All About Aries Women

Aries women are self-aware, often self-centred (but they don't care), impatient, energetic and eager to fight the good fight.

Calling all Aries Women Rams! Aries baby girls come into the world at exactly the same time that ram lambs are born, over the British and American spring. This is late March through late April, over the Australian and New Zealand autumn. Funnily enough this is when rams mate. On both sides of the world we associate Aries season with these tough, head-butting creatures! ARIES 600x338 - All About Aries WomenIf you were born under this Sun Sign, in Aries Season, then you may become famous (like Emma Watson) for your edginess and activism.

Aries is a male sign. Rams run on testosterone. To be born as a female Aries is to be born with a strongly masculine chart signature. You don’t do pink, unless you’re being ironic. Aries women are self-aware, often self-centred (but they don’t care), impatient, energetic and eager to fight the good fight.

Aries is also associated with extreme image awareness (you know the way you project your face, shape, brand is half the battle) and consequently, for self-interest. You care about how you look – and how things look – more than most people. This is not vanity so much as logic. You know that in order to get what you want you have to look either persuasive or intimidating. Maybe both. And if you are true to your Sun Sign you know that faster is better. Just one look and sometimes your enemies can run screaming into the wilderness – but only if you have your make-up right, your shoes right – and the rest. Sun Aries women like Emma Watson ask ‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’ They know how to use social me-me-me-media to do it.


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Strong Aries Women

If you have your personal birth chart in your hand and see not just the Sun in Aries but more than two other horoscope factors, then you need a love life, a career and also a weekend life which lets you be Jackie. As in Jackie Chan. With maybe a little bit of Quentin Tarantino and Russell Crowe.  200 s - All About Aries WomenYou are the gladiator, warrior, martial artist and tough grrrl of astrology who shines (even becoming famous) when she fights the good fight. You are suited to activism. And karate. Chan, Crowe and Tarantino were all born with the Sun in Aries too. They are rams. If you have the Sun in Aries you also know about those wham, bam, ram qualities. The ancient business of astrology associated your Sun Sign Aries with the planet Mars over 2000 years ago. Mars was the Ancient Roman god of war and so the image of a gladiator or centurion is accurate for your sign. In modern life you find Sun Aries women throwing on leather or fake fur (the old wardrobe of a fighting man in Rome) and refusing to smile or act girlie for photographs. They know that they have to look … tough. Or at least not too frilly and cissy.

From September 2016 through October 2017, Jupiter will be opposite your Sun in Aries sign. 

Opposites attract you so may be with someone who is totally different to you at this time. You may also attract an opponent who is your exact opposite. You only get this cycle every 12 years so it’s unusual. Memo to Aries Lady Gaga – now is not the time to try and activate that feud with Madonna. It could go on all year. Lady Gaga 425x600 - All About Aries WomenWhat works better for you in 2017? Finding a cause and battling for it. Maybe it’s bullying. Maybe it’s men cutting down the rainforests. Whatever makes you angry. There is a good argument for Aries women making mincemeat of their enemies, as long as nobody actually ends up as a steak dress. In astrology, expressing your Sun Sign is about self-confidence – knowing yourself – being proud of yourself. If you don’t allow yourself to push forward and butt heads (like a baby ram lamb born in March or April) then you are denying who you are.

The slow opposition of Jupiter to your Sun in Aries – and maybe other chart factors too – is guaranteed to expand your Aries qualities, because Jupiter rules what grows. Even if you find Christmas 2016 (when Jupiter in Libra clashes with Uranus in Aries) quite challenging, it will also bring out your best. In fact, it will help you to express who you actually are.

The more chart factors you have in Aries the more you are going to feel that familiar sensation of needing to lock horns or butt heads. Remember, the Aries season in astrology of March-April is also the joining time for rams and ewes in Australia. This is when all that ram energy rises to the surface and males compete for the right to breed with females. You’ll figure out who or what you are competing for at Christmas 2016 and repeatedly in 2017.

Your sign is not concerned about haters. Haters gonna hate! You are also not concerned about bullies – in fact you will take them on. You have zero tolerance. Aries Sun women are tough grrrls who can deal with opposition and opposites. The last word should go to Aries Kristen Stewart. ‘Hate me for who I am. At least I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not.’

Kristen Stewart Quotes 20 - All About Aries Women




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108 Responses

  1. Hey Jessica,

    another great article. Thank you! And I find this so interesting…and hilarious…”…as long as nobody actually ends up as a steak dress.” As someone who has not their sun in Aries, but an Aries stellium, I can relate to feeling the need to stir up a ruckus on occasion and sometimes accepting a refund on the dress.

    I have to do yoga and meditation to calm myself down as I can get a little emotional over silly things.

    May I ask you, looking at my chart, is there any particular life areas that I should be aware of and focussing on whilst Jupiter is having this opposition transit? Thank you xx

    1. Thank you – steak dresses all the way, with an Aries stellium! I can’t see your chart, by the way. Maybe you rushed past log-in? That would be an Aries thing to do, of course, so you are forgiven.

    1. You have Venus conjunct Jupiter at 20 Aries so Christmas is a big bridge for you, with a former, current or potential partner. In December, transiting Jupiter moves to 20 Libra and opposes this conjunction in your chart. Transiting Uranus is at 20 Aries and so actually conjuncts it. Christmas is essentially about your image, title, role, appearance and profile – in relation to this person, who is most likely to be your present, possible or ex lover. Expect radical change, revolutionary choices and the chance to be free. Very occasionally people have a feud, conflict or battle on this transit, but it is far more likely to be that classic Christmas and New Year scenario when relationships, love, sex, marriage, dating, divorce and separation come to the fore, because everyone is buying their presents, getting together and thinking about who they will spend New Year’s Eve with! Remember ‘me’ has to become ‘we’ at this time but if ‘we’ cannot support ‘me’ then ‘we’ has to change.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    despite of not having the Sun in Aries, I have a stellium in this sign. I have Panecea in 13deg Aries, Jupiter in 22deg Aries and Chiron in 27 deg Aries.

    In which way going Jupiter in Libra influence me?

    Especially, what can cause opossition of Jupiter in Libra with the Jupiter in my Aries house?

    Thank you very much.

    1. You have a number of horoscope factors in both Aries and Libra so 2017 is really about your Jupiter-Jupiter opposition. (Jupiter in Libra in the Seventh House will travel around your birth chart to oppose the birth position of your Jupiter in Aries in the First House). You will go through a very useful episode with a former, current or potential partner where the two of you must figure out ‘me’ versus ‘us’ or ‘mine’ versus ‘ours.’ You will gain from this next year but it will also be big – it will take over your life for a couple of weeks, maybe longer. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition at Christmas is at 20 degrees so just 2 degrees away from your own Jupiter position. I suspect it will be the build-up to Christmas and the aftermath at New Year that brings you two people to a now-or-never moment about the chemistry you share. Sometimes this pattern results in a battle, contest or dispute – if that is the case, it would still benefit you.

