Your Saturn Sign and House in Astrology

Your Saturn Sign is triggered by your birthday from 28 through 30, but also once a year, when the Sun travels past. Saturn describes your hard karma. Your unavoidable fate. Your destiny, using astrology, is to work with it and minimise the issues! Here's how.

Your Saturn Sign

In astrology, Saturn by sign and house shows where you are fated to learn life lessons. It reveals where you must protect and comfort yourself, and also defend yourself.

Using the Natural House system, which you will find throughout this website, you can find your Saturn Return details, below. This is a good way to understand how Saturn affects you. No matter if you are remembering your 29th birthday, or you are about to experience it in future, going through the famous Saturn Return will show you exactly what you have to deal with.

What is the Saturn Return? The planet returns to the same zodiac sign, house and position (same degree) it occupied on the day you were born. It happens for everybody around age 29. If you wanted to know precisely when, you can hit Comments and ask me, at the end of this page. This wonderful old machine, from the British Museum, below, shows Saturn as he cycles through.


Jupiter Saturn 448x600 - Your Saturn Sign and House in Astrology
Jupiter and Saturn in The British Museum.

Transits to Saturn

Just as Jupiter brings opportunities and solutions, Saturn brings difficult learning experiences. However, you can use astrology to make them less heavy and less frequent! Awareness is everything.

Transits, when travelling heavenly bodies make exact patterns – or aspects – to your Saturn can sometimes feel like a mini Saturn Return. You will experience this every year when the Sun passes through the same zodiac sign and house as your natal Saturn. In fact, you can look up your Saturn Return (by your Saturn Sign) below and read it every 12 months, in a diluted form, as the Sun’s cycles will highlight your Saturn issues and remind you what you are here to learn. This is a useful time to do some soul-searching about how you have been handling Saturn in your chart. The Sun acts as a spotlight at this time and will make what is known as a Sun-Saturn Conjunction. It’s a way of seeing yourself at a distance. A mini life review.

Saturn in Aries
The Sun is in Aries from the final week of March to the third week of April, every year.
Saturn in Taurus
The Sun is in Taurus from the final week of April to the third week of May, every year.
Saturn in Gemini
The Sun is in Gemini from the final week of May to the third week of June, every year.
Saturn in Cancer
The Sun is in Cancer from the final week of June to the third week of July, every year.
Saturn in Leo
The Sun is in Leo from the final week of July to the third week of August, every year.
Saturn in Virgo
The Sun is in Virgo from the final week of August to the third week of September, every year.
Saturn in Libra
The Sun is in Libra from the final week of September to the third week of October, every year.
Saturn in Scorpio
The Sun is in Scorpio, from the final week of October to the third week of November, every year.
Saturn in Sagittarius
The Sun is in Sagittarius, from the final week of November to the third week of December, every year.
Saturn in Capricorn
The Sun is in Capricorn, from the final week of December to the third week of January, every year.
Saturn in Aquarius
The Sun is in Aquarius, from the final week of January to the third week of February, every year.
Saturn in Pisces
The Sun is in Pisces, from the final week of February to the third week of March, every year.


At this time, Saturn is passing through your First House, which rules your mask, your performance, and your image. This cycle has nothing to do with the person inside, but everything to do with how you are seen – and how you project, present and package yourself to the outside world.

 You are proceeding with extreme caution now, which is why you may be protecting your true self, or deliberately building a particular persona. Relaxing and being spontaneous – being yourself – will be more challenging while Saturn is in the First House! Nevertheless, you will also learn a great deal about self-control and self-discipline. Whatever fear you have about how you are seen, how you appear, what you look like – and how the world rates you – will encourage you to work hard on shoring up your image. The outside world will sense that someone’s behind the mask, somewhere, but it may be impossible for them to get to know you properly, until this cycle is over. The barriers will go up now, and stay up, as this feels comfortable. Be careful with Facebook, as Saturn in Aries rules the face, and the public face. What are others experiencing? What lessons are useful?

Be aware that what you do to ‘fix’ issues about your image or personal appearance may actually be more of a test, than the one thing which makes you most concerned.  Why the make-up, the hair transplant, the heel-lifts, the padded bra, the public relations drive, the botox or the elocution lessons? Whatever you use to help you stage your act in this cycle (and it may just be a particularly frozen smile, or a particularly serious car) it can be helpful to be a realist about what you’re getting in return.

A reasonable amount of routine and ritual will be involved in building your look, or your reputation, a certain way. Progress will be unavoidably slow by the way, so don’t expect instant or easy results in your task. No matter if you are body building, losing weight, or working tirelessly on the way that other people judge you, Saturn in the First House will present you with an epic set of chores. You’re structuring your look and image now. It will go up, brick by brick, until this cycle ends. You have to be a realist at this time – utterly responsible for yourself and your situation. The internet is very much involved in this cycle as your reputation, profile and face exist in cyberspace. Find out what is actually involved – realistically – about all this!



You can be broke or wealthy in this cycle, but you’ll still need to get real – and be extremely practical – about unavoidable issues which come with your situation. Being rich can increase your security risks, and make it hard to relate to non-rich family members or friends. Being skint is also a challenge. Right. Naturally, being in debt is no fun in this cycle either, and I don’t have to explain why (I mean, really, who wants to live on baked beans?)  But, Saturn treats us all equally. It doesn’t matter if you’re rolling in it, or too frightened to look at your ATM slip. Right now, your job is to create a solid financial structure in your life that will take care of the worst of your fears.

 A system which will protect you, and a strategy that will defend you, is what you’re after. It’s going to take enormous amounts of time, energy and effort to put into effect – but you have no choice, now. Saturn is nicknamed TINA by some astrologers; There Is No Alternative. At this point in your life, Tina is in charge of your chart, and whatever weird, fated, karmic situation your bank balance is in, you must be ruthlessly practical and hard-working about sorting things out. Once again, it’s irrelevant if you’re feeling rich, or horribly poor.

At least once in this cycle, you will be put through a test. That test will prod and poke the structure you have patiently built up in your life, to see if it’s actually fulfilling its function. If you only did a half-arsed job on things, it will show, and you will learn a hard lesson. Equally, though, it’s possible that what you’ve set in motion in your life is thoroughly inappropriate for you. If so, you will also be taught something about what to do…and what not to do.

Here’s a quick way through Saturn in the Second House. Ask yourself if you would be making the same financial/business/property choices, and adopting the same attitudes, if that situation was not there. Even if things were perfectly simple and easy with cash, business, property, possessions, banking, tax and accounting right now – would your coping mechanisms still seem like a good idea? Would you put up that kind of structure in your life, anyway? 

Life can seem so full of risk and gloomy worst-case-scenario possibilities that we do mad things, in order to help ourselves. This is a good time to be super-aware of what you’re building in your life. Money can make us all crazy. To be Scrooge is also not much fun. To work too hard, to make the money that makes you feel secure, means you have no life!

