The Theresa May Horoscope

Suddenly, the spirit of Margaret Thatcher is all over British politics again in 2016. The Iron Lady’s birth chart is connected to Theresa May’s very closely.

 A Tale of Two Librans

Suddenly, the spirit of Margaret Thatcher is all over British politics again in 2016. The Iron Lady’s birth chart is connected to Theresa May’s very closely. May has the Sun at 8 Libra, Thatcher had Mars at 9 Libra. May has Neptune at 29 Libra, Thatcher had Panacea at 28 Libra. You are seeing double. Those horoscopes line up.

imgres 3 - The Theresa May Horoscope

We don’t yet have a birth time for Theresa May, born on October 1st, 1956, Eastbourne but this is a tale of two Super Librans.

War and Peace

Libra is the sign which is prepared to engage in war to preserve or win peace. Thatcher famously fought over The Falklands. One of Theresa May’s first policy promises concerned Trident. I suspect this might be why astrology foretold a second referendum on independence in Scotland (and why the stars saw success this time.) Hit Search on this website if you want to catch up with that old prediction. Astrology and history both tell us that whenever Jupiter goes into Libra – weeks away as I write this in July 2016 – we see the word ‘nuclear’ hit the headlines again. Make no mistake, PMTM means business about Trident, which of course puts her on a collision course with Scotland as soon as the front door of 10 Downing Street has closed.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra is a phenomenal influence on global politics not possible in 12  years and it starts in the second week of September 2016. PMTM is strongly Libran and that part of her personality, born with the Sun, Diana and Neptune in Libra, will be well and truly activated from September 2016 through October 2017.

Andrea Leadsom was unusually lacking in Libra – she has nothing in that sign – so in many ways the outcome at 10 Downing Street was about the right woman, with the right horoscope, in the right place, at the right time.  

Lady Thatcher, Horoscope Fan

Not a lot of people know that Lady Thatcher was interested in her horoscope. She told the House of Commons ‘I come under Libra, which is a very balanced sign.’

 The eminent astrologer Marjorie Orr was even asked by Thatcher’s press secretary, Bernard Ingham, for a tape-recorded reading. Of course, Thatcher was friends with Ronald Reagan, who had his own astrologer, Joan Quigley.

The full story is told in my friend Neil Spencer’s brilliant strange-but-true history of astrology, True as the Stars Above. Let’s hope PMTM also has an interest in astrology, or at least the willingness to make her birth time public. After all…when astrologers have politicians’ accurate birth times, they can work wonders with prediction, even beating the polls (especially beating the polls).

Theresa May’s Lucky Roll – Her Jupiter Return

Even without a birth time, though, her astrological chart suggests, Theresa May is made for these times. In fact she’s on the luckiest roll for 12 years.

She has Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, good fortune and solutions, helping her repeatedly. May had her Jupiter Return (tremendously lucky) as the big planet moved over 17 Virgo on July 1st-7th 2016.  Virgo rules hard work and health. For politicians it rules employment and the NHS.

 May was born with Jupiter at 17 Virgo in the Sixth House of duty and service and right on cue, a new, free and independent nation wanted a leader who would address the issue of health tourism.


TMPM 600x400 - The Theresa May Horoscope

Theresa May’s winning streak continues from July into September, as Jupiter in Virgo (which speaks to the millions of British voters born with Uranus or Pluto in Virgo, in the Sixties) continues to light up her chart.

Jupiter conjuncts the Prime Minister’s Proserpina at 26 Virgo from August 22nd-26th 2016. It then moves to conjunct Mercury at 28 Virgo from August 31st to September 4th.

Proserpina is a 2000 year-old symbol of the woman who negotiates two sides. This asteroid in Theresa May’s chart is Pluto’s wife. She’s powerful. She’s also the daughter of Ceres, who is perhaps even more powerful.

Watch August 22nd through September 4th 2016, as PMTM is given a platform not possible in 12 years to be the go-between, but also the spokesperson, for crucial NHS and employment issues, both ruled by Virgo.

Virgo rules the working people – the working class – and it also rules doctors’ surgeries. What Theresa May is saying as she takes power is not an empty promise. Her horoscope says she genuinely believes her promises.