  3. Hi,

    I don’t have Aries a sun sign but have Jupiter at 24 degrees, Vesta at 2 degrees, Panacea at 16 degrees and Chiron at 28 degrees in Aries.

    Can you tell me how Jupiter entering Libra will affect me?


    1. You have spent the last few years realising how much you are judged, not on the inside, but on the outside. It has been an exciting journey at times, because you have learned how ‘you’ really matter. In fact, the more intensely individual and independent you have been, the more people have warmed to you. At the same time, as the internet shows you, not everybody is automatically a fan and depending on what you have done with the Uranus in Aries cycle, you may even have attracted people who are directly against you. Again, this would not have been about who you were on the inside, but who you seemed to be on the outside. From now through October 2017 as Jupiter opposes your Aries stellium in slow degrees, you will be given a chance to take a deep breath and really review who you seem to be, from your shoes to your face. Understanding how may signals get beamed from this will really assist you. New media is so new it changes every day, yet you may find you gain from being on top of it. One of the biggest luxuries you can enjoy next year is allowing yourself to be ‘not’ that woman – and to show another side of yourself. If you choose to become involved with a cause (fighting the good fight) be aware that you will be part of the advertising for that cause. Yet – if you do say yes to this (it would cross your path by next year) it would also be the most exciting journey for you.

  4. Great article, thanks Jessica! I’m an Aries and in addition to that have a stellium in Aries. I can totally relate to everything you write in the article! Currently I am attending a yoga retreat by the sea – and have never felt calmer! I also practice meditation regurlarly to keep my aggressive side in control, and it really helps.

    Is there anything I should take into consideration looking at the coming oppostition with Jupiter and the Sun? Thank you once more for your brilliant insight and guidance!

    1. Thank you very much. I often find strongly Aries people take up yoga or meditation because they are so aware of their bodies, adrenaline, anger, tension responses and so on. It’s a smart thing to do, because you are basically a gladiator or warrior trapped in the modern world and so even work issues can create an over-the-top physical response. When someone is a pain at work, you feel like you want to go into the arena and wrestle a lion. The oppositions to come are basically about you realising (again) how much you are judged by your photographs, social media soundbites and other people’s filter of you. You have had years of learning about this. It continues more intensely through 2017 and in fact, you will gain hugely from examining your mistakes as well. Another person will draw closer to you throughout this time and help you rethink how you look and how you are seen. It’s rather like painting a portrait with another set of hands helping you. The ‘you’ that emerges by May 2018 is the ‘you’ that will last. Like a permanent portrait.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I have Sun in 2 deg aries, mars in 4 draw aries, MC in 14 deg aries, panacea in 17 deg aries. I have several twists and turns already with my relationships. How will this Jupiter in Libra year for me turn out to be?

    Thanks a lot,


    1. Yes, your love life would have been quite complex to date. You are in the best position in 12 years to gain from insights and changes with your former, current or potential partners – for another 12 months. Christmas is a turning point when you have a decision to make. Jupiter in your Seventh House will oppose all your Aries chart factors, so this person in your life will teach you about the importance of your shape, style, face, hair, reputation, profile – the lot! By comparing and contrasting your personalities you will also learn more about who you are.

  6. Dear Jessica I have a lot of “friends” in my birth chart. what does it mean? and what about jupiter?

    Sun 19° Aries 56′ 30″, 03° Virgo 23′ 44″, Mercury 04° Aries 45′ 35″, Venus 01° Aries 02′ 09″, Saturn 15° Aries 56′ 52″, Chiron 00° Aries 29′ 15″, DESC 23° Aries 53′ 10″
    Aesculapia 15° Aries 59′ 56″ NorthNode 18° Aries 43′ 01″

    many thanks

    1. That is a whopping stellium in Aries. The Node tells me you have a past life in the military or navy. You may have had several past lives involved in wars or battles, actually. If you have strong inexplicable reactions to particular towns or countries, or their locals, that may be the explanation! This kind of horoscope can be quite confronting and so it is common to see women denying their Aries side. You then end up with a strangely non-Aries individual who is actually running away from her power. Hopefully you have found your path by now and realised that this energy is strong and the best way to channel it, is to find a cause you believe in. Activism is the best use of a chart like this. If you do not find a constructive way to express the fierce, competitive, pushy, fearless energy you may find you attract all sorts of arguments with friends or lovers (or family, or neighbours, or colleagues) and your time is wasted by feuds when you could be saving the world. I am sure you know all this by now, as Uranus has been slowly transiting your Aries stellium for years. Have a look at the past life stuff.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Lol! You’re right, on all counts… “intimidating” – I think it goes a notch higher for me as I have Scorpio rising… I definitely feel it myself. ;))) :/
    Can you please tell me what should I look out for?!

    As always, thanks a lot, you’re priceless.

    1. Thank you very much. You have the Sun in Aries, tied up with the Jupiter-Uranus opposition in Libra and Aries in December. This will be very interesting for you, as it is the first time in your life you will reshape your image, reputation or personal appearance because of someone else. This is most likely to be your former, current or potential partner. The partnership may be sexual and romantic, or strictly professional. He or she balances you and will also help you reboot who you are. It is also possible that you will be engaged in some kind of battle or contest in December, which again would make you rethink your reputation, wardrobe, hair, teeth – the lot! Aries dominated people are very aware of just how much one soundbite on YouTube or photograph on Twitter can do for them (or work against them). So…December is the month, perhaps January as well, when it is one particular man or woman who helps you relaunch – to your total advantage.

    1. Jupiter’s slow opposition to your Moon and Mars in the First House allows you to rethink your image, role, personal appearance, reputation in the light of two things. One is a partner. The other is a rival or opponent. This cycle began on 10th September and it will complete in October 2017. You have around 12 months to really use who/what is against you (or has been against you) to improve the way you present and project. This is something that could not happen any other way, so it’s useful. A relaunch is very likely, especially in April. At the same time, you are in a very good position to form a partnership, duet or double-act with a person who is very good for your image. This person may just shed some flattering light on your name or face – or alternatively his/her influence helps you alter how you package yourself, in your total favour!

      1. Sorry to bother…but as I was looking at my chart, I actually noticed that I have FIVE natal bodies in Aries. That seems like a lot…

        Moon 1 Aries
        Mars 9 Aries
        Jupiter 17 Aries
        Chiron 26 Aries
        Panacea 3 Aries

        I like what you wrote in general – I definitely think it will be helpful for me to look a perceived rivals for what they can teach me and how they can help me, rather than as a threat. You’re saying this mostly concerned my image?