Here’s another Saturn tip. Ask people who are older, wiser and more experienced than you, about your course of action. Are you being too paranoid? Too silly about your salary? Too defensive about people owing you money? Learn about who (and what) you value most and then make smart moves to manage it all. Conditions will be hard. But Tina wants a Plan with a capital P. So go to it. Most of all, this cycle is about your values. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what is most precious to you.

xhgmq nywqu 600x400 - Your Saturn Sign and House in Astrology


This cycle is about the internet, publishing, education, language, computers, public speaking, communication and writing – as well as multimedia and other kinds of connections. Create a strategy for long-term coping and maintenance. You should be looking for two things here. The first is the effectiveness of your new life system, in warding off what you fear – your worst case scenario with them. This system will be tested, throughout this cycle. So get real. Is your cunning plan, or your careful new attitude, doing what it should for you? Or have you come up with something which is all reaction, and no thought?

Saturn can sometimes lead us to build things in our lives which end up being more of a problem than the original fear. In other words, in your yearning for a safer, more protected existence, you end up creating a trap for yourself which is more harmful to your life (and your life force) than the ‘words’ bogeyman you originally saw. Older, wiser and more experienced people can help you here.

Communication, and the business of using the written or spoken word, is one issue but sometimes the question is about hearing, speaking, your ‘voice’ across all mediums or your ‘ears’ or ‘eyes’ on the web. Obvious stuff, like speeches which have to be made, or papers which have to be presented, can also be a trigger. Or you may be dealing with stammering, or writer’s block, or stage fright, or fear of exams. The outcomes with Saturn in the Third House are many but the message is the same. You cannot change the conditions you are saddled with now, but you can completely control your response to them. So work, and sweat, and wait, and calculate, and strategise, and take stock. If Plan A doesn’t do what you hoped it would, then go to Plan B. Don’t begrudge the time you spent on Plan A, if so, because it is all part of your learning experience – and it’s that learning which will help you get it right next time.

This cycle also impacts travel, and the transport that you use – cars, buses, trains, boats, bicycles, motorbikes. As a basic starting point for this cycle, always read the fine print on travel conditions, and on purchase or hire contracts for vehicles. You will now need to face up to issues and conditions, around travel or transportation, you cannot avoid.This cycle is about making a to-do list and then sticking to it. Plan B and C are good. People who approach 30 sometimes learn to drive in this transit, for a variety of reasons. Driving involves learning – study, tests – and of course that synchs with the other meaning of this Saturn Return.


t5yuohw6zro 600x400 - Your Saturn Sign and House in Astrology


Here comes Saturn, into your home zone! So…Let’s look at your lease, mortgage or property investment first. You need to become a DIY expert on all this stuff now, so you can be constantly and thoroughly updated about everything – from your legal situation with landlords, to the realities of hiring builders. You can never learn too much, or know too much, in this cycle. The more wide open you leave yourself to mistakes and fate, the more challenging this cycle will be. So build a plan that works and stick to it. You will need a nest with strong walls and other ‘guarantees’ on this cycle as conditions around you are unavoidable. Much depends on the nest itself. Test it at intervals.  

I don’t know if you own a string of properties in Monte Carlo, or you’re sharing a cheap flat with your friends, but the story is the same. Situations you cannot sidestep, and conditions you cannot avoid, are going to make renting or owning equally hard. You may even need a few slugs of whisky to deal with what’s now happening. But…if you become an expert on all the issues now in front of you, and if you work at coping, and managing, and enduring, you will get through.

The only caveat is, make sure that the way you are now building and structuring your home life, is the right way. In other words, don’t just blindly react to what, or who, is causing you anxiety. Take a deep breath and strategise, and get as much outside advice as you can.

How will you know if your strategy is sound? Firstly, it will have worked before, for other people. Secondly, it will be absolutely right for now (check the internet to get the latest.) Thirdly, it will be a strategy that not only protects you from the worst, it will also stand up on its own merits. You can build a home life now that has merit anyway, quite apart from the fact that it’s your own emergency response to stuff you cannot avoid or control.

Here are some real-life examples from my files, of people who had this cycle before you. They dealt with mortgage interest rate increases, delayed building schedules, difficult flatmates, home repair costs…you name it. Saturn says “This is your karma now. This is the way things have to be, for a couple of years. So learn all you can, and build a measured response to it – a sensible way to manage things – which will take care of the worst of your worries.” The Universe adds, “Oh, and make sure that your coping strategy isn’t going to make you feel worse than the threat of the problem itself.”

 Your relationship with your parents, your close relatives (anyone from sisters to uncles) and your own immediate family (your partner and children) also needs attention now. Accept the things you cannot change and then be patient enough, and smart enough, to slog away and make things work. The advice and insights of experts or those who have been there, done that, with their own families could be enormously helpful.

Concerns about family members, or those actually caused by them, should not interfere with the rest of your life. Instead, take a long, cool look at what you must now manage, and be prepared to work phenomenally hard at your game plan. If, over the next two years, you find that your coping strategy wasn’t so useful after all, don’t waste time on regrets. Recover, repair, and start again – with a better one. Just keep going!



This cycle affects the world of children. This means your own son or daughter, as well as any godchildren, grandchildren, nieces or nephews in your life. A looser connection to children (through your job, for example, or through friends’ kids – or your hobbies and interests) may also be on the agenda. You may be concerned with issues like pregnancy, infertility, adoption, postnatal depression, miscarriage and abortion at this time too. So…this whole cycle is best summed up as follows:


How to cope? On the most simple level, I think you can honestly avoid the worst of this cycle by taking a reality check about having children/not having children almost as soon as it begins. Don’t hide your head in the sand. Get real. What are the worst case scenarios now? What’s going on out there? Where do you stand? What’s the truth of your situation? Once you know, build a life which can ‘take’ all those realities, and accommodate your most basic anxieties. This is a classic cycle for the turning-thirty concerns many people have.

Even with children who are now at school, or even adults in their own right,  there is no point in tightly constructing such an impossibly safe, disciplined and rigid little world for yourself, that you lose the connection to life altogether. Don’t block your own flow. Don’t make your fear your whole life. Children do push our buttons. But keep this thing in perspective now.

We associate this cycle with the interests, hobbies and part-time pursuits that bond children and adults together. Cricket. Classic bands or classical music. Kidult entertainment, like Harry Potter. For one reason or another this will be hard work on your Saturn Return. Think carefully before you take on anything or anybody new. That riding school commitment may involve issues you had not anticipated, when the family signs up. Anything which means the elders and betters can join in with the younger generation, should be taken cautiously.

Sex will also be a big deal now. Saturn is a slow, serious and stuck transit to deal with. Not very sexy, is it? But…Get real and get organised. Single or attached, you now need a way of life which will help you and serve you. How did others cope before you, with the same issue?  Of course the nitty-gritty of sex is embarassing to discuss, but you can do it (anonymously) in online forums. Read Tracey Cox. Read Steve Biddulph. Educate yourself and then work hard at your game plan.


sm3ub ijkqg 1 600x338 - Your Saturn Sign and House in Astrology


If you work full-time or part-time, this cycle will affect your job. You’ll need more sleep now, and a proper daily routine which keeps you healthy. Of course, doctors will tell you that this is essential anyway, but for the next two years or so, it’s really vital. The realities of your particular role in life, will demand more than you imagined. You’ll often be emotionally stretched or just worn out from it all. So promise yourself, from day one that Saturn goes into your Sixth House, you will treat your body with the respect you would give to a vintage Rolls Royce. Your body is a machine now. Look after it, because it’s going to have to carry you through unavoidable workplace, university, home or volunteering realities.