The Pound and The Dollar – Phew!

The pound plunged on Brexit as we all know. You read predictions,  several months ago, elsewhere on this website, about the global financial situation with the crazy behaviour of Mars Retrograde in Scorpio, the banking sign. Watch what happens when Mars in Scorpio finally quits on 2nd August. That’s at least some of the heat, urgency and tension gone.

 The remainder of the global currency carve-up will take place as Ceres goes through Taurus (cashflow) from July 17th through October 13th, 2016 and again from February 4th 2017 through April 29th of that year.

 Does it all work out in the end? Yes. Jupiter (the good fortune planet, again) moves into Scorpio on October 11th, 2017 where he will stay until November 8th, 2018, bringing a stunning boom – especially if you have Scorpio horoscope factors in your chart. It’s the happy landing after a bumpy ride.

If TMPM can live out her full term in office she will gain from leading Britain through potentially one of its biggest booms in 12 years. Scorpio rules deadly serious finance but also the mortgages in our lives. Jupiter is a tremendous problem-solver but also, ultimately, the symbol of abundance, growth, hope, optimism and vast opportunity. Once he is there from Autumn 2017 anyone in power will reap rich rewards, until the end of 2018.


Getty via Twitter 600x400 - The Theresa May Horoscope
The Theresa May horoscope may show Moon in Leo.

Who is Theresa May?

Who is Theresa May, really? Her chart suggests she finds her identity by serving. Doing her duty is crucial to her sense of self and it’s absolutely genuine. We can figure this out even without a birth time. She has a whopping Virgo chart signature despite being a Sun Libran. As we will see later in this horoscope analysis, though, she may well have the Moon in Leo (see her leopardskin shoes, above – one of several pairs she owns).

That big Virgo stellium is powerful, though. I suspect she also has a real concern with her own wellbeing and health which translates into a wider obsession with other people’s health too. Anybody with a big Virgo signature is inevitably concerned with doctors, food, drugs, drink, surgery, healing, fitness – either because of their work, or because their own body will never let them ignore their health.

Here Come The Women

What is fascinating about world politics from September 10th 2016 until October 10th 2017 is the arrival of big Jupiter in Libra, the sign of equality.

Lots of you saw that it was on this basis alone that I called the American election for Hillary Clinton even before Donald Trump had decided to run.  Clinton lacks a birth time too, but as a woman headed for what has always been a man’s job, she was just so right for these times. Sometimes you can call the astrology without having a birth time, because of bigger global trends. Some leaders just fit.


CnMa7yAWYAA6JqJ 449x600 - The Theresa May Horoscope
Jupiter in Libra. May’s women on the march.


Equality Rules 2016-2017

Jupiter in Libra is going to be massive! So big, in fact, that he is already back-announcing himself before he actually changes signs on September 10th. You are already seeing the signs. Libra has been, always will be, about equality. And that means women in power. In fact, it was Bill Clinton who ensured that happened, on a previous Jupiter in Libra cycle when he gave women top jobs in Washington. 

Seventies Babies – Generation Libra

This Jupiter in Libra cycle which PMTM and Hillary Clinton are surfing, weeks before it happens, is truly unusual. Why? Generation Libra are today’s influential voters and campaign donors. They are finally of age to become heavyweights around the world. If you were born in the Seventies, that’s you. You have Uranus or Pluto in Libra. You rock the vote. And you’re all about equality. This includes equal marriage which PMTM favours.


liverpool echo via twitter 600x399 - The Theresa May Horoscope
Twitter image. Libra is about power couples.

Special Relationships and Odd Couples

Who would have thought that two women would be competing for power in Britain, or that we may see two women eventually lead the ‘special relationship’ between the White House and Downing Street in 2017?
Libra rules odd couples as well as equality – duets made up of two opposite types, who are equal but different.

Don’t forget that likely Leo Moon either. A Leo Moon is a Leader’s Moon. The jokes about a leopardskin front door in Downing Street are a sure sign. The immediate focus on Larry the cat and his new owner…I’m betting that PMTM has the Moon there as the sign of big cats and little cats could be prominent in her chart if she was born in the early hours of the morning, up until around 9.00am.  If we get an accurate time and May does have that Leo moon, then the uncanny similarity to Margaret Thatcher is complete. Why?


