Your Scorpio Birthday Horoscope 2016-2017

Happy Birthday Scorpio. You will relaunch (in a small way) on the Scorpio New Moon on 30th October 2016, then in a major way from 10th October 2017.

Happy Birthday Scorpio. You will relaunch (in a small way) on the Scorpio New Moon on 30th October 2016, then in a major way from 10th October 2017 with amazing new recognition and rewards as early as Wednesday 18th October, one week later. I  have news about your past, present or potential partner too. Premium Member? Please continue.

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96 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    My son is scorpio 25/10/06 11.15am
    Do you have insights for him or me to parent him to his full potential?
    Thank you.

    1. Your son has a Scorpio stellium and will enter his late teens with a genuine relaunch – new look – new image – new sense of self. Further ahead, he will learn what freedom and independence genuinely mean, through his relationships.

      1. Thank you so much for answering my question. I also like that your site now has the signs at the top, good design.
        It was always the best and most simple astrology site though!

        1. Thank you so much and I’m glad you like the new design – and that is a great compliment for me to pass onto James, Justin and Alyas and all at Asporea.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    My Solar Return is/was today, and as a new Premium member I’ve been reading about the Libra/Scorpio type. I have a stellium in Libra, and a bunch of Scorpio factors — not to mention some ever so lovely hard aspects to Saturn (conjunct my Sun, opposing my Moon, Cap rising). Not the most fun chart. Any hope for my love life and career coming up? Thanks for any insights!

    1. Hope for love? Absolutely. You don’t say if you are single or in a relationship. In general, if you want an answer or solution the seeds are already sown around you – and have been there since 10th September. It really depends on what you want to grow in your life. Look and you will see.

  3. Hi Jessica ,

    I read the Scorpio predictions for the year ahead!
    Do you have any insights for me, in concrete ,especially as regards my dating and mating potential, former or potential partners!

    Thank you.

      1. Dear Jessica,

        I am sure you have a lot to answer these days!

        I am a Premium Member!

        My birth details are:

        DOB: 04.11.1976 Birth time 20:45 pm

        Thank you for your time and insights

        1. Thank you. You are strongly Scorpio-Taurus and had a past life as a banker, business person, philanthropist, economist, retailer or trader. You have known what it is like to be rich and poor. The biggest favour you can do for yourself, past 2018, is to learn as much as you can about the way the world’s economy is turning. We will soon see Jupiter in Scorpio and then Uranus in Taurus and this will utterly change your life, in terms of your income, debt, bank, house, shares, apartment, company and so on. Start reading the financial pages or papers with a magnifying glass from Halloween 2016 and keep reading through November. A future story will be told then, either about your own national currency and economy, or via important stories about mergers, deals and the business world. You will actually play your own part in the banking and retail revolution which is hinted at in 2018 then a reality in 2019 and 2020. At that point you will be glad you were tracking what was really going on out there, from Wall Street to your local street markets.

  4. You do wonderful analysis like no other. Thanks. When children’s horoscope start working? Do they show early signs? My Scorpio son 08/11/2002 (Sydney 18:30) wants to become a computer/video game maker. He has uranus in Aquarius. Wants to live in Japan, already v.good in Japanese language & mathematics. Your insights are much appreciated.

    1. Thank you very much. Your son is a Scorpio Millennial who may have incarnated from Japan very quickly; he will certainly be part of the new ‘United Nations’ past 2025 when Pluto goes into Aquarius. The world will reconfigure and he will play a part if he wants to. What is really exciting is the new language to come. The present half-translated English-Asian does not really work. There may be a clever way around it and that would suit him and his friends really well; in fact, foreign languages may well morph into a new dialect or dialogue, which is easy for everyone to understand.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    You had previously indicated that my coming year would be about a rebalancing of an old friendship with someone born 6/14/1959 in NY, NY.

    Are we going to be okay?

    Thank you.

    1. You will know where you stand with this New Yorker in November, December and the choice is his – not yours so much. Thanksgiving/Christmas pushes his buttons. He is typically responding in two classic ways. One is avoidance (‘I’m not going to deal with this’) another is denial (‘This isn’t even happening’) and the third is paralysis (“I am terrified so I’ll just freeze and not act either way). The smart way forward, of course, is to be practical, roll up the sleeves and make a hard decision – yet this New Yorker may find that very hard indeed. I suspect it will be a family, household, apartment or house story which will eventually make him move forward.

      1. Thank you, I guess you are referring to the situation he has to be set free from, because he is not actively in my life at this time.

        You had said he ‘owes’ me and we have some karma to sort out and that is what the next year would be about for me. So it sounds like he will re-enter my life at some point over the next year?

        Is there anything I should or should not do to be prepared?

        1. Yes, you have karmic debts and credits with each other. He may not re-enter your life at all; it may be as simple as an e-mail from him, or even news that you hear about his life, that convinces you a score just got settled. Without seeing his chart it is hard to say. But the scales are there to be balanced.

          1. Hi Jessica,

            You had previously said that he had to be “set free” from his situation in order for the re-balancing to happen and that could happen anytime between now and 2018. I am not so much looking to settle a score, but hope our many decades long friendship can stay intact at the very least. His date of birth is 6/14/1959 in New York City.

            Many thanks

          2. He has to sort out his feelings about love – past, present, potential – and this is going to take him at least until Christmas 2017, and it will not be easy. If you are only friends, then his real work is actually with his former, current or possible lover, as the cycle he is going through is about girlfriends and wives, rather than female platonic friendship. Christmas will lay things on the line for him with this woman (or these women) but it really should not affect your friendship at all.

