Revolution! Astrology and Your Money 2018 to 2026

The new world economy is coming as Uranus goes to Taurus in 2018 and will unfold until 2026.

Thanks to Generation Scorpio, an unusually large number of people now in the world, who were born with horoscope factors in that sign (ruling finance) your money, house, apartment or business will transform between 2018 and 2026.

If you have planets, asteroids or other horoscope factors in Taurus and/or Scorpio then your life will be changed by the new money in the most personal way –  and this revolution will unfold from May 15th, 2018 until April 26th, 2026.

We are going to see the end of banks and currency as we know it. Why? Uranus, the planet of rebellion, freedom, liberty, independence, radicalism and revolution, is going through Taurus, once in your lifetime. This triggers both the Taurus and Scorpio factors in your chart. If you have more than three factors in either, you’ll make the revolution happen. Where will it happen? With new technology. Some devices have not even been invented yet.


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From Wired online.


My thoughts on the Euro began with a prediction that Greece would vote NO all the way back in July 2015. The astrology was right. Greece did. Then the nation changed its mind! The Greek horoscope said more, though. It pointed to an eventual Grexit (Greek exit) from the European Union and a Brexit as well (a British exit). Well, as you know, the astrology was right about Brexit. I am going to stand by the prediction that Greece will also go. The Euro is doomed.


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The British pound crash in October 2016  and more wild ‘adjustments’ in 2018 against other currencies, will help a boom in farmers’ markets from May 2018, which become part of everyday life by 2026. Local produce, in season – and most importantly, home-made products like butter, which replace those normally found in the supermarket – will be a huge hit with Generation Virgo, who were born with Uranus and Pluto in the Sixties. They will also be a hit with Generation Scorpio, born with Uranus and Pluto in Scorpio – the new enterpreneurs. The notorious EU stranglehold on food and particularly ‘Elf and Safety’ (Health and Safety) regulations will no longer hold growers and buyers back. Cue the new food economy. Supermarkets look dated.

This will be different to the middle-class, expensive Farmers’ Markets for foodies that we’ve seen in some parts of London. It will be a national return to British vegetables and produce. It’s the new British egg economy. Cheep cheep!


TRUE PREDICTION MONEY 2016 date 11 October UK  600x375 - Revolution! Astrology and Your Money 2018 to 2026



Between these dates, the world will see the greatest economic, business, taxation, banking and financial revolution of the century. It will be digital. It will liberate people from borrowing. I am making this prediction two years into the future, in September 2016, but the astrology is very clear. We are going to see Uranus oppose the Scorpio birth chart factors of billions of people, in these years.


Uranus in Taurus May 15th 2018 to November 6th 2018
Uranus in Taurus March 6th 2019 to July 7th 2025
Uranus in Taurus November 8th 2025 to April 26th 2026


Want to gain? Start thinking ahead of the curve, now. Be ahead of the pack.  Premium members, login below to check your birth chart. If you have Scorpio chart factors, then you are lucky. Jupiter in Scorpio will bring you tremendous answers, benefits, gains, solutions, savings and advantages when he moves through your Eighth House of finance, business and property. This takes place from October 10th, 2017 through November 8th, 2018.

Use the New Moon in Scorpio on October 30th, 2016 and other key Scorpio patterns I will tell you about on this website, to set goals and make plans. Do it consciously. Read the business, economic and financial news. See where the trends are. In October 2017 it begins. 

 If you have Scorpio chart factors then Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and repair work, will conjunct or sit on your personal horoscope patterns from October 2017 through November 2018 and you will make or save a small fortune. If you have Taurus chart factors, he will oppose them in the same period. Even in opposition, though, Jupiter shows you the way forward and the way through. Jupiter benefits you. He makes you and the whole world optimistic. It’s a boom.

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Taurus Vogue - Revolution! Astrology and Your Money 2018 to 2026


Do you have these signs in your personal birth chart signature? You are destined to play a small or big part in the revolution, as Jupiter conjuncts or opposes your Scorpio and/or Taurus placements. Once Uranus also moves in to conjunct or oppose your Taurus and/or Scorpio placements, there is no stopping you.

Uranus enters Taurus on May 15th, 2018. On the same day we have a New Moon in Taurus on May 15th. Allowing for different world time zones, the planet will see the birth of a revolution in banking, currency and the global economy very close to May 15th, 2018 – which will affect the world for years.

Uranus is a symbol of freedom and independence. He is associated with lightning and with electricity. He is associated with electric shocks. What happens around May 15th 2018 is a shock to the system. The banking system. The tax system. The capitalist system. Why? Uranus is in Taurus the sign of the bull.  Since 9000 BC, cows have been a commodity. In astrology, Taurus thus rules money. Uranus will move over 0-1 degrees of Taurus in May 2018 and semi-sextile Chiron moving over 0-1 Aries. May 2018 is a month the global economy will never forget.



If you have a Taurus and/or Scorpio horoscope signature in your chart, particularly if you have a stellium (more than three factors in each sign) then it’s over to you. More than anyone else on the planet you have a fantastic instinct for fundraising, charity, philanthropy, land, houses, apartments, business and the rest. What can you see?  How will global warming affect export? Scorpio is the sign which rules mortgages, legacies and life insurance. How will this change? If you’re in that heavily Taurus/Scorpio group use Comments at the end of this story to exchange predictions. We can come back here in 2018 to see how you did!



At the moment, as I write this in September 2016, one American dollar is worth the following in digital money. You can buy 10 Facebook credits (if you are a Facebook user, or used by Facebook, as some people put it!) You can also use your dollar as the equivalent of 80 Microsoft points. It’s 250 Linden dollars on Second Life.

Do you think all this is just a little bit odd, right now? You have no idea how many e-currencies will arrive from 2018. Taurus rules values (what you will, or will not, sell out for.) Taurus also rules who/what you consider to be priceless. In the future we will have a phenomenal number of currencies to choose from. We’ll set the value. Not Wall Street.


Taurus Art Gallery Victoria 450x600 - Revolution! Astrology and Your Money 2018 to 2026
Taurus at the National Gallery of Victoria (Adams).


If you have a Taurus/Scorpio chart signature I strongly recommend you begin doing your research on the new money, as soon as you can. Wired magazine is one way in. It comments:


“The banks and credit card companies have spent 50 years building a proprietary, locked-down system that handles roughly $2 trillion in credit card transactions and another $1.3 trillion in debit card transactions every year. Until recently, vendors had little choice but to participate in this system, even though — like a medieval toll road — it is long and bumpy and full of intermediaries eager to take their cut.”

How can you see the Uranus in Taurus revolution changing that, and how will you make or save money in future? Astrology is not about an astrologer like me, telling you what’s going to happen to you. It is about owning your Taurus or Scorpio placements, in particular, and reshaping the future, your way, as opportunities emerge. 2018 could be big.


xbxf9pr6lqo 600x427 - Revolution! Astrology and Your Money 2018 to 2026


The best business or charity brainstormers I know have Taurus/Scorpio chart placements. How would you solve the problem of  ‘basket abandonment’ which happens to websites trying to sell us products? I do it all the time. Why? The hassle of remembering passwords or filling in forms. The future belongs to people who fix basket abandonment.

Think about alternative ways to make or save money. How about the online auction? EBay made this famous.  Uber are reviving the ancient concept of bidding with taxi cabs. How about no money at all – just bartering?

What about a restaurant that is run without cash? Lower insurance charges for the restaurant (no theft) and less administration (no queuing at the bank with bags of coins).

There is not one single aspect of money that Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus in 2018 will not alter. What begins with a bang will continue. Pensions. Superannuation. Insurance. Credit Cards. Personal Loans. Currency. Taxation. Investment. Wall Street. Sharemarkets. What’s your prediction?





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251 Responses

  1. Thanks for these predictions Jessica, I find it fascinating! I have the Sun in early degrees of Cap and Pluto early degrees of Virgo so I am very excited to see what Uranus in Taurus brings!! Thanks.

    1. How fascinating to see Uranus trine your Sun and Pluto – the build-up will happen when the Sun goes through Taurus every year, April through May…

  2. Thanks for this, Jessica. Intriguing article and I’m sure disruptive Uranus is going to make himself known in the money markets and our food supplies when he enters Taurus. I just received advertising from Avios this morning and their headline ‘Did you know that salt was used as a currency in Ancient Rome’. How bizarre but you have to love the synchronicity in relation to your predictions in this article 🙂

  3. Really interesting article (again), Jessica. I have said for several years that land and the ability to produce your own food will become vitally important in the future, and I think everyone believes I’m crazy when I say it! I’m lucky as I have a large garden and I already grow quite a few vegetables (an activity I love) and I am very interested in events such as Apples for Eggs, where you can get together with other “micro-producers” and swop your home produce. I suppose it’s because I’m an Aquarian, is it?! I was recently involved in a protest against unnecessary development on agricultural land (which unfortunately we lost, although nothing’s been built as yet) – and one of the points we made was that food security is vitally important, and to build upon prime agricultural land (basically because it was far cheaper than designated industrial land) is an utter crime!

    Love the Ladybird Book illustrations, by the way!

    1. Very cool about your Apples for Eggs. I love the sound of that. I am sorry you lost your land battle. You will win the next one, and the one after that. In fact you have been put on the planet to do just that. You can do it digitally – you don’t even have to leave your home. And one of these very successful people power missions will involve a significant river or part of the ocean.

  4. Further to my last comment, there is a short video by Paul Mason, a highly-respected UK economics journalist, on The Guardian website, which links in with your post and which I think you may find really interesting. It’s about post-neoliberalist-capltalism (!!) and alternative currencies, and gave me a lot of food for thought…

  5. Dear Jessica,
    I have just had a ‘breakthrough’ which is: the decision to put my house in order in 36 mo. pay debt, animate the restaurant I own, resolve my personal life to my satisfaction, write & paint.
    I picked September 19th 2018 as my completion-date. So I looked up the date & there you are.
    Toby Tylor
    b. August 28, 1949
    (moon) Scorpio…..
    so you see…lots of good stuff/love yr site/looking forward to meeting/you too!!!!

  6. Hi Jessica, I am quite impressed with your articles… I want to ask you as proffesional astrologer something that is allways at the back of my mind. My daughter was born 3. 9. 2004. at 6.40 am in Sydney, Australia. When I was trying to read her astral chart trough internet it always says she would have problematic relationship with her mother and possibly her father…though we really have good relationship with our daughter, she is very outgoing, bubly personality… Thanks for your wanderfull articles and Happy New 2016!

  7. The first thing which comes to my mind when I think of Uranus in Taurus is “The Green Party,” Is a Green Party revolution possible between 2018-2025

    1. That is a brilliant piece of insight. Yes – a Green Party revolution is exactly what Uranus in Taurus signifies. It means putting the planet above shopping. We are going to see a major push back against consumerism, supermarkets, shopping malls, online buying and the rest. Thank you.

  8. I’ve just come across your site – as a Brit you can imagine how phenomenal I think your work is at this point, lol! Its great work and absolutely fascinating.

    I’m passing this article on to a friend (we’re both both Taurus NNode and Pluto in Virgo so it couldn’t be more relevant) but I’d love to know your thoughts about what’s next?

    I read an astrologer who wrote that they see both David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn having left the field come the next scheduled election in 2020, and one has already gone.

    Your Christmas 2016 prediction suggests Jeremy Corbyn will still be here come the Queen’s Speech and the current attempt oust him might not work. If he were to go any time soon, we could be in quite a surreal position in the UK because his ‘camp’ is the one that had policies aimed at the poorer parts of the population who commentators seem to think delivered the Brexit result (along with rebellious pensioners) and there isn’t really anyone else who can say the same thing about their policies and be taken seriously because their track record can easily be shown to be the opposite.

    Even more complicating is the fact that a major report on the iraq War is due on July 6, expected to be highly critical of it, and pretty well everyone ob both sides who was in Parliament then and is still there now, voted for it, apart from Corbyn’s camp again. It simply couldn’t be more surreal here at the moment – as though all bets are off.

    1. Cheers, I do appreciate your message. Which astrologer made that forecast about Mr Cameron and Mr Corbyn? That is remarkable work! The report on the Iraq War fascinates me. Mr Blair has Uranus passing through his solar Twelfth House of secrets, classified information and cover-up jobs. I will have a quick look at his natal chart too.

      1. This is the post about Cameron and Corbyn – second last paragraph:

        Just read your reply to another comment about the pound doing well 2017-18. I’ve been feeling to trust this whole process is turning out for good in the end no matter how turbulent and what you’ve said confirms it.

        Also love your comment about Ceres eclipsing Pluto and coming forward as a planet as Pluto got demoted. I love the millennial generation because they have such an inspiring combination of ethical values and technological brilliance – the best of Aquarius and I’m sure/believe there is so much opportunity to create a counter-economy based on that (social networing sites that don’t collaborate with govt and big business on data grabs, environmentally-friendly fashion, biodynamic food production which is working well already in the wine industry) and can’t wait to see it really flower – But the thing I don’t hear about often enough and really feel excited about is the contribution women and ‘feminine’ elements like co-operativism, intuitive creativity, emotional intelligence, can make to refresh the economy, make it better for everyone and feel genuinely new and rich in untried possibilities. Your note about Ceres just spoke to that currently ‘background’ emerging influence. I’ve been a long-time fan of astrology but I’m getting the value of it all over again from reading your site (and I speak as a former trade market sub-editor). So cheers!

        1. This is such an intriguing post for me to read, thank you. You totally get the astrology. You are also reading the future intuitively and accurately – I don’t know if you are aware of the Jupiter in Libra cycle (starts in September) always empowering women in global politics. It is coming. Watch Hillary but also watch 10 Downing Street! The actual Brexit vote was driven by women, I feel, because Ceres is such a strong symbol of the woman who is ‘as mad as hell and just not going to take it any more’ and who forces change. When Ceres conjuncted Uranus in line with Mars, that emotion exploded. My Twitter friend Allison Pearson, the Daily Telegraph columnist, wrote a highly retweeted feature about British women and the part they would play in Brexit. I was fascinated by it.

          1. Oh fabulous. I’ll dig out Allison Pearson’s article, thank you.
            What’s been so fascinating to me is that there are evident underlying currents of change, even without looking ath the astrology which isn’t my gift, that mean any sense of having control is an illusion no matter where you put your vote or how powerful a collective group/sector you are. Brexit was a great example of that – my mind followed its logic and voted but my gut knew that it wouldn’t make a difference, not because votes don’t count, but because there’s deeper change happening that has its own reason and intelligence. (Might explain why one theme afterwards was people not understanding why they voted the way they did and regretting it and others noting that the promises they had voted on were being instantly rowed back on).
            That’s why the connection with Iraq fascinates me. There is an idea – which could be a red herring – that part of the reason for the timing of the coup against Jeremy Corbyn at the moment is that the Iraq report won’t be good and he won’t do enough to discredit it which will remind people that most of the Labour party seniors voted for it as well as the Tory party.
            What makes me wonder if there is something in it consciously or not is that Jeremy Corbyn – much like Russell Brand before him – didn’t set off the underlying change in thinking that they went on to represent – they just went to the front of the train with a microphone, but the train had been on the track for some time: since the Iraq War at least (I’d be tempted to peg its beginning to 1997 – or at least the fresh angle on the themes its revisiting). It seems to more or as much about the millennial/Aquarian values starting to come online than just the impact of global economic change and the prevalence of centre-right poliitics. We’ve had this extraordinary revisiting of themes 60s-70s over the last 10-15 years, with pro-democracy movements, gay rights, feminism, environmentalism, the mind-body-spirit market etc. What I’ve seen is that maybe more important (in the longer term) than a split between millennials and folk in their 50s and 60s, the latter have also been inspiring and mentoring the millennials in that revival, from Larry Bright at Google to Gloria Steinem and Daniel Goleman, and active on the ground in the various campaigning efforts for saving the NHS, for the Green Party, anti-TTIP campaigns etc and Pluto in Virgo folk have been involved too. So your prediction about a revival in the trade union movement fascinates and doesn’t surprise me (in fact John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn are the elders of that movement so their situation is an interessting gauge of where that prediction is in its trajectory. And curiously, Channel 4’s Brexit coverage featured an inteview with one of the women who worked at the Dagenham car factory whose protests led to the 1970 Equal Pay Act which “also paved the way for the UK’s entry to the European Community”. It was part of a group interview to look at what women were feeling. She couldn’t decide which way to vote).
            Generally, polticians and the media have seemed quite some way behind the curve in their understanding of this particular trend, perhaps because its been happening on a long slow burn.
            So Alistair Campbell was in the strange position of having to say that the people who voted Brexit to ‘give the Establishment’ a bloody nose were on the same page as the ones who support Jeremy Corbyn’s policies while maintainining the narrative that he is out of synch with them. So much thinking is being upturned, so much bewilderment happening at every level, and I’d add, so much emotion stirring up in a way that I haven’t seen since the death of Princess Diana: its just a much more complex mix of emotion and much of it is being expressed online. Amazing times.

