Jupiter Horoscope Luck – Time to Wish!

Everyone will be affected, as the ripple effect from other people's good fortune also bounces off you.

At 9.04am on Monday 22nd August 2016, Jupiter (luck) conjuncts Mercury (news) in one of the most fortunate patterns of the year. Actually, this is one of the most fortunate aspects of the decade, if we’re talking about health and employment. It takes place with Jupiter at 26 Virgo and Mercury at 26 Virgo. Everyone will be affected, as the ripple effect from other people’s good fortune also bounces off you.  Premium members check your chart below. If you have anything in your personal birth chart at 26 degrees, then it is this area of your life which is set to benefit from that person, organisation or situation which is about to open up like a flower, for you. Just one thing, about this lucky, lucky day. Mercury is retrograde. So you need to watch the timing, and I’ll give you all the dates, below.

Don’t be fooled by the Mercury cycle. The shadow is just as important as the actual retrograde and you really need to have the dates on hand, so that you can see exactly how this tremendously lucky period, 21st through 23rd August, will pan out. This is not going to be straightforward, yet it will work for you, if you play it right.

horoscope chart wheel 600x401 - Jupiter Horoscope Luck - Time to Wish!
Jupiter conjunct Mercury


How the Luck Factors Unfold in Your Horoscope

Mercury is the planet of news, the internet, television, radio, magazines, newspapers, letters and telephone calls. He also happens to be Retrograde Shadow on Monday 22nd August, when he makes his luckiest connection of the year with Jupiter. This means he is not moving normally.  What you hear, read or discuss as early as Sunday 21st August or as late as Tuesday 23rd August is not the final story. That is why it is important that you get as much as possible in writing, and that you check the terms, conditions, promises, dates or other commitments so that you are covered for delays and changes.  Watch what happens around 7th September when the talking points alter or you see retractions, rescheduling or proof that the lucky developments near 22nd August were just a dress rehearsal. If you want to find out more about the true Mercury Retrograde cycle, download my new book 2020 Astrology, free from this website.


Dates to Watch in Your Horoscope and Your Life – August through October 2016

Allow 24 hours either side of these dates so the world can catch up with itself, from Auckland to Los Angeles. What you are going to see is a genuinely lucky cycle twist and turn over time.

Monday 22nd August – Mercury Retrograde Shadow 26 Virgo conjunct Jupiter 26 Virgo.
Saturday 27th August – Venus 27 Virgo conjunct Jupiter 27 Virgo (this is very close – just one degree away).
Wednesday 7th September – Mercury Retrograde 25 Virgo sextile Apollo 25 Cancer (also very close).
Sunday 18th September – Sun 25 Virgo conjunct Minerva 25 Virgo (one degree away from exactitude).
Tuesday 20th September – Minerva 26 Virgo semi-sextile Venus 26 Libra
Tuesday 4th October – Mercury 25 Virgo sextile Vesta 25 Cancer

The above dates show when the long and winding road with your 22nd August luck factors will take you sideways, backwards and forwards. As long as the majority of your decisions, commitments, agreements and plans were locked in as tightly as possible, before Friday 9th September – you should be on your way with a great outcome.

Your Work, Body and Lifestyle Benefits

For the majority of people, the 26 degree Virgo pattern will be about job opportunities and solutions, but also important breakthroughs in handling doctors, food, drugs, drink, fitness, surgeons or healers. This is about lifestyle improvement.

Even if you have nothing at 26 Virgo, you will gain from the knock-on effect of large organisations or whole nations pursuing the biggest and best with employment, health, medicine and lifestyle benefits, that we have seen in over a decade. One example might be your mother having her whole life changed by government announcements regarding free public health care, which of course benefits your entire family’s happiness. Another example might be a dramatic drop in people claiming unemployment benefits in one country, which triggers a mini economic boom. This helps your future lover find the money to join an elite dating website, where of course he finds you. This is why Jupiter 22nd, 2016 is the day to light a candle and make a big wish. Wish for as many solutions and opportunities as you like, across every area of your life. The Jupiter-Mercury ripple effect will ultimately find you, as other people’s good fortune or breakthroughs will flow onto you, sometimes in surprising ways.


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Light a candle make a wish with Jupiter

Hope at Last – Jupiter the Problem-Solver

Jupiter is a problem solver. If the weeds or rubble needs to be cleared from the soil in order for something bigger, better and brilliant to grow – then that is exactly what will happen in September and October. If you find that those dates above coincide with a major clean-up then it is just the Jupiter cycle, detoxing one area of your life, so that it can be in better shape, later on.


Good News! Global Trends in Health and Employment

Astrology prediction: In 2016, close to August 22nd, 27th and September 7th, 18th, 20th and finally October 4th, the world will see front-page headlines about major breakthroughs with so-called incurable illnesses, diseases and medical conditions giving us all genuine hope for remarkable cures or treatments. We will also see fantastic news about employment in leading countries.

Let me explain why. Whole generations of people were born with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto at 26 Virgo, the hotspot. When Mercury and Jupiter move over 26 Virgo an historic good news story (probably several) will make television news headlines all over the world. It will permanently change the way we see our bodies for the next decade to come. Wish!

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185 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Another Interesting article I have Ceres at 26 Virgo, Uranus at 26 Virgo and Chiron at 26 Pisces. Can I call this a pattern? and how does this impact me? I have been reading about ceres on your website.

    Thank you

    1. That is most definitely a pattern. I’m glad you have been reading about Ceres in Virgo as this powerfully affects the work you do and also your relationship with your body – your physical state. This is an incredible moment in your life, and by September 10th you must snap up a heaven-sent opportunity to improve your lifestyle, wellbeing and to fulfil your desire to work hard for other people, doing the job as perfectly as you can. It will take time, and be complex, yet it is time to change. I suspect you will be sharing or dividing the territory, or involved in a major reshuffle of rights, roles or responsibilities.

    2. Does having 27 degrees Pluto in Virgo in 6th House count?

      or does it have to be
      26 degrees?

      1. A one degree orb is fine. Hit Search and Sacred Geometry to see why. You will see world-changing, life-changing developments coming from medicine, alternative medicine, and particularly in the sphere of employment (the working class and middle class in particular) which will impact your own life in a wonderful global ripple effect, now through October. We just saw the first headline. A cancer drug which cures one in five people at end-stage cancer has just been released in the USA. This is an example (only) of the kind of thing we are about to see which will also impact you.

  2. Hello Jessica,

    you could start to be emberessed by all my questions last time. But I see, that last month happen a lot in the sky in the degrees in whoich I have a planets or asteroids so I am really very strongly courious what is going on here for me.

    I have Sun in 27 deg Virgo, and Chiron in 27 deg in Aries. (and in 27th of August is my name day in our country:-))). Last days I have many discussions with lot of people about starting new bussiness. I feel that it could be very important time for me.
    But excactly this week I am on holliday. I won ´t miss something important? I feel like I should stay at home and to do “something” to take advange of this aspect.

    Sorry if my question is little bit stupide or naive.

    Thanks for all

    1. I am glad you asked the question because you were born with the Sun at 27 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, daily routine, lifestyle and your body. The Sixth House is about serving other people and doing your duty – the normal tasks and chores of life – but it is also very much about the way your physical condition and physical state affects who you are, and what you do. The conjunction from Mercury to Jupiter at 26 Virgo is close enough to open up incredible opportunities and solutions for you, not possible in years. Don’t worry too much about your holiday. Wheels will turn. You are talking to people at the right time. You can ask questions any time you wish, as often as you wish, and it only takes a moment for me to check your chart because you are a Premium Member so your full birth horoscope pops up for me to view every time you log onto my website. Never feel embarassed and please note – you asked exactly the right question!

  3. Hi Jessica, I have no Virgo and no 26 either! Am i out of luck? or does the one degree either side still count?
    Thank you! xx

    1. Chiron at 25 Aries and Psyche at 27 Aries in your First House of image will be helped by this pattern. One degree is enough orb for you to benefit. Your title, profile, reputation, ‘armour’ (your wardrobe), body shape and type, name and general personality projection works very hard for you, and in fact it is this which will survive you. If you are curious about this download 2020 Astrology. What happens now will result in a domino effect which benefits you. So – for example – there will be major advances in general, all around you, which have a trickle-down effect which helps you relaunch.

  4. Hi Jessica, thank you for another great article. I have my Sun at 26 Virgo so maybe I should buy a lottery ticket?

    1. I have never, in all my years of practising astrology, studying astrology, teaching astrology and even having relationships with astrologers – ever seen anyone win the lottery!

  5. Hi Jess,

    Great article again, thank you. But isn’t this just the story of my decade? When good luck rebounds everywhere I’m on my extended hermitage with nothing at all at 26’ or 27’!

    I think this cycle is more about the old me and the new me. I haven’t worked this out yet, but the way my Mars (25’26 Virgo), my Cupido (25’20 Libra) and Apollo are involved gives me a clue here. This makes me think that this week’s eclipse for me was about past, present and future.