More on your body in a moment. This is a common scenario on this Saturn Return – over the next year or two, the changing conditions with staff, equipment, hours, job descriptions or even the industry itself, will seriously confront you. Much as you would love to take permanent sick leave, or never return from your summer holiday, you can’t. So you’re stuck with the position and the people. But – here’s the solution. The harder you work at developing a proper set of strategies, rituals and routines, the less pressure you will feel. The more you educate yourself about people management, or the realities of your business/industry, or workplace psychology, the safer you will feel. I know of no other cycle which depends so much on your willingness to make an effort. And that means a carefully constructed schedule, weekly list, and plan. You also need to ask yourself about the realities of work and what you are prepared to do, in order to have job security.

Take a long look at the coping mechanisms and little structures you’re creating now, in order to deal with what you fear. We all do it, especially in our working lives. Check in every few months or so, to see if these systems you’ve developed to manage, are actually worth all your effort. Were you right to try and build a certain kind of strategy, or were you way, way out? Learn as you go. If you were mistaken, correct it, then move on.

If you are unemployed or have a full-time home life, the same issues face you now. Unavoidable, difficult challenges face you. The way forward for you is to do your homework, about what you’re dealing with. It’s day in, day out, after all. So put in some research. Ask someone who knows. Then use that knowledge.

Health and wellbeing need careful attention now. You are stuck with what you’re stuck with, in this cycle – so get second, third and fourth opinions. But above all, devote a certain number of hours every week to slogging away at what the experts tell you must be done. Whatever your body is doing, now, you need to get real (and you will) but you also need to work, work, work at it.



This cycle will affect your marriage, partnership, dating chances, and the state of play with any rivals or enemies. You will have to live in the real world at this time, as the unavoidable facts about yourself and your situation will need to be dealt with, in the most practical way. Flapping is not an option! Neither is burying your head in the sand.

What Saturn wants you to do now, is build the kind of relationship, the kind of single life – even the kind of status quo with your opponents – which does the most to take care of your concerns. This means common sense and practical coping. Others have been there before you, turn to their expertise or experience.

Saturn tells you how it is, not how you wish it could be, and then it asks you to deal with difficult realities, by putting in the hard work. This cycle will ask you to draw on your experience, make a plan, put everything together, then roll up your sleeves and do what is necessary. It’s hardly romantic, but it is constructive, and it will help.

 It’s really important to be clear about the sort of relationship, or the kind of single life, which you are now building. Equally, if you are trying to structure your world a certain way in order to deal with enemies, you need to be fully conscious of what you’re creating. What do you think you’re doing, here?

Stand back and take an objective look at what you are putting together for yourself now. Is it providing you with a sense of false security, or real security? If all goes well now, you will end up with something which is built to last. That something may be a marriage, a relationship, a divorce, or a legal victory. It may be a fixed approach to a partner or enemy, or a new emotional or sexual set-up. Whatever you are putting so much work into could very well stand the test of time, so it’s crucial that you know the nature of the bed you are hammering together, before you decide to go and lie in it.

 Apart from anything else, the sheer energy, time and patience your love life tasks require now will be monumental. You could spend a year or two structuring your love life a certain way – or labouring away at a battle.

People who are older and wiser and have been there before you will be excellent sources of advice now. There have seldom been so few guarantees in your world. Against this background, though, you must make the best judgements you can. Those who have been there before you can help. Hit books, courses, whatever you have to, to check your hard work is worth it. 


5t4isi9dnzc 600x450 - Your Saturn Sign and House in Astrology


The realities of having other people (or organisations) so heavily involved in your own financial, business or property situation is, sooner or later, you’re going to have to accept that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Or a free chocolate mousse. Deals, contracts, binding obligations, legal requirements and casual agreements all add up to the same thing – a big reality check. This Saturn Return asks you to look at sexually intimate arrangements over the house, flat, money or business. Marriage or a common law marriage/de-facto relationship is typical. Then, there are deadly serious agreements, like life insurance, your last will and testament or mortgages.

You will enter into new financial, business or property arrangements over the next couple of years or deal with issues around the old agreements, expectations and arrangements. You hope these will take care of your concerns. But do your homework and seek expertise and experience. What’s the track record of these schemes or plans? And is the price you’re about to pay for them (financially, or in terms of work, energy or effort) worth it?

It may be that you’re about to patiently construct a watertight financial, business or property structure that will defend you extremely well against what you fear. However, it may be that you are lurching towards a plan which is about as effective as a $1 ‘protection’ candle. So ask around. The older, richer, more experienced and more thoughtful someone is, the more you need to take them out to lunch and ask them all your questions. Who’s been through your situation before, and who can best advise you?

Try to do the get-real thing before this cycle begins! You have certain arrangements with your flatmates about the bond, but where do you all stand legally? You’re happy to rely on a family inheritance, but what does your Dad actually expect as a result of that? You’re thrilled about the cottage that you and your husband just bought, but what happens if you split up?

The standard Saturn rules apply. Keep life simple, minimise the ‘ask’ before this cycle begins, space clear your financial, property or business life and don’t necessarily take on anything new unless you are quite sure you can handle the burden.



This cycle brings lessons about travel, people from other countries and cultures, education, publishing and religion. You have Saturn returning to Sagittarius, so all the areas of life ruled by this sign are now hard work. Immigration. Belief systems, apart from religion including cults. The Worldwide Web.

In a nutshell this cycle is about the decisions you make, which you hope will expand your horizons. So it covers writing books and website blogs, as well as study, and journeys overseas. It certainly concerns foreign religious beliefs – foreign to you, anyway.

The most common outcome of this cycle is a difficult reality check about someone who has a totally different national or cultural background to you. They may be visiting your country, or be resident here. Alternatively, you may be dealing with them on the other end of a phone. Nevertheless, there is nothing (and nobody) so foreign to you, that you cannot do some research. Educate yourself about how to communicate, how to cope, and how to manage. Update yourself on what’s going to work best. For the next year or so, you’re going to need a plan. Make it the best one you can find and then stick to it.

If you travel now, buy books before you go, and do lots of web research. Prepare thoroughly and don’t just throw your clothes in a suitcase and trust to luck. The place you have in mind, and the experiences ahead, will also demand some kind of plan or coping strategy. So base it on as much advance knowledge as possible – not to mention a few words of wisdom from those who have lived there/worked there/travelled there before you.

Are you studying or teaching now? You’ll have specific fears. Millions of people are going through this at the same time as you – and millions have survived this cycle before you. So do what you must. Gather the facts, address the realities, and then dance as hard as you can, for as long as you can. Once again, older and more experienced people can be very helpful.

You cannot change who you are, nor can you change aspects of your course, or the people in charge, or the other students – or the state of play with your chosen field. Nevertheless, you can create and control your response to all of that. Boringly enough, it’s usually the ‘sensible’ and time-honoured approach that works best at this time. But it’s your choice. Once you’ve asked enough questions, just go with the system that you trust.

