The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology

Vesta ruled fire and Romans thought that as long as the virgins kept the flame alive, Rome was protected. Allowing the sacred fire to die out would lead to the Vestal responsible being stripped and beaten.

Vesta is an important baby planet (recently reclassified) in your personal astrological birth chart.  We associate her with the Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome, who worshipped Vesta in their temple, under the authority of just one man, the Pontifex Maximus. The all-female environment and the power and control issues with the male in charge, give us Vesta’s meaning.

These were six hand-picked women, chosen by the Pontifex Maximus (the chief priest of Rome) and after the time of Augustus, from 27BC-AD 14, the Emperor himself. They were aged between six and ten. They had to be free of physical or mental deformity. They had to agree to be virgins, for at least 30 years – after which they were set free.

Professor Corey Brennan, from the American Academy in Rome, says, “They had no family; they were totally on their own. This was unique for women in Rome,” adding that “they were also constrained by their positions as guardians of the sacred fire”.

Vesta ruled fire and Romans thought that as long as the virgins kept the flame alive, Rome was protected.  Allowing the sacred fire to die out would lead to the Vestal responsible being stripped and beaten.

The Roman historian Livy documents cases in which Vestals were condemned to death. The Vestal virgin Minucia was accused of having “an improper love of dress”, while others were killed based on the testimony of temple slaves. History tells us more than one was buried alive. Yet, strangely, the virgins led privileged lives and received a substantial pension from Rome. Unlike other Roman women they were not the property of their fathers or their husbands.



Astrology is based on a Roman family tree, and Saturn is the father of Vesta. Perhaps it’s not surprising. He is a symbol of fear and the Vestales were undoubtedly living in fear in their temple. At the same time, men were terrified of being accused of having sex with any of them – the punishment was dreadful. No wonder something as basic as a love triangle, or jealousy within a marriage, can trigger such tremendous, raw feeling. A very old archetype is being triggered whenever Vesta is at large.

This archetype made it all the way from Ancient Rome to the Middle Ages, and today, into modern times – when adultery can still end a marriage and so many professions are still female-dominated, yet with male superiors in charge. In your birth chart, you will see Vesta symbolised by a tiny fire symbol – the sacred flame. Vesta is about the ‘heat’ which can arise in all-female environments where there is competition for male approval or male attention. This asteroid requires special handling, unless you want to be sent back into the Middle Ages in the dark days before men and women figured out gender politics.


Vesta via Twitter British Library 528x600 - The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology


Sometimes a man marries a woman and starts a family, only to find that he has ended up surrounded by females – with daughters, rather than sons. It is also common to find Vesta in female-dominated professions like women’s magazines (with a male publisher at the top) or in airlines, where a male pilot flies the plane and female flight attendants outnumber him. This is the chart for Sir Richard Branson, below.  He was born with Vesta at 10 Taurus (the sign ruling business), Hygiea at 10 Sagittarius (the sign ruling travel) and Diana at 9 Aries (the sign ruling self-promotion).  Even his airline is called Virgin. He is frequently shown promoting himself in the company of women, plural. Virgin’s branding has long been linked with its glamorous female attendants, en masse. Sometimes astrology can be staggering, it’s so literal!

Sir Richard Branson Vesta 10 Taurus Hygeia 10 Sagittarius Diana 9 Aries 600x332 - The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology
The Richard Branson horoscope shows Vesta at 10 Taurus, Hygiea at 10 Sagittarius, Diana at 9 Aries.


By sign and house, Vesta shows you where you will encounter gender politics. Situations with one male – and two or more females – need careful handling when Vesta appears in your birth horoscope. If you find Vesta in Cancer and the Fourth House, your family will be dominated by women/girls with one man – usually your father – the lone male. If you find Vesta in Leo and the Fifth House, then a baby boy may be born to a single mother with daughters/sisters for company. If Vesta is in Libra and the Seventh House, you may attract love triangles or men with baggage – the classic ‘other woman’ scenario. Where is Vesta in your chart? If she turns up in your Eighth House you may get into financial or property situations (repeatedly) where you, as a woman, are dealing with other woman (or perhaps, the Other Woman) in relation to a man – and the deal at stake.

As you can see in this extract from my e-guide Asteroid Astrology (free to Premium Members) Vesta, found in 1807, made her debut in the same year as the opera La Vestale. She is asteroid number 4 in your birth chart and she is prominent in the chart of novelist Jane Austen, who was born with Vesta at 19 Aquarius in the house of groups, Saturn at 19 Libra in the house of marriage and Mars at 19 Capricorn in the house of ambition.  Austen pulled all this together (from her personal life) into the enduring story of a family of girls, all looking for husbands, in the timeless bestseller Pride and Prejudice. Both Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bennett played the Pontifex Maximus figure in Jane Austen’s story of the ‘virgins’ – the Bennett sisters. Austen’s way of handling Vesta in her chart was to see the funny side – and to write a classic romantic comedy. Vesta is often best handled with a rich sense of humour, and perhaps that is why Pride and Prejudice has flourished for so many years.