        (We’re still trying to have a baby – I commented a few months ago that my husband and I both lost our mothers this spring and we had an ectopic pregnancy at the same time. We have been doing IVF, and got lucky to find out that one of our embryos had a normal genetic screening, so we are going to transfer it to my womb on October 11. We’re very optimistic, especially given your forecasts for Gemini of late.)

        Jessica – I know you hear it often – but I want to thank you from heart. You have a gift and we are blessed for it.

        1. Thank you very much. You do have a big part of your personal birth chart in Aries so you are here to fight the good fight (in fact, several, over the course of your lifetime) and a good cause, will always attract a good fighter. As a Sun Gemini you are indeed experiencing the biggest and best opportunities in 12 years to bring babies, children or Millennials into your world. I am thrilled that you are transferring the embryo on 11th October. You could not ask for better timing, although it may be your husband’s horoscope that decides if this is the path to parenthood or if there is to be another one. Common sense tells me that image changes for you are either pregnancy (becoming bigger; weight gain; new clothes) or just a new role as godmother, Aunt, foster mother – whichever way fate takes you. This would make perfect sense and if so it would of course be about your husband, not your rival! Makes sense for the next 12 months, non?

  8. Hi Jessica – great article – thanks. I have multiple factors in Aries – which I think will come in handy with the activism work I’m involved in around saving the St Kilda Rd trees from destruction to make way for the Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel Project. I’m not fundamentally opposed to the project – I am opposed to the method that will see upwards of 900 trees destroyed and only partially replanted. Our work saved Fawkner Park from becoming a drilling and earth moving site for upwards of 10 years – can we save our trees? I hope so. More power to you pen xx

    1. Perfect use of an Aries stellium. You have the Moon and Proserpina in Cancer in the Fourth House which rules your home town and also your apartment or house. You are really living out your horoscope quite strongly. The Moon describes your need to be needed, so women with this placement find they feel almost maternal about their neighbourhood and also their country. Proserpina reveals how you operate as a go-between, connecting powerful people and organisations. You would actually be a very good liason between the developers/council and the protestors. You will gain incredible benefits from fighting, perhaps more than one issue, now through October 2017. So this goes beyond actually winning (although your chances are very good) into gaining in other ways, perhaps in your personal life, social life or career. Thank you.

      1. Thanks Jessica – so spot on! Today we had some great news with the Tunnel Authority announcing that they won’t be permanently removing a stand of elm and plane trees on Linlithgow Avenue near the Kings Domain! Amazing outcome. So now we focus our efforts on saving the St Kilda Rd trees…bring it on! Thanks again for your insights and gifts – I really appreciate it xx

        1. I am glad the astrology was spot on for you. Congratulations on saving your elm and plane trees. Remember your Proserpina – she is your inner go-between and she will continue to help you with your battle to save St. Kilda (stunning part of Melbourne). Thank you.

  9. Dear Jessica
    Just one question….it hurts when stars play all the role and love doesn’t count….I am Aries with saggitarius rising….lost my man to alchohol n death whn my age turned 29 and then again lost in love when a man 10th June 1969 chose to separate ways….seems I am losing everytime to destiny n stars …..just consoling myself saying perhaps destiny has othr plans bt it’s really sad when u loose faith in power of love and start believing in power of stars in bringing back the person u love…..why do stars govern everything and why doesn’t sincerity in love counts??? I dnt knw wht future awaits for me bt yes I wd certainly want stars to bless all those who truly care…love should prevail all Saturn’s or Pluto’s….true love should never leave away….there shdnt be Jupiter governing love bt only true emotions blessing n deciding a fate of relations

    1. You’re a Sun Aries who is experiencing the most healing cycle in 12 years, which began on 10th September and continues until October 2017. You are in a fantastic position to repair past hurt – it must have been very painful to see your partner die from alcoholism. Jupiter is now going through your Seventh House, which rules your former, current and potential partners and as this is the planet of solutions, hope, growth and win-win answers you will ultimately see what the Jupiter cycle can do for you – often it is miraculous.

  10. Just in addition to my previous comment…..I wd like to appreciate ur knowledge of predictions…..u are always spot on accurate in ur predictions……it’s a great gift u possess…. thank you so much for sharing ur wisdom wid us n guiding us with ur insights…we look up to u with great hope n respect…….god bless u always.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a Pisces sun but with lots of planets in Aries. I can see sometimes in my personality that there are lots of Aries traits like you say above – not always the quiet stereotypical fishy type!!
    I’d be grateful for your thoughts on the current Jupiter cycle on my chart with so many Aries planets!
    Thanks in advance for your always fascinating insights!! 🙂

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are one of those Pisces women with an Aries stellium who often feel as if two people are trapped inside the same body, because one part of you wants to escape from the real world and the other part wants to dive right in and meet it head-on! You were also born with Venus at 21 Aries almost exactly conjunct Proserpina at 20 Aries. December 2016 is a milestone for the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partner. You two have a lot of balancing to do, which will work in your favour. Jupiter will move to 20 Libra and oppose Uranus at 20 Aries in the heavens, so it will trigger that part of you which is so self-aware, so fearless, so energetic, so determined to be first – or to win. At the same time, you can really only do this by figuring out the alchemy with this particular person. Very rarely people find themselves on this cycle by engaging in a battle or contest. This may be true for you, but as this is Christmas going into New Year I suspect it will be about your love life. Take your time reshaping what you two share together because it will be with you for quite a long time to come.

  12. Reading this article is like reading my profile! Thanks for this one, Jessica! Once I started to understand my ram spirit, with sun in Aries and a few conjunctions with Mars and Venus in Aries to boot, I couldn´t help but giggle about “re-discovering” that both my high school and university had their mascot as the ram. Understanding my inner ram has definitely brought me in touch with who I am but your article also strikes a chord with accepting who you are also means allowing heads to butt, with tact. I always really enjoyed comments made towards Linda Goodman, another famous Aries, about what magic can happen when an Aries like her learns the art of tact over the years. Just curious if you see anything from my chart as I do also have a few Libra planets and wondering how they might shape things to come with Jupiter on opposition for us grrls. Thanks again for your dedication; always learning on this site!

    1. Thank you. I love that your high school and university had a ram in the mascot! You will find your entire relationship with a former, current or potential partner changes in 2017 – and also changes you, along with it. You have a lot of personal chart factors on the Libra-Aries axis and you also have some Leo action coming up next year too. Leo rules pregnancy, stepchildren, nieces and nephews – and courtship. This cycle is actually active now so some of the issues will already be there. Self-interest versus co-operation and compromise with the other person is a big one. Awareness of image, reputation and appearances and how the other person affects this, is another major theme. The choices you make about this person (or perhaps more than one) by October 2017 will alter your love life for many years. I must read more about Linda Goodman, by the way, as although I know her books, I don’t know very much about her as a woman.

