Dazed and Confused? It’s Your Neptune Cycle!

If you are feeling dazed and confused, you are probably experiencing Neptune travelling across your personal birth chart, at the exact degree (number) as one of your own horoscope factors.

If you are feeling dazed and confused, you are probably experiencing Neptune travelling across your personal birth chart, at the exact degree (number) as one of your own horoscope factors. Since January 1st 2016, Neptune has been moving across 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 degrees of Pisces. If you are a Premium Member and have your personal birth chart close by, check now to see if you have anything at 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 in your astrological profile. Boom! It’s a Neptune cycle. If you feel as if you’re drifting, floating or in over your head – that’s Neptune.


card neptune - Dazed and Confused? It's Your Neptune Cycle!


Neptune People, Organisations and Situations

Neptune cycles often manifest as particular people (or personality changes in people) with a powerful influence on you. Neptune rules the ocean. If you can picture some individuals pulling on you, like the tides pulling on the sand, you will begin to get some idea of who/what is influencing you. Neptunians, as I call them, tend to have three or more personal horoscope factors in Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces so if you have a strongly Piscean person around you, he or she can add to the ‘dazed and confused’ nature of your life.

Men or women who have a strong Neptune theme in their own horoscopes can also be the Neptunians who add to the mess, muddle or chaos in your life. This beautiful mosaic of a school of fish describes it really well (below).

If you also have anything in your personal birth chart at Pisces 7, 8, 9, 10 and/or 11 degrees then this can also be the issue. You are generating your own confusion! However it’s easily fixed. Neptune cycles need to be contained and controlled with boundaries.


Neptune in Pisces 600x448 - Dazed and Confused? It's Your Neptune Cycle!
Strongly Piscean people can add to the muddle.


Spotting Neptunian People, Organisations and Situations

Once you identify the classic signs of a Neptune cycle you are on your way to managing it. In astrology we associate Neptune/Pisces with all the aquatic, oceanic and watery metaphors. So to begin with, you are probably feeling all at sea.

There may be a sense that you don’t know if you’re coming or going. Pisces as a zodiac symbol shows two fish swimming in opposite directions. That sums it up very well. So does the word floundering, which reminds us of the fish known as a flounder.

Sidney Hall   Uranias Mirror   Pisces 1 - Dazed and Confused? It's Your Neptune Cycle!
Pisces by Sidney Hall.


How to Spot Neptune Transits in Your Life

Neptune is rather like a river bursting its banks, or ocean waves flooding over the side of a ship. Below, you can see the Seine in Paris. Neatly contained and controlled. Under a Neptune transit, it can feel as if the walls are crumbling or the banks are bursting. Particular people, situations or organisations can do this to us – they are manifesting or channelling Neptune.

a2e24983bad995d1a0510a1e544ce953 - Dazed and Confused? It's Your Neptune Cycle!
Paris. Neptune transits blur the maps.



*You are sleeping or dreaming in a way which unbalances your waking life. It’s like The Electric Prunes song, I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night.
*You are constantly getting lost. Maps are the boundary lines which contain a city. If you are always wandering off course, you may have a Neptune transit.



Electric Prunes   I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night - Dazed and Confused? It's Your Neptune Cycle!
I Had Too Much To Dream. I had a Neptune transit.


Drugs and Alcohol Add to the Confusion

The astrologer Robert Hand in his classic 1976 book Planets In Transit associates Neptune even with prescribed medication, and we associate Neptune cycles with altered states – chemical changes. Even the drugs your doctor gives you can add to the muddles on this cycle. Then we have the classic line-up of marijuana, cocaine, speed and heroin – not to mention alcohol, which astrologers have been linking to Neptune ever since his discovery in 1846.

If you are around people who have addiction issues and are all at sea, floundering, in over their heads, and so on – you are being ‘Neptuned’ and there is only one solution. Boundaries!

Submarines and the Subconscious
Anything with the word ‘sub’ in front of it describes the Neptune experience. