The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017

I can see accusations of another cover-up about Princess Diana written in the future. It involves the USA directly, as we'll see in a moment. I can also see a cover-up in Carolina.

As I write this astrology prediction about The Great American Eclipse of 2017, one year in advance, I can see accusations of another cover-up about Princess Diana written in the future. It involves the USA directly, as we’ll see in a moment. I can also see a cover-up in Carolina.

What is set to unfold one year from now, on August 21st 2017, is a total solar eclipse that will affect both the White House and Buckingham Palace. In your own life, the typical cover-up that an eclipse brings will affect you personally or at a distance.  If your birth chart is directly affected, then there will be a shadowy or shady person/situation which is not as clear and bright as it should be!  Imagine all the lights going off, or the lights flickering – when you need to see. That is what an eclipse does.


Do you have your personal astrological birth chart? If so, please login to check your chart below to see if you have any horoscope factors at 28 degrees, of any zodiac sign. If you do, then you can see how both Sun and Moon at 28 Leo, will have an impact. I am happy to answer questions about your natal chart in Comments, beneath this story, so you are well prepared for this eclipse. Perhaps it hits one of your asteroids. This is exactly what is set to happen to the United States and there will be allegations of a cover-up or accusations concerning the special relationship between the USA and Great Britain. Why? Princess Diana.

An eclipse is not necessarily negative – in your own personal astrological chart, it may just be about missing information, blind spots, a lack of visibility and so on. You have to read an eclipse in context. What is really clear from the natal charts of Princess Diana, Prince Charles, the national charts of the United States and England, though, is that August 2017 has serious fall-out.

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Eclipses always mean we don’t know/can’t see – but with astrology, at least we can look a little harder. The Solar Eclipse crosses Carolina and that particular part of the United States has been an issue for horoscope-watchers since the 2016 Election.

My radar was first switched on because of the disastrous astrological timing for pre-voting in North Carolina. Not only did we have Mercury Retrograde, we also had eclipses. And all that, ahead of the really big eclipse to come, in August 2017.

This is an old quote from my story about pre-voting on 23rd November, 2016

“Pre Voting in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina
Electronic voting machines and hacking are both typical outcomes of a Mercury Retrograde period. So is extreme weather, issues with postal votes and so on.  This one ran from August 10th through October 7th. Hurricane Matthew appeared at this time. It formed on 28th September and did not dissipate until 10th October. You will remember on 3rd October Florida and North Carolina declared a state of emergency. One million people in Florida had no power. In South Carolina, half a million people had no power. “

Here is something else that happened in North Carolina, a few days before the election. A Russian Oligarch named Rybolovlev parked his jet near Donald Trump’s, as reported in the New York Daily News and other media.

What took place in Carolina before 2016 election day is part of a cover-up, according to all the laws of astrology, and that cover-up will take place when the eclipse throws Carolina into darkness, on August 21st 2017. You can see a good depiction of this at The Great American Eclipse website, below. The Daily News story about a rather unusual Carolina connection between Russia and Donald Trump, follows.


Screen Shot 2017 04 04 at 11.20.27 AM 600x375 - The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017


Screen Shot 2017 04 04 at 11.27.44 AM 600x375 - The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017
Russian oligarchs, Carolina and Trump.


Around 500 million people across North America will be peering into the Moon’s shadow during the Great American Eclipse of 2017. Those who are standing in the zone from Oregon to South Carolina will see the Sun turn dark for almost three minutes, and day appear to become night. This total solar eclipse of Monday August 21, 2017 is the 22nd of the 77 eclipses in the Saros Series 145. This is why the special relationship between the UK and the USA and the very particular allegations about a cover-up involving Princess Diana, matter so much.

This will be the other story involving us – the watching world – where we quite clearly can’t see/don’t know – yet, as with the Carolina eclipse, it will all come out (mostly) in the end.

This August 2017 ‘Diana’ eclipse is part of that 1999 eclipse story which became part of her history, because it happened during the inquest into her death. This news clip is a useful reminder of that eclipse.


In astrology we look to the sign of the eclipse to interpret its meaning.  Not only is the 2017 eclipse a direct relative of the 1999 eclipse, which saw the controversial French inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed – it is in Leo, the sign which has always been associated with royalty and monarchy.

Eclipses have ‘families’ and belong to each other, just as relatives do.  These families or groups are known as Saros Series. The big 2017 eclipse that is coming is part of the Saros Series 145. Why is it so crucial to the story of Diana’s life and passing?

The first one in her adult life occurred on July 31st, 1981. She married Prince Charles on July 29th, 1981. History, the Andrew Morton biography and Diana herself subsequently showed the world what a cover-up that public ceremony actually was.

The second eclipse in the Saros Series 145 took place on August 11th, 1999 during two major events concerning Diana. One was the French enquiry into her death. The other was the release of classified documents showing American concern with her campaign against landmines. Children who saw the eclipse of 1999 will be adults by the August 2017 eclipse. They have grown up in a world where the history book on Princess Diana has never been properly shut.

Express co uk 1999 eclipse - The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017


There were allegations of a cover-up in August 1999, when France’s state prosecutor recommended dismissing all charges against photographers and motorcyclists in the crash that killed Diana, Dodi and driver Monsieur Paul. The New York Times reported the outcome of the investigation on 18th August 1999, one week after the eclipse which sent Britain dark.

One of the reasons I respect astrology so much, is that it is the people’s timing. It is the people’s calendar and clock. It shows us what is really going on – even when the establishment is telling us to look the other way. When the sky turns black one week before a verdict that the people still don’t accept – about a beloved Princess – we really have to pay attention.


Whenever we experience an eclipse, there is a sense of things being obscured. Missing. Patchy. Dark. Shadowy. Murky. The outstanding feature of the news, back on 26th August 1999, was this story in The Guardian, breaking the fact that the USA feared Diana’s landmine campaign. The story appeared two weeks after the eclipse.

US feared Diana’s mine campaign

Supporters attack legal loophole prompted by American pressure. Read the department of defense documents here. Princess Diana made the campaign to ban landmines an emotional issue, threatening to sour relations between Britain and America and to have an adverse effect on Nato, according to a US intelligence assessment obtained by the Guardian.

1101960311 400 - The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017
Princess Diana’s astrology chart and the eclipse.


The personal birth chart of Diana, Princess of Wales, reveals she was born with the Ascendant at 18 Sagittarius and the Descendant at 18 Gemini. On the day of the 1999 eclipse that turned the British day into night, the Sun stood at 18 Leo, the sign of royalty, exactly conjunct the Moon at 18 Leo. What is really remarkable about Diana’s destiny, after death, is that at the 2017 eclipse (the next in the series) her chart is triggered again, a second time, also in Leo. She was born with the North Node at 28 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules her children William and Harry and also her courtships with Prince Charles and other lovers. These mighty eclipses are fated in her life.


PRINCESS DIANA 600x330 - The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017
The natal chart of Princess Diana.

The 2017 Eclipse Effects Begin Months in Advance – Watch

On Monday 21 August 2017 at 6.25pm in London, the Total Solar Eclipse will unfold at the New Moon, when the Sun at 28 Leo conjuncts the Moon at 28 Leo. On the same day at 6.21am, the Sun at 28 Leo will trine Uranus at 28 Aries. This is important because Uranus lands at 28 Aries far in advance of the actual eclipse. It is foreshadowed further by the True North Node moving to 28 Leo, between May 15th and 26th, 2017. This story begins months in advance, for the world and for you, if your personal astrological chart is affected. It is a tale full of half-truths and unknowns, so be aware.

This is a substantial eclipse. It is bound to involve the spiritual legacy of the late Princess Diana, because her chart is triggered – and because Leo the lion is an ancient symbol of heraldry, associated with the king of beasts, nobility, royalty and the United Kingdom. The lion appears on the coat of arms of Denmark, Estonia, Montenegro and Norway as well.  The legendary 17th century astrologer William Lilly associated Leo with ‘Kings Palaces, Castles, Forts, Parks’  which still holds good today. The chart for Prince Charles also clearly ties into this 2017 eclipse. Again, you need to watch May-August.

Arms of Belgorod Oblast Russia 504x600 - The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017


The story which astrology predicts will lead to even more accusations of a cover-up, in August 2017, begins for the late Princess Diana from May 15th that year. The tale, told by her horoscope, then intensifies on Thursday 18th May when the Sun is at 28 Taurus, Chiron is at 28 Pisces and the True North Node stations direct at 28 Leo. On Friday 19th May the Sun at 28 Taurus squares the True North Node at 28 Leo, so that’s another peak moment for this royal intrigue.

Uranus then moves to 28 Aries on 28th June and remains there throughout July, creating an exact trine to Mercury at 28 Leo (the eclipse hotspot) on 25th July. Uranus remains at 28 Leo in August, right through the eclipse itself on 21st August when the Sun at 28 Leo conjuncts the Moon at 28 Leo which is a new beginning, but also a dramatic moment of blackout. 


The best way I can illustrate what an eclipse can do to information is to show you the documents The Guardian reprinted on the 1999 eclipse, showing what cannot be seen or known. What cannot be revealed or shown. An eclipse blots things out.

Screen Shot 2016 08 17 at 9.34.46 AM 600x375 - The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017

His Royal Highness Prince Charles and the Solar Eclipse HoroscopeThe future King of England was born on 14th November 1948 at 9.14pm at Buckingham Palace. His birth chart reveals Chiron at 28 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, charity, business, possessions and property. Apollo is at 28 Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules his family, his country and his royal residences. As we’ve just seen,  Princess Diana’s birth chart is tied into this again – as it chimes with her True North Node 28 Leo and True South Node 28 Aquarius. Uranus is at 28 Sagittarius in the astrological chart for the United Kingdom set for 1066, as well. This is quite a story.

Prince Charles, with his Eighth House Chiron in Scorpio, will be affected financially, with issues about his property, income, last will and testament, inheritance, taxes – and all those other issues we associate with Chiron in Scorpio.  Diana’s last will and testament (made up partly of her famously large divorce settlement) is  certainly woven into the fabric of that 2017 eclipse for Prince Charles, although there may be other private issues which are not in the public interest.


There are a few astrological charts for the United States of America and the one that passes every prediction test is not set for 4th July 1776 at all – it is set for 2nd January 1776, at 12.00 noon, in Massachusetts, when many believe the United States became the entity we know today. It shows Juno at 28 Libra in the Seventh House of partnership. For national charts this describes a country’s principal ally. This is Great Britain and this is The Special Relationship.  The Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street and the President at The White House are both implicated in the August 2017 eclipse.

Saros Cycles are fascinating. Please turn to the work of academic, astrologer and author Bernadette Brady if you want to know more about how each eclipse owes a little to the last one. In your own life, you may find there is a 1999 story attached to the 2017 outcome. For the world, The Great American Eclipse of 2017 reminds us of just how mysterious that Special Relationship was, back in the days when Princess Diana was campaigning against landmines and President Bill Clinton ran the USA.

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  1. Hi Jessica , I just looked at my chart and I have Juno 28 in Libra , does it have to be exact because I have Diana at 27 in gemini , as well as a few other asteroids close by , is it something significant ? I have always loved the Royal family andl I will never forget that initial reports said that Diana had survived and then barely an hour later they said she had died ,sad moment in history



    1. You need to log in so I can see your chart, although I do remember Juno at 28 Libra, which is what you will feel most strongly next year. This is about the commitment you have made to a former, current or potential partner. Probably marriage, although Juno can also live with people. Juno always emphasises the pros and cons of promises and close ties, no matter if you are with the same person next year, apart, or pursuing someone new. Uranus will oppose Juno so May-August 2017 is about accepting that nothing stays the same forever and in order to feel fully alive, you also have to accept change. If you try to pretend there is no change, or even resist it, you will miss an opportunity to restart your life with this person. The eclipse itself will sextile Juno from your Fifth House of children, stepchildren and so on – so avoid that whole period for big judgements. It’s too unclear.

  2. Hi Jessica – I would welcome any comments about what to pay attention to in a years time. Many thanks – Karin

    1. If your birth time is spot-on then both work and home will be affected by the changes to come, as you have Capricorn/Cancer placements which will form what is known as a T-Square with transiting Uranus. This really does depend on an accurate clock time of birth, but if you are sure, then 2017 (May through August) is the time to forget the past, move into the future, live for the present and deal with change as it comes. It will affect your career and your home. Your mission, ambition and position – and your house or apartment, perhaps your family, home town, homeland. You would certainly want to skip the eclipse period (allow a day either side too) for major choices about the above.

  3. Jessica! You are knocking it out of the park with these blogs recently! Just looked at my chart and Cancer 29 Diana. I love a wee bit of synchronicity….

    1. Thank you! Though it’s Proserpina at 28 Gemini you may want to watch. May through August 2017 will bring unusual and exciting events, like a passing electrical storm, which suddenly challenge you to play the go-between, with a worldwide web project, education, publishing, multimedia, communication or possibly travel commitment. You will be serving two powerful people or organisations. The Nodes will also be involved, so this is important. Just be aware of that eclipse and skip the whole period (day before/day after) for judgement calls about the same.

  4. Hi Jessica

    I have Vocano 28 Taurus which is, I believe, a square to this eclipse degree in Leo. So this is my second house (money and such stuff)? I’m learning not to overreact to these hits now – but just how significant is this in my chart?

    Many thanks

    1. Correct, you have Vulcano at 28 Taurus in your Second House of finance, property, charity, business, ownership and your fundamental value system. May through August 2017 will challenge your Taurean side to become more flexible, less stuck, less fixed, less stubborn. Picture a bull in a thunderstorm who must run with the lightning. Uranus at 28 Taurus will semi-sextile Vulcano and the True North Node and True South Node at 28 Leo/Aquarius will create a T-Square, so next year is all about being adaptable. The eclipse itself is best avoided for buying, selling, donations, contracts, taxation, investment and so on as there is a global ripple effect then which will impact you. Choose another time when life is clearer.

  5. Dear Jessica,

    Very insightful article as always. I have my moon at 27 virgo. There are other planets at 26 but I’m guessing they are not relevant. I’m curious to understand how this may affect my chart.

    thank you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, your Moon at 27 Virgo in the Sixth House will be affected by the 28 degree line-up of 2017. You need to be needed at work, or in other areas of life where you work for others, or perform some kind of duty or service. You derive tremendous comfort, security and satisfaction from having a strong work ethic and putting others first. Your mind, body and spirit connection is also a huge part of who you are – your physical condition defines what you do with your life, and how you see yourself. You are not cut off at the neck. Your physical state actually is, who you are, for better or worse. In 2017 you will experience Uranus quincunx the Moon so the most radical changes outside yourself, involving other people and their push for independence, will have an impact on your own working life. Perhaps your body and lifestyle too. Expect change and be flexible enough to adapt to that. The eclipse itself will semi-sextile your Moon so you may want to let that whole period pass without judgement or action, regarding those areas of your life I have mentioned above.

  6. Hi Jess,

    I love these articles, I find them fascinating. Especially, I can observe this as I have nothing at 28’.

