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The New Moon in Astrology

Some New Moons matter more than others and they affect everybody. People will move, start jobs, fall in love, give birth, get married or launch projects.

The New Moon in Astrology 

A New Moon is always a new beginning. The Sun and Moon, those ancient symbols of Father and Mother, are in the same sign of the zodiac, at the same degree or number. It’s conception or a birth. A fresh chapter for you as something (or someone) brand new is ready to be born.

Good or not so good? It depends! Not all New Moons are the same. If you have an eclipse and New Moon together, there will be a blind spot. An incomplete picture. You can read more about eclipses, elsewhere on this website and in my new book 2020 Astrology. So – before anyone tells you a New Moon is a great time to start anything new, you have to be aware of the eclipses too.


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Mansions on the Moon


Some New Moons Matter More

Some New Moons matter more than others. The new chapters which are written affect everybody. The people around you will move, start jobs, fall in love, give birth, get married or launch projects. This starts a ripple effect. The crucial New Moons fall in the same zodiac signs where we also see important outer planet cycles. As I edit a chapter on the New Moon in 2020 Astrology, I can see a New Moon and an eclipse in Virgo on 1st September 2016. Virgo rules health. We also have Jupiter in Virgo – a significant outer planet.  Why do outer planets matter more? Because they move so slowly. Big events evolve over long periods of time. The outer planets also symbolize big ideas, like growth.

This is how you make predictions. If a New Moon is a new beginning, and Jupiter is growth, and Virgo is health – then we’re going to see a number of important announcements or decisions, right around the world, which will give us all an opportunity to expand public health care. Beyond that, there may be significant breakthroughs in medical research. Jupiter is opportunity as well as growth. Cures?
Vast numbers of people born in the 1960’s have Uranus or Pluto in Virgo. They have Uranus or Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House of their birth chart, using the Natural House system. Virgo rules the body. Uranus describes radical change. Pluto is about power. These generations of people are the Medicare, Obamacare and NHS voters.

This is why some New Moons matter more than others! Some are a blip (you order a new sofa for your sitting room) and some change your life. Everything is context. Put those facts together and you will know within 48 hours of 1st September 2016 (allowing different time zones to catch up with each other) there will be a chain reaction of global decisions on government-funded healthcare when we see the New Moon in Virgo. There may also be a major medical breakthrough.

Unfortunately, there will also be obscured facts, a cover-up job or missing information. Why? Because it’s also an eclipse. Jupiter will supply the opportunity but the eclipse will blot out the full picture. This is the purpose of astrology. It’s here to inspire you to ask questions. Especially where public health and medical research is concerned.

This is just one example of the way a New Moon works. You can test astrology for yourself until 2020 by applying the same rules. Check the New Moon list below. Watch the news headlines. Watch your chart.


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Generation Eighties-Nineties

Were you born between December 3rd 1988 and February 6th 1991? You have Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. You’re just starting to make it in your chosen field, business or profession. Your generation will change capitalism and communism. Don’t panic. There’s plenty of time. Finish your cheese sandwiches first. You were born when Russia’s Mikhail Gorbachev made his famous speech to the United Nations about ‘a new world order. The New Moons you see in Capricorn, now through 2020, will open the book on a developing story about global transformation. You will help write the chapters.


Which New Moons Matter Most?

The Natural House system I use in your forthcoming new ebook 2020 Astrology,  shows the world’s horoscope but also yours. When Communist and Capitalism transform beyond all recognition as we approach 2020, it won’t be because some dodgy astrologer sits in a circle, lights the Nag Champa, waves his hands in the air and talks about ‘energies’. It will be because of Generation Capricorn experiencing New Moons in Capricorn, the sign which rules corporations and institutions like Communism.

If you have Capricorn factors then the New Moon of 6th January 2019 is about your Tenth House, using the Natural House system. It is about your career, unpaid work or university degree. There are epic outer planet cycles in Capricorn at that time. Expect transformation in government and big business worldwide. The transformation will affect you, and you will affect the transformation. Micro, macro. That’s just one example of how some New Moons matter more than others.

