The Meaning of Ceres in Astrology

I began using Ceres in 2006, when astronomers reclassified her as a planet and I believe that just by knowing your Ceres sign and house, you can unlock your entire horoscope.

The meaning of Ceres in astrology became easier to define for me, once I used her as my primary clue for predicting the Brexit. In fact, I would not dream of casting a horoscope without her. I began using Ceres in 2006, when astronomers reclassified her as a planet and I believe that just by knowing your Ceres sign and house, you can unlock your entire horoscope.

Ceres cigar box label 600x366 - The Meaning of Ceres in Astrology
Ceres on a cigar box with her cornucopia.

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98 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica!

    With my Ceres in Taurus, I can vouch for money being the story of my life, and probably every poor soul around me, too.

    Can I please ask you how long does it take for Jupiter to move one degree? And does this make for saving money easier when Jupiter aspects my natal Ceres?

    Thank you xx

    1. Too funny. Ceres at 1 Taurus is in aspect to your Nodes (just one degree away) so the money story also pulls in bigger issues about travelling, moving and also being a lifelong explorer – because you have the chart of someone who travels in the mind, if she cannot literally spend her life on the road. Jupiter moves about one degree a month. What you are looking for is Jupiter’s switch to 0, 1 Libra which will align with your Ceres, North Node and South Node in an amazing pattern which helps everything move along, just a little bit – the money, the ‘explorer’ life or the intellectual journey. September 10th-18th 2016 will throw you a solution or opportunity, so catch it and run with it.

    2. Jessica I came across your amazing website whilst I was searching for information regarding Brexit and Scottish Independence. That then led to me reading about Ceres / 23 degrees Aries: all very interesting indeed.

      I’d actually kind of overlooked Ceres but now realise that she seems to aspect just about every planet in my chart. I have a bit of a Star of David configuration with a missing leg in Aries 9th which means that most planets / points interact but had been more focused on trying to analyse what I considered to be more important aspects (excluding Ceres).

      Ceres (18), Hygeia (20) and Chiron (21) are conjunct in my 4th house (Sag) opposing Moon (20 – Gemini10th); trine Pluto and Ascendant (16 – Leo 12th and Asc Leo 27); sextile Venus (19 and Jupiter 25 Aquarius 6th) and sextile Neptune (16 – Libra 3rd).

      The missing leg of the SoD configuration has been filled with progressed Vesta 22 Aries 9th, prog Vertex 24 and solar arc Venus 23 degrees Aries. And of course transit Uranus / Ceres is hovering around this area too.

      Solar arc Ceres, Hygeia and Chiron are now in my 6th house (Aqu) with Chiron exactly conjunct N Jupiter. Sa Pluto is at 20 Libra opposing approximately 23 Aries point and SA Neptune is at 20 Sag conjuncting natal Ceres, Hygeia, Chiron.

      Transit Saturn will soon be in the mix too when it reaches 18 – 21 Sag. I know it’s a big ask with all that I’ve outlined here but I’d really appreciate if you could share your thoughts on the aspects.

      Nearly forgot natal Saturn is at 14 degrees Virgo 1st and forms a T-square with N Moon and Ceres / Chiron. A grand cross if I include Vesta at 22 Pisces 8th.

      1. Thank you. My Brexit prediction against the odds, did bring a lot of curious people to the website! Ceres is as important as anything else in your chart, as you can see. You use a different astrology system to me, though. Probably better that you do your own interpretation! All I can really comment on is Saturn crossing Ceres in Sagittarius in your Ninth House (in Natural Houses). You have a long history of being quite powerful as a student, educator (in whatever form), publisher (on social media or more formally) and are also a passionate traveller. I suspect your belief system (astrology?) is also quite an obsession. Foreign people and places also push big buttons with you. All this comes under tests you have not experienced in 29 years when Saturn crosses Ceres. You’ll see it coming a mile off. Duck and dive, avoid the obvious issues. You already know Saturn, I am sure. This is not a bad time to get to know Ceres. I hope this helps.

        1. Jessica thanks for responding to my post so promptly and just to let you know that everything you have said is spot on.

          I was an educator / lecturer, study constantly, involved in politics / spend time on social media as a political activist, travel constantly and love meeting new people / studying other cultures etc. I had been thinking of buying property abroad but I’m now reconsidering due to Brexit and some of what seem to be the more challenging aspects in my chart.

          Astrology has been a hobby of mine for over 50 years now (fairly good at identifying aspects), however for some reason or another I can’t interpret a chart at all. A bit frustrating!

          You mentioned that I use a different astrology system from you Jessica, so I attempted to establish, online, which one you actually use. IF I’ve got it right the Ascendant sits at 0% Aries. Very interesting. This has given me more to think about as I have a T-square comprised of Mercury 1 Aries (Sun 4), Uranus 1 Cancer and Mars 1 Libra with Pluto exactly midpoint Uranus and Mars.

          Life has been a bit of a roller coaster with many fantastic highs and of course many lows too, to the point of experiencing a dark night of the soul, so yes I will be looking out for transit Saturn activating Ceres / Chiron, Moon and Saturn. All planets in fact as they are all interconnected. Ducking and diving coming up!

          So thanks once again Jessica for taking the time to do this for me and all my best wishes to you.

          1. Thank you very much. Wow, you really live your Ceres in Sagittarius in the Ninth House. I appreciate you confirming what your horoscope was saying. The Natural House system puts 0 Aries on the First House cusp and uses whole sign, equal houses around the horoscope wheel so you end up with 0 Pisces on the Twelfth House cusp. This actually puts the angles into houses. Your T-Square thus involves Mercury in the First, Uranus in the Fourth, Mars in the Seventh. A really good way to test this is to watch the transit of Jupiter over 1 Libra…right now.

  2. Hi Jessica – I have Ceres at 26 Sag – any comment you have is always great. Many thanks Karin

    1. Ceres at 26 Sagittarius aspects other areas of your chart, too, so this is about two or three departments of your life, always being affected by what happens when you deal with foreign people and places, travel, the worldwide web, education and publishing. At various times in your life story, everything on that list will come up, as a source of tremendous empowerment for you – but also where you have the most to lose, and need to strike deals with other people/the world at large. Ceres starts working from childhood so early experiences travelling overseas or perhaps relocating to other regions (which can feel like a foreign country) have a massive emotional impact. Later on in life, there may be really strong stories about different cultures and belief systems, relative to your own – and again, this is where you build your power, but also where you have to put up with the pain of compromising and, to some extent, backing down and giving in. Sagittarius rules philosophy and belief systems of all kinds, including astrology as well as some science, and religion. It also describes academia and the education system, and the informal teaching/study process.Do not stumble into any situation which emphasises all this (above) in February and March 2017, please. No need to be paranoid, just be sensible and turn on your radar so that you immediately seek expertise and experience, when dealing with classic Saturn-Ceres in Sagittarius/Ninth House issues. These will directly involve how you travel, how you see yourself as a world citizen using the worldwide web, how you relate to foreign/regional differences, and the whole education or publishing process. I suspect a group will be involved, and it will be a group containing a good friend. Be wise at this time. All you need is wisdom, then Saturn has passed you by.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this informative article! I have been wanting to ask this question but its been a while since you posted your last one on ceres , so I am asking now.

    I have Ceres at 6 aries,
    Diana at 7 Aquarius
    North node 6 virgo
    South node 6 pices
    Jupiter 6 virgo

    My area of struggle has been low self esteem nad self worth, depression ( had a very bad episode at the start of 2015), and having to share my matrimonial home with my in-laws against my wishes hence forced compromises. I am in much better place mentally and emotionally now and thanks to Jupiter, I learned energy healing techniques that have helped me in a big way and I feel I am in control.

