jessica and all the best!


        1. With Saturn conjunct Minerva at 27 Scorpio you did, in fact, have the hardest financial cycle in 29 years when Saturn moved across 27 Scorpio. The cycle continued to August 2016 because Mars went retrograde in Scorpio and so you had a prolonged hangover effect. You may want to look at this Minerva-Saturn conjunction in the Eighth House in more depth as it is an important part of who you are. Look particularly at how you defend and protect yourself in relation to life insurance, legacies, mortgages and all deadly serious or sexually intimate arrangements over finance, property, business and collectors’ items. You can read more about Saturn and Minerva in 2020 Astrology, free to download now.

  59. Hi Jessica. Another fascinating post. I have myriad Scorpio factors in my chart. Just wondering if you can provide some insight as to what that means for me in October & beyond.

    Thanks again for such a great site – I’ve been following you since the late 90’s!!


    1. Blimey, following my astrology since the late 90’s is a great compliment, thank you. Okay, so you have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Cupido in Scorpio in the Eighth House. You are strongly Scorpio and will find your highest achievement in a marriage or close partnership where the two of you raise funds for charity or give your talent and time for nothing. You are going to benefit hugely from the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle as the planet of problem-solving and big opportunity, conjuncts (sits on) that stellium. Do look at what you read/hear about the global economy or your national economy near Halloween 2016 as there are clues right there for you. Essentially, Scorpio is just as interested in the complexity of the relationship and the emotional ties that bind, as she is about the actual money, property, precious collectables, charity or business. I am sure you are very pleased 2012-2015 is behind you, as that was ridiculously tough. Jupiter in Scorpio will more than reward you. Venus and her son Cupido are both involved so I suspect this is about an intense intimate relationship or passionate marriage. Just get to know Uranus in Scorpio in your chart (pick up 2020 Astrology on this site) because there is a side of you which creates, invents and produces the whole financial or property relationship – only to reject it. It may help to become aware of this pattern. Further ahead in time, you need to know about Uranus because he will oppose your Scorpio stellium so understanding the planet and the cycle will help plan for it.

  60. Hi Jessica
    Looking forward to the October New Moon to see what’s afoot! I have Neptune, Psyche, Panacea and the ASC in Scorpio.

    In 2012-14 due to the difficult employment market where I live in England I had to take a job in fundraising which was a change of career for me and a big drop in salary. I also found myself burning out through too much pressure being put on me. I ended up working part-time to recover and have done ever since as it gives me a good work-life balance but those two years were really hard work and stressful for me. I think back on it like being in the workhouse and being poor with it. Still not sure about what will happen in March when my current work contract ends.

    1. I can understand why Britain felt like the workhouse to you during that time. It will never be that hard again. You were born with Ceres at 14 Virgo in the Sixth House of work sextile Neptune at 13 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, charity, property, business and collectables. That pattern works to your advantage from the final quarter of 2017 into 2018. Working part-time (job sharing) will serve you your whole life, or you could juggle two or three roles. Ceres rules compromise, sharing, carving up and dividing – in Virgo, this is about your job. You will be amazed at how much things change once Britain begins to tap Asian business and investment. You can read more about Ceres here and in the ebooks.

  61. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for another really interesting article. I’ve definitely had a difficult time and many changes money and career wise since 2012. I have the following factors in scorpio – Sun at 10, Mercury at 25, Diana at 02, Vulcano at 10 and Panacea at 14. Just wondered if you could offer any insight into what all this might mean for me. Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you. This stellium in Scorpio in your Eighth House suggests that as early as October 2017 when Jupiter at 2 Scorpio conjuncts your Diana at 2 Scorpio, you are in a stunning position to gain independence with your money, apartment, house and/or business. Look up Diana in your ebooks and online to find out more about this powerful asteroid in your chart. I would say that financial relationships are very complicated for you, because it’s not just about the bank account, lease or mortgage, it becomes the vehicle for emotional, personal issues and I expect you were really put through the mill between 2012 and 2015. Anyway – moving into the future – Jupiter continues to move over Vulcano and Panacea, before May 2018, when you will see the world economy show the first sign of a revolution. Do all you can to save and make money, October 2017 through May 2018. You will continue to benefit from that date, but that is the moment you also need to start watching the way the wind blows and to ensure you have a bendy, flexible plan. I just mentioned the analogy of the United States in 1781 to another person asking a similar question. That was the year Americans had to drop everything and change. Why? The British were gone. No more British taxes. The dreadful slave trade and slave economy also had to be dropped. Freedom was thrilling, scarey, new, exciting and threatening all at the same time as America had to make up her new future as she went along. The very rich New Yorkers you see today come from old money made at that time by ancestors who were smart enough to change, change, change – along with the changes. That is you too, or it could be, if you really reach out to people or organisations who are also making the revolution happen and do serious homework.

  62. Hi Jessica,
    I did write this on the 9th but it’s still awaiting moderation so I thought that I would try again. Maybe it’s less hidden during an eclipse after all.
    I have lots of Scorpio factors at 5,7, 10 and 17. And lots of decisions to make about new beginnings and directions in business, education, love life etc which I am really excited about. So can you explain what it all means?
    Thanks so much for your ongoing information. It is so wonderful!

    1. Thank you. I’m sorry about the delay – it’s just that this particular story has attracted over 200 questions. I will focus on your business, money and property as we’re talking about Scorpio in your chart. You have Minerva at 7 Scorpio, the True North Node at 8 Leo and True South Node at 8 Aquarius, so you have a T-Square which is quite unusual. It means hard work ‘squaring’ or reconciling lots of different areas of your life from money, to lovers, to children, to friends, to group involvements. It might be worth looking all that up (and the signs too) as this Scorpio-Leo-Aquarius pattern will be activated when Jupiter moves to 7, 8 Scorpio in November 2017. There will be incredible solutions and open doors for you then with money, a property, business, charity and so on. Yet – you will need to be creative about how you ‘square’ your priorities then.

  63. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the insightful blog post. During 2012-2015 my sister and I had a horrible experience with my late father’s estate. The trustees embezzled money from the trust and after a long drawn out battle we were left with far less than my father had intended. The Scorpio factors in my chart are:
    7 degrees Uranus
    14 degrees Juno
    00 degrees desc
    10 degrees Fortuna
    05 degrees Bacchus

    Thank you!

    1. I am so sorry that after your father passed away the money was embezzled by the trustees. You had the worst possible cycle in 29 years, as Saturn moved through Scorpio and formed a conjunction to Uranus, Juno, Fortuna and Bacchus – all in the Eighth House which of course rules money, sex and death (most commonly, legacies, life insurance and the marriage/mortgage and divorce/settlement side of our lives). You should also note that you have a Taurus stellium (money, possessions, property) and when Saturn was in Scorpio he opposed this as well. Now, repair and recovery time! As your birth time seems right, you also have the Descendant at 0 Scorpio which describes your partners as well as your enemies. As the trustees were clearly your enemies you will experience long overdue healing and repair work about past pain when Jupiter moves to 0 Scorpio in October 2017. Do all you can to make or save money, from that point forward until May 2018 as your timing is great and you will gain so much, yet without the uncertainty which arrives after May 2018 when Uranus arrives in Taurus. After May, until the year 2026, you will go through the greatest financial changes of your life. There are two things to say about these years. Firstly, be flexible enough to deal with change of the most unpredictable kind, as the whole planet will want a new money world, and it is unprecedented. The new way to earn, save, borrow and spend money will be literally invented anew, every month, and you need to be able to move swiftly. The other thing I would say about this period is that bubbles will burst. Anything which is borrowed (not real) or based on a fantasy about its value and worth to the world (property prices) is vulnerable. With that massive Taurus-Scorpio pattern in your chart, though, you are a far better judge of your own financial situation than me and with the help of tried, tested and trusted experts, you will steer your way through 2018-2026. Astrology can only show you the timing and general themes and the rest will be up to you.

  64. Hi Jessica,
    You’re right, 2012 (and on) were especially hard… but on September 1st I finally made a first step with a new company (in business) that has the promise of changing my future.
    Can you tell me please how these Scorpio factors will affect me, considering the above?!
    Thank you SO much.

    1. If you are in business then you need to know that we will experience a global economic recovery and, in fact, a boom as Jupiter goes through Scorpio from October 11th 2017 until November 8th, 2018. The reason for this is that Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, growth and solutions, will conjunct the personal Eight House factors (mortgages, bank accounts) of billions – Generation Scorpio. These people were born as follows (see list below). These markets will all experience the boom differently, yet all gain. The challenge for Generation Scorpio is the arrival of Uranus (radical change, revolution) arriving in Taurus (money) from May 16th 2018 to November 6th, 2018, March 7th 2019 to July 7th 2025, November 9th 2025 to April 26th 2026. Now you can see why I am writing about this years before it happens. I want my readers to be ready. In business, you will do best by reading the hearts and minds of Generation Scorpio, over these years.

      Neptune in Scorpio

      December 24 1955 to March 11 1956
      October 18 1956 to June 15 1957
      August 5 1957 to January 4 1970
      May 2 1970 to November 6 1970
      Uranus in Scorpio
      November 22 1974 to May 1 1975
      September 9 1975 to February 17 1981
      March 21 1981 to November 16 1981
      Pluto in Scorpio
      November 5 1983 to May 18 1984
      August 27 1984 to January 16 1995
      April 20 1995 to November 10 1995

  65. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for another interesting article! I did have a very tough 2014, Now I see why. I am not out of the woods yet. Can you give an insight as to how the Scorpio factors will continue to pan out for me?
    Many thanks!

    1. The best way to find out is to do your own astrology. Watch what happens with your money, house, land, apartment, charity, business or possessions from the final week of October to the third week of November. What are you seeing? Pick up your own patterns. Understanding how you classically react to these issues and respond to them, lets you know what you’re doing right, and what you’re not doing right. This helps you save or make money considerably, from October 2017. It also helps you plan for the long period starting May 2018 when banks as we know them will change.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for some insight into what feels like relief is on its way at last, I hope. During the last couple of years I have left my job because I just couldn’t do it anymore, I have exhausted my savings and resources to live on as I have not been able to find work, back in 2012 I had to initiate putting my mother in a nursing home due to dementia with her passing away in May last year, lost all hope for the future in October last year leading me to The Little Sage after seeing a psychic which eventually led me to your site, have moved back to the house I own (well the bank owns) where my dad lives, struggled with finances, and been dealing with ongoing health issues – so much for quitting smoking being better for you ha haa. My birth chart is set at midday as I don’t have a precise birth time (my mother said I was born during the handover from night shift to early shift and back then it could have been between 0645 and 0715am – someone once suggested that as my arrival interrupted the staff it may explain why I keep apologising for my existence) and has a lot of Scorpio factors in it. I realise this may not be precise for me but am looking for deeper insight into what is likely to eventuate. I have felt a bit at sea without a rudder and struggle to make sense of where next and what needs to be done so any insights would be appreciated.

    1. The worst is over. You have been through one of the most difficult tests possible in three decades and although there was some tidying up to do earlier this year, you are now well and truly out of this cycle. The astrologer Patric Walker used to describe emerging from a transit like this, as coming out of a dark tunnel and blinking in the light. You will be blinking, from the final week of October until the third week of November, but by then you will realise you can trust the future. I suspect a necessary conversation with your father may happen then and/or the bank. I am very sorry to hear about your mother passing and of course, this is so typical of the transit you just experienced, with Saturn moving through Scorpio and the Eighth House of your chart. Struggling with finance is also typical of Saturn in Scorpio. One of the greatest favours you can do yourself is to write a diary. I do not know if you already do this. Even a journal for occasional entries will help. You have a strong Gemini chart signature so need to get it all down on paper or on the computer. Even if you shred it/delete it after writing, it will make a fantastic difference to how you think and feel and help you get your thoughts and plans in order. It offsets the big Scorpio signature in your chart and acts as a release valve. Further ahead, you will be secure with your money or home. Do all you can to put as much in place from October 2017 through April 2018 as Jupiter the problem solver is firmly on your side then.

  67. Hi. I’m interested to know how this will affect me. I’ve been looking for a house for 12 months to buy and find the whole process overwhelming and scary. I feel scared to put roots down and possibly chain myself to a mortgage. I also need to know how this will possibly affect a relationship I have with a man born 28/11/1986. We are currently barely talking to each other from what I can only gather as his own fear of commitment. On top of this we work together and it has made things that much harder. It’s hard at the moment to imagine moving on. I feel like I’m floating and lost and need reassurance that my life will turn around for the better.

    1. You are recovering from your Saturn Return in Scorpio in the Eighth House of money and property and it is fine to take your time with a property purchase. You have been through a notoriously tough transit in 2013 and 2014 and it has been quite a long hangover as we also had Mars Retrograde in Scorpio this year for several months. Please do watch property prices and interest rates from late October to late November and seek expertise at this time. You will see a great deal shift very close to that New Moon at Halloween and you will have more options than you thought. I am sorry you have to work with a man who is so difficult for you to deal with personally. He has his own issues to sort out about children (no matter if he said yes, no or maybe to fatherhood in the past) and it will take him about another 12 months to really sort himself out emotionally. For you, the best is yet to come with money and property, but the task begins with your own self-knowledge so look seriously at what turns up October-November and begin a bit of homework. It may be something as simple as discovering that there is a new tax break on offer, or that a particular part of your country is experiencing a drop in property prices. Tune in.

  68. Wow Jessica! What a deluge of questions on this one! I marvel at your quick and detailed and individual responses … it’s a learning in itself.

    I seem to have a Scorpio stellium too and had a fairly rough 2013 – 14. Does my chart throw up anything specific that I may benefit from during the Jupiter in Scorpio period?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you – yes, I can see there are over 250 comments on this story about Jupiter in Scorpio. I think it is because so many people have really suffered from the domino effect of the Global Financial Crisis of 2013-2014. What was global became personal so people have been put through hell, no matter if it is tenants who refuse to move out of their apartments, or employers who refuse to pay their bills. Okay, so enough of the past! You are someone who needs to watch the news very carefully, as well. I know that there is a lot of jargon out there but start making friends with the money websites which translate what is going on in real terms – you need to see which way things are going with the banks, interest rates, credit cards and so on. Watch the invention of new banking from May 2018. Turning to expertise and experience is a good idea. So is knowing your own history and asking yourself why 2013-2014 was so rough. What would you do differently? You will be able to put that to good use over the next few years of extreme change.

  69. This article is a healing. I had been treated very poorly during that time. How I am going to benefit from it ? Do you think the cycle has something to do with my enemies? How can I get rid of people stabbing me? Greatly appreciate your advice especially on the last question. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. How do you get rid of people backstabbing you? Some people will always be jealous of you. Their own self-loathing will always result in them trying to take the longest possible knitting needle and attempt to ‘needle’ you. Don’t think of this as stabbing as it’s not that powerful. You need to turn to the people or situations which ‘have your back.’ Never forget they are there and if you don’t have enough of them, create them. This is very important because it goes beyond money, business or property. It is about feeling safe and you can’t buy that.

  70. Hi Jessica,
    Just wondered if you could see what this might mean for me – I have Saturn 20 Scorpio and Juno 18 Scorpio

    1. You had your Saturn Return in Scorpio only very recently and November 2016 will be the first time (in a long time) you have been able to fully leave the past behind and think about the future in a different way, with your money, house, apartment or business interests. You went through a very tough time. Juno is a sign of commitment so the person or situation you were ‘wedded’ to or ‘married to’ was on the line when Saturn not only returned to his original position in your chart but also crossed Juno too. Allow yourself to move on in November as you have to park 2014 and 2015 in the past. Further ahead, Jupiter will conjunct Juno and then Saturn in 2018 when you will be making some of the most important financial or property decisions of your life. It literally pays to know what is going on with tax, government benefits, banks, trade, business before it happens so start watching the headlines around the time of the U.S. election because this will get you where you live. As I’ve just mentioned to another UK reader, the Special Relationship is going to change everything once the new President is installed. Watch Bernie Sanders and the American-British connection too. The UK economy will utterly transform from 2018 and you need to be on top of that.

  71. Hi Jessica,

    Hugh thanks for all of your posts. I’m particularly interested in this one as I was hit pretty hard from 2012-2015. I have a stellium and Venus at 8 degrees.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. Your MC/IC axis is in Taurus-Scorpio. Your birth time sounds real, so you can assume those angles are correct. This basically means that your highest achievement in your lifetime will be fundraising or being charitable/philanthropic in other ways. This goes beyond a job. I am sure you were almost wiped out by the Saturn in Scorpio transit which began in a small way in 2012, intensified in 2013 and 2014, then slowly began to fade out, 2015 to August 2016. The worst is over so trust the future. Your MC/IC axis also says a branch on your family tree was either strongly about charity (like a Catholic mission – perhaps St. Vincent de Paul might be one example) or a family business (like a bakery run by both grandparents). It also turns up when people have grandparents or parents involved in economics, Wall Street or even Communism and Socialism, both ruled by Taurus-Scorpio. Having this pattern in your DNA makes you part of the solution from the final quarter of 2017 and from 2018 you will be in the thick of changes that the UK has not seen in your lifetime with banking, currency, house prices and tax. The future belongs to people who study the present and you have a lot to gain from watching business and politics as major wheels turn from Halloween 2016 and by Christmas 2016 there will be a new special relationship between the USA and UK and global trade agreements all over the place. The smart money is on people who think beyond the headlines. You just know that when Matt le Blanc becomes the host of Top Gear (a global franchise) that is going to stimulate British car exports, particularly to the luxury car market in the USA. Putting two and two together as the headlines roll will help you spot new financial and job opportunities as the UK is moving into a Brave New World.

  72. Hi, Jessica. Great article, again! Thank you! I have a lot of Scorpio factors; will you help enlighten me with how it will effect me? xx

    1. A Scorpio stellium always reveals someone who either fundraises for good causes (Bill Gates and Prince Charles are good examples) or whose life is dramatically altered by inheriting property, or perhaps engaging in transactions over a house or apartment with one or more family members. Scorpio stellium people also commonly have their lives changed by mixing love and sex with money and homes. Right now you are in full recovery mode from an extremely difficult year which would have taken place in 2013 or 2014. From 2018 you will need to be on your toes because everything you thought you knew about banks will change profoundly, especially in 2019/2020. In a small way you can start now. You need to look at the story that comes up late October through November and see how you always, always react. Could you do it better or do you need to change?

  73. Hi Jessica
    Loved this post. Can you give me some understanding of how this will impact me work wise and financially?

    Many thanks for your insight.

    1. The main impact will be on your Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House so watch the story that unfolds in November and figure out if you always repeat a particular pattern or attitude, especially with banks. In general, the years from 2018 onwards will involve so many dramatic changes affecting banking, debt, borrowing, loans and credit that the more simple your life is, the better. Your generation who will be moving from their fifties into retirement, will definitely see a few bubbles burst if they have borrowed too heavily (Neptune rules bubbles). So in a tiny way you can actually shape the future now by seeing trends as they happen and also identifying your money habits/attitudes so you can learn.

