What Does Jupiter Mean In Astrology?

During each Jupiter cycle you will be offered big answers, remedies and dazzling breakthroughs - involving people, places, plans and possibilities which make one department of your life seem bigger and better.

During each Jupiter cycle you will be offered big answers, remedies and dazzling breakthroughs – involving people, places, plans and possibilities which make one department of your life seem bigger and better. Which department? Well, there are two. One involves your public life. The one other people know about. The other involves your personal life. The one only you, your family, your best friend and/or lover know about.

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76 Responses

  1. Hi, am I the only one who has noticed that there are no archives? I can’t read yesterday’s or tomorrow’s horoscopes or any of the archives because they all come up as the current day/week/page. Mercury retrograde glitch I suppose but its frustrating. I read today’s horoscope late last night but when I go back into today’s today, its different and I can’t read Sunday’s (even tho it is up on the top of the page) because it is the same as today’s. Or today is the same as sunday is what I suspect.

    In short, the most recent horoscope put up is the ONLY horoscope available to read. So I suppose because Sunday is now up, I’ve missed Saturday’s, never to be seen again.

    Thought you might like to be aware of this?

  2. Hi Sheila, we see the problem. Thanks for setting us know. We have made a couple of quick changes and the archives should be displaying properly now.

  3. Hi Jessica…I am intrigued with this Jupiter article as I will have some direct aspects DOB 10.01.40 11.45pm Blantyre Malawi. I wonder what you think of this. I so enjoy your articles. Thanks Patricia

        1. Jupiter in Virgo will trine your Sun in Capricorn as he passes through your chart, August 2015 through August 2016. The warm glow of recognition for the work you do should make a wonderful difference.

  4. Hi Jessica, I’m a bit confuse.
    Have a sun in Aquarius, Moon in Sagitarius, ascendant in Libra.
    I read the horoscope for Libra, but Jupiter will be in Virgo, my 12house .,and in the eight house.for Aquarius..Will be nice if that cycle of Jupiter in Aquarius applies to me,
    Cheers Tita.

  5. I’m heading into the cycle of Jupiter in the 12th house and Jupiter was also in Pisces when I was born. Does this in a way double the effect of Jupiter in this house? I’m holding onto a hidden/forbidden/unreciprocated love. Could this cycle be the one for this love to turn into a reality? The love in question is about to have Jupiter go into their 5th house.

    1. You would need a lot more going on, in both horoscopes, to know for sure. You might want to use The Astrology Oracle if you are in love with someone who already has a partner – who does not know you feel that way.

  6. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for this interesting article.
    Since I heard you say in Melbourne that Jupiter in Virgo brought us ‘The Pill’. I wondered about if one new drug might be something for Alzheimer’s disease as the mind/memory is Mercury. Today there is a radical breakthrough in a drug that seems to slow this form of Dementia,but the study is still under way.
    Exciting times.

    1. Thanks so much Linda. The new Alzheimer’s drug does look like a winner, because it arrived on the procession of heavenly bodies into Virgo, just ahead of Jupiter in Virgo (the big one) from 11th August. Good call on Virgo and Mercury rulership too – and the mind.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I have been following your articles and horoscope section for last few months. I am a cusp , 20th Jan, and check out both cap and aqu ..
    I plan to emigrate to Aus soon, in fact 15th Aug is my first entry…
    I am amazed, you are so accurate , do you also do personal charts?
    I need to check on my job perspectives, applied to many firms, hardly got any response :-(…

    1. I’m glad the website has been useful for you. I will pass that on to my webmasters James and Justin here. The most important thing for you is to find out your Sun Sign! Please enter your time, place and date of birth into the free chart service at because you must find out if you are either a Capricorn or an Aquarius before you do anything else. I do personal charts for premium members, but I have a year-long waiting list at the moment. Thank you.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you very much for the article.

    Just want to understand a little bit more, I am Sag (sun) Aquarius (Rising) and Leo (Moon).