    Also depression runs in my maternal side of family. My mum has it and so does my maternal grandfather.

    My question is does the above astrological pattern reveal anything that can help me in future to understand myself and my circumstances better.
    Thank you so much for your time.

    1. I am very sorry that depression runs on your mum’s side of the family and that you have also inherited it. I am also very sorry that you have to share your home with your in-laws – but I am thrilled you have been discovering self-healing, using your aura and chakras (it sounds like) to break through. I have seen for myself first-hand that healing works, very powerfully. This is part of your Jupiter in Virgo gift. Now, let’s take the whole pattern apart, which is the best way to see how your chart is functioning. I will leave the Ascendant and Descendant to one side for the moment, even though they are also at 7 degrees. They depend on a 100% accurate birth time and I am not sure if you have that or not. Okay – so you inherited good karma with an exact Jupiter-North Node conjunction at 6 Virgo. Jupiter is also naturally opposite your South Node at 6 Pisces. Even in opposition, Jupiter works to help, repair, heal and improve the chart. Thus, the Pisces-Virgo axis is crucial to your whole life purpose and your success in dealing with depression and low self-esteem. You can read more about Pisces/Virgo and the Twelfth House/Sixth House in my book, 2020 Vision, free to download here. Essentially your unconscious has a mission, and it fulfils that mission through your body. The more aware of your unconscious mind you become, the better – hypnosis, meditation, psychic readings are all gateways – and of course the ‘mind’ is really just another word for the astral body, with the aura and chakras intact. Remember, this is your karmic inheritance – to benefit from the journey of using the Twelfth House to help the Sixth House. It also works the other way, so yoga (for example) and the use of the body, helps the mind. I don’t have a problem with Diana in Aquarius tying into the pattern, but I do hope you are using here. You need to join a group, or deepen your involvement with an existing group. Diana is freedom, independence, roaming, wildness, spontaneity and flight. She ran with her dog – she was the goddess of the hunt. Placed in Aquarius in the Eleventh House, you really belong in a pack, team, club, society or similar and preferably one which is full of free spirits, feminists, and women who know how to dance with the wolves, or at least go hiking with them. This would really help you. Now we come to Ceres, who in Aries in the First House describes your image, profile, reputation, aura and presentation. There is fierce ownership and entitlement here, and also rather a lot of anger and grief. This is about ‘Me’ and how you are seen and appear to other people. Sometimes the issue is the photographs or videos – and sometimes it can be the actual face, hair, body we are given by fate. Are you familiar with the work of Louise Hay? She recommends working with mirrors as a healing process, and with that Virgo-Pisces-Aries pattern, this is ringing bells. Google her name and the subject of mirrors. To return to Ceres for a moment, you may also want to go way back into childhood to look at any episode involving your actual name, the way you were referred to/thought of by others, your physical appearance and so on. Digging quite deeply into old Ceres patterns can be really useful. Please note – when Jupiter moves to 6/7 Libra he will aspect this entire pattern in your chart in quite a healing way, so that is worth watching out for and using. You can see specific dates in your journal or on this website, as Jupiter moves closer to those degrees.

  4. Hello Jessica …I find your work fascinating and as a novice to astrology I am very appreciative of your generosity . I have Ceres at 26 Virgo and also Uranus 26 Virgo and Chiron at 26 Pisces. Reading your blog I wondered the implications of this for me as i have Libra 27 as my sun sign and am waiting expectantly for Jupiter . Many thanks again for you sharing your knowledge. Jules Hartlepool

    1. Thank you, Jules, I appreciate those kind words. Ceres conjunct Uranus semi-sextile the Sun and also tied into the Nodes and Chiron – wow. You can take it as a given, that 26/27 degrees is a hotspot in your chart. Basically you are here to invent, create and constantly innovate – where work and your body is concerned. You don’t settle into fixed routines or predictable patterns at all, where your job is concerned. This goes for unpaid work or university life as well. You are constantly churning out the new/different/experimental and then rejecting it, strangely enough, which makes this a very unstable part of life, even though it is also tremendously exciting and special. You can apply this to food, drugs, drink, doctors, fitness and healers as much as you can to the work you do. You are powerful here. At the same time, you have a lifelong pattern of being utterly in charge and then seriously challenged! I think you will see this for yourself now as both Jupiter and Mercury move over the 26, 27 degree of Virgo hotspot. Mercury is Retrograde so you will be spinning your wheels over the work and body changes as late as the first week of October – yet, it will be in your favour. You are moving through the most fantastic opportunity or solution in 12 years. The impact on your Libra Sun at 27 degrees in the Seventh House is a by-product, really. That is about the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner and how you ‘shine’ on your particular end of the scales. I suspect September will help you to do just that. Moving forward in time, watch Uranus at 26/27 Aries and Jupiter of course at 26/27 Libra as this big Virgo-Libra theme in your chart is going to come alive a couple of times. It’s a growth/change area for you.

  5. Hi Jessica, interesting article…..l have Ceres in Aries at 01, 38, 42, what does this mean for me???? l was born in Melbourne, Australia on the 8th of July 1965 at 10pm. Thank you

    1. Thank you. Ceres in Aries is unaspected so she isn’t a huge deal in your chart, but essentially, Ceres in Aries in the First House means, your armour (wardrobe) and your reputation (internet profile), along with your title (name, job, role) and physical body shape/type – all make you powerful. In fact, even in childhood, you probably had a look/style that worked for you. You ‘own’ how you appear to the world and image is an emotional issue. What you have to learn to accept, with Ceres, is that on a regular basis, life, or other people, will push back. Compromising over ‘Me’ is a big deal, when that happens.

  6. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for another fascinating post. I have Ceres in Sagittarius at 28.

    The bit about raw feelings and emotions particularly resonates with me. I’ve got a lot of good work stuff going on but keep having moments brooding over past failings, particularly regarding education, and end up spending way to much time thinking about what could have been.

    Would be interested to know how I can deal with this phase (as I hope it will pass) as it’s really dragging me down.


    S x

    1. Thank you. You are experiencing a cycle which can only occur every 29 years, as Saturn goes through Sagittarius and your Ninth House and slowly moves towards a conjunction with your Ceres at 28 Sagittarius (this becomes evident in March, April, May 2017 and requires a major sign-off decision in December 2017. Sagittarius and the Ninth House describe how you feel about teaching and study, but also about foreign cultures and nationalities, or regional differences, if other regions seem ‘foreign’ to you. This sign and house also reveal issues about vacations, immigration, the worldwide web and the intellectual or spiritual journeys you take. The Ninth House describes differing philosophies and beliefs, from Humanism to astrology, and I am sure you can see how Saturn in Sagittarius is taking its toll on the world this year. For what it’s worth, Sagittarius also rules publishing. Saturn is about long, slow, unforgettable learning experiences, based on mistakes which are later resolved in the most satisfying way. The trick with this cycle is to make tiny mistakes, not big ones. Feeling gloomy about the past is typical so please don’t worry. What you learn, so deeply and well, in this cycle (which ends at Christmas 2017) will help you have a stunning year, full of tremendous happiness and achievement, when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius from November 9th 2018. By 2019 you will have taken the trip or head trip of your life.

  7. Good evening,

    I have Ceres at 28 degrees Libra. What does this mean for me and are there any points of significance coming up with Jupiter about to enter Libra? Other things I have in Libra is Sun and South Node.

    1. You have a Libra stellium so you express your life and personality through your partners. Probably one in particular! You have a lifelong pattern of ‘dividing the Kingdom’ with these people and sometimes we see Ceres in Libra coinciding with those who divorce, rather dramatically. Jupiter will heal the past and present opportunities for a more balanced, equal marriage or partnership in the future, when he moves to 28 Libra. You will notice the shift in your favour from September 10th, 2016 as Jupiter will cross your whole Libra stellium slowly from that point.