Daily Star co uk 600x400 - The Theresa May Horoscope
Theresa May. Leo Moon? Image


How Top Tory Leaders Have Leo Moons

The Lady  had her Moon in the sign of the lion. It is the traditional sign of the Queen or King who rules the court. David Cameron had the Moon in Leo. So did Churchill. It’s almost a Tory tradition. For me, though, it’s the leopardskin that gives it away. Leo skin.

The Virgo Node Repeats 1979 – 2016

Thatcher herself romped into power on May 4th 1979 with dazzling transits. Along with her regal, born-to-lead Moon in Leo she was also born with the North Node there. On election day, 1979, Lucky Jupiter was at 1 Leo exactly conjunct her North Node at 1 Leo. Now that’s destiny. The transiting node at 15 Virgo was also trine Thatcher’s own fortunate Jupiter at 14 Capricorn, the most ambitious sign of the zodiac in her Tenth House of success.

The Ghost of the NHS

Cometh the woman, cometh the hour. How true of astrology, that Theresa May should be lining up for 10 Downing Street all these years later, when the Node is also passing through Virgo. The ghost of the NHS under Thatcher is back.  Virgo is the sign that so many of May’s potential voters have looming large in their charts. If you’re in your fifties, you have Uranus or Pluto in Virgo. Your generation is here to change the NHS, if you’re British.

The Future

PMTM can look forward to lucky Jupiter in Libra moving over her natal Diana, Sun and Neptune – also in that sign – into 2017. She’s going to need a partner. Who will it be? Primarily her husband, of course. Yet there will be another. Watch. Thatcher had Reagan. Libra is about equality but it’s also about two, not one. These times are suited to double-acts and duets, not lone rangers. I think we’ll see the first signs of PMTM in a new political partnership once we see the New Moon in Libra in the first week of October 2016.

Generation Virgo, Generation Libra

The generation born with Uranus or Pluto in Libra want to see power couples – in power! And they vote. All those babies born in the Seventies have grown up and are running the country. It’s in their astrological DNA to want equality at the top, but also a real partnership.

The person PMTM chooses to stand on the other half of her scales will back her on war. The uncanny return of old Eighties cycles in astrology means one thing, as I predicted with a group of astrologers in Bath, England over a year ago. Trident is back. Watch what happens as we approach Christmas 2016. The peace movement is about to take off all over again but the famous Libran war-for-peace stance will also be huge.

The NHS Until May 10th 2017

The public obsession with the NHS will not let up until the North Node leaves Virgo on May 10th, 2017. Generation Virgo wants change. The North Node will pass over 0-15 Virgo from now (July 2016) until then, making an exact hit on Theresa May’s Panacea at 14 Virgo and her Minerva at 0 Virgo. She’s speaking to that generation, then.

Theresa May in 2018 and 2019

March-May 2017 and February 2018 will see a major change in the balance of power around PMTM, as Pluto at 20 Capricorn moves across her Hygiea at 20 Capricorn in the Tenth House of ambition and position. It’s musical chairs at the top. A big shift in the people politics. Like all people with Hygiea in Capricorn, May is a cautious, careful, practical careerist who insures herself against future risk all the time, but what happens in March-May 2017 and February 2018 will pile the pressure on. The cycle continues into 2019.

 Pluto is at 20 Capricorn again in December 2018 and January 2019 and again on this hotspot in her horoscope in September, October, November 2019. Power struggles. Without a birth time, though, and no accurate sign for her Midheaven, in particular, we can’t say if that is a serious threat.

Watch this space! Watch those leopardskin shoes! Someone send me the birth times!


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31 Responses

  1. I’m a Leo and I have Jupiter, Diana, Bacchus, Uranus, Fortuna Cupid and MC in libra.I shall hope for something good with Jupiter in Libra?

    1. You are going to love, love, love Jupiter in Libra. Form duets and double acts in your personal and work life – in all aspects of life – two is your magic number. It’s building now. Even existing partnerships will move into the go zone!

