Uranus Retrograde and Independence Day Two

It wasn't just about the British push for freedom from Europe. It was about a global quest for independence, which was global and local.

On the 19th of June, four days before the United Kingdom voted for Remain or Leave at the EU Referendum, you read a story called Why 23rd June 2016 is Your Independence Day.  It wasn’t just about the British push for freedom from Europe. It was about a global quest for independence, which was global and local. We saw it in America as Democrats staged a sit-down protest over guns.  In Australia the push for equal marriage accelerated, days before an election. The push for justice for indigenous children suffering abuse in jail began, ahead of the famous Four Corners program on ABC-TV which might just change the nation.

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If you felt the lights going on in your own life, your personal chart was triggered at 22, 23 or 24 degrees in a way that will never happen again in your lifetime. Maybe you had no idea just how trapped and confined you actually were, by a system that is now truly leaving your life, or an old set-up that had no place in your future.  I love this lightbulb illustration which turned up on my Twitter feed. Uranus rules light and lightbulbs. They found this planet in 1781 when the first big step towards the development of the battery was taken. It was also a major year for the Enlightenment.


Twitter at dr david dugan 600x327 - Uranus Retrograde and Independence Day Two
From Twitter @Drdaviddugan


Was Your Chart Triggered? Here Comes Stage Two

I had more comments on that story on Independence Day than any other this year. Why? You felt it! Now, we are going to see a strange backwards move by Uranus in your chart, and the world chart, which promises a replay. That was not finished. It was not remotely complete. It was a rehearsal. With any retrograde we put ‘re’ in front of words to sum up the cycle. Uranus is about all the lights going on. Now, the switch will be flicked a second time, in your chart, repeatedly, until April 2017. Only then can you say the revolution is over. This also applies to Brexit. It’s not over.

That rare pattern involving Uranus at 23 Aries, Ceres at 23 Aries and Mars at 23 Scorpio actually unfolded at 12 noon on EU Referendum Day. People were shocked. As you might expect, Uranus is associated with shock and also shockwaves, because of its long link with electricity. It goes back beyond 1781. The planet himself, was the father of two kinds of lightning in the ancient world – forked and sheet. All the myths we have about Uranus going back over 2000 years tell us that. This is why I predicted Brexit months before it happened – along with wild electrical storms. I was really struck by the number of people commenting on that prediction who said they went to bed trusting astrology would deliver that result, because of the storms!

Other patterns, very close to June 23rd 2016 included Minerva at 23 Leo and Psyche at 23 Cancer. People are asking me if Brexit is going to last, in Comments. Psyche is the asteroid which reveals permanence. Whatever goes down on a Psyche pattern is for eternity.


Michelle Obama is Having a Uranian Moment

Michelle Obama, the FLOTUS with the POTUS, Barack Obama, was born with Saturn at 22 Aquarius. We don’t have a birth time for the First Lady of the United States, but Saturn would not change his degree position in any case. Her Uranian moment is best summed up by this speech – which went live today – and will go down in history.

She wakes up every morning in a house that was built by slaves…Uranian cycles like the one we have, repeating, through 23 degrees of Aries are about breaking free from what or who enslaves us!  This is history and astrology, as you will see below. In fact, Barack Obama decided to run for the White House on a major Uranian transit too. The buzz words for this planet may be touching your horoscope too, if you have those 22, 23, 24 degree placements. Breaking free. Ignoring convention. Bypassing tradition. Zapping yourself as much as you zap other people…



What Happens in the World, Happens To You

Referencing Michelle Obama, who is experiencing a transit which will never happen again quite this way, in her lifetime – I use a horoscope system which means, what happens in the world, happens to you on a smaller scale. So if you have horoscope factors at 22, 23, 24 then what happened to the British Isles on Brexit is a little mirror of your own life.  What is happening with that famous ‘slaves’ speech in the USA is a symbol of major themes about freedom in your own world!

Uranus Retrograde is repetition and recycling of what was basically just a rehearsal. What do you get with Uranus transits? Revolution. Rebellion. Rejection. Independence. Excitement. Freedom. Electricity. Broken Chains. Shocks. Stormy weather. Shockwaves. Thrilling moments! Radical change.


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Twitter @DaveDiCello


Uranus Retrograde at 23 Aries  – Expect Independence Day Two

Please make a note of these dates. The month of September 2016 is a major replay of what happened to you and your life in June, if your personal birth chart was triggered. You may also have experienced a revolution in June because your lover, partner, relative, boss, employee may have had chart factors at 22, 23, 24 and been ‘struck’ by lightning. This affected you!

Uranus Retrograde Dates – Freedom Replay

September 4th through October 3rd, 2016
March 20th through April 6th, 2017
(We will also see Uranus at 24 Aries, which is close enough to have an impact, between December 2nd 2017 and February 3rd, 2018. This will be the final of the three aftershocks, or late shockwaves, affecting your chart and also the world chart.)


Brexit Two, UKIP Two?

The word ‘independence’ is hidden away in UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party. That is why it was possible for astrology to predict the future of that vote. Even a student who was an absolute beginner could have seen the cycles coming and seen what was going to happen (if you are curious, hit Search to see a prediction that was almost a year in advance).

We are going to see Brexit Two and UKIP Two in September – dramatically – and then Brexit Three and UKIP Three (Newkip? NUKIP?)  in March, April 2017. For all you astrologers out there who ignore the new planet Ceres, these are the various horoscopes for the United Kingdom, England, Great Britain, the British Isles – throughout history – which clearly show the key 23 degree position in every single horoscope, which was lit up by Ceres at 23 Aries, Uranus at 23 Aries, Mars at 23 Scorpio on 23rd June 2016.  Who’s the main player? Arron Banks. The Arron Banks horoscope chimes with the times. Mr Banks, the multimillionaire who bankrolled the Leave campaign, was born on March 22nd 1966 with Jupiter at 23 Gemini and Ceres at 23 Aries. His personal birth chart, even without a time, has a fated connection with the new Britain and Independence Day II. Just look at all these historic horoscopes below to see why…


Twitter at Aaron banks  - Uranus Retrograde and Independence Day Two
From Twitter @Aaron_banks


21st March 0287
Moon 23 Scorpio, Jupiter 24 Scorpio

20th March 0410
Uranus 23 Aquarius

12th July 0927
Moon 23 Scorpio, Sun 23 Cancer, Uranus 22 Aries

11th May 0973
12.00 LMT, BATH
Jupiter 23 Virgo

14th October 1066, 5.28pm LMT SENIAC, NEAR HASTINGS
Uranus 24 Sagittarius, Neptune 24 Taurus

20th January 1265 12.00 LMT, LONDON
Mars 23 Taurus

3rd April 1603, 1.30am LMT, RICHMOND
Mercury 24 Aries

27th March 1649, 12.00LMT LONDON
Moon 23 Virgo, Mercury 24 Aries

23rd February 1689
Moon 22 Aries, Pluto 23 Cancer

12th May 1707
Neptune 22 Aries

7th December 1922
Moon 23 Cancer

*All data from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer. Banks data – Wikipedia. 


What To Expect From Independence Day Two

You will feel Totally Wired, to quote The Fall.  You will be running a lot of nervous energy through your body and may feel as if there are currents in the atmosphere. Why? For that we have to go back to the year they discovered and named Uranus, in 1781, when Italian doctor Luigi Galvani demonstrated the electrical basis of nerve impulses in 1781, when Uranus was discovered. He made the muscles of a frog twitch by using a spark from an electrostatic machine to trigger them into life (US National Library of Medicine). Galvani lends his name to the word ‘galvanised’. When Uranus is also triggered by transits, you will characteristically feel galvanised. The house of your horoscope where we find Uranus shows where you will regularly be jerked into life. You can decode the house, or life department, just by looking at the sign which is triggered at 22, 23, 24 degrees. So if you have a planet at 22 Taurus it’s about your money and if you have an asteroid at 23 Cancer it’s about your family. If you have an angle at 24 Virgo it’s about your work. Advice for this time? Feel the change. Pursue the change. Stay grounded. Try to ‘earth’ yourself by taking long walks, getting back to nature – even doing the gardening.


Uranus Transits – Good or Bad?

Uranus transits, like the one we are seeing replayed in 2016 and 2017, are always a good thing in the end. Every single time we have seen a rare pattern involving this planet, we have seen enlightenment. This image from my Twitter feed, below, illustrates it really well. It’s like seeing clearly and never knowing how limited you were before. This goes beyond politics. It goes into history. The French Revolution, Industrial Revolution and American Declaration of Independence either had their origins in 1781 or were completed that year. Astrology is history.


Twitter at CARE 600x450 - Uranus Retrograde and Independence Day Two
Image from @CARE on Twitter.


Specific Dates for 23 Degree Patterns – Independence Day Two and Your Journal

If you are a Premium Member you will have your complimentary journal already which will give you detailed dates showing you all the patterns around 23 degrees. You can also just note these dates for your calendar.


September 2016

Allow 24 hours either side of these dates for world time zones to catch up with each other. On or very near these dates, you will experience the next wave in your independence. We are also going to see the next wave of the two big people power movements that pushed through on 23rd June 2016. One is the American Democrats’ rebel stance on guns and the other, of course, is Brexit. I know that the Democrats’ sit-down may have passed the media by, and as I look at the internet today on 25th July, all I can see is Donald Trump’s face. The astrology says, switch your gaze. 2016-2017 is about guns.  The weekend of Saturday 17th September will show the world where the priorities just switched to in American politics. Another reason? By then Jupiter will be in Libra. Every time this happens in the U.S. the peace movement is powerfully triggered.


Saturday 17th September 2016

Mars is at 23 Sagittarius exactly trine Uranus at 23 Aries and the Sun is at 24 Virgo. That is an extreme line-up. In your own life (if your personal birth chart is triggered) you are going to experience a real moment of truth, when you realised that what you changed, so rapidly, back in June 2016 was only the dress rehearsal. You didn’t actually have the full revolution at all. You were just taking a first step. Keep walking because you won’t be finished until March-April 2017 (the last step). Once we arrive at Sunday 18th September, Venus is also at 23 Libra. This is a really big weekend for you. Count Monday too.


Twitter at AustralisTerry 600x313 - Uranus Retrograde and Independence Day Two
From Twitter @AustralisTerry


The Full Moon of October 16th 2016

We are one degree away from a major transit to that original 23 Aries/Scorpio position on Sunday October 16th when the Full Moon occurs at 23 Aries on the same day that Uranus is at 22 Aries. That is explosive and rebellious and that weekend will see demonstrations, riots, strikes – and let’s hope this is the rule – peaceful protests using people power to push change.


Breaking Your Chains

The 1926 Slavery Convention  was an international treaty that went into effect on 9 March 1927 to prevent slave trade and ultimately eliminate it. Uranus stood at 28 Pisces and Chiron stood at 28 Aries on that day. Any time we see historic patterns involving Uranus, people break their chains. When Uranus moves through a sign – Aries or Taurus – he transits one house of your chart and travels through at high speed, squeezing out sparks, sending shockwaves and radically changing that part of your life forever. New things come. New people arrive. New organisations, ideas and systems are born. Turn to America in 1781 if you want to learn how to deal with what is coming. Year zero for the planet Uranus and year zero for independence. You have to break your chains and respect other people’s rights to break free, too, on this cycle. I think this planet is so important2020 Astrology 1 1 386x600 - Uranus Retrograde and Independence Day Two that  I wrote a whole chapter on Uranus in my new ebook, 2020 Astrology – Your Five Year Personal Horoscope Guide.

If you have major Uranus patterns in your personal birth chart or you are affected by these transits of Uranus at 23 degrees. I will explain more in the book how the United States back in 1781 is our go-to source for understanding what this cycle is all about.

Writing in The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell noted how impressive it was that thirteen different colonies could act in their mutual interest, without losing sight of the individual priorities of any one of them. It was not only the colonies that had to co-exist in the name of freedom in 1781. America’s different religious and belief-led groups also had to live, side by side. Jews, Quakers and Freemasons all had to respect each other’s independence.

What works as we all go towards Independence Day Two? Tolerance. Space. What doesn’t work? Staying stuck in the past. Not respecting people who pushed to be free. Pretending nothing changed. Ignoring a natural revolution which has been gathering speed all these years, but suddenly broke through very quickly in June 2016. Rejecting those who have genuinely felt enslaved to a system or set-up which they have had quite enough of. Remember, 1781 was also the year not only for giant strides with electricity and batteries, the Enlightenment and the Declaration of Independence – it was also the year that the French Revolution began. Ask yourself where the French aristocracy is today. Nowhere! You have to surf the wave of personal and world/national change when it arrives. Otherwise you end up stranded in your own quicksand. 


