Gemini Birthday Horoscope May 2016 to June 2017

Gemini, it’s all about your former, current or potential partner from now through 2017.

Gemini, it’s all about your former, current or potential partner from now through 2017. Maybe an enemy too. And you also have incredible luck coming from your town, country, house, apartment, family or household. Premium Member? Please keep reading.

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67 Responses

  1. Hi:

    Regarding the former lover, I can’t visualize what the new chemistry would be. Her information is 6-Oct-1955, 4:02AM GMT, 66w42, 18n16. Please let me know, thanks!

    1. This woman will figure out her relationship with you, and anyone else who is either in the closure zone with her – or in the potential date zone – in the final quarter of this year and first half of 2017. It will work out well for her and also with you, so be open to what comes if you can.

  2. Hey Jessica, I have a lot of Gemini throughout my horoscope…can you please tell me if any of these life areas will affect me through the Gemini factors that I have? Thanks so much!

    1. You have a whopping stellium in Gemini. Do use June (now!) to launch or relaunch some aspect of the internet, writing, songwriting, singing, public speaking, multimedia, education or language. What you work on now is very important and reminds you, who you are.

      1. That is so uncanny…I was thinking of starting a blog for the first time ever…thank you, this has helped me to tap into my intuition immensely.

  3. This is strange that you mention mansion over seas…my husband (who is a sagitarius) and I are thinking of purchasing an old 1890 huge home on an island and turning it into a bed and breakfast. It’s beautiful and a “steal”! But me and him have been going through a very weird phase where trust is an issue…so I am scared to move forward..but I am pushing through because through out this we received divine intervention!!! I feel like we are on a spiritual journey to our true destiny…where ever that may be….

    1. I often tap into my psychic side when I answer astrological questions for you! Okay, so you were born with Neptune (which also rules the sea and islands) in your Eight House of property and money. It’s always going to be an escape from the real world for you. The ‘moving forward’ issue is significant because Mars has been retrograding, or going backwards and forwards, in this same chart zone. Allow for a long question and answer session about this, yet from 2nd August, whatever you decide, you know where you stand.

  4. Hi Jessica! I wrote a very unique/creative book and got a personal entree to a senior editor at a large publishing house. I submitted a prospectus and samples to her in April and I followed up again in May – but I haven’t heard anything from her. It seems like this is meant to be according to the astrology, but…? Is it the timing? I need to build my online platform up and intend to make a big push for that starting now – seems like good timing for that. The thing that keeps me feeling stuck is having so little money. I have wanted to move to a more “adult” home (instead of small apartment) but need some financial security to do so. It seems the money and the home should finally start moving forward according to my chart. Any advice on short and long term income? I keep feeling like I’m waiting for my “real life” to start with career, finances and home. Your articles are great by the way – I learn so much from you!

    1. Cheers, I am glad you are learning about astrology here. Okay, so you are majorly Gemini, and born to write. Your problem is Saturn (stuck, slow situations – the thwarting of the natural flow of events) in Sagittarius, right opposite your Gemini stellium. I would actually say you were incarnated to become an author or journalist so please do not give up. You have the North Node at 13 Gemini (writing) opposite the South Node at 13 Sagittarius (publishing, travel, academia). Your problem right now is Saturn at 13 Sagittarius! Read more about Saturn by hitting Search. He is ‘on’ or conjunct your Node in your Ninth House of books and he is opposite your South Node in your Third House of writing. He will go on to oppose your other Gemini stuff as he slowly trawls through Sagittarius – for example when he gets to 19 Sagittarius he opposes your Sun, just before Christmas 2016. I would say, it’s the world, not you. The world is having a Saturn in Sagittarius transit which is why agents, authors and publishers are so gloomy and stuck. Fear not. Just go slow and learn 2016-2017. Do not be put off. This comes good when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from November 2018 and by 2019 you will see the whole point of why you were made to wait, look, listen and learn for so long. Property? You are in luck. You have a very useful Cancer stellium and you are also a Gemini so in both house systems I use for you, you could easily fix your apartment issues, now through September. Be open to everything and everybody. I have seen crazy stuff happen on the cycle you are entering (peaks third week June, through third week of July). Like – free or very low-rent spaces – home exchanges – and other ‘deals’ that Jupiter can help you with.

      1. Thanks so much, Jessica! Yes, writing (especially about spirit & beauty) feels like my authentic vocation. Looking forward to seeing what develops with the home situation… I’m ready to move!