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Questions to Ask on Every New Moon

1. Which area of my life is affected? Which sign and house of my birth chart is the New Moon in?
2. Does the New Moon fall within one degree of any horoscope factor, in that same sign and house?
3. Crucially, is there also an eclipse on this New Moon? Is there a blind spot? An obscured detail?
4. Does the New Moon fall within one degree of any horoscope factor for me at all? It will be triggered!
5. Is the New Moon in the same sign as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto or Ceres now? It’s big!

Extracted from my ebook 2020 Astrology.


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67 Responses

  1. Jessica, thanks for the information. I have been in an extreme funk ALL of this year and it is exhausting me. Intuition tells me there is a change coming – which I hope is for the positive – and it would be nice to have something good to look forward to. I just can’t seem to get myself in a happy place lately, feel totally overworked and under-appreciated. Do you see a change in my chart in the near future?

    Thanks again for your insights!

    1. Saturn crossing slowly over your Sagittarian stellium will do that; the trick to this cycle is to rest more, sleep more, and do more things for yourself. It’s a very heavy piece of astrological weather to go through. Still, you must use Jupiter (opportunity, solutions, improvements) crossing your Pluto in Virgo, in the near future. That is a stunning chance to take control of your working life and your body, mind and spirit connection. Use your journal to see which days Jupiter circles your Pluto and set some goals.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I thought I left a question yesterday but I can no longer see it. I have made a note in my diary of “wow” next to the new moon in Leo. I have no idea why I wrote this but am wondering if there is something in my chart that might be of interest?
    best wishes Tosca

    1. I am sorry about your disappearing question. Yes, writing ‘wow’ is just about right, in your diary, because you have a Leo stellium. A new pathway is opening up involving paid or unpaid work with/for children; your own godchildren or children (if you have them), young relatives – nieces and nephews – and even lovers who can bring babies, their own godchildren/relatives or stepchildren into your life. You were born to lead this generation and by August you will be doing just that.

  3. Hi. I am looking forward to Libra new moon in Sep. Will b very close to my natal mercury and psyche. I am looking forward to happier time I have been under a cosmic barrage since 2011. Thank you Jessica for all your replies. Jupiter in twelfth house helped me to develop my knowledge in astrology tremendously along with meditation practices. You are like a figure that he brought into my life.

  4. I wish we could see other people’s charts that you give answers on. My birthday falls on August 31st. Does the eclipse on September 1st hold a big influence? Or this one isn’t going to affect my chart? Thanks so much! you’re amazing!

    1. Thank you. Charts and names have to be kept confidential! A much bigger deal for you than the eclipse is Jupiter’s ingress in Libra from September 10th, through October 2017. You were born to be in partnerships of all kinds and this cycle will enhance them, improve them, create them and fix them – as you wish.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I am Virgo and my Sun is 27 degree in Virgo. How this significant new Moon in 1st September will effect me?

    And I would like to ask one another question. Am I “real” Virgo sign if only planet that I have in Virgo is Sun? No other planet or asteroid. Isn´t it strange?

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    1. It’s hard to say without seeing your birth chart, but in general, this is about a relaunch. New title or image, perhaps a new look too.

  6. Hi Jessica. How will the new moon in Leo affect my role in life? I do have a stellium in Leo and am really looking forward to some good news after the past year of not moving forward in any area. Thanks!

    1. Okey dokey. August is about your godchildren, the younger generation you appeal to, your children, stepchildren or younger relatives. It may also be about a lover who brought those younger faces into your life already, or who could do so one day, if the two of you pursued commitment. You were born to be a guide, mentor and shining light for the young. August brings a fresh start for you in connection with that. Own your Leo side then.

      1. Thank you Jessica! I currently have a very complicated situation with my oldest child who is heavily Leo (Sun sign) as well as a potential partner with Juno and Vesta in Leo at 24 and 25 degrees. I am feeling so confused as to the forward path on both situations. Any light you could shed would be so thoughtful. Thank you Jessica, your insightful responses are so amazing!