    Does this eclipse have any relation with 20’ formation at Christmas 2016, other than the connection with the Royal Family?

    Also on the 21st August 2017, I note that Mars at 20 Leo sextiles Jupiter at 20 Libra, which is another interconnecting story.

    What is more interesting to me – and probably less for you – is that in the following days a stationing Saturn runs into Lilith at 21 Sagittarius. I know you don’t include Lilith, but if ever an aspect shed light on cowardice and an otherwise unseen ‘black moon’ this is surely it.

    Keep up the good work,

    1. Thank you very much. This eclipse is not tied to Christmas Day so much, but it is part of a wider story about the British Royal Family which is being triggered right now, on the August 2016 eclipse. I don’t use Lilith, you are right, but keep tabs on what unfolds. I find it very interesting that the world will not let the Diana verdict go. There is something pretty primeval about eclipses. I think people have unconsciously registered that each of those eclipses (the wedding and the French inquest) put the world in shadow. The United States is not often mentioned in the same breath as talk of Diana’s passing, but in 2017, it certainly will be.

  7. Hi Jessica
    I have 28 degrees Virgo in my Sun and 28 degrees Virgo in Mars.
    Can you please tell me what I may expect to see uncovered next year.
    Thank you Maria

    1. Not many people are born with the Sun exactly conjunct natal Mars at 28 Virgo, and you will experience great change with your working day, your lifestyle and your relationship with your body in 2017. Starting in May, you will experience Uranus at 28 Aries quincunx your Virgo patterns, so you will need to be flexible enough to alter course, perhaps switching the habits of a lifetime and rethinking your work ethic and sense of duty and service to others. Your physical condition and state will also have its part to play in this story and as there will be nothing short of a revolution taking place around you, it is time to accept that you have to surf the waves of change May-August. The actual eclipse itself will semi-sextile your Mars-Sun conjunction and that period (about 72 hours) is best avoided for major work or body choices, in particular. If you don’t work, this applies to your university life, voluntary role or full-time parenting.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    so interesting, sounds like an interesting year ahead! Can you please tell me how my aspects will be effected? I have Jupiter in 28 Taurus. Thanks!

    1. You were born blessed, when it comes to money, property, charity, possessions or business. You will have some amazing windfalls, gains, fundraising achievements, property bargains (or blessings) over the course of your life – you may also find you are ‘gifted’ by having skills and talents which are worth a small fortune. So far so good, yet in 2017 you must change the way you handle your finances, house, business, apartment, good causes and so on. Uranus will semi-sextile Jupiter so there is a bit of a revolution taking place out there – and you will need to change tack. Do avoid the eclipse period completely for decisions/judgements as it will square your natal Jupiter. You really don’t need that blind spot about what you own, earn or owe!

  9. Hmm, can’t wait to receive lifetime report for 2017! Hope I am waitlisted as I became premium just a day earlier and hit the button just before deadline.

    I have Sun at 28 Aries, As 28 Pis and Dc 28 Vir. IC an MC are not far away at 29 in Gem/Sag respectively and it’s going to be my turn to deal with Uranus. Eek!

    Needles to say that your take of this pile up in my chart is more than needed.

    Also, what is a time frame of influence for any eclipse?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’ll let you know when we’re ready to take orders for 2017 horoscopes, via the newsletter. If you really were born at that exact time, you have a Grand Cross in Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces which will be picked up by the eclipse. Your Sun at 28 Aries will be trined by the eclipse. Of course, as you saw in this story, the build-up around 28 degrees begins in May 2017 and peaks in August, so for around four months you will experience radical changes which revolutionise your image, personal appearance, title, profile and reputation. If that time is accurate then this goes beyond your packaging and presentation, into your job, your worldwide web projects and your connections regionally and internationally. 2017 will feel like an electrical storm but it will also be tremendously exciting. Just try to stay grounded. You will feel like an easter chick cracking her own shell. Do be aware of that eclipse, though, as there will be a situation far removed from your own, involving other people’s blind spots or cover-ups, that would directly affect your own life. So just be hip to that.

  10. Hello Jessica,

    I have Saturn at 28 Sagittarius and also Uranus at 29 Sagtttarius that will square(?) to this eclipse. If I’m not mistaking, it will be followed shortly by my Saturn Return and transit Uranus squares my natal Uranus.
    Could you suggest all of these transit are woven together, and how it will play out?
    Anything I should be mindful of now?

    Thank you! xoxo

    1. Yes, you were born with Saturn at 28 Sagittarius conjunct Uranus at 29 Sagittarius in your Ninth House, which rules academia, foreign and regional involvements and differences, the worldwide web, particular belief systems and publishing. You are also correct in saying you have your Saturn Return, as transiting Saturn will move to 28 Sagittarius over this time-frame. Uranus at 28 Aries will trine the conjunction, and the North Node at 28 Leo and South Node at 28 Aquarius will also form a trine and semi-sextile, respectively. You can interpret Saturn and Uranus in the Ninth House using this website, my free e-books and through your own experience, which is the best teacher. Next year will change your life. The world will turn upside down and this will alter how you travel, study, teach, publish, use the internet or see yourself as a world citizen. Take your time, seek experience and expertise, be highly strategic and do not act over the eclipse itself.

  11. Hi Jessica! This is soo exciting. I cannot wait what will happen next August! I have Psyche at 27 Libra and Proserpina at 28 Gemini. It is my relationship, right? And then what. Also, could you comment will tommorrows eclipse affect my chart? I have Sun in Scorpio at 24. Thank you so much for another great post

    1. This eclipse won’t affect your chart. What does affect your chart is your Venus position and 2017 brings an opportunity to have more, do more and enjoy more with (and through) your partner. This also applies to your former or potential partner too.

    1. I am so grateful to you, for reminding me of Tony Blair’s chart. I am now going to look for both the natal charts of Mr. Blair and Mr. Clinton to see if there are placements at 28 degrees.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the insights. My birthday is 19th August 1970. I was born at 15:03pm in the UK. I have Minerva at 28 Leo, Vesta at 28 Virgo, MC at 29 Virgo, Neptune at 28 Scorpio, Diana at 28 Sagittarius and Salacia at 28 Capricorn. Will real estate and university work for me in 2017 & 2018? Will this eclipse further me?

    1. In 2017 Uranus at 28 Aries will trine Minerva in the Fifth House, quincunx Vesta and the MC in the Sixth House, quincunx Neptune in the Eighth House, trine Diana in the Ninth House and square Salacia in the Tenth House. Your entire life will radically change. The Nodes and the Eclipse are also key. You can decode this by hitting Search or picking up my book 2020 Astrology by free download.

  13. Thanks Jessica for your accurate predictions! Would you mind looking at my chart so I can prepare for what is to come? Thanks!

    1. You were born with the Moon at 28 Leo so 2017 is about your godchildren or the children you work with/for. You were born in 1978 so this is about the generation born 1998 and later – the Millennials. It describes a sexual relationship where you could become pregnant, adopt, or become a stepmother. More commonly it is about your niece, nephew, godchild and so on. You don’t say if you already have children. May-August 2017 will change your life in this regard. Other people will go through a revolution in their own lives which sets them free and this will affect you too. Karma is at work here. This is past life stuff. Do not make big moves or draw dramatic judgements over the actual eclipse.

  14. Hi Jessica 🙂

    Love everything you write… really interesting stuff! I signed up for the premium recently as I wanted to read everything you have written and more. Really glad to have found your site!

    I seem to have some 28’s at Venus, Jupiter and Vulcano (if I’m reading my chart right?) and many around the same number too. Could you please tell me what this would mean for me?

    Would love it if you could shed some more light on how to interpret these movements better. It’s like learning a new language!

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    Ara 🙂

    1. What a thoughtful and kind message, thank you. Vesta at 26 Leo in the Fifth House is the key here. The Lunar Eclipse finds the Sun at 26 Leo conjunct Vesta and the Moon at 26 Aquarius opposite Vesta. Vesta is that part of you which is drawn to competitive situation where one male has authority over two or more females. A baby boy born into an all-female family can have his sisters and mother compete for his love. A grown man can manipulate his first wife, second wife and two daughters. You get the picture! Just be aware of male-female politics now and understand that this eclipse is about what is in shadow – obscured – dimly lit – not clear, bright and obvious as it should be. And let the moment pass.

      1. Oops! Funny how my birth chart which was correct earlier has changed into, well not my birth chart!
        No wonder I was confused by your response to my 1st question on your site!

        My correct ASC is Cancer however it’s reflecting as Sagittarius right now and the rest of the chart is super jumbled up as well.

        Hoping it will be fixed soon so I can get your insight on my actual chart!

          1. Yay! My chart is back.. so hopefully it shows correctly at your end too 🙂

            I have Venus at 28 Scorpio, Jupiter at 28 Taurus, Vulcano at 28 Taurus

            Also, ASC at 27 Cancer, Moon at 29 Pisces.

            Appreciate your time 🙂

          2. Yes, you are logged on as a Premium Member and I can see your personal birth chart. Thank you. Your entire financial outlook is set to change radically from 2017 with further changes from 2018 and beyond as Uranus enters Taurus. You will have the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius and Uranus in Aries aspecting your chart so a revolution around you, involving one or more people pushing for freedom (for example a trade union ordering a strike or a bank being forced to accept new regulations which set the customers free from exploitative interest rates) will have a domino effect on your own cash. This also applies to your property. Just skip the actual eclipse period please. People are always blind on an eclipse.

  15. Dear Jessica,
    Is it a challenge for all anaretic degrees? I have Pars of fortune 28 Aquarius 1 St house, Chiron 29 Aries 2nd house, Mercury 26 Taurus, Vesta 29 Taurus, Venus 29 Taurus end of 3rd house, Imum Coeli 4 Gemini, Sun 5 Gemini, Saturn 29 Cancer 6 house close to descendant at 5 Leo.
    Is it going to be like falling on moving propeller?

    1. I don’t use anaretic degrees or Part of Fortune so I don’t know what you mean by that. Mercury at 26 Taurus in your Second House will be caught in a T-Square. Astrology is never like falling on a moving propellor! Pick up my new book 2020 Astrology on free download on this website to understand your birth chart.

      1. Dear Jessica
        Thank you for your reply. I will take a look at my Mercury
        By anaretic degrees i mean 29 th degree of any sign expressig strongly its traits.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for providing insight on major events in history through astrology. I would like to know in what way this might affect me as I have Pluto at 28 libra, sun at 27 Virgo and panacea at 29 virgo

    1. Thank you. Uranus at 28 Aries opposes Pluto at 28 Libra in 2017, so this is about your wife. It is also about your lifestyle and whole way of life, thanks to Virgo. Radical changes, even revolutionary changes, are coming and you must be ready to adapt, bend and also change direction yourself. This is a constant theme May through August. Avoid the actual eclipse period itself for the discussion, paperwork or decision, though. Pick up my new book 2020 Astrology, free, to read more about Uranus as I wrote a very long chapter on this planet, just for situations like this one.

    1. Yes, it’s still an eclipse, and the last in the Saros series. I have a book by a NASA chap which says as much and you can’t argue with the US Navy website!

  17. Jessica, thanks again. I know you answered me about the 26 degrees that I have with the last article, but I have 27 Juno in Capricorn. Is this somehow different? How does this play into the eclipse? Cheers!! 🙂

    1. Cheers. Uranus squares Juno in 2017 in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work, university life or full-time parenting. You cannot stay in a fixed situation forever with this and May-August shows you why. Best to be very flexible and ready to change. Do avoid the actual eclipse for the big decisions, though.

  18. Thank you for your great predictions Jessica I have mars 26 in Taurus is this eclipse will affect me?

    1. Actually, you are more affected by the eclipse of August 18th 2017, when the Sun at 26 Leo and Moon at 26 Aquarius form a T-Square to your Mars at 26 Taurus. Allow for other people and large organisations to be blindsided, confused, mystified, lost or just unable to see clearly. This affects your own money, business, possessions, charity, apartment and so on. Let time pass – get this eclipse well past you.

      1. Wow… Thank you!!! I’m applying for loan waiting on bank for approval I’m aries and I also have panacea 24 cancer and proserpina 24 aries is this will affect me too should I stop loan application I’m worry I dont want to lost everything.Thank you for being so kind to answer on my comment thank you thank you

        1. Your placements are too wide at 24 degrees to be affected by the 2017 eclipse. If you are waiting for a loan just remember we had Mars Retrograde in Scorpio in your Eighth House of banks until 2nd August so if it is taking a while, it may be because you applied before that date. If you applied after that date I don’t see any reason why this should not move forward for you, or why there should not be a superior option if the first one does not deliver. Good luck.

  19. Oh wow! That’s bang on my own moon at 28 Leo. Sounds like interesting times ahead, especially with the north node there. I always learn something new when I read your blog Jessica! Thank you for that. If you’ve any advice on things to pay attention to I’d be grateful.

    Thanks (always!)

    1. The general principle ‘Know thyself’ is pretty useful in 2017 as you need to be aware of your Leo Moon and how you express it. To be born with the Moon in Leo in the Fifth House is to guide, mentor, lead and inspire a younger generation, and it is possible that existing children or younger adults in your life will hit epic phases in 2017 or you will acquire a child in your life, or children, plural. The Uranus trine to your Moon and the North Node conjunct your Moon, followed by that phenomenal eclipse, suggest a life-changing year. So – know yourself very well. Understand what you need.

  20. Sun Jupiter Saturn and aseculpia all at 27 & 29. It appears I am skirting all around 28. is this significant for me? I remember 1999 and the transitions in my life. Out of a horrible hidden relationship, into a very public but heavy unsatisfying one. Will this be another heavy opportunity presented in a public spotlight? Am I overthinking it?

    1. The Capricorn/Gemini/Leo story is the one to watch, so this pulls in your Tenth House, Third House and Fifth House. You are quite right about 1999 and the need to look back at the past to help yourself in the future. Most of all, May-August 2017 is about your working life. Uranus in Aries is approaching the square to your Capricorn factors so other people’s radical changes and revolutions will affect your own position, mission and ambition. Be flexible next year. Sometimes the mountain goat has to climb sideways. Do avoid the actual eclipse period, full stop, for sweeping decisions or judgements as other people’s blind spots will affect you then.

  21. Hello again
    What a fabulous article. And, how incredible that the chart of a person who has long passed continues to be triggered in what seems to be a rather significant way.
    Your blogs are like a fabulous collection of short stories.
    I wrote a comment in the last blog about the upcoming eclipse but kind of got leap-frogged. 🙁 no reply….
    Curious as to how and or if, my chart is affected by either the upcoming eclipse or this rather interesting one in 2017.
    Have an awesome day

    1. Thank you and my apologies for the leapfrogging – I think we had about 100 people post in half an hour! In your personal birth chart, Neptune at 26 Scorpio and Chiron at 28 Pisces are triggered by the August 2016 and August 2017 eclipses, respectively. Right now, August 17th-19th, be aware of the money, house, business, shopping, sales, apartment or charity. It’s not a particularly clear or sharp area of your life anyway, but this eclipse will form a T-Square so other people’s hazy vision, blind spots or lack of clarity will also affect you. Moving into 2017, pick up 2020 Astrology free from this website and read more about Chiron in your chart. May through August that year is about the secret part of yourself or your life; maybe what you do behind the scenes with no credit or recognition. You ‘do’ your Chiron here, but the aspects from Uranus and the Nodes suggest you will be doing it very, very differently. Avoid the actual 2017 eclipse period for anything top secret or uncredited.

