The Astrology of One Direction

Leo has always been associated with royalty, princes and kings and so perhaps it's not surprising that they are still wearing the Boy Band crown, six years on.

The Ultimate Leo Band

If there is one thing Leo rules, it’s courtship. One Direction were ‘born’ at exactly 8.22pm on July 24th 2010 in London, as you can see in the clip above, with the Sun and Mercury in Leo, thus becoming the ideal band to court young women everywhere, who worship them like the Leo group they are. Leo has always been associated with royalty, princes and kings and so perhaps it’s not surprising that they are still wearing the Boy Band crown, six years on. I really like this Twitter image which I picked up on my timeline because it sums up One Direction’s appeal to a certain kind of fangirl.


Does Harry Styles Have a Past Life Connection With the Band?

Harry Styles does not have an exact birth time, so we can only use part of his horoscope, but he still has some curious connections with the band, which suggest he knew all of them in a previous life.

Born on 1st February 1994, Harry has the Sun at 11 Aquarius, Venus at 15 Aquarius (the sign of the group), Saturn at 0 Pisces, the True North Node at 29 Scorpio and True South Node at 29 Taurus.

The band, which we do have a birth time for (as in the clip above) was ‘born’ with the True North Node at 11 Capricorn and True South Node at 11 Cancer. The Nodes always show karma and I suspect Harry felt he knew the others in the group even on first meeting. The clip above shows a date with fate, as Harry’s Sun at 11 Aquarius was exactly aspected by the Nodes at 11 Capricorn/Cancer the minute they took to the stage for Simon Cowell’s approval.

card venus - The Astrology of One Direction

Harry’s Venus at 15 Aquarius suggests he has a relationship with the whole group and probably has an intensely intimate, complicated relationship with at least one person in the One Direction circle. I suspect we don’t even know about it, which may be why he as Saturn (burdens) in Pisces (secrets). The band’s chart shows Venus at 15 Virgo so that’s a bit of a love-in. Whenever you see a lot of Venus in an all-male group you always find a strong female following (because the boys relate to girls so well). You also find Pretty with a capital P as Venus was the goddess of vanity and beauty. Harry’s hair often resembles that of the goddess Venus, pictured left.

How else does he connect with One Direction? His fate is heavily tied to theirs, as he was born with Saturn at 0 Pisces and the band came into the world with Saturn at 0 Libra and Uranus at 0 Aries. It’s a tense, tough relationship. Harry also has Chiron at 29 Aquarius forming a T-Square with the band’s Nodes at 29 Scorpio and Taurus. Watch what happens to Harry and One Direction from September 5th-14th 2016. It’s big and it will affect his life and the life of the band, for years! Are we looking at D-Day for Harry Styles?

Perhaps they all knew each other during the last war, another lifetime ago. Who knows, but Harry Styles is one to watch in the new film Dunkirk. Harry Styles could easily split with One Direction, September 5th-14th 2016.


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24 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica , fantastic article ! I find myself lucky to have found and to have been reading your astrology . The credit goes to you as you have enriched my interest in this subject tremendously. Thank you very much .
    Only after reading this that I’m learning more on the role the nodes play out . I would like to ask you on how wil it affect me and my partner . I have s.n in Capricorn and n.n in cancer at 1 degree – where he has Venus in Virgo , Leo in Saturn and Uranus in Scorpio all at 1 degree . Apart from this his n. Node is 22 Scorpio and s.n is Taurus . Here I have Chiron in Taurus , Leo in panacea and psyche in Scorpio all 3 at 23 degree . He also has Juno in Leo at 23 degree. In my knowledge, I guess the aspects are not difficult . Would be great to know from you on how these connect . Thanks .

    1. That’s a brilliant thing to read as I prepare to write your weekly horoscope, so thank you. You two have past life connections. You have incarnated to be with each other to repay a karmic debt and also to resolve some issues from your last incarnation – and there have been more than one. In this lifetime you are dealing with the conflict between belonging to a particular place, class and family background and the need to be ambitious and do well in life. There will be a moment of deep awareness about this when Jupiter moves to 1 Libra and creates a T-Square with your Nodes, September 15-18 2016. It may be quite healing for you – uncomfortable but therapeutic. This applies to both of you, of course.