  5. I have 5 planets in Gemini what would i need to focus on while this energy is happening please?
    My Clinical Hypnotherapy business, my Psychic readings online or my children?

  6. Hi Jessica – I have a Gemini rising…am hoping you can give me some guidance on a matter of the heart. I’m thinking of reconnecting with an Aquarian love (25 Jan, born London 1965 time of birth Unknown) that I broke with around mid-January this year…should I go down that path again? Thanks in advance x

    1. It’s a pleasure. You must reconnect with the Aquarian. Why? Because, as you will find out from September, this could be a serious love (you will know by the first week of October). If it is not going to happen between you, the final closure with Aquarius will help shift your heart in a new direction, so you will be well and truly ready for the stunning relationship opportunity which occurs within 16 months. In either case, you simply cannot lose and will be tremendously happy.

      1. Thanks Jessica. The relationship foundered because he lives in Sydney with his wife and children and I live in Melbourne. Although they are ‘separated ‘ only 20 people in their universe know this and he only told me the finer detail in the last three months of our time together…it’s complicated and complex – I’d love to know if he ever loved me? Or if going back again would yield a different result? When I fall, I fall hard.

        1. I am sorry you are being put through this. Without seeing his chart it’s hard to say what he felt, and why he felt it – I also have to say, you would need the charts of his wife and children who are tightly woven into the story.

          1. Again, many thanks Jessica. I think by writing me last post I have answered my own question…it doesn’t add up on paper and it doesn’t add up in life. Time to move on x

  7. Hi Jessica, this is an encouraging post for me! I am launching a publishing venture on 9 July, which I hope will provide me with the means to get back to my native country early April 2017. It looks good from this forecast, would you agree?

    1. I’m glad the astrology is encouraging you. Do all you can to push for your homeland by August 10th, and allow for changes, delays or reversals from that date until October – yet if you snap up every opportunity or solution, now through August 10th, you are on your way with either your native country, or a superior alternative. Your timing is great for publishing – Minerva is in your solar Third House of books, websites and Ebooks so you will have amazing advice.

      1. Thanks so much Jessica – that’s wonderful news about Minerva. Although it’s not possible to get home for various reasons until next spring, I’ve had a thought about what you said about now until 10 Aug. There is one element in the equation that I thought of that could work to our advantage in the first 2 weeks of August, so we’ll keep an eye out for that and try to play it to our advantage. Many thanks!

  8. Dear Jessica,

    Regarding a serious lover with whom we have serious problems and about to break up. Would it work or should I let it go ? Many many thanks !

    His details :

    10 May 1978 16:30pm 53.1934° N, 2.8931° W

    1. Okay, I can see what he is going through. Actually the whole story with you, or perhaps his ex, will not be over until 2nd August. One thing you need to try right now is The Astrology Oracle. Follow the instructions to check it works for you. Then ask ‘What happens if I leave, overall?’ and ‘What happens if I stay?’ This reading is named for The Clash song and is called the ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ reading!

      1. Many thanks, I like that song 🙂 Sorry to bother you once again, I may not be ready to break up, any chance to save the relationship in August or no chance?

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a Gemini, with am pretty sure a Scorpio rising (am not 100% on my time of birth, but I was born in the afternoon and this seems the most accurate after doing a bit of research). Sometimes I feel more Scorpio than Gemini and my astrology seems to be more accurate for a Scorpio at time. I’m much more of the serious type than the light and bubbly Gemini type.
    I am currently at a crossroads in my life and am hoping you could offer some guidance. I am currently studying Web Design/Graphic Design but need to move to a larger city to find meaningful work. I’ve lived in the area most of my life and my family are based here so its a big decision for me to leave. Its like a tug of war between my heart and reality. The reality is that I live here but am not satisfied with my work and feel I could do so much more. You talk often about Neptune in my 10th house and ‘being all out at sea’. I definitely feel that, like my life is drifting off out to sea, like I get lost and confused. Finances are definitely not going so well and I am very unsure what direction to take. I totally get Amy’s (Masterman – see above) comment regarding being an Adult “I keep feeling like I’m waiting for my “real life” to start with career, finances and home” that’s exactly how I feel. I’m 36 and still don’t have my shit together. Any guidance would be grateful. Thanks
    Ah! I just read the ‘Dazed and Confused’ article, that’s me!

    1. You’re so strongly Gemini-Aquarius that you belong in internet groups. I am sure you are already there, but have you looked at the professional potential? You can travel in the mind using your computer before you have to travel or move for work. Have a look at what is out there with clubs, teams, bands, associations, networks, social media circles online and their web/graphic needs. You are a born digital networker and feed off friendship. From the second week of September miracles are possible. Please use your journal to help it happen.