  22. Hi Jessica firstly just want to say how much I am enjoying reading your ebook and your website is now the first thing I look at when I log on in the mornings! As someone else mentioned it would be great if there was a way of seeing new questions and your responses for each article – I find your answers as interesting as the articles themselves.

    I have Minerva 28 Aries, Vulcano 28 Capricorn, Psyche 28 Sag, and in addition I have Neptune 27 Scorpio, Ceres 27 Sag, Proserpina 27 Cancer, Mars 29 Libra, Chiron 29 Pisces. So a few in 27, 28, 29 degrees. I am logged in so you can see my chart.

    I would be very interested to see how these will affect me – will there be any change in my relationship status I’m eternally single and am too old for children now!! Or will it all be about my career? I’ve previously posted about my desire to pursue my political interests. Many thanks again 🙂

    1. Thank you, I do appreciate your words and will pass this onto my webmasters at Asporea. Your life is going to transform, which I suspect you might know. You will not be eternally single unless you try very hard, for a start. The obstacle that needs to be removed to get you happily dating, will be removed – or the right person will appear, or reappear in the context of lust not friendship. It will be a rocky road, but then Rocky Road can be delicious. It all starts June 2017 as Uranus moves to 27 Aries and Chiron is so close by at 28 Pisces, also triggering your pattern. October 2017 intensifies the whole thing. By May 2018 your career, travels, finances, home life, sexual relationships and spirit in general, will be permanently changed by what I can only describe as a prolonged electrical storm. So dance in it. (Just don’t dance on the actual eclipse days).

      1. Wow thanks for such a detailed and quick reply. I wasn’t expecting that much change! Hopefully it’s positive transformation as it’s time for a change.

  23. Hello Jessica, must say i really enjoy your blogs & your tweets! Would there be any significant impact on me personally that i need to be aware of, with such astrologically significant event as the solar eclipse of next year?
    Thank you

    1. You were born with Mars at 28 Virgo so when it comes to work, housework and unpaid work, you push very hard, compete fiercely with others and have no time to waste. Your body may act out unresolved issues you have about working for others, doing your duty and performing a service, so that if there is a concern you are not dealing with, your body may be the machine that stops working until you fix the broader question. This is a lifelong pattern, yet it will be triggered May-August 2017 as Uranus at 28 Aries forms a quincunx and the Nodes at 28 Leo and Aquarius also aspect Mars. You will be dealing with a revolution out there, and this will have an impact on the way you work – your lifestyle. Be flexible enough to change when change requires it. Avoid the actual eclipse period for major judgement calls.

  24. Hi Jessica, well I think my chart has Ceres at 28 Libra, what will this mean for me please?

    1. You have Ceres at 28 Libra in the Seventh House, which rules your former, current or potential partner. It also rules enemies, rivals or opponents. May through August 2017 finds Uranus the planet of revolution, independence and freedom at 28 Aries, opposite Ceres. You will be dealing with radical change which affects the chemistry you share with one particular man (or woman). The Nodes moving over 28 Leo and Aquarius suggest this is karma and you will have deja vu about what revolves in your life. The eclipse period itself should be avoided for decision making. In general, understand Ceres better in your chart (hit Search and use the new, free book 2020 Astrology) and realise that this dwarf planet describes enforced compromise, sharing and division of rights, roles and responsibilities. If you are entering into a new sexual or professional partnership from May be extremely cautious about what this would bring, and what it will alter in your life.

  25. Hello Jessica,

    Will this eclipse affect me in the same way as the 18th of August eclipse? Ik have to say, I just read your answer on my question in that article and it’s spot on! Tuesday everything was still fine, but wednesday and especially today, the 18th, things have changed and I have lots of work to do in order to make things happen. Is there anything I can do to prepare myself for the eclipse on August the 21st next year? I don’t want my plans to fall through in this way again. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you, I am glad the astrology is spot on. You were born with Juno at 28 Aquarius so this is about your friend and your group. In general 2017 will radically change the commitment you have with a private members’ club, rock band, good cause, political party or similar – perhaps a group venture for business reasons. Friends are involved. It will be revolutionary as Uranus sextiles Juno and the karma and past life Node conjuncts Juno too. You knew this friend before, and perhaps all of them as a whole. Change as the situation changes. Skip the actual eclipse period.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    I have Sun at 29 Cap, Mars at 28 Sag, Minerva at 29 Leo & Hygeia at 28 Aries. I have major decision to take with regard to my son’s higher studies (allow him to continue in Australia or send him back to home town). There is also a decision on whether to stay or relocate back to home country.
    How will this eclipse impact…
    Your advise is much appreciated.


    1. This is about Minerva in Leo in the Fifth House which rules children and Mars in Sagittarius in the Ninth House which rules foreign people and places. You need to update yourself closer to the time, May to August, as circumstances are changing and it will pay to be on top of the news. Uranus will create a grand trine, which means radical changes in the wider world will have a personal impact on you. Skip the eclipse as it falls right on your Minerva. Remember Saturn (reality checks) is also in Sagittarius in the Ninth House and will conjunct your Mars in 2017 so seek expertise and experience about relocating or foreign rules.

  27. Hello Jessica!
    Thank you for the great article!

    I have quite a few heavenly bodies in 27-28-29 degrees in my birth chart.
    It is Fortuna 28° Virgo, Jupiter 29° Sagittarius, Neptune 29° Sagittarius, Chiron 28° Taurus, Apollo 28° Scorpio, Proserpina 27° Capricorn, Cupido 28° Aquarius. It makes it a bit scary eclipse for me. Can you comment?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. This is about your pursuit of travel, academia, foreign and regional differences, publishing or your beliefs. 2017 will change that, not only because of the eclipse, but also because Saturn in Sagittarius brings reality checks not possible in 29 years. Take your time before you fly, emigrate, study, teach, publish and so on. The worldwide web in general is also an issue next year. Avoid the actual total eclipse period as too much is hidden then.

  28. Hi Jessica,
    I have Chiron in Aries at 27 something degrees and Saturn in Cancer at 26 something… Would love to know if they matter in this case. Thank you in advance. 🙂

    1. Yes, Uranus will trine Chiron in your First House of image and both the Nodes and the Eclipse will also aspect this, so 2017 is about your title, personal appearance, internet persona and reputation. Read more about Chiron in the new book, 2020 Astrology.

  29. Hi Jessica, I’ve got Jupiter at 28 Leo my N and S nodes are at 27 Aries and Libra respectively. What do you see?

    1. The May-August 2017 cycles are about your godchildren, young people’s project, lover (who may make you an aunt, stepmother, or mother) and any existing children or teenagers. A revolution is coming and it will change your image too. Just skip the actual eclipse days.

  30. Hi Jessica, again considering I’m a female would that imply an impact on my relationship with my husband or rather something to concern him? Thanks

  31. Hi Jessica

    I have been following you for years as you are ALWAYS spot on with your predictions and revelations. My quick question is that my birthday is 21 August 1961. I am the same age as Diana (and I loved her as did millions of people). Do you have any insights into what the eclipse means for me?

    Thank you in advance for your response. xx

    1. Thank you. Born with Jupiter at 28 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, you are an opportunist who reaches for the glittering prizes, awards, top jobs and business openings and generally gets very lucky. The Uranus square in 2017 from 28 Aries will profoundly alter how you ‘do’ this part of your life and the eclipse period is best avoided. Download 2020 Astrology here now to find out more about your chart.

  32. Hello Jessica,

    first of all thank you for you information concerning my horoscope and eclipse this year.
    As for eclipse in 2017, I have Moon exactly in 28 deg Pices and then Sun 27 deg Virgo and Chiron 27 Aries.
    Next year I decided after many deception as an employee to become a freelancer and try to earn money on my own. Should I expect some important events as for the eclipse in this area of my life or another areas could be affected. Would it be possitive or negative.

    Thank you very much for your advice.

    1. Thank you! Moon at 28 Pisces and Sun at 27 Virgo with Chiron at 27 Aries describes your work, as well as your self-promotion. This pattern at 27/28 is being triggered by Uranus, the planet of revolution, upheaval, freedom and independence so I am not surprised you want to go freelance. If you want to look this up in any of the e-books, transiting Uranus in Aries in your First House of image will conjunct natal Chiron, quincunx natal Sun in the Sixth House and semi-sextile the Moon in the Twelfth House! You will exchange security, stability, permanence and The Known World for excitement, freedom, exhilaration and The Unknown World. Skip the actual eclipse period for major decisions, though, as one person or organisation you deal with then will be in the dark, and this also affects you. You don’t mention your food, drink, drugs, doctor, fitness, healer – yet this is also a key part of next year and it begins now. In fact, there is an opportunity staring you in the face by September 10th if you want to pursue it.

  33. Dear Jessica I find your articles absolutely amazing and at times I feel quite afraid, after reading this article even more so, I have my Ascendant at 28 Leo and I also have Ceres, Pluto and Venus conjunct my Ascendant my moon is at 13 Aquarius.

    I have to use this energy for the benefit of the many and not just for myself.

    1. If your birth time is accurate, to the minute, and your Ascendant really is 28 Leo, then you are well-known for your role with a younger generation. It may be through a children’s charity, for example, editing books for children, having prominent godchildren – or teaching, guiding and mentoring those who are 20+ years your junior. This is what will radically change so much in 2017, yet do skip the eclipse period itself, particularly if you are profiled, or photographs, internet mentions, the media or television is involved.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Do you have any insight for me regarding the eclipses? I have just been retrenched from my teaching job of 22 years on August 17th. I have Uranus at 28 Leo and Apollo at 27 Leo.

    1. I am so sorry you were retrenched – although – there are some big messages in your horoscope about enjoying a better lifestyle. Looking far ahead to August 2017, Leo rules children and young people, so I am not surprised to see so many aspects there. You will experience the enthralling, exciting, liberating and life-changing Uranus trine to Uranus and as you were born to lead your ‘court’ of younger faces I suspect your entire life will switch May-August so that you mentor or guide in a brand new way. Just skip the eclipse period itself, please.

  35. With Apollo at 27 degrees Leo I’m curious as to what to expect of that eclipse. Thank you Jessica for your very thought provoking posts!

    1. Thank you. You are a born leader when it comes to children’s charities, children’s books and entertainment, or your godchildren. You could also apply that to sons, daughters, young relatives (like nieces and nephews). As you grow older the ‘children’ will come to mean those born 20+ years after you, as you work as a mentor, guide and teacher figure to them. Leo is a dignified sign associated with tremendous noblesse oblige, to quote Nancy Mitford, and as we associate it with royalty it turns up in the charts of those who are King or Queen to a younger court. This part of yourself and your life is coming alive now through 2017 not only because of the eclipse to come at 28 Leo, but also the fact that Uranus is passing over 27 Aries, trine your natal Apollo. Step up to the plate and become your Leo leader self with these younger faces. Just avoid that actual eclipse period as you will not see clearly. You will be in the dark.

  36. Oh my, I have my Sun at 27°56 of Scorpio in the 4th house + next summer I’m starting a new Progressed Moon cycle of 28 years Wow … my husband has his Sun at 29° Cancer too, don’t know what to expect really, thank you so so much for your insights.

    1. I think we’re speaking a different astrological language here! You have the Sun at 27 Scorpio in your Eighth House and your husband has the Sun at 29 Cancer in his Fourth House. (I don’t use the Progressed Moon). Essentially, as you might expect, this is about the house of apartment you rent or own with your husband. Uranus at 28, 29 Aries will create a T-Square for both of you which I am sure you know is rather tense. It will force a change. This may be about the actual property, or your neighbourhood or even your state/country. A typical example would be council planning permission for new high rise apartments which forces you to look at your own home. Be flexible and adaptable. Download the new book 2020 Astrology to read more on Uranus transits. Skip the eclipse period itself, please, others are not seeing straight and this will affect you as well.

  37. Hi Jessica, what a great heads-up, thank you so mch for the work you do! So, with Salaciain Capricorn at 28 plus several major points at 27 and 29, I’m almost afraid to ask, but I think this is somehing that is better to know as much as possible about! Thank you!!

    1. Thank you very much. Salacia at 28 Capricorn is extremely close to other chart factors so this is not only about your career in 2017, it may be about Proserpina in Cancer and the Node in Virgo as well – so we’re talking home and work, together. What you will notice most is Uranus the planet of radical change, moving across 27, 28, 29 Aries, peaking in intensity from May through August. Other people’s revolutions will affect your job and your home life. Actually, Uranus will form what is known as a T-Square to Salacia and Proserpina, so I suspect that as those around you break free in order to become more independent, this will have a ripple effect on your own house, work, apartment, home town, homeland and so on. The best thing to do with these transits is to be highly adaptive to change when it comes. The actual eclipse period is the ‘blind spot’ of another person or organisation also affecting you, so just be aware of that, at the time. Others are not seeing clearly. This will affect you too.

  38. Hello Jessica, my moon is at 28 Aries and IC. 27 Aries and MC 27 Libra. Can you let me know what to look out for? Thank you.

    1. If your birth time is 100% accurate then in 2017 you will find the winds of change affect your image, identity, appearance, title and persona.The revolution will come up on you. Laser resurfacing of the face is one example. Using the worldwide web to relaunch who you are, and promote yourself, is quite another. You will have your own story. The focus on ‘me, me, me’ will be liberating and exciting yet it will also raise issues about your former, current or potential partner. It may raise issues about your enemy, rival or opponent. Next year will utterly change how you see ‘Me’ in the context of ‘We’ and also ‘Me versus You.’ Skip the actual eclipse period for major judgement calls or action.

  39. Thank you so much for the reply and insight. This may be an odd spot dor the question, but in the recent September monthly Taurus horoscope on GTG, a phrase is used that I do not understand. It is “Avoid Top Dog politics…”, but what are “Top Dog politics”? Thank you!!!

    1. Cheers. Pluto rules dogs (in mythology Pluto was the god of Hades and it was guarded by Cerberus, a terrifying dog). Canine in packs have a powerful pecking order or hierarchy as they struggle to be top dog. Taurus has Pluto in his Ninth House of internet, travel, publishing, education and foreign/regional differences now, so that whole dog-eat-dog atmosphere where someone wants to be top dog, does tend to ‘bite’ every so often.

  40. Hi:

    I posted this a while ago and never got an answer. I have Mars at 28 Aries. How will the eclipse affect me? Thanks for your insight!