  8. Hi Jess,

    You and I have already discussed how synchronous and important this Pluto / Ceres saga is to me and to the UK. I just wanted to tell you what a great article this is and to thank you for it. I love the bit about the French banknotes too. Information and foresight really is power and you are kind enough to share it with us.

    Many thanks,

  9. Hi Jessica thank you for another interesting article firs time I comment on article about lunar eclipse august 18 and you was amazing everything happened the way you said thank you!! ! have ceres in leo but my main concern is I have pluto in libra at 00 degree. Any advise thank you for your generosity

    1. I am glad the astrology worked for you, thank you. The transit of Jupiter from 0 through 16 Libra will change your life, and your love life. Ceres in Leo is about past, present or potential pregnancy. It also describes stepchildren, and the godchildren, nieces and nephews one can acquire through marriage. Leo rules courtship, too, and the royal bedchamber. Your Pluto in Libra is about control of the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partner. Jupiter at 0-16 Libra will trigger the key Leo/Libra placements in your chart and it begins on September 10th, extending to Christmas 2016, then picking up again from April 2017 – the cycle runs its course in October. The help, hope and healing you need is waiting.

  10. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for a fascinating article!
    As I have Ceres 17 in Cancer would this relate to my husband and adult children in particular? Especially as there has been many blessings but also pain (chronic long term illness with my son) with my family?
    Thank you again for the time that you share with us.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Ceres in Cancer in your Fourth House is about your family and your role as mother. Do you know the full mythology relating to Ceres? Look at the art, too. You are living Ceres quite powerfully and it can sometimes be useful to read the myths and look at the paintings to gain insights and answers. Her story reflects your story.

  11. Hi Jessica I have Ceres in Aries and lots of others in Aries please can you tell me what this means please, thank you

    1. You may want to hit Aries on Search as I wrote quite a long piece about what it means to have an Aries chart signature. Essentially, your personal appearance, your presentation and your ‘packaging’ is a really powerful card you can play all your life. Sometimes people with Ceres in Aries are beautiful. Sometimes they are not beautiful, but striking in other ways. Ceres in Aries knows how to stride onto a stage, or get behind a microphone or camera. I suspect this has been the case since you were very young. By 2018 you will be done with a cycle which has radically changed your image, over many years. You have come to see how important it is to wear a particular coat, project a particular image through your wardrobe, and use yourself as the weapon; use your persona, brand or profile as the tool to get what you want. This has been quite some experiment for you and it’s not over yet. By 2018, though, the focus moves right away from Me, Me, Me – and I suspect you will find life a lot more peaceful!

  12. Hi Jessica!

    Another great post, so very informative, I love reading these articles on astrology and going back checking with my own birth chart!! Could you please have a look at my Ceres in Aries and tell me what it means?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you very much. Even from a young age, you realised how much power you had, or how much potency (not that this is a word children use) when it came to your photographs, film clips, mirror reflection, appearance, name, role, title and so on. I suspect you have been leaning quite hard on your packaging or presentation all your life. You have also had some of your biggest losses and difficulties ‘losing’ in this area too. What happens by May 2018 will radically change the way you handle this in your life and in many ways, set you free.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I have Ceres at 28 degrees Virgo and my life at work has been a nightmare in the past few days. I have some serious issues with a colleague of mine, we don’t seem to understand eachother and communicate properly. I feel like quitting this job and start looking for something else. Is it going to get better? What should I do?

    1. You have been going through Mercury Retrograde. You were born with Ceres at 28 Virgo in the Sixth House of work and Mercury has been going over 28 Virgo since Friday 26th August, where he will go backwards and forwards, affecting communication with this person, until the situation is over for good on October 7th, 2016. Hang in there. Believe it or not, you gain from this. When Jupiter the planet of opportunity, solutions, improvements, good fortune and ‘thunderbolts’ of luck crosses 28 Virgo from 31st August to 4th September (not long to wait) this issue will turn out to be the the key that opens the door to something bigger and better, with your work. However, just remember Mercury – you will not know the full and final details until the final pass, in October. Whatever goes down, get it in writing and read the fine print.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    It’s really interesting reading more about Ceres and your predictions for the UK (it has got me wondering about Australia and China too – does Australia have Taurus in the 4th house?)

    Ceres and Uranus will conjunct my North Node close to 7º Taurus (and sextile natal Ceres 7º) next year, is this the major transit to Ceres for me in the coming months and how will this work in my chart (finances and assets can’t get much worse!)?

    Thank you !

    1. Thank you. Ceres is in Virgo in Australia’s horoscope and this accurately describes the endless issues about the Trade Unions and Medicare! Let me look at your money. When transiting Ceres conjuncts your North Node at 6 Taurus and opposes your South Node at 6 Scorpio, you will have a bridge to cross. However, the worst is over. You are in recovery mode after the most difficult financial cycle in 29 years, but please trust the future. It looks very bright. What happens in February 2017 is a blip – a very short bridge to cross indeed. You will have to divide and share, but once it’s done, it’s done. When Jupiter the planet of abundance, generosity, hope, healing and growth moves to 6 Scorpio in November 2017 you will benefit. In fact, you might call it good karma. Jupiter will conjunct your South Node in Scorpio so I expect the gains will involve complex paperwork, yet you will soon forget what you went through when Saturn was in Scorpio.

  15. Thank-you for information on Ceres.
    Ever since Jupiter came in Virgo & aspected my Capricorn placements, my health matters have been expanded. There have been only tests,scans,lots of money spent but doctors are baffled, not reaching any conclusion. Medicine are not proving effective
    Interestingly after reading this article, I immediately looked again my chart only to find Ceres there in Virgo natally. I want to ask you
    1) In a Virgo placement natally, would that mean that time & again I might have health issues of varying magnitude.
    2) Jupiter should have brought some breakthrough when it aspected it natally?
    3) How the transiting Ceres in Taurus impact me overall.
    How should I see it as unlocking in the horoscope

    Could you please share some insights to me

    1. Thank you. You were born with both Ceres and Diana in Virgo in the Sixth House, which rules food, drugs, doctors, surgeons, healers, fitness, drink and dentists. Go back to when Jupiter passed 14 and 20 Virgo and try to remember what you were shown, or told. That was an opportunity or solution, yet you may not have implemented it fully, or perhaps you bypassed one option. April, June and July 2016 all coincided with that transit so look back and ask yourself what you are missing. In general, look at the way you channel issues about control, power, freedom and independence through your body. Your medical or health issues may be the container for spiritual or psychological issues about running your life (and running other people) which is Ceres. Diana is a symbol of zero commitment, total freedom and no compromise on space. She was also the goddess who rejected parenthood and did not want children, at any price. Digging more deeply into the meaning of Ceres and Diana might give you one of those ‘Aha’ moments. And I’m not talking Alan Partridge.

  16. Hi Jessica I have Ceres in Aries at 5 degrees, my son is an Aries as is his father. I separated from his father nearly 2 years ago & have custody as his father had become violent. My mother takes my son to see his father and extended family once a fortnight. My son is still very small. I very often get the Ceres card in readings too. What does Ceres mean in my birth chart?

