Love, Sex and the Libra-Scorpio Type

If you can see six factors or more in Libra (marriage, divorce) and Scorpio (sex, money) you are entering the most important cycle for 12 years.

Are you a Libra-Scorpio type? If you have your astrological birth chart from me and can see a grand total of six factors or more  in both signs, you have an unusually high count in Libra (marriage, divorce) and Scorpio (sex, money) and you are just entering the most important cycle for 12 years. (Libra-Scorpio sign image Pinterest).

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181 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica – let me what I am in for – if anything, my sex life has been dreary to say the least, thanks K

    1. When women born with Neptune in Scorpio have dreary sex lives, it is usually because fantasy is more appealing than reality. Thus, the real man, who would really like to shag you, at the pub last week – is not enough. It is a pretty common placement for the pornography generation, and also the Fifty Shades of Grey generation! Neptune rules escapism. Avoiding and evading the real world. Real world sex is not soft-lit and men leave their socks on the floor. As this is really your major placement when it comes to sex, you may want to look at what Neptune does/does not do for you! The more you find out about Neptune in astrology and can see how he works in Scorpio in your chart, the more strongly you’ll get the repeated patterns in your life. The fact is, when Jupiter conjuncts your Neptune (once 2017 is out of the way) you could easily have a sexual fantasy made flesh and a commitment with a house or apartment too – yet to really get the most from this transit, it pays to get real about the unreal or non-real in your head when it comes to intimacy. Otherwise you can enjoy the bubble but then find beyond the bubble, there is not much there.

  2. Wow Jessica, I do so love these blogs….You are a wealth of information melding real astrology with factual history so it’s almost tangible. I do so hope you are right with the relationship forecast. Having been a single mother for the past 13 years & dealing with my own fair share of bad luck it would be a wonderful change of pace & peace. (I have 6 in Scorpio & 2 in Libra)
    Keep up the fantastic work, I’m such a fan. Jaqui

    1. Thanks so much Jacqui. Single mothers who have been through Saturn conjunct their Libra and Scorpio factors know all about those very heavy questions about sex and money, sex and rent, sex and mortgages, sex and child support…You can be entirely single and celibate through this cycle and still feel the complications because the people you might get involved with automatically raise issues about how you are to live – financially. The most difficult times are behind you and will feel like a distant memory indeed in November 2016. You are not the only person who has been through tests and trials and there are men who will suddenly be in a position to leave a bad marriage or relationship where fear of financial pain kept them tied. You are also going to see men changing (the big Jupiter in Libra shift) as they become aware that women want equality, nothing more, nothing less. Politics will do that. These kinds of psychological shifts are going to come from what happens in television, music, films, too. You are already on the road. Even as you read this, you are on the first step so I hope you saw the sign post in September or early October. By 2017/2018 you will realise that in your small way, where you live, you are playing a part in a planetary revolution and that revolution is about ‘equal but different’ and ‘stronger together’. Men are going to feel it just as much as women. You have some healing to do but also some opportunities to take.

  3. Hello. Hello. Hello!
    Boy, you are going to be busier then a blue arse fly with this topic! 🙂
    Your switchboard will light up like a Christmas tree with questions all about love and marriage and cash!
    I have quite a number of planets/ asteroids in Libra and a Scorpio husband :0
    Married for 20+ years and talk about skewed balance of power and a path littered with potholes and ditches and grenades! Heavens above. . . . Your article was so en-pointe!
    I would love to hear your guidance about my natal chart with this planetary weather forecast.
    Have a totally awesome day!

    1. Thank you. I think other Libra-Scorpio women would be interested to hear about your Scorpio husband and the 20 year marriage with so many power issues and potholes. This is the famous promenade a deux, which goes on for years. You are over the worst challenges in three decades with your husband as I am sure you know, so it’s together, forever, from this point forward. You really don’t have any difficult transits through Libra and Scorpio now for another thirty years. In old age, then, there may be a replay of issues you remember since 2012 – but otherwise, you two are on track. All that Jupiter will basically do is give you a chance to use what you created in your marriage about 12 years ago. Think back. You buried treasure then. Now you can dig it.

  4. Hey Jessica, love the article….l have the moon in Scorpio 18 11 24 Neptune in Scorpio 17 21 01R Mars in Libra 04 51 58 Diana in Libra 21 03 43 and Aesculapia in Libra at 14 00 22, What is in store for me regarding LOVE????

    1. Thank you. Your Moon-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio is almost exact. You have boundary issues when it comes to lovers, sex, money, houses, possessions and apartments. You need to be needed in sexual relationships, like a mother figure to your lover, but there is zero awareness of sensible rules which keep things organised and separate, between you and the other person. This is common in the charts of women whose boyfriends stay over, bring a toothbrush, and then six months later it’s a hot mess, because he wants to leave, yet he also owes you electricity bills, free rent – and then there is that car of yours he drove and dented. If you can sort out the Moon-Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House you will be a long way forward on the road to a different kind of partnership. This is what your Diana in Libra wants. She does not necessarily want commitment at all. She finds it too stifling. However, she (your Diana asteroid) is all about passionate relationships which drop into her own free, usually single life. Diana’s main love was Endymion in mythology. He slept through her visits. He had his eyes closed during sex and because he was always asleep, was unable to be a proper partner to her. She didn’t care because she didn’t want marriage or children anyway! Diana people (with Diana in Libra) are often besotted with sleeper men and can be very happy with them, as long as they don’t want them to change. Men who are unemployed, mildly depressed, on drugs, live in a fantasy world or literally sleep a lot qualify – some of them just watch television too much! Beyond Diana you also have the ‘resurrection, return, revival’ asteroid Aesculapia in Libra too, so you are the kind of person who can revive a long-gone or dying relationship. Sex with the sex is very common with this placement too. Finally, Mars in Libra – you will fight the good fight if a lover is being sexist, unfair or otherwise unjust. In fact, it feels natural to fight. I expect you could have done this in September, with a former, current or potential lover – and you could certainly do it by October! Beyond that, as you know, 2017, 2018 brings healing, hope and the chance for happiness.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I have 8 factors in scorpio and 2 in Libra. How do you think the libra-scorpio type applies to me, if at all?
    Many thanks.

    1. You are much more at home in a partnership or marriage than by yourself. You don’t always find it easy and in fact, a lack of fairness or equality in a relationship can drive you to leave, or at least have one fight after another. However, you have the gift of being able to make the other person see that two is the right number, and with changes, both can benefit from ‘twoness’ and balance. You suit the saying ‘opposites attract’ as it is the person who is from a different class, profession, culture, temperament who balances you. And the right person will appreciate that your difference, balances him or her. The only issue to ever really rock this will be money, business and property. This is where the most intense questions about power and control arise. However, despite all that you have been through, you will move forward with this in 2017-2018.

  6. Great article Jessica, thank you! I have 7 planets and asteroids in Libra-Scorpio and have just started dating someone! Do you think this could have long-term potential?

      1. Thank you so much for your reply! I don’t know all the aspects of his chart but he has Sun 1 Taurus, Pluto 4 Libra, Uranus 25 Libra, Venus Pisces 15, Jupiter 9 Pisces, Mars 0 Cancer, Neptune 9 Sagittarius, Mercury 17 Aries. Can you say anything about our compatibility?

        1. Beyond compatibility, he is hard work in love (you don’t say) because part of him wants to control his relationship or marriage and take it over, and another part of him wants to distance himself from the partnership he creates. Actually it is never a partnership because he does not really ‘do’ equality in love. 2017 will give him the opportunity to understand his own patterns. I suspect he is seen as the Great Rejector by women in his past. He can and will improve but it will take time.

  7. Hi Jessica, this one is certainly relevant to me, with five factors in Libra and five in Scorpio – almost a third of my chart! And yep, my love life has been totally stagnant for the last six years and it’s been making me really unhappy because I hate being on my own. I work SO much better in a partnership and while I’ve got used to being single, it causes me a lot of anxiety. And it’s been incredibly difficult to figure out what I’ve been doing so wrong and why no one’s advice ever seems to help.

    So looking forward to things being shaken up! Are there any particular times I should keep in mind or life aspects I should focus on with my particular planetary set-up?

    1. I hear you and I think many people with around 10 factors in Libra and Scorpio would immediately recognise what you have been going through. It may help to realise that when Saturn was in Scorpio from 2012 people were too afraid of losing their money or homes, to leave bad marriages or live-in partnerships. This ‘freezes’ what should happen naturally, which is the big global barn dance (‘take your new partners.’) Fear of being broke also drove people into bad marriages and live-in relationships at this time (of course) and so people who should have stayed single, and happily dating, were signing up for mortgages instead. All these are classic Saturn in Scorpio cycle effects, yet the worst is well and truly over. What you will now notice happening, initially in the smallest way, is the chance to really deal with what/who has kept you frozen in time. It may require that you stand back from yourself to appreciate this. Tiny twists of fate and tricks of timing may put you in the orbit of a former partner who is at the heart of your non-commitment today. That’s just one example. Or a person you can imagine being with if X, Y and Z were different may be put in your path. The best expert is you. Only you can answer the question why you have spent six years with no love life – and not enjoying it. That starts now. It’s actually effective in your chart immediately.

  8. Thank you, Jessica! I have 7 factors in Scorpio and 3 in Libra. The part mentioning 2009-2014 sounded so true, it was as if this post had been written based on my life 🙂 I am really looking forward to better times regarding relationships, and hopefully true intimacy will come along. Thank you for bringing hope…

  9. Hi Jessica….based on my birth chart, how does this affect me? (I am a newbie at this.) Thank you

    1. You don’t have more than a total of six factors in Libra and Scorpio in your chart so this story is not really about your horoscope. Thank you.

  10. Dear Jessica,

    I read this great post you wrote! It is music for my ears, because my love life has been terribly stagnant and difficult since the end of 2009!

    I really need some positive vibes, my situation is very similar to Silverstar, I have been pretty unhappy in the last 6-7 years.

    I have about 6 or more factors in Scorpio and about 5 in Libra!

    How does apply to me the actual libra-scorpio process?

    Thank you


    1. Unhappiness for seven years is too long and you need to look at what your old patterns have been. That is the start with this cycle. Jupiter is there in Libra now so the process has begun even if you did not notice it. It is very common to find that people you once wanted (but did not date) turn up again – or to find out that former partners (whom part of you is still attracted to) come back in your life at a distance, through a second person. It is also common to have the obstacles to love and sex brought to your attention. I have seen readers with body image problems who were forced to confront them (and how can you have a relationship if your are not comfortable in your own naked skin?) It is very hard to say more without seeing the charts of your former partners, yet whatever you need to fix yourself and your life, can be fixed. Sometimes the issue is very basic. Women who do not leave the house and rely on fate to drop the perfect husband by helicopter through the kitchen ceiling are sometimes woken up by Jupiter, who wants them to go out and ‘think male’ by doing what they do! I sometimes see women who are invited to join interesting groups by female friends and decline, because they are too busy with Tinder, only to find that the female friends would have introduced them to some fascinating single men!

  11. Hello,

    I was wondering if you can please analyse my chart and see what it coming up for me personally in this cycle:
    -My factors in Libra: Sun, Ceres, South Node
    -My factors in Scorpio: Mercury, Venus, Pluto & Diana

    Thank you

    1. The next two years are all about moving slowly towards a milestone agreement about your money, house or apartment – possibly a business – either with the person who wants to talk about agreements in November, or the person who is next in the queue in 2017. You basically have a set of iron scales in front of you for the next two years and your life will be about putting on weights and taking them off – filling both sides with different substances, levelling the scales and seeing how you can bring symmetry to the relationship. This is an interesting challenge as one part of you wants independence (Diana) and the other part wants complication (Venus).

  12. Hi Jessica,

    I have 4 factors in Libra (Pluto, Cupido, Minerva, Mercur) and two in Scorpio (uranus and North Node).
    What could be main story for me as for Jupiter effect next two years?

    Thank you for all your work!