  6. Dear Jessica
    I turned 50 on 16 October 2016, I am self employed. My career has been upward struggle. What changes am I to see if any going forward? Bally

    1. You currently have Neptune transiting your solar Sixth House of work and it can feel like swimming upstream, which is why you mention an upward struggle. You also have a lot of Capricorn (ambition) in your natal Tenth House of success, so while you strive to get to the top – far more than most people – you are also in a cycle when it is hard to get a footing. The answer rests with you. You have ended up in rather a confusing and confused situation with work when people, projects, income, organisations are very hard to pin down. Despite this, you can make rules for yourself. This is actually the key to everything. You should not feel as if you are struggling – life is too short – the approaching trines from horoscope factors passing through Scorpio to the cusp of your solar Sixth House, and the sextiles to your natal Capricorn factors – make now through November the perfect time to act. Write down all your issues and concerns on a big piece of paper. That allows you to draw a flow chart, or make sketches, which a computer does not do! It helps release your mind to think more laterally and creatively. Now, see what you can do to contain and control who/what is always ‘all over the place’ leaving you feeling all at sea. You do need to get real! I have the feeling you have been avoiding and evading the real world with your career for a while and may have actually lost sight of just how much things have slipped away from you. The remarkable line-up between Jupiter and Neptune, approaching now, will also help you. There are ways to explore work and career that you have not pursued – yet. There are also better ways to streamline everything that you are not using. Grab some paper. Take a look. It is also possible that you would benefit from training or education. It does not have to be expensive (in fact it can be free) and it can be online. Add another skill to your skill set. You should also remember you are your own brand. Your name,face and title is your best product, especially next year. It’s like Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken or Estee Lauder and lipstick!

  7. Hi Jessica,
    One question I always wanted to ask you. I have Scorpio rising, and the north node in Scorpio… along with 2-3 more planets I believe.
    Can you tell me please how YOU view this : how important is your rising sign (and north node perhaps) in following/reading the astrological forecasts… meaning, is it second in importance after the sun sign, and I should always read it as secondary opinion/guidance for the daily/weekly/monthly/etc. forecasts ?!
    Also, let me know please if there’s anything I need to pay particular attention to, I’m at the beginning steps with my business, and I’m not in a love relationship (for a very long time)?!
    Thank you SO much!!!

    1. Thank you, for your thank you! Don’t read your Rising Sign for predictions on this website as I use a system which is very specifically tailored to your Sun Sign and nothing else. The Rising Sign is not that important. It’s your name, face, body type and shape and your wardrobe. It shows how you arrive and sometimes how you relaunch, if you want to lose weight (for example) or get cosmetic surgery. Business? You were made for it. Be one step ahead of the rest by reading the financial, political, corporate news very carefully now through the third week of November, because what goes down will lead to a global boom from October 2017 and you can be first to work with that. Love? You are in the best cycle in 12 years to benefit from other people’s barn dance. Between now and October 2017 you will see marriages breaking up around you, or relationships ending. Everyone changes his/her position in the great global disco and the dance floor becomes vacant for you to dance – or date – someone new. You will also see people who were married, but having affairs on the side, re-commit to their marriages – which also means a third person suddenly becomes available. There is no better time to get out there and meet new people than the next 12 months.

  8. Hello Jessica,
    Kindly if you can look at my chart to let me know your thoughts, I turn 50 as you see from my chart on the 26th October of this year. Purchased a condo earlier in October of this year, 2016, however debating on selling the current home my husband and I own. He opposes selling I welcome selling to get rid of debt and own the condo debt free. Of course will be much smaller space wise but I’m actually happy about it, as we don’t use lots of the space we currently have in the home so we end up accumulating lots of unnecessary items, and I have no energy for being a landlord. I’m wondering what the astrological aspects of my chart may show. And if selling the home is the way to go when is the best time in 2017 to put on the market to avoid issues. Thank you for your time and insights as always.

    1. Your stellium in Scorpio suggests now is the time to start talking, not only to your husband, but to others with expertise in finance and real estate. In fact, the conversations or fact-finding missions, now through November 2016, may change the way you think. You will have to do a deal with your husband as you have Ceres in Cancer in the Fourth House of property. In fact, you will also have to do a deal with your buyer, should you choose to sell. If you are not in any hurry you may prefer to wait until Jupiter moves into Scorpio from October 2017 as the planet of opportunity, reward and problem-solving will slowly pass over all your Scorpio factors in the Eighth House of finance, property and business and by 2018 you will have seen stunning opportunities, not only with property, but with your lifestyle and security in general. The decision is yours, as astrology is only one tool in the toolkit of life. One tip – watch the headlines about the economy and property market, and business world, now through the third week of November because a heavily Scorpio person like you should be able to see where you might gain, one year from now. A tremendous amount is about to change, very close to the New Moon in Scorpio just before Halloween.

  9. Hi Jessica glad you could fix your site

    Don’t know after all the resetting whether you can see my birth chart but just for your reference my DOB is 12/09/1989 born at 1.40 AM in Mumbai, India.

    Do I have any hopes of serious relationship/ marriage or long lasting company, will it be with someone new or someone I already know

    Your reply is much appreciated

    1. Thank you. Yes, I can see your birth chart. So you want to get married. That is an odd question for you to ask, because you have nothing at all in Libra in your chart. Partners don’t define who you are. Partnership is not really that big a deal in your life. Godchildren, children, nieces, nephews or youth-related projects matter far more and this is where destiny will take a hand. So, for example, you may date a man who you break up with, but he eventually marries another woman and their child becomes your godchild. Or, as another example, you move in with a man who then breaks up with you, only to get back together with him years later, when he has had a child with someone else. Unwanted pregnancy which forces a relationship is another example! And then we have the relationship or marriage which is actually all about having a son or daughter, rather than the very different business of equal partnership with your other half. The True South Node at 18 Leo in your birth chart suggests past life karma (debts and credits) around choices you have made about pregnancy or abortion in the past, and this may apply to your life since 2009, or the reincarnation you had, before you were born in 1989. You will understand why babies, children or Millennials matter to your destiny far more, when we see the True North Node move to 18 Leo in November 2017, when you will have some major choices to make about being a parent (or not) and perhaps being a stepmother (or not).