    How should I interpret your article above? It has been very tough time since Oct 2012 financially and job front and understanding your article might help to prepare upcoming months and years.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Thank you. You will see at least one job opportunity (and probably more) by the end of August and you must take it. If this is not a completely new job it will be a project or role within your existing career which works very well for you and gives you more to do, and more to achieve. Sometimes there is unpaid work which is extremely good for your C.V. which can turn up at this time. I will leave it to you to make that choice. The steady rise in your career prospects for 12 months helps your finances, of course, as you become more valuable to employers or you have more value in your chosen field. I am sure you have been through a very tough time since 2012 financially but this is not your fault. It is a very difficult world economy but we are all slowly going to come out of this, from September, and by Christmas it will be a memory. By this stage things will already feel and look very much better for you. In your case the money issues have taught you about power and control. The trick is to find your willpower and ruthlessly self-discipline yourself with money to completely control yourself. When you do this you find you are powerful and that is something money cannot buy and never will.

  9. Hi Jessica
    Love your site and how you portray the horoscopes. I was born 23 February 1965, Yorkshire England in the morning my mother cannot remember exact time had such a tough time for soo long marriage spilt younger brother died and financial problems but I keep going I have transformed but inside still struggling to know my life’s purpose and at the moment love someone who is unavailable to me but has come forward saying has feelings but we have not met up properly for many years so lots of intense feelings and fear currently consuming me and also at same time excitement that things are in my hands and my life can be better. Your articles really help me but unsure of my life direction

    1. Thank you very much. With this person, or quite another, you will find the growth, meaning and emotional repair you need, starting this week, and really becoming obvious to you by the end of August. If this is not the right person then another will come along within 12 months. Explore the idea that two heads are better than one over the next 12 months and see what two can do, not just in your personal life, but through work, voluntary work, unpaid work as well. You are a Sixties baby who will be catapulted into the most incredible opportunities and new beginnings through your particular skills and abilities, within 12 months. The role, project or position will give you tremendous control, real power and a fresh start. Take it.

  10. Hi Jessica, I’m feeling a bit confused about houses. From your description of the equal house system it seems that everyone’s first house is Aries. But in this article you mention Virgo being your sixth house if you are an Aries person (presumably sun in Aries?). Please could you explain?

    1. Yes, everybody’s First House is ruled by Aries in the Natural House system. I work with two techniques, and use the Natural House system for the private individual, and the Sun Sign House system for the public person. You’re reading the public chart version. They both work. The first shows the real background story, the second shows what’s obvious – the headlines of your life. If you’re a Sun Aries then you will have Jupiter in Virgo in the Sixth House of your personal chart but also in the Sixth House of your public chart. Double whammy of opportunity, public and private, where work is concerned.

  11. Hi Jessica, what an informative article! With Jupiter moving into Libra, if you are a Libra/Scorpio cusper (as I am, born Oct 23), will I benefit from Jupiter being in Libra? Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you. Before you do anything else, go to or and use your time, place and date of birth to figure out your true Sun Sign as there is no such thing as a cusp! You can also become a Premium Member here and your chart will download immediately and show you.

    1. You have your MC or Midheaven in Libra in the Tenth House using the Natural House system. If you were really born right on 2.45am then you will find your true life calling or vocation – your soul mission – through a partnership over the next 13 months and the spotlight will fall on the other person concerned, between September 23rd and October 22nd.

  12. Dear Jessica, this a gazillionth time I’m trying to post a comment, it’s me against the machine. Or should I say, me against Mercury retrograde? Let’s see who wins… Loved your Venus GtG Guide, amazing stuff! I have two Qs, that I hope you can help me with. First, Jupiter is transiting my 5th house (I’m a 16 degree Taurus, Apollo at 15 Taurus). Beginning of August, I got an amazing job offer with a child safety-related business abroad. I was ecstatic! The woman who was pushing my application was from my country, I had no idea, and she really wanted to help. On Sept 1 eclipse, I hear that the job had gone to someone else and the person signed on the eclipse! I keep telling myself that this job was perhaps not meant for me, and that the one I really need is on its way to me. But it’s hard to remain optimistic, after spending more than a year unemployed, pls enlighten me! Secondly, I have natal Jupiter in Libra at 5, but Venus at 7, Ceres at 8 and Diana at 24 all in Aries. Briefly, can you let me know how the upcoming Jupiter transit may influence dorks like me? Oh, having read your book I realised that the reason I chose to be educated and trained in couples therapy may have been that natal Jupiter in Libra… Hmm, food for thought. Many thanks and apologies for bothering you with a loooong question… xx

    1. Too funny. Thank you for waiting. And I will pass that kind comment onto my friend Susannah and the rest of the team at Get The Gloss in London. You have not logged on, so I cannot see your birth chart unfortunately.

