Why June 23rd, 2016 is Your Independence Day!

Why on earth would 23rd June, 2016 be your Independence Day? Well, if you're an astrologer, it's pretty hard to avoid.

Why on earth would 23rd June, 2016 be your Independence Day? Well, if you’re an astrologer, it’s pretty hard to avoid. We have a rare-line up of planets at at 12 noon on Thursday 23rd June, 2016 (London time – please adjust for your nearest city). It’s been two years since we last saw this pattern. Scotland was pushing for her freedom, on the previous occasion. That time she didn’t get it – but this time, it’s different. The freedom trail is different for you now, too. You have the advantage, if you want a new life. A more independent life. It will only affect one department of your world, but maybe that’s enough. This is going to be electrifying. And it may sweep you along until the end of June, if you take the choice.



If you’re wondering why this is happening right now, the answer is Uranus + Ceres = rebellion. If your personal chart is hit at 23-24 degrees (or if your country’s chart is hit on those same numbers) there is a wild energy in the atmosphere at the moment as people are as mad as hell and just not going to take it any more. Thus – they pursue quite radical changes in their lives. Maybe you are feeling it! (Image: Twitter via @Missmayim).

Twitter at missmayim 600x600 - Why June 23rd, 2016 is Your Independence Day!



The pattern actually holds longer, as Ceres and Uranus, the two planets in question, then join together again at 24 degrees.  This occurs June 25th, 26th, 27th. The reason I am intrigued by your freedom patterns is also Mars at 23 degrees over this same period – and Chiron at 24. These 23-24 degree line-ups are rare.  They light up your chart.


Uranus in Brighton 448x600 - Why June 23rd, 2016 is Your Independence Day!
Uranus rules electricity in astrology. (Photo: Adams).



Expect the new world, in your life – and a little electricity. The planet of freedom, excitement and independence (Uranus) will line up exactly with the powerful new planet Ceres. Ceres rules downsizing and upsizing, so some people, organisations or situations in your life will either grow, instantly – or be pulled backed down to size. At the same time, Uranus will time radical change. Like the invention of the light bulb in an age of candles. Or, the arrival of the Enlightenment, pulling us all out of the Dark Ages. Both of these are real historic events which happened around the time they found the planet Uranus in Bath, England.



When these two planets hooked up, or formed a conjunction, this century – we saw major change. The most famous example is Barack Obama announcing his candidacy for Presidency of the United States. This occurred on February 10th 2007 just four days after an exact conjunction between Ceres at 13 Pisces and Uranus at 13 Pisces.

Obama - Why June 23rd, 2016 is Your Independence Day!



images - Why June 23rd, 2016 is Your Independence Day!

We saw the same pattern take place near 10th January 2012 when Scotland got her wish for a referendum on independence, breaking free from the United Kingdom. The date for this future vote (unsuccessful first time round) was set when Ceres was moving towards 1 Aries hooking up with Uranus at 1 Aries on January 23rd-26th, that year.



Ceres was the goddess of agriculture and the seasons who went on strike when she didn’t get her way. Whenever this powerful planet (reclassified in 2006) turns up in your horoscope, there will be strong feelings. This painting of Ceres, arguing with Jupiter, captures it perfectly.

We also saw Ceres-Uranus conjunctions in February 2002 when East Timor was pursuing her independence. Feelings run hot at such times.

Ceres sounds like ‘serious’ and there is always a big message about being taken seriously, when she turns up. Her unusual alignment with Uranus on June 23rd, 2016 suggests tremendous emotion in the air and a major protest about not being respected enough! This continues into late June.

If you are curious about Ceres please hit the Search button on this website. If you want to know more about her in your personal birth chart and you are a Premium Member, do ask me about her in Comments.


Callet   Jupiter and Ceres 1777 Wikimedia Commons 600x480 - Why June 23rd, 2016 is Your Independence Day!
Ceres always triggers strong feelings in astrology.


Expect a new world – in one area of your life. The outcome of major Ceres transits like this one is always a different chapter. A rewrite. A serious edit. Add Uranus (excitement, oxygen, space, creation, new beginnings) to this pattern and you can see why the final week of June is so huge for you. Strangely, the pattern hits at 23 degrees of Aries – so remember, 23 degrees of freedom, on the 23rd of June. Then wait, as the pattern unfolds for the rest of the month. It’s a case of ‘use it or lose it’ at such times, because Ceres will not be back in a conjunction with Uranus until November 2016.

Check your chart. Do you have anything at Aries 21, or even just 21 degrees? You’ll really feel it in November!

I’ll go back to June now, for those of you with patterns around 22, 23, 24 degrees. I mentioned Mars before – well – on Friday 24th June 2016, we see another pattern at 23 degrees. Mars is at 23 Scorpio square Minerva at 23 Leo. Again, it’s exact. This is quite a week!

Just in case you are unaware of Minerva or Ceres – this is the new astrology, updated for the 21st century, which completes the family tree that started with Jupiter, Saturn and the rest. The new technology (amazing software like Solar Fire) and the advances in astronomy are giving us these powerful new factors to work with in your chart.

Uranus - Why June 23rd, 2016 is Your Independence Day!

Here’s more on that two day period that changes everything. Minerva is Jupiter’s daughter, a symbol of wisdom. Ceres is always about a transformation in the pecking order or hierarchy. They literally reclassified her status in the heavens in 2006 when they ‘killed’ Pluto. Can you believe it? The myth tell us the same thing. The Romans knew Ceres as a symbol of a reinvented universe, born out of power issues.

Do you stand to gain? Absolutely. But you will have to move with the times. Go with the changes. Turn your back on the past. Show willing to embrace a radical new world, in one area of your life. This cover of A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens shows the French Revolution in full flight. It’s a neat symbol for the mood, around June 23rd.

If you’re a Premium Member and have your full modern astrology chart from us, please check to see if you have anything at 22, 23, 24 degrees of any sign. (You can allow a gap of one degree and still see the patterns).

Expect a revolution which will be electrifying, exhilaration and utterly alter your life path. If you are one of the rare people with horoscope factors actually at 23 Aries, you will be relaunched. Your rebirth and renaissance will be lightning fast. This is about your face, name, role, title, look, shape, style – the package!

Premium members, check your birth chart below, no matter which sign your 22, 23, 24 pattern falls in, it will affect you.


Your Sun Sign and Independence Day

Sun Sign charts based on your regular sign, show the headlines of your life.

The personal birth chart shows the inner story. The normal zodiac sign reading, shows what everyone can see. It’s obvious, just like your star sign horoscope online is obvious. This stuff is also accurate. Don’t you know it!

Here’s where your Independence Day will happen, on or within 24 hours of 23rd June, 2016.


[contentblock id=show-chart]


ARIES Image, profile, personality projection, face, shape, style, body, reputation, title, role.
TAURUS Secrets, classified subjects, confidential information, life behind the scenes, occult.
GEMINI Friends, groups, clubs, teams, associations, bands, unions, political parties, social media.
CANCER Success, achievement, ambition, position, mission, title, role, aspiration, career, degree.
LEO Publishing, the internet, travel, regional and foreign differences, education, academia.
VIRGO Money, property, business, charity, corporations, taxation, possessions.
LIBRA Enemies, opponents, rivals, partners, husbands, wives, lovers, dynamic duos.
SCORPIO Workload, housework, duty, service, work ethic, body, doctors, drugs, fitness, food.
SAGITTARIUS Babies, children, teenagers, lovers, nieces, nephews, stepchildren, youth projects.
CAPRICORN Houses, apartments, home town, home country, nationality, family, household.
AQUARIUS The internet, communication, multimedia, publishing, language, speech, vocabulary.
PISCES Cashflow, values, charity, houses, corporations, business, apartments.


Life Will Go Sideways – Be Prepared!

Astrology is all about being prepared. Life will go sideways when Uranus (pictured) conjuncts Ceres on June 23rd.

Uranus as a planet actually moves sideways. That’s a fact. He also turns up whenever life moves sideways.

Uranus was actually found in that great year for revolution, upheaval and radical change – 1781, when America broke free from British rule and won the Battle of Yorktown and her independence. The French Revolution was born then. So was the Industrial Revolution.


mentalfloss com uranus weird orbit goes sideways 600x375 - Why June 23rd, 2016 is Your Independence Day!
From – Uranus moves sideways in astrology and astronomy.

The year they found and named this strange sideways planet, the world started moving sideways too. And we’re up for another big episode in late June.

Ceres, lining up with Uranus, is about forced compromise, sharing, carving up rights, roles and responsibilities – and new territory. It is also about new power, for everyone, to be handled in a revolutionary new way.

People say to me ‘Is Ceres good?’ or ‘Is Uranus good?’ The answer is, they just are. If you resist change, don’t like radical moves, push back against what is new – then you’re not going to like this week. Just remember – Ceres is about sharing. Compromise. Division. Slicing up the pie. This painting by Rubens of Ceres (main figure) shows the sharing.


Peter Paul Rubens Frans Snyders   Ceres with two Nymphs 1624 434x600 - Why June 23rd, 2016 is Your Independence Day!



If you are fine about adapting to revolution, and even making it happen (for the sake of freedom) you will do very well from this week’s electrifying events. Put Ceres and Uransu together like this at the exact same degree, and the same zodiac sign (Aries) and it’s all change! History and astrology tell us that the smart thing to do when Uranus makes a major pattern like this, is to embrace the revolution and leave the past behind.

There are a lot of rich New Yorkers walking around today whose ancestors either started or joined the push for freedom back in 1781 when the Declaration of Independence suddenly became real. Anyone who didn’t get it got lost in the footnotes of history. In 1781, William Herschel discovered Uranus and this strange planet acquired its name. Within months either side of this discovery, America was breaking free of slavery (the famous case of Elizabeth Freeman) and also King George III. The pattern we have this week in mid-June 2016 is a strong echo of that time.

We are heading for Independence Day. You, personally, will feel it in connection with one or two key areas of your world. Don’t look back, you’re not going that way!

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423 Responses

  1. Love your blog on Independence Day. I have quite a few 22,23,24 numbers appearing on my chart and was wondering if you could give me some guidance as to what this may indicate for me.

    Mercury 23 Cancer
    Saturn 24 Gemini
    Minerva 22 Taurus
    Proserpina 22 Cancer

    Thanks a million Jessica, this site is without doubt the best astrology guide.


    1. Thank you so much Alicia. You are too kind and I think that quote might find its way into my new book! Okay – so you are right in the thick of it with this massive change pattern, late June. It’s about your house, apartment, family, home town, homeland, household. You are the go-between with Proserpina in Cancer in your Fourth House. You bridge the gaps between two sides, both powerful. You are also the ‘voice’ with the family, household or with the house/apartment. You would make a superb real estate agent. What happens in June will shift, bend and move around all the things you know, or knew, but that is okay. You need to be liberated from something/someone you had no idea restricted you so much. It will be okay and you will move on from that point. Think freedom.

    2. Hi! Wow. Your predictions have been amazing. I am Leo 29 deg with Uranus at 23 Virgo. I work in academia. Is there some good news for me? Or just upheaval and lots of hard work! Xxx eek!!!

      1. Thank you. When Jupiter conjuncts your Uranus at 23 Virgo (not long to go now) you will have an opportunity which benefits you, to find solutions or use opportunities, which revolutionise your working life and also your relationship with your body.

        1. many thanks! is that in aug or july? I can’t believe how accurate you have been. It has really helped me to understand current events by reading your blog. Will England or Britain end up stronger in the end? or just different? I am riding the change better now as a result of your writing. thank you, it has really made me understand more and adapt more. But I’d like to feel that my daughter 8, will have the opportunities that I have had.

          1. The cycle stretches July-August. Thanks for such a lovely post. What we know from similar cycles in the past is that they open the doors to radical change, which sets millions free, and gives them the luxury of genuine choice, not just the illusion of choice. Such radical changes, basically revolutionary from the point of view of more conservative, stuck or traditional people – work for all of us. They have their purpose over time and it may take decades before we come to see why Brexit was so important, and so meant to be. The cycles of Uranus in history tell us that so your daughter is well on her way. She was born with Pluto in Capricorn so she is part of a generation who will transform government and big business in future.

  2. Thanks Jessica. It is interesting to see how close this is to Brexit and the Oz elections. Ceres is in Taurus in my natal chart, any comments on how this may play out?

    1. Actually you have no transits to your chart with this pattern – and as for Brexit – I guess one half of that February prediction just came true. Britain has voted in lightning, storm and floods!

  3. Hi Jessica, I am intrigued – I am in the process of launching an new business on the 4th July, any feedback would be welcome.

    1. Great launch time – New Moon in Cancer. Twists and turns in July but you will move past them. Play on people’s need for security, the past, belonging, patriotism, family tree ties and so on – whatever the business.

  4. Hi Jessica, Another great article, really enjoy your site. Any insight you can give on how Uranus/Ceres will affect me would be much appreciated. Both my business and my love life are in the toilet so hopefully it won’t get much worse….thank you!

    1. Pluto at 23 Virgo – perfect. You need to shift, move and move on with work and June helps you do that. By September you are rewarded with a stunning solution or opportunity. Love life issues? We will discuss more on that after September!

  5. Hi Jessica, interesting article….l was wondering in which areas l will be affected….l am a premium member and have 4 planets at 22′. l would love to know which areas of my life will be drastically changed as of Thursday… Thank you…

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I love these blogs. I voted for Scottish independence and I’m in the Remain camp for the 23rd. im also trying to establish my own independence at the moment so all of these things are resonating wildly for me at the moment!

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Based on my personal chart I have a few 22 and 23, which area of my life can I expect a new life?
    Moon 22 Leo
    Chiron 22 Pisces
    Bacchus 23 Pisces
    Panacea 23 Taurus
    Salacia 22 Capricorn
    Vulcano 23 Virgo


    1. Look at work, both paid and unpaid, as Vulcano in Virgo is triggered and Jupiter passes there by September. So what shakes, rattles and rolls now will actually help you improve and upgrade your working life, within weeks.

  8. Jessica hi

    Can you please let me know how this will effect me ? I have been contemplating to do Masters in french from Canada and move permanently .. do something in linguistics as i m very passionate about foreign languages However been in a state of flux if it will be the right decision in terms of investment . Please let me know if there are any particular signs I should be paying attention to ?

    1. Actually your chart is not triggered at all by this, but you may want to wait for the world horoscope to settle down before you judge the financial side of academia or migration in particular. Tons of change going on and it will continue.

  9. Hi Jessica

    Another good read – really look forward to them.

    I have Juno 23 Libra. I read your blog on her – Jupiter’s wife, representing security at the expense of freedom? Sort of ties in with the whole issue of independence. Am I interpreting that correctly?
    I also have Apollo 22 Scorpio along with Ceres 16 Scorpio. Trying to make sense of these so your insight would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

    1. Thank you. You are bang on with your chart. You will really examine the chemistry with a former, current or potential partner in late June and fundamentally shift a few things around. That’s good as it will pay off in 2017. Juno in particular is the issue here and the yes/no side of commitment.

  10. Hi Jessica, I will be looking forward to be a free woman – in my case a single mother of three. It has its challenges. My Ceres and Uranus are in libra, now they are in Aries, my seventh house. Thank you

    1. You’re on your way. And don’t look back, you’re not going there. You are doing to do things so differently now and in the future as a result of June 2016 and you will wonder why you did not start sooner. Congratulations on single parenting three children, you are a marvel.

  11. Hi Jessica . What a fascinating article -I very much enjoyed reading it . I would be grateful for any comments you could make about how this may affect me as I have the IC at 22-23 degrees of Aries , Jupiter and Psyche at 23 degrees of Capricorn and Moon at 23 of Taurus.
    I have been trying to move house and it has been a slow and frustrating time but hopefully I may exchange contracts tomorrow on the Sagittarius full moon (fingers crossed !)
    This will be a brand new start for my husband and I at our time of life , to a rural area and we are both very excited about it . Thank you , Lynne .

    1. It’s about your career, with the Capricorn focus and also your money and property – Taurus Moon. By the time you read this you will obviously have moved on, but wow, your chart is so typical of this 23 degree pattern!

  12. Hi there Jessica. The closest aspect to the Uranus/Ceres conjunction at 23 Aries would be my Hygiea at 22 Leo. Curious as to how this affects me and in which part of my life this week. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Jessica. I posted this earlier in the week and hoping you had a chance to view my comments. Thanks!

      1. Thank you for your patience. With that stellium at 0 degrees I am more interested in Jupiter reaching 0 Libra in September. Take full and frank advantage of the unbelievable growth, expansion and good fortune which will be visited on people, organisations and even places around you. Go with it. It will benefit you so much.

    2. Cheers. It’s already been happening. Babies, children or young adults. Paid or unpaid work with children. Lovers who can bring a junior generation your way if things get serious…by now you will have been shown a dazzling new way to operate. And it will give you so much more room to move and do your own thing. I hope you said yes.