  13. Hello There!
    You are such a clever wordsmith!
    Here’s hoping no leapfroggin’
    I don’t have an Aries Sun but I do have a number of planets/ asteroids in Aries and boy some days I feel like an Aries. . . . . :0
    How does this work for my natal chart because if I am reading the birth chart correctly, all the planets/ asteroids are Retrograde. . . . That can’t be good surely???!!! Oh good Lord above!
    Have an awesome day!

    1. Sometimes you leapfrog and end up with two replies. Retrogrades do confuse people so it is worth answering twice. Any time you see the letter R next to one of your personal birth chart factors, it means you were born when that planet appeared to be moving backwards in the horoscope. Of course it’s an optical illusion. Astrology runs on synchronicity, though, so this Retrograde planet, by sign and house, shows you where you make stop-start progress. Allowing for that is key. You have to be kind to yourself and realise that it’s not always going to be A to Z progress. In fact, you could treat this area of life as a dress rehearsal, or first take, or first cut, before you get to showtime – and that tends to take weeks. It won’t happen all the time; just when that Retrograde or R planet is triggered by transits. So in Aries, for example, you are more likely to see you stop-start over image issues in April when the Sun goes through that sign.

  14. Dear Jessica,
    Thanks to the skies for writing about us, Aries women. Excellent article and I think it is quite true. My wish during the Jupiter transiting Libra is to find the person / opportunity/situation that will help me to push my work (career) and everyday life forward. Is there any chance in my chart for such partnership? If I interpret well, Mars, Uranus, Psyche and Minerva currently aspect my Aries factors. May Mars along with Jupiter actually be most beneficial?

    1. It’s a pleasure. Aries women are amazing. Diana Ross, Caitlin Moran and Vivienne Westwood are so fascinating! What you are going to find, now through 2017, is fresh inspiration and actual payback for couples to pursue business together. This will come partly from government, partly from Generation Libra waking up. The biggest favour you can do for yourself with work is to look for duets. This does not have to be Batman and Robin, it can be a gentle pairing, but the more of ‘two’ you do in your life the more you will be in tune with the times. The issue for you is to understand that ‘one’ has to become ‘two’ because Aries is an intensely individual sign. The Rams act alone but they must also figure out how to relate to the Ewe!

  15. Hi Jessica’s . Fantastic article . I don’t have a sun in Aries , but I have a stellium – Mars , Venus , vesta and volcano . Vulcano conjunct Venus and vesta conjunct Mars . I actually feel more Aries than Pisces . My sun is in pisces in 15 degree with Venus and Vulcano at 14 degree in Aries . How will this affect me

    1. Thank you. Yes, you would feel far more like an Aries than a Pisces. I am sure you have found out for yourself that standing out from the crowd has worked very well for you. Taking a fierce, independent stance and being utterly yourself has been what people seem to want. Of course if you have polarised people as well that is part of the deal. This has been the case ever since Uranus entered Aries a few years ago and slowly began moving over your Aries stellium. You will be amazed at how different life feels from May 2018 when you realise that all the endless attention paid to your name or face, or you as a brand (rather like Heinz Baked Beans) becomes irrelevant. You can put the Me Years behind you and focus on your money instead. For now, until May 2018, you must continue to focus on how you are seen and appear as it’s the passport (or not) to so much. Vulcano and Venus were lovers in mythology. Vulcano is very powerful and reveals that side of you which controls feelings and desires and has tremendous potency as a result of controlling that. You project your love life. What people see, when they see you, is your relationships, past, present or potential. I think the expression ‘All’s fair in love and war’ was probably invented for you – at least in terms of what people see. It will be more obvious in 2017 as Jupiter opposes your Aries stellium and emphasises this.

  16. Hi Jessica
    Okay my natal chart says sun in Aries 7degree, mercury in aries 20 degree, Venus in aries 21 degree, IV house aries zero degree, V house aries 29 degree, and Libra positions are Pluto in Libra 12 degree, asc node Libra 24 degree, midheaven Libra zero degree, XI house Libra 29 degree…….my DOB 28 March 1977, 11.37 pm india…..can u plz shed sm light what waits ahead for me????

    1. You were born with Mercury at 20 Aries in the First House of image, reputation, personal appearance, profile, labelling and ‘armour’ (your wardrobe). Venus is conjunct at 21 Aries in the First House so your packaging projects your personality and it also does a lot of the work for you, for better or worse. You will see this change radically at Christmas as Jupiter moves to 20 Libra and opposes Uranus at 20 Aries, triggering the whole pattern. For more on Aries, Jupiter, Uranus and the First House see your free ebook 2020 Astrology.

  17. Hello again!
    Great article ! Too funny in places 🙂
    Here’s attempt two…..
    got leap frogged ….. I’m so totally jinxed 🙂
    Now, I don’t have an Aries sun, but I do have a number of planets/ asteroids in my natal chart. And, if I am reading the chart correctly, they are retrograde! Gasp! What’s that all about ?
    What are your insights there?
    Have an awesome day

    1. Thank you. Retrograde planets in your birth chart tend to only show themselves when a cycle comes along which triggers them. That is when you notice that you are trying to accelerate but keep stalling or reversing. You have a few retrogrades in Aries so you would typically make a start with weight loss, cosmetic surgery, a new haircut, new clothes, new social media photograph and other image moves – only to find that you change your mind, get stuck or go backwards. It would be more obvious at the moment with Uranus passing through Aries.

  18. Hi Jessica, another great read, thank you! I have Aries in my chart quite a bit, can you tell me if this will have any bearing on my future regarding a rocky involvement with a Taurus gentleman born May 11?

    1. The Taurus gentleman has been through the toughest cycle in 29 years, either with his partner, or as a single man, and it has taken a very long time for him to get to this point. You will know if he is the next lover in your life (or the returning lover) by the end of November when one way or another, you’ll find out where you stand. If it’s him, remember he needs a long repair and recovery time. If it’s not him, then your 2017 option will bring his vast background in travel or education to your door. Nice!

  19. A really great profile on the Aries woman – it resonates and I wish I felt the freedom to express it this way! I can certainly identify in my younger years however I’ve learnt over the years to lay low and keep a low profile because it makes you a target for some. So I have been challenged by my Aries factors but also suspect my Mars in Libra adds to the fact that I’m always torn in two, see both sides which can lead to inaction! (My daughter has Mars in Libra conjunct mine and we seem to be irreconcilable, which is heartbreaking) Is Mars messing with my Aries vibe or is it my watery Piscean stellium putting out my fire?

    1. Your daughter is probably the answer to your question. And thank you ,I’m glad you found this resonating. It is very likely that she has incarnated to teach you about balance versus imbalance in close relationships so every time you ‘do’ your Aries you run up against the Libra in your world. The odds of her being born with a sign which is exactly opposite your Aries factors are 11 to 1, so you can bank on there being a past life connection, revolving around the theme of war and peace, self-interest versus partnership and so on. Aries is best used in fighting the good fight for a cause you believe in. It is also channelled very well through sport or yoga. It can be a revelation to strongly Aries women to try these for the first time and feel at home in the world, for a change!

