Sacred Geometry and Astrology

If you have my ebook 2020 Astrology this feature expands the chapter on Sacred Geometry with video and information about five-way patterns in your personal birth horoscope.

If you have my ebook 2020 Astrology this feature expands the chapter on Sacred Geometry with video and information about five-way patterns in your personal birth horoscope.

Working With Sacred Geometry In Your Personal Birth Chart

The famous Venus and Earth patterns of astronomy describe a natural flower, most like a rose. Venus in astrology has always been associated with love, romance and roses. Is this synchronicity or some deeply buried knowledge, which has gone far into our culture? In your own birth chart, the aspects made by other people’s horoscopes to your Venus tell you a great deal about the alchemy you share. Similarly, aspects made by your chart to the Venus position in a second chart (or even three if it’s a love triangle!) can reveal a great deal about what attracts you. These clips from Gify show some very simple Sacred Geometry.


John Michell and Sacred Geometry

The man who did more to popularise Sacred Geometry than anyone else was John Michell. I like this photograph of him, from Wikipedia, because it shows him surrounded by flowers. What we find with this mysterious process of looking through precise mathematics, to geometrical shapes, is that the universe seems to speak in flowers! The code of nature is the code of roses and also, very particularly, five-petal flowers.


Pinterest Venus Rose - Sacred Geometry and Astrology
The Venus Rose on Pinterest


How The World Is Made

Michell’s book, How the World is Made explores all those mysteries. Even by drawing lines between your birth chart, and that of the person you love (or whom you love) you can find the start of those sacred shapes. The transits, or travelling planets – particularly Venus herself – can be drawn across the charts again. The more exact degrees or precise, matching numbers you find in your own chart and those of others, the more potential flowers you share.

John Michelle wikipedia - Sacred Geometry and AstrologyHow the World is Made - Sacred Geometry and Astrology


Aubrey Meyer on YouTube has produced a beautiful clip which shows the dance of Venus. When you begin to work with the transits of Venus in your own astrological birth chart, or the transits of other planets and heavenly bodies to Venus, you will also find some spectacular Sacred Geometry.  One way into Sacred Geometry is to look for the ‘fiveness’ of patterns in your birth chart. You divide the 360 degrees of the zodiac by five, and end up with 72 degrees of difference between each heavenly body, spaced apart around the wheel. Allow no more than one degree orb or the patterns vanish. 



Venus and Roses – The Mystery of Astronomy, Astrology and Synchronicity

This painting by Boucher shows Venus characteristically with a rose. On Saint Valentine’s Day, this is of course the flower of choice. Venus was the goddess of seduction and passion in Roman mythology – not necessarily commitment – yet we associate her with feminine charm, more than any other planet in your horoscope. It works both ways, of course. Men can also express their female side by using Venus in their horoscopes.

Toilet of Venus Boucher - Sacred Geometry and Astrology
The Toilet of Venus by Boucher.

Fixing T-Squares and Grand Crosses With Sacred Geometry

Fixing what is known as a T-Square (a shape like the letter T for tension in your personal birth chart) or even a Grand Cross (which looks like a cross) is easier using this secret, ancient knowledge about patterns.

Plug new or different people into the situation. Make new friends. Draw closer to existing colleagues, perhaps family members or others. You break up the patterns in your own chart with these people’s own charts and new shapes are created.

My favourite example of this is The Beatles (the image comes from my Twitter feed).

They plugged new people into the band, expanding the circle of ‘The Fab Four’ and drew much closer to producer Sir George Martin, for example. In fact they created a lot of Fifth Beatles. As four, they had a very difficult Grand Cross and in fact their early days were full of challenges and sometimes tragedy. When they began adding people to The Beatles’ mix, it worked.

Not even shown here are the women in their lives who inspired so many classic songs. Look at what happened to their relationships within the band – and their art – when Billy Preston joined them as a special guest. Sacred geometry!


Fifth Beatle Sacred Geometry Twitter @RockWalkLondon 600x600 - Sacred Geometry and Astrology
The Beatles and astrology.

Sacred Geometry, Relationships, Passion – and Harry Potter

One of the most interesting examples of Sacred Geometry is actually between J.K.Rowling and Harry Potter. Fans have often pointed out that she married a man who resembled Harry. Astrologers might expect to find Venus aligning exactly in both charts and here you can see that J.K.Rowling has Venus at 7 Virgo and Harry has a beautiful trine with Diana at 7 Taurus. When you see connections like this, the signs and houses always tell you the nature of the relationship. Venus is in Virgo in the Sixth House of work, in Rowling’s chart. Venus describes her love for Harry – she is passionate about her work.

In Harry’s chart, Diana is at 7 Taurus in the Second House of money. This is a professional and lucrative relationship, but it also has heart.  Diana tells us that Harry is a free spirit. Once you draw in the cycles of time, you soon see that any day a planet passes at 7 Capricorn, a perfect pyramid shape emerges in both charts.  This happens every month, to Potter and Rowling, as the Moon draws this shape every time she lands at 7 Capricorn! It is this pyramid or triangle (grand trine) shape which is Sacred Geometry. You can see it in Egypt, you can see it in art – and in more mysterious places, too.