    Am I calling this right with my amateur scratchings?

    Thanks again,

    1. Thank you – ‘amateur scratchings’ – too funny. Mars at 25 Virgo in your Sixth House is what you will feel most. In fact, that eclipse already put you in the dark about someone or something you very much needed to know about! I expect you are all too aware of the situation by now. Moving right along to the actual Jupiter-Mercury conjunction to your Mars – this is about your lifestyle, working day and your body. Tremendous opportunities and answers are there if you reach out for them.

  6. Hi Jessica , so I have panacia and salacia at 26 degrees , I just found out that a health issue I thought was getting better isn’t , it’s insulin resistance and I’m not sure who to see about it anymore? I remember you once said that food issues were part of my generation and I really hope there can be some break throughs with it , I really do my best to eat as healthily as I can and I have been exercising , that’s why I’m a little frustrated now to be told that it is still an issue .

    Thanks so much

    1. I am sorry about your insulin resistance. Uranus at 25 Virgo in your Sixth House of health is the key to everything. He is one degree of being exactly in alignment with Jupiter and Mercury at 26 Virgo so your outlook is excellent. Go and find your answers. It may take time but you will shortly be free to turn your own world upside-down in terms of food, drink, drugs, doctors, healers and fitness. Uranus in Virgo in the Sixth House describes your rejection of what you created or invented before, in lifestyle terms, and the excitement that comes when you realise you no longer have to be stuck in old patterns. Take a deep breath and walk through this because it will change your body if you let it. And Jupiter is the great-grandfather of healing.

  7. Hi Jessica, I am truly a fan of your work – love the intelligence you bring to astrology. I have Apollo at 26 Virgo and Ceres at 26 Sag – anything you can say I would love to hear. Many thanks.

    1. Thank you very much. So, the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction is right on Apollo in Virgo in your Sixth House. You are a natural leader in your chosen field, profession or business and what happens on, or close, to the day will allow you to make the most of stunning and unusual chances to do more with your leading role, have more or enjoy more. This may be with your existing position or situation – or quite another. The square to Ceres in Sagittarius in the Ninth House suggests this will bring in the worldwide web, regional or international differences, and other big-picture areas of life.

  8. Oh wow, am I ever lighting a big candle and making a big wish ! I have factors at 26 spot on my north and south Node and in in Cancer. How can that play out. I’m struggling with work, business projects with my husband and making a living. I’ve been juggling with several jobs to pay the bills, and have finally decided that I needed to stop taking jobs I hate just to pay the bills and do what I really love. I am letting go of being being scared of not having enough. thanks for any details about Jupiter in my chart !

    1. Your Nodes are at 26 Taurus/Scorpio in the Second and Eighth House which rules money, property, possessions, business, charity. You will see a turnaround in the lives of others, possibly the economy as a whole, or in business which has a useful and rare domino effect on your own capacity to save or earn. So it’s just what you want. Make notes, sketch goals, see what you are given to work with.

    1. Other people’s good fortune assists your own leading role with your godchildren, a youth charity (for example), teaching (another example) or an affair which might end in step-parenthood if it became serious. For more examples look up Fifth House and Apollo in any of your free ebooks.

    2. Other people’s good fortune assists your own leading role with your godchildren, a youth charity (for example), teaching (another example) or an affair which might end in step-parenthood if it became serious. For more examples look up Fifth House and Apollo in any of your free ebooks.

  9. Hello

    I have Vulcano at 27 Leo, Mars/Proserpina at 25/26 Gem and Fortuna/Uranus at 25/26 Scorpio (my ouch house right now). Do you have any insights into what sort of themes I should be looking at at this juncture?

    I’d quite like to get all my ducks in a row before this Autumn but I’m dithering about the best way to handle various difficult situations and awkward relationships in my life. I don’t know whether to see them as weeds and rubble to be cleared, or to hold out hope that they’ll improve!

    Thanks for the article and, again, for reading and answering all my queries! I do enjoy your site 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. You will benefit indirectly from other people’s good news with their jobs and health. Getting all your ducks in a row is not possible until the first week of October but by November you will be able to sort out a great deal, especially about relationships. The best way to explain what is about to happen is this – a person who has been a problem may cease to be a problem, if she realises she is about to be promoted. A man who has been an issue, will no longer be an issue, if he can snap up the operation he needs, which will be there because of overdue improvements to the health system. Neither of these personally appear to you, but you will see a wave of improvements in work, health, medicine and employment which will have a knock-on effect on your life.

    1. The newspaper headlines in the USA, UK and Australasia about huge medical breakthroughs and employment should begin to appear within 48 hours. So stay excited.

  10. Hi Jessica
    You are on fire! 🙂
    You have been doing a crazy amount of writing recently. I love your articles but you must certainly have tired fingers/ hands with all that keyboard activity!
    I have Neptune at 26 Scorpio and Hygeia at 27 Pisces. I’m hoping this is the timing for finding a safe surgical solution for my child with life threatening epilepsy. We have travelled the world looking for answers and solutions. Waiting for surgery answers is nothing short of exhausting. 🙁
    Have a peaceful day

    1. I am a psychic medium as well as an astrologer, which many people know, and I channel my spirit guides, two of whom are prominent astrologers who passed away, when I answer some of the questions. As I’m sure you might be aware, automatic writing means typing at much faster speeds than usual, but it is behind many of the accurate predictions which have appeared on this website about world news events. Okay, this is not the case with your questions as I am using good old-fashioned chart astrology (no channelling). However, your child is a serious matter and I know you have asked me about this before. This pattern will help you, financially, but it is not about your child. Neptune at 26 Scorpio is in the Eighth House of finance and Hygiea at 27 Pisces is in your Twelfth House of the unconscious. Long-term, there will be answers for epilepsy which are not available now. Your clue lies in related medical breakthroughs this year. I am sure you saw the story I wrote about the Jupiter in Virgo predictions coming to pass. We are in new era, particularly when it comes to DNA and it will only get better – and better.

  11. Hi Jessica – I see i have Jupiter & Saturn at 26 degrees – which area of my life with this affect?

    1. Focus on Jupiter at 26 Gemini in your Third House which describes your life on the worldwide web, your way with words, ideas and images – embracing multimedia, public speaking, writing, singing, acting, songwriting, debating and so on. You are in a stunning position with a project, course or concept and the technology is at your fingertips. You will never regret it. In fact by 2017 as Jupiter at 26 Libra trines your natal Jupiter you could be on a winner.

  12. Mercury retrograde has come at a difficult time but I hope it will all work out.

    I am hoping to sell a property in France which we have has for 11 years and i have not been happy there. A gentleman came to see the house July 7th and was enthusiastic but we heard nothing more.
    This week he visited again and now wants to buy the house and we have agreed a price. I am nervous about this because of your advice about Mercury. When we return to France we will likely be expected to sign the first document. The only thing which is giving me hope is a few years ago we reached this stage and the people did not turn up for the signing. so is this a “re” situation as in we have been here before and here we are again.

    This is important to us as my husband who is 80 years old requires medical treatment often in London and i want to simplify our circumstances as much as possible.

    Do you think this sale is likely to go through? i will be most grateful if you can give me some guidance.
    Best wishes Jessica

    1. I am sorry your husband needs medical treatment and that you are going through this stressful experience with your buyer. Fortunately you know all about the Mercury Retrograde cycle. Your actual issue was Mars Retrograde in Scorpio in your Eighth House which rules marital property and finance. Mars appeared to move backwards for months and only began moving normally very recently. You were pursuing this throughout. You are over the worst, with the money and property. You were also stuck with Saturn in Scorpio, late 2012 through late 2015. You will know exactly what is possible with your finances once the Sun enters Scorpio in October and by November you will be on your way, either with this transaction or another. It is hard to say without seeing the buyer’s chart. Your husband’s medical treatment is far more directly concerned with Mercury Retrograde as it is in Virgo the sign ruling doctors, drugs, surgeons and so on. Please be aware that once Mercury is out of shadow in the first week of October, again, every final detail will be sorted out, one way or another. You do not have very long to wait and in fact will be thrilled with the financial or property outcome from the final quarter of 2017 when Jupiter the planet of abundance, hope and reward enters Scorpio.

      1. Thank you so much for your detailed and hopeful reply. I will certainly let you know the outcome.
        I am an avid traveller even now if I can and people have looked at my old fashioned chart and wondered why. With your modern astrology I have more things in Sagitarius than any other sign so this backs up my travel bug.
        All good wishes Jessica

  13. Great article Jessica! I have Cupido at 25 degrees Virgo but also other factors in my chart at 25,26 and 27 degrees. Any insights as to how this may affect me? I am so making a big wish!