    1. Juno exactly conjunct your Moon at 28 Cancer will do it! That is the first thing that leaps out at me, ahead of Ceres in your chart. Cancer rules the family. The Moon rules motherhood. Juno rules marriage. You may want to read more widely about Juno, the Moon and Cancer – along with the Fourth House. In mythology, Juno was the wife of Jupiter. The Maya Angelou story, ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ describes Juno very well. A bird in a gilded cage can have the prestige, security and comfort of marriage and a home, but she is not free. Hit Search to find out more and download 2020 Astrology free from this website, to uncover more about these placements. I am sorry you and your son have ended up with a violent man. If you keep getting Ceres in card readings, and you also have this Ceres/Aries connection, the message is clear. There has to be a new ‘United Kingdom’ within the family and that means everyone will have to split up the territory and share the power. Your mother is part of this too. Boundaries are extremely important, not just in 2016, but until 2025, so get it in writing – and put in practical measures. I am sure you have already done this but be aware of the long-term nature of this cycle. When Jupiter moves to 5 Libra and opposes your natal Ceres at 5 Aries in October 2016 you will have a chance to resolve issues. It may put you at a crossroads, and I don’t think it will be easy, but Jupiter always helps, heals and gives hope.

      1. Thank-you again. I have been reading 2020 astrology and will further. Astrology is so interesting and complex.

  17. Thanks so much for this article. The themes of having it all, losing it all, compromise and depression struck a chord so I looked in my birthchart for what was happening on the day of the most traumatic event of my life, a few years ago, which triggered a long depressive episode.

    Without going into too much detail of the event, on that one day, Pluto at 6 degrees was hitting my MC, IC (conjunct), Venus, Proserpina and Juno. Ceres at 13 was hitting my Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Asc and Dec. Juno at 21 degrees hit my Bacchus and…Ceres. The whole family tree was involved, with Ceres and Pluto each taking a set of angles. I imagine them crossing in the middle like a clash of swords, fighting for control.

    Now I’m going to look at that pattern and use it to explore the patterns triggered in my life since. Three cheers for astrology prompting insight, again.

    1. Those transits you experienced with the crisis, and the depression, tell the story exactly and I appreciate you sharing that. The more you look at the art and sculpture which depicts Ceres and Pluto the more therapeutic it will be. Read the art as deeply and intuitively as you would read a Tarot deck. It is amazing how paintings in particular can trigger insights and wake-up calls about the way Ceres and Pluto function. They are alive and kicking in your horoscope and also within you, so getting to know these two archetypes and also the myths which surround them, could be really helpful, especially when you are tackling an illness like depression. Ceres and Pluto can work. They can help you deconstruct and reconstruct your world, again and again, and each time it happens you become more powerful. The trick is knowing when to allow time and space for the recurring transformation. Above all, I think, with these two, you have to avoid power struggles. That is easy to say, but even something as simple as examining the paperwork which binds families together can reveal where there might be a gap for a control issue. You have Cancer-Capricorn polarity in your chart which suggests looking further back into your family tree could be useful. There seems to be a family pattern there about being born into a particular social class, clan and part of the world – only to leave it, to seek a better life elsewhere. This may be a grandparent, great-grandparent and so on. It is worth exploring, because you carry that unresolved issue with you too.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I have Ceres in 4 degrees Aquarius and was wondering when Ceres will work for me and when against me and what will help me the most to navigate through life with this aspect.

    Thank you!

    1. Even in childhood you had intense, emotional, dramatic experiences with your friends and with groups – netball teams or book clubs, perhaps, or childhood gangs. Best friendship is more like a relationship in terms of its emotional impact. You no doubt lost hugely, and went through the usual Ceres anger and mourning, and it set up a lifelong pattern with friends and groups which continues today, where you are ‘Queen’ of friendship and groups, yet must also learn to step down occasionally, or move sideways, and let others hold court. Sometimes it is the universe itself which wants you to learn how to do without total power and control for a while.

  19. Hi Jessica, I have Ceres at 12 Aries in my chart. I read your last reply to the lady who had Ceres in 01 Aries and I see you mentioned job and role. I have been trying to get on with this company that would be my dream job. They hired me on in Nov 15, then it was delayed and finally in Jan 16 they told me that the position I was to fill wasn’t available any more (it is a large company and a very slow hiring process. The position I was taking was someone who was on medical leave and then going to retire. That person decided not to retire and come off medical leave). I keep in touch with this company regularly. Is there any way my placement could help with getting this role? Thank you so much for all your replies and insight on all the questions asked. I appreciate everything you do!

    1. I am sorry you have been mucked around by these people. And thank you for your thank you! Okay, so Ceres in Aries in your chart is really about self-promotion and the way you you showcase your name, role, face and image on the worldwide web. You were born with the North Node at 8 Virgo in your Sixth House of work. What happened in November 2015 was unusual, as the North Node itself moved into Virgo and you were on your way to a Nodal Return, which becomes exact when the North Node passes 8 Virgo in November 2016. As Virgo also rules medicine, you really are living out your Nodal Return pretty strongly. You will find out where you stand with this company or another employer in November or perhaps either side – October/December. You were involved with at least one of these people in a previous life. The Node describes karma and it reveals the ‘deal’ we made to go through spiritual tests and rewards before we reincarnate. I suspect the waiting game is part of your karma and you just have to see it through. The Node does tell you, that you were involved in healing or medicine in at least one previous lifetime and maybe more. One way or another you will end up working in this field, again and again, as you are here to help, to serve and to be part of the solution.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    I see I have Ceres in Gemini, and I was wondering what should I pay attention to… I also noticed you mentioned Uranus returning to 21 Aries in November, and I have the Sun in 21 Aries.
    Thanks a lot!!!

    1. I will focus on Ceres in Gemini. You were born with tremendous powers as a writer, editor, public speaker and so on – multimedia also comes under Gemini’s rulership. This is where you could make incredible headway in your life, but you will also have to learn to compromise. Editors want to cut your words. Other people also want airtime, or their name in print. Tussling with Ceres in Gemini particularly on the web will reveal to you how it all works. Compromise, compromise and compromise again! This area of life will give you more fresh starts than most.

  21. It’s true, the last quarter of 2006 was the beginning of a much more financially secure phase in my life and coincided with Jupiter conjoining my natal Ceres. I hope I’m not going to be biting my nails next April as I live in the UK and have Sun, Chiron and Proserpina in a 23 degree T square. Sounds like I need to get as much of my mortgage paid off before then as I can.

    1. I’m glad the astrology was true for you. You are also reading your chart accurately. The UK will go through a temporary crisis but bounce back successfully once Jupiter moves into Scorpio in the final quarter of 2017. The last time the UK chart showed this much drama was the devaluation of the pound. Actually, that reminds me to add that chart to this story! Thank you.

  22. Another great article! I was especially drawn to the painting where Ceres and Neptune were pictured and after that discovered that I have Neptune at 4 Sag and Ceres at 4 Sco. Also have MC, Pluto and Minerva at 3° of Sag, Lib and Pis. Are they and how are they connected? I have a Scorpio sun and lots of planets in scorpio too. At times it has been a compromise when it comes to shared resources but I always seem to end up alright in the end. Still, it has not been an easy ride and at times I´ve had to use all my energy and ingenuity to stay afloat. Any insights you might have will be greatly appreciated 🙂 especially in regards to future developments. Thank you!

    1. How amazing that the painting of Ceres and Neptune interested you the most and you have a semi-sextile between both these planets. They are both connected to the other placements you have close by, so you might say that the Ceres-Neptune relationship dominates your life. Essentially Neptune in Sagittarius seeks to escape from the real world by taking holidays, embracing globalisation, multiculturalism and travelling. She also loses herself in holidays from reality by studying, teaching or surfing the worldwide web. This is common to your generation but it is personal for you, because Neptune is tied to so many other factors in your chart. Neptune in Sagittarius does not do boundaries, particularly with travel or immigration. The issue for you, with all this, is about the money. Perhaps the house or apartment, too, or the business interests. Every time you try to turn away from what is practical, normal and ‘real world’ about life, by travelling or moving (for example) you run into major questions about your control of the rent, the mortgage, the credit card and so on. Ceres can be powerful too. She has to share her power, but when she is blessed by Jupiter transits, she can rule. This will happen to you when Jupiter transits 4 Scorpio and forms a conjunction to her in October and November 2017. The whole world will be booming economically then and I suspect you will be swept up in that, to your total advantage.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another post on Ceres. I know first hand how powerful she is last year when you pointed out that Ceres was triggered in my chart and my status in the group at work changed because I (literally) received a ‘Promotion’ (the degree title)!