  2. Hi Jessica , a fascinating article on One Direction. I was wondering what can be ascertained from my past life debts just from my chart as I don’t know my husbands. Mine are for North Node : 14° Virgo 14′ 10″ R and the South Node at 14° Pisces 14′ 10″ R
    , My sun sign is Cancer 21° Cancer 18′ 56″, Moon is 05° Scorpio 00′ 01″, ASC 21° Capricorn 33′ 54″

    1. Born with the North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces, you may have very little interest in the work choices others have made in their lives and show no desire to follow the same job path that they do. Why? Because you did this before in one or several past lives, where I suspect you were in service, or in the services – for example, working as a maid, or as a soldier. The whole idea of doing regular work in a regular way, or even regular housework, in a regular way, may not be relevant to your life as you are on a different path in this lifetime!

      1. Thanks Jessica for taking the time to respond. That would be right, I am an art teacher and happy to have relative autonomy compared to working in a desk bound job 🙂

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I love that you are discussing past lives. Thank you.
    Also, your predictions and horoscopes for me have been amazingly accurate.

  4. Hi Jessica, another great read! I also read the previous members post which struck up my interest on my husbands and my karmic incarnation because I know when we first met nearly 27 years ago the universe sent me a clear message that we were suppose to be together. It has not been all stardust and roses that’s for sure and many times I thought I want out, but something keeps bringing us back together. His sun is Libra 29′ Moon Taurus 19′ Asc Capricorn 17′ Des Cancer 17′ Chiron Pisces 15′ SN Sag 24′ NN Gemini 24′

    1. Thank you. Your husband and past lives? You have a Grand Cross between you, which is unusual. You have the North Node at 24 Virgo, South Node at 24 Pisces, crossing his North Node at 24 Gemini and South Node at 24 Sagittarius. You two will deal with a karmic test when Saturn travels to 24 Sagittarius, which occurs October-November 2017. You have agreed to be together in this lifetime to explore issues about communication and your beliefs.

      1. Wow is that right on! Communication has been an issue in more ways then one. For me and the kids understanding Al’s communication is like learning a foreign language or trying to be a mind reader, as he leaves the first part of his thought in his head and the second part is vocalized, after 25 years I’m still learning. Many times what he is trying to get across is not taken the way he says it is meant (not so sure about that). Our Beliefs can be quite different on life, the world, and then it can be quite similar. I’m unsure of the meaning of the Grand Cross? It doesn’t sound very welcoming. A karmic test? Is it anything I can prepare for? I’m getting so tired of tests in this relationship. Not sure if this plays into anything, his Venus is Virgo 19 and Mars is Leo 22. Also, he has Taurus and his moon in the 5th house.Thank you Jessica

        1. I’m glad the astrology worked for you. And you are describing the communication issues with this chart pattern exactly. Better than an astrologer could do it! The Grand Cross is a karmic test, correct. You two knew each other before and agreed to take it together. Without seeing your partner’s full chart it’s hard to say any more than that – but pick up my ebook 2020 Astrology on 1st August which has a section on Sacred Geometry and explains how challenging chart patterns (like the Grand Cross) can be made into something beautiful by adding people to the situation. In other words, when you bring in specific friends, family members, etc. into the partnership new patterns are created by their charts and the cross turns into a flower.

          1. Ok! you’re truly amazing! I’d like to wish you a WONDERFUL Birthday year filled with much love and many blessings as you have blessed us with your writings, kindness and astrological wisdom ❤️xxoo….I am so looking forward to August 1st for the 2020 Astrology EBook. The grand cross and specific family and friends can turn it into a flower! OMG, many of our friends say how we are like Newlyweds and perfect for each other and my unofficial daughter in law says how she loves the banter between us so YES some friends and family absolutely enhances or puts a different focus that is positive, loving and filled with much humor❤️ maybe I should get Al a premium membership so both our charts and premium horoscopes are in one place. I think if one understands they’re chart and the chart of the people they love they can view and understand that person in a less emotional way. It can be truly healing especially for me as once I am able to see and understand something or someone I can get past it and make a clearer decision if need be. After all each one of us are on our own journey, and to be able to see someone in that light separate from you I think it’s easier to not let the emotional attachment overcloud what is. I’ve meant to tell you how I love the photo in this article with the woman wearing the Lioness head.