    1. Sorry for this delay – I had over 100 comments to this story, in quite a rush. Mars in Aries in the First House is about self-promotion, self-consciousness about one’s image and brand and the classic ‘not backwards about coming forwards’ signature style of an assertive, self-confident person. You have a stellium at 29 degrees, which is very close to Mars, so I suspect that ‘Me, me, me’ is the engine that drives your life. It is not narcissism nor is it ego – it is just your sensible understanding that your armour (wardrobe), title (name or role) and persona does the work for the rest of your life. Now, in general, with Uranus conjuncts Mars at 28 Aries, you are going to experience a revolution which liberates you to reinvent yourself. It will feel as if your life is turning upside-down. It can only happen once in your life so you may want to find out more about transiting Uranus conjunct Mars. The latter planet can be fierce, fast and furious so please be aware of what you are generating in your life. He was, of course, the Roman God of War. With the Nodes also trine and sextile your natal Mars, this part of you will leap into life in 2017. Time to be powerfully aware of what you are creating out there, especially on the internet, where photographs and words are hard to erase. Avoid the actual eclipse period itself for decision making which might affect your self-promotion or profile as it is a blind spot for all of us, which will affect you at a distance.

  41. Hi Jessica,

    Currently jet lagged and your articles are the perfect thought provoking, soul inspiring reading to help tide the course of the day, will my body is limping along. I’m curious what does Fortuna 27 Libra and Mars 27 Scorpio mean for me during this eclipse, and does my Vulcano 25 Leo have any relevance. Big Thank you as always.

    1. I’m glad the astrology is helping you through jet lag. The eclipse at 28 Leo will come very close to a sextile to your Fortuna at 27 Libra and Mars at 27 Scorpio. Don’t worry about Vulcano, the orb is too wide. This is clearly about the relationship you have with your former, current or potential lover at the time and the question mark about pregnancy, children, nieces, nephews, godchildren, stepchildren and so on. It also naturally involves the money, house or apartment. You may want to steer clear of this eclipse. You and everyone else will not see what needs to be seen. A larger issue in 2017 is Uranus at 27 Aries, which will trine your Fortuna in Libra and quincunx your Mars in Scorpio, becoming more intense in June 2017 when we also find the Sun, True North Node in Leo and Mercury all passing 27 degrees too. Uranus brings radical change that liberates us if we are smart enough to choose freedom and shed the past. This is, again, very specifically about your former, current or potential partner.

  42. Hi Jessica!

    Love the astro guidance and the sense of humour.

    I have Mercury at 27 Virgo. Wondering if it’s wiser to push through with teaching or throw it in and become a speech pathologist? It has been a really hard slog.

    So many thanks.

    1. I can’t see your birth chart, but have a look for anything in Leo and the Fifth House. This is pretty common when people have Mercury in Virgo. If you do possess a Leo chart signature, you may be suited to teaching in a very striking way, or to helping children or teenagers with speaking difficulties, finally be heard.

  43. Hi Jessica, I’ve spent most of the day on your fascinating website and have just become a premium member. I wonder what the 2017 eclipse might mean for me. I have Vulcano at 28 Scorpio, Jupiter at 29 Capricorn, Saturn at 29 Leo and Juno at 29 Taurus.

    1. Thank you, I’ll pass that compliment onto James and Justin, my webmasters. You do have quite a pattern here to work with, over the Great American Eclipse next year. You were born with Vulcano, the symbol of fiery emotion and willpower at 28 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance and property. Jupiter the planet of benevolence, expansion and growth at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. Saturn the planet of hard karma at 29 Leo in the Fifth House of children and lovers. Juno the symbol of commitment (with all its pros and sons) at 29 Taurus in your Second House of money. Even before we get to the eclipse, you have Uranus, which always brings radical change, freedom, independence and revolution, moving across 28 Aries in 2017, triggering this pattern. Past life debts and credits will appear in May 2017 when the True North node moves to 28 Leo and True South Node moves to 28 Aquarius. The True North Node will conjunct your Saturn at 29 Leo so the lead story will be about pregnancy, babies, children or young adults who are 20+ years your junior. Godchildren or stepchildren? Paid or unpaid work with youth? Lovers who can bring children into your life are also a possibility. We also find Chiron moving to 28 Pisces in June, so mid 2017 is important for all the issues I have raised above. Uranus moves to 28 Aries right at the end of June, staying there until September, over the actual eclipse itself, which of course falls in Leo again, regarding this younger generation – the ‘heirs’ to your influence. Please avoid the eclipse period as you will not see what you need to see. In general, though, from mid 2017 try to go with the flow where the revolution is concerned. There will be a tremendous push for freedom out there and it will also affect you, very specifically in terms of the younger generation. It will also pull in many other areas of your life, at the same time, as stated above.

      1. Jessica, thank you so much for your reply. Btw it’s primarily the astrological content of the site that I’m finding so fascinating, having dabbled in the Placidus system previously. I only discovered you a few months ago with your confident predictions re Trump (no) and Brexit (yes). Could you please clarify what you mean by “past life debts and credits” – is it some karmic time of reckoning or just in relation to this life? – sounds pretty serious either way. I don’t have children of my own and I’m not what you’d call close to my two nieces, both now in their 30s, one with children and the other (so far) without. Perhaps that’s about to change. I must admit to some anxiety about the future.. which is why I’m consulting you! Thanks again for your personal response, much appreciated.

        1. Thank you very much and I am glad you found the website through the prediction that Donald Trump would not become President and that people voting for freedom from the EU would bring a Brexit. The Placidus house system is basically the world view of a monk living at a time when women were used as mobile doormats, so I don’t think using Placidus houses for your astrological birth chart is going to make you very happy! Saturn, Ceres and Pluto in Leo are about your nieces, perhaps, but there may be other children coming into your life as the True North Node does not enter Leo until May 10th 2017. Sometimes the issue is youth as a whole. J.K.Rowling will be hit by this cycle too and it is just as likely to be about the Harry Potter franchise, her young readers and her relationship with the film cast (Daniel Radcliffe, for example) as it is about her own offspring. There is no need to be anxious about the future. All the Nodes do is bring you a past life situation which seems familiar almost as soon as it begins. I would expect these babies, children or younger adults (20+ years your junior) to have karma with you, so if they also seem familiar, that may be why. You can expect major questions about what is wise and fair. Just skip the actual eclipse period as the light ‘dims’ on what you need to see so clearly.

  44. Hello my name is henry San miguel. I wanted to see how these effects me. My info is 04/09/1978 at 07:26am in Houston, TX USA….thank you

    1. You are a Sun Aries who has the eclipse in his Fifth House which rules pregnancy, fatherhood, stepchildren, godchildren, nieces, nephews, fostering, adoption and youth projects. Skip this period for sweeping decisions about the same, unless you want the usual eclipse blackout on information.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    Very intriguing article! I have Jupiter at 29 Cancer, Juno at 26 Pisces, MC at 26 Cancer, IC at 26 Capricorn, Aesculapia at 27 Pisces, Hygeia at 28 Aquarius, Cupido at 28 Libra, and Psyche at 26 Capricorn. Any information would be most appreciated.

    1. Other people’s blind spots and missing information about their babies, children, teenagers and/or courtships will affect your life through six degrees of separation. Specifically your family, house, apartment or household situation – perhaps your career – certainly the state of play with a former, current or potential partner. It’s not your eclipse, it is entirely other people’s, yet it will affect your life. Best let the eclipse pass because there’s a lot of covering up or ‘missing the ball’ going on around that time.

  46. Thank you for your article! Can you explain this in my chart please? Moon in Gemini 28°58’25” 12 14° 1’34” 0°44′ 7″ S 22°42’16” N
    Thank you,

    1. You have the Moon in Gemini in the Third House of your chart using the Natural Horoscope house system so you use the internet to mother people. You need to be needed in the context of the worldwide web, education, language, publishing or multimedia – which depends on your personal birth chart. This eclipse will affect other people more than you, yet their blind spot or inability to see (sometimes as the result of denial, sometimes as the result of a cover-up or smokescreen) will very much impact your project, idea or concept at the time. For them it’s a more personal issue, or connected to a younger demographic or junior market.

  47. Hi Jessica. Just stumbled upon this article — wow!

    Would you mind interpreting my chart?
    March 1st, 1986
    12:07 AM
    Miami, FL
    25N41 80W20
    Also, since recently finding out my exact birth location coordinates, I don’t know where my north/south nodes are. Would you mind explaining that as well? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!

    1. You need your chart done if you are curious about the Nodes. They describe past life debts and credits and by sign, reveal who you were, what you did (repeatedly) and what you are pulled towards, so strongly, in this lifetime. If you are asking about the eclipse – in general as a Sun Pisces person, 2017 is about your lifestyle, work and body. You are going to deal with a situation which has come up many times before. Skip the actual eclipse period itself for answering the bigger questions. Yet, by Christmas 2017 you will have well and truly answered a work and career conundrum.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thanks for replying. I have done natal charts before and recently came to being that actual coordinates of my birth place, thanks to an app, which seems to show that my Nodes are on a different house or borderline.

        Most natal chart programs just ask for “city” and not exact hospital/birth location, and I would like to know if you recommend any that I can input coordinates to.

        I would greatly appreciate it.

        Thank you in advance!

          1. Actually, I don’t think it’s odd. Usually, charts only provide the average coordinates of a city or town. My birth city is Miami…Miami is a huge city, so when I found out the exact coordinates of my birth hospital, I most likely found the difference by degrees, hence the changes in my nodes.

            I think that is also something important that should be expressed when it comes to inputting one’s birth city – instead of just having city as the location but also the many hospitals out there.

  48. I have four planets around the eclipse, sun at 25 leo, venus at 24, mars at 27 and mercury at 23, all in 3rd house. This year’s eclipse in aquarius had already opposed these bunch, I am quite worried about what would turn out next year. My moon is in 22 gemini 1st house. Transit uranus is currently in my 11th, trining the bunch 🙂

    Thanks in advance, Jessica.

    1. Do you mean you have the Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury in Leo? If so they are in the Fifth House in the Natural House System and 2017 will be about your own or other people’s children. The North Node will move through Leo and your Fifth House so there is karma at work. The eclipse obviously is best avoided as you will have a blind spot about (for example) a godchild, children’s charity or teenager in your world.

  49. Hello Jessica,

    I have planets in my natal chart at 28 degrees and I wonder if you can tell me what to expect with this eclipse.

    Thank you –

    1. The United States of America will go through the most epic blind spot in August 2017 and it will start at the top, at the White House. This will only directly affect you if you work there – which statistics say, you probably do not. Yet, you will be affected through six degrees of separation between August and Christmas as when people don’t really know what is going on – and can’t see what is actually happening – they tend to get confused in their own lives too. Without seeing your chart, knowing the planets or signs, I can’t tell you more than that. But don’t assume anything in August. Question everything.

      1. Thank you Jessica. I entered my birth info in my profile, if that helps.

        I have Mercury in Scorpio at 28 degrees and MC in Aquarius at 28 degrees.

        1. Your chart is still not showing up, but this eclipse creates a T-Square (assuming your birth time is spot on). Next year the Nodes move into Leo and Aquarius, so the issue for you will be the group and your friends. Your network and your old friendship. Your social life, social media and any team, club, society or group project that involves you. You may want to steer around the eclipse as it now show you all you need to know or see, about this person or these people. In general 2017 is about karma with one friend in particular and the need to balance the debts and credits with this person.

          1. I do advocacy work in the media (mostly television) for a health condition and have been asked to become an awareness ambassador in 2017 for a non-profit and I thought this was going to be a good step forward to further our work. The non-profit does almost everything over social media. I hope this will be the right step to take with them.

            The old friend issue interests me, I have a very old and dear friend born 6/14/59 in New York,NY (not sure the birth time) with their moon in Virgo at 28 degrees and their Venus, Mars and Uranus in Leo I am hoping and praying for some improvement and restoration of balance with this person. I feel on some levels they owe me and there is little I can do about it.

            Thank you so much.

          2. Your television/social media work about this health issue has been evolving throughout Jupiter in Virgo (the body) so your timing has been great. Any delays or changes in August and September affecting a project, technology or the people concerned will be over from 7th October as Mercury Retrograde Shadow disappears. Your old and dear friend, the Gemini, is the person with whom the karma exists. They do owe you. They actually need to be set free too and this could easily happen between now and May 2018. It will probably happen in a surprising way.

  50. Hello Jessica how are You??? Even people who did not care for Diana know she was murdered, its the gut instinct that has never gone away. For me it was when Charles rushed to Paris when he hated her guts, this is also going to be activated in William and Harry’s chart too is’n it? another of your really good articles. I have learned more in a few months reading your stuff about my family and myself than I knew in 60 years(and, not liked a lot of it)……I married on the last eclipse 1998 and goodness has the Leo stuff been bought home to me. So, with 5 Leo planets how will this eclipse in 2017 affect me please, if you have the time. Thankyou.

    1. Thank you very much. I know it is a long way off, but this American eclipse will draw our attention to Princess Diana one more time. The United States as a whole will be powerfully affected by the events of August even though it takes some months for the full story to come out, with all its puzzles and cover-ups. If you have a Leo stellium then in general, 2017 will be about the karma surrounding babies, children and young adults in your world. The Node is moving into Leo and your Fifth House so there will be a replay of the past. Decisions you took years ago to have babies, or not have them, will come back to you. This sense of karma, repetition, rewind will be with you all year and you will have some big choices to make, to even the balance sheet between yourself and others. Please do avoid that eclipse period, though, as you just won’t be shown all you need to know.

      1. Hello again Jessica, At last I have got back into the site, missed it. I have just reread this article which fascinates me re karma and children etc. We got married on 22nd August 1998 and this eclipse will hit it hard and my chart and my husbands n.node of 28 degree in Aries. Its been the most terrible ride from our children, its really felt like an invisible war, we don’t see grandchildren, we have been punished in every way and its very nearly broken us(and, it has made us feel as if we committed a crime), our former partners are dreadful, horrible people ,lies and totally rewriting history. As you can can imagine its taken something precious away from our happiness.(Quite a lot actually) Reading the newspapers I know we are not the only Parents/Grandparents this happens to. Now with Uranus trine my Pluto what can we expect please. I would be grateful if you have the time to let me know.

        1. Thank you. Okay, next year really is all about the children – you are far, far ahead of this prediction – yet we are going to see both the eclipse and the North Node move through Leo. I have to ask what happened in 1999 or 2000 as good karma waits for you, depending on what you did then, specifically with babies, children, Millennials or youth projects. In fact there will be an answering call to 1999 or 2000 next year and a great deal of what concerns you as unfinished business can be sorted out – from May 2017 onwards.

  51. Interesting read. I have North Node at early 29 Leo. I can’t think of what this will effect..but im sure that it will make sense to me once i put my mind to it. I’ll be sure to keep my eye on that time period as it comes near. I did read someone predict that this eclipse would effect the U.S economy. Interesting times indeed.

  52. Thank you very Jessica, If there is any good karma for me its from preventing my brand new sister and brothers in law from putting my lovely father in law in a home and getting him a beautiful Doctor who treated him like a person of worth in our home where he had a very peaceful death from Cancer 6 weeks later. He was worth it all. But I will let you know if we get the family back. Again, I appreciate your valuable time. xx

  53. If this eclipse is directly opposite my natal 28 Aquarius Sun, what would I expect? (my natal sun is trine my natal 24 Libra moon). I am 24 Virgo Ascendant. Thank you !