    1. Thank you. Well, the opportunity to fall in love is there if you want it. October, November 2016 is the learning (learning about yourself and your patterns with lovers from the past) but also the update (you may hear about a man’s separation, for example, and be interested in him, or come across a complete stranger through your weekend interests). By November you will be up to speed and in 2017-2018 you will build on this very small beginning to create what you want. Of course you can decline. But there will be a major chance there.

  13. Hi Jessica, I really love your blogs!
    I have 3 factors in Scorpio and 6 in Libra. How do you think the Libra-Scorpio type applies to me? I have been married for 25 years with a lot of issues and now I am separating from my husband. What is in store for me regarding LOVE????

    Many thanks,

    1. Thank you Alina. If you are separating after 25 years of marriage, you are having a common Scorpio-Libra experience as Jupiter goes through these signs. You will find men doing the same and by 2017 there will be people to explore who have also come through complicated marriages. You are separating at the best time in 12 years to do so and will ultimately gain from the settlement. Most of the important talking happens now through November so make the time.

  14. Hi Jessica
    Fantastic article again! As I have 4 factors in Scorpio and 6 factors in Libra, will this play out in a better financial position than we have ever seen together during my marriage with my husband? (38 years). Which hopefully will bring more harmony to our relationship. He was born 20/08/1954 but his mother doesn’t know what time he was born.
    Thanks for your wonderful insight.

    1. Thank you. If you have been married for 38 years then you have seen it all with your Libra and Scorpio cycles. You two reach a major milestone with karma in 2017 as the Nodes move into Leo and Aquarius and past life debts and credits appear. Of course you knew each other before and I am sure that was evident from the start. Some of the karma is connected about past decisions to have children or not. It is a levelling of the playing field or a balancing of the scales and it will begin in months. It will feel as if something from the past has either repaid you or finally been put to rest.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks, this is so enlightening, its funny, I got married when Jupiter was last in Libra and divorced when Saturn was in Libra.

    I have five factors in Libra:
    Pluto 19
    Apollo 19
    Bacchus 6
    Minerva 22
    Fortuna 2

    and two in Scorpio
    Mars 0
    Uranus 21

    Any advice would be great thank you

    1. So you got married and divorced on both Jupiter in Libra cycles? I think that’s textbook. Next year will change your love life as you develop the relationship with your former spouse and take it to a different level. Jupiter in Libra conjunct your Pluto in Libra will give you an opportunity to change the balance of power with this person, but also to explore questions about control with a new date, if you want a new person in your life. Pluto is conjunct Apollo in Libra so this is important. As Jupiter goes past 19, 20, 21 Libra he will also semi-sextile Uranus at 21 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex and money. Put all that together and you can see why 2017 is a milestone for you. The choices are yours.

  16. Hi Jessica – I have 6 factors in libra and 2 in scorpio. How am I affected? I’m single and enjoying my life but I do like being part of a team – and I look forward to having a partner in crime. Sometimes I do wonder when this might come about for me as I’ve done a lot of inner work over the past 2 years and worked through past issues. To be honest I’ve never been in love or experienced a fulfilling and healthy relationship. Wondering what has been going on behind the scenes with my chart factors! Thank you very much and have a lovely day.

    1. Too funny. Scorpio rules partners in crime. You will have the opportunity to be with someone new as Jupiter slowly transits your Seventh House and Eighth House now through 2018. The more work you have done the better you have prepared the ground for new growth.

  17. Hi Jessica, I am a Libra and have 7 factors in Libra and Scorpio. I have not been in a relationship in 10 years (not for lack of trying) and as you described in the article, the last few years have been very hard in so many different aspects of my life. Do you see anything radically changing for me? I feel it is time…… haha. Thank you for the great article! I appreciate it 🙂

    1. You are the best person to remove your own obstacles. You may not even know what they are, yet the Sun in Libra then Scorpio, now through the third week of November, will shed light on who you are with lovers, how you are with lovers, and the rest. It is very common to be shown the past. It may be purely by driving through a neighbourhood where you once dated someone, which you have not seen for years. It may be because you are put in touch with a former lover’s niece. None of these ‘random’ incidents about your love-life past are accidental and all are designed to make you more aware of your old patterns, habits, attitudes and expectations. They also allow you to step back from them to see how you might have gotten in your own way. Jupiter basically works like a gardener. If the ground needs to be prepared before anything can grow in your love life, then the ground will be cleared of weeds, old growth and the rest which may be preventing something new. It may take a bolt from the blue, like an electrical storm or lightning strike, for you to see that, realise that and do that. Thank you.

  18. Hi Jessica, Wow, this article had me double counting my Libra (6) – I’d never really noted I had so many before – and Scorpio (3). Yes, 2012 onwards was a burning ring of fire and Fortuna blindly threw me a total douche! Thankfully the memories fade and new growth happens. But, I’m puzzled by the fact that I’ve been predominately single all my adult life. I can see why it never bothered me, as I was confident that one special person would find me in my various assignments/ travel around the world one day, be that at 30, 40, 60, or 80. It’s better to have 10 amazing year’s and live a lifetime than 40 shit years in a bad marriage and not live at all, was what I told myself. Curious what power packed dynamite my 9 combined Libra and Scorpio will deliver from the unique placements. Gratitude and Thanks as always.

    1. Thank you. Your answer is motherhood. You have Diana in Leo. Diana was the goddess who begged her father Jupiter to set her free from motherhood and marriage, because she did not want a husband or children. He made her the goddess of the hunt, and although she had love affairs, she was free to go where she liked, when she liked. If you want a lover between now and 2018 you can have one. You can have more than one! You are living the Diana dream, travelling around the world. If you want to unlock your own patterns, though, look at the paintings of Diana in particular. You may suit a relationship with an Endymion type. Diana had a long relationship with a man who was asleep. She visited him at night and he bore her children, yet because he was asleep, he was not a normal partner and she was free to do what she wanted! Again, have a look at the myths – they often turn the key in the lock that makes us go ‘Aha!’ when we look at our patterns. Endymions are often dreamers not doers. The women pursue their careers (the hunt) and the men are really there for other reasons!

  19. HI, Jess
    I was born in 1963, with 6 libra aspects and 3 in scorpio.
    My love life has been very tough since 2001!
    Hoping this time change everything!

    1. Jupiter has an interesting way of fixing problems and removing obstacles we may not have even known were there. This Jupiter cycle will show you what your patterns are in love and why you have had a tough time. If you have set conditions on love that are impossible for real people to fulfil that may become obvious through one date in particular (so you change). That’s just one example. If you only fall in love with people who have no interest in a relationship and only want casual sex, that will also become obvious – possibly by you falling for exactly the same person. That is another example. A third example might be the woman who is sensitive to unfairness in a partnership to the point where she starts arguments so often, that the fighting becomes the whole relationship. A fourth example is the woman who will only accept ‘perfect at the first attempt’ and does not realise that we now live in an age of experiments! I am sure you have your own. The trick with Libra-Scorpio is ‘know thyself’ and yet you are in the best position in 12 years to see your patterns, right now, remember the past, learn from the past and then make some changes. If you repeat the formula and want a different result from the experiment, Einstein would have thought you were not thinking straight. If you want a different result then try a different formula. That’s what this cycle is all about.

  20. Dear Jessica

    Thank you for this very interesting article.. I just had a hysterectomy on the 22nd september 2016. Lots of people telling me my life will never be the same again. But i still feel that at 41 i still got lots of things to achive. Please dont let me down. The operation has been a very painful one and i cant wait to be back to my normal life….

    Thank you for your precious guidance


    1. The hysterectomy was planned when Uranus at 21 Aries was sextile your Moon at 21 Aquarius so I am sure you feel liberated (or you will, when you have recovered). Uranus is a symbol of freedom, independence and radical change. Women with the Moon in Aquarius tend to express their maternal instinct through groups, clubs, friendships, teams, societies, charities, associations. They mother their friends. They are mother hen to the group. You have past life karma with these people as you will find out next year.

  21. Hi Jessica

    What are my Libra Scorpio factors. I have dated a couple of people but nothing lasted. I’ve always been hurt and disappointed in relationships

    I’ve never prioritized intimacy. Commitment and companionship mean a lot to me

    I have someone in mind (1/26/1986) but we haven’t started dating, I don’t mind waiting till next year but things are quite uncertain

    when will I date or find someone to be in a long lasting company

    1. You have a Scorpio stellium, so it is unusual that you don’t think intimacy is important. Scorpio rules sex. When women who have many factors in Scorpio (including Juno, which you have) tell me that ‘intimacy’ (you mean sex, right) does not matter, the answer usually lies in the past. There may be something here for you to look at, if you want a relationship. If you don’t, then you are the kind of person who could easily develop a close, good friendship with a gay man, for example, or a lesbian woman. The two of you could split costs on your next vacation!

  22. Hi Jessica,thanks for your fantastic article!

    I have 6 factors in scorpion and 2 in Libra. Please take seconds to have a look at my charts , How do you think the libra-scorpio type applies to me? And What in store for me for LOVE and MARRIAGE in the coming circle ?i totally lost my faith after that difficult 2009-2015 period…I thought I would end up being alone and that made me so unhappy coz I m a libra/scorpion !

    And by the way, I hate my Venus in scorpion~it is a bad position for Venus ,right? I feel I have definitely no problem to attract guys, but I just can’t end up with those guys I truly love!this kind of situation keep happen!why?is that my problem?~
    Many thanks.

    1. Venus in Scorpio is not a bad position. There are no bad positions in astrology. Your problem is that you cannot maintain a relationship with a man. Your answer is that you put MARRIAGE in capital letters. In fact, marriage is now a lifestyle choice, thanks to changes which came into the world in the Seventies as we saw no-fault divorce arriving with the first big Libra astrological patterns. Marriage still means a high risk of divorce today because of the ease with which people can leave each other and that means a high financial cost for the man who is divorcing, or divorced. That’s your whole answer. If you want to find an interesting, equal-but-different relationship, you can – Jupiter in Libra is about that. Whatever your ideas are about men, money, houses, apartments, possessions or cars are though – you may want to look at that. You will often find that your potential dates have parents who separated or divorced and that it cost (literally) so there may be tremendous fear around marriage for that reason. That’s the generation you are dating.

  23. Greetings Jess:

    Aquarius with 8 Scorpio factors and Neptune at
    26° Scorpio 10′ 42,” and only 2 factors in Libra…

    I’ve been in a clandestine on again/off again love affair with my boss for the past three years..He hasn’t made a committed to me as of yet…He’s a cancer born July 21st 1973, with Venus in Scorpio…We both have ascendant in Cancer.

    What can I/we expect to enjoy?

    God Bless!

    1. Three years of a secret affair with your boss sounds about right. If you were with him 15 years ago then from next year you two have major decisions to make which will bring back life as it was around the year 2000. If you were not (but his other lover or partner was) be prepared for the fact that these two have a decision to make too. The nodes change signs next year to Leo/Aquarius and will affect both of you. I am sure you already know this affair has to change and the long process of choosing begins at Christmas. For him the issue will be his money, business and property.

  24. Hi Jessica, thank you for bring another angle to look at a situation. I have 6 factors in Libra and 5 in Scorpio. On the other hand, if you see my birth chart then you know how many pluto transformations I have been through. Considering the amount of cardinal signs I have, Uranus – Pluto square was a pretty big thing to me as well. Don’t even mention last two years intensive eclipse in Aries and Libra… It sounds and it was tough indeed but the truth is that all these made me and will make the newer me and I have to say that I can’t love more about this ME 😉
    What do you see from my chart in 2017-2018 regarding love, sex and money? Huge load of curiosities here ;))))))))

    Blessings to you and all the other readers and wish you a lot of luck and success.