Publishing could easily touch your world now. And of course, this now means audiobooks, as well as video podcasts and the more traditional world of the printed press. Put aside any fond imaginings or ill-informed fantasies about what publishing or the web is actually all about. Saturn is going to update you with a reality check so hard, you may feel like a flying cow just hit you in the side of the head. But no matter. Just ask the experts, and when you can’t do that, scan professional organisations or community forums. Then roll up your sleeves and get on with your best bet – your smartest plan.  

The same thing applies to any religious or academic issue which challenges you now. You probably need to get real about the way things are now, in respect to this particular community or organisation. So update yourself, ask advice, and then build your strategy.



Quick! Are you about to take a new job, as this cycle begins? Then check the fine print on the contract, and arm yourself with as many facts as you can, not only about your employers, but also about the state of your business/industry. You must now inform yourself, educate yourself and update yourself as much as you can, about the work that you do, or the position you’re about to take. If you don’t, you could be setting up some avoidable tests later.

The same advice applies to any new project, special work plan or new role you take up while this cycle operates. Full-time parenting is a job, too. So is volunteering. Forget your imagination or your hopes and dreams. Instead, read up as much as you can, on what’s actually going to be in store. Knowledge is your greatest defence at this time.

Whenever Saturn is returning to Capricorn and the Tenth House, you need to do your homework. The more you can live in the real world about the particular profession or position you’re choosing, the better off you will be. Ask the sign just before yours, about this cycle. They had it before you, for around two years of their life. What happened? What did they learn?

When it comes to your working life, there will be a situation which is hard to avoid, deny or escape around you (usually within a few weeks of this cycle beginning.) If you don’t have a full-time or part-time job, then this applies to your other role and goals. Questions of status, success, ambition, position and mission seem heavy now.

You will need to build up some kind of stronghold now, as you manage this tough situation. It may be psychological (so you need to think a certain way, or respond a certain way, to feel safer and more secure.) It may also be practical and hands-on – a workplace system, or professional routine, which will take care of what you fear most.

This will really stretch you. However, it is your best bet, as the alternatives (trying to forget what’s happening, or trying to pretend it’s not there) are no alternatives at all. When life hands you lemons, as it will, make lemonade. And compare recipes to find out what works best.

 If you don’t work (you’re married to the breadwinner, or you’re retired/jobless with quite a different set of ambitions and goals) then this general outcome, as written above, will affect your overall status and mission. It will have nothing to do with bosses, but everything to do with your lifestyle and standing in the world.

What you face now will be tough, but take it on. You must now patiently construct a place for yourself which will shore you up, and help you manage. 



You have a friend who is about to trigger certain basic concerns. You have known this person for years – or you may find the friendship takes off while this cycle is running. Nevertheless, this person is about to push more buttons than you knew you had. And…you can’t really do anything to change it. For one reason or another, you’re stuck with a situation which means you must now live with the realities of being this person’s friend. Is it their personality, the changes in their life, or their circumstances? Is it the particular chemistry you have with them, or decisions they’re making which directly affect and worry you? Take a deep breath and take stock.

Saturn is not here to give you the wobbles. It is here to teach you something about friendship which you can only learn every 28 years. You have to decide how much you should shoulder, and how often – or not.

Friendship, social media and your social life in general will teach you some lessons now. If you don’t know what you need to know – ask. Particular friends may come along, or return to your life, who triggers lots of heavy issues for you. It teaches you. 

Be practical and make a list of what you trust will work best with the group, club, team, committee, association, charity, political party, band, ensemble cast  – or other group. Go to good books, trusted advisors, or older, wiser people if you must. And give it time. Lots and lots of time! The system which is going to work best now, is one which will necessarily involve a long stretch of patience and effort, on your part.

You will certainly have a group involvement which is going to require quite a lot of sustained hard work and careful management. If you’re not really a joiner by nature, this group could easily be your usual circle of friends (your social life, as a whole) or perhaps it’s just a network of people you are temporarily involved with – like a travel group, on a tour.

Destiny will line up the people you need most, at this time, to teach you the most about your own maturity. Fate has set you up in one of those situations which just is. However, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and set about organising a smart way to manage it all. You also need to be honest and ask yourself if the friend or group is too much of a burden.

In two years or so from now, you won’t even care. But for now, explore the realities of your situation from all angles, and then work as hard as you can, to come up with a sensible response. “S/he handled all that so cleverly”, the others will say, ten years from now, when they look back and finally understood what it is you actually did.

By the way….your Saturn lessons also impact the whole business of being lonely/having no friends too. So if it’s your karma to be all alone now, don’t put up with it. Do some homework and find out how to have a social life as best you can. It won’t be easy, and it will take you months – but you will  be okay. Treat the creation of friendship as seriously as the creation of a business. What you do to shore up your sense of security, comfort and safety in a testing social situation or friendship situation is as important as what/who lies outside your barriers, or walls. Have a look at how you are building your life now and ask yourself if it is delivering the reassurance you want.


xwjuc9heffw 600x400 - Your Saturn Sign and House in Astrology


Ah, Saturn in Pisces and the Twelfth House! Way too many dusty old astrology books will tell you this is about hospital or asylums. And also – jail. This is nonsense, of course.

This cycle will give you a rare chance to get to know yourself better, and learn about what really makes you tick. It is about a vivid confrontation with your unconscious. Of course, it is possible that you may be in seclusion for some of your Saturn Return so this makes it necessary to examine your soul. For the most part, though, you will now reach a cycle when any circumstance at all, can trigger the need to learn from yourself – about yourself – and that means the part of yourself which is deeply submerged below the surface.

The Twelfth House in astrology is ruled by Neptune and associated with Pisces. We associate it with everything about yourself and your plans which is invisible, mysterious or an enigma. This is a confused and confusing part of yourself and your life which even your closest friend, relative or lover cannot fathom. It is literally ‘unfathomable’ and yet this is also where you must learn your hardest lessons.

You can expect a long confrontation with yourself – just you and the mirror, or you and a diary – or even you and a therapist, or priest. You can expect to spend more time by yourself now, either by choice or by circumstance. Who are you when there is nobody else around to react to? What are you really made of? This cycle will teach you all this and more, as it encourages you to take a long, hard reality check about your inner self.

 Sometimes this cycle does find you marooned by yourself for a while. There are many possibilities, but Saturn in the Twelfth House typically finds a way to remove you from the outside world, and trigger the stark confrontation with your spirit or soul.
Be careful with astral travel, meditation, out-of-body experiences and your etheric body now. The Twelfth House rules this invisible area of your life. We associate it with the chakra system, the aura and the ‘light’ body and this is where you need to know what you’re doing, before you even go there with activities which involve this hidden part of yourself. Learn how to protect your aura and close down your chakra system. 

It’s quite true that your own private time and space are necessary now, because you have so much to process. If your secret world or private self becomes a burden to you, though, you need to explore options which will help you cope. Meditation, yoga, self-help techniques and counselling may all be useful. Sometimes the logical answer is to spend less time alone with your unconscious mind. Less time in bed, dreaming. Less time navel gazing. It’s a straightforward solution to Saturn ‘s Return.

You will build your own inner world now – full of secrets which nobody else will ever access. Crafting this will take at least a year, and possibly longer, as you set about the task of taking practical steps to manage your fears. Just make sure the inner world you are left with is one you can be happy with, long-term. Your aim will be to find security, reassurance and comfort so turn to tried, tested and trusted ways to achieve that – about your inner self or invisible self.