    I’ve got Ceres and Diana in 8 Aquarius that aspect Neptune and Prosepina in Capricorn. Do these likely to be played out in a profession rather than personal life? And should I also consider Pluto in my chart because he is intertwined in the Ceres mythology but made no aspect to Ceres?
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad the astrology was accurate for you, with your promotion. Yes, you have an exact conjunction between Ceres at 8 Aquarius and Diana at 8 Aquarius in your Eleventh House. That is what you will feel the most. You have a lifelong pattern of becoming intensely emotionally involved with groups and friends, because this is where you were born with a potent gift for people power. You find yourself in a community and rather like the Aquarius in Ancient Rome, pump the community, group, private members’ club, society, association and so on – with what it needs. Aquarius is detached with no sexual, class, age or racial agenda because groups must avoid this kind of politics in order to stick together. Yet, you also have Ceres here, so you are bound to fall into regular episodes of people politics within the group itself. Diana is a cipher for freedom and independence. In mythology she begged her father Jupiter to release her from the entrapment of marriage and the burden of children, so he made her the goddess of the hunt, and although she had lovers, she was entirely independent, unshackled and liberated. You also find yourself, in this sense, through groups and friendships, so no matter if these networks are professional or purely social, or even there to change a corner of the world for the better (the highest expression of Aquarius) you are going to come across questions about space, territory, sharing, compromise and autonomy. The trick with Ceres in Aquarius is to understand that you are going to have to roster yourself, and your time and energy. You won’t be able to have it all your own way all the time. In fact, when Jupiter moves to 8 Libra shortly and trines your Diana-Ceres conjunction, you will see first-hand how this pattern works in your chart. October 2016 should prove this to you.

  24. Hi Jessica, Thanks for the detailed piece about Ceres – it’s really interesting how it’s movements are linked to the fate of the UK / Brexit. I’ve got:
    Ceres 26° Aries 54′ 16 & Aesculapia 26° Aquarius 33′ 25. I’d be grateful for any comments you can make on it’s influence in my chart.

    1. Thank you. Ceres at 26 Aries in your First House is perfectly sextile Aesculapia at 26 Aquarius in your Eleventh House. You have a pattern of reviving friendships and group involvements which are apparently finished, or over with. This is rather like people who have Aesculapia in Leo in their Fifth House always going back to the same ex-boyfriend, or transforming old boyfriends into business partners or friends. You do this with your chums. It has a bearing on your reputation, profile, image and persona, thus the link to Ceres. You will notice it most when transits move past 26 degrees of any sign, which you can look up in Planetary Positions on this website.

  25. Hi Jessica , I have Ceres in Cancer and from what I understand it does rule mothers, family, home, etc,. Even though in a much better place now in some aspects (work, married life,etc), my relationship with my mother has been in turmoil and she doesn’t not even speak to me or my sister anymore – owing to her burning bridges with the family , severe depression and alcoholism (which she refuses to acknowledge). Reading this article does sort of fit the bill of the power struggle Ceres can lead to? Am I right? I just wish to have a good relation with my Mum which seems to not have been possible for many years now. It plays on my mind a lot and I hope that things would get better, I do follow Hinduism based Spirituality and your blogs enlighten, educate and inform , thank you- 🙂 x DOB 11/10/89″ 1.21am birth in Mumbai.

    1. You are living with Ceres in Cancer in the Fourth House, with a mother who has depression, alcoholism and will not speak to you or your sister. I am very sorry you are going through this, but there is hope. The reason your mother dominates your life, is down to Ceres being one degree away from so many other placements in your chart. You also have Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House, though, so you were born to fix these issues. In fact, when Jupiter trines Jupiter (once he moves into Scorpio, after the final quarter of 2017) you will be in a good position to resolve things one way or another. Ceres in your chart describes how you seek to totally control and command the family agenda. I suspect one of the issues for you is the relationship with your sister. The trick with Ceres is to understand that sometimes you have to step down, and back down, and allow other people, or life itself, to park you on the sidelines for a while. I hope you also read the story I wrote about Ceres and depression.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you very much for this. I’ve been digging deep into my chart trying to resolve some things. I think what you’ve written about Ceres, so brilliantly, might have unlocked some painful repeating life experiences for me.

    I’m not happy about this little planet. Ceres is in Capricorn, different houses depending on house system used, yet what you’ve written…this thing keeps manifesting to the point that I detest it. Any advice?


    1. Thank you. Ceres is in Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, social mountaineering, achievement, status and ambition. This is the Kate Middleton house of the horoscope (she is Capricorn). You have a stellium in that sign and house, so you need to go into all those issues to figure out how you are going to compromise with the universe. It is a bigger deal now as Pluto has been transiting Capricorn since 2008 and is there for many years.

  27. Hi Jessica, thanks for the fabulous article. I have Ceres in Aquarius (retro). Like one of the readers, I’m a woman who has had tremendous issues with my parents in law. The mother basically commands everyone else so influences the father so much that he doesn’t have an independent judgment. She tries to victimise herself mostly and portrays me as the evil daughter in law to everyone else in the family. She was born Chakwal,Pakistan on 27 Dec 1950 5:30 am. My husband doesn’t want to be seen as allied with my stance as much either as he wants to keep his relationship with his parents intact. I’ve emotionally lost out to the lady and her devices most of the time. Is there a way this matter can resolve amicably sometime in the future? The situation is exarcebated as they live with us for 6 months a year. They are leaving in September and I’m not sure how I should maintain a working relationship with them going forward. My husband was born 9 Dec 1980, Islamabad Pakistan at 1:30 pm.

    1. I just answered another question and Ceres came up – it was about a child caught between two separated parents. This mother-in-law sounds like a right pain in the arse, so let’s have a look. She was born with Ceres at 18 Capricorn and she is going through a cycle not possible in 240+ years as Pluto moves to 18 Capricorn. After one final decision in October 2018 the worst is over. That sounds like too long to wait. You can see where she is coming from by realising she was born with Ceres in the Tenth House of career so her ‘job’ is being the angry mother whose child has been taken from her. What can you do? Give her another job. Find something else she can do, which lets her know she is being taken seriously (Ceres-ly) and which does not involve being Supermother. You could also ask the universe to assist. Women who have no life outside motherhood often have Ceres problems when that planet is transited in their chart and she has Pluto right on her Ceres. The other thing you can do is to ensure there is a strictly fair roster system with the time she gets with your husband. It has to be split right down the middle. Beyond time, she also wants the power and the passion. You have to let her have that too – yet, once Pluto is off her Ceres, your problems are at an end,because hers are too.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    Could you let me know what Ceres in my charts placement of Scorpio means. I’ve never been particularly fond of the sign, so very curious as to how this family of placements play out for me, and why I have a resistance to the sting in the tail of Scorpio people, maybe I need to tune into more of my Ceres in Scorpio and embrace it. Would love to hear what Ceres means for me in my chart. With huge gratitude as always

    1. You have Psyche and Mars in Scorpio in the Eighth House too, so the money, house, apartment, possessions, business or charity constantly pushes all your buttons, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and sexually. Your life will be all about the push and pull of sorting out enforced compromises over the cash, home, shares, company and so on. It is a forever statement, as Psyche describes what endures when we pass over. It is also full of heat (Mars) and tremendous bouts of rage and grief, which Ceres is notorious for triggering. This all sounds rather dire, but in fact, every time you take on the challenges, you add to your own soul’s progress. This could end up being the most deeply satisfying area of your life. The highest use of this pattern is fundraising for charity or non-profit. Jupiter in Scorpio from October 2017 through November 2018 will find you making or saving money, or cash in kind, in the most thrilling way. You will also be able to fix any issues from the past, or patterns in yourself you do not want.