  10. Hi Jessica, I am at a crossroads with a man (25Oct1979; 41.6032° N, 73.0877° W) and would like to know which path to take with him. Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Yes and you’re not being helped by Mars Retrograde in Scorpio, his own sign. I think this is so personal you should really hit the Astrology Oracle. Figure out the present first. Then ask one question after another, about this man, until you get some clear idea of how to proceed. The main issue here for him is children or potential fatherhood (yes or no). There may also be concerns here about your godchildren, nieces or nephews. He’s flakey about all this. Use your Oracle to figure out priorities.

      1. Ok, Jessica…I used the Oracle re: the Present and up came Juno (engagements, marriages, children) and 3 (third house=Gemini). I am a Gemini. Please elaborate! How accurate is this tool? I am a little stunned.

        1. Only you can tell how the Oracle is working for you by judging its accuracy about the present. Juno is commitment. Third house is internet, telephones, computers, multimedia, publishing, literary, language, education and so on. If you’re committing there, the cards are working.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Am wondering if GemGuy is worth waiting around for while he sorts himself out…
    24 May 1971 114e56, 29s15

    I don’t want to kick him to the kerb if it’s just a matter of being patient (as I seriously think he is The One.) As an Arian I am always mindful of our reputation of being quick to dismiss – I don’t want to have to repent at leisure!!

    I am expecting a window of opportunity to occur where I can either say (in the words of INXS) “Shove it brother, just keep walking” or just play it cool and let him work out that I am a good person and worth having for keeps.

    Curious to know if I qualify as his “potiential partner” (as in ‘Gemini – it’s all about your former, current or potential partner from now through 2017’)
    I don’t really want to be his enemy!!!


    1. I’d take that INXS song seriously, if I were you. If you hear it on the radio any time soon, take it as an omen. I think you’ll want action rather faster anyway – it’s not good for an Aries person to hang around.

  12. Hi Jessica

    Amazing work as always. Totally on point..I am 11-Jun-1973, 20:00 (26.8466937,80.946166)Sun Gemini Rising Capricorn and Moon Scorpio according to my horoscopes factors on your premium members profile. I am really torn over my libra guy 17.10.1971 Country of birth Turkey. I don’t know exact city or time… IS this the new chemistry you refer to and if worth waiting around for? Right now things appear to be rough for him but as I do feel he is the One I could wait it out? He is going through relationship issues, separated and I don’t know if he is intending to reconnect with me in a different way. I sure hope so but want to know as I don’t want to anticipate any more than realistic.
    Many thanks

    1. You are waiting for Jupiter to cross your Pluto at 1 Libra, which is not far away now. Pick up your journal and look at the days that horoscope factors move close to that 1 Libra spot. You have a fantastic opportunity to take control of the relationship with your former, current or potential partner by drawing on all your willpower and self-control. Use your journal to set goals and make notes. Even if your future does not belong with him you will have stunning opportunities to fix issues and move on to a new lover by 2017.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    The birthday forecast for me is so accurate it’s amazing, thank you.
    I have been in a new relationship (Pisces Feb 21/2/77) everything has been going really well, we’re taking it slowly however he seems a bit ‘off’ this week. I do feel that we have something but I wondered if he is the partner that shows in my birthday forecast and if things will take time to develop? Or if im wasting my time. It’s been hard but I’ve let my barriers down with him and opened myself up to which considering my past in the last few years is a big deal (I think it’s the same for him he has an ex wife). I would be so grateful for any thoughts/advice you have on this relationship. Thank you again Jessica! Best wishes Louise

    1. I’m glad the birthday forecast is accurate, thank you. You have Cupido at 13 Libra and Pluto at 16 Libra in your Seventh House, which rules love, sex, commitment, marriage and separation too. Cupido is your ability to generate passion and desire, like Cupid, and also your vulnerability to falling obsessively in love. Pluto is about your need to take over and control – to dominate. We all have these horoscope factors somewhere in the chart and you have them in Libra, the sign which rules the relationship you have with this man, but also your former partners – and even his ex-wife, as the Seventh House describes rivals or ‘the other woman as well.’ You are up for a major period of healing, growth, learning and improvement as Jupiter moves through Libra from the second week of September and ultimately does something he can only do every 12 years – he stops right on the same degree of Libra as your Cupido and Pluto! This happens in November 2016 which is a turning point for you. Chapter two with this man or another comes in the second half of April 2017, May, June (intensely so) and July. So the ‘now’ is not as much of an issue as the future will be. To make the most of this cycle look up Pluto on this site and around the web. Look up Cupido and the meaning of the zodiac sign Libra too. The maxim ‘know thyself’ is very important here as the more you can work on yourself/with yourself in partnership situations the more you will get from this cycle. That may mean dropping old patterns. It may also mean trying different ways to date, mate and relate understanding yourself better, using your horoscope to figure things out. But – you are in the most hopeful, optimistic and ultimately healing cycle in 12 years so with him, or another, you will get to where you want to be, if you use every opportunity you are given.