  13. Hi Jessica

    Lovely Jupiter – hope I have the good sense to recognise when he comes knocking! Moves into Libra (relationships) on my first wedding anniversary – that’s nice – and into my 10th of career. Yeah!

    Can I ask about home? I know the issues with Uranus and my fourth house and not moving on until April/May next year (much weeping and wailing I can tell) and to focus elsewhere. Trying to with ongoing study / professional certification and cv relaunch in prep for Sept. But, my husband being a Cancerian has Jupiter going into his fourth so surely that will help with home matters? He has Neptune 12 Libra and Bacchus 25 Libra. He also has a few in Sagittarius (9th travel?): Chiron 3, Vesta 14, Salacia 28, Aesculapia 29.

    Would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

    Many thanks

    1. It’s lovely that you have a Jupiter transit on your wedding anniversary. Yes, your Cancerian husband will help you with the house or apartment. You will see a turning point with the property, or perhaps your home town and homeland, very close to 1st October. When Jupiter squares his Sun in Cancer you will also see a real moment (useful, too) around property, village, town, country and so on.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I always appreciate your insights!

    What could I Expect from Jupiter in the twelfth House in Terms of my Love life and work!

    In Terms of the Second one, is there any Chance to move, change Jobs ?

    I am Sun Scorpio/ Cancer Rising / Moon in Aries as you will See in my Membership Profile! DOB 04.11.1976

    Thank you


    1. Thank you. Jupiter will transit your Seventh House which describes the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partner. You have a stellium in Libra so you express your personality and define your identity through your partnerships. You also do this through your enemies, rivals or opponents. Born with the IC at 00 Libra (if your birth time is precise) you will experience the classic opportunities and solutions around this, within days. As Jupiter moves across Pluto, Fortuna, Apollo and finally Juno (commitment) right up until October 2017 you would be very tempted to commit more deeply or commit for the first time. Your job is another issue, separate to this thread. Remember, I am talking about your personal chart here. It shows your private self. Your public self, or outer self, is shown by your solar chart, which you can look up here. You have Jupiter in your Twelfth House and it has nothing to do with work and everything to do with your secret self.

  15. Can I just confirm this , I am a Taurus so sun is in my first house and my 12th house is in Aries. Jupiter is in Capricorn which is in my 9th house of travel @ 2degree but retrograde Rx. How does having Jupiter retrograde affect me then given your comments above – less travel or problems with travel? I have been travelling around various places overseas for work in education (I am a trainer) and leisure for a number of years. Are you saying there will be even more travel???

    1. You have the Sun in Taurus in your Second House, which rules money, values, houses, apartments, collectors’ items, business and charity. I am talking about your personal birth chart here. In your solar chart, which is the public side of yourself (not the private) you are going through an intense cycle of life-changing travel which began in 2008 and does not stop until 2024. I think you would get a lot from the new book 2020 Astrology which is free to download and tells you how to read your chart correctly.

  16. Would now be a good time for me to invest into stock options that I believe will “take off” and make me a lot of money? I feel like I should do this BEFORE sept 10, when jupiter leaves virgo, my 8th house, and moves into libra my 9th house. Or is it better to wait until it changes signs?

    1. You should do whatever you and your financial advisors think is right. In astrology, finance is ruled by Taurus and Scorpio, not by Virgo or Libra. In fact, Jupiter is transiting your Sixth House at the moment, not your Eighth House, using the Natural House system. Jupiter leads your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House so you were born lucky when it comes to money, houses, apartments, possessions and charity. You will actually experience your most lucrative year when you have your Jupiter Return in Scorpio which begins in the final quarter of 2017 into 2018. Looking further ahead in time, you need to know that Uranus enters Taurus (the global economy, currency, the sharemarket, taxation) from 2018 and revolutionary and radical changes are coming. They will affect you directly. Hit Search to read more.