        1. You will be able to see your situation with your child and potential lover more clearly by the third week of August – in fact, after Thursday you will see a spotlight turn and a microscope come out, enabling you to make some very smart choices. Hit ‘Search’ and look up Vesta on this website as you may be drawn towards scenarios with one male/two or more females and you need to figure out why that happens and how to handle it.

  7. HI Jessica I am interested in knowing the moon in Leo and the moon in Libra. Really thankful to be part of the way you spread your knowledge.


  8. Hi Jessica,

    Looking foreword to this new moon in Libra at 8 degree,this is conjunct my I.c and sun and stellium in the 7th,also Jupiter moving thru Libra at the same time.

    Doe’s the new moon trigger or set in motion mayor events? Such as relocation.

    I did make a comment in the Libra section but I have had no reply

    1. I am sorry your comment disappeared under the tidal wave! Okay, so you want to move. The timing is far more likely to be late 2016, early 2017 as you go from Bonfire Night to New Year’s Eve. Only you can make that choice, but it’s out there for you. This Full Moon now on the Cancer/Capricorn axis is uncomfortable for you, I know, but it is designed to show you why you must make a choice about the actual house, apartment, city or country later this year. Yes, no, stay, go?

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Since the end of June I have been obsessed with financial world so much so that i want to make a career move to this industry! I don’t see any of this obsession shows in my Virgo forecast but more on Sagittarius one. Does this mean I should look at Sagittarius horoscope rather than Virgo one – even though I have Sun in Virgo?

    Also, I have been searching for a new job for many years now without success. Would the coming New Moon has a positive/negative affect on getting new job?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. You are strongly Taurus/Scorpio which is why you are obsessed with the financial world. You would do extremely well in this as Jupiter goes through Scorpio and Uranus goes through Taurus. Pick up my e-book 2020 Astrology, free, on 1st August for more information about your potential which is vast, if you know how to surf the waves of change which are going to hit the world beyond 2018. Hit ‘Search’ and look up Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio too. Play your part in the boom and the revolution to come, but do your research – hit the books – seek out courses/classes.

  10. Hello Jessica! Thanks for your wonderful column. I have noticed that my daughter has a major transit coming up which you alluded to recently. Her north node is 25 degrees cap in the 3rd house. I think 2019 to 2021 will be transformative for her, but I hope this is in a good way! She is sun Aries in the sixth and scorpio rising and badly needs some good career news! Maybe the NN move to Leo will help. Thanks, Claire.

    1. Thank you. Yes, your daughter has Pluto conjunct the North Node in Capricorn coming up, in the Tenth House in the Natural House system. She also has Pluto transiting the Tenth House in the Sun Sign House system, so publicly and privately, she will experience a transformation in her chosen field or profession, with promotions, demotions and reshuffles which also affects her. The Node (hopefully you work with the True Node?) tells you that this is past life karma so she has probably worked with/for these people before. Read the fine print on job contracts before beginning and check for terms and conditions.

  11. Good Morning Jessica! What about me:-) What to expect from New moon in August? This July and particular Full Moon just killed me:( Job, money, home, family – all went down.
    Still trying to stay positive and looking for job and new home to move in. Thank you to all my friends who are very kind and try to help me as much as they can to get thru. Any good news, please!

    1. Good morning. Actually it wasn’t the Full Moon. It’s a cycle that can only happen every 248 years when Pluto is close to your Sun. It is well-known for being an intense period, when you have to lean hard on your willpower in order to push back against people, organisations or situations hell-bent on taking over. I am sure you know what I mean. The key to this cycle is to use your self-control and deliberately run yourself and your life. Don’t be run by who/what seems to be happening to you. Further ahead you will be thrilled at big success opportunities, clear by October.

      1. OMG! I can’t believe I’ve got in this cycle that happens once in 248 years!!! I really looking forward to a big success opportunities! I like working hard, I enjoy money and freedom I get:)
        Thank you Jessica very much for explanation!
        Still hard to believe this is happening to me…in my life time!