  10. Jessica,

    You had previously predicted that 2017 would a be a year I would seriously think to commit and that my future are children!

    Are u Still of the same opinion ? Is there any pregnancy in my chart to be seen?

    My DOB: 04. 11.1976. 20:45 pm

    Thank you so much

    1. What I probably said previously to you, is that astrology cannot predict pregnancy. Basically, you are in a cycle which lasts until 2025 when babies, children or Millennials offer you an alternative to the real world that everybody else experiences. This is not as simple as saying ‘pregnancy’ although this can happen. Fostering children, adopting them, giving your time to a children’s charity, working on projects involving younger people are just as likely to occur. So is a godparent role, given to you by a friend, or new status as an Aunt, should a birth in the family appear. People often play this cycle on two levels at once, so they may become a godparent to three children in the space of three years, then find themselves working on a prestigious project involving teenagers. That’s just one example.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for all the writings, i just wonder if you have time to relax!

    Back in October 2010 i moved from my country to live in another one, i started from the scratch and I´ve accomplished a lot, both with career and knowing who i am. Of course this was a rocky road in many fronts.Now, for some time it´s spinning in my head a relocation again, to another country because I need more than this place is giving, more choice and therefore more freedom. Is it something shining in my birth chat about this relocation? If so, any good time to do it? Thank you very much;)

    1. Actually, I just spent the weekend at the Juniperlooza gin tasting festival and then went to see Harry Howard and the Near Death Experience play a gig, so I am feeling very relaxed! So you want to emigrate. Okay, you are asking about this on the toughest global cycle for migrants in 29 years, as Saturn is slowly passing through Sagittarius. You were born with a stellium in Sagittarius and so this cycle will personally affect you, as Saturn conjuncts every single factor in your Ninth House of travel, foreigners and emigration.Your chances are much higher from November 9th 2018 into 2019, but if you cannot wait to apply then, perhaps you should use this time to research your options, do the work required (and the homework) and adopt a wait-and-see policy. This would suit the Saturn cycle well and then from the end of 2018 you could enjoy a better, different way of spending time in another country. Alternatively, see what Christmas 2018 brings and 2019 as a whole, as the world will see profound changes with its passport, borders and visa regulations then.

  12. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for the comprehensive guide for the next year! Great read. What concerns me, and am confused about, is my aim to go back to university in 2017. Any hints? I find my birth chart confusing to read to say the least. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. You have a stellium in Sagittarius with Neptune at 25 degrees being the final planet in the pattern. I am not surprised to hear you want to return to university in 2017 as Saturn is passing through Sagittarius at the moment in your Ninth House of academia. I am not sure how much of a hurry you happen to be in, because this cycle is notoriously stuck, slow and serious. If you are committed to next year, read the fine print on what is actually required of you, and do your research by asking other students about particular courses and lecturers. If there is someone who is widely regarded as hard work (putting it politely) then as an astrologer I would be wary. Your prospects for happiness and success at university go through the roof when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius from November 9th 2018 and into 2019 so perhaps that is your graduation – or first year – but in any case, 2018-2019 will seem a great deal easier than 2016-2017, according to all the laws of astrology.

  13. Hi Jessica, both my daughters are Scorpios (15 November 2001, univ time 19.48 and 02 November 2004, 15.03) and they are so different in every way! Any advice to a Virgo mum as to how to guide them through the next 12 months? Thanks a lot. Glad the website is back up and running, it must have been stressful for you…

    1. Thank you. The website crash was more stressful for my webmasters, who spent three days nobly fixing the issues! Okay, so your daughter born in 2001 is strongly Scorpio, with a stellium in that sign. The daughter born in 2004 is far more Libran, so the two girls are remarkably different people. The older daughter who is slowly moving from childhood to adolescence will quite naturally relaunch, so by this time next year she will be a new version of the girl you knew, as Jupiter crosses her Libra stellium. Your younger daughter will follow suit from her birthday in 2017 with relaunch completed in 2018, again for the same reasons. What do they need most? Private mirror time in the bathroom or bedroom. One of them will go the full ‘Me’ route, but sometimes the chrysalis needs to stare at the mirror to figure out how to be a butterfly.

  14. Greetings Jess:

    Hope all is well…

    I have a stellium of 8 in Scorpio, with 5 active at degrees mentioned…

    What should I look out for?

    03° Scorpio 14′ 31″
    09° Scorpio 35′ 47″
    05° Scorpio 00′ 01″
    08° Scorpio 01′ 40″
    02° Scorpio 09′ 46″


    1. Thank you. A lot will happen for you very quickly in October, November 2017 as Jupiter enters Scorpio for the first time in 12 years and conjuncts your Vulcano, Moon, Panacea, Ops and Juno in rapid succession. You need to be needed, via finance, charity, property or business and you should find the end of 2017 very satisfying. You will set the situation up now, as your attention goes towards the money, house, company, apartment or possessions which matter most. This is genuinely a new beginning for you, as the New Moon in Scorpio falls at 7 degrees, very close to Ops. In astrology Ops is the asteroid partner of Saturn and the mother of Jupiter. She describes that part of you which has tremendous hope and optimism, despite difficulty, and always wins in the end. I suspect it is time for you to rise to the occasion.