  17. Hi Jessica, beyond fabulous and open to it all. I’ve also posted on Vesta and Ceres and felt like the invisible woman. Comments I’ve posted didn’t show under my member comments so Mercury Retrograde was definitely in action. I’m so excited about Jupiter in Libra, severance pay from the job that ended in February will end when Jupiter moves into Libra, so less money in and not sure what the next step will be. I know I’d like to lose the stubborn 20 lbs, get back into shape, travel, and make money but the travel can’t happen without money, and making money in what is a mystery to me. I know what I don’t want to do and what I like I’m not knowledgeable enough to do it. I get confused when I try to figure the house placement and what this Jupiter in Libra cycle means for me? My husbands sun is in Libra, but I’m not sure if he has any asteroids in Libra. I’m in desperate need of change more personally, yet Im trying to be patient and open to what the universe brings and shows me. Anything you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much

    1. Sorry, I have over 1000 comments to look at, right now, and it really is a question of when I can clear my desk to look at personal questions. Thank you. House placement is explained in my new book 2020 Astrology and also in 200 Astrology Secrets, if you want to pick it up. The latter is included with Premium Membership. If you are in desperate need of change, then Uranus in Aries is your answer, and he is sextile your Sun at 23 Aquarius as he moves through 23 Aries. You shine in a group and either need to join a new one, or become a bigger part of the group you are already involved with.

      1. Thank you! 1000 comments because everyone loves you. When is Uranus in Aries? Sorry and Thank you (That symbol is flowers)

        1. I think, over 1000 comments because everyone is so excited about Jupiter entering Libra! Uranus leaves Aries on May 16th 2018, in the same month that the global economy begins to change.

          1. Thank you! Yes it’s very exciting. I’m really sorry Jessica so Uranus is currently in Aries and I access that good fortune by being part of a group? Being in a different state then my lifelong friends and adult children that I adore my group dissolved when my company closed the doors. So if I’m understanding this correctly, I need to find another group in order to prosper personally and financially? How is Jupiter in Libra going to be for me? Thank you so much.

          2. The Sun in Aquarius is about friendship for its own sake and community feeling, for the purpose of coming together to share the same benefits. Nothing more, nothing less. Aquarius does not have an agenda. It is a very pure expression of people power and genuine friends, who are as important as parents, children, husbands or wives. Aquarian friendship is not the social climbing of Facebook, it is sincere and has no strings. This is an important part of who you are, because your Sun is here, and the Uranus sextile will only happen in this particular way once in your life.

  18. Hello Jessica,

    I am born on 23rd July 1990, 6:37 AM in India, Kolkata. Should I consider myself a Cancer or Leo? How would the Jupiter benefit me this year?


  19. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been waiting with great anticipation for Jupiter to enter Libra and conjunct my south node, Jupiter, and Uranus as well as aspect psyche, also at 0 degrees. But what will it mean?
    Thank you for all the great content!


    1. Jupiter is a 2000+ year old archetype for luck, blessings, generosity, largesse and benevolence. The Romans called him Optimus Maximus so we associate Jupiter with optimism, and optimising opportunities, and maximising the options. It’s very simple. Your partner will gain from benefits in his life which also benefit you. Alternatively you will meet a potential partner who wants to give – unconditionally.

  20. Thank you Jessica. Same time last year I didn’t know much about Jupiter transit in depth. You have enlightened me a lot. I feel sad that Jup is leaving the twelfth house. I was in my own world with Jup and N Node in twelfth house. I am treating my hand injury since Aug 2015 (sixth house effects) also Plenty of twefth house efffects . I discovered so much, things that I can’t explain. Having both in the twelfth house does bring someone from previous lifetime? When I had N Node in Virgo in 1997-1998 I had similar situation.

    My husband has natal Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Libra 3 deg. September 26 woul be big for him as Jup conjunct Sun at 3 degree. Sometime I think we are meant to be a power couple as in our synastry my pluto is at 2 degree Libra and Sun at 4 libra and his Jup and Uranus are at 3 degree. His Pluto is at 26 Virgo and my mars at 27 Virgo – explosive compo.

    Thank you. You really help me understand the things behind things. I have so much to ask.

    1. Thank you, I am glad you know more about Jupiter now. He was not in your Twelfth House in the Natural House system, he was in your Sixth House, which rules your health and wellbeing. That is the recovery from your hand injury. If your husband has a natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 3 Libra your entire marriage will change for the better shortly as Jupiter passes 3 Libra at the end of September 2016. Sometimes a revolution is a good thing.