    1. You have a cluster around 26 degrees so will find that in general, your life improves dramatically as the result of other people receiving good news about employment, work, business, industry and so on. I use the Natural House system which reveals how global and national trends affect the individual and how the individual affects the global and national trends. This is you, now through September. A wave of optimism which comes as people realise that Obamacare, Medicare and the NHS are set for reform or improvement will have a domino effect. A surge in hope following positive employment news will create jobs, make the economic wheels turn around and benefit everyone. This will have a ripple effect on completely unrelated areas of your life, but you will be given one, two, three opportunities to have more, do more and become more.

  14. I have my sun at 26 Scorpio conjunction Neptune 26 Scorpio trine Chiron at 29 Pisces and sextile Pluto at 24 Virgo. How will the Jupiter Mercury conjunction affect me ? I could do with some positive news right now!
    Dob 19/11/1968
    Oldham lancs uk
    Time 03.55am

    1. Okay the only thing that matters here is the Sun-Neptune conjunction at 26 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, property, charity, business and possessions. The other planets are not in aspect. You have also asked me about your property in another forum – please pick up the free book 2020 Astrology and read more about the placement (above) in there.

  15. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this amazing post. My date of birth if 17 september 1975. I’ll turn 41 this year. Can you see positive things ahead for me? My whole life till now has been plagued by anxiety and not very pleasant things.

    Thank you for your answer.


    1. You have an exact square from Saturn to Uranus but Jupiter is in Aries in your First House. The square describes your anxiety. Look up ‘natal Saturn square Uranus’ online and in books and hit Search on this website to find out more about these two planets. They are at odds in your chart so in order to reduce your anxiety you need to find a creative way of working with both of them. Jupiter in your First House is your lifelong luck factor. You benefit by self-promoting and using your unique look, style, shape and profile to ‘sell’ your other talents. John Cleese and Bob Geldof both have Jupiter in the First House. They lean hard on their packaging to achieve what they want for their careers or charity fundraising. So can you.

  16. ( sorry may have already sent this!)Thanks for this great article Jessica. It’s very relevant to my life right now! I’m recovering from a chronic illness and have made some very radical changes in my diet and lifestyle recently. My ‘journey’ began 3/4 years ago where I had to give up everything to start again ( including moving countries) due to declining health. I was born in the Uk on the 15.2.68 and have Neprune in Scorpio 6 th house @26 degrees and Mercury in Aquarius 10th house @26 degrees. I plan to blog about my journey so far. I feel optimistic about recovery as many people do recover despite the cause of the condition is unknown/ unclear. Any thoughts about timing for a relaunch into the world again?! Many thanks for your thoughts. (apologies if this has been sent twice) – Marie

    1. Neptune is at 26 Scorpio in your Eighth House, not your Sixth House and Mercury at 26 Aquarius is in your Eleventh House, not your Tenth House. This does not have much to do with your illness, but it is relevant to your money and your friends. Your finances and the group. Your business and the ensemble cast or society. Your material world and your team. The two stories are not related, they are separate, but they will achieve lift-off when Mercury and Jupiter move to 26 Virgo and form a sextile to Neptune and a quincunx to natal Mercury. Turn to your cash and turn to your Twitter account.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I was very excited to read this post, as I have been searching for a job, only to find out that I only have Cupido in 26 Taurus.
    Could you suggest how this is going to play put? Do you see something else in my chart that might be effected?

    Thank you!

    1. Cupido at 26 Taurus in your Second House describes your ability to make people fall in love with your money, possessions, house, charity, business or apartment. You are also vulnerable to falling in love with cash, precious objects, good causes, homes, companies or property investments. This frantic desire will be triggered by Mercury and Jupiter at 26 Virgo trine your natal Cupido and you will see why closer to the date. You can hit Search to find out more about Cupido and the Second House.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    I have many planets in Virgo, one at 24 something degrees… And two in Cancer at 25 and 26. What should I expect? Thank you for the great help you constantly provide. 🙂

    1. The Saturn-Apollo conjunction in Cancer in your Fourth House rules your family, apartment, home town, house, homeland and household. That’s where you’re made of granite. What develops from late August to early September opens up a chance for you to lean hard on your own experience and pursue something solid regarding this. Thank you.

      1. Thanks a lot.
        I always meant to ask you : when you refer to things happening in relation to apartment, household and so on, can I assume or include a home based business? I’m asking this just because that would apply to me… as I don’t have a family per se (not married), and my home town or homeland is not where I was born (I moved long time ago).
        Sorry if my questions are naive, but I always wondered.
        Thank you so much.
        …and sorry for the many questions today.

        1. Thank you. Basically, ‘home’ is what it means to you. If you emigrated from your home town and homeland as a child, because your family decided to take you away, then in adulthood you have to figure out if where you were born and grew up, is actually your true home, or if you feel more at home in your adopted country. So the answer rests with you. Yes, a home business qualifies.

  19. Hello Jessica –
    I hope all is well. I have Apolo at 27 in Virgo and Diana at 25 in Aries. What do you think?!.
    On Monday I will light some candles and include one for all your wishes to come true.

    1. Aren’t you nice! Thank you very much. You were born with Apollo at 27 Virgo in the Sixth House, which rules your working life, your service to others, your duty to other people and animals on a daily basis and also your relationship with your body. Virgo the Virgin is the only zodiac sign defined by her physical state, or physical condition so this is why we associate the Sixth House and this sign with your constitution. Apollo is about leadership. You are a natural leader when it comes to work and also the body and I suspect people often copy you. Now through September 10th focus on what you want from work, from health, from fitness and your lifestyle as a whole. Make notes, make little drawings, cut out pictures. Everything is possible.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    I learn so much from you. Thank you. I hope I am stating this correctly. I have Aries at 26 degrees and Minerva at 26 degrees. Im hopeful that means good things are coming. Do these specific factors mean anything significant? You were spot on as far as what you have been saying about job/money. Two days ago I just received news they finally raised my salary $12000 a year which I have been trying to get done for over a year. Thanks!

    1. Cheers. I am glad the astrology was spot on about your job and money and I am thrilled your salary was raised $12,000. You were born with the Sun at 26 Aries in the First House and Minerva at 26 Taurus in the Second House, so now through September 10th, you will find other people’s employment and work upturns help you relaunch yourself and also manage your money, house, business, charity, possessions and apartment very successfully. You are going to witness a mini boom with particular industries, businesses and fields which has an impact on your own capacity to promote yourself, brand yourself and make smart financial moves.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Many, many blessings to you for so many great articles.
    I wonder how this lucky period with first, Mecury and then Venus conjunct with Jupiter will affect me. I sure could do with some lucky breaks in my life as it has been a tough going for a very long time now.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you very much. You were born with Bacchus at 26 Cancer so Jupiter will sextile Bacchus, who is actually his son in mythology. Being born with Bacchus in the Fourth House means you give and receive pleasure through the family, through your house or apartment, through your home town, household or homeland. It is very common in the horoscopes of family men, property developers, patriots and those who adore their homes and profit by them. Whatever comes up with this, now through September 10th, take it and run with it.

  22. Hi, Thank you for this article.
    I have a sticky situation. I just built a house and moved and I was renting while building. When i gave vacating nitice I found out that I have singed the lease till 31/1/2017. Now Iam paying mortgage and rent which is too much. Nobody is renting that house. I have been advised to lodge financial hardshipto get out of this. Is it wise to sign and that paper on Monday 26/8/2016? Much appreciated.

    1. You have Mars at 27 Virgo so Jupiter will conjunct your Mars in the Sixth House for the first time in 12 years, which is fantastic in terms of your lifestyle, workload and body. Your issue with the money and the house is completely different. The only thing I can really comment on is the wonderful potential for you to have a daily routine, a job situation and a relationship with your body that fixes any issues you have, or takes you higher, if you want something better from life. Perhaps if you focus on that, making notes in a journal and actually goal-setting and visualising, you will find that your house takes care of itself.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Another great post, as said earlier you have been amazing with your writing, thank you for all the great reading! Reading all the questions and answers sent me off reading your book (2020) so interesting!

    I really need some breakthroughs with my own health issues – have been ‘retrograde’ on my own progress these past few week and feel like I’m back at the start!

    Still grappling with where to focus with aspects. For example this one at 26º will aspect my chart with Chiron 1st, Jupiter 4th, Descendant 7th, Salacia 10th, I can see patterns with opposing houses affecting each other but do I focus on all of these houses or is it just the 6th where the transit occurs?