  13. Hi Jessica
    I have been waiting for my moment of freedom for many years. Can you tell me where this Uranus/Ceres conjunction will specifically effect me and whether it will be a positive change.
    I have Neptune at 24° and many factors between 22- 24°.
    I have been waiting for information/a document for two years that could change my life and set me free. My opponent (Taurus – 21 April 65) is hiding something/ outright lying about a contract. It is the key for me.
    Also I have a new opportunity for partnership, perhaps this is my freedom?
    Thanks for your help as always.

    1. You do have a stellium at 23 degrees. It’s not just about this information or document, okay? Astrology can work unpredictably with Uranus. Yet all the lights will be turned on within days and by July you will see your world in a dazzling new way. It is just like broken lights being fixed. And someone adding new features. It is also about feeling motivated to drop set-ups, people, attitudes, organisations that you know very well keep you small or stuck. I will look at partnership again when Jupiter changes signs in September.

  14. Hi Jessica, I seem to have a bit going on around 23 degrees. Can you give me a bit of insight into how this might affect me or what I should look out for? Thank you.

    1. Uranus transits often turn up as people or organisations which are left field, never stick to the rules, prefer to be given tons of space, are sometimes erratic or ‘sideways’ in nature and are utterly original. If you give them space and independence they serve you. If you don’t want to go there, you may miss a chance for genuine change by July, with that line-up!

  15. Hi Jessica. Another fascinating post – thank you! Very curious as to what this all means with respect to my chart. I have Aries in Ceres with Virgo,Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus all sitting at 22 degrees in my chart. I’d be grateful to gain your reflections. Thank you.

    1. By now you will know what you can pick and choose from with the money, business, house, flat, possessions or charity. Picking and choosing means being far more independent and if you shake up your own world and other people’s – that’s fine.

  16. Hello there,

    You say – No matter which sign your 22, 23, 24 pattern falls in, it will affect you….

    I have – Vulcano 24° Sagittarius 37′ 39″ – any chance you can enlighten me please….

    Many thanks!

    1. Sure. This is about the way you travel, deal with regional or foreign differences, holiday, take business trips or even relocate entirely. Things which shift all around you, will have a knock-on effect by July which means you must operate in a new way. Maybe a radical new way. Try to go with it, even though this is a tricky cycle.

  17. Dear Jessica what does it mean having The desc at 23 degrees in aries ?
    Thanks and have a good day

    1. If your birth time is spot on, then this is about your former, current or potential partner. Maybe an enemy or rival. By July you will be able to release old patterns that kept you stuck and break free. A rollercoaster ride but one in which you learn to operate so differently.

  18. I’ve got a whole bunch at those degrees.
    Cupido at 23 Leo and Venus 23 Gemini must be good! And a few other factors. What’s the most significant ?
    Thanks so much for you insightful articles.
    By the way, just as you predicted this Gemini has had to get real and attempt to contain and control the job situation (an organization all over the place), and some sobering realities to ponder that I was trying to ignore about potential partner.

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad that your horoscope is ticking over for you. This is about your way with words, ideas and images. It may be online or offline. By July, you will have been given a chance to reject who/what seems so stuck, tired or even stifling to you and try something new and exciting, with one other person who totally gets the medium or project.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Based on my personal chart I have a few 22 and 23, which area of my life can I expect a new life?

    Moon 22 Leo
    Chiron 22 Pisces
    Bacchus 23 Pisces
    Panacea 23 Taurus
    Salacia 22 Capricorn
    Vulcano 23 Virgo

    Thank you in advance xx

    1. The crucial thing here is Vulcano in Virgo. Your paid, unpaid work or university degree shows lots of change by July yet if you take the chance to do things differently, shaking off what/who restricts you, you then go onto the best and biggest solutions and opportunities by September 2016.

  20. I am curious to know how this plays out in my life. When I look at my birth chart, I see that I have Asc et 22 Aries and Jupiter at 24 Aries, as well as Sun at 24 Leo ! This looks intense !
    I could take a revolution in my life right now as I feel that on so many levels I am stuck in a rut and playing the same old song. I feel lucky to be fulfilled in my love life and personal life, but gosh every thing else (money, career, projects, job perspectives,) is bleak and depressing ! Thanks for any insight about this. I also see that I have Ceres in Gemini. I read with great interest your article about Ceres and Proserpina, I was wondering how this plays out in my chart. Thank you so much for you articles Jessica, it gives a lot of food for thought !
    ** Update, Yesterday (20/06) I went to see an astrologer, a very well reputated man in the south of France who works with Karmik astrology. I didn’t understand much but when I left I took a look at the chart he gave me. He inversed my time of birth from PM to AM so everything was inversed on my chart!!! Oh by the way, this man is rulled by Uranus !

    1. Hilarious about your Uranus ruled astrologer. The planet that moves sideways. Okay, so Jupiter at 24 Aries is a big deal; this Ceres/Uranus conjunction is very close to exact. Use late June to become who you are. To become who you were. To shed a skin or put a new one on. It will be so exciting you will feel the classic Uranian buzz. It may be your name, face, shape, wardrobe – just use it or lose it, while the chance is there.

  21. Dear Jessica, that sounds so interesting and very curious to know what part of my life will be affected! I have Chiron at 23 Aries, Bacchus at 24 Capricorn and Mars at 24 Acquarius. On an other note I wanted to ask if there was anything particular about health and death in general during April and May as I don’t recall reading about it specifically. The amount of people around me, and also myself, having to deal with with these heavy subjects was so unsually high that it really stood out as being out of the ordinary. A lot of other people I talked with either expierienced or noted it too.

    1. Nothing about death ever shows in the chart, because there is no symbol for it – thank goodness. I am sorry you have been put through it. What I can see about your chart is a relaunch of your name, title, look, wardrobe or profile by July. You can say no, of course, but it will be there if you want it. Very exciting!

  22. Fab read as always, I remember asking you about Scotland’s referendum at the time and you said it wasn’t the end of the story. In my own chart I can’t see any aspects at 23 but there are some things at 22 and 24. How will this week affect me?

    1. Thank you. Yes, I posted a prediction about Scotland a long time ago, saying that the vote would be NO to independence but become YES later. Your 24 degree patterns will stir by July. People or organisations who are wildly original, brilliant, unpredictable and move lightning fast will be around you. If you snap up these chances to combine forces it could be very exciting.

  23. Fantastic Jessica….so exciting….many thanks for this article :-).
    I do have planets in the same degree. What does this mean for me? Regards JR

    1. Juno at 24 Gemini is interesting. Look to the internet. There is a website, blog, social media place or project you could really do so much with. You only get a liberating transit like this every few years – it will be there by July.

  24. Dear Jessica, thank you for the interesting article. I’d love to hear more about Ceres & how this constellation affects my chart. I have the IC/DC on 22 degrees & Vesta on 23 degrees 🙂

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate then both home and work will be affected by ripples of change in late June, not created or caused by you, but designed to move you forward and sideways. More independence is the result. Watch Vesta though. Skip those ‘harem’ situations with one male and two or more females!

      1. Thank you very much for your response. Could you elaborate a bit on the home and work situation? I have the IC/MC in the 11th & fifth house, so this is a bit confusing as I don’t usually relate those houses to work & home?
        (and yes, my birth time is accurate 🙂

        1. Home and work is Cancer/Capricorn in the Natural House system and you have the Nodes there. Pluto is approaching. You will begin the process of deep change with both, in July, when the Sun crosses over your Cancer Node and opposes your Capricorn Node. The trick with this cycle is to use iron willpower and self control to become empowered. If you let something or someone take over, forget it! Draw on all your strength to run your life at work and home. Watch Pluto moving over those Nodal degrees and time your big mission for that. By the way – it’s all past life stuff. You are now dealing with two core reasons you came back onto the planet, so away you go!

          1. I’m still confused as my question was in regard to Ceres in my chart & the aspects at 22 & 23 degrees, which are in the houses 11, 5 & 7. I don’t understand the relation to aspects to my nodes in the houses 4 & 10. Please enlighten me 🙂

          2. You have Ceres at 11 Libra in the Seventh House which rules your former, current or potential partner, and Jupiter will bring healing, closure or opportunity when he passes 11 Libra. The cycle begins in the second week of September and extends to 2017.

  25. Dear Jessica

    A very exciting read: personally, I cannot wait for change and revolution to happen anywhere in this world. I have Ceres at 25 Gemini (so one degree out) and 23 June is also the day I will graduate having completed my PhD. So the link between Ceres and Minerva makes me wonder whether academic matters are where I may find my independence. As a matter of fact, academic writing and publishing is very much a core issue for me at present and somewhere where I can see some Uranus type change is needed and where I could maybe contribute. This is an area that has also (and for the same reasons) been very challenging, although I am lucky to be working with some very supportive people. One paper I wrote was rejected twice quite harshly before winning a prize: go figure! Any insight into any of this aspect of writing and publishing would help me proceed more effectively.

    By the way, all of your previous insights have turned out right and have really helped me put some perspective into what has been rather tough times. Being able to see the bigger picture allows me not to fall in the same traps again and again: thank you so much.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments, they are truly valued. Rejection is part of the Uranus story. One is rejected, or does the rejecting first (getting in quick). Then in turn, there is rejection upon rejection. It is like America rejecting King George III in 1781 and the British. It is like astronomers in 1781 rejecting the name ‘Georgian Star’ for the new planet Uranus. So go with this. It is actually all designed to help you find a radical new way to write, study, teach or be published. I really do mean radical. Revolutionary. Give it time!

  26. Hi Jess. Very interesting times. I love the comments service. It’s very informative. I’ve got the Sun & Jupiter at 23 & 24. Sounds important. Any heads up is truly appreciated. Warm Regards JN

    1. Thank you so much. This is really interesting. Basically, now through July, other people cut their own chains and that leaves you free to do things differently too. In fact you might even take a tip from them. Change is exhilarating when it is genuinely about innovation and invention and I suspect you could be at the heart of this if you wanted to. And gain from it enormously.

  27. Dear Jessica,
    Wow! This conjunction between Ceres and Uranus on June 23 is going to unfold quite some drama. And at 23 degrees too!!

    I have the following planets at the degrees you have mentioned above:
    Mercury at 22 degrees 38 mins in Taurus
    Sun at 24 degrees 34 mins. in Taurus
    Mars at 22 degrees 55 mins in Virgo
    Cupido at 23 degrees 41 mins in Pisces

    Can you please take a moment to look at my chart and tell me how the conjunction of the 2 planets, Ceres and Uranus will affect me or bring about the changes that you see?

    I thank you in advance. Your insights and knowledge are so precious.


    Juakali (M M S)

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, drama is unfolding even as I write this – it continues into late June. Some people do not even know, yet, what is about to him them right between the eyes! Yet the zap factor is common to this cycle and it is always fine in the end – change is necessary. In your world the key to this is money, business, the house, the apartment, possessions or charity. Let go and release. Allow change to come in. You cannot put a price on independence, can you?

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Spot-on Astrology – BREXIT has happened and turmoil in the financial markets around the world!
        Quite honestly, as an astrologer, I don’t think there is anyone who can quite match
        your capabilities and abilities.
        Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend.
        M M S

  28. Hi Jessica

    I am not sure if my birth time is right, I have been playing with it a little. All I know is it was in the afternoon, when i do this I am at 23 Leo asc, I recently didnt get a job I have been covering for around 15 months on Tuesday and got news of a friends death on the same day. Is this down to Ceres? And what’s to come please

    1. I am so sorry about your friend. Death has no symbol in the horoscope so let’s pass over that one. I am also sorry about the job. Hang in there. You do have a Capricorn stellium and are suitably ambitious, but the trick with this cycle is to use iron will power and self control to actually become more empowered. In time you will move on up.

  29. Hi Jessica, yet another insightful article from you. Things headlining my life 2 years ago were love and unpaid work. Much hope for both, results were lackluster, it seems I am always only on the giving end. Same persons/situations are still relevant, only now I am plodding with no expectations, ready to give up on them.

    Will the same topics be relevant now or some other area will be triggered with this pattern? Still novice in astrology not sure how to find out in which part of my chart the story is played. I’d appreciate your take on a line up of Venus 23 Pisces, Moon 22 Aquarius and Nodes 24 Capricorn/Cancer in my chart. Both Uranus and Ceres in Virgo. Looks like I’m in for a ride this week and beyond.

    Thank you, you’re brilliant!

    1. Thank you! The Nodes are big, because this is about work and home together. By July you will see why everybody and everything around you is shifting position – people finally feel free to do/say what they did not – and it’s a release and a relief for them. This moves things around for you, too, and yet you also stand to gain. Trust this. A new mini world of work and home will come. It may feel wild and stormy but you will get there in the end. I quite like wild weather. Do you?

  30. Great article, Jessica and certainly a very electrifying time! Been following your articles all year on Ceres and on Brexit. Very curious to see how this plays out, especially as my dreams are extremely prolific at the moment. Curious to see what you can tell from my chart below! Thanks for your great work!

    1. Thank you so much. Pluto at 23 Libra – late June is about your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps, an enemy. Major changes are going to ask you to look at how you deal with this man (or woman) and what you might change. Perhaps you have been more locked down by particular attitudes or set-ups than you knew. Further ahead, this is part of a glorious process of improvement in 2017, with this person or another.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Could you help me please to understand how I will be affected by this coversation between Uranus and Ceres?
    I have Mercury 22 degrees in Libra, Jupiter 22deg in Aries, Vesta in 24 deg in Picies, Aescalupia 23 degrees in Leo, Diana 22 deg Auquarius and North node 23 deg Scorpio and south node 23 deg Taurus.
    Am I going feeling this influence through some events happened exactly that day or it can come step by step later.

    Thank you very much for your answer and help

    1. Now through late June, this is about your money, house, business, possessions, charity or apartment. Lots of change all around you. Some past life debts and credits will come back to you. Try to see how you might do things more independently, or with more freedom, as you cannot put a price on having more space in your life.

  32. I have three questions:

    a) I have quite a few planets/asteroids at 22 and 23. What should I expect?

    b) What if someone has their moon at 23 degrees Libra and it doesn’t look like there’s any major home/relocation related thing happening. Could the moon being involved apply to one’s emotional world?

    c) Does this also apply to progressed/solar arc/composite planets and points?

    1. The Moon at 23 Libra is in your Seventh House which rules your former, current or potential partner. It is about how you need to be needed, by this person (or once were). Now through July, break your old patterns. Your life will be shaken up but it will also release you from people or situations which kept you stuck. You will have a lot to look forward to with a lover or date when Jupiter moves to 23 Libra in September 2017.

  33. Thanks Jessica for this exciting piece of insight! I am curious to hear how you’d see this pattern affecting my horoscope as I have Venus in 23 Aries, Fortuna 23 Scorpio and the Nodes in 24 Aries/Libra. Can you help me understand this in more detail, please?

    1. Cheers! The Libra Node matters most. Once you figure out a new way to approach your former, current or potential partner, the path is open for a very different way to be with someone, or just date a whole lot of someones! You do that by July. From September and into 2017 you’ll be very satisfied.

  34. Hi Jessica. As always really enjoy your posts and insights. For a novice like me, I find your descriptions and explanations really user friendly. With that said, can you look at my chart and elaborate on what it all means. I have a heap of signs within 21-24 degrees. I’m particularly keen to know if I should accept job offer and go ahead with ending relationship this week.
    Thanks for your guidance, as always

    1. Thanks so much. Wow, you may have exited the relationship by now! I never tell people what to do, but your choice here is about rejecting someone who has held you back or even kept you down – or staying stuck with the same old. I suspect you may also be feeling rejected. If so, watch out, Uranus is about – and yet the most exciting 1-2 year journey lies ahead if you break away.

  35. Dear Jessica

    Thank you for your articles i appreciate very much and always look forward to reading them.

    My date of birth is 17th september 1975 my husband’s 18 May 1964 we have a very small business. I am a premium member. I would apprecciate if you could tell me more about us and the business,

    Thank you very much

    1. I’m sorry but I can’t see your birth chart here – thank you. You are a Virgo, though, and will make or save money nicely from September this year into 2017.

      1. Thank you

        Jessica you are simply the best. Everyone around me was saying that Britain wont be leaving but i had your prediction and as usual it was awesome. Thank you for your good work and please continue to guide us. All the best. Mina

        1. Thank you so much Mina, you are too kind. And I love writing about astrology for you, so it will continue! You might want to pick up my new EBook, 2020 Astrology on 1st August. It’s absolutely free.

  36. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for this exciting article!!! I am a huge fan of your amazing talent and am extremely happy i signed up as a premium member of this website, must be my Neptune in Sagittarius haha. But, on a serious note, could you please share some insight on the areas this June 23, 2016 planet line-up would affect?