  74. Greetings Jessica:

    I pray all is well for you and everyone you love!

    What can I look forward too?


    22-Jan-1968, 17:00 (39.1031182,-84.5120196)

    03° Scorpio 14′ 31″
    26° Scorpio 10′ 42″
    09° Scorpio 35′ 47″
    00° Scorpio 58′ 43″
    05° Scorpio 00′ 01″
    08° Scorpio 01′ 40″
    02° Scorpio 09′ 46″
    16° Scorpio 21′ 25″

    1. You should definitely use that Scorpio pattern at the end of October 2016 to make a fresh start with the money, house, apartment, possessions, business or charity – it crosses 0 through 7 degrees of the sign, including the New Moon so Vulcano, Panacea, Ceres and your own Moon are all triggered. This is not just about what you earn, own or owe by yourself. It is about a partner, perhaps, or a relative – maybe. The news headlines which come in then about government economic tax or welfare policy, trading partnerships and the rest will directly impact you for some time to come. This also applies to interest rates and currency exchange rates. Watch for news on the banking industry too. Time to do some research.

  75. Hi Jessica,
    I have; Bacchus 3, Cupido 7, IC 7 and Neptune 26 in Scorpio. I was hit hard by Saturn in Scorpio when I was made redundant in late 2012 and I didn’t get a permanent job again until 2015. I thought this was my ideal role but a change of management recently has made life difficult for me again. I am being threatened with demotion and I feel insecure and uncertain of the future. Is there any positive way out of this situation you can see? Thank you x

    1. Yes, Saturn in Scorpio would have made your life extremely difficult and I am sorry you were left without a job for such a long time. The change of management is also typical of the Pluto in Capricorn cycle and you are not the only one who is enduring big power plays by people or organisations which are all take and no give! In fact, you are part of a group of souls who have incarnated to change the way the world does business. You will see why in 2019 and 2020. Everything you have put up with in terms of work and money will then make sense to you, as you play your part in a major wave of change which will involve a dramatic reshaping of the way corporations, business and governments operate. This is a long way off but here is a favour you can do yourself. Given that you will love the opportunities and solutions for your money, home or business interests from the final quarter of 2017 through April 2018 you may as well make a bigger splash by turning your attention to business and financial news, Halloween 2016 past Bonfire Night, then onto pre Christmas. You are going to see opportunities and possibilities to save money or make a new income/extra income at that time. Try to get any paperwork about your career out of the way before December but if you must go ahead, allow for changes or delays, December 2016, January 2017. The best tip I can give you about your current work is that when you use your willpower and self control to become the boss of ‘you’ then you acquire a bigger gift than any salary as you learn empowerment and once you have it you will never lose it. I am sure you are dealing with dominating people and organisations but as you will see, they will not last. In the meantime if you are extremely self-disciplined you can ‘take it’ as they say and feel very proud of yourself for succeeding. You will win long term. But everything you are learning about managements and corporations is destined to make you one of the players in a general global shift from Christmas 2019 through January 2020.

  76. Hey Jessica,

    I only have Ops in Scorpio and am now in my 16th year of financial struggles…is this new moon going forward going to make things better or …worse?

    Thank you xx

    1. Actually Ceres in Taurus is your issue. She makes patterns with many other chart factors. If you have had 16 years of struggles it may be because you are repeating all your old Ceres grooves. I will explain what it means to have Ceres in Taurus in the Second House of money, houses, apartments, charity, business and possessions. Basically, this is where you need to learn to share and compromise – with other people and with the universe. It is also potentially where you could be most powerful. You will see one of your oldest patterns when the Sun moves across 0,1 Scorpio and opposes your Ceres in the closing days of October 2016. You can hit search to find out more about Ceres or find her in one of your ebooks. You need to accept that life will always be Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer with your cash and find a way to budget so that you make allowances for the fallow periods and really enjoy the highs.

  77. Jessica

    I have many ( possibly) 5 or 6 signs in Scorpio. Can you elaborate on their meaning please.

    Many thanks

    1. Strongly Scorpio people become heavily involved in charity fundraising, business, property or collectors’ items, either through their work or through their personal lives. It goes beyond the actual money, house, apartment or possessions into soul stuff; your very soul is affected by the deals which are made or broken, each time. You have come onto the planet to find new and different ways to handle money, and you will see why from 2018 when you need to realise that you are a small part of a big wave, yet the big wave would not exist without you. Surfing the waves of change is what it’s all about from that point on. These currents don’t come out of nowhere, though, so look at what happens to world markets and trade in particular, at this New Moon into November.

  78. Dear Jessica Thank you for your amazing posts. I just read your above post on Scorpio new moon and since I have discovered I have 8 planets in Scorpio, I thought I might ask what that will mean as it’s been an intense time.. my britdhdate 20-Aug-1968, 12:00 (-37.8136276,144.9630576) Neptune 23, Juno 0, Ceres 06, Bacchus 12, Ops 15, Vulcano 12 Pshyche 14. Thank you again and wishing you well. Belinda.

    1. That is a whopping stellium in Scorpio. I am sure you are glad 2012-2015 is over as you actually had Saturn transiting your Eighth House of money, houses, apartments, business, banks from the very start of the cycle to the very end. You will be given a sensational opportunity to commit to a person or organisation from the final quarter of 2017 as Jupiter crosses Juno at 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House. This may well be a ‘marriage’ of sorts and perhaps even a genuine financial or property wedding. Of course, sometimes we commit to a separation or settlement as well and the money is shared out. Whatever you choose to do you will gain or save, considerably. Further ahead you are another heavily Scorpio person who needs to be totally updated, all the time, on national and international trends with money, currency, taxation and so on. What happens on a big scale affects you on a small scale. You can begin that process by watching these same issues on this New Moon into November. Ask yourself how what you see then, will unfold within one year and you’re on the right track.

  79. Good Evening Jessica -,
    I have this in Scorpio: Moon 29, Neptune 15, Juno 16, Ceres 28, ASC 11.
    Will my financial position be affected?

    1. Good evening. Yes, with that Scorpio stellium your financial future will be changed forever, starting in the final quarter of 2017 and once the world goes through a big business and government transformation 2019-2020 you are going to see everything reshaped. It really helps to be ahead of the game so you need to watch the markets, taxation, currency and so on, from that New Moon in October. Watch the way the wind is blowing. You can see the historic examples at the end of this story and see why people who were on top of changes like Roosevelt’s New Deal or Thatcher’s Budget would have come out on top. We are going to see the same dramatic decisions about taxation, social security, inflation and the rest within 12 months and over the longer term, the banking, debt and taxation systems as we know them will transform. So, with that chart of yours, always hold your finger in the wind and test the temperature before you make choices; and seek expertise.

  80. Hi Jessica, you are spot on regarding 2012, my worse year so far, I still remember at the time I always say to my friend “the only reason I know I am alive is because I want to die everyday”, bad things happened started Nov 2011 when Saturn conjuncted my Sun then nightmare all the way till Saturn conjunct Saturn in Nov 2012 (losing jobs, breakup without any signs, stuck in bad relationships..), it was like there was a switchboard to turn the nightmare on and off, thats why I am so looking forward to seeing Jupiter entering my 4th house, I am looking to purchase property and get married and having kids, hope things goes well

    1. Oh, you had Saturn conjunctions to your Sun and then your Saturn Return. That is a very hard thing to go through. Jupiter will actually be moving through your Seventh House (Natural House System) now and then from the end of 2017 into 2018, your Eighth House which is of course where your Sun and Saturn are located. You will have the opportunity to benefit from a family member’s or a partner’s house, money, possessions or apartment from late 2017 onwards and by late 2018 will have been given that chance. You have a stellium in Libra in the Seventh House of partnership so in fact, now through late 2017 you are in the best position in 12 years to create a new partnership with someone.

  81. Hi Jessica

    I have nothing in my 8th house only Scorpio at 24 Uranus
    Will this effect me?
    Thank you

    1. Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House describes your need to find your own unique way with money, property or business. You will always be first in line to experiment with innovative ways of making or saving money, from eBay, to Paypal, to Air BnB, to Stripe, to Gumtree. I would also include Bitcoin in that as the future will be about digital global currency. As you have already found over the course of your lifetime there is constant chopping and changing with money or property and just when you think you’ve got a routine, life challenges you to switch direction again. What you can gain from, late October through November 2016, is the best chance in 12 months to see how you deal with that and what your patterns are. Just knowing this helps you plan for the future because after 2018 for many years, you will be completely transforming the way you make, save, repay or spend money. You can directly tie global changes to your own life from that point.

  82. Hi Jessica
    Sorry to add to your already long list of questions and thank you for another great post. My Scorpio placements are quite ‘weird’ with 18 Scorpio in my South Node, 19 Scorpio in Neptune and 27 Scorpio in MC. Looks like I may be dragging a lot of karma from the past and have little clarity when it comes to finances (Neptune?). Our finances as a family continue to be a very tough area and has been for the last 15 years. Interestingly, from my great grandparents onwards (on both sides), money has always been a roller-coaster: from poverty to wealth and then loosing it all through circumstances out of one’s control (and possibly some bad planning). So money security problems seem to run in my family…Will that new moon bring any relief? Thank you for any thoughts.

    1. Not at all. As a few people have South Node and North Node placements on the Taurus-Scorpio axis (the money, charity, business and property axis of the chart) what I can tell you, also applies to them. Your great-grandparents’ rollercoaster ride with poverty and wealth is a good example of how we inherit our astrological DNA from the family when we have the Nodes in those signs. You are born ‘knowing’ this stuff partly as a result of that, partly as a result of having big past-life experiences of your own. The biggest favour you can do yourself is to relate national and international economic trends to your own life. Even something as basic as the currency rate of exchange is a good example of that, because it’s going to go nuts from 2018 and by 2020 we will have a new banking system and possibly a new tax system. Start now. And find out what happened to your grandparents in more detail. There is a lesson there for you.

  83. Hi Jessica, I have Jupiter in Scorpio at 3 degrees. Though I know Jupiter just went into Libra (and I have a Libra Stellium as well, incl. Mars, Saturn and Pluto all in Libra) so will the Scorpio transition affect me? Thank you!

    1. You are experiencing Jupiter semi-sextile Jupiter right now as we just had a Jupiter-Sun conjunction in Libra at 3 degrees, so this part of September is about looking at ways to make or save money, which are staring you in the face right now. You will have your Jupiter Return from the final quarter of next year so that is an opportunity (rare) to expand and improve your finances. Jump on that. And secure your destiny then. Seek expertise about long-range trends.

  84. Hi Jessica. I see I have a stellium in scorpio but only psyche at 8deg and north node at 9deg. Yes times were terrible in 2010 to 2014 but recently things seem to be looking more promising. Im almost a little scared to believe that my dreams could actually come true. How do you see this panning out for me? Thankyou in advance.

    1. You also have the Nodes, which reveal past life memories and experience, in Taurus-Scorpio, the two signs we associate with banks, finance, business, charity, property and possessions. You are an old hand at this game. You are also one of the people who will be actively part of the revolution from 2018 and as you go through 2019, 2020 you will be part of the transformation too. As we slowly approach the most important financial cycle of your life, which will unfold from the final quarter of 2017, it would help you a lot to know your financial patterns (do you get in your own way when it comes to making money? Do you spend/shop or save/collect?) and that will be extremely obvious to you, late October through late November 2016. Around that time you are also going to see the first big global money story and that will directly relate to incredible news, from October 2017. So you see, it’s all down to observation. Start taking notes. Many, many things are possible for you.

  85. Hi Jessica, I have a couple of scorpio factors, and can relate to a new beginning! What do you think? PS Great detail in your posts, thanks. .

    1. Yes, you will make a fresh start with money, business or property as October closes and November begins. This is partly due to the global chain reaction on the markets when we have a new President. I am sure you saw what happened during the debate as within minutes the markets rose and some currencies gained 2-3% as a result. Polls right on Halloween and the result itself will create a domino effect right around the world as people start thinking optimistically about the future and you need to watch that because it will have an impact on your own life.

  86. Hi Jessica
    The last six years have been financially horrendous for us …it just seems that whatever we try to do nothing really works…through no fault of our own! Is there any hope at all for some positive change you can see? All the best Maria

    1. You are another North Node/South Node Taurus-Scorpio person too – so not only have you been hit very hard by Saturn’s transit through Scorpio (which sat on one node, and clashed with the other) you also have past life experience with major money themes, business stories, property chapters or charity episodes. Perhaps you have a sense of that? In any case you are here to help lead a wave of change, partly through memories of bad experiences. For many people the banking system was behind their horrendous experiences in 2013, 2014 and perhaps that is why you will want to do things differently from 2018. Maria, you need to watch the headlines on the markets in particular just near that New Moon ahead of Halloween and especially watch the U.S. and world economy in election month, November. What you see globally or nationally will affect you personally so look behind what is happening, then. Further ahead you will benefit from Jupiter’s solutions in 12 months and counting.

  87. Hi Jessica,
    I am looking forward to the new moon in October..
    Having Scorpio factors in my chart, what might be in store for me?
    My mother is a scorpio..she is 80 years young!

    1. You are another North Node/South Node Taurus-Scorpio person, so looking at the list of historic events at the end of this story, I do wonder if you have past life memories of any of them! Your life will change in terms of your money, property or business from 2018 for several years so you can start out in the right way by using the New Moon (and also November) to ‘read’ the financial future as it begins to unfold. What you will be looking for is global market changes, news about alternatives to banking, currency value changes and so on. You do stand to gain from what is going to happen in 2018 but we are also entering a brand new money world from 2018 and across 2019, 2020 you need to be a pro about all this. Starting to watch the small, first sign of changes now will help you.

  88. Ok. Here goes! Third attempt. . . . .
    Leap frogging. . . .
    How do you see Neptune and MC in Scorpio in my natal chart
    I have a Scorpio husband and mother! Surrounded by them
    Here’s hoping. . . .
    I am beginning to think there is def some jinx on me. . . .

    1. Leap frogging is always fun. If your Scorpio husband and/or mother have their Sun at the same degree as your Neptune or MC then you may have a past life connection with them. It is very common for people to incarnate with those who trigger their charts, because you all go through the same issues about money or property at the same time. Thus, the debts or credits from other lifetimes, shared together. In general, you can use this New Moon to launch yourself into a November period full of learning. The lesson is about borrowed money! This has tripped you up once and it could actually be a real issue in years to come. Soon, though, you can change your own destiny by spotting your own patterns (there will be an important letter or discussion in November) and figuring out a way to keep it real. Avoid the bubbles of trouble. That way you’ll save and gain when the time is right.

  89. Hi

    I don’t have anything in those degrees. I have Juno, Hygeia and my descendant in Scorpio.

    What is the meaning of having descendant in Scorpio. Descendant is about the other people in the see saw with me. How Scorpio makes it different?

    Saturn transiting descendant (2012 – 2015) would give Saturn transiting 7th house effects?

    Thank you for your kind reply. You helped me to see myself a lot better.

    1. Thank you, that’s a sweet thing to say. Okay, the Descendant or DC describes your former, current or potential partners – as a pattern or theme. Look and you will see that two or perhaps three (or more!) of these people share things in common. Scorpio rules finance, property, charity, business, retail and collectors’ items so perhaps one or two lovers/partners worked in these fields or had big themes involving family or other partners, around money. You may have dated an accountant and nearly married an heir, for example. Saturn’s conjunction to your Descendant in recent years would have given you a very, very hard time with such a person. Look up Scorpio further on this website as it is very common to end up in the famous Promenade a Deux with this kind of lover. An article I wrote about Scorpio relationships goes into more detail about this.

  90. HI Jessica,
    Another great article! I have 12 Psyche and 15 Neptune in Scorpio. How might this impact me?

    THank you! – JD

    1. Thank you. You stand to gain the most by understanding how you borrow money (and why you borrow it). It is very easy for you to sleepwalk into paying interest as a lifelong habit,or even losing awareness of what is yours and what belongs to Mastercard, Amex or Visa. As this is the first time in a very long time you can make a fresh start without the world getting in your way, the time has come to spot your own attitudes and habits when it comes to ‘the never never’ of loans, lay-bys, credit, mortgages and the rest. This will serve you really well after 2018 in particular. Keeping it real will save you a lot of time and money.

  91. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for all your continuing work explaining astrology and the time you take to reply to comments.

    I’ve got 9 Psyche, 12 Uranus and 16 Diana in Scorpio, and would love to know what to concentrate on at the Scorpio new moon to make the most of 2017. I seem to be coming into much better financial states recently and am keen to nurture them.


    1. Thank you. What you leave in your will, incidentally, really will outlive you. This is obviously many, many years into the future but it will be the kind of legacy that genuinely goes on … and on. (Psyche in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, charity, possessions and business). Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House alongside Diana suggests a fair bit of rejection and distancing. You know what you do and do not want from your money, house, apartment, company, shopping and so on. This makes you rather unique and you need a unique accountant. Your values are not the same as everybody else’s and in fact you put a very high price on independence and freedom. Knowing your patterns and spotting your habits, tendencies and habitual reactions is half the battle if you want to save or make money from late 2017 and you will do this so easily, in November. It’s like a performance review but this time you can give it to yourself. I think country life and the land are worth looking at by the way – long term.

  92. Hello Jessica
    Can you please let me know if I will be effected by this cycle ? According to sun astrology scorpio is not I suppose my 8th but 4th house . But I definitely have some factors in scorpio . If I recall I think back in 2006 my father a scorpio bought a small property in my name . So far this property is dead investment as the rents are less than anything . Any clues will be useful . Thank you

    1. You have two charts. Your public Leo chart has Scorpio ruling the Fourth House, which describes your property as well as your father. Your private chart has Scorpio ruling the Eighth House which rules finance. From Halloween 2016 you can take a deep breath and make a genuine fresh start with the money, house, possessions, apartment or business. It has been a very long time since you have been able to do that. You are another person who should watch real estate and political trends in November because within 12 months you will see the impact. One example of this might be a change in property values, tax deductions, interest rates and so on.

  93. Hi Jessica, thank you for this great read, it gives me hope that things will improve & also gave me a better understanding of the rough cycle of 2012-15. I am still learning how to read the natural house system/ i.e unlearning what I used to know & it takes time 🙂 This is particularly interesting for me, as I have a Scorpio stellium & my ascendant is Scorpio, which used to be Virgo in the Sun Sign system. Wrapping my understanding around ‘a Scorpio ascendant’ seems to be a steep learning curve. I’d love for you to share a bit about the Scorpio ascendant. The stellium in the 8th house, as compared to the 3rd in the other system, has certainly been very enlightening, as money used as power is a big thing in my now estranged family.