  2. Fascinating article! Thanks for writing and sharing.

    Her decision to make Boris the new Foreign Secretary has already made an impact. It’s like she found a way to make him squirm, suffer for his mistakes, and submit to her power – but also one he can’t complain about. Seems very Thatcher-like to me.

    I’ve also got planets at 8 Libra (Saturn and Jupiter). I turned down a job a few years ago because it involved excluding frontline charities from a proposed campaign – and would’ve put the onus on individuals not resources/society. The person I was told was behind it was… Theresa May.

  3. I have the sun in Libra in conjunction with Neptune, but square to Chiron in Capricorn. Would that make the Jupiter transit good or bad for me?

    1. Actually your Sun isn’t conjunct Neptune in Libra, it’s pretty wide, but you will experience Jupiter crossing both in sequence. Proserpina in Aries aspecting that, is part of the Chiron pattern too, so you have yourself a T Square. The issue once transiting Jupiter hits 23 Libra is ‘me’ and ‘us or ‘me’ versus ‘you’ but there are big opportunities here to fix old issues and snap up opportunities for a new path forward.

  4. Hi Jessica, thank you for such thoughtfully written articles and the support you give your readers. As a Libran woman myself I would appreciate your input please. DOB 4/10/1980, time 11am, place Birmingham, England.

    I moved from home in Nov’15 to a new job, completed a property purchase in Mar’16 close to work but also invested in a property in France in 2008, from which I have received no returns and am stuck waiting for the outcome of a legal case whilst it slowly drains my finances. I have 2 jobs, one of which brings much more satisfaction than the other, but I’m not sure I have “what it takes”-I am constantly searching for the career that will satisfy my soul. My last serious relationship was 4 years ago, and on the surface I am single but have continued to involve myself in a very ill-advised liaison for 2 years. In addition there are worries relating to family dynamics particularly health and careers of loved ones. I realise I am asking for a lot but I am running on empty. Is there any light you could shed on these matters for me please?

    With many thanks in anticipation.

    1. Thank you. Running on empty is no good. Start with your property and your sense of home. You are going through an intense, critical time as you figure out where your home is, what it should be and how you are going to ‘own’ your place and your people. If you can think about David Cameron being forced to leave 10 Downing St and PMTM moving in (and major questions they both have about being British) then you can see how Libra is in that zone at the moment. I would do that, if I were you, before anything else as you need a solid foundation of knowing who/what grounds you and secures you and you need your place on the map (and your people) to be absolutely rock solid for you after a deep cycle of change which can only happen every 248 years.

  5. Fascinating article Jessica, I am a true believer of equality and it is time! Thank you.
    Just looked through my chart and I have Uranus in Libra 10deg 59min 20sec R, Minerva in Libra 14deg 49min 49sec R, Pluto in Virgo 27deg 41min 25sec R and Ops in Virgo 02deg 19min 38sec R. My Jupiter is in Sagittarius. How will this affect me?
    Also wondered about the R. Thank you again for your time.

    1. Use your journal to track when Jupiter moves across your Pluto as that is a stunning opportunity to control the way you work and live (your whole lifestyle) in a new way. Set some goals for that time. You will love the new freedom with your former, current or potential partner when Jupiter crosses Uranus and Minerva in Libra – cycle starts second week of September. Again, use your journal. You will see specific dates and times in there.

  6. With three planets in Leo and one of them Venus, I feel that could be sufficient for the Leonine shoes, fashion statement etc without a moon in the sign. My guess is that like Margaret Thatcher Scorpio rises, probably around the 15/16 mark that applied to Thatcher. This would fit with TM’s allegedly combative nature and super-seriousness (Saturn in Scorp rising) to the point of dour. Virgo would rule the MC and the moon would be just inside that sign for all the detail and imposed concerns with health. Both tr Pluto in Cap and nodes in Virgo would have been sextile the Asc this week she became PM. Scorpio rising also gives a strong ninth house which agrees not only for someone who is going to have to take on the overseas but who is a vicar’s daughter who is said to be fairly devout (attending early morning communions).

  7. You have Minerva at 24 Leo so your wisdom manifests through mentoring and guiding a far younger generation. You have Mercury at 24 Libra so your communication with/through your former, current or potential partner is crucial to your sense of self. Add transiting Uranus at 23, 24 Aries (2016) and you have radical change out there, showing you how to play this side of yourself very differently.