    1. You are experiencing major transits to your Aquarius Sun starting in 2017 (and not only the eclipse) as we are about to see some karma and past life debts/credits return to your life via friends and groups. This relates directly to what was happening in 1999, 2000 and even people who were toddlers in those years may find their nursery playmates, now all grown up, triggering karma! What goes around comes around for you, with friendship and with clubs, teams, societies, bands, political parties, associations, charities and so on – for which you should rightly become better known.

      1. What do eclipses need to hit for a female to signify marriage/ engagements? I thought that eclipses to the sun for a woman signified marriage or relationship stuff. I am 37 and hoping for that 🙂 Do you see anything relationship for me (i.e. marriage?). 2/16/79 7:55 CAlif

        PS great site! I look forward to subscribing!

        1. You are 37 and want to get married – an eclipse is not going to show you that – and unfortunately I also don’t have your chart. You’re a Sun Aquarian so you will have the Node transiting your solar Seventh House, describing your previous partner from 1999, 2000. He will come back to complete karma with you in 2017 or 2018. Unfinished business.

  54. Hi Jessica
    Please pardon me as I am posting this question again after having read astrrology 2020 and understanding saturn trine uranus 2016-17 better.

    Uranus at 28 aries will trine my natal saturn(29)-uranus(28) conjunction in sag and juno in leo 29 degrees. And opposing moon(27)- vesta(28) conjunction in libra, quincunx cupid virgo 28.

    Please help me with juno as I am very well aware that it is about commitment and younger generation. But since I am not even dating anybody currently, is it correct to iterpret it with respect to my ex? On the top of all he has been in my dream just a couple of days ago where we two were sitting and trying to talk around a table in a lush green commune type of place. I broke off with him last year after discovering another ‘possible’ affair. Saying possible because received no confirmation from his side. Will there be a proper closure of old wounds?

    1. I will answer your second question first. If you have your Descendant at 0 Taurus there is no grand trine – but Uranus will conjunct your Descendant at 0 Taurus in May 2018 so be aware of that. If your birth time is accurate, then a revolution is coming and it will involve your former, current or potential partner at that point. It sounds as if you have a lot of factors at 28 degrees so moving ahead in time, Uranus at 28 Aries will certainly aspect those horoscope factors as he slowly exits that sign, prior to changing signs to 0 Taurus in May 2018. This is not about your ex-boyfriend. This is about extreme life change in every area of your life – including love, sex and relationships. It will be most obvious in July and August 2017 when Uranus moves to 28 Aries for the first time, and you are offered Independence Day.

  55. Dear Jessica,

    Happy to read another great post from you! In this vein, my question is :
    How is this eclipse going to affect my chart which shows (I am premium member too) this degrees:

    Jupiter 27 55 Taurus
    Chiron 28 Aries
    Juno 29 Libra
    Proserpina 28 Taurus

    Cupido 25 Saggitarius
    Vesta 25 Cancer

    Thanks for your time

    1. This eclipse will square Jupiter and Proserpina in Taurus, which rules your money, house, apartment, business interests, charity or possessions. You may want to pass judgement about this or make action plans later. You will not be directly affected, but other people and large organisations will be utterly blind to what is really going on, as the Leo New Moon unfolds. It will only be later that they realise what they were not seeing at the time – when dramatic events have unfolded, which are all questions and few answers. A classic example of this would be a friend trying to borrow money from you on an eclipse, even though he has no idea that he is about to receive a small fortune from his son – making the loan and all your hassle, quite unnecessary!

  56. Hi Jessica! This is a super article. I have Chiron at 28 in Gemini and Proserpina at 28 in Scorpio. I’ve been in situations where I end up being the go-between much against my wishes but I see the higher value of that. How would you see the eclipse unfolding for me?? thanks for your valued time, Sanam

    1. Thank you Sanam. I appreciate it. You are certainly a go-between, especially when it comes to other people’s money, possessions, business interests, charity commitments, houses or apartments. The square to Chiron makes it challenging but you also find power and control through being the person in the middle. This will be very obvious to you over the eclipse but do delay major action plans or judgements as other people will not be seeing what they need to see – they will literally be blind to the truth – and that affects you at a distance.

  57. Hi Jessica, I’ve quite a few things at 28 or 29 degrees! Ascendant (Cancer) and Descendant (Capricorn) at 28 degrees, Minerva (Aries) at 28 degrees, Panacea (Gemini) at 29 degrees, Aesculapia (Libra) at 29 degrees, Proserpina (Cancer) at 29 degrees. Do these matter?! Thanks!

    1. Yes, other people’s blind spots and ‘not knowing’ will affect you so please be aware of that at eclipse time in particular. This is not so much what you cannot see directly – it is what others are not seeing, or do not know, that ultimately affects your house, apartment, town, country, family or household in particular. Just let it pass. One example might be hiring a builder to renovate your property and then realising he didn’t know he had a financial issue – so he has to cancel your building work. Just let this pass.

  58. Great article! Got me scared a bit though… I have natal Venus and Juno on 28 Leo, natal Sun at 29,40 Leo (all in 9th, but very close to 10th cusp), MC at 1 Virgo, Moon and Pluto at 28 Virgo (in 10th), Jupiter at 28 Scorpio, Neptune at 0 Sagittarius (both in 1st). This eclipse is part of my solar return. Pivotal year? A good one or a scary one? Thanks!

    1. Don’t be scared, just remember that eclipses are times when you can’t see/don’t know and work around. This will be about your courtship, babies, children or Millennials or the generation born 20+ years after you. You will notice a shift from May 2017 when the Node shifts into Leo too. You can read more about that next year, when it happens.

  59. Jessica, i have Sun in Sag. 28.40.17… ?? Any comment?
    Am living in the path of totality in Franklin N.C. Locality chart here puts Jupiter exactly on Asc. at 10 degrees Sag. and sun in 1st house also of course.

    1. This is about your travel, foreign, regional, educational, web or publishing agenda. The big picture. You also have Saturn conjunct your Sun in 2017 as I’m sure you know. The eclipse, of itself, will not have a direct impact on that – but what goes down in the US in 2017 in relation to airlines, ease of travel, borders, ID and so on may have a ripple effect on your plans. There may also be new issues about security and privacy online that come up next year – again you would be affected.

  60. Dear jessica, thank you for this article,don’t know how I missed this one last year. I have

    moon at 27 aries
    Venus at 28 scorpio
    Fortuna at 27 leo
    Cupido at 29 scorpio

    What does that mean altogether.
    I will appreciate any insight….

    Thank you so much!!

    1. Fortuna in Leo is the main story here. To be born with Fortuna in Leo in the Fifth House means that you blindly control the fate and fortune of babies, children and Millennials, having tremendous power and influence over their lives without realising what you are doing. A typical example I see in charts is the man who unknowingly gets a woman pregnant and she then terminates the pregnancy without his knowledge. A happier example I see in charts is the woman who volunteers her time to coach netball for teenage girls and unknowingly teaches them life skills as well, which help them grow to adulthood. I have no idea how you have used Fortuna in Leo in your life but over the eclipse please avoid acting/judging/deciding until you can see again. There is a blind spot there and it does not help clarity.

  61. Hi Jessica,
    Very interesting, thank you.
    I have Chiron close by at 27, and Saturn at 26…
    I’m not sure if they matter or not.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Actually, a more important chart theme for you is your Taurus-Scorpio line-up which will be triggered in stages from October 2017 through 2018 (when a global revolution in currency, banking and the economy begins) and the years following. This will change your life. I don’t know if your work or personal life revolves around property, finance, charity or business – yet there is a significant story here and the chapters are written, one line at a time, from the final quarter of next year. November 2016 (now) will also have turned out to play a part.

  62. hello Ms. Adams…my best friend has Pluto in the 6th house at 29* 48 Leo and part of Fortune at 27* Pisces in the 12th house. Sun is in 2nd house at 26*59 taurus, midheaven 0*Capricorn27′. Jupiter return 2017 in 7th house.
    how could this eclipse affect him ? he lives in Mill Valley, California.
    is there an orb of influence for planets with eclipses, where effects happen simply by being “close” to the eclipse degree ?
    thank you for the most astute reading of the stars. much appreciated on planet earth.

    1. Thank you Donna. Your best friend has Pluto at 29 Leo in the Fifth House of courtship, babies, children and Millennials. Your friend needs to control this part of his life very tightly and it may feel to him, as if life is a constant struggle between giving his power away, and feeling disempowered or not in control – and overdoing it, rather extremely. This will be a major issue in 2017, 2018 as the Eclipse but also the Node moves through Leo and the Fifth House. You don’t say if he ever had children, or not – and if he has godchildren, nieces, nephews or has the desire to become a father with a lover/partner next year. I would say all that is on the line for him, next two years, though he should skip the eclipse period itself. Too many blind spots.

  63. Hi Jessica,
    I find your work so nurturing and enlightening, thank you.
    I have the moon at 27’31 Leo. Also, stellium in Taurus and Aquarius ascendant conjunct Ceres. I’m beginning to feel things approaching, trying to read up and prepare- do you have any foresight as to where/how I will be effected? Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you. What you will feel most is the Node going through Leo in 2017 and 2018 so the next two years will bring fated decisions about babies or children (yes or no) which have karmic implications as you, your lover or the child in question share karmic debts and credits from other lifetimes. In general avoid the eclipse for those choices as you will not see what is actually going on.

  64. Jessica i have Neptune at 28 Libra in my birth chart. How do you think this eclipse will affect me?

    1. You will be affected at a distance, indirectly, by the eclipse. So in general, other people’s blind spots and lack of knowledge about a situation involving babies, children or Millennials, will affect the quality of the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner, at that time.

  65. Ms. Adams: Re Donna Question which you answered November 20th.
    when you said he should “skip the eclipse period” because of too many blind spots –
    what exactly does it mean to skip the eclipse period? how is that possible?
    thank you once again.

    1. Sure, you just need to avoid major judgement calls or actions, the day before and after the eclipse (allow the world to catch up with itself) as well as the actual day. There will be so much publicity surrounding it, you certainly won’t need a reminder. As above, so below. An eclipse is a peculiar covering-up of what should be seen, as clear as day. It affects us for months, even years.

  66. Hello again Ms. Adams…after rereading several times your analysis of the impact of the August 2017 eclipse on my best friend who has Natal Pluto in the 6th house at 29* 48 Leo.
    your response mentions the 5th house as having his pluto in Leo at 29*. His stepson is a new father however.
    i’m confused.
    his dob is 5/18/58 2:29AM Seattle.
    thank you once again. i am new to your site and find it fascinating.

    1. He has Pluto in the Fifth House, Donna, using the Natural House system. So the issue in 2017, 2018 is his stepson and his grandchild. I hope that makes sense. He has a decision to make about both based on their past life karma together.

    1. You are not directly affected by the eclipse at all. In general, you will be affected by other people not seeing/not knowing around this time. In fact, it may only make sense several months later, when there is a tremendous mystery and everyone around asks ‘Was there a cover-up?’ This is across the world in general, not personal or specific to you.

  67. thank you for clarifying that Jessica. i have an old chart here that shows Pluto in the 6th house in Leo. i didn’t realize chart types vary like that. much appreciate your patience here. it certainly makes sense.

    1. It’s just a house system and old charts tend to show you Placidus or Equal houses and that’s why Pluto would appear in his Sixth House. If it makes more sense to you in Leo in the Fifth House, you know this system is working for you – for the record, it’s the Natural House system.

  68. Dear Jessica, Thanks for this article. I have Pluto at 28 degrees in Leo (2nd house),
    Neptune at 29 degrees in Libra (4th house), Jupiter at 26 degrees in Virgo (3rd house) and my ascendant at 26 degrees in Cancer (12th house).
    Grateful for your insights on how the eclipse will affect me. Thank you.

    1. Actually Pluto is in your Fifth House in the Natural House system, Neptune is in your Seventh House and Jupiter is in your Sixth House, with your Ascendant falling in the Fourth House. This will be about your former, current or potential partner and decisions you took (or are going to take) about children. In general, avoid the whole eclipse period as you will have a blind spot or may not have all the facts you need. A typical example would be embarking on IVF when you are already pregnant and have no idea!

  69. Hello Jessica,
    Your articles have opened up a whole new way of seeing the world and my place in it. I thank you for creating such an amazing resource from which we can all learn to actualize our own potentials.

    In the meantime, I’m still wrapping my head around all this. I aspire to be able to just see the numbers and signs and understand what it means to me, but for now, I must ask basic questions.

    I am curious what the eclipse in 2017 will show/hide from me. I have 27 Libra Sun, 27 Leo Moon, and Capricorn Descendant. It seems to me like this will be very close to home.

    Thank you for your content and time.

    1. Thank you so much. You are reading your chart correctly and it is your Moon at 27 Leo which will be the focus in 2017 and 2018. Not only the eclipse but also the Node will ultimately move across your Moon and trigger your Sun at the same time. Taking it apart, there is a blind spot or missing information over the August eclipse regarding your Moon (your need to be needed) in the Fifth House of babies, children and younger people. That is not the moment to enrol a child in school, for example, or pursue IVF. It brings in a former, current or potential partner because the Sun is in Libra in the Seventh House of love, sex and marriage. Going further into 2018, the Node (karma, past life debts and credits) will cross your Leo Moon so here we have quite an epic story about your motherhood choices – past, present, potential. Take your time with it.

  70. Hi Jessica…I came across your fascinating article and decided to join this site. I would appreciate any insight into the large number of planets I have in and around the 28th degree.
    Sun 29° Leo, Neptune 28° Scorpio, Vesta 29° Virgo, Diana 28° Sagittarius, Minerva 29° Leo, Salacia 28° Capricorn.
    Also close to 28 degrees: Jupiter 00° Scorpio, Pluto 26° Virgo, ASC 00° Libra, DESC 00° Aries, MC 00° Cancer, IC 00° Capricorn.
    Sorta close: Mercury 25° Virgo, Hygeia 24° Cancer, Ops 03° Leo, North Node 02° Pisces, South Node 02° Virgo, Proserpina 25 degrees Scorpio.
    Also: Fixed star Regulus at 29 degrees.

    Should I start building my panic room now? LOL. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. Now, no need to panic – but do be aware that you may have a blind spot about the choices you’re making, particularly with lovers, babies, children, Millennials around that time. A typical example would be applying to adopt a child when you are unaware that your partner is pregnant at the time. Another example would be training as a teacher without being aware of the promotion about to be offered to you in quite another field! For this reason you may want to make up your mind about life, away from the eclipse. Minerva is very close by in Leo too so that’s a double statement. And of course Scorpio is the sign we associate with the money, house or apartment as it relates to partners or family members. I would say that 2017 is all about this for you. In fact, the Node will cross Leo next year so there is past life karma here. Some debts or credits to balance out – and you would have been involved with the people before – especially children or lovers.