    I got sick in 2012 with back problems, had to terminate the masters degree I was pursuing at the time, & have basically felt stuck in a rut since. Lack of mobility due to back pain also affected me mentally, but I am slowly finding my way back to my usual state of lightheartedness & feeling more optimistic of times to come, as I’m regaining my health. I have been wanting to move/possibly buy a small house/or relocate to another country to live in an eco community, but these dreams have been on hold due to illness. With the new moon approaching, I’m thinking now is the time to set intentions & making plans for the future and I would be very grateful for your input.

    1. Thank you. Your Scorpio Ascendant falls in the Eighth House in the Natural House system alongside your other Scorpio factors. It basically means, what people see, is what they get. You are seen in the light of money, property or business and that’s actually true – it’s who you are. If money was used as power in your now estranged family, as you say, that is the most obvious example. You may want to find another blog post on this site about Scorpio as a whole and the famous promenade a deux that can happen. Healing about the past will commence with the Jupiter cycle from the final quarter of next year but a sense of genuine relief and release (and understanding) will come as early as the end of October 2016 through November 2016. You have a Virgo stellium so your physical condition defines what you can and cannot do in this life and it may need you to step back so you can see it. Living in your body is obviously habitual and mostly unconscious, yet if you look at what your actual body does for you/achieves for you – or blocks you – that’s the first step to understanding. If you terminate a master’s degree because of back problems, you may want to look at in reverse. You may have developed back problems because of issues with your master’s degree. That’s one example of how astrology works. In astrology your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House is right opposite Pisces and the Twelfth House and we have major transits there at the moment from Neptune. So, the unconscious mind, hidden self or invisible self may be having a bigger impact on the body than first appears, according to the horoscope. One way to quickly decode the unconscious is to find clues in what you write or say when you express the problem. I am sure you know all about yoga, don’t you – I mention it because as I write this now I am with a friend who is a yoga teacher and we are in her yoga studio. Sometimes serendipity happens when I am looking at questions and I wonder if this is part of your answer. With your chart you can have anything and do anything – seriously – and a new home and new life path are out there for you – yet with that Virgo stellium I reckon you need to have a long conversation with your body. Yoga is famously a good way to start the discussion and a great teacher will go into things very deeply with you, far beyond the usual books of bendy postures.

  94. Hi Jessica, reposting my question and hoping you’d find time to answer! Your predictions have always been spot on for me and would greatly appreciate hearing your comments on my situation. I have Uranus in 11 Scorpio, Fortuna in 23 Scorpio and Juno in 29 Scorpio. How will the new moon effect me? I lost my job and my husband and the home we lived in together on the Saturn in Scorpio cycle. Hoping for some positive news. Looking forward to your insight!

    1. Thank you for your patience. I am glad the predictions have been spot on for you. I am so sorry you lost your home, husband and job. This is about more than Saturn in Scorpio, although that was part of it. You also have several horoscope factors in Taurus so Saturn was clashing with, or opposing, those. I am sure the tension has only subsided since August as you also had to put up with Mars Retrograde in Scorpio! This New Moon is the turning point. Change in atmosphere, mood and emotional climate. You will also be able to take the blindfold off Fortuna. By that, I mean, late October through late November, the Sun will conjunct, or sit right on, Fortuna. Normally she is that part of you which is unaware/unconscious of what she does with money, property, business, possessions. Soon you will be able to see and that is going to help a lot.One thing that may be useful for you over the next few years is putting a price tag on the things money cannot buy. So actually putting a value on peace of mind, comfort, freedom, integrity, security and the rest. What would you pay for that and how are you going to get it? That would be an interesting exercise for you, as from 2018 and many years to follow, you will go through the greatest transformation of your life, when it comes to money. You may also want to have this conversation with yourself, late April to late May 2017 and see what you can find.

  95. Hi Jessica

    Could you tell me how Scorpio 00 Neputune and Scorpio 07 Vesta will affect me .. Over the last 10 years or more I feel as if I have had a bit of a hard time with property, jobs.. Even my love life…how will this new moon affect me. I look forward to your response. thanks.

    1. As a general rule for life, try to avoid getting involved with one man/two women situations. Sometimes it is a man and his many female admirers. Sometimes it is a woman who cannot let go of her ex boyfriend and competes with his new girlfiend. Sometimes it is a man whose ex wife, two daughters, new wife and new daughter all feel they have to compete for his favoritism! Moving along from Vesta in Scorpio – if you were born with Neptune in Scorpio you will finally be able to get real about your money, house or apartment situation without any pressure, from this New Moon until November. Being down to earth about money is the key to everything for you. It is very easy to have a blind spot about credit cards, bank loans, mortgages and borrowed money. It is also very easy to have a blind spot about the fact that money literally rewards energy and effort and sometimes you just have to accept that you are reaching for more than you are actually genuinely earning! The best way to understand how you could save or make money from October 2017 is to be aware of all the stories you tell yourself right now, October 2016 through November 2016. Neptune in Scorpio is all about myth making and you have a myth going on around money, shopping, charity, business, houses, apartments – all kinds of stuff, possibly. But one area on that list in particular repeatedly finds you way out of synch with the real world and you probably know it. This is a very, very good time to set yourself some ‘get real’ rules and actually stick to them. You can only gain from this time next year.

  96. hi, i’m new. love the website. i was born on the 7th october 1981. and i have uranus and venus in scorpio. how will this affect me? thank you

    1. You will be one of the experimenters with the new currencies and new banks which are coming from 2018 but you also need to be aware of the risks. This is particularly true in relationships, partnerships or marriages which Uranus rules. So – along with the freedom and excitement of the new internet ‘banking’ you should be aware that eventually Uranus in Taurus will travel over your chart and oppose, or clash with, your Uranus in Scorpio (and Venus too). Become your own financial watchdog and constantly update yourself in the years ahead on where the experts see potential issues. This will be very specifically about telephone banking and digital currency. Now, focussing on October-November 2016 you will see for yourself why there is a part of you which always wants to create, invent, produce, experiment, generate – with money, charity, business, shopping, selling, property. There will be one episode at this time which teaches you so much about yourself and what works and does not work for you. Your generation took to Paypal, Stripe, eBay, Air BnB, Craigslist, Paypass and the rest like a duck to water but you need to see for yourself what’s right or wrong with all that!

  97. Hey Jessica, this is a very exciting and insightful read, thank you. So much going on, personally and worldwide, sometimes a little hard on where to focus. I have Neptune 04, Fortuna 17, Psyche 13 & North Node 07 all in Scorpio, all this looks pretty exciting but unsure what to do with it.
    Hubby & I lost our business and home a fews years back and as we are on the mature end of the scale we need to make this opportunity count, your insights & thoughts would be much appreciated.
    We are striving towards our own patch of earth again, a simple country life and maybe a few rescue animals, of course.
    Love to you & yours.

    1. For you and your husband to lose your business and home must have been devastating but yes – the worst is over. You are another person with the Nodes (past life experience) on the money axis of Taurus and Scorpio so it would seem there are quite a few people looking at this story who may have been through anything from the Great Depression to rationing during World War Two. Why that war? Because the Nodes also stood in Taurus and Scorpio. The deeper message about all this as I am sure know is that values matter more than cash or possessions, which never last. Finding out who and what is most precious, priceless and valuable during hard times actually makes us richer because it shows us who/what sparkles and shines. As Jupiter crosses your Nodes in Scorpio/Taurus you will have an opportunity to grow richer again, either in the conventional sense of bringing in money, or gaining from ‘cash in kind’. It is the kind of cycle when people are lent everything they need for two years by friends who are going overseas and need free storage! You will find your own path. It is good that you are thinking of real things – land. This is extremely important as you have Neptune in Scorpio too, along with everybody who will be in their fifties, approaching their sixties, during the major world change to come from 2018. Keeping it real is the biggest thing you can do for yourself. Because Neptune rules bubbles (like ocean froth) your generation is prone to living in bubbles of non-reality when it comes to money. You really do not want the bubble to be bigger than the size of a one dollar coin when it pops. It will pop when Uranus goes into Taurus and slowly opposes the Neptune in Scorpio placements of your entire generation, beyond 2020. So – if you have real things, earned with real money, even if it means downsizing and a simple life, you will be avoiding that huge pop when reality meets non-reality. Tip – watch your financial patterns, attitudes and habits when the Sun goes through Scorpio from the final week of October through the third week of November of any year. You will be given an amazing review by the universe, free, to learn from and gain from.

  98. Hi Jessica, am thrilled to have recently joined after reading your fascinating and stunningly accurate blogs. I love your personal responses. Thank you for your amazing talents.
    A bit nervous about putting myself out here and also nervous about my financial future.
    I recently moved counties, left my career and my home to start an exciting new chapter to find my soul’s path & my purpose. I am very happy and feel so settled in my heart and i am looking to pursue a new career in healing and start being creative again. And hoping that in a few years i can earn an income from these new paths?
    I purchased properties at the height of the boom 10yrs ago hoping they would be my pension as i have no savings. They are still worth thousands less than what i paid & i have to sell them within the next 9 years. With Brexit & after reading your articles about the changing face of money & the world markets, i am worried i could end up with massive debts to the bank as i retire if property markets fall. Just don’t know what to do financially.
    I have Neptune on my Ascendant both at 17 Scorpio and Juno at 27 Scorpio. I would greatly value any response. Thank you. Love & bright blessings

    1. Thank you so much, you are very kind. I am not surprised you are so concerned about your properties. You have a true ‘money, property and business’ chart with the Moon at 27 Taurus, Neptune at 17 Scorpio, Juno at 27 Scorpio, Diana at 1 Taurus, Fortuna at 9 Taurus, Hygiea at 5 Taurus, Proserpina at 17 Taurus. You may have the Ascendant in the mix but very few babies are born on the exact dot of 2.30am so I might put that to one side for the moment. You have an exact Moon-Juno opposition at 27 Taurus and 27 Scorpio and of course you just went through Saturn at 27 Scorpio, hitting both at the same time. Then you had to put up with Mars Retrograde at 27 Scorpio, also hitting both at the same time! This has been a hell of a transit for you, taking you from 2013, 2014, 2015 into July 2016. It is very important that you become your own best accountant, investor and financial genius, starting now. You also need to lean hard on some very clever people – tried, tested and trusted professionals. 2018 and onwards is going to change your life but you want to be ready to alter course, when the world also does this. I suspect this is not just about you. It would probably involve a partner, lover or family member and his/her assets too. When Jupiter conjuncts Juno at 27 Scorpio in 2018 that’s a massive commitment. It’s also a very good one. In general, though, you have real conflicts around money, property, possessions and business. I think you need to straighten those out, using the Sun’s transit through Scorpio from the final week of October through third week of November 2016. Really look at what you can’t reconcile within yourself about what you own, earn or owe. You have the kind of chart where Diana in Taurus in the Second House of cash, charity, shopping, ownership, business and property could persuade you to drop every commitment and run free and wild. You will see why when Uranus the planet of revolution moves to 1 Taurus from May 2018. That is why I think you need to know yourself really well and also your patterns. It is very important that you keep one eye on the world and its finances, and the other on your own because the rate of change by 2019 is breathtaking. The other pair of eyes should belong to a very clever advisor.

  99. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for more fascinating news with upcoming new moon in Scorpio. I looked up my chart I saved on your site and I have the following in Scorpio:

    Moon 16 degrees
    Uranus 3 degrees
    North Node 12 degrees
    Cupido 23 degrees
    IC 27 degrees

    The Moon, Uranus and North Node are in natal 3rd house. So am I to expect big changes like having to move residence? In addition or conjunction to the 8th house indicators you mentioned in article.

    Also I am unsure of what house Cupido is in.

    Thanks in advance for your insight!

    1. You have a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House which describes your apartment, money, business, house, possessions and charity interests. You are another person in this discussion who has had a past life (perhaps many) at peak times in the world’s economic highs and lows, from the Great Depression to the New Deal and so on. I just heard the word ‘caviar’ for you clairaudiently. I am not sure what this means to you! Basically this New Moon is a promise of better times ahead. People are already looking to 2018 as the year – and you will see this for yourself in late October, to late November. That is the time to bring all your past life knowledge into the situation. You know this stuff intuitively. You have seen it before. People rejecting currency. People preferring purely digital payments. The tricky position of the banks. This is really big stuff but you can bring it down to earth and apply it to your own situation in a direct way. You can read more about Uranus in 2020 Astrology, to download now – free. It is that part of you which wants to invent and create new ways to do business, buy or sell. You are part of the eBay, Craigslist, Air BnB, Stripe, Paypal generation. What you experience will show you some really key issues about that which you can benefit from long term. And protect yourself.

      1. Thanks so very much Jessica, I now have a better picture of what to focus on. Love the past life reference!!

  100. Dear Jessica, a pleasure reading your blog, as always. Insightful & very interesting. I cant wait for this new moon as hopefully it ends a chapter and sets up for a new phase. Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities as well as how to go about preparing! Best wishes.

    1. Thank you. The New Moon in Scorpio is like the hangover cure the world has been waiting for. There is no way that the money people are going to let the situation in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden pass them by without using it or fixing it. This turns wheels across the world economy too and we will all feel the fresh start.

  101. Hi Jessica,
    I had a less than ideal time in terms of finances and living arrangements during Saturn in Scorpio and I guess I’m still trying to figure out how to make the right changes.
    I have a stellium in Scorpio. How can I benefit from the new moon?

    1. You have Vulcano at 7 Scorpio conjunct the Moon at 8 Scorpio and the New Moon itself will pass at 7 Scorpio, so right on this pattern in your Eighth House of finances, house, apartment and so on. It’s a new beginning, as you’ve not seen in months – maybe years. It may be tied to what is happening globally as we are seeing a ripple effect coming across from Europe at one end and the United States at the over. Use your journal (available to download 1st October) to track goals over the Scorpio pattern dates which begin to cluster in the final week. Make notes, make sketches, set intentions and use astrology for your life gardening.

    2. Watch the BBC news on finance, currency and the world economy like a hawk, because this will eventually get you where you live. I am sure you know that in Sweden and the Netherlands they no longer want to use paper and coin currency. The physical Euro is rejected by those countries. I am also sure you know that Germany could be on the way to a major bank crisis. What you went through during Saturn in Scorpio was not your fault, it was caused by the ripple effect of situations just like these. The world is going to respond (and fast) to the Euro at the end of October and also the polls on the White House. See how those ripples will get you, where you live and think hard about how 2018 might be, as a result.

  102. Hi Jessica,

    Very new to all this, but enjoying your responses. I have a whopping six factors in Scorpio (if that the right way of saying it), while none in the degrees you mention. Would anything on my chart mean anything for the times coming up? I have a sense that a few things in my life are about to go in an upswing – and I wonder if I’m right and if there’s any way I could actually mess them up?


    1. Thank you Shaolee. You are strongly Scorpio and recently had your Saturn Return there so you learned a very big lesson about your money, apartment, house, business or possessions. You are another person who has found this post, who has past life history during epic times of global financial change. You can see the examples from history at the end – maybe one rings a bell! You almost certainly have reincarnated to explore the concept of money and what it can (or cannot) do for us. That New Moon is the beginning. It goes beyond money into questions about living together, marriage, and keeping finances separate from a partner, versus joining forces. This will be very relevant to you next year and also in 2018. What crosses your path near October 30th is not an accident. It may be a story about the Euro. It may be a long conversation with a friend about Uber or Air BnB but actually, those ideas are meant to be explored further!

  103. Hi Jessica,

    First of all thank you for your insights you gave me a week ago or so as regards my proffessional future !

    Since I have a strong Scorpio stellium (Sun sign, uranus, mercury , mars, etc) please can u writte me how I will be affected from the New Moon of 30 of October 2016!



    1. I’m glad the astrology helped with your career last week. You are part of a new generation of souls who has been put on the planet to radically change the way we think about money, shopping, saving, borrowing, ownership, houses, apartments and the rest. The New Moon on 30th October will put a few intriguing stories or discoveries on your radar. Tune in, because this is your future. You are part of Generation Scorpio and so you are here to manage change, but also create it, particularly from October 2017 when the big opportunities are there – yet also beyond 2018 when the world challenges you to innovate and invent. Navarinou Park is one example of what I am talking about. Broke Greeks have reclaimed public land and started growing food, organising markets and also donating food. They are now being copied across Athens. Uber, Wimdu, Air BnB, Craiglist, 9flats, Taskrabbit, Fiverr are also good examples of where Gen Scorpio is heading.

      Kiva, Kickstarter, or microlending and crowdsourcing sites are part of this wave. Accion in the USA , or Fondo de Solidaridad de Granada, have been around for years. Others, such as “Bank on Dave” in the UK are newer, like Goteo in Spain. The creation of paper money and the invention of banks that issued credit is a very old idea now. Both challenge reality and common sense. Faith in these powers is the hallmark of people born in the 1960s, who all had Neptune (fantasy) in Scorpio, the money sign, just as you have Uranus there. Sadly, hyperinflations and banking collapses when older people don’t keep it real! To come back to that crucial New Moon around Halloween 2016 – watch what happens, especially to the Euro and particularly to the US economy ahead of the election. The more you do your research now the better off you will be within one year.

  104. Hi Jessica-As always, enjoyable articles to read.
    I have been going through a rough patch with relationships and financial worry for some time and wonder what interesting events I should look forward to in the next year or so. I have :
    True Node – 6 Libra
    Bacchus – 17 Libra
    Juno – 15 Libra
    Desc – 06 Libra
    Ceres – 16 Scorpio
    Jupiter – 22 Scorpio
    Cupido – 00 Scorpio
    Neptune – 04 Scorpio
    Many thanks!

    1. Thank you. Basically you have been bearing the brunt of Saturn (serious, slow, stuck) in Libra and then Scorpio, so the 21st century so far has been eaten up with 4-6 years of relationship and financial issues for you. As this is at least 25% of the century so far I am sure you have had quite enough of Saturn. The good news he is gone. Over. You are slowly, slowly moving into repair and recovery mode and as Jupiter conjuncts your Libra Node a lot of the karma and past life debts and credits with one person in particular can be sorted out. Beyond that 2017 will give you the opportunity for commitment. As early as October-November 2017 you will be shown the biggest financial, property or business options in years. Promise yourself you will become your own best financial expert in 2018 and really hit the research. We will move into quite unique, surprising, unprecedented times with the global economy from that point but you are one of the few people who could benefit, as you will have your Jupiter Return at this time.

  105. Hi Jessica,

    I just had a look at the October forecast and noticed I have Jupiter 07° in Scorpio. You mentioned a lot about my opportunity in 2017, but can I take an advantage now at around the end of October? Felt like I can’t wait any longer and want to just quite my job and start my own business with my colleagues in London! Not sure if that’s the best move ..or should I just wait and prepare myself for 2017?

    Many thanks!

    1. A New Moon conjunct your Jupiter in the Eighth House of finance, property and business is the right time to start any new venture, but let’s look at the rest of your chart. You have a lot of Virgo (work) in your chart and Mercury Retrograde Shadow needs to finish (from 7th October) before you can finally find out where you stand – or your boss, colleagues, clients sort themselves out. From that point forward you should definitely consult the voice of experience and those with expertise to see if this is the right move. There would be no better time in October to pursue a business than that New Moon but do your homework first.