    Sincerely grateful,

    1. Thank you so much. Uranus at 22 Scorpio in the Eighth House – you are going through the changes now, with the money, house, apartment, business, taxation, charity or possessions. Allow life to turn upside-down in slow motion for another week or two, or perhaps it already has. New world, new angles, new options – make the best of that now. Further ahead by 2018 you have sensational opportunities to make or save a small fortune.

  37. I am Virgo sun with Leo Venus 23.
    I have Pisces Chiron 24.
    Is this looking major for me?
    Kind Regards. S

    1. It is major. Uranus and Ceres trine your Venus, so look at old patterns or attitudes where pregnancy, babies, children or teens are concerned. Look at lovers who might bring that generation into your life one day. This is where there is a huge shift by July but it will liberate you too.

  38. Hi Jessica – I’ve become somewhat addicted to your website over the past two years as I’ve been going through some dramatic upheavals in my life (divorce, career, body, self-esteem) while at the same time it has felt like wading through molasses in terms of waiting for change. A contradiction, I know! What you write each week has felt like good counsel and sage wisdom to help me keep positive and open-minded, so thank you. Last week you talked about things happening at 11 degrees, of which I have a few placements, and for the 23rd June article I realize I have Chiron at 24 Aries, and Venus, Vulcano, Proserpina and Apollo all at either 22/23/24 degrees. I’m wondering if I might get a breakthrough here and would love your perspective on my chart. The lack of movement in my romantic life is the thing I struggle most with (venus in libra so I guess that makes sense). After my ex-husband left I reconnected with my old lost love and it was all still there, but he lives on the other side of the world so we agreed to hold off for a couple of years until our respective situations became less sticky, and I always wonder if that could ever pick up again. Any thoughts you could offer in terms of what my chart shows would be so very helpful right now. Thank you!

    1. I am really glad the astrology has been helping you through these massive upheavals and your chart shows it all. Fortunately as you know…you are over the other side. Please do not worry about the future of your love life because when Jupiter moves to 24 Libra in your Seventh House of former, current and potential partners in September 2017 you will be so satisfied – either with the solution, or the person. Be hopeful. This is the best cycle in 12 years and it starts September 2016!

      1. That is wonderful news – bring on September! I could do with a bit of loving in my life!

        Reading back through the weekly horoscope again for this week, it suddenly hit me that the real breakthrough I had this week was work related. My career has blossomed in a new direction this year, since mid-November 2015, but I’ve also been working on a novel for the past 2 years, which I got a good agent quickly interested in back in September 2014. I then “finished” it and sent it to him on September 1 2015 – and he was extremely positive, while asking for a rewrite at the same time! I’ve been struggling with it and put it aside to focus on my other new job and family issues, but the last few months I got back into gear with it and then it all clicked this week, starting on Monday, and I basically finished the revamp on Wednesday 23rd working long into the night. I read that Mercury 11 Gemini was opposite Saturn 11 Sagittarius on Monday and I have my IC at Gemini 11 and my MC at Sagittarius 11! And my Chiron sits at 24 Aries.

        So now I’ve got to hope that when I submit the rewrite it is as well received as I hope! Is there a particularly good time over the next month or two to submit a manuscript to an agent?

        What an incredible service you offer to your members by the way, I sing your praises x

        1. Thank you very much – I will pass that onto James, Justin and Alyas. You are in a slow cycle with Saturn in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of publishing, but slow means you learn as you go – and the cycle ends around Christmas 2017. Rewrites are typical of the process!

  39. Dear Jessica,

    Your sun sign insights and predictions are mind blowing. So far so right in my life, thanks. My Ceres is in 15deg cancer, Pluto in 23 deg Libra, Neptune in 24 deg Sagittarius and Diana in 25 deg Taurus. How am I going to be re launched? Right now everything in my life is moving at a snail’s pace and I’m getting more patient and calm.


    1. Thank you so much. Pluto at 23 Libra is about your former, current or potential partner. Your enemy or rival. Now through July please deal with how you try to control the story with/for/about these kinds of people and really look at your old patterns and attitudes. If anything or anybody is preventing you from being free, it will be reshaped or even go, by July.

  40. Hi Jessica,

    I have few factors in 21 degrees and Minerva in 22 degrees Gemini. Ceres is in 15 degree Capricorn retrograde. What will change in my life?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Minerva is already being triggered so even in the last few days you were given a chance to run with something so new involving the internet, radio, multimedia, languages, on-paper communication and so on. Your way with words, ideas or images is very special and it needs a new medium or outlet. Maybe a new project. I hope you said yes.

  41. Hi Jess, I can’t tell you how valuable this article is for me currently, so thank you so much.

    I have a serious vested in interest in ‘Death by 23s’. My nodes are at 23′ Cn/Cp and I have Chaos retrograde (I know it’s off list) at 23′ Aries. My birthday is the 23rd for good measure.

    Over and above this, my estranged wife (Ceres!) and I look like we’re about to go to court over fairer access to our children. Meanwhile my Marmite humour, which has got me through things so far, has got me in trouble on the internet (I know you warned me) and I’ve really upset someone (Minerva)

    With all this, a health issue and trying to impress in a new job to contend with I don’t know which way to turn with anything just at the moment. Please help.

    Thanks KC

    1. Too funny – ‘death by 23 degrees.’ I would not worry about Chaos so much – but Ceres, absolutely. Hmm, the Nodes are the key to this one. The court case over the children is your Node at 23 Cancer, being squared by Ceres and Uranus. It will be okay. You have 1-2 weeks of intensity but then it’s over. And even though it will be hard to square, freedom must be given, shared, redistributed all round in a new way. Thus says Ceres. The job is your other Node in Capricorn and it’s the same story. Hard to deal with both at the same time but once it’s done, it’s done and you’re in the clear – not long to go.

  42. Hi Jessica, I have Sun 23 Aqua, Mars 24 Aqua, Vesta 22 Capricorn, Ceres 22 Sag.

    Can you give me a heads up on the meaning please for Independence Day 23rd June and 24th June 2016.


    1. This Independence Day (which weirdly, the film release just echoed) is really about big, global trends which are sweeping away the old and bringing in the new. It affects you through six degrees. You will be given a chance to completely reject who/what has kept you down or back for far too long. Take it. Just remember to invent something new and liberating in its place!

  43. Hi Jessica,
    the painting of Ceres arguing with Jupiter always makes me laugh – she’s ready to burn down Mt Olympus if she has to 🙂 I’ve got three planets at 22 degrees and one at 23, so how do you think this cosmic excitement might effect me? As a mega-Libra, I’m going to guess relationships. And how might these events effect buying a house (which has already been rescheduled once)?
    Thanks – you’re the best!

    1. Absolutely true about that painting! Neptune at 22 Scorpio in your Eighth House of property purchases – bang. You just had Ceres and Uranus circling it and they are still there. By July you know where you stand but remember Uranus moves sideways. This is a sideways world for a few more days – have you looked at space/freedom/independence issues with this purchase? Hmmm.

  44. Hi Jessica
    I have been waiting for this article to be posted. I have written to you before about my town council etc and developing property where i live and the heritage group. i don’t see how this aspect for me is about freedom – i see it about the opposite. i.e. the group going after the property. what do you think? i have a july hearing planned. anything positive with this uranus ceres aspect for me? thanks!

    1. Actually, the issue for you right now (and in recent days) has been a good friend in a larger group like Twitter or maybe a professional organisation, team or club. And that’s where the excitement and freedom really are. I think I addressed the development issue in another post, right?

  45. Cool! I have Mars at 23 Leo, Ops at 22 Aries, Diana at 23 Aquarius, and Path of fortune at 24 Scorpio. Would this be a good day to purchase a website domain and host for a new metaphysical business project I have in mind? Thank you for your guidance!

    1. Perfect timing and as usual, my late reply actually means you are already on track with the domain/host…Uranus and Ceres on your Ops in the First House of self promotion. Go for it. You’ll be so excited. Free at last, right?

  46. Hi Jessica! I have Chiron 23 Aries. What does this transit mean for me? Thanks in advance, I love your work. 🙂

    1. Cheers! Late June is about Me, Me, Me but this is not narcissism. You need to review how you are projecting yourself to the world. How you are seen and appear. That is a very tame way of putting it. If you wanted to, you could literally alter almost everything about yourself by July and it would be madly exciting for you to try that.

  47. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for the article! It’s always a pleasure to read your informative writing!

    I have several factors at 22-24 degree, including IC at 23 Aries, MC at 23 Libra and Chiron at 23 Gemini R. At 22 degree are Moon and Jupiter in Aries and Mercury in Aquarius. And at 24 degree are Juno in Pisces, Minerva in Gemini R, South node in Virgo and North node in Pisces.
    How do you see these factors play out in my chart from this transit? And what is the best way for me to use this opportunity?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you very much. If your birth time is exact then you will relaunch yourself in late June with a new look, profile, title, name or image – online or in the real world. If not exact, the issue is more work – yet same story – a more independent, new role or project by July.

  48. Hi Jessica. Hope you’re well! Thank you so much for these posts 🙂 I’ve recently met someone that I’m really attracted to, and have a huge amount of things in common with eg we both work in the same industry, love the same music and sports etc. Things were going along really nicely – texts, a date, more texts and then all of a sudden he’s gone hot and cold. Capricorn. I’m playing it cool, but my impatience is making it a challenge, because I would love to see this progress. In the meantime, my problematic first love, Cancer, has popped back up out of the blue (!!!!!!!) and is creating the usual confusion within me (though he lives on the other side of the world). He is the king of manipulation, and knows just how to make me think I’ll never find another love like ours in my life, even though it has always been a nightmarish roller coaster and something it takes years to recover from. I was on top of the world a month ago – possible new romance, getting on with my life (I’m going through a fairly amicable divorce), a new chapter, my work was even going brilliantly, and it seems to have disappeared in a puff of smoke. I know this all sounds so bananas. In fact the idea of heading for the hills and joining a nunnery is not out of the question. Bring on Jupiter in Libra 🙂 Will my 22 degree Libra moon affect any of this?

    1. You are describing exactly what happens when Ceres and Uranus around 22 Aries oppose your Moon at 22 Libra. I am very sorry he is manifesting the transit for you like this. The phrase ‘out of the blue’ is Uranian and he is also manifesting this transit. Leave the nunnery for now and look at the divorce, because these two are red herrings. Like magic once you fix one or two closure issues with the D word, the Uranian types will no longer be so damn…Uranian.

  49. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve got a lot going on in Aries in my chart, but not at 22,23, or 24 degrees. Is there any chance of this planetary alignment having any impact on me? I feel like pause button was pressed on my life back in November/December last year and I haven’t been able to get anything moving since!

    Best wishes,


    1. I am sure Saturn passing over your Neptune in recent months did not help (he is the ‘glue’ of the cosmos and can make you feel stuck, as you know). You won’t be affected by these transits but you should be pretty happy with Uranus in Aries even so. Daydream about a relaunch next April. Draw the way you want to look. Make notes about how you want to be seen online. Start now!

  50. Wow Jessica…what an incredible, uplifting article you have written! I, for one, would love to have any input you can give me regarding the line-up in my chart in correlation with this amazing event. I am not at all sure where life is leading at the moment. In the cooker is a novel I am completing, a job invitation back into the world of fashion from a former employer, and above all, a deep desire to return to my home country (I’ m currently living abroad and am waiting for my house to sell) so that I may be closer to my daughter and new grandson. I feel as though my life has been on ‘stall’ for the last two years. Thank you for your time. You are a treasure! L

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. You have Minerva at 23 Pisces and Ceres and Uranus will semi-sextile that. You are a wise woman when it comes to everything Piscean – time alone, secrecy, roles behind the scenes, mediumship, Tarot, crystals, hypnosis, dreams and so on. Minerva will be well and truly woken up by July yet nobody will see or know. Just you. You will need to be alone more despite the busy nature of life now.

      1. Dear Jessica,

        Your reply stunned me with its accuracy and was one I would have never anticipated. I’m still mopping up the tears that sprung from my eyes upon reading it…the dam broke! As for direction, I now know that the book is top priority and anticipate it’s completion by Fall. I have a degree in higher consciousness studies and have embraced all the healing modalities that you have listed at one time or another…the manuscript reflects this part of myself. Minerva has come up repeatedly through the oracle. Now, through you, I have greater understanding and gratefulness for her presence in my life, particularly in relation to the sometimes daunting project that I have taken on.

        Again, thank you for the gift of your time and talent. You are truly a bright light.


        1. Wow, you cried. Actually, if you were on Twitter the night before the Brexit result, a lot of people said they were moved to tears by what was happening. I am very excited that Minerva keeps turning up in your Astrology Oracle readings. Now – look for owls. Real or symbols. When you see owls, you have Minerva guiding you. Try it!

  51. I have Fortuna at 23 Aries, and it sounds that something interesting will happen 🙂 I love Uranus! The conjunction will also trine my natal Neptune and Juno. Wondering if anything positive will happen career-wise, currently being stuck in a rut.

    1. You will relaunch your name, face, title, role, profile, look or image very successfully if you are open to experimentation by July. The door is already open actually! Look at Fortuna in my EBook Asteroid Astrology, free to Premium Members. Life will spin a little but you can do this thing.

  52. Hi Jessica,
    Can you tell me please how will this affect me?
    I was planning to put a product up for sale (on line) this week, on a different selling platform. And I assume it will impact my social media accounts, as they will be viewed more…. after a couple of years of just constantly working on it, with not much recognition (or sales)! I should also add that I might be born a few hours later than my chart notes, my mom is not 100% sure, and I’m not sure if that will affect the degrees.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. You have Psyche at 23 Gemini. Classic! Yes, this is about social media. Now through July will change the way you use the internet if you are open to change and are ready to experiment. People who are original, brilliant, unique will help you. So will similar organisations. Be open to what comes and use it. It’s exciting.

  53. Hello Jessica,
    I really thank you for for your comments.
    I’ve felt a blow in the last days and lost a good work opportunity. I have sun at 24 libra and planets. At 22 23 and 24. Should I brace for more events in the week to come ?
    Best wishes,

    1. Don’t worry. Rejection is common on Uranus transits. Gather yourself up and see this for what it is – a chance to be quite radical. Daring, even. You will see why by July. You can do this so differently, (this being your talent or skill, or your chosen field). How come nobody else is? Because they are not you.

  54. I am a little confused as to how to read my birth chart and how it does or does not match up with the current week’s happenings. Can you offer any insight? Thank you!

    1. Psyche at 24 Libra, excellent. Watch, learn, change, grow, find out – explore, experiment – until July. Look at your former, current or potential partner. What you find out will help you with a stunning improvement in your personal life with this man (or woman) by 2017.

  55. Hi Jessica,
    I have 23 on Sagittarius (northnodes), 23 Gemini (southnode) and 22 Sagittarius (Diana). Can you please tell me what Ceres means for me this week and where / what area my Independence Day will happen this week?

    Thank you,

    1. You have until July to break away from an attitude that has kept you back for a very long time, with people, organisations or situations which have really been getting in your way. I am sure you know who/what I am talking about after the events of the last week or two. A feeling of rejection is very common on this cycle, especially with those placements, and yet if people do not want to read you, or listen to you, in a particular way (or through a particular channel) you can find your own. Make your own. Go get!

  56. We 4 in the family are going for our vacation. Uranus made the first for us last May in 30 yrs. No wonder its Uranus again kicking the most radical changes, independence.
    With Ceres, you see anythin specific?

    1. You have Ops at 22 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel and this pattern just passed you at 22 Aries. Fantastic timing. Okay it will be bumpy but there will be new ways to do things, when you get back. And more space!

  57. Hello Jessica. I have planets at 22, 23 and 24 degrees in Salacia, Apollo and Jupiter. What can I expect and can I handle it? Are these considered personal planets? Thank you and I absolutely love your website.

    1. Salacia and Apollo are, respectively, a Trans-Neptunian and an asteroid. Jupiter is of course a planet. I hope you turned your back on who/what had been keeping you down for so long, in recent days. I also hope you invented a new way to do things. If you have not, that chance is still there. Set yourself free.

  58. Dear Jessica, Thank you for the excellent article.
    Even though everything is a quite clearly explained, I ask you to take a closer insight into my personal chart. I am Aries and I have the 23 Juno in Aries, as well as several 22, 23, 24 patterns in my natal chart (or near these points). Also, my Minerva is in Leo.
    I could characterize myself as a person who has been cornered for far too long period. I have sense that my working ethics and honesty have not sufficiently appreciated. Since it comes very important period, if it will affect (and how) to my personal life and my career?

    You’re an amazing person and an excellent astrologer. Thank you.

    1. What a lovely compliment, thank you. The rest of June is about your commitment to your image – the way you look or appear. Your identity, profile, title, name, face, shape, wardrobe. This commitment needs to change – and it will change. You may even look different or present differently to the world once it is over. Let the lightning take you on an electrifying new pathway, lit up with features about yourself you never saw before!