    Cheers, Cecilia

    1. Thank you, Cecilia. The question for you is separating love from money. With almost equal numbers of chart factors in Libra (‘equal but different’) and Scorpio (‘show me the money’) you are almost split down the middle, in terms of wanting a lover who may bring you equality but not bring a house, apartment or bank account with him – and the attraction of gaining from a husband’s wealth or property. Only you can make that decision. Jupiter in Libra is different to any other cycle. It is about odd couples. It is also about people in pairs who may not necessarily be having sex, but they are together. If you open your mind to what Jupiter in Libra can bring, it may just surprise you by October 2017. However, you need to sort out what you expect from a partner. If it’s 20th century love where the man earns more than the woman and it always means marriage – that may not be where Jupiter in Libra is taking you.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    Fab blog! Does my MC in Libra count as a factor? I don’t have much else going on there. I do have quite a lot going on in Scorpio including a Pluto Mars conjunction…is this at all significant? If so it Would explain a lot! My love and sex life has been a bit chaotic at say the least…particulary since 2013. hoping for calm times to come!


    1. This story does not apply to you, but read the Jupiter in Scorpio stories about money/the world economy as you will find that your own changed position with the bank account, house or apartment (or that of a potential lover) from 2017-2018 suddenly makes for a whole lot of choice.

  26. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this article . I need your help please. If u can see my chart I have 5 scorpio and 6 libra factors. I have shared my story earlier as well . I m doing it again since I read Ur monthly where u said that space constraints does not allow you to further elaborate . So I had more than 20 years long relation which continued to an extra marital affair . I had terrible time of all the betrayls and manipulation but I ended it this year . As I ended it there is this another man who came into my life recently . He is as well goin through separation and has a son . I was ready to do the work till I discovered on fb he is back in touch with his another girlfriend whom he was dating while he told me he has absolutely no communication with her anymore. I felt very betrayed . It’s like the same story I am living again .he is 11 november 1977 born india . This guy whom I met v actually studied together in college where I just knew him as acquaintance. Then I met him again after years coming back from abroad I in 2010 as friends but the friendship turned into a bit with benefits . I personally could not commit to him since I was as well still stuck with my old lover . What good I was to anyone as I could not get over my ex but I eventually did. I am thinking of walking out on this scorpio now as I am so hurt with silent betrays . I understood his situation that he might need space to figure out . But this is very hurtful. Could you suggest anything if this relationship has to work . I really liked him a lot though . I am sorry if I sou d like some love struck puppy . But I have had such terrible relation that I had been drained now . Should I just give up or any particular date I can time I can use to still save this relation . I can do with his wife separation but not trois de menage . Every time I leave he keeps coming back . What should I do
    Thank you

    1. You are the living embodiment of a Libra Scorpio stellium person who hooks up with other heavily Libra-Scorpio people and decides to take the complicated path! Mr 11th November triggers your Eighth House of sex, money, death, property. You two have a major decision to make by the end of November 2016. The menage a trois is a typical example of Vesta. I do not have this man’s chart and there is no birth time or place but I would bet that he has Vesta placements. Beware the harem. Beware Hugh Hefner. Beware King Henry VIII. You are not in the Temple of the Vestales and this is not Ancient Rome. Have you ever spoken to the other woman? I think you’ll have the chance to do just that, sooner than you think!

  27. Hi Jessica, very informative and interesting article. I have 4 factors in Libra and 2 in Scorpio. On personal level, last 7 years have been extremely tough and challenging. I feel like I am ready to have a good loving relationship. What do you think is in store for me. Thanks in advance!

    1. You will gain from the ripple effect of having women in power in America and Britain, and even the ripples coming from Pakistan, where a feminist male leader has changed the law on honour killings and rape. The planet is about to enter a rare period of female-think and this will improve the quality of the potential dates who are out there for you. This is crucial to you as you are more Libra than Scorpio. Fairness and harmony between lovers matters more to you than the mortgage or the bank account. Start the process now. It begins now. Even in the smallest way.

  28. Hi Jessica, I have only one horoscope factor in Libra and three in Scorpio. How will the Jupiter cycle in Libra and Scorpio affect me personally. I have many factors in Capricorn and I always feel the need to achieve more in my career so everything else comes second place, including love. People all around me are getting engaged, married or starting to have children and I feel like I have to make a choice now between love or career. Any insights on this ongoing issue for me is welcome. Thank you

    1. You don’t have a six-plus factor stellium in Libra-Scorpio so this story does not apply to you. Please read the story on Jupiter in Libra instead – it’s on Search – and it may automatically turn up at the bottom of this piece. Thank you.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    this is a great article and I found it very interesting, as I have been on my own a long time and seem to have lost my confidence about relationships and sex, despite wanting something solid.
    I have lots of Scorpio and Libra factors, can you shed any light on what will help me move on and build new things?

    Scorpio Sun in House 1
    Scorpio Mercury in House 1
    Libra Mars in House 12
    Libra Jupiter in House 12
    Scorpio Neptune in House 1
    Scorpio True Node in House 1
    Libra Ascendant
    Scorpio 2nd House
    Libra 12th House

    1. I am sorry you have lost your confidence. There is no need for that. You have just been through the usual fear factor cycle of Saturn. Your house system is not one I use, so I will put your chart in the right place. You have a stellium in the Seventh House and a stellium in the Eighth House. Part of your issue is age. Your generation is locked up in marriage, mortgage or parenthood and we have been through the Global Financial Crisis, as you know. This is what Generation Scorpio have been trapped by as nobody separates or divorces when salaries are slashed, jobs are cut or people are expected to work for nothing. Old and sexist attitudes (held by both men and women) that men are in charge, men are in power, should earn more than women and run the property/business are also holding your generation back – on both sides. You will see these bigger patterns broken down within weeks, and larger changes follow. It may be that you need to work on yourself. It may be that other people need to work on *themselves* in order to become suitable partners for you. Now through 2018, though, it opens up. You don’t have your Jupiter Return in the Seventh House without a major opportunity to get back together with a (changed) ex partner, or to fall into bed with someone new.

  30. Hi Jessica. I have a number of factors in both Libra and Scorpio. Can you tell me how this will affect my money house and partnership areas in the next couple of years? Really looking forward to a whole new outlook on life. Thanks for all that you bring to your members!

    1. Thank you. It really is a combination of cultural and economic factors which starts the process. I have no idea if you are single or in a relationship, or marriage, but you will only gain from Jupiter in Libra which puts equality centre-stage and educates both men and women about being fair to each other. We are in a cycle when sexism is punished by loss and that changes sexist relationships or marriages dramatically and rapidly. We are also in a cycle when women are being shown that powerful, rich women can be in better jobs than their lovers. Sometimes with epic differences. This also starts wheels turning. You will see one wheel after another ‘strike’ now through November 2016 and then the really major wheels turn 2017-2018. All this improves your sex life and your love life.

  31. Dear Jessica,

    I have Scorpio in Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Juno, Vesta, IC, Bacchus, Vulcano
    and Libra in Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Ceres, Aesculapia, Apollo, Ops,
    and Venus in Capricorn.
    I have been through some tough times as well, but am now starting to see some new hope… What could I expect from this cycle?
    Thank you for your wonderful insight and great work!

    1. Hope is the right word. I am sure you saw The New York Times polls on a Clinton presidency. The British pound has also slumped making that country attractive to overseas investors. These economic wheels – first clues on the New Moon in Scorpio, October 30th 2016 – start bigger wheels in your private life. You will have the opportunity to remove an obstacle or pursue a special chance now through 2018. Self-knowledge is your key so use the situations you are seeing, now through November, to figure out your patterns and what, if anything, you want to change. Vesta is big one. Look at gdner politics with one man, two or more women, in your life.

  32. Hi Jessica, I’m hoping you can see my member’s chart and don’t mind that I’m resubmitting my question. I have 3 factors in Libra, and 5 in Scorpio that include Vulcano and Aesculapia – which I’m still trying to understand the meaning of in my chart. Could you explain these a bit as well as anything else you see? Another single mom here, on my own for over 6 years now. Thank you!

    1. You single mothers are all in the Harper Valley PTA generation (great song, amazing film). You are here to reclaim your power and your sexuality and just like the song said, challenge all those boring old 20th century ideas about what women should do and be. Jupiter conjuncting your Libra and Scorpio stellium is really about trying different ways to date, mate and relate. That also means looking at what that means to you and why you may need to update – Jupiter wants growth, advancement and ‘more’ than you had before, the last time he came around. Vulcano is the cuckolded lover in mythology. He was the blacksmith whose wife Venus betrayed him in the sack with Mars. He controlled his anger and desire and made a net to throw over the cheating pair, so all the Gods could come and laugh at them. Aesculapia was the Roman god of resurrection and revival. He was the miracle worker who pulled people and situations back from the brink…back from the point of no return. These two asteroids and archetypes in your horoscope suggest it is time, 2017-2018, to well and truly heal from past drama, which was no doubt over the child support money, the maintenance, the house or the apartment. You will go beyond healing though. You can do more and have more, in future.

  33. Hi Jessica ( I hope you don’t mind me posting this again. I think sometimes I must just post at the wrong time of day and it slips through the net),
    Oh, we so love love! No wonder everyone is interested in this blog. I only just touch on the 6 factors with Venus and Cupido in Libra, and IC, Minerva, Neptune and Pisces in Scorpio. But yes those years correspond exactly with my situation. I really like change. So what should i watch for? And yes I am single. is that weird with Venus and Cupido in Libra? I am very comfortable here but not locked in, and I guess my ex (we made peace right on the December 23, 2014 knocker) is not locked out.
    Thanks so much! Fabulous time of year!
    Best wishes

    1. Apologies, I have been flying between Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania. Interesting that your ex is not locked out of your life. It really depends on what you want, now through 2018. We are still only into the second month of the Jupiter in Libra cycle and so only one-sixth of Generation Libra are feeling it or taking part in it. By this time next year, though, you will be amazed at the other single people (all new) you meet. That is, of course, if you decide against reuniting with your ex.

  34. Jess, I feel like you wrote this for me, with two libra factors and four Scorpio, I don’t know if this is wishful thinking or really reading my future. You Hit the nail on the head with the heavy past, Saturn has been a beast in my life. Late 2006 to current has been a roller coaster, like nothing I ever imagined. I am optimistic but need to know, am I operating on false hope? Are the bad days behind me or will I have another bout with the uncertain in ?Love?

    1. Thank you. Stay optimistic. If you can imagine how people felt during the Great Depression (as if they could never afford to go out on dates again, or buy a marital home, or have children)…and how elated they felt during the recovery – you have some idea of what this cycle can do. There is no false hope on the Jupiter Libra-Scorpio cycle. It was the same during World War Two. People did not know if there would ever be love in the world again, or if their sweethearts would even be alive by 1945. Then along came Jupiter in Libra-Scorpio and the Baby Boom. A great deal of what you have been put through has been the domino effect of the dire Saturn in Scorpio financial cycle. People who should have been out there, dating, could not afford the money … or the time (too busy working and paying off loans). It may not seem very sexy, nor romantic, but when the dollar and pound wheels start turning in unison, you will be amazed at how that affects the planet’s romantic chances. You stand to gain.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I know I’m a Libra-Scorpio type based purely on the high number of relationship questions I’ve asked you on this website!
    Thank you for your insight and this great piece of writing, I’m really enjoying Jupiter in Libra!

  36. You are brilliant! I am simultaneously watching! another thought-emotion-provoking genius in the form of the series ‘Fleabag’. I have two more episodes to get through but the show maybe highlights many aspects of the Scorpio Libra vibe.
    I think I have about 8 aspects in Libra/Scorpio. I have Diana in Cancer. Does not everyone have Diana? My husband is 23/8/1966 320pm London time. He might have a Neptune and south node in Scorpio. What can you reveal?
    Big Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Everybody does have Diana in his/her horoscope, including you. Your husband has Mars in Cancer so he wants to attack the home improvements/repairs or the property market. You just want to be free. Independence is very important to you. He has the South Node in Aquarius – not sure where you got Scorpio from! Karmic choices for him about Millennials, babies or children next year. Past life debts and credits come back to him so you two have some milestone decisions about this much younger generation.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    I have 5 Scorpio factors: moon in 5deg, Uranus in 12deg, MC in 6 deg, Diana in 26deg & psyche in 10 deg. Then there are 2 Libra factors: Bacchus in 8deg & Pluto in 14 deg.
    There’s someone in my life whom I have deep feelings for, which is reciprocal. She’s linked to me professionally also. Due to several reasons I’m unable to commit. She has 3 factors in Scorpio – moon, Uranus & juno and 4 factors in Libra – IC, Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter.
    Is there a future in this relationship as I want her in my life but she wants commitment.