  9. I am really grateful for your work, Jessica, and the time you have put into replying to comments. Clear, brief, concise – and also compassionate, humane, kind. A very different sense of ‘dispassionate analysis’ to the one I have felt to dominate academia; also, blissfully, one that overturns the despondent ‘there is no alternative’ meme palpable amongst lecturers. (No wonder many of our young display numb cynicism?) I’m nearing the end of an MSc in Climate Change and Policy. Perhaps, to echo one of your earlier correspondents, the “new world economy” is coming regardless of what part academia plays in either erecting barriers to it, or enabling it by removing them.. Yet our agency within the grand scheme is surely important (for want of a better word?) My dissertation aims to encourage academia to do the latter (remove barriers to change), specifically in its teaching of economics. The suffering caused by delay in ‘birthing an economics of solidarity’ would probably be felt most, if only in the ‘shorter’ term, by those least politically or financially powerful. Those currently already on the climate change frontline are non-humans going extinct; and in human populations, the lowest GHG emitters, the lowest consumers; the ‘poor’. Solidarity – connectedness to Life across space (and time..) sounds a lot like embracing the humility and healing which a compassionate understanding of ‘karma’ seems to me to suggest… We have so much to learn from Africa (for example) on community cooperation, let alone relearning the art of living with a fraction of our current ‘footprint’. Your prediction that “At some point, our towns, cities and villages are going to look like Middle Ages marketplaces again” suggests we would do well to start that learning, and asking for their guidance, sooner rather than later: a healing practice (long overdue..) in Humility, that well of sustainable strength..
    Sorry, this is a rather long reflection! it has felt good to share, though, thank you. Meanwhile, any reflection back would be very welcome. My future, like that for us all, is far from clear in the immediate (paying back debts, paying the bills, mutual supporting of family and friends – EU and other! – through the bumps in the ride, ..’keeping the faith’! etc). In friendship, and once again, gratitude for lifting our spirits.

    1. Thank you very much for your thoughts. You are going to see some fascinating developments in 2016 as Ceres moves into Taurus shortly. Ceres is about a deep transformation in the balance of power and of course Taurus the Bull rules gold bullion, bull markets but also the fields and the cattle. The bottom line with Taurus is land and agriculture. Watch the rest of this year as a big hint about what Uranus in Taurus will bring from 2018 – it will start very quickly in May that year, bring some shockwaves but ultimately set people free and possibly nations too. Have a really good look at the part debt plays in the world economy and the whole philosophical/spiritual issue of being indebted to banks. I always think Tom Hodgkinson at The Idler was years ahead of his time when he began writing about this/speaking about it. She who researches the moral and ethical components of debt and lending in a world which should arguably be about financial independence and philanthropy is well ahead of the game in the universities!

  10. Hello Jessica
    Amazed at how you have awaken everyone before time about Brexit. Jessica I am Male
    Born 01-03-1979
    Have online real estate site
    Going through very hard economic Phase
    When will see better days?

    1. Don’t worry. Pisces, you will make or save a fortune starting in a small way in September (things change around you) and on your way by October (fresh start). Do not underestimate the Asian market and its impact on the British economy!

  11. Hi Jessica, I just took a position that pays me less but with more responsibility. I am also more aware of my capacity to make and expend money. Still I struggle with the money slipping from my hands no matter how much I make.

    I appreciate your comments …what is next?

  12. Hi Jessica another great article Im watching this very closely worry about this transformation I try to protect my family in future so I bought some silver coins to help in dark times, my husband think Im crazy and my sons also make fun of me all my family even my parents told me I should relax and not to worry because I have food supply for about 6m. can you please check my chart I have in scorpio Hygeia at 14 , mc at 14, in Taurus ic 14 venus 15 mars 26 Thank you !!!!!

    1. Blimey, food supply for six months – not bad. Read the news, now through 2018, every time the Sun goes through Scorpio (late October to late November) and Taurus (late April to late May). You will be clearly shown what is going on and can anticipate likely changes to come. One really obvious example would be an enquiry into banks. Another one might be the weakness of a particular currency or the signs of the EU snapping under strain. Being savvy helps you find your own way through. Do use the October 2017-April 2018 period to make or save, though.

  13. I have sun in Scorpio and Taurus ascendant. I see lots of changes will happen in education, banking, less consumerism, children empowerment, the euro zone may disintegrate back into independent currencies, changes in real estate

    1. Born with Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio, you have fear around money, property and business and thus set up systems and structures to protect you. You also need to control others through money, possessions and property as with Pluto there it is a form of power for you. From 2018, you will be forced to change the way you operate as you experience transiting Uranus opposite natal Pluto and Saturn. It’s rare and important.

  14. Hi,
    You are getting us ready for future.
    I am a church mouse and nothing will affect me. Can I get away like that? My ascendant in Taurus (8th house) and Juno in 1 degree Scorpio.

    I have Taurus cousin ( 2 May 1988) who has Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Scorpio. Who does not like to work but want to become rich and famous . She would love this. My husband and I are stuck with 9 to 5 jobs but my cousin’ s generation is different. I see a big difference in thinking when it comes to job or career.

    Thank you

    1. Church mouse, too funny! Church mice do very nicely, as you know. Squeak, squeak. Your Taurus cousin has a very similar birthdate to an astrologer I know. He was dreadfully lazy but used to get lucky with financial favours (from his mother and grandmother) and female admirers who would lend him cash, possessions or even their homes. You’ll enjoy Jupiter at 1 Scorpio conjunct your Juno at 1 Scorpio in October 2017. Big commitment or big recommitment, probably with your husband – and you gain or save.

  15. Hi Jessica. With three factors in Scorpio I am interested in how the Jupiter in Scorpio and then Uranus in Taurus will trigger financial resurgence for me. Thanks!

    1. Of all the patterns in your chart, the square from Diana at 5 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, possessions and business and the Moon at 6 Leo in the Fifth House of lovers, babies, children, young adults and youth is the most interesting. What often seems to be an issue about what you own, earn or owe is actually an issue about something else – being a parent, or not. It works the other way, too. You may think you are dealing with something you cannot square, about having children or bypassing them – yet actually, the real story will be about your money, house or apartment. This whole pattern will be triggered when Jupiter moves to 5 Scorpio in November 2017 in quite a useful way. You will gain then, or fix a concern you have.

  16. Hi Jessica… I have only IC in Taurus but in Escorpio I have Fortuna, Phsyce and MC. I have invested some money during Saturn retrograde in Scorpio and you predicted already some recovery. But I am not sure how IC will play a role.

    Many thanks again.


    1. Your IC or Immum Coeli describes your family tree and usually one particular person, going back to your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents’ generation. The sign is often a clue. Did you have a Taurus in the family tree? Sometimes it is not the actual sign of a relative, but the issue described by the sign. Taurus suggests that someone in the family was committed to business, charity fundraising, economics, retail, banking, collecting precious objects and so on. You have inherited that spiritual DNA from this person. As Uranus crosses your IC (some time away) you will be liberated from an old family pattern that has been passed onto you. It is common to physically resemble the family member who was either a) Taurus or b) had major financial, property, charity or business themes in his/her life.

  17. HI! Thanks for this lovely new$. As I mentioned to you previously, I really want to start a fashion/beauty business. And, I know you told me this time frame would be perfect. It’s a risk and a stress, but what do you think? It most likely would be w/my sister. She has a Taurus and Scorpio stellium and has Jupiter in Taurus (13/12/76 Chicago, 2:45am). Any thoughts? Thank you! Xxx

    1. Thank you. Jupiter in Taurus people are a good bet in business or charity fundraising as they tend to have childhoods where somehow, like magic, the money was always there – or they won prizes in competitions – or found two or three part-time jobs. Having that background makes these people relaxed about money and when you are relaxed about it, it’s easier to make it. Even in the worst financial situations I have seen Jupiter in Taurus people be given homes by friends to rent for a pittance and the furniture and other possessions, lent free! Okay – so she is the right person. Your issue is still Mercury Retrograde so please skip that if you are in a hurry. It ends 7th October on the last shadow.

  18. Interesting. I have 4 aspects in Taurus and Neptune is retrograde in Scorpio. What does retrograde mean in this case? Thanks Jessica

    1. Neptune Retrograde in Scorpio is the backwards-floating bubble. You only have issues with it, when you have major outer planet transits to Neptune, so just keep an eye on your chart. If you look back at your life, though, you have entered into rental agreements, or perhaps major property transactions (sale, purchase) only to reverse them later, or find them reversing around you. That is just one example. I mention the house or apartment situation because this is classically where people borrow, and borrowed money is a bubble. It would be useful to get to know your Neptune patterns as Uranus will eventually oppose this position in your chart. Rule one, very common to all Neptune in Scorpio people, is to be a hard-nosed realist about the money and to never forget that bank advertising with dancing puppies and smiling children is a lovely illusion and that when the bubble pops (the credit crunch, which I am sure you will never forget) you have to wake up and realise that it was never actually your money/stuff/home at all…it belonged to bankers! I am sure you know this.

  19. Hello Jessica! Thank you so much for this.
    I’ve got 5 Scorpio factors – including the South Node (which means that I’ve got the North Node in Taurus!!).
    What should I be doing to prepare for the transits? Have you any thoughts on my personal situation as well as how I might find myself involved in this massive transition to a new economy? (Btw, I totally agree with you that there are major changes afoot – as do most sensible economists! There are lots of economists, as you would know, who are saying ‘we are never going back to the ‘good’ old days now’ i.e. those days are over (Pluto in Capricorn finally getting to them?!). If only more of them looked at astrology huh?)

    1. Cheers. You do have a pretty notable pattern across the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Mercury at 18 Scorpio in your Eighth House of money and property – and Bacchus at 18 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career is worth looking at. This is relevant now as Pluto is passing 18 Capricorn, also in your Tenth House of career, in February 2017. You might want to read more about Bacchus (Mercury you no doubt know about) so you are fully updated in a few months’ time. This cycle is commonly associated with mergers, promotions, demotions, sideways moves or departures at work, or in your chosen field. This also applies to university life, unpaid work or (if you are a full time parent) your partner’s job.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    Fascinating article. I’ve been seeing for a while how regions and nations are looking inward and becoming increasingly ‘communal’ in their approach. At some level, i think this is where the economies will head … more insular, focused on national growth, currencies and systems. Building and protecting their own. So a myriad currencies, numerous economies not ruled by the stock exchanges, huge move to digital money to unite growth but at the same time a lot of activism on ground. It feels like a lot is in limbo at present and when it shifts the switch will take all of us by surprise. Very motivated to start reading up on this space. My chart has both scorpio (massive stellium, if that word exists) and taurus stellium. I’m in limbo myself at present so its all intriguing. Thank you for theses articles.

    1. Thank you so much. You have Ceres conjunct Juno at 0-1 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, property, charity, collectors’ items and business. Watch what you learn about your patterns when the Sun crosses 0-1 Scorpio on October 23rd, 24th as you will learn a lot. Read up on Ceres and Juno, too. This is even more important in terms of partnership property (like a marriage and mortgage) or family money (involving a will). Your life can become complicated unless you are hip to what you are doing, and how the patterns work, but here is your chance. Please be aware of the digital money revolution you mention in your comment in 2018 and find out all you can. You will be affected in May 2018.

  21. Hi Jess – you always give me something to look forward to, or to work with. 🙂
    I’m hoping you can shed some light on my financial situation. A revolution must be good for me.
    With Neptune in Scorpio, and quite a few factors in Taurus – and a dire financial situation!! – I need some direction. And hope!
    Thanks, as always.

    1. Thank you very much. Your Mercury at 28 Taurus in the Second House of money was hammered recently. I’m afraid that was the 29 year cycle of Saturn in Scorpio, right opposite your Mercury, and it was really only from August 3rd that you had a chance to break free, because Mars was also Retrograde at 28 Scorpio! The worst is over. The best is yet to come. Use what you discover near 14th November at the Full Moon to take a deep breath, review, rethink and slow down. That Full Moon is on the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart. It’s not a time to act, but it is a good time to ask yourself how the 2012-2016 cycle affected you and where that takes you next. You will enjoy Jupiter in Scorpio from October 2017.

  22. Hello Jessica,
    This article is very inspiring. For my chart on this site, I have four Taurus planets/asteroids in the 2nd house and four Scorpios in the 8th house. I have intuitively felt for a while that the future of employment is self-employment where people create their own little niches in exchange for money. I think the days of relying on others for employment and getting that job will be a thing of the past by 2025. I can see bartering being a big thing too. Everyone is unique and everyone can contribute something to society that will give them a financial return. I believe that schools should teach all students about running their own businesses. Actually, it should be a compulsory subject.
    I am presently completing an online writing course – I need to update my web writing skills and it is giving me lots of ideas for marketing myself. I have synaesthesia (I can taste words) and I want to exploit that somehow. A couple of words taste like chocolate – I’ll do my best to contact a chocolate company. I also want to get back to my art (painting) next year. So I have many of ideas and skills for starting something that will give me financial independence.
    Again thanks for the top article.

    1. You have a whopping Taurus-Scorpio chart signature. You are also peering into the future quite a long way, as the days of ‘relying on others for employment and getting the job’ are definitely numbered from Christmas 2019 into 2020 when we have Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the True South Node all in Capricorn, the sign that rules corporations and companies. You would do very nicely over that period, helping others to understand what you already know – that some old ways of being successful are going to look like dinosaurs by 2020! It’s also very interesting that you can taste the word ‘chocolate’. We associate Taurus with fine and expensive foodstuffs but this is an amazing way of living the sign.

  23. Hi Jess

    Please can you have a look at my chart please lots in Taurus. I too think community will become all the more important, interesting gold prices have gone through the roof so too Bitcoin although my sense is that barter trading will come back, possible global currency reset, changes to superpowers and the introduction of greater transparency. I hope anyway.

    1. You have Venus conjunct Juno at 5 Taurus, exactly, in your Second House of money, precious possessions, houses, apartments, land, charity and business. Venus is about complicated sexual relationships. Juno is about commitment – usually marriage – sometimes a financial partnership. It is interesting that you mention bartering/trading as actually, this is what you tend to do in love. In fact, your love life and your financial life will cross over in a radical way when Uranus moves to 5 Taurus in June 2019. Be aware of paperwork you sign with partners preceding that time and promises made, as you need to have the kind of arrangement which can handle change.

  24. Hi Jessica

    The revolution won’t be televised…it may not even be streamed by 2018 as some new technology may emerge.

    Fintech is a very interesting revolution and yet I suspect it’s all about understanding how the new tech still allows for people to take a cut from your funds (transaction fees; processing fees; currency translation; advice fees for roboadvice).

    There is also the issue of regulatory supervision and how that will change and evolve in response to this evolutionary landscape.

    I have several factors in Taurus and in Scorpio…plus factors in Virgo which will be trining the Taurus factors and sextiling the Scorpio factors. So I am very interested to hear any insights you may be able to offer on this.

    1. With your Mercury-Mars conjunction in Taurus (among a multitude of factors on that Scorpio-Taurus axis) you will be one of the messengers for the revolution. It’s interesting that your thoughts went straight to television versus streaming, or other new communication technology! Salacia at 21 Capricorn trines your Mercury-Mars conjunction so your entire career is set to change in 2019-2020 and it does look as if you will have your hands on a radical new way to fundraise for good causes, manage property, pioneer in business or invent a new way to earn, own or owe. Salacia describes you living in two unreal, real worlds (like the ocean and the seashore) in reference to your career. The trine suggests it would be very easy to lean on your abilities with the worldwide web, multimedia, negotiations and so on. The first signs of change come as Pluto crosses Salacia at 21 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career in March 2018 and immediately trines the conjunction in your Second House of income and salary.

  25. I have been following closely this money situation as I have a small business plus an online business. It’s been a bumpy past few years, people are spending less and more wisely. So the good thing is that you have to reinvent yourself constantly to find ways to sell. I have noticed also, that people don’t carry cash like they used to, they pay very easily with their credit card. I was wondering about the fact that one day cash might not exist and bank cards would replace physical money. What is scary about this idea is that banks would have total control of money and would know about everyone’s day to day buying habits. I find that a bit freaky.
    In France though there is a new system were you can access a “bank card” without a bank. It’s sold in press and tobacco shops. You buy a card and then put whatever money you have on it. Then you can add money whenever you have some. It does not work for credit. This is great for people who have been in dept and cannot access a bank account. Also, you don’t have to pay costly monthly fees! ) Apparently in France more and more people are opting for this type of payement!
    I still don’t know how I can have alternatives to “real money” because our bills and taxes and a lot of expenses have to paid with actual money. I will inform myself more about alternatives in business such as using barter. Thank you for publishing this article, this is very important for me as this is how I make my living ! I’m not a great money specialist, but I do love finding solutions and alternatives !

