The August 18th Lunar Eclipse and Your Horoscope

We have a  lunar eclipse on Thursday 18th August 2016 which you really need to know about. Like all eclipses, this is a cover-up on a global scale.

We have a  lunar eclipse on Thursday 18th August 2016 which you really need to know about. Like all eclipses, this is a cover-up on a global scale. It is an historic eclipse, the last in the Saros 109 cycle. I am not sure why some astrologers are saying this eclipse is not important. I share my colleague, pro media astrologer Penny Thornton’s view – this one is crucial. If it hits your personal birth chart at Aquarius 26 or Leo 26 then you need to know more. And in general, we should all be aware of worldwide cover-ups.  Think of it like looking at  a situation, like a dog wearing eclipse viewing glasses. It’s just doggone crazy to make big judgements or decisions over this eclipse. Even if your horoscope is not directly hit, somebody else’s will be. (Image: Mirror).


If you are curious about eclipses overall, invest in the Thousand Year Canon of Lunar Eclipses by Fred Espenak which lists this particular event, on 18th August 2016, as a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, in a series from 1864 to 2288. Fred Espenak is a retired astrophysicist from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.  If you prefer websites to check eclipse times, dates and types, then go to the Astronomical Applications Department of US Naval Observatory and Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac Office. This information is on the public record in both the U.S. and Britain. 


Thousand Year Canon of Lunar Eclipses - The August 18th Lunar Eclipse and Your Horoscope



Why 18th August 2016 is the Death of a Saros Eclipse Cycle

August 18th 2016 is the Death of a Saros Cycle of eclipses which began in 718 AD.  Astrologers and astrology fans are witnessing the completion of something epic. If you are curious about Saros cycles, see the work of astrologer, academic and author Bernadette Brady.  A Saros is a period of 18 years, 11 days, 8 hours used to predict eclipses.

As you know from reading this website, an eclipse is always a cover-up.  The Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky confession story of August 10th 1998, reported here by Time magazine, was right on cue.

The eclipse itself happened two days before that magazine came out on August 8th 1998. It’s part of the same series as this one, which we know as Saros 109. This current 2016 eclipse sees the Sun in Leo, both Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s Sun Sign. In fact, this 18th August 2016 eclipse sees the Sun at 26 Leo, right on Mr. Clinton’s Sun – also at 26 Leo.

That little Saros sequence went like this – July 27th 1980 eclipse, August 8th 1998 eclipse, August 18th 2016 eclipse. Saros cycles tell us what the connecting threads are, between each story.


1101980810 400 - The August 18th Lunar Eclipse and Your Horoscope



A penumbral lunar eclipse took place on August 8, 1998, the second of three – and boom! We got Monica and Bill. Moving back in time through the Saros 109 cycle, we find ourselves arriving at the White House again. This time with Ronald Reagan.

The previous eclipse in this Saros series happened on July 27, 1980. Do you remember The October Surprise conspiracy theory about Ronald Reagan?  A key issue that year was the release of 52 Americans being held hostage in Iran – and hero of the hour, Ronald Reagan, won the election. On the day of his inauguration—in fact, 20 minutes after he concluded his inaugural address—the Islamic Republic of Iran announced the release of the hostages.  Suspicions linger.

One of the key dates in the October Surprise? The final week of July 1980. Eclipse week. Part of the Saros 109 Cycle.


 Cover-Up Jobs In Your World in August 2016

How do we know that an eclipse is always a cover-up for the world, and often for you as well? As above, so below. An eclipse blots out the light. It conceals. It overshadows. It obscures. It is a strange and unusual event, so we always know there will be something striking about that day. Astrologers can make predictions far into the future and be proven right about the theory, so we know it works. I used the Supermoon Eclipse of September 2015 to predict this, which you can still read on this website.  The original forecast is below. It came true. Why do we know eclipses blot out what we need to know? Because history tells us, but accurate prediction does too. This is the original forecast, below – which I made only using an eclipse.


Alarm Bells Over the September 2015 China-England Nuclear Deal

There are already calls from experts for the UK government to cancel this risky new nuclear plant in Somerset. Despite this, George Osborne is in China, signing deals, just three days before a total lunar eclipse – hitting both the Chinese and English horoscopes at exactly 4 degrees. Astrology is ringing big alarm bells.”

What happened 11 months later? British Prime Minister Theresa May canceled the nuclear deal after Chinese espionage made headlines. Cover-up job. The Times reported ‘Chinese Hinkley backer is accused of espionage.”


CpiA3ZtXgAUBkhQ 463x600 - The August 18th Lunar Eclipse and Your Horoscope
In astrology eclipses predict cover-ups revealed later.


Your Horoscope and the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 18th August

In one department of your life, across 17th-19th August, there will be a lack of information where there should be facts. There will be a cloudy picture where there should be clarity. There will be a story overshadowed by the strange behaviour of the Sun and Moon. This Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon with the Sun at 26 Leo and Moon at 26 Aquarius. In translation, that means if your personal birth chart is hit, there will be an important lack of information. Missing pieces of the jigsaw. An incomplete picture.

Even if your astrological chart is not affected, you will be affected in a general way, by the cover-ups which are coming, involving the Royal Family and the Rio Olympics. Why are those so important? It comes down to the zodiac signs involved. The signs where we find the Sun and Moon, in these unsettling patterns. As I edit this story on Thursday 18th August, 2016 I can see the first eclipse story has already broken. It’s the Olympics Watergate!


Lochte 536x600 - The August 18th Lunar Eclipse and Your Horoscope




My new book 2020 Astrology you can read extracts about the Full Moon and Eclipse here and download the whole book here.



The author of Human Vision and the Night Sky, astronomer Michael Borgia, writes  that this current series of eclipses, culminating as you read this, is ancient. “The oldest current series in progress is Saros 109, which will have the last of its 73 events on August 18th, 2016. Saros 109 began with a penumbral eclipse at the extreme south end of Earth’s shadow on June 17, 718. I did not leave a number out. This series of eclipses is about to conclude a run of 1, 298.1 years! Imagine a Broadway show running that long!” (Image below, Express).

Express co uk 1999 eclipse - The August 18th Lunar Eclipse and Your Horoscope




This is quite an old prediction because where possible, I try to make public record predictions months or years in advance, but have another look here. This is an extract:

We have a crucial eclipse for the British Royal Family on Thursday 18th August 2016. The Full Moon at 9.26am falls with the Sun at 25 Leo and Moon at 25 Aquarius. Shortly after this at 9.42am we have a penumbral lunar eclipse, with the Sun at 26 Leo and Moon at 26 Aquarius. What does an eclipse do? It covers things up. For the most important reasons, Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince George (small though he is), Prince Phillip and Prince William will all be drawn into a cover-up job.”


queen elizabeth birthday 90 annie leibovitz summer 2016 vf 427x600 - The August 18th Lunar Eclipse and Your Horoscope
The Queen’s horoscope is hit by the August 2016 eclipse.


If you think about what an eclipse actually does – wholly or partly blotting out the light – you can see why nothing is ever clear or normal when one occurs. Eclipses are rare. They spell big events, if they hit your personal chart.

This eclipse falls at 26 Leo, the Royal sign. It follows a Full Moon just before, at 25 Leo. Which members of the Royal Family, past and present, have horoscope factors at 25 and 26?

Prince Charles – Vesta 25 Libra
Her Majesty the Queen – Midheaven 25 Scorpio, Immum Coeli 25 Taurus, Juno 26 Aquarius, Diana 25 Gemini, Minerva 26 Capricorn
Princess Diana – Ops 25 Libra, Moon 25 Aquarius, Juno 26 Pisces
Prince George – Aesculapius 26 Taurus
Camilla – Salacia 25 Sagittarius
Prince Phillip – North Node 25 Libra, South Node 25 Aries
Prince William – Neptune 25 Sagittarius, Chiron 25 Taurus, Venus 25 Taurus



Watching the Rio Olympics without understanding what a penumbral lunar eclipse can do, is like watching the games with a cardboard box over your head. The Sun is in royal Leo but the Moon is in Aquarius, the sign which rules teams and committees. The biggest doping cover-up of the 21st century is going to take place right under everybody’s nose, on or very close to August 18th 2016. It may not be revealed for months. Why do we know it’s about doping? Because of the next eclipses in September which are in Virgo and Pisces, ruling the body and drugs, respectively.  It’s going to make FIFA look like a children’s tea party.



The New Moon 
The Full Moon

The Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon, 18th August 2016 (below) is not a visually spectacular eclipse but it does mark the end of the historic Saros cycle 109 and it does matter to the world. Perhaps we will find out that the real purpose of this cover-up was to teach us about the true spirit of the Olympics, which of course the Greeks predicted with their famous Antikythera mechanism, that ancient analogue computer which not only forecast eclipses, but also the Olympiads too.  Watch this space.

Penumbral Eclipse August 18 600x375 - The August 18th Lunar Eclipse and Your Horoscope








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168 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article, its very interesting.
    I have Selacia 25 Capricorn and quite a few 24. Do I need to be cautious about anything?
    My husband 19/7/1969 seems to have 25 Cancer and 26 scorpio. (I’m still not very good at deciphering astrology) is this hitting his work area?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Born with Salacia at 25 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work, university life and full-time parenting, you consistently pursue roles and goals which allow you to escape from the real world. I once interviewed Kurt Cobain who had this placement too. Nirvana was not a real world job for him. Neither was keeping a diary, yet it was published. You may want to read more about Salacia in my new book 2020 Astrology which is free to download. The eclipse will affect you at a distance. So, yes, your goal/role will be in shadow, as a result of other people, organisations or companies involved in cover-ups, or actually failing to see what they need to see. Just be gently aware of this Wednesday-Friday. If your husband has anything at 26 Scorpio this is about the money, the house, the business or the apartment. Again, it’s at a distance, but others are not seeing straight or being straight Wednesday-Friday so he may want to be aware of that.