    1. You two are connecting on your Libra-Scorpio factors which produces the typical feeling of a Promenade a Deux between two scorpions who are locked in dangerous courtship. I suppose you mean that having sex would mean crossing the line at work, or adultery (worse!) Of course she wants commitment, with a chart like that. Juno is a symbol of marriage. If you do not commit to her by the end of the 2018 cycle she will do this with someone else. However, I notice you have both Uranus and Diana emphasised in your horoscope and they are both tremendous symbols of space, freedom and room to roam. You may want to look at some of the old paintings of Diana (sometimes known as Artemis) and get a feeling for her, because this asteroid and archetype is alive in your chart. Diana refused marriage and childbirth and asked her father Jupiter to release her from those shackles, so he obliged and she became the famous goddess of the hunt. She had at least two love affairs we know of, but she never had a husband, nor children. I don’t know if you have followed Diana in this regard, or if you still feel her, but have actually married or moved in with someone – or become a parent. I am sure you don’t need a horoscope to tell you, that the best possible way of honouring Diana is to fall in love with someone who cannot possibly be with you, so you have the sensation of being free. There are easier and fairer ways to get the freedom, though!

  38. I wrote an earlier message to you which hasn’t been answered as yet, no worries I know you’re inundated, plus I’m glad it hasn’t been answered – as this time my question is different. This is because, as always, I re-read each of your blogs several times, as there is so much information to take in. I couldn’t sleep last night, so at 3 o’clock in the morning I was reading your blog, and had a eureka moment. It was as if I was reading some of it for the first time – maybe my subconscious didn’t want to register it the first time!

    I realised I am a typical Libra-Scorpio – I have always been scared of rejection and have a fear of intimacy both emotional and physical. You’re right in your article, my head has always said I want to get married and have children but my actions have done the opposite. I’m also that fat person – I have been overweight for the last 20 years, with an eating disorder, and yes it stopped me from having children as I thought no-one would want me, a fat person.

    I now manage my disorder well, as a result of a lot of therapy and hard work, also I’m getting strong and losing weight, I’ve found a brilliant programme, which is perfect for me. I’m also getting myself out there more and getting actively involved in politics, something I’ve discussed in a previous question to you.

    I have 6 factors in Libra and 2 in Scorpio and haven’t had a relationship since 2007. Will things change for me now in my love life? Is there anything else I need to do or be aware of?

    Many thanks for your terrific articles – they really make me question and assess my life – in a good way x

    1. Thank you for being so understanding. I see 1329 people have posted questions so it does take time. However your eating disorder requires special attention. Thank you for being so honest, by the way. I am interested that you woke at 3.00am with a Eureka moment. My friend, the medium Ruth Phillips, believes that is the time our spirit guides choose to wake us up and reveal information we need to know! Congratulations on losing weight, which is even more impressive after 20 years of being fat. You have found the great truth about this, which is that it stopped you having children. It is common for Libra-Scorpio women to have pressure from their parents or friends when it comes to motherhood – and rather than let anyone down or deal with the awkwardness – they let their bodies take over, add weight and find that they no longer have to make a decision – the fat is the excuse as it has affected the fertility. Anyway, it sounds as if you are on your way. Yes, you will have at least one opportunity for a new relationship and possibly more than one. As I am sure you suspect, it will be your new interest in politics and activism that introduces you to the right person. Libran types are usually involved in political parties (Thatcher, May and Cameron being cases in point in Britain and Gillard in Australia). You like fighting the good fight! During this cycle you will be able to do that with someone else. It will be interesting for you to use your body for activities rather than eating. Moving your body in new ways – swimming, dancing, yoga, Pilates – could also reprogram your body language to spell ‘open for business’ which makes all the difference when you are around potential lovers in social situations. This is something people don’t often discuss about dramatic weight loss, but the road back to sex, is to start using your body in a more sensual, physical way, which helps you actually walk differently, hold yourself differently and send those signals which matter so much. Body language is picked up in the most subtle way and we are never conscious of it (no matter if we read the signals or send them) yet it is the difference between a potential lover at a political fundraiser walking towards us, or deciding not to bother! Your body has spent a long time sending ‘shut for business’ messages and doing you a very great favour as you avoided the difficulty of having to make decisions about motherhood. It has been very good to you, but now it might be interesting for you to see how your body feels about being used to swim, or stretch – and then proceed to sex.

  39. Hi Jessica,

    Another great article! I feel like some of the recent ones you’ve written just for me! As you can see I have 6 in Scorpio and 4 in Libra. What’s in store for me?

    I do feel like I want to take a break from love though just having come out of one with a Scorpio man. How about, non-sexual parternership (both professional/work related/mentor figure AND friendship) is something I’ve been wanting for a while now – does that factor in at all?

    Also, how do I equate/link the heavenly bodies to the Libra/Scorpio factors?


    1. Thank you, Shaolee. I did want to go into some detail about this new cycle as it will involve some pretty deep decisions by 2018. I expect your Scorpio man probably had personal birth chart factors which lined up with your own. You have the kind of chart where you could pursue professional partnerships (the famous ‘and’ relationships that heavily Libran people attract, like French and Saunders, Sonny and Cher, Rodgers and Hammerstein). However, what begins as an amazing example of a work partnership will always lead to major financial and business decisions and then the Scorpio tail starts twitching. As long as you are aware of that, then you could easily create a dynamic duo, worthy of Batman and Robin, now through 2017, yet by 2018 it would have to become deadly serious, because your Scorpio side would accept nothing less. As long as both of you are aware of the risks, that’s fine. The most famous example of a Libra-Scorpio type pursuing a professional or business partnership is Bill Gates, who did it once with Microsoft and twice with his wife Melinda, in the name of philanthropy.

      1. Thanks Jessica.

        I have mentioned my ex-partner and his charts before (31 October 1979, Dhaka Bangladesh, not sure of birth time). It’s pretty clear that it’s over – for now.

        I say for now because right now I’m busy prioritising myself – my health, career and money as finally after god knows how many years have things finally clicked in these areas.

        For him, it’s his career and another woman. I am not going to play some harem games – ever.

        I do know that horoscopes and charts are a guidance and getting to know oneself better.

        Given the charts for the two of us – if we ever chose to re-unite, would that happen? And what things need to be different for example?

        1. You could get back together but the same pattern would unfold, as Vesta always delivers a harem atmosphere – one male, two or more females. It really depends on how happy you feel with that. I am sure some of the women in the Temple of the Vestales found that life comfortable and happy, but if you find it painful to compete with one or more other females for this man’s approval and attention, fall in love with someone else!

  40. Hello Jessica,
    Thanks so much for another great and fascinating article. I was interested in the bit about Venus at the end of it and trying to learn from past mistakes/patterns. As well as 8 factors in Scorpio/libra – I have Venus and Ceres both at 26 Sagittarius and Cupido at 26 Capricorn. Just wondered if you have any thoughts on the implications of that in case that suggests issues that might need fixing and healing?
    Thanks again for the posts.

    1. Thank you! You are reading your chart the right way, putting two and two together like Sherlock Holmes. Venus and Ceres in Sagittarius in the Ninth House give you tremendous power and also seductive power when you travel, use the worldwide web, study or teach – or even publish. The Ninth House is also associated with beliefs of all kinds, like astrology. You are the kind of woman who could go to a weekend workshop on the horoscope, meet someone with an exotic accent and fall into bed. The semi-sextile to Cupido, the son of Venus, in the Tenth House of career also suggests similar outcomes with your job. You could attend a meeting on a website launch for your industry then find yourself flirting with the CEO. I am sure you know that Saturn is in Sagittarius at the moment, so he is slowly passing through your Ninth House and will ultimately conjunct Venus-Ceres at 26 Sagittarius and also semi-sextile Cupido. Saturn describes slow, stuck, serious situations. I think you have a lot of thinking to do in 2017 about someone new (or the return of your ex) and it will not only have an impact on your love life, it will have an impact on the way you travel, study, teach, use the worldwide web or publish. Take your time.

  41. HI Jessica reposting as I think this may have slipped through in the twilight hours.

    I read these posts and they mirror my life. 5 libra and 4 scorpio. Terrible time and it all started in 2009. Been through hell and finally coming out the other side. Men, well lots of older admirers but I really want someone my own age, perhaps a little younger. I have found myself getting a bit clucky which is highly unusual for me. If I am going to do anything about it I need to get my skates on. Amazing article. It is like all that has gone before has an explanation. I just really hope the love and healing is on the way. The empress and the king and knight of cups seem to feature a bit for me in the tarot cards. Any thoughts?

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Yes, you would have been through a terrible time since 2009 with this chart. The Empress, King of Cups, Knight of Cups in the Tarot always show the chance to become pregnant. I remember meeting a lover many years ago, after The Empress and King of Cups combination in a Tarot reading using the Rider Waite deck. He wanted to marry and have children so the cards were correct. This is also true for you. You have some amazing opportunities coming up now through 2018 to either have a baby or become stepmother. We only just saw Mercury move into Libra a few hours ago, so you are yet to have that important e-mail, letter or discussion – but it will come, over the next few days and weeks, and then you can make that ‘one small step for womankind, one giant leap’ in relation to your former or potential lover. The step may take you in a zig-zag path or a direct one, but you will see what is possible by November.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    I love this article. My partner and I met in the summer of 2005. Our relationship has been a rich tapestry. Looking at my chart I can see Venus at 8 degrees Scorpio. How does my love life look in the future?

    1. I’m glad you love this article, thank you. Venus in Scorpio in your Eighth House describes your seductive powers at work over the money, the house, the apartment. You are at your most alluring and attractive when you play your role in the Promenade a Deux of the scorpion, engaged in that irresistible game of Do-Or-Dare with the other person. Jupiter will conjunct, or meet, your Venus at 8 Scorpio for the first time in 12 years, as you go from Halloween 2017 into 2018 so there will be a remarkable opportunity to expand the partnership, if that is what you want, possibly moving or renovating, perhaps adding another commitment, like a new business or a child. You have done very well to get through the difficult Saturn in Scorpio cycle in recent years, which would have spelled a good six months of challenges, particularly in terms of what you owned, earned or owed. If for any reason you two still have a lot to sort out regarding that by late 2017-2018 it may be that a more serious decision is called for. This would have gone beyond the actual bank account, rent or mortgage into profoundly personal issues about intimacy – you be the judge of that.

  43. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the article ! I have Saturn 28, Pluto 27 and Hygeia 20 in Libra and Proserpina 19 and Psyche 12 in Scorpio. Can I still expect good things happening in love in 2016 – 2017 ?
    Many thanks in advance!

    1. Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House describes the fear you have of falling in love, being dumped, and dumping other people. It is very common to find one or more very difficult break-ups or complicated relationships or marriages in the lives of people who have your chart placements. It is also time to face your fears and do something about them. Mild paranoia is a classic symptom of Saturn (very close to Pluto in your chart) but actually, if you get real about what is actually there (and face it, head on) you will see that half your issue was avoidance or evasion – being too frightened to look. Once you look, you will see that common sense tells you a lot of who/what confronted you never existed at all. Update yourself. Times have changed, men and women are changing, love is changing, society (and the planet) is transforming. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this new world and it begins with a willingness (in 2017-2018) to face the past and fix the past as best you can. More than anything else you need to deal with life in the here and now, and people as they really are today, not as you remember them. This also applies to sex and partnership. Find out what is actually going on out there – the answers will reassure you and help you move on.