  106. Dear Jessica – Thank you very much for your reply. I cannot wait for life to start moving towards a positive direction. It has been extremely long time being stuck, going nowhere, etc. And, yes, wow, I absolutely agree with you on the karmic issues.
    Looking forward to the personal reading with you next year.
    With thanks

    1. I have 12 question-and-answer sessions for people who order a 2017 Annual Horoscope and they are guaranteed on the final weekend of every month, so it’s about as close as I can get to actually sitting in a room with you 12 times a year! Enjoy the Scorpio New Moon and this Libra New Moon too. They both represent the turning points the world has been waiting for.

  107. Hi Jessica,

    I have Venus and Uranus in Scorpio. Any thoughts of what is store for me?
    I need a change in my professional life and my things in my personal life are not moving to the next level. Do you see any change?

    Thank you in advance for your valueable advice.

    1. If you want to make change in your life with a sexually intimate financial or property relationship, then you need to crack your own code as the Sun moves over Venus and Uranus in your Eighth House from the final week of October through the third week of November 2016. Understanding how you operate with a marriage/mortgage (for example) or lovers who immediately raise questions about the house or apartment, is the first step. This prepares the ground for Jupiter in Scorpio from October 2017 into 2018 which will give you the best opportunity in 12 years to repair or form a sexual relationship with a strong emphasis on the money, the possessions, the house or the apartment.

  108. Hello Jessica ,thank you for your brilliant post.i really care about my money situation…As a sun in libra but stellium in scorpion(6 factors) and Taurus (4 factors),can you please tell me exactly from my charts how that cycle will change my life ?Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you! You will make or save money from this point forward. In fact, ever since 10th September, you have already been thrown a couple of little victories. It would be wise to build on these. Take these two very good pieces of news further. Use your New Moon at the end of October to refresh and update your property, financial and business plans. Around that time you will see all kinds of economic and money news breaking through worldwide and you need to read that in the context of your own life. Your love life is entwined with your money, house, possessions or apartment and vice versa. Some amazing opportunities within a relationship or marriage will unfold for you from late 2017 through 2018. For the moment, though, keep watching the news about all the radical new developments online, particularly, in the way people are making or saving money. This will also affect you and you need to be aware of the pros and cons of your choices.

  109. Hi Jessica
    Hope my final attempt to gets through. Fully appreciate that you are in high demand, do no know how you do it all and still deliver such amazing articulation with your communication
    With others – ‘the people’. What a gift you are/and have. Thank you
    For October you mentioned the influence of Scorpio factors . I have Neptune at *6 degrees
    MC at 29 deg. Cupido at 11 deg. Ceres at 24 deg.
    Regarding property. I did buy my mothers house and bought my sibling share.2012. It was VERY stressful. It is an investment property for me, short term rental with air bnb. I manage mortgage and overheads from return. I do not own any other property. I am single and rent.

    I also have Jupiter at *0 deg Sagitarius (October Sag story)

    Thank you so much Jessica

    1. I am sorry about the wait…thank you for that very kind compliment. I can explain the wait partly because sometimes big events happen (like the New York Times breaking the Donald Trump tax return story) and my website becomes very busy, with everyone looking up my Donald Trump predictions! Okay – this is a roundabout way of looking at a similar issue, which is money. Scorpio of course rules finance in your Eighth House and you have a stellium there. Buying your mother’s house and your siblings’ share is a classic Scorpio story. So is your life as a landlady. Your MC is actually here so it’s your life path. Not just this of course – there will be other changes as you grow older, some involving fundraising for a charity. This New Moon is very close to Neptune in your chart so watch the financial and business news around those final days of October, no matter if it’s the tax status of Air BnB, interest rates or property values. You will be floating on air, late 2017 through early 2018 as Jupiter slowly prepares to cross your Neptune and then onto the rest. 2018 will show the first signs of the revolution to come so make sure you have an expert by your side then as you must be aware of the cutting edge of trends, out there. Particularly with the banks and very specifically with the world economy. For the record, when Jupiter moves to 0 Sagittarius in late 2018 you will have an exceptional opportunity to move regions or countries, or take one of your most ambitious holidays yet.

  110. Hi Jessica

    Final attempt at this one, hope it gets through as I value your opinion 🙂
    I appear to be heavily Scorpio with factors in Neptune, Juno, Descendant, Panachia, Psyche and Ops.
    What does this mean? 🙂

    Many thanks

    1. Thank you for being so patient. You have a stellium (or unusually high number of horoscope factors) in Scorpio in the Eighth House, which rules sexually intimate money or property, and deadly serious finance or assets. Think of Prince Charles and Bill Gates (both Sun Scorpio people) and you think of philanthropy and charity on a grand scale. Think of the actual scorpion and you see the famous promenade a deux, when male and female mate, with deadly risks – it’s the most intense and deadly (grim) but passionate embrace! You can read more about this if you hit Scorpio on Search. It is particularly important if your former, current or potential partner also has Scorpio placements, as you two will dance the dance. If you think about Prince Charles inheriting money from his family (deadly serious) and holding Britain’s treasure trove in his trust for William, Harry, George and Charlotte (deadly serious) you get a better idea of this sign. Also consider that when Diana and he divorced she left the marriage with a great deal of his assets. Of course Bill and Melinda Gates use his millions to pursue humanitarian works. I mention all this because it will be with you all your life, as a kind of mirror reflection or echo. You were born with Juno (commitment) in Scorpio and Psyche (what you do with your/her/his/their money, property or possessions lasts forever). It would be a useful idea to watch what goes down from late October through late November 2016 to see how old patterns in your life repeat and how familiar ‘grooves’ in your personality come up. The Sun will expose and illuminate your patterns and that is the best time in 12 months to step back from yourself and see what does or does not work for you. Beyond this you will have the opportunity to chase incredible solutions or opportunities from October 2017 through 2018, yet in 2018 we also enter a long cycle when everything you thought you knew about money, houses, apartments or business will need to be reviewed. It would be very smart, that year, to seek expertise and experience but also to stay on top of those who are younger than yourself, who will revolutionise what we used to call banks!

  111. Thank you for your feedback Jessica. Just a little confused with my Neptune at 6 decrees Scorpio. Walking on air… Do you mean that is good or bad/cautionary. Candy

    1. Neptune describes what is not real – even though it’s real – so for example, you may be able to borrow money at a low interest rate, or get approval for an overdraft or credit card making you feel richer than you are. Jupiter conjunct your Neptune is about a big, fortunate, perfectly timed bubble to float on, which is fine, but just ask yourself if the bubble will pop and finish the ride before it does!

  112. Hi Jessica,

    I love reading your monthly horoscopes! My South Node is 22 degrees Scorpio, with Neptune at 19 degrees Scorpio and Cupido 27 degrees Scorpio. Will I be positively affected?


    1. The New Moon in Scorpio won’t directly impact you, but it will have an indirect impact, as you will see what is possible for your money, house, business or apartment in 2018. The widespread news/comments about the world economy, banks and currency at the end of October are a big clue. You are another person with the Nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis so part of your path in life is to learn what you value, that money cannot buy – and to set your own value system – quite apart from what you are told makes you rich or poor. In general, from 2018 forwards, your generation (heading towards retirement) will have to look at all the bubbles in their lives. The smaller the bubbles the smaller the pop – long-term. You are over the worst as Saturn sat on both your Nodes but you also need to look at the future of your old age in considerable detail. Track all the expertise and experience out there, because after the initial surge of optimism, growth and expansion in 2018 the world will slowly (over a number of years) have to deal with what’s real. Why? Uranus in Taurus will eventually sit on your Nodes and bring deep change. Before it does this it will oppose your Neptune. All the more reason to get real and keep it real as early as possible. Tiny bubbles, not big ones.

  113. You express your sexual and romantic relationships through the money, house, possessions, business or apartment. You shine when you perform well in these areas. You also express yourself through the family money, house, possessions, business or apartment. You gain admiration and attention when you excel yourself in managing what a relative has left you; shares with you; what you will leave to a relative. You gain most attention and respect for charity work or philanthropy. In all these areas of life you are a fighter. If it comes to divorce, separation or legal action you will be a fierce opponent. Someone on the family tree was like this. Parent, grandparent or great-grandparent is common. You have inherited this concern with charity, property, business or finance from him or her. You are a natural go-between in any arrangement involving the cash, home, company or collectables. In all this you have been through the worst cycle in 29 years but this New Moon marks the new beginning and from this time next year there will be opportunities to gain or save. However you must get expert advice from May 2018 as by 2019 and beyond, you will see radical changes to the world economy and currency which challenge you to also change and be flexible. One example of this is superannuation or an old age pension. Do you know where these shares are invested, who invested them and what is likely to happen to them? That is just one example.

    1. The world currency which excites the Uranus in Scorpio generation most will be digital and global. This generation does not want the money their parents or grandparents had!

  114. These past few months have been frustrating for me. I have a man in picture but have been facing too many obstacles and sheer lack of communication since May. This man is strongly Aquarian who is facing challenges due to Saturn in his carrer. Everything seems up in air and I feel I have been really good at building castles in air. I am very sensitive to eclipses in general, I tend to be super emotional about everything during these times. How will this eclipse affect me

    Thanx in advance

    1. Mr. Aquarius won’t be making any big decisions about new relationships or marriage until 2017 when the True North Node moves into Leo, his opposite sign. At that point he will either return to an old girlfriend or find a past-life connection with a new one. (I am assuming when you say he is strongly Aquarian, he has the Sun in Aquarius!) The Scorpio eclipse is not about him at all. It is about the chance to make a fresh start with money, business or property.

  115. It’s pretty simple. Every hard lesson you learned about money from 2012-2015 must now be put to good use so that you don’t see bubbles bursting when Uranus goes through Taurus from 2018. Those lessons were personal to you. Now you know better. Don’t fall for the same trap twice or in about 30 years from now you really will feel it as Saturn goes through Scorpio one more time.

  116. Will I be affected by this? I seem to have nothing significant in Scorpio, though the Saturn in Scorpio transit(opposing my Sun) is something I don’t want to think of.

    1. Everyone will be affected by the economic changes to come on the Scorpio New Moon. The global ripple effect will be powerful. It is the first time in years that the world has experienced a New Moon in Scorpio, the sign ruling the sharemarkets and banks, without Saturn or Mars Retrograde also in Scorpio. One year ahead of Jupiter in Scorpio, conditions for a boom will be set up (and then a revolution). That’s why you need to read the financial papers and pages online even if you are not normally interested. We all have to own our financial future then and astrology (the people’s timing) is showing us exactly when.

  117. Hello Jessica,

    Amazing article ! Thank you for giving us that gift !

    As for my birth chart,I have :

    Pluto 17° Scorpio 15′ 41″ R
    Juno 23° Scorpio 44′ 10″ R

    How does the new moon in Scorpio impact my life?

    Thank you in advance for the answer 🙂

    1. Thank you. The lessons you took away about money, banks, houses and apartments in that very difficult period from 2012 to 2015 will now help you move forward as this is the first New Moon for some years where you can remember an old lesson and put it to practical use. One example of this might be a transaction you made with a foreign currency, where you learned the hard way about foreign exchange rates. In general, late October to late November will bring some key decisions about your money, business, land, apartment, house and so on. This is the first time you have been in the right kind of space to make smart choices without a lot of complication. Further ahead, what you set in motion now could easily pay off from late 2017. One example of this might be a land purchase which increases in value. Without knowing what you are actually asking about I am whistling in the dark, but I hope you get the general principle of this New Moon. As always seek professional financial advice if you are making big decisions as astrology is only one tool in the toolkit of your life.

  118. Hi,
    I have the following
    Sun 17° Scorpio 57′ 45″
    Ops 12° Scorpio 24′ 35″
    Neptune 17° Scorpio 34′ 41″ in my chart.

    How is my job prospectus in the coming year? I went thru a lot since the end of 2013. Things happened to me at my job at different times, for absolutely no reason, or simply cannot be explained. No matter , how much effort I put, the outcomes are never what expected. I am thoroughly frustrated.


    1. You must be feeling very frustrated by your career. Actually, this has nothing to do with the Scorpio stellium and everything to do with your Capricorn factors in the Tenth House, which rules your job. You are going through a cycle which can only happen every 240+ years as Pluto slowly conjuncts, or lines up with, all your Capricorn factors. It is common to find that other people or organisations take over – or just take. They throw their weight around. They want to rule the world, basically – and you have to put up with it. Please understand that you will ultimately gain enormously and from 2019 through 2020 when your entire profession transforms, you will pick up the pieces and either be promoted, succeed in your own business or be given a fantastic position. What do you do until then? The best way to handle Pluto cycles is to become the boss of your own soul. Use your self-control and self-discipline to organise your life as you see fit. Do not pay too much attention to the people or organisations who are trying to take over, and take. They will not survive. They will either be demoted, sacked, or face crisis which brings them down or even throws them out of the game eventually – but you should not hang around for that! This is an ideal opportunity to summon up iron will power to run your own universe, cope as best you can and learn how to survive. And win. What you gain cannot be bought and that is, trust in yourself, belief in yourself, self-respect and ultimately admiration from others. Another tip – do not enter into contracts or agreements with control freaks if you can possibly avoid it. Don’t just assume people or particular organisations are great to work with. Ask questions. If they have parted ways with two or more employers recently or are having feuds with others in their industry, find out more. Finally, please read the chapter I wrote in 2020 Astrology (download from this site) about the massive global changes to come in 2019, 2020 when the corporate, business and government systems we know today will go through the biggest crisis, transformation and deep change in decades – perhaps centuries. In your own way you will be part of the solution in those years. You are strongly Capricorn and need to find out what that means so you can be the mountain goat who gets to the top. And you will.

  119. Hi Jess,

    Understand that you are swarmed with emails but hope you have some time to take a look at my chart.

    I would be expecting to effect a career transition by May 2018. With my Scorpio and Taurus stellium and the Jupiter transit through Scorpio, wish to know the opportunities and dates pertaining to my future career, and the possible developments of my future businesses/works?

    Thanks, BC

    1. Thank you – most questions are answered eventually – so I appreciate your patience. You don’t say what your career involves. If it is about business, finance, property, charity, banking (Taurus-Scorpio concerns) then you need to adjust rapidly to what you see just before Halloween on that New Moon because we are waking up in a new world. You will see tremendous optimism and new hope about 2017 as governments and corporations announce new measures which they hope inspire confidence – following the crash of the pound – and the instability in America. The smart money is on observing and researching everything, late October through November and then doing your homework so you see what people are planning from October 2017 into 2018 because that’s where the opportunities will be for you.

  120. Thank you for this very informative article. Astrology can be so accurate! I did went through difficult times in 2012-2015. To mention only the financial problems, I had a massive reduction of income through loss of work (I work as a freelancer). My husband also suffered a dramatic reduction in his retirement pension. Fortunately, things have been getting better, but there is much uncertainty due to the dire economic and financial situation of the country we live in.

    In Scorpio I have Neptune (at 8 degrees), along with Venus, Mercury and Bacchus. Husband is even more heavily Scorpio, with Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Ceres and Vulcano in the sign.

    Could you please tell me how this coming new Moon may affect me, considering the above?

    Many thanks and blessings!

    1. I am sorry you were hit by Saturn in Scorpio in the 2012-2015 cycle and of course you and your husband would have really felt it more than other people, as you share so many Scorpio factors in both your charts. You will be able to make a bold new start on the forthcoming Scorpio New Moon and it will pay you (literally) to see which way the wind is blowing, in terms of currency, financial and economic changes where you live, but also right around the world. There will be opportunities to make or save money, thanks to developments with your house, apartment, salary, business interests or possessions, in about 12 months – mainly because of the bigger wheels turning, which come from the small wheels whose gears begin to grind just before Halloween 2016. One thing you may both want to look at – what holds its value best? What is real in terms of being ‘really’ valuable?

  121. Hi Jessica,
    I’m an only imagine you have been swamped with questions since your website crashed. I did laugh at the timing and thought I would if the Russian’s have been busy on your site.

    Just a quick question. I know that Psyche in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, charity, possessions and business. (which will mean compromise and craving up. I read that on your site, I’m not clever) But what do Psyche and Ceres mean with Scorpio placements? I’m trying to start a new business again, and obviously having worked coaching/ training in the past, I’m in a new zone and wondering if I start in a new field or do a little of both. So, I’m working on the new area first and watching the world with fresh eyes.

    On a side tangent, I read in one of your replies, that DC is your partner/ enemy ( past or future), which is right in my case being in Aries. Is this a past life thing or not? I thought NN and SN where your past life, inherited influences come from. If this is the case, could you be so kind as to expand on what the Capricorn and Cancer nodes mean?

    Thanks in advance. It’s nice to have your website back up. Your team worked really fast to move everything to a new server. That is no mean feat. Appreciate everything you do and contribute for us all.

    1. Too funny. As everything in your business life will be affected by the chain of new announcements around Halloween (government and big business) you can only gain by seeing obvious opportunities. The plunging pound is one example. The White House outcome is another. It’s early days as Jupiter will not make a major impact in Scorpio until November 2018 but many of the first chapters in this big story will be written as October 2016 ends. Don’t remain in the past; the future will be radically different. Assume nothing and research everything! Capricorn/Cancer Nodes? You ‘did’ either your career or your parenting so many times that now you reject one in favour of the other. This is a very common placement with women who skip children but are very successful, or men who become full time parents and let their wives bring in the income.

  122. Hi Jessica,

    I have only Diana at 29 degre in Scorpio
    I am very much curious to know if it will serve to get a new job and a new income
    Thanks a lot

    1. You are in the best position in 12 years to get a new job if you are willing to snap up all the opportunities. You will have to make compromises and sacrifices – there is no ‘perfect’ at the moment – but if you think back to the last four weeks you will realise that one possibility came closer (and you could pursue it next year) and a far more obvious one, just popped up. We are now a week or two away from some major announcements in big business and world economies which will profoundly change the career landscape for everybody so stay on top of the news and see where the options will fall.

  123. Hi Jessica, I have Cupido at 16 and Vulcano at 28 Scorpio and I seem to be doing better with real estate than love relationships at the moment. Will Jupiter in Scorpio bring more of the same, or is change in the air for me?

    1. Factors at 13 and 25 Libra in your birth chart will tell you more about love than anything else. When Jupiter passes 13 and then 25 degrees in November 2016, and in May, June, September 2017 you will have the biggest and best opportunity or solution in over a decade so do use the useful answer or open door that appears. I am not surprised you are doing well in real estate as Cupido in Scorpio blesses you with the ability to make people fall in love with any house or apartment you wish to sell – or at least, fall in love with the deal you offer!

  124. Hello Jessica
    I have the following degrees of Scorpio and had very big upset in my working life November 2011. I am just trying now to resurrect my previously very successful career. (went into self-imposed retirement as I was so disillusioned). I’m Sun 15 Aquarius 41′ 36″ Can you see anything here that may improve in the coming months?
    Thank you for the work you do.