    2. Hello, Jessica! Super intriguing article. I was curious as to how this lunar cycle would possibly effect my relationship?
      My birthday is 04-21-1996 @ 6:01 pm
      Thank you!

      1. You will need to come back to me with your chart positions, especially in Libra and Leo, for that information – you don’t include a place of birth. Thank you.

  2. Hi Jessica, I feel very indecisive at the moment about many areas in my life. I’m interested to know what part of my life, based on my personal chart, is affected by the lunar eclipse on the 18th? What is so hidden right now and what is the best way for me to deal with it? Thank you so much!

    1. Feeling indecisive is down to Mercury Retrograde, which is fine. Sometimes you need time out, to feel all the feelings, or allow some new ‘news’ to emerge, which will put you on track. Give yourself space and time. Okay – so you were born with Proserpina in Scorpio, and the penumbral lunar eclipse will create a T-Square. You are the ‘bridge’ who connects two powerful people, or two powerful sides, or two powerful organisations over money. You can also do this over business interests, houses, apartments or precious possessions. You are the person who bridges the gap, connects extremely powerful individuals or entities and is in the precarious but powerful position of being the one both of them count on, and need. Be sharply aware of what might not be known, clear, obvious or exposed (the way it should be) Wednesday-Friday as it most definitely will affect how you are proceeding with the cash, property, company, purchase/sale and so on.

  3. Hi Jessica

    great article , will be interesting to see how this will affect the Royal family , I was wondering if you can tell me if my chart will be triggered and where please ?


    1. Thank you! You were born with Panacea at 26 Libra in the Seventh House, which rules the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partners. It also reveals how you fight against enemies, rivals or opponents. One particular man (or woman) is at the heart of this eclipse. You will not be directly affected, but there will be cover-ups, blind spots, missing information and ‘shadowy’ events elsewhere, which have a domino effect on the other person and his/her relationship with you. Panacea describes how you produce remedies, cures, answers and solutions. You can do this within partnerships, but you also use partnerships to be the ‘remedy’ that you need. This is a lifelong pattern yet just for a day or two, on this eclipse, you are going to find your usual way of operating is slightly in shadow, because of other issues affecting the person in question. It may be months until you are told, or know for sure.

  4. Hi, I am worried about my mom who’s B Day on 19th. Born 19/8/1943 Jaffna,Sri Lanka. She is the sole carer for dad – dementia patient. All the children are overseas. Mom is alone there. Sometimes I think of quitting the job just to go and live with them look after them but the commitments we got ourselves into wouldn’t allow. I am visiting them in Jan 2017. Brothers too. I feel I haven’t done my duty as a daughter. Due to my husband’s addictive habits I kept my parents away in the past 15 years..thinking they will b ashamed or worried about me. Things have changed since then . Didn’t have the money to visit them . I hope mom is ok. Thanks Jessica.

    1. You have Virgo-Scorpio patterns about your lifestyle, daily workload, physical condition – and also your money, house or apartment – which are all being affected by this eclipse. This will only involve your mother if there is a legacy (last will and testament) from her to you, or from you to her. If so, just temporarily, you may want to avoid drawing conclusions Wednesday-Friday as the eclipse always conceals, it never shows us what we need to see. Please don’t jump to conclusions or assume you can see everything clearly about the house, money, possessions, apartment or business in particular Wednesday-Friday. I am very sorry that you are in this position and that your mother is looking after your father by herself. I am also very sorry your husband was an addict. The worst is over for your mother in terms of the family. She went through such a hard time 2012-2016 but now that 2017 is in sight, she can cover from the awful time she went through with the family and look forward to a much better time from the final quarter of 2017, as by 2018 she will have the home and family solution she needs. Closer to the present, you need to make sure your mother has the best high-speed, easy to use internet she can have – or a telephone which is exactly what she needs. It is through the internet or the telephone (maybe both) that you can do the most for her. Have a look at deals, offers, sales or even freebies after the first week of October. I also believe she will have access to the right transport or travel she needs to come to you – not the other way around. Both the superb new phone or web connection and the car/train/plane/bus/boat access that is so new in her life, after October, will make her so much happier with her life and allow you to feel more relaxed, less worried and also a great deal more connected. Let her come to you.

  5. Hello Jessica –

    What orb do you use for an Eclipse? My Asc & Uranus are @29 Leo and Descend. @29 Aquarius – do you think they’re out of range? My Mars is @25 Cap.



    1. I use one degree orb for all aspects, including eclipses. You were born with Mars at 25 Capricorn so the penumbral lunar eclipse on 18th August 2016 will see the Sun at 26 Leo quincunx your Mars and the Moon at 26 Aquarius semi-sextile your Mars. This is about your career, life at university or unpaid work. It will not affect you directly, but through six degrees of separation as other people are not seeing straight, or acting in an upfront way, and this will have a domino effect on your own project, role or goal. Just be aware. Sniff the air.

  6. Very shady! And, I love it when you are always on point! You are unreal, but oh so real! I can’t get enough. I am enjoying your e-book AND also LOVE, LOVE the 15-page Venus guide you wrote for GTG! I bought two (one for me and one for my sis)! It is hard to say that any part is my favorite, but the travel part was way cool – I had a thing about Crete for a while, but didn’t know why – so perfect! Very nice job! So, I wanted to know a little more about the eclipse for my chart, if you can. I know it is about groups/friends (oooh, I have some issues with a group – we don’t talk), since my Aesculapia is right at 25 Aquarius. Does this mean I will have a personal hit? Hope not…Thanks again!

    1. Thank you very much, I am waving my glass of Cascade Premium Light at you, as I sit at the airport waiting for my plane. Thanks also for buying the new e-books Get The Gloss are publishing. I will pass that onto them in London. I am glad you asked about this eclipse as you have many patterns clustering around 26 degrees. You will notice the impact of the eclipse primarily with a friend and group – which sounds like the one you are talking about. The trick with eclipses is to let them pass, because it is all too easy to assume things, but not find out, know or see until months later. Put it this way. Whatever/whomever is new on the scene, Wednesday-Friday, which directly involves social media, groups, clubs, teams, old friendships and so on – put your radar up and be aware. You are in a much better position to make accurate judgements from Saturday forward.

  7. Hi Jessica I am Aquarius ascendant Aquarius and not sure how this will affect me. If this Same eclipse happened 18 years ago it was when I got married and later I found hidden things about my wife.

    1. As soon as you said ’18 years’ I nearly fell off my chair, because they even knew about the 18 year cycle at Stonehenge. I am sorry your wife was concealing information all that time ago. Now, I’m looking at your birthchart and seeing Jupiter at 27 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, which also rules any unpaid position you hold (like being a full-time parent or volunteer). The eclipse sees the Sun at 26 Leo and Moon at 26 Aquarius so it will ‘sandwich’ this in your chart. Through six degrees of separation, you are going to find other people’s cover-ups, blind spots, lack of vision or shady decisions has an indirect impact on your job, project, role or position. Skip Wednesday-Friday for big judgements and just be aware. In general you are always protected by Jupiter and frequently blessed. I suspect you were even a lucky student at school who was always being singled out for good things, doing really well in class, or being honoured in other ways. The Jupiter cycles kick off when we are aged 12-13.

  8. Hi
    I have read some astrologers saying it is not a lunar eclipse, but it is.
    A lady who work with me just came and said that she got another job and was leaving on Friday.
    On 23/3/2016 During Libra eclipse, another lady said she got a job and was leaving.
    On 27/9/2015 A lady left to join another branch, reshuffle, relocation etc. announced.
    I always notice these things around eclipse.

    I have cupid 26 at Libra and Hygiea 26 Scorpio. What does it mean? I don’t see much of asteroid action affect me. Thanks,

    1. It’s a penumbral lunar eclipse and the clash between the Sun and Moon falls in shadow. As above, so below. What should be seen clearly and brightly, will be overshadowed. The best way to judge eclipses? Let’s all come back here in a few months and see exactly what outrageous team or committee cover-up was taking place at the Rio Olympics, September 18th, 2016! (My spirit guide just whispered ‘Winter Olympics’ so this is either Russia again, or even the organisation of the next winter competition). Thank you for telling me what you have noticed at work during the eclipses in your own life because this is helpful to know. Your chart shows other people going through shadowy, shady, unclear or covered-up situations Wednesday-Friday which will affect your relationship with a former, current or potential partner at a distance. You will not be directly affected, but your association with a particular man (or woman) certainly will be. You may want to find out a great deal more before you pass judgement.

  9. Dear Jessica,
    After reading the eclipse article I am worried and extremely worn out from being so stressed out for the last 2 years. I went through a divorce and need to start over. I found a job I love but they only are using me as a substitute and when school starts only 4 hours at the end of the day. I need full time and enough to live on. I loved being married and being a housewife. Would love to have that again. I don’t get out much. I do the hibernation thing because of depression. I read the forecast for Aquarius and the way I am interpreting it my income, job, apt., reputation all are in jeopardy. I was born February 4, 1966 at 9:30pm in California, USA. I know astrology should be used as entertainment but you are so strikedly accurate I am just worried I will not be able to find full time work, and I will continue to be alone and possibly homeless.
    Thank you for all your insight into this.