  44. Thank you Jessica. Love the astrology blogs and especially this one! I experienced an ugly divorce in January 2013 and now feeling strong and my children are happy. Ready now for a partner and to get financially on my feet. I have 6 Scorpio factors and 3 Libra. Many thanks and loving premium membership.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are on your way after a very tough time. Well done on getting through it. You will benefit from a new wave of manhood which comes now through 2018 as men want to separate themselves from the dinosaurs who still cannot treat women as their equals. There will be a real shift in November and a genuine new year feeling in 2017 as men who may have been borderline sexist before, alter their ways. We are also going to see a real shift in the way women see men, and perhaps this is where you come in, as men have also been trapped by their roles in society and as a result have terrible suicide, mental health and violence statistics. More than anything else you will see the next 2-3 years as an education and a revelation about men, women and the whole damn thing. This also strongly applies to money. The future looks bright and remarkably different. This is the big detox yet within weeks you will see just how much can change.

  45. Hi Jessica,
    I hope your travels are going well. This article is really intriguing l have re- read it several times.
    I went to check my natal chart and discovered that it has mysteriously changed. So this has left me a little dazed and confused! A few days ago I changed by username and at some point after this all my natal chart changed.
    Recently I have had a feeling that my chart was not fully correct and I thought maybe it was due to the different way dates are presented in Europe and America. When I read your ebooks or articles and I had noticed that a planet may not match the position in an article. For example from my old original chart Venus was in Capricorn, when I purchased the GtG Venus sign booked and looked up the Venus sign for my birthdate Venus was in Aquarius. Like in my new chart. I don’t have an accurate birth time. But I was born shortly before 1pm, the location and birthdate on my chart are correct.Jessica could you please look at my chart and see if it now correct please.
    And if it is correct have you and insightful views on my Scorpio libra placements.
    I hope the above is not too much trouble
    Best wishes

  46. Hi Jessica,
    Another brilliant article. Thank you
    Am I part of this story with 6 Libra/Scorpio factors combined?

    Neptune 6 deg Scorpio
    MC 29 deg Scorpio
    Cupido 11 deg Scorpio
    Ceres 24 deg Scorpio
    Juno 25 deg Libra
    North Node 14 deg Libra

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are very much affected although it won’t be obvious to you until 2017. You will be given the opportunity to make a commitment and the money, house, business or apartment will be at the heart of your decision – I suspect this will take place in September-October next year. It will benefit you but like any undertaking there are pros and cons. The other person is a past life connection and you two share debts and credits in your karma with each other. Further ahead, 2018 brings a major choice about how best to carve up the controls over the finances or property, yet again, this can only benefit you. In general, 2017-2018 will change your personal life and your financial future and one door after another will open.

  47. What is in store for me! I can tell you my world has been turned upside down with revelations almost daily ( last few mths) about my soon to be ex husbands sexual behavior, let’s say, the sex that’s paid for kind!
    I feel daily I’m destroyed, hurt and worthless!
    Will this end and can I heal the damage he has done and is doing to my outlook on possible future relationships!

    1. The worst is over so please trust the future. You are not the first woman to have found out her husband has seen a hooker. You have also been set free. You need to enjoy your freedom. The ‘world turned upside-down’ phrase is always used by women who have gone through a transit to their natal Uranus, and this is exactly what happened to you. The trick is to ditch the past and move towards the future. Do not hang on to the old life, or the old person you were. If you are feeling destroyed every day, then you are not doing the cycle right. I know you probably feel shattered, but actually, you had no idea how trapped you were. You became so used to being enslaved to your shackles that you may (even now) not be fully aware of what it actually means to be free. I realise that freedom is confronting and you would much rather have life with a map or guidelines – yet if you are prepared to experiment and explore your new world, you will see the daily hurt end. You will soon feel the classic excitement and exhilaration of this Uranus transit. If you are curious, look up this planet in any of the ebooks or on this website. The world aways turns upside down, there is always shock, yet the reward is total freedom to do what you want, when you want, and be the person you actually could be, without labels, limitations, locks, stocks and the rest. You will be in a vastly improved situation by 2018. For now please dance with life. This has been devastating but actually, if you had to go through it, you are going through it at the best possible time in history.

  48. Hi Jessica – I hope you don’t mind but I’m trying my luck again by re-posting.

    I have 4 Libra patterns – you’ve already mentioned three in the past – Sun, Pluto and Minerva all at 9 Libra in my Seventh House of love, sex and commitment. Uranus is at 1 degree Scorpio.

    In addition I also have Mercury in Libra and my North Node in Scorpio. Both are at 22 degrees. Is this significant? If so, how?

    As I think you predicted with 2016 for Libra, I have spent the last year in hibernation, licking my wounds after a tumultuous couple of years resulting in a separation/single-motherhood. I know others have wondered if you’d written this blog just for them – I’m not alone. Just an odd anecdote to share – whilst in hibernation, I’ve taken to drinking coffee to excess. When I finally do my image overhaul (it hasn’t happened yet – I don’t know what the stars say but November feels good) I have teeth whitening at the top of the list!

    I’m finalising the financial aspect of my separation hopefully by the years end (the intimate and emotional aspects where finalised some time ago). From what I can glean – very Scorpio? This also ties in with image – I just don’t want any interest until these loose ends are tidied.

    Currently, I’m enjoying lying-low, the carefree single life and hanging with my offspring. Ultimately, this Scorpio-Libra pattern leaves me with a good amount of trepidation as to what may be in store!

    As you recommended, and of interest, I focused on the Astro Oracle for some enlightenment. The first card was Panacea in the 8th House (apparently a Scorpio influenced card?), followed by the Descendant in the 7th House (Libra?). Coincidence???

    If you can shed any more light, as always, your time would be greatly appreciated. But I thought you’d appreciate to know, again, how accurate your predictions can be for a person.

    1. I’m glad the astrology is accurate for you. Your Astrology Oracle card readings are matching your birth chart, which often happens. You have an ethical choice to make about the money, house, possessions or apartment. You are being shown an answer. It could fix every issue you have about your finances, security or lifestyle. The tricky part for you will be figuring out right from wrong. You also need to look at the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner as one which is a very delicate set of scales, which can oscillate wildly (to quote The Smiths) at any time. It is very easy for lovers to turn into enemies, as half the divorced population seems to know. It is also extremely common to fall in love with someone who has a former lover or spouse just looking for an argument or contest. You have choice in all of this. Awareness is everything. So just being conscious of some of the issues, before they come to meet you, will help you sidestep some of the obvious pitfalls. You really don’t want Scorpio complications.

  49. Diana
    16° Libra 31′ 17″ –
    28° Libra 38′ 54″ –
    02° Libra 16′ 10″-
    24° Libra 27′ 43-
    06° Libra 31′ 08″

    27° Scorpio 09′ 09″

    26° Scorpio 00′ 27″

    04° Scorpio 52′ 34″

    5 in libra 3 scorpio – great article…thanks a million

    so much learning and adjustments I need to make – any way to get more clarity between the better way to choose, repairing a former long term relationship that is very damaged now and lots of pain – or pursuing a more recent potential partner – with lots of complexities – want a relationship that has a deep connection on all levels for a happier future

    I am so very grateful for any comments on my personal chart that may help to find more clarity….

    1. Thank you. Overall, you will be fine. You have your Jupiter Return in the Seventh House of love, sex and relationships so either in your damaged long-term relationship or with the person you want now – this is the best time in 12 years to make those kinds of choices. Your real issue is Diana in Libra. Diana was the goddess who begged her father Jupiter to release her from motherhood and marriage. She wanted freedom and independence and so Jupiter made her the goddess of the hunt. She had lovers but no commitment. You often see statues of Diana, who is characteristically running, with one foot off the ground. You have a very great need for space in love and it is better to be aware of that and to find ways of allowing for it, that do not hurt other people. Sometimes you can make breakthroughs in understanding and problem-solving just by gazing at old paintings of Diana. Don’t agonise over this as the answer is there, but it may help to get to know yourself a lot better. You don’t say if you have children, or if the person you desire is a parent, but parenthood is a major issue here.

  50. Hi Jessica,
    Woke at 4 Sydney time today (yuck) but as a result, have had time to thoroughly enjoy another one of your fascinating articles. I have Venus in Taurus and I have 3 Taurus factors, 3 Scorpio and 3 Libra. In response to my comment from a previous article, you said that I would proftit from property and renovating in the coming year or so. The renovations have started so things are going according to plan. Just wondering what 3 factors in each of these signs as well as Venus in Taurus brings to the equation.

    1. I am crossing time zones but I think this is now Sunday morning! Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad the renovations have started. You will have Ceres in Taurus until 13th October so there will be a ton of issues about sharing/dealing/compromising with others who are as powerful as you, but in different ways. The smart thing to do is compromise, compromise, compromise. It then all goes away, yet returns February 5th 2017, when either with this house/apartment/bank/builder or with a related but secondary issue, you must ‘deal’ one more time. By April 29th 2017 when Ceres leaves Taurus it’s all in the bag, but do ensure that this is a super flexible and portable arrangement as when Uranus moves into Taurus in May 2018 you will need to be light on your feet. That Jupiter transit does not last forever and we are going to see global economic shifts (hit Scorpio on Search for more on that).

  51. Hi Jessica such a great article!
    I have sun, moon, mercury, Neptune, diana, fortuna in scorpio and been in a relationship with a guy with moon & Neptune scorpio and mars & mercury Libra. It has challenged all my ideas of what a relationship looked like (my mars & venus in saggi) Wondering if this cycle will make it easier or more complicated?

    1. These transits make it so much easier. Mercury only just moved into Libra so the news is yet to happen – along with the debate – and there may be some rescheduling or rethinking, because of what went down August 10th through October 7th on Mercury Retrograde. By November, though, some fuzzy thinking will have been clarified and everyone will know where she/he stands. This is really crucial for you because a lot of issues revolving around typical Libra-Scorpio themes – sex, money, power, marriage, death-do-us-part, property, banks, separation – were really never aired before. If you have the tenacity and willingness to go all the way to find out the truth and perhaps see yourself or the other person changing – it is laid out before you. If not, this may all have to go under the floorboards again, but actually, this transit suits change far better.

  52. Hi Jessica, recently took out membership and so glad I finally took the plunge, would you be able to see my chart and advise please? I am a Libra with 5 factors in Libra and 7 factors in Scorpio. I wonder if I am ever fated to be married, or even in a happy long term relationship. As seems to be a theme with previous comments it has been some years since my last relationship, and I have actively tried several avenues to meet a romantic companion, with no success. The most recent liaison has been with a married Scorpio man, whilst being aware of the karma in choosing such a situation. I have started to feel convinced I will remain single forever. Your guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you in anticipation.

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying your Premium Membership, thank you. The married Scorpio man put you into the famous Scorpio-Scorpio Promenade a Deux and I don’t need to tell you it was a terrible idea. You were risking a great deal with that one as his wife would have been a potent enemy and taken up a great deal of your time and energy for the next 13 months. You can choose who you fall in love with and stay in love with. You do not have to choose complication or competition. This cycle will bring you an opportunity with someone new but actually, you need to fix what is not working. Jupiter will take of that and in fact, what you hear, read or discuss now through November will help reveal exactly what it is you need to sort out. I wouldn’t exactly be amazed if you find out something about this married man, you never knew before. Mercury’s transit through Libra will see to that.

  53. Dear Jessica,

    I have 4 Libra factors, IC 14degrees, Pluto 23degrees, Saturn 6degrees, Jupiter 5degrees. 2 factors in Scorpio, moon 2degrees, Uranus 29degrees.
    I have fallen for someone at work and had been in a sexual relationship with him. We are good friends but recently he’s having less communication and avoiding intimacy. He fears commitment as well as getting hurt like his previous relationship. He says memories of his ex still haunts him.
    His attitude is killing me, he initiated sex and was always clingy and needy. Now he does not want any intimacy but only friendship.
    He’s a Cancer with Moon, Uranus, Diana, psyche and MC in Scorpio plus Pluto, Bacchus in Libra. Please tell me if I should forget and move on or continue waiting to see if he changes his mind for something deep. I feel so hurt.

    Thank you.