    Mars. 27 Scorpio 19′ 42″
    Saturn 9 Scorpio 13′ 22″
    ASC 5 Scorpio 48′ 43″
    Fortuna 11 Scorpio 55’34”
    Aesculapia 12 Scorpio 27’02”

    Sheena T.

    1. Sheena, the issue here is not Scorpio in your chart, but Capricorn, which rules your working life. You have Chiron at 24 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career and the True North Node at 23 Capricorn. That is quite unusual. Chiron conjunct the North Node in the Tenth House suggests past life karma with your colleague, boss or client which was triggered in November 2011, by transiting Saturn at 23, 24 Libra, forming a square. So you went through Saturn square your Chiron-Node conjunction, which is very hard to take. Saturn typically manifests as people or organisations who are stubborn, do not change their position and create misery for the rest of us. This Scorpio New Moon is quite important, as it will give you permission to dream about the future. In fact, just over the last few days, wheels have begun to turn. From Sunday you must set your sights on the kinds of projects, roles or positions you want – starting as early as November 2017 – and changing your life by 2018. Looking further ahead, this feels like a career snowball to me, gathering in size and power, as you will play your part in a tremendous upheaval affecting big business and world governments in 2019, 2020. That is best described as the snowstorm to end all snowstorms, as we will see not only Jupiter, but also Ceres, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn at that time. This all takes place in the career zone of your chart and by that point, you will see the last few years as a more meaningful pattern and understand why certain experiences were so crucial to the long-term future. You don’t say which field you work in, but even indirectly, you will be affected by the most dramatic reshuffle in politics and corporate life the world has seen for many years. At that point, the skills and wisdom you gathered from 2011 forward will begin to make sense to you. Financially, you should use the stunning opportunity or solution you gain when Jupiter crosses your Saturn at 9 Scorpio, which is tremendously healing and helpful, and this will take place in November 2017. Have a look at Capricorn in your ebooks and on this website.

  125. Hello Jessica,

    I have Scorpio in my chart three times but not at the degrees mentioned. I often read about the tough cycle 2012-15 with finances, business and property but in this period my main issues surrounded my on-off partner at the time who was a Scorpio, so I always relate the cycle to him. I found this relationship very difficult to get over and still remain damaged from this time period. We were not financially tied in any way but our financial situations were very different and did cause issues on his part. I do worry about this situation repeating with a new potential partner I have met. I wonder what this new moon means for my chart?

    Thanks Jessica

    1. Yes, you had a classic Saturn in Scorpio cycle with a man who had money issues. The situation will not repeat as you are older and wiser, second time round – and in any case you won’t have this pattern repeating in your chart until you are aged around 60 years old. You won’t be directly affected by the New Moon but as you have a small Scorpio stellium, if you want to make or save money into 2018, do watch the way the wind is blowing with business and the economy, both in your own country and around the world. The deepest changes in decades are coming from May 2018, followed by a boom from October 2017, and it will be hinted at now, in the smallest way. Your nose should be twitching.

  126. Hi Jessica,

    I have no idea how to interpret my birth chart, but the one I received from you says Scorpio is here:

    16° Scorpio 10′ 22″

    16° Scorpio 58′ 17″

    01° Scorpio 13′ 55″

    25° Scorpio 09′ 51″

    What does this new moon have in store for me?!

    Thank you so much in advance, I love your site


    1. Thank you Kate, I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin and Alyas. You have a Scorpio stellium and unusually, an exact Venus-Fortuna conjunction in Scorpio. When it comes to finance, property, charity, business or precious possessions, your life path is about the most intense, powerful and complicated agreements with others, where you make your mark and also change your own and other people’s destiny.The two most famous examples I can give you of people with a chart similar to yours, are Bill Gates and Prince Charles. One created his wealth and the other inherited it, but also increased it. Both have made their mark with their charities. For you, it’s more personal. It’s about sexual relationships, even temporary ones, and also the more enduring commitments of marriage or common law marriage. I expect you will have a milestone choice to make once Jupiter changes signs to Scorpio in October 2017 and slowly begins to conjunct all your Scorpio factors by October 2018. Venus in Scorpio describes your vanity, your feminine charm, your powers of seduction and your need for the business of love, pure and simple. We associate Venus with the hand-mirror (her symbol looks like an old-fashioned mirror) and tremendous beauty and desire. She is next to Fortuna, an asteroid who has ancient symbolic meaning. Fortuna is that part of you which spins the wheel of fate and fortune for others without realising what you are doing. You send people high and low, in the game of life, quite blindly – and it is always via money, houses, possessions,business, charity or apartments. Fortuna is always shown with a blindfold, and a rudder, steering the world as people rise to the top, or tumble down! As you also have Panacea here, who describes that part of you which must face major ethical choices, and Psyche, which reveals a legacy that outlasts your lifetime, I suspect that whenever you ink your name on paperwork or accept signatures it is a very big deal indeed – and it always will be. Above all else Scorpio describes the legacies and wills that we inherit, or leave behind. Your soul and spirit will remain via the material world in some way. Again this brings us back to the example of Prince Charles who has changed young people’s lives by donating proceeds from his business to them. There are so many ways to play your Scorpio side and every choice is personal. If you want to discover your inner Scorpio, by the way, the time is now through the third week of November as the Sun will shine a spotlight on all those factors in your chart. Watch what happens when it gets to 15, 16, 17 degrees on November 7th, 8th, 9th and you will see first-hand how your Venus-Fortuna conjunction manifests.

      1. Wow! Thank you so much for your in-depth answer and insight…I’m incredibly grateful for the generosity and depth of your knowledge. For me, 2012 – 2016 have been incredibly hard…betrayal, divorce, illness, from bread winner to business and income loss. I feel a change is ahead and know deep inside a new path is about to be forged…and interestingly, wanting to help other women in need somehoe with property (safety, security – basic needs) has become a very big driver of late. I have had many relationships, yet ended them all because i know none of them have been the man I am to marry. Is that what you are referring to r.e. sexual relationships and property, charity business? From your notes about my chart, I am guessing I have the capacity to do something life changing?! Oh how I would love a more in-depth reading on my chart…it would help me navigate forward and out of the muck. Do you offer that service Jessica? If so…I would love your insights…just tell me how much 😉 You are a gift. Thank you x

        1. Thank you. The chart never shows marriage – just variations of partnership, commitment, love and sex. Some people do that by never marrying but living next door to each other. I do offer personal readings but the waiting list closed for 2017 some time ago – 2018 will open early next year if you are interested. You are spot on if you are identifying women as a target market for 2017 as Jupiter in Libra is all about women moving up into equality. You’re already seeing it with male feminism becoming the new black! You will be amazed at how much changes, and how quickly, by early next year. Then you can make your move with those women.

          1. Hi Jessica, Happy Halloween! I will def sign up on your waitlist…I have no doubt it will be worth the wait. I am also coming to your Melbourne Astrology Meetup, cannot wait to meet you. Thanks for the additional info…it is all so cryptic, I love it. My last question on this, I promise…is there a positive significant relationship coming up for me (I have had a string of bad ones since 2012)? I am aware of Jupiter’s positive vibes now in my sign, but given my specific chart details and Scorpio stellium, I was hoping for some happy news on that front. Thank you! xx

          2. Happy Halloween. I am really pleased you can come to the Melbourne astrology event in November – our last for this year. Love? You are already doing the groundwork and the ground is being prepared for you. You have a whopping stellium in Libra in the Seventh House, which describes the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partners. As you have also had a fair amount of damage there, with Saturn going through Libra, Uranus opposing Libra and Pluto squaring it – this is the time for the life gardening, before the new growth. This chart is not unlike Bill Clinton’s. He is in a major dating, mating and relating detox cycle before he can begin the new life with his wife. You are single, but you will be doing Clintonesque work on yourself and your attitude towards love, sex, commitment and the rest, while this transit is operating. You could easily be with someone new. This person would be a key part of that Libra development, teaching you about ‘equal but different’ in relationships. You have until October 2017 to find out.

  127. Hi Jessica
    I know you’re mega-busy with the server-change and I keep on asking questions, I’ll try not to hit you with anymore for a while after this (at least until Christmas, which is looking interesting…!) Thank you again for all the articles and your generosity with answering the questions, I am both appreciative and impressed!

    I’m more interested in this New Moon in terms of how it’ll hit my Solar fifth – Saturn in Scorpio was difficult for me in terms of the father of my son (01/14/86). I can’t ever quite work out whether he’s channeling Saturn or Pluto into my life but ever since I met him at the end of 2008 he’s been a tricksy presence – albeit one of whom I am fond. Our son’s also a Scorpio with a Cap Moon (11/11/10) – Plutonian/Saturnian overload! (I’m a Cancer! I like knitting and biscuits and doing crafts with Autumn leaves! Eating children and kidnapping/dragging folk off to the Underworld are Not My Bag)

    2012 – 2015 were particularly frustrating and difficult years, and I still feel pretty rubbish about how the whole thing has panned out.

    I’m very very keen on the idea that something (anything!) will come along to alleviate the whole Saturn/Pluto/Scorp/Cap angsty-power-fearful vibe, but I feel a bit flattened by events in general and I’m a little concerned that I’ll end up stamping on the acorns rather than planting them! I have four Scorpio factors (I think), do you have any tips?

    1. Thank you. It’s my pleasure to answer questions. Your Solar Fifth house is well and truly on the mend, having been hit with such a difficult and long Saturn transit, followed by Mars Retrograde this year. Things are already improving, but the intensity is part of the healing process. Nothing less than a thorough clean-up will do and that is why you are being put through this. You also have Pluto in your solar Seventh, which describes the father of your son. Actually this entire side of your life will slowly transform, late 2017 through 2020, as we begin to see Jupiter go through your Fifth and ultimately the historic line-up of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres in your Seventh by 2020. So you are ahead of the game. This is too early to call. But it will all transform to your advantage. A tiny, fresh, new start will come with the Scorpio New Moon when you realise that was then, this is now. Much of this is to do with your son who will relaunch.

  128. Hi Jessica. I have Mars Diana and Neptune in Scorpio and a stellium in Libra. With Jupiter going through Libra and then Scorpio how do you foresee this impacting me? With my career coming to a complete standstill in early 2015 by being downsized, I am still in the process of trying to find a new role in the same industry which has been a total bust to date. I have lost my home as well as most of any valuables that I have treasured just to stay afloat. I am so hoping my circumstances will see an upswing soon. Thanks Jessica!

    1. I am sorry you went through losing your home, your valuables and your career path. You truly did it tough with Saturn in Libra and Scorpio. Jupiter will repair the damage. It’s not band-aid solution, it has to be deep and thorough, which is why life has been so intense, yet from this period of tests and trials, you discover you can trust yourself and respect yourself. That empowerment is a gift and it makes you bullet proof. You have an exact aspect in Capricorn and will be part of the epic government and big business changes coming in 2019, 2020, playing your own part. Between now and then you need to understand that the cycle that broke you (Saturn in Scorpio) should also teach you about the demographic now in their fifties – born in the Sixties. Watch them like a hawk. What happens to them, now through November, is a sneak preview of tremendous solutions and opportunities to come from October 2017. Don’t just think in terms of where you live, look at what is happening globally. You will soon see where the boom will emerge. Bloomberg are tipping a crash in British property prices. Who do you think is going to move into to buy and what will they need, when they move? Watch the US sharemarket. All this macro-micro stuff affects you, because it is actually the same cycle that got you into trouble in the first place. Now you will gain.

  129. Hi, i’ve just been reading about the new moon, i only have north node in 27 and ops in 19, will i be affected in any way? A very short but extremely intense love affair seems to have ended for me.

    1. Scorpio is not so much about short love affairs, unless they involved the money, house, possessions or apartment. Maybe yours did. In any case, the October New Moon won’t directly affect you. By this time next year you will either be reunited with that lover, or have moved on to one or more dates. You have a stellium in Libra and so even this apparent ending is here to help you. You are now on a bumpy track to happier, healthier partnerships with greater equality, symmetry and harmony. It is worth bumping along to get there and this will work out for you in the end.

  130. Thank you for your response regarding my 23 deg Aries. But I am unclear how this new moon Oct 30 will affect me. I have Neptune in Scorpio @ 9 deg which appears to be in my 5th house ? Any insite ?

    1. Neptune is at 9 Scorpio in your Eighth House, not your Fifth House (Natural House System) so you are part of a credit card and mortgage generation who shop until they drop, and borrow quite heavily. Perhaps you have already broken away from that, maybe you are still involved, yet you are about to see global developments with the banks, currency, taxation and so on – which also affect you personally. The full story will be revealed from October 2017. For now, figure out where you stand in all this.

  131. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for these great articles and for taking the time to answer our questions. I appreciate it so much.

    I have four factors in Scorpio with one being at 08° Jupiter in Scorpio. Are you able to have a look at my chart and give me your thoughts on how his will effect me? Also does having Jupiter now in Libra (my sun sign) mean anything extra (or that I should be aware of) for the full moon with the 08° of Jupiter in Scorpio.


    1. Thank you very much. Jupiter at 8 Scorpio is a great placement, because you were born protected with money, property, business, possessions and even when substance hits the fan, you are always lucky/rescued/have a safety net. At its best, you end up with large windfalls or wow-factor lucky breaks with houses, apartments, land and so on. I have seen people with Jupiter here who are given paintings by unknown artists who end up being worth $$$ decades later. These are the same people who go broke and then end up in a rent-free house lent by a friend! You are your own best astrologer in this instance. Look around you now and ask yourself where the opportunities are – especially if they are unusual or just came your way. Evil developer in your neighbourhood who could be sued by all of you? Privileged (new) investment position? You can work everything around Halloween just think long term as the real reward comes when Jupiter goes to his Jupiter Return in Scorpio late 2017 through 2018.

  132. hi Jessica

    i have Scorpio in retro Uranus and another scorpio in OPs what does this mean please, does a sign being in retrograde nmean it is a difficult placment for any sign?

    thank you

    1. Retrograde placements are no big deal – you only notice them now and again, when they are triggered by travelling (transiting) planets. Then you will find that you tend to go backwards and forwards. For you this is about money, property, business, charity, possessions. Every so often, when Uranus and Ops are triggered, you mean to get moving – but instead over a few weeks, you get stuck, stall, change your mind or engineer your own alterations. You will see this for yourself now through November. It’s a good thing to learn about – you just give yourself more time and space and read the fine print before signing or accepting signatures.

  133. Hi Jessica.
    Very Interesting post, excellent as all your articles and work, thanks a lot.
    I have the following in scorpio:
    Mars at 3 degree
    Jupiter at 2 degree
    Ceres at 17 degree
    Diana at 00 degree
    Aesculapia 5 degree
    Ops 26 degree
    My life has been very negative and full of challenges, disappointments, and failures in health, love, work, money, and family since 1999 but especially from 2011 till 2015. I’m jobless for three years now. Every time I apply for a job suddenly it stops once i reach the final signature stage. I’m stuck and so depressed, i lost hope of having a better future… Is there any chance i can have a fresh start in any area in my life anytime time soon, in work, love… anything positive?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Thank you. Three years without a job is too long. I am so sorry you get to signature stage and it stops. Have you gone back to ask why? I am sure if you explained that this happens repeatedly, and you would appreciate feedback, someone would be kind enough to explain. You are within your rights to know if a background check has revealed an error in your history, for example. This New Moon will not affect your chart personally but in general you will gain financially, by saving or making money, from October 2017 and much of that situation will be set up, now through November 2016. Be smart and see where the opportunities are, because things are changing out there. With that huge Scorpio stellium you have an instinct for business and property. You have a strong Sagittarius chart signature. You are a lifelong student and need to constantly retrain, educate yourself and add to your knowledge base, not only for work, but also to feel alive. You could easily add a second language to your skills. Whatever you do to add to your C.V. in terms of study, new skills would be an effort through 2017, yet in 2019 you would benefit enormously. You do not have to spend money to learn a second language. There are also many free university courses now online. Begin by looking at Open Culture. Then have a look at where the new economy is happening and that’s Fiverr! Did you know that from 2018 the world will be regularly trading in a new digital currency and that a global marketplace will be the norm? With your Scorpio stellium you were born to trade in such a place – exclusively online.

  134. HI Jessica,
    Thank you for all your wonderful insight into so many people’s lives. You are amazing..
    I updated my birth chart and have no idea how to interpret it. Can you please take a look and help me out.
    Having a rough 3 years. Lot of difficulty in my current job. I feel like I am waiting for something but I dont know what I am waiting for. I mostly have Scorpio as well as Libra (6 each). Does that mean I am a Scorpio Libra.

    Thank you again for all your time. Appreciate that I can actually ask you questions. H

    1. Thank you. Pluto has been moving over your Capricorn MC in the Tenth House of career and depending on your birth time, you are either ending this phase now, or still in it – even a slightly wrong birth time can do that. Pluto manifests as people or organisations which take over. These men, women or companies throw their weight around, dominate and are always brought down in the end. They are either sacked, demoted or their power is halved – so your difficulties are already over as you read this! You are strongly Scorpio-Libra and from now through 2018 will be given a chain of opportunities to improve your life, relationships, partnerships and finances. You have already had two or three of these since 10th September as people have been staring you in the face, so I hope you took the conversation further and made more plans. Your erratic, unpredictable job situation will end for good in May 2018. Avoid August 2017 for major career decisions over the total eclipse, please, as you will not be shown the full story. You can read more about that by hitting Search.

  135. Hello Jessica,

    My comment might have gotten lost previously, i tried to request deletion but its not responding.
    In any case, thank you so much again for this wonderful post Jessica!!! In respond to my earlier question you mentioned once that i belong to the generation of online finance: PayPal, E-bay etc. And truly so, i have been doing a lot of research online looking for inspiration to start my own free-lance career in russian-english translations. I am in the very very early stages of developing it, i don’t even have any clients yet…. this articles gives me the very much needed hope and encouragement. I do not have a stellium in either Scorpio or Libra, but will tell you this: the 2012-2014 period of my life brought THE MOST DEVASTATING experiences, financially and emotionally. I am doing much better now but can still feel the aftermath of those years, i learned some real hard lessons that i will remember for the rest of my life. Particularly lessons about freedom, independence, financial security and stability, and am now on my way to building a better future for myself and my child, so your post was a really welcoming read. Thank you so much for this again!!!

    1. I am sorry about that Malika, if you have technical issues please hit the Support button so my webmasters can come to your assistance. I am glad you are pursuing Russian-English translation. Very smart. You will see why from late 2018 through 2019 when Jupiter crosses your Sagittarian stellium in the Ninth House and wonderful doors open. Thank you for your kind comments – I am glad the worst is over for you – with Mercury, Uranus and the IC in Scorpio you were well and truly hit by Saturn. You will love the amazing solutions which come for your money or home from the end of next year into 2018 as Jupiter crosses that too.