A role behind the scenes where nobody sees you, and where you get no credit, recognition or acknowledgement may be a serious ‘ask’ for you now. Make sure you can take on the burden before you move out of sight.

Secrets, kept or revealed, can be a burden now. The ‘skeleton in the closet’ to which old astrology books refer is a quaint way of saying that you may be covering up something with serious implications. Perhaps you are protecting others. Maybe you work for the police or the intelligence services.

The classic Saturn Return advice applies. Be hip to what you are doing if it’s sneaky, clandestine, concealed or shady. It may become an issue for you later. Do not take on a secret, nor reveal it, unless you have thought it through very carefully.

This special feature on your Saturn Sign, Saturn House and Saturn Return is an exclusive extra with 2020 Astrology – Your Five Year Personal Horoscope Guide by Jessica Adams.



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72 Responses

  1. Hi there Jessica,

    I’m a bit confused with all this at the moment. I think Saturn was in Taurus for the last 29 years. My rising sign is Sagittarius, so I’m stuck with Saturn for another 29 years? Eeeeeh. I may be total,y wrong though. Research has worn me out….

    1. You have Saturn in Virgo in your Sixth House, natally, which rules your work, unpaid work, lifestyle and specifically your body – the relationship you have with your physical condition and physical state – which of course loops back into the role you play, in serving others. Jupiter has been passing through with his usual hope and healing, and he won’t leave until September 10th, so you still have time to fix some old issues about work or your body, from the past. The financial stuff you are experiencing is textbook. You have a strong Scorpio chart signature in your Eighth House of finance and Saturn, then Mars Retrograde, have been dragging themselves over those placements. Good news – August 2nd, Mars is gone, gone, gone.

      1. You are the Best!

        Love your work, love your book.

        It’s very much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Hi Jessica, thank you for this post, and for your new book. I can’t put it down! I wanted to alert you to an omission on pg. 173…Libra/Seventh House is missing. Any chance you can put that bit in, or post it separately?

  3. Hi Jessica, I love this “The most common outcome of this cycle is a difficult reality check about someone who has a totally different national or cultural background to you” relates to Saturn in Sag. Could you elaborate this please? I have an unrealistic situation related to a foreigner.

    The other thing is I have natal Neptune in Sag. My passport expired in 2007. I didn’t apply for citizenship. Kids don’t have passport, etc. When Saturn moved to Sag, I applied for mortgage, while I wasn’t a citizen and holding an expired passport. Oh My God! . The final outcome is all of the above changed (just applied for kids passport). I never travelled since 2005; I have relatives all over the word, everyone travels except me. My family had reunion twice without me. We have planned another in Jan 2017. I would join them this time. In my opinion, Saturn is helpful, also very painful. Thanks,

    1. Thank you. You are experiencing the full impact of Saturn in Sagittarius travelling through the Ninth House of your horoscope, which rules foreign people and places, boundaries/borders, airlines and the rest. It can only happen every 29 years and as he sits on (or conjuncts) your Neptune in Sagittarius, it is time to get real about the ‘unrealistic situation related to a foreigner’ and also to sort out your citizenship, passports, childrens’ passports and so on. Why? Because it may be longer than you thought and perhaps more complex. We still have until Christmas 2017 to see the end of this cycle. Start wheels turning and take it slowly. Keep updating yourself about these issues as they are precisely what this cycle is about.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    The blog has Saturn in Capricorn twice ‘SATURN RETURN IN CAPRICORN AND THE FIRST HOUSE’ and ‘ SATURN RETURN IN CAPRICORN AND THE TENTH HOUSE’ ? I didn’t see Aries so would I be correct in thinking the First house is Aries? As a Cap just wanted to ensure I’m reading the right one, though thinking about it, it is my first and tenth house depending on the system in use. Right?

    Sorry to be pedantic – one of my more irritating traits!

    Love your work!

    1. Thank you so much for spotting this. You are absolutely right of course. The website is locked for editing at the moment but this will be corrected immediately. Now – your chart. You have Saturn in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career so read that – it is your lifetime pattern. I really appreciate people who spot errors on the site so never apologise!

  5. Hi Jessica, I feel like things are shifting for me but I’m not sure if I should trust my instincts. Issue 1 is renting and setting up my own place (for the first time ever!), even though it will cost a bomb. Issue 2 is a long-term platonic male friend who, over the last two months, has slowly started to seem like a romantic prospect. Nothing has happened but the vibes have definitely changed. I have a rotten track record and I don’t want to ruin a wonderful friendship. Does the Saturn return have any bearing on these two things for me? Any patterns you see (or thumbs up/thumbs down) would be great to hear! Thanks Jessica.

    1. If you are going to rent, make your moves now while the New Moon in Leo in your solar Fourth House of leases and apartments is showing you exactly what you need to know. Don’t proceed on the eclipse, though (see your regular August forecast) as you would not be shown all you need to see. If you don’t get what you want now, there will be more opportunities later. You have Proserpina in Libra very early in the sign so September finds you playing the go-between in love. I see Vesta as well. Make sure that you are not competing with other woman for his interest. You don’t have a rotten track record -you were always in pursuit of equality but never got it – Jupiter in Libra from September through late 2017 gives you your best chance in 12 years.

      1. If you are going to rent, make your moves now while the New Moon in Leo in your solar Fourth House of leases and apartments is showing you exactly what you need to know. Don’t proceed on the eclipse, though (see your regular August forecast) as you would not be shown all you need to see. If you don’t get what you want now, there will be more opportunities later. You have Proserpina in Libra very early in the sign so September finds you playing the go-between in love. I see Vesta as well. Make sure that you are not competing with other woman for his interest. You don’t have a rotten track record -you were always in pursuit of equality but never got it – Jupiter in Libra from September through late 2017 gives you your best chance in 12 years.

  6. Hi Jessica I have saturn in cancer, how do I know what house it is in? Is it the forth or am I doing this wrong, I know Saturn is in sag which I think is the 9th, am I right to read it like this please

    1. You are doing it right. You have Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, houses, flatmates, apartments, and your town and country. It will always be there and never change. Transiting (or travelling) Saturn is moving through Sagittarius and the Ninth House. As a general lifelong pattern please read Saturn in Cancer. You just saw it working in your life again with your people or your place, from the final week of June through the third week of July.

  7. Hi Jessica.
    Really enjoying learning and reading your new book!
    could you explain what saturn means for me. It’s in my1st Hse but I feel very out of sorts and feel very confused lately. I can’t seem to open up abt my current life & situation to my ex ( yes you are correct, my behavior is off) so I just ignore her messages, despite me making contact with her initially. Is this Saturn?

    1. Thank you very much. You have the AC, DC and South/North Node in a Grand Cross. This means they all fall at 18 degrees (Ascendant, Descendant, South Node, North Node) from Cancer (home and family) to Capricorn, to Aries, to Libra (former lovers). Right now this is being triggered in your chart which is why it feels so hard. Even though it is a struggle it is still better to reply, connect and communicate – if only to say ‘I am confused.’ This will pass. Healing and repair work begins in September as Jupiter moves into Libra and slowly goes over your Grand Cross.