Keeping Up With Change on Independence Day Two

Whenever Uranus enters a new sign, there are people who resist the revolution and are left behind. Elizabeth Freeman (note the name) was a black girl who was only six months old when she and her sister were purchased by Colonel John Ashley of Sheffield, Massachusetts. In 1781, the year they found Uranus, the mistress of the house tried to his Elizabeth’s sister with a hot kitchen shovel, she took the blow for her. Then she quit. When Ashley appealed to the law to come after her, Freeman (also known as Mum Bett) asked an anti-slavery lawyer, Theodore Sedgewick, to help her. He did. The rest is history. Without her, nothing. That’s what a Uranus transit can do.


More Dates For Your Journal

November 2016 is important as Ceres will Retrograde back to 23 Aries, the spot she occupied when the EU Referendum was held in Britain. This happens from November 11th-16th. Ceres is about sharing power, carving up control and the forced compromise that happens when there is a massive reshuffle. She was found on the day they created the United Kingdom itself. Friday 11th November through Wednesday 16th will reveal Stage Two for the Brexit cast of characters, from Boris Johnson, to Nigel Farage – and of course, Theresa May. Mark November 11th-16th in your journal and watch what happens. Real astrology happens when you observe your real life!


The Big Finish – March and April 2017

All that remains is for the remains of Remain to be tidied up and swept away, which will happen on the third historic pass of Uranus over 23 Aries. This occurs March 20th through April 6th 2017. We are going to see a massive focus on the pound sterling, the Euro and currency then, along with the strange, wild, weird new world of post-Brexit business, tax and trading. Why? Right in the middle of this period, we see Ceres at 23 Taurus, the money sign, which takes place April 13th-14th, 2017.

The Sun is also at 23 Aries on Thursday 13th April, 2017 so we can narrow The Big Independence Day Finish to this period, specifically. It’s a glimpse into the long-term future, as Uranus himself moves into Taurus (currency, economy, tax) from May 16th 2018, when we will see the collapse of the Euro and the beginning of the new world digital currency. Again, you don’t have to be an experienced astrologer to see that Uranus in Taurus is going to see a money revolution, like no other!

Your Big Finish with Independence Day will also occur, March-April 2017 when you can look back at the last ten months of your life, take a deep breath, shake your head and understand that what happened in June was just the start. You think you’re being radical now, in July 2016? Just wait. By the time this cycle is over you will have experienced a genuine revolution in your life, if you have factors around 23 degrees. It will liberate you without any compromises and show you just how ‘in the dark’ you were, before the lights went on and Uranus did his thing. 






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  1. Jessica
    Thank you for these insights. I’ve just become a member and have read my 1st premium wkly horoscope. It’s ringing very true for me. My marriage is difficult and I’m contemplating divorce and moving overseas. I have 2 young children. Could you elaborate please as I have a very many factors lining up. I’m in contact with an ex from 15 yrs ago who I’m trying to ignore my feelings for. She is in contact with me but I’ve not met her yet and I’m avoiding replying to her messages, although I feel I want to. My feeling is I should revisit this relationship and see where it goes. I’m sure of her feelings for me also. She is also working through a divorce! I feel it’s taken such a long time to get to this point with my marriage, life etc and I’m now feeling very vulnerable which is kind of odd for me not to be sure of my decision making!!!! What does these factors in my chart add up to?

    1. Thank you. I am glad your premium horoscope is ringing true for you, with this difficult marriage. You have Fortuna, Minerva and Psyche all triggered by Uranus, so three areas of yourself and your life, are being slowly but surely changed by the prospect of freedom and independence. I have to put astrology to one side for the moment and speak as a woman – and tell you to reply to your former girlfriend and stop with the non-communication! Even if it’s just to say ‘I can’t email/talk at the moment because it’s inappropriate.’ Okay, so getting back to your chart…you will go backwards and forwards with this, so give yourself a break. You don’t have to make up your mind now. As we see this planetary cycle go back and forth, you will take two steps forwards towards freedom, then one step back. One key point is that sometimes this cycle can revolutionise a marriage through counselling or other breakthroughs so that it does not have to break apart – it can be transformed, liberating both of you so that you have a dramatically different partnership. I just thought I’d throw that in. I suspect, however it happens, you will be free by this time next year. You will have so much freedom you will not recognise yourself, nor your life. Read more about Uranus in my new ebook 2020 Astrology, out on 1st August and free to keep. You are having this cycle in a very direct way!

    2. Your articles always make one look at life from more angles than one, thank you.

      I checked my 23s – and here they are:

      Uranus 23º Gemini
      Vesta 23º Cancer
      Hygeia 23º Gemini

      I should add that I have just completed my 6th novel, all of them batty and humorous. I know that my last two have some serious merit, but I have no idea how to market them, or find a publisher. According to those indicators above, there ought to be some sudden movement…
      Grateful for any suggestions, Katharina

      1. You are in a fantastic position to self-publish or indie-publish and will find that there are other mediums for your work as well, like podcasting, radio or TV adaptation and spoken word. Uranus sextile Uranus will radically change the way you approach writing and publishing, now through 2017. Hit the internet – yes, you will experience the breakthroughs as lightning bolts. If you are rejected take it as a cloud with a glittering gold lining because it will lead you to the right answer.

  2. Awesome article Jess!! So many things happened last time. Some heartbreaking.

    Do you see anything positive happening with this in my chart….it gets pinged by Uranus aspects continually.

    Be well and safe.


    1. Thank you. I hope you are over the heartbreak, or at least slowly starting to adjust. You were born with a quincunx in your chart, almost exact, with Venus at 23 Aries and Pluto at 22 Virgo. Venus is in your First House of image, title, identity, role and profile. Pluto is in your Sixth House of work, housework, unpaid work, lifestyle and your physical condition – your body. You can see how one affects the other. These areas of your life will be revolutionised by the Uranus cycle, and what began in June is not over by a long shot. In fact, this is just the start of a whole new way of operating, which you cannot see yet. If it’s exciting, then it’s right. It may be that you feel there is something wrong about breaking free or doing it your way, but be honest with yourself – you know it’s neither right nor wrong, it’s just the only thing to do. Others have to see that too. Things are not what they were a few years ago and you must now respond to a very different world. In fact, I have to ask, why did it take you this long? Especially with work!

      1. Hi Jessica,

        How is this Uranus retrograde going to affect me? I’m having serious down to earth moments with my relationships and career and education. It seems I’m forced to alter my perceptions but I’m dying to break free from all the restrictions I’m facing now. Please let me know what’s happening here.

        Thanks a lot

  3. It looks like my chart is going to be triggered a little bit! The next six months are really crucial for me and my family, any advice? Thank you

    1. Your chart is well and truly triggered, in many different areas of life at the same time. What to expect – rolling developments from the rather radical choice you made in June. What more to expect – the rejection dance that leads to freedom. You have been rejected, perhaps by a couple of organisations/people. In turn, you have firmly rejected him, her or them! This leads you onto a new path over the next few months, where you do your own thing, break your own eggshell and open your eyes to what it means to be genuinely independent. You are still not as free as you could be or will be, and yet part of the journey for you will be saying ‘No’ or even ‘Up Yours’ to anybody or anything which didn’t really get you, or deliver for you. The exciting thing is, anyone who appreciates your quest to do it your way, will be drawn to you. Together you will all surf a wave of change. It’s time.

  4. Sounds exciting Jessica. I see that my chart has Sun in 24 aries, psyche in 23 gemini. Am I correct in assuming this will affect me? Appreciate your inputs. Thank you JR

    1. Yes, it is exciting. You were born with the Sun in Aries in the First House of image, identity, title, role and profile. The Sun is sextile Psyche in the Third House of internet, writing, publishing, multimedia, public speaking, singing, songwriting, computers and all communication. What happened in June was just the start. You may not realise this, but the radical leap forward you took last month is just the first gallop in a long race to freedom. Your whole way of connecting, being heard and read – getting your message across – will undergo a long, slow revolution and by 2017 you will never again go back to the old way of using the internet, education, publishing, multimedia and so on. Enjoy your new independence.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Two quick practical questions.

    When you say ‘Astrology 2020’ is free on this website on 1st August, do you mean its a kind of ‘one-day only’ special offer?

    Secondly, I’m thinking of signing up for Premium membership as a birthday-treat-to-self for next week as I’ve been absolutely loving your blog posts on world events and so impressed by the extent of your gift.
    One thing that makes me hesitate is that I never seem to be in synch with general forecasts for my sun sign (e.g abundance, expansion and other ‘Jupiterian’ areas were all noticeably static during the recent transits in Leo and Virgo).

    Might that be a ‘real thing’ because all of my personal planets are in the 12th house (bar the Moon in Pisces in the 8th)? Or could it be that I am being affected but its all so unconscious I haven’t even noticed, lol?

    Anyway, thanks again for your fabulous work.

    1. Thank you! The new ebook 2020 Astrology will be free from 1st August on this website for three months, then we’re going to move it to Amazon. I can’t actually comment on your chart because it sounds like you’re using a totally different house system. Pick up the free ebook 2020 Astrology on 1st August before you become a member as you may need to see the exact kind of astrology I’m using, first.

      1. Fabulous, thanks. Sounds like a good plan. (Yes, I only seem to have ever had Tropical-Placidus charts drawn for me. You’ve got me thinking now!)

  6. Hi thanks again for such an interesting article – we live in interesting times. It was a reference to your Brexit prediction that brought me to your website – that was electrifying in itself! I’m getting interested in Astrology again and gone through the journal marking down where I have planets in my natal chart on the same degrees. I made up a spreadsheet with the planets listed in ascending order by degrees to make it easier for me to look up the planets. I spotted this cluster below at 22/23/24. The Uranus / Ceres is close to my Chiron at 24 Aries. And I haven’t figures out the aspects for the other planets. I was amazed at the Brexit and thrilled. I did feel though I got caught up in that more than thinking about my own life path. My current job officially finishes on 2nd October, but will apply in present company for some jobs I am interested in. As you said in another comment there’s a lot of negotiating going on. For me it doesn’t look clear and have looked at ‘brainstorming’ what makes me tick and working with a life coach. Is there anything you see from these planets below that would be interesting to share?

    22 Vesta Libra
    22 Apollo Leo
    23 Panacea Sagittarius
    24 Uranus Libra
    24 Chiron Aries

    Best regards Anne

    1. The Brexit prediction seems to have gone everywhere – not sure how that happened! Thank you. We do live in interesting times and your chart is being well and truly triggered. You are experiencing Brexit through six degrees, now through 2017 and what goes down in Europe and Asia will have a ripple effect on your own life. The key to this for you is your former, current or potential partner. In fact, this is going to change your life for the better. Jupiter the healer and helper will be in Libra for the first time in 12 years, starting in the second week of September 2016 and running until October 2017. During that time he will also pass 22, 23, 24 Libra in the same cycle that Uranus is also at work, setting you free. You have stunning patterns for professional duets, personal relationships, marriages, business double-acts and so on. Two is your magic number and you will see why near St. Valentine’s Day 2017 when Jupiter is at 23 Libra exactly. The trick with work is to open up to everything and everybody in a new way. All bets are off. This is such a new world, nobody knows where it’s going – so the smart money is on people who are portable, inventive, open, flexible and prepared to go where the new work will be. I think your whole life, personal and professional, is going to explode, actually. Enjoy the ride. It’s like dodgem cars but you’ll feel more fully alive than you have for a long time. Use your journal!

  7. Holy smokes, Jessica. This is packed with good information. It’ll take me a while to really process all of this.

    It seems like most of what youre saying is geared around significant global changes. Will Uranus retrograde also affect personal aspects for us? I have a more direct question: In June I had an ectopic pregancy and my mother died (lots of mother/child loss). All of this happened within a few days on each side of June 23. My question is – does this mean more loss in the months to come? My husband and I are planning to do another IVF cycle in September…any thoughts you have about this are appreciated.