  12. Hi
    This maybe a really daft question. I do not have any personal factors in Capricorn. So does this mean this new moon shouldn’t really impact me? Saturn in sag is just about finishing me off. That said I do feel like this moon has impacted me? But perhaps this is coicedence only? Thanks

    1. It’s not a daft question at all. You have the North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius and Uranus himself in Scorpio all being transited by Uranus at 24 Aries, so what is actually happening to you is a revolution coming at you, from the outside, over which you have no control. It is affecting your personal life and also your financial life, but although Uranian transits always feel as if the world is turning upside down, they are also designed to liberate you from circumstances, situations or people which would actually have trapped you, if they were allowed to continue. I know at the time it can seem like an electrical storm in slow motion, but in the fullness of time, you will come to see just how much he, she, they or perhaps ‘it’ was cramping your style. Try to accept whatever is changing. By the way, you will love it when Jupiter goes through Scorpio from the final quarter of next year.

  13. Hi Jessica another great read. My moon is Leo, what will the August Leo moon bring for me? Also does the impact of a new moon start immediately?

    1. The New Moon is at 10 Leo so won’t actually touch your own Moon, but you do have a Leo chart signature, so you tend to express yourself through the world of children, young adults, or lovers who promise to bring a younger generation into your life one day. It is how you roll. You can expect a fresh chapter with that, once we go into August and the New Moon occurs. One example might be your godchild’s parents split up, giving you greater responsibility for her. Another might be, you start dating someone new, who has children from a previous relationship.

      1. Thank you Jessica, I have 4 children of my own 33, 24, 23 & 19. I’ve been a mom since I was 22 so they have been the focus of my life. I don’t plan on divorcing so maybe my oldest and his girl will have a baby

        1. Aha, it sounds as if grandchildren is one possibility, but let the universe surprise you where children or young adults are concerned, too!

          1. You Rock, beyond happy I found you….I’ve been turning my family and friends on to you. They’re astounded by your accuracy, you’re truly the best in my eyes❤️

  14. Hi Jessica,
    My birthday is February 10th I am wondering if the guy I am dating will propose. He is an Aquarius too, February 12th.

    1. It’s hard to say without seeing the charts! But Aquarius and Aquarius? That’s certainly a big new chapter for both of you, as we go into August. I hope it is what you want.

      1. Thanks, it is what I want. My year is 74 and my birth time is 5:12pm. US. Any thoughts?

        1. The biggest change in your life concerns a new, equal, balanced chemistry with your former, current or potential partner, starting September.

  15. I have Midheaven at 20d Capricorn but no other Cap points. I have a Virgo stellium of Mars-Venus-Moon in 5/6 house (Moon in 6th) at 19, 22, 24 deg Virgo, and a Saturn-Sun-Mercury stellium in 7th house at 7,8,9 deg Scorpio, with Uranus at 8 deg and Jupiter at 12 deg Sagittarius, both in 8th house. Neptune conj Vertex at 26 Sag in 9th house. I fear for the Pluto conj MC transit from 2017. I am very educated, work hard, but seem to experience bad luck in my career with jobs that go nowhere, bosses who cannot manage properly, or the falling price of commodities affecting my career. Feels a little like I am not getting anywhere. I also have my Progressed New Moon end-September almost on top of natal Jupiter, but also tr Saturn right on top of the cluster too. A new beginning? Can I at least look forward to the New Moon, I feel for some reason this is a new beginning and I need to take the reins of my life fully in my hands. But it is also scary. Thanks- really like your blog articles esp on Brexit.

  16. Hi, Jessica

    Your prediction is correct and thank you very much for your help. In the early of this year, my mum was very sick and we are in different country and my life is terrible. I worried about my mum very much and do not know who can help me. You replied my message and told me that a male from my family will help my mum and mum still have chance to overcome the situation. Yes, it is correct. My dad found a doctor, my mum is still weak but getting better.

    My life is still terrible, a lot of things are still not clear. You suggest me to light candle and meditate every day. I did but for me the best way to calm down is write message to you as you are the only person I can connect with. Since 2008 my life is out of my control, instead of complaining I have learnt a lot. I think the bad side of life make me to understand more about life. Being kind is a choice. I have seen how hard it is but I will keep it…

    You predicted about my job and my marriage, I will let you know if something happens.