  59. Hi Jessica.

    I am still learning how to read my personal birth chart. Would love to know how this line-up will affect me, from your perspective.


    1. Pluto at 22 Virgo…interesting. Now through August is about your paid or unpaid work. Starting now, you are in a major cycle of change and renewal and you only have to look at who/what is on offer to see how you might pursue a life with more space, more time and more oxygen in the room.

  60. Hi Jessica,

    I happen to have Uranus at 23 degrees in Leo in my natal chart, How will this affect me?
    I also have jupiter and the north node conjunct my natal north node, could you look at that for me also?
    Thank you for your very informative site, I learn so much here.

    1. Thank you I am glad! Uranus at 23 Leo is enough to look at just for June…the Nodes will be an issue next year. You have the trine to your Uranus in the Fifth House. Your approach to the world of babies, children or teenagers is up for a serious update and it will help you to break free of old patterns which are no longer required. This also applies to any lover who might bring you closer to that world. Liberation is precious by July.

      1. I completely understand… I must let my now adult children fly.
        And it feels good.
        Blessings to you!

  61. Hello Jessica. Could you give me more info please with respect to my chart and the 23rd, I’m confused as to the aspect of life currently that the 23rd has an impact. Love your website. Thank you. Shirley.

    1. Sure. Chiron at 23 Capricorn will be squared by this pattern. So what you cannot square about your paid or unpaid work (or university degree) helps to set you free – if you are willing to see. It will come about as the result of a ripple effect felt now through July.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this article, I am looking forward to the 23rd now. I have Ceres in 23 degrees Aries, are you able to give me more insights please on what this means for me? Thanks.


    1. Thank you. Your Ceres Return! It’s about your look, face, title, profile, reputation, label and packaging. It’s about a new way to do ‘Me’ not possible in years so go for it – the world will point you in that direction by July.

  63. I apologize if this is a duplicate, but after sending the first time, a window popped up saying an error occured.
    Hi Jessica! I have Aries 23 degrees the Sun. Do you have any suggestions/heads up and/or advice that may help me utilize the planetary alignment to the fullest? Thank you so much, Cathy.

    1. This is your relaunch time. Remember Thunderbirds? That’s you. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – You are GO and you need to use the rest of June to focus on your image – look, name, profile – the works.

  64. Hi Jessica,

    You’ve already told me about the importance of my Chiron at 23 degrees in May which has already helped me! So thank you. But I also have Psyche at 23 degrees in Scorpio and Panacea at 22 degrees in Leo. I’m curious to know what that means for me. And how or which area of my life will be affected the most on the 23rd of June. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Look at the money, house, business, apartment, charity, possessions. Ask yourself what you could do if you could have ‘free’ freedom and not have to pay for it. What price do you put on being independent? That’s the key until July.

  65. Hi Jessica, with Mercury at 23 degrees Libra and Uranus 22 degrees Sagittarius I am excited to hear how i may be affected. I strongly hope the UK does not leave the EU, but the people will choose what they will choose. I want to find new work in politics/+ communciation, will the changes help me?

    Thank you for your thoughts and hard work.

    1. Thank you. You have Uranus and Ceres trine Uranus in your Ninth House so the timing is perfect if you are open to the ripples across Europe in June. Look at new ways to make new connections in a new, new world as people’s expectations and attitudes are shifting – as you will see. This opens up positions which were not there before.

  66. Hi Jessica, interesting and informative article. I have 4 planets at 22, could you please take a look at my chart and tell where and what kind of change am i looking at? Things have been challenging for a long time, looking forward to some positive change. Thanks.

    1. Cheers. You are in a position to break your own locks and spring out of your own cage. Did you do that already? Because someone who can help you is right in front of your nose. I hope you did!

  67. Hey Jessica, I’ve just checked out my birth chart and noticed that I have 23 in Capricorn, 23 in Cancer and 24 in Pisces…can you please tell me how this will affect me? Thank you.
    As a side note, I noticed that the Tuesday horoscopes have been there since Tuesday and the Cancerian birthday horoscope on the blog has disappeared…is there someone that can take a peek at it? Cheers!

    1. Thank you. Your career, unpaid work or university degree is the focus here. Allow yourself to rethink how you approach that as the events over the next 1-2 weeks will make you look at things so differently. This also applies to your home or family. Your town or country. Your fellow countrymen/locals and the household, if applicable. Change is to be welcomed even though it will feel very, very new.

  68. Hi Jessica, I’m still learning how to read my chart and plot it to your articles, mostly bumbling away at it. I’m interested on what this means for me with 22 Libra in Uranus? As always… with Independence 🙂

    1. Bumbling away…too funny. You’ll get it before you know it! By July a really unusual turn of events will make you look at the way you see your former, current or potential partner all over again. Or…an enemy. You then separate yourself from who or what quite frankly, got in your way.

  69. Hello Jessica, thank you so much for this article! I’ve been feeling like walking through mud with this Mars retrograde, so any kind of heads up for something changing would be good. I’ve just started seeing someone after my marriage ending last year. It’s scary, but we feel like soulmates – it’s a very powerful attraction and we are both thrilled and cautious! And he has introduced me to some of his friends – at a sailing club. My own circle of friends has altered as marriages end (not just my own!) and so I feel like it’s been in flux. I’d be grateful for your views about these particular aspects of my life. Thank you so much, Jessica.

    1. Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House, which rules babies, children, young adults and lovers who can bring them into your world one day – in whatever capacity. When Jupiter sextiles Jupiter (the cycle starts September and runs to 2017) you will be in the perfect position to look at that. I am glad you are out of the mud, it has been awful, I know!

  70. Hi Jessica , I have 3 planets at 23 degree , would like to know how it will affect me ? Thanks

    1. Uranus rules lightning, both forked and sheet, and your horoscope tells me that there will be a lot of lightning, symbolically and perhaps literally, between now and July. This will enlighten you. It will lighten three loads you have been carrying, even without realising it. You will also see very clearly, for the first time in a long time. All good.

  71. Dear Jessica , I have transit Uranus and transit Ceres trine my Juno in Leo at 23 degree ? I’m really curious to know what and how should this manifest in my life ? Also I have north node Scorpio at 22 degree .
    I have another aspect coming up – Juno conjunct Uranus at 1 Scorpio. I am really wanting to know what should be expected? Thanks for your help.

    1. Uranus and Ceres trine your Juno in the Fifth House – most interesting. The world of babies, children or teenagers perhaps? Paid or unpaid work with a younger generation? A lover who could bring all that into your life one day? Some pretty remarkable events are unfolding now through July which will set you on a new course. It will also set you free.

  72. Hi Jessica. A little exciting and frightening. I have Sun in Sag at 22, psyche in sag at 22, cupido in Aquarius at 23. What will come?
    Also planets close to 22,23,24 are Vesta at Sag 20, Diana in Aries at 25, Minerva in Pisces 21
    Thank you!!

    1. Nothing to fear! Cupido is about the group you are a part of which involves a friend. It may be Twitter or a book group, for example. You will find, by July, that this is more than friendship. It’s actually a deep bond and it will reshape itself, following some unusual events around you (to say the least) over this fortnight.

      1. Thank you. You have a wonderful steadiness. Re: Cupido and “unusual events” above, i wonder whether this refers to my good friend for whom I’m working or my husband with whom I’ve had quite a bit of emotional turmoil (that I hope will resolve positively very soon). Thanks again for your work!

          1. I should have mentioned: it’s a girlfriend with whom I work. Not a potential love interest. Does that change the picture? Thanks so much!

  73. Hi Jessica

    Can you look into my chart and tell me how my independence day will be? I am new to astrology and do not understand the position of planets in my chart. I read under my sun sign I don’t know how babies, children or lovers apply to me, I don’t have any of these , no kids, no serious relations just ‘friends’ with whom I would want to be more serious but doesn’t seem to work

    Thank you


    1. Moon at 23 Aries? You will relaunch yourself by July, either on Twitter or in the real world, with a different look, wardrobe, title or persona. Your profile is there to be reinvented and it will be awfully exciting.

  74. Hi Jessica, I’m a bit of a dolt when it comes to figuring out my personal birth chart. Can you please help me figure out how this 23 June might impact me? It sounds a bit dramatic but could be a winner. Thanks!

    1. Dolt – too funny! This is about your house, apartment, family, household, town or country. Maybe two or three at once. You are the problem solver par excellent and some wild astro weather, now through July, remind you of that fact. You will be swinging into action with good results.

  75. Hi Jessica,

    First of all, thanks for all the information you’ve put up on this site. It has been really informative for someone who is just starting to dabble into all the intricacies involved in astrology.

    I seem to have quite a few interesting aspects coming up around the 23rd of June, especially with my natal sun in Leo, MC in Cancer and Venus in Virgo all making exact aspects this week. Could you shed further light on this? I have been waiting on news on an employment prospect that could dramatically alter my life if it goes through. I guess I’ll be finding out one way or the other this week!

    1. Thank you very much I am glad it is making sense. Whoaa, Sun 23 Leo! You have a trine from Ceres and Uranus at 23 Aries, and even when they move to 24 later in June, it’s still a firm pattern. Does your job involve children or teenagers? This June period is actually about parenthood or substitute parenthood to other people’s children. It may also be about a lover who ushers this into your life one day. All change.

  76. Hi Jessica!
    Thank You for a lovely article about Ceres and freedom. Would you be able to help me figuring out which areas of my life will I see change or freedom?

    Thanks Much!

    1. Thank you so much. You have Diana in Gemini, so you are a free spirit on the internet and I love your name – Restless Nomad. You are a cyber nomad actually and at school were very independent to the point of being completely AWOL in class or doing your own learning away from the curriculum. This is about that part of you, still very much with you as an adult, who needs THE project, blog, website or Twitter account to fly free.

  77. I’m a Gemini with natal Saturn in Aquarius at 23 degrees. What can I expect?

    1. This is about your group (the one involving a friend) – it may be Twitter or a football team. Old fears are being shaken loose, like weeds from the soil, so let it happen until July. New growth will follow.

      1. Yes, I do feel as if I’m shaking off old fears and restrictions. My Minerva is at 24 Pisces so if I’m reading my chart correctly, I need to allow my career to remain fluid even though my fears are demanding more structure.

        1. Minerva is in your Twelfth House which rules matters both psychological and psychic. It rules secrets you deliberately conceal from family, lovers, friends. It also rules any role you play behind the scenes where you are invisible. This is where you are wise beyond all measure. It is also where you will feel change through six degrees, now through July.

  78. Hi Jessica,

    I just wanted to say thanks for this post. This pattern is really interesting to me because as you can probably see, I have a lot going on at 23 degrees in my chart. Including Ceres at 23 Libra.
    You’ve written that the part of my chart which is affected is the fifth house. In the past few days I’ve had an old partner (where children/pregnancy were a definite issue) re-enter my life as well as a completely new person. It’d brought up a lot of questions and things to think about. Is this all part of this weeks meet up?

    1. I love this post because you are talking about this exact transit. Yes, I am talking about it tonight in Melbourne! Boy, do you have choices. But they are good ones. You will ‘divide the turf’ with this person and everyone gains. More later!

  79. Hi,
    Can you please analyse my chart to see what my independence day will involve? I think I have Moon at 23 degrees Sagittarius and Bacchus at 22 degrees Sagittarius. And my sun sign is 15 degrees in Libra, Ceres at 28 degrees in Libra and Uranus at 19 degrees Sagittarius.

    1. This is about your journeys, literally and metaphorically. We are seeing tremendous changes in attitude – hearts and minds – from America to Europe and this will ultimately affecting your own journeys too. So the outer world affects your inner self. Try to let the changes happen as your Moon-Uranus-Ceres trine is a flowing one.

  80. Omg, my birth chart has 4 planets at 23 degrees and two more at 24 & 25, THIS IS HUGE!!! What does this mean???

    1. Ceres in Sagittarius is the main focus because Saturn will conjunct that a little later. This is about how you travel and travel in the mind. It is about foreign people and places, and those which are regional. It is also about learning and teaching using big picture subjects, often tied to foreign people and places too. It’s going to be different. That’s all. Very, very different. And you will ultimately see why it had to happen.

  81. I’ve been waiting for a revolution & independence – is this the week? If so, which life areas and how?

    1. Yes, the final two weeks of June is the time. We only get one Ceres-Uranus conjunction in Aries very rarely. Your personal chart will tell you more.

  82. Hi Jessica,

    Strangely ..they seem to conjunct atop my Ceres…interesting stuff for the week….
    I feel things bubbly up concerning some of these themes……but still have no idea how this will affect me..but change doesn’t shake me up too much…
    Do you have any insight? if not…that’s fine as well..


    1. You have your Ceres Return so you can see first hand how this planet works. Your profile, photograph, title, role and general image is where you can now control the change and also allow yourself to be swept away by it – set yourself free where ‘You’ are concerned. It’s a Me, Me, Me time and that’s perfectly fine. You need it.

  83. Hi Jessica,
    I have moon 23 deg in Aries, is this something to be happy? Although it does not seem that way looking at last few months…

  84. Hello Jessica,

    Enjoyed reading the ceres Uranus blog.I have sagittarius sun and moon with pisces rising and Saturn at exact 23 degrees!And Uranus at 24 virgo.Have been having difficulties in the relationship sector since 2008 but 2016 has been terrible since april 2016 .Can I expect the tide to change in my favour with these planetary aspects?
    Thank you

    1. You are well overdue for nothing short of a revolution and if you are prepared to put yourself first by July you can have it. You are in a position to turn your back on people, ideas or old patterns which no longer make sense and are in fact old-hat. Set yourself free. You may have no idea at all just how much you have been tying yourself down with some particular attitudes or habits – particularly mental habits. Go for it. You could actually change your whole lifestyle by August.

  85. Oh, wow !
    This will be a big week for me, then. I have lots of heavenly bodies at 23 degrees (and 24 also) ! Including my ASC and my DESC !

    I do feel that a sort of revolution is coming but, depending on which area of my life, it makes me completly scared or completly excited.

    Through my sun sign, I can see the change will occur at “enemies, opponents, rivals, partners, husbands, wives, lovers, dynamic duos” but since I have so many other bodies at 23 degrees, will that change that ? How do them all work together ?

    1. Ceres at 23 Scorpio in your chart is the key. You will be compromising over the money, house, business, apartment or possessions in a radically different way, carving up the territory in a way that sets you free. You cannot put a price on independence and it must be enjoyed as well as given. There will be a new set up by 2nd August.

  86. Hi Jessica i have 24″Aquarius Sun 22′ Capricorn in Venus and 24′ Aries in Chiron
    (there are 21′ Aries Jupiter 21′ Aries Panacea and 21 ‘ Pisces with Proserpina)

    What is my Independence day revolution going to entail please?

    1. This is about your group or social media network – perhaps a more formal community – and your new options to do things so very differently with your friend. Of course there may be more than one friend involved. You will see why by July.

  87. HI Jessica. My north and south nodes are at 23 degrees. Gemini and sag. Do you have any advice as to how the Ceres aspect might affect me and how I can best navigate and/or take advantage of it ? Thanks so much! Love your readings. Colleen

    1. Thank you! This late June period is about the internet, primarily, but also writing, using multimedia, publishing – even your smart phone. Use who and what is there by July, to take full advantage of a unique chance to do things your way. This involves rejecting who/what rejects you, or once did. This is what shoehorns you into a new way of operating online or offline and that is going to set you free. At last.

  88. Hello there, Jessica!
    I have a trifecta of 23 degree factors in Mars (Scorpio), Uranus (Virgo) and Salacia (Capricorn), with a side serving of Vulcano (Leo at 24 degrees). Can you offer an insight into what’s coming for me and how I should surf the wave? Thank you so much!

    1. Trifecta! Love it! Basically late June is about grounding, rather than feeling wired (common on this cycle) and then planting yourself firmly in the real world so that you can see new ways to operate that don’t drive you or other people crazy – especially with work and money – but also allow you to liberate those around you. That is the greatest gift you can enjoy – to set other people free, at the same time that you set yourself free. The Vulcano aspect is more about babies, children or teenagers in your life, or the lovers who might bring them in one day. You are going to know yourself so much better by July.

  89. Hi Jessica how will my chart be affected becAuse my horoscope has a few of these degrees ?


    1. If you have horoscope factors at those degrees, then you will reject who/what rejected you. And maybe still does. It’s like sticking two fingers up in the air at people or organisations which, quite frankly, do not deserve you. This forces you to find a new way to do stuff/be who you are. That new way will change your life for the better.

  90. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your post as always! I was wondering if you could give me any details about what this 23 degree transformation is signifying for me–beyond what I can interpret myself.


    1. Thank you! Sun at 23 Capricorn – you have a square from Uranus and Ceres. So, wild and stormy factors around you like the crackling lightning we are seeing over Britain, challenge your ambition, position, mission and status. Your slow climb to the top of the mountain. The challenge is useful because it allows you to see ‘success’ in a different way. That sets you free.