  29. Thank you, Jessica for the thorough background in Ceres! I have Ceres in 8th house Gemini, with Pluto in Virgo at 7 degrees, is there anything I need to watch out for? Thank you for your knowledge!

    1. You’re not logged in so I can’t see your full birth chart, but you have Ceres in Gemini in the Third House in the Natural House system and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House. I will focus quickly on Ceres. When it comes to the worldwide web, multimedia, publishing, education and language, you are powerful, productive and creative – yet periodically you will also have to learn to share and give up – and give in. This is cyclical. Watch what happens when Saturn in Sagittarius moves to oppose Ceres. That’s the moment to brush up on Ceres.

  30. Hi Jessica

    My posts keep getting stuck in moderation. So hopeful this one will make it through to your attention. Promise to make an offering to the goddess of email queues! 🙂
    Many thanks

    Another really interesting blog. I’m finding it so helpful with the advanced alert to the potential for something manifesting – next April / May looks very tense!

    Could you please comment on Ceres transit 11 Taurus for me please. In the Sacred Geometry blog part you replied “Aesculapia at 11 Virgo and Mercury at 11 Capricorn. Every time you deal with an organisation or person with horoscope factors at 11 Taurus you create perfect pyramid geometry between you – the grand trine. And every time you have transiting aspects at 11 degrees, the pattern is lit up again”. So this is something to do with sharing and financial instability? I’m not certain if indicates unfavourable times or very unfavourable!

    1. I think I already replied to you but I will have a look at this question. Ceres in Scorpio in your Eighth House is about the mortgage, the family money, the legacy (last will and testament), the life insurance and all sexually intimate or deadly serious financial, property or business agreements. It turns up in the charts of the Mafia and also in prostitution rings too, for obvious reasons. Commonly it is about your parents’ money, or the money you leave to children. It is very common in divorce settlements, or big financial mergers which mean marriage is not just about love, it is about the property involved too, and perhaps the bank account. All transit through Scorpio will trigger Ceres and you will gain from the Jupiter in Scorpio transit, which I will write about in the final quarter of 2017 when it begins.

      1. Hello Jessica, thank you for another informative article! Looking at my natal chart I have Ceres at 17 Aries in quincunx to the Pluto Uranus conjunction at 17 Virgo. This appears likely to have a potentially significant effect and likely to be activated recently. Is there anything you would highlight in this setup? Many thanks

        1. Thank you very much. You have a huge pile-up in your chart, led by Ceres at 17 Aries in the First House of image, branding, appearances and reputation. The Sun is semi-sextile Ceres by one degree, at 16 Pisces, in the Twelfth House of secrecy and invisibility. Uranus is at 17 Virgo conjunct Pluto at 17 Virgo, as you mention, in your Sixth House, which describes the relationship you have with your body, as well as with the world of work. Finally, Diana is at 18 Capricorn in your Tenth House of achievement and ambition. You would really be feeling this pattern in your chart now as transiting Pluto is moving over 16, 17, 18 degrees of Capricorn and remains there as late as October 2018. You are going to have to learn to compromise over your title, role and persona. You may have to ‘make a deal with God’ to quote Kate Bush, or other people and large organisations. This is very clearly about your career or unpaid work. I suspect you need to develop a completely different relationship with your chosen profession, field or business and spend the next couple of years reshaping your ideas about service and duty. Becoming highly conscious of all the issues will help you, as you can craft your own future rather than having random work/career events affect you. Look at Diana, too. She is a female symbol of freedom, independence and space but she is alive and kicking in your horoscope. Sometimes the paintings or sculpture of Diana can trigger something!

      2. Sorry Jessica but no other responses are showing – could be this is happening a lot hence all the reposting. I’ve posted several questions over the past few weeks in different blogs but with no response despite later postings showing one …….I’m working on the principle that those who really need your expertise are getting a readable response.

        You’re a victim of your own success 🙂

        Click to Edit

        1. I should explain how this website works as so many people are posting questions but being leapfrogged. Basically, we are in the process of radically overhauling it, to cope with the huge wave of new traffic, now averaging 1 million visits every four weeks. Until that happens, when I answer your questions, this website often stops working altogether. I log in when I can to answer comments and it can be random, thus the leapfrogging! For guaranteed answers to all questions, the best bet is a 2017 Personal Horoscope as part of the service is exclusive access to 12 online forums, one every four weeks, when I spent the final weekend of every month replying to queries.

  31. Just wondered why my comment from a few days ago is waiting moderation when others have been answered since? It’s a normal question with nothing controversial in it.

    1. It’s not about moderation, it’s about the way the queue is moving – apologies – as 6,251 comments have now been approved and 1,038 are pending. It would help me if you could let me know your question about Ceres. Apologies and thanks, Jessica.

  32. Hi Jessica
    Have been working hard on understanding my chart!
    I found this earlier blog about Ceres truly interesting !
    I have Ceres in 12degrees Scorpio and 9degrees vesta how does this affect things in my world!
    Love everything about your website and am so pleased I became a member !
    Regards shirley

    1. Thank you Shirley, I will pass that onto my webmasters, and I do appreciate you taking out membership. Your Ceres at 12 Scorpio gives you a lifetime of forced compromises over your money, house, business, possessions, apartment or charity interests. Every so often Ceres is triggered (as she was in 2013, in quite a tough way) and you have to give in, back down or give way. That might be the end of it, except you have a pattern linking Ceres at 12 Scorpio to Vulcano at 11 Leo and Apollo at 12 Leo in the Fifth House of babies, children, young adults and youth projects – and Juno at 12 Virgo in the Sixth House of work and the body. Every time choices come up with those areas, the money compromises are triggered and vice versa. Watch what happens any time outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres herself) move to 11, 12 degrees and you will see how it unfolds for you. Each time it happens you get more masterful at handling it. Watch what happens when Jupiter moves to 11, 12 Libra in the first half of November 2016 – that’s a good test for you.

  33. Hi Jessica. Many thanks for valiantly striving to get through your que of questions! I have Ceres at 0 degrees Aries. With my 0 degree points throughout my chart I am interested how this can be useful to me in the future. I can honestly say that money issues has dogged me throughout my past. I am hoping that my future may be a bit brighter on that front. Thank you so much Jessica!

    1. Thank you for being so understanding. Ceres has nothing to do with money in your chart, as she stands at 0 Aries in your First House of name, image, profile, reputation, appearance and labelling. She trines your MC at 0 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreign people and places, education and the internet. She sextiles your IC at 0 Gemini which we also associate with the worldwide web and multimedia, as well as short haul travel. Ceres is also sextile your Ascendant at 0 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups and friends (people who don’t know you very well see you in this context) and she is trine your DC in Leo in your Fifth House of babies, children and teenagers, and youth concerns. I should note Proserpina at 1 Libra in your Seventh House of former, current and potential partners is very close by. Watch what happens when Jupiter moves to 0 Libra, September 10th through 14th 2016 and you will see how the pattern works. It will blossom in a wonderful way.