    1. Past life alert. You have the North Node and South Node on the money axis, ruled by Taurus and Scorpio. No wonder you have so many amazing insights, because you have been through major financial changes on the planet before! You have brought this into your professional choice of having a business, and online business too. Your first thought about lack of privacy with banks is really crucial as until 2025 we are in the Neptune in Pisces cycle when there are no more boundaries, firewalls, barriers or standard privacy protection. It really is George Orwell time. I like the French idea. If you have any more insights please pass them on. I wonder if you have any past life memories?

  26. Amazing insights as always, I have;

    18 N node Taurus
    18 S node Scorpio
    19 Neptune Scorpio
    17 Pluto Virgo
    19 Uranus Virgo
    18 Apollo Cancer
    19 Hygiea Libra

    Anything of note?

    1. Thank you. The Nodes are important because you have had one or many past lives dealing with money, property, charity or business. You also have a close conjunction from Neptune at 19 Scorpio to the True South Node at 18 Scorpio, and of course it is automatically in opposition to the True North Node at 18 Taurus. I suspect you have had a whole lot of bubbles in previous lifetimes, from property bubbles to boom/bust bubbles on the sharemarkets. You will become more aware of stuck-record, repeated patterns in your current life, around cash, houses, apartments, charity or companies, when you have transits there. This is most obvious to you November 5, 6, 10, 11 this year. Remember, remember the Fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot? Maybe you’ll have a flashback! Anyway – further ahead – Jupiter crossing 18, 19 Scorpio is very good news for you, so track your transits in January 2018. As one might expect with money or home, it affects everything, and that is why your chart bounces you around work or body issues, at the same time, and particularly family (Cancer) partners (Libra) and so on.

  27. Hi Jess,
    I have a stellium in Taurus and Scorpio
    I have some properties as investment, which I want to sell some of them for cash, but it is better to let it like that?

    Nep 13 sco
    Diana 9 tau
    Hygeia 16 tau
    Proserpina 29 tau
    Psyche 16 sco
    Panacea 28 sco
    Fortuna 11 tau

    Thank you, rose

    1. Rose, see what your financial advisors say, as I don’t have the charts for your properties and they would be required in a full reading for all the details you want. In general, you will gain through property, business or money as Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in December 2017 and then Psyche just after Christmas and into New Year 2018. From that point forward, though, you need a very clever advisor as in the years ahead we are going to see the kind of revolution I talk about here, which will directly affect you. Have a super-flexible, bendy structure around you.

  28. A great post Jessica, love the comments too! This has been weighing on my mind for some years now – the social and technological shifts that hint of new financial (& power) structures. I have no shortage of ideas for making money but have always had barriers to pursuing them, recent years it has been my health – so I’m not sure if there is anything on the horizon that will help me overcome this?

    I’ll have a go at a prediction. I think that national barriers will disappear as governments lose power. In their place super structures built on digital empires whose currency is the control of the personal data of billions. Nations will be replaced by class systems – the super wealthy whose taste for luxury will be inspired for a desire for bespoke and enduring quality. An ‘other’ class, without steady jobs, freelancing, bartering, or on the land seeking security in subsistence living – they will have to find unique ways to access the land without the means (or opportunity) for ownership.

    Banks are offering negative interest in many countries – when it reaches consumers a cascade of consequences will follow; governments will lose their power and influence with diminished revenues, increased lawlessness (people will hide their cash at home rather than pay the banks to keep their money, an opportunity for the desperate) and banks will just become fortresses for the super rich.

    The instability and insecurity will drive a focus on values; personal, financial, social – which will inspire the technological democratisation of financial and social (and political?) structures for the ‘other’ class.

    It may not all be as it seems – being an ‘other’ may just be more secure…

    1. Thank you. The comments here about the future of money are intriguing, aren’t they? Health is more important. Your Virgo stellium drives the bus in that department in your Sixth House of the body. It may be useful to read more about Virgo and the Sixth House to find out what is actually going on – you can read your own chart best. Your predictions are fascinating. The ‘personal data of billions’ as the new currency is beautifully put and it is an accurate description of Neptune in Pisces, which runs alongside the Uranus in Taurus transit. This is one reason I left Facebook many years ago! You should really take a screen shot of your prediction as I think 2019-2020 will prove you were right. We may well see a lot of Robin Hoods out there too.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    Here is someone who cannot wait for the new revolution in the money/banking fields etc. as I have gone through real horror shows since 2009!! Your predictions are so accurate. You are truly an amazing human being and for what you offer to us all, we are eternally grateful.
    As you have mentioned before I am a super-Taurean as I have the following in my natal chart:

    Sun at 24 degrees Taurus
    Moon at 13 degrees Taurus
    Mercury at 22 degrees Taurus (Retrograde)
    Minerva at 1 degree Taurus
    Vulcano at 1 degree Taurus
    Psyche at 00 degree 23′ Taurus

    And nothing in Scorpio!

    Any timelines you see for me for a better life, in terms of everything? I have been through the wringer for so long now in all aspects of my life. And it has been a very lonely difficult journey so far since before 2009.

    Thank you in advance for your input.

    Juakali (MMS)

    1. That’s a really lavish compliment to see as I put the kettle on and get to work this morning, thank you! Okay, you have enough Libra placements in your chart for me to tell you that you will benefit from a healing, helping process for your heart which puts you in a much better position to find a date or partner. Okay? Whatever needs to be shifted, to start the wheels turning, can shift. You will know what you are being offered or taught the moment you see it. Going back to your Taurus placements – Uranus will slowly conjunct your Taurus stellium from May 2018 for many years to come and your values are going to change. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. All of that! Why the change? The world will change around you. You have a cluster at 0-1 Taurus which is just the start. It will set you free. It will turn your world upside down. It will liberate you. That is worth more than money. Hit Search to read more about Taurus and read more about that sign in your ebooks. It helps to know Taurus inside out.

  30. Hi Jessica, I’m excited to know what my Scorpio and Taurus horoscope factors can bring me.
    I have Scorpio in Saturn, Hygeia, Proserpina and Psyche and Taurus in Chiron, Fortuna and Minerva. Hope you can enlighten me about my money, house and business. Thanks!

    1. You will be affected by the revolution to come from May 2018 but also, bring it about. I will give you an example. Even online, where you pay for goods and services, or could possibly make your money that year, you are going to see radical new start-ups and new technology. If you can imagine how radical Paypal, Stripe, eBay and social media currency would have seemed, back in the year 2000 – you have an idea of how cutting edge the change will be from 2018. With Minerva in particular in your chart (wisdom) you could really gain from doing your research and homework, even as early as Halloween 2016. Watch the world.

  31. Hi Jessica

    As a new member I’m a complete novice at the moment, but read as much as I can on your site and your amazing new book 2020 astrology and its beginning to sink in. Can you give me any insights for my Scorpio/Taurus future to come please.

    Neptune Scorpio 03
    Fortuna Scoprio 28
    Bacchus Scorpio 27
    Psyche Scorpio 18
    NorthNode in Scorpio 01
    Vesta Taurus 21
    Hygeia Taurus 09
    SouthNode Taurus 01

    Thank you

    1. Thank you, I am very glad you like the book and welcome to Premium Membership. You have a past life (perhaps several) in business, charity, finance, trade or property. You are now the fourth person to have these placements on this forum so I am quite fascinated. Maybe you all knew each other on Wall Street in 1929! Anyway – you will gain hugely by saving or making money (or cash in kind, for example, through access to possessions or a property) from October 2017 into 2018. Do all you can before May 2018 to secure your situation as from that point forward it is a wild, wild ride. You will change your corner of the financial world and the financial world will change a corner of your life. In May 2018 itself you will put a price on freedom and a value on independence, do your calculations and see what you are prepared to pay, to do what you like, when you like, when you like. We can discuss more closer to the time. Please watch the financial headlines around Halloween 2016 and take from them what you need. Set goals then.

  32. Jessica, thank you so much for your articles! I have a stellium in Capricorn, Scorpio and 3 planets in Taurus. And I also work in a bank, in a credit cards technology department. Looking forward for 2018!

  33. Hi Jessica, what can you say about this.Thanks
    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Scorpio 11°34′ Ascendant Taurus 10°55′
    Moon Aries 27°25′ II Gemini 10°03′
    Mercury Libra 23°37′ III Cancer 5°33′
    Venus Sagittarius 16°42′ IV Leo 1°06′
    Mars Virgo 26°46′ V Leo 29°56′
    Jupiter Virgo 27°54′ VI Libra 3°59′
    Saturn Aries 20°35′ R VII Scorpio 10°55′
    Uranus Libra 2°08′ VIII Sagittarius 10°03′
    Neptune Scorpio 25°44′ IX Capricorn 5°33′
    Pluto Virgo 24°21′ MidheavenAquarius 1°06′
    Lilith Gemini15°31′ XI Aquarius 29°56′
    Asc node Aries 9°07′ XII Aries 3°59′

    1. You are using a completely different system so I can’t actually read this, and using Lilith is most peculiar, because she was not Roman (and our astrology certainly is). What I can do is see that you are a Scorpio who has Neptune in Scorpio. You will be amazed at how easy it is to borrow money or benefit from offers, linked to loans (air miles, for example) from October 2017 with more to come in 2018. Try to take full advantage by May 2018 and make sure that if there is any debt you can get rid of it quickly. We are going to see a massive bubble with people in their fifties, at that time, and they will feel the same way about it, that I do about the bubbles in a glass of champagne. You can have that champagne feeling too, but you also need to be aware of the instability after May.

  34. Thanks Jessica for another great piece! But how will the youger generations benefit from this Jupiter in scorpio? If this is their first Jupiter return, what will be impacted. Thanks for your insight!

    1. That’s too funny, I literally replied to your question in another part of the website and mentioned the younger generation as being a specific concern of yours! Here you are, asking about them. The children who have their first Jupiter Return in 2017 will be barely aware of it, actually. What they are more sensitive to are questions about religion, nationality and race. These schoolchildren will never forget the real life lessons they are learning at the moment and when they are older, they will change the world as a result of all they are seeing now.

  35. I have a stelium in Scorpio and I think we’re going to go back to using gold as it has real value unlike paper. I heard that in Roman times a Roman could buy a smart toga and sandals with 1 gold coin. In present times we can buy a smart suit and shoes for 1 gold coin. So no inflation in all these years. I have :
    Fortuna in Scorpio
    MC in Taurus
    IC in Scorpio
    Pluto in Scorpio
    Bacchus in Scorpio
    Psyche in Scorpio

    If Fortuna is about how we spin the wheel of fortune for others then that explains why my little girl has a lot of money being given to her but I have to look after it until she’s old enough which means deciding where it goes until then

    1. Thank you very much. Gold does have real value and the Romans would have known what you were talking about. You know what else has real value? Untouched wilderness and protected ecosystems in a climate-changing world! If your little girl has a lot of money coming to her, then yes, you are seeing how Fortuna works in your chart. Beyond that, Psyche is a very important asteroid which reveals what is eternal about you. Beyond your daughter, you seem certain to leave a legacy, perhaps as much about your attitude towards business, property, collectors’ items, philanthropy, charity – as the actual terms of your will. This is such a heavily Scorpio subject to discuss but I find heavily Scorpio people are usually quite interested in the matter. If your birth time is accurate then your entire life path will open up in an amazing way, from October 2017. You can do more, have more and enjoy more then – and it is very much about the money, but also your value system.

  36. Dear Jessica,
    Many thanks for this inspiring article. Since the financial crisis, it is very hard to get a credit from a bank, here in France. I’ve seen people and companies, with very good earnings/revenues, being refused a loan. In a way, the banks are blocking the economic revival. I consider joining a crowdfunding scheme, because I believe in people power. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but after reading your article, I really want to take action as I have a stellium in Scorpio and some Taurus factors. What do you think ? My partner born on 18 Apr. 1975 has also Scorpio factors in her chart. We’d like to invest together.

    1. Thank you. I did not know that it was so hard to get a loan from a bank in France. Okay, you (and your partner) are two people who should be watching the progress of the EU and the Euro very carefully! Have a look at the headlines around Halloween 2016 on that Scorpio New Moon to see which way the wind is blowing. Crowdfunding is a really good example of the way a new economy might work. It is far too early for you to see any big changes yet, but keep updating yourself once Jupiter actually enters Scorpio in about one year from now as you two would gain. You are the third person to have posted who was born with the Nodes on the Taurus/Scorpio axis so I am beginning to wonder if you have not all been through so many past life issues with money (maybe the Wall Street crash of 1929?) that you are going to play your part in the new wave of change to come! After May 2018 it will be a wild ride but we are going to need people to suggest alternatives, perhaps not involving currency at all. If you are curious about the True North Node and True South Node (the Nodes) please hit Search or see your ebooks.

  37. Hi Jessica, here is another person who was born with the Nodes on the Taurus/Scorpio axis (:
    I have also Ceres (Ceres Return?) and Mars in Taurus. I do not consider myself as a person who knows how to “make money.” Is there something in my aspects that could change this?

    1. You definitely all knew each other in a previous existence on Wall Street in 1929 and have stumbled onto this post! The key pattern in your chart is Ceres at 4 Taurus trine Apollo and Fortuna at 4 and 5 Capricorn. You were born powerful, productive and passionate about precious possessions, money, land, houses, apartments, charity or high finance. Each person chooses her own Ceres path. This is where you win and also where you lose. Your life has been very dramatic here, as you have either hit the heights and been Queen of all she earns/owes/possesses or found that the crown is snatched away. Apollo and Fortuna describe your career or university degree, and sometimes your voluntary work. When you pursue your ambitions, you hit the Ceres issues and vice versa. It’s a lifelong pattern. Yes, you can make money. Just be aware that Ceres can take you through spring and summer, but also autumn and winter too. You do need to be aware of this when Uranus moves to 4 Taurus and conjuncts Ceres, setting off the career, university or unpaid work pattern in a wave of radical change you have not seen in your lifetime. This occurs in May-June 2019 so read the paperwork in the preceding years carefully to make sure you can be light on your feet and very flexible with your plans. There will be a significant carve-up or compromise at that point.

  38. A very thought-provoking article, Jessica, thank you.

    I have long been worrying about my savings at the bank, and wondering whether they might simply evaporate one day, due to some global calamity.

    Two of my adult children still live out of a suitcase. One is in Kiev, the other is a books/film events manager and straddles the globe. They are like a sack of fleas. I have offered to help them buy a modest home each, as I’d rather see them benefit than see my money go kaput. They can’t make up their minds as to which continent/country, so the years go by…

    Does this sound like enlightened thinking in view of the changes in currencies? Or should I forget about my restless kids and gradually shift my funds to alternative currencies?

    Your input would be much appreciated. Katharina

    1. You have Chiron at 21 Scorpio and the True South Node at 22 Scorpio, both in the Eighth House which of course rules the property you leave to your children. This is the most important pattern you have, in this area, because as you can see, it hooks into the rest of your chart, so other departments of life too. You and the children all share past lives with each other and now the debts and credits from other lifetimes have come around. I think it would be helpful to understand your patterns around money, business and property so see what enlightens you (or who sheds light for you) when the Sun moves to 21, 22 Scorpio near 13th, 14th November 2016. Yes, you will have Uranus the planet of radical change right opposite those placements in 2024 so you need to be well aware of your long-term plans and how well they can weather the usual Uranian revolutions. First, though, do some digging around that Chiron-Node pattern. You can look a lot of it up here or download 2020 Astrology now to read further.

  39. Hi Jessica,
    How does my chart read regarding money for next few years?
    I want to quit my 9-5 job and start something on my own, may be tution classes for kids, or a school. Both my parent have been teachers and are willing to help me with my venture.

    I am planning to start this sometime between 2018-20. Till then I plan to work with someone who can guide me, and have to take up job that can help me with.

    This will be a compromise as I have to let go if my highly paid job… But its my dream to start on my own.

    What are my chances, any pitfalls?
    My wife is not fully supportive as of now, she has opinion that I might be not ready yet and need some more years before taking up something this magnitude.

    Please advise.


    1. Dear Chetan – Mars, Bacchus, Neptune and the North Node are all in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of your horoscope. No wonder you want to teach. The time is not right yet. Why? Saturn is in Sagittarius. You really don’t want the planet of all that is slow, stuck and serious conjunct your Sagittarius stellium. However, you will be thrilled by superb timing when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius between November 2018 and December 2019. You will catch a new world wave of education then which will involve new technology. As you have the North Node in Sagittarius and South Node in Gemini you have been involved with words, ideas, education, publishing, travel and other cultures in one lifetime – perhaps several. Watch and learn in 2016, 2017 as you will gain so much from seeing others mistakes in the same area. That sounds unfair but you need to know what not to do. You only get one Jupiter cycle (opportunity, growth, exploration, good fortune) every 12 years and this planet rules Sagittarius anyway. You can read more about the future by looking up ‘Jupiter in the Ninth House’ online and find out more about yourself by looking up all these factors in my new book 2020 Astrology, free to download here.