  91. So excited about this post. I have Sag at 23 and Scorpio, Aquarius and Libra at 24 so I should certainly feel it shouldn’t I?
    I can’t imagine what ‘it’ is though – the areas around the signs kind of tie into a theme though. Any insights?

    1. Thank you! I am glad. Old ways of locking yourself up with people/situations from friendship to love, no longer fit your life and you will be put into a situation which is fated to release you. Being released from particular attitudes, expectations, systems (or even people, perhaps) means that you can invent your life in a new and thrilling way, and really enjoy the ride. It’s like surfing a storm.

  92. Hi Jessica!
    Independence Day! Exciting!
    I’m wondering if you would take a look at my birthchart – I would appreciate any comments regarding Ceres… many thanks!

    1. You are a natural leader when it comes to the business of partnership, with Apollo in Libra. You are also a brilliant born leader in disputes or conflict. The man (or woman) centre stage in late June is here to teach you what it means to be free. Free from her/him or free *with* her/him! It really depends on what situation you two have gotten into. Independence from patterns you no longer need or use in relationship or duel situations will be your gift if you change.

  93. Hi there Jessica,

    I don’t have any specific questions so would be happy and grateful with any insights you have for me. I note my Ceres and Uranus are both in Libra, how does this affect me? Thank you very much!

    1. This June period is about looking at family, home, children, household, apartment, house and so on – and finding a brilliantly original way to break new ground using what is there at your fingertips. You do not have to be a clone of other people and it will release you from some self-imposed shackles in quite an exhilarating way. A lot of energy will be released inside you if you can change.

  94. I’m one of the rare 23 Aries people – I also have several other factors in the 22 – 24 range. I’ve recently made peace with a former friend/lover after 4 years of not speaking. Could you please comment on how this aspect might affect this situation? Thanks.

    1. Congratulations on the peace accord. Late June is about you becoming yourself again and liberating yourself from issues of image, profile, appearance and so on. You may not have realised just how much particular situations, organisations or people pulled on you. These things do affect us. Now you can be yourself, genuinely so, and be free. Good.

  95. Thank you for this insightful article. I am Cancer sun (22 degree and 6’52, house 12), Leo asc. at 11 degrees and I have Jupiter at 23 degree Aries in my natal chart(house 9), Saturn 22 degrees and 27 ‘ 1”, in house 12. And Ceres at 26 degrees Taurus(house 10), Uranus at 28 degrees house 3(Libra). Mars 10 degrees at Taurus(10 house).. I would appreciate if you could say more on how this Ceres and Uranus line up will play out. Also given that I am having a trine between Uranus and Jupiter started from mid May 2016 and will go on till April 2017 as it is transiting Aries from 20-24 degrees and backward.
    I also have Pallas in Aries(house 9 at 6 degrees).

    Thanks a lot for your time,

    1. Thank you. Pallas is actually Greek so she doesn’t belong in the Roman/Latin family tree of astrology (she became Minerva, the daughter of Jupiter). You have already felt the squares to your Cancer Sun so this has been about your house, flat, family, home town, homeland or household. Whatever you can’t square could also set you free. So I hope you took the freedom!

  96. Hi Jessica. You’ve produced another amazing read. I always look forward to the new content on your site! My question is this: I have Venus in Gemini at 22 degrees and Jupiter in Gemini at 25 degrees. Does that mean I can expect some major changes in the love department? (Cupido is also in Taurus at 21 degrees…)

    Last month was by far the most difficult month of my life concerning matters of the heart, but it has slowly gotten better in June. My concern is that there is an ex that’s creeping back into the picture with an ulterior motive (on her end) and it has me a bit worried. It doesn’t help that we live 800 miles from one another.

    I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation like you suggested, so that’s helping tremendously. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Thank you very much. Actually, this is about your way with words, images and ideas. The internet, Publishing, perhaps, or teaching/learning. Excellent options surround you until July. It’s time to do it your way. Invent a new way to be heard or read. The love issues? Not so relevant to this pattern, yet do consider rehashing an old project or course, or starting with something brilliantly original!

  97. Hi Jessica, the feeling of big change coming has been strong for some time, with a now or never pressure about it. These transits impact my chart at a number of points and I am wondering how to make the most of this transit and be aware of the pitfalls.

    Have been preparing for change for some years now without moving forward, despite efforts; studies incomplete, health & finance struggles. So I’m ready and willing for change – if only I could make it happen!

    My prominent issues have been family (daughter, parents, siblings) and career (trying to change, rebuild, increase income/stability) At the moment I feel a strong desire to sever all family relationships to be able to move forward. While also wanting to make bold, possibly beyond my reach, steps for a radical new business venture.

    Both my daughter and I have a number of planets at 22, 23, 24, 25 degrees.
    Her Pluto is exact conjunct my Neptune in Scorpio at 23º, her Pluto is also in opposition to her Moon in Cancer!
    I will have Uranus/Ceres sextile natal Jupiter, Oppostion to natal Mars and semi sextile my Asc & MC . While Mars will conjunct my natal Neptune.

    Is there an area of my chart I should be directing or guarding my energy in or is this more general in my chart? Would love your thoughts!

    1. Okay, you and your daughter will be looking at some wake-up calls now through the end of June. Sometimes you have to let go of something just to realise how much it tied you down or lumbered you. You have a lot of different questions there in one post, but specifically about you and she and the patterns at 22-25 – you need to be really open to doing things in quite a radical way. In fact, if you are willing to experiment you will be amazed at how much more room you have to move – for two more exciting years.

  98. Hi Jessica – I think I have planets at 24 degrees Aries and 15 degrees Virgo – I’m ready for the revolution. Friday I hand in my last radio school assignment (the demo…the hardest one of all!) and today is my last day of school…I’m 47 and a good 25 years older than my fellow students – is there space for me in the industry? Thanks again, I love your writing and insights! x

  99. Can you comment on my chart? big change in my life – all over – one issue is: I am trying to decide if I should stay put in an apartment or rent a house. many factors are involved, the apartment provides a conservative solution financially, but is a long way from the home i was living in.

    1. Pluto at 24 Virgo – bang! This is about your lifestyle, so look at your workload, housework and also your body. The kitchen and the local area in terms of doctors, healers, fitness options and so on. You are in control, yet I do feel late June is crunch time. You will love the opportunity or solution you get – again with lifestyle, which may be all about your home – when Jupiter goes over 24 Virgo in August 2016.

  100. In my chart Vesta, Ceres are at 23 degrees, Panacea at 24 degrees. What does it mean to me? My MC and IC are at 25 degrees. Are they affected by these effects? What can I expect? Thank you for your answer in advance.

    1. Thank you. If your birth time is spot on, then the MC and IC are key – this is about change in the outside world affecting you at home and at work in quite a revolutionary way, making you wake up, as you have not been woken up for a long time. Ceres aspecting Ceres is about you deciding how to compromise, carve up, share territory. How to deal with what you might be feeling, very strongly, but allowing for a new situation to build which will give everyone her/his place in the new scheme of things.

  101. Another interested post from you! Really want to see how this will pan out with the EU referendum – feel like it can go either way!
    I don’t have 23 degree in my sign but do have 22 and 24 degrees, wonder if this will affect my life and how? Also, you have commented about having Vulcano in Capricorn describes someone who holds his emotions in, would this pattern help strengthen me in a positive way or i should be very aware of this transit? Many thanks!

    1. Thank you. Neptune at 24 Sagittarius describes your concerns completely as Sagittarius rules foreigners and overseas travel, of course – all of which are impacted by the next two weeks in Britain. I suspect the wider, radical changes across Europe to come will have an impact on you in quite a personal way. Vulcano in Capricorn is useful. You don’t show your desires or your anger (even) at work and thus you have tremendous power.

  102. Thanks Jessica. It’s such a relevant article as I’ve been in the process of ‘revolutionising’ so many areas of my life from moving countries ( last year) started a new relationship, experimenting with a new work / lifestyle balance and about to launch a blog for the first time. I’m still in transition! I do have horoscope factors at 22 and 24 degrees and it looks like there’s more change ahead according to your article. Anything else I need to be aware of?! Many thanks and appreciation for the ‘heads up’ on your blog

    1. Thank you. You are doing the cycle right! The trick is to not be afraid of what is radical and not worry too much about what others will think/do…if you are within your rights to break free, then break free. And keep on doing it. Invent a new way to (insert phrase here) and you will get away with it. It’s like being a New Yorker in 1781 looking at a Declaration of Independence.

  103. Hi Jessica,

    My comments have suddenly disappeared?? I had indicated all the planets at 22/23/24 degrees on my natal chart. It was awaiting moderation and suddenly, the few sentences I had written are gone.

    I am sure it is just a technical hitch.



  104. Hi Jessica
    I have a sinking feeling that all this means that Britain will be leaving the EU on Thursday 23rd which I think is a great shame…time will tell….
    Personally, I don’t know whether to be excited or scared about what might happen for me around that time – I have Diana at 22 Aries but also loads of other aspects at 22, 23 and 24 degrees – what does it look like to you?
    I like change but it can be scary too!
    Yours in anticipation

    1. I am writing this on EU Referendum Day so yes, time will tell. Your Gemini Sun is the key here. You shine when you connect and communicate and were born to get your message across, using your way with words, ideas and images. The sextiles from Ceres and Uranus spell real possibilities for you and if you want to shrug off a few restrictions (to put it mildly) then do it now. The internet was made to set you free.

      1. Thanks Jessica – my sinking feeling and your predictions were indeed correct – the UK is now to leave the EU – although only a majority in England and Wales voted for this, the majority in Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. So we may end up with yet more independence issues to come and politicians playing musical chairs. I feel sad about the breakdown of relations between the countries in the UK and indeed with Europe. We are all better when we work together.

        Regarding the astrology for me personally (apart from how I may be affected by everything above as I live in England), yes I do use words, arguments and reasoning in my work as a grants fundraiser and grants assessor for charities. I use the internet every day to do this and would quite like to do more of it working from home. I also used to be an art teacher and worked in the arts for many years but find myself using words now instead of visual images. I hope the Ceres/Uranus sextiles give me new opportunities and independence and I shall be looking out for them!
        Best wishes from the UK Revolution – doesn’t look like stopping any time soon….

        1. Thank you – too funny – best wishes from the UK Revolution! History might end up calling it that. The independence push will go on for the rest of June and yes, Scotland will want it, and other EU countries too. You will love the online opportunities for grants/charity funding – they come later – but they come in a big wave, end of next year into 2018. It will be a new world of possibility, just be very quick to adapt to it when it happens, because all the old UK and world financial rules will start to alter then.

  105. Hi Jess,
    I have Venus at 23 Aries along with Uranus and Ceres. How does my chart look to you for the upcoming summer/fall?


    1. This is about how you are presented and packaged, very specifically in late June, and how you are profiled. If you want change you will have it. Even if you don’t want it, it may be visited upon you. Maybe you didn’t realise how much some people/situations/patterns were restricting you before. It’s only your outer self but it’s so crucial to how free you feel right now.

  106. OK, I have a couple of key planets being affected by this. Can you please read my chart and tell me what I’m in for?? Thanks. Mary

    1. Minerva at 24 Scorpio will experience Mars circling ‘her’ (and she is you). You are the wise woman, when it comes to your money, house, apartment, business, charity or possessions. You are like Minerva in the Harry Potter books. What we have here is major change and heat, if you are open to it, and it will draw the best from you.

  107. Hi Jessica, I am fascinated about this line up, would you mind telling me a little more about how this will affect me. Thank you so much, I feel very excited because my youngest son and I are flying over to Perth (Australia) to see my eldest son, his wife and my gorgeous twin granddaughters on 25/6/16

    1. You have Venus at 25 Scorpio in the Eighth House so this is very much about the financial or property side of things, and of course these agreements are usually deadly serious, so they involve your property and possessions – what you leave to those you care about. I suspect it’s time to really look at that in a new way. Enjoy your holiday!

      1. Thank you jessica, wow you answer so many enquiries thank you again

  108. Dear Jessica Adams,
    Thank you for your exhilarating article;))). As usual, I am curious about the effect of this independence day on my life, according to the placement of Ceres and Uranus in my personal birth chart. Could you please inform me?
    Thank you for your kind interest.
    With my best regards.
    Gul Misal

    1. Thank you very much! You’re actually not directly affected, but what you will enjoy is the best cycle in 12 years for your relationship with your former, current or potential partner, which begins slowly but surely from September. By 2017 you’ll be so satisfied with a solution or a big leap forward.

  109. Hi Jessica. Great article, can’t wait to get to the 23rd. Curious to see how it may affect me personally?

    1. Venus at 23 Leo – you are right in the middle of this late June independence wave. Your approach towards babies, children, teenagers or the lovers who bring them into your life (perhaps) is set for radical change, if you are open to it. It will liberate you. Release what/who used to matter so much if you know very well that it just holds you back. I think I am allowed to say that when you have Uranus conjunct Ceres trine Venus!

  110. Hello Jessica, it was hard to read your post and not feel excited! Bacchus 24 Accquarius. I am trying to publish something so would be wonderful if I managed! (Mental health Technology in MENA region) 21 Aries and Libra on desc and Asc but that just misses the critical degrees! Much on the cards at the moment. You wrote something recently about forging one’s own freedom/creating life on one’s own terms – this is what I am trying to do. If there’s anything ahead or things my horoscope says I should think about I would love to know! Thank you!!

    1. Thank you! You have Panacea in Gemini in the Third House of publishing, and of course she was the Roman goddess of remedies, healing and health. They still say her name in the Hippocratic Oath. If that’s not an omen, I don’t know what is. Maybe now, maybe later, but what you write makes a massive difference and you must pursue it. Read more about Panacea on this site.

  111. Hi Jessica,
    I am a premium member (7/18/1975) and after reading this I am curious as I have Jupiter in Aries at 23 degrees, and Saturn at 22 degrees Cancer. It has been quite the year. You gave me a little help on another blog about why last year was so bad for me, Thanks for those previous insights!! They have helped me an incredible amount. This year has been one of revolution and change for myself, finding my truth, my strength and this fits with your blog so well. I am really curious how this will affect me personally with the above degrees so precise to this aspect…

    1. I’m glad the astrology is useful for you. Thank you. Your Jupiter is at the heart of a triple conjunction – Ceres, Uranus, Jupiter in Aries. WOW. This is about the final two weeks of June and your rebirth, renaissance, revolution, relaunch. Be who you want to be. Don’t be who you don’t want to be. Really look at who/what keeps you small and snap your own chain.

  112. Hi jessica, posting it second time as it was still waiting moderation aftervtwo days.

    Hi jessica,
    I at least 3 factors at 23 degrees . Living in a traditioal indian joint family, house work , work load and forced compromises have always been an issue. Also I have been having health issues for which I am undergoing some tests.
    I am a Scorpio and as I understand from the article, the above areas are going to be effected in my life. Could you elaborate a little more looking at my birth chart.
    As always, thank you so much for your kindness and guidance.

    1. My apologies for the delay – if your birth time is accurate then late June will change three areas of your life at once, if you are willing to turn your back on old, tired, stuck situations and people. If your birth time is not accurate that does affect things! In general, if you are a Scorpio, you also need to know that your body will no longer take up so much time and energy after 2018, okay? You are just going through a cycle which can only happen every few decades. Please keep trying to find your own answers – keep looking.

  113. Hi Jessica , it is great to be a premium member and be able to ask direct questions to you. Would you please tell me the impact of Ceres on my life according to my birth chart?

    Thank you.

    1. It’s a pleasure, thank you. I will look at your Aquarian Sun, which will receive a sexy sextile from Ceres and Uranus, who is your ruler. You are looking at a network, group, club, team, association or other community of people here – and it will be like lightning illuminating the sky. What and who you see revealed there in a brilliant new way will enlighten you and may also lead to your own mini version of The Enlightenment! (Of course it may be all the other Premium Members, ahem).

  114. Hi Jessica,
    It seems I have a few astrological factors occuring this week with these themes.

    I plan on having a discussion with my ex (a Cancer) Thursday or Friday (AEST) re: boundaries and consequences and I’m certainly feeling stronger in all aspects of my life. It is not clear yet, but there has also been increasing ‘talk’ the last week-or-so of a temporary promotion at work to begin in August (which may lead to bigger & better things). The first phase in positive transformation and revolution?

    Any more details – as always – will be very well received.

    1. You have a major pattern at 22 degrees which has been well and truly triggered – thus the talk with the ex, and the talk of a promotion. I will focus on your heart. Healing not possible in 12 years is coming from September and you can either get closure/or find someone new and better. Your odds are fabulous into 2017!