      1. Hi Jessica hope you are well. Things between mark and I have come to a standstill because I dont think it’s enough only seeing him once a week I don’t think that’s nice all I’m asking is to see him twice a week. I’m really upset about this I genuinely felt there is something between us, will we work this out or do you think it’s over? Thank you for your help Jessica I really appreciate it

        1. You were born with Uranus at 17 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money – along with Pluto at 16 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage. And not only that, but Juno (weddings) at 16 Taurus in the house of cash. That is a pretty intense combination to have in your chart. You can look up the various meanings on this website. He wants space. You can use that space to figure out if there is a way to separate love from commitment, and love from the house, the money, the apartment and the possessions. It may be that you need someone who is as intense as you are. However, if you want him, you may have to figure out another way to play this pattern in your chart.

          1. Thank you so much for your reply Jessica. We’ve been dating for 4 months seeing each other 1or 2 times a week, I thought that was okay we’ve not really been intense I’ve kept my own life up and do has he and that this wasn’t a lot to ask for a relationship. We do get on extremely well in all other ways, I do like him, do you think anything will come of us? Thank you so much for your help and guidance Jessica!

          2. You can shape this rather than astrology by understanding your own relationship patterns – there is no fixed fate – you need to figure out how you play that pattern in your chart I mentioned earlier.

          3. Thank you Jessica I want to learn and improve my relationship pattern, I’ve given him space I haven’t heard from him for 4 days, I just wondered if things will improve with us? Your description of feeling ‘all at sea’ is spot on, from his previous communication style I’m not sure why he can’t say he doesn’t want to continue our relationship instead of saying nothing. It’s really confusing. Thank you for your guidance Jessica, you truly do amazing work!

          4. You were born in the generation of women who are the ‘guinea pigs’ for the contraceptive pill which arrived in 1969. No other women in history have been thrown into dating (and sex) without babies. Men are also the guinea pigs for this experiment. Figuring out closeness/separateness is part of the journey. Your chart shows a huge capacity for intensity, intimacy, closeness, emotional complication. Some men are like that too. Some are not. This one is not so if you are not happy with having someone out of your life for four days at a time, you need another lover – sorry. One way to deal with chart patterns like this is to throw yourself into fundraising for a good cause. It is a different way to play Scorpio in your chart.

  14. Hello Jessica, I am Gemini ascendant and am in a new relationship with a man that I feel a very strong – almost karmic? – connection with. He feels the same way. His details are 19 October 1961, 8:45pm, Melbourne Australia. He is just emerging from a long marriage. Is the timing wrong? What can you see I this relationship? I am so madly in love with him, it’s extraordinary, and I feel very vulnerable. I am interested in the advice you’ve given to others about relationships. I’ve never thought of asking you about him (although I’ve looked at his chart myself etc!). Thank you, Jessica.

    1. You have Vesta in Libra in the Seventh House of love, sex, relationships and commitment. I suspect this man and specifically his ex-wife will be part of a major healing and learning process for you next year. If not him, then another after him. Why? Vesta rules situations where two or more females must deal with one man. Sometimes it can be about a man’s daughter and his new girlfriend. More commonly it is about the ex, or even another woman he could potentially date. For the first time in 12 years Jupiter in Libra will cross your Vesta and it will also cross his Sun in Libra, in the Seventh House too. The timing makes sense to me, and you will see why next year, but the journey may involve a tremendous amount of growing/learning. Hit Vesta on ‘Search’ to find out more about her in your horoscope. As a general rule do not buy into competing with any other woman for his attention or approval. Vesta can be tricky, yet you have a stunning chance to use the situation to fix old patterns in a joyful way.

