Happy Ending? The Astrology of Hinkley

Hinkley Point is the first new nuclear plant in Britain in 20 years. Happy ending? No. It has an extremely risky horoscope.


Hinkley Point is the first new nuclear plant in Britain in 20 years. Happy ending? No. It has an extremely risky horoscope. I know that most British politicians don’t use astrology, but I wish they did. The timing is not good.

Why are people worried about Hinkley? Because it’s substantially funded by China. Some Britons fear there may be trapdoors inserted in computer systems which could allow the Chinese to bypass British control in the event of a diplomatic row and shut down the nation’s energy supplies. Some think Hinkley is another Chernobyl or Fukushima waiting to happen. Others worry about cyberattacks.  Are they right?

The BBC reported on Thursday 15th September, 2016 –

The government has approved a new £18bn nuclear power station in the UK after imposing “significant new safeguards” to protect national security.

The new plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset is being financed by the French and Chinese governments.

Critics of the deal have warned of escalating costs and the implications of allowing nuclear power plants to be built in the UK by foreign governments.

EDF is funding two-thirds of the project, which will create more than 25,000 jobs, with China investing the remaining £6bn.

The Chinese agreed to take a stake in Hinkley, which will meet 7% of Britain’s electricity needs, and to develop a new nuclear power station at Sizewell in Suffolk on the understanding that the UK government would approve a Chinese-led and designed project at Bradwell in Essex. That decision has raised questions over national security.

Critics of Hinkley say that if Greenpeace activists can sneak into a French nuclear plant and do this, as the website Gizmodo asks, how can  somewhere like Hinkley in beautiful Somerset possibly be declared safe?


18kxkjxoscdgqjpg 600x338 - Happy Ending? The Astrology of Hinkley
Greenpeace protest in France via


The astrological chart for Hinkley shows nothing but trouble from the start and a huge crisis in 2019. On the plus side, the chart shows new Asian money pouring into Brexit Britain as a result of the deal. But at what cost?



As an astrologer I have had my eye on Hinkley Point for a while because the timing of the first deal between China and George Osborne, acting for former PM David Cameron, was so suspect. Back on 23rd September 2015, you read this.

China has Apollo and Minerva at 4 Libra (25th December 1947, 0.00am, Taipei) and between Sunday 27th September and Tuesday 29th September there is a cover-up job going on involving her trading and military partners, but also her biggest military and political enemies.”

“As I write this on 24th September 2015, George Osborne has pledged a ‘golden decade’ of co-operation with China, over a £2 billion subsidy for a new atomic planet in Somerset. Partly funded by Beijing.”

“As the actual eclipse cover-up will happen across September 27th, 28th, 29th please track the story then. We should all be asking questions. Plenty of questions. Hard questions. Don’t let the peculiar PM David Cameron pig story distract you from real news.”



What happened next? For reasons that were never explained in detail, the next  Prime Minister Theresa May pulled the plug on Hinkley. The Sun reported ‘POWER OFF!’ as you can see below, on 28th July, 2016. But why? It’s still a mystery. A typical eclipse cover-up.


28 July 2016 600x375 - Happy Ending? The Astrology of Hinkley



On Thursday 15th September, 2016, Hinkley was ‘born’ as the BBC announced Theresa May had finally relented and finished the deal with China. Just like people, nuclear plants have horoscopes too.

This one is triggered in January 2019. Hinkley was ‘born’ with Pluto at 14 Capricorn, making an exact T-Square with the True North Node at 14 Aries and True South Node at 14 Libra in the UK astrological chart.

A T-Square is rare. The T stands for Tension and Trouble. These signs – Aries, Capricorn, Libra – are about self-interest, government, partnership and conflict. 

The astrological chart for China shows Pluto at 14 Leo.  So Pluto in the Chinese chart (domination, power plays) aspects Pluto in the UK and China charts and Hinkley is in the middle.

Why am I clanging a loud warning bell? Because the horoscope for France also shows Vulcano at 14 Gemini. 

The French astrological chart set for 5th October 1958 at 00.00 CET in Paris is hooked in.
(The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004).


All three charts will be triggered in 2019, starting in January when we see a crisis. Why?

Jupiter 14 Sagittarius, Saturn 14 Capricorn (right on the T-Square), Neptune at 14 Pisces. The real clincher is yet another risky eclipse, though, on 6th January 2019. This one falls at 15 Capricorn. Very close to 14 Capricorn! Why is there a cover-up at that point and what is being concealed from us?

Capricorn rules Prime Ministers and Presidents, Kings and Queens. It rules CEOs and Managing Directors. It’s hit.

I trust astrology more than I trust spin. Start asking hard questions in January 2019. You can see the UK and China charts below. (Source: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer). Note how Vulcano at 14 Gemini in the French horoscope  is locked into this pattern.



1801 UK HOROSCOPE 600x332 - Happy Ending? The Astrology of Hinkley
The UK astrological chart


CHINA CONFIRMED CHART 600x330 - Happy Ending? The Astrology of Hinkley
The China astrology chart.


There are eleven ‘birth’ charts for the United Kingdom ranging from 1066 to the Battle of Hastings, right up to the 1801 chart we use today. All of them have horoscope factors at 23 degrees, or close by. That’s fate and fortune. All of them are tied into royalty in some way. Does Hinkley tie in with these eleven charts? Yes. Dangerously so.

Hinkley, ‘born’ on Thursday  15th September 2016, has Uranus at 23 Aries and Psyche at 23 Leo. In the 1801 chart you can see the UK has Ceres at 23 Taurus and Saturn at 23 Leo. China has Uranus at 23 Gemini. That is volatile chemistry. Note the Gemini trigger for China. This is about computers, passwords and code. 