      1. Thanks so much Jessica – sorry about the delayed response, but in the midst of Brexit & the fight for sensible US gun laws… talking with the ex seemed insignificant somehow. I must say though, after reading your Cancer predictions – it is certainly interesting watching astrology is playing out! I’m looking forward to more of your work over the coming months. x

  115. Hi Jessica,

    Could you help me please to understand how I will be affected by thiis conversation between Uranus and Ceres?
    I have Mercury 22 degrees in Libra, Jupiter 22deg in Aries, Diana 22deg in Aquarius, Aescalupia 23deg in Leo, Vesta 24 deg in Picies, North Node 23 deg in Scorpio and South Node 23 deg in Taurus.
    Am I going feeling this influence in one special area? Which one? And it wil, happend exactly that day or it will happen step by step?

    Thank you very much for your answer

    1. Yes, you have a stellium that is triggered. People or situations which are wild, unpredictable, original, exciting are here to change you, if you want to be changed. Some people do not. But Uranus transits are always about overdue change which helps set you free. Watch.

  116. Hi Jessica! Thank you for the amazing article! Omg! I have Sun at 24° Capricorn 39′ 47″, MC at 22° Aries 18′ 50″ and
    IC at 22° Libra 18′ 50″. Born on 15.01.84 at 18:10 Moscow Time (Russia). I haven’t been lucky in the relationships ever. Is it gonna change? I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    1. This is about your career – paid or unpaid work – and ambition, position and mission. It is also about your social status. What you wake up to, in late June, also enlightens you and illuminates the story. You need this. It helps you understand what you need to do next, even though it may feel stormy at the time. Love? Use the New Moon near July 4th to get total understanding with a previous relationship – closure – healing. It works.

  117. Hi Jessica, This sounds exciting! I have Neptune at 23 in Scorpio and Leo at 23 degrees in cupido. I also have several factors at 25 degrees. Could you please help decode the independence day in light of this? Thank you.

    1. Yes, Neptune at 23 Scorpio is triggered in late June. This is about the bank, your income, your business, charity, buying/selling, house, apartment and so on. Wider and revolutionary changes around you will have an impact on the way you see these material or financial aspects of your life. As unpredictable and wild, and thoroughly erratic, as a major storm! Yet storms also enlighten us. They light things up so we can see. That is what you are being shown. Use this – and you will have incredible opportunities and solutions ahead in 2018.

  118. Hi Jessica I have Jupiter at 22 Leo in the fourth house…I’m leaving in a temporary accomodation can u see a move soon..

    1. Uranus in the Fourth House in Cancer in the Natural House system is drawing my attention. Watch what happens when the Sun goes over that in your chart in July. That’s the first wake-up call about moving. What comes to light then about the house or apartment will show you what is possible, or not, and that is what you have been waiting for.

  119. Hi Jessica,
    My sun sign is in Cancer at 23 degrees so this post really interested me. This is probably the biggest year of my life, I’m getting married on September 16 and on June 23 im hosting an important meeting for work. But i frequently doubt myself, constantly asking whether I’m on the best path in both these areas of life. Is there anything you can suggest i do, other than reading my horoscope daily, to allay my fears?

    1. Wow, no wonder you are feeling those issues about marriage! You have Uranus and Ceres at 23 Aries exactly square your Sun at 23 Cancer. I am sure you know that Cancer is the sign which rules home and family. This will pass. But it will wake you up – eyes wide open. If you feel tense or wired, it’s just classic Uranus transit stuff. Grounding by walking in the park, or on the beach, is great. So is basic stuff like DIY or cooking. Meditation which grounds you through your base chakra into the earth is excellent. Congratulations!

    1. Psyche at 22 Libra in your chart is interesting. This is about your former, current or potential partner. It may be about a rival or enemy. Wild currents are blowing in from your horoscope – the winds of change – best try to fly along with them rather than stay stuck on the spot. Sometimes you have to ride the weather patterns and see where they take you. In your case it is to somewhere wonderful as the opportunity or healing your heart requires will be there for you within months.

  120. Can give me a bit of a
    revolution intro according to my birth date n time 05 June1965 @ 02:55 am Johannesburg South Africa

    House positions
    Asc. Aries 22 deg
    2nd house Taurus. 21deg
    3rd hs Gem. 22deg
    Im Coeli. Cancr. 23deg

    1. If your birth time is accurate, then you have your IC at 23 Cancer so this late June period is about your house, town, country, apartment, family and/or household. Radical changes unfolding around you will make you figure out your people and your place in a brand new way – because you must.

  121. I hear there will be a storm on Thursday in London, hopefully Queen steps in for leave. I don’t feel good about the outcome.

  122. Hello Jessica,

    This is my first post and I want to say how much I appreciate your work. I have been learning so much from your posts.

    I have some factors around 23 degrees: Uranus at 24 Leo, Juno at 22 Sagittarius and Ops at 23 Virgo (also Sun at 21 Libra). I don’t know how to interpret this … Can you please help me to understand how this conjunction of Uranus and Ceres might impact my chart? Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you very much. You are welcome any time. Okay, you will feel this for the rest of June and it is very much about how you see the world of pregnancy, babies, children, young adults. I suspect these are your own or other people’s children. Of course there may be a lover or potential lover on the scene who has his/her own children and that is a factor too! You have something in you, which triggers change again and again, with these areas of your life. And ‘change’ is putting it mildly as I suspect you are never still with one decision or situation for too long before it all goes up, down and sideways. At the same time, you can be free. You can be liberated from situations, people, patterns which were restricting you, just as much as they were restricting others. This is personal stuff and I won’t go on. But I think you’ll ‘get’ this totally, shortly.

  123. Yike! I have a lot at going on at 23 degrees – Ceres and Ops at 23 Leo, Diana at 23 Cancer, Juno at 23 Libra, Moon at 24 Scorpio and Neptune at 22 Sag.

    Any ideas what to expect? Uranus always makes me nervous…

    1. No need to be nervous but do find a way to get grounded, as June rolls on and the pattern moves to 24 degrees. Walking is good. Cooking is good. Uranus operates on some people as a kind of electrical current or surge and there can be high physical tension. These transits are always a force for good, ultimately, though at the time they can be extremely challenging for those who prefer tradition or the past. Look at the example of Barack Obama on the road to the White House. He broke new ground. I am sure that challenged him as well as people who preferred the old status quo, but hey, history had to be made. Uranus always makes (your) history so if you are open to a revolution, it will set you free – particularly with personal relationships, children, and so on.

      1. Ha – funnily enough I’ve been both walking and cooking more than usual this month. Obviously I’ve felt it coming.

        Thanks very much for taking time to reply!

  124. Hi jessica, i have cupido, bacchus, juno, and hygeia involved in these degrees, hygeia at 23 leo. heads up for the freedom wave?

    1. A stellium, indeed. The interesting thing about Uranus transits is that they often wake us up, as if the lights had just been switched on and we are seeing clearly. It’s like a cosmic wedgie! Now through the end of June you’ll certainly feel it and notice it. Ask yourself who or what you can shed, or say a firm ‘No’ to in your world. Maybe you had no idea just how restricted you were.

  125. HI Jessica, would love to know more details on how this will affect me – looks like i have Mars at 22 degrees. Thank you, Emily

    1. Vulcano in Taurus is a bigger issue! This is about your money, shopping/selling, bank, company, house, apartment, business or charity. There are all sorts of ripple effects starting to bubble around you and your world, from the outside, which challenge you to look at how you handle these areas of your life and what sort of price you put on freedom.

  126. Hi Jessica, I don’t have 23 Aries in my chart but do have 23 Taurus as well as Leo in my chart.
    How do you think Independence Day will affect me?

    1. You have Uranus at 23 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules pregnancy, babies, children and young adults. It also rules serious relationships which could make you a parent, step-parent, co-godparent or aunt. Right now, you have a trine from Uranus himself, and Ceres, to this zone of your chart. So if you want to be free, you can. And even if you don’t want to be free – independence might just be thrown to you. An awful lot of space is about to be freed up in your life if you want to use it.

  127. Dear Jessica a thrilling article about change, thank you. Can you kindly provide some info on my situation with Ceres at 22 degrees Pisces.

    1. Thank you – you have Ceres in the Twelfth House which rules your subconscious (counselling, hypnosis, dreams) and also the paranormal (Tarot, mediumship). There is a semi-sextile from Uranus and Ceres herself, to your own Ceres. This will unlock something important with all of the above for you, leaving you free. Sometimes the issue is classified information – dark secrets, confidential issues – and very occasionally a role behind the scenes. Again, a padlock is opening, if you want it.

  128. Hi Jessica,
    How does this affect my chart? I have always been drawn to the notion of revolution yet I am still quite a conservative person. On another note I really enjoyed your brexit related articles.
    kind regards CR

    1. Thank you! You have Minerva at 24 Cancer. When it comes to your house, apartment, family, household, home town or homeland – you are the voice of wisdom. You have the answers which are deep, rather clever and built to last. We now have a Ceres-Uranus conjunction square your Minerva, or bringing a situation you cannot fully square – about any/all of the above. It is about freedom, though. So if you want to be free, go with the wave.

  129. Hello Jessica! I have to admit I do read other astrologers sun sign horoscopes but none compare to yours! Any comments you have answered for me have either been eerily accurate or I am still waiting on the outcome!

    I am kinda nervous and excited for these next few days . Any insight how this will impact me as I have Aesculapia 23 Libra and Moon in Taurus and Vulcano in Libra at 24?

    Much Love

    Bonnie –

    1. That’s quite a compliment, thank you very much. This is about your relationship with your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps with a rival or enemy, if you have one. Let’s focus on this man (or woman) as the catalyst for some genuine change in your life. Sometimes you need to have the snowdome of your world with this person shaken up by outside forces in order to feel fully alive. You may have an old pattern that needs to be released. Doing so makes you feel as if someone just let a lot of fresh air into the room – and gave you more room to move! This pattern extends through late June.

  130. Hi Jessica 🙂
    I’m always impressed with your insight, knowledge & generosity.
    I feel like Ive just lost my best friend, my best chance at happiness … He’s my Virgo friend (d.o.b 24 th sept 1963 @ 2am) … We’ve been secret friends for 3 years & He’s been giving me mixed messages … I want him but ….He’s not sure.
    Is he a part of my future ?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. Okay, things are looking up – either with him (closure, finally some movement) or with his superior replacement. You have some patterns in Leo in your Fifth House so I do feel that your past decisions/future decisions about pregnancy, children, stepchildren, godchildren, adoption, are at the core of everything to come. You will get what you need to progress your love life after September when the atmosphere lifts and from October there is a genuine solution to roll an obstacle to love out of the way – or the right pair of eyes looking into yours!

  131. My life has unraveled since about Jan/March 2014 with abusive psychopath ex and the children. It has taken a turn for the worse since January and really bad since just before May. Now what?

  132. Hi Jessica , with regard to my first post, we did mange to exchange contracts on our house on the full moon on Monday ! I would still be grateful for any insights you may have re my planets at 23 degrees . Thank you .

    1. Congratulations! You have Psyche at 23 Capricorn so there is a part of your career, unpaid work or university life which will outlive you. Through your paid or unpaid work, or your status/position you immortalise yourself. At the moment, all that is being shaken up like a snowdome by these late June patterns, yet there is freedom there for the taking.

  133. HI Jessica
    Would love to know more about how this impacts me. 22,23 & 24 hit a few areas for me. Does this mean that the change is interlinked?
    Also, any more news when next years dates will be released for personal readings
    Thanks 🙂

    1. My 2017 waiting list closed, but 2018 will be open at the start of next year so I will let you know on the newsletter. Okay, so let’s have a look at this line-up – you have the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius. This Ceres-Uranus conjunction will form what is known as a trine to your Leo stuff and a sextile to your Aquarius stuff! There is tremendous change in the air, in this final part of June, and if you want to address the world of children, young adults or serious lovers – it’s time. The same goes for friends and groups. You can do things so differently here if you want to. And it would really free you up.

  134. Dear Jessica,

    I have multiple signs at 23 degrees. Please help to understand.

    Thank you

    1. You have angles there – so if your birth time is accurate then late June is going to liberate you, if you are determined to reject who/what has been standing in your way for so long. (To the point where you may not even have realised how much you were unnecessarily tying yourself down). Even without an accurate birth time, you have an interesting choice there about your house, apartment, family or household – maybe your home town or homeland. There’s a revolution going on out there if you want to hang onto a wave.

  135. Jessica…
    As you can see I have several factors at 23 deg.
    My life in the last 2 years has been through massive change.
    Could you give me the lowdown about 6-23?


    1. Yes, your angles are at 23 degrees. Cupido is also at 23 Aries! This is about your social media ‘face’ and profile; your actual face, shape, style or body – your title, role and image. You are in a wonderful position to change whatever you want, and generate a lot of excitement about yourself. A radical new pair of specs, perhaps? A rethink of your business card or blog? Uranus transits also involve rejection so this breakthrough may be about saying a firm ‘No’ to whoever/whatever you feel ties you down.

      1. Yes, your angles are at 23 degrees. Cupido is also at 23 Aries! This is about your social media ‘face’ and profile; your actual face, shape, style or body – your title, role and image. You are in a wonderful position to change whatever you want, and generate a lot of excitement about yourself. A radical new pair of specs, perhaps? A rethink of your business card or blog? Uranus transits also involve rejection so this breakthrough may be about saying a firm ‘No’ to whoever/whatever you feel ties you down.

  136. Hi Jessica. Brilliant article and beautiful illustrations. I would be curious to know if this conjunction should affect me as I have 3 factors at 22 degrees and one at 24 and on Friday I have the Leo pattern, although at 22 degrees. Cheers and thanks a lot for your time!

    1. Thank you so much. My eyes are actually on Hygiea in Libra in your chart. In general you have a pattern of protecting the future where partners are concerned. You ‘insure’ yourself where exes are concerned too or potential partners. It’s normally about love rather than business but sometimes the duet is professional. Well – late June is a time of extreme change for you and if you go with what is so obvious – you will liberate yourself from old patterns and find new, more enthralling ways to handle him (or her).

  137. Hi Jessica..Today is Independence my Birth Chart ..Uranus 23 Gemini..can you enlighten me exactly on this..

    1. You only get one chance like this so over to you – something/someone so electrifying will change your internet life, in particular, if you just move right past who/what was blocking you before. Exciting!

  138. Hi Jessica, I have Bacchus in 24 Aries and Cupido at 12 Virgo, how will this pattern affect me?

    1. This is about your shape, style, title, role, label, profile and image. If you go with what is unfolding all around you (like running through the lightning and the rain) you will quickly see how you can change your own life. I liken this to Barack Obama who had this same pattern in his chart, but in his zone of election finance! He took the chance to break new ground and do something radical by usual White House standards. He won.

  139. Hi there!
    I love your website and recently signed up to the members lounge.
    The last few days have stayed on the 21st of June and is not updating in the daily horoscope?

    1. Thank you, I do appreciate that. I’m sorry – Australian mobile broadband can be awful – and I was caught out by it. Your daily column is now up!

  140. Looks like last minute polls show Remain well ahead, the independence day prediction looks wrong

  141. Hi Jessica,

    I’m very curious about the Uranus conjunct Ceres effects in my chart. Are you able to provide me further examples about how I may experience this based on my natal chart. I note that I have my natal Sun in Taurus at 22 degrees and wondered how that also talks to the current Uranus/Ceres transit?

    Thank you. Cass

    1. You also have Vesta at 23 Taurus so this is about your money, bank, shopping, taxes, currency exchange, house, apartment, company and so on. Thanks to changes which can only happen very rarely, unfolding around you through late June, you can be free. Only you know how free!

      1. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond Jessica and for the fabulous astrology insights!! I really love your website and how you take the ‘complicated’ out of astrology interpretation

  142. Dear Jessica, you mention that you can have our details in front of you at the press of a button, and tell us how this will affect us individually. Very grateful if you could give me pointers. Katharina

    1. You have Uranus at 23 Gemini so this is about your way with words, ideas and images. It is about the internet, or face-to-face communication. It’s about how you connect and it may leave you feeling excited and wired all at the same time! Please go with what you feel you must do, as you deserve to be free. Actually, if it even involves rebellion against someone/something that has held you back with your ideas, concepts, social media, microphone work, language, books etc – then do the rebellious thing. Uranus-Ceres conjunctions are always correct. History tells us that.

    1. With Ops at 23 Cancer in your zone of apartments, houses, home town, country, family, household – you are in an amazing position to fix an issue, thanks to other factors now escalating around you. In myth, Ops was the goddess who resolved even the deepest problem through clever strategy and she always won in the end. This is about your people or your place and if you want change, it’s there.

  143. Hi Jessica,

    With Pluto in Virgo at 22 and Cupido in Libra at 23 degrees, how would you interpret the effect of the Uranus Ceres conjunction and the Mars in Scorpio alignment? Also, I think I also have Juno at 16 Capricorn, and if so, how is the final week of June looking for me? Should I prepare to celebrate, batten down the hatches, or both?

    Thank you.