  136. hello Jessica – very interesting reading all the comments. I have

    Mars 9 Scorpio
    Neptune 17 Scorpio
    Diana 8 Scorpio
    Aesculapiua 15 Scorpio

    I wondered how I might be affected. In particular, how does my placing of Scorpio with Diana work?

    You are doing a great job. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. Your Diana at 8 Scorpio will be touched by the New Moon at 7 Scorpio so by Tuesday (when you can see the sliver of the New Moon in the night sky building up again) you will have seen a new chapter for your money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment. Diana is about freedom and independence – zero commitment, but a lot of exploration. This is who you are, when it comes to those issues above – so you might say Diana will be given fresh territory to roam around in, by Tuesday. You actually have a lot of Scorpio transits across the whole stellium, so what you do in November 2016 pays off in October, November 2017. That is when you will look back and really appreciate that you used this time to talk to experts, consult the voices of experience and make some truly informed decisions about all that you own, earn, inherit, share or owe.

  137. Racking my brains a bit, as I have a lot in Scorpio. My worst financial years were 2003-2006, and 2015. Regarding home, the worst was 2007-2011 as I discovered the house I’d just bought was full of asbestos – walls, ceilings, everywhere. The survey had not picked this up, nor the fact that the chimney was loose and at risk of crashing down and had to be removed. I moved to my present house at the end of October 20111. The years 2012-2014 were quite good, though according to astrology they should have been stressful. I can’t think of anything that would accord with this. Does this mean I’m not going to benefit from the new moon factor?

    1. You actually have a stellium in Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules your house or apartment, and this was hit when asbestos turned up in your walls and ceilings and you moved to a new home. It’s unusual to escape a Saturn transit over your Scorpio factors from late 2012 through late 2015 and not experience issues with taxation, property values, the cost of living, bank charges and so on – but it won’t affect the New Moon. You are still destined to save or make a small fortune from October 2017 if you identify ways to generate income or gain from savings, through November 2016.

  138. Dear Jessica,
    I have Moon in 2deg, Uranus in 29deg and Juno in 5deg Scorpio. I’m seriously thinking of winding up my career for my children, but I have few financial commitments. When can I finally be relieved from the constraints?
    Also I’m partnered with a friend financially, will it show any benefits.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. You were born with the North Node at 9 Leo in the Fifth House of children. You will make one of the most important decisions of your life after May 2017 when you approach your North Node Return, also at 9 Leo. By 2018 you will have made your choice. It involves past life karma with the children who you knew in another existence, so yes – there are debts and credits to share with them from a previous incarnation – which you are feeling ahead of time. Watch what happens when the North Node moves to 9 Leo as you will reshape your destiny then.

  139. Hi Jessica,
    It looks great for those with Scorpio aspect. I have sun 6 scorpio and mercury 7 scorpio. How much longer is mercury effecting me?
    Thank you.

    1. The New Moon will land on your Sun-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio so within three weeks you will – for example – complete a land purchase, sign up your spare room to a pro Air BnB agency for 2017 and beyond, organise a promotion for your business, pull the plug on a dodgy charity, ask your accountant the priceless tax question and so on. You will have your own story. Time to change and move position, to be richer from October 2017.

  140. Wondering how this will effect me Jessica. I have vesta in Scorpio 28 degrees, Neptune in Scorpio 23 degrees and and south node at 6 degrees. Thanks

    1. You won’t be affected directly or immediately but in general, the New Moon – which you will experience by Monday, when the world catches up with itself – is about November’s fresh start for economies and business, and currency, around the world. If you watch what/who is on offer that is so new that month you will gain in October, November 2017 when Jupiter crosses your Nodal axis.

  141. You actually have more questions you need to ask your boss and it is best these take place as soon as possible. Your career is best served with a decision (in writing) before 1st December, no matter if you decide to go or stay (or they decide for you) because you will hit delays, changes of mind, changes of plan and general muddle in December, January.

    1. Thank you Louise. The best possible use of the long Mercury Retrograde cycle, December and January, is first draft, second draft. Also first rehearsal, second rehearsal. A very good time to paint, draw and write and then finalise from February. I suspect your Scorpio boss will be in a total muddle with his transportation and communication, December and January, so he is seriously going to need help – but that’s up to him. If you do stay on have Plan B with his internet in particular, and his car/commuting/short haul flights. I wish you well with your creative pursuits and the simple life.

      1. That all makes sense regarding your meeting with the publisher – all good – the 15th is fine – and actually this is just a part of a wider pattern into 2017 when you will be experiencing your Gemini side quite powerfully and in a brand new way, with different technology, people and projects. So you may want to put this in context and treat it not as the one and only thing on the horizon, but part of a wider change, as you have so many transits pinging your Third House of communication, internet, multimedia and so on. Good luck!

  142. Hi Jessica! Thank you for the article, by the way I love reading all your articles!
    I am a Taurus and my ascendant is in Scorpio @ 23 degrees, I also have Neptune, Vesta ant the South Node in Scorpio.
    I have to say that the years 2013 to 2015 have been the toughest years emotionally and in my relationships and work. I nearly lost both of my parents in a car accident in 2013, and this brought a lot of difficulties since we lost an auntie in that accident. My health suffered a bit from all the stress. I have moved back to Uruguay from Australia (after living in Melbourne for 25 years) five years ago, I hope that this Scorpio new cycle helps me in my business and life in general…

    1. You have walked the Scorpio stellium path in the most difficult way and I am very sorry about your aunt, and the stress of nearly losing your parents in that car accident. That is a massive shock to take on and your Saturn in Scorpio cycle must have been very hard. The wheel always turns in astrology and this New Moon, although it does not directly affect your chart, will pull you towards 2018 and your destiny then, which involves some wonderful choices about a house or apartment in particular, and your finances. You will experience the global/local phenomenon of the world economy then, no matter if you are still in Uruguay or back in Australia – or another country. Partly as the domino effect from what you are about to read, see and hear by November 2016, you will experience huge opportunities from the end of next year, becoming real by 2018 if you want them. One example would be a dramatic drop in house prices in a part of the world where you want to purchase, making a dream real. Another example would be extremely low (in fact, historically low) interest rates on credit cards, mortgages or loans with banks being eager to lend, so you can borrow freely. Don’t do it too freely though – keep your bubble small and manageable. On a deeper level, of course 2017-2018 will bring developments with your parents with some closure and healing that was not possible to complete before. This may be hinted at by what you see, now through November 2016.

  143. Hi Jessica – I’m wondering how this will affect me:

    My Scorpio is at Proserpina (15), NorthNode (19), and Neptune (00)

    I do have signs at 4, 6, and 7:
    Psyche 4 Virgo
    Sun 6 Gemini
    Vulcano 6 Libra
    Hygeia 7 Aries

    1. You will not be directly affected by the New Moon in Scorpio in your Eighth House as the orbs are too wide. You will feel a secondary impact from the New Moon at 7 Scorpio quincunx your Hygiea at 7 Aries in the First House, so as the wheels of business, money or property turn for other people or large organisations, wheels will turn for your title, appearance, image, role or brand. One example would be a cosmetic surgeon offering new discounts at their new outlet, so you go in for Botox. Another example would be a large business in your town hiring – you apply, gain a new title, profile and business card.

  144. Dear Jessica,
    Would you mind looking over my personal chart please and providing any guidance in relation to this new moon? As you have helped previously it would be very much appreciated, thank you.

    1. Thank you. You have a Mercury-Bacchus conjunction in Scorpio in the Eighth House so money is there to be enjoyed and so are the things it brings – precious possessions, charity outcomes, homes to love. You are gifted at negotiations in the material world and this combination is very common in Wall Street traders who mix business with pleasure and see trades as a tremendous game. You will not be directly affected by the New Moon, which the world will experience as late as Monday-Tuesday as it catches up with itself. You will, however, gain financially from October 2017 by acting on information which is all new, through November. An example of this would be government announcements about the economy in either Britain or the United States – perhaps Australia.

  145. hi Jessica hoping the scorpio new moon is good for a new twist on my business and new potential romance? I have scorpio in Sun, moon, Mercury, Neptune, Diana, Aesculapia, Vulcana, Proserpina and fortuna which is at 8 degrees……(25.10.65)…many thanks xxxx

    1. You will see short-term clues, hints, possibilities and small beginnings, especially with your business, money and property, now through the end of November. There may be an interesting side story involving a potential lover or partner, but it’s just as likely to be a family member, or anyone else so close to you, that you would leave them money in your will. Watch what happens with the Bank of England as big rocks create small ripples which will also catch you – in your favour. In fact, you will make or save quite a lot of money starting October 2017 partly as a result of the decisions you make now, using all the available experts around you.

  146. Hi Jessica,

    When I read your writing, I feel like I’m having a conversation with you. Same with the comments, it’s very nice.

    I have retrograde Neptune at 7 degrees of Scorpio, but it’s my seventh house, not my eighth. New opportunities are here, and so are new people. I’m joining a writer’s group on Nov. 1 and I can see how this will help organize my thoughts for a podcast that I intended to start this year, but haven’t. I have more content and contacts now from the events that pushed the podcast to the side, and now a structure with this writer’s group to help me organize my content and provide feedback, which was missing before.

    I never know what to make of Neptune in astrology, but I’ve dressed as him on Halloween, and love the trident. The archetype of a seafarer is appealing to me more than the myth. The sea energizes me. Some of my fondest memories are from living by it. How does this moon impact this placement in my chart?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you! Actually in the Natural House system which is used throughout this website, Neptune is in your Eighth House of finance, property and business. The seafarer/sea imagery is correct, right down to the trident, which in Italian folklore was used to spear tuna. In your chart Neptune is about both charity and non-profit organisations, but also about borrowing money. You will probably see a major choice regarding the same after the New Moon has done its work. This will have an impact on you, to your total advantage, from October next year as Jupiter moves across 7 Scorpio and finishes what you started in November this year. The podcast is really about Gemini/Sagittarius and your Third House/Ninth House and you have exact oppositions there at 14 degrees. Saturn moving across 14 Sagittarius makes it all rather serious, and slow (which may be why you haven’t pursued this at full blast) but once you are past that Saturn cycle of 2016-2017 you will find things flow more easily. When Jupiter moves to 14 Sagittarius from late 2018 into 2019 you will find that things fly for you.

  147. Hello Jessica, thank you for yet another fascinating article!
    If you have time, would be able to have a quick look at my chart, please? I’ve got a lot of factors in Scorpio. Since last year – when my husband and i separated – I’ve had a hard time with shared property, debt, my house/home and living arrangements. He is very obstructionist, as he keeps thinking we will get back together. And he’s also very worried about finances going forward. This means, however, that I’ve faced a very stuck situation with him regarding property settlements etc.
    Your thoughts are much appreciated, thank you so much Jessica.

    1. Cheers. I am sorry your former husband is putting you through this typical Promenade a Deux (the Scorpio signature). You will do all the talking and negotiating that matters, now through November, as the transits in Scorpio (particularly the Sun, which illuminates and exposes everything) passes through. From there you can both be more optimistic about the long-term as from the end of 2017 into 2018 you will see the solutions and opportunities you both require. Have you both looked at small amounts, spaced over longer periods? The time to move is now, though, November is ideal for finding out all you need to know and consulting financial pros.

  148. Hi Jessica
    Thank you so much for these articles and your thoughtful responses. I lost a crucial contract in a job I loved on this cycle a few years back and I while I’m lucky to be employed in my industry I’m really hoping to restart my business successfully soon and get some freedom back. Can you look over my chart to see if the timing is right?
    Thanks again

    1. YThank you. our question is really about Capricorn issues and you have Pluto moving across your Capricorn chart factors in the Tenth House of career very slowly, so this is actually a total restructuring of your ambition, position and mission over a long period of time. If you are going to make your move, try to do it before Mercury Retrograde Shadow begins in early December 2016 or at least use December, January to spin your wheels while you try a first or second dress rehearsal, then move on it when Mercury corrects his passage through Capricorn from February 2017. You are going to see huge reshuffles, promotions, demotions and departures in December, January across our field and others too and this may change your tactics so really the choice is up to you.

  149. Psyche
    03° Scorpio 33′ 21″
    04° Scorpio 10′ 17″
    24° Scorpio 48′ 30″

    Would you be kind enough to elaborate on how are the above Scorpio placements are likely to affect me please, Jessica?

    1. You’re not affected directly by the New Moon as it falls at 7 Scorpio and you are too early or too late with those chart patterns, but you will be able to use November to go ahead with two major decisions about money, business or property – perhaps three – and see the rewards from October 2017 into 2018 as what you create in your life next month, based on the expertise you get from others, helps you make or save a small fortune by 2018 as Jupiter moves through Scorpio and your Eighth House.

  150. Hi Jessica,

    I really love these articles – thank you.

    I’m hoping for some good news with a house that we are still trying to buy on Nov 5 – I have Scorpio factors in Bacchus, Psyche, Neptune and Fortuna. Can you tell me how I will be affected?

    Many thanks.

    1. Your Scorpio stellium is wide of the New Moon and also won’t be transited in full until you are way past 5th November so I expect this is another matter entirely, involving finance or business – or you will find that you get what you want with your property, but it happens later than the next seven days.

  151. Good evening from the northern hemisphere Jessica! I have Jupiter (27) and Aesculapia (22) in Scorpio but not in the 6-8 degrees noted above; may I ask what the effects our new moon may have for me?

    Love the beautiful picture of Jupiter at the beginning of this blog; such vibrant, earthy colors!

    1. Thank you. You are not directly affected as the orb is far too wide, but in general you will have your Jupiter Return in the Eighth House of money, property and business in 2018 and so the most incredible period of problem-solving, growth and expansion is waiting for you. Many of the reasons for that will be evident just after the New Moon now but more particularly towards the third week of November 2016. So it’s a case of being observant, watching the economic or business weather and seeing where you can ask the right question at the right time.

  152. I am a new premium member and interested in predictions this week particularly with Scorpio New moon I am an aries 19 degrees gemini 12 degrees rising.
    I have the following in Scorpio according to the chart on this website.
    12° Scorpio 43′ 29″ R
    06° Scorpio 48′ 14″ R
    You accurately predicted that 12 years ago I moved. I have been trying to find a new home since 2014 without luck or good pricing couples with uber low interest rates. Information about whether this will change and how would be appreciated?

    1. I’m glad the astrology predictions about your life 12 years ago were accurate for you. Boy, are you in for a treat. Watch the news on the property market in the United Kingdom in November. I am sure you have seen the news that the Bank of England will be looking for new leadership – this happened within days of the New Moon. Your ultimate time to buy a flat, land or house at rock-bottom bargain prices or at incredibly low interest rates would be when Jupiter moves to Scorpio from October 2017 and slowly but surely moves towards Minerva and then Neptune. You will need good pro advice at this time as from May 2018 things begin to look awfully unpredictable and by 2019 we’re in a different world – yet if you make your move swiftly you could do very nicely. You will see all manner of news and clues about banks and property once the New Moon overhead on Sunday night begins slowly building in size again. That’s your cue to do your homework.

  153. Thank you Jessica. I and new to this and my chart is a mystery to me but really could not believe how accurately you stated what happened 12 years ago. I am sad but really appreciate your telling me you believe I will not move or buy until October 2017 but I must instead look and analyse a new financial world. A possible new bank of england leader may change the tired approach re the UK economy. It is clear that not many people want to buy presently. The reason property sales are in the doldrum and UK property prices bear no relationship to the reality of low interest rates and income. I look forward to reading your astrology for next week!

    1. Actually, please have another look at what I wrote for you – the door is open now, but you will not see the most stunning results until after October 2017. You could easily move or buy in November but please do wait for the full Scorpio transit to unfold so you are in the best possible position, as we may see one bank drop its mortgage interest rate (for example) or we may begin to see property prices start to plunge. The full benefits for everyone will not be there until Jupiter finally makes his 12-year appearance in Scorpio in Autumn next year, but the smart money is on watching the wheels go round now and making clever choices. As always in astrology, the choices are all yours.

  154. Hi Jessica
    Hope you are doing something fun for Halloween!
    I was looking through family members charts as i dont have any factors at the NM degree and found that my oldest daughter has Vulcano in Aries at 8* and Minerva in Cancer at 8*. She is also a Taurus Sun. Using natural house this would be 1st house of self and 4th house of home. She is in the process of finding an apartment to rent as her roommate is moving in about 2 weeks. This will be the first time she is “independent “in having in her own place. Something which she has avoided in the past. In Solar chart It would involve 12th and 3rd so maybe this is hearing, seeing or reading something that was previously hidden??
    I would love to know what insight you may be getting from this!
    Thanks so much Jessica!!

    1. Thank you. I just had a Halloween dinner with three friends and two very strange dogs, who did not need the masks or costumes. Your daughter is making choices just as her horoscope suggests and you are reading the chart precisely and accurately for her. Yes, in Natural Houses, this is about the Fourth House of home/roommates/apartment. Lining up the solar chart for her as a Taurus you are also correctly seeing the Twelfth House transits. Uranus in the Twelfth House is actually about the independence and freedom that comes from operating in secret, or alternatively, functioning behind the scenes. I suspect that she has her own story about that. Sometimes you need to get your own space to do your own thing!

  155. Hi Jess, me again. Sorry to keep popping up with questions but can’t help myself…this new perspective in looking at charts has me fascinated and really it’s your fault, LOL.
    So my husband has Mars/IC at *8 Libra and MC 8* in Aries. He is Cancer Sun also conjunct Asc.
    Lately work has been a bit frustrating for him as he feels like no one knows how to do their job and he is constantly having to correct and/or lead others on the crew as well as the foreman. I have told him before he needs to step up and be a foreman again. He has been in his trade a long time and has a lot of knowledge. He even tossed around the idea of holding workshops for the company where he could share this knowledge with newer members to create more efficiency on the job therefore benefiting the company. I think its a great idea but he hasn’t talked to anyone yet.
    So last night he has this dream, basically describing a typical day at work and he’s frustrated because its taking so long to get any work done the way it’s being done. Also there are a lot of number 4 symbolisms in the dream which I had to point out as he didn’t notice that. Looking it up (4) it represents restrictions and limitations, inflexibility and holding self back.
    Hmm, isn’t that interesting!?
    You have told me before that the Mars in Libra represents me, his marriage partner. I have noticed that there are times where I have to be a bit pushy in getting him to do things, knowing it’s for his own good. Is this another one of those times?

    1. Your husband should definitely do something different while he has the chance. He only has until May 2018 to propose company workshops. He may also want to stick to his guns regarding the basic idea, which is education and training. There is a chance the company is so stuck that it will not get what he wants to do – but having developed the idea of teaching, it could excite others. He simply will not have this terrific an opportunity again, and there are many different outlets/channels for him to train people – it does not have to be this one particular bunch of people. Yes, you are using your Mars in Libra to push him – but I actually think with the cycle he is having now, he might just wake up one morning and decide to either go for this idea, or even do something more radical. Now through May 2018 this is an itch he has to scratch and he may surprise himself as well as you.