  40. Hi Jessica, I have the Sun at 16 Aries, Ops at 16 Taurus, Juno at 29 Taurus, Cupido at 16 Scorpio and Vulcano at 28 Scorpio. All those 16s seem significant. How do you see the financial revolution affecting me?

    1. Yes, the 16 degree pattern is important. You are the practical problem-solver (Ops) who is optimistic, determined and undeterred by what needs to be done. This helps you a great deal with money, business, retail, charity, property and so on. Cupido at 16 Scorpio is opposite Ops. There is another side of you which falls in love with love – yet also falls in love with the agreements made over the house, apartment, bank account and so on. All this is a big part of who you are, because it aligns with your Sun at 16 Aries. A good way to see how the pattern works is to watch what is lit up/illuminated/exposed when the Sun moves to 16 Scorpio near November 8th, particularly as Saturn is very close by at 15 Sagittarius and Pluto is at 15 Capricorn. What you learn then could help you make or save impressive money, Christmas 2017/New Year 2018 when Jupiter moves to 16 Scorpio and sets the pattern off.

  41. Hey J

    what a reading. Always so interesting and reach in info that isnt available anywhere else.

    Does it mean that getting into Wall Street may not be a good idea or we have a bit of time before it reshapes itself.? will there be a Wall Street as it is so distorted now and doesnt really reflect economical situation? We just decided to invest in our retirement with a help of the broker. I think outside of the box but i am not sure if brokers are. And we bought a house (closing was on August 2nd, 2016). I have sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio.
    I also feel an urge to start again my business, is it a good idea taking into consideration changes of 2018. It is in tourism services.
    In terms of what is coming and how i interpret the current situation. I think money will be around but role of the banks will change to what it used to be , more of depository than investment institutions, those who will not want to follow the trend will go out of business as there will be options for small, community banks (my city is promoting this because we pay so much in interest rates to the commercial banks, that it simply doesnt make sense, loan was taken to build community and convention center). Banks will start closing so the streets will change for better, the best locations for businesses in the cities will be freed again for locals, not banks. I think precious metals will be in desire and alternative currencies (bitcoin), as people realize that paper money is worthless. There will be a scary moment when food will be like money and people will not want money for food, they will want an exchange for something that has non-monetary value and I believe in land , as they say back home “buy land they dont make it anymore”. I think many people will go back to land as a way of living, being in control of food and part of this movement is a trend to know how to make things, things that you can produce yourself. It doesnt mean we go back to the caves we just change/evolve our VALUES.

    1. Thank you. As you have that classic Taurus-Scorpio combination you have an instinct for business and economics. Many people with this combination do! They may not even be particularly good at maths or know what a Bull or Bear market even is – yet their intuition about how to buy, sell, trade and do deals is usually very good. Banks will start closing – you are right. This seems tied into the 2019/2020 Capricorn stellium which is going to deconstruct and reconstruct corporate America, Europe and Asia. I think you are right about land becoming the trade in particular parts of the world – this is a long way into the future but if Neptune in Pisces means flooding then it may well be prime land.

      1. Gee, the subject is very popular. Would you look into my chart to let me know if there is something i should be aware of especially that i made all these financial decisions lately, i mentioned it in the post. Thank you for all your kind answers to people`s posts. They are fascinating to read.

        THANK YOU

          1. Jessica

            i am registered as Premium Member. Please advice. I am not having luck with getting through ( is Mercury still retrograding lol?)

            i was interested to find out if you have done Wall Street chart to check how it will play in 2018 and on.

          2. Thank you, and I am sorry you have been waiting so long to get through. One thing I might mention is that my year-ahead personal astrology readings do guarantee exclusive access, 12 times a year, to a forum using your personal birth chart. I don’t know if you waitlisted for 2017 or even if you are interested, but the 2018 waiting list is open now and we will have a handful of cancellations soon. Okay – Wall Street! Just for you, and because of your patience, I am going to post that chart today and go through all the Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio predictions.

  42. I guess that makes me part of this Scorpio generation as Uranus will oppose natal Uranus of many people born in my generation. I’m looking forward to the currency shifts across the planet. Long overdue. Thanks for the article.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    I have Mercury at 5 degrees Taurus
    Vesta at 27 degrees Taurus
    Hygeia at 2 degrees Taurus
    Minerva at 26 degrees Taurus
    Neptune at 28 degrees Scorpio
    I think that’s how I say it :/
    Are those factors good? It looked like at the beginning of your post it was better to have Scorpio instead of Taurus. I can’t figure it out..
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Neither Taurus nor Scorpio is better in astrology – they are just rather different. Taurus is about the money, precious possessions, house, business or apartment that you create alone. It also reveals where you can be very stubborn about selling or lowering your price. It is this famous ability to dig your heels in, that can end up making you rich. You drive a very hard bargain and are the kind of person who can buy an oil painting at the car boot sale and hang onto it for 50 years, selling it at a huge profit later. The exception to this is the heavily Taurus person who rejects our consumer society to return to self-sufficiency and the land. You could easily do this. Your Scorpio side is more concerned with the financial or property aspects of being in a marriage or serious relationship, in particular. It is also very much about family property, possessions and money and the whole issue of life insurance and legacies – the last will and testament. I hope you are getting a feel for the differences between the signs. Born with Hygiea in Taurus you are very self-protective, cautious and defensive about money, and insure yourself against risk. This approach of yours will need to change radically in 2018 as Uranus enters Taurus at 0 degrees and begins to move slowly towards 1 then 2 Taurus in your Second House. Stay on top of the global and national changes then!

  44. Hi Jessica,

    A great read, you are my go to source for news and politics.

    I have multiple Scorpio and Taurus placements. What are the key areas to watch?

    Best wishes,

    1. Too funny! Thank you (though maybe go to the BBC instead of me). The highest expression of your Scorpio-Taurus patterns is fundraising for a charity or donating your time and energy to philanthropy. You will see why, over the course of your lifetime. You will be an early adopter when it comes to the new, radical ways of banking and doing business which emerge online in the future. You are actually a natural gambler so watch that. You might just get away with it, but even if it’s the humble bingo hall, it’s not a great idea to take risks from May 2018. Most of the change for you happens many years into the future. Your best friend should be a money website. It will repay you with information that keeps you on top of the revolution as it unfolds around you.

  45. I heard on the radio today about Fingerpay where a light will read your finger tip and connect straight to your bank account to make payments. How ET is that?

    I have a stellium in both Taurus and Scorpio – I work in charity fundraising and sometimes grantmaking. My hope is that in 2017/18 more people spend less on stuff and give more money (digital or otherwise) to causes close to their heart or do fun or adventurous things to raise money for them. There are charities out there for every possible cause and they are helping people who are struggling every day as state support deteriorates. It could be you one day……..
    Let’s have more digital philanthropists!

    1. Thank you for the news about Fingerpay – how incredible – perfect example of what we are discussing here. Your Taurus/Scorpio chart signature is ideal for fundraising. In fact you will be part of ‘The New Charity’ which will be with us from Christmas 2017 – if you want to add your voice, expertise and experience. It’s not like anything we’ve seen before…

    1. A Taurus MC means your highest achievement will be fundraising for a charity, over the course of your lifetime. You will be able to do this in a unique and enthralling way from 2018 onwards.

  46. Hi again Jessica,
    Capricorn Sun 27 degrees.32 and Aquarius ascendant 19 degrees, born 18 Jan 1959 London 08.58 am.

    It is so good to learn that we are in for a major transformation. I have always been good with money and then everything went wrong after I invested in buy-to-let properties overseas which when the markets collapsed left me in debt and borrowing money like I have never allowed myself to do before. I am still in a financial mess 10 years on.
    I have a stellium of planets etc in both Taurus and Scorpio:
    Lilith Moon at 6 Taurus
    Moon at 13.20 Taurus
    Mars at 21.22 Taurus
    Cupido at 5.32 Scorpio
    Neptune at 6.51 Scorpio
    Ceres at 16. Scorpio
    and Jupiter at 26.56 Scorpio

    I am guessing I am going to be affected and I would like to get control of my money as soon as possible to pay back what I owe and to move on from the stressful place I’ve been for so long. I’d love my projects to finally start working, to find a partner and to invest in my future with a place of my own. I’d like also to be ahead of the game when the changes come so they can be of great benefit to me.

    Anything you can see there which might give me some optimism? Thanks Terry

    1. Whoaa, you really needed your chart done a long time ago. I am sorry that you invested in buy-to-let properties in foreign countries, and the markets collapsed. For a start, don’t use Lilith – she does not belong in the Roman/Latin family tree of astrology which began with Jupiter, Saturn and the rest. What you also need to know is that it never rains but it pours for you. You know that now. Here is a smart way into the massive new cycles, Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. From the final week of October into the third week of November of any year, watch yourself making cash, property, shopping, charity or business choices and see your patterns. From the final week of April into the third week of May, do the same. What are your typical attitudes, responses, strategies? In those same time frames read the financial media like a hawk. The discoveries you make will save you a lot of money, or make you considerable gains, at your Jupiter Return in Scorpio – not far away.

  47. Hi Jessica, this is a very interesting post. Things can’t go on as they are in Britain as there is a serious housing crisis, with houses that many can’t afford to buy and extortionate rents. It’s all tied up with the finance industry who encouraged Buy to Let loans to landlords, and this took out of the property market a lot of first-time buyer properties and of course this whole mess of a situation impacts on people’s personal finances. I can see a time when the non-property owners will finally rise up and do something to force change, maybe Uranus in Taurus can help this along?
    I’m wondering about how it will affect me personally too, I have Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Minerva in Taurus and Neptune and Juno in Scorpio. I’m currently living rent-free but on a low wage, I would like to get back to better earnings again but my opportunities here are limited and I’m very mindful that my state pension age is not too far away. I’ll need to have a cross-border move to get back to better earning opportunities. Thank you.

    1. When England leaves the European Union, Scotland will vote for independence and we will have a new horoscope for what we used to call the United Kingdom. That is when you are going to see just how much the property market might change. It is also possible that the EU will break up at about the same time. France seems motivated to seek a Frexit and Greece already voted for a Grexit, as you know, then changed her mind. You are a classic example of someone who makes Taurus-Scorpio work for her without money. No rent is one way. Minerva is the goddess of wisdom so tap Minerva in your chart. Your financial, property and business future begins to change from October 2017 and from May 2018 it’s a tidal wave of many years. You can make it work for you but you need to ‘sack’ the usual ideas about credit cards, interest on your savings, government pensions, mortgages and the rest – even for a few months – so you can clear your head and actually see what is going on out there. Once you do that, you will be stunned to find the answer is right under your nose. You will need a good, reliable internet connection and always back up what you do, protect your security and be aware of hacking. You have Mercury to thank for this need for vigilance.

      1. Thanks Jessica, there is some very good advice here! It’s funny that you should mention security and hacking, that is a topic that I am researching at the moment – I’m focusing my efforts on writing just now. I have always survived financially no matter what my level of income is. Thanks for the advice about thinking outside the box, I’ll definitely take that on board.

  48. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you, your articles are always an interesting read.

    I have:

    Uranus 21’Scorpio
    Mars 0′ Scorpio
    Proserpina 4′ Taurus
    Diana 11′ Taurus
    Chiron 18′ Taurus

    On a side note, should I book a holiday for christmas, or as long as I don’t hop on a flight, maybe a cruise instead, I remember you said in the Saturn in Sagittarius article, about staycations being the better option…

    Thank you

    1. You have the classic Scorpio-Taurus signature of philanthropists and intuitive business people, the world over. Are you using it? Watch what happens when the Sun moves to 0 Scorpio near the 23rd of October in any year as you will see exactly how you repeat your old money, property, charity or business patterns – even from childhood. In fact it began when you were a toddler around the age of two, so the issue was toys or food. Further ahead, you will go through the biggest financial changes of your life from May 2018. Download 2020 Vision free to find out why.

  49. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all your insights. I find your work so interesting & useful!

    If you have any take on how this will affect my chart I would greatly appreciate it. As breadwinner with a baby daughter & work that will be greatly affected ( I invest in stock markets) anything you can add I will welcome!

    1. Thank you, that is very kind. You have Chiron at 9 Taurus in the Second House of stock market profits and losses, cash, collectables, property, charity and business – exactly opposite Psyche at 9 Scorpio in the Eighth House of mortgages, life insurance, legacies and all the financial and material stories we link to sex and death. There is a conflict inside you about your own independent wealth and the more complicated arrangements you have with lovers, partners, relatives and so on. Sometimes it can be about a charity project with other women. More usually it is about marriage and mortgage, or family, last will and testament. This inner conflict will not trouble you much except when triggered by transit. It is solved rather nicely, for a time, when Jupiter moves to 9 Scorpio (use your journal, this website or next year’s calendar) and a huge amount opens up for you and is repaired. You will have more issues when Uranus moves to 9 Taurus, which is of course far into the future. July through October 2020 finds this pattern showing and if you invest in stock markets you need to come back and talk to me about 2019 and 2020 closer to the time. It will be revolutionary, dramatic and probably involve corporate or government transformation as we have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in the sign of hierarchical structure, ambition, Prime Ministers, Presidents and CEOs.

      1. Thank you for coming back to me Jessica! I haven’t given much thought to my Chiron positioning before (there is so much to understand with astrology!) but it makes sense with my concerns over my ability to provide for my family & maintain/build on what we have already. If it not too much trouble, with Psyche in Scorpio in my eighth house, will the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio have much impact in this area?

        1. You have Uranus, Diana and Psyche in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, charity and business. More than most people, you need a game plan which can be changed at a moment’s notice, because we associate Uranus with sudden and radical change – and Diana is linked to the need for freedom and space. Psyche describes what lives forever so your legacy (perhaps a house and garden, or collectors’ items) will be passed from generation to generation. Another example might be leaving land to the National Trust in your will. Rather than look many decades into the future, though, let’s look at the present. The biggest favour you can do yourself is to watch late October to late November of any year, and learn from your own money patterns. That is also the time to look at the economic headlines and do some serious homework. You will make or save a lot of money from the end of next year, and by May 2018 it would be good to have some expertise on hand to help you with an adaptable plan.

          1. Thank you Jessica – I appreciate you having taken the time to come back to me in such detail. It is really useful!

  50. Hello Rock Star!
    Awesome article !
    I’m hoping for no leap froggin’ 🙂
    I’m wondering how this plays out for me because j don’t have much in these areas……. But like my bank account – not much :0

    Have a peaceful day

    1. Too funny. I always wanted to be Debbie Harry, but I had the wrong hair colour. And I promise, no leap froggin’ with your question. You do actually have a Taurus/Scorpio IC/MC axis so you are on the planet to learn if you can do what an ancestor did, with a business, property or finance. This member of your family tree may have been married to the job (like grandparents who ran a bakery) or going further back, perhaps a great-grandfather who devoted his life to charity. Once you figure that part out, you will see that you are repeating the family past in this lifetime with little experiments, to see what works or does clearly not work for you. It will be really obvious to you from Halloween 2017 into 2018 and in fact, when you have major choices to make!

  51. Hi Jessica I find this revolution both exhilarating and scary. I love new technology and digital change but then I worry will it affect me adversely. During my working life I have earned good amounts of money but wasted it all. The crash of 2008 was a massive wake up call, I learnt my lessons and since then have been very careful how I save and spend my money. I’m in a decent financial position and at the moment I am looking at how to diversify my investments to provide a passive income to eventually replace work. The only thing that gives a decent return to live on is property – I am devoid of other ideas!! I worry that now having built up my money I’m going to lose it all in a economic crash and I will be destitute in my old age. How will May 2018 and beyond affect me? What do I need to be doing to be prepared? Any advice would be much appreciated.

    1. Please don’t worry about being destitute in your old age! You know how to look after yourself better than most people and all that you learned in 2008 will protect you. I also don’t believe that you are devoid of ideas. You have the crucial Taurus-Scorpio placements on your MC-IC axis. This describes a member of your family tree (or perhaps more than one) whose marriage was also a business, perhaps. You may also have had a major charity mover and shaker in the family. You have inherited that and over the course of your lifetime, you have to test and try various similar set-ups to see if they work for you. A very simple rule for you is to watch the transit of the Sun over Scorpio and Taurus, late October to late November and late April to late May. See what the business, economic and property headlines around the world are telling you. From late 2017 you will gain, slowly and surely. What you should gain most is knowledge, though. The radical future we will all be living in, post 2018, belongs to people who are on the cutting edge of change. It is too far into the future now for you to see it, but there may be hints. The best analogy I can give you, is New Yorkers living in the year 1781 who realised the British had gone and with it, the British taxation system. The United States of America was being born and the smart money and property belong to people who could read the situation day to day, ditch the past and move into the future. That also meant abandoning the slave economy and slavery full stop! This is not too exaggerated. From 2018 your mind will be blown by what is going to happen with banks, taxation, the global economy and the rest but as a good Taurus-Scorpio person with someone in your family tree giving you that DNA, you are in a stronger position than most to be clever. It may be that you don’t even need money. Seriously. It may be something quite different that you trade in or deal with. The trick is to be open-minded, flexible and adaptable.