  15. HI Jessica
    I am a Gemini 4 June 1971 (NZ) and I have been offered a business opportunity which seems fairly sound. But I am wary so before I jump in boots and all, I am interested in what you may make of this and any advice you may be able to offer me. Thanks Jessica

    1. You were born with Pluto at 26 Virgo in the Sixth House of work. Over the eclipse, the Sun at 26 Leo will semi-sextile Pluto and the Moon at 26 Aquarius will quincunx it. In plain English, a shadowy situation where nothing is as clear as it could be (or should be) will affect your working life, perhaps at a distance, maybe directly. Just be sharply aware of that Wednesday-Friday. If there is no massive rush to accept the business offer, you may want to play ping-pong negotiation until Mercury is out of shadow from the first week of October 2016.

  16. Hi Jessica, Its good to read my horoscope again half way through my year and most of it is pretty spot on – Thank you!. I have many planets in Gemini and also in Virgo, and sometimes Virgo predictions seem more accurate than my Gemini ones, especially in career matters. I’d be grateful for your insight. Thanks in Advance!

    1. There is a very tiny chance you were not born with the Sun in Gemini as I looked at your birth time. In career, here is a quick way to check if you are a Gemini. Do you crave a job, role or course which is unrealistic, yet alluring? Are you spellbound by something/someone which is very hard to contain, control, predict or ‘run’ as you used to run your roles in the past? Hey! You’re Gemini!

  17. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Gemini sun with a stellium. June 17, 1984; 1:37 pm; Granada Hills, CA
    I want to launch my business website, Instagram account and YouTube account to offer my services for tarot readings, energy healing, intuitive readings, other metaphysical services and astrology. I have been practicing for about 4 years with friends, friends of friends, and strangers. This will be a 2nd job to the job I already have in accounting at a manufacturing company for 8 years, my goal is for my healing business to transition it into my full time profession and leave my accounting job. Is there a good time around a new moon or a few days following one that I should look to launch. I was thinking Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius new moons or when Mercury is back to normal speed since it’s my signs ruler. I was hoping the Jupiter in Libra would be an asset to being conjunct my ascendant, in my 5th house of creative projects and trine my Gemini and Aquarius planets. Also, I wanted to know if the energy of the sun conjuncting Jupiter next week would be a good time to present myself since its close to my asc. Lastly, with launching this year will this help boost my chances for more income when Jupiter goes into Scorpio next year with both professions? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You are heavily Gemini so wait until Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is well out of Retrograde Shadow from 7th October. This is a good time to review, rethink, reschedule, reiterate, relaunch. If anyone out there still honestly thinks that life is back to normal just because Mercury went direct, I can only say four words. Michelle. Obama. Passport. Hack! Spin your wheels for another couple of weeks and see what you come up with. Heavily Gemini people do best with a pen and notebook and a lot of space for crossing out. The key to everything is to ask what you can do to serve others. What can you do to fulfil your duty to other people? It’s not a Scorpio thing, it’s a Virgo thing, but it will push a few buttons in your chart which matter far more, long-term (as in, 12 years from now).

  18. A past lover and I had just recently reconnect around June-July, but only over the phone. Then we had a falling out I guess, I really don’t know yet, but he just disappeared on me n hasn’t called back when he told me he would, which would have been this past lunar eclipse day, September 16. It’s not like him to say something and it follow through N on it. But I got a little too emotional n was extremely disappointed and proceeded to send him a slew of emails a day or two later, to express my upset and hurt, confusion and disappointment that his unresponsive was and lack of follow through on his part had caused me. I still haven’t heard from him yet. I don’t understand what happened. But all I really want to know is whether or not he and I will be able to work through this and have a chance of reuniting to rekindle a romantic relationship again before the end of 2016? Can you please share you’re insights on this with me, please. He is an Aires born April 5, 1972 in S Florida.

    1. I am sorry your Aries ex let you down. October is decision time for him, about you, or another past, present or potential lover – so one way or another he must make up his mind. In general, you will benefit from more love life choices over the next 13 months as we are going to see a chain of separations and divorces, which means a new wave of single people who may be just right for you – their experience has taught them about how to play fair. Obviously this Aries is not playing fair. I am sorry about that.