VESTA 432x600 - The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology


The Mitford sisters were another classic example of a Vesta family, as the only boy in the aristocratic clan was tragically killed during the war, leaving all the Mitford girls with their father (Farve in Nancy Mitford’s novels, Love In A Cold Climate and The Pursuit of Love) as the head of the household.

The sisters handled Vesta’s heat with varying degrees of success. Nancy, Diana, Jessica, Unity and Deborah (Debo) were often at war with each other, as well as fiercely loyal when Farve was threatening them with punishment. Vesta can turn up when we see feminism in action, but she is also there, when you see a toxic atmosphere resulting when women or girls compete with each other, for a man’s approval.

Nancy was born with Vesta in a conjunction with Apollo, in the Sixth House of work, and also the body. Vesta was at 24 Virgo and Apollo was at 23 Virgo on the day she arrived. Her sister Diana was born with Vesta at 23 Aries and Uranus in a square at 24 Capricorn. Both sisters were involved with men, later in life, who brought love triangles with them. Nancy was fascinated by a Frenchman who could never belong to her exclusively – and who in fact, broke her heart – and Diana found herself embraced by Oswald Mosley and his complex private life.

If you  are a woman and you have a pattern of being drawn into relationships with men who have former wives or girlfriends who cannot let go (and whom, tellingly, they cannot release) or you fall in love with people who are married or dating other women – have a look at Vesta in your chart. Are you repeating family patterns? If you are a man and you find yourself surrounded by daughters, former wives or new wives who are at war with each other, look at Vesta in your chart for clues. This is the Nancy Mitford horoscope, below.

Miss Nancy Mitford Vesta 24 Virgo Apollo 23 Virgo 600x332 - The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology
The Nancy Mitford horoscope shows Vesta at 24 Virgo, Apollo at 23 Virgo.



I always guessed that Jimi Hendrix might have Vesta making exact patterns in his natal chart, because of the cover of Electric Ladyland. There is a particular kind of ‘guy’ both in the music industry and other professions too, who delights in the ego massage and attention, of a group of women creating a harem atmosphere around him. Women do not exist as individuals to them, they are merely all ‘girls’ as part of a generally pleasant, personality-free, mass of ladies.  You see Vesta a lot in astrology, too, because it is typically dominated by women, yet frequently puts men at the top of the profession. Ahem!

Jimi Hendrix was born with Vesta at 16 Aquarius in the house of groups (and groupies) sextile Bacchus – the pleasure asteroid – in Sagittarius, in the house of travel. And touring rock bands, of course.

Bacchus is crucial. If you’re going to use Vesta in your astrology, you can’t ignore the other asteroids too, or indeed any of the other heavenly bodies of modern astrology. They all complete the Roman family tree of our planets and their close relatives. Bacchus matters just as much as Vesta, especially if you are reading the birth chart of a promiscuous man who cannot commit. It may be that his pleasure principle (Bacchus) is tied to his need to have an Electric Ladyland.



Men who don’t put out – who are religiously celibate (sometimes literally so) – often find themselves surrounded by women. Why so many female friends? Why so many panting admirers? Perhaps it’s because the power of playing Pontifex Maximus to the ‘virgins’ comes from never actually choosing one to be the harem favourite. Once a choice is made, the game is over. How can you tell if a man has a Vesta problem? Simple. Join forces with the other women and see what happens when it’s (all of you) having a joke at his expense. Vesta men tend to run screaming from feminism as it can feel so threatening.

Electric Ladyland 600x287 - The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology
Jimi, your Vesta is showing


It should come as no surprise to find out that not only King Henry VIII (with his six unfortunate wives) as well as Prince Andrew, have strong Vesta patterns.  Henry was born with Vesta at 11 Virgo in aspect to the Moon at 10 Aries. That’s almost an exact quincunx. Andrew was born with Vesta at 22 Sagittarius exactly trine Hygiea at 22 Leo, the sign of royalty, no less. Knowing that ‘Vesta is in the house’ in families can help all concerned consciously manage the situation.

telegraph co uk 600x375 - The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology
The Prince Andrew horoscope shows Vesta at large (Daily Telegraph)



What works with Vesta? A sense of humour. Tolerance. Time. Tact. A frank acceptance of the reality of the power issues, when one male is surrounded by two or more females. Vesta can sometimes produce a very painful, even poisonous atmosphere. Perhaps it’s not surprising.  In modern life, we have to find creative and thoughtful ways to cope when Vesta is in the house. Sometimes, awareness is all you need. Just realising that you are having transits to your Vesta can stop you from buying into a potentially toxic situation (if you are a woman) when an old boyfriend wants you to become involved with his new family.