  15. Congratulations on your promotion. It’s all about the money so if you can save other people cash, or make it for them – in some way – then yes, you will find success from October 2017 in particular. You don’t say what you do for a living.

  16. Hi Jessica
    Because I was born on the way to a hospital and delivered by my father, my mother has only ever been able to say I was born a few hours late for my father’s birthday ( he was born October 24, I was born some time between midnight and dawn on October 25 (1957) in Silverstream, Upper Hutt City, Wellington. I keep looking for a new job because I am in an industry that is disrupting and I ‘m worried I’ll be out of a job before I retire. I retrained but that hasn’t helped. Is it possible to see how that will pan out without a birthtime?

    1. The lack of birth time removes a big chunk of the chart but it is also possible to look at your job situation too. The cycle you are in now ends in May 2018 and the disruption is typical. The way through is to be quite radical, actually. You may need to think very differently about work (and how to make it work for you) in order to banish worry. Alternatives you would not have considered years ago may now turn out to be just the ticket. This is also very typical of the cycle you are in, which has worked brilliantly for every Scorpio I know who is prepared to surprise themselves as well as others, by breaking their own rules about what work should be, or could be. I am not sure when you are retiring, but you will have the opportunity to relaunch yourself very successfully, from your birthday next year.

  17. Hi Jessica, with a Stellium in Scorpio what will translate with decisions regarding our house in the near future? In the past, any decisions that we made were with the best intentions and situations at that particular time, BUT, life kept throwing our family non-stop situations that could never have been foreseen or planned for! Does astrology shed light on our next decision? Many thanks.

    1. You’re a Sun Virgo with Saturn in her Fourth solar house for another year, so you are lobbing into the wrong discussion here! Saturn rules slow, stuck, serious situations as I’m sure you know and this planet will be in Sagittarius in your Fourth House of property until Christmas 2017. The Fourth House also rules the family. If you are going to buy or sell a house or apartment, bear in mind that Saturn cycles tend to bring rather heavy responsibilities and unavoidable realities – and they can be pretty demanding. Your Scorpio stellium will help you find dazzling opportunities or answers with money, business or property from October 2017 but it may not be until 2018 and particularly 2019 that you feel you’ve got the end of the rainbow.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I’m disabled with illness so I always have difficulty trying to figure out what i’m supposed to do with future work and money concerns. Income is fixed, no way around that. Honestly there is a part of me that feels I don’t have much time left and am not supposed to be focused on the outer world so much as the inner world, to heal, understand, prepare the psyche sort of.

    Does this make sense? Also what do I do with this life situation of mine when reading about upcoming transits and eclipses? I can’t figure out how i’m supposed to live with this. Or what i’m supposed to do. It’s very concerning and I want to get this right but i’m confused by it all now.

    1. If you think you should be healing yourself then begin. You have a stellium in Virgo so you have the ability to do that. There are so many great healers, past and present and it really depends on who speaks to you. Do you know the work of Betty Shine? You can find her on YouTube. Healing involves you working on your light body, or etheric body (the aura and chakras) with the help of your friends and family in the spirit world, and sometimes your guides. It could be an interesting discovery for you. The astrology in your Scorpio chart is about experimentation with your physical condition, food, drugs, drink, doctors, healers until May 2018. If you want to look up the transit is it Uranus in your Sixth House. Uranus is about freedom and one of the ways you can find it is to liberate yourself from statements about yourself that trap you. Statements are more than just words they obviously dictate what you do – how you live – so they are powerful things. Really look at what you are saying to yourself, and also telling other people about yourself. If you find it makes you feel trapped, then you are the person who can snap the chains by altering the words you are telling yourself.

      1. Jessica, thank you! Betty Shine is completely new to me. This is where i’m at very much – meditation, keeping to myself trying to just process whatever this feeling is. I’m going to dig in and follow your advice. Thank you so much. I’ve been quite concerned about this. You’ve eased my mind pointed me toward more I can do to work on myself with all this. Have a wonderful rest of 2016!

        1. Thank you. Betty Shine’s Mind Medicine Room is famous. It’s great that her techniques have been put on YouTube free of charge to try. Her books are also wonderful. Once you construct your room, you will visit it often – Betty was a very well-known healer but she also had the gift of teaching.

  19. Ms. Jessica,
    The next two weeks seem tough on a personal and professional note. Everything around me is changing. My close relationships are falling apart. Will I survive it? Do you see me moving or relocating to another place? Thank you in advance.

    1. You are actually setting up a happier future. The changes you need to make to establish yourself from October 2017 into 2018, should unfold easily and naturally, by the third week of November. It’s very common to have rubbish removal, ground clearing, detoxing and the rest when Jupiter first changes signs and if your relationship must end in order for you and the other person to be more at peace with each other, that is exactly what will unfold. Of course you will survive! Better than that – you will reshape your life. If you are going to move, do it before 1st December to avoid the usual delays and complications of Mercury Retrograde, which turns shadow from that date and stays there until early February.

  20. Hello Hello Hello

    Love your articles! Fascinating read – always.
    I’ve got nothing in Scorpio of any interest – Neptune 26, MC 11
    But I do have a Scorpio Mother and Scorpio Partner
    Mother 11 11 1930
    Partner 12 11 1968
    Your thoughts on those would be really cool.
    Sorry to see all the trouble you had with your website. Rock Star status eh!
    Have an awesome day

    1. Thank you. Your mother and partner have the Sun in Scorpio just one degree apart so I am sure you won’t be surprised to hear that what happens to them, tends to happen in waves – which also affect you. Your MC is about Scorpio concerns – classically the legacy within a family; the last will and testament; the mortgage or marital bank account. You three will see significant and radical changes with your banking, pension/superannuation and property from the end of 2017 and by 2018 you may want to talk to the best advisor you can find to see what your options are.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I´ve got

    Vesta 13° Scorpio 33′ 21″
    Mars 16° Scorpio 33′ 48″
    Neptune 14° Scorpio 12′ 45″
    Psyche 27° Scorpio 29′ 52″

    Any good news for job and money to me? Any hope? And could you tell me pleas when will be

    Any good news to me for job and money? Any hope? and could you tell me when exactly will be the influence between Jupiter-Netune?