    Thanks again

    1. I am glad you are finding what you need in the new book. Thank you. If health is your priority always look to Virgo and your Sixth House. The Moon, Uranus, Pluto, Descendant and Psyche in Virgo in your Sixth House form a stellium which is obviously dominating your peace of mind and happiness in life. If your birth time is strictly accurate, then the Descendant in Virgo in the Sixth House is the key here, as Jupiter is crossing it in a conjunction not possible for 12 years. The DC or Descendant describes your former, current or potential partner – in the context of your body. It also can describe your enemy, opponent or rival – again, purely in the context of your body. An example might be the boyfriend who dictates that you both eat vegetarian, or the difficult boss who stops you taking lunch breaks! I am sure you know what the story is. The point is, there is a chance to fix, heal and improve all Descendant issues right now. Longer-term you need to dig very deeply into the way your body acts out unresolved inner conflicts you have about working, or service, or duty. This is the most common issue people have with Virgo stelliums which result in health issues. In astrology, this sign rules the secret connivance between spirit, mind and body and it is amazing how many breakthroughs you can make once you realise you are unconsciously setting things up – in the horoscope we link Pisces (the unconscious mind) to illness because Pisces is opposite Virgo on the horoscope wheel. Keep searching!

  24. Hi Jessica,
    I think I have a bunch of plants about those degrees in my chart. I think career and home life might be affected? I’d very much appreciate any insights you have!
    Thanks in advance for your very helpful insights :)!!

    1. It’s a pleasure. Your MC/IC axis in Taurus and Scorpio is the main issue here, although it does depend on you having a strictly accurate birth time. Assuming this is the case, your money, house, charity, apartment, business and/or possessions will be triggered in a wonderful way, now through September 10th. Do dream big.

  25. Hello Jessica, with Ceres at 26 Aries how would that impact me? Also very good friend of mine has Pluto at 26 Virgo any insight?

    1. Interesting. You have been experiencing Uranus conjunct Ceres in your First House of image, presentation, reputation, title and appearance – and this can only happen once in your lifetime. I hope the Me Revolution has liberated you and the relaunch will be ongoing. Why? Jupiter is quincunx Ceres. The whole issue of how you look and appear to the world is rather an intense one, with Ceres here, yet you are being shown how to play this differently, both online and elsewhere. It should be quite liberating. Your friend with Pluto at 26 Virgo needs to jump on a massive work opportunity or solution by September 10th.

  26. What’s your take on Saturn at 27 Aquarius — Pluto at 27 Scorpio — Minerva at 27 Libra and Juno at 27 Libra; Ops at 28 Pisces Panac at 28 Libra; MC at 29 Scorpio and one more aquarian factor at 29. Moon, Chiron and Apollo in Virgo. Here an expectant ex-uni student is paving way for a radical departure in her own way. Thank you

    1. You should read about the 2017 eclipse too which also affects you, as it falls at 28 Leo. Now through 2017 what you will experience with both Jupiter crossing 27-29 Virgo and Uranus crossing to 29 Aries is a total reconstruction of your world. It will be financial (Scorpio) personal (Libra) social (Aquarius) and about your work (Virgo). You can read more about Uranus and Jupiter in 2020 Astrology, which you can download free here. It will be epic but please avoid the eclipse itself – see the other story I wrote on this.

  27. Hi Jessica!

    Thank as always. I was hoping you could give me a little tidbit about how this configuration might manifest in my life. I’m a little late to the party! Hope I didn’t blow it. . . .


    1. You have Pluto at 25 Virgo trine Salacia at 26 Capricorn in your Sixth House and Tenth House respectively, so this is about your paid work, unpaid work, full-time parenting or university degree. It’s historic to see Jupiter pass over 25 Virgo – it only happens once every 12 years – so now through September 10th, devote yourself to creating what you want through your career, or other definition of proper role in life. This is the kind of transit where people get hot job offers, secure permanent contracts, land amazing deals, win awards and so on.

  28. Hi Jessica, thanks for all the amazing articles! Incredible how you find the time to write all of them and answer all of our questions <3. Lately life seems to have turned around slowly for the better after the inevitable last 3 years and was just wondering how these luck factors will affect me. I have also always wondered what it means for me that I have no factors in virgo. Grateful as ever for your answer!

    1. You will gain in at least two areas of your life, possibly three, thanks to Jupiter. Look at your social life, groups and friendships. Look at finance, property and business as well. These stories may be related, through to September 10th, or you may find there are two distinct narratives taking place. You gain from other people’s fantastic employment upturns. This is a global phenomenon of the next three weeks. Obviously when people are confident in the job market, the economy goes round and that creates fantastic ripple effects in just about every other area of life too. You are going to benefit. Put out there for what you want with money, property, business, charity, security, lifestyle and so on.

  29. Jess

    Another fantastic article!! Everything you publish comes to fruition. My Jupiter is placed at 26 Virgo. How convenient. What do you see in my chart?
    Very best wishes


    1. Thank you so much. This is your Jupiter Return. It can only happen every 12 years so take a deep breath and use a journal or big, blank sheet of butcher’s paper to sketch, make notes or cut out pictures. Focus on Virgo and the Sixth House because this is where you are born lucky. You can find out more about these by hitting Search or by downloading 2020 Astrology (free) now. A superior lifestyle that nicely takes care of your work as well as your physical wellbeing (food, fitness, doctors, drugs, drink and even dogwalking) is a good place to begin.

  30. Hi, Jessica! Thanks again for this beautiful article – I appreciate every word. I have the north node at 26 Virgo…what should I wish for or what do you think I will encounter? I need some bodily luck with the way I have been feeling lately with Neptune, etc. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you very much! Good news about your Node. Focus on your body and your work. Your physical condition and your service to other people. Your daily routine and your lifestyle. Your self-care. Your work ethic. It’s time to ‘own’ your Virgo side and to really focus on what you want.

  31. Thank you for this brilliant piece of work.

    I’m an Aquarius sun, could you advise on this pattern could affect me: my Mercury retrograde is at 25 degrees Aquarius and my Vesta is at 25 degrees Capricorn.

    I’m a bit concerned because in one of your articles you mentioned that Vesta turns up in toxic love-life situations engineered by men, with two or more women involved.

    1. Taking the pattern apart, you are the messenger among your friends, on social media and within the group. If you were in the Women’s Institute you would be the secretary and the gossip. Right now, through six degrees of separation from people and organisations experiencing tremendous good fortune, you gain – and expand that role. Vesta is in Capricorn in the Tenth House. You get into career or academic situations with one male/multiple females where you have to figure out the gender politics. It’s like Richard Branson running Virgin where male pilots work alongside mostly female crews of flight attendants, the latter who tend to be used in Richard’s campaigns while he stars as Chief Blokey. You also have this as a lifelong work pattern. Right now, that’s triggered – but in a useful way!

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I have quite a lot of 25′-27′ in my chart and not sure how to interpret them!
    I feel uncouraged to do anything my own for awhile and have been unlucky in the past 2-3 years with my current job…is it the right time to plan ahead and start my own business next year?

    I have:
    Moon 26° Taurus 10′ 37″, Pluto 25° Libra 17′ 54″,Juno 25° Sagittarius 31′ 40″,Ceres 25° Scorpio 48′ 49″,Fortuna 26° Aries 12′ 02″ R, Chiron 27° Taurus 42′ 19″ R

    1. You are in a fantastic position with your money, international connections, partnerships or potential partnerships, self-promotion and business interests. Set goals now. Write, sketch, cut out pictures. Set devoted intentions. You will be stunned at what can happen in just a few weeks. I do not know where you live, but there are fantastic global trends for employment, work and the trade union movement coming which will affect your life through six degrees of separation.

  33. Dear Jessica,
    I’ve been following your work for a year now and I’m truly amazed by your astonishing predictions. Also with a very detailed explanations on various celestial events.
    I’m a twin (5 minutes younger than my sister) and we’ve been having health issues since 2012 (my sister autoimmune disease , and myself-not complicated different problems).
    My AS is 26 Virgo, Retro Pluto is 25 Virgo (Pluto conjuction As), Retro Node 10 Pisces, 6th house, Pallas 6 Pisces, 6th house, Juno 28 Pisces, 7th house, Ceres 6 Aries, 7th house, Chiron 8 Aries 7th house, Saturn 11 Taurus, 8th House, Sun 7 Taurus, 8th house (Sun conjuction Saturn).
    It seems to me that all bad things affected my sister, and I have more luck regerding the health.
    Please advise wheter this Jupiter luck will change our lives and where we need to make changes?
    Love, Mina

    1. Thank you. Astrology can be very specific and detailed, because it uses history. I am going to lean on that now to look at your chart. First of all, it’s not complete so I can’t read serious issues like health. Also, I don’t use Pallas who is Greek, not Roman. Having said that, you and your twin both have Pluto at 25 Virgo so in general, you should both be ditching the past and looking at the present in terms of your food, drugs, drink, doctors, healers, fitness and so on. By that, I mean, dump any old point of view that could be out of date. Maybe you never had any time for vegetarianism before or it didn’t work for you. Yet – a chain of fantastic, affordable vegetarian restaurants may have opened up near your work. Now, you can actually enjoy the horrid vegetables (which will help you lose weight). Another example might be hearing a tip about a fantastic doctor you simply did not realise was so close to your home. This doctor turns out to be the bomb. Be open at this time. Open your ears and eyes to who/what can help you and your sister with your mind, body and spirit connection. Best time in 12 years to do it.