      1. Thank you Jessica, I’m sure you are right about this relationship, with both of us having the same Mars position! I am wondering if you think Saturn also has a big impact in this sign, as it always colours how you experience/express yourself?

        It would be great to hear your thoughts in future posts about the planets in each sign and how best to express them – your insights are a wonderful gift as Semo said above!

        1. Thank you. Mars-Mars is always tricky as it’s rather like having Russell Crowe on a date with Russell Crowe. (And I met Russell Crowe once, so I am allowed to comment). Saturn in your chart? Not so much. Planets in signs is a wonderful subject so thank you for bringing it up. I am writing an astrology ‘bible’ for publication in 2019 at the moment and every heavenly body in every sign/house will be covered in that book.

  20. Hello dear Jessica,
    Thank you for his insightful article. I have a cancer sun and a 1
    Or 2 degree Aries ascendant. I feel this balances me out with
    A Gemini moon! Keeps it interesting!

  21. Dear Jessica,

    First of all I’m pretty discerning about the astrology sites I visit and I like yours….it’s down to earth, level headed, informative and practical.
    You also give feedback to so many must take up a lot of time and I love reading the questions and replies…so useful and helps me learn.

    I have Sun (28), Mercury (21), Venus (12), Saturn(17), Chiron (0), North Node (18), Minerva (3), Apollo (14) and Aesculpia (18) all in Aries in my personal chart 7th and 8th houses with Virgo rising.
    The last 3 years have been beyond devastating and it has stimulated some very hard inner work. All that fire still keeps me believing some light will eventually prevail. Feels like I’ve been treading water for a long time and I wonder do you see any positive developments regarding my chart in the near future.

    Much appreciated.

    1. Thank you very much. I’m glad you are reading the questions and replies too. Everyone is anonymous here but we all get to share the same stories. If you are talking about the last three years then I automatically think of Saturn in Scorpio. This has actually been your problem, not so much Aries triggers. Saturn in Scorpio conjuncted, or sat on, all your Scorpio factors. These rule sexually intimate financial arrangements (like a couple paying rent) or deadly serious property deals (your life insurance or the family’s last will and testament). Wheels that should have turned got stuck. You were probably put through hell emotionally, but also financially – every month that Saturn was in Scorpio he was also opposite your Taurus chart factors which rule your bank account, credit card, taxation and so on. The worst is over and the best is yet to come. The New Moon in Scorpio in the final 72 hours of October (allow the world to catch up with itself) is a pointer to a different future. In fact from October 2017 it is a brighter and bigger future as Jupiter moves to Scorpio. One thing about your Aries side, though – under threat, the ram woman butts heads. If you were feeling vulnerable with your money, house, possessions, apartment or business these last three years you may have engaged in a fight. If you feel there is still no closure, the next 12 months will deliver a fair outcome if you want it, as Jupiter moves through Libra, the sign which always balances the scales.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply.

        I do have a lot of Scorpio factors now that you mention it..Neptune 25,Juno 7, Panacea 3, Ops 13, Vulcano 2 and Psyche 19.

        And Mars 15, Diana 17, and Proserpina 22 opposing those in Taurus.

        I feel like I took a long journey to the underworld (death, grief, betrayal and divorce from family) and I thought it was the transit of Pluto to my Moon in Capricorn. No doubt the Scorpio factors just cemented me down there even more.

        I am heartened to hear there may be light at the end of this tunnel and the New Moon at the end of this month may give a clue to the trail.

        Thanks so much Jessica.

  22. Thank you for the article! It was quite unexpected too, considering how it is Libra season. In spite of my Sun in Aries and Aries stellium, I tend to think of myself as lacking in the Aries traits I so admire in other people. As you wrote, I am aware that I should become more who I used to be as a child, when I was truer to who I was. In other words – me, me, me! It seems like too many forces totally beyond my control for too long have stripped that away from me.

    Will I be able to become braver over the current Jupiter cycle? What will I need to fight for in order to grow? Many thanks in advance!

    1. Childhood is often the time we express our astrological birth charts best, before anyone can tell us what not to do! You will find 2017 makes it possible to be ‘me, me, me’ again as you either develop a very particular kind of chemistry with your former, current or potential partner (the kind that remixes you) or you deal with people who are against you. This too would bring out your true Aries ram self. December will show you which it is to be as we see Jupiter in Libra face off with Uranus in Aries.

      1. Thank you for sharing your insight! Uranus in Aries has already brought a legal name change for me and with Pluto in Libra, December should be a special time. Thanks again!

  23. Hi, Jessica! Thanks for this article. I have no Aries at all in my chart; is that bad? I feel like it would be nice to ‘put myself first’ at times. What do you think when someone doesn’t have a sign in their chart? Thank you!!

    1. If you don’t have any Aries in your chart, it doesn’t mean you don’t promote yourself or care about your image – it’s just that it does not define you. It does not have anything to do with who you are or what you are here to do. It may also not matter to you if you go for long periods without social me-me-me-media or if you spend months, even years, without pushing your profile. With no Aries in your chart, pushing yourself forward seems to be something that others enjoy – and do – but it may not feel natural to you.

  24. Hi Jessica, posting again as my first attempt didn’t get moderated – whatever that means! I have the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Panacea and the North Node in Aries. Like several of the other posters I do a lot of yoga, wish I’d taken it up decades ago. I can certainly relate to the steak dress but also to what you said about a confronting stellium leading to the denial of Aries-ness. Would my stellium in Cancer (Moon, Bacchus and Apollo conjunct Fortuna) contribute to this? Could you comment on my chart, and what 2017 might hold for me?

    1. Moderation means there is a queue of 1,274 people and whenever I am on an aeroplane (which is often) there is often a break in my answers. I’m so interested that you do yoga as well. It seems that strongly Aries women discover it is the answer. You were born with Neptune and the South Node in Libra in the Seventh House of your chart so 2017 is the most important year (in 12 years) for the chemistry you share with a former, current or potential partner. You could channel this cycle into a feud, dispute or conflict if you wished, but obviously with that stellium in Cancer you are looking for security so striking the right chord with your old, present or potential lover is probably a better option. The South Node suggests past life karma with this person next year. You also need to look at the way that a partnership becomes an escape from the real world. It’s rather like being in a bubble…not entirely real…yet somehow still there. You will have your champagne moment with the bubble in 2017!

  25. Hi Jessica

    I have Sun in Aries at 17deg, Bacchus 14° Aries, Hygeia 24° Aries, Vulcano 08° Aries, & Psyche 14° Aries.

    Please no more bullying and arguments, there has been enough of them in my life this year, fighting to get what I want… Seems to be a year of getting rid of the bad in my life & I’ve grown a lot. How will the Jupiter cycle effect me? Now I need to find new things in my life. Esp new relationships.