      1. Thank you so much for such a quick and detailed reply. I’m taking on board all of your advice. I’ve started reading Wired and am closely following the articles of Iain Martin, he was the guy who was trying to discuss the upcoming digital financial revolution on The Politics Show, that I flagged upto you on the 100 predictions blog.Cutting edge technology excites me, I often think I was born 20 years too early!!

        By the way I retweeted your twitter post on Hinkley yesterday to Theresa May!! I’m LoveRed on twitter.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you are well. Thank you for such clear and fun insight. I’m @libraryseedbank on Twitter. I’m very excited about what I read. My Sun, Venus, Mercury, Psyche and MC are in Taurus, Neptune’s in Scorpio, and with an Aquarius moon, looking forward to what Uranus is going bring when he arrives in Taurus right before my birthday with a New Moon! Also, Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn, which is the next stop after Scorpio for this fine fellow.

    I just became a dual citizen with Italy, and I want to go there and study their cooperatives and bring what I learn back to where I live in the States. I have two opportunities here, one to start a food coop, and the second, a producers (tomatoes) coop for my new business. The corporate business models won’t come any further south in my state, and the average food insecurity rate here is 15%. We have a lot of farms, and weather for a three season harvest. We can secure a lot of our food, it just needs a community based model for equitable distribution.

    I also want to document all this, and the first part of that is a blog post for an international food organization. I think you know which one that is based on our recent Tweets, Being an artist, the story I want to tell is important to me. With the placement of Mercury in my chart, does that bode well for me telling this story?

    Thank you and Cheers!

    1. Thank you – I remember putting down some flowers for David Bowie for Library Seedbank in London! You are a super Scorpio type whose work will actually live forever as you have Psyche in that sign. You should certainly tell the story, although it may go through some rewrites and rehearsals, which is fine. The key to everything is Italy. You will be amazed at how much Europe changes in 2019 and the relationship with America is just the beginning. This is where you stand to gain from your citizenship and the developing Italian relationship. As you are the expert on food and farming, not me (I can barely grow a tomato) I think you would be well placed to be on the front line of the climate change to come, but also the incredible new innovations which we’re going to see beyond 2020. Report back and do tell the story, which would actually be very successful, again in 2019 – perhaps via multimedia in translation?

      1. Yes! Thank you for doing that. Gosh, growing up and being gay in the ’70’s, David Bowie was such a beacon of hope telling me I was ok. His music, his persona, and artistry, magnificent. When people talk bad about the internet, this story about how kind and generous you were to offer to do that is a nice counter to what they say.

        Interesting that Italy’s the key here. My grandfather, whose lineage I used to apply for my citizenship, died two years to the day before I was born. He was my paternal grandfather. A Leo, which is my rising sign. He was also a milliner. Millinery was my creative medium for a while. Now, were connected even more since I’m a resident of his home town. I’d love to honor him with this relationship with Italy, innovate in someway with multimediia, etc., and help provide food security for people.

        I expect the story to be rewritten. I live life as a story I write everyday. Considering I’ve been a storytelling milliner, and now a food advocate, plot twits bring magic.
        Thank again for paying respect to David Bowie for me, for your insight, and this community. I look forward to being a part of it.

        1. It is amazing how many people feel liberated by David Bowie even if they never met him and were even just normal fans of his music – he seems to be quite a powerful change merchant and he had/has that ability to make each person feel as if they had a personal connection with him. Bowie made it okay (and always will make it okay) to be different and proud of that difference. It sounds as if your grandfather gave you your Ascendant in Leo. Perhaps you inherited some of his looks along with the flair for millinery. (Leo rules crowns, of course, and we always associate hats with the Royal Family!) That’s a lovely message to read thank you.

  53. It’s so good to see the synchronicities of astrology in action. This is radical, ok, revolutionary stuff that many people have been on to for many, many years. The economic world is changing and the groundswell is building. I am interested to discover how and when the ‘cultural consciousness’ will bring in these changes – this is thrilling stuff – acorns to oak trees with many women doing the planting.
    Personally, I feel privileged to be part of a peaceful putsch and looking for clues as to my part in it.
    Thank you Jessica.

    Followers might like to check out:

  54. Hi Jessica, thank you for all your wonderful and insightful articles over the years, I look forward to reading these each and every week, they are both grounding and thought provoking. I am very excited about your prediction of revolution, long overdue for me, I have felt it for some time. As the after effects of 2008 are still present in our lives I would love to know how this effects my hubby & I, both personally and financially. I have just started a small business, local for the moment then perhaps expand to online, your insights?
    My prediction, I do see a future of people withdrawing back to smaller local communities and groups of people pooling their funds to buy allotments of land and dividing up for housing and food growing, but still maintaining their independence of each other. I know this already happens but I feel this movement will grow. Bartering will then become a natural way of life as before. An ideal anyway. Have a wonderful day.

    1. I appreciate that, thank you very much. I think your prediction, which I’m going to quote here for other people, is spot on – “I do see a future of people withdrawing back to smaller local communities and groups of people pooling their funds to buy allotments of land and dividing up for housing and food growing, but still maintaining their independence of each other. I know this already happens but I feel this movement will grow. Bartering will then become a natural way of life as before.” You are actually predicting the future so far in advance you have gone all the way to 2025 when Pluto (transformation, empowerment) goes into Aquarius (groups, communities). It will be like a cross between Twitter, eBay, Craig’s List, Paypal, Stripe, Meetups and Crowdfunding, but with real land and real people, in the new real world. Moving onto your chart, if you started the business after August 10th wait until after October 7th for it to really show itself. If you started it before, you would still be seeing teething problems as we are only just coming out of the mother of all Saturn and Mars in Scorpio transits. You have a nose for making or saving money and it comes from an ancestor or family member who had his/her own business, worked for a charity or was in economics/finance/property. You can use this to amazing effect starting Halloween 2017 but you will need to adapt to the market almost every single day from 2018 onwards as there is nothing known any more from that point. The more you learn on your feet the better but the real key will be keeping your ear to the ground online and watching real people trends.

  55. Hi, Jessica,

    I’m afraid of future. I don’t know what to expect.
    I have Mercury 17 Scorpio, Neptune 22 Scorpio, True Node 16 Taurus, MC 18 Scorpio.
    Can you give me a hope?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Never be afraid of the future, because it is usually the past repeating itself with a few changes. I expect you are still concerned about money because it isn’t that long since you emerged from the toughest cycle for salary, pay cuts, actually getting paid, bills, taxes and the rest. It was nerve-racking for anyone with a Scorpio/Taurus chart signature. Your Nodes are on that axis so you have actually been through this in past lives – ‘this’ being the age-old questions about money and all it means. It is always interesting for people with your chart combination to give possessions away, or to work for nothing for others (volunteering for a charity, for example). It can be liberating and take away a huge load. Have you tried it? Use the new Sun in Scorpio cycle from the last week of October to the third week of November to watch your patterns around money, property, charity, business, possessions and you will learn a huge amount that makes a wonderful difference to your life from the final quarter of 2017.

  56. Jessica, that is a fantastic article! It’s exciting and a bit scary, not knowing how things will be financially in the world in couple of years time. In another blog you answered that my financial situation will improve with the global economy turning around.How is this revolution going to affect the global economy? I have been thinking of how I can make it work for me. can’t say for sure. My son has 23-11-1992, at 1.50 am(US) birthday, and has 4 Scorpio placements. Are the two of us going to do some property/other business together?
    Your advice is totally appreciated.

    1. Thank you. It’s early days yet and the odd thing about Uranus is that it tends to come out of nowhere, and often seems ahead of its time, when it first appears in a zodiac sign. Uranus in Taurus will bring us people who channel the spirit of the age, from 2018 so watch out for them. They will be like lightning conductors for quite radical, exciting and liberating new ideas about money, banks, taxation, debt and the rest. You and your son have the signature in your charts so you may hear the beat of a different drummer sooner than the rest of us. From May 2018 we are going to see politicians, business people, radicals, rebels and gurus of all kinds trigger something which has been stifled for so long in people – and that is a heartfelt desire to buck the financial system. It’s going to be massive so tune in and make sure your financial advisors at the time are also on top of what is to come.

  57. Hi Jessica –
    Good job on this article. I have few aspects in Scorpio and Taurus.
    Scorpio: 29 Moon, 28 Ceres, 11 ASC, 16 Neptune, 15 Juno
    Taurus: 4 Hygeia, 1 Proserpina, 18 Fortuna, 11 DESC.
    My most two favorite houses have big impacts on my near future.
    What do you think? Thank you

    1. That’s a packed Taurus-Scorpio pattern in your chart. Over the course of your lifetime you will explore different sides of this, from shopaholic to collector – from minimalist to philanthropist. You are finding out who and what you value most and who or what is priceless to you. That is part of the experiment. It is common to see strongly Taurus-Scorpio types be hungry for competitions and prizes when young (something for nothing) and later on in life they can spend a lot of money shopping! Just as commonly, there can be quite remarkable frugality or even a total rejection of consumerism in favour of the simple life – or giving it all away. Commencing in October 2017 and for years afterwards, you are going to get to the very heart of your values. You have Hygiea in Taurus so you protect the future by insuring yourself against risk – yet when Uranus eventually moves into Taurus after 2018, you will need to update your old ideas considerably as it will be a new world and you will need good expertise to tell you where the new ‘safe’ happens to be.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for sharing your insights with us. I’m always amazed about how much time you spend replying so thank you in advance. I am keen to start my own business and I wondered if there is anything you can share about how this might play out for me.

    Peace and love to you.


    1. It’s a pleasure. You have a distinctive chart with a huge number of Cancer and Fourth House horoscope factors. You find yourself, express yourself, challenge yourself (most) and live life to the fullest with family or property. Home town or homeland. Household or family tree. This is the chart of a true patriot who feeds on heritage, history and culture and draws tremendous inspiration from one particular ancestor or family member. None of this is relevant to business, strictly speaking, but it is worth more than any amount of money. You do have an instinct for property, land, real estate, building, accommodation and other Cancerian concerns which of course could serve you very well. With Mars and Saturn in Scorpio you have had a very tough time with all that you own, earn or owe. There is a lot of healing and recovery to be done, which will commence in a small way with the New Moon in October and on a larger scale, with Jupiter in Scorpio from October next year.

  59. Hi Jessica, am another Taurus-Scorpio axis person joining in, do wonder if we were all together in the crash of ’29. Certainly reincarnated geographically close if so – graduated with a degree in finance in 2008 just as Lehman Brothers folded. Sensed Wall St wasn’t for me in this lifetime and opted for farming instead! Taurus true node coming to the fore? Have hopped about career wise since 2008 with many periods of not working, supported by family financially (grateful for the safety net but not always happy or proud to need it), and after coming into some money tried to start up my own biz in 2014 but felt unable to continue and have laid low (Saturn Return in Sag 8th house I think) gathering as much info as I can on astrology! healing (thank you for all your advice on the Jupiter in Virgo cycle, it drove me to finding a healing modality that solved my hip and foot alignment problems). Currently with Jupiter in Libra feel an urge to relocate with my Scorpian partner to where Jupiter AND Fortuna (yay/nay-ish) would move from the 12th to the 8th house. Actually, my dream is the English countryside, but he doesn’t feel like we have enough contacts and therefore safety net there. Perhaps need to follow your advice and stay put in country of origin until Saturn leaves Sag? Scared to say this out loud, don’t EVER want to work per se, just want to have a small patch of land and feed my family lots of nutritious veg like so many above. Can’t seem to stick to anything career oriented though, so I wonder how to use the Uranus in Taurus cycle to create a bit more ahem lasting financial stability and independence from parents.

    1. I am fascinated that you graduated with a degree in finance in 2008, the year Lehman Brothers folded and chose farming! It’s such a Taurus-Scorpio thing to do. I am also very happy that your Jupiter in Virgo cycle alerted you to a solution for your hip and foot problems. Hang onto your dream of the English countryside, with a block of land and self-sufficiency. You have a stellium in Sagittarius, of course, so 2016-2017 is not the time to move anywhere, but when Jupiter (opportunity) goes into Sagittarius from November 2018 into 2019, you will see the British Isles develop her trade to non-EU countries and reshape her place in the world. That will open a lot of new doors. Think laterally then. Sometimes all you have to do is spend a few months in a country on an exchange with others who have similar dreams, based on where you are. The trick is understanding the psyche of the British Isles. We are talking about an ancient place with her own ‘mind’ and she knows what she wants! Tune into that and you will see what you can bring.

  60. My belief is that a crisis will come from our new age problem of: “how do we deal with our aging population?”
    It will probably start in the US where millions of people will soon discover their superannuation has disappeared. As millions of people (the baby boomer generation) retire all at once they will need to start withdrawing their super. Superannuation sits on the share market, so when you have a large percentage of the population all withdrawing at the same time this will bring about a stock market crash, decimating retirees funds. This will reveal the truth of the real level of poverty in the US, similar to what we seen in Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.
    Sorry it sounds so gloomy 🙁
    But I looking forward to a shake up in the banking industry.

    1. You are correct about the ageing population from an astrological viewpoint. Millions born with Neptune in Scorpio (in the 1960s) who are most vulnerable to borrowing large amounts of money to fund houses, apartments and a credit card lifestyle will find that when Uranus in Taurus opposes their Neptune position, bubbles don’t float for very long. If there is one thing that today’s fiftysomethings need to understand, it is the need to keep it real. What you say about superannuation and mass withdrawal of money sitting on the share market is very wise. I’m fascinated. I do think this will be partly behind the shake-up in the baking industry to come which could arrive as early as May 2018.

  61. Good morning Jessica,
    With 29 degree Pisces, i’m looking at ways to make financial and career inroads to prepare for the revolution of 2018. Could you kindly provide some points of focus for me. I’m also intrigued as to what the mysterious ‘secrets’ i’m supposed to hold.
    Thanks and gratitude always,

    1. Thank you. You will have your Jupiter Return in the Eight House of finance, property, charity, possessions and business in 2018 which will give you a stunning opportunity, not possible in 12 years, to fix, expand and improve your situation. One way to start now, is to watch what happens from the final week of October until the third week of November 2016 and see who/what is on offer. The maxim ‘Know Thyself’ is also useful at that time because knowing your own patterns with money and seeing what works/what does not work will help you save or make a small fortune later on. You also have a Pisces stellium. This is typical of people who must keep secrets. Perhaps one or two really big secrets, over the course of their lifetimes. It is common in the charts of people who have family histories with ‘Never to be discussed’ stuck on the files. Beyond that, Pisces stelliums are common in the charts of clairvoyants and mediums. I don’t know if you have discovered this about yourself yet.

      1. So sorry to jump in here – normally have more manners!

        The explanation on a Pisces stellium has now made sense of my chart; I too used to wonder what you meant as I think of myself as such an open person with no secrets.

        Your comment ‘ family histories with ‘Never to be discussed’ stuck on the files’ struck a chord.

        Thank you

      2. dear Jessica, this week’s lenormand card is extraordinary and it reveals more about your answer to me from last week. pls let me share these synchronicities and my profound gratitude at how this all begins to make sense.
        1) i am involved in a theatre production right now
        2) i was a master of a women’s freemason’s lodge, co-freemasonry, which i left due to power struggles and my particular lodge is closing tonight, some 3 years after my departure.
        3) ‘freemasonry’ is all about secrets and i had quite forgotten that!
        4) your comment about my Pisces stellium has become crystal clear and i have a good sense of direction in working with secrets … might you be able to recommend an esoteric development programme?
        5) finally, your comment about making money in a very public way this week is spot on as i will be filming a 100% national commercial this week.
        So Dear Jessica, hat’s off to you for doing what you do!

        One further comment. As I prefer not to print out documents, is there anyway you could make the Astrology Journal a digital diary?

        Thank you, thank you. And I’m glad T got an ah ha from last week as well.
        best always,
        Brenda Addie

        1. Wow. Thank you for telling me all about your life as a Freemason! And you’re also involved with theatre. If you want an esoteric development programme that may be a job for the College of Psychic Studies in London, who taught me mediumship. I have a feeling you would get a lot from finding out more about Pamela Colman Smith (Pixie) and the Golden Dawn. She was involved in theatre and her approach to the Tarot was unique. The Astrological Journal is replaced in 2017 with an Annual Astrological Calendar but I will ask my brilliant designer Janine if we could create a digital diary for 2018. You will certainly be interested in the new Astrology Oracle ebook we are creating for Premium Members in 2017.