    1. I am glad the astrology helped you and your dad found a doctor for your mum. You need to reach out to people on internet groups who can help you, like support groups, forums and so on – with people who are in your situation or a similar one. The more people you bring into your life the better. Instead of meditating alone join an online meditation group, for example. This will really help you. The saying ‘fake it until you make it’ is very helpful sometimes. Then, one day, you realise you have made it.

  17. Hi Jessica, I have a few planets in Virgo (not 100% sure about the rising though); how does this affect me? Thank you, learning so much from you.

    1. In general you’re going to see this August-September cycle affect your paid and unpaid work, your housework or your life at university. There may also be a question about your physical condition and how this affects the work you do. The situation will swing backwards and forwards from August 10th and may still be in question by early October. Try to get everything signed, sealed and delivered by the 9th if you can, or at least allow for a waiting game. Those lunar transits in Virgo are pretty unclear too – you may want to refer back to your journal for specifics.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    Your advice on how this New Moon affects me will be much appreciated.

    Thank you,


    1. You have Vesta in Virgo just one degree away from the 9 Virgo New Moon (which is also an eclipse) on 1st September. This is about your daily routine, lifestyle, your body and physical condition, your housework, paid work/unpaid work. It is a new beginning and it will involve one male and two or more females – however – you may want to watch and wait. An eclipse does not reveal it conceals!

  19. I have desc, Minerva and cupido in Leo. I am desparately looking for a career break. Began talks with one of the clients where I work, but nothing has moved forward. Can new moon in Aug bring any breakthrough?

    1. This is actually about your Capricorn chart signature in the Tenth House of career – not so much the New Moon in Leo. You are strongly Capricorn and very ambitious. Long-term you will slowly move into a powerful position over the course of the next few years. In the short term, I suspect December 2016, January 2017 will show you new choices and fresh information that you need in your chosen field. Before then? Learn as much as you can about the sign of Capricorn and the best way to handle it, in your chart. One thing about strongly Capricorn people is that they are very good at waiting their turn in big organisations and know how to respect the system or the hierarchy. The only thing to watch out for with this sign in your chart is to avoid taking shortcuts to success. But remember – long term you will become powerful.

      1. Thank you…! For the encouraging words… I must admit that your predictions are shockingly accurate. At one time I followed about 5 to 6 astrologers and comparatively your predictions have been consistently of very high standard.

        Now, my decisions are based mostly on your advise and what I get to read from your articles and forecasts. I rarely look at others…

      2. Hi, I’m an Aquarius and there is a new moon in 2017 on my birthday. I’m really looking forward to major positive changes. Any thoughts on what this new moon might bring and advice?


        1. New Moon, great news. This is actually quite a big one for you as the Node moves to Aquarius in 2017 as well. You have past life karma with friends and groups, and perhaps a community of people, or a circle, involving a very old friendship. You might call it people power harnessed for a common cause. You are going to star within this circle of people in 2017 and the past will come back to you. This life – but also previous lives too. Karma rocks.

  20. Hi, I do appreciate the time you devote to these replies.

    I am looking at the New Moon which is happening for me in Australia early on 3rd August. I see that it aspects my Moon/Saturn/Neptune T-square by forming the 4th corner making a grand cross. On the lunar/Saturn track Tr Saturn is quincunx my natal Moon.

    There is a lot going on with intense feelings of existential angst and today feeling flat and depressed. This has been an ongoing theme throughout my life and is rearing up again. I have always had issues with creativity in that I feel held back from fully expressing myself wholeheartedly and consistently. There is often an inner voice telling me that my creativity is a waste of time and isn’t going to take me anywhere. I have in the past year tried to counter this and have been doing community theatre and improvisation.

    Any thoughts gratefully received.

    1. It’s a pleasure. Okay, my first thought is you have both Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House. Mercury describes your ‘voice’ across all mediums and media, like theatre. You have a life long pattern of trying writing/acting/singing/songwriting/scriptwriting etc. within a group or among friends. It’s really tough for you, though! Aquarius rules ‘community’ and so every time you are drawn to ‘do’ your Mercury you tend to go for it with a circle or network of people, yet you always end up with the Saturn issues – that’s your inner voice of pessimism. A really simple thing to try, would be to try using your ‘voice’ outside the group. By yourself. Or within a partnership. Pick up my book to read more about Saturn, Mercury, Aquarius and the Eleventh House.