  8. Such a timely post Jessica. I have saturn in taurus and in 2013 Dec I was made redundant from post doc position (I had been awarded a fellowship and was literally doing well for a early career researcher). But I had a supervisor who wanted to climb, and I was not ready to dodge stuff to make that happen. Well, I retrained and now am casual, always scrimping and saving. I struggle to earn a decent wage because I get paid by the hour. I am working two jobs. Also, I don’t trust anymore (that supervisor did a great number on me!).
    I am ever hopeful that I will get a decent wage sometime and save more. I also feel unsupported in my marriage and hoping to leave in 3 years time. So I work patiently to save but there are always unexpected expenses massive ones that deplete my savings and I start again. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel, I struggle to be positive but I am down and melancholic, a once bubbly personality is so deadened by the weight of daily grind. It is awful, I have changed so. Is this Saturn???
    Many thanks, to be honest, I found you in my deepest despair at the end of 2013. Bless your gift and generosity. JR

    1. Wow, you are really going through it. I am glad the astrology has been helping. You were born with Saturn in Taurus in the Second House which rules your salary, debt, savings and budget. You have been through the toughest cycle in 29 years, as transiting (travelling) Saturn in Scorpio in your Eighth House made an exact opposition to your natal Saturn. If you want to look this up elsewhere is it is Transiting Saturn Opposite Natal Saturn. The hangover has been long as even though Saturn left this position in 2015, Mars in Scorpio went Retrograde so it stuck at this troublesome spot of your chart. The worst is over from 2nd August as Mars is out of Scorpio and November 2016 is a fresh start. You will make or save a lot of money (or benefit from free access to a home, possessions etc.) from the final quarter of 2017 and most of 2018 as Jupiter goes into Scorpio. The worst is over, the best is yet to come. Read more about Saturn in Taurus/Saturn in the Second House and how to handle that, too.

      1. Thank you Jessica. Feeling more hopeful. I discussed increased subjects load for teaching from Sept 5. Do you see this coming through. Regards JR

        1. We are about to hit the mother of all Mercury Retrogrades, which will cover life through September, so I suspect there will be delays and changes, yet to come – teaching and daily routine are ruled by Virgo – so Mercury Retrograde in Virgo means you may not be able to lock down the fine details until at least the end of September. Keep talking.

  9. Hi Jessica, can I ask what the ‘CAN’ means in the British Museum photo, underneath Saturn and Jupiter? Is it ironic, because at the moment I feel ‘CAN’T’ would be more apt 🙂

    Like MisterD, I think Saturn is in my first house, and like him I feel out of sorts in a sort of ‘…in the world but not of it’ way. I feel like I’m driving a car with my feet on the accelerator and the brake at the same time, whilst looking out the sunroof admiring the fluffy white clouds.

    Any sign of things starting to change for me? Feels like I’ve felt like this for a couple of years now.

    1. The CAN on the wonderful British Museum model of the planets is just a trick of the light. It is part of a longer word, but it is interesting that you picked it up! You have Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House using the Natural House system. Saturn is alongside Chiron, Ceres, Juno and Ops so you have a packed Twelfth House with a stellium in Pisces. You can read more about that in the new book 2020 Astrology. What you describe is typical of that. ‘In the world but not of it’ and ‘admiring the fluffy white clouds.’ The Twelfth House is about your inner life. It is actually ruled by Neptune and Pisces in the natural zodiac and so it is all too easy to feel at all at sea, drifting or floating. The best way to handle that stellium is to find 30-60 minutes a day to ‘do’ your Pisces. Cordon off a part of your life for swimming, meditation, healing or meditative walking. I am sure you have already found your own path to escapism. Once the session is over, bring yourself back to the real world and determine to live there. By setting boundaries for the Pisces experience of escaping into parallel realities, you bring balance back in. With this stellium you are almost an honorary Pisces, so read widely about that sign and note that the Twelfth House has always been associated with the astral body, out of body experiences, the chakra system, the aura, the etheric or light body – and this is where some work may need to be done.

  10. My son was born when i was 29, beginning the lifelong challenge of Saturn in Cancer. Sadly I also have Mars in Cancer which is supposedly its weakest placement. I have no sense of a safe home to latch onto when dealing with the vagaries of life.

    1. You also have Apollo and Ops in Cancer in the Fourth House, which is important, as they balance Saturn and Mars, also in Cancer in the Fourth House. It sounds as if your son was your Saturn Return experience, of course. There are a few things you can do with this pattern. One is to remember that Apollo is about a leadership role within your family and at home. The other is to note that Ops was Saturn’s wife and her optimism and can-do attitude actually defeated him. Have a look at Ops and Apollo in the new book 2020 Astrology and look them up in the other eguide on here, Asteroid Astrology. You need to claim your right to Ops and Apollo in the Fourth House as well as Saturn and Mars. If you have no sense of a safe home, that can be resolved. How? Sheer hard work. Also, perhaps, asking around to see how other people do it. Once Jupiter goes into Scorpio in the final quarter of next year, he will trine all four of your Cancer placements and I think by 2018 you will have been shown at least four ways to improve your situation, as he is such a problem-solver.

  11. Hello Jessica –

    I am reading your book!! Good job Bravo!

    Saturn is pain in the … I have Saturn in Aquarius in my 4th house. I am running through issues at home and have very strong chemistry with a Taurus, my DC, “love at fault – weird” with foreign connection. Regards

    1. I’m glad you like the new book, thank you very much. Yes, Saturn is a pain in the arse/ass depending on if you are British or American. Using Natural Houses you have Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. This is not so much about your love life, though – or your home life. I think this might be down to the long transit of Saturn himself through Scorpio and your Eighth House, which rules both those areas, when there is also money, a house or apartment involved. Saturn really hit your Scorpio stuff quite hard in late 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and your hangover went on longer than it should have done because we also had Mars Retrograde in Scorpio. On the plus side, the worst is over. In fact you will love the final quarter of next year into 2018, for the solutions and opportunities.

  12. Hi Jessica, another great read, thank you. In reading my horoscope for the week I can’t help but feel anxious because I have no clue what I’m suppose to do prior to August 10th…I have no job so I need to start looking, winning the lottery and doing charity work would be nice. I’m trying to follow the bread crumb trail so to speak that the universe is leaving for me, and reading everything you write which is a gift. Ok enough about that, I know I have Saturn in Capricorn and I believe it’s the 4th house if I’m looking at that correctly. Can you please let me know what Saturn means for me, thank you.

    1. Thank you. You actually have Saturn in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, natally. Does that make sense now? The reason you have been put through this situation in your career is the rare 248 year cycle of Pluto in Capricorn. He sat on, or conjuncted, your natal Saturn in Capricorn. If you want to look it up elsewhere, the term for what you have been through is Transiting Pluto conjunct Natal Saturn. The good news is, you are now in recovery and repair mode. The trick to this cycle is to use your self-control to become the boss of your own self and own life. By using self-discipline you take your power back from situations, organisations or people which overpowered you, or may still be trying to take over. It’s like that song, ‘You Can’t Touch This’ or ‘You Can’t Take That Away From Me.’ Running your own world, no matter what, will ultimately work beautifully for you. Over time you will become quite powerful in your chosen field, or quite another. Have a look at my new book 2020 Astrology too as you will be directly affected by the huge changes coming in 2020, right around the world, which will permanently alter so many businesses, corporations, government departments and companies.