Kurt Cobain is another example of a Vesta man. He left behind a wife and daughter, tragically, when he left the planet too young. He was the Pontifex Maximus.  I find it interesting that he also used to frock up!  Maybe that was his way of handling this asteroid in his chart – he literally removed his male status from the harem. Kurt was born with Vesta at 24 Scorpio, in the house of wills, testaments and legacies, exactly trine Chiron at 24 Pisces.  The sign and house you find Vesta occupying, and the sign and house of any corresponding horoscope factor, making aspects (allow one degree) usually tells you the story. Sometimes astrology is really very simple. Just read the poetry of the signs and the houses they rule, in the natural zodiac/horoscope.



Bill Clinton was born with Vesta at 6 Aries, Mars at 6 Libra and Neptune at 6 Libra. He is the only male in a family with two other females. He and Hillary survived his affair with Monica Lewinsky, but it remains a classic example of what can go wrong if Vesta is allowed to hurt. Obviously the other factors in the chart are the key here –  Libra  rules marriage.  They all survived, and in fact Jupiter will cross Mars and Neptune at 6 Libra as Hillary runs for President. It’s a remarkable time in his life.

Woody Allen, whose chart is shown below Bill Clinton’s, was born with Vesta at 12 Pisces, the North Node at 13 Capricorn, the South Node at 13 Cancer (the sign of family) and Chiron at 13 Gemini. That is a huge Vesta pile-up. One suspects that the Vesta stories in Allen’s life end up in his scripts, because Gemini rules writing. Note that Vesta is tucked away in the house of secrets.

For better or worse, Vesta is a key player in the lives of both these famous saxophone players, Mr. Clinton and Mr. Allen, below! How does Vesta work in your own chart – and the charts of the men or boys in your life? If you are a man, how do you handle the female overload that can happen when Vesta turns up in your chart? As with everything in astrology, the first step towards handling these chart patterns is knowing they exist in the first place. Sometimes, sidestepping Vesta games is simply the best thing – and the obvious thing – to do. And of course, you can also cross the road to avoid the next Vesta type you meet. Women can act out the toxic side of Vesta’s ruthless female competitiveness and betrayal, just as much as men can act out the power-tripping, controlling side of this pattern, too. The key is self-knowledge which is why astrology can be so useful.


Bill Clinton Vesta 6 Aries Mars 6 Libra Neptune 6 Libra 600x332 - The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology
The Bill Clinton chart shows Vesta, Mars and Neptune in aspect.


Woody Allen Vesta 12 Pisces North Node 13 Capricorn Chiron 13 Gemini 600x332 - The Meaning of Vesta in Astrology
Woody Allen has a huge Vesta pattern in his birth chart.



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58 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another great lesson. 🙂
    Loved the way you explained Richard Branson, and the rest.
    I have Vesta in Taurus at 9, and two more planets at 9.
    I also noticed I have three plants at 10.
    What does it mean?! Thanks a lot.

    1. Vesta leads a pattern in your chart which pulls in quite a lot of life departments, at the same time. Gender politics over money, rent, shares, companies, business, mortgages, possessions or charity affects you very strongly. As a rule, cleave towards the sisterhood and Miss Greer, not the King Henry VIII model of doling out houses or jewels!

  2. Hi jessica,
    I will read these articles many times over.
    I work in a female environment with a male boss, this confirms my thoughts of the vesta situation in my workplace.
    I also have Ceres in Aries.
    How can I work both to my advantage.

    1. Minerva in Virgo, Proserpina in Capricorn and Vesta in Taurus in your chart form a stunning grand trine. I am not surprised to hear that you have a female workplace and male boss. However – you play this to your total advantage. Dig more deeply into the meaning of Minerva and Proserpina in your chart, and you will see that your wisdom, your role as powerful go-between and your ability to ‘play’ gender politics will always assist you with your money and your job. The trick with Vesta is never to compete with other women. It is to bond with them and pursue the sisterhood. Feminism works with Vesta – she only becomes painful when women believe a man is God Almighty and so they fall over themselves trying to be his favourite! I am sure you know this very well by now, having lived with this pattern your entire life. I wonder how the pocket money or Christmas presents arrived for you in childhood? Were you competing with a sister or another female in the family when a ‘Santa’ figure doled everything out? You don’t have to answer that!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    You seem to be in a writing spree at the moment, which is awesome! I always like reading your astology blog.

    Anyway, can you give me an example or context of how my Vesta and Ops at 0 Leo and Bacchus at 0 Pisces show up in my life?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. There is a lot of misinformation about Vesta on the internet and it actually saves me time to explain the meaning of this baby planet, so that I don’t have to constantly correct my poor readers who think Vesta is all about fire or breakfast cereal. Vesta conjunct Ops at 0 Leo is about your previous pregnancies, terminations or the birth of children. It also describes paid or unpaid efforts with younger people and of course your godchildren, nieces and nephews, as well as courtship involving people who have what might turn out to be your prospective stepchildren. This is where you have to watch the male-female balance (or rather, the lack of balance). Ops tends to produce problems to solve, and although you are very good at solving them, you may have a pattern of playing Vesta sexually, or as a parent/substitute parent. Bacchus in Pisces shows it gives you unconscious pleasure to do that. I will leave it to you to interpret this as it’s obviously quite private!