At the time of writing, on September 15th 2016, diplomatic relations with China and the United Kingdom are booming. Just look who the Duchess of Cambridge and Her Majesty the Queen are entertaining at dinner, in this story from The Daily Mail. It will be very different in 2019 when the Hinkley chart implodes. Here’s why…

Daily Mail Xi Jinping Duchess of Cambs HRH 600x399 - Happy Ending? The Astrology of Hinkley
Story at



We’ve just seen two patterns at 14 and 23 degrees which are very risky in January 2019. That year, there is a fourth pattern, at 4 degrees. The other hotspot!

The  first abandoned Hinkley deal involving George Osborne and China, involved an eclipse at at 4 degrees. On the day Hinkley was finally approved by PM Theresa May, long after Osborne had gone, on Thursday 15th September, 2016 – Ceres stood at 4 Taurus. That describes the Hinkley billions.

The UK has Chiron at 4 Sagittarius, the sign we associate with foreign people and places – and China has Minerva at 4 Libra with Apollo at 4 Libra. Libra is the sign of handshake deals but partnerships can also become disputes.

After January 2019, when the top of Chinese and British government is hit very hard, Chiron moves to 4 Aries in May 2019. That’s volatile. Uranus also moves to 4 Taurus in the same month. May 2019. This is the world turning upside-down – and, yes, it’s all about the Hinkley billions. Why? Taurus rules money.

What also concerns me about May 2019 is seeing Pluto move to 23 Capricorn, exactly square the famous 23 degree hotspots in all those historic charts, from 1066 via the Battle of Hastings. This is a tough year for the British Isles and China and Hinkley is at the heart of it. It’s a power struggle. It’s about a passing world domination contest.

There will be major issues for the French about transport over the English Channel in 2019 and also computer networks. Why? France was ‘born’ with Hygiea at 22 Gemini, very close to the 23 degree hotspot.



The biggest anti-nuclear, pro-peace movement in 12 years is coming in 2016 and 2017 as Jupiter (growth, hope, optimism) moves through Libra, a sign deeply concerned with war. Generation Libra will answer the call. It is not too late to stop Hinkley or substantially change the terms of the deal – in which case, the horoscope would alter, and with it, perhaps, the very dark and difficult days of 2019 that we’re seeing in the chart now. Here’s hoping. 



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8 Responses

  1. FYI only. Fascinating, as usual. And deeply disquieting for so many reasons. When I heard the news half an hour ago, I remembered your recent postings, and realised the eclipse is upon us in a day. I wondered what you would say, et voila. Oh dear.

    1. Thank you. I have to say, I did a double take when I heard the news about Hinkley Point and realised that for the second time in history, a nuclear reactor was receiving a green light within days of an eclipse. The truth always comes out about an eclipse, later on, if people do enough digging. It will come out about Hinkley. I hope it happens before January 2019 and that future eclipse.

    1. Thank you. I do astrology, I don’t do politics, but at both stages of Hinkley – the first attempt by George Osborne (who then lost his job) and the second effort by PM Theresa May – the astrological patterns have been dreadful. I will go and look at this Scottish website now, I appreciate your help.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I think your analysis is spot on and I do share Minerva at 4 Libra with China (as well China being my area of expertise over the last thirty five years). I suspect that Hinkley itself may never be built (there are many challenges ahead) but that the real concern may be the Essex part of the deal (the separate nuclear power station/reactor project that China has negotiated as part of the Hinkley deal). This is what the Chinese government sees as the real prize and will have full control of. I wonder if this is what the eclipses were hiding both times. I also thought that the Essex project was the actual reason Theresa May had held up the Hinkley deal when she came to power.
    If I am correct, I predict that the Chinese government will now push for a very quick start on that separate Essex project. You predicted that the UK would be awash with Chinese money in 2017 and 2018: there we are, and there will be more; but there may also be a heavy price to pay for all that Chinese investment. During the G20, China made it very clear that no Hinkley deal meant no future Chinese investment to the UK, and the British Government had little choice but to proceed with the deal (whilst not being able to renege on the Essex nuclear reactor either). Following the Brexit vote, the UK government is desperate for Chinese investment and Britain is small and weak against a force like China, with all its financial might: I always expected the UK to proceed with the deal. This has not only set a worrying precedent of ‘subtle blackmail’ from China (do what we say or we will stop investment), I have real alarm bells when I think about the Essex Nuclear Reactor and 2019 could represent a real reality check for Britain. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

    1. I think I have a Brains Trust on this website which other astrologers would do anything for, so thank you! I am fascinated that China is your area of expertise. I hope you are right and Hinkley will never be built. I hope this horoscope with the 2019 crisis is based on something that will never happen so I can drag it into the rubbish bin and delete it. I also have alarm bells about Essex because of the timing. Yes, I did predict Asian money pouring into the UK after Brexit and this looks like it. However it’s a dire horoscope, for France as well. I keep looking at the Gemini signatures and thinking about the Eurotunnel and the English Channel. Gemini also rules MI6 and MI6. Lord!

  3. Hi Jessica I re-tweeted your Hinkley tweet from yesterday to Theresa May – will they take any notice? Prob not 🙁

    1. Thank you very much. Actually, there are more people at the top of politics with an interest in astrology than you might think! It’s just that none of them can ever publicly acknowledge it. Heaven knows why, it’s common knowledge that everyone from Queen Elizabeth I to Ronald Reagan used it.

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