    1. Now that’s really interesting. Your working life, your lifestyle (particularly food, fitness, drink, drugs, doctors) and also your relationship with a former, current or potential partner are in the frame. At the same time. In the same period (you could actually extend that to the final fortnight of June). The person or situation which has, frankly, obstructed you for too long is staring you in the face. If you want to know what it feels like to be gloriously free, then do the radical thing!

  144. Hi Jessica
    anything you can tell me about how i will be affected by this conjunction would be wonderful. I look forward to your horoscopes each day!

    1. I’m glad you look forward to the daily horoscopes. What you need now is tons of tolerance, time and space. Request it from others. Give it to them as well. The mood globally now through July is white-hot and electrifying and we all need to be conscious of that. The internet is also not the place to vent. I don’t think you will be doing that, but be cautious with those around you. Uranus-Mars-Ceres is dynamite.

  145. Electricity in abundance – your old approach to the world of love, sex and/or children (no matter if you said yes or no) will be radically reshaped following revolutionary developments through to July. Zap!

  146. Hi Jessica
    Always love reading your forecasts and astrology articles! They are amazing!
    Can you possibly tell me why I had to trip and fall on my ankle at the supermarket yesterday on 23/6! Through no fault of mine? Am I clumsy or was it just purely and simply an accident….luckily my ankle is not broken and it appears it may be a strain or a small ligament tear that should take a few weeks to heal. Is the planet Mars involved at all?
    My family do say I am “accident prone” Moi?

    1. Thank you very much. Ankles are ruled by Aquarius so let me see what is in your chart. You have Chiron in Aquarius, which I suspect is the culprit. Have a look at what is going on with your friend, or the group. Do you need to slow down? Is there something you don’t want to do with/for them? This stuff is ruled by Aquarius, along with ankles!

  147. Hi Jessica

    All your previous insights for me have been true especially in June 2013 when Jupiter crosses 24 degs Cancer when you advise me that what happens with my mum, flat and sisters isimeant to be. It will liberate me and it certainly did. Mum wants to travel to Australia. I have Uranus in Cancer 24 degs . How will this affect me ? I have Pluto in Leo 24 degs and Opps in 22 degs Pisces., Ceres at 25 degs Capricon. Any radical change coming for me ? Thanks for taking the time to respond to me.

    1. Thank you I am glad the astrology has come true for you. I am also glad you are liberated. You do actually have radical change all around you, and the key to this is Uranus moving over 22, 23, 24, 25 Aries – it takes some time to complete. The key to this cycle is to look hard at who/what makes you feel so blocked, restricted or held back. Is there an exciting, original, wow-factor new way to push past that? Because it could change your life. For the better. For years.

  148. Good Day Jessica –

    You are extremely knowledgeable!! this is what I have in my chart:
    Sun 21° Sagittarius 19′ 23
    Vesta 20° Sagittarius 05′ 40″
    Diana 25° Aries 46′ 20″
    Psyche 22° Sagittarius 11′ 42″
    Minerva 21° Pisces 25′ 43″
    Cupido 22° Aquarius 58′ 31″

    By the way, it has been very rough. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry it has been rough for you. I can see why. Okay, this Uranus-Ceres-Mars pattern is personal for you. You have Psyche at 22 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel, foreign people and places, distant locations and regions, the internet, education (in all its forms) and even your beliefs. This is the big picture of life but the picture is spinning. Every passing challenge you overcome (which you will) helps you enormously as you need to create something which lasts forever as a traveller, world citizen, student of life, mentor/guide for others. By Christmas 2017 the full cycle is over. Meet every test and you will be helped by the universe. You will be rewarded in 2019. Permanently.

  149. Hi Jessica,
    I love reading your blog. You were spot on about the Brexit, yet I’m still in shock.
    I have a number of patterns in my chart at 23 degrees. Can you help me understand what that will mean for me?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you so much. You have the Nodes in Aquarius and Leo. Past life! You have been through a revolution before. It may have been the French or American revolution. You will now see changes which will never happen again in your lifetime affect your friendships, the groups you belong to, and the world of babies, children or teenagers. Focus hard on the next generation as in August this will deliver for you. So will any relationship which pulls this younger generation closer to you. The shock is normal on this transit. Put your feet on the grass and get ‘earthed’ almost as if you needed to deal with live wires.

  150. Hi, I had 23 aspects in my chart for 23rd. It is now 24th, Britain has separated from the EU and I am waiting for the shoe to drop with me.

    1. Waiting for the shoe to drop sums it up perfectly. There are shoes dropping all over the place at the moment! Best bet – when the world turns upside down on a Uranus transit, spin when she spins. Move when she moves. The people who miss out on this transit are those who cling to the past.Do not be one of them.

  151. Hi Jessica,

    Congrats on predicting the Brexit would occur! I won some money too!

    I have some 22/23/24 degree planets in my chart.

    Saturn in Pisces at 22 degrees. (Ruler of 3rd/ Co-ruler of 4th)
    Venus in Aries at 22 degrees. (Ruler of 7th/12th)
    Mars in Leo at 23 degrees. (Ruler of 6th/ Co-ruler of 1st)
    Moon in Virgo at 24 degrees. (Ruler of 9th)

    What do you think would be in store for me?

    1. Thank you and I am glad the Brexit prediction helped you back a winner. The Leo/Virgo stuff is key. Now through August you will pursue a new direction with the world of children, teenagers, paid/unpaid work with a junior generation – or a lover who can bring that generation closer. You must snap up solutions and opportunities with work, and use the instability and excitement of June to help yourself find who/what is so new and promising. You are awfully lucky with that Virgo Moon, do use it – before August 10th.

  152. You called it Jessica, the UK is out. And I am heart broken. I am a Libra (1 October) and this has been a hard slog for a while now. You keep writing to hold on, just around the corner, but then it’s wait, it’s just around the corner… the goal posts keep moving and it is just tough. Really, any chance that this may actually get better for Libras and “not just around the corner” until the next big set of troubles start?

    1. I am seeing so much emotion here – I totally understand – Ceres brings raw feelings – but it will pass by the end of June. You will make or save a fortune from the final quarter of next year and by 2018 will be hugely satisfied with what you gain with your money, possessions, house or flat. Jupiter in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance is coming. Until then, I know it’s hard to be told to wait, but the whole reason you and other Libra people are so stuck, is Mars Retrograde (appearing to go backwards) in Scorpio. Hang in there. From 2nd August big, big wheels start to turn for the UK and in your own life, that makes the smaller wheels turn too. You will also LOVE Jupiter in Libra from the second week of September. Relaunch for you. Trust.

  153. Hi Jessica
    Thank You! Thank You! Thank you !

    I watched the results all night and went to bed at 5.30am I re-read your prediction at least 2 times throughout the night because I believe in Brexit and it feels very personal for me I was born 10.00am Chiswick London 25/7/60 can you tell me financially when my break will comes in the next few weeks? I want to start to take action on Tues 28 you have indictaed in the general scopes the focus is on money, house real estate and this is where my blocks have been for so many years…. I would be very grateful for any insights
    Your site is absolutely amazing for people like me trying to keep their head above the water 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. You’re fine with money, or the things money buys (possessions, space to live in and enjoy, other resources) now through August 10th. You are in a position to make or save a lot of cash so hop to it. Watch the exchange rates. Watch business. I know how damn hard the economy has been since 2012, into 2015, in England. It is not your fault. It will be fine in the end. It will actually be better than fine. The world turning upside down will produce brand new opportunities you never had before. Keep your eyes and ears open.

  154. Hi Jessica,

    I”m a huge fan of yours and met you when you came to London to do a talk but I was too shy to come over. I don’t know too much about my chart; are you able to share any thoughts of yours and it’s influence on me? My birthday is 29th June 1984. I’m not too sure what time I was born. Sorry to be so vague. Much love and look forward to more from you.

    1. So sweet! Next time I talk in London (January 2017) come along and say hello. Morrissey – ‘Shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you, from doing all the things in life you’d like to’ (From the classic Smiths song ‘Ask’). Okay, so you’re a Cancerian. Biggest news for 12 years – you have stunning house or apartment options, visible by first week of October.

      1. Thank you so much for taking time out to reply! Much appreciated.
        Shyness has defiantely stopped me doing things – I’ll definately say hello next time : )

  155. Hi, Jessica !
    I have :
    Sun at 27 degrees in Leo
    Ascendant at 28 degrees Taurus
    Mercury at 23 degrees in Leo
    Uranus at 23 degrees in Virgo
    Salacia at 24 degrees in Capricorn
    If you are so kind to interpret that for when Ceres 23
    Many thanks ! xx

    1. Thank you for making this easy for me by listing your placements. There are over 300 posts here so it is taking me a little time to get to them all. Okay – so the real story for you is Uranus at 23 Virgo because you are going to see Jupiter cross 23 Virgo (fabulous) in the first fortnight of August. Massive change affecting your daily routine, lifestyle, paid or unpaid work is here, now through July. Go with this change. You will be given opportunities and solutions not possible in 12 years the following month.

    1. You are not directly affected. However, you will have a superb chance to make a commitment to a former, current or potential partner from September through Christmas 2016.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica! Can you tell me how Mars retrograde has been affecting my life? I’ve applied to grad school across the country in early January and i’ve been on the waitlist since March. I still don’t have an answer. I’ve also been in talks with a former work colleague about joining a new firm and the process has been very slow. I’m very anxious to see how these plans will play out. Any thing you can offer would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much!!


        1. You are being hit by a ton of retrogrades actually. For once in your life they help you as the waiting game has a higher purpose. You need to listen, look, learn and wait because a) you need more experience and it can only come first-hand and b) there may be a superior offer for you. You do not have the full story yet as things are going to change in your chosen field or subject and the future is not yet apparent to you, yet the frustrating delays do have a good purpose. It will work out for you long term.

          1. Thank you so much Jessica. At what point do you think i will have the full story so that i can move forward?


          2. You need to wait for all these retrogrades to correct themselves so give it a few months. Try not to dwell too much on the changes as they will have their own flow and pace…it’s a bit like waiting for the tides to turn.

  156. Hi Jessica,
    Excellent reading as a relatively new astrology addict.Astrology is my obsession.
    I am an Aquarias sun,Mercury is at 22 degrees Aquarius,Neptune is at 22 Scorpio ,jupiters at 21 degrees Gemini,Saturn is at 16 degrees Pisces,Chiron is at 20 degrees Pisces.Im not sure about the asteroids.
    Oh and I nearly forgot Pluto Uranus conjunction in Virgo at 17and 18 degrees.
    Life has been harsh..I realise my natal Ceres opposition to my libra moon brought about child abduction /estrangement issues which were triggered when transit Uranus conjuncted Ceres (in 5th ) in opposition to natal moon.
    I feel very sensitive to all that’s going on right now and wonder how it will pan out with me on a personal level.Any insights would be much appreciated.

    1. Thank you very much. I know what it is like to be new to astrology and also obsessed with it. You won’t see these aspects triggering your chart as the orb is too wide, but I am glad you know about Ceres. Pick up my new book 2020 Astrology on 1st August, absolutely free, from this website. I will have a whole chapter on this all-important planet.

  157. Hi Jessica!

    You were ABSOLUTELY correct about Brexit!! You were even dead on about the lightning and thunder, it was booming all night!

    I have jupiter at 24 aries in the 9th house, any insight for my chart and Ceres/Uranus? thx!

    1. Thank you very much. Was the thunder really booming all night? Wow. You actually have Jupiter at 24 Aries in the First House in the Natural House system so this is an easy prediction to make – relaunch your name, face, look, wardrobe, brand, image, reputation. It has never been as fast and easy to do this, as it is, now through July.

  158. Dear Jessica, I have Uranus, ASC and DESC on 23. Please tell me how all of this will affect me. Thank you.

    1. If your birth time is exact, then June is about your group – the one involving a friend – and your need to invent a new way to be a friend, have a friend, or use the people power in the group to find core freedom. The rest of June will be electrifying. It may even feel as if the world is turning upside down, yet if you go with what is happening, you will be liberated from a situation involving the group, or your friend, that held you back as much as it did, them.

  159. Just wanted to say thank you for such an interesting piece. I live in London and this describes the vibe on the 23rd pretty accurately (with extra Uranus points for lightning overhead). I voted remain but today decided that the real fight starts now – to challenge our politicians every step of the way so that the negotiations that follow are on terms that are positive for the people. I think the political rule book has just been torn up…

    Personally it resonates too – I’m a sun Sag and on the 23rd went to the open day for a postgrad course… to develop screenplays for kids. I don’t have kids but no longer see why that should stop me writing TV series for them. The referendum was my final push as frankly everything will be a bit unstable so why not break free myself?! I look forward to November – as my moon is 21 Aries… (Natal 7th…).

    It feels like jumping into a mosh pit after watching from the sidelines.

    1. Thank you very much. What you are saying articulates Uranus in a really interesting way – and you are obviously born to write ‘jumping into a mosh pit’ is just what this transit feels like. If you get your chart done look for Leo factors – screenplays for children are all about that.

      1. Thank you so much, you make all this so much easier to digest – I followed your advice and just checked a chart you did for me a couple of years ago… Ops in Leo at 0 degrees (retrograde).

        Given that I’m 35 and have been doing a completely different career, and had an exceptionally difficult, secret experience linked to my dad and a well known film director prevent me from pursing this when I was younger. And I am considering making the jump in the middle of all this post-ref weirdness. Optimism is definitely the name of the game…

        Weirdly, I had a look at the Sabian symbol (for Cancer 30) and it’s ‘A daughter of the American Revolution’. I can’t quite figure out how, but that just seems very apt given that the catalyst turned out to be Brexit…

        And the next thing I noticed on that chart is that the Brexit Uranus-Ceres was square my MC (23 Cancer) and opposite Pluto (23 Libra). Until May this year I was a researcher in a charity – trying to use statistics and facts to make a difference, but I’ve been having career change coaching and decided that I feel more at home making a difference to others through art forms, to (quietly) help people to understand each other and be kinder as a result. Brexit was the clincher, because stats and analysis were disregarded and feelings took over. It put the final nail in the coffin of my old career.

        1. Wow, that Sabian Symbol is spot on for you. I have had some experience with them through my friend Lynda Hill and have seen people with their jaws on the floor, when she reads the cards for them. Yes, you are directly affected by the Uranus-Ceres-Mars alignment, and Chiron too. You will never regret doing anything new, radical and different on this cycle. History tells us that.

  160. Dear Jessica

    Truly amazing and super Brexit forecast.

    My date of birth is 5 May 1968. I am a premium member. I would appreciate if you could tell me more about me, my career and family going forward with the 23 degree Uranus/Ceres conjunction transit to my chart,

    I wonder would you be sharing any time soon your forecast and insights of the next Nov16 US presidential election and 2017 German and France election?

    Best Regards,
    BC Tay

    1. I already called the American election even before Donald Trump announced he was running. The lady wins, if she can beat Bernie (which she just did), the Bill issue (interesting) and Benghazi (it lingers). Thank you for your very kind compliment. Your chart shows nothing major now but your relationship with a former, current or potential partner will be healed, fixed or just expanded wonderfully in 2017 as you will figure out the compromise which lets both of you slice up the pie differently.

  161. Hi Jessica,

    This is my second post with the name changed. You told me to look for my own answers but I need some help with the interpretation if that’s alright.

    I have the following factors:

    Saturn at 23 virgo,
    IC at 23 Taurus,
    Mars at 22 Leo and
    MC at 23 Scorpio.

    I have been wanting to break free from the mundane for so long but the feeling has been especially strong for the last few days. Its like my creativity is dying for an outlet and expression and It is almost like I want to have wings and fly…But I am confused and don’t even know what I want to do.
    Could you clarify a little more from the above factors if it makes any sense.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Wow, you are in the eye of the storm. If your birth time is precise then June is going to change your entire life. If it’s not, you still have Saturn at 23 Virgo which is about your working life, your daily routine, your relationship with your body (your physical condition and how it defines your role in life) and also your sense of duty and service to others. Search ‘Virgo’ on this website. Look up Saturn too. That is what is being woken up inside you and there is an awful lot for you to think about. Take your time and take it easy – the storm will pass – yet breaking free is important. Doing your own thing, your way, and to some extent saying ‘Stuff that’ to any situation, person or organisation which has quite frankly clipped your wings for far too long. Doing this will confront all your fears regarding work because Saturn rules that fear and Virgo rules work, paid or unpaid. That is why it must feel so hard for you. Yet – the time has come to make a decision, too.

  162. Hi Jessica,

    I spent the 23 June writing and submitting a reply to my proposed redundancy.
    What can you interpret for me ?

    Pisces sun sign
    Jupiter 22 Aquarius
    Vulcano 21 Cancer
    Moon 25 Virgo
    Diana 25 Capricorn
    Vesta 25 Taurus

    Would appreciate your insight into my chart.