    I have Mercury 22 Gem; Asc 22 Leo; Desc 22 Aq.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. Yes, it’s a really long piece, but we are going to live with this cycle for a really long time so it helps to know all about Uranus and how this cycle works. What you see globally affects you personally. The classic headlines we saw (and will see more of) using the words ‘shock’ and ‘shockwaves’ and ‘free’ and also ‘freed’ will be about your own world too. I am very sorry to hear June saw not just one but two losses, involving both your child and your mother. I am going to look at your chart in some detail. Actually, the issue in June was Pluto not Uranus. You can see from your chart you were born with Jupiter at 17 Aries and Saturn at 17 Cancer. Jupiter is in your First House which rules your identity, image, role, title, personal appearance and profile. Saturn is in your Fourth House which rules your mother, but also your whole family – the one you grew up with and the one you create. You have what is known as a T-Square taking place, as when you look at Pluto moving around 17 Capricorn, he is creating a T-shape in your birth chart. This can only happen every 248 years so take a deep breath – you really are at a massive crossroads as you know. Pluto typically makes us feel as if we are being overwhelmed by something/someone we cannot stop. Something to remember during this cycle as it comes and goes in your life – is that you are being given the gift of empowerment. The trade-off is that you have to use your willpower. Pluto can feel dominating (hit Search for more on Pluto) yet the key to this cycle is to refuse to be dominated by anything/anybody and instead to summon up all your self-control, to control your own life. You may not necessarily be able to change circumstances but you can change your attitude, your approach, your coping mechanisms and your entire mindset. It takes steely self-discipline to do this, but once you succeed, two things will happen. First of all you will become a new version of yourself, far more self-reliant and proud of yourself than you have ever been before. Your self-trust will be total and you will be able to deal with anything life throws at you – ever again. Secondly, once the cycle has played itself, out, the ‘Pluto’ situation or person which was trying to dominate will disappear. It will just go. Now, onto the Uranus transits! You are also going through something really unusual here, which is Uranus at 23 Aries trine your Ascendant at 22 Leo (which rules children) and sextile your Descendant at 22 Aquarius (which rules your husband). You may want to hit Leo on search to find out more about this role in life, which is very much about being ‘Queen’ to a younger court, of children or teenagers. You will find your way on this cycle. It may take you a year or two, but you will find out how to guide, lead and mentor a younger generation. Astrology cannot tell you if IVF will succeed unless you go to a horary astrologer, and there are many excellent people out there. What it can tell you is that, one way or another, you are a natural teacher and example to the young, born 20 years or more after you, and through a series of typical Uranian ‘independence day’ moments (usually with a few shockwaves) you get there in the end. It will probably not be the way you expect. That is par for the course with Uranus, the planet of shockwaves. I wish you the very best with this and hope you can use your journal, in particular, to run your own life. It comes with your membership.

      1. Wow, thank you so much, Jessica. You are a gift to the world.

        I’d never heard of horary astrology but I just googled it and the concept blows my mind, and feels so right to me. The birth of a question! But of course! My dad raised me as a Jungian, and I just can’t believe (but also totally can) how everything is revealing itself.

        Just one more question for you – when will Pluto move away from my T square? 2017?

        Thank you again so much

        1. You’re not going to believe this – Christopher Warnock – an horary astrologer – (do you know of him?) lives in the same town as me. And I live in a pretty small corner of the world!

        2. Lord, that’s a nice compliment. Thank you very much! If your Dad raised you as a Jungian then I completely understand why soon after you posted this, you found Mr. Warnock the astrologer nearby – it’s perfectly Jung! Okay, so Pluto hangs around at that 17 Capricorn position for a while, moving there in January 2017 and most of July-December that year. Pick up my new book 2020 Astrology here on 1st August which has a section on Sacred Geometry and how to break up T-Squares by bringing in other people, with their own horoscopes, to ping your T-Square and turn into a flower shape instead.

  8. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for your wonderful work. I’m just post srx2 at zero sag and notice I’ve got s Uranus square my cap sun at 23 degrees thereabouts. I’m struggling to sleep as my brain is racing and I’m very nervy. Not sure how this will affect me but I’ve been feeling trapped and frustrated and need to sort out this last part of my life.

    1. Thank you. Capricorn Sun at 23 degrees will do it. The racing brain and nervous tension are typical of this cycle. Pick up my free ebook 2020 Astrology on 1st August as I have a long and detailed chapter on Uranus and the association between feeling ‘galvanised’ and this transit. We get the word from Galvani, who discovered what he called ‘animal electricity’ in 1781 when they also found this planet. So you are dead frog jumping. Am I allowed to say that? It will feel as if you are being triggered by wires. In all seriousness, you need to turn to the most boring, stable, grounding activity you can. Dull walks will do it. Best of all, sit on the floor and ground your energy through your base chakra into the earth. You don’t have to pay to learn good meditation. My friend and super PA Kerry McNally has a complimentary Reiki healing trial on her website if you want to Google her. Reiki is a proven way of centering and stabilising. This is about your ambition, position and mission in life and you are being shaken loose from old moorings – never easy for a Capricorn – so will need something to help balance the nervous tension.

  9. Thanks for the interesting piece. How am I affected? My DOB is 15.10.74 Nuremberg Germany. My situation is still stuck. There is no proper job I can live on and I am involved in a family conflict. Will I become independent from a domineering relative and a unreliable employer?

    1. Thank you. The issue for you is not Uranus but Pluto and Saturn. You are going through Pluto opposite Saturn which is one of the toughest cycles any person must deal with. You were born with Saturn at 18 Cancer in your Fourth House of family. Pluto is now hovering around 18 Capricorn, the opposite sign, in your Tenth House of career. If you want to look this up around the web, Google ‘Transiting Pluto opposite Saturn’. You will become empowered by this cycle and end up in a fantastic position of strength but you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and work very hard at becoming the boss of your own life. Set aside now through the end of 2018 as your personal test of self-discipline and self-control. Your domineering relative is playing Pluto. (Hit Search and look up Pluto on this website – this person is channelling the planet). You are being given a gift, though it may not feel like it. That gift is self-mastery and total trust and reliance on your own spirit. The only way to deal with overpowering people and overpowering situations is to refuse to be dominated by him, her or them – and instead summon up all your self-control to control your own life. You may have to use tremendous willpower to do this, no matter if it is running a rationed budget, or turning to music instead of darker emotions. You will figure out the best way to run your life. You are being sent another gift. Jupiter the healer and bringer of opportunity will move into Libra from the second week of September 2016 until October 2017. This is fantastic as it shows you why one or more partners (work or personal) will give you the support you need. Whatever it takes to get a former, current or potential partner into the right place with you, at the right time, will happen. You have a Libra stellium and are very lucky as Jupiter is crossing through it, for the first time in 12 years. Hit ‘Jupiter in Libra’ on search too.

  10. Hi Jess,

    Well look at this – it’s the re-death by 23s, I thought June went too well! But look at 10-17 September with Chiron hanging about the street corner like a delinquent youth at Pisces 23. On 9-10 September it appears that Mercury, Chiron and the Moon at Sagittarius 23 form a T-square.

    With my nodes where they are, I must have something serious going down that day with Jupiter at Libra 0, right where I am. It’s got to involve my ex-wife (court date adjourned for 3m of course!) and a new start. But between two eclipses, the last of which is on that 23′ axis again?

    Please keep up the good work, your articles are brilliantly insightful.
    With thanks,

    1. Thank you for the compliment – and thank you for reminding me about Chiron! I need to add a link to this story and put him back in. Okay – Fortuna in Virgo and your North Node in Capricorn/South Node in Cancer is the pattern to watch. Pick up the new free ebook 2020 Astrology on 1st August as I have a long section on Fortuna in there. You are reading your own horoscope perfectly. Yes, this is about your ex-wife. Fantastic that you have Jupiter moving to that sign, right on time. The bigger picture of your transit is a new lifestyle, evolving over the next few months, which involves a level of freedom and independence you may not have realised was out there for you. Change is always difficult to trust, but trust this one.

  11. Jessica this is super. I will have to re-read this again until it makes sense. You mention angles, but what about planets? I have Venus and Moon at 22 and 24 Virgo. My ascendant is 20 Aries, so I am well versed in Uranus and its effects, I feel I am at the end and the beginning, I am scared to death yet also very excited.

    1. Thank you. If you have the Moon and Venus in Virgo near that 23 degree transit, then this is about your daily routine, paid work, unpaid work and housework. It is also about your physical condition and your body. You will already know what this story is about, because of what went down in June. Independence Day, back then, was just the start.

  12. I really enjoyed reading this article (especially american history) and I’m interested to watch everything unfold with politics.
    On a personal note, June was horrid. I had a car accident on 9th June and was only able to return back to work last week. July relationship wise has been…well…. weird…I have factors at 22 and 23. So I am presuming my chart has been triggered and so stage 2 is going to be activated??!! Please could you help me to understand if this is the case so I can brace myself ;-).
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you. I am sorry about your car accident in June. I am sure you were in shock – it sounds as if you have been through a literal Uranus experience – your world turned upside down. You have Uranus at 23 Scorpio so Uranus at 23 Aries, Ceres at 23 Aries, Mars at 23 Scorpio (right on the position of natal Uranus in your chart) timed the accident. It might help to understand what Uranus in Scorpio means natally. Essentially, when it comes to your money (insurance is very much a Scorpio concern), salary, house, apartment, possessions, charity, business – there is a part of you which will repeatedly be inventing new set-ups and different systems. You may find this part of your life to be the least peaceful and settled, as Uranus in your chart times recurring situations where you find yourself with brand new world you never intended, nor wanted – but it happens to you anyway. I am guessing you had insurance claims from this accident. Perhaps there were also far more personal issues about who pays the bills when one of you is out of action. (Scorpio rules sexually intimate financial agreements, as well as insurance, life insurance, your will and legacy and so on). This very long cycle where you go back to June, is about realising that whatever actions you took, may only have been the beginning. Perhaps you had not realised just how confined and restricted you were, by some aspects of your life, which have been taken for granted and in the background for such a long time. Uranus can be ‘the rude awakener’ and I am sorry you had the tougher end of this pattern, with Mars right on your Uranus itself. However – what I can say about this cycle is that it sets you free. It takes great insight to look deeply into what happened, why it happened, what it did to your life, and how you responded – yet one way or another you are being given independence from someone or something that does not belong to your future. You will see this theme played out near those dates in the story and by early 2017 the process will be done with.

      1. Thank you Jessica
        Lol the event litterally ripped me out of my automatic, comfortable and predicable routine! I would never have had so much time off work. However, you are correct it has awakened me to other possibilities …not just with work though… Key dates noted.
        Thank you for your amazing work.

  13. Jessica! Love the article. Can I just say how much I love everything you write about. You help people grow with your wisdom and words. I am so glad you wrote about this again! Please help me understand what the story is for Uranus in my life as the only thing that occurred in June (which I think is boring) was that my principal – an Aries- announced on email that he accepted a higher position and is leaving our school in 2017. Other than this change, not much has happened in terms of relationships. I didn’t think it was that life-changing, unless this means that my career will be going in a different (and better) direction? I know in GTG you say that for Libras this may be a time an “ex will come back”. That is frustrating for me as I was looking forward to a new chapter with someone new. Any highlights will be helpful. Thank you!!

      1. Of course! Hope I am logged in right now. Here was my comment/question: Jessica! Love the article. Can I just say how much I love everything you write about. You help people grow with your wisdom and words. I am so glad you wrote about this again! Please help me understand what the story is for Uranus in my life as the only thing that occurred in June (which I think is boring) was that my principal – an Aries- announced on email that he accepted a higher position and is leaving our school in 2017. Other than this change, not much has happened in terms of relationships. I didn’t think it was that life-changing, unless this means that my career will be going in a different (and better) direction? I know in GTG you say that for Libras this may be a time an “ex will come back”. That is frustrating for me as I was looking forward to a new chapter with someone new. Any highlights will be helpful. Thank you!!

        1. Thank you so much, I just had a very long message from a raving, frothing lunatic on another post, so it is nice to see someone like you, next in the queue. Of course I know your chart a little by now. You have Venus and the MC around that 23 degree position, both in the money signs. They are not exactly on 23, but close enough so that you will be given a chance to be more financially independent, now through 2017. I suspect the Principal’s departure will create a typical reshuffle and that may be the story as there could be a different position on offer, a pay rise, or the chance of moving to another school entirely. You are champing at the bit for love, I can tell. Next year Jupiter in Libra will move across those three Libra factors in your chart in the Seventh House of romance, sex and commitment. 2017 will give you closure on the past, healing in the present and the chance to remove whatever obstacles stand in the way of a new date – or yes, perhaps – reconciling with the old.

          1. Thank you for the awesome response! I know you have a lot to write – how do you do it? I was curious if maybe a pay rise could possibly be from my side fashion passion – I’m trying to break into the industry w/my sis (13/12/76). I know you said once that she may be too overpowering – LOL (kinda true). PS: you made me laugh w/the rager that wrote you – of course he’s angry bc he knows you’re so good at what you do that he doesn’t want to miss out! That’s too funny! His way of complimenting you. Thank you again, J!