  19. Hi Jessica

    I have only just become a member, so I have still lots of learning to do on my birth chart. In your reading, it states Chiron alongside Neptune, fairytale stories, how does this relate to my personal horoscope? I have been stuck in my career for the last 6 years even though during this time I obtained a masters degree. No matter how execelled in my position, I have not received promotions or benefits. I am constantly in the shadow of others whom I have to mentor. I have applied to other companies and nothing has come through as yet. Please share your insights as whether u see any progressive change for my career in terms of position and money. Thanks Sue

    1. You are slowly coming out of the worst work cycle in 29 years. A lot of stuck anger and frustration needs to be released, as Mars was retrograde in this zone of your chart for such a long time this year. You will find what you want from work from the final quarter of 2017 and by 2018 be extremely happy with your new role and lifestyle. You do not sit on your hands until then, though! If you do not already have a second ‘calling’ (for example, taking art classes on the weekends or pursuing bell-ringing on week nights) then it is time to get one. Sue, you have a strong need to escape from the real world through your goals, ambitions, mission and position. This will not sit very easily with your regular career so to feel happier, use the time you would normally spend watching television or reading, to get out there and chase personal ambitions which have nothing to do with earning a crust or dealing with people politics – and everything to do with your own definition of success. Sometimes the real job is not the job we are paid for 9 to 5.

  20. Hi Jessica, I’d appreciate some insight on my current love story. I’m 24/10/1987 and he is 12/06/1987. I read a lot online about our compatibility and all I read is devastating as I see it with my own eyes, but I just love him! He just recently cried and asked for second chance and now he’s saying he’s not ready to commit! He’s confusing me and I really need to decide for myself should I go or should I stay!

    1. You two need to go through the rest of November and December to figure this out, but once you have both had that talk, you will be set up for 2017 and it will be a lot easier than 2016 was. You are going through this cycle with him – he can only have it every 29 years – and so his tears are really coming from the heart and soul. Please try to get this finished (in writing) whatever you two decide before Mercury is Retrograde Shadow – around 14th November would be great, because it’s a commitment either way. If you are still talking/deciding in December it may not be until January that everything can be pinned down.

  21. Hi Jessica
    I started a new relationship with someone (4th October- very near the libra date you said I would). Unfortunately at the end of November he was contacted by someone he was once in love with but couldn’t be with at the time. In the last few days he has decided to go back to her. (He is Gemini- 01.06.79 2pm) In your opening paragraph above you say avoid end of November to mid December for decisions…I wonder what might the effect of making choices now might be? Thank you. I’m a new member but loving your site.

    1. I’m so sorry. He is making a really hard choice and it is still not going to be easy for him! Mr. Gemini is choosing to go back to his ex on the toughest cycle in 29 years. You will still have a wonderful Christmas. He will either change his mind (again) and be back, or – something that might be more fun for you – you will turn your attention to another man. You have Jupiter (luck, timing, growth, hope) at 20 Libra in your Seventh House of partnerships in December right on Bacchus at 20 Libra in your chart. Bacchus is about pure pleasure. So with him or another it’s a champagne month, eventually. Whatever he decides, he has a lot of maturing to do through love, now through Christmas 2017. It is his tough teacher. I do think December will be full of more surprises for you so just keep dancing.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been involved with a Gemini (June 3 72- 1:13p Montreal, QC) since Sept 2015 and it’s been going back and forth since then. We had a break in Jan 2016 because I was confronted (literally) with the fact that he was seeing someone else. I’ve now come to find it was multiple others. We moved in together over the new year (a couple of months ago), but now I am finding out the truth, but I still feel like there is more to know. Like he was still seeing someone until recently, can you shed light? Any help would be appreciated.


    1. I am very sorry this man has been so deceitful – it must be very hard to deal with. You were born with Saturn at 22 Libra in your Seventh House of love and sex and this whole episode has arrived with Uranus opposing Saturn, moving across 20, 21, 22, 23 Libra. Meanwhile Jupiter is close by, which is helping you along – good. I’m sure you know that Saturn describes where you have lessons to learn, usually quite tough karma to accept (things that are not your fault; that you neither created nor asked for – but must be dealt with). This particular Saturn-Uranus opposition could only happen like this, once in your life. Mr. Gemini is your teacher. What are you learning? That you were under-protected against what you feared – the loss of love. When people under-protect on Saturn they don’t structure their lives firmly or securely enough and let anybody/anything in, at tremendous risk. There is a kind of avoidance or denial and so actually, they put themselves in a very difficult position. Another classic Saturn pattern is to fear being single, to the point where you will date just about anybody, or let them move in with you – and of course that’s not an answer either. If it makes you feel any better, he is having the toughest year for about three decades. But actually, the less mental energy you put into thinking about him, the better. Lesson learned – he was your teacher – nothing more to gain from going over and over this. You will have another chance with someone else. Read more about Saturn to understand this placement in your chart.

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