  4. Hi Jessica,

    You’ll see I have Vesta in Pisces @ 21degrees?

    I only suspect that this could be significant as I also have alot of other factors at 21 (Jupiter in Aries, Juno in Leo & Diana in Aquarius). Also, nearby at 22 (Mercury in Lib, Bacchas in Sag & my Nodes) – is this significant re: Vesta?

    Importantly, how best to make Vesta work for me
    1) In relationships (currently single and weary) and
    2) Professionally?

    Thanks again. I love how I’m always looking at my chart with fresh eyes after reading your blogs!

    1. Lordy, you have the Sun, Pluto and Minerva all at 9 Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex and commitment. So – your issues are not about Vesta. They are about those three heavenly bodies, and the more you find out about them, the better. The Sun reveals how you shine and stand out – at least one partnership in your life has been your special attraction (your special feature, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris). Minerva is your wisdom. You have innate ‘wise woman’ cunning and knowing, about the business of partnership. In fact, just being in a partnership makes you wise. Pluto is that part of you which is passionate, obsessive and naturally wants to dominate. To take, and to take over. And also – to control. The more you get to know yourself the better your love life will be. In fact, as Jupiter crosses 9 Libra you have rare opportunities to fix whatever needs to be fixed, and to begin seeing someone new or gain total closure with your ex. This takes place in October 2016. Use your journal, then, as you track the patterns at 9 degrees and set intentions.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Another great article. My Vesta is 11 Aries and Ceres at 19 Virgo, Diana 27 Virgo. What does this mean? What do I need to take note of? I am in an industry with many women and the senior leaders are usually men, although that has changed over the years. How does this pan out for work and also for personal life (image/name/relationships)?


    1. Vesta at 11 Aries in your First House is exactly square your Sun at 11 Cancer in your Fourth House. You shine when you are strongly identified with someone in your family tree – when you are cast against the backdrop of your home town, homeland, heritage, culture and history. You dazzle in matters of property, too – you turn houses or apartments into homes. The conflict for you rests with the way the world sees you, as it would appear that every time you think about your image, appearance, title or role, you run into questions about male-female politics.

  6. I have Vesta on my sun, 4 degrees scorpio. In addition, I have Mercury 5 degrees Scorpio. Am I doomed when it comes to love?

    1. Heaven forbid. Nobody is doomed in love, in astrology! If you have a Vesta-Sun-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio, it’s really just a case of looking at gender politics whenever the money, possessions, house or apartment gets mixed up with the sex. I don’t know if you are male or female, but you know what not to do! You will have a chance to heal the past when Jupiter the fix-it planet moves over 4, 5 Scorpio in October-November 2017.

  7. Hi

    I’ve got Vesta at 8 deg Aries. How does this relate to my birth chart & play out in my life?

    1. If you have Vesta in Aries in your First House of image, packaging and presentation then you are seen as competitive in gender situations. It’s rather like being seen as the pushiest flight attendant in the Virgin cabin, being first with the trolley so the pilot can be impressed, while the other women elbow you out of the way! I’m joking of course, but this is not a bad analogy for what Vesta in the First House represents. Ask yourself who the pilot is. Often we attribute the issues to other women when of course it is the man who is the culprit.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I have vesta 14 Gemini and then Venus just Opposite in Sag also 14…Aesculapia is also at 14 but in Aquarius. How significant is this i wonder?


    1. It is significant. An opposition is unusual in astrology and it is always triggered at regular intervals, so it never rains but it pours. Venus at 14 Sagittarius in your Ninth House is opposite Vesta at 14 Gemini in your Third House. Your internet, multimedia, educational or basic communication projects are always about the people politics, as well as the idea. This pattern was actually triggered in February 2016. The moment you suspect one man is playing the Pontifex Maximus and you and another woman (or women) are playing the Vestales, you know what to do! As Gemini and Sagittarius both rule travel, I suspect you have also encountered this on business trips or holidays. Never go away in a tent with King Henry VIII.

  9. Hi Jessica – I’m re-posting this as it seems to have got stuck in moderation somehow.
    I also remember that Virgin Record’s original logo was two naked women sitting back to back – Mr. Branson showing his true colours early on!
    I have Vesta in Virgo in the sixth House. I have had several relationships with men who have been my boss and also married plus one relationship with a man who was still living in the same house as his ex. Is this Vesta at work in my chart?
    Seems like I should only work in jobs where women are the boss as these relationships never worked out well for me……

    1. You are quite right about the Virgin logo. Thank you for re-posting. You have been living out the Vesta story quite explicitly by having affairs with the boss. Living in a love triangle is also typical of Vesta in Virgo in the Sixth House, because as well as work, this house of your chart rules housework and daily routine. You beat Vesta by knowing about her. It’s as simple as that. The nano-second any man invites you to, essentially, compete with another woman – walk away. Some men can be very conniving as their need for ego gratification and mothering is so great, that one woman is never enough. They set up conflict and competition situations between women and of course, embrace the cat-fight because it makes them feel like Tom Cat, or possibly Top Cat. You have many different paths into love and sex, and you don’t have to ‘do’ Vesta.