  34. Hi Jessica
    Omg …reading ur posts n understanding connections aftr all these years…..I am Aries with saggitarius rising……my natal chart says Ceres at Libra 4 degree R, Pluto at Libra 12 degree R….so is tht the reason why I hd all those sudden dramatic losses of my partners,,,the same cycles hitting me….grieving very sudden loss of my loved one n later compromising with destiny….omg is this how astrology actually works!!!!! My Juno is at saggitarius 0 degree R ……so now plz tell me jupiter in Libra cycle,wht more will hit me here on???? How will jupiter cool off Ceres n Pluto in my case???? Will it help or is there more loss n compromise for me to undergo….waiting for ur insights…dob 28_3_1977, 11:37 pm….thnx

    1. Ceres and Pluto in Libra in your Seventh House describe the power and control issues with your former, current and potential partners, over the course of your life. There is a lot of healing to be done, now through 2017. In fact, in mythology, it was Jupiter who fixed the Ceres-Pluto battle. Thus, there is something quite fated about the recovery you will make. To find out more about Ceres and Pluto pick up your free copy of 2020 Astrology.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    What you predicted about Saggitarian my star side last week and this week about Ceres, about children are so accurate and it scares me .
    I’m in pain right now but I have to took all my strength to write you this email as I need your help !
    Please !!

    Yesterday Wednesday 19th afternoon, after school as usual my children & me sitting at the dining table eating and we were talking about how was school & what they’ve learned , we were get ready for my son football training…
    We were so happy.
    The bell door rang ,
    2 social workers came in and spoke to me about my children safety As my daughter 10years old called them without telling me as I’m yelling at her, smacking her 4months ago ( JUNE ) and make her sad .
    That were it !!
    Child Protection Department make it big & used all their power get police come in to pull my children out of the house , away from me…
    My Children were crying , screaming & frightening .
    I felt like they hit me millions time with the knife to my heart .
    I collapsed to the floor.

    I’m a single mother, raise my children all on my own without any support .
    I don’t have parents or and relative on this planet .
    I’m a lone .
    My children are my everything , they are my whole world.

    And Jess,
    This is a real life nightmare.
    I feel empty & blank…
    I feel like they cut my body to the parts .
    My soul is bleeding and crumble .
    I can’t close my eyes without thinking where are my children right now .
    Is that how they say they try to help me and keep my children safe ????
    No !!!
    My children are scared and alone with strangers right now at night time .
    I am not even allowed to know where my children are .
    I’m in pain, and this pain is killing me .
    I’m in broken in pieces ….
    In need my children back to me as soon as possible.
    They can cut my hands, my legs off but please don’t take my children away from me !!!
    Please don’t !!

    I don’t know where they took my children to , I don’t know who is the people my children with .
    They said for a night and now they said for 5 days !! How could they ?????

    I have been sexually abused when I was little by both “normal” man & “normal” woman out there . So could you imagine a little how I would feel right now ?!

    Dear Jessica
    You already saw this coming, could you please tell me what you see next ???
    When can I have my children back soon ?
    And what I have to do ?

    If I cry because of them took away my children, they would twist that I’m emotional unstable .
    Or they could use anything to against me if they want to .

    And about my invisible role ( I have Pieces at 9 degrees ) .
    Is any thing affecting to my children story right now ??!!
    Should I be honest & keep it as my secret ?

    Almost 3am and I will keep my phone in my hands until I get your reply .
    I don’t know who to reach to but you Jessica.
    They’re too powerful and cold blood.
    Please help me Jessica !!!

    Thank you millions of time You know how much I always appreciate you Jessica x

    Love much.

    1. Okay, it sounds as if you are in a very difficult situation and I understand why you are feeling so upset. It is also hard being by yourself. Do you have a friend or neighbour who could help you immediately – it is very important that you have someone to talk to. I am not sure which part of the world you are writing from but if you are in Australia you should ring a telephone counselling service like Lifelink or Lifeline immediately. You can Google them. You will be anonymous, they will listen to what you have to say, and be able to suggest next steps for you. On the astrology side of things, you will come to an arrangement which works for everyone, so please do not worry. This new arrangement will be in place by next year. In the meantime, it is vital that you pick up the phone to a friend, neighbour or trained counsellor at a phone service. If you are stuck look at the front pages of your telephone book. This will be okay in the end – I promise. This cycle will pass.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Thank you . You’re always so caring & kind to me .
        I just read your daily 29th Oct horoscope. It’s not that fun though. I have learned too much & in the hard way how to be a mother to my 2 children.
        As you said “it’s a rocky road” .
        And it’s a real torture is seeing my children go through this road while I’m powerless , hopeless & useless. I couldn’t even allowed to be there when my children are sick .
        It’s real brutal .
        Pure pain & destroying 3 of us
        Jupiter, Ceres….
        what’s going on ?
        And how long more for this nightmare to be end Jess ?
        Could you please tell me what you see from today up to 24th November ?
        Is it over by then ?
        Am I even alive until then to have my children back to me ?
        I don’t try to scare you .
        But people could die from broken heart , you know that right Jess ?

        1. Yes, it is a rocky road with the children, but it will become smoother, sooner than you think. Ceres is a 2000+ year old symbol of a mother who lost her daughter and was then forced to accept a new agreement, where she would share her child. If you go onto Google, type in Ceres and click on Images you will see a wealth of paintings and sculptures showing you who Ceres was – and I think you will relate – and perhaps make some discoveries about yourself and the situation, just by looking at the art. Ceres teaches us that we have to take turns at being powerful. You are a powerful parent. However, you also have to share – in the end – and there will be a new arrangement which you would gain by accepting. The emotions with Ceres are raw and potent. When she lost her daughter Proserpina she roamed the earth searching for her. Ceres went through grief and rage. What happened in the end was total transformation. Yet, Ceres accepted it and a new world began. Nobody really likes sharing the territory or diving up the turf when she is used to having total control, but unfortunately it is a fact of life and we all have to do it. Everyone has Ceres in her chart somewhere. This is where we are ‘Queen’ and yet also where, occasionally, we have to share the throne and the kingdom. One way to immediately lessen the pain is to find a role that is not motherhood. You need another part to play in life that takes you beyond solely being a parent. If you volunteered to train as a telephone counsellor on a crisis helpline, for example, that would give you another function beyond parenting and you would find that the ‘all or nothing’ drama of Ceres is lessened. I am sure you already do have a role outside parenting that is important to you. If you made more of it, then you will find that the heartache reduces. On the plus side, over time, you will find that you become more effective and influential parent, as a result of what you learn now, and how you grow through it. That is also what Ceres offers you.

          1. You are a Godsend .
            Hat off to you Jess .
            Every single word you said is accurated .
            But please tell me
            the true :
            24th November, will they let my children coming home ?
            Because the system & the assessments they put my children go through now is damaging & heartless & brutal , it is NOT helping.
            And that is the cruelest torture ever .
            Nothing in my life important than my children. Nothing. !!!
            Without my children I’m basically dead !!!

          2. Did you contact a friend or neighbour to help you as I suggested the first time? You need real, live, human support. If you need someone to talk to please call Lifeline in Australia now on 13 11 14. As I also said before, you will reach a new arrangement about your children and it will work for you, long-term. It sounds as if you are in a very stressful situation and if you are alone, as you mentioned previously, it is very important that you reach out to people, or at least to the caring people at Lifeline. I trained with Youthline, similar to Lifeline, as a counsellor. My family are involved with Lifeline too. Please call if you are feeling bad. You will feel better, just to talk. Okay?

          3. Hi Jess , thank you so much for your reply. I never see anyone in your position being so patience, delicate and kind as you .
            You’re amazing Jess .

            I have numbers of friends take turn to look after me, specially at night . In the morning before they go to work they hand me to the lovely neighbour down stairs.

            I have won all the battles in my life & survived through all sort of pain in my brutal life .
            But this !
            Nothing compare this pain in me !
            This pain in me is exactly like a physical’s disease never has cure .
            Noise sounds around biting me . The silent is eating me
            No way to run.
            I’m sitting here writing this to you with the same empty – useless – dead body I dragging on the ground last 10days .