    1. Jupiter at 22 Aquarius is the focus here and the transit is actually passing – it was about a group, involving a friend, and it worked in your favour. Just knowing you are a Pisces tells me that you are in a challenging career cycle, yet it is over by Christmas 2017 and will not be back for 29 years. Take your time with this. Seek expertise and experience.

  163. Hi Jessica,

    You advised I leave a comment on here rather than email you directly. I have just had a read of this article and it perfectly explains how I am feeling at the moment.

    Please could you take a look at my personal chart and give me some insight into what I need to consider in the coming weeks? As I explained in my email I feel I have to make some tough decisions about a relationship and also my career/domestic situation. I feel quite torn and troubled.

    Any insight would be great.


    1. You have Chiron at 22 Cancer in your Fourth House, which rules your home, your household and perhaps your family. Chiron is that part of you which experiments to see what is possible. You have just been through Mars, Uranus and Ceres all very close to that 22 degree position, and it can feel like a cyclone. Please do not feel troubled. You will have very good advice about the relationship from a female, or a man with a strongly female side. Your new beginning with or without the person in question will unfold naturally in early August. Looking further ahead, you will be thrilled with the journeys you take, or the move you make, from September with a new chapter from October. This moves you across the map of your own local area, your country – or even the world. Right now, though, you need to breathe deeply and slowly and ground yourself. The lightning you saw across the UK is inside you and it is easy to feel zapped. Walking helps too – barefoot, in grass. This too shall pass and you will be okay, okay?

  164. Well, hell in a hand basket springs to mind! Interested in what you thought of Nicola Sturgeon yesterday, please consider a blog on her and Scotland soon!
    I’ve got lots at 22,23,24 and 25 in my chart, and I’m fizzing with energy at the moment. I need to channel this!

  165. Hi, Jessica

    Great prediction about Brexit,

    Curious to know: –

    Sun 11 Cancer/ Rising Sign Libra ASC 25


    Neptune 23 sagittarius in House 2
    Nessus 23 Cancer House 9
    Sun/Moon midpoint 23 Cancer house 9
    Vertex 23 Taurus House 8

    Notable mention Pluto 21 Libra very close to ASc Conjunction (having uranus oppostion pluto)

    Uranus in Aries house 6 – work any changes on the work front?

    1. Thank you. Actually you have Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House in the Natural House system. You escape from the real world by travelling across all boundaries and are in the generation who have been given border-free holidays, yet with Saturn moving to conjunct your Neptune by 2018, this will be blocked so be aware of the new Visa/passport controls coming and think before you book a very long range trip as Saturn will come down very heavily, within months. I don’t use midpoints, the Vertex or Nessus, I’m afraid.

  166. Hi Jessica,
    Try to read your articles as often as I can. You are spot on! Amazing! I am a Premium member and have Panacea at 22*, Minerva at 23* and Apollo at24*. Would love to know how all this will play out for me. Business wise I seem to be moving forward and then then suddenly things go quiet. Am a bit concerned. Would really appreciate your guidance. Thanks

    1. Thank you – though I can’t see your astrological birth chart to help you – do you want to try your Premium Membership access again? Thank you.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Try to read your articles as often as I can. You are spot on! Amazing! I am a Premium member and have Panacea at 22*, Minerva at 23* and Apollo at24*. Would love to know how all this will play out for me. Business wise I seem to be moving forward and then then suddenly things go quiet. Am a bit concerned. Would really appreciate your guidance. Thanks

        1. Thank you very much. Minerva at 23 Gemini is receiving a sextile from Uranus at 23 Aries and Ceres at 23 Aries. It is time to use the internet to the fullest extent you possibly can. Do your own thing. Break new ground. Sit in the heart of the storm now, for the next couple of weeks, and ride it out to your advantage. You are extremely wise about multimedia, publishing, language, literacy, the internet and so on. Use your ‘voice’ across all mediums and media and if any person or organisation has been holding you back, cramping your style or even severely limiting you – dump it.

  167. Hello. Could you please review my chart and comment on which areas of independence and how? Thanks.

    1. You have Venus at 23 Cancer in your Fourth House which rules your house, apartment, family, household, town or country. So a key relationship within that world is now in the change zone – the change is coming from outside you. A very simple example would be interest rates, mortgages, property prices and the knock-on effects of the Brexit impact on all that. There may be another, though.

  168. I really enjoy reading these blog articles, Jessica. 🙂 I have never heard of Ceres in Astrology before. How do I interpret Ceres’ influence in my chart?

    I too would love to see an article on the future of Scotland, the EU and the Euro. I know you have blogged that in 2018 “the Euro as we know today will cease to exist”. I have been following your astrology blog posts from twitter for a while. Most impressed with your insights!

    1. Thank you so much. As a Premium Member you have a free EBook Asteroid Astrology waiting, with a section on Ceres. I am not going to add to that original Scotland prediction, as although it is quite old now (it dates from when I forecast Scotland would vote to stay) it says all I want to say – that Scotland will leave the second time – and that the Euro and the EU are a thing of the past after 2018. I just want all my readers on this website to be ready for that!

  169. I had this arrangement this past Thursday:
    Mercury 16 Gemini conjunct Vesta 6 Gemini
    Apollo enters Gemini
    Uranus 23 Aries conjunct Ceres 23 Aries

    The gloss also said mentioned “the latest episode in a long running story which began in April” which was spot on. I am the one with the life unravelled since Nov 2014, the last time Uranus and Ceres got together. There are a lot of secrets that are still yet to reveal.

    Can you explain further?

  170. I love these articles and the way you bring myth and archetypes into your readings. Does this independence day still apply if it is opposite natal Uranus in my birth chart? My birth charts from you show Uranus was at 23 degrees in Libra. I also have Minerva at 22 degrees Pisces, Vulcano at 22 Leo and Aesculapia at 24 Aquarius. Everyone else obviously loved this article – it took ages to scroll to the bottom after reading it. Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you, the mythology and archetypes are of course Jung’s great gift to astrology. In fact, sychronicity is astrology! I am sorry you had to scroll down, but as you can see, people are feeling this Uranus, Mars and Ceres alignment personally and globally. If you have Uranus at 23 Libra then this is about your relationship with your former, current or potential partner. It may also be about your arch enemy, bitter rival or sworn opponent. Set yourself free. Liberate yourself from a two-way game which is crying out for a revolutionary change.

  171. Hi Jessica,

    I have Pluto at 24 degrees Leo in my 3rd house. I am a Gemini with Uranus and Jupiter in the first. Uranus 24 and Jupiter 26 Cancer. Will it affect me in any way do you think?

    1. In the Natural House system I use, Pluto is in your Fifth House. The slow transit of Uranus in 2016, into 2017 will revolutionise the way you see the younger generation who inherit the DNA of your personality. Babies,children or younger adults born 20+ years after you and the lovers who might bring this generation into your life.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to reply and I shall let you know how things pan out.

  172. Hi Jessica …

    I was checking my chart and I have factors factors at 22 gemini (jupiter) 24 sagitarius (moon) 23 sagittarius (aesculpa) 22 capricorn (salacia) 21scorpio(neptune) 26 scorpio (cupido)
    Any added insights you can give me… I have definitely been affected by the pluto in capricorn transit since 2008, the same year my mother died on Thanksgiving Day in the US.

    The last five years I have been on what seems to be a twin flame journey …. all has been slow going in terms of my emancipation, relaunching of my image and career… etc.

    I love your articles and your horoscope readings….

    Thank you!

    Deborah Berruette Fuhrman

    1. Thanks so much for those kind comments. I am very sorry to hear about your mother. Your Moon-Jupiter opposition in Gemini and Sagittarius is very close (just one degree orb) and the current June patterns with Ceres, Mars and Uranus will trigger tremendous creative solutions to some fundamental questions about how you travel, how you deal with regional or international differences, foreigners, education (formal or informal), your life as a world citizen on the web – and the internet, very specifically. You are in a brave new world. It has only just begun. Take full advantage of what comes. It is like waking up in New York City in 1781 and realising the globe just shook and America is independent. This time it is happening to England, but it will make waves where you live too. Online is your answer.

  173. Hi Jessica,
    This was a fascinating article, and indeed, after a looooong dry spell, I am getting a big promotion (and raise!) this week. It isn’t my dream job, necessarily, but it’s a very good opportunity in many ways, so I’m taking it. I’m curious about two things, though: 1) per this article, my big shift was supposed to be in the area of travel, internet, etc, but it came in my job instead. Why is that? and 2) you mentioned November for those of us with factors at 21 degrees, and I have like 5 or so! So what is different in November? Should I expect an even bigger change in some area? Thanks so much for your great info. I had cancelled my premium membership because money was tight, but now that it’s flowing in I couldn’t wait to renew!

    1. Congratulations. The new job will help you travel (more money) and there will be work travel too. You will also be using the internet more and in better ways, as a result of the new job. So – the astrology is working, natch. I think you will get a lot from my new book 2020 Astrology which is free to you, out 1st August, and also your quarterly journal – track the dates for November when it appears for the final quarter.

  174. Hi Jessica, thank you for replying to my earlier question…I am feeling a sense of loss right now and was wondering if you could help me out? I am in a long term relationship and it is no longer feeling right even though I love him. Can you please shed some light on what will happen between us this year? Is it over? Will a crazy magical soul mate appear for me instead? Or am I doomed to become single and stay single?

    I am a premium member but my partner isn’t…his birthday is 21 Nov 1963…Thank you. Any astro guidance would be so very, very welcome right now. xx

    1. You will be very happy in love, final quarter of next year into 2018, so don’t worry about now. What is meant to be with this person, is meant to be. Try not to put too many conditions on what happiness in love would mean for you. It will work out for you, with him or another, as you will see. I am not going to interfere with your journey, because you must take it, and it will lead you to the right place, two years from now.

  175. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks a lot for finding time to answer our questions. Could you please look into my birth chart in regards with Uranian Revolution? I have a few heavenly bodies at 22, 24 degrees in aries, pices, libra…what would be the main story for me in such a kaleidoscope?
    The only revolution I really felt was Brexit although I am not British but emotionally am very attached. Worked there for 15 years before decided to settle back in my home country(still not sure if it was the right decision).

    Thank you a million times again.

    1. The Nodes in Libra/Aries are your key. Your relationship with your former, current or potential partner will be shaken, rattled and rolled between now and 2017, yet you also need things to change so you can take a new direction, or a new attitude, which will set you free and also offer this person more room to move too. I actually think you are going to see massive transformation in your relationship with this person, or another, now through October 2017 as Jupiter will also cross that axis. Hit ‘Search’ and look up Jupiter in Libra for more.

  176. Dear Jessica, the Brexit was no surprise to me;) I really like your predictions. I have not noticed my Independence Day yet. Am I affected (DOB 15/10/1974 in Nuremberg, Germany). I am really stuck in any area of my life. My professional life is a desaster, love life hasn’t existed for ages and family is permanent chaos and conflict. I really cannot see an end of this havoc. Is there a new permanent job or a long-term change of job or even place or country? Will my family life become peaceful again? I would really appreciate an answer of yours.

    1. You will be very happy to hear that once Jupiter goes into Libra from September (until October 2017) he will conjunct your natal Sun and you can relaunch yourself. A smart decision you take about the family, Christmas 2016, January 2017, helps you sort that particular issue out.

      1. Thanks a lot. What areas of my life are concerned by the current stars? I really need a Revolution these days, especially jobwise.

        1. We are now seeing the start of the revolution at 10 Downing Street and the ripples will affect the whole world. Watch what is changing in your chosen field over the next 1-2 months because every revolution brings new opportunities. It’s a big global professional reshuffle.

  177. Hi Jessica,

    I have Pluto in Virgo at 24 degrees in my 5th house. Does this mean my house of love is affected? My boyfriend is a heavy Scorpio (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune).

    Thank you!

    1. Sorry for this late reply. Your Pluto in Virgo is in your Sixth House in the Natural House system. So – not love. Your Scorpio boyfriend doe have major choices to make though as Ceres goes through Taurus so over the next few months you can expect a whole new ballgame with him with a lot of compromising/sharing/negotiating.

  178. Hi Jessica
    just came across this article and wondered about influence given my chart etc. I received a call on June 23rd about an interview and have passed round one of it …waiting to do round two in week of July 11th. Its a bigger role than I expected to be interviewing for, more senior and it will represent my return back to workplace after an absence of a few years with other commitments etc.
    Many thanks

    1. I am sorry for this late reply – over 400 people have now left messages about the June 23rd patterns. By now you will know where you stand professionally. I hope you are happy about that.

      1. Hi Jessica I understand volume issue etc and thanks…..actually dont know where I stand yet lol….as nothing has come back…..

  179. Hi Jessica! Great article, as always! 🙂 At this juncture in my Uranus transit, I’m going to go with the fact that I am tired of wicked, awful surprises. Lol. If I am looking at my chart correctly, this impacts my love life, as I have Venus in Libra at 24. Things were going well, other than that I thought that my partner was going back and forth between me and his ex wife. It turns out that “ex” was not exactly the term that should have been used and he was lying to both of us. I found this out on 6/28 when he called to tell me the truth because she found out and confronted me, so he had no choice. Turns out that he is not getting divorced and never planned to. They are staying together and he informed me that I “am the love of his life” but that he never wants to see or hear from me again. What?! Regardless, I did love him very much, but do not relish being treated that way. My question is that I am wondering if this is really and truly over or will he attempt to come back again after this like he has tried to in the past repeatedly. I don’t think I can handle any more. My heart can’t take anymore of this transit after the last few years, having been lied to and cheated on by the man before him as well. I’m ready for positive surprises from Uranus!

    1. Yes, this is about your love life – on the plus side, you won’t get this extreme cycle again, in this particular way. It is also clearing the way for a better, more equal kind of love in 2017. I am sorry about the situation with the third person, how absolutely rotten. I know your heart has had enough but please trust Jupiter the healer, repair man and door-opener. Your life can turn on a dime and you will be so happy with Jupiter’s transit over your Venus next year. I am not going to interfere with your future any more than that. Let nature take its course. This works out.

  180. Mercury at 24 Libra is being circled by Uranus and Ceres, so this is about your communication with a former, current or potential partner. Perhaps an enemy, rival or opponent. A new way to be heard and read with this man (or woman) is on offer and it will set you free. It’s all about a different way of communicating and it will change your life.

  181. A great article Jessica…many thanks!
    Am very curious to know if this affects me in any way….will it liberate me from some limitations?

    1. Your personal birth horoscope does not reveal anything at 23 degrees so this is not so personal for you, yet independence and freedom are on offer for all of us, as we go into the final quarter of 2016 and once again Uranus moves to the crucial 23 degree of Aries.

  182. Hi Jessica
    Firstly, congratulations on your Brexit prediction which I had followed since you first wrote it, your accuracy was astounding. I sort of knew before it happened that your prediction was true, whilst other astrologers were predicting remain.
    I have just signed up as a premium member and would like to ask you if you can see anything in my chart regarding my health & career, I’ve not had a good time with either of these topics, but try to stay hopeful, I just feel in a terrible rut. I know Uranus in Aries has not been so good to me. Do you see any improvements for me.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I will have a look at your chart to see what is going on. You have a career cycle which can only happen every 248 years so no wonder it feels intense. You were born with Ops at 16 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, ambition and achievement. Pluto is at 16 Capricorn right now and he will be there on and off until October 2017. Ops is that part of you which tackles difficult people and situations in a positive, practical way by being strategic, patient and most of all – optimistic, as you might expect. This is your modus operandi with work, yet what we have here is something or someone absolutely overpowering you, or trying to. It may be a dominating situation, like your health, or a boss, colleague, client or staff member who tries to walk all over you and everybody else. Read more about Ops on this website and online, and look at the myth. She won in the end, and so will you, but what you are going to have to do is summon up all your willpower and self-control, rationing yourself if necessary, forcing yourself to ‘do the drill’ whatever that might be and disciplining yourself pretty intensely. This is the only thing that works on this cycle, yet it will also empower you and once you have found out how to earn your own power, you will never give it away again. December 2016-January 2017 puts a major spotlight on this for you, as you will see when you download your journal for October-December and January-March and look at all the dates when we have Capricorn patterns, picking up your Tenth House of career. At the same time, you are quite right, you have Uranus passing over your Aries stellium, which is all about title, role, reputation and of course the way you physically look and appear. All I am seeing is change in your chart and it is extreme change, but you can also become more powerful in this cycle, if you are prepare to use total self-control to get that feeling of control you so desperately need.

  183. OMG!! Jessica you are amazing you are so right, I can’t believe how you have picked this up, I have battled with a phobia for much of my life and this is what overpowers me and causes me to be restricted, and I also have a very domineering person at work (also very restricting). I have such a determination to overcome my obstacles so thank you for your fantastic response. I am willing to accept change, but extreme I’m not no sure about, I aim for self control as you say but it is very difficult I suppose time will tell. I am so looking forward to your wonderful scopes. Many thanks

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