  10. Karan

    Many thanks for great analysis
    Please shed some light on Pisces Financial Future
    This year and 2017.


    1. Vesta really has nothing to do with money, but if you have the Sun in Pisces, you begin the most important financial cycle for many years, on 10th September 2016. Jupiter in Libra in your Eighth House rules sexually intimate or deadly serious agreements over money, houses, apartments or possessions and there is a great deal to gain here. Uranus in Aries in your Second House continues his transit, however, and there will be inner battles over the price you put on freedom. Read more by hitting Search and looking up Jupiter in Libra and the dates he clashes with Uranus.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve got Vesta at 2 Gemini, which I find interesting given my ex, who you literally described in the article, who has ex’s that can’t let go. I’ve got no hooks, so I’m not in that pattern. But I think, if I’m reading this correctly from one of your relies above that Vesta in Gemini is about the internet etc, etc. Which is interesting since this is where his previous ex attacked my reputation, and ultimately was the toxic nail that ended us. Would this make sense. Very fascinated and very curious. I would love to know what was going on in Jan 2013 that kicked that all off.

    1. I love it when astrology literally describes someone. I am fascinated that your Gemini ex with the Vesta problem used the internet to (attempt) to attack your reputation. What a perfectly foul thing to do. In January 2013, when this happened to you, Neptune at 1 Pisces was almost exactly square his Vesta Gemini, so he was not living in the real world. Alcohol or drugs would have made it worse. Jupiter was also in Gemini, his Vesta sign, for the first time in 12 years so he saw his chance and ran with it! Obviously it didn’t work.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    I have Vesta in 24deg Pices in my twelve house. I cnnot imagine , how it can influence me in my life (DOB 20/09/1975, Slovakia)

    Thank you for your help

    1. Vesta in Pisces in the Twelfth House describes secret longing for men who are sought after by other women. You might have an epic crush on a man who does not commit sexually to anyone, yet is wanted by at least one other woman, perhaps more. It is also common in the charts of those who fantasise about men who are taken. Your sexual fantasy life would be very rich.

  13. Jessica you have such a vast knowledge and you amaze me how you apply it to astrology and through astrology to life. I always learn so much and expand my world when I visit your site. Thank you!

    1. Vesta in Aries in the First House means you present as a woman in the context of a man. In other words, it is hard to see your wardrobe, face, body language, body shape and height, title, reputation and trappings without also seeing a male hovering. It’s rather like meeting Anne Boleyn but not being able to forget Henry VIII or meeting a flight attendant with Virgin and seeing past her to her pilot and Richard Branson!

      1. Thats me! My son is terminally and i have spent 18yrs with him being my focus, people me they see him. My entire life revolves around him.
        Interesting my dad only had daughters 6 of them! And two wives!
        Thanks for clarification.

  14. Hi Jessica, reposting as it seems to be stuck in moderation. I’m repeatedly posting this only because i think there is something important for me to know here.

    I seem to have a vesta overload. Vesta at 01 in taurus. Juno at 01 in scorpio. Prosperina at 01 in cancer along with ceres, bacchus and panacea at 00 in scorpio. I know this impacts my work and gender politics there but please do shine your torch on this. thank you so much for sharing this wealth of knowledge.

    1. I am sorry your comment has been in the queue for such a long time. Okay, so you do have an epic Vesta pattern. You were born with Vesta at 1 Taurus so you attract financial, property, business or charity stories which involve one male and two or more females. They can be any age at all, and the situations can be personal or professional. Right opposite Vesta we have a pile-up in Scorpio, which rules mortgages, legacies, wills, testaments, marital bank accounts, divorce settlements and so on. You have Juno (commitment) at 1 Scorpio, Bacchus (pleasure) at 0 Scorpio and Panacea (solutions with ethical issues) at 0 Scorpio. You also have Proserpina (that part of you which acts as a go-between, bridging the gap between powerful people, groups or organisations) at 1 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, houses, apartments, the home town and your homeland. Any time you see transiting outer planets pass 0, 1 degrees of any sign, the whole pattern goes off. I suspect this is about one or more close relatives and it is common to see in the charts of people with in-law issues, exclusively female families (with one male at the head of the house) and so on. Jupiter is about to cross 0 and then 1 Libra so it will operate as a distant healing, helpful influence if you want to use it. Use your journal to see when. Knowing what Vesta is, is honestly half the battle. Just being aware means you can handle the gender politics with humour, honesty and common sense.

  15. Hi Jessica, I think my comment got lost twice so posting it again, hoping you will get it this time.

    Jessica, thank you so much for your detailed answer to my question in your ceres article yesterday. And here we go another gem! I have the following patterns:

    Sun 10 Scorpio, Chiron 11 Taurus, Vesta 10 Taurus, bachhus 9 saggitarius,
    salacia 9 aquarius and psyche 10 aquarius.