    1. I am sorry you have depression. I am sure you are exhausted mentally, spiritually and physically from going through divorce and the stress of a new life. Let me start at the beginning by sending you to some of my favourite websites for support and help – I don’t have the links, but please Google the Black Dog Institute in Australia, Ruby Wax (I love her), Kerry McNally Reiki and Jane Teresa Anderson Dream Coach. It’s all free, which is what you need when you are picking up the pieces. Now, perhaps because you are ill at the moment (depression is most definitely an illness) you may be seeing things through a glass, darkly. This eclipse is just a cover-up. That is all. It just means you are hyper aware of Wednesday-Friday as a time when information is missing, people may be hiding things, the picture is unclear and so on. Another reader on this thread checked her electricity bill and discovered that her bills for the internet had been stealth increased! The truly big picture of what you want now, which is work, money and a new love life will be aided in slow stages. You will be stunned at the opportunity or solution which comes from people/organisations from other parts of the map, hinted at in September, real by October. To give you a practical example, it may be a job in another part of town, or a new role that involves someone from Europe or Asia. You said you worked in a school. Great. You are in the best cycle in 12 years, starting September, for work in education, but also retraining yourself in a field which fascinates you. Moving further along you will have the ultimate job offer, achievement or award from the final quarter of next year with success in 2018. Money! Through actual cash (or cash in kind – equivalent benefits) you will see an answer or opportunity which you must snap up by September 10th even if it takes a long time, gets stuck or is complicated. Love! This is the big one. The long term is fascinating because children will be involved (perhaps a new partner’s) and you will be gloriously free. This is years into the future but you will most definitely have a brand new love life and you will be so excited and thrilled at your amazing new independence, both sexually and as a parent, step-parent or godparent in the new world. Don’t sit around waiting for it, but it is destined. You don’t actually know what freedom is in love, because you have never had it, the way you are going to have it after 2020. For the moment, though, please hit those sites. I wish you the best of good fortune with your recovery but I know you will be fine.

  10. Hi jessica, this sounds a bit scary! I have fortuna at 27 leo. Also juno 25 cancer and moon at 27 aries. How a I going to be effected by this eclipse?

    Also what would juno 25 cancer means in relation to the independece day?
    Thanks heaps

    1. Juno at 25 Cancer and Fortuna at 27 Leo are both about similar things – your family tree. Your close relatives or the children you produce (you don’t say if you are a parent or not). Your house or apartment. Children who are substitute family, like godchildren. Actual nieces and nephews. Lovers who you could move in with one day, or marry, or become pregnant with. The eclipse itself will highlight how you blindly spin the Wheel of Fortune with your former, current or potential partner and unwittingly influence the lives of a younger generation. You may want to delay judgement and action Wednesday-Friday. Uranus moving across 25 Aries will square natal Juno so revolution in other people’s lives – and their push for freedom – will not square easily with your need to commit to relatives, your own or other people’s children, the family, your home and so on. You have a bunch of choices over the next 12 months which is fine, but start out right by not judging or moving forward while we have this shadowy eclipse.

  11. Hi Jessica

    Indeed other astrologers are saying this is an amazing time so interesting to see that you have a very different angle on the events this wk.

    My moon is in Aquarius so I was wondering how this week is going to play out. I served divorce papers on the 12th (husband plotting how to discredit me as mother etc) started new job on 15th so is the 18th about my secrets ( txt emails, longing to reconnect with x boyfriend pre marriage but nothing physical has happened- he is also married) being exposed!

    Also, whats in store for me when Jupiter is in libra. I keep reading how wonderful my love life is set to become! No sign of anything yet 🙁

    1. A Full Moon is never an amazing time because the Sun is clashing with the Moon. In fact, all the battles of history were fought on Full Moons. And history tells us, an eclipse always conceals, it never reveals. Now, to your divorce. What you are waiting for is Jupiter to move to 5 Libra. This happens every 12 years so it’s important. Transiting Jupiter will conjunct natal Uranus in your Seventh House which rules your former, current and potential partners. Your world will turn upside down but it will be extremely good for you. Track Jupiter by degrees as he moves through Libra from September. You can watch him moving on this website. Now – the eclipse. This shadows Pluto in your Sixth House of work. You say you just started a new job. That’s it. Be really cautious about final judgement and big moves Wednesday-Friday because you are not being shown all you need to see – and know.

  12. Thanks again Jessica. You are great at seeing behind the scenes practical scenarios we can all benefit from knowing about. Changing power scenarios like these in the Royal family are interesting.

    On a small note I checked our recurring utilities and internet bills for last three months after I read this. (aquarius/uranus = electricity and internet.) .

    Both electricity and internet showed small incremental stealth increases over the last three months totalling thirteen dollars extra a month which I wouldn’t have noticed if not for your eclipse warning about hidden things at this time.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    My natal chart has the moon at 21 degrees Aquarius, which happens to be my fifth house. I will be signing a contract for a new job sometime this week. Is my career affected by the eclipse or is it just matters related to the 5th house? Thanks a lot!

    1. You have Juno at 27 Taurus in your Second House of business and salary. The penumbral lunar eclipse on 18th August sees the Moon at 26 Aquarius and Sun at 26 Leo, so this is a T-Square. Your Moon at 21 Aquarius will not be remotely affected and in fact, in the Natural House system it is in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Juno is commitment. Taurus is money. The T-Square is a point of tension. You are not being shown the full and complete story Wednesday-Friday. You are also signing the contract on Mercury Retrograde. Can you take time out this weekend to read what you are being offered and peruse the fine print? If you are curious about any of this, please hit Search or download the new book 2020 Astrology.

  14. Dear Jessica, you’ve been my compass for a while now and I have to admit life makes much more sense when I listen to you 😉 Born on May 6, 1993 @ 8:40 pm, Zagreb, Croatia. Recently, I’ve begun talks over an outstanding, I mean a really BIG professional job offer in a business that addresses schools and universities (next generation, as you say). The Jupiter transit in Virgo (my 5th house) hit my 9 degree MC, so I suppose my next generation involvement deals with work… Now, Venus in Virgo (15-16 degrees) will soon trine Pluto in Capricorn and all that will soon trine my natal Apollo (15 degrees) and Sun (16 degrees) in Taurus. I’m also Scorpio rising (22 degrees), and have Moon and Pluto at 24 degrees. I would really like to see this develop, no pun intended, but this job would be my baby and I’m very excited. Should I allow myself the permission of being excited, despite spending a year prior unemployed? Help!

    1. Goodness, thank you very much. (Although I am the messenger, and I really mean that – astrology is the message and this website just carries it). Pursue this job as far and fast as you can by September 10th. With this position or a second one (which may even be superior) you will be highly successful, with the first step towards your major role or project for 2017 taken in the first week of October 2016.

      1. Many thanks! Am doing my best to pursue the job and am really bracing myself. Btw, congrats on the book, after coming back from an 8 hour flight, the first thing I did was downloading it like a maniac, still in my shoes. I ended up staying up till 5 am reading it! Amazing!!! All the best!

  15. Hi Jessica –

    I have Mars at 25 Gemini and Chiron at 26 Aries. What should I watch out for/prepare myself for during this eclipse? And how will all of this impact on the Leo stellium in my chart – if at all?

    To be honest, I feel as though things are being ‘hidden’ on a few fronts at the moment – both personally and professionally. Things are verrrrrry quiet for me these last day or so.

    With Many TIA

    (P.S I had a quick read up of your page re: Chiron in 2015. ‘ARIES – Secrets, submerged activity, hidden plans, clandestine associations, confidential documents, uncredited work, behind-the-scenes operations.’ Couldn’t have been closer to the truth…that year I was planning the big get-away from my now-ex. Nice job!)

    1. Thank you for the feedback, I am glad that prediction for Aries was accurate for you from last year. This eclipse will certainly aspect your Chiron at 26 Aries in the First House of image, profile, personal appearance, packaging, title and presentation. As a rule, you see what you can get away with when it comes to ‘Me’ and you tend to experiment to see just how audacious you can be. This is where the eclipse will have an impact so just be aware of that Wednesday-Friday. If you are curious, hit First House on Search.

  16. Psyche at 25 Leo and quite a few others at 25,26,27 degrees! Wonder if you would shed some light on what’s going on in my horoscope, it is an extremely trying time! On every front! Health, work, home, love, money. Seriously wondering what to do!
    Except my son( dob: 25/09/90) who seems to be on the verge of great success, he is a musician, had his first release to great reviews and chart positions! I do believe this difficult phase is just that.. and not too long to go for him.
    Needless to say, your insights are frightfully accurate and helpful! I am very glad to have found your site! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, your son will be famous so get ready for that. It will unfold September 2016 through October 2017. Your son is actually shown by your Psyche at 25 Leo. You have Psyche in the Fifth House which rules your children. Psyche describes what lives forever about you – what is immortal or perpetual about yourself and your life. It is actually your son! However – there will be a blind spot, missing piece of information, cloudy picture or incomplete jigsaw Wednesday-Friday which has an impact on this. Let the moment pass.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Great great article, wondering what the Royal family is covering up !
    I have a few things at 25° and 26°, do you know how this eclipse will affect me ?
    Thank you very much

    1. Thank you. Mars at 26 Gemini is the likely source for your eclipse issues, as other people/organisations experience blind spots or cover-ups which will have an impact on your use of the worldwide web, your telephone, multimedia and communication in general.

      1. Dear Jessica,
        I see what you mean : at the moment I’m trying to get quotes from different companies. I’ve been calling their hotlines and am thrown from one person to another like a hot potatoe. And still no proper answer. Oh dear…I think I’ll try again next week.
        Thanks so much for answering my question (you’re stronger than the eclipse !)

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for the great book, and taking the time to answer my questions.
    I have vesta at 26 leo, will I be affected by the eclipse?
    Regards CR

    1. It’s a pleasure. If you were born with Vesta at 26 Leo then this is about babies, children or teenagers – youth projects – or people who could bring a younger generation into your life one day, like serious lovers. There is a gender issue there, with two or more females and one male ‘authority’ over them. I have seen this even with very small baby boys and their all-female families. For you, however Vesta manifests in your life, there will be a blind spot, missing piece of information or cloudy picture for someone else, which also affects this – most likely, Wednesday through Friday.