  62. Hi Jessica,
    You’re saying that the people with Taurus-Scorpio axis have probably been through the 1929 economic crisis. For several years, I’ve had recurrent dreams about living in NY, with precise images of a particular building and knowing my way when walking on the streets as if I was living there. These dreams are always leaving a strong impression on me when I wake-up. Is there a way to recall our past lives ?

    1. How fascinating. The True North Node and True South Node describe past life experience and memory. Because you also have the Scorpio-Taurus pattern, it is not out of the question that you have lived a life in New York before – especially as so many experienced souls will be needed to steer the world through the post 2018 Wall Street revolution. There are far more experienced experts than me in this field. Have you read the work of Brian Weiss? Thank you.

  63. Hi Jessica,

    I was just musing my way through all the really interesting questions and answers, and of course noting placements similar to mine – just a minefield of information! Anyway, bam! I came across a question from a reader with my exact dob and similar placements – got my attention. My question is – can a different birth time and geographic location (same country different part) make such a difference to a life experience. I’ve always, I thought just but instinct, been conservative in my investments and property investment has both stung (early nineties property crash) and rewarded more recently. So why the big difference in experience if the placements are so similar? True I don’t have a birth time and I understand that can make a difference – but such a big difference?
    Would love your thoughts on this.

    1. The birth time makes all the difference as without it there is no MC (Life calling) IC (Family background and heritage) DC (Partner) and AC (Image) … beyond that, the horoscopes of each person’s relatives, partners, friends, colleagues and even the country they live in, makes a big difference. For you, though, the angles are the missing chunk. This is why I can’t predict Hillary or Bernie for the U.S. Presidency – neither has a birth time for us.

  64. Hi J,

    I too am part of the Taurus MC/ Scorp IC brigade!

    Can you see any sign of this Jupiter return being positive financially for me?
    I feel like it’s my last chance to shore things up – am assuming there will be no marriage to provide a home or any shared security. (And at my age I should have had these basic things under control a long long time ago.)
    So I need to buy a home like now ( in one of the world’s most expensive cities!!) and I know with Uranus involved things CAN change overnight but because I can’t see any sign of improvement I am starting to wonder if they have forgotten about me….are they just planning something lovely and keeping it under their hat a little while longer?

      1. thanks J, logged on but the Jupiter Return seems to have come and gone no changes – no good things happening but bad stuff still coming thick and fast!
        Seriously thought I would be starting to see light in the tunnel by now….

        Is this just a really really long bad patch I am going through or is this standard operating procedure for someone with a really bad chart?

        1. You have Jupiter, the South Node and Uranus in the early degrees of Libra but have not experienced an opportunity to change the relationship you have with a former, current or potential partner? Or gain closure with a conflict? I am absolutely amazed. Have you looked again at what you were offered in terms of lovers and partners, past, present or potential? You don’t have a bad chart. There is no such thing. You do have an extremely important Seventh House pattern which is unfolding as you read this and you need to use it. If you go through October when Mercury also crosses your Libra stellium and there is no milestone conversation, e-mail, letter or piece of paperwork with this woman (or man) then I’m a Dutchman.

          1. hmmmmm well I was offered a one night stand on 10th July.
            Not sure if that counts as anything astrologically – told him if I wasn’t good enough to marry then I’m not good enough to …
            He knows I am awesome (admits it) but obviously not awesome enough to marry. No conflict or arguments, nothing nasty – just really sad for me.
            I guess that’s closure??? (Who can tell with a Gemini??)
            It certainly forced me to take a long hard look at myself and think that the marriage thing is probably just not going to happen.

            So been concentrating on work work work (3 jobs, bugger all sleep) in an endeavour to lock in some financial security before I become too old to work at 3 jobs. Had hopes for Jupiterian assistance but not forthcoming.

            Will monitor October closely. Obviously you aren’t Dutch and I’m fairly certain you aren’t a man.
            Interesting you mention email rather than phone calls because Gem Guy is overseas now and that’s how he would communicate if at all.
            I would ‘gain’ a stepson if anything were to eventuate which is why I got so excited reading the forecasts earlier this year.

            **thanks for your kindness and humour – not just to me, Your replies to everyone are like sitting down for an E-gin & tonic with an old friend who knows us better than we sometimes know ourselves! XXOX

          2. You were offered a one-night stand and told the man it was marriage or nothing. He knows you’re awesome but he still wouldn’t propose. Wow. And he has a stepson, who you would have gained. No, that was not closure. The door is still open if you want it, but you are definitely going to have to look at this extreme option of instant sex versus lifetime commitment. Friendship and dating – the middle way – is there if you want it, now through 2017. Take your time but look at October as the first chance to open that door again, very gently. And try Skype. Thank you for the compliment, I love that you feel it’s like sitting down for a gin and tonic when you come to this website! I will share that with my webmasters.

  65. Hi Jessica,

    I lost my job in 2008 and my regular inflow of money. Since then I have done collaborations with small incomes, just surviving . I have a stellium in Taurus and another one in Scorpio. That´s may indicate a fresh start y the area money/ job?.

    Thank you

    1. I am so sorry you lost your job. Congratulations on surviving. You are a prime candidate for thinking outside the box with money, food, houses, apartments and the basics. You would really gain from watching your patterns/habits/attitudes from the final week of October through third week of November 2016, then take notes. You would also gain from watching and reading what real people are saying about rent, home prices, the cost of living and so on. You will see why it was so smart to take notes, from October next year. When I say think outside the box, I mean, actually get right outside it. The future belongs to people who think on their feet. The plus side for you of all this insecurity is that you have learned to put a greater value even on the small things and while rich people do not even notice a diamond on their wrist, you savour, completely, and utterly enjoy, something as lovely as a bowl of pumpkin soup. You win!

  66. Yes! I absolutely love your article and predictions here…I’ve always, always felt that owning property (for me anyway) has been too much of a driving force that has sponged vital energies from our reserves: and in buckling when I turnes 40 – investing with my sis, I only just last month got out of that loop and out of debt…

    My belief and now prediction is that given this was all happening behind the scenes, up front when I DID earn very well, I lived well and endorsed health as THE primary currency. I always fed my friends top produce and held dinners (very Adeladean/ Euro) and whenever anyone was struggling I let them stay with me rent free. This has come back to serve me when I travel and stay with my co-community and of course family (I still have a house with my sis and she lives there with her 3 boys whom I adore & likewise)… This I believe is how our Woels will function ; global community living. ‘Retreats’ are becoming the norm, really – as we observe the value of healthy lifestyle then the currency of old (working oneself to death) will not be how our children will choose to live. They will value freedom and free shelter … That’s my vision and hope anyway, even though I copped a lot of flack for this belief many years ago 🙂 will it seve me also with these chart factors? Thanks Jessica

    1. Thank you so much. I think there may have been some channelling in what you wrote – not sure if you would agree! Anyway – in common with another reader, you mention global community living. This is far ahead in the future, but you are right – it will come to pass when Pluto enters Aquarius, so from 2025 it’s a reality. You are also talking about a really key issue for people born in the Sixties (who will be seniors when we go into this stage of our lives). Produce, food, diners, health, retreats, lifestyle and the rest are so key for the Pluto/Uranus in Virgo generation. It’s basically those North Coast Australia communes from the 1970’s/1980’s but with the mistakes ironed out – what do you think?

  67. Hi Jessica,

    First, thank you so very much for all your time and thoughtfulness in your replies. This money thing has been worrying me for a while. Funny you mention having Taurus in family line…my Mom was and she was always worried about money. At end of her life I took care of her so she could pass at home and under her preferences. We combined our incomes and were well off.

    For me, I’ve inherited a serious illness from my Virgo Dad (also passed) and live on disability income. Recently downsized selling my house so health had an easier time in a condominium. Very affordable, have fair equity in it from the house. Still i’m worried about this. I’m not a person with options to earn for self. I’m a subscriber so chart details are accessible. Any thoughts you could give to steer me in any way would be appreciated a lot. I’ve also signed up for annual read, think for both 2017 and 18 but don’t think i made it in time for 2017.

    Thanks again for all your insights and excellent articles.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, your Taurus mom in the family line is part of your story. Your Virgo dad is also equally important, of course, as you come from a very earth-sign DNA background. Basically you have Minerva and the North Node in Gemini, the twins, so you are wise (and very past-life experienced) at leading a double life – also known as splitting your priorities into two. The astrology suggests, from May 2018, divide your assets. One half is the stable, permanent, reliable stuff. The other half is the super flexible part of your life. It is like growing pumpkin and having a year’s supply of pumpkin soup, yet also having pumpkin to trade/exchange/give away. That is the best horoscope example I can give. I also have a message about wedding or engagement rings. We have them valued at the jeweller, but the true value is emotional, spiritual and so much more. It is perennial. Anyone who has inherited a Taurus pattern in her chart would understand that as a message about one’s entire life, non? Not everyone understands in this day and age but I think you do. Cheers.

      1. Thank you Jessica. You’re right but i didn’t fully grasp everything about myself until your input here. Been playing with my chart using your asteroid suggestions, different houses, progressions, trying to make sense of this upcoming time.

        Your message about wedding and engagement rings made me laugh. My Mom left hers to me to divide with sisters… gave them all to 1 sibling (male) because they seemed more important to that person. To me, the memories of our parents as individuals and together, mean more. Also gave him nearly everything else. I have 3 small items, that’s it. Minimalist here mostly. Also i’ve never married despite getting very close with one person (a fellow Scorp, foreign too) 3 times approx. Sold the ring years ago.

        I have been worried that this Uranus in Taurus thing would attract someone with money who would be pushing for me to commit. Been single lifelong, did fine with professional career, and now ill…I cannot do that marriage, or even living together commitment thing – it’s soul crushing & unsafe to me. I’m loyal, monogamous, but don’t want to be locked in to anyone or anything. Need freedom for growth and safety. Hope I can hold onto my own life on my own through this upcoming massive change. Trying to plan and prepare now. Thanks again so very much.

    2. Yes agree with all you’ve mentioned…it’s been a challenge to accept the messages and guidance yet this has banged so loudly as the way forward..

      Yes indeed lol – and I’m so not a ‘mubgbean love & light’ hippie; yet these principles that were seen as such back in the 70s will / are emerging as more young people seek my guidance in grounding their life purpose somehow back into an ecological framework (sacral – not just sexual for human procreation but also to populate a new and supportive earthly habitat). Thanks Jessica

  68. Dear Jessica, another hugely interesting article – kudos! With Neptune in Scorpio, Jupiter in Taurus, MC in Taurus and IC in Scorpio in my BC i guess the impact of this money revolution should be quite pronounced in my case? Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you! You have given an exact birth time on the half-hour and it is unusual for that to be the case, so just in case it has been rounded up or down, it might be useful to put the MC and IC to one side until you know for sure. You definitely have the Jupiter in Taurus/Neptune in Scorpio charity signature though and if you have not already been fundraising substantially for a non-profit could easily become involved in that in 2018. Jupiter in Taurus people are always protected, even when there is a recession, as miraculously, what they need comes their way – even if it is friends lending possessions or family members providing free accommodation. At the higher end of Jupiter in Taurus it is possible to tap millions as this placement is classically about having a skill set which is hugely popular or commands a very high price. What Neptune in Scorpio does is remind you that the bank’s money is not yours and that bubble values of property in particular have a tendency to pop. The best way to see all this for yourself is to watch what happens from the final week of October 2016 until the third week of November 2016 because those financial, bank or business headlines then will have a direct impact on the choices facing you in 2018.

  69. Hi Jessica
    Such an amazing article that I keep referring back to it, there is just so much knowledge and wisdom in it!
    As I have many Scorpio factors in my chart, which includes Scorpio and Taurus in my nodes, does this relate to the fact that I have been plagued with financial worries in my life through sickness? I have always had the knowing that if I did have access to money I would intuitively know where to invest it, but always with an altruistic outcome? The sicknesses in our family have taught us true humility and how cooperating together keeps us strong.
    I am also very interested in Wired Magazine after your recommendation! Thank you so much for taking the time to help us in your very special way. Maria

    1. Thank you so much, Maria. Your Sun at 28 Virgo in the Sixth House of the body is exactly conjunct Mars at 28 Virgo in the same place, which is unusual. You obviously have a stellium there. This is really what is driving the story about sickness. You may want to look at food and drink specifically – that could be useful. I am not sure if you have gone down that path before but it is very common to see people whose bodies are strongly affected by the ingredients of the supermarket and fast food age – sometimes more than they realised.

  70. Dear Jessica,

    thank you for your article. I recently discovered your website thanks to your articles about Ceres, and they really helped me (as it is at 23 Aries, with Moon…) to accept “loosing my Proserpina”.
    You truly have a unique take on astrology and I find your work on the baby planets and asteroids absolutely fascinating. I am not finished reading it but your 2020 book is a very generous gift!
    I started reading this article with great attention. I think the personal data becoming a currency is very spot on, and I reckon that when Pluto enters Aquarius, they will become even more so valuable. Living out of the land seems to me like the future, and the value of clean water might, a few years down, add to this as well.
    Since Mars, Aesculapia, Vulcano, Venus, Jupiter, Vesta are in Scorpio; Panacea, Juno and Saturn in Taurus; and the North Node is in Aquarius, I wonder how I can best prepare for the revolution Uranus will bring. Over the past years, I have had to abandon my passion as I couldn’t earn any money out of it, and I am having difficulties earning enough with my day job. Owning a bit of land and starting to live off it would be a dream come true, however, I was told that having both Uranus and Pluto in 4th natally is problematic for home ownership. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your awesome work.

    1. Yes, personal data could easily become the new currency when Pluto goes into Aquarius so data-mining corporations may well find it shuts down the internet! Your Scorpio-Taurus chart signature will show itself as early as November 2016 and May 2017 when you may want to watch financial news reports and see how your own life is affected. Personal research is the best way into the Uranus in Taurus cycle. You will gain when Jupiter conjuncts your Scorpio stellium, particularly as you are having your Jupiter Return there. Flexibility will be the key when Uranus changes signs as there will be new technology which revolutionises the way you earn, save, spend or borrow.

      1. Thank you for your reply, Jessica.
        I also think that Uranus in Taurus might mark the advent of some aesthetics revolution (be it via surgery or through a form of digitalization of the senses), perhaps through some form of de-materialization. I can imagine the notion of femininity going through a major shift, too. The notion of self-worth connected to one’s possessions should see a profound change, too: it might become difficult or even impossible to be both free and financially stable, at once, for some, and a new way of being cool might thus become something like “living on the edge of poverty”…

  71. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article. It is quite fascinating. I have a good amount of factors in both taurus and scorpio including my north and south nodes. Does this mean my life path changes drastically too? Or the event with Uranus triggers greater financial freedom for me?

    The last time a major planet was in Scorpio (Saturn) it was the roughest 3 years of my life. So hoping this news involving Uranus in Taurus fares much better for me.

    Thanks for any insight you provide

    1. Thank you. Yes, Saturn in Scorpio would have delivered the roughest three years of your life. You have now learned all you needed to know about salary, banks and so on. You could learn even more by watching what develops from Halloween until the end of November 2016 and then applying it to the boom you see, in about one year’s time. Knowing your own chart and watching your own patterns is the best way to deal with the revolution in digital currency which is coming.

  72. Hi Jessica,

    Very interesting post. I’ve been feeling a lot of the changes that are coming but haven’t been able to really put words to my thoughts. When I read your posts, they describe a lot of what I’m feeling. A big theme I have felt is the lack of trust in politics, banks, government.. I feel we have been exploited and used for power and have lost our say completely (if we ever had it in my lifetime). How that relates to the future of money.. I feel we need a complete revamp of the systems. I have been feeling a need, personally, to clean up and simplify. I spent the last few years working on a “clean slate” financially- no more debt and no credit cards, no car payment, renting rather than a mortgage, etc. I think I’m worried that any major tie to a bank could be a big problem. So we’re keeping it simple right now. Not sure where to go with our “fresh start” though. I’m not really a “wait and see” type. I’m much more of a planner.

    I have Uranus in Scorpio and my Ascendant.
    I also have Chiron, Vesta, Aesculapia in Taurus.

    Thanks again for a great post!

    1. Thank you. You are describing Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, which has transformed banks and governments (through the Global Financial Crisis). Of course, politicians have also endured one leadership crisis after another in Australia and Britain. Keeping it simple is a good idea with no plastic cards, and having your own revolution is typical of Uranus in Scorpio. You are a classic Taurus-Scorpio type who knows how to fundraise or make money, yet your relationship with money and shopping will go through a series of deep changes over the course of your lifetime. People with this chart signature often end up living very cheaply and simply after having ‘done’ their materialist phase when younger. I heard the word ‘Daniel’ as I reply to your question and I don’t know why. Perhaps it will turn out to be relevant from late 2017 when you begin snapping up your opportunities with the house, apartment or bank.