          2. Thank you! You have Minerva in Cancer in your Fourth House of family. No wonder you want to pursue fashion with your sister. Minerva is the ruling asteroid of fashion designers. Coco Chanel had a strong Minerva pattern. Pick up my new ebook 2020 Astrology on 1st August and read all about Minerva in your chart. Once Jupiter goes into Scorpio and trines your Minerva, starting late 2018 into 2019, you will have a wonderful chance to expand your fashion business or start a similar one.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    I loved this article. It feels like it’s going to speak to me in many ways!
    Can you please help me clarify what’s coming up for me?
    My daughter is having so many teenage freedom (or lack thereof) issues. So part of me suspects things are going to shift there. But she’s only 14 and it scares me how!
    I am also trying to break into freelance writing for young women…is now a good time for this? I’m a premium member and I have the 23 and 24 degree factors that you speak of. Can you please help me understand how it will all impact me? Thank you for your time xx

    1. Your daughter may be having Saturn aspects – check her chart at or, just for Saturn, or transiting Saturn at 10 Sagittarius, triggering her horoscope. Saturn moves in approximate seven year patterns. You are a born writer/media person and did it in a previous life. You also have the Ascendant at 23 Capricorn and Descendant at 23 Cancer. If your birth time is spot-on then this is exactly in line with the Uranus transits…what shifts now? Your professional image. Capricorn Ascendant (Capricorn Rising) women showcase themselves in careers which are very structured and usually involve a hierarchy and a very traditional, established system or set-up. A magazine corporation like Hearst would be one example. This is not the real you but it is how you project. The Cancer Descendant is about the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner – and also with rivals, enemies and opponents. Uranus is creating a T-Square here, which is T for tense – so although the issue of independence and freedom will not go away, it may also be hard work for a while. You will stick with writing or broadcasting your entire life and when Uranus finally goes into Gemini from 2026 you will produce your most extraordinary work. Start now.

  15. Hi Jessice, I have elements really close @ 23 in Libra and Capricorn how is the Urano retrograde will work for me.

    1. You have Hygiea at 23 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. There is a part of you which is very protective about your chosen field, industry or business. You insure against future issues by shielding yourself, the project or the role. This is now at the heart of radical change happening all around you. It began in June. You will see it come up again until 2017, and the choice you must deal with is how to adapt, and what to alter. I suspect you could be quite radical here, even revolutionary. It will certainly have an impact on the way you work. If you are at university or a full-time parent, then this message applies to those roles instead.

  16. Gosh! There sure is a lot going on here, Jessica! Another brilliant article I will be reading a few times to absorb it all.. How do you see it affecting me and my life? I’ve written to you before about nasty dynamics in my work situation involving a clique of my female colleagues, which has gotten worse. I have tried to be stoic throughout it all and I can’t afford to leave my job right now…..I have Salacia 22 deg Capricorn, Jupiter 24 deg Gemini and Apollo 23 deg Libra. I’m interpreting the Apollo/Libra aspect as rivals/enemies in this case. Clearly there is a life lesson
    in this for me!

    1. Thank you. Apollo at 23 Libra will do it, in your chart. Libra rules your former, current or potential partner. It also rules your enemies/rivals so that interpretation of yours, is correct. You will be fine. Jupiter goes into Libra in September and by 2017 he will sit right on 23 Libra, on your Apollo. This will be fixed, one way or another. Jupiter was actually Apollo’s father so father and son will meet up in your chart. As a bonus you will also find the feelings between yourself and your ex, current or possible lover go up a level and take you somewhere bigger and better. To take your mind off the clique, turn to your life on the internet, writing, multimedia, publishing or words/images in general. You have been thrown something that could be potentially very exciting here. Pursue that. Never mind them.

  17. Wow, what a great article. Thank you Jessica! I have a few patterns in my birth chart that relate to this story, can you help me understand a bit more on how my life could be affected?

    Venus 23 Aries
    Fortuna 23 Scorpio
    North node 24 Libra
    South node 24 Aries

    1. Thank you. You have three zones of your horoscope all being triggered by Uranus, backwards and forwards. The crucial one is the North Node at 24 Libra. Between now and October 2017 the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner will be completely reshaped, to your total advantage. It may feel as if you have stunned yourself, at times, but eventually your new freedom will seem like a way of life to you. Ultimately this new pathway with love, sex and commitment will become your chosen journey. As the Node is one degree off 23 Aries, you may not have necessarily experienced the full Monty experience yet, but watch what happens from the second week of September as the whole climate, emotionally, with your former, current or potential partner will begin to shift.

  18. Hi Jessica , another fascinating read with such research that you put in. My husband has finally agreed to give up working on a Saturday so we have some family time, so yes, I have already seen signs of some greater independence for me. This occurred on the 23rd June, the First Independence Day.
    With factors at Sun 21° Cancer 18′ 56″, Moon , 05° Scorpio 00′ 01″, Mercury 28° Cancer 29′ 05″, Uranus , 24° Aries 23′ 47″ , Minerva at 29° Leo 38′ 02″Psyche at 29° Cancer 45′ 03″, Ceres at 29° Aries 07′ 42″ what can you see?
    thanks Sonia

    1. Thank you! You have Mars at 24 Scorpio and on Independence Day I, you had Mars at 23 Scorpio, just one degree away, along with Uranus at 23 Aries and Ceres at 23 Aries. So this is about Scorpio stuff for you. Marriages usually are, because they are that combination of intimacy and money, or passion and property. You can read more about Scorpio if you hit Search. I suspect this will be an unfolding story for you by 2017, not just with your husband, but with your money, house, apartment or business interests in general. A dramatically different way of operating will change your life and I don’t think you’ll ever go back to thinking about the money, in particular, the way you did before.

  19. Hi Jessica, The end of June did feel as one of the more productive weeks of the year. However I’ve been ‘feeling’ stuck ever since. I have Chiron, Psyce and Panacea at 22 and 23 degrees. How will this play out in September? Thanks!

    1. Chiron at 23 Taurus and Psyche at 23 Scorpio are opposite, in your financial, business, property, charity and ownership/shopping zones. You are on track to do things very, very differently by 2017. You may find you have to put a price tag on independence and ask yourself what you would ‘pay’ to be free of systems, set-ups, people or organisations which have been holding you back, quite unnecessarily.

  20. Really intriguing Jessica. Can’t wait for your book on the 1st, love reading your stuff! Read an article last night how Scotland will almost certainly seek to gain independence ( round 2) from UK so in keeping with your predictions! Speaking of my own Independence Day. I only have Uranus at 5 degrees Libra, but have other factors at 23/24 degrees. Is this significant in any way to Uranus cycle or does it have other meanings? Serving divorce papers either 1st or 9th Aug and start a fab new job on the 15th after 4 yr break. Talk abt opposites!!!

    1. Thank you. Yes, Scotland has been on the road to independence for a long time, according to her horoscope. Your fab new job is down to Uranus at 23 Aries triggering your Fortuna at 24 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. This position is going to powerfully affect your future, just as much as you powerfully affect the future of others…

      1. Thks for your reply. Gut feelings are good abt the job….I’m going to “powerfully affect the future of others”. I hope positively??…….look forward
        to your next “insightful blog” Take Care

  21. Hi Jessica,

    What does MC at 23 Scorpio and IC at 23 Taurus means for me?
    I also have Saturn at 23 Virgo and Mars at 22 Leo.

    I Haven’t felt the same since June though nothing has changed.
    What areas of life I can expect independence?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Saturn at 23 Virgo is the big one. You have Saturn in the Sixth House, which rules your working life, your daily routine, your lifestyle and your physical condition. It describes the importance of your body to your mind, soul and spirit. It is also very much about your service and duty to other people. Saturn gives you hard karma with all this – so you spend your life dealing with the realities of the above. What is happening now, and what began in June, is the slow breaking up of old, stuck patterns probably based in fear as much as anything else. Uranus at 23 Aries formed a quincunx to Saturn at 23 Virgo in your chart and that pattern will be repeatedly triggered until April 2017. If your birth time is absolutely accurate then this will also be a financial issue for you, as the MC and IC are on the money angles of your chart. The winds of change are blowing and it began in June.

  22. Fantastic article Jessica you have great foresight to everything going on in this crazy world.
    I have Mars activating my Jupiter at 22 Scorpio as well as my MC at 23 Virgo and Chiron at 25 Aquarius I’m currently off work for 6 weeks and now realize I have worked myself to the bone for the last 3 years and my family life has severely suffered Uranus has definitely. thrown curveballs at me. your thoughts would be much appreciated. So looking forward to your new book.When can I buy a hard copy? Warm regards DebG

    1. Thank you very much – it is a crazy world with this Saturn in Sagittarius transit affecting billions of people, all at the same time! Okay, so you know your chart pretty well, which is good. You can really sort out this work issue. Actually it’s about more than work, it’s about your body. You have a massive Virgo stellium which you can certainly read about in the new ebook 2020 Astrology. You have a devotion to duty and service, doing the ‘job’ or task at hand as perfectly as you can and – no matter how successful you are – always trying to deliver the very best you can. This is fine up to a point but if you cross the line between putting others first and your own wellbeing, your body will deliver symptoms or issues that pull you up short. It’s not so much the Uranus transit triggering this, it’s actually a transit which is purely for your benefit and that is Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter fixes things up, often by bringing us to a point where we have to change – and then we wonder why we didn’t do it before. When Jupiter moves to 23 Virgo in the first half of August, he will conjunct your MC. If you want to look this up elsewhere, it is ‘transiting Jupiter conjunct natal MC’ which is stunning in terms of its opportunities. Assuming your birth time is exact this will happen August 1 through 15. If not exact, it may happen a little later. The time has come to put out there for what you want from your lifestyle, your health, your wellbeing and your work. Use your journal to sketch/draw/set goals. Really let the universe know. Then see what happens. I suspect you will get quite a nice surprise – this fortunate cycle only occurs once every 12 years and this is your big chance.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    Can’t wait to delve into your free eBook on 2020 Astrology. I may be find answers.
    Am having some psychic dreams for some time now, one in particular stood out.
    Just had sudden piece of information from my partner witch relates to my dream(Jupiter transit, to natal Jupiter and Uranus)…
    Dream was about house,my partner information was the same house in the property paper could not believe this picture and place were this property is.
    As Uranus is in the 4th relate to home,land etc. Seems a very strong attraction to this house and location, is Uranus sending out this new freedom to a new relocation.
    Uranus 23 1st 4th natal, Fortuna 4th at 21 and Pluto 5th at 22 degrees.
    If this move is soon, question and this really puzzles me were the money coming from?…thro speculation, inheritance, a gift, any thoughts on this subject would be appreciated the vibration’s are really becoming strong now.
    Sorry about the my wording, am an image person.

    1. Thank you. You had a dream about a house? Look to anything in Cancer and the Fourth House of your natal chart. You have Uranus at 18 Cancer and Pluto is slowly moving towards 18 Capricorn. Yes, this is a precognitive dream. You will move or reshape your existence in the old home when this opposition becomes exact, February 2017. You will find more about Uranus and Pluto in the new book, and use your journal to track the transits at 18 degrees. I suspect your sixth sense is letting you know to prepare for extreme change with your property.

  24. Hi Jessica, as per usual I am always intrigued by these articles. Being new to the astrology thing, I’m not sure I always grasp what exactly gets triggered by having the sames numbers. I do have Juno 23 in Capricorn, Vesta 24 in Leo, & Proserpina 25 in Libra but I’m not sure how to decipher what that means. Is it those aspects that are triggered or does it mean those aspects go backward with Uranus? Help! :S

    1. You were born with Juno at 23 Capricorn, which is the real key to this cycle. This means you commit to success by ‘wedding’ yourself to people, organisations and ambitions which demand that you climb a very long way, from where you were born, or where you started out in your life. You are actually going to explore your Capricorn side to the full, now through 2017, so that you know yourself extremely well when it is time to transform your entire career or status (perhaps through your private life) in 2020-2021. Let’s get back to the present, though! The world wants radical change at the moment. The mood is pro-freedom and pro-independence and it is about breaking away from stale, stuck, stifling situations. This is having a direct impact on your career or other climb to the top (marrying well is common with Juno in Capricorn too). You do have some big choices ahead of you. The independence issue won’t go away!

  25. Hi Jessica – astrology got a whole lot more real and interesting since you started to develop your blogs. It feels great to connect and share experiences with people across the world.
    I do hope that what you say about guns and the start of a peace movement in September comes to pass. So many of the terrible things that have happened recently could have been prevented without access to guns. I hope people begin to recognise that guns only exist for one purpose. To kill.
    On a personal note, I’ve been looking at what happened in June (I live in England so there was a whole lot of Brexit and political stuff going on). I have about seven aspects to my horoscope at 22, 23, 24 degrees. I wrote in my diary the week of the 23rd June that I felt jumpy. I also felt incredibly stuck in the fundraising job I’m doing and said to myself that it was going to be the last fundraising/grantmaking job I was going to do. I’ve been doing similar work for the last 12 years and I feel like I’m going to wriggle free of my cocoon and become something else but I can’t see what yet. Maybe September will reveal what that is? What can you see in my horoscope?
    best wishes

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, the United States is about to see its most successful push against the NRA and the gun lobby for many years. I guess you saw Hillary Clinton park this issue front and centre at the Democrats’ Conference. The peace movement has not even started yet, but it is certainly hinting at its presence. The 22-23-24 line-up in your chart is well and truly triggered, now through 2017. The diary is actually part of that. In fact, the diary and writing in general will become increasingly more important to you. Give it time, but you will see other work options, and open up to the possibility of using the internet to do what you used to do – there is a big Gemini focus on your chart!

      1. Thanks for the response Jessica – it’s encouraging!
        I was reading your blog yesterday on 10 ways to handle Saturn In Sagitarius and I think that my stuck feeling in my current job is to do with my current difficulty (for all sorts of reasons – personalities, lack of focus on priorities, geographical distances), in developing partnerships at work with people to make things happen.
        I also hadn’t realised that Sagitarius covered religion too – weirdly, even though I’m not religous myself, the charity I currently work for and feel stuck about, has a very strong religous background. In addition I’ve just become a volunteer steward at my local Cathedral helping out with a new exhibition there – I’m wondering if this is part of the Saturn in Sagitarius effect?

        1. It’s a pleasure. Sagittarius rules religion, traditionally, and all belief systems and philosophies with people put faith in (even Humanism). If you log in I can look for that in your chart. I’d say it’s a definite.

          1. Thank you. Okay, so your whole chart is being triggered by Uranus in Aries, now through 2017. What you will experience is the famous ‘Dance of Rejection’ which this planet always brings. You can read more about this in my new ebook 2020 Astrology which is out on 1st August. Basically, you find others rejecting you, which makes you reject them! This is the exciting part, though. This leads you to thrilling new freedom and independence as you distance yourself from organisations, situations or individuals who belong to the past, not the future. Take a deep breath and make your own way and you will eventually see that the Rejection Dance was a blessing in disguise. By 2017 you will never want to go back ‘there’ again and will be astonished at how much more vibrant and enticing your life feels. This will affect you in up to three separate areas of your life, often at the same time. Push back.

  26. Hi Jessica, great article again. 🙂
    Anything I should be paying attention to specifically?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. You have Psyche at 23 Gemini in your Third House of books, websites, language, education, writing, publishing, multimedia and of course, the internet. What you ‘say’ to the world lasts forever. This will be revolutionised, now through April 2017, partly because of changes you made in June or changes which were forced upon you. In fact, your old way of communicating will no longer apply. Sometimes the issue is new technology like a computer or telephone. More usually it is the actual project or idea which to you, represents your Independence Day from people, situations or organisations which have no place in your long-term future – and also tied you down and restricted you, more than perhaps you ever knew.

  27. I have moon 23 deg Aries, what does this mean and how is this going to impact next few months? Any other factors from my chart to watch out for?

    1. You will feel Uranus conjunct the Moon at 23 Aries in your First House for some time, until April 2017. The Moon is about your need to be needed. Aries rules your title, reputation, profile and appearance. Put those together and you have a statement about yourself for the rest of your life. Now through April, though, that will all be turned upside-down. This revolution will liberate you.

  28. Hi Jessica…I have my sun at 22 degrees capricorn so how do you see this playing out in September? I had my car stolen the morning of the eu referendum – shocking!

    1. The Sun at 22 Capricorn was hit by a square from Uranus at 23 Aries, Ceres at 23 Aries and a sextile from Mars at 23 Scorpio. I am sorry your car was stolen that day. Uranus moves in mysterious ways sometimes. Only you can figure out who or what (at work) you needed to be free from.

      1. interesting….the square, sextile stuff is a bit too advanced for me. I would really appreciate a blog on this.. Your writing skills are insanely good and I have learned so much from you already….

        does a potential partner having the same sun degree but different sign hold any significance?

        1. Ah, thank you. I understand about the square, sextile (the aspects) and if you pick up the new book 2020 Astrology on 1st August you will see them explained in plain English, not astrology-speak! Potential partner with the same degree is highly significant! You two have major chemistry. The book also goes into this, in a chapter called Love and another called Sacred Geometry.

  29. Hi Jessica late June was brilliant for me! Energy, charisma, and charm all increased. Wanting to teach a class in September. What would be the best weekend for that?

    1. Your Sagittarius cluster at 14, 15, 22 of that sign does suggest you are here to teach – with such a big focus on the Ninth House of education. Just be aware that Mars is crossing 14, 15, 22 Sagittarius in September near the first and third weekend, when life will move very fast and possibly overheat. It really depends on you. If you want a quiet life I would avoid those times – otherwise, yes, move when Mars does, but do be aware of this planet’s reputation. You can pick up my book 2020 Astrology on 1st August, free, which has a long section on Mars transiting the Ninth House.

  30. Thanks for another insightful article Jessica.
    I have 22-24 degree factors in Aries, Taurus and Virgo. What I found happening around 23rd June is helping sort out other people’s ( my parents’) money and property issues which have some connections to my general well being, happiness and sense of usefulness and finally independence. Do you think this is happening due to Uranus factor affecting my life ? Can I expect further developments in this area during the 2nd Uranus phase in September?

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are reading your own chart accurately. Now, through the first quarter of 2017 you will develop what began as an experiment with your parents’ money and property, into something far more important and long-term, which would give you amazing new room to move – and enough space to be genuinely groundbreaking and independent in the way you live your life – and of course, the way you handle your own security and lifestyle. I think you’ll really see this most intensely in September 2016.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I have a few areas in my chart that will be triggered. Can you help me understand how this cycle will affect me?

    1. Your life will be reshaped by this cycle. The most obvious change to you will come in the area of personal relationships, family relationships or business partnerships where there is crucial, legally binding paperwork (for example, about a mortgage, life insurance or legacy). There will be other changes, too, in the way you see the world as a whole. The best thing to do when so much of your chart is being triggered by Uranus in Aries, is to accept that the time has come to part company with people, places, organisations and situations which belong to your past and not to your future. This might seem confronting at first, as it can quite challenging to bring in 2018, 2019, 2020 when you are standing there at the start of 2017. Nevertheless, the time is ripe for change – and the time is right for you to be freed from set-ups which were limiting you and restricting you, when there was really no need. Please pick up my book 2020 Astrology on 1st August (free) and read the section on Uranus in particular, to understand this cycle in greater detail.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I’m not certain if this is the most appropriate place to ask my question, but working on the premise that Uranus is in Aries (4th house of property / home ?) I wondered if you could cast some light on my current situation and, God forbid, a possible end date?

    I’ve been searching and trying to buy my own home for a year now. I ended up going into rental accommodation last November (our buyer wanted us out) and within 6 weeks the Landlady wanted to sell. We are now in another 6 month rental and so far this year, three property purchases have fallen through, largely because vendors have been economical with the truth. And then you find out! Some have lied about their property flooding and another snuck an Uplift Clause in at the last moment.It’s all very dispiriting. We have just put an asking price offer in on another property and waited over week for a response (Executors and others in a chain) only to find out that greed rules the day and we have to go to closed bids and we’re basically being asked to raise our offer. Just want to find our place/home. It is taking up so much energy and focus.

    Is this anything to do with my South Node at 16 Aries? Repetitive situations? Probably completely off with that!

    Any insight to stave off total despair would be so helpful.

    Many thanks as always.

    1. You are a Capricorn with the IC at 22 Cancer so both your horoscopes show the same thing – not news to you – that you are not being given the stability and security you want, with your property situation, home life and more. In your Sun Sign Capricorn chart you have Uranus transiting your Fourth House in Aries. In your Natural House personal chart you have Uranus at 23 Aries aspecting your IC at 22 Cancer (transiting Uranus square the IC if you want to look it up). The issues are well and truly over next year. Uranus will slowly move out of Aries in 2017. You will be thrilled with the ultimate outcome so please do not worry. In the meantime use your journal to make notes, glue in pictures of what you want, make sketches and start setting goals. In my experience people are often stunned at the way the picture they drew is exactly what they end up with!

      1. Thank you so much Jessica – you do a completely brilliant job for people. When I have a problem present itself to me one of my coping mechanisms is to try to educate myself about ‘it’ and so hopefully empower. Your answer has helped me to do this here so “thank you”.
        Just a thought, if Uranus is squaring my IC (Natural House) would it not also be squaring my MC? And, if that is in 10th house of career then I would feel it there also? Certainly feels like a bit of a ‘double whammy’. Just musing – I’ll investigate! Thanks again.

        1. Thank you very much. Yes the IC and MC and also Apollo in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, are all hit by Uranus. So what you have here is quite a pattern which will affect one, two, three areas of your life – now through 2017. Be radical. We are living in radical times of genuine change. The first election of President Obama was one example. The recent Brexit is another. The third will be the arrival of Hillary Clinton as U.S. President partnering with Theresa May. If you think of the global headlines as mirror for your own life, you will see why the only thing to do is join the revolution and get behind the new – and forget the old, stuck or traditional! This applies to home, work, money – the lot.

          1. Again, many thanks.

            Just as a bit of a Post Script. I’ve had a bit of a light bulb moment and realised that moving from our last home was freedom for me – a bit like being let out of prison. It was a strange abode and I’ll never regret moving out. Even now with the frustration, I’d rather be here now than back there. The journey continues……..

      2. Hi Jessica

        Could you please answer one more question on this? Promise not to bug you again with this topic

        I’ve started to look through your new Ebook (thank you for this I’m looking forward to learning more) and you mention the absence of birth time as significant in accuracy of placements, specifically MC and IC among others. As I do not have a birth time, how does that change the Uranus effect on home matters?
        Can a difference of up to 24hours mean the IC could be in another sign, or would it still be 4th house / Cancer but not hit presently by Uranus at 23?
        Would you interpret this differently in any way now?
        Thank you for your time.

        1. Yes, the absence of birth time is a big one – it would be great to have your IC which rules where you come from, where your roots are, what means ‘home’ and belonging to you. The angles, as they are called (IC, MC, AC, DC) are time sensitive and change rapidly. However – we can read your solar chart for the headlines of your life and if your world was a newspaper, the front page story would be ‘Ongoing revolution with home and property’ so be aware of that until at least you are past Easter 2017. Life stabilises and calms down from 2018/2019!

  33. Hi Jessica!

    Thanks as always. This 23 degrees thing is fascinating. Can you tell me how I can best position my career life (academic life) and love live (gulp) during this time of independence?


    1. You have a T-Square between the Sun, Vesta and Proserpina which is being well and truly triggered, now through 2017. Change is not always comfortable. It is better to change with the times, though, and you need to take the initiative and do what you should have done, years ago. Uranus in Aries will impact your ideas about success, home, belonging, identity, image – in a word, big parts of your life. You had a couple of little shocks in June. One was exciting, but crazy. The other was a rejection, if you think about it. Both of those ‘wow’ or ‘WTF?’ moments started you on the road to making changes in your own life and these will become a part of your world by 2017. You may think you are already doing something pretty radical or majorly independent but in fact this is just the start. I sometimes see people desperately trying not to change on this cycle, but it usually gets them in the end!

  34. Hi Jessica. Amazing post, gave me chills! (In a good way). I have both Jupiter at 24 aries and Saturn at 24 cancer. Where’s my freedom?LOL. I am so ready for it!

    1. I am glad about the chills, because your spirit guides are saying ‘affirmative’ which is good to hear. Okay, you also have Vulcano at 23 Cancer, so what you are experiencing is quite unusual. You were born with a square between Jupiter at 24 Aries in the First House of image and presentation, to Saturn at 24 Cancer in the Fourth House of home and family. Vulcano at 23 Cancer is tied into the pattern, also in the Fourth House, which is about your people and your place. There is tension between your Me Agenda and your roots – where you come from, your place in the world, family tree, home, town, country and all the rest. This will be well and truly triggered by Uranus at 23 Aries, moving to 24, in a circular pattern, now through the first quarter of 2017. It’s a wake-up and a shake-up. You are being invited to break with the past and liberate yourself from situations, attitudes or people which truly do not belong to the future.