  71. Hi Jessica!

    I just discovered your site and I love it! This article is really well done. I’ve always had a curiosity about Diana and the Windsors so I’ll be looking out for information about her around this time. Also I agree with something happening concerning the White House too. This eclipse is going to hit some sensitive points in Donald Trump’s chart too.

    I have a question though. I have my natal Sun a 28 degrees 38 Scorpio and natal Juno at 28 degrees 38 degrees Aquarius. So this eclipse will square the Sun in the 9th house and oppose Juno in the 3rd. I notice most astrologers only look at conjunctions and oppositions. But the square is a stressful aspect and it’s to a luminary so I thought it would be important. I’m also curious about the effect on Juno in my chart since it is the marriage asteroid. What do you think? Thank you.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment on to James, Justin and Alyas. Actually in the Natural House system your Sun is in the Eighth House and Juno is in the Eleventh House. Yes, the eclipse will aspect both. In general, around this time, assume that other people do not know/are not seeing/cannot perceive – and this affects your own life. This is particularly about your money, house, apartment, business or possessions. It’s also very much about a friend within a group, though this may be a separate story. It is very common for the eclipse to only be revealed months later, when everyone realises they are dealing with an enigma inside a mystery. For that reason you may want to avoid key decisions then.

  72. Hi Jessica, a fantastic piece you have written here, I always thought Diana was assassinated lets hope it all gets uncovered.

    I am rather worried about the 2017 eclipse, 1999 was the year my mother died, and strangely enough my father died the same year as Princess Diana in 1997. Can you tell me what my placements point to please in 2017 here goes:
    Fortuna at 28 Scorpio
    Vulcano at 28 Piscies
    Pluto at 29 Leo
    and finally my sun is at 27 Aries

    Thank you Jessica

    1. Thank you. Pluto at 29 Leo in your Fifth House is at the heart of the eclipse. This is about your lover, or more likely, the babies, children or younger generation (20+ years younger than you) in your world. You quite naturally have a lot of power and control here. This is not so much to do with your parents passing, but very much to do with the legacy of your personality that you leave to a younger generation. There are all kinds of blind spots or missing jigsaw pieces over that eclipse so you may prefer to leave big choices for another time.

  73. Any info provide on the impact of the eclipse in 2017 is appreciated.
    My chart:
    Sun – 27 Pis 44′ 50″
    Jup- 28 Aqu 26′ 7″
    Uranus -27 Leo 17′ 46″
    AC – 28 Pis 41′
    MC – 28 Sag 35′

    Many thanks.

    1. Uranus at 27 Leo is the one to watch, in your Fifth House, which rules courtship, babies, children and Millennials. With all these areas of life, please allow for your own inability to see/realise/notice what is going on, over the eclipse. Of course there may also be a cover-up going on around you. A typical example would be not realising there is a pregnancy underway. A less typical example would be not realising the children’s book you just wrote, is with a publisher who is about to lose an editor. Because this pattern in your chart is locked into so many other areas of your life I really would be tremendously cautious in August as a whole. You can find out more about this, when you come back to this website later in 2017.

  74. Hello Jessica, thank you for the interesting post. Reading Diana’s story, I wonder if I should start to worry for 2017.
    I was born at the very end of leo, right after a solar eclipse in 1979, having several planets close around my sun.

    leo 10th house: mercury, jupiter, and then sun/venus at 29th degree
    and it goes on to virgo in 11th house with lillith, moon, north node, saturn

    Am I gonna diiiiie? 🙂
    But jokes aside, do you think this eclipse will be a blessing or a disaster for me?

    1. Thank you Disi. There is no disaster or death in astrology. I don’t use Lilith. In general, the eclipse is a blind spot or lack of awareness. Leo does not rule your Tenth House it rules your Fifth House in the Natural House system. So August 2017 is about not knowing/not seeing where a lover, or the world of children, is concerned. It’s not the time to enrol your child at school, for example, because you may not realise that a teacher is about to quit. It’s not the time to embark on IVF because it may be that your lover does not have the money to commit, long term. That kind of thing!

  75. Hi Jessica

    I have Proserpina in 27 degree Cancer, and actually a stellium in Cancer.
    Please can you tell me what to look forward to or watch out for?

    Blessings, DQ

    1. You won’t be affected directly but other people/organisations will have a blind spot at this time and it will have an impact (at a distance) on your house, apartment or family. A typical example would be, you hire a builder to renovate your apartment, but he will begin work, not knowing that his personal situation is about to change, so he has to move away. Another example might be a relative having to change all her plans with you, because, unknown to her, she is pregnant. So … you may want to work around that eclipse period.

  76. Hello,
    Great blog thank you for the info. I was wondering how I should get prepared for the eclipse since it will be in conjunction to my MC.

    1. Thank you. If your birth time is accurate and the eclipse is exactly on your MC then please avoid decisions about your vocation, career, college/university degree or unpaid work over that period as you will be missing a very important part of the overall picture. You may hear or read news but not respond – almost as if you had been blind or deaf to it – only realising later what had happened.

  77. Hello Jessica,
    I have no idea how to read this and I do enjoy your explanations, I just find them fascinating. I love numbers and all the hidden coincidences that connect us all. Any insight about moving to another house or career change? This is what I got.
    Sun in Capricorn at 10° 56′.
    Moon was in Pisces at 11° 55′.
    Mercury in Capricorn at 00° 55′.
    Venus was in Scorpio at 25° 37′.
    Mars in Scorpio at 16° 42′.
    Jupiter was in Scorpio at 27° 46′.
    Saturn in Taurus at 15° 55′.
    Uranus was in Libra at 13° 26′.
    Neptun in Sagittarius at 02° 02′.
    Pluto was in Virgo at 29° 42′.

    1. Thank you. The Sun at 10 Capricorn and Moon at 11 Pisces are sextile, and that pattern holds for your entire life, triggered every time a planet moves to 10, 11 degrees. It’s about success, achievement and ambition. It’s also about operating in secret or behind the scenes. It turns up in the charts of people in the film industry who are never noticed in the credits. It also turns up with people who do extremely well in classified information professions like the police force. When Saturn enters Capricorn and moves to 10, 11 degrees (he changes signs in Christmas 2017) your entire life will transform. Pick up 2020 Astrology to read more about that.

  78. The August eclipse appears to be an exact conjunction to Donald Trump’s ascendant/Regulus, and rather close to his natal 12th house Mars. Obviously that could create a tremendous impact on the U.S. What do you make of this?
    My natal 29 degree Taurus Sun took quite a hit with the May 20 eclipse in 2012.

    1. Funnily enough, we were talking about the Donald Trump birth certificate and birth chart in the Brighton and Hove Astrology Circle tonight! In general, the American eclipse is a dramatic cover-up, just as it was in the year President Kennedy was killed. Of course, that was a completely different chart, yet the general message is the same. The United States as a nation is about to be well and truly deceived. The eclipse is in Leo so it’s about the “King’ or ‘Queen’ – the person at the top of the court. Mr. Trump? Who knows?

  79. Hi Jessica! My North Node is 28º29′ in Cancer and my Lilith is 28º11 in Scorpio. My House 6 is 27º25 in Capricorn and my House 12 is 27º25 in Cancer.
    Any thoughts? Thank you so much!

    1. Don’t use Lilith she is not part of our Roman/Latin astrological family tree. You’re also using a different house system. Let me spin your chart. You have a Cancer-Capricorn Nodal axis, so it’s in the Fourth and Tenth. Home and Career. You may want to avoid major decisions about both over the course of the eclipse as other people’s lack of knowledge/vision may affect you. A typical example would be hiring a builder then realising he can’t do the job, later on – or setting up work meetings, only to find out that the key player won’t be there – and didn’t know at the time.

  80. Hi, Jessica —
    I’m late to the party here, but this article just popped in on my radar. I have Juno and Vesta in late Leo, though not much else in the late degrees in any sign. Any thoughts about this for me on a personal level? If you have time, of course. Thanks very kindly. 🙂

    1. For you, this will be about your lover, your child, or those 20+ years younger (nieces, for example, or godchildren). Let the eclipse pass you by before you make big judgement calls or take sweeping action. It really is a blind spot and Juno symbolises commitments.

  81. Happy new year to you, Jessica. It certainly looks like it will be an eventful one. I have Vulcano at 28 Scorpio, Jupiter at 29 Capricorn, Saturn at 29 Leo and Juno at 29 Taurus. How will I be affected by the the August eclipse?

    1. Thank you. Saturn in Leo is the big one here, and you have decisions to make about the world of babies, children or Millennials in 2017, as the Node will enter Leo that year, and stay there until 2018. Saturn suggests karma at work. You may want to make your choices well away from the eclipse, because you are very unlikely to see what you need to see. A typical example would be a choice about a niece, nephew or godson.

  82. Hi Jessica,

    I have Saturn at 27 degrees Virgo 2nd house and Mars at 29 Libra 4th , how the eclipse could affect me? (Uranus would be in my 10th)

    1. You have Saturn in the Sixth House of work and Mars in the Seventh House of partnership (Natural House system). The eclipse will not directly affect you, but other people will have blind spots or missing information in their lives and this will affect you at a distance. A typical example would be your boyfriend (Mars in the Seventh House) not seeing the full story in his own world, and this influences your own plans.

  83. Hello Jessica,
    I have a stellium of sun, mars, venus and mercury at 23-27 Leo in 3rd house. Would the eclipse affect me as they are not exactly on 28 degrees? I also have chiron at 27 gemini 1st house and jupiter at 29 aries 11th house.
    I am concern about relationships (single now!) and career.

    Thank you and happy new year!

    1. Actually the stellium is in your Fifth House, not your Third House (Natural House system) and so in 2017 and 2018 you will find babies, children or youth is your main focus. The Node is moving into Leo and will slowly cross the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury in your chart. The issue may be a new lover’s children, or your own godchild (for example). It may be with paid or unpaid work involving those old enough to be your own children. The Node always brings karma into play so there are some past life debts and credits here, to repay but also be rewarded by. In general please avoid the eclipse period for decisions about these younger faces, because you won’t see what you need to see.

  84. Hi Jessica,
    I have a birth trine of: 28 degrees Leo sun, 28 degrees Capricorn rising and Jupiter is at 28 degrees Sagittarius.
    Thank you for writing this article and for your insights!

    1. Your Leo Sun is what you will notice most in 2017 and 2018 as your involvement with the world of babies, children or Millennials is one of the most obvious things about you, no matter if you are drawn into unpaid or paid work with this generation, or your personal life makes you an object of interest for the world at large. A typical example of this would be J.K. Rowling who is a single parent who has made her mark with children professionally. Not only the eclipse but the Node will pass over Leo in the next two years so you are approaching a major leap forward with this part of your life, though it may not become obvious to you until you are past the first quarter of 2017. Avoid the eclipse period in general for decisions.

  85. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for posting this interesting article! Eclipses are fascinating to me, I was born 6 days after a total solar eclipse (in Aquarius). I read that people born near eclipses will be more sensitive to them… Do you have any thoughts on how this eclipse in Sept would effect me, having a natal North node in Leo at 29’11 degrees, and “Part of Fortune” at 28’49 Virgo?

    1. Thank you. I don’t use the Part of Fortune, but your Node in Leo is important. You not only have the eclipse on your Node, you also have a Node Return going through Leo in 2017. This is about your Fifth House. The heirs to your throne. The royal bedchamber. Your younger court. It is commonly about lovers but also about sons, daughters, godchildren, nieces or nephews. Work or unpaid work with much younger people. And this year, it’s karmic!

  86. Hi Jessica – just reposting as this seems to have fallen through the cracks back in August…

    I have Jupiter 28 Gemini, Ceres 28 Pisces and Cupido 29 Virgo. What areas is this likely to impact? I also have Hygeia 25 Leo and Minerva at 22 Leo and wondered if this would be relevant. Very interesting article. Absolutely fascinating. Many thanks.

    1. You won’t be directly affected by the eclipse, but there will be an impact on your worldwide web use, your social media and any projects or plans you have involving the internet. There is a substantial cover-up showing in the United States in August and it may be months before the nation wakes up and realises it was just ‘blacked out’ on some level. There may be a direct response online, or involving your ISP or favourite internet sites to that. This is one possibility. In general, with that T-Square involving Jupiter, you may want to be more aware of your online life over the eclipse and be aware that you may not have the full story. A typical example of this would be tracking or hacking.

  87. Jupiter 29 Capricorn, Salacia 0 Cap, Saturn 29 Leo, Juno 29 Taurus, Vulcano 28 Scorpio. This is a mix I need help with. The time in my chart was supplied by my mother although I suspect the time is not dead on. The birth was difficult and I think maybe a bit earlier than listed here, just a gut feeling.

    As for the death of Princess Diana, I remember it well including where I was standing and what I was doing when the news came over the radio. I had an immediate feeling of dread, an impression of Prince Phillip prominent with shadowy people in the background, and ‘knew’ that she had been targeted. So sad. Power and fear are a bad combination.

    Your approach to charts, using the whole chart and asteroids, sticking with the Roman base, all make sense to me and I admire your knowledge and chutzpah. Thanks so much for your work 🙂

    1. Thank you! The eclipse will pass just one degree away from Saturn in your chart, and this would not change, even if your birth time was out by a few hours or minutes. You will need to spend some time working on a familiar issue – the role that lovers, babies, children or youth in general plays in your destiny. The last time this was really an issue for you, was on your Saturn Return, aged around 28-30. Those years are often make or break times when we decide to split up or commit – have babies, or not have babies. The Node is passing through Leo, starting this year, and so there will be a couple of karmic pulls to your past, not only your original Saturn Return and its long-term outcome, but to the general issue of being a father (or not) and perhaps the related question of stepchildren, godchildren, nieces or nephews. Saturn describes how you structure your life and set it up to make yourself more secure in the face of unavoidable concerns. It’s where you build. You may want to avoid the actual eclipse period for the above issues, as it’s just too hard to see. In general, 2017-2018 is about addressing what you built in your life and if it needs to be repaired or even dismantled. You have some walls there. Are they working for you, or do you need different walls? You’ll see why once the Node changes signs to Leo.

  88. Many thanks Jessica, this is much needed information. I’m Christine but have always gone as Chris. Just this morning I was thinking it’s time to add the ‘tine’ for clarity, sorry about that.

    I see exactly the connection with the first solar return. You’re right again, there’s some essential work to be done to change my circumstances and I prefer that to have the least negative impact possible on everyone in my sphere. You’re right about the walls, they were a survival tactic and necessary at one time but have become an impediment. However, taking down walls is a frightening thing and to be honest I don’t really know where to start. I’ve also discovered a rock hard resolve to stop putting myself last, which was not done in a humble way but because I believed myself stronger and wiser than everyone else. Now I see that people believe me to be somehow unreliable and weak and since I am neither of those things it’s time to step up and be the rather different individual I am. With that whack of Aires energy I ‘ve been overwhelming for some people in the past and have learned to tone it down, and to some degree off altogether. It’s time to dial it up a bit with hopefully real wisdom and respect. That pesky neptune has me second guessing everything and I’m not sure if there’s a reality check I can rely on. Again, I’m sure William Lilly is relieved that you’re listening 🙂 Thanks and blessings on you.