  13. Hi Jess

    I have Saturn in Aries in my natal chart but in my fourth house by transit I think , work has been really tough , physically and emotionally , I’m not sure what to do about it , I have never been one of those people who just knows what they want career wise , are there any clues in my chart about what I should be doing ? And should I stay in my current work or find something else



    1. You have a stunning Uranus 25 Virgo/Salacia 26 Capricorn trine in your chart and Jupiter at 25, 26 Virgo is about to trigger that, now through September. I suspect you will get your answer about work sooner than you think. Uranus in Virgo describes constant change with work, and it is normal to never truly settle into anything particularly permanent or settled. If you look around your peers, born in your year, you will see that they have had a crazy amount of reshuffles, job losses, sudden offers – and so on – just in the space of ten years on their CV. Uranus in Virgo people no longer have the ‘job for life’ their grandparents did. The Salacia in Capricorn placement tells me that you suit two roles or tasks. Did you know? You could actually moonlight in a second income-earning position or even a more satisfying, unpaid role. Neither would have much to do with the real world, but both would satisfy the need you have to escape from what you find ordinary, mundane, dull and all too real! Have a look at what is on offer now through September – this chance will not come again in 12 years.

  14. Jessica –

    I’ve downloaded your book and will start on it this week. Thank you for that.

    I have a strange question and I think I might be confusing myself. (d.o.b 1-26-62 @6:58 pm NYC.)

    I was born with natal Sun-Saturn conj. in Aqua. (4 deg. orb). How does the Solar Arc Saturn play into what you just said about the Sat Return? Or does it? For ex., my natal SA Saturn (in Sag.) is in 3H; natal in 6H.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you. I don’t actually use Solar Arcs and I don’t use an orb bigger than one degree – have a look at the book 2020 Astrology for more on that. Using Natural Houses you have Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Apologies but I am confused about where Saturn is in my chart. I have been going through a lot of difficulties in the last 4 years and hoping there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe Saturn has something to do with this?
    Thanks so much.

    1. You have Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House alongside Jupiter, so the relationships you have with former, current and potential partners (your whole life) are a mixture of tests and trials, opportunities and blessings. The biggest change in 12 years with one particular person is about to unfold, from September, with amazing chances for healing, closure or a new beginning by the middle of 2017. Your issues have been really tough because you are strongly Scorpio (you have many horoscope factors there) and Saturn in Scorpio conjuncted (or sat on) every single one of them. Life has been slow, stuck, serious, sometimes rather grim – and yet the worst is over. I am just going to repeat that. The worst is over. You will be thrilled at the financial karma that rolls your way, final quarter of 2017, first three-quarters of 2018.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Thankyou so much. You couldn’t be more right about my current situation. I really appreciate your insight and positivity for my future. It feels as though it has been a hard slog!
        Your website is fantastic and so helpful, so glad to have found it.

  16. How will this affect me or has it already been affecting me? I have a heavy saturn in my birth chart as you have mentioned to me before. How do i change the luck??

    1. You do have a hard-work placement for Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, home, household, property and your home town. The simple remedy is to minimise the time and energy you put into the above list! The less you ‘do’ your Saturn stuff the easier life becomes. The other simple rule is to do less of Saturn, but do more of Jupiter. You have Jupiter in Aries in the First House so get out there and promote yourself, push yourself, use social media, advertise yourself, brand yourself, work your wardrobe, work your name and title. You can find out more about Aries by hitting Search. It’s a useful part of who you are.

  17. I am so glad you wrote about this! It all makes sense now – I always felt a heaviness/depression heading back to work in August! Now I know why! I didn’t know this happened every year! Ughg! Thanks again.

  18. Hi Jessica

    Was wondering if it makes any difference if Saturn is in my ascendant sign in my birth chart? Which I think it is?

    Thank you.

  19. Hi Jessica, I’m a regular reader of your blog and Tweets. Your predictions are so accurate and reading your blog fascinating. I was just reading my August horoscope and the next day broke my foot! Would that be an influence of Mercury Retrograde shadow? I would be off work for few weeks so worried a bit about the future…would you have any advice please?

    1. Yes, that’s classic Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, which rules your body and also your work. You have Aesculapia in Virgo, so you’ll be fine. Literally – put your feet up and gain from being off work!

  20. Dear Jessica ,
    I dnt knw much of my my DOB is 28th March 1977, Ben in India at 11.37 p.m… basically am Aries with saggitarius rising…
    I dnt knw how u corelate astrologically bt I lost my husband whn I was 29yrs that’s in may year 2006..,.fell in lv again in mid of yr 2011 wid anodr bt things changed again in 2013….!
    I dnt knw if it was a Saturn working or whatever……point is to heal myself in 2013 I wrote a book on lv n now my book which I wrote n 2013 is cming out in this month or next and I think Saturn in my nth house perhaps…….so little this all linked……I want my book to well appreciated bt m I again going to suffer pain???? Not again ……I want my book to be a winner…..ny insights tht CD help me understand n give me hope?

    1. If you lost your husband around age 29 that was certainly your Saturn Return. You need to look up your Saturn Sign. It’s easy. When you know what it is, you can check the timing for healing and closure. I am very sorry about your loss.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the new book and this artivle. I am Sag and have Saturn in Libra, does this have a double effect in my personal life?

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like the new book. Your personal life will be powerfully affected by Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House, for the whole of your life, but Jupiter in Libra from September 2016 will help fix many issues for you.

  22. Hi Jessica, Can you tell me what my Saturn Return is? I think Scorpio is my sun sign.

      1. Thank you very much. It certainly feels like I have been going through Saturn in Aquarius in the 11th House since late 2014.

  23. When astrologers I consulted attributed all of my disasters to my Saturn return in 2012, I felt relieved by the prospect of a better future, even if after a certain point. It’s hard to describe the desperation and loneliness and discouragement I’ve experienced since. But where is the end? More recently some things have moved a little, but the relationship I fought so hard for is apparently out of my reach for good, and it’s hard to maintain hope. Please help :). Aquarius sun and ascendant. Cancer moon. Saturn in Scorpio.

    1. It’s hard to say what is going on without seeing your chart – but I suspect you may have been going through Pluto in Capricorn opposite your Moon in Cancer, as well as the infamous Saturn Return. If you are an Aquarius Sun please look across the map into another region, or perhaps another country and its people. Start looking in September 2016 and do not stop.

  24. Dear Jessica !!

    1st i want to thank you for writings- so accurate so helpful-thank you.

    My birthdate is 5th Dec 1960 9:20am. i think i have Saturn / Jupiter in my 1st house. I have been on a financial / relationship roller coster ride…. been really very very tough. Any chance of my luck and life changing for the better in the near future

    1. You have Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career – your luck does change, but in rather a different area of your life – through friends, groups, clubs, societies, bands, political parties, charities, teams, associations, trade unions and all people power circles. Join one or double your commitment to the on you are already with. This helps many different areas of your life at once.