  21. Hi Jessica …I have MC in escropio and I have been working on my career really hard. will Jupiter in Ecorpio bring me career developments? I also made some investments in Aril 2014 Saturn in Escorpio, and they didn’t work out very well…to the point of putting all my finances at risk Will I get some solutions to that side in Jupiter in Escorpio?



    1. Yikes, you invested with Saturn in Scorpio in your Eighth House of shares. Jupiter in Scorpio will help you make up for lost time and that cycle begins in the final quarter of 2017. If your MC is also in Scorpio (this depends on a correct birth time) it is your life path to pursue sex and money, death and property, sex and property, power and money…and the rest! This role is your true calling and if I could give you one example it would be Bill and Melinda Gates. You will see all this come alive once Jupiter makes his move.

  22. Hi Jessica!

    I have read your example in the 20 20 guide about the lady who met someone nice while Jupiter was transiting her 7th house and how they came back in the end to her. My question is, do you find this often happens? i.e. if someone meets a potential love interest whilst Jupiter is transiting their 7th house and it doesn’t come off for whatever reason, do you find from your observations that that same person usually returns to them?

    Also, is there a quick method to easily determine which house Jupiter was transiting in their solar sign in the past?

    Cheers! xx

    1. Yes, it’s very likely that a potential lover who turned up the first time Jupiter was in the Seventh House may still be free, and interested, the next time Jupiter passes by. Jupiter rules acorns, oak trees and planting in 12 year cycles (hit Search to find out more about this). If you tell me the person’s Sun Sign I can tell you where Jupiter was, in the year in question.

  23. Hi Jessica!

    I’m a scorpio girl, born nov 4th 1980 gemini rising, life was hard those past few years! Evrything is like “stuck”, hard to move forward in my life. I’ m basically watching others living their lives so fully!

    I don’t expect anything anymore, I m fine with my life the way she is. I don’t want to fight for something, i just want to let go et be it.

    Jessica, can you tell me when was the last time that Scorpios experienced this Jupiter thing in the 12 house? I just want to try to explain some things about my past.

    Thank you so much for your amazing work.

    By the way, I’m experiencing the Mercury retrograde hardly: the battery of my car ran out and so much ordering made ont the internet are delaying or lost…great time!!


    1. Sorry about your car battery and Mercury Retrograde – so typical of this cycle. So you’re a Scorpio who survived Saturn in Scorpio – the last time you had Jupiter in your Twelfth House was about 12 years ago. Thank you for the compliment, too.

      1. Thank you so much for your answer!

        12 years ago… well….I think it’s time for scorpios to get some rest don’t you think?

        Still hope for better days, life was pretty hard for scorpios those past few years!

        Thank you Jessica!

  24. Hi Jessica, love this article and I love Jupiter too, optimism, growth, confidence and all that 🙂
    I have Jupiter in Sagittarius, please can you tell me what and how this impacts me from now on. Also, which house is he in? I cannot work out the houses despite looking at the chart a million times :-(.
    I have started some on campus teaching, hoping for better pay, no discussions on this despite my writing several emails asking for the rate. Any hope there? I too your advice re eclipse and didn’t send any emails asking for the rate for on campus teaching. Interesting, wonder what is eclipsed and why the big lady ignores these emails!
    Many thanks

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, you have a stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of education, travel, foreign people and places, publishing, the worldwide web and your beliefs. The Moon is at 7, Jupiter himself is at 5, Neptune is at 2, your Ascendant is at 0 (if the time is precise) and so from 0-7 degrees of Sagittarius, any transit at any time will start the ball rolling. You have been through a slow, stuck, serious cycle with all the areas above as Saturn transited 0-7 Sagittarius but this is now behind you. The money is a separate issue but if you want to expand your mind and be offered the chance to work or study in another region, or with an international class, then November 2018, December 2018 should make you very happy indeed.

  25. Hello Jessica,

    Can’t wait for Jupiter in Libra. I have a stellium of 5 Libras – Vesta 22; IC 26; Mars 17; Ceres 10 and Juno 7. As a Virgo I certainly had luck with my appearance in the last 12 months. I got wonderful beauty treatments that really improved my skin. Not anything like Botox, just treatments that stimulated the skin’s collagen. So you were certainly right about Virgos and their appearance with Jupiter in Virgo. The owner of the beauty salon, Vin, even comes from Jordan! Hopefully there will be equal luck with finances and with relatives in the next 12 months.