  8. Good morning Jessica,

    Thank you for a great article, as always.
    I have:Sun in Cancer 23
    Ascend. Leo 11
    Moon in Libra 14
    Uranus in Libra 28
    Pluto in Libra 6
    Eros in Libra 21
    Saturn in Cancer 22
    North Node in Scorpio 28
    Jupiter in Aries 23
    Juno in Cancer 11
    Mars in Taurus 10
    Pallas in Aries 6
    Vesta in Aries 1
    Chiron in Aries 28

    How this Jupiter in Libra will play for me?
    Any insights will be very much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. For a start, don’t use Pallas or Eros in your chart as they are Greek and our modern astrology is Roman/Latin. You can pick up my book 2020 Astrology free on 1st August which will take you through that. Jupiter will conjunct your Moon, Pluto and Uranus in Libra in your Seventh House so from September 2016 to October 2017 you will see fantastic breakthroughs with or for your former, current or potential partners.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Wish I had started following you sooner.

    I am so glad I have started regularly reading your columns, you’re amazing! As a Libran (11/10/89 ,born Mumbai 1.22am) I am really looking forward to Jupiter after the intense 6-8 years I have had!

    I am now in a very happy (same sex) marriage , living in London (partner born 19/08/1982 1.21-am, London born)- After these tough years, I still find monetary resources are still a bit stuck and I am searching for a new career direction. How do I go about planning the next few months to get maximum benefit of this glorious Jupiter cycle? I love your blog 🙂 Priya

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. You are another one who has been caught with Mars Retrograde (appearing to move backwards) in Scorpio in your money zone. You are still dealing with the long, long after-effects of decisions you did not want to make, but had to, about your finances, flat and so on, left over from 2012-2015 which was the toughest cycle in 29 years. From 2nd August an issue melts away. You can and will sort out the payments, debts and so on, over the next few months. Compromise, compromise, compromise. Beyond that you will make or save a fortune from the end of 2017 and have made up for lost time in 2018.

  10. Fascinating article (as all your articles are!). I could relate being a Virgo with Libra rising, born in the 70s and a big love of leopard print and women in power! I feel like my Jupiter in Virgo year has not been lucky at all and I have been treading water. So am hoping perhaps Jupiter in Libra may be where things start moving (career, property, money etc) for me? Love your website and the way you write, thank you xx (dob: 23 Sept 1972, 6am Sydney)

    1. Thank you I am glad you liked the article. You may actually have the Sun in Libra, so you are Libran not Virgo. It’s very unlikely you were born right on the hour of 6.00am. Can you check?

      1. Hi just checked with mum and she said about 6.15am. Wow what a revelation if I was a different sign then I thought I was my whole life! Thanks Jessica 🙂

  11. Loved this article, gives me hope for the future as a mother you worry about offspring . I have a son , Aquarian born 21st January 4.10 am in Cheshire England who is on the verge of becoming a published writer but worry for the future after brexit on publishing companies makes him fear he is so near yet so far . Lets hope you are right and all is well , thanks for a great article.

    1. Thank you, I understand why you are worried, but actually the British economy will boom from Christmas 2017 into 2018. Your son should hang in there as we are in the toughest cycle for publishing in 29 years, yet if he persists, his experience will pay off wonderfully in 2019. He should look at revolutionary, exciting and radical new ways to be heard or read that owe more to the future than the past.

  12. I am constantly amazed at the time you devote to answering individual queries. I wish I were as disciplined as you seem to be!!

    How will Jupiter in Libra affect my life? Any impact on my family or career would be welcome.

    1. Cheers. You know, astrology has been part of my daily life since my first job at Elle magazine when I was a baby astrologer, so it’s no big deal! You were born with Proserpina, Uranus and Pluto in Libra. In 2016 a stunning opportunity to play go-between with your former, current or potential partner will come your way. It could change your life for the better if you are willing to be a bridge between two sides. By 2017 you will be in an amazing position to embrace radical change which affects the way you see love, sex and commitment for many years to come. Partnership matters but independence matters just as much, as you will see next year.