      1. DearJessica, thank you very much for your reply.
        I truly appreciate your help and your kindness!
        You’re the bless to all of us!

  34. Hi Jessica
    You’ve been rekindling a dormant interest in astrology since I discovered your site alongside others around your brexit posts so many thanks for that (I was an out voter there but felt physically ill for much of the day/ week following and found your perspectives very calming)! I have a fair amount in Virgo and opposite in Pisces in my chart but not sure quite close enough to impact me (?), however questions around career and home seem to be resurfacing a fair amount at the moment and I wonder f something around that. Thankyou

    1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology helped you feel calmer about the nerve-racking Brexit vote and the aftermath too. Ignore the doom and gloom. After a few more months of chopping, changing and compromising over currency, Britain will boom in a spectacular way from the final quarter of 2017 and play her part in a stunning global economy comeback in 2018. Now to your chart. Fortuna in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel, the worldwide web, foreign and regional differences, education and publishing is telling you to grab all the highs in August and September. One is unforgettable.

  35. Sounds to good to be true or am I just a bit jaded with life at the moment

    How does this play out for me this week, Jessica

  36. Another great piece of writing, thank you for all your hard work and continuously uploading great and interesting reads.
    I have Pluto 25 Virgo but a bunch of other stuff 24-27 degrees in other signs. Is this significant? Regardless, I shall definitely make a wish or perhaps many if that’s not too greedy!

    1. Thank you. Pluto at 25 Virgo is enough. This is about taking control of your body by finally cracking the solution that will work for you in terms of food, drink, drugs, healers, doctors and fitness. Pluto in Virgo has to do it her way. At last you can do it your way, and nobody else’s. The feeling of holding the reins at last will be wonderful and this time you will not backslide. Now – work! You will crack a way of working that satisfies your need to perfect your particular skills, talents or abilities and it will not only allow you to serve others – it also means you can serve yourself. The key will be a new project, role, piece of technology, workplace change or similar. Allow until October for the entire story to show itself fully.

  37. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for another interesting article. I have my moon at Pisces 26 so the conjunction on Monday opposes this. Any thoughts on this? I have some health issues at the moment and tests on 29th of this month should provide another piece in the puzzle, hopefully the missing piece!

    1. Thank you. Yes, you just successfully read your own chart. The puzzle takes a while to complete but even an opposition from Jupiter is good news.

  38. Jessica,

    I have apollo 26 scorpio, cupid 26 Aquarius and Proserpina 26 capricorn….I do have Fortuna but at 28 Virgo…how will this all come together?


    1. Other people’s employment and work breakthroughs near 22nd August ultimately put you in the strongest position with your money, house, business, charity or apartment you have seen, for months. Story begins around now, spins into September.

  39. Hello Jessica,

    I have Leo North Node at 26 degrees…AND in the 7th house. I am hoping on the lucky star my ship will FINALLY come in with meeting someone. I have been lonely and unlucky in love since 2009. I feel like a leper. Can you shed some light on this???

    Thank you.

    1. This is not about love. Love is about Libra and the Seventh House. Hit Search for Jupiter in Libra and see if you have Libra stuff in your chart. Never feel like a leper. If you feel like a leper, how do you think people will react to you?

      1. To be honest, I feel like a loser. I wish I knew if there is any hope for me.

        Btw, I was born 4/21/80…

        1. Okay, so this is depression talking. This is illness. Beyond astrology, find Beyond Blue on Google – I am sorry but I don’t have the link to hand. However I have friends who work there and it is widely regarded as one of the world’s best websites tackling the many different kinds of depression we all deal with. Sit there for a bit on their site, then follow their links, which are excellent. There is always hope, and there is hope for you, but this condition you have requires professional attention. You are not alone.

    1. One degree orb will work (hit Search and Sacred Geometry to see why). You were born with tremendous power to control the way you work, do your duty and serve others. Being part of the computer and smart phone generation helps. You were also born to ‘run’ your body in a way your grandparents never could. New discoveries about food, fitness, doctors, drugs and healing all help. Put all that together and you have some idea of the massive potential of this Jupiter-Mercury conjunction, which in turn, conjuncts your natal Pluto. Just allow time for this to unfold. Mercury is Retrograde Shadow.

  40. Great blog Jessica. You are real mentor
    Born 1979, 1st March.
    Having very tough financial times since 2012
    Any hope now?

    1. Your entire money outlook changes from September 10th 2016 and by the first week of October 2016 you will make a great new start with your debts, house, apartment, possessions, cash or earning capacity. By 2017 if you take the answer you get then, you will be far better off.

  41. I’m happy to see this unfold! I have Fortuna at 26 Virgo and I could use an upswing in so so many areas!

  42. I will be making many wishes tonight. I need a fairy godmother to sort my health issues out as I’ve been suffering for many years with absolutely no luck with doctors even though my sickness is curable. Just been treated with the wrong antibiotics so many times and misdiagnosed. My issue is dental in origin, had some luck with the dentist on 4th August, I’m due to travel to see a surgeon for possible dental surgery. I’ve postponed the visit until after Mercury is out of retrograde. I have natal Mars at 26 degrees Aquarius in 1st House. Currently a stellium of planets in my 8th House Virgo (surgery) and it’s my nodal return as well. During my last nodal return I had a sinus surgery, this time, it’s looking like I will be undergoing surgery to my face/teeth again. It’s very uncanny how the planets work like clock work and bring repeated events when they return to the same place as when you were born. I have been suffering for a very long time and just want to give up!! My whole life has gone down the drain because of my health issues. Really need divine intervention! Dob 22/2/1979 4.40am Kisumu Kenya.

    1. Okay so download my new book 2020 Astrology immediately and look up Virgo and the Sixth House. You do not have a stellium in the Eighth House in Virgo, you have it in the Sixth House, which rules the body. You can also hit Search on this website and look up Virgo, Jupiter in Virgo, and the Sixth House. Enough suffering. Look closely at the mind, body and spirit connection. Do you mean you have the Nodes in Virgo/Pisces? Then look up Pisces and the Twelfth House as well. Start digging deeply into issues like your unconscious mind, your dreams and the way your Twelfth House can run your Sixth House. Look up my friend Jane Teresa Anderson online (dream coach) and Kerry McNally (reiki). Both have generous free websites and I personally recommend both women for anyone suffering with health issues.

  43. Hi Jess, so this good luck will ping my Asc and Desc? Outward appearance/reputation and Other Half/partner? Or Capricorn (achievement) and Cancer (home/family).Or both?!
    Thx once again. I enjoy your writing so much, and it’s truly helpful in navigating this maze of life! x

    1. Thanks so much. If your birth time is spot-on, then yes, you have the Ascendant at 25 Capricorn in the Tenth House, using the Natural House system. You also have the Descendant at 25 Cancer in the Fourth House. Your image, profile, appearance and identity (especially online) is tied to your career, your ambition, your success in life, your status and your slow, steady approach to achievement. Your former, current or potential partners always bring in major questions about family, property, local and national identity – so you tend to fall into relationships which immediately make the house, apartment, relatives, home town or homeland the priority. Both of these aspects of your life are set to expand in your favour and become far more important and useful to you, as Mercury and Jupiter dance around 26 degrees of Virgo in a trine and sextile, respectively. This pattern extends for weeks because Mercury is moving backwards and forwards so he isn’t finished at 26 degrees, at all. He’s coming back. This is a really good time to set some intentions.

  44. Hi Jessica.

    Thanks for another great article. I do love the exciting energy of wishing! So I’ve looked up my chart and I have 26 degrees in Neptune which I read is about escaping from the real world. Moi? Never! Haha!

    What does this mean for me in terms of luck at the moment ‘cos I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time wishing and working and am due some good luck. Any insight? Thanks!

    1. Thank you and I am glad you are enjoying the wishing – every now and then the world horoscope turns up just the right patterns to make something special happen. You have Neptune at 26 Scorpio in your Eighth House, which rules your money, house, apartment, business interests, shopping, possessions and charity interests too. Yes, you do escape from the real world through finance and the material world too, and this is typical of Generation Neptune in Scorpio who grew up with fantastic plastic – the credit card – and the beautiful dream of Live Aid and other major charity incentives. Gen. Neptune in Scorpio is also the mortgage generation. Now, what does all that mean in August-October 2016? Only that fantastic news about employment and job growth, and the lot of working people, will have a trickle-down effect to your money, so you can expect things to fall nicely into place. One example might be the bank lowering mortgage interest rates or credit card interest rates, or property prices in your preferred area plunging to suit your budget. This is a really good time to sketch, make notes, wish, cut out pictures from magazines – and focus on the material world.