  35. Hi Jessica

    I have become an avid UK based reader of your all of your articles and they have made me passionate about astrology, especially from a world politics perspective. I read your Brexit prediction last year and have shared it with everyone I know, it’s so impressive. Thank you for all the articles you write, you have ignited a massive interest in astrology for me.

    I have always been very interested in politics and world affairs, however in the lead up to and since Brexit, I just can’t get enough – this is where the lights have come on for me. I want to become a more active participant and be a part of all this change to come. Ideally, I would like to become an MP but feel I have left it too late. I run my own business and have always been successful, but have never really had much enthusiasm for the job itself.

    I feel like I have realised my career passion far too late in life!! I would be really grateful if you could shed some light on whether any of this is reflected in my chart, could I realistically become an MP? Or is there more success with my current business, as I only have Venus at 22 in Aquarius and Panacea 23 in Sagittarius.

    1. I am really pleased you are pursuing your astrology. Thanks also for sharing this website. When you say ‘the lights have come on’ you are actually speaking your Uranus transit as we associate it with electricity. You are the first person who has asked me about going into politics, though I have had some well-known politician clients in the past. You have Venus at 22 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups. You were made for a political party or a social change group. Uranus around 23 Aries sextiles your Venus, so yes – the time is right to join a community of people. Then, and only then, can you decide if you want to go into the hurly burly of running for election. You will find out exactly if this works for you by April 2017.

      1. Thanks Jessica for your quick reply, I really appreciate your insight. I’m going to give politics a go and look out for other groups to join. I’m looking forwards to your e book tomorrow. Are you going to be in the UK at any events? I would love to hear you speak and learn more from you. Many thanks for all the time you give to everyone on this site.

        1. You wrote: Thanks Jessica for your quick reply, I really appreciate your insight. I’m going to give politics a go and look out for other groups to join. I’m looking forwards to your e book tomorrow. Are you going to be in the UK at any events? I would love to hear you speak and learn more from you. Many thanks for all the time you give to everyone on this site.

          My reply: You are very kind, thank you. I will be speaking in London in winter 2016 and winter 2017 so I will post the event on this website once we confirm. Come along and say hello – bring your chart!

  36. Reading this straight after the Generation Sag piece is giving me that twitchy, ‘buckle your seatbelt’ feeling. I get a direct hit from both as I’ve got Neptune at 22 Sag… My own ‘independence day’ in June was all about screenwriting/film. So that seems to linked…

    It also hit me via Pluto (23 Libra, 1st) and Midheaven (23 Cancer), and at the moment I keep using the phrase ‘out if the closet’ to explain how much my life has shifted since June 23rd… It really has been like getting a giant bolt of electricity to bring me to life!

    Thank you so much for your articles – they’re making sense of a lot of things that are hard to put a finger on but feel connected.

  37. Hi Jessica .. Your insights have been powerfull & accurate with a seismic shift in the power & control at my work from 19th… 24th June … I suffered the brunt of that.
    But in the last 2 days, external forces have added a bit of Accountabilty to that power base.
    I understand that this continues until April 2017… But I wonder if the outcome will be for professionalism & fairness? or people politics?

    1. I’m glad the astrology has been accurate for you. The outcome will actually be in favour of your own independence and freedom, and whatever it takes to release you from stuck, old situations which are past their use-by date will unfold, through this cycle. Thank you.

  38. Wow! Do you still look at 1-2 degrees away from 23 degrees for Uranus Retrograde? If so, I’ll pretty much be on fire. I also have Aries at 26 degrees on my descendant would that play into this as well? I’ve been feeling a little impatient with people! I think I’m on overload. Thank you Jessica

  39. Nothing to say , just passing by to let you know how much I enjoyed your article ,,,, really lovely & detailed !!!

  40. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for these great insights. Ive been a premium member for about a year now and i wrote you a couple of months ago because everything in my life was in a waiting pattern. Since then I’ve been accepted to university, started a new job, and moved across the world. Can you please tell me how these patterns affect my chart and what they mean for me? Thank you so much Jessica!

    1. With Uranus at 17 and Fortuna at 26 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of university and emigration, you need to watch Saturn moving over the same degrees of Sagittarius, now through Christmas 2017 as when he is close to 16, 17, and again 25, 26 you will find something or someone puts the brakes on. Go slowly and carefully at that time and seek experience and expertise as this 29 year cycle is really about caution and research. You can track Saturn on this website or in your journal. Thank you!

  41. Hi Jessica,

    In reading the tea leaves, it looks like I’m going to get canned shortly. I got pulled into a meeting with the CFO on Thursday which didn’t leave me with a confident feeling about my future here. I’ve been wanting to leave for two years but I feel this is the “push” I needed. I am sending out resumes and trying to get ahead of this.

    I feel this Uranus retrograde has so much to tell me.

    Thanks so much!

    1. You have Pluto at 24 Virgo in your Sixth House of work so you need control (perhaps even total control) with your jobs and you are at your most powerful when you are serving others. What is happening now is Uranus, the planet of revolution, hovering very close at 23/24 Aries forming what is known as a quincunx – so yes, the winds of change are sweeping through your professional life now through 2017. This is not negative. You also have Jupiter (solutions) passing over 24 Virgo in this time frame so by September you will have had a dazzling option not possible in years. Very close to Friday 12th August you also have Chiron at 24 Pisces opposite Pluto so this really is crunch time. Bottom line? Understand that any change in the balance of power ultimately helps your lifestyle.

      1. Wow. This is so wonderful, Jessica. Thank you for being so kind and responsive – it means the world to me.

  42. Jessica, excellent post! It’s truly commendable the way you use astrology to unite the world with the personal. I have four planets at 22* in my chart.I made the decision to move back to US with my kids( Both of them have 2-3 placements each at 22, 23 and 24 degrees). It feels like freedom from a situation that was oppressive and claustrophobic for a long time. Feels like finally going home, in every sense. What do you think? Is it going to work out?
    Thanks for this and your insightful blogs. I don’t miss reading a single one.

    1. Aren’t you nice. Thank you! Yes, this will work out for you and your children. Other people who are also excited by your willingness to try something/somewhere new and experiment will come out to support you. People who ‘get you’ will be your firm allies. Anyone still stuck in the past will just have to be left behind. The Uranus Retrograde will show you why June-July was a dress rehearsal and a taste of what freedom could be like. From September you will find you reach a point where you are prepared to go even further and I suspect by April 2017 you will be on quite a radically different path. Sometimes it’s okay to fly without radar.

  43. Hi Jessica, thank you for your wonderful work, it is very much appreciated. I’m having trouble relating this information to my birth chart, can you please help out?

    Kind Regards, Sally

    1. Thank you – cheers. This is about your ‘wise woman’ role with the family, home, household, town, apartment, country. Time to define that differently, as you will see by 2017.

      1. Thank you so much. Could you please elaborate a little? I’m not clear on what this means. Thank you, sally

        1. Sure. Uranus when he travels across your birth chart always triggers a rejection. You may feel rejected by others, or distanced by them in some way. Perhaps you had a firm ‘No’ some time ago, or they just never got back to you. Sometimes you can feel rejected by a whole system, or a town. In return, you reject. You are the one who decides to break away and seek pastures new. From this comes a revolution which ultimately liberates you. Others may find it faintly shocking, or you may even stun and amaze yourself. Yet – it is the right move. Who can argue with total freedom?

  44. HI Jessica,

    I am confused about the freedom or liberating part of the uranus aspects going on now. as i have told you before i am developing property where i live with enemies not wanting me to do so. i have approvals now from the gvt. but people undermining me with lies about the property history. so i am confused about the freedom part? do i have to compromise with the liars? do i prevail? so confused! thanks

    1. You have Fortuna at 23 Pisces in the Twelfth House which describes the way you unwittingly spin the Wheel of Fortune behind the scenes, out of sight, under cover or even unconsciously. It has nothing to do with property, though I know this is your main concern in life. I think your own readings using The Astrology Oracle could help you more with the reality of this development as it’s such an intensely personal matter. The Uranus transit is actually about something quite different and that is also rather personal. Yet it will set you free.

  45. Hi Jessica

    Amazing blog! I have been feeling stuck for the last month after an amazing first half of the year through to the end to June exploring new skills and finding my voice – the last month however I’ve felt stuck – in a job that sees me re-living elements of past-life corporate nightmares (yuck) and living arrangement with my sister that is well bast its due date…and then I read your blog and it has made me feel so hopeful! You’re predicting independence on my birthday weekend – can you tell me what form it will take? Throw into the mix a financial deal a friend is offering me that seems too good to be true – should I invest?

    Love your work!


    1. Thanks very much. Without knowing your full birthday or chart it is hard to tell, but if you have the Sun at 24 Virgo then now through April 2017 you can take full advantage of who/what offers independence or The Indie Life. Others have been there before you and pioneered. You could easily do the same but add your own twist. It’s the Freedom Experiment.

      1. Thanks Jessica! Weird though, I’m a member so you should be able to see my chart – here are my Deets anyway born melbourne australia @ 12.30am on 18 September 1968.

        Love and light

        1. You wrote: Thanks Jessica! Weird though, I’m a member so you should be able to see my chart – here are my Deets anyway born melbourne australia @ 12.30am on 18 September 1968. Love and light.

          I reply: Thanks, I can see your chart now. You are well and truly affected by the Choose Freedom transit of Uranus in Aries, now through April 2017 and it’s all about work and money. Basically, if you wanted to blaze an independent trail away from how you used to run your paid work, unpaid work, university degree (for example) it would be a snap. It’s the same with money – if you desired to do your own thing and break with the old set-ups and systems, it would be easy. Doing this would change the way you operate, permanently. I suspect that what/who motivates you to do this is already with you. You have either distanced yourself from particular organisations, systems or people, or have been rejected by them on some level. It’s the rejection dance of Uranus and it always leads to a revolution. You will be running things so differently in 2017 and beyond if you wish!

          1. Thanks Jessica – I’m in the process of totally recasting my work/money MO – so glad to hear from you that I’m on track! Bring on 2017 and beyond!! A xx

  46. Hi Jessica,

    On July 9th I had a nasty fall which caused me to fracture my arm and my foot, and I won’t be able to work for some more weeks. Maybe Uranus played a part in this? Clearly there is a lesson here I need to learn… Could this relate to the way I take care of my health, to my work, or to something else altogether? The picture doesn’t look clear to me. Any insight would be much appreciated and helpful!

    Thank you for your time.

    1. You can actually decode this yourself. The word ‘fracturing’ is significant as in the myth, there was a tremendous fracture between the old and the new. Your arm and foot are crucial to work, and yet these are the very parts of yourself which have stopped working for you! I suspect you need to sit down and really feel your way through this. The unconscious mind can be very powerful sometimes. Dreams might reveal the core reason to you but it is obviously (in astrological terms anyway) about the ‘break’ for freedom away from work and the ‘break’ with what you were doing – perhaps because you have not taken a break in a long time – or you did, but it didn’t feel like one? Only you can answer this! Thank you.

      1. Thank you Jessica, you’ve put the finger on it. I am now learning the hard way that resistance is futile.

  47. I have the following in my birth chart, how will this affect me

    04° Capricorn 22′ 30″

    I am longing for that everlasting love in my life

    1. This is not actually about your love life – for that you need to look at Jupiter in Scorpio from the final quarter of 2017 and most of 2018, which will bring opportunities and solutions as he crosses over your Scorpio horoscope factors. We associate this sign with sexually intimate arrangements about finance, property and business. Don’t hang around waiting for that, though. Get out there. But yes – you take love very seriously, see marriage and commitment in quite a textbook way, and therefore need to look at the Scorpio side of your horoscope to find out more about how you operate and how to use those solutions and open doors which are coming. Hit Search and ‘Scorpio’.

  48. Hi Jessica, I have the sun at 23 Libra. It is only now becoming clear that the time around 23rd June was the beginning of a release in two aspects of my health, as my new vitamins arrived and I was beginning back exercises recommended by a new osteopath. As a result, I am now beginning to experience independence from a lifelong mild chocolate addiction and lifelong back problems. It is quite extraordinary, but I can’t find anything in my chart that would account for these changes being related to the 6th house. Also, I am mystified what form my independence stage 2 might take if stage 1 started off as health-related.