  25. Hi Jessica

    Looking at the planet positions link on your site ( really helpful by the way) I see Mars 1 Capricorn. This will conjunct my natal Saturn. I’m now all fired up with getting the new cv out, pinpointing where I need to develop knowledge etc and going over / refreshing concepts from the two professional exams I passed recently. Is this renewed energy what you would expect from this placement?
    BTW recent week/month horoscope predictions working out with good opportunity for work which turned up last week, went away for a week then suddenly back yesterday where I have to respond very quickly. I did. I’ll just see where that goes. It’s not something I would normally have applied for but as it presented itself to me ‘on a plate’ I’m assuming Jupier involved and I’m grabbing with both hands. Your advice is invaluable – do you know that?
    Many thanks.

    1. Thank you very much – astrology can be quite amazing in terms of reminding us to run with opportunities immediately and in a big way. The acorn you planted will grow, later. Mars on your Saturn in the Tenth House will certainly wake up your ambition. As these two cycles are connected, watch what happens from 7th October when Mercury is finally out of Mercury Shadow in Virgo as wheels will turn all over the place and you can speed up.

  26. Deanna Newman October 11, 2016 at 6:25 pm #
    Hi Jessica!

    I’m a little confused, perhaps you can help? Above it says my Saturn Return is in my 9th house, but none of those issues listed are applicable. I’ve actually been encountering the most strife with regard to my career. I recently changed careers and it’s really been a struggle. In both jobs I’ve had on my new path, I’ve encountered difficult bosses who were liars and manipulators – both were also Virgos, one a man and the other a woman. I’m not sure how this fits in with Sagg & 9th house? Am I missing something?

    I’d appreciate your guidance!

    1. Sure. Your Saturn Return in your birth chart is very definitely in your Ninth House. In your Sun Sign chart Saturn is currently passing through your Tenth House, which is career. So in your public life (Sun Sign) you have a typical tough work cycle going on, which everyone can see – and in your private world, Sagittarius rules your travel, publishing, educational, academic, regional or web agenda, so that’s where the challenge actually is. You don’t say what you do for a living or if it involves people from foreign cultures or backgrounds, or if it involves the web. In both cases things become better from Christmas when you experience an incredible pattern in your chart which helps you move forward. By Christmas 2017 this will all be a memory. In actual fact you will be promoted, land your dream job or have an outstanding success when Jupiter goes through your public horoscope Tenth House in 2019. What you are learning the hard way now will actually help you succeed then.

      1. Wow! I work for a video marketing agency – we are a digital company and we all work remotely. I do a lot of work blogging and with social media. In fact, all of my work is done online with CRM software, apps, and cloud based systems in general. That is spot on! Thank you so very much, Jessica 🙂

  27. Hi Jessica,
    I just love visiting your site to absorb every information I can. Your insights are phenomenal. I am still trying to understand reading my chart and its gets confusing at times. I have Saturn in Aries, how does this impact me? where is Saturn in my chart now? and when is my Saturn return. This might seem like a dumb question, but looking at my chart, how can I start to count which house is my first house.
    Thank you.

    1. You have Saturn, Diana, the North Node and Proserpina all in Aries in the First House, which rules your wardrobe, accessories, physical appearance and body type, reputation, title and image. Saturn describes that part of you which learns by experience and develops strategies to make you feel safe and secure. Diana is the independent part of you. The North Node describes karma from a past life so you may have been a soldier (for example) whose uniform, title, badge, rank and number described who you were and what you did. Proserpina shows your role as go-between. You can read all that together using my new book 2020 Astrology, free to download here. And your Saturn Return will happen when Saturn passes through Aries at the same degree (number) as your birthplace Saturn. That’s not for a few years yet so relax.

  28. Hi Jessica, I wonder upon reading this article if these emotions that I have been experiencing have to do with Saturn in Cancer in my chart. For a while (at least 3 years) I have been feeling very homesick and have been wondering about my place ( my home ) in this world. As Cancer has to do with the home and the family, I sometimes feel out of place, being an expatriate living far from my family. I can’t even decide were I want to live exactly so It makes things hard for planning on buying a house or finding a better apartment. I even wonder sometimes if this pain (homesickness) is my own or do these very strong emotions belong to someone else in my family . My ancestors on both my parents sides are immigrants (Irish and Scottish and french) who all came to Canada to start a new life. I am the Canadian who crossed back the Atlantic Ocean to Europe to live a life in France ! On the positive side I have amazing friends here that are like a second family, I am surrounded by so much love, yet somewhere deep down inside me there is this yearning of my home country. I am working very hard to find an equilibrium and maybe that saturn is making this a hard and long lesson ! Thanks for your input !

    1. Yes, Saturn in Cancer is associated with tests and trials involving your Fourth House of homeland, family, origins, culture, roots, heritage and belonging. It is also associated with apartments and houses of course. Saturn is exactly aspecting the North Node and South Node in your chart so there is past life stuff going on here. This pattern is common in the charts of people who were forced immigrants in another lifetime – convicts sent to Australia from London, or the Irish and Chinese in search of gold in Canada. You don’t say where you’re living but look at the chart for that place (you can set one up at in a basic way). Place has a huge impact on how we feel! If you are in a place which hits your Saturn then no wonder you don’t feel at home. Start there. This will get easier. In fact when Jupiter in Scorpio trines your Saturn and aspects your Nodes (cycle starts late 2017) you will finally find your answer – no later than 2018.

  29. I am capricorn and being ruled by saturn I would like to know the impact of saturn cycle in 2018-20 please

    1. Saturn will conjunct your Sun in the Tenth House of your chart, using the Natural House system, so 2019, 2020 (when we see a stellium of Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Ceres al in Capricorn) are very much about you reshaping your role or position.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a bit confused about my first Saturn return; I attempted to work it out and from what I gathered my Saturn return should have finished in Feb or May last year, however I feel as though I’m still in the midst of a massive Saturn ‘bashing’ and can’t work out whether I’ve got my calculations wrong or I won’t feel an ease up in my situation until 20th December this year? Have I got this all very wrong?
    Me and my husband both really want to start a family and it feels as though all the blockades are up right now for that happening; is there a point in which the ‘mist’ will clear and there will be more of a better time for this to happen?
    Thank you!!

    1. You were born with Panacea at 14 Cancer in your Fourth House of home and family, and you have been experiencing Pluto at 14 Capricorn right opposite, in a cycle that only happens every 240+ years. No wonder you feel you are being blocked. Yes, Pluto is now slowly moving on. Please have faith as you will find life so very much easier from the final quarter of 2017 and could easily welcome a child in your world – no matter how he/she arrives – in 2018. You did your Saturn calculations right, but what you have been going through is not a Saturn transit, but a Pluto transit.

  31. My natal chart shows saturn poised on the mark between Sagittarius and Capricorn. So I am unsure which sign it was actually​ in. I have tried to use saturn return calculators but some results say that the return begins on December 19th 2017 and others that it ends then. Regarding my life for the past two years, I would say the challenges and facing fears are absolutely significant of a saturn return, so I’m guessing it would end in 2017. But I could be wrong. My DOB is june 5th 1988.

    1. You need your time, place and date of birth to find out if Saturn is in Sagittarius or Capricorn. Use or to begin. Then you will know for sure.

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