    Thank you

    1. You were born with Pluto at 20 Libra in the Seventh House of past, present and potential partners. You can find out more about Pluto on this website and in your ebooks too. This planet is a horoscope symbol for power and control questions. I am sure that when Uranus went over 20 Aries and opposed Pluto you crossed a very difficult bridge. Fortunately this is now in the past. You can heal from the past next year when Jupiter the repair man of the horoscope crosses 20 Libra and conjuncts your Pluto. The trick then will be to understand how you use this planet in relationships and what to do (and what not to do) as it is always about learning to share – to compromise – with the other person. This incredible pattern can only occur every 12 years so if you need to fix any issues to be ready for a new lover, that is the time. And if you have done the work, that will be the time that you see what you can do with ‘two’ rather than one.

  26. Hi Jessica Im sun aries and I have a lots of planet in aries my family is everything to me I was hopping this transit will resolve some problems but when jupiter went to libra I fill is worse my hubby DOB is 11 dec 1968 I know he have saturn in his sign maybe that is reason for all this problem can you please give me some advise how to handle this transit. Thank you!!!

    1. The issue for your husband is children and until May 2018 he is going through major changes with his role as father. You will find that it works best if you allow a lot of time and space as in many ways he is building a new version of what it means to be a father, an uncle, a godfather and so on. Life is never going to be predictable in this regard until Uranus is well and truly out of Aries, as you approach mid 2018. Jupiter in Libra will resolve your problems and in fact it is already doing so. You can read what I wrote about this cycle elsewhere. If the ground needs to be cleared for new growth then it is common to begin the cycle with rubbish clearance, so there may be ‘worse before it gets better’ scenarios taking place. If the only way to get an equal balance with him, is for problems to come out in the open, then that is what occurs. You can and will be happier by 2017 but it sounds as if you need to allow for change much more. Whatever is required to give you fairness in your life again, and a more balanced set of scales between you, will occur. October is the month it all turns so use this four-week period to look at what is fair, equal (or unfair and unequal) about you two – and what is to be done about it.

  27. “Activism is the best use of a chart like this. If you do not find a constructive way to express the fierce, competitive, pushy, fearless energy you may find you attract all sorts of arguments with friends or lovers (or family, or neighbours, or colleagues) and your time is wasted by feuds when you could be saving the world. ” You’ve said this in one of the comments above. I find myself getting into needless and pointless arguments often.

    I have a Venus in Aries, and identify strongly with it. I am happiest punching a bag in kickboxing class(I am the only one the instructor doesn’t have to tell “show your anger!”)

    But I am a mass of contradictions with Mars in Cancer, Moon in Pisces and a Taurean Sun. I am needy but never show it. I lost a very dear friend yesterday but am unable to seek comfort. In fact, I got into an argument with my Aries husband about him not being emotionally supportive!! There is a constant emotional void inside because of this need to maintain my strong tough image.

    How does the Chiron Aries figure in all this? How can I develop a healthy interdependence?

    1. Aries types become angry very quickly. It is the ‘red mist’ and in fact your ruling planet Mars is the red planet. You need to look at how Tibetan Buddhists handle anger. They are brilliant at using meditation to channel their energy and The Dalai Lama has a lot of wisdom about anger as an emotion. Every Tibetan lama I ever saw or knew, laughed a lot! You should probably save your comment here and paste it into a private journal (which you can delete, of course) as you are really articulating everything perfectly well – and just by reading it you can probably see your own answer. Mars in Cancer is the trickiest part of your chart because Mars ‘drives’ your Aries assertiveness, energy and kickboxing spirit but Cancer is about keeping the family together and making sure a house or apartment is a home. If you have an Aries husband as well, that’s a double whammy. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a Sun Cancer and I recommend you start with his ideas. Do you have a sister or did you ever have a sister? Did your husband? I am hearing the word ‘sister’ for you and that seems to be at the core of this.

      1. Yes I do have a younger sister, though we do not share a very close bond or connect as often as I see others do. Or perhaps the sister emanates from the kind of relation I have with my husband, where he gets into arguments with me, more like brother and sister than a mature couple :/ . I am responsible for everything at home, and he sulks if given responsibility. Perhaps my anger needs a healthy outlet, not the wishy washy Cancerian passive aggressiveness , that I do try to avoid, but can’t express in assertive ways.

        I am known for my sense of humor andI do laugh a lot, making everyone else around laugh too. (Psst humor is my defence mechanism says Freud) Will look up the Dalai lamas ideas with renewed interest. I had the privilege and good fortune of meeting him last year in Mcleodgunj 🙂 . Meditating has not been sustained neither reiki. I do not have the patience to sit for hours …. I am highly impatient:D

        Thank you for your insights. You are the one who will help me solve this ridiculous birth chart and achieve inner peace !!!

  28. Good Afternoon Jessica –

    Aries – 09 Jupiter; 25 Diana. Mars 06 in Capricorn
    my Venus is at 17 in Capricorn.
    Taurus: 4 Hygeia, 18 Prosperina, 11 DESC
    No Libra

    I claimed to be single for the rest of my life. I have never been in love until this Taurus man I met. I have unexplainable feeling of unconditional love for him – indescribable chemistry; I am in denial. there are distant oceans and miles btw us. He is born in April 21 – maybe 1959; not sure. Is this a stupid illusion? Will I cross the oceans for him? Will I have a man to share my life with or no?

    On the other hand; I am a mother, career oriented woman and a student. My financials are critical this year, Next year my work will be, and in two years my daughter will be. Will I move or relocate?

    I appreciate you – smiles!! Regards,

    1. The issue with the Taurus man is how he feels about your children and also any of his own. One thing that you get from having a long-distance love for someone whose birthdate you do not know – is freedom. Because he is not here, you are free. The priority is actually your daughter as you will see between now and May 2018. This Taurus man is a good excuse to stay uncommitted, independent and without anything or anybody tying you down so enjoy the distant fantasy. This allows you time and energy to focus on the real issue which is how do you allow your daughter to be independent and how do you stay a mother, but also have your freedom, space and liberty? This is a really major question as you will see in the middle of October 2016 and also April 2017. Moving? Yes, you will move within a few years to a place which is an escape from the real world – either very peaceful and quiet, or by water.

      1. Jessica – you are an incredible Professor and thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. Confirmed – he is born in 1959 so we have his BOD. He has a son in his twenties and needs his care as much as my daughter needs me. He is going through a lot in his life and has not been happy in the last 2-3 yrs. He supports me 100% in anything I want to do as i am to him – we both want the same thing. Is it possible for us to be together? I will do anything for him. My excuses exist because I gave up on meeting the right man. I am 52, “Will I have a man to share my life with? Do you see him in my chart? You are correct about my daughter and the role i need to play in her life!!! I learned a lot from raising my son whom he left scars and frustrations in my heart. I see myself moving close to the water; will I be alone or with him???!!.