    1. You have Chiron at 23 Capricorn in the Tenth House, Proserpina at 23 Aries in the First House and the Sun at 23 Libra in the Seventh House in a perfect T-Square in your chart. When Uranus moved to 23 Aries, Ceres moved to 23 Aries and Mars moved to 23 Scorpio it set the whole pattern off. Your body is not always the Sixth House. It is often the First House which rules your image, appearance, and personal advertising – the ‘packaging.’ I am so excited for you that you are breaking free of the back problems and chocolate addiction. There will be another exciting break for freedom, when you go even further, in September. You can ‘decode’ these signs/houses more using my new book 2020 Astrology, pick it up from this site now, free.

      1. Thanks Jessica, I looked up Proserpina and was interested to see that although I couldn’t identify with the ‘go between’ bit in relation to ‘independence day’, I have actually worked part-time since 2008 for a company which has Ceres in its name! It’s a job I would break free of if only I didn’t have a large mortgage hanging round my neck. I have other sources of income but they’re not as secure as the Ceres job.

  49. Hi Jessica, I found it fascinating that William Lilly’s prediction of the Great Fire of London was so accurate that he was suspected of playing a part in it. Which brings me to you 😀

    You predicted here a new UKIP and the rise of Aaron Banks.

    Bizarrely, due to some shenanigans and infighting about who can and who will lead UKIP, Aaron Banks is calling for a new NEC and a new, more democratic way of choosing who will stand for leader. Old UKIP seems to be imploding and a new one seems on the cards.

    How could you possibly have known? 🙂

  50. Dear Jessica,

    I am fascinated and at the same time overwhelmed by a wealth of info you are so generously providing. Going or rather crawling through my Saturn return period, I have realised I have also as many as seven factors at 22, 23 and 24 degrees (Merc, Sat, Jup, Chiron, Cupido, Aescu, Fortuna). My partner died in late 2010 and since then my love life has been just as dead. I have been unemployed for a year, reluctant to retire early – yet just as reluctant to try harder to get a similar job as I had previous years. At the same time, I’m slowly running out of the savings I live on. So far I’ve been rather successfully fighting bouts of depression, but nevertheless, I do feel extremely fragile. So please, where is the silver lining? Any thoughts on what I am missing in the picture, on what I should focus more? And, thank you:-)

    1. The worst is over and the best is yet to come. You are going to experience the healing, helping, happy effects of Jupiter moving through Libra and then Scorpio in your chart. In fact you have your Jupiter Return in Libra in the Seventh House in 2017 which will help you move on from your partner’s loss. This person is with you in spirit. Are you aware? Light a candle and connect. Every thought or prayer is heard. You could easily have your second partner next year if you wanted it. Moving on from that – you will be making or saving money, gaining from business or property, from the final quarter of 2017 and into 2018. So the light at the end of your tunnel is dazzling. Depression is an illness and all astrologers can do is point you towards people who can help you. I am sure you know about Australia’s world famous Black Dog Insitute, online? If not have a look.

      1. Thank you. Yes, I am aware he is with me in spirit. How do you know? I am impressed. Yet, my Taurean need for tactile, physical presence, warmth, is something I still have not managed to learn how to get rid of. Thank you.

        1. I am a medium, as well as an astrologer. I understand the loss for you – don’t get rid of it – it’s part of who you are. The light at the end of the tunnel is dazzling for you. Take heart.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    Looks like my mid heaven will be affected by Uranus transit (limited knowledge of astrology). Wondering when that would happen. Will it impact any other planets in my 2nd, 6th or 10th houses as I am planning to buy a house (by the end of this year) and if there are any probable impacts to my income, would like to be prepared.

    Thanks Much!

    1. Yes, if your birth time is 100% accurate, you will have Uranus conjunct your Midheaven in April and May 2017 in Aries – in the Natural House system this takes place in your First House of image, title, self-promotion and ‘front’ as they call it in London. You can expect the beginning of a revolutionary change which will radically alter the way you are seen, read or heard by the world. It will liberate you. If that time is accurate, I would describe this as a rebirth, and you may find your entire calling in life, or direction, is turned around. You will be set free from old, tired, dated, stuck perceptions of who you are – and even your perception of yourself. Venus at 2 Cancer and Vulcano at 4 Cancer describe your house purchase. I don’t see any major problems there. Use your journal to track when there are patterns around 2/4 degrees of any sign, and particularly in Cancer, as that will time the situation for you.

  52. Hello there
    Super article. You are terribly clever with all the information you share.
    I have a few planets at 22/23/24 degree so I’m not too sure how that little Revolution is going to play out but I’m looking for a nice revolution. . . . Is that possible? I’m a little tired of the 2-cups-of-crazy-three-legged-race-going-backwards-life (the last part of that were your words. Totally love that description as it sums up my entire life) that I have had going on for waaaaaaayyyyyy too long.
    I’ve got some super serious shite going down over the next few- 6 months and I’m looking for a little heads up rather then crashing into my fate/ destiny. . . .
    Your sage advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Have a peaceful day!

    1. Cheers, I appreciate it (waving my tea). Okay, so you have Venus at 23 Capricorn. Uranus will return to 23 Aries in September 2016, so you will experience Transiting Uranus Square Natal Venus in the Tenth House. In translation, this means that although you have a lifelong pattern of forming professional relationships which are emotionally complicated, close and dramatic – that pattern is about to be radically altered by circumstances. If you don’t work, but your partnership is your ‘job’ then September is about the marriage and the need to be flexible enough to change the partnership. Squares show what you find difficult to ‘square’ in your life so there will be a bit of work to do, yet afterwards you will alter your Venus in Capricorn patterns. I just wrote a book about Venus in Capricorn at Get The Gloss which you may be interested in – or pick up the new, free ebook 2020 Astrology.

  53. Hi Jessica! I have Ceres in Aries at 23 degrees – will this have any significant impact in the coming months? Thank you!

    1. Absolutely. If you were born with Ceres in Aries in the First House of image, branding, personality projection, profile and reputation – then this is where your power comes from. It is also, periodically, where you have to make extreme compromises with other people, organisations or the world in general, and agree to share or divide that control over yourself – specifically, the way you look or appear. The Uranus conjunction to Ceres at 23 Aries is obvious in September and October, but specifically when the Sun and Mercury move to 23 Libra and oppose your natal Ceres. This happens near Sunday 16th October and Friday 21st October. Allow 24 hours either side for the world to catch up with itself; you may prefer to leave your Me Agenda alone at those times. Saturn is also trine your natal Ceres in January 2017 so it’s not a bad idea to find out more about this placement in your birth chart – you are looking up Uranus and Saturn, which shows you the astrological weather, and Ceres in Aries in the First house, to see which side of your life and personality is most affected by the change in climate.

  54. Dear Jessica
    A basic question that has been in my mind for long- when uranus opposes natal placements, for example currently opposing libra placements. How do I interpret transiting uranus opposing natal placements? Would you say act or watch. I have ops at 22 libra and salacia at 22 aquarius.

    1. Uranus in opposition is a revolution coming at you from the outside – other people breaking free, pushing for independence, confront your natural inclination to form into pairs, or sustain balancing acts (business partnership or marriage is typical). Of course Ops in Libra is also about fighting the good fight. Libra is sensitive to unfairness and injustice and will battle to balance the scales. Occasionally this transit by Uranus ignites that tendency so you may also have this on your plate. It will become evident to you when Uranus moves to 22 Aries and opposes the Sun conjunct your Ops at 22 Libra and Mercury conjunct your Ops at 22 Libra – in October. Keep tracking the planetary positions on this website to see when.

  55. That’s a wonderful article, like always. I have not been able to understand Uranus ever since I got hooked to learning astrology . When it did trine my moon in November, my sister was hospitalised(due to Saturn on her asc & Neptune Sq it) and it was supposed to be an emotional transit. So I had to take it like they were good deep emotions. Now ever since Feb 2015,I am itching to start working in Australia with no luck. My first pass of Uranus trine my natal mercury-uranus conj want that rewarding(Obsly the one which I cannot remember).
    With this second pass or the upcoming 20-20 transit, where can I expect the revolution.
    2) Would that be able to bring someone back from nowhere ( if I very politely share her DOB (14/12/1988 10:00 am)) considering Jupiter in Libra as well
    3) How do we work or react in Uranus transits?

    1. Thank you very much. I am sorry your sister was hospitalised and hope she is better now. Uranus will not bring this woman back to you. Something else in her horoscope or yours, may well do. Sorry I can’t be more specific but it is very unlikely she was born at 10.00am as so few babies arrive on the dot of a round hour! What you are seeing, right now, is a repeat of your first discovery back in June. I don’t know what that was but you were forced to become independent. Perhaps you were rejected so you had to go your own way. Now, through October, there is the second attempt. This one will be stronger and more focussed than the first one. Independence Day. Watch what happens in Britain. Brexit Two is coming and it will be more powerful than even the first vote. What happens to Great Britain will happen in a microcosm, to you.

      1. We both a read s lot from you. So yeah she is ok now. Saturn dents take a long time to heal.but this last Saturn Neptune Sq was much easier to handle. She is a Taurian. Will ask her to read the Uranus revolution. She has mercury, Mars, sun in Taurus. Can you shed some insights if Uranus will be money matters or health matters. She is 14th May 1983(8:12 PM)

        1. Your sister has (long term) money issues to deal with – also, perhaps, about the apartment or house. It would really help her to have a highly flexible, adaptable plan for the years beyond 2018 so that she can change with the times, in terms of the economy, the property market, government benefits, insurance, pension/superannuation schemes and so on. She definitely needs an expert to read the fine print.

  56. Hi Jessica. once again you were spot on with the weather forecasting. Torrential rain/thunder/lightning last seen on June 23rd. It’s 16th September and we have just had your predicted storm. Perhaps the Met Office should put you on their payroll?
    I can’t believe how spookily accurate you were.

    1. Thank you – I almost missed the British weather reports as I was hopping on and off planes, but it does seem that the astrology back on 25th July was spot on as you say. Now, for Brexit Two and UKIP Two – it must be hours away now and it’s going to be shocking and radical.

  57. I am greatly heartened by your predictions for Brexit and hope today’s judicial ruling about parliament voting for Article 50 is a minor blip on the road to Brexit and not an indication of the strength of remainers to overturn the majority decision. Seems the ruling will figure in your predictions for November on Brexit 2.

    1. Yes, that’s right, Brexit Two is set for November. Once a revolution has occurred on a Uranus transit there is no going back. The American, French and Industrial Revolutions also had their blockers and protesters (this is normal on this cycle) but Britain and the EU are over and as I just mentioned to another reader, one of the reasons is the Asian and US trade agreements now under discussion.

  58. It seems that astrology does not take into account the manipulation of the Elite who do not want Brexit. May is doing badly in the polls and the High Court Judges have said Brexit needs debating in Parliament, a Parliament which we knows wants to stay. The are angling for a delay on Brexit and a new general election. Two faced Corbyn is swpping sides to make him electable. I am sure you are aware that the Elite uses astrology to decide when to act and so would be used to manipulating a situation and are throwing everything at it. The EU does not want its agenda destroyed (witness Greece) The scaredy cat remainers are aiding and abetting them unknowingly. It seems Uranus is not strong enough to get us to Brexit without conflict, division and resentment on both sides. The prospect of the Elite’s Hillary gaining control and her desire to start a confrontation with Russia shows us a dreadful scenario and not one for hope at all. I hate all this going on, and want to be a million miles away from the UK and the opportunities you spoke of for me in October did not arise. Any good news at all. Aquarius ascendant 19.06 degrees born 18/1/1959 in London at 0858. Thank you

    1. Aquarius Ascendant? Yes, you are very into politics! Brexit is fine. They can have debates until the cows go home but deals are already in motion with Asia in particular, not to mention the United States post election. There is no going back to the EU. I am surprised your October opportunities did not arise. Maybe you blinked and missed them?