    1. This is about timing. Don’t wait. If this has any value at all, you won’t see it until Jupiter slowly crosses his Scorpio stellium in 2018, which is too long to wait. You have Saturn in Libra conjunct Jupiter in Libra in the Seventh House which describes your relationship with him, but also other former and potential partners. This is your learning experience and it could only happen once in 12 years so he is a rare teacher. I am sure you would rather not have had the lesson but we all have to have Saturn in our chart somewhere – and you have it in your house of lovers, and Jupiter is moving across it. I hope you can see what I mean about timing! I can also tell you that his real concern is being a father/not being a father. You don’t say if he has children or not, but now through November that is where his head is focussed. Nothing to do with you. Everything to do with the pregnancy he did (or did not) pursue in years gone by with another lover. Trust the process. You will be thrilled with the transformation you feel next year When Jupiter crosses Pluto in your chart and when this planet moves to conjunct your Moon in the final quarter of 2017 you will have a stunning opportunity to take care of the financial or property aspects of a relationship. If you want to know more about this man look up Diana on this website and in your ebooks. He’s basically acting out the Diana story and he should have a label on his head warning every woman who comes into contact with him. Move on and live your life.

  54. Dear Jessica,

    Looks like I have quite a few factors in Libra and Venus in Scorpio. I have been experiencing a situation with the my first ever love who I met after 16 years. For a year and a half now he is not taking the decision to make our relationship official. Is my chart with those Libra Scorpio factors showing any progression in my personal life?

    Thank you for your support and valuable advice.


    1. Thank you Maria. Reuniting with your first love after 16 years? That happened as Saturn was going through Scorpio (slow, stuck, serious situations) and your Eighth House, which of course rules sex and money. You are now in a good position to see progress with him or another man, effective immediately through October 2017. It is hard to say more without seeing his chart, but you will see opportunities and solutions slowly evolving over the next two years as first Jupiter crosses Libra and your Seventh House, then Scorpio and your Eighth House, fixing a lot of the issues that began when you had Saturn (slow, stuck) in Scorpio in your Eighth House when this man reappeared.

  55. You are a combination of Libra and Scorpio. You have a lot of factors in both and it is very common to be obsessed by love, marriage and sex. Scorpio is a fixed sign in astrology. It can be hard to change. Yet at the same time, if you repeat your usual approach, attitude, habits, patterns then you always get the same result. Scorpio can be very repetitive, as a sign. If you want different results from your life then you are going to have to do things very differently. Using the same recipe and expecting a different cake makes no sense. A scientist who wants a new result and just trots out the old formula in the laboratory is someone Einstein would have thought was crazy. Find out more about Scorpio in your ebooks. It can be very stuck sometimes and this defeats the purpose of what you want, which is clearly marriage.

  56. Hi Jessica. I have just become premium Member, can you please look in to my birth chart and what it is store in for me with love & relationship.

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you. You were born with Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood, aunt/uncle status, godchildren, Millenials, babies, children and courtship. Your task in life is to understand the realities of this and as you had your Saturn Return a few years ago, you no doubt made a choice to proceed with pregnancy, adoption, stepchildren – or to walk away from it. You do not say if you have children or not. Next year we will see the Node (karma) entering Leo, so 2017 begins the search for answers regarding the same. There may well be old karma involved from a previous lifetime in terms of courtship, children or parenthood. As the Leo Node will eventually conjunct or cross your Saturn, you might say it’s a bridge you have to cross. Leo is about the heirs to your throne; the legacy of your personality, left to a younger generation; the royal bedchamber. We also have an eclipse in Leo in August 2017 but for that you may want to hit Search and look up what this means for you.

  57. Hi Jessica, this topic has been really hard for me over the years. I definitely have felt like it is slow and going no where. Ever since I had health issues in late 2008 then finally getting back into meeting a nice guy then again it not lasting and having no one. At this stage I feel like it may be like this for a while longer. I currently have 8 Scorpios and 3 Libra in my chart. My Birthday is on the 24th October. Will this slow progression stop? Whats in stall for me! Thank you Angela.

    1. You are moving slowly into a new era for relationships with powerful improvements and changes in store. There is a very big lesson about fairness and equality spreading over the planet at the moment and men are hearing it loud and clear – in fact by 2017 they will have no option. Female power has not really been understood or recognised since Saturn passed through Libra, but now Jupiter is passing through Libra (and triggering your own chart) you are going to see two things happen. First of all, if you are prepared to meet men halfway as your equals, they will do the same. Secondly, this shift in the gender balance will result in a lot of separations and divorces resulting in more unattached people. You do need to dump a fair amount of baggage from your past, which you can actually do right now. You are also going to see men demanding that women understand their own needs and vulnerabilities and their need to be seen as people too. Meeting them as friends first and dates second is the key to that. This cycle which ends with Jupiter in Scorpio (sex, money and property) takes you into 2018.

  58. Hi Jessica, I love reading your articles, I am trying to learn more about astrology every time I read a new one. I have five Libra and four Scorpio factors. Are you able to have a look at my chart and tell me what is in store for me? Much appreciation, N

    1. Thank you. In many ways the last few years have been preparation time for you, as you have had plenty of time to examine your fears about former lovers, current partners, the nature of partnership and so on. Now it really is time to be who you are, and without apology too. I am sure you have had some pretty tough experiences to take on board, yet they have also made you who you are. We are now moving into the most interesting astrological ‘weather’ in 12 years, in terms of what is possible between lovers these days. You are going to see a long, slow, deep detox which really does affect the way people think and feel about relationships, with the result being a genuine choice to date someone who is on the same page as you by 2017. Certainly by 2018 at the very latest you would have been shown a new way to balance the scales with someone who is very different to you, yet is your equal. This person would compensate for what you lack and vice versa. You should be hopeful. And stay open. I can see a bicycle for you, clairvoyantly, in relation to your question.

  59. Thank you for this article! Just reading felt healing. I’m majorly Libra/Scorpio, and my love life has either been heartbreaking or non-existent for, oh, my entire adult life? I’m guessing that having Venus in Virgo makes me extra picky and does not help. Definitely been working on myself, and how I’ve most certainly gotten in my own way.. Any additional insight as to how I can set myself on a better path would be so appreciated.

    1. Thank you. Saturn has not done you any favours as he crawled over your Libra and Saturn factors and I am sure you have been encountering fear within yourself (resistance) and fear in potential lovers (their resistance to proper adult relationships). The toughest cycles of your life are now well and truly over and you are going to make progress. It will go at the pace you are ready for. If you need to fix stuff, progress, take baby steps towards a relationship in 2017 or 2018, the right situation or person will evolve now through November 2016 to make that happen. If you are further along than that, yes, there will be a potential date or bedfellow for you, as you will see within weeks. Venus in Virgo is not really the issue here. That just describes your approach to work, university or unpaid work – you tend to fall naturally into pairs with people, duets and so on. Enjoy the new cycles. Sometimes it is the smallest thing – like an old boyfriend from high school whose marriage has just ended – and your girlfriend has you both round for lunch. It only takes one acorn with Jupiter.

  60. Hi Jessica,
    I have just recently become a member and I’ve been reading and trying to absorb your many fab articles. I find it all quite fascinating but hard to grasp at the same time! Given your recent articles on the upcoming Hunter Full Moon, Jupiter in Libra and also the Libra-Scorpio stellium patterns, I was wondering what the upcoming weekend and next few weeks/months have in store for me.
    I am Taurean with 5 Libra and 2 Scorpio factors in my chart. I also have a two factors at 22 degrees – Sun 22 Taurus and Cupido 22 Capricorn. There are a few other factors at 19, 21, 24, 25 – will I see any impact in these areas too? I am single, in my early 40’s and childless. I was in an 18 year relationship that ended abruptly 4 years ago. I was devastated and the pain I felt was immense. I feel unsure about how to find love again. I wish to make contact with my ex to see how he is, gain some understanding and ask for old photos etc. An aspect I am all too acutely aware of, is that the scales were unbalanced between us without us realising it at the time, due to a long commute and tiredness, which meant I didn’t contribute equally to the running of our home. And he is Libran, (20/10/72). (There were lots of other things in the pot too – potential mid-life crisis, didn’t know what he wanted from life yet said he loved me and everything we did together)
    I find the idea of modern dating a little daunting to say the least, as I have never really ‘dated’ before. I haven’t had the presence of many men in my life since, apart from a caring friend of my ex I kept in contact with, but now no longer really; a few colleagues from different jobs over the past few years who I have had ‘great rapport’ with – fun banter and a little flirting in person/by email and there has been the odd guy down the pub that I have similar friendly flirty banter with.
    My best friend says that I connect with guys very easily and after reading your Venus guides, I now see that this is my Venus sign coming to the fore! I also have a close male friend that I met earlier this year and we have a lovely open, chatty, sparky, fun and caring friendship. So being in the company of men comes easily to me I think, but the idea of being in a relationship and trusting someone, not so much. What do you see ahead for me? Much Love x

    1. The worst is over and the best is yet to come. You had Saturn (slow, stuck, serious, sad situations) going through Libra, so sitting on your Libra factors, then through Scorpio, hitting all our Scorpio factors. You are now in the clear. It will be 29 years or so before this cycle comes back and then you will know what to do. Trust me, by the time the Sun has finished its transit of Libra and Scorpio, now through the third week of November 2016, you will have plenty of clues about who/what is going to develop for 2017. The odd guy down the pub who banters with you may be one possibility. Jupiter cycles start with the equivalent of a rainshower and an acorn. You will have all you need within weeks, if not now, to either get closure with your ex, get back together with him or begin a future sexual relationship with someone who understands your need for equality. We are going to see this amazing wave of single men who are pro women and pro feminism – but also pro mens’ rights too. This cycle often begins with lots of toxic stuff coming to the surface, like pollution or rubble in the soil, so Jupiter can sweep it away and prepare the ground for the rain and the acorn. I see (clairvoyantly) art or painting with you, in response to your question.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Missed your site as it was down….Thank you for taking the time to look at my chart. The need for equality should be the basis for any relationship, I just didn’t see the lack of balance, we were just surviving and as a Libran, I think it was hard for him to live with, but he didn’t talk about it with me. I have certainly learned a lot about the need to always assess and work on your relationship and talk and re-balance when life throws your curveballs. I am a little unsure about the meaning of your clairvoyancy – I cannot draw or paint; I appreciate art though and enjoy the odd gallery visit now and then. I enjoy taking photos too, I have a good eye but I’m not an expert photographer by any means…it’s intriguing….Thanks once again x

        1. Thank you. You are somewhat ahead of your chart here as we are only one month into this new cycle and it will continue well past Jupiter’s exit from Libra in October next year, and actually as late as December. So you are less than 10% of the way into what is to come. It takes time for people to change. If they are set in their ways particularly in terms of how they see men and women, it takes a bigger shift over several months for attitudes to evolve. This can and will happen and not just with this person – also within yourself and the other men around you, some of whom you have not even met yet. You are also looking for clairvoyant results too early – you will see why art is important, by next year.

  61. Good morning – I will be back in London shortly with my bags packed! You will find that you do the work on this one. It may be that you need to begin the tasks for heart and soul with a former lover. If so, he or she may well turn up in your life so that you can resolve some past problems – even if they were years ago. We have barely begun this cycle and are only five-six weeks in, yet some of the pieces will already be on the board as you will see by this time next year.

  62. Hi, I love this. I have been learning a lot about relationships through my friends. I see the Jupiter work already in them. You are educating me about modern love. My idea of love is dated. I would like to live separately and raise children so I dont have to b in the Promenade Deux. We’ll see.