  156. Thank you once again. I’m learning so much here. A lot the new content I have for the podcast is connected to nonprofit enterprises, some of which I’m working with communities to launch. or with new programs. It’s fine for the delays and seriousness of the podcast. I have a learning curve there, so the delays and seriousness are to my benefit. The idea goes back to a family reunion from July 2015. I found out that a cousin had a TV show in the early days of TV about farming. He was the agricultural sectary for my state then and is the longest serving agricultural secretary in the history here. There’s building at a state university named after him. We all knew about his position with the state, but the show was something new that a family elder shared. I immediately thought about a 2.0 version with new media. As it turns out, I’m doing a growing program in 2017 with the school he started his teaching career at. Through research about him after finding out about of his show, I found he taught at a school in the town where I live. My neighbor works at that school, and he’s the one who connected me to the school. Thanks again for the heads up!

    1. That sounds fascinating. You have Proserpina in Cancer in your Fourth House. She was the go-between who moved between this world and the next. So you have the ability to cross worlds, via your family (your cousin) and also your home town and homeland. It’s quite interesting how the astrology works sometimes. You appear to be going back and forth and bridging the gap between one generation of the family, and your own. You may want to read more about the myth of Proserpina, Pluto and Ceres. Ceres was in control of the four seasons – the climate – and corn and wheat. Absolutely true!

  157. Hello Jessica,
    Looking at my birth chart now and it shows 00 Uranus, 12 IC and 24 North Node in Scorpio. These days I am gathering up my courage to start the adventure of buying a house. Any advice?
    Looking forward to your next article, always such a good read.

    1. Thank you. For houses, as well as Scorpio, always look at Cancer and the Fourth House of your horoscope. Fortuna, Apollo and Hygiea are all in Cancer in your chart. That is a really good combination. You are naturally cautious about property! Now is the time to start, very definitely. Watch what the experts are predicting about property prices and track the changes in real time, as what you thought you knew about house prices in one area, in particular, or bank interest rates, could change in a matter of days. We are now in the wow-factor month for major money and property news so start gathering your information. You will be very happy from late 2017 through 2018 as Jupiter in Scorpio conjuncts this cluster in the Eighth House (property) and trines – or makes stunning patterns with – your Cancer Fourth House factors. I can see ivy clairvoyantly, although sometimes that just means the medium Ivy Northage is with me, helping the predictions!

  158. Hi ! Interesting note : (just as you mentioned that the North American free trade agreement was signed during a similar cycle) the CETA will be signed in the next few days, and this is really going to affect our economy (I’m speaking for Europe). It will be positive in some ways for business, and as I’m really affected by import and export with Canada, this can be an amazing opportunity ahead ! What an article ! Lighting a candle for you tonight ! xx

    1. Thanks so much – I just saw the headlines now – Canada and the EU are going ahead. This is going to be quite sensational for business and the economy in about one year from now, with some intriguing short-term news that encourages everyone to be more optimistic about the future. Thank you for the candle.

  159. Thank you Jessica for your insights. I have always thought that the personal and business struggles I was going through were related to the Pluto transit through Capricorn so this is a new perspective. How will these transits (Jupiter/Scorpio and Pluto/Capricorn) interact? I have a stellium in Capricorn and three planets in Scorpio. Thank you!

    1. You are living out, on a micro level, what the world has been living out, on a macro level – since 2008. Ever since Pluto went into Capricorn and slowly began to pass through your Tenth House of career, you were destined to see a profound change in the people at the top, and how the ‘top’ operates, with very little stability or permanence and a real shift in the way the system works. This applies directly to your field, business, profession or industry, or perhaps two – if you moved sideways in the last eight years. We now live in a world where the White House is no longer a white man’s job. That is part of it. We also live in a world where hackers have power over Presidents and Prime Ministers. That is another part of it. On a small scale you are also seeing (and will see, intensely, in December 2016, January 2017) the end of assured power. I would describe your situation as a game of musical chairs with everyone switching position every time the music stops and starts. There will be chaos across December, January so please try and lock down as much as you can in November. Then allow for rescheduling, retractions, reversals until you get to the first week of February. Long term please re-read my free ebook here, 2020 Astrology as that chapter on Capricorn specifically addresses all this. The golden rule with this transit is to summon up all your willpower and self-discipline to become your own boss, in a situation where everybody wants to rule the world. By cleverly controlling your own world you build up your own power and when the time is right and those organisations and individuals lose their power in a quite dramatic way, you will be ready for your own new world.

  160. My father passed away due to a sudden heart attack in September 1993. My mother is going to undergo surgery next week. I am nervous. I don’t have any family except a busy sister and am trying not to go downhill with anxiety.

    1. I am very sorry to hear about your mother’s surgery and of course you must be anxious, remembering your father. Let me look at your chart. You have Mars at 15 Cancer in the Fourth House of family and we now have Pluto moving backwards and forwards across 15 Capricorn, right opposite. This only happens every 240+ years so no wonder you feel this is a real crossroads. Yes, your family will restructure. You and the busy sister will alter the relationship you have with each other. I am wondering about other branches on the family tree, too – they may reappear as we are about to go through Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, from early December through the end of January 2017 and that often means people re-emerge. It may mean that you redefine what ‘family’ actually means to you. You have Mercury, the planet of the mind, making exact patterns (aspects) at the same degrees (numbers) as other chart factors. Did you know you have a rampant imagination? You are a worrier/constructor who builds things in her imagination as cleverly as any novelist, but they can often make you do head miles. It’s like running miles with your mind. I am going to send you straight to YouTube to look up Betty Shine, who understood mind energy better than any other psychic medium or healer I know. Your mother does not need your anxiety so please put this in perspective and use your excellent mind for other things.

      1. Will look up betty shine for sure, once this festive season abates.

        The mercury neptune opposition perhaps leads to my hyper active imagination? How do I constructively use the ‘excellent’ mind I have been often accused of having without the watery pisces moon and cancer mars wreaking havoc, resulting in pure head miles, and little else to show for it…i love the term head miles.. Mental exhaustion leading nowhere 🙁

        I hope december brings back a much loved maternal cousin, out of my life for nearly two decades.

        Thank you for your reply. It feels reassuring.

        1. Betty Shine is your woman, trust me. Your head miles probably need a big scrapbook or notepad. Computers just aren’t great for Mercury-Neptune oppositions but writing/sketching/doodling/colouring can be just right. You also need to shut down your chakras, particularly your throat and third eye chakra, possibly the crown as well. There is plenty of good advice at the library about that one.

          1. Thank you. I do collect a lot of pretty stationery and diaries with the intention of writing. Will bring them out. Will also pull out the colouring books and sketch pencils.

            I have been working on the upper chakras you mentioned, especially throat and third eye. How lovely of you to have caught that! Will start on shutting them down.

            Btw am back to running so will churn out some real miles now and seek betty to shine.

            Thank you for being such a darling. My heart chakra is singing :*

  161. Hi Jessica,
    I love your website, really fantastic information!
    I am a premium member and have been going through the mill for various reasons since 6th October 2012 – almost literally to the day. However, it’s also been a period of great personal growth and more recently – a lot of joy.
    Currently, I find myself waiting for some business deals I have been working on (one since Christmas 2006 and one since April this year) – nothing seems to be happening with them – I feel like I am in limbo from a business point of view.
    I have:
    24° Scorpio 14′ 54″ R
    02° Scorpio 41′ 43″
    08° Scorpio 45′ 03″ R – and was wondering if I might see some change soon?
    Thanks again for your fab site.

    1. Thank you so much for that compliment, I will onpass it to James, Justin and Alyas. Those business deals have been stuck for a very long time, and your chart shows something quite unusual – a large number of factors at 0 and 1 degrees of the signs. You also have asteroids like Ops quite close by, at just 2 degrees. What that means is that it can take ages for you to see major completion, as it takes years for planets like Jupiter (growth), Saturn (structure), Uranus (change), Neptune (inspiration) and Pluto (transformation) to wheel around to 0 degrees of the zodiac signs. November will show you what you need to know. You may decide to substantially alter or even ditch both deals. You have lacked information to date and you have also not known – literally – what the world has in store. This is specifically about global trade agreements, taxation, export/import rules and so on. As we move past the New Moon in Scorpio, just a few hours ago, we are already seeing a huge EU-Canada pact and the chance of a new Bank of England leader. That is just the start. All these things will have a big ripple/small pond effect on you too and by the end of November you will be looking at your business prospects in one year from now rather differently.

  162. Hi Jessica Hi it is me again, I would really appreciate any information. My partner who is a 1970 born sun in Aries 27 and gemini rising 3 degrees has Jupiter in Scorpio at 1 degrees 31’35 house 6, please could you let me know how this will affect her?

    1. Okey dokey. So your partner has the Sun at 27 Aries in the First House, so she is experiencing the ‘free to be me’ cycle as Uranus slowly goes to 27 Aries by May 2018. This is quite revolutionary for her and she may want to find radical new ways of being herself – not just the name or title she has, but also her hair, face, shape, style and the rest. It’s not here yet but it’s drawing closer. She also has Gemini Rising, sure, which is not a big deal – and Jupiter at 1 Scorpio in the Eighth House. I am using the Natural House system here. She is due for the most incredible benefits, solutions and opportunities with her house, apartment, money or possessions in October 2017. This is usually because of a turning point with a lover or partner; sometimes with a family member.

  163. Hi Jessica,

    Happy November!

    I have 3 factors in Scorpio – Uranus, IC and Vulcano. Will this month be a positive turning point for me?

    Thank you as always for your insight! xx


    1. Happy November AJ. Yes, this month is a positive turning point. At last you can see the future more optimistically in terms of where you are going to end up financially, in business or with property, as November holds all the clues. You are in the ‘change the world’ generation born with Uranus in Scorpio and actually, everyone around your age will contribute to a totally different way to earn, spend, save and borrow – or perhaps never need to borrow at all. I would also include the word ‘exchange’ on that list. It’s early days yet but watch what is going on out there, no matter if it is the pound sinking to a low against other currency, or the Lord Mayor of London raising the basic wage (which both just happened one day after the New Moon). The trick to Uranus in Scorpio is to be tuned into every new trend, especially online, and to understand that you are part of the revolution, partly because you have zero interest in the old, stuck, tired way of doing things.

  164. Hi Jessica,

    I’m not sure which post would be the best one to ask this question so I hope it’s ok to ask here – if not, could you please advise where you think it might be more suitable.

    I’ve learnt such a lot about astrology from your site, certainly more that I ever set out to – you’ve made it completely fascinating.

    I would like to further my understanding by looking back on some big events in my life, over say the past 20 years, and have a snapshot of planetary positions, as they were at that time so I can then relate back to my chart and hopefully try to understand certain events from an astrological perspective. Is there any website I can visit where I could just enter a date and get a lineup (a bit like your section here) of planets and asteroids by sign?

    Many thanks.

    1. That’s a really good question. The best way to become your own astrologer (which is the ultimate, if you have the time) is to learn from your own history. Go to Astrodienst, which is Alois Treindl’s website, and track previous transits by download the Swiss Ephemeris. It’s free and you should be able to figure out where the outer planets were,over 20 years, and how they triggered your chart.

  165. Hi Jessica!

    I just read my weekly and monthly horoscopes and I’ve noticed that I have two factors at exact degrees mentioned by you this time: ASC at 10* Virgo and Saturn at 14* Scorpio. I’m not sure how to interpret this, though — especially as I don’t feel like I have much going on in my life right now! (Perhaps I am about to.) I don’t want to miss whatever decisions I need to make to plant the seeds for 2017-2018.

    Would you possibly be able to tell me more about what it means for these particular factors to be hit this week/month? I’m guessing something very bodily/physical with Virgo rising but that’s as much as I know.

    Thank you!!

    1. Hello there. Okay, so your Virgo Ascendant depends on an accurate birth time. If you know for sure you have it at exactly 10 degrees then what unfolds is about your image, title, profile and appearance. The true Virgo Rising person greets the world with her body first. It may be a fabulous body, glowing with health. It may be one that does not serve her so well. I caught a plane with a woman today who I think was probably Virgo Rising. She was very nice, but she needed two plane seats because of her size, and then could not sit by the window because she had physical anxiety about heights. That is an extreme example, but Virgo Rising people seem to be all about their body, and also all about the mind, body and spirit connection. You have a key choice to make about this, if that birth time is right. Saturn at 14 Scorpio is not so dependent on a pinging birth time. You are over the worst with the money, house, apartment or business (you can farewell what went down in recent years) and now you are looking towards quite a remarkable future, as Jupiter will ultimately move to 14 Scorpio once he changes signs in October 2017 and by 2018 you will have had an opportunity (Jupiter) to build some security (Saturn) to protect you (Saturn) against what you don’t want in your life (Saturn, again!) This is a common pattern in the charts of people who organise savings or a pension, or get into very solid relationships with people they can share a mortgage commitment with. This cycle is a fair way off but it doesn’t just land in your lap from nowhere. Every time you have transits at 14, it triggers Saturn, so another clue, connection, sign or little turning point is thrown into the mix.

  166. Dear Jessica,

    I am glad that comment section is still open, and I am more so being a premium member.
    Could you check my chart and tell me why am I so stuck in “hell”? Is it possible that Saturn is transitting and/or returning? My chart seems I have many scorpio, capricorn, and sagittarius factors.

    1. You are having your Saturn Return. There is a ton of information about this, on the internet and in some very good astrology books. You have it between the ages of 28 and 30 and it is quite famous – musicians have even written songs about it. Take a deep breath and give yourself time and space, as this too shall pass. Basically, you are dealing with one or more problems that you did not ask for and do not deserve. We all have Saturn somewhere in our chart and we are all unfortunately given this kind of unavoidable, tough, life lesson to deal with. It’s not just you! One of the reasons it may feel more difficult at the moment is that the whole world is going through Saturn in Sagittarius, which as you probably know is in the Ninth House and rules travel, foreign people and places, foreign culture and belief systems, residency and immigration, the worldwide web as a whole (and all its problems, including hackers) – and also the bigger picture of university and college education, students and teachers, publishing in both digital and traditional paper forms. This is the ‘weather’ you are living with and it is affecting so many other areas of your life too. Why? Because you have a bunch of horoscope factors just one degree away from Saturn in your chart – the numbers you can see are the degrees and they are very close to lining up with Saturn exactly. Here is what you do on your Saturn Return. First of all please indulge yourself with a nice cup of tea and the computer for the night, so you can hit the forums out there and see that everyone else is going through it too, around your age! Comparing notes can make everything feel less personal. You also need to know that once you are past Christmas you are on the downhill slope and from Christmas 2017 you can actually start forgetting all the tests and trials. A smart thing to do is not take on anything/anybody new which relates to Sagittarius/Ninth House stuff. So now is not the time to embark on the ambitious world trip or to enrol in the toughest PhD in town. It’s not the time to start the award-winning novel or the emigration process. Why? Because you already have enough going on with Ninth House concerns, without the need for anything else. What you learn now will pay off with the most fantastic rewards for you when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius in late 2018 through 2019. Then it will all make sense. For now be kind to yourself. Don’t push yourself.

  167. Dear Jessica

    I wrote a little while so ago concerning the children’s charity that I work for .. we are running out of money.. and a key meeting is taking place on Thu 10 November to resolve whether we will get financial support. Our charity was launched in July 1979 for children with special needs and then rebranded in Jan 15 extending its services to all children of all abilities. The local authority are resistant to supporting us time and again with meetings that don’t produce positive outcomes. Tensions are running high in the management team who are trying to hold things together without the nursery staff knowing how critical things are to closing the nursery if we don’t get financial support. What do you think will be the outcome from this key meeting next week involving local MPs? Will the new moon influence a positive outcome and save the day? I look forward to hearing from you ..many thanks.

    1. Yes, I remember your question about the children’s charity from last time. It is such a tough position to be in. You will find rather a direct male in a group of three politicians or councillors playing devil’s advocate but he is actually on your side. The trouble is the numbers don’t add up from any direction and it’s rather like trying to get jigsaw pieces to fit in a puzzle that’s very hard to put together – I am seeing this from the point of view of those who must fund you, as well as those in your administration. Different stakeholders all wanting different outcomes with different budgets but there is no ‘whole’ at the moment. The New Moon in Scorpio is a very good pointer to the growth/boom/solution financial cycle that starts in October 2017 and what begins now will help that. Just how heavily rescued you are over the short-term is down to the ability of individuals to take individuals aside for a quiet chat. That is the best way. I hope this is happening; it needs to be one-on-one between yourselves and those who can help you. Women are very good at doing this. Please do not worry about your own situation as you will be fine (in fact, better than fine) long-term and in fact, the worst is actually over for you professionally in terms of the worry or burden. Your Aquarian chart signature tells me you will always feed the community and always work with/for groups and in fact will be thrilled at what comes your way with a very special group project in 2019. It’s not a bad idea to have big dreams. In fact, despite the current stress, you absolutely should. As November goes on you will be able to see the bigger picture and longer-term picture for yourself. The children will be fine, of course. It’s just the tactics, strategy and method of the bigger people to date which has not fitted. I wish you the very best.

  168. Hi Jessica!
    Thank you for a great article. It gives me lots of hope for good things to come. I have quite a few Scorpio factors in my chart as well as a Sun sign. I am hoping for great news in the career and business sector, or anything that points to boosting financial security. I feel as if I have been in limbo for a good portion of 2016 and the ‘not knowing’ is making me crazy but I have a strong feeling of great things that’s about to occur in the next 3-4 months. Please tell me if it’s going to be true. Anxiously waiting.. :o)

    1. Thank you. Yes, you should be hopeful with a Scorpio stellium, as November is going to move a lot of things forward, and it will directly impact October 2017, November 2017 which is when you begin a tremendous financial, business or property relaunch with some major solutions. Limbo is normal in 2016. Why? Because we had so many planets retrograde, or stuck. We had a long Mercury Retrograde cycle and also Mars Retrograde. At one point we also had the outer planets Retrograde too! This typically feels as if something or someone is blocking you. It is also common in cases of procrastination when, for whatever reason, we just don’t get traction. This is all altering quite profoundly now. In general, you are going to see promotions, departures, demotions and reshuffles in your own career sphere, and in the career spheres of those around you, so by February there will be quite a lot of restructuring. That’s just one of the changes ahead. Why? Because of the long Mercury transit through Capricorn,the sign that rules big government and big business.

  169. Hello Jessica,
    I’m a premium member according to mt chart I have scorpio 6 in ceres, but I also have scorpio 17 in pluto, how will this influence? I also have 6 leo in vesta same degree as my 6 scorpio in ceres and 17 leo in ops same degree 17 scorpio in pluto? Im curious to know how this influences, both my scorpio factors have same degrees as my leo factors. Are there any connections here as well? Leo being my sun sign, but born in the cusp of virgo and leo. Thankyou in advance for your help.