  73. Hi Jessica, love this post . I am really interested in learning how to read my birth chart but am just starting out. I have just landed a great job after a year of changes (3 different jobs) I am hoping things are now starting to settle down again but after such turmoil I am very wary.
    Can you give me some advice on what my birth chart is telling me ?

    1. Thank you very much. You have a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of work and you just gained from the famous Jupiter in Virgo cycle, which you obviously used very well. It will not be until 7th October that you find out what you need to know about work, as there are some unknowns in the mix. From that point forward, however, one way or another you can draw a line under everything and move forward. The more effort and energy you put in before 10th August the better off you will be. This is catch-up time.

  74. This article greatly concerns me. I have Taurus stellium and scorpio Pluto opposing them. Am I going to suffer or gain form this cycle? How can I prepare for this? Please give me some weather forecast. Big Thanks !

    1. Actually you don’t have any Pluto oppositions in your chart. You do have a Taurus-Scorpio signature. It is important that you understand your own patterns with money, some of which you have inherited from a parent or grandparent. It is very common to dislike money or not be interested in making it. It is also very common to have a blind spot about money so one borrows without actually understanding what that means in real terms. The biggest favour you can do for yourself is to watch the choices which come up for you from late October into late November and ask yourself if you are repeating an old habit or attitude. You then need to be honest about what this does for you – or does not do for you. You can see in all these famous Jupiter in Scorpio examples from history that some people gained and some people lost. The people who gained were those who knew all about the cycle and were carefully reading the news stories about Prime Ministers, Presidents, taxation, government benefits, currency values and so on. You should be looking at this within weeks. It is never too early. From the final quarter of 2017 you will realise that the story began now and from 2018 you will be ahead of the game. Watch currency in particular and the digital banking industry.

  75. I’m loving reading this post (and your other’s) and people’s comments – wow you are amazing the way your reply with such care and attention to detail!

    Re money I seem to have always moved from being good with it to being hopeless with it. The last few years has been a struggle TBH – I am self employed (healer and artist) living in the country, growing my own veg, making my own cosmetics and creams etc (and for years have felt that this is the way that everything is going, well eventually) … I always have enough, but sometimes only just enough, and seem to always recently be on the ‘stress line’ with it and am now finding it too much. If I am reading it right this may have something to do with the Venus Saturn Conjunction in Taurus 10th House in my chart (I’m a premium member so I think you can see it?). I would be interested to hear what you have to say with regards to my money situation coming up – surely it has to improve soon!!? … thanking you in advance for any insight you may have 🙂

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like this post – I think we have nearly 200 people now in the ‘hive mind’ or Brains Trust, as they used to call it in the 1940’s. Shared information and insights can be incredibly helpful. So you are a self-employed healer, artist and also making your own cosmetics and creams. That immediately makes me think you have a strong Taurus signature in your chart, so let me look. Yes – you have a stellium including the Moon, Venus and Saturn. You have only been hopeless with money recently because the world was hopeless with it as well. Things changed, seriously and quite stressfully, when Saturn himself went into Scorpio 2012-2015 and you bore the brunt of a stuck world economy. Also known as the Credit Crunch or Global Financial Crisis. The hangover cure is coming at the end of October. Watch what real people are doing about money! Read the BBC news on Sweden and the Netherlands. See the way people are adjusting and adapting. Sometimes it just takes new information or inspiration to get you thinking differently. You need to think extremely differently from May 2018 and the more knowledge and information you have, the better off you will be. You are also a classic example of a heavily Taurus woman who has to put a price on the things that money cannot buy. Freedom. Integrity. Independence. Use your journal (out 1st October) to really crunch late October and November for yourself in terms of ideas about this and make some breakthroughs that will help you.

  76. Hi Jessica, loved this article! I have ceres, psyche and fortuna in scorpio but nothing in taurus, how can I best prepare for the next few years? I don’t have any property but I’m thinking maybe I should sell my bank shares?

    1. Thank you. I can’t comment without seeing your birth chart. If you have a Scorpio stellium the best bet is to watch your own habitual patterns/responses as the Sun conjuncts that over late October/late November. At the same time you are going to see useful news headlines which show you which way the wind is blowing from late 2017. It will be a different financial world for everyone from that point because of this rare Scorpio-Taurus transit by Jupiter and Uranus.

  77. What is one only has one factor of Scorpio in Neptune at 13 degrees? many on here have a robust Scorpio full house? great post and thank you

    1. Neptune in Scorpio means you play your small one-woman part in the banking bubbles (of course you do – bankers need your interest payments on credit cards, mortgages and loans). At the same time, Neptune in Scorpio means the big banks also play their part in your life too. Neptune can often distract, confuse and almost hypnotise people into accepting what is not real – as very real! So you have grown up in the Sixties and Seventies banking background changes when borrowing money became normal and living with possessions (clothes) or in homes (apartments) that were not paid for also became normal. The truth about Jupiter in Scorpio from 2017 is that by the time he conjuncts your Neptune, the whole world will be in a happy bubble. The trick with this cycle is to take full advantage of the champagne moment and then get real almost immediately. One example of this would be the old days of tricking credit card companies by using 30 days of free spending to do what one wished – then repaying the lot, just before deadline. There will be many, many more by the time this unusual cycle comes around. If you can hang onto ‘unreal’ but keep it real you will have the best of both worlds.

  78. Hello Jessica, another brilliant article, I really enjoy it!

    As a libra with Stelliums in Scorpio and Taurus, Could you pls tell me what kind of financial future lies ahead for me? And how should I best prepared for it?thanks!

    1. I am sure you can see what is happening with pound sterling at the moment, and the record-breaking graphs in the British sharemarket, zig-zagging high and low. This is all taking place in October, the month that the Sun enters Scorpio. This is also the month that you will see the US economy responding very strongly to developments with the race for the White House. Again, this is a Scorpio story. Ceres is in Taurus for a short time in October, and this is also behind the global trends – which become local and personal in your own chart. Your financial future starts now, actually, with that New Moon just before Halloween in October 2016 as you will see (through November 2016) the way the wind is blowing. You do not have to be a Wall Street financier in order to read the world economies correctly and the more flexible you are, the more adaptable you are, the better informed you are, the better off you will be from October 2017 and the better able to ride the waves of change which are coming from 2018 onwards.

      1. Jessica,

        Can you reply to me, as well?

        I would appreciate it if you could tell me anything about my health and money. What does my astrology chart tell you?

        I am a premium member…

        Thank you in advance!

        1. You have a stellium in Taurus (health is another discussion) and so your life will be a statement about how you see money – and what you do with it. If your birth time is accurate you could easily make a fortune for a good cause. The cycle you enter after May 2018 will radically change the way you see your finances, house, apartment, possessions or business interests at the moment. In fact, by 2020 you will be moving further and further away from the old value system. Distancing yourself from your own past is part of it. So is the total rejection of systems, set-ups and organisations that you begin to see as dated, or no longer relevant. All this is rather a long way into the future but as you have recently had Ceres passing through Taurus you would have been seeing the first signs of the changes to come. Ceres is on the way out now but she will be back next year, also in Taurus, then from May 2018 a long, slow revolution begins. You will ultimately have to decide what freedom and independence are worth to you. It would be a very good idea to have a flexible arrangement which is adaptable – as once Uranus goes into Taurus the whole planet will be shifting, economically.

  79. I think you are spot on Jessica. The extreme crash that the banks don’t want us to know about is coming very soon, and economists like Max Keiser are predicting that in order to survive (if they survive) the banks will stop us withdrawing cash by putting limits on cash machines. A new world order is definitely coming, and may very well be as described in this book which talks very much along the lines that you have been seeing

  80. Today in The Times, Saturday November 12th, page 56. Business page. Trump, Tariffs and a stark lesson from history (headline), next to Need to Know., Top of this coloumn is: Farmers to lose direct subsidies. Hello, Jessica. Now that is astrology in motion. Regards

  81. I am loving the green prediction. I am a staunch environmental supporter, and minimal processed food consumer. Looking forward to the next decade with delight.

    Looks like Uranus has sent feelers out already. The demonetisation drive in my country has shaken the entire economy, and will impact everything, property prices may go down by perhaps twenty percent according to some. I am about to buy a residential flat but with the current scenario, am not sure.

    I have Taurus factors, so please advise.

    1. You are one of the green Taureans who will actually take on a new role post 2018 and there may be a part-time or full-time role for you with the biggest push for the Greens we’ve seen in decades. Yes, Uranus is already settling in on this Supermoon Full Moon in Taurus-Scorpio right now. It is amazing how the cycles of time which begin from May 2018 begin with ripples now. Your choice about the flat is yours alone but keep watching property prices as the changes are not finished yet and you may find you can do even better. The place you’re in or the kind of home you are in from the second half of 2017, into 2018 will take you back to the past in some way – there’s a clue.

  82. Thanks Jessica,I have the Sun in Taurus at 1 degree…Scorpio is on my ascendant.Saturn is currently transiting my 1st house soon to be in my 2nd house… I am currently in an ongoing learning curve regarding how to make the most of an inheritance I received in 2007,while not compromising my values…slow growth dividend stocks in commodities etc….just bought my first home @ 55 years old..The themes of ‘what do I really value and care about in my world and outer global community?’ are coming up in a big way for me…Where do I want to commit some resource to help with integrity for the greatest good?…hmmmm

  83. Hi Jessica,
    I have Taurus and Scorpio as follows in my chart. Could you please tell me what kind of financial/career future lies ahead for me? Thanks you!

    Sun in Taurus
    Ascendant in Scorpio
    Mercury in Taurus
    Uranus in Scorpio
    House VII in Taurus

    Chiron Taurus 14°12′
    Ceres Taurus 24°46′
    Pallas Aries 10°38′
    Juno Leo 5°21′
    Vesta Gemini 16°15′
    Fortune Virgo 14°44′
    South node Aquarius 25°19′

    1. Scrap Pallas for a start, because she is Greek, not Roman. This is a confusing chart for me to read, but in general, if you have Chiron and Ceres in Taurus, then you will be part of the banking and currency revolution that begins in 2018 and takes you past 2020, when banks and corporations go through crisis and transform. You will be part of a new world economy, perhaps working in a field which is on the cutting edge of this (like Bitcoin) but also living the life, exactly – we are going to see some incredible new inventions and innovations. Forget Euros, pounds and dollars, life beyond 2020 is unimaginable now.

  84. Hi Jessica,
    I am looking at investing in a real estate partnership opportunity with a Cancer partner that came up in October. I have been involved in the business for many years. My Uranus, Juno, Fortuna and Bacchus are in Scorpio with Chiron and Vulcano in Taurus. How will this transit affect me?

    1. Perfect timing for your Cancerian partner, now through October 2017. From the end of 2017 through 2018 perfect timing for you! My only concern is Mercury Retrograde in December 2017, January 2018 as the process may go back and forth, hit delays or reversals along the way. If you can do this any time you may want to hang onto the vision/dream but treat the next eight weeks as a process not a destination. Yet – the astrology is on your side.

  85. I read this a while ago but I’m glad it popped up again! Need to ask for your thoughts on my Taurus/Scorpio factors, should I be looking to invent the app Farmers Tinder?

    1. Farmers’ Tinder sounds right for the times. In general, what seems to be ahead from 2018 to 2026 is the planet forcing us all to grow local, eat local and stop churning up the ozone layer. It does seem that climate change will also have a huge impact on industry (well, they were warned!) Because digital has less environmental impact you are going to see the big sisters and big brothers of Paypal, Stripe, eBay, and particularly Gum Tree and crowdsourcing – grow up. Make sure you’re down with that when it happens!

  86. Hi Jessica! I’ve Sun in Taurus (18 degrees), Jupiter in Scorpio (3 degrees), Chiron in Taurus (22 degrees), and Ceres in Scorpio (19 degrees). I work in the nonprofit sector and with government, though I’ve taken a sabbatical to do a PhD. I’ve been working on bringing financial and banking inclusion to low income women for the last few years, and I know digital finances will be huge going forward, so you’re spot on!! From 2019 onward, I’ll be done with my PhD and getting back to the job market. I’m apprehensive about being able to earn well and have a strong career in the nonprofit sector but that’s my vocation. Would that be a good time to find a job or would my Taurus and Scorpio oppose each other and I should think alternate careers?? Thanks for helping me future plan!!

    1. Thank you for the feedback about digital currency. You’re in a very good position to surf the waves of change which are coming. You will start on the crest of a wave in the final quarter of 2017 as Jupiter returns to Scorpio (your Jupiter Return). Over the course of several years, particularly in 2019, 2020 when big business and governments transform, you will find yourself at the heart of the most radical changes in banking, fundraising, crowdsourcing, exchange, digital currency and the rest. Subscribe to all the websites which are on the cutting edge and become your own best expert, but also seek out sound financial advice, particularly in 2018, as it really will be choppy water – yet you can still ride the wave.

  87. These are really interesting times, I’m a Cancer with a school asc Scorpio at 6 deg. It’s been a really rough Saturn return financially and otherwise. Relationship and money, slowly moving out of the fog. Are 2017/2018 going to be better?

    1. I have no idea what a school ascendant is! But if you tell me you have the Sun in Cancer I can tell you that you need until at least the end of January 2017 to sort out the relationship with a former or current partner. Keep talking as the talking points will change. Financially, the big shift is the Nodes into Leo/Aquarius in 2017. An old money or property theme from 1999, 2000 will be back in your life.

  88. I am so sorry about this Louise. You want to be independent and not have to work for anyone and own your own home. You have Jupiter in Virgo (work) so should be able to do this, yet you are still going to have to serve others. Virgo rules service, duty and the daily routine. You should be able to find your own way of doing this, being your own boss, yet still putting others first. A typical example would be working as a virtual assistant using a website like to gather work. Make a list of your skills and abilities. Make a list of the hours you want to work (maybe you’d rather work weekends or nights and have weekdays off). Then start the search. Jupiter is natural blessing and good fortune and he will always protect you. You will not be on state help for long, not if you don’t want to be. If you see a skill that is constantly in demand online and you don’t have it, go get it. You will be stunned at what you can learn, free of charge. Again – this is all online – so it need not cost you.

  89. Hi Jessica

    Hi Jessic…I came across this fascinating article. I work in a nonprofit sector…I also have a huge mortgage which will no doubt be with me into my 70s…Could you take a look at my chart..I have Neptune in Scorpio, Taurus in Vesta and Apollo in will this the revolution affect me?

    Many thanks


    1. Actually your mortgage may change shape quite dramatically with Neptune at 0 Scorpio as there will be a tremendous opportunity to make or save money from October 2017, then from May 2018 the most unexpected changes will occur, which could easily mean a rewrite of your situation. Neptune in Scorpio is what you will feel most, from the final quarter of next year, through 2018. Loans, credit cards, mortgages and lay-bys are all good examples of standard financial practise which is set to revolutionise. You could gain from this but you will need very good advice so stay on top of the financial news headlines and seek people with real expertise.

  90. Hi Jessica, Thank you for sharing all this wonderful knowledge. I recently mapped out my stelliums using the chart from your website and was truly amazed at the insights. My dominant stelliums are in Sag, Scorpio, Libra. The rest of the factors are equally divided between Leo, Cap, Aqua, Gemini and Virgo. I have had a lot of Sag people in my life as best friends, other people’s lovers, family etc while growing up. I am beginning to process them differently with Saturn in Sag. To me success is always about travel because of my Sag; but also has to be kept a secret because of my Scorp stellium. How would you recommend I balance my approach to money, success and opportunity? I also feel the need to be removed from others a lot which they process as a weakness. Also, started a new business this year and hope to meet a romantic partner next year. Your advice has great value and impact on my growth. Thank you so much, Sanam

    1. I am pleased you have found your true horoscope. The stelliums are the key to everything, Sanam. I can’t see your birth chart so I can’t comment on the questions you are asking, but if you have a Scorpio and Sagittarius stellium, you will make or save money from October 2017 and from October 2018, you will make your travel plans with an amazing journey probably in 2019.

  91. I was wondering how Uranus in Taurus will effect my Jupiter at 1 degree of Leo, and my Chiron at 5 degrees of Taurus. I am kind of dreading Uranus in Taurus because it will make hard aspects to most of my planets. Sun, Mercury, Mars Pallas, Ceres, and Vesta all in Aquarius. Moon in Leo and Uranus in Scorpio. It’s not a great combination, and my childhood was destroyed because of Pluto in Scorpio, and I don’t want that kind of ugliness popping up again.