            I don’t say I love my children more than another mother loves theirs .
            But !
            My children are my life , my passion , my joys , my happiness, my everything.
            My children are my heart beats , my soul.
            Without my children .
            I’m gone .
            So no , nothing will help or make me feel any less pain.
            No matter what I do . I cry . I smile . Sometime I looked absolutely “normal” at front of every body.
            But the pain is there , over me , pushing me down to bottom , stand on me .
            The whole me collapsed .
            The air I breathe in gone through my nerves, my body’s cells only make me feel this pain more visible
            and it drilling through my skin to my bone…

            Jess, the scariest thing is
            the most powerful department in Australia, call themselves with a beautiful name put me and my children through this nightmare operating by the most cruelest people I know.
            Look like the more they cruel to 3 of us , the more they’re doing a good job .
            The poster care in her job on and off for only 2 months make up stories, telling something me and my children didn’t do without any evidence, the department immediately believed her whatever she said & stepped their feet harder on 3 of us .
            Meanwhile she played the bloody game sitting on my children body (?!) I never see anyone play in 5 years I worked with children .
            She was forcing my children kisses her good night, make them uncomfortable and scare (?!)
            She ate my organic food I brought for my children.
            Then she brought my children proceeds food by government’s cash (WTF?!)
            That what I’m scare of .
            I’m scare of the things I didn’t do but they say I did .
            I’m scare of their endless powers the government gave them .
            They stepped on me and my children like ants on the ground, just because they can, just because that is their job .
            That what I’m scare they will make up more stories and won’t let us go .

            On 24th next month will be the day they decide if my children sending home or not .
            And off course after that, this department will involve in my life with home visits (checking up) , with numbers of follow up steps .
            Is that what you saw Jess ?
            I planned to move to another state WITH my children after Christmas for 6 months in January 2017 .
            Can you see that will happens for us ?

          4. I am glad you have people with you – and looking after you – this must be an extremely stressful time for you and the children. Just to repeat, there will be a new arrangement, where you have to compromise, but it will work out, long-term.

  36. Hey Jessica

    I read this article today only . I have ceres in Capricorn . The most interesting thing I came across here is the price on independence . How does this works for me . Over few months I have realised to get to a certain level in life I can’t do it alone anymore . I am contemplating of getting married as money is something I can’t possibly mix until unless someone is officially partnered up with me . Bring single and alone my folks really don’t believe in me to start my own buss. As it will eventually need partnership with someone which I don’t have any issue given the good contacts I have had .but it’s just the folks . I couldn’t possibly compromise my inheritance to hilly billy . Could you please guide how it can pan out for me . Thank u .

    1. So you want to get married for money. Okay that means this is a Scorpio question, and nothing to do with Ceres. Your biggest choices will begin from October 2017 and be complete by the end of 2018. You have Diana in Scorpio, though, so you are actually extremely independent and I am wondering what price you will actually pay for finding a husband so you can gain a bank account. You can read more about Diana in your ebooks.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for this post! I have Ceres in Aquarius 6°43′, however, it is Retrograde. What does this mean and how can I work with Retrogrades in my chart? I have 6 in total and I feel it.

    1. You will know very well, since childhood probably, that whenever you get into a group situation with friends, like a team or club, there are always major issues about who/what is in control. The Ceres Retrograde will only be felt when you have transits which trigger it, which is when you find yourself trying to sort things out with the friend/group but going back and forth. When the Node moves over Ceres in Aquarius you will feel it most as karma is in play. I am writing about the Node moving to Aquarius next year.

  38. Wow Jessica, I learned so much about Ceres with this article and I’m amazed at your generosity here in helping others understand they’re charts. You’re an Angel! I am in a Ceres transit at the moment which is why my interest was sparked (Mars/Neptune in Pisces 8th house just trined my natal Ceres/Uranus and I’m not only super motivated to heal my past and do past life therapy but also found a new supplement system that I think will finally help my adrenal fatigue). I’d love to get your insights into my Ceres placement. I have changed homes so many time in my life and it’s very unsettling, brining up feelings of not having a home or a tribe. I have been asked to live off grid on a property with some women who are growing their own food and living in harmony with nature. I feel this will be very healing for me and help me thrive but I’m nervous my Uranus will kick in again and I’ll feel trapped. BTW, can’t wait til Jupiter crosses my Ceres next year, so much has been taken away at this point, I really need some good stuff and energy to finally step into enjoying life and being of service to others.

    I am Leo Rising 15° and Leo Moon at 18° (Saturn in Leo @ 27°), Libra Sun/NN/Pluto @ 15°
    Ceres/Uranus at 11° in Scorpio conjunct my IC at 8° opposite Chiron at 4° in Taurus

    Thanks for any insights you have,
    Love, Trista

    1. Thank you Trista, those are very kind words. So you have Ceres in Scorpio? That’s all you need to know. The patterns you mention are actually very wide in terms of orbs (I use 0-1 orbs) so I will put those to one side. Ceres in Scorpio describes a lifelong pattern of finding your power, losing your power, and understanding how to compromise – in terms of your money, house, land, apartment, possessions, business interests or charity. Whenever Ceres is transited by an outer planet (this happened recently with Saturn in Scorpio) the whole thing is unleashed again. If you have been asked to live off the grid on a property with other women, that’s interesting – Jupiter will move into Scorpio from October 2017 and of course he will conjunct Ceres which is wonderful. Without seeing your chart I can’t comment further. If you have some difficult exact aspects to Ceres, despite the incredible opportunity you’re going to see when Jupiter arrives – it may actually not be such a good idea for you. I suggest you go back in time to find out what was going down when Pluto was conjunct your Ceres, years ago, when he was in Scorpio. That is possibly where a lot of stuff began.

      1. Thank you, would you say a Uranus conjunction is a difficult aspect? I can’t remember what happened back then in 6th grade regarding these themes but you’re right on about the pattern around power and my domain. I’ve come to realize I need to live alone in my own dwelling even if I’m in a partnership.

        1. Uranus conjunctions are not difficult, but they are challenging, which is a polite way of saying, you absolutely have to change – quite radically – in order to hang onto your freedom, or perhaps have it for the first time. They are often accompanied by lightning bolts, electrical storms or all kinds of shockwaves. However, once all that has subsided, and you have the benefit of hindsight, you can usually see how the universe was trying to get you to be your own person – to be independent.

  39. dear Jessica,

    this is a great article. I have been reading a lot of early Romantic literature at the moment (from the period 1799-1802) and I am amazed at how some stories, poems and biographies reflect Ceres themes, especially the cycles between death and life, loss and return, grief and abundance. Usually Romanticism is associated by astrologers with Neptune, which I always found a little bit problematic… And the same with communism – I think as goddess of the field and of agriculture Ceres is equally involved in such movements, which I think is also strongly reflected in the Ceres symbol.

    in terms of my own chart I have Ceres in Aries in the 10th house, trine Jupiter in Leo in the 2nd, opposition Pluto in the fourth! Ceres and Pluto also form a t-square to my Cancer ascendant. How would you interpret that? Also what kind of orbs do you use?

    many thanks

    1. Thank you, Nikos. I was in the National Portrait Gallery yesterday looking at Romantic literature and admiring portraits of Keats and Byron. I am not sure why some astrologers associate the Romantics with Neptune. They all arrived after the discovery of Uranus in 1781, and are actually the radicals and revolutionaries who are better linked to this planet. Ceres can play her part, of course. You actually have Ceres in the First House in Aries using the Natural House system, trine Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House (assuming you are using 0-1 degrees as I can’t see your chart). You can base a whole interpretation on Ceres in Aries in the First, though. Your name, your title, your reputation, profile and image are all areas of life where you must constantly strike deals and do trade-offs, either with other people or the universe. It’s common in the charts of people for whom packaging/presentation is an ongoing issue, because of their profession.

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