  45. Hi Jessica

    Am I right that this could impact my 25 Taurus and 25 Virgo because it’s within 1degree? if it is what could it mean?
    Thank u from the uk 🙂

    1. Minerva at 25 Virgo is the key, so yes, you are correct. Jupiter and Mercury will conjunct Minerva within one degree, and the pattern unfolds now through October. You are the wise old owl who has superior knowledge of work, service and duty. You are the go-to person when it comes to matters of work and this role is about to be highlighted, emphasised and boosted. You are also a real source of wisdom when it comes to the body. Read more on Minerva by hitting Search but she is alive and well in your chart at the moment and you have a tremendous amount to gain from the project, opportunity, offer or plan.

  46. Hi Jessica

    I have my ascendant at 26 in Sagittarius & descendant at 26 in Gemini, how will this effect me? Esp relationship wise which is confusing me. I think we are both confused as to what we have & have been for a few months. We live in different towns.

    Thank you

    1. Mars at 25 Leo in your Fifth House is also involved with the Sagittarius/Gemini pattern so this accurately describes the sexual relationship (Leo) which either involves children on either side, or the potential for you to become a parent/step-parent/aunt/co-godparent if things became serious. There will be a generally beneficial ripple effect which flows onto you, from the outside world, which helps you reach the right decision. Actually, when Jupiter moves to 26 Libra in 2017 you will be in a stunning position to move forward with your lover or even find a superior alternative.

  47. Hi Jess ,
    I have
    Uranus 27 degrees Scorpio
    Ceres 26 degrees Cancer
    Hygeia 25 degrees Taurus

    Vesta 6 degrees Virgo
    DESC 13 degrees Virgo

    Nothing near Virgo 26
    •• Any luck / benefit for my cash / business / brand still ??!!

    •• I was confused, if I wait for Mercury retrograde pass until beginning of October to make decision about investing hard cash $$ to property business THEN Jupiter will gone out of my career on the 9 of September.
    •• So what I have to do ?
    •• Does Jupiter done with my luck Virgo at 13 degrees for his tour this year ??!!

    Thanks Jess for your amazing work .
    I greatly appreciate YOU xxx

    1. Thank you very much. The Ceres-Uranus trine is the key here. It links family to money. Property to finance. Partners to property. In fact, the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction at 26 Virgo will sextile Uranus at 27 Scorpio and also sextile Ceres at 26 Cancer, so now through October, you will find that although your situation goes backwards and forwards (Mercury Retrograde) you still gain. You will be creating a new world, or inventing a new world, for yourself. It will probably happen because you also turn your own world upside-down, which is typical of Uranus. Alternatively, others may do that for you. Go with it. Ceres is about enforced compromise, and this will directly involve your house, apartment, relative, flatmate, town or country. You do stand to gain from this but it is a period of change – no two ways about it. Just read the fine print on the paperwork please as you are very likely to hit delays, reversals or substantial alterations to the agreement.

  48. H Jessica
    Just read the article and it explains a lot my IC is 26 Gemini and MC 26 Sagittarius. I have read some information about both and they fit me accurately. I have been office based as a manager for the last three years all the time wanting to escape (my previous role involved travelling, I loved it). This just highlights that I need top move on. Thank you for the info it is really stimulating my thoughts.

  49. Thanks Jessica ! How about having Ceres 26 at degrees in Aquarius and Minerva 26 at degrees in Gemini ? And Virgo is the only sign that does not exist in my chart ! 🙂

    1. You have a perfect trine between Ceres at 26 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups – and Minerva at 26 Gemini in your Third House of multimedia, education, internet and publishing. You have tremendous natural power and authority with communities of people – like teams, clubs, societies or associations – where one common cause or purpose brings everybody together. This works perfectly with your innate intellectual command of concepts, websites, projects, books and special plans which allow you to genuinely connect and communicate. Now through October you are going to see a wonderful ripple effect created around you, flowing from organisations, people and trends apart from you, which nevertheless boosts this role as the ‘messenger’ who has such a potent part to play with the tribe. I am reminded of a debating team. That’s not a bad analogy to sit with.

  50. Hi Jessica,
    I hope I’m not too late for your reply, I did post my question days ago but perhaps I wasn’t logged in.
    I’ve been through a tricky time the last years, I’ve kept my chin up through it all and have found strength. I hope my luck is about to change. I have planets at 26 degrees

    1. Apologies, as sometimes there is a rush of comments and peculiar things happen! Anyway – there is great news. You have the Moon at 26 Virgo. You ‘need to be needed’ at work, and not just any kind of work – a very particular kind of service performed, where you are dutiful, dedicated and devoted to the daily details and the business of putting others first. You actually have quite a strong horoscope signature in Virgo so if you have not already read widely about Virgo and the Sixth House, it might be time to do so (you can read more in the new book 2020 Astrology, here). Essentially, now through October, you benefit from transits dancing around your Moon, so you will have some stunning opportunities and dazzling solutions, related to your working life. It is also true where your body is concerned and particularly that delicate balance between the body, the mind and the spirit. Don’t overlook what or who you stumble upon now, as it could lead you to exactly the right place. Use your journal too – watch the days when there are patterns at 25, 26, 27 degrees and start making sketches, writing notes and cutting out pages from magazines.

  51. Hi Jessica,
    I am passing the news about your great work, your website and new book in work today. I have Pluto at 27 Virgo, is this close enough for me to make a wish?
    I also have Bacchas and Salacia at 27 both Capricorn, and vesta at 26 leo. With Jupiter at 27 Virgo conjuct Venus on Friday is that a lucky wish day too.

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, your Pluto at 27 Virgo is very much affected – and this is about your work and your body. It’s quite a good example of how astrology works, because there will be global upturns, good news, breakthroughs and mini ‘booms’ in medical research, public health care, fitness, food, drugs, medicine – and also in employment. This has a ripple effect on your own life, now through October. You will gain at work, and you will also gain via your own wellbeing. Focus on your long term ambition and achievement in particular as Pluto makes a perfect trine to Bacchus and Salacia in Capricorn in your Tenth House. Offers, opportunities and dazzling options are dancing around you, starting now. Do light a candle and make a wish on Friday too.

  52. Hi Jessica, Great article – do I need to be excited about Jupiter? I’ve got Aesculapia

    26° Aquarius .


    1. Thank you. Yes, you are a miracle worker when it comes to friendship and also to people power – expressed through groups like charities, bands, political parties, private members’ clubs, good causes and so on. Why the miracle? Because you can bring people or situations back from the point of no return. In fact you may have a lifelong pattern of reviving and resurrecting these kinds of friendships or group involvements. This comes alive, in your favour, now through October.

      1. Thank you! That is so interesting – I have just been in discussions about coordinating an old school reunion (with others suggesting I play a leading role). I’ve been reluctant to be so heavily involved as there are some tricky characters!

  53. Thank you for this article Jessica! It gives me hope! I am also enjoying your new book. I have a few placements in 25-27:

    25 Uranus in Virgo
    25 Venus in cancer
    25 Proserpina in Gemini
    26 salacia in Capricorn
    26 vesta in Aries
    26 Ceres in libra
    27 Vulcan in libra
    27 panacea in libra

    Am I correct to assume that between now and October, I may have good luck and changes to my body, health and work and also my home because of the cancer sextiles? It sounds like 9/7 and 10/4 might be big days for me!! Thanks for all you do!!

    1. You are reading your chart correctly, but the clincher here is Uranus at 25 Virgo. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct natal Uranus at 25 Virgo for the first time in 12 years, and Mercury is at 25 Virgo too, in a repeated pattern that finishes in the first week of October. You have a lifelong pattern of experimenting creatively with all that is new and different when it comes to food, drink, doctors, fitness, healing and your body in general. You also have a lifelong pattern of producing innovative ways to work. Your lifestyle is set for another tremendous shift and I suspect the first signs are already there, with work and also with the way you approach your body. Hit Search to read more about Uranus in Virgo. This affects many other areas of your life by October including your home and your relationships, through a wider domino effect.

      1. Thank you for replying Jessica! I have read about Uranus in Virgo in 200 Astrology Secrets. It is true about my lifelong patterns with regards to my body and work. I am currently trying to find a new way to lose a little more weight and tone up my backside (and of course I want it like yesterday). I have been having some problems with my new boss at work and I am looking to change jobs because this whole situation at work is making me physical ill from stress and hurting my productivity. I am actually on the fence about applying for a position that would require me to locate to somewhere that I am not thrilled about living. I have until Friday to decide if I am going to apply for this job.
        Do you think I should apply for this job or wait for something better? Or maybe things will get better in my current job? When you state above that my lifestyle is set for a tremendous shift, is it a good shift? I remember back in February 2004, I took a new job at my work that really ended up being a good move for my career. Is this the same kind of thing? Thank you again!