    1. I am so thrilled to hear you had great success with your skin and the beauty salon as Jupiter went through Virgo and helped your appearance, as promised. Jupiter in Libra is not really about cash or relatives, but it is about the harmony you can create with your former, current and potential partners, both sexual and professional. You may be very different people, made of different stuff, but you will find a way to read the other person’s heart and mind so that you can create equilibrium. This is very important to you as you seek commitment, and in fact will be given an amazing chance to commit or re-commit very deeply to people on this cycle.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks again for a really interesting article. I’ve been having a really tough time with my soon-to-be in laws for years now. Do you think this cycle Jupiter might mean that this situation will resolve? I’m so drained from dealing with it!

    Thanks 🙂

    1. The North Node at 13 Cancer in the Fourth House of family tells you all you need to know about your prospective in-laws. Karma! The Node shows past life debts and credits. At a certain point you will all ‘pay off’ what is owed, spiritually, and you will not be bothered. You have also had Pluto at 13 Capricorn right opposite your Node in recent years which is the toughest cycle in 248 years, right there! Moving on…yes, you have excellent prospects for sorting out the in-law issues, one way or another, with Jupiter in Libra.

  27. I am not sure why you think Bacchus is a problem? Also not sure why you need to wear a chastity belt? Have a look at the meaning of your horoscope in any of the ebooks here. Bacchus is the Roman god of pleasure and hedonism.

    1. Yes, Bacchus is pleasure and no commitment and your Leo man was a good example. Bacchus was basically the party god of Ancient Rome so this man and his festivals was taking you there. If you know you have a Bacchus episode coming up it’s usually best to treat it as short-term hedonism.

  28. Hi Jessica

    I hope Jupiter in Libra will provide me with remedies and opportunities for part-time work, eagle eye view of people and situations in my life. I have Sun in Taurus, so Jupiter in Libra is transiting my 6th House of daily work and health in my solar sun sign chart (public headlines in my life). In my personal life natal chart, Jupiter would be in my 4th House of homeland, hometown, family, property of Cancer.? Is my Uranus in Cancer 24 degs conjunct my Jupiter in 25 degs Cancer a major aspect in my personal life because of unexpected events, my attitude and other people attitude, obstacles. I read Uranus reject what it creates. Looking forward to your advice. Thank you very much.

    1. Yes, Jupiter is going through your solar Sixth House of work for 13 months which is fantastic. In your personal chart Jupiter goes through your Seventh House of former, current and potential partners. Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Cancer is hugely important and in your Fourth House of property, family, home town, homeland, household. Uranus will indeed square that, in the near future, so watch what happens when he moves to 25 Aries because at that point you must look at freedom, independence and space as the main issues with your home or relatives. You will be offered a fresh new start with your lifestyle, housework, paid work, study and/or unpaid work as early as 1st October. Please say yes.

  29. Hi Jessica

    Grateful to you and your advice is important to me. Thanks for the insight about the future Uranus Square, when you mention home, property and relatives, would that be my siblings or my husband’s brother and his children. Hope I will be able to face the challenge. Using the Natural House System for my personal birth chart, How do I work out that Jupiter is in my seventh house of past, current and potential partners to heal and repair? If my daughter has her Sun sign in Aquarius public chart, Jupiter will be transiting her Ninth House of travel, foreigners, education, what house will Jupiter be in her birth chart ? Thank you for your kind explanation if you have the time.

    1. The home, property and relatives is about your husband. Take notes now final week of October, first three weeks of November, 2016. You will come to a new agreement with your husband from October 2017 into 2018 no matter if you relaunch the original marriage vow or go your separate ways. This will work in your favour either way. Only you two can choose together or apart as astrology cannot do it for you. Your daughter will travel or move in a new, bigger, better, more ambitious way by October 2017 and love the results. Thank you.

  30. Such interesting reading, Jessica. love your blog!

    I am a bit sad, though. As a Libra 10.3.56 born at 11:44 pm, USA in Toledo, Ohio, I was looking forward to Jupiter’s arrival in my sign in 2016. But, I have had nothing but challenges and misfortune since Jupiter showed up. Tons more work on my job, but no pay increase or even gratitude for what I am doing. Tremendous health problems with my Mother (she’s a Capricorn born Jan. 3 1924) and financial strains that are seemingly insurmountable. No love interest for years and just bad all around. Is Jupiter not able to help because of some strange squares in my natal chart? Feeling a bit hopeless…any info from you would be so helpful. Praying 2017 will get better…..