    1. Thank you Christine. Taking down walls with Saturn can be confronting but a lot of good astrologers have written about it, like Sue Tompkins and Howard Sasportas. I also like the work of Babs Kirby and Janey Stubbs on Saturn. And thank you for the compliment about William Lilly.

  89. Hi,

    Jessica I have Rahu at 28.52 Leo
    KEtu 28.52 in aquarius will this be good or bad for me?. I am also a libra rising at 11.03 and have my moon in virgo as well.

    Thanks again

  90. I was a huge admirer of Princess Diana and had the sense that she was a spiritual powerhouse. Just her reaching out to people with AIDS, alone, was monumental. I have both Neptune and Minerva at 28, seemingly unrelated. Please advise as to how this may affect me. Thanks.

    1. Yes, Diana was amazing – and is amazing, as her work continues in spirit. The chart pattern you mention is in Scorpio and Cancer, so this eclipse is about your house or apartment. You won’t be directly affected, but you will feel the impact of other people’s lack of knowledge, or insight, about a situation near eclipse time – which may impact you. As a general rule just be more watchful and cautious as the eclipse passes.

  91. Hi Jessica,
    I have my South Node in Leo at 25 degrees plus a few other points at 25-28 degrees ( Sag sun 26, Jupiter in Scorpio 24, Salacia at 28 Capricorn I think). What impact is the eclipse as well as the North Node transiting Leo in 2017 likely to have? Thank you!

    1. 2017 and 2018 remind you of the choices you took to have children (or not have them) in previous years, or the relationships you accepted, or passed up, which could have been the gateway to pregnancy or step-parenting. There is always something fated about the nodes, so you can try to live a life without any of these issues – yet somehow they come up to greet you. The Node transits and the eclipse in 2017 ask you to make decisions about the future based on the past. It really is karma and you’ll understand why, as it comes around for you. Sometimes the issue is a godchild, niece or nephew.

  92. Hi Jessica.
    Hope the first few days old 2017 are being kind to you.
    Reading this post and I will jump in… I have Jupiter in Gemini at 29° 35″ 8′.
    This entire year it appears that my entire chart is being pinged in some way, yet I sense that 2018 will really tell the story for me as I’m 8th house heavy.
    What say you on The Great American Eclipse and my Jupiter in Gemini aspect?

    1. Thank you Tara. Yes, your Jupiter at 29 Gemini is a bigger issue than usual in 2017. You were born lucky with the internet, writing, multimedia – you were born blessed in terms of your way with words, images, ideas. This part of yourself and your life will be triggered by the Nodes changing signs to Leo and Aquarius and aspecting your Jupiter at 29 degrees this year. You also have a New Moon eclipse sextile. You *also* have Saturn passing by at 29 Sagittarius making an opposition. Uranus is also on the way to 29 Aries, before he finally departs that sign in May 2018. I suspect there is one major project which will take your attention 2017-2018, or it may be your use of one kind of technology to communicate. There may also be wider issues about your ‘voice’ across all mediums or media. Fluctuating situations around you, dramatic changes among those who surround you, will have a huge impact on the idea or your tools/approach. Yet, ultimately, Jupiter in Gemini is always Jupiter in Gemini!

  93. Hi Jessica love all the work your doing its fantastic. a few years ago 2013 my two daughters fell out with me and refuse to speak to me, its heartbreaking because I cant see my grandchildren I’m hoping this is the year that will change I have Diana at 28 and prospernia what are your thoughts Jessica. thankyou.

    1. Proserpina at 28 Leo will do it, in your chart. Proserpina describes your role as the go-between or person in the middle, between two powerful individuals. This may either be both the daughters, or perhaps one daughter and one grandchild. If you have stress on Proserpina in your chart, or stress passing through (travelling planets at 28 degrees) you end up with an issue. You can see Ops, Panacea and Diana all making patterns with your Proserpina so it’s complicated. When the Node moves across 27, 28, 29 Leo in 2017 you will be given a chance to resolve the karma. By that, I mean that you will have an unusual opportunity to pay any karmic debts or receive any karmic credits. It’s unusual because we really don’t see the Node in Leo very often. The eclipse, further ahead in 2017, is best avoided in terms of your daughters or grandchildren, as there is such limited vision for all of you at that time. Here is another tip – write a letter from your heart and soul, stating what you need to happen, and what you can offer. It may take a few attempts to get it right, but once you feel satisfied that there is nothing negative in there – and it’s an honest expression of what you feel – please light a candle, read it out loud to your spirit helpers, friends and family members then leave it with them. See what happens next!

  94. Hi Jessica, I was reading through the comments and to my surprise I saw that all five of the degrees of planets and asteroids mentioned by someone else were exactly the same as mine. Does that mean we have exactly the same date and time of birth? Is this unusual – or are people not as unique as we like to think? How similar will my life have been to my astral twin’s, I wonder!

    1. If you both have outer planets like Uranus, Neptune or Pluto at the same degrees that would not be so suprising – you may have been born in the same year. It’s a lovely idea, though, to have a space on this website where people with similar charts can compare their experiences. I’ll pop that into my notebook. Thank you.

  95. Hello Jessica, Thank you for all you do, your site is a wealth of education on Astrology ect…
    I have Uranus 27 Leo , Sextile my Sun 24 Gem. but Square my moon 27 Scp. how do you see this eclipse playing out for me ?

    1. Thank you. Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House is the most important factor here. Not only the eclipse but also the Moon’s Node passes over this spot in 2017, and it’s about lovers, babies, children and/or Millennials in your world. There is some karma here from 1999 or 2000 to deal with, as you earned some credits, but also need to come full circle on some issues. A typical example would be a baby who was born in 2000 or a relationship you had that year. In general, steer clear of the eclipse period, even though you may be affected by changes then, which you feel require a response. You just won’t see what you need to see.

  96. March 26 1947 4:15pm
    Hi Jessica, just found your website … very informative.
    My Natal Moon is 28 Taurus (Jupiter 27 Scorpio and Venus 25 Aquarius so I have this natal t-square ). Looks like I will be affected directly with this eclipse ….

    Thanks in advance for sharing some insights for me.


    1. You do have a T-Square in the fixed signs and it’s about your money, house, business, apartment or charity. Not only the Eclipse but also the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius this year, will trigger the T-Square. You may want to minimise the commitments you’re making and keep things very simple and manageable. A triggered T-Square (it becomes a Grand Cross) does require a bit of management and advice. You obviously want to avoid the eclipse period too as you may not see what you need to see. I have recently finished a chart for a person who went through the same pattern. She literally did not ‘see’ the dollar/pound exchange rate swinging, even though she works in travel. She did lose out financially! So – just be aware – over the eclipse, you may not be as aware of things as you should be. It does happen.

  97. Thank you for your work and input in the astrological field. It certainly has opened my eyes to many things. I was born on August 21, 1978 with my Sun in Leo at 27 degrees at 3:02 am. I have Lillith at 28 degrees..not sure if this means anything significant. Since the eclipse is occurring on my 39th birthday….do I have anything to focus my attention on during this time. I don’t like surprises lol. =)

    1. Lilith is not part of our astrological family tree – she’s not Roman/Latin and doesn’t really fit the system we use today, so I’m not sure why you mention her. You’re a Leo with an eclipse and the node crossing your sign. In 2017 you will relaunch, with a new look (wardrobe, perhaps, or a change of diet, or a different title and role). Just don’t do the relaunch across the eclipse, please. I can also tell you that children or Millennials will play a bigger part in your life.

      1. I mentioned Lillith because it showed up on my natal chart i printed out online.
        Its amazing you say that. Just yesterday I changed my name. I am moving next month and getting a car so I can handle my 3 children between school and their activities so my husband can focus more on his career. In this respect we change roles. I am also planning on removing meat from my familys diet this year. I am a psychic medium so i know there is another soul trying to come in. I forsee pregnancy for me before 2018. Right now im trying to avoid it because of new changes and obligations first half of 2017.
        Very spot and great information. Thank you so very much. God bless you and your work. Best wishes for the new year.

  98. Reading your insightful responses to all the posts is so interesting and informative. I continue to be amazed at the accuracy of astrology and appreciative of your insights. The last few years have felt like I was finding my way through fog and constant roadblocks. There was no moving forward. It seems as though the fog has finally cleared and forward movement has started again. I have Bacchus at 28 Scorpio, Ceres at 28 Libra, Moon at 27 Gemini and Minerva at 29 Aries. Do you have any advice on how the eclipse will affect me?

    1. Thank you! The eclipse will have an indirect impact on the relationship you have with a former, current or potential partner. Alternatively, with an enemy, rival or opponent. A typical example would be someone else having a blind spot or mystery in their life – and it has a six-degrees-of-separation impact on your own relationships. You may want to avoid this time for big judgement calls.

  99. Hi Jessica, this article was very interesting. Would you mind looking at my chart so I can prepare for what is to come? Thanks!

    1. Your Pluto in Virgo is what you will notice most (your work, unpaid work or university degree) but it won’t be direct – it will be felt through six degrees of separation from other people or organisations. In general steer around that period.

  100. Hi Jessica, just found this site, very very nice and informative.I have natal Venus at 27 scorpio and natal sun at 25scorpio in 10th opposite 23 Taurus mars. Birth info: nov 18 1958, 10:33am, norristown, pa. With 10th house focus, could this be a job change with this eclipse? Thank you.

    1. Actually, the placements you describe show up in your Eighth House using Natural Houses, and also your Second House (the Scorpio-Taurus axis). The eclipse blackout/blind spot/mystery will not directly impact you, but it will indirectly have a potential effect on your finances, property, charity, possessions or business. There is actually a larger story going on here as ultimately Jupiter goes into Scorpio and will also hit that axis by 2018. So be aware of all you have to gain (a lot) in future – but as for the actual eclipse period, it’s best avoided.

  101. Greetings Jessica,

    I have the planet Uranus 28 degrees in the first house. Can only imagine what such an eclipse might do? Know it cannot be good.

    1. Actually, Uranus is in your Second House using Natural Houses, so over your lifetime, there is a theme about money, property, charity, possessions and business – and the constant need to be flexible and adaptable, as you no doubt keep seeing periodic revolutions. At the same time, each time the world turns upside down for you, you are set free. And money cannot buy independence, nor autonomy. The eclipse will not hit your Uranus directly, but in general, allow for other people to have blind spots or mysteries in their lives then (this also applies to large organisations) which could impact all that you own, earn or owe. The eclipse period is best avoided.

  102. Hello Jessica, I am an astrologer in Ohio with my Jupiter at 28 Leo very near Pluto at 27 Leo and my Moon at 23 Leo. I have my ruling Uranus at 29 Cancer (I am an Aquarius….big surprise huh?) My birth info is January 28, 1956 at 12:57 pm in Galion, Ohio. My daughter has her ascendant at 27 Leo squared to her Mars at 27 Taurus (on Algol). She has had problems with an eating disorder and cutting……I blame Algol and her Moon squared to her Cancer Sun at 29 Cancer. Her birth info is July 22, 1992, 8:30 am in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. She is doing very well now and is engaged to be married in 2018. What concerns me is that Uranus will cross her Moon at 25 Aires several times beginning this year. The trine from the eclipse to Uranus is a good thing I pray. Do you have any advice for my daughter and I as to what to expect and how best to handle the effects of this big eclipse visible across the US? Neither my daughter nor I live in the path of the total eclipse thankfully but we are not very far from it. She is in Harrisburg, PA and I am in Galion, Ohio…..both a few hundred miles from the path of totality.

    1. Hello. So you have a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at 27, 28 Leo in your Fifth House using the Natural House system, which rules your daughter. I am very sorry to hear about her eating disorder and self-harm. Her Mars at 27 Taurus is obviously square your conjunction. I am sure you know that beyond the eclipse triggering your Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Leo for a few days (best avoided for decisions about your daughter, or any other babies or children in your world) – you have the North Node moving across there too. The North Node is about karma and the chance to go back over the past, to help the present. You may want to look back at April 10, 2000 – Oct 13, 2001 when she was quite small, for clues about what to settle with her, and how to settle it. As she is marrying, I suspect one of the issues will be the birth of a grandchild, or perhaps her decision not to have children. Anyway, I will leave it to you to calculate your chart – remember – use the Natural House system. It’s called Aries 0 Ascendant, I believe, at

  103. Hi Jessica i have 28′ Capricorn in Mercury and 29″ cancer in moon and 29″ cancer in Apollo i am aquarius my terminally ill son is a Leo will this eclipse affect him or does this particular eclipse trigger some other part of my chart please.

    1. Can i add** i just checked his chart and he was 28″ Leo Mercury in 3 house direct he also has 4 @29″ Taurus gemini Scorpio Sagittarius and 27″Jupiter in pisces 10 house.

    2. I’ve also replied to you elsewhere. The eclipse won’t impact your chart directly, but for the other people involved with your son (his father, perhaps, or his doctor/other relatives) there may well be a trigger at 27, 28, 29 Leo and this will of course have an effect on your Moon in the maternal sign of Cancer. You might say, other people’s ‘not knowing/not seeing’ over the eclipse will affect you through six degrees of separation. This may be why it’s a smart idea, astrologically, to let this time pass you by before you pass judgement on issues relating to mothering.

  104. Hi Jessica, I will have the eclipse of the next moon February 10 with sun set to vertex and therefore the moon in perfect opposition to vertex. In the 26th Eclipse of the sun, the eclipse will make trine with my ascending 6 degrees of cancer. In the eclipse of the sun of August 21st will square with the natal moon in bull in the 11th house. I am still with pluto trine pluto and pluto square MC. Jupiter opposite the MC and Uranus transiting the 10th house. Saturn transiting the 6th house and Pluto transiting the 7th house. On my next solar return I will have ascending conunct sun and mars. I am from Brazil.

    1. Hello. I don’t work with the vertex and I don’t use the house system you are using either, so it’s hard for me to answer this question – I also don’t have a chart for you. I’m not sure you are working with exact degrees either. Pluto trine Pluto I can comment on, if you really do have natal Pluto at 17 degrees. That is an unforgettable transit when the most powerful people and organisations will make it necessary for you to also own your power. I assume you were born with Pluto at 17 degrees of Virgo? If so, this planet is in your Sixth House in the Natural House system, which rules work and also your body. 2017 is about discovering why your own willpower and self-mastery can utterly transform the way you work, but also change the relationship you have with your health and fitness.

  105. Hi,
    Im interested in your thoughts about the August Eclipse being conjunct my Natal North Node. This seems to have some Karmic Implications. Simultaneously during the months you mentioned i will be having the Nodal Return when it transits the 28th degree and a Mars Return (natal mars 25 deg). This falls into my 2nd House.