        1. Mercury is Retrograde in Virgo, which rules the Sixth House of work and employment, so the paper trail, talking points or discussions are going to change, stop, restart and perhaps go back to the drawing board anyway. This is the case until October 7th, 2016. If you have nothing to lose, then why not start the negotiation process and see where it takes you? Only you can decide what makes you happy. Uranus promises you freedom and independence, I can tell you that much. It is coming, however you handle your choices. Yet – use The Astrology Oracle to zero in on all the issues in a personal way.

  54. Hi Jessica

    I’ve got Sagittarius at 26 in Neptune. After making the career change I had been working towards for years have been struggling to focus on any clear goals (in most parts of my life) as I feel like I’m having to learn about this new set up as I go along.

    Have found your predictions about changing friendship patterns and the ‘me agenda’ particularly pertinent.

    Any advice on areas to focus on to move things on from this murkiness is very much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    1. Actually, you have enough at 25, 26, 27 degrees of various zodiac signs to feel a general improvement, now through October. What you are about to see over the next few weeks is a concerted attempt by governments and big business to push the button on employment, improve the lot of working people, generate growth and the rest. There will also be dazzling news about public health care, medicine and health. This has a broad ripple effect on the whole planet and those ripples will touch you. Expect to see one, two, three stories emerge which are very good news indeed. They will stop and start but you should still pursue them.

  55. “For the majority of people, the 26 degree Virgo pattern will be about job opportunities and solutions, but also important breakthroughs in handling doctors, food, drugs, drink, fitness, surgeons or healers. This is about lifestyle improvement.”

    All I can say is – WOW!
    Both were true for me on August 22nd – amazing!

  56. Are you tired of all our comments yet? (lol) You’re a saint!

    I have nothing in Virgo, but several things at 25-26-27:
    Venus 27 Cancer
    Chiron 26 Aries
    Minerva 25 Leo
    Propertina 25 Aquarius

    I also want to tell you that you were so right about that last full moon and cover-ups. Very true in my work-life.

    We are trying another round of IVF right now so I’m particularly interested to see if Jupiter can help us out in any way. (I’m guessing you’re going to tell me that he’ll give me some wisdom about children…)

    Thank you, Jessica!

    1. Thank you. The eclipse and Full Moon was the mother of all cover-ups and what happened to you, also happened with some members of the American swimming team. (By the way, this is not fully revealed yet, and neither is your work situation). Okay, so Minerva at 25 Leo is receiving a semi-sextile from Jupiter and Mercury at 26 Virgo, and Mercury will backtrack until October, so this is useful for your pursuit of IVF. I suspect there will actually be new information, helpful to you, coming from the world of medicine, drugs, doctors, science, hospitals or alternative medicine, which assists you. These headlines should start filtering through shortly so update yourself online and stay on top of what is happening out there. Good luck!

  57. Hi Jessica,
    Hope i am not too late, how would this lucky Mercury/Jupiter conjunction at 26 Virgo affect my chart? Tks.

    1. Mercury-Mars in Taurus in your Second House of finance, charity, business, retail gives you an auctioneer’s ability or the craft of a top salesperson. This works in your favour, now through October, as employment upturns around the world help you through six degrees of separation.

  58. Hi Jessica

    This is a great article – thank you. I love your scopes and always look forward to Jupiter’s influences.

    I have the Sun at 28 Scorpio and Saturn at 28 Aquarius. I also have Bachus at 28 Libra and Properina at 28 Leo. I have found it difficult finding work since my last role ended last December. Also my health seems to be suffering.

    Is there any chance the Jupiter and Virgo conjunction might imrove things for the better?



    1. Thank you so much. Ceres at 14 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career is your whole issue. Pluto has been crossing 14 Capricorn for the first time in over 240 years and this cycle does not end completely until October 2016. Pluto brings situations, organisations and people who dominate (or try to). Because you also have Uranus at 14 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, and the body, you have been going through a revolution which can only happen once in your lifetime. It is slowly passing out of your life. Even though this cycle has obviously been extremely difficult to endure, the gift that Pluto gives you, if you can accept the challenge, is lasting empowerment. The only way to deal with being ‘power tripped’ by life, or other people, is to summon up your willpower and use steely determination and impressive self-control to run your own life, and be captain of your own ship. Doing this hands back the controls to you and it rewards you with a remarkable new sense of self-trust and self-respect that is far more important than any job. This cycle is already moving out of your life, but you may as well use it, before it goes. When you are ‘at war’ with life, circumstances or other people, the only thing you can do is find your willpower. This makes you powerful and nobody can take that away from you.

  59. Hi Jessica,
    I have Mars 27 at Virgo, Uranus 23 at Virgo and Pluto 20 at Virgo.
    How I will be affected by all those planets at Virgo.

    1. Mars at 27 Virgo describes how you push (and push back) at work. The story that begins regarding this as Mercury passes 27 Virgo, then Jupiter, is extremely fortunate. Track the transits on this website to see them pass 27 and snap up the opportunity or solution.

  60. Hi,
    I’m new to all of this and not sure how to read my chart. I have Venus
    01° Virgo 27′ 31″, MC 10° Aquarius 27′ 00″, and IC 10° Leo 27′ 00″. Is this what you are talking about with the 26 degrees (+ or -)? If so, what does this mean?

    Thank you so much. Still learning….

    1. This is a good way to learn, as you will see the astrology working in real time. You were born with Panacea at 26 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups and friends. You may want to look up Panacea on this website by hitting Search. There is a part of you which is the healer, the repair person, the problem-solver and the soothing presence in any group. You can do this with a team, club, band, society or association. You do this very specifically with friends. Panacea is an interesting asteroid because there is always a moral or ethical question attached to the mercy mission, or the solution. In other words, you are here to help – and your friends and others in the group always want you to help – but it is never black and white. From now through October, what begins this week will launch you into a new and useful phase with this. Jupiter and Mercury at 26 Virgo will quincunx your natal Panacea at 26 Aquarius. It works for you. It will go backwards and forwards, but ultimately this new story in your life helps!

  61. Jess. Your wisdom and passion for what you do radiates in your writing. So glad I’ve decided to get the premium membership. Thank you for all you do.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    this is probably the silliest question I’ve asked you, but is it possible for Jupiter luck to arrive ahead of schedule?

    I did my Monday wishing, and quite literally two possible solutions to some awful ongoing health issues I have, had appeared.

    They arrived either through an image that popped in my head randomly, or in my dreams.

    Should I follow these up now or wait until after Sep 10? Or is Jupiter more akin to Santa, remaining on a tight schedule? Thank you xx

    1. Not a silly question at all and your luck was actually on schedule! (Mercury’s weird backwards/forwards behaviour means we are on a sliding scale) I am so thrilled that you have stumbled across possible health answers. Pursue, pursue.

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. I am excited that this is a green light you confirmed for me! xx

  63. Jessica 26 I believe I have mc / ic south north node ?? How should I interpret it ? I think it’s scorpio taurus and Virgo piesces in latter . My after is scorpio and my youngest sisters one is scorpio and the other a taurus mom a piesces .

    Any correlation here ??

    Thank you

    1. And I have tried to submit my comment earlier as well for some reason it doesn’t show . Hope it will this time

    2. This will change your life for the better. You were born with Jupiter at 26 Cancer, which leads the pattern, as Mercury and Jupiter himself will form a sextile to Jupiter, which can only happen once every 12 years. This is about your house, apartment, family, town, household and/or country. You will be shown a stunning opportunity or solution which could make a tremendous difference to your sense of belonging, your lifestyle, your security and your identity, in terms of your relatives, but also the culture, history and heritage you most identify with. The North Node at 26 Virgo natally, makes a perfect sextile to Jupiter, so you could call this good karma from a previous lifetime. As Mercury Retrograde keeps passing over that 26 Virgo position, now through October, the story will unfold. Home is where the heart is and blood is thicker than water. Enjoy this and use it.

  64. Ohhh u r an angel ☺ I will keep this in mind will get back to you as soon as I see some signs .

    Thank you jessica for guiding so many of us in a right direction . I am planning to move out of my house . Pursue another job which is more conducive to my health and lifestyle . As I have a cervical disc problem I cannot take loads of stress . I guess that was pluto there . Hopefully in near future I will find a job which suits my lifestyle as being a passionate marathon runner . Sports really is the only thing which keeps me moving . Fingers crossed . Thanks once again .

  65. Hi Jessica. I am born on 24 February 1968, time 00.20 am at ahmedabad, India. I am stuck in my life very badly and my wealth drained completely in last 5 years due to foolishly taken decisions under the malafic effects of planet rahu as I am running under prime period of rahu as per vedic astrology. I hv said by the vedic astrologer that my time starts turning positive by 17 September 2016. Can you suggest me anything in this connection!

    1. I can’t comment on Vedic astrology. I can only look at your chart using Western astrology. You’re a Pisces who is lucky enough to be entering the best cycle in 12 years for financial repair work. You will save or make money, starting September 10th 2016, until October 10th 2017. Typical examples might be a friend asking you to look after his furniture for a year, so he saves money on storage, but you gain a house full of goods. Another example might be a family member renting you a cheap house, at far less than the market rate.