      1. Thanks so much. it is interesting my partner who is a musician has been pestering me for a long time to be a singer to his accordion playing…. some French songs a la Edith Piaf. In the past week we have had another go at doing a singing/ accordion partnership which I have enjoyed. Will pursue your insights into this.

  21. Dear Jessica,
    Could you please tell me, how will this moon (in August) affect my life?
    Thanks a lot,

  22. There’s a new moon coming up on 30th October. Can you elaborate on its significance for me please and what it can help me with? Thank you

    1. The New Moon at 7 Scorpio will conjunct your Panacea at 7 Scorpio in the Eighth House. You are very good at producing remedies, cures and fixes where money, property, possessions, business or charity is concerned. There is always an ethical or moral issue connected, however. What is right and what is wrong, when there is an answer? That is your lifetime quest. This comes alive for you with a fresh start involving paperwork, signatures or agreement very close to 30th October. What you begin will pay off in around one year from now when you will save or make money – if you take this chance.

  23. Afternoon Jessica. Looking at the chart you have done for me, I have a few things at 7 degrees ( sun, Moon, Aesculapia,) with Mars, Ceres, Chiron at 6 or 8 degrees. Am I looking at this correctly for the New Moon this weekend on 30th? Or it it just where Scorpio sits in my chart- Jupiter 0 degrees in Scorpio???
    What moves should I be planning or thinking about in my everyday life. Is this New Moon a big 1 for me. Thanks in advance as always.

    1. Thank you. You have a New Moon coming in at 7 Scorpio which will aspect your Sun, Moon and Aesculapia directly so what you are about to see is other people, large organisations or governments making firm, new decisions about the economy or business world, which have an impact on your own life. This is rather like being a car salesperson and hearing that Nissan are about to start a plant in the United Kingdom. It’s like saving to buy a first home and reading the news from Bloomberg that property prices are predicted to fall dramatically in 2017. Be wise and tune into what is new, new, new about finance, business, charity and property very close to the New Moon (allow 24 hours either side) as it will affect you and you can play this to your advantage by knowing about it.

  24. HI Jessica,
    Hope you are doing good.
    I am going for a job interview on 30th nov. I have sagitarius and loads of other factors at 6 and 7 degress. Is the new moon in November going to have any impact on my situation.
    Many thanks as always.

    1. Quite right to think this is a big milestone coming up. You have the Nodes and the Angles around 6, 7 degrees so this is definitely a new beginning on the New Moon, as it falls at 7 Sagittarius. The transiting Nodes are also moving across 7 degrees. In this job or another you are ready for a fresh start and it will affect your title/image. A change of wardrobe or a new role would be typical.

  25. Hi. I´d like to know about the next new moon in sagittarius, on November 29th. It will be conjunct my natal Jupiter and Uranus, in my 4th house. It seems important, is it so? Thx.

    1. It’s unusual to have a New Moon exactly conjunct Jupiter and Uranus (I assume you are using 0 through 1 degree orbs, no more). If that really is happening, then this will change your life – your trip or property move will have the same impact on you that moving to Corfu had on the Durrell family (Gerald Durrell).

  26. Hello Jessica
    I have my natal jupiter in gemini 3’5″ Retrograde. All that I have read about this placement of jupiter is not very encouraging as it is called the sign of jupiter’s detriment. Is it true that jupiter is not promising in gemini?

    The new moon of 25 May’17 is at 4’47” gemini. Can I set big intentions this time around? Interestingly the idea for this writing project was born when jupiter entered libra, but it remains just an idea so far.

    Thank you.

    1. This is Ye Olde Astrology and I don’t do ‘detriment’ so please relax – Jupiter in Gemini in your Third House is about the most fantastic blessings, regarding your projects and ideas. You have a way with words, ideas and images and can put this to great use in your life, and can certainly kickstart something on the New Gemini Moon.

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