    1. You could drop using Pallas from that list as she’s Greek and does not work with the Latin/Roman family tree of astrology (try using Minerva instead). Uranus will square your Jupiter in the Fifth House and eventually conjunct your Chiron in the Second House. Dread nothing! Basically you are about to discover what you have to gain, and what you have to give, where children and Millennials are concerned. It will happen in quite an unusual way. You may be asked to teach younger people, out of the blue. You may become a godparent, or fall in love with someone who has children from a previous marriage. The more striking change you will experience comes after this, as Uranus conjuncts Chiron. When it comes to money, houses, apartments, possessions, charity, business – you are a maverick. You always have been, always will be. I suspect you are going to call a revolution or maybe join one. It will involve the new wave of banking/bartering/trading we’re going to see from May 2018.

  92. These things have been in the news recently and seem to tie in perfectly with your themes disruption and revolution.
    1. Elimination of jobs by technology (Uranus?). Not just low-level unskilled jobs but jobs in the professions such as medicine and law. The confluence of AIs/algorithms and robotics is unprecedented: these things will be able to service, design/improve and replicate themselves. AIs/algorithms will create systems so complex that no human mind will be able to fully comprehend them. The two together can work with ruthless efficiency, 24/7. Some jobs that don’t exist now will be created, but this will only be a sliver of the number of jobs lost. Even now, when manufacturers return to the developed world, they use a lot of robots and much fewer people ( Only a select few people will have jobs as robots and/or AIs/algorithms will be able to do the work faster and cheaper.

    2. Universal basic income (Taurus?) ( ). Finland introduced a 2-year trial on 1 January. The idea is not necessarily new but hasn’t been seriously considered until now, with the possibility of almost universal unemployment on the horizon. The idea is that every person is given a sum of money per year, no conditions attached, regardless of their levels of wealth or any income earned, because eventually almost no one will have a paying job.

    Of course, there is a lot of opposition to this idea as it goes against the deeply ingrained belief that people need to work for their own wellbeing, not just for income. As unemployment increases, most governments will respond by simply tightening the screws on the unemployed. Change won’t come easily but when so many people becoming unemployed, including the well-educated used to earning a good income, governments will be forced to respond with new initiatives, not just more of the same.

    More of the same is clearly what people do NOT want!

    Brave new world coming … but, Jessica, until the AIs develop psychic abilities and a winning personality, your job will be safe 🙂

    PS Am in a holding pattern here, unable to move forward until the wretched house is sold, plus dealing with interpersonal conflict/incompatibility at home and a very uncertain future. Any words of advice or encouragement?

    1. Thank you for that feedback – Finland may be two years ahead of their time here. I have had a look at your chart and I am sure you are in a holding pattern, but you will see it shift in the final days of January. Sometimes you are held up with a change because your soul needs weeks (even months) to absorb the full, huge impact of what it’s going to mean for you – especially in terms of your new home and lifestyle. Wheels will turn more easily once Mercury is out of shadow as January draws to a close. You will ultimately end up in a position to travel/explore/adventure more easily in 2017 so trust the future – it’s worth it. I am sure personal issues are also there, but you are now beyond the halfway mark of this tough cycle and it does get easier as the year goes on. In the meantime, remember you don’t have to take every choice on the board. Sometimes it’s easier to walk away, or modify the choice so it’s less heavy and demanding!

  93. Jessica

    I have still not mapped my stelliums, but I have Jupiter in Taurus. Moon , Neptune and Juno in Scorpio how would this impact me financially . I have huge mortgages that I used to buy real estate but the economy here in the US has not been what we hoped in the last 10 years. I have held on to the real estate but that has taken a toll on me financially as well as with my relationships. I have just started a new business and was hoping to get it set by 2018. Any advise you can give me would be much appreciated. Thank you and god bless you.


    1. Jupiter at 26 Taurus is pretty good news in your chart, as the planet of solutions, growth, opportunities, improvement and expansion is set to cross your Second House/Eighth House axis from October 2017. By 2018 you will have seen one or more chances to eliminate a concern you have, or (classically) snap up a bargain, or just permanently add to your income. Get good advice, though, as further afield we are going to see extreme change and you need to be up to date with that.

  94. I Have Scorpio 25 degrees 59’54” Venus
    25 degrees 34’11” Neptune
    04 degrees 05’42” Juno
    26 degrees 59’34” MC
    21 degrees 02’47” Apollo
    10 degrees 18’28” Psyche

    And Taurus
    26 degrees 59’34” IC

    Can you give me any insight on how this will affect me.
    We are looking to buy a new home in the next year or two and have been saving money more.

    1. Good timing with the money saving! No need to hurry unless you must, because once Jupiter enters Scorpio in October 2017 a whole new world of possibility will emerge, in terms of home prices and also your available finance. There will be the chance for a commitment as early as the final quarter of 2017 as Jupiter crosses Juno. Your general financial and property expansion continues into 2018 but you MUST be aware of the wild and crazy ride ahead for world currency from May 2018.

  95. I’m pretty thrilled to read this, as I have Scorpio chart factors. Historically I’ve also had great financial luck in the spring and early summer, which seems related to my Taurus/Scorpio axis (maybe my ascendant, too). I’ve definitely got some ideas of my own and am motivated to do the work to make the most of these transits; would also love to receive a bit of your intuitive guidance on my chart factors for this time period. Thanks!

    1. Actually, it’s your Leo stellium I’m looking at. Nothing to do with money. The Node is moving through Leo in 2017, 2018 so karma is here to clear up with the world of babies, children or younger people. This may go back years, or even into previous lifetimes. You have one moment of truth on the eclipse in February and from May 2017, there will be major flashbacks, deja vu and karmic closure to achieve.

      1. This is odd, Jessica. I never had my own children, though I do have stepchildren. I didn’t raise my stepkids, as I didn’t meet their father until they were adults. I don’t have any children in my daily environment with whom I interact at the moment, and my life in general, actually, has been oddly devoid of children. I’m really a bit puzzled by this, but will keep my eyes open for a situation that may develop. Thanks!

          1. Ah. My stepdaughters, then, I think it will be. One is chronically ill, and one is in trouble with the law. The one in trouble with the law has two small children, and the children are not in the best environment. Either situation has the potential to place a heavy burden on both my heart and my daily routines. I will be aware, and thank you again.

  96. Hi Jessica

    I truly love your work – another fantastic and insightful article. I’d really appreciate your advice, I am a sun Gemini (so frequently cringing now whenever I hear Trump referenced as a Gemini) with Taurus factors:

    24 Mercury
    00 Venus
    00 Mars
    04 Chiron

    Scorpio at:
    08 Venus
    17 Juno
    10 Fortuna

    It’s been an interesting time with property (never will I buy a house with a member of the family again!) but I sincerely love my job – I work in the charity sector (Moon in Aquarius) but I’d be very grateful for a steer or guidance on what I should be looking out for from a financial perspective.

    Many thanks!

    1. Too funny about your fellow Gemini, Monsieur Trump. Basically the final quarter of this year moves everything forward with your money, house, charity or apartment, with some incredible solutions and offers on the table by Christmas. From there you move into 2018, which will begin to alter almost everything you know about the old system you had. I am sure you can see why the seeds of the future are being sown now as the Dow has just hit an all-time high and clearly the world will have new trade agreements, post Brexit. The big waves will create oceanic currents of change which will trickle down to you. You can make and save a small fortune from October, yet you also need to be completely up to speed with what is to come, as it will alter the way you gather donations and raise funds. Look at tax as well. Chat to your accountant!

      1. Jessica – so very helpful – thanks so much for your reply and will keep this in the forefront of my mind!

  97. Good morning Jessica from across The Pond.
    First, please allow me to thank you for the astrology book suggestions. They arrived by post two days ago, and I’ve been reading like a mad woman. Good stuff!

    So…I have a mish-mash soup of Scorpio Factors:
    00 Vulcan 07′
    02 MC 52′
    03 Venus 32′
    05 Aesculapia 54′
    13 Diana 24′
    17 Neptune 51′
    17 Mars 55′

    Add to this a dash of Leo/Aquarius factors for good measure”
    17 Minerva 50′ (Leo)
    01Juno 12′ (Aquarius)

    Now I am looking at this soup and thinking it looks like a big ole hot mess.
    I am hoping that you can tell me that although this soup looks unpalatable, it might actually be a surprising culinary delight.

    Please Jessica, can you take your spoon, stir this up and tell me what you think?


    1. Thank you Tara. I’m glad those astrology books are useful for you. This is a huge stellium in Scorpio in the Eight House which rules sexually intimate agreements over money, houses, apartments and possessions (marriage is typical) and also deadly serious arrangements, like a mortgage or will. A great deal of who you are, and how you live your life, is expressed through this. It is as common in the charts of people who inherit family money, as it is in the charts of people who work in insurance. Venus shows you the sexual relationships. The MC explains why handling power, money, sex and the realities of death is your highest achievement. Diana shows you why you can’t buy freedom and independence. Mars shows you your ‘fight’ and Neptune shows you why borrowing money is a great teacher! When Jupiter moves across this Scorpio stellium from October you will gain, saving or making money (or cash in kind).

  98. Hi Jessica – reposting as this seemed to get lost in the cracks:
    Hi Jessica – I’ve been reading the comments here and they are fascinating. I can’t quite see how this will impact me with my Scorpio placements though. Mars 9 Scorpio, Neptune 17 Scorpio, Diana 8 Scorpio and Aesculapia 01 Scorpio. I’m a bit worried about Aesculapia which revives and beings back from the brink……lol…..any ideas? Thanks 🙂

    1. Uranus in opposition to your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House is about national and global currency and banking changes (radical) which have an impact on your pension/superannuation, your savings, debts, house or apartment investment and so on. It unfolds in a phase of tremendous gain for you, as you either save or make money, or cash in kind. Yet – you do need to be on top of what is actually going on out there, when it happens.

  99. Hi Jessica,

    This article is amazing and while reading it, you really gave me a tour to the future 🙂
    I am very curious to know how Uranus in Taurus will affect me, as I have some chart factors both in Taurus and Scorpio.
    Sun 15° Scorpio 56′ 58″ Uranus 20° Scorpio 58′ 20″ IC 29° Scorpio 39′ 08″
    Chiron 11° Taurus 17′ 36″ R Vesta 09° Taurus 04′ 35″ R MC 29° Taurus 39′ 08″

    I am so looking forward for your insights,
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Teuta. Uranus in Taurus moves very slowly over a number of years, but starting in the second half of 2018, continuing beyond 2020, you will experience – first of all – Uranus conjunct your Chiron, then ultimately Uranus opposition Uranus. In general, this will change your value system. The way you thought about money, business, charity, possessions and property before this cycle will be remarkably different to the way you feel about it, as the new decade rolls on. It would be better for you to have an extremely flexible position, so that you are able to adapt and change, as the world changes around you. If you are able to adjust quickly to radically changing conditions with banks, economies, the property market and so on, you will be in a much stronger position. If your birth time is accurate then your IC and MC are Taurus/Scorpio so in fact, your whole life path is about discovering what money means to you. One of the reasons for that, is that a leaf on a branch of your family tree was very caught up with charity, business, finance or economics and you have inherited that need to figure these issues out. You will. In fact it will be a revolution.

  100. Hi Jessica. As always I enjoyed this article. Thankyou. I have a friend who has a considerable amount of money invested in Hong Kong which is converted to American dollars. He receives Interest on this annually which he lives on. This is tied up for another 5years after which he can withdraw the principle. I’m curious to know what you think regarding US dollar and banking in Hong Kong over this huge change coming with banks and finance? How do you see the security of this? Thankyou in advance. Cheers

    1. Thank you. It’s hard to say too much about your friend without seeing his chart, but I personally would not want to be locked down and tied down, with such an arrangement when Uranus goes through Taurus.

  101. What I see with Uranus in Taurus is that estate sales will be ‘hot’ and I see astrology being used to plan and conduct them! The future of construction and carpentry will radically change during this time and more homeowners will be involved in building their homes (sweat equity) in order to avoid not having a mortgage. They will be debt free right from the very start if things are appropriately planned. I see a radical change in grocery store chains (e.g. Trader Joe’s type), in which food is imported via local community farms. Anyone with Taurean influence in their chart will be involved in the growth of food and I see it being grown in mass green houses. Only in-season produce will be grown using astrology however there will be an explosion of vertical farming due to our poor soil and weather conditions. Because of these factors we will unfortunately witness global starvation. The key here is self-sustaining communities with populations of 70,000 to 100,000, no more-no less. Population control is an absolute must!

    1. Thank you. This is fascinating, though obviously we all hope we’ll skip the last part of your prediction. In the most obvious way, I guess a lot of this will be about cattle and land taken up by cattle – Taurus the Bull.

  102. Hi Jess, very interesting reading. I followed some of your topics and do believe too that e-currencies will be very important. How important for you is 2017, as your focus seems to be on 2018 mainly. I noticed in horoscope of Trump there are conflicts with to be expected with possibly the federal reserve. Maybe this has something to do with accountability and use of hard currency. Any idea if having some precious metals could be wise move, or is that too old Economy? Ciao, Alex

    1. Thanks Alex. Unfortunately there are two conflicting birth times for the President and even with both of those, the horoscopes don’t work – various media have been tracking the muddled releases of his birth data for some years. As for world economies…once Uranus moves into Taurus from May 2018 you’ll soon know what is precious and what is not!

  103. Wondering how Uranus in Taurus will affect me – quite worried actually as Uranus transits are always fraught with unpleasant surprises & unexpected events for me. I have Chiron at 5 degrees Taurus in 4th house, & I’m Uranus in Scorpio generation, so Uranus is in my 10th house at 21 degrees. I’ll be having Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus in mid 2018 and then transit Uranus opp Uranus. Transit Pluto just conjucted my natal Venus in the 12th House – have read some scary stuff about this transit. I’ve been through many power struggles since Pluto entered Capricorn, over inheritance/wills, joint funds & property with relatives and my health is morbid with no luck with doctors at the moment, in short – life is as shit as it can be with no light at the end of a long & dark tunnel. The last time Jupiter met my natal Uranus in 2006, my grandfather passed away. Would really appreciate your insight into my chart & tips of dealing with these transits. I’m having sleepless nights in dread of Uranus in Taurus I will get a proper reading from you, when I can afford it. Birth details: 22-02-1979 at 4.35am, Kisumu, Kenya Many thanks, Jessica!

    1. Uranus transits are not unpleasant and in fact can liberate people from being chained to situations which have held them back. You’re also using a completely different house system to me, so Chiron at 5 Taurus is in your Second House. You will certainly experience a major financial, property or business change when Jupiter at 5 Scorpio opposes Chiron (and you will benefit) and this will make it easier to revolutionise your whole approach to money when Uranus moves to 5 Taurus later on. It sounds as if the family inheritance is at the core of this, but please remember Jupiter is the problem solver and Uranus is the liberator. I am sorry about your health. Sleepless nights are not necessary. I strongly recommend distant healing for you; there are many gifted Reiki masters on YouTube offering their services free of charge. I have seen for myself that distant or absent healing can help, alongside conventional medical treatment.

  104. Thanks so much for the response Jessica – really appreciate the insight & will definitely do the Reiki – I know Reiki myself but don’t do it that often. Which house system did you use? Am learning astrology so it would help to know. Many thanks!!!

    1. I’m glad you know Reiki – I had amazing results with a Reiki distance healer called Lourdes on YouTube the other day when I was fending off a cold in Ireland. And house systems…well, try Natural House System, also known as Aries 0 Ascendant. It might just change your life.

  105. Will definitely do the Reiki – I learnt Reiki when I was 18. I am able to see aura’s & the energy field since a very young age. Always thought it was pretty normal and everyone can see them. I will check out that house system too. Cheers!

  106. Hi jessica, I was wondering if you could look at my chart and tell me if 2017/18 is the year that I will finally manage to purchase property. With my Uranus in Scorpio, will this period work for or against me? Many thanks in advance!

    1. In both chart systems I use for you, the answer is – your best chances in 12 years to purchase a home begin slowly and in a small but encouraging way from October 2017 and by 2019 you should be pretty happy with the outcome.

  107. I have Taurus..

    mars 0 52
    venus 0 55
    chiron 4 06
    mercury 24 26
    and Scorpio

    Uranus 8 19
    Juno 17 07

    I live in Greece…and these years are difficult..any idea what may come ?I m gemini ,leo ascedant…
    Thanks in advance..

    1. Just be aware of the potential for delays, standstills, reversals and changes with your money, house, apartment, business, possessions – now through the final week of May 2017 – the short term. Of course, the situation with Greece herself may contribute (currency, economy, debt). I am sorry about the wider situation in your beautiful country but for you personally, Uranus in Taurus (from May 2018) either in Greece or in another part of the world you are going to personally play a part in the biggest financial revolution we have seen in decades. It will begin very quickly for you as Uranus at 0 Taurus conjuncts your Venus and Mars at 0 Taurus. The key – put a price on being free.

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