    I can relate to the gender politics at home which I share with my parents in law, brother in law , his wife and their child.
    I wont share the whole story here as it is too long. Could you tell me what kind of struggle these patters bring for me. By the way I also work at a place that is run by mainly women and we have a male boss.

    Thank you so much again!

    1. I am sorry your comment has been posted twice without an answer – there are over 1000 comments in the queue at the moment. You do have Vesta at large in your horoscope and your life. The best way to deal with Vesta is to refuse to compete with other women (if you are female) and to refuse to play the Pontifex Maximus (if you are male). A sense of humour and honesty about the situation goes a very long way to reducing the toxic atmosphere which can result. You don’t say if you are a man or a woman, but most of my readers are female, so I suspect your issue is being put in a situation you do not want, where one man (usually a boyfriend or husband) wants you to devote your time, energy and attention to him, using another woman (usually his former lover, sometimes a new lover) as the spur to make you try harder. Vesta can cause a great deal of damage and sometimes the only answer is to walk away and refuse to play. It is also common in the charts of vain, needy men who refuse to actually have healthy relationships with women, but instead have ‘friendships’ with two or more of them, keeping everyone hanging on. You can usually spot a Vesta man because he is surrounded by a female entourage, all of them hoping he will choose them. It is very funny to watch what happens if the women concerned ignore him and begin turning their attention to each other. Sulking usually ensues and the man in question may even have to leave the room. Vesta men cannot stand it if they are not ‘ruling’ the women in their world but they hold women back for obvious reasons. It does not have to be like this.

  16. I am reposting this question for a third time, with a different browser and hoping that ‘3rd time lucky’! My questions all seem to get stuck awaiting moderation. So here it was:
    ‘Hi Jessica, I was glad to see your post about Vesta as this has been puzzling me over the past few months. I have both my Sun and Vesta in 7 Virgo (work?) in my natal chart but I simply cannot understand what it means in relation to my current life, even though Vesta has been highlighted in my chart quite a lot over the past few months (with a conjunction to Minerva at the beginning of August for instance or with a conjunction with my Apollo at 16 Cancer since September 6). I find egotistical males, including ones playing women against each other, a complete irritant and will always walk away. My dad was one of those, but this was in the past and I do not have much contact with him any more. I wonder if you have any idea as to what this could mean: could it be that there is something going in my life that I am simply not aware of? Or could it be just about the effect of the past? Thank you for any insight.’

    1. I am sorry you have reposted three times. Yes, your Dad is a powerful example of Vesta at work which is why you have learned to walk away from men who play women against each other. Yes, you were born with Vesta conjunct your Sun at 7 Virgo in the Sixth House of daily life, your body, your workload, your work ethic, your lifestyle as a whole – and specifically, doctors, bosses, lecturers, dentists, surgeons, drugs, food, drink, employees, colleagues, healers, clients. You also have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House so maybe they are making so much noise in your chart you are not spotting Vesta patterns. You will not have them all the time. Only when they are triggered by anything passing through at 7 degrees. Have a look at your medical history and see if you have been affected by the one male doctor/many female nurses syndrome. Transiting Vesta will have less impact on you, than your natal Vesta-Sun conjunction being ignited. Watch what happens when Jupiter makes a semi-sextile to your Sun-Vesta conjunction, from 7 Libra to 7 Virgo, on October 12th-16th. That should actually be rather a healing experience.

  17. Jessica,
    3rd re-post, as it seems this post is somehow lost in moderation.
    Always a great pleasure to read your insightful article and sharing.
    Would you be able to shed some lights about my Vesta’s linkages?
    Rdgs, BC

    1. I’m sorry, nothing is being lost, it’s just that I now have 1,158 questions to answer and people usually visit our website about 1 million times a month! Luckily I now have your chart in front of me. You were born with Vesta at 1 Aries exactly conjunct Chiron at 1 Aries in your First House. The First House rules your title, attire or wardrobe, accessories, vehicle (your chariot), your body shape and type, your reputation (very important, as it precedes you) and your title and name. You like to see what you can get away with. Often, you do get away with it and you change the game for yourself and those around you. With Vesta in there, you are seeing in the light of one man/several women scenarios. If you were asking me this question a few centuries ago I’d say you were King Henry VIII actually!

  18. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your brilliant blog and website – I look forward to it daily!

    I’ve been studying this to understand my Vesta and see how it impacts me.

    I have Vesta 2 Aries and see also Ceres 2 Gemini (my sun sign) Apollo 2 Virgo (I have a stellium of Virgo), and Cupido 2 Taurus (my moon sign and also a stellium) . This seems like a pretty powerful confluence

    I must admit that I’m trying to read this to see the the answer to longing for permanent relationship and marriage but would love to hear from you about the meaning of this in my chart.