    1. This person is looking for total freedom and independence in love, so I don’t know what you are looking for, but if it is security it may not necessarily be on offer.

      1. Astrology has nothing to do with age and everything to do with the truth. The truth is, you are not too old to be in a relationship and will in fact have several chances to form a partnership with someone, well into old age, if that is what you want. This person is not important in your life long-term. Trust me. You have a Libra stellium and when Jupiter the planet of repair work goes into Libra from September 2016 until October 2017 you will find every obstacle standing in your way to love can be removed if you are willing to take the opportunity and do the work. I feel like the cafe owner in ‘Allo ‘Allo. ‘I am only going to say this once…’

  13. Sorry but I cannot see her being pm for the next 12 years. There are plenty of other Mp who have Libra star sign, I still have high hopes for chuka umanna in the labour party. Any chance he could be a future pm?

    1. I haven’t looked at his birth chart, but I did make a prediction (from memory, actually on the day they announced the Brexit) that the real issue in British politics would not be David Cameron versus Boris Johnson, but the Labour party itself. The astrology so far is proving correct as Cameron resigned and so did Johnson – so there never was a contest. I think you have to look to Mr Corbyn purely because Trident is going to be such a massive issue. Jupiter is taking us back to the early Eighties as he goes into Libra again and that’s all about nukes. No other politician is so strongly associated with the anti-nukes movement apart from Jeremy Corbyn. The first thing May did was back Trident. Now, watch Scotland!

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I am your HUGE fan and want to thank you for sharing your helpful insight.

    I am born 3rd Oct 1986, Ludhiana, India. I have been going through hell for the last 5 years. My finances have been hit the worst and I can’t seem to repay my CC debt which is giving me nightmares. I am struggling to work because of the resulting stress which is only making matters worse. I am stuck in a vicious circle.

    I desperately want to get out of this. Can you tell me when can I expect to have my finances in order? Thank you a lot.

    1. Thank you very much. Okay you are a Sun Libra who has been putting up with Saturn (slow, stuck, serious and frequently scarey situations) involving money from late 2012 through 2015 with a hangover in 2016. The worst is over. Relax. Don’t have nightmares over debt. You are going to see a shift in local and international finance, business, banking and the rest close to Halloween 2016 and you need to read the news then. Government and banks will respond. There is a way through this, and you will benefit either directly or indirectly by the ripples of change which spread out, from that point. From Halloween 2017 into April 2018 you will find a way to make or save money which works very well for you.

  15. I rectified the Theresa May horoscope without a birthhour as it looks successful.

    I rectified also other horoscopes without a birthhour as it seemed successful.

    Progressive aspects Theresa May:

    1-Jan-2017 001°,34’54 Sagittarius C–3 0 Drac
    3-Jan-2017 001°,28’05 Scorpio Moon 0 mutual Nep
    7-Jan-2017 001°,34’54 Scorpio Moon 30 Drac
    7-Jan-2017 001°,35’45 Scorpio Moon 30 mutual C–3
    14-Jan-2017 007°,52’26 Cancer MC 90 Sun
    25-Jan-2017 026°,37’06 Pisces Mars 120 C-12

    2-Feb-2017 002°,32’48 Scorpio Moon * PRINCEPS (MERC – SAT )
    6-Feb-2017 028°,23’56 Virgo Jup 45 mutual C-11
    8-Feb-2017 002°,45’32 Scorpio Moon 45 Jup
    15-Feb-2017 003°,01’01 Scorpio Moon 90 AR03
    19-Feb-2017 001°,41’50 Sagittarius C–3 * YED PRIOR (SAT – VENUS )
    23-Feb-2017 016°,28’21 Sagittarius Merc 45 mutual Nep

    6-March-2017 006°,12’00 Libra Asc 60 Ura
    7-March-2017 012°,54’07 Virgo C-12 60 Pars
    30-March-2017 004°,33’01 Scorpio Moon 90 AR08

    12-Apr-2017 005°,01’06 Scorpio Moon 0 mutual Ven
    25-Apr-2017 028°,25’38 Virgo Jup 60 mutual Drac
    28-Apr-2017 005°,35’55 Scorpio Moon 30 mutual Sat

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