  66. I have aesculapia at 26 sagittarius and moon at 27 libra conjunct vesta 28 libra. Is it okay to wish for the healing of a lifetime?

    1. The healing of a lifetime is stretching it a bit! Essentially your placements are about Sagittarius and Libra stuff (Ninth and Seventh House) which has nothing to do with your body at all. Download 2020 Astrology and read more about what that actually means for you. It’s free.

  67. Jessica, I have 26 all over the place: Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Leo, Ceres in Libra. How do I decode this? Excellent articles — always food for thought.

    1. Cheers. Give this a little bit of time to kick in, as Mercury is still up to his old tricks, but I suspect that once the United States, Great Britain and other countries begin confirming positive employment figures and a drop in unemployment, we are going to see big wheels turn in world economies and business, and of course this will have a wonderful impact on your Mars in Taurus in the Second House of money saved (and money made). The other placements in your chart are about love, sex and relationships. It would seem a booming world jobs market is an aphrodisiac. See what happens by October!

  68. Hi Jessica,

    I’m so sorry to keep bothering you! But I really hope you can shed some astro light on my career quandary.

    I am looking for a side income to keep me out of mischief next year when my child starts school. Meanwhile I am also trying to break into writing for a younger generation (especially with all the wonderful encouragement you have given me regarding my Gemini Stelliums). But as a side income, I was looking to become a part time child care assistant commencing next year.

    With Mercury, Jupiter and whatever is going on with my personal astrology, is now the right time for me to enrol in the required course, or should I wait it out until next year?

    Thank you so much. xx

    1. Born with Minerva and Cupido in Leo in the Fifth House, you were born to write for children and also to look after them. Some old, good karma will come your way when the True North Node enters Leo from May 10th 2017 and you will be in a stunning position to find work as a part-time child care assistant. Look up Leo here and in the new book 2020 Astrology to find out more about this side of your personality. Time to release it!

  69. Excellent articles, first I was reading just for fun but it turned out that your thoughts woke me up, I started thinking about myself. My knowledge is still very modest but looked up the chart and found Venus 26 Leo and Vesta 26 Pisces? In these wishing times, is there any sign of this former/current/potential guy who seems to be stuck in the cosmic traffic somewhere…

    1. The man in question is described by Venus at 26 Leo – but look beyond the question of men, love and sex – to the bigger question about pregnancy, babies, godchildren, children, nieces, nephews, stepchildren and the rest. What you discover, now through October 2016, will help you see your old point of view in a new way. This will be the key that opens the lock to some buried spiritual or psychological treasure as your next relationship depends utterly on an honest, updated reply to the question ‘How do I feel about parenthood?’ – you will see why when Jupiter moves to 26 Libra in September 2017.

  70. Dear Jessica,
    I really enjoy reading your 2020 Astrology book. I have several placements in 25-27, but do not feel sufficiently convinced to fully interpret their meanings yet. I guess, I should focus on my Jupiter at 26 Gemini in the Third House. I have also the nodes at 25 Taurus/Scorpio. The Jupiter-Mercury conjunction was on my IC at 25 Virgo. What is a potential of Jupiter and this conjunction for me?

    1. Yes, follow up the opportunity you have just been given (or which is shortly to appear) to do more, have more and enjoy more – as a writer, editor, student, debater, public speaker, film-maker, website creator and so on. Your angles (like the IC) depend on an exact time of birth so by now you should have experienced a major breakthrough involving your work, or your body. If you didn’t, your birth time may be wrong (it is unusual to be born on the exact half hour, or hour, which is why I’m checking with you). The Third House story will go back and forth for a few weeks but do not lose sight of the contact, connection or option. Try and nail it before September 10th.

      1. Thank you, Jessica. I will follow your advice for sure, and will stick to my Third House story (I’ve already seen some opportunities in the field of writing, editing, publishing), and I hope it will be much more in the days to come. You had some concerns about my exact birth time, on which depend my angles. According to the official documents I was born at 10.30 am. However, my mother always argued otherwise, that I was certainly born before 10 am, most probably around 9.30 am (I had several conversations with her and she was always convinced at this time). So, I am totally aware that my angles are in question. My mum (Virgo) passed on May 24 2016, when Mars (my ruler planet) was Retrograde at 26 Scorpio (and conjunct my South Node 25 Scorpio), aspecting my IC at 25-26 Virgo, as well. If my IC describes someone in the family tree, whether this could mean that my birth time is correct.? Would it be a significant change in my natal chart if my birth time is 10.30 am, as stated in documents?
        Thank you for all.

        1. Your angles sound correct and it is appropriate that your Mum’s passing chimed precisely with your IC, which of course rules her parents too (your grandmother and grandfather) and in fact, the whole maternal line. You do need to know the angles because the MC, IC, AC and DC are so sensitive to transits by outer planets and of course, they rule the cornerstones of our lives. You can check for yourself as you watch Mercury backtracking through Virgo over 25, 26 and see what goes down with your workload and your body, both ruled by Virgo in the Sixth House of your chart.

  71. Hi Jessica

    I just keep reading and reading your horoscopes and your reply to me. I just looking for answers that life will get better. Can you see life picking up for me. I’m getting a new boss 28/9/16 who I hear has leave in Oct! I have so much leave and never get to take it, its a two person office. Not being able to take leave has created a rift in my relationship I thought was for me. I would dearly love to find a new job, possibly a new town. The only person I know not in my town is the one I had a very friendly relationship with. I believe he found someone else. I’m extremely confused & unsure where to turn next. Life is tough at the moment.

    Thank you.

    1. You have Minerva at 28 Virgo in your Sixth House of work. When Jupiter crosses 28 Virgo he will conjunct Minerva and bring opportunities and win-win solutions for work not possible in 12 years. Jupiter conjuncts Minerva September 1, 2, 3, 4 2016.

  72. Hi Jessica,

    I have moon at 27 aries and , Fortuna at 27 Leo and Juno at 25 Cancer. Anything exciting for me?


    1. Your house, apartment, family or household situation will be boosted (by October) thanks to the domino effect of generally better employment and work trends, where you live. A classic example would be solid jobs data resulting in the value of your home increasing – that kind of thing.

  73. Hello Jessica

    Thank you, your site is such a rich resource! Can you please shed some light on my chart? With Pluto at 26° Virgo and Vesta 28° Virgo I was anticipating a more momentous week than has eventuated. I don’t mean to sound disappointed, am struggling to decide if the new second job I started on Monday 22nd was a good decision.
    Thank you in advance for any insights you can share.

    1. Vesta, not so much – but Pluto at 26 Virgo is important. (You can read more about Vesta on this website – she just shows the gender politics involved with your job). The new second position you took is obviously a reflection of the transits now, as Virgo rules the Sixth House and work. Pluto at 26 Virgo is being well and truly triggered, in a way that benefits you, but you also have Mercury Retrograde moving across 26 Virgo. I’ve written elsewhere about how much this complicates the opportunities. What went down near the 23rd August is delayed or changed, with a replay near September 7th and a final outcome near October 5th. Basically you are in a new phase when it comes to your power in the workplace or your ‘hand’ (as George Costanza in Seinfeld used to describe it) within your chosen field, industry or business. It is typical of this transit to have offers and opportunities liked to people or companies with big numbers, lots of clout or other top dog status. At the same time, you have to figure out if you are being power-tripped or not! Actually, there is power to share or enjoy here, coming from these people – yet it will take you several weeks to sort out if you are going to persist or not. I think you will know by October. In any case, this is a golden opportunity to experiment and you have to see where it takes you.

  74. Hey Jessica, Thank you for this interesting information. Very grateful.
    I’ m an Aquarius sun, and transiting Jupiter in Libra will conjunct my natal Pluto at 9 degrees.
    Could you please advise on what to expect from this conjunction in my 9th house.
    Jupiter is called “the great benefic”, are there any downside?

    1. The Jupiter conjunction to Pluto will help you understand why it is important for you to have control in relationships and partnerships and figure out if you are pursuing the best way of finding power. There is a world of difference between being empowered with past, present or potential partners and actually trying to run things so tightly/so extremely that life ends up being much too much! Only you will know which kind of Pluto person you are. There is past emotional testing to heal from, fully, as when Saturn passed Pluto a few years ago you had the toughest time in 29 years. There may still be some healing to be done, in which case Jupiter will do it. The only downside to this planet is that sometimes the ground needs to be prepared for a new relationship to grow (within 13 months) and therefore there may be a time of difficult detoxing or clearing up/cleaning up while all the stuff that is preventing growth must be weeded out. It really depends on how far along you are. If you already did the work then basically the ground is ready for a new acorn, a new plant, a new Oak tree and by this time next year, a flourishing piece of land between yourself and a key person.

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