  19. I’m amazed how you link all these events together! Could you kindly explain what’s it signifies in my chart please. I see I have a heap of planets at 26 degrees including Jupiter in Leo. What does it indicate for my marriage/ relationships and does it show a move (work/country?) what do I need to be wary of, my secrets over the past yr? thx

    1. Thank you. You were born with Jupiter at 26 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules pregnancy, babies, children, young adults 20+ years your junior, and all youth concerns. It usually describes godchildren, young relatives or offspring, although paid or unpaid efforts involving much younger people (like teaching) are also typical. For obvious reasons we also find lovers and partners here. It would be very easy for you to push the button on a choice or action plan involving this Wednesday-Friday but you may prefer to wait until things are clearer or more obvious. You just won’t see this/him/her as you should, with that shadowy Moon opposite.

  20. Hi Jessica, 2 questions. (1) If it’s not until the September eclipse that health matters are triggered, why are you linking the August eclipse with hidden Olympics drugging issues? (2) I have Pluto at 26 Leo, so will this week’s eclipse relate to children as you say in my reading for this week, or will it affect groups, as Leo is Libra’s 11th House? And what effect does Pluto bring to this? I am worried, as for me, my pets are my children, and one of my kittens has been ill with post-operative complications for which she is being treated at the moment.

    1. The eclipse falls in Aquarius which rules teams and committees, so the first cover-up involves at least one competing team, probably more – and either the Olympics committee, or even a crime syndicate. The subsequent eclipses fall in the drugs/body signs Pisces and Virgo so it’s a no-brainer. Okay, so you have Pluto at 26 Leo. In other words, you were born with Pluto at 26 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules babies, children and younger adults 20+ years or more your junior. It rules the activities and entertainments that bind children and adults together and for obvious reasons, rules lovers who can bring this generation into your life. I am sorry about your poorly kitten but this is not about her. It is purely about the Fifth House, so hit Search to look at that in more detail, or download 2020 Astrology free now, to find out more about Leo/Fifth House placement and specifically Pluto. If you can make choices at any time at all, about that Fifth House issue Wednesday-Friday, you may want to postpone it as the Sun will be right on your Pluto opposite a very shadowy Moon.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    DOB: 9 Oct 86, 8:13am EST. Just wondering how this eclipse will affect me when I have Apollo at 26 degrees Leo?

    1. Apollo at 26 Leo describes the leading role you play with the younger generation – children, teenagers or youth as a whole. One example might be a voluntary position as patron of a children’s charity. Another example might be your role as godmother. The Sun, caught up in this eclipse, will put this side of you firmly in the spotlight – yet the picture is too cloudy, unclear and misleading. Another example of Apollo in Leo might be your role as teacher to a younger generation. If you can make choices at any time at all, you may as well make them later.

  22. Hi Jessica Im not sure if my comment went tru sorry for writing another.I have mars 26 in taurus panacea 24 in cancer proserpina 24 in aries is this eclipse will effect me? thank you for your work

    1. Mars at 26 Taurus is the key to this. The Sun at 26 Leo and Moon at 26 Aquarius form a T-Square. This is about the money, house, business, possessions, charity or apartment. There is a large group (like a professional association, club, team or syndicate) which will be drawn into an unclear, obscured situation at this time. You may be affected indirectly so think about delaying big judgement calls or action plans about all that you own, earn or owe until you know more. If you could honestly make a choice or assessment at any time, why not make it once you are past Friday and the eclipse is well and truly off Mars in Taurus in your Second House?

  23. Sun at 25 Leo does that make it a direct hit? Pluto at 26 and Asc Dec at 25 each. Anything I should be worried about Jessica?

    1. Pluto at 26 Virgo is the big story here. No need to worry, but you do need to be sharply aware of work or body issues Wednesday-Friday. Reserve judgement if you can and avoid dramatic action. The sky is not going to fall on your head like Chicken Little, but you would not have all the facts, or see everything you needed to see. Why is Pluto at 26 Virgo in your Sixth House the big story? Because Mercury Retrograde will pass 26 Virgo and so will Jupiter, the planet of opportunity. On or close to Tuesday 23rd August you will see the rest of the story being written. For now there is a blank page. Do all you can to push this chapter as far as you can by September 10th and allow for the final rewrites by the first week of October.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    I have Salacia at 25 Cap and Hygeia at 27 Pisces. Will this eclipse hit me hard? I am quietly looking for a new job but have yet to get an interview. My solar return tells me that this and next year are my most productive and successful years for my career.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you. I don’t use Solar Return charts so let me look at your horoscope to figure out the career trends. You have Bacchus conjunct Venus at 14 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. For the only time possible in 248 years, Pluto is passing over 14 Capricorn. Around 26th September Pluto stations direct (hovers on the spot) at 14 Capricorn so you will see your situation peak. Download my new book 2020 Astrology to read more about Pluto, Bacchus and Venus. By October 2016 the transit is well and truly over, and you will be empowered, in control and the boss of your own definition of success – whatever that happens to be. The only way with Pluto is to harness your self-control and willpower so that you can push back against who or what seems so overpowering. When you do that, you get Pluto’s gift.

  25. Hi:

    My Sun is at 26 Gemini (you have my chart). What can I expect from this eclipse, as it sextiles Leo and the Moon trines Aquarius? Thanks.

    1. Yes, you have a stunning Sun-Minerva conjunction at 25/26 Gemini and you were born to use your way with words, ideas and images in quite a brilliant way. Just be aware that one particular website, project, plan, idea, course or concept will be at the heart of this eclipse. The Moon at 26 Aquarius will form a trine, so it will ‘massage’ it into life, yet because this is such a murky, shadowy Moon, there is something not quite right about what comes to pass. It’s not clear. You may want to sit things out for a couple of days. You can double that message if a phone or computer suddenly becomes an issue, or the media.

  26. Hi Jessica, I really appreciate your site, thank you for all the work you do! I was just wondering, in my personal chart I have Mercury in Libra at 25° (I am a Libra), what is going to play out for me this week. It has been a really rough past two years. I know you obviously hear that a lot, but every aspect of my life from health (diagnosed with MS) to work to love to even my dogs passing away and it has been hard. It is to the point that I get very nervous around eclipses or any other astrological event as I do not know what else can go wrong. I do know that this happens to everyone at some point in their life, so I do not mean to sound so negative! I am just very excited for the day that this all seems to be in my past :). Thank you again!

    1. I am glad to hear the astrology is serving you – thank you. Even one of those things – MS or the loss of your dogs – would be enough, but both together is so hard. I would suspect the Sixth House and Virgo is your problem because that’s where we find your physical condition, and also your duty to your animals, so let me have a look. Okay – you have Saturn at 20 Virgo in the Sixth House and your issue has been transiting Chiron at 20 Pisces opposite Saturn. You can hit Search to find out more about that, or download my new book 2020 Astrology here, free. Everyone has Saturn somewhere in her chart and it is a symbol of tough karma – hard life events that choose us – we never choose them. The best way to handle Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House is to find a system that makes you feel safe. Look for a structure to your daily life that gives you the most reassurance for the least effort. This might sound like The Bleeding Obvious, to quote Fawlty Towers, but it is amazing how often we just avoid our Saturn, or deny it, or do self-sabotaging things to make ourselves feel more secure – often, it is those attitudes or ‘systems’ which are far harder to live with, than the one thing we fear! I mention this because you are talking about feeling nervous and negative, which are key words for Saturn. I think you could get a lot of mileage from really examining this placement in your chart and how to work it. There is a semi-sextile to Venus at 20 Libra so this goes hand-in-hand with the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner, at any time. You can’t really ‘do’ the body issue without also doing that. And beyond the body, there are questions here about your work ethic, your sense of duty to others, your feelings about serving others as well as serving your own needs. After all that, this eclipse really doesn’t look so significant at all. Mercury at 25 Libra suggests this is about your former, current or potential partner and the lines of communication with this person. In an indirect way, your e-mails, telephone calls, letters or face-to-face discussions will be affected by the cloudy vision or cover-up jobs of others, so just be aware of that. Finally, as I am sure you know, animals pass to the spirit world just as people do, and your dogs are never more than a strong thought away. I have both seen and felt animals in spirit and it is the most amazing thing! I am sure you miss them hugely, but they go on, in spirit.

      1. Thank you very much for this Jessica! It is just so amazing that you take the time to do this for people. I really appreciate it. I hear my dogs collar jingle all the time. Just letting me they are around. Again, thank you

  27. Hi Jessica –

    I have many factors at 25 and 26 degrees in my chart, but none of them are at 25 Leo or 26 Aquarius. Does that mean any cover up during the eclipse will not affect me directly but instead will affect others?

    1. Yes. You were born with Ceres at 26 Libra in the Seventh House, which describes the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partners. The Seventh House also reveals where your enemies, rivals or opponents are. Ceres is a symbol of forced compromise, division and sharing. The penumbral lunar eclipse with the Sun at 26 Leo and Moon at 26 Aquarius catches this exactly – other people’s lack of vision, their concealment or obscured stories, will affect life with the man (or woman) described above. Let this eclipse pass.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    If I am understanding it properly, I calculate my houses based on my ascendant, correct? If that is the case, I think that I would have Aquarius in my 9th house and Leo in my 3rd, as I am Gemini rising. Also, my MC is 26 Aquarius and IC is 26 Leo. I have a feeling this eclipse is going to hit me in a big way. Would it be, based on my houses, that there is something hidden or revealed regarding a communication with a hope, dream, wish, or aspiration? Maybe long distance travel for my home or family that I grew up with? Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Also, I don’t know if it will impact things, but I also have Venus at 24 Libra. Thank you so much!