        From your point of view, is it possible now to foresee and conclude certain aspects in the chart then later on see it differently? or is it set in stones?
        Yes!! I am looking for a light in this long dark channel.
        Thank you very much for your guidance and directions.

        1. Thank you, I’ve never been called a professor before! The future depends on the past and present. It’s that simple. If you change the present, because you take a different view of the past, you may change your future. Of course it is possible for you two to be together but your daughter will be the deciding factor. You should never give up on love. I have worked with people who found love for the second time in their eighties. You have the kind of chart where it will always be possible to form relationships, if you want them, into old age. I am seeing a windmill for you, clairvoyantly.

  29. Hi Jessica you gripped my attention ever since the very first time I called your Aries phone line and your first words were something like “Hi Aries, the reason you called is your partner is leaving you ….” You were right I was and he was and did. My life has turned 180 degrees since then. I am new to the person I have become since 2011. I am not unhappy I don’t think but my career/ work life anxieties wake me up like now. I have deep conflicts between seeking your predictions and let live but you are so sage. Resistance seems futile. I am looking for a dear friend – a friend who knows and wants to share time with me – platonic or otherwise. I am writing because I cannot make sense of all my coordinates. Please throw some light.

    1. Wow, I have not recorded phone lines for years, so you have an amazing memory. I am glad the astrology was accurate, though I am sorry about your break-up. I can’t see your astrological birth chart unfortunately, do you want to log in? Then I can look at friendships and relationships, which as Jupiter goes into Libra will offer you more of more…a wider range of dating, mating and relating in a number of intriguing new ways, not possible in 12 years.

    2. i wonder if you can see my astrological chart now? I am so touched you read and replied to me!
      I am part of the problem of my isolation. However, it also suits me at this time as I am concentrating on family and on a career change. I am largely unhappy at work – a bit lost.

      1. You were born with Mars and crucially, the North Node in Pisces in your Twelfth House. The Twelfth House describes your unconscious mind, your astral body (also known as your light body, or etheric body) and your soul. It is associated with out-of-body experiences and the aura, as well as the chakra system. Even as a child you probably had unusual experiences – seeing the spirit world is common, or knowing the future. In adult life now you are experiencing the slow transit of Neptune through Pisces and your Twelfth House so it is natural to withdraw from people. You may want to be alone more and find yourself seeing the world through psychic eyes – though it may be so habitual that you do not even realise you are being psychic! This transit takes work. You need a discipline or practise to control and contain your sixth sense. I like the work of mediums like Gordon Smith, Betty Shine, Margaret Dent a lot, because their techniques are so down-to-earth. Have a look online. If you feel lost at work it may be that the Twelfth House/Pisces side of yourself and your life is out of synch with what is required in your career. You actually need to separate them.

        1. Thank you for your reply. The connections I had felt like hauntings and they scared me. I block them now but can read people that I oscillate between calling it a blessing or a curse. I believe I see so deeply and can peel back the mask that I scare people off. They say I am “too intense” so I block that channel off too.
          I am out of synch at work and I will try to separate personal aspirations from practicalities of having an income.

  30. Hi Jessica, Just wondering if you can see my chart okay now for my question i posted the other day. Sorry bout that! xx

    1. Yes, I can see your birth chart now – thank you for persisting. Okay, you are hugely Aries and going through a cycle which can only occur once in your life, as Uranus the planet of radical change conjuncts (or sits on) every single one of your Aries placements. This will not finish until 2018 but then your long, slow relaunch is over. This has not so much to do with a former, current or potential partner. It is far more about your use of the internet and smart phones and in fact, you are painting a portrait of yourself which will last forever, once you finish the ‘brushstrokes’ in late 2017 or early 2018. It is liberating to be yourself without apology, to know who you are, to accept your critics, to be at ease with your own independent stance or difference. You will never lose that. You are earning it all the way and it also sets other people free to be more independent too.

  31. Great article! It describes many of my finer attributes as a strong and confident Aries woman. How will Christmas 2016 affect me? I feel like the next three months are going to be a big challenge for me personally – I’m already in the throes of it, it seems.

    1. Thank you. You have Mercury at 19 Aries so just one degree away from being tied into the Jupiter 20 Libra/Uranus 20 Aries opposition in December. That is close enough for you to experience a passing revolution where your self-promotion, internet profile, name, title, reputation or appearance is concerned. It will alter the way you look and appear and be quite liberating. At the same time, Jupiter’s opposition to your Mercury will make you think harder about how you use the internet, in particular, but also your phone, pen or microphone to showcase yourself. To express your opinions. take a deep breath and take your time.

  32. Hello Jessica,
    I’ve been following your horoscopes for a while and am very happy to have subscribed today. I think I have a stellium in aries. I’m 41 and satisfied professonnally but there is nothing I’m really fighting for in life, except a novel I selfpublished a few years ago. It was a fairly good success on the Internet (good reviews and sold about 2500 copies) but despite these good figures, no publisher wanted to publish it on paper. I am now taking part in a literary prize for this novel. What are my chances to win and finally find a proper publisher? Thank you so much

    1. You were born with the North Node and South Node (past life experience) on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of the chart. Gemini rules writing and Sagittarius rules publishing. You also have Venus in Gemini. You should continue doing what you incarnated to do, although I suspect that when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from the end of 2018 into 2019 you will find other mediums, apart from paperbacks. In 2019 we will see the next wave of opportunities for writers using new technology. At that point you may want to adapt your novel for a completely different medium. In general, you need to know that Saturn is in Sagittarius, now through Christmas 2017, so the publishing industry is suffering from fear. Having worked in publishing since my first book in 1999 (Astrology for Women) I have seen the book business go through a number of cycles, but it has been 29 years since we’ve seen Saturn in Sagittarius and so the traditional publishers who work with hardbacks and paperbacks are most heavily hit. Tip: Watch the new trends for authors, scriptwriters, poets, screenwriters, multimedia ‘makers’ which arrive, the moment Jupiter changes signs to Sagittarius and make sure you book a seat on that particular express train.

  33. Hello Jessica
    I don’t have Aries as a Sun sign but I do have a stellium in Aries – will I be affected by the Jupiter opposition?
    best wishes

    1. Thanks Pauline. You have Jupiter at 15 Aries so for the first time in 12 years, Jupiter at 15 Libra will oppose this in your birth chart. Very close to Thursday 24th November we find Pluto at 15 Capricorn, Jupiter at 15 Libra, creating what is known as a T-Square with your natal Jupiter at 15 Aries. The people and organisations around you shift dramatically, resulting in the most tremendous boost for your image, title, role, reputation, appearance. It’s a relaunch for you, but it’s squeezed out of a November shift, which you didn’t create, but will certainly affect you. You may be more aware of your Aries self/Aries side in November as this aspect takes hold.