J.K.Rowling Birth Chart 600x571 - Sacred Geometry and Astrology
The J.K.Rowling astrological chart


Harry Potter 600x563 - Sacred Geometry and Astrology
The Harry Potter astrological chart.

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18 Responses

  1. A lovely article Jessica. Although I don’t have my husband’s details can you shed any light on my chart. I have Diana at 28° Libra 59′ 56″, VENUS at 01° Leo 18′ 09″ and I’ve included Cupido 27° Libra 15′ 10″ because it sounds like a necessary ingredient as well. I love a reply as its such a thrill when you take time to answer, thanks

    1. Thank you! You have personal birth charts at 0-1 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Libra and Aries all creating Sacred Geometry in your chart. I expect your husband will lock into that pattern. Anyone born in the early days of a zodiac sign, like a January Aquarian or a February Piscean, often has the Sun at 0-1 of a sign and so will create more stories with you. Watch what happens when Jupiter (expansion, growth, improvement) moves to 0-1 Libra in September as your life will open up like a flower, and the ‘flowering’ will involve equality, balance, fairness, harmony, symmetry in relationships.

  2. This is great, sacred geometry is fascinating, so much to explore…although I didn’t quite get why looking at Venus or charts with reference to Venus (my limited mathematical knowledge may be to blame!)
    Also in my chart the most significant aspect is Venus square moon – although it is also sextile Ceres (which is exactly the same degree as my mother’s moon and father’s Juno)
    Does this square impact other transits to Venus? Thank you

    1. Thank you. You actually have a whole pattern around 6/7 degrees so watch what happens when Jupiter moves to 6/7 Libra as this planet will ‘explode’ those fireworks in your birth chart in the most wonderful way. On Sunday 30th October we also have a New Moon at 7 Scorpio, which should also have an impact on your chart. New beginning.

  3. Hi Jessica
    I posted a question on the 5th but not sure you got it? Mercury a bit early perhaps? Or maybe you’re on your hols in which case just enjoy!


    1. Sorry, Mercury Retrograde Shadow and ‘I’m Walking Backwards For Christmas’ by Spike Milligan is my new jam. Okay, so your question has disappeared completely, but seeing as this is a Sacred Geometry forum let me just look at your Aesculapia at 11 Virgo and Mercury at 11 Capricorn. Every time you deal with an organisation or person with horoscope factors at 11 Taurus you create perfect pyramid geometry between you – the grand trine. And every time you have transiting aspects at 11 degrees, the pattern is lit up again. It manifests your whole life through work and you are the miracle worker who can bring a project, role, job or organisation back from the brink. Sometimes people too. You are a ‘resurrector and reviver’ in your career. You would actually do extremely well in a health, fitness or healing field, for satisfaction or for career kudos.

      1. Hi Jessica
        My original question concerned the patterns between myself and my husband’s chart in that we are exactly 6 months apart (different years) and he has a lot of late degree placements as I do. But, msybe this is what I was intended to hear?
        So, way back in 98 I was ready for a career change and was very interested in Acupuncture training. I didn’t think I could afford three years not working so chose MSc in techie subject instead – helps me earn a good living today when in work!

        Then, ten years ago I was offered a place at College to study Acupuncture – finance won the day and I didn’t take the course. Some health issues led me to yoga and I was accepted on a Yoga (kundalini) Teacher Training course but it was suddenly cancelled in Feb this year and the other two courses in the UK had already started. So that was that. Since then I’ve gone back to what I know and gained some new professional certifications to enhance job prospects. My work is business / project / techie focused so very different to health. Hence, my interest at the content in your response.

        Thank you so much for all your efforts it is very much appreciated.

        1. Born with Pluto at 3 Virgo and Aesculapia at 11 Virgo you were born to perform miracles and bring people back from the brink. If you hit Search and look up Aesculapia you will see he was the Roman god of healing. Virgo rules the body, of course, and Pluto is about power. I actually think the only modality which would suit you, would also be powerful and life-changing. So, we’re not talking ‘balancing energies’ or better sex, or anything else, we are talking about serious, transformative healing. The kind that alters lives and even saves them. Perhaps you are being pushed in the direction of just that. Ask your guides for clarity – spirit guides tend to accompany healers as a matter of course.

  4. Dear Jessica ,

    Was reading your articles again . I really love the way you write and I do read all your blog posts many times over as they always seem very interesting . So I was now trying to interpret the following aspects between me and my partner . Would like to know your thoughts on it.
    Me – my partner
    2 scorpio / hygia – 1 scorpio / Uranus
    3 Aqua / Ceres – 4 Aqua / salacia
    4 Scorpio / Saturn – 5 Scorpio / ascendant
    9 saggi / Uranus – 9 saggi / Neptune
    10 saggi / Jupiter – 11 saggi / ops
    23 Taurus / Chiron – 22 Taurus / south node
    23 Scorpio / psyche – 23 Scorpio / north node
    How can we decipher which above aspects really matter more and do they form a sacred geometric pattern ? And what do these conjunctions mean for me and my partner ?
    Thank you .