    Than you so much Jessica. Kind regards.

    1. Yes, there is hope. There is more than hope – there is real progress for you – as you will be swept up in the wonderful holiday from reality that everyone in their fifties will experience as Jupiter begins his slow transit over Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House of their chart. This involves an entire generation around the planet living in a lovely financial or property bubble for just long enough for you to take advantage of it. This cycle does not begin until October 2017 but in the meantime, with that Scorpio stellium, you should be watching the financial, economic and property news like a hawk, now through the third week of November as the homework you do, will pay off long-term. I will give you an example. Watching the British pound lose value against other currencies makes Britain a cheap holiday destination for many travellers who could not afford to visit before. This in turn helps certain British industries boom (hotels, restaurants, pubs) and any services that can be provided online for them to help promote them to specific overseas markets will be sought after – especially if these come at a competitive price! This is just an example, but thinking macro-micro about the economies of the world is something a heavily Scorpio person does quite well and you could actually find or create your own work and money opportunities just by sitting online for the next three weeks. This is when the major news will come through.

  22. Hi Jessica!
    I was wondering if you might be able to help us out? My partner’s birth date is 21/11/63, don’t have a birth time, but he has been stuck in a dead end job and keeps missing out on wonderful opportunities to get ahead. He feels so stuck and is now getting severely down and out with the whole thing. Financially it’s been a huge drain on the family…he’s at the point of giving up and not looking around anymore…is there a glimmer of hope that I can share with him? Thanks so much! xx

    1. Sure. I am sorry he has had such a very difficult time with his career. Your partner is a Sun Scorpio with a stellium in Sagittarius so he is being well and truly hit by Saturn in Sagittarius. This planet describes slow, stuck, serious situations and this cycle can only occur every 29 years. On the plus side, his true calling in life will blossom from the end of 2018 into 2019, when he hits his fortunate 12 year Jupiter cycle and he can reach out to the people in other regions or countries that suit him best. That is a long way off but there is dazzling light at the end of the tunnel as he was born with Mercury, Venus and Mars in Sagittarius in the Ninth House which rules foreign and regional differences, travel, education, the worldwide web and publishing. He will have opportunities to pursue anything he wishes on that list, starting November 9th 2018. Closer to home, the financial situation will slowly but surely improve between now and Christmas 2017, when at last the money side of the cycle is over and he can put it behind him. I should also add that your partner has the Moon in Capricorn (even without a birth time) and I suspect that Pluto in Capricorn is also on his Moon in the Tenth House of career. If this is true then he is having the mother of all professional situations which can only occur every 240+ years. How can you tell? Well, either the organisation or the person would be dominating him, undermining him, trying to take total control and generally carrying on like a cross between Mussolini and Stalin on roller skates. If this sounds about right, then I can tell you that he has the Moon at around 14 Capricorn, in which case, again, we are looking to 2018 and further ahead for the phoenix-from-the-flames career act, which would happen over a three-year period, 2018, 2019, 2020 when he makes huge decisions about how to work, when to work, why to work and whom to work for. This is a seriously talented person having a bad time and yet one thing I would strongly advise is study after work, before work or on the weekends. Sagittarius rules the self-education that never stops. It would need to be something that genuinely fascinates him, because it would take 14 months of slow and steady progress, yet it would be a way for him to get his power back. Study does not have to cost. Nor does training in a skill which may turn out to be the foundation of success later on. I am sure he will figure it out. In fact, if he is open to the idea, it may even go looking for him – no need to trawl the web to find it. I heard the word ‘balloons’ clairvoyantly. I have no idea what that means but I am passing it onto you!

      1. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for responding! This was massively appreciated.

        You are spot on with his workplace, treating him so horribly. I’m glad astrology picked that one up! Thanks again so very much…for a cynical person such as my partner, he asked me to print your reply out so he can have his ‘own copy’, ha! Still figuring out the whole balloon thing…hopefully not related to the clown craze, though!!

        Thanks again, you really are a very talented astrologer. xx

        1. I’m very pleased your partner has a print-out. The rule with Pluto cycles (which he has) is that the little Hitlers and Miss Hitlers always come a cropper. They are sometimes sacked, or resign – often demoted – or lose their power in other ways. Your chap will find out what the balloon means eventually (or you will). It will be unmistakeable.

  23. I forgot to add congratulations on the new look website! It looks amazing…very chic 🙂

  24. Good Evening Jessica,
    I hope you are doing well. Besides the financial outlook, what other aspects do you see Scorpio influence? I have in Scorpio: Moon 29, Neptune 15, Juno 16, Ceres 28, ASC 11. Best regards

    1. Thank you, I hope you’re also doing well. You express your personality and life path most strongly through finance, charity, business, property or collectable possessions and objects. It may help to know that Audrey Hepburn, who wore beautiful gowns, starred in a film about a jewellery store, but did so much for good causes, had a strong Scorpio signature. You will come into your own from the end of 2017 and by 2018 will have been offered a stunning opportunity to form a powerful new merger with a lover or family member. Juno is a commitment. The Moon is your need to be needed. This will go beyond the actual price tag, into something priceless, which is your emotional investment. To find out more about your Scorpio side, pick up your ebooks or hit Scorpio on Search.