    1. You have a Leo-Scorpio chart clash. This is a creative conflict inside you which draws you to situations with babies, children, teenagers or Millennials where you have to look at the reality of the money, the charity, the business, the house or the apartment. A classic case would be the person who is very proud of her godchildren and wants to leave them her property in her will, yet falls out with one of the parents! Another classic case would be the person who becomes enormously wealthy through her children’s books, and as a single mother wants to donate her millions to other single parents – yet finds her own daughter, perhaps wanting more. I am sure you have your own story. It’s a life theme for you so it will always be there and you will always have to tussle with it and come up with an answer, especially at this time of year when we have transits in Scorpio.

  170. Hello Jessica. Another great article! It seems like we Scorpio people have a lot to look forward to, which is great! One thing though that confuses me when you speak about former, current or potential partner is boundaries. I really need an example of where/how I need to put the boundaries. I have been struggling massively on the love front in recent years, going through a tough break up now. Is there light in the tunnel for me? (BTW my birth data appears incorrect under your articles even though I see it correct on my account.)

    1. That’s strange about the birth data, first of all, could you let Support know and push the magic button? Thank you. Okay, so the boundaries are classically about children (the other person’s children, or your own). You don’t say if you have children or not. Boundaries are situations where everything is all over the place, all the time and there are no firm lines about who can do what, when – or who belongs where. You sometimes see this when there is child custody and the rules change because of one partner’s confused or confusing behaviour. Assuming neither you nor he have children, the concern here is that there is nothing to contain or control what is going on. No walls. It might be really helpful to sort out some firm conditions or ‘rules’ and then get it in writing so you both know where you stand. Common examples of this kind of cycle include lovers who break up and then agree to stay ‘friends with benefits’ which confuses one of them even more! I am sure you know what I’m talking about. The tough break-up now would benefit from some boring, old-fashioned rules. This all helps one year from now when a really interesting sexual/financial agreement becomes possible.

  171. Hi Jessica, hope I’m not too late. I have a few Scorpio aspects. I must admit to feeling a sudden sense of optimism over the last few days. A sudden urge to create and start, or restart, a career that never seems to start. Is this going to be the same pattern, where optimism is quashed by outside forces, or could I finally (be allowed to) make this happen? Many thanks.

    1. You’re not too late for this New Moon as it kickstarted Scorpio Season and November is the month you are going to see why you will save or make money – considerably – in about one year from now. Of course your career is one of the factors and you should definitely go with this, especially if you see launch or peak time around November 2017 and are planning ahead. The other thing to look at is the way the world is changing in trade, finance, business, taxation and the rest – watch those headlines because they will be very personally relevant to you. The whole planet will be optimistic with you at the end of next year.

  172. Hi Jessica,
    I recently joined your premium club, however it has been over 5 years since I discovered your site and read it rigorously, not because I needed a certain answer but I was trying to navigate the turbulent waters of life, and make some sense of my micro-universe. The reason I am writing today is to get it off my chest therefore I do not expect any answer ( there is none actually), knowing there is nothing to do but live and see were all leads too.
    In October 5 th 2012 I have separated from my third lasting relationship , over 8 years (the fated 8 years …) and up to this year June,2016 I have abstained from everything….And then someone younger( my story again) from a completely different part of the world ( he is born in India but naturalized in UK, and I am part Greek+Romanian) came like a thunder into my life, chased me relentlessly until i said yes. He is not yet divorced just separated and lives alone at this moment, seeing his little girls as much as he can, between a demanding job in finance and me as a distraction.
    No regrets what so ever, things have shifted and now we are not together anymore, after 3 intense month, in 23 October 2016, I kind of flipped and stopped communicating in any shape or form. Story short I do have body issues as in plastic surgery that needs to be redone after 10 years, some weight gain, and a property that is still in limbo with my ex. So plenty to fix and restore, but I felt that this man was my mirrored back image, and while i do not regret my decision to stop I cannot erase the sense off a terrible loss, like never experienced before. And this bring me up to date after I read your Scorpio factors… I just starting to form this crazy idea that we may be an item again, some time next year after all our personal issues will be resolved.I will tile it : Sweet dreams, big hopes. Something to look for in the near future. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

    1. Thank you for becoming a Premium Member and I am sorry you have been through such an intense time. Looking at your chart I can see why. Yes, you two could get back together. Your chances are extremely high, by October 2017. It is hard to say more without seeing this man’s birth chart but your ‘flip’ in October 2016 is so typical of the early stages of a Jupiter transit and if you feel the loss, you should at least tell him, don’t you think? Isn’t it important to be honest with someone about what they meant to you? That gives him space to make a choice, with new knowledge. And that’s a fair Libra thing. It’s your call.

  173. Thank you much for your kind advise, I will give it a try in expresing my sentiments towards him in 28 December when he will be celebrating his 35 th birthday (12.28.1981 Hyderabad , India)… if by then I will still feel the same void…I have always been cautious and I cannot go against my own beliefs… what if I say to much and it is no longer reciprocated ?! Time is essence and with plenty to do on my part it might pass… anyhow I will let you know about new developments , until then wish you all the best that life can give you

    1. Thank you. It’s usually best to say your piece before Mercury goes Retrograde Shadow, which happens as soon as December begins, so if you can possibly articulate your feelings do it now, rather than then – otherwise Mercury has a habit of making us twiddling our fingers for weeks. Talking to a mirror is an old trick but a good trick. Practise saying what you want to say in the mirror.

  174. Dear Jessica, how i looked forward to the new moon by Haloween! The next night i have helped a young woman escape a deadly accident and saved her. Next 2 days i was with authorities, helping them with the case and giving statements and so forth…. maybe I misunderstood but i guess this was supposed to be a glimpse of the next year… what can i make out of it? I am totally happy that the young woman is well and glad i was able to help, but i can not seem to relate How will this help me with planning for the next year, but at the same time, entire post haloween period was consumed by activity around this event so this must be significant somehow. Thank you so much if you can provide some guidance!

    1. If you helped a woman escape a deadly accident on the New Moon that’s actually nothing to do with the Scorpio New Moon at all. It’s to do with the fact that your Ceres in Aries in the First House is under transit – so it’s time for you to discover your inner action man/hero. You now know what it means to be an Aries. The Scorpio transits are far more about the global economy from October 2017 and the waves being made right now – and the way those waves create ripples which hits your bank account. Small ripples now, big ones next year.

  175. Happy Monday Jessica!
    Sorry! I had no clue where to post this question, and i know it’s a silly one…but i was trying to decode this week’s horoscope (7th Nov…)… I notice that you plugged in the diary dates for Aries @21,23,24 degrees, (allowing one degree difference), but no mention of the Scorpio, Saggie and Virgo factors…are these not as pertinent or should I be looking at them as well as I I have Ops in Scorpio at 20 degrees, so basically i was trying to work out for myself whether the 21 Scorp quincunx was something to consider when focusing on my week ahead. Again, apologies for popping this one in here I just wanted to clarify so I can try and figure it out by myself next time round! Cheers xx

    1. Happy Monday to you too (love the Happy Mondays best of album, by the way). You are being your own astrologer, which is great, and picking up something which I usually leave to the pros. Yes, the transits through Aries at those degrees will pick up your chart. You also have a lot of stuff around that crucial 23 degree mark so this Uranus transit, back and forth over 23 Aries, is going to affect you too. Basically what you are seeing now through 2017 is other people chasing their freedom, their independence and their own version of the revolution – which makes you come alive as well, living your chart. The actual way you live it depends on the heavenly bodies/signs you choose to project at the time and you have a wide choice. Further afield when Jupiter conjuncts Ops at 20 degrees Scorpio in 2018 you will have the mother of all financial solutions or opportunities – save it or make it.

      1. Oh Hallelujah :)…thanks so much for replying so fast!

        I’ve already started taking your previous advice re: money and organised myself a subscription to a well respected financial magazine. A huge first for me, let me tell you! I’ve shocked a few people 😉 I can completely relate to the Uranus revolution…i’m trying to reinvent myself everywhere at the moment…clothing, personality projection, body and lifestyle to name a few. Crazy to admit, but I’ve never been a traditional Taurus, so I’m definitely in my element right now. Thanks again xx

        1. That’s so interesting that you are doing your Taurus – you are actually ahead of your time. I’m glad you are beginning to pick up more about the financial world. This is what Taurus does so well. Watch the state of the pound, the Euro and the rise of crypto-currency in the next few years!

  176. Hi Jessica,

    I have definitely felt the effects of Saturn in Scorpio from 2012! in that time our business lost a lot of money and built up significant debt. We had to sell our house in early 2015 to repay some of it. We are now renting and feeling very insecure. The business is showing signs of improvement but has a long way to go. I have Scorpio factors in my chart, in Neptune, Mercury, Juno and Cupido and my husband has Scorpio rising at 8 degrees, and in Neptune at 12 degrees and Venus at 26 degrees. Any advice or hopefully good news with the return of Jupiter would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I am sorry you had such a hard time with Saturn in Scorpio. Selling a home to pay debt was so common for a lot of people in that tough, tough cycle. Do not feel insecure. The worst is over and the best is yet to come. Your husband’s Scorpio signature along with your own should already show you what is possible, through the month of November. You are one of those couples for whom the big headlines make personal sense. I am seeing lavender clairvoyantly for you, I don’t know why. (Think family as well as the obvious thing about a lavender business!) I do feel you have spirit with you here. Basically, you are being supported. Use your Scorpio business savvy and read the headlines through November about different economies, including Australia, and apply them directly to your life and work not just now, but particularly in 2018 and see where you are going to gain. Because you will.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it. I am glad to hear that our situation can improve and will definitely keep an eye on the headlines for clues to what direction we should take. You are amazing! Lavender is one of my favorite colors and the screen saver on my computer is lavender so you certainly picked up on that! I don’t think I was logged in when you replied so not sure if you saw my birth chart, I’m Libra with Libra rising, and was just wondering whether anything in it adds any further info. I’m definitely logged in his time. If you were able to see it initially I’m so sorry in advance for being a pain! Thanks Jessica. x

        1. I’m glad the lavender made sense though I suspect it also has a connection with someone in spirit. The Libra side of your chart is clear and of course this is your personal/business partnership. The scales are well and truly being rebalanced between you two in your absolute favour. Again and again you will return to the theme of what’s fair/what’s even/what’s equal between you.

  177. Hi Jess,
    Is there any chance I can purchase/order the 2017 report still ? Or any cancellations you can add me in please.
    You amaze me with your 2016 report . I often asked myself “how the hell she knows all this ?”
    Thank you so so much Jess x

    1. Thank you! If we do get any cancellations, as a Premium Member you will hear first. And thank you so much for your lovely feedback about your 2016 report.

  178. I have just joined as a premium member. Your take on charts and people is great and some of it really speaks to me. I am writing without delaying in case I miss out getting your view. I am and Aries sun sign and Gemini rising. I have had a tough few years that I feel like I have lost my way but very happy with the relationship part of my life. I believe I have Jupiter in Scorpio and would be grateful if you could let me know any further information about my chart using your website for this year and next.

    Previously you said to my partner the Sun at 27 Aries in the First House, so she is experiencing the ‘free to be me’ cycle as Uranus slowly goes to 27 Aries by May 2018. This is quite revolutionary for her and she may want to find radical new ways of being herself – not just the name or title she has, but also her hair, face, shape, style and the rest. It’s not here yet but it’s drawing closer. She also has Gemini Rising, sure, which is not a big deal – and Jupiter at 1 Scorpio in the Eighth House. I am using the Natural House system here. She is due for the most incredible benefits, solutions and opportunities with her house, apartment, money or possessions in October 2017.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you very much and welcome to Premium Membership. You two will figure out a new way to make the relationship bigger and better by October 2017, or it may be that you have another decision to make, about what you individually want from partnership. This year and 2018 as well are crucial for you to figure out, in terms of we/me/you/me and the first step is genuine equality – in that you are different human beings but can be equal. The next issue, if you two decide to really commit to this by 2018, is to look at the home or money with new eyes. The big shift in your chart now is towards growth, expansion, bigger/better and that is where you are headed, with particular decisions around Easter.

  179. Hi Jessica. Great article. Just a question: can Saturn in the fourth house affect the relationship with your spouse/partner (and not only your house, apartment, family etc)? It is not my case, Saturn is currently in my ninth house, but my partner is born on September 03rd 1981 and I was curious about it. Thanks a lot in advance!

    1. Yes, Saturn is going through your partner’s solar Fourth House – because he lives with you. The New Moon in Sagittarius helps him make a decision (it’s a fresh start) either about the pair of you sharing, or the actual home – before Christmas. By Christmas 2017 this challenging cycle is over.

      1. Thanks a lot, Jessica, for your kind answer. The truth is, it has been challenging. Saturn is in my ninth house (you have advised me, and you were very spot on, about that elsewhere on this website) and my partner is a foreigner, somebody from a completely different background and culture. And against better judgment, I’ve moved to a completely different place and for some reason, I find it difficult to come to terms with the new culture. We met almost as soon as Jupiter entered my twelfth house, in 2015 and the whole story has been filled with serendipities on one hand and on the other with challenges that don’t seem to go away. I am not sure what to think; if those challenges are part of this Saturn cycle or just meeting him represented a trick of the twelfth house. Hope time will tell. Thanks a lot for your time and advises.

        1. Okay, your personal birth chart is definitely unfolding with your foreign partner and your move to a new culture. You are actually being caught up in wider world trends as well, as Saturn in Sagittarius moves forward into 2017. Yet, from 2018 you’re in a totally different phase of your life and in 2019 you’ll actually gain from all you ever learned from him, and about the place you moved to and its culture. It will take time but the experience will pay off eventually.

  180. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the Scorpio factors outlook for the next year. Some very positive things have already happened for me in regards to business/property.

    I wanted to ask about the social media things you mentioned, such as becoming invisible on social media, for two reasons, one is work related and the other is personal.

    I have shared before about health advocacy work I do mostly over television and social media. I have a chance to do even more health advocacy work over television again and expanded social media platforms such as podcasts. So how can I become invisible on social media? 🙂 Except hat most my work is behind the scenes and I am not on camera on tv for example.

    On the personal front, my Gemini friend’s email was hacked and the person who hacked it read all of our correspondence, over the past few years, causing enormous damage to our friendship and invasion of my privacy. Scorpio does not like that 🙂 This was in parallel with a Neptune blog you did in which you talked about lines becoming blurred, internet hacking and so on which was fascinating in hindsight because that is exactly what happened. I felt my Gemini friend was being hacked, and asked, and they assured me they were not, but eventually it got worse and I had to keep telling them about it. Since then I really limit what I share, and when, because I feel like the person might start hacking again. My Gemini friend does not like that. I believe they have taken some steps to prevent the person fro hacking them.

    So looking ahead, with Scorpio factors, when you say to become invisible on social media with all we have learned, what am I supposed to do?

    I am a premium member and you have my birth chart info available to you. The Gemini is 6/14/59 New York, NY, no birth time available.

    Many thanks.

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback although I am sorry your friend was hacked – that Neptune cycle is ongoing so please do look at your internet security in 2017 and beyond. I’m glad about your property predictions working out for you, though! Now – invisibility on social media – is really lurking (doing research) or using a different name for a different outlet or brand. This would benefit you. If you were a politician then the astrology would be telling you to do deals with the FBI, CIA, MI6 or Wikileaks! You’re in a different line of work but the same general theme of anonymity/invisibility/secrecy applies. It may take a little while for the penny to drop.

      1. Thank you Jessica. I think my friend was quite livid – and disappointed and hurt – over being hacked, especially by their own spouse.

        The financial improvement I am experiencing is directly related to that 2012 Saturn transit you described. Sort of a transformation from what I went through then. It is amazing how all these pieces fit together.

        I ask about this internet piece in particular because I have had stalking issues in the past that resulted with me taking legal actions and so on to bring those things to an end. I hope I am not going to deal with something like that again? Can you tell? I already felt somewhat stalked due to my friend being hacked.

        I am as impeccable as I can be online, in my work and also with my friends, and limit my online communication as much as possible. I read and observe more than I respond or engage. I use the phone instead to talk to my friends 🙂 That kind of thing.

        I will try to see how I can take more precautions and be vigilant in protecting myself.

        Thank you again.

  181. Hi Jessica,
    This question is indirectly in a roundabout way related to this topic. I have a stellium in Scorpio with 3 factors. I thought this was it but I just received my 2017 guide to future where you explain stelliums.
    You said to take the 4 or 5 signs with the highest numbers and that will be my stelliums. My chart I think is a bit unusual in that case as I have 7 in Cancer, 4 in Aquarius, 4 Leo, then 3 in Taurus, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo and Capricorn. How on earth would I determine my stelliums from this lot?
    Really hope you can help.

    1. Thank you Michelle. Yes, you are reading your chart correctly. The Cancer stellium is unusual. You express yourself and live your life through your sense of place and cultural identity. Your family tree roots, your history and your sense of nationhood or ‘my village/city/town’ defines who you are. I know strongly Cancerian people who emigrate who never get over it and have to keep going back to the homeland. I also know stellium Cancer people who adopt a city, and really take it on as their own place – getting involved in campaigns to save historic buildings and so on. Since 2008 you have been in a cycle when you are being made to question, very deeply, your house, land, apartment, town, country. This continues for some years. It is a very slow process of change yet when it is over you will know who you are, in relation to where you come from and where you live. One family member, perhaps two, have also been going through tremendous transformation. It is very common to see relatives losing partners during this cycle, for example, or for parents or siblings to go through health, career or other transformations. I hope this helps you understand the Cancer side of your chart, at least. You should also read Leo and Aquarius stelliums. I will talk to you more about this in your 12 forums, starting in 2017.

      1. Thanks so much Jessica for taking the time to reply. Looking forward to the forums next year as I have missed all the forums this year due to a hectic work schedule. Will try to tune in the one coming up this weekend though.

  182. Dear Jessica

    it’s me again regarding the Children ‘ s charity. The meeting on 10 Nov was not successful with the local authority, so no funding and we are a the brink of closure. We are now looking at trying to get support from the bank for the short term if that does not work then we will close at Xmas… the staff or parents are not aware yet! All rests on the bank now. I know you said it will be ok .. but I am worried about my own future too. I am trying to remain optimistic but feel at nearly 61I am getting long in the tooth to keep fighting! would welcome your input on the next few weeks. Many thanks…

    1. I remember your question and the chart. You (personally) will be okay, but the charity issues remain with the need to reach out to sources beyond the local authority. It is very important to look into other potential areas of funding, not where you usually go. Your own future is fine so please do not worry about your age. Professionally the best is yet to come for you from October 2017 and by 2018 you will see why this current situation had to happen. I strongly recommend you go to other groups, crowdsourcing – other charities, perhaps – and ‘people power’ organisations. I hope you have someone helping you. There is a younger woman who is very good online. You should also get on the radio if you have not already done so.

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