    1. Thank you for typing all that out! Thanks also for your compliment. The Scorpio stuff is the clincher. I actually wrote a whole piece on couples who share Scorpio factors, if you want to hit search. If you two are still together, final quarter of 2017, into 2018, you stand to gain hugely from the money, apartment, house or possessions, yet if you commit beyond 2018, you also need to have a very good accountant as eventually Uranus in Taurus will bring radical change. Again, you can search about the world economic revolution to come, on this site.

  5. Hi Jessica
    Kindly help me interpret the sacred geometry in my chart at 10 and 12 degrees

    12 degrees- S Node virgo conjunct Minerva(exact at 12 degrees), Pluto 12 scorpio, N Node 12 Pisces

    10 degress- Venus 10 Libra, Psyche 10 Saggittarius, Diana 10 Pisces and Vulcano 11 Gemini

    Though I have figured out 10 degrees except for psyche and unable to come around 12 degrees sacred geometry. Kindly help.
    Thank you.

    1. The line-up at 12 degrees is on your South Node/North Node axis so you have one or more past lives spent in service to other people. It is very common to find people who were consistently in the working class, in the armed forces or working as servants with a big Virgo Node signature. Every time an outer planet moves to 12 degrees (Jupiter to 12 Libra, for example) you have a chance to look at your habitual patterns around work, service and duty. I expect questions about your health or your body would be connected. The line-up at 10 degrees is about the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner, primarily. Download 2020 Astrology free, here, to decode the whole pattern.

      1. Thank you so much really!
        You know I never thought of it that way and that is why we need an incredible astrologer like you. Every time I see an old person on streets, my heart cries. I guess now that I must have been into some humaitarian work in my past life.
        Will you answer this please- I desire to set up an old age commune later in life. Does this desire emanate from this placement?
        Also please help me decode pluto scorpio trine NN pisces and minerva conjunct SN virgo.
        Asked for much already. Thank you!

        1. Thank you. An old age commune in later life is a very smart idea. Pluto moves into Aquarius as we go past 2025 so it’s a long way off, but the future will be about communal living and friendship. Pluto in Scorpio aspecting the Nodes in Virgo-Pisces must be exact (no more than one degree’s difference) but if you have that, you will always find repetitive, karmic situations about your work turning up, every time you have financial choices to make. The issue will always be your own need to take and take over. Every time it happens you learn more about breaking old patterns.

  6. Hi Jessica , would like to share details of my partner born 3 March 1973, India . Is there any sacred pattern ? I see too many inconjuncts , squares and oppositions . Would like you to throw some light on my relationship . Thank you.

    1. Without a birth time and town it’s impossible to look at your partner’s whole chart, but in general, as you have Vesta in Pisces in the Twelfth House, you have an unconscious need to put yourself in situations where one male, and two or more females, have to figure out the people politics together. It may be through the family (commonly, one father/husband and his wife and two daughters) or through relationships in general (men who have a harem around them). Because your partner has the Sun in Pisces, it sheds light, or turns a spotlight, on this unwitting tendency you have – probably through the relationship itself.

  7. What a fascinating article for a lover of numbers this is! I have exact placements with my sister, mother etc, proving once more family ties. I am not sure how to interpret the sacred geometry in my chart. Looking at +-1 degree(Please indulge the long details given below)

    1. Panacea 5Cap, Salacia 5 Aqua, Bacchus 5 Pisces
    2. Hygeia 18 Aries, Cupido 18 Taurus, Moon 17 Pisces(my son’s Sun at 18 Leo)
    3. Ascendant 16 Virgo, Fortuna 16 Aqua, Moon 17 Pisces, Mars 15 Cancer(my son’s Mercury and Venus at 15 Virgo and 15 Leo resp.)
    4. Diana 21 Saggi, Chiron 22Aries
    5. Ops 26 Cancer, Sun 25 Taurus(my son’s north node exact conjunct my sun, his Jupiter at 26 Leo)
    6. Vesta 3 Libra, Pluto 4 Libra, Vulcano 3 Pisces, Saturn 2 Cancer(my son’s moon 3 Aqua)
    7. Psche 13 Aqua, my son’s Psyche 14 Scorpio

    Any other aspects you may find relevant to understand the flow in my chart on its own, and along with my son.

    1. The major patterns here involve the sign of Cancer and thus you, your mother and also your grandmother. The female line is stronger than the male lin in your family. In late June through late July of any year, the family story will always add new chapters, as the Sun crosses through Cancer. So you are looking at Mars, Ops and Saturn here. There is a mythological connection as Saturn was the husband of Ops.

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