          2. Thank you so much, that’s a lovely message to catch on my birthday! It sounds as if friends and family are bringing their horoscopes to your Grand Cross so you are living proof that it can be turned into a new shape, more like perfect Sacred Geometry, which of course you find in many cathedrals including Chartres. I think you’ll be really intrigued by the Sacred Geometry chapter in the new book – hope so.

  5. Hi Jessica. Great topic on the nodes which has me curious as to how my north node in Gemini at 10 degrees and south node work in my chart as I also have IC at 0 degrees Gemini and my MC at 0 Saggitarius. Also curious as my potential partner has his nodes conjunct my IC/MC at one degree both in the same Gemini/Saggitarius placement.

    1. Thank you. The Node contacts are past life and if the focus is on Gemini-Sagittarius with you and your potential partner there is a teacher-student relationship from a previous lifetime being played out again. In this lifetime you would also find that one of you is the knowledge source and the other is being guided or mentored. You were, in fact, a teacher, lecturer or other counselling figure in at least one lifetime, possibly more. In this lifetime the exchange of knowledge, especially across cultures or nationalities, is one of your karmic missions.

  6. Hi Jessica, your articles really are fascinating, I was wondering if you could please explain a bit more what my north and south nodes are/mean? The past life stuff is mind bending for me at times :). Im a sag and hubby is a Gemini, is that connected to my nodes somehow? thank you

    1. Thank you. I know, past lives are mind-bending. You have this pattern in your chart involving North Node/South Node/Hygiea at 15 Gemini/Sagittarius which tells you, instantly, that you were heavily involved with travel, education, language, publishing, immigration, religion and communication in at least one lifetime and possibly more. If your husband was born around 6th June he was there (because he would have the Sun at 15 Gemini). Look up his chart at and see if he has anything else at 15 Gemini. I suspect when you travel, you sometimes unpack your bags and feel that you have been there before. You have!

      1. Wow you/astrology never ceases to amaze me! Husband was born 11June, close. He is Sun at 19 Gem, but has the same North/South node as me. And – while I haven’t travelled as much as I would like, I have most definitely felt profound connections with a few places I have been. How fascinating. I wonder what I did? 😉 I have 8 bodies in Sag, feels like most of my chart is in this sign is that normal?

        1. Astrology is pretty remarkable! You are unusually Sagittarian so when do you finally start travelling extensively it will change your life. When Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from late 2018 into 2019 you will have that chance.

          1. Sign me up!! 🙂 I got a rush just reading that (I’m knee deep in small children) Having so much Sag though I am nervous about what the next 2 months will bring me? as per your most recent Sag cycle post. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.

          2. Awareness is everything when Mars and Saturn go through Sagittarius together. Just sharpen your observation of potential issues, particularly with online flare-ups over what people *believe* which is a real hot potato with Generation Sagittarius. Be hip to the likelihood of domino effect delays or rescheduling with global transport/travel schedules.

  7. Wow..I find One direction fascinating….a boy band. Interesting reading Jessica. Many thanks.
    I look forward to the weekly forecast and sit down with my cuppa to understand it. Thank you for sharing your gift. Astrology is making so much sense since I stumbled on to you. Very grateful.
    I see that my nodes are 21 leo and 21 aquarius…please would you tell me what this means. Regards JR

    1. Thank you. You had a leadership position in a team, club, political party, rock band, charity or other circle of people – there were conflicts about being part of the group but also being the ‘captain of the team.’ In this lifetime you will attract friends who play out this karma with you.

  8. A little bit of both. He has trouble committing because he loves freedom so much. Once he finds someone worthy of his standards and someone he can see himself not being apart from, he will stay committed. Suitor comprised of molten affection – ardor that flows. He has the glint in his eyes but warmth in his touch. He can let loose but keep his feet entrenched. He ll somehow manage to make even the most practical errands a spur-of-the-moment date; grocery shopping becomes a sail across the globe, cleaning the house becomes a battle of wits.

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