    1. I use the Natural House system – you can pick up my new book 2020 Astrology on this website which explains it best. It puts your MC at 26 Aquarius into your Eleventh House of friends and groups, so your highest achievement in life will be through the people power within a community. This does depend on a 100% accurate birth time, though. Your IC at 26 Leo describes someone in the family tree who was ‘Queen’ or ‘King’ to a much younger court. This person may have been a five-star parent or perhaps a teacher, children’s entertainer, and so on. This person is in your DNA when it comes to the next generation, too, born 20+ years after you. The eclipse will hit your IC/MC axis so steer clear of major judgements or action plans regarding all this, throughout.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    I have my MC at 26 Aries and IC 26 Libra. My birthdate is August 25 1963 at 3.16 a.m. Cleveland, Australia. I’m a premium member so my chart is up there. Anything significant?
    Just getting off the subject, my mum passed on June 16 2016. She passed at 12.35 p.m. Brisbane time and at that time transiting Lilith (Scorpio 2.50) was almost exactly conjuncting my Scorpio Moon which is 2.47. I found that quite eerie. My Moon is in my 4th house. Also my mum had Libra at 29 Jupiter and on that day Juno was 29 Libra which was interesting. She was born October 7 1934. She passed peacefully thank heavens.
    About the Olympics – Australia was doing really well until that Mercury retro shadow on August 10 – then circumstances stopped some of the top athletes doing their best, especially the swimmers. Mercury retro was a nuisance with the Australia team last Olympics too.
    Your eclipse info is fascinating as are all of your insights.

    1. I am very sorry to hear about your mum. Passing peacefully is a relief but that is a huge loss. I can’t see your birth chart, as you haven’t logged in, but your IC at 26 Libra obviously rules your family tree, and you are now experiencing an eclipse aspecting that – so allow time and space now, as the people, organisations or situations around you are not going to help clear decisions Wednesday-Friday. I am sure you know your mother passed when Mars was Retrograde at 26 Scorpio, so aspecting your IC as well.

      1. Thanks for your kind words Jessica. That awful Mars retro was just at 24 Scorpio which squared Mum’s 23 Mars in Leo and her 21 Saturn in Aquarius. But when she went into hospital on June 11 Mars was around 26/25, so that’s where the IC comes into it. Bizarrely in that week I had one school friend and a family friend who also lost a parent.
        Thanks for your eclipse advice – I’ll be watchful and take things slowly at this time. Kind Regards.

        1. Yes, your mum’s horoscope was well and truly triggered by that Mars Retrograde. At least you were not alone in having to deal with loss when it happened and of course, she is always just a thought away. Take care.

  30. Dear Jessica,

    Something unexpected happened in one of my friendships and this was not something I wanted. I have Neptune in 24 Sagittarius, Diana in 25 Taurus and Vesta in 26 Leo. What can you see from my chart?

    Thanks a lot,
    Fiery Aries

    1. Salacia at 14 Aquarius and the South Node at 9 Aquarius will do it – they are in your Eleventh House of friendship. It’s not the lunar eclipse, it’s the fact that Saturn is at 9 Sagittarius (Saturn sextile the South Node) and Pluto at 15 Capricorn is just one degree away from a semi-sextile to Salacia. I am not surprised you have been in this situation. It will pass. You can find out more about Salacia and the South Node in my new book 2020 Astrology, free to download.

  31. I Jessica,

    I’m wondering how this coming eclipse on the 18th may impact me. Could you please give me your view on this, based on my chart? I have factors at 26º / 27º Aquarius and Leo (and Scorpio).

    Thank you so much!

    1. Chiron at 27 Aquarius is what you will feel most in 2017. You were born to see what you can get away with, in a group. It’s usually a group of friends as well as acquaintances. It works two ways. The club, team, circle, tribe, network or community allows you to experiment wildly with life. However, there is something about the personality of the friends involved, or the group itself, that also tempts you to see how far you can go, within or without that bunch of people. From May through August 2017 past life karma will come knocking. You knew your friends before in another life. The sextile from Uranus suggests an unforgettable and exciting period, so go where it takes you – just be aware that the actual eclipse period finds the New Moon at 28 Leo opposite your natal Chiron (by one degree) at 27 Aquarius so do avoid that entire time for big choices as it’s just too obscured.

  32. Hi Jessica, another great article. From what I can see in my chart I’ll be pretty affected by this Eclipse, it seems like I’ll be affected in many areas but I’m not sure how it will affect me and what I should or shouldn’t do. My husband has his NN 25 Sagittarius and SN 25 Gemini. Thank you

    1. Thank you. Your horoscope reveals you have the Moon at 28 Leo, so May-August 2017 will change your destiny. You were born to care deeply about your own or other people’s children and this is the chart of a a supermother (Queen to a court of children, stepchildren,godchildren, grandchildren, nieces or nephews) – or alternatively, a total professional with a much younger generation to nurture, protect and mentor. I see many teachers with this placement. However you have manifested the Moon in Leo in your life, the trine from Uranus and the conjunction from the True North Node, May through August 2017, suggests a completely different direction with the same. It will be like a dodgem car ride, complete with unpredictable moves and a fair bit of electricity above your head. Avoid the actual eclipse itself and the day either side, as you need to see clearly then. I will talk more about this as the moment comes closer. For now, be open to the fact that the old way of being caretaker for those born 20+ years after you will no longer apply next year and it would be smart to be open to experimenting, innovating and inventing.

      1. Thank you, you’re kindness does not go unnoticed. My children are 34, 24, 23 and 19 and they have always come first. This is not to say I don’t have my own identity or I want them to live with me forever, in fact three of them have flew the coupe and live and work in another state. When my 24 and 23 year old (19 and 20 at the time) left at the same time for school, work, and finding themselves so to speak, I was absolutely devastated, my heart was torn out of my chest. Despite this heartbreak I knew It was best for them. They’re emotional, physical and mental well being is my number one concern and as long as I’m alive I’ll always be here for them. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve called them out and I let them know when I think they’re wrong, and we’ve had our share of arguments but they know I’ll always have there back and no one will come between us. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. In the meantime, I’m car shopping at an eclipse time, how stupid is that!?

  33. Hi Jessica

    I posted the message below elsewhe but think it’s more appropriate here. I’ll request deletion.

    I’ve just been reading your new post on the eclipse this month and the royal family – all fascinating stuff. By the way, well done on the Hinkley call – as soon as TM put the deal on hold I knew something was being hidden from us. She knew more than we were being told. Then the espionage case in the States!

    Anyway. In your new blog (or perhaps an associated link) you wrote “The Sun and Moon create their strange dance together on 18th August at 25 and 26 degrees of Leo. What is really unusual about August is Jupiter also reaching 25 and 26 degrees of Virgo, one sign along. This happens on August 17th to 26th.” I think this means that Jupiter will sextile my Jupiter in Scorpio at 26 which in turn sextiles my sun at 27 Cap?
    Not sure if I’m really stretching this too far, but my question – at last – does the sextile mitigate the square of the full moon to my Jupiter in any way? Is one considered ‘stronger’ than the other?
    Hope this question makes sense. If not, just tell me to go away do some more work on my understanding!

    1. Thank you. I was also fascinated by PMTM and her decision to put Hinkley on hold and for a moment I thought she might be following in Margaret Thatcher’s footsteps and consulting an astrologer! Whatever intelligence told her, there was certainly a Chinese cover-up. Your question about the 18th August eclipse at 26 Leo/26 Aquarius and Jupiter at 25/26 Virgo does concern your natal Jupiter at 26 Scorpio, more than anything else. It’s just about timing, really, and the T-Square near August 18th is not the best moment for you to go full steam ahead with financial, property, business or charity choices, as other people’s lack of insight or awareness will affect you. Having gone past that eclipse, though, you should certainly pursue things on the week of August 22nd as transiting Jupiter sextiles your natal Jupiter in the Eighth House. Just be aware that Mercury is also going back and forth across 26 degrees so this story will get stuck, possibly reverse and not be in the bag until the first week of October. Overall, Jupiter protects you, blesses you, helps you and guides you – so this period is a long and winding road for you that ultimately leads somewhere good. It’s a really unusual set of transits and you will learn a lot about your chart by seeing what comes to pass.

      1. Hi Jessica

        On Friday 19th I received an interim indication that I had passed my recent exam (confirmed today) so news (Mercury) and beneficial (Jupiter). So really chuffed about that and just wanted to let you know re the astrology.

        I also have another question if I may? Again on Friday, more news. Some recruitment people I’ve worked with in the past recommended me to one of their colleagues re a new job opportunity who approached me. Again, good news. But. The job is not where I see myself going and I politely declined to apply. Are you pulling your hair out now? I have to use all my powers of discernment to make decisions about my direction in life and felt this was going back to what I know and not forward.
        Question – is saying “yes” to all opportunities, despite any misgivings, a reasonable strategy with Jupiter? It seems to me we should always use judgement and discernment. But then, what if you stupidly miss brilliant opportunities in disguise? What else in the astrology could help you to discern?
        Really sorry if this question frustrates you:)

        1. Congratulations on passing your exam. Saying ‘yes’ to opportunities on a twin transit of Jupiter and Mercury Retrograde is a good idea, because even if you go backwards and forwards, you are still assisted by Jupiter. There will actually be more turning points ahead. Jupiter’s conjunction to Venus is another example.

  34. I wasn’t going to watch the Olympics due to the IOC ducking responsibility over State sanctioned doping in Russia, which was very FIFAesque. However I’ve been sucked in and am enjoying GB successes.

    There have been some outrageous decisions in the boxing (in favour of Russia) but that’s normal, apparently. Other than that all looks ‘normal’.

    We know about Russia and that was shocking, so I can’t imagine what might top that, but I trust your predictions, so I’m watching with my sceptical eye again.

    TBH, to me, it feels at the moment as if we are living in times where cover-ups are the norm, known about and tolerated. We seem to have lost a sense of moral outrage, or people feel it then get distracted by something else and it dissipates rapidly.

    Edited to add: LOL Look what just popped up:

    The head of the Irish and European Olympic committees, Patrick Hickey, has been arrested in Rio over illegal Olympic ticket sales, Brazil media report.

    1. I agree, the Rio 2016 Olympics does look ‘normal’ apart from a tremendous astrological clue – the foul-smelling, bright green swimming pool. That is a perfect symbol for Pisces gone wrong, and September will show just how wrong. The Russian doping scandal is just the start. Because the whole event has happened over Mercury Retrograde as well we are going to see more drug re-testing, and retrospective medal stripping – all the usual ‘re’ words! Thank you for letting me know about the arrest just now. I think this is also the tip of an iceberg. I am also very curious about the American swimmers who were held at gunpoint – yet the Rio police can find no evidence!