    My husband has natal neptune at 26 Scorpio and I have Hygia there at the same degree. His views of sex and money shocks me. I always keep him grounded. I understand something now that when saturn transited his neptune his quit his gambling. It was a hard thing to go through as my Dsc in Scorpio. We are still like enemies. When families and friends visit us they see us like an ideal couple. When we are on our own we are Mr & Mrs Smith. We don’t pretend to be ideal couple, we are just ourselves. Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you very much. Modern astrology is based on Ancient Roman symbols and ideas, and they were often far more experimental, liberated and adventurous than we are, 2000 years later. They made room for women who existed independently of men, like Minerva, but were respected by them. They understood that not every single waking hour of a woman’s life had to be about relationships! They also had archetypes like Diana, who rejected marriage and children and whose lover was passive (Endymion was always asleep) – she was the hunter. You will have major healing and problem-solving with your husband when Jupiter moves to 26 Scorpio. I am sorry you are enemies. The way you describe your private life as Mr and Mrs Smith is very Scorpio! Please take heart and know this will be resolved. Jupiter enters Scorpio in the final quarter of 2017 and by 2018 the famous 12 year cycle will help you deal with things, far more easily than you may feel now.

  63. Dear Jessica

    I recently became a member and find your site fascinating and amazingly accurate. I have a lot of factors in Libra and Scorpio and was in a long term relationship from 1999 to 2009 – he was an Aquarian and didn’t want to marry me but because of my culture and family (Indian origin) I wanted marriage. It was painful but at the same time liberating. Since then there wasn’t anyone special and I spent vast amounts of time alone until I met someone a little under 2 years ago at the end of 2014. I don’t have all aspects but he has the Sun – 5 Sag, Moon – 20 Sag, Mercury – 28 Scorpio, Venus – 21 Cap, Mars – 21 Virgo, Jupiter – 0 Scorpio, Saturn – 18 Libra, Uranus 0 Sag, Neptune 23 Sag, Pluto 25 Libra. At first it was purely physical however over the last year we have got closer, living together first as friends and then as lovers/partners. We’ve also done some work together and I notice that he gets closer to me when we do. The problem is despite us being a really good team and having a strong physical connection, he says he doesn’t want a relationship with me even though to me we are having a relationship – just not a monogamous one! He has always had issues with infidelity and I have accepted that he has other relationships, insisted on honesty. This doesn’t bother me, I like the unconventionality of an open relaionship. However it seems he refuses to acknowledge me when I support him as a partner, yet acknowledges another woman who knows very little about his life and obviously does not know about me. Will this change or will I be wasting a great Jupiter in Libra/Scorpio period if I continue?

    One further question, I am in the process of changing careers, from being a corporate lawyer to potentially an academic but it has been harder than I thought even though I am much happier, am I on the right track?

    1. I am glad you like the site and find the astrology accurate – thank you! You are definitely having a Jupiter in Libra/Uranus in Aries transit over your Libra factors. Being a corporate lawyer and wanting to leave is one sign. Infidelity is another.You will find both issues are wide open, now through October 2017 and some tough decisions will be made. He has Saturn in Libra so has tremendous fear around past, present and potential partners and his Saturn Return aged 28-30 probably saw him split or commit in a terrifying way. He also has Pluto in Libra so he seeks to control through marriage and affairs. This man is seriously hard work and also has some hard work to do. So do you. October is one month it will be obvious – April 2017 is another.

  64. Hello Jessica,
    I submitted this question (below) quite a while ago and it’s showing as still awaiting moderation. If you are able to give me the benefits of your thoughts, I’d greatly appreciate it. I understand if you are not – especially in light of the recent website chaos you’ve been suffering. I really missed your daily horoscopes etc!! Thanks so much 🙂

    Thank you so much for such a long and detailed examination of the Libra/Scorp stellium.
    I’ve got a stellium – I think? – only one factor (Vesta at 21 degrees) in Libra, but five Scorpio factors.
    I’ve been separated for over a year now – from a longish marriage (15 years). My ex husband (Scorpio Sun) is still unable to truly accept that it’s over. I had a wonderful relationship with a man who has now told me he needs to ‘take a break’ from me, due to his own issues with his ex wife and so on, which he too is finding difficult to resolve. My therapist says that our relationship can only be stronger if we both work on things. The real ‘problem’ is that the timing is off for us – it’s too soon for him (and also for me, in some ways, but I didn’t realise this because I didn’t expect that my ex husband would be so recalcitrant and distressed). My lover’s details are 19 October 1961 in Melbourne, at 8:45pm.
    What can you see for me over the next couple of years? I do feel like things have been very stuck and, although I’ve tried and tried, I am struggling to shift anything. It’s now a waiting game with my (former) lover too…
    Thanks so much, Jessica. Your thoughts are always very much appreciated xx

    1. I would add that ALL of my serious boyfriends and my ex husband are Scorpios, except my current love who is (obviously to you) a Libran. I seem to attract and be attracted to Scorps, but I’ve got your Venus signs booklets and my current love has Venus/Sun in Libra and I’ve got Venus/Sun in Sagg. So, we are dynamite!!

      1. That’s a lot of Scorpion in your lady garden of love! Libra too. Both signs, more than any others in the zodiac, are associated with people for whom relationships and partnerships are the main story – as Shakespeare knew.

    2. Thank you for your patience. Yes, the website went way over capacity and it all went crashy-washy! You are the very beginning of a cycle which will fix most of the issues you have now – and actually for both these men, in their own way. You are less than 10% into this, but what you are starting to see is a change in the weather, emotionally, spiritually, sexually and psychologically for all three of you. The men will experience this in their own way but in essence, this is about the big equality lesson that Jupiter in Libra brings. You can be different yet equal. It is also about knowing how to handle power (especially sexual power) in a financial or property relationship. Christmas is key. All three of you will figure out so much very close to Christmas Day – and by Christmas 2017 you, personally, will have made an epic choice.

  65. Directly and indirectly my chart seems to be hit all over the place… Don’t know enough yet to make sense of it all.. Have an inkling though and did ask the million dollar question yesterday, (WHY?)
    Mercury and Uranus at work, I think!
    Unresolved story with an ex/current/potential partner.. This man dob: 06/06/78
    If you have a moment, please Jessica!

    1. Your 6th June man will make up his mind about love (because he has to) in November and December and then you will know where you stand. This is very difficult for him, either with you or another woman entirely.

      1. Thanks for the reassurance, Jessica! I know it’s difficult for him. A long overdue resolution/release/remedy however, would be good. For both!

  66. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this great article. The “Ask the oracle” button doesn’t work for me. When I hit it, it stays on the Oracle main page, not displaying the cards. What does it mean having Venus in Libra ?

    1. I’m sorry, I have had a few messages about The Oracle now – the website has been moved to a new server – and my webmasters are working on the issue right now. Apologies again for last week’s crash, but one thing I can tell you is, in 2017 all Premium Members can pick up a complimentary Astrology Oracle book with in-depth information about the cards, sample readings, tips, tricks and secrets which will help you get even more from your cards.

  67. Hi Jessica,
    I think my earlier message fell victim to Mercury retrograde and my profile misbehaving with the server crash. I’m jumping on the bandwagon with Scorpio and Libra factors. I’m hoping the universe makes good from the last few years, or more like 7! with an on and off relationship with oh so many challenges that fell apart when I relocated overseas for work at the end of last year. I’d be curious of your thoughts and the role of vesta too. It feels like my previous partners have chosen someone else over me.

    Your thoughts and comments give a lot of people light after periods of darkness – thanks again for your insights that give us self wisdom and hope for a brighter time ahead.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and I am sorry about that website crash. Juno at 9 Libra and the Moon at 11 Libra are very close to each other in the Seventh House which rules your ex – as well as potential lovers. You have an opportunity staring you in the face, now through November 5th, to either reconcile with your former partner, get closure with this person, or remove a big obstacle which is stopping you from happy dating. The fourth option is, of course, a new person to be with – and the more work you did on yourself in the past, the better you have prepared the ground. What you are watching is the transit of Jupiter, the planet of solutions and growth, passing over 9 and 11 Libra and helped along by other horoscope factors. By all the laws of astrology something big and welcome is coming, possibly when the Sun moves to 9 and 11 Scorpio near November 2nd and 4th. Jupiter’s signals are worth watching for. This cycle does not drop lovers through the kitchen ceiling by parachute but you will see what/who you must pursue to be happier. And it will be unmistakeable.

      1. Thanks so much for your thoughts Jess and no apology is necessary about the website crash – technology outside the realms of human control! Here’s to some positive developments and alignment of the stars (and planets and asteroids!).

  68. Hi Jessica!
    Recently signed up after browsing for a few months, love the premium membership! I have an ongoing issue with a particular man in my life for a number of years now, his birthdate 19.04.83. Could you telle your thoughts on this
    I think I also have the Libra Scorpio stellium you talk about.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you love premium membership. You do have the Libra-Scorpio stelliums so now through 2018 will reshape your future with former, current and potential partners and lovers. You will sort things out one way or the other with Mr Aries and Christmas looks like the moment of truth. I don’t think this Jupiter cycle will allow you or he to waste any time so if things are not moving forward it may have to be decision time. Easter is another obvious period for stay/go or yes/no decisions – all the public holidays! You can only gain from what unfolds as the time has come to think big about men in general and love in particular.

      1. Thank you Jessica. I have been in a very difficult & intense situation with this person since 2010, which became even more difficult from 2013 onwards, lots of conflict from his side. It’s been a struggle, a very dark period for me up until early this year. Things are slowly getting better, I’m working very hard on moving away from the situation and starting again, possibly with a former partner. However I’m weary as still have another year of Saturn in Sagittarius, sheesh! Feel stuck!

  69. I’m going to try my luck with another comment, my others seemed to fall through the New Moon net!

    Thank you for this article – I keep re-reading it and every time I pick up a newspaper I seem to think “Oh look, Jupiter in Libra again”. It’s also really interesting watching the way that my own thinking is changing about relationships and so on. So thank you for all the insights!

    I have to be honest and say that so far the developments of Jupiter in Libra have been painful and difficult (on top of a difficult five-year period), but I seem to remember that my last Jupiter-in-Libra experience wasn’t brilliant either, although it had sorted itself out by the time Jupiter had made it through Scorpio!

    I wonder if you’ve any comment on my horoscope – I’ve Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Juno in Libra and Moon, Fortuna and Uranus in Scorpio. My IC falls in one of the two, although I’m not sure which one, probably Scorpio. I’d love a bit of good news or guidance on how and when to work this energy.

    1. Thank you for your patience. And if you are watching Jupiter in Libra, just look at all those remixes of the Clinton-Trump debates! You are very early into this cycle as it only began on 10th September and we are still in the sorting-out phase. Saturn in Libra and then Scorpio, very recently, created a lot of marriage, relationship and dating problems for people, so what you are seeing now is the big clean-up. You would have felt this in a difficult way some years ago as you were born with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Basically, now through 2018, you will be handed the tools for some life gardening so that you can prepare the soil for new growth in relationships. It may be a developing friendship with a former boyfriend who has finally left a long-term partnership (for example). It may be the realisation that you are getting in your own way when it comes to dating (it does happen!) Another typical outcome of this cycle, which you will experience by next year, is the chance to gain proper closure with a former lover and it can happen in the most fated way. Jupiter is all about the repair work.

  70. Hello Jessica

    I’ve just reread this article – prompted by the fact that I met a man last year who I thought was interesting, and who I have recently been in contact with again – and there is a definite connection. This isn’t easy for me as I was previously very happily married, then widowed and after 4 years of grief I feel like it is time for new beginnings. This astrology is so interesting as I have Sun, Moon, Mars, Neptune, Minerva, Panacea, Ops and my north node in Scorpio. I have Jupiter, DESC, Fortuna and Psyche in Libra. It feels like the rest of this year and the next one could be a good time to build on whatever “this” is that we feel for each other. What do you think? Thanks for your insight as always.

    1. I am glad you met someone interesting after four years of grief as a widow. That must have been devastating for you, as Saturn passed over your Libra and Scorpio stellium. We are very early into this Jupiter cycle, and barely one month has passed. You will know much more at Christmas. Further ahead, there will be the chance to mix the house or apartment with real passion, once you are firmly into 2018. With this person or another you are on your way. Much depends on his chart, but if it is not this potential date, there will be a new face to make friends with – and perhaps much more – next year.