    With gratitude, Laurie

    1. Ah, thank you. I will pass that compliment onto my webmasters. Vesta in the First House of reputation, profile, appearance and ‘me’ is all about how you project. Vesta there suggests that you are always seen in the context of male-female politics, so for example, it is very common in the horoscopes of women who have a sister (so there are three females and one male, the father in the family). You can also see it in the charts of women who have complicated love lives and end up in love triangles (two women, one man). Women who work as flight attendants or in other female-dominated environments often have Vesta in Aries in the First House. It is a powerful influence because of the alignment with Ceres in your Third House, Apollo in your Sixth House and Cupido in your Second House. In fact, you can’t ‘do’ any of these life areas – like the internet, work or money – without it affecting your profile and vice versa. Have a look at how Vesta has played out in your life. In actual fact, your reputation or appearance is the least important part of this story. Really, it is about work and money. In general, be hip to the male-female gender divide with both those aspects of your life and when in doubt, always side with the women!

  19. Dear Jessica
    Cn u plz tell me something abt my daughter ,,her dob is 12th Feb 2003, 7.10am, India…….just discovered her natal chart has Vesta in Libra 17 degree, 8th house in Libra 12 degree, Ceres in aries 20 degree, Juno in Scorpio 19 degree, Pluto in Sagittarius 19 degree, Saturn in Gemini 22 degree, jupiter in Leo 11 degree
    I am quiet worried on knowing her position of vesta in Libra and Libra in 8th house,,,does this mean she will be suffering in future in her love life by being trapped in triangles!!!!! God this hurts,,,,kindly guide!!! Wht does these positions indicate ??? I really wish her all happiness n love in future

    1. It’s hard to comment on your daughter without seeing her chart. You are also using a different house system so I can’t comment on that either. Astrology does not predict suffering of any kind, though – I am not sure where that idea came from. She is a Sun Aquarian who will identify with Generation Aquarius (today’s teenagers) who are interested in people power through friendship within a community. Together these young people will change the world as your daughter will discover when she grows up and they become her role models. Their priority is not marriage, love and sex – it is the community. Generation Aquarius are explained elsewhere if you want to hit Search.

  20. HI Jessica – I am so glad you posted this article on vesta! I have been trying to figure it out since I realized that I have vesta in Leo in the 12h house almost exactly conjunct my north node in the same placements. I do have a tendency to fall for taken men as of late. Also my Chiron squares vesta from Taurus in the ninth house and Uranus in Scorpio in the third house squares her as well.

    1. Actually you have Vesta in Leo in the Fifth House using the Natural House system and the Fifth House rules courtship, babies, children and Millennials. You may also encounter the Vesta one male + many females phenomenon through nieces, nephews, offspring, godchildren. Anyway – now you know what to do.

  21. Hi,

    I have Vesta at 2 degrees Aries, Ceres at 2 degrees Gemini, Diana at 2 degrees Pisces and Bacchus at 2 degrees Aquarius.

    How would this affect Vesta in my chart and mean for me in general?


    1. Vesta is in Aries in your First House of title, wardrobe, appearances, reputation (above all other things) and image. The way you look and appear does the work for you. What you appear to be, is a female in a world of other females – plus one man. I see this in the charts of women who came from all-girl families like the Bennetts in Pride and Prejudice. It is also common in the charts of flight attendants, ballerinas and women who work on magazines like Cosmopolitan (one man, many women). It would be most obvious for you online (Gemini) but also in groups, clubs, teams, social media, societies, and so on (Aquarius). Know how to play the game.

  22. Hi Jessica – thought I had asked this question and found it sitting here…so reposting as I find this all very interesting. I have also done some looking and have a second part to my query.

    1) Hi Jessica – I think my Vesta is in Cancer with Bacchus in Gemini. I seem to attract men who need healing at some level. Would this be right? And, how can I change what I project to attract someone who doesn’t need me to fix them?

    2) I have vesta 1 Cancer, Apollo 1 Virgo, Aescuplia 1 Scorpio and Juno 2 Aquarius and wondered if you could provide some context for me. Get the vesta in my home part with cancer, but not clear how it ties in with leaddership/mind body and back from the brink/eight house property possessions etc.

    Really interesting reading all the other posts here too. Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. Hygiea at 25 Leo in your Fifth House will do it, in terms of healing men. This is not so much Vesta in Cancer, it’s about Hygiea, who was the Roman goddess of preventative medicine. Her name is hidden in the word hygiene. The maxim ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is part of her remit. She is named in the Hippocratic oath that all medical professionals have taken for centuries. The Fifth House rules lovers, babies, children and Millennials. Just being aware of that can help you change the pattern. The Vesta pattern is about your family. You and one or two other female relatives are in a power pattern with a male. A father with a wife/daughter is typical or a father with many women in his world. Figuring out the gender power game will take you a few years.