  35. Hi,
    I had a meeting this morning about a return to work after almost a year on sick leave. After months of being stalled and fobbed off I suspected something fishy was afoot but the meeting went suspiciously well. I seem to have Vulcano 25 Taurus and Neptune 26 Scorpio. Can you offer any insights into the effects of the eclipse or regarding my return to work about which I have many concerns?

    1. I am glad you are using your astrology like this! This is about your salary and any financial compensation for sick leave – it may also be about your medical insurance or other related issues. Suspend judgement and action until the eclipse is well and truly out of your life. Allow 72 hours for the world to catch up with itself. Look again next week.

  36. Hi Jessica,

    thank you for another interesting article.

    My DOB is 20/09/1975, Slovakia. I have Venus in 25 deg Leo, Bacchus 26 deg Saggitarius, Chiron 27 deg Aries, Sun 27 deg Virgo and Moon 28 deg in Pices.

    Can you help me please to understand how I will be influenced by this eclipse and eclipse next year?

    Thank you for answer.

    1. I will concentrate on this eclipse at 26 degrees of Aquarius and Leo. Bacchus at 26 Sagittarius in your Ninth House is directly hit. Your travel, foreign, regional, worldwide web, publishing or academic agenda is affected by other people not seeing clearly, being blind-sided, or failing to realise that the truth is being obscured. You may want to suspend judgements and action plans about your agenda, as above, over the eclipse.

  37. Hi Jessica. Your recent blogs have been fascinating. I wonder if you could shed some light on this week’s eclipse as it affects me. I have ASC at 27 Aquarius and DES at 27 Leo. Also Ceres at 28 Scorpio. Do not know my exact time of birth, so have used 12pm. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

    1. I’m afraid that without an accurate time of birth you can only use your angles as dummy positions. Ceres at 28 Scorpio is too wide so in general, and without knowing when you were born, this eclipse will not directly affect you.

  38. Hello-
    Ah! I can read for hours on your website. So,interesting!! However,still having trouble reading my own chart. If the eclipse hits at 26 degrees does it effect anything within a few degrees. i.e. within 5 degrees plus or minus. I have some close and one hit but I’m not sure where to expect the cover up.

    Thank you!

    1. I only use orbs of up to one degree. You can read more about why in the new book 2020 Astrology which is free to download here. Thank you for the compliment, I will pass that onto James and Justin. Proserpina at 26 Leo is exactly hit by the Lunar Eclipse. The transiting Sun is at 26 Leo conjunct Proserpina in your birth chart in the Fifth House which rules your godchildren, the younger people you work with (or for), sexual relationships which could make you a stepmother, mother or aunt if they became serious. Also, existing offspring. You are the human bridge who connects two powerful people, organisations or sides when it comes to a much younger generation. Just be aware that the eclipse is not the time to make big judgement calls or take dramatic action, about being that bridge. A specific example would be your job at a university lecturing students who are 20 years your junior. You are asked to negotiate between the Student Union and the staff, yet one student is covering up crucial information. No need to be paranoid just be aware. You will save yourself a lot of time and energy.

  39. Hey Jessica
    Great article – I always thought Lunar Eclipse reveal and solar eclipse hide – so I learned a lot on this article as I always do from you. I have 1st house/7th house cup at 25:52 ugh…I am little freaked out about this as well. I have progressed moon at 25 cancer opposite natal conjunction of saturn and jupiter in capricorn – I have natal Uranus at 23 Leo and transit uranus is trining natal Uranus and Ascendant while at the same time conjuncting natal Venus at 20 Aries…transit Jupiter is also at 25 Virgo and sextile Progressed Moon and trining the natal saturn/jupiter conjunction in cap. I am 2/25/61 bday I now you prefer solar houses so I have a late Leo 1st house. My first house bday is on this eclipse lol – any thoughts on this chart lit up like a Christmas tree

    1. Thank you. Any history book will reveal why both lunar and solar eclipses conceal, obscure or overshadow. I am not sure what astrological method you are using here. I don’t prefer solar houses, I work with two systems – Natural House and Solar House together – so I can make accurate and specific predictions. The transits in 2017 are at 28 degrees and you don’t have anything there.

      1. Not using any method just read up on the subject so I was just making an observation. As a loyal reader and visitor of your site as well as Get The Gloss I know you like to use Whole houses. I have many aspects happening st 25 degrees during this 8/18 eclipse which is what I was asking about in my post. Was more interested in present not 2017.

        1. If you have aspects at 25 degrees then (assuming they are not in Leo or Aquarius) you will be affected at a distance by what I can only describe as a mass delusion, followed by total confusion. The best analogy I can give you is the Olympics. The world has been buying the fantasy, yet the reality is, many of the athletes already have doping convictions and so the old Olympic ideal is really not there any more, if people are being honest. Television has hypnotised everyone and now we have several members of the American swimming team with seized passports. Wakey wakey. In your own life, there is a situation which is awfully similar, and it will affect you indirectly, so just be aware. People are blind sometimes.

  40. Hi Jessica, I was wondering if there is any type of a particular placement in ones chart that makes them more affected by the moon, i.e. Eclipses, Full Moons and such. I know when there are these type of changes with the moon I get little to no sleep at all, I feel like I’m in a fog. Personally I absolutely love the moon, I’m so drawn to it! It’s sacred to me, and I have no issue with telling people how much I love it, lol I’m curious if there is a part of my chart that would show such a thing or is it just something I love? Thank you

  41. Hi Jessica, this is an amazing article! I was born with the following positions

    saturn and minerva at 27 degrees scorpio
    Fortuna at 26 degrees sagittarius
    Hygeia at 27 degrees pisces

    Can you tell me if any of these positions aspect the eclipse and how the eclipse will affect me? Thank you so much Jessica!


    1. Your finances, property, business interests, charity, travel, academic commitments, worldwide web involvement, publishing and foreign connections are all affected at a distance by this eclipse and Full Moon. I will give you an example. You borrow $2000 to buy a ticket to a European city only to discover next week, that the authorities were covering up new passport regulations that mean you are now further out of pocket. A Lunar Eclipse is always about what is obscured, overshadowed or *dim* and it will affect you at a distance.

  42. Dear Jessica,
    Great article, I love to read your astrology blog, it is always so interesting.
    In my chart Sun at 26 Cap, Venus at 25 Cap, MC at 25 Vi, IC at 25 Pi, Panacea at 24 Vi, Ops at 25 Vi, Jupiter at 27 Ge. What can I expect? Thank you for your answer in advance.

    1. This is about work for you, or if you don’t work, it is about your university degree, voluntary efforts or full-time parenting. A Full Moon is always about inner or external conflict. Pick up my new book 2020 Astrology by free download to see why D Day is the most famous Full Moon in history. An eclipse is always a cover-up job. What you experience now is via other people or large organisations affecting your job or ‘job’ at a distance. Be aware.

  43. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for posting this article. I’m just learning about astrology (and I mean just!). Life has been changing and I feel like I’m on the cusp of something big. So I’m wondering how this incredibly important lunar eclipse will affect me. My birthday is 09.03.62. 22:30


      1. Any chance to get your input before the eclipse? Sorry I didn’t reply to your question sooner! Thanks and hugs!

        1. America is yet to wake up and experience this fully, so allow August 17th, 18th, 19th for the usual eclipse blind spots. Essentially, others around you are dazed and confused. They have been ‘buying’ a situation without examining it, and although their suspicions were aroused once already, they have been in denial about what is dodgy. Now, as the eclipse starts to hit home, you are going to see people either ignoring what concerns them, because it’s all too confusing, or starting to dig for the truth – yet it will take them weeks. This has a distant impact on your own life. Not direct, distant. Just be aware.

          1. Thank you so much! Sounds like a great synopsis of what is a foot. Blessings and hugs! <3

  44. Hi I’d be grateful if you could review my question that’s still awaiting moderation here. The interview has passed and didn’t go very well. However I’m interested and looking out for new client contracts for my work. How do you see the eclipse (s) affecting my professional space. Separately, I have a question regarding compatibility with my mother in law. She is born 27.12.50, 5 am in Chakwal, Pakistan. We’ve had quite a troublesome relationship and am quite eager to see when this would end. Do you see any light at the end of the tunnel? Many thanks for the great astrology service you provide.

    1. Sorry about the delay in replying – some Olympic swimmers were stopped by Rio police and my website nearly crashed! Anyway – let’s have a look at the interview/new client/work. Push this really hard now through the end of August as Jupiter conjuncts your natal Sun in the Sixth House of work. Even if you go through a convoluted process with the person/organisation see it through. Luck is on your side. Mother-in-law? You were born with Ceres at 14 Aquarius and Pluto at 14 Capricorn is semi-sextile Ceres, on and off, this year. (Hit Search to look up Ceres and Pluto, mother and son-in-law). Your issues will be over within months. In the meantime, take her seriously. You two will figure out the balance of power once your wife understands that she must play Proserpina.

  45. Deeply disimpassioned lately – what is going on with my chart? I have this book I’m looking to to finish up. Maybe make a move this year? Any insights greatly appreciated

    1. You have Neptune at 15 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of publishing and experienced the 29-year transit of Saturn at 15 Sagittarius in February, March, April, May – he is now retrograde and waiting to return in November 2016, when you will have this planet off your back. You escape from the real world through writing and you will love January 2019, full of rich literary rewards. This lack of passion is temporary. Read more about Saturn by hitting Search or pick up the new book 2020 Astrology from this site.