  25. Dear Jessica,

    I have a consultation of Psychology for 28 years, but it does approximately 6 more or less that does not work like I want, even when I have tried to promote it. I think I have a well doing like psychologist. Does Jupiter in 12th promise something?

    My brthday is 30th October and
    Sun 07° Scorpio 03′ 17″
    Mercury 16° Scorpio 15′ 57″
    Neptune 17° Scorpio 10′ 18″
    Ops 07° Scorpio 01′ 04″

    Thank you so much

    1. Actually you are better suited to money, houses, business, charity, apartments, or precious possessions! Maybe this is your personal life, in the end, not your professional life. You would find it as satisfying as a career to pursue all those complicated deals and set-ups with others. This goes beyond the cash. It is about your own power. You will get an insight into this side of your personality now through November as the Sun passes through Scorpio and forms conjunctions with your stellium – it’s like looking in a mirror. Hit Search and look up Scorpio to find out more about this sign.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    The yearly Scorpio report is so interesting for me. I am strongly Scorpio/Libra type and have had tough times with my health, career, home, partner – I feel like I was pushed beyond the edge and now feel a bit numb about life in general. Does this ever end? You had previously told me that the hardest of times were over, however I have hit another stumbling block with my partner quite recently. I see great hope for our future, but I have been recently very hurt by some things I have found out. Any insights into this for me? My partner also has Jupiter and Saturn in Libra (as do I) and was born 06.10.81.
    Thanks so much for all the information you provide, it is so helpful to read while my life has been in a major rut!

    1. Genuinely, the worst is over – a stumbling block can be used as a step up. You just don’t have Saturn in Libra or Scorpio at all these days and in fact, there is no outer planet transit through Libra or Scorpio in your future. You did your time and you did your karma. You two have Hillary and Bill patterns. Very similar charts. It’s make or break for them. They either stand together and grow closer – and win everything – or they lose the lot. Your charts are echoing a similar theme. You do this together or not at all. Your partner understands this too. I am sure you are exhausted as life has been so intense but all the choices you are making are the right ones. He will be the loser if he does not try to make this work. What you learn just by being with him and going through this makes you a different, better partner for someone new – if it comes to that. I think your odds are great for making this a triumph, though. I am not saying it is easy. You have those Clinton chart patterns! Yet, it is so worth it.

      1. Thanks Jessica, I really appreciate it. You are right, it is starting to feel like the ‘hard’ part is over, I just was hit with a bit of a curve ball. I just wanted to say also that you are always so lovely to myself and all of the other people on this website when you reply to questions (and you never seem frustrated!) – it clearly shows your true colours as a kind person.

  27. Hi Jessica,

    I recently joined the community as I have become an avid reader of your horoscope over the past 2 years. Kudos to you as you are always spot on!
    Just a quick question I am about to launch my new business (fashion related). The catalyst that led me back to this passion of mine was reconnecting with an old love (12th July 1969) his birthdate. Anything to look out for on the business front for me (11.06.87 – My birthdate) and our relationship which is very, very, complicated which includes children but not with each other. We’re currently trying to figure out if we are going to be with each other.

    1. I’m very happy that the astrology is spot on for you, thank you. Mr. Cancer will be in a much better position with the children starting today, actually, and once he’s dealt with a few issues on November 13th, 14th, 15th will be on his way, with a really great situation from October 2017 and more rewards for him as a father in 2018. This will be the case, as U2 say, ‘with or without you’ but let’s obviously hope it’s you. I think you will know for sure after the 13th-15th and it really will be about the children, especially long-term, as you need to think about the way life would be with them in 2018, 2019 and beyond. For fashion business, I always look to Minerva as she is the asteroid who rules spinning and weaving. If you read your free ebook 2020 Astrology you can see how Minerva featured in the chart of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. You have Minerva in Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules your family, home, home town and homeland. It’s always going to be close to home for you, and it would be natural to cater for the local or domestic market – not so much overseas, please. You would also be classically running this out of your spare room and it would involve the family, or the locals. So far so good, but when Pluto moves to 24 Capricorn he will oppose Minerva in your chart so you need to have a business that (long term) can sustain the winds of change in 2019, 2020 when the whole world will be going through a big economic and business transformation. Just so you know.

  28. Hi Jessica
    I’m really confused on my career. I’ve feel I have been unhappy with my non progressive career for many years and been through some hard times and now in 2016 I finally was given an amazing work opportunity, but today I feel that it isn’t for me. I worked so hard to get to this position but feel I’m still missing out. Job opportunity’s are hard to come by in the city I live in. Can you give insight on what my chart has install for 2017. From what I read above there could be a change for the good maybe a new adventure.

    Iv also been single for a while and wanted to get some insight on what was installed for me. I recently had my birthday 24.10.1985 and feel as though In still in a hole and I am not able to get out yet.

    1. If your birth time is exactly accurate then yes, you are a Scorpio Sun – but do check as it is unusual for babies to be born on the round hour or half hour and you could easily have the Sun in Libra. You are currently going through a Neptune transit which is why you feel confused and may also be confusing other people. It can feel like drifting, floating or cruising without really knowing where you are going, or where you stand. The answer to this is to get back into your body and to join the real world. Neptune overload is very common at the moment. It means that non-reality substitutes reality. If you have more television, internet, alcohol, prescribed drugs, unprescribed drugs, fantasising, daydreaming, obsessive Tarot/Astrology than you need, then you may be well and truly ‘Neptuned.’ The cure is to cut back. If you don’t feel this applies to you, then look at the people around you and see if they are ‘Neptuning’ you by muddling you, or creating mess, chaos, vagueness or befuddlement in your life. Once again the answer is to shrink the impact of these people on you. You will have major relationship opportunities by 2018 so don’t panic. At least one chance to form a serious partnership, perhaps more. Why am I seeing garden gnomes for you clairvoyantly? Perhaps it’s in your future (don’t marry one, though).