  23. Dear Jessica,
    This is a superb article. I have Vesta 12 R and Saturn 18R in Gemini. – Aug 9 2000 is the date that I arrived in the new country where I live now. That was the start of the Saturn return for me (that date is pretty exact since saturn went into gemini on that date). I checked my old passport and that date is stamped as the date of entry – gives me the shivers.
    Mercury is also at 12 sagitarrius retrograde. Throughout my life, even though i did well in school, I have had to work extra hard overcome obstacles from authority figures, such as my father (as well as the negative people) such as my relatives and fight for my own freedom for advanced education and so on. To this day, I dislike authority figures and feel that they curb my growth. I can be confrontational and often have a faceoff with these people. Therefore Aug 9 2000 was certainly a liberating day in my life. I used to be very self obsessed but nowadays after the saturn in scorpio cycle for the past 3 years, I have become more compassionate and empathetic towards people. I stopped judging people completely and stopped talking about people. I feel like I like myself more now due to these traits. 🙂 Please provide insight. How will this retrograde planets affect me in my chart.Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. Having a passport stamp line up with your Saturn Return is pretty amazing. Mercury at 12 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of learning, studying, the worldwide web, travel and foreign/regional differences is your key. When you look at your chart you will see a lot of other placements, like Vesta, either at 12 degrees or very close by. This sets up a major pattern around communication for you, which Mercury rules. It sounds as if you have learned fast when you say you have ‘stopped talking about people’! One thing that people with a complex Mercury placement find very useful is a journal or diary, which they destroy later, or write on screen then delete. Mercury rules your need to speak/write and he must have an outlet in your chart.

      1. Thank you for your insight. I was high school valedictorian, college valedictorian, got a scholarship for grad schools, got a 4 out 4 GPA in grad schools. I think all through life I had some learning disability (was never diagonised) and worked to overcome that. I learn better visually.
        What I meant by “I stopped talking about people” is that I stopped gossiping and worrying what people think of me. I worry too much.
        I go through phases in my life where my communication skills were amazing (2005 through 2012) and then my communication came to a complete stop from 2014 to 2015 (terrible Saturn in Scorpio cycle for me). I could not say or do anything in those years.
        Now I am coming out of the shell and want to start teaching and educating about finance topics(work in the same field). I have demanding kids and husband which takes up most of my time. Therefore I need to put in extra effort to push myself – I am trying….Its been a tough Saturn transit. Any comments?

        1. Yes, your Mercury is alive and kicking. You could easily switch to part-time, or part-time working from home. Actually the new technology will be there in 2018-2019 and there will be a new, vastly popular, affordable way to teach/study online, possibly with automatic translation. You don’t need to push yourself, because you are in recovery mode from Saturn in Scorpio at the moment. Things will fall naturally into place for you.

  24. Hello, Jessica!
    I’ve just found your post searching for info on my natal Vesta and I must say, I’m officially a fan! I have a question. I’ve Vesta in 29 degrees Leo in my 9th house. I know 29 degrees is karmic in astrology. What does this mean? I’m confused!

    1. I’m not sure who told you that degrees were karmic. Vesta is in Leo in your fifth house (Natural Houses) so – when it comes to lovers, babies, children or Millennials (your royal bedchamber and your heirs to the throne) you get into situations where one male can easily manipulate two or more females. A common example is a man who has daughters, an ex-wife, a new wife and another daughter in the family and he power-trips them all, so the females compete with each other for his approval and attention. Another common example is the celibate man who won’t have sex because of his cult beliefs, but plays women off against each other in a harem of ‘friendship’ where all of them hope to shag him, and nobody actually ever does. I have also seen tiny baby boys create Vesta situations as their mother competes with their grandmother for him!

  25. I have Vesta in Libra in sixth house. And the problem is it’s the most dominant powerful energy in my chart tied with Chiron which is in my first house. My third powerful energy is Venus which is also in the Sixth house.

    What does this Vesta mean in my life?

    1. You have Vesta in Libra in your Seventh House (Natural House system) and so one male/multiple female situations are common in your relationships with former, current or potential partners. You can hit Search to find out more about Vesta.

  26. Thank you for your interesting article.

    I have Vesta in Leo conjunct my descendant in the 7th and square my Sun, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter conjunction in the 10th. And opposite Pholus on Ascendant.

    I have had two relationships with men who had other women around – one a serial philanderer who kept all his ex girlfriends handy, one a married Don Juan. How does one avoid such entanglements having my Vesta position? Regardless of these relationships, ultimately very hurtful to me, I think I would have made a good vestal virgin, or even a nun. I have read that Vesta also signals a kind of focus and service/work ethic, and believe that interpretation. I also work (as a kind of guardian) in a female-dominated profession which most often has a male at the top – though that is hardly unusual in Australia for any female-dominated profession 🙁


    1. Angela I don’t use Pholus so I can’t comment on that. I also can’t see your chart, but in general, Vesta is a symbol of one or more women and the gender politics with just one male. It sounds as if you do have major Vesta aspects going on. She has nothing to do with work/service but everything to do with the ancient archetype of the Vestales, the Vestal Virgins of Rome and yet just by being aware of that, you can break the pattern. The golden rule with Vesta is, never put yourself in competition with other women/girls for the attention or approval of a man. It can bring up surprisingly painful and toxic situations. It is far better to side with the women/girls!

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