      1. Thank you Jessica
        I read your blog on Aries in March and recognised a lot of myself in that!

  34. Hi Jessica I’m not an Aries sun sign but I’m trying to understand the Aries in my chart (& me) more and I have 2 prominent Aries in my life so I’m curious. One is my son the other his father my ex. Our lawyers are exchanging letters again…just trying to do what is best for my son as always. Thank-you for your time & knowledge.

    1. You must feel as if this story with your son and his father (your ex) never stops challenging you or changing your world. Yet, believe it or not, it stops in May 2018. It is hard to say if the actual legal paper trail stops before then without seeing charts for both these people in your life, but the actual rollercoaster ride will be over then and you can put it behind you. The trick to this cycle is knowing that you need to be free. That your son needs independence. That your ex also needs to feel liberated. It is a basic human need and this Uranus cycle over your Aries factors (and in the Fifth House of your solar chart) makes it very clear that space, space, space is the answer to everything. Bags of tolerance makes it happen.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for such a fantastic website, I love reading everything you write its fascinating
    I am a Capricorn with an Aries rising, I feel like I am just chasing my tail, can you shed any light on how Aries rising affects me.
    thank you

    1. No more chasing your tail. You have a goal which seems impossibly high to you, which would result in amazing new status for you, or a towering achievement in your chosen field, profession or calling. That goal is within reach. October is the time. Aries Rising is far less important than your Capricorn Sun right now. Your Aries Ascendant is just window dressing. The real achievement is the achievement (!) and that will begin now if you work it.

  36. Hi Jessica,

    I have Vesta, Minerva and North Node in Aries – the north node apparently suggests that my soul’s purpose should be to aspire towards developing more Aries-like qualities instead of worrying about pleasing everyone (South Node in Libra). I am more Aries-like at work (confident, aggressive) but in my personal relationships tend to lose power to men. It seems like these factors also influence a lot of gender/relationship issues in my life, could you share a bit more please, especially on impact during this Jupiter cycle.

    Thanks, Yvette

    1. Hello. The North Node does not show where you develop qualities – it shows where you spent one or more lifetimes ‘doing’ that sign and so will only be repeating yourself by going back there. People with the North Node in Cancer, for example, may have been mothers/grandmothers for years and now avoid it (or at least avoid it as a major role). People like you with the North Node in Aries were in the military, navy, air force or sport in one or more lifetimes. In this one you choose to avoid conflict/competition as you’ve ‘been there, done that.’ You were probably a man so I’m not surprised you want to avoid power disputes with men! (Aries is a male sign). The South Node in Libra is about repetition in relationships as you get stuck-record scenarios either with the same lover, over and over again, or more than one – playing the same tune. As Jupiter slowly crosses your Libra stellium now through October 2017 you’ll find help and healing for that – closure, too, with one ex!

      1. Thanks so much, Jessica. This is interesting as I’ve been told I was probably a man in my past life, and most of my hobbies now are more ‘guy-ish’ like watching football and rugby etc.The stuck-record scenario is also most definitely true, as there are two ex-es (one Leo, one Libra; my Venus is in Leo so these are powerful ones) that still come back from time to time, but no idea if there’s a part 2, as they are both based overseas now. Is there any indication in my chart that I might move to join them some day? One is in Hong Kong, the other one in the U.S. With other men I’ve met, it was always the same scenario where things somehow just fizzle off without much explanation. I only have one Libra factor though, so hopefully things will look up on my relationship front!

        1. Thank you for the feedback. The True North Node and True South Node work as pair and the signs always show past lives. Watching football and rugby reminds you of your previous incarnation as a man! One of your former boyfriends could easily come back into your life as a more serious friend or even a lover, one more time, between now and October 2017. There is only one way to find out. When Jupiter sextiles your Venus in Leo in the Fifth House, you will have your opportunity. You also have the transiting (travelling) Nodes crossing Leo in 2017 so I suspect that you will have fascinating decisions to make about love, based partly on the choices you made some years ago to pursue pregnancy (or not) with one particular man.

          1. Many thanks, this is helpful to know, as always! One more thing – when does Jupiter sextile my Venus in Leo in the Fifth House?

  37. Hi Jessica

    I didn’t think I had anything in Aries until I checked and found the South Node 16. When you have a moment, could you please comment on how you might expect that to play out for me astrologically. I’d be really interested to hear your input.

    Many thanks as always.

    ps. just finished an interview when anything that could get screwed and confused did so – big time! Roll on the 7th 🙂

    1. I am sorry about your interview, but the more that was set up before 10th August regarding this department of your life, the better off you will be. Your North Node/South Node axis in Aries-Libra is a clear choice, based on past life roles, responsibilities and karma. You have a history in the military, navy or air force – but also with marriage as a career (when women did not have jobs). So you have been both soldier and housewife, or whatever passes for those roles in other cultures. In this life you will find yourself leaning strongly away from one and towards the other. You’ll notice it more as Jupiter goes through Libra. Aries/Libra Nodes also commonly manifest in sport (Aries) in a past life and business partnership (Libra) so again there is often a big push away from one in preference for the other.

      1. Many thanks Jessica.

        That is really interesting. I’ve been with my husband for over 25 years but we only married last year – very happy that we did I hasten to add! I was never really bothered about marriage and certainly never dreamt about it growing up! Do girls really do that?
        Not sure about the military aspect though I’ve no real connections with that – funnily enough, the interview that went teats up today (other people’s crossed wires resulting in messed up arrangements) had a military connection which was a first for me.
        All very interesting.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    Loved the article on Aries women. A lot of it did resonate with me (I loathe a bully more than anything and any exploitation of the vulnerable incenses me) but I am curious to know exactly what in my sign makes me feel more lamb than ram most of the time…just wondering!

    Best wishes,

    1. It’s common for women with a strong Aries signature (which you have) to experience parents, teachers, grandparents, aunts or uncles trying to stop it. As a rule, ram energy is male, aggressive, energetic and in our society, given away to men. Powerfully Aries girls, like Lucy in Peanuts, enjoy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown at the last minute but they get into trouble. Sibling fights are almost predictable with this chart signature. So are fights with other children and quite a lot of throwing/argument. Your first Mars Return happened when you were a toddler. As Mars rules Aries, this may have been the moment you turned red in the face (red being the Aries colour) and did the full Lucy. It’s really common to find Aries types sitting on a dormant volcano then one incident ignites the eruption in later adult life and they turn into She Rams!

  39. hi Jessica.. I have always been drawn to Aries types… being a gay sun Aquarian woman … the love of my life was an Aries with Leo rising …we had a stormy relationship over 7 years which ended 20 plus years ago and I still think of her.. the ending was not good.. I know she is with someone else and happier and settled but I cannot forget her! must be my Cancer ascendant!

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