  29. Hi Jessica I am really enjoying you site as a new member. I was born 4.11.61 in Western Queensland Aus. There is no time of birth on my cert, how does this affect accuracy for horoscope readings?

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that onto my webmasters. With no birth time you will not be able to calculate your Ascendant, Descendant, Immum Coeli or Midheaven, which is important information. Your Moon is probably Virgo, though, no matter what time you were born. I’m guessing that because only a Virgo Moon writes to see how a missing time affects accuracy! The rest of your chart will hold so enjoy finding out about yourself. Pick up 2020 Astrology to download if you haven’t already done so and work your way around the horoscope.

  30. I was born on October 26, 1973 at 2:30 pm. I keep reading about this big secret but not sure how or when it will benefit me. Thanks Jessica on such a great site.

    1. Here’s an example. Hillary Clinton has a chart not a million miles away from yours. She just gained, hugely, from having the FBI go through her secret (she thought they were secret, anyway) emails and clear her name. She’s now shiny shiny. I am not sure what is tucked away in your secret world, as it’s your secret! Sometimes this cycle is about the unconscious mind – dreams – your soul and spirit – so not about classified information or hush-hush organisations, but your more occult or esoteric pursuits which you also gain from now.

  31. Thank you, I can see your chart now you are logged in. Too funny about your prince on a white horse. Your chances of finding a new man to date are at their best in 12 years, right now through 2018. Boom. It’s out there for you if you want to go fetch.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I assume you can see my birth chart since I’m a premium member. Given that, can you give any hints on my love life in 2017?

    1. You have the South Node at 20 Libra and in December, Jupiter will pass 20 Libra and Uranus will pass 20 Aries, while Saturn hovers at 20 Sagittarius. The South Node is karma. Past life patterns repeating. Jupiter is an opportunity. Uranus is a revolution. Saturn is a lesson. I don’t know if this person is your past, present or potential partner but December brings a major choice. Why? Because you two share at least one incarnation together and maybe more. The scales must be balanced between you, very close to Christmas Day.

  33. Dear Jessica,

    I posted a message several days ago, but maybe it got lost. Hope you receive this one.

    Since I became a premium member I’ve been reading closely about a possible relaunch in late 2017 and the luck that secrets hold – I really want to make the most of this. A bit of background: I’ve had a very arduous career transition since 2012; long periods of unemployment, acute lack of clarity amongst others things. Few months ago I started working again – but not sure I see myself in my current role for too long but can’t quit right now either. I hope to explore freelance work to zero in on career prospects viable in the long term. If you can see my chart – could you please guide me a little on how I could lay the foundation in the coming months/year for a very productive relaunch – especially in my working life. Thank you.


    1. Thank you SK. Messages don’t get lost – I try to answer them all eventually – but at the moment there are 1,763 people in the queue so it really is a question of what pops up when I have time to check your questions. If your birth time is accurate you have the MC at 23 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. Some signs and clues about the transformation to come in 2019, 2020 will be there in December 2016, January 2017. In actual fact you are destined for a complete transformation, perhaps choosing a different industry or profession in 2/3 years from now. You will be caught up by world trends from 2019 through 2020 as we are going to see the biggest change at the top of politics and business in 240+ years and you will play your part in the transition, thanks to the work you do. You will play a very powerful role and be involved with some powerbroker people or organisations. The tiniest clues about this will be there over the next two months.

  34. Dear Ms. Adams,

    So so grateful for your response! That sounds very promising and I hope I’m able to tune in to these clues. The fact that you answer everyone’s questions with such grace and patience, is why I, like many others, rely so much on you and this site. Wishing you much growth and success for decades to come!


  35. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve been referring others to your amazing website and, of course, I refer to it everyday. Your global predictions are always so fascinating (and entertaining) to read!
    I’ve never been able to get an accurate birth chart reading due to the fact my parents can’t remember my exact birth time – they say i was born ‘sometime late morning’ between 10am to 11:30am on 19.11.1978 in Melbourne, Australia so hoping you can help me.
    I have had some really bad luck in my relationships with men and was wondering if you can see anyone coming into my life on my wavelength, who I will have a fantastic relationship and connnection with, and whether i will eventually have children with him.
    Thank you – may you be blessed in 2017. Keep up your great work and thank you for sharing your gift with us!

    1. Thank you. The lack of birth time is tricky, but in general, you are in a Neptune cycle when it is very important to be a realist about the men you meet. It is common to fantasise about men who are unavailable and second-guess or imagine what they feel, when they feel nothing of the kind! I have on my files a woman who fell in love with a man who was in a cult where sex was forbidden, for example. Bad luck usually isn’t bad luck on a Neptune cycle (which continues into 2017) it’s usually unrealistic judgement. You may want to do a lot of looking back, reviewing and rethinking before you embark on the next one. The word that will help you the most in future is ‘boundaries’.

  36. Hi Jessica! Happy New Year. I was reading my birthday horoscope and I was wondering if you can help me with this part. Because I related to that date very well and was wondering how this time will be different in February and what it means that a deal is being done. Thanks 🙂

    Scorpio, you have some major work to do on a new arrangement with your former, current or potential partner. You have already experienced a taste of this from July 18th through October 13th 2016, as Ceres passed through your opposite sign of Taurus. Your opposite sign rules your opposite number and also your opposition (if your former lover or partner has become your enemy, or if this person’s new lover is against you). Ceres describes deals above all else. So a deal is being done.