    1. So you have the Nodes on the Leo-Aquarius axis – and you will experience both a decisive eclipse and the Nodes themselves, along this same angle of your horoscope. Please avoid the eclipse itself, but in general, from May 2017 you will be taken back to decisions you made to have children (or not) some years ago. As I don’t have your chart I can’t see your age and it’s impossible to say any more than that, but the long, long term outcome of those massive decisions you made will come back to you, via younger people themselves, or a lover. You will also be brought back into a group situation involving one or more friends, which is either chapter two (with many years interruption) or a symbolic repetition of what happened last time.

  106. Hi Jessica,

    I’m writing on behalf of my sister, who has her sun at 28 degrees Leo (11th house). She doesn’t have anything else at that degree, but I just wanted to know how to advise her!

    Many thanks!

    1. Your sister is well-known for her lovers (Leo, Fifth House – use the Natural House system). She is also well-known for her involvement with children or Millennials, either because she has a professional commitment (teacher, for example) or because she has a strong parent-child relationship (mother). It is also common to see Sun in Leo women involved with unpaid work which helps children or teenagers (charities), or to be well-known for their romantic lives (romance novelists). This is how she shines. However, she should avoid that whole eclipse period. She will not be seeing straight or other people will be concealing truths. A typical example would be the proud Leo godmother who makes arrangements for her godchild’s education without realising the parents are secretly planning to divorce.

  107. Good Day!
    My Taurus daughter has moon in sag at 28* and hygeia in leo at 29* so the eclipse will be in her 4th and affecting her 4th and 8th house per solar chart? adding uranus at 28* Aries (hiding out in the 12th) and its a grand fire trine. oh, almost forgot she also has apollo in gemini at 27* and that would be 2nd house. In order to simplify things, because i can really get out there, lol, would the exact degree be more important than being near the degree in the same sign as the eclipse? So looking at mainly the 28* aspects with moon, new moon and uranus?
    I find the more I look at past events in charts the more I am seeing how using the solar house and the 34 factors is working. Now I am trying to fine tune what to look at. Every time something jumps out at me I want to share it with you but that would be too inconvenient for you as well as all your readers on here! So just wanted to let you know you continue to influence ” behind the scenes” Thanks Jessica!!! Muah!

    1. You are using a different house system to me and I need to spin the chart for your daughter to Natural Houses to understand it. She has the Moon in her Ninth and Hygiea in her Fifth. The Eclipse is in her Fifth and that is the key to the whole pattern. You don’t say how old she is, but if she is a teenager or older, this is about her past, present or potential lover. It is about pregnancy, stepchildren, children, godchildren, nieces, nephews, younger cousins. It is about a major blind spot so she needs to skip that time for decisions. The last time I looked at a chart like this, it was for a a man who stumbled into a children’s charity, fell in lust with the receptionist, and thought she was pregnant – she wasn’t.

  108. Hi Jessica,

    This article is blowing my mind. I came here because I’ve been digging recently and it’s become obvious that astrology can reveal far more than we imagine. I’m fascinated by everything I can get my hands on right now.

    I would love to know what these eclipses hold in store for me given that my life has made a complete 180 in the last year, and my AS is in Leo.

    (Sun Taurus, Moon Pisces, Rising Leo)

    AS 28°03′ Leo
    House 1 28°03′ Leo
    House 7 28°03′ Aquarius

    Thank you very much. 🙂

    1. Your houses are actually the Fifth House (Leo) and Eleventh House (Aquarius) using the Natural House system. If your birth time is correct and your Ascendant is genuinely at 28 Leo, then you are well-known for your love life, with all its royal drama (the peasants do like to gossip and the court enjoys watching). You may also be quite well known for paid or unpaid work involving children, or your own children, full stop. The eclipse crosses this, so while it is in effect, you may want to take a back seat from the courtships or the heirs to the throne.

  109. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for fascinating article. My sun is at 28 36 Leo in 8th house -born 22 August 1966 3.32pm in Wellington New Zealand. I’m guessing the eclipse will affect me personally! Sun is inconjunct Chiron/Saturn conjunction in pisces (3rd house)

    Any suggestions for how I can positively use this energy?

    Thanks so much

    Sharee (Australia)

    1. Thanks Sharee. Your Sun in Leo is actually in the Fifth House in the Natural House system. The eclipse will conjunct your Sun, and you also have the True North Node moving across your Sun. This is a good test for the Natural House system in 2017. If it works for you (and it does for most people) there is a major question here about the world of babies, children or younger people, born 20+ years after you. It involves past life karma and old debts/credits made in other lifetimes. Just skip the eclipse period itself, please.

  110. Hi Jessica,

    My Saturn is in 28degree Leo, Ops in 27degree Virgo, N.Node in 29degree Virgo and S.Node in 29degree Pisces. How is the total solar eclipse of August 2017 affecting me.


    1. Saturn in Leo is the one to watch here. This is about godchildren, nieces, nephews, your own children, other people’s children (a lover’s young relatives) and pregnancy. It also covers issues like adoption, the termination of pregnancy, stepchildren and so on. You not only have an eclipse on your Saturn, you also have the North Node moving across 28 Leo, which you will notice from May. Think back to 1999, 2000 and ask yourself what lessons you learned about this long list – or what you did – and there is a clue about the next stage in your karma. What happens in 2017, 2018 may be the long-term outcome of what you pursued then, so if you broke up with someone who wanted to have a baby, that may be an example – or if you ended a pregnancy, or chose to continue one, that’s another example. Skip the actual eclipse period but do bear in mind that in 2017 you will have chapter two, or stage two, of karmic seeds planted a long time ago.

  111. Dear Jessica,

    Please let me know how this solar eclipse is going to be affecting me.

    Venus – 28 Pisces
    Minerva – 28 Capricorn
    Uranus – 29 Scorpio


    1. It’s indirect, so the issue for your career (Capricorn) and money or property (Scorpio) is created by other people/organisations who have a blind spot or are operating in ignorance of the real facts. You may want to find another time to apply for a job or loan, Fiery.

  112. Jessica,

    I have Jupiter 28 in Libra, Venus 28 Virgo, Neptune 28 Scorpio, Regulus 29 Leo, Cancer 27 Ascendant, Spica 23,Diana 29° Sagittarius 09′ 29″ R, Bacchus 27° Virgo 47′ 27″, Salacia
    28° Capricorn 35′ 10″ R,North Node 02° Pisces 51′ 38″, South Node 02° Virgo 51′ 38″, MC 18° Aries 04′ 02″ IC 18° Libra 04′ 02″/ What about money career and love. I lost my job on Jan 3, 2017. I’m also a realtor but my sale has been very very slow. I closed on a home last last Feb 28, 2016. Also my BDay is 8-7

    1. I don’t use Regulus or Spica but my eyes are drawn to Jupiter at 28 Libra in your Seventh House, which rules the relationship you have with your former, current and potential partners, as well as the relationship you have with people who are against you. It obviously aspects a large part of your chart, and the fact that you have your Jupiter Return in 2017, moving to 28 Libra, is important and useful. This would be relevant to work if you have a project or role which involves two people – a duet or double-act. It is probably far more important in terms of your private life and there is a dazzling solution or opportunity building here, most evident once you are into the final quarter of 2017.

  113. Hi Jessica,

    Really great article. I’d love to see if you have thoughts on what to look for re this eclipse. That period in 1999 was memorable, and I can already see a tie-in, something that started then completing now. Any thoughts you have would be wonderful.

    Thanks so much.

    1. You have factors on the Aquarius-Leo axis, so 2017, 2018 will take you back to old friends from that time, probably involved in a group that was important to you – and of course, old questions about your love life, or pregnancy you did/did not pursue. You’ll see this most from May and the eclipses across the middle of the year in Leo-Aquarius will emphasise it. You’ll realise how much of life is a repeat.

  114. Hi Jessica,

    this eclipse will be directly opposite my natal saturn (28 degrees Aquarius, 6th house). Will it stabilize my life/help with jobs?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. The eclipse opposition to your Saturn in Aquarius (which is actually in the Eleventh House in the Natural House system) will cast a shadow on a friendship or group involvement, lowering your ability to see clearly and fully understand what is going on, so just for that eclipse period, you may want to hang five on judgements or big action plans, regarding the same. You also have the South Node in Aquarius after May 2017 which will ultimately conjunct your Saturn so there is karma at play here, with one friend, or perhaps the friends/acquaintances in this group as a whole.

  115. Hi Jessica,
    Great article on Diana. The August solar eclipse will be opposite my natal Venus conjunct my north node in my 12th house. Any insights on how to prepare for this eclipse would be much appreciated. I was born 3/15/52, Portland, Maine, USA. My Ascendant is 17°Pisces.

    1. Thank you. I need to spin your chart as I don’t use this house system. You’ll find the Natural House system is much better for prediction – it is sometimes called Aries 0 Ascendant or Aries 0 Rising. If you have Aquarius-Leo Nodes then this entire year (starting May) is about the roles, rights and responsibilities involving children, or much younger people. It is also very much about the karma you have gathered with a group, including one or two friends, which must be settled by next year. Skip the actual eclipse period though.

  116. Hi! My DOB is 08/17/74
    MTN Time, 1:50pm
    Wish I know about the degrees in direct affect, but I feel things coming to a boil!
    Any intel you could share with me would be appreciated.

    1. So you’re a Sun Leo who is heading for the North Node in Leo cycle (from May 2017) and the Leo Eclipse of August, a few months later. Essentially this is about the relationship you have with past, present or potential lovers, as Leo rules courtship. It’s also very much about the children you did (or did not) have…years ago. And of course, youth projects, godchildren, young relatives – which Leo also rules. Some big choices will be squeezed out of you, starting in May, intensifying through August. But don’t decide on the actual eclipse, please.

  117. HI Jessica,

    I have been trying to predict the effects of this eclipse in my natal chart. This eclipse conjuncts my natal Saturn at 27 degrees Leo , opposed my Sun at 27 degrees Aquarius and trines my Jupiter at 26 degrees Gemini. My ascendant is at 21 degrees Taurus. I am a Vedic Astrologer by study, but I find the predictions made about eclipses somewhat apocalyptic.

    1. Always good to have a famous footballer writing to me 🙂 Okay, so you are a Vedic astrologer who finds Indian astrology predictions about eclipses apocalyptic. Good! Eclipses are cover-up jobs, pure and simple. You have to put them in context. They are only a problem if the chart is a problem. You have a Saturn-Sun opposition which requires a lot of hard work, for your entire life, as lovers, babies, pregnancy, children or younger people (en masse) are where difficult karma visits you, and around age 28-30 in particular. You don’t say how old you are, but what went down then, or what is going to go down for you, around that age (your Saturn Return) will be in the frame, over that August eclipse. That is when you avoid saying or doing anything judgmental, because you won’t know/can’t see.

  118. Wow! This is interesting. I have Sun @ 29 Pisces (3rd house) opp Pluto @ 28 Virgo (9th house) in my natal chart. Both planets are close to the MC/IC axis. Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Sun-Pluto oppositions in Pisces-Virgo describe the way your unconscious self programs your health, energy, fitness, strength in order to achieve particular results with your working life, housework, unpaid work and so on. In other words, what’s going on with the body tends to control what can (or cannot) happen with the job/s. What goes down on the eclipse will indirectly have an impact on that, and you may prefer to sidestep that whole period as eclipses are notorious for pulling the wool over people’s eyes, around you.

  119. Hello,

    My midheaven is at 26 degrees 50 minutes Leo. What can you tell me about this close conjunction?

    Thank you

    1. Briah, this depends on your birth time being completely accurate. If you really do have the MC at 26 Leo then your vocation is to lead, guide and mentor a younger generation, setting an example to them just as a King or Queen must set an example to the next heirs to the throne. You can do this by becoming a parent yourself, or by serving younger people – by becoming a teacher, for example. You are about to experience not only the eclipse coming very close to this point, but more importantly, the North Node at 26 Leo in June 2017. The North Node shows past life karma – old debts and credits – but also karma from this life, too. This may be about a lover, a child, or younger people as a whole but you must answer the call. Please do avoid the actual eclipse period itself, though. There are cover-ups and blind spots all over the place.

  120. Hello, Jessica.

    I have read through your replies to others, so I understand that 2017 will deal with karmic issues regarding the younger generation(s) for me. Can you please let me know if there is any additional information you see from my chart? I was born at 9:41 AM CST on 4/25/80 in the US; my Ascendant is 9 Cancer, and my Midheaven is 24 Pisces.

    My Nodal Return at 26/27 (Mean/True) Leo occurs in June, and the August eclipse is almost exactly conjunct my natal Mars at 28 Leo (plus conjunct my North Node), and only 2 degrees from my natal Jupiter station at 0 Virgo; I will also have a Mars return less than two weeks later on September 2.

    As a background, I have recently gone through a tremendous healing and forgiveness process that has slowed down in the past few weeks. To continue growing, I feel like it would be beneficial to develop new relationships with people I have no experience with whatsoever, and this would either involve young people or people from other countries because both groups present opportunities to learn something different (as opposed to being hopelessly bored and repeatedly dealing with the same issues [a lack of connection/fit] with people in my age group and older). I have been bored and disappointed at a soul level for many years, I just don’t like the people I have grown up with, and it is very difficult for me to network because I am completely burned out with the people who are usually available to me. I want to focus on younger people for now because I feel like there are more things I can do to help them, and there is a greater chance of pizzazz and excitement for everyone involved.

    I’m more or less a wild person hiding behind a Taurus Sun and Cancer Ascendant, and I allowed my wild side to be “snuffed” out of me by people who had authoritative power over me in my teens and twenties. I just want to be wild and fun 24/7, and finally shed this responsible adult mask that has failed to serve me well as I turn 37 in a couple of weeks. I do not know yet how to make that happen, but maybe I can help young people to find different and/or new ways to have fun (versus the drinking/clubbing/bar-hopping that everyone is “supposed” to like).

    1. Yes, the Leo Nodal Return is about the younger generation – the faces born 20+ years after you who inherit the legacy of your personality. You can do this with nieces, with younger people you work with/for, and so on. Then there is the question of a lover or partner who may have younger relatives to bring into your life. I suspect this is actually about your family tree. As a Taurus you have the Node going into your Fourth House of relatives/home/roots from May this year, and of course in your birth chart, using the Natural House system, the Node is going into your Fifth House – the young/youth. A past life involvement with a younger family face is very likely and there may even be a birth in 2017, 2018.

  121. Hi Jessica, I have Sun in aries at 29 degrees as well as Bacchus 28° Sagittarius 20′ 49″ R and Proserpina 28° Pisces 38′ 03″. How does this affect me? Thank you.

    1. You’ll be affected indirectly, not personally, and with Bacchus in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of your chart, you may find that it is travel (particularly foreign travel) and also people from other countries or cultures which present you with choices then. There may also be some aspect of the worldwide web, education or publishing involved. I mention this because as the year ends you will also experience Saturn passing over Bacchus in your chart, and that is quite rare – so do look very carefully at your action plans and judgement calls over that eclipse. You may want to find another time to make a move as other people/large organisations will be operating in the dark and that may affect you too. I would read the fine print on airlines, hotels, passports, border control, travel conditions and so on very carefully around this time, if I were you.

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