  46. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for yet another fantastic and informative article! I enjoy them so much! I am having trouble understanding how this will affect me and also my husband. I have Aesculapia at 25 Taurus, Cupido at 25 Scorpio, and I have my natal Polar Ascendant at 26 Aquarius and my natal Polar Descendant at 26 Leo. Looking at my husband’s chart, he has his ascendant at 25 Leo and his Vesta at 24 Gem, and his Descendant is 25 Aquarius. I’m not sure if this affects anything, but he also has many house cusps with degrees 25 and 26.

    I am wondering very much how this eclipse will affect not only me, but also my husband (since we both have many of the degrees in our natal charts)? I’d really appreciate your guidance, Jessica! Thank you so much again!!!

    1. I am not sure about Polar Descendants which sound a bit like polar bears to me, but let me see your chart. Your Taurus-Scorpio axis at 25 degrees will be part of a Grand Cross with the Eclipse, so I am glad you asked. If your husband’s birth time is 100% accurate then he is tied into this Grand Cross. Skip major decisions or discussions about the money, house, business, apartment, possessions or charity until this eclipse is well and truly over. Other people or organisations around you – maybe the whole world – has goggles on. This affects you too, particularly in terms of all you earn, own or owe. In this atmosphere of confusion, mystery and denial you would be better off waiting before big decisions, if possible.

  47. Hi Jessica, was wondering how eclipse might affect me with Uranus 24 Leo, Diana 25 Virgo, Mercury 24 Libra and Jupiter 26 Sag. Thanks!

    1. This is mostly about your worldwide web life, your foreign and regional connections, and perhaps travel, study, teaching or publishing. Just let this eclipse pass you by as others are either half asleep, in total denial or just blind as bats! I would apply this to large organisations or even large trends too. If you can make choices at any time at all, make them once the eclipse is over.

  48. Hi There-

    Love your site

    Will this eclipse mean anything for me? Sun leo 20 asc. Aquarius 25 Saturn Virgo 25?

    1. If your birth time is accurate and you have the Ascendant at 25 Aquarius, then the Moon at 26 Aquarius is a very shadowy influence on your group and your friends. Please let this eclipse pass before you do or say anything dramatic involving this network of people.

  49. Hi Jessica,

    I have Moon at 25 degrees Libra in the 5th house in my natal chart and also Lilith at 25 degrees Aquarius in my 9th house. Have not been able to get bottom of a health issue that results in my passing out during exercising (happens infrequently because I am being very careful with exercise since it started).

    Does this eclipse have any effect on me


    1. I am sorry this is happening to you. Okay, can you come back to me with planets, asteroids, angles in Virgo please – this is not about Libra or Aquarius. Also, for the record, Lilith is not part of our Roman family tree of modern astrology, which is why I don’t use her.

      1. I believe I only have Jupiter in Virgo, 23 degrees retrograde when born, in the 4th house. DOB – 4/14/57 9:42 am Detroit MI, now living in Los Angeles. I am having my jupiter return now.

        FYI have been to tons of Drs., had tons of tests, no one can find the problem. Except for the exercise syncope, all else appears fine. Thanks so much.

        1. If you are having your Jupiter Return, keep looking for the cause. Just remember Mercury Retrograde, also in Virgo, means you may go back and forth until October.

  50. OMG! Just found out that the upper management with my husbands employment were involved in some underhanded dealings that just came to light and the attorney for the organization was forced to resign because of it. Most of the management involved retired recently with a generous sum of money and guess who needs to get a cut in pay to make up for the loss, my family and the family of hundreds of other firefighters while these crooks sit in the lap of luxury right now. I’m sure more will be coming to light with this mess. I thought you’d find it interesting with the eclipse and all.

    1. Wow. Now THAT is a lunar eclipse. Thank you for sharing that with me and the other people in this discussion. I can’t help thinking, the Sun in Leo is a fire sign and of course you are talking about firefighters. Justice will be done eventually. Don’t worry.

  51. Amazing article! My dob is 26 April 1970, 11.15am, London, UK – will eclipse affect me? 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. You were born with Pluto at 25 Virgo in the Sixth House, which rules your working life and also your physical condition. The eclipse forms a semi-sextile and a quincunx with the Sun at 26 Leo and Moon at 26 Aquarius. Thus, this is actually about what happens with your job or your body, but it is about other people/organisations/situations at a distance, having a ripple effect on you. Their confusion, lack of clarity, lack of insight, muddle or messy thinking also affects you too. Just be aware of that before you do anything remotely dramatic!

  52. Hi Jess – So (if I’m getting my head around this correctly!) I won’t be affected directly (nothing at those degrees in Leo or Aquarius), but through six degrees of separation in other areas where I have factors at those degrees?
    Anything in particular I should look out for? What about my asc and desc at 25?
    Is my Cupido in Leo close enough?
    BTW received my Venus guide. Love it and so accurate. Incidentally, my last child born last Jupiter in Libra cycle (a gorgeous surprise). And we officially separated Jupiter in Sagitarrius – which was a good thing, a long time coming! This Jupiter in Libra cycle hoping for good things for my children, and a new relationship. 🙂

    1. The Capricorn/Cancer axis in your chart, at the angles, will be affected by this eclipse (so, this is about your career and your home; your position and your family; your ambition and your home town; your success and your homeland). I am assuming your birth time is absolutely spot-on to make that prediction, as the angles depend on total clock time accuracy. You will feel the typical impact of an eclipse – can’t really figure out what is going on, dealing with ‘invisible’ situations or people, affected by other people or organisations either in total denial, or failing to see straight. In general, just let this pass you by without doing or deciding anything major. And I am so happy you like your Venus Guide. Jupiter in Libra will start working wonders within weeks.

  53. Hello Jessica,
    I have my moon at 27 degrees Aquarius. Jupiter and my SouthNode at 26 degrees Virgo, Neptune at 26 degrees Scorpio and my North Node at 26 degrees Pisces. Feels like I am in the eye of the storm. Is the cover up work related in my case ? Please advise.



    1. Yes, you are in the middle of this eclipse – well and truly. The thing to remember at the moment is that key people or organisations just cannot see what is going on, or do not want to see. They may have been half asleep for weeks, or not willing to really face up to what is yelling for attention. This in turn affects your own life, and you may feel as if you are all at sea. Please let this time pass and come back to the judgements next week. In general, it may help you to look up Uranus on Search and also in my new book 2020 Astrology, free on this website. Uranus passing over 26 and 27 Aries aspects these chart patterns so feeling a ‘storm’ is classic. There are certainly thing you can do, as you will see.

  54. Hi Jessica, seems like my question got lost. Mercury retrograde? Anyway, another great blog! I have Ascension and desc. at 26. Cancer and Capricorn. How does that affect me? I am in the middle of major changes, selling house, moving countries. How is the eclipse going to affect? Thanks

    1. Apologies, as the news that members of the American swimming team had been arrested at the Rio Olympics sent a huge traffic surge over to my website, because of that prediction! Okay, now I can see your question properly. You haven’t logged in, so I don’t have your full chart in front of me, but if your birth time is correct, then please wait until the Moon is well and truly out of Aquarius (check daily planetary positions) before you make any big choices about moving, or your house. Other people are not seeing clearly and this affects you too.

  55. Hi Jessica!

    Can you take a look at my chart and tell me how this eclipse will affect me – I have Ceres 26 Pisces, and Diana 25 Sagittarius.

    thank you!

    1. Diana at 25 Sagittarius is what you will register most, as this eclipse is just one degree away at 26 Leo/26 Aquarius, and right now Saturn is also passing through Sagittarius. You pursue your freedom and independence on the worldwide web, through travel, belief systems, foreign or regional differences with people, education and/or publishing. You may want to make judgements or take decisions later about anything on that list, because others are not seeing straight and this also affects you. With Saturn also transiting your Ninth House now through 2017, you need to be uber cautious about your journeys, be they geographical, intellectual or spiritual.

  56. I am very sorry about your news. You were born with Mercury at 27 Gemini, which rules study, and of course this eclipse at 26 Leo and Aquarius is very close. If it helps, he cannot see straight, he is flying blind and he does not have the full story or complete picture. Try not to act or react too much while the eclipse is passing – have another look at everything later. You will be okay long-term and find the funding you need to pursue what you need to learn. You have Uranus in Virgo in your Sixth House of work, too, and of course we currently have Mercury Retrograde in Virgo to add to the trends you are putting up with! Once Mercury is back to normal, past the first week of October, you will have quite a different picture of what is possible. For now try to focus on what you want to achieve as a student and in your chosen field. Deep breath, re-focus and let these crazy few weeks take their course.

  57. It’s official, our flight to NYC is delayed by 9hrs. Hilarious!

    I asked you, was told, and it’s been delivered. Right as always.

    We now fly the at 1.10am morning of the 19th, which I suppose is slightly better. Just going to wait this one out and see if we actually get into a flight at all. You sure, you don’t want to open a travel agency Jessica? At least it would be holidays that run to plan 🙂 Come on Jupiter…. give me a break and shine on my soul some little happy dance.

      1. Yes, you helped, since I was ready for it: the gaggle of nonsense from the airline, changing checking in time (4 times), and general lack of clarity and chaos. But I was relaxed, and mental ready for it. Nothing was a surprise at all. 🙂 Just had to go with it. all. xx

  58. Hi Jessica, fascinating article about this Saros cycle. I cannot wait to see more of your predictions coming through…
    I have Jupiter at 25 Cancer and Ceres at 25 Gemini: any insight as to what type of area may lack all the facts? If I remember correctly, I think the 8th August 1998 Saros eclipse coincided with the decision to buy a house with a previous boyfriend who turned out to be a cheat. As it happens work is being done on my current house this week, with me being away and hubby watching over the builders: I hope this is not going to be a botched job!

    1. Thank you. The Saros cycles are fascinating and even though we think we have forgotten Princess Diana and her crash, the story will return to haunt us May-August 2017 and this time America will play her fated part. Yes, your Jupiter and Descendant are both in Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules your house and builders – and this eclipse is semi-sextile and quincunx both. Jupiter is your inner protection. There will certainly be something you are missing, or not being shown, about the situation – it will only come to light later. However, Jupiter in Cancer ensures that you are always in the best possible position, come what may, with property.