    1. I am sorry you are having a rotten time. Jupiter in Libra is about your image, title, appearance, brand, role – not your money, not your work, not your family, not your love life! Please do not feel hopeless. Without your chart I can’t read for you, but what you do need to know, is that you were offered a way to enhance your image or present a different side of yourself, to the world, in September-November. If you did not take this, you have a second chance soon. When you say ‘tons more work’ I think you mean that. Stick with it.

  31. Dear Jessica

    Days before Jupiter entered Virgo in 2015 my father passed away. Being a pisces (11 March 1983) many astrologers wrote about this as a period of opportunity for partnerships of all kind. However precisely during this period I was in deep grief which hasn’t stopped. It was the most heartbreaking period and left me incredibly vulnerable. On top of that I was dealing with toxic work dynamics which forced me to resign and move across the country for a new job. The last few years have been the most alienating and loneliest period ever. I’m very confused then about Jupiter in this regard especially about partnerships. I’m open to making new friendship which is more important to me than romance but it doesn’t seem to work out. Are there ways in which I might be blind to how Jupiter operates? Thank you in advance.

    1. I am very sorry to hear about your father passing away in 2015. I have no personal birth chart for you, as you’re a visitor rather than a Premium Member, but I can tell you some of the Sun in Pisces trends you have been experiencing. I can’t comment on the other astrology websites you have been reading, but Jupiter in Virgo at that time from 2015-2016 was as much about enemies, rivals and opponents as it was about former, current or potential partners. You can look up Jupiter in the Seventh House elsewhere on this website. We always have a choice on that cycle and when you say you were dealing with ‘toxic work dynamics’ I suspect that you chose a battle. These battles, feuds or rivalries are always so beneficial to us when Jupiter passes through, so in a strange way, you must have gained from the experience of Mr or Ms Toxic in your life! When you mention moving across the country (and having a hard time) that is down to the Saturn in Scorpio cycle, which saw Saturn (tests, trials) in your Ninth House of regional and foreign differences. If friendship isn’t working out, you can also look up Pluto in the Eleventh House, which is what you are also going through. It is very common for Pisces people in this cycle to experience friends as tests of power, or control, or potency, or popularity – but particularly power! It may be that you have been experiencing questions about control or dominance, instead of sincere friendship. This is all there to be fixed, and you might want to look up Pluto on this website to see how it’s been operating for you. So…a bunch of cycles, all concurrent, to find more about. Again, I am very sorry you have been having such a rotten time.

  32. Thank you so much for your generous response. Indeed I was dealing with over and covert rivals and enemies which taught me some painful lessons about the abuses of power. I feel a number of (amateur and unwise) astrologers often talk about the 7th house in terms of only sexual relationships and if you don’t experience a great love during Jupiter’s transit here you have somehow ‘failed’. But clearly there is more to this great planet.

  33. Hi Jessica,
    My name is chinelo born 5th June 1986, Lagos Nigeria. i had a difficult time growing up, my father got missing since march 1999 till date still not found him. my job had been stressful and am being left behind in any good position at work. Having financial problem with my hubby born 2nd April 1980. He does have problem with business. what is the way forward pleases. Thanks

    1. Chinelo, I am sorry your father has been missing. Your husband’s financial problems will be fixed from October this year, with more ways to save or make money in 2018. If there is any way you and your husband could work together as a team, think about doing that in 2019.

  34. Hi Jessica. I met someone back in January of 2016 and we instantly hit it off however due to some family situations never really got off the ground. He is a Virgo sun mercury moon Venus and Minerva all in Virgo. I’m wondering if with Jupiter in Libra that the chance will come around for us to connect once again. He has Vulcano Fortuna and Pluto in Libra close to my planets in Libra. I’ve been single for years and am open to pursuing a new relationship with this man although he is younger than I am. What can you tell me about the chances of this happening for me thus year. Thanks Jessica

    1. Your chances are both very good but you’ll need to make your move before October, when the Jupiter transits stop. You will also have other dating options, of course.

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