  71. Hi Jessica, I am a Leo with Scorpio ascending. What does this mean for me with the new moon on Sunday and for the Scorpionic energies that are around this week.



    1. Shelley, your Scorpio Ascendant is not affected by this New Moon. There are three issues involving your home town, family tree, land, house, apartment, household which will be resolved by the third week of November. If you look back you will realise this is the logical next step in a story that began in late 2012, 2013 or 2014 which was very hard. As an example an Uncle may have passed away, or a greedy developer may have tried to wreck a much-loved local landmark near your home, or bad tenants may have forced you out of your own apartment. There are many such Leo stories. Mothers with dementia who refuse to go into homes, difficult relatives coming to stay for months at a time – or just major issues with one’s homeland and government decisions which affect patriotism, belonging, identity. My Leo casebook is groaning with stories like this, yet this New Moon will tell you ‘That was then, this is now, this is the new beginning.’ And finally – there are no energies in astrology. It’s just an alternative timing device!

  72. Hi Jessica, another interesting article. Just wondering if there’s any hope for me meeting someone nice to spend my life with. My marriage ended six years ago, had a couple of short relationships and for the last two years been in this promenade a deux you talk of with a Scorpio male. Had very strong feelings for him but I finally ended this today. Is there any hope for me? 🙂 I have six in Scorpio and three in Libra. Many thanks for taking the time 🙂

    1. There is a ton of hope. Jupiter is the planet of hope and he only just moved into Libra. Now through October 2017 you will have a chance to reconcile with Mr. Scorpio or date someone new. From October 2017 through November 2018 you have a big chance to pursue a house or apartment with a lover/partner. You are now officially in the big Jupiter in Libra barn dance when we are seeing a lot of separations and divorces, and sometimes eventual reconciliation, after a pause. It is through all this chopping and changing that men and women figure each other out.

  73. Hi Jessica,
    Just wondering if things are done with mr Pisces or if there’s still more to come with us? I really want to spend time with him but he’s working away a lot which is making it difficult. I just wondered if there is something between us or if I’m wasting my time, I’m so confused any help/advice would be really appreciated thank you Jessica! Best wishes

    1. If not him, then another. You may want to use your Astrology Oracle for this one. Check in with the present to make sure you’re reading the cards accurately today. If the headlines of your life are correct, ask – what is the main story between you and Mr. Pisces, from the past right up until now, the present? That should help you figure out what is going on and how to handle it. Ask ‘What is between us?’ Ask ‘Where is this going, within 12 months?’ If you dislike the answer, ask ‘Why is it going that way?’ If you like the answer – then you can rest assured.

  74. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for the post. Although it doesn’t apply directly to me, I suspect my Libra partner most definitely has a strong Scorpio side (21/10/63). You’ve perfectly described the challenges he has faced these past 6-7 years – divorce (prior to me), property settlement, business and financial. He’s already experiencing increased optimism on the business side – this past month especially, things have taken off. And of course, I’d like to think that i’m part of the learning and healing cycle that has now begun 🙂

    I took your advice in the previous comment about asking the Oracle (what is between us, where is it going and why). We are talking about the future, starting with some decisions about where and how we will live, and how it will impact his family. As always, it’s amazing how apt the cards drawn can be for the questions we ask:
    Chiron – 1st House
    Mars – 8th House
    Descendent – 11th House

    So this is really just to let you know that your articles are always really interesting and useful, even when it doesn’t specifically apply to my chart. Thanks x

    1. Thank you very much for your message. Your Oracle reading is pretty amazing given your question – but then I am almost past being amazed by astrology! I do appreciate the feedback and this will help the chapter I am writing for a new book next year, The Astrology Oracle Guide.

  75. Hello Jessica! This was such an interesting article – obviously for many people! I also love the work you are doing on global social, political and economic (and cultural) trends. It’s fascinating. I think I am this Libra-Scorpio type. I have a met a wonderful person I can see a future with though there is some complexity. He is just a Virgo – born 22 September 1972 in Bristol, UK we estimate around 3.30AM– 2w35, 51n27. His former Spanish partner lives in Spain with their 5 yr old son. They have shared property & finance issues they needs to resolve. There are no obvious answers. I wondered if you have any insight on these issues and to what extent should I get involved in being supportive of him? I wouldnt want this to jeopardise our blossoming relationship but on the other hand we can’t build together unless a few things are sorted out. Thank you for taking a look at this if you have a moment!

    1. Thank you and congratulations on a blossoming relationship. It would be helpful if the discussions or paperwork about his son was concluded by the end of November, as we then go into Mercury Retrograde Shadow and from that point until the end of January there will be retractions, rescheduling, rethinking and all the usual ‘re’ issues of the cycle. A new arrangement with his child will ultimately come out of this. Christmas looks like the time for his biggest decisions about the money and property as well. In your own chart it is 2017 that will move things forward the most with your love life, and with this man – or even another – there is a big opportunity to take your relationships to the next level. I do feel that the biggest issue for you from May next year is this five-year-old boy – if you two decide to take it further – and your own thoughts about being a mother (or not) and by 2018 you’ll have made some major choices about that. You don’t say if you also have children, but if you do, then that is clearly the issue. If not, it is his son.

      1. Thanks a lot, Jessica. This is helpful.
        Your site and what you tell us readers about individually as well as in articles reminds me that we’re all in it together, and that is rather comforting!
        All the best, Kate

        1. Aren’t you nice, thank you, Kate. And yes – we are all connected. The Natural House system shows how it all works – it’s pretty amazing stuff!

  76. Hi Jessica,
    Sorry I am reposting this, the last seam lost. I really do appreciate your time, effort and amazing insight.
    So your fad support team have confirmed that the new chart is correct.

    Once I seen Saturn in leo I felt it was correct. It brought to my mind the baby I lost to stillbirth at full term, and the fear and sadness I felt after.

    On a more cheerful note could you please have a look at my libra & scorpio placements. I have Pluto and the north node in libra, and the moon, Uranus vesta, Diana and psyche.
    I am not sure if I am a libra scorpio type or a scorpio Sagittarius type.

    I am very much looking forward to getting to grips with understanding this new chart.

    Kind regards, R,

    1. I am so sorry you had a stillbirth. Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House can be very hard to live with. We all have Saturn somewhere in our horoscope; every person has her difficult karma with this planet, yet this must have been so tough for you. There is tremendous closure coming in 2017 and 2018 as the Node moves through Leo and your Fifth House and many issues you have not looked at for years, will come up – enabling you to fix unresolved matters, make improvements and give this whole area of your life (courtship, babies, children, Millennials) its proper attention. You are a mixture of Libra and Scorpio and are now on the first step of a 25-step journey taking you until 2018 to complete, when you will slowly but surely improve the quality of your relationships and begin to make the changes which bring a new personal life closer – if you truly want it.

      1. Thanks so much Jessica I often get the feeling that the best is yet to come. And I keep feeling this little bit bit. So 25 steps makes sense.

        Best wishes

  77. i wrote a question on the Jupiter in Libra page, that i would like to see answered there or here. Thank you

    1. You have a Libra stellium and enough Scorpio factors to guarantee you the biggest and best in two key areas of your love life. The first is with your former partner – so fixing the past and gaining absolute closure – and the second is about 2017, 2018. Because most of your Libra factors are at the end of the sign nothing substantial will happen until next year but you will begin to see the opportunity or solution you need with this person, or another, as you move past the middle of the year. From there you can make choices about the money, apartment or house just after Halloween 2017 with a firm outcome in 2018. This may or may not be connected to this person, but you will at least be in a position to choose.

  78. Thanks so much for this article Jessica – just had a lightbulb go off!!

    So the Libra/Scorp timeframe is making sense now – I escaped from a violent toxic “relationship” in 2007 but it was 2005 when I realised ***facepalm*** he was never going to re-pay the money he owed or start behaving in any sort of decent way toward me……. it took that long for me to plan and execute a reasonably safe escape.

    uran/jup/SN/Fortuna/Cupido in Libra; POF, IC, Nep in Scorp

    Love your work!!!
    Looking forward to the good stuff this time round:))

    1. I’m so glad that the Libra-Scorpio information makes personal sense to you. Although sad that you were with a violent man, and also one who left you in debt. Yup, this is healing time. It doesn’t matter how deeply anything needs to heal, Jupiter cycles will do the trick. With your stellium you will meet these cycles slowly but surely through 2017, 2018. Enjoy it.

      1. LOL. Will certainly enjoy it when the financial pressure is off. Everything seems to be getting worse instead of better right now.

        Bit worried about Saturn squaring the stellium – or will he build up (commitments/security etc) all the bridges that Pluto blew up when he went through?

        1. Trust, trust, trust. So much is happening so fast in the world out there – economically – that you will see this work for you in slow stages. It’s like the teutonic plates shifting. The Saturn square to that stellium is really about stuck/slow/serious obstacles and more than that, without a full chart, it’s hard to say.

  79. Dear Jessica,

    A very happy new year to you.

    I have a total of ten factors in both signs: five in libra (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Juno) and five in Scorpio (Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Desc, Fortuna). I understand that this is a potent and crucial phase for me. I’ve also noted your observations that partnerships of the personal and professional kind are key to people with Libra stelliums…like me.

    But the strange thing is, partnerships are the one thing that I’ve avoided and to some extent it has eluded me. Long-term and serious relationships have scared me in the past. I told myself I was reluctant to part with freedom/independence but maybe it had a little to do with fear of rejection/failure? I would however like to change that. Past few years my personal life has been completely non-existent due to a career transition and a living situation which makes it difficult to meet my kind of people. Would you have some thoughts on how I could maybe do things differently this year or make the best of this wonderful time and change my personal life for the better? Thank you.


    1. Thank you S. You are living out your Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House and playing so safe that no lover can get past your brick walls. This is pretty common. You have a huge stellium in Libra in the Seventh House and belong in a partnership. It is how you will best express your personality. This is not only love and sex, it is also work and unpaid work. You should have one or more duets in your life to really *live* your life to the full. When you say you have been scared in the past, you are ‘speaking’ your Saturn. I am sure you have had one or more very tough experiences with dating or relating which were not your fault. Maybe with sex full stop. Whatever the story is, if you want a partner in 2017, you can have one. But you need to find out more about Saturn. Pick up all the ebooks here and also hit search. Ask yourself what made you build the moat, fortress and drawbridge – and the walls – and how you might rebuild that so at least one poor lover can make his or her way in!

  80. Hi Jessica,
    I have just signed up as a member. 🙂
    I have 9 factors in Scorpio and 4 factors in Libra.
    This article has helped to explain why I am so relationship orientated! It is something that I have felt almost ashamed of, how relationship orientated I am, like I am not empowered or something. But maybe true empowerment comes from acknowledging the importance to me of being in a romantic intimate physical sexual loving relationship.It may not be important for others with different charts but it is certainly true for me. I have spent most of my life with body issues (maybe my virgo rising talking there?) and not feeling comfortable with relationships and sexuality. I am ready to move on from all that and to be in a wonderful healthy loving emotionally and physically satisfying relationship. I still regularly think about a man I was with briefly in the past (October 2010). In some ways I feel like he is the love of my life and have found it very hard to forget about him. I am not sure whether to let him go or still hang on to hope? (We have not seen each other or been in contact for 5 years). I am wondering what the future may hold for me in terms for this past love or should I be open to a new love? Your article certainly made me feel optimistic re love in 2017 and 2018!

    1. Thank you, I hope you are enjoying Premium Membership. You are definitely in the zone for a new relationship, or more than one, if you need more than one to learn from. 2017 and 2018 see Jupiter crossing over your entire Libra-Scorpio stellium and although it is impossible to make predictions about your former lover without his chart, it is entirely possible to predict that you will be given an incredible chance to form a partnership this year as you experience Jupiter conjunct the Moon in your Seventh House of love, sex and commitment. Your body issues are down to Saturn in Virgo (Saturn in your Sixth House of the body) and it takes time to adjust, adapt, learn and manage. Yet – you will get there.

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