  59. Hi uncanny is that given the latest news that UK parliament needs to now vote to trigger Brexit article 50 despite referendum. Best Wishes Nick

  60. I just noticed you looked at the 1603 chart for the UK when the Scottish and English crowns were united after Elizabeth I died in Richmond and James VI took over. Bizarrely (or not), little old Richmond links Brexit and Scottish independence. The Richmond MP, Zac Goldsmith, has just resigned his seat as a Tory over the decision to build an extra runway at Heathrow which impacts his constituents. He is standing as an independent and the Lib Dems are going to treat the election as a referendum on Brexit as Richmond voted to remain. UKIP are supporting ZG as he is a Leaver (and of course if it wasn’t for Zac’s dad James setting up the Referendum Party and putting Brexit on the agenda way back – they won 3% of the vote in 1997 vs UKIP’s 0.3% – we probably wouldn’t have it now. Thinking about King James VI/I had me realise we seem to be looking at a reverse process with Scottish independence: two kingdoms/legislatures, one monarch in 1603>two countries, one parliament 1704/7>two legislatures, one parliament, one kingdom/monarch 1997>two kingdoms/legislatures, one monarch 2019 or so, and partly because of Brexit. Just noticed the Scottish National Party was founded two months before Uranus moved from Aries into Taurus. It is also reminding me what a big year 1997 was: Referendum Party stirs things up during the elections then James Goldsmith dies, Blairism starts, Scottish referendum on devolution leads to creation of Scottish Parliament, Princess Diana dies, the lobby group was started that had Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz/Cheney’Jeb Bush telling Clinton to overthrow Saddam Hussein and go on to do it when they were in power, and China got Hong Kong back. Its like there is an intelligent endless clock ticking behind the ages with endless combinations of connections.

    1. That is very interesting about Zac Goldsmith and the ties to history and astrology, thank you. Yes, 1997 was absolutely epic in all the charts we have for the British Isles and all her incarnations. There is an intelligent, endless clock ticking away – a beautiful way to describe it! Keep watching Scotland as she will be free the second time.

  61. Hi Jessica,

    My husband born on 10/13/70 is displaying rebellious behavior that started a couple of months ago. His behavior actually seems to be getting worse not better. Is he affected by Uranus in Aries? If so, how does this affect me in the short and long term? We had a major obstacle to overcome in 2014-2015. Is this a repeat of those events? Should I be worried?

    Also, after being laid off for several months you told me that things would change toward the end of October/first week of November. I interviewed for a job towards the end of October and received the job offer the first week of November. Thank you!

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    1. I am so thrilled that you received your job offer in the first week of November as your horoscope predicted. Congratulations! Now – your husband – sorry to hear about that. He is a Libran, obviously, but he was also born with Uranus in Libra too, along with Mercury. Uranus (rebellion) is passing through 20 Aries onto the end of the cycle in May 2018, and your husband was born with the Sun at 19 Libra, so he is experiencing Transiting Uranus opposite Natal Sun. Your 2014 experiences began with Uranus at 9 Aries, so on his Mercury (more little revolutions) – that was Transiting Uranus opposite Natal Mercury! The bottom line is, all this shaking, rattling and rolling is not going to last beyond 2018, but you two do need to figure out a different kind of relationship. I am sorry you have this stress in your life because even a new job (good news) can be stressful along with a partner who is experiencing this kind of cycle. Yet – the key to this is to understand that the old pattern of the marriage cannot continue at this time. The old recipe does not work any more and what your husband is trying to do is find a different lot of ingredients for a different kind of cake – maybe a whole different menu. You are one of the ingredients so it’s not just about him changing, it’s also about you changing – the two of you – finding a way to do things in a new way; perhaps a radically new way. The man is inclined towards partnership (no doubt about that) as he is so strongly Libran. He wants and needs to be one half of a duet, but the nature of that must change. I wish you the best with it.

      1. Thanks Jessica,

        The knowledge of him being born with Uranus in Libra explains so much about what I’ve been dealing with over the years. Not just me either but many that are close to him. We both recognize that the marriage patterns need to change but it’s been difficult to do with his my way or no way personality. What can you predict for me individually? Am I still dealing with Saturn transits because I feel stuck and restricted. Every day seems like groundhog’s day.

        1. I understand and I am sorry. You two have past life karma to deal with which begins in May 2017 and takes you through 2018. If you were together in 1999, 2000 on some level, then there will be a repeat of situations (thematically) from those years. Neither of you can make the decision to stay, go or mend things until you have completed the karma which is why you may feel as if you are waiting. Yet – the debts and credits you owe each other will be balanced and once that takes place you will feel as if the circle has closed between you. Remember, he is under Uranus transits so he is creating the lack of predictability/certainty so you have to allow for that. Yet, ultimately, it will be your choice, as you are the one who must decide when the situation for you has been ‘paid out’ enough. In the meantime you need a physical outlet like swimming or walking. You desperately need a space, according to your chart, where your body is the boss of your mind, even for 15 minutes a day.

  62. Dear Jessica,

    I have the following factors on 22 & 24 degrees. You did mention that if anyone have these factors/degrees this will be the final independence day personally. Could you please let me know what does this means personally in my case?

    MC 24° Capricorn 51′ 44″
    IC 24° Cancer 51′ 44″
    NorthNode 22° Scorpio 12′ 35″ R
    SouthNode 22° Taurus 12′ 35″ R

    Many Thanks, NP

    1. Sure, you have the Independence Day zone placements, although the MC and IC depend on a 100% accurate birth time. Basically, this is about your money, house, business, possessions or apartment. Other people/organisations are having an Independence Day or revolution in their own lives, and this affecs you. Further ahead, in 2018 you are going to have stunning opportunities to make or save money, as Jupiter crosses your North Node.

      1. Thanks Jessica,

        If the birth time is 100% accurate, the outcome from this Independence Day placement positive or negative for me? Also what are the exact dates of the Jupiter crossing my North Node in 2018?

        Thanks again for all great work that you do for everyone!

        1. Thank you. If your birth time is accurate then Uranus crossing 23 Aries for the final time, will create a T-Square with your MC (Midheaven) at 24 Capricorn and IC (Immum Coeli) at 24 Cancer. So this is about other people, and other organisations, breaking free and becoming independent operators, which has an impact on your house, apartment, household, family, home town, homeland, career. All the big stuff. They are shaking off restrictions and that also affects you too, though I suspect you won’t feel it strongly until Uranus goes to 24 Aries, which takes place in April 2017, December 2017, January 2018. Jupiter moves to 22 Scorpio and crosses your Taurus-Scorpio (money, property) nodal axis in February 2018, March 2018, April 2018, October 2018 so you should be pretty happy with that.

  63. Hi Jessica,

    I am having a Uranus moment with my Son.

    I always come back to your articles when I need to get a grip of what is happening. I received a letter of concern from his school for his lack of respect at school and society in general and so they are referring him to a behavioural specialist. To me he is confident and sensitive and has been affected by some mean behaviour from his peers. His birthday 19/11/06. TOB 03.50. I would change his school in a flash, however I want what is going to be best for him.

    1. Okay, so you have a Scorpio son. He is having a Uranus transit in the Sixth House of daily routine and school. The cycle ends in May 2018 so you don’t have long to go. Allow the school and the specialist to do their work – your son will find his own way through it, and find a more intelligent way to rebel. In other words, if he’s on the path of rebellion, and many children are at the moment, he’ll actually zig-zag his way through this time, and figure out his own creative, cool and self-comforting way to be himself. It may involve a new school, it may not, but all will be well in the end. You two have karma to deal with, as the Node goes to Aquarius, which rules your children, from May 2017. It remains in 2018. So part of the karma is being there for him, no matter what, and being the rock, while the currents flow past. I do feel you have some superb friends and either belong to a group/will join a group which will help you a lot – this is going to be on your radar second half of 2017, all of 2018. Try to trust him to find his own way through this, because he will, and it will end up being a special part of his character. He is a heavily Scorpio person – did you know? One thing that suits Scorpio types, even as children, is chores where they get to earn money and save it in a piggy bank and watch it grow.

  64. Once again you write a blog like no other human! You talk about Ceres and Uranus and 23rd June last year – exactly when I decided to leave my relationship because I felt disrespected. It has been a rough but also liberating time since then. Oddly enough, I have natal Uranus 23° Saggitarius and Ceres 24 ° Saggitarius.
    But I wonder how those work with this cycle – Chiron 24° Gemini, Hygeia 24° Cancer, Ops 22° Gemini and Salacia 22° Aquarius. Eager to know what you think ?

    1. Thank you very much. You have a huge line-up around 22, 23, 24 degrees and so leaving your relationship was timely and correct. It takes quite a while to get used to independence. However, you were quite right to walk away from your former partner who, to their eternal cost, has thrown away someone who could actually have changed their life – for the better. Why? Because you are in a massive change cycle and anyone who is smart enough to stick close by, will gain from your willingness to innovate, invent and take risks, now through 2018. This can be quite an up and down time so please find a routine for your body that it can stick to – food, fitness, drink, drugs, sleep, meditation, healing – and so on. Keep that bit stable and fixed even when the rest of life takes you in so many dazzling new directions. It will take lots of time. But also, you needed to be free.

  65. Dear Jessica,

    your premium horoscopes with the extra card interpretation have really expanded my understanding of astrology – thank you so much for your detailed and highly comprehensible analysis each week!
    I have a question please as to how independent day 2 in march/april 2017 may impact me please – i have factors in each of 22/23/34 – please see below
    D.O.B. 24-Apr-1968, 21:45 (-37.813611,144.963056)
    23° Virgo 13′ 28″
    23° Pisces 13′ 28″
    22° Aries 11′ 34″
    24° Taurus 40′ 54″

    I am especially hoping for a radical career breakthrough (new job, new direction, possible relocation), as I have been trying to make big changes for a couple of years but without success. Also wondering if a relationship may be improved soon, to see some progress, rather than just in a holding pattern. Thank you so much. B.

    1. Thank you very much. Career is your MC at Virgo (nothing else) so what you are waiting for here are transits to 23 Virgo, which you can track for yourself, by looking at the changing planet/asteroid positions on this website, as they move along. You are going to see a total career transformation now through 2020 as you will experience Saturn at 23 Capricorn, Jupiter at 23 Capricorn, Pluto at 23 Capricorn, all trine your MC. It’s necessarily slow because it will change every single aspect of what success means for you. You are too early for the cycle. Yet keep aiming for your ultimate goals as by 2020 you could so easily have them.

  66. extra point to my post a few minutes ago:

    Concerning this week’s Jupiter Pluto square, I have:
    18° Libra 43′ 53″ in my chart – does this have a particular impact for?

    thank you for your generous insight !

    1. In general, you have a lot of transits circling 18 Libra, although I have no idea what planet/asteroid/angle you have in that sign. Basically, this is about the way you balance the scales (Libra) with your former, current or potential partner (Seventh House) or achieve justice and equilibrium (Jupiter) with your enemy, opponent or rival (Seventh House). It took up a lot of 2016 and it will take up more time until October 2017.

  67. Hello Jessica –
    Sorry this question isn’t related to Uranus Retrograde but to the weekly horoscope for Gemini this week ahead (26th March – 1st April) which is saying ‘the world will turn upside-down very close to Thursday 23rd March ‘ . Do you mean Thurs 30th March or did the world actually turn upside down last week? (it was bit traumatic for me actually) best wishes Pauline x

    1. Thanks so much for alerting me to this typing mistake (on a plane flying above Dubai, but that’s no excuse!) I did, of course, mean to type 28th March and this has now been corrected, Pauline. Cheers.

  68. Sorry Jessica – still confused about Gemini weekly horoscope – where I am in England the 28th March is a Tuesday and Thursday is 30th March. Do you mean Tuesday or Thursday?
    (too much timezone travelling for you I think!)
    Pauline x

  69. Dear Jessica, I am reading the fascinating things you share with us, most nights, after such personally very taxing and heavy days at work. Thank you for it all, and also as it gives me the sense of light at the end of the tunel. I have Mercury 22 Leo, Venus 22 Gemini, MC 23 Leo, IC 23 Acq., Panacea 23 Leo – please could you advise how this is playing out for me. Also, if I recall correctly, I have read somewhere that people having Jupiter 0 Capricorn, need to be extra careful this year. I feel at the end of my strengths, on all levels, to wait for the big upcoming reorg in a major corporation, that I presume would give me a package to close that story. Getting a payout would help me to go independent, which is what I desire, in the development&coaching field. Please how do you see that unfolding, also timing wise? Thank you very much! Best, N

    1. Thank you. You have the same 22/23 pattern as England herself, so what she goes through, you go through! You will find your independence either part-time or full-time. It will involve rejecting who/what is keeping you small and keeping you stuck. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to experiment and explore in stages, rather than a mad rush. You will also find 2017, 2018 end up being about much younger people. Godchildren, children, young adults or a youth demographic – that’s where destiny is pulling you.

      1. Thank you, Jessica, and to share that I am in full surprise about this younger people focus, never imagined it as my role at all, nevermind the destiny. Obviously need to keep an open mind.

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