    1. Okay, the deal will be negotiating over who is in charge/what is in charge of the relationship. This can also apply to people who just got separated or divorced. What I’m talking about here is the arrival of Ceres in Taurus in your solar Seventh House, which rules your former, current or potential partner. Ceres is about division, sharing and compromise – always over emotional, sexual or psychological territory. The Seventh House is about making sure everything seems fair and equal. On Sunday 5th February Ceres moves to Taurus so the cycle begins, picking up where it left off last year. So you have some talking to do, and some decisions to make. You can read more about Ceres on this website or in your ebooks.

  37. Hi Jessica
    My mother has always said she can’t remember exactly when I was born ( my father delivered me on the way to the hospital so I have always thought that meant it was too hard to work out for astrology.) My mother now though says she thinks it was around 1am. I am 59 ( born Oct 25, 1957) and I am worried about my work because it’s one of the occupations being disrupted. I wrote to you once before but that was before I knew about the approximate time. Will this make it easier?

    1. An exact birth time is essential. You may want to put in your chart details again and change the time to 1.00am and ask me that question again, so I can see your new chart. Thank you.

  38. Hi Jessica
    Sorry, I should have thought of it first. I have put the time into the birth chart data now. I keep hoping I will see something completely different I’m qualified to do in coming years but I’m not even sure I would recognise it if I saw it. I have been doing this job for 24 years and I am one of the last in the country but it’s inevitable that it will finish.But my mortgages don’t run out for nine years so I have to find something. I did some retraining but discovered this country doesn’t need many mediators either and stopped before I completed training ( I also ran out of money to pay for it!). I am hoping in the next while to have some experimental surgery ( and I’m borrowing the money for that) so I can reduce weight this year but other than that I think it’s going to be a quiet yea unless I can find something different. I feel as though I need someone to stick a sign in front of me saying : That way – stupid!

    1. You have the Descendant at 20 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career (Natural House system) and of course we just had an historic line-up of Uranus at 20 Aries, Jupiter at 20 Libra, Saturn at 20 Sagittarius, Chiron at 20 Pisces. You do have to change your career and you will be helped to do that, as Jupiter will return to 20 Libra twice in 2017 and from the squeeze (the pressure) will come the opportunity. Watch the media and the internet. Jupiter rules travel in the mind (and travel) so don’t restrict yourself to your own region, think across the web. You will be reborn from October this year with an amazing relaunch by 2018, as you have a stellium in Scorpio and Jupiter will cross that, in useful stages, from October 2017. It’s a financial rebirth, or property rebirth, or business rebirth as Scorpio rules all those things. Good luck with your weight loss.

  39. Hi Jessica, I read your horoscopes everyday and have found them so true especially what you said about me being used in 2016 (09.Feb.78) – I was with a scorpion (31.10.77) who for the last 8 years have been giving me the run around promising me he is with me while seeing anoher woman. I found out Dec 2016 that he is arranging marriage to her but he is still contacting me and denying everything. How to proceed?

    1. Thank you for the feedback, although I am sorry you were used, of course. You don’t need an astrologer to tell you, to get right away from this nasty Scorpio piece of work. Eight years is a really longtime to be lied to. You were born with Saturn in the Fifth House in Leo, the sign which rules the decisions you make (or once made) to become pregnant, or not. Right at the very heart of this is a story about a pregnancy you let go, a miscarriage, or issues about stepchildren and children. Never mind him, he’ll crawl back under the rock he came from, but in 2017 and 2018 you will clear a lot of your own concerns about children or babies up – past, present, potential – and that will help you move forward.

  40. Hi Jessica.. My name is Jen and I just signed up as a premium member and have been reading your weekly and monthly horoscopes for some time. I decided to sign up as I have been hearing a lot about the solar eclipse in August in Leo for me and Jupiter moving into my sign in October. I am desperate to some degree to gain some insight of what the future looks like around a toxic ex husband and his desire to gain more custody of our 17 month old. I anticipate he will be filing modification for custody sometime between June – August of this year. He is a diagnosed Narcissist and I feel like my life changes dependent upon what is happening in is. Based on the high level data below are you able to offer some insight if this negative cycle will ever go away?

    My chart is Scorpio Sun 15, Aries Ascendant 06, Aquarius Moon 19, Scorpio Venus R 15
    He is Pisces Sun 20, Gemini Ascendant 28, Sagittarius Moon 28, Taurus Venus 4

    Thank you!

    1. I am very sorry about your child and former husband – it must be so difficult for you. For children, Jen, we look to Leo in the chart. The eclipse is also in Leo. You are divinely protected. You were born with Jupiter at 8 Leo in the Fifth House of motherhood, and in 2018 the North Node will move to 8 Leo, on the same spot. Karma from this lifetime and your previous lifetime with this man, and also your child, will return in your favour next year. Trust in the future, use your contacts, connections and resources (you are blessed when it comes to this child) and look forward to next year. Do avoid the actual eclipse periods, please, as they won’t hit your chart, but as we don’t know his horoscope – it may very likely hit his own Leo stuff, if he has any.

  41. Jessica,

    Can you tell me when my life will get better? I just became a premium member. Thought I was a Cancer rising. Any insight would help. I’ve been through so much in the past year.

    1. You are Cancer Rising – it is clearly marked as Cancer Ascendant (another word for Rising) on your chart. You have been through the toughest cycle in 29 years as you have many Scorpio factors in your chart and Saturn (stuck, serious, heavy, sombre situations) went through Scorpio, for long enough to make you feel over-burdened. The good news is, what goes around comes around. All that you learned about money and sex, money and family, property and love, property and family, banks, business – and the rest – pays off. Jupiter moves into Scorpio from October this year and by 2018 your jaw will be on the floor at what you can save or make. If you need to repair damaged relationships you can also do that.

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