  59. Hi Jessica,

    Can you please let me know how I will be affected by the eclipse? I was laid off about 4 months ago and the process of finding another job has been slow. Do you see anything positive happening. DOB 7/29/74

    Thanks for your help.

    1. You were born with Bacchus at 14 Taurus in your Second House of salary, redundancy packages, unemployment benefits, rent, mortgage and so on. You were laid off when Saturn (slow, stuck, serious situations) moved to 14 Sagittarius in your birth chart and created a quincunx. You are waiting for Saturn to make his final pass over 14 Sagittarius so you can be rid of this cycle and that happens in the closing days of October and opening days of November. I know it’s boring to hear about a higher purpose for painful situations, but in your case, it seems you really did need time off work to explore what is was like to have a life. You will be fine long-term.

  60. So interesting to read these forecasts and learn about Saros cycle, I must read more! Personally I don’t know how this is/will affect me, I have been in limbo these past few months as I reevaluate where I’m at and the direction I’ve been heading in.
    Is it possible this eclipse doesn’t affect me, or does it affect everyone?

    1. The eclipse affects everyone and the area of your life most affected reveals the potential for blind spots, cover ups or missing information which will only be revealed later. There is already a story taking place with work or home, as you know. This eclipse affects that story yet it is in the nature of the beast that you will not be given all the information at the time.

  61. Hi Jessica: I am really enjoying your articles and learning more about Sun Sign astrology and especially the lesser known entities like Salacia, Minerva and the like. It’s been a tough few years personally and professionally. All evidence points to this eclipse being the end of a difficult cycle, but with Uranus at 26 degrees I’m concerned about my professional situation. I’ve been involved with a lovely Capricorn and that part of my life has moved on in such nice ways. If I could just find the right work situation I’d be thrilled. Thanks so much for any clues!

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad you are discovering Salacia and Minerva. Uranus at 26 Leo is in your Fifth House which rules motherhood, substitute motherhood (being a godmother, aunt or teacher) and lovers who may usher in pregnancy or stepchildren. I suspect you could easily have a child in your life by 2017. Now is the time for that discussion. This would, of course, affect your career.

  62. Hi
    I’m in the midst of property sale and purchase angst. I’m trying to sell my flat and buy a house in an area I left and want to get back to desperately. I have my buyer on the point of exchanging contracts but his solicitor is dragging it out with fine detail and he won’t sign until he had all the facts. Will I sell the flat and move this year? Will I buy the new house this year or will I be stuck forever with this flat ?
    My dob is November 19 1968
    Oldham lancs uk
    At 03.55 am

    1. You are doing this over Mercury Retrograde and I guess you also read about Saturn on this website (if not, hit Search). I am sorry the solicitor is being so boring and tedious and I sympathise. What I can tell you, is that every low is a high in the making. The eclipse fell right in your Fourth House, which rules property. So by next Monday you will no longer be in the dark and you will realise what a drama was going on, out of sight. Beyond this, you will get to where you want to be, but it will take time – sorry – and yet, you will make or save a small fortune from the final quarter of 2018 and by 2019 you will have forgotten this.

      1. Thank you, when you say that it will take time do you mean weeks months or years?!! I was hoping to sell and buy before Christmas this year and be. In the new house by October/ November – do you think it will take longer? Will the buyer change his mind and not exchange contracts? I am desperate to move 🙁

        1. First of all, don’t be desperate to move – which is easy for me to say – but this will work out for you as it is supposed to. I mentioned how every low point was a high point. What you are not seeing, and may not know, is that even a delay, rejection or other step back is actually a step up in your favour. Without a personal birth chart it is hard to say more than that, I’m sorry.

  63. Hi Jessica,
    Wish to know or understand more how this eclipse would affect me and my work and biz partners thru my chart pattern.
    Thanks, BC

    1. Yes, your natal chart is well and truly triggered. By now – possibly by Monday at the very latest – you should have been woken up to an issue you knew nothing about which will dramatically change how you see another person and thus, yourself. It is a time of reckoning and you can double that message, if you two go back years. Please think very carefully about how much you want to get involved. There are some realities about this which you simply have to accept, and one of them is that it may be impossible for you to know the full story or see the total picture. That is way too wide a margin of uncertainty, so please be very cautious here.

  64. Hi Jessica – thank you for the comprehensive article.

    I have Moon 25 Taurus — how is this connected to the Moon at 25 Aquarius, and how can I expect this to manifest in my life? I also have Ops 25 Leo.

    Thanks so much!

    1. By now you are halfway through understanding what you did not know, and could not see, before. There will be greater understanding and insight by Monday and perhaps a genuine moment of truth. Having been in the dark about someone/something terribly important, you are no longer there. Astrology is meant to be used proactively so the key to this eclipse is to understand that you might restrain yourself from impulsively acting – if you are aware the eclipse is there you might be more hesitant and think twice about people or situations which, frankly, represent the unknown. This is particularly true with your friendships, your social media and any groups you are involved with. Ops at 25 Leo suggests this might also be about a godchild (for example) or a prospective lover who could get you pregnant or make you a stepmother. You can find out more about Leo and Aquarius in your chart by hitting Search.

  65. Hello Jessica – I follow your weekly and monthly horoscopes, religiously. I’d really appreciate if you can please have a look at my problem and let me know any possible resolution?

    My DOB is Dec 4, 1983 and birth time is 14.50 IST. My wife’s DOB is 27 July, 1986 and birth time is 18.34 IST. My wife left me on March 6 this year and on May 19 told me she wants to separate. Tried my best to reconcile and meet her demands, but she says she won’t change her mind. I got a divorce notice from her on August 19, today. I know there was a lunar eclipse yesterday, so wanted to know what impact does it have on my marriage? Is there a second chance in my marriage or if my wife will reconsider her decision or it’s not worth trying?

    Please, please let me know. And, THANK YOU for providing your guidance to us. Bless you!

    1. I am very sorry your wife left you. I am sure you are extremely upset about this traumatic experience. The issue is actually children. You don’t say if you have any, or not. Between now and 2018 you will go through the final stages of a cycle which was designed to teach you how you really feel about being a father – or not. You may have no idea how restricted and confined you were, by the situation with your wife, either because I suspect not having a son or daughter has kept you confined, or (alternatively) because parenthood has kept you under lock and key in some way. Sort this out first. Do some self-examination. This is really not about the eclipse so much, it is about 2017 and yet by 2018 you will be free. I’m afraid I can’t comment on your wife’s chart without her posting here.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    Many blessings to you! Love the constant stream of articles you come out with on a regular basis. I wonder how this eclipse season will affect me. You have all the details of my chart.
    Any light for me as I have been traveling through this very dark tunnel forever!!
    Thank you for everything you do.

    1. If your birth time is accurate the MC is at 29 Sagittarius and the IC is at 29 Gemini so 2017 is all about the worldwide web, travel, moving, foreign people and places, foreign belief systems and it may also be about education or publishing. Someone in your family tree was an explorer, intellectually, spiritually or geographically and you have inherited your explorer streak from them. Okay, next year will radically change the way you operate as a world citizen or worldwide web citizen, as other people’s lives will turn upside down and this will also affect you. Avoid the actual eclipse period as it is a peculiar time. If you can travel at any time at all you may prefer to avoid the days over the eclipse.

  67. Hi Jessica

    Well, talk about not seeing something! This morning (Sat) I walked into an oven/grill door about my shoulder height and gashed my forehead. Now sporting dent, bruising, bump and fairly substantial cut. Lesson number 1 – be present and look where you’re going. Lesson 2 – don’t trust husband with door!
    Think I’ll live


    1. I am so distressed to hear about that! One thing that occurs, though, is that now you must take time out, and you might just begin to see something else…I hope you recover quickly.

  68. Hi jessica
    The august eclipes has hit my Jupiter pluto moon in my 4th house. I have struggle this year within in my self with hope…everything feels empty yet nothing is really wrong…any feed back will help at this time to try an understand this madness…thank you

    1. Yes, the eclipse did fall on your chart, but there is more going on, than that. You recently had your Saturn Return. That is a very big deal in astrology, as you may know. Pick up 2020 Astrology free from this site now and read about Saturn and Sagittarius – and also the Ninth House. You are describing the emptiness that comes when there is nothing and nobody to have faith in. Sagittarius describes belief systems of all kinds, from astrology, to humanism, to transcendental meditation, to Hinduism, Judaism and all the ‘isms’ that we have. Saturn is about finding a way to feel safe and protected, without cutting off the life force. I suspect you need to dig deeply into what you believe, or don’t believe, and why. Take your time, the Saturn Return requires plenty of space and patience. If it would help to talk to someone, search the Samaritans or a similar service where you live. The Samaritans was actually set up purely on faith by Chad Varah who found exactly the telephone service he required, in the ruins of a London church! I think it might be these kinds of stories that turn the key in the lock for you, no matter what you believe, or don’t believe.

  69. Dear Jessica , I have 5 planets at 27degree . I really need to know what’s in store for me in august 2017 . Thank-you

    1. I’ll ignore the angles (IC and MC) as sometimes a birth time exactly on the hour, quarter hour and so on, is just a guess by the midwife or mother. There is enough to work with, based on your Bacchus at 27 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, Juno at 27 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups, and Proserpina at 27 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property and business. Please skip the eclipse period for decisions about all these areas of life as you will not be shown the true or full story. In general Uranus at 27 Aries in 2017 means other people’s revolutions, rebellions and drives for independence will affect your own life. The best thing to do ? Go with it. Adapt and be flexible. This will affect your career, social life, social media and your money. We are also seeing Jupiter pass over 27 Libra in 2017 so again, it is other people’s choices about their marriages or partnerships which affect you, at a distance.

  70. Dear Jessica , I have Mars at 26 Gemini and Chiron at 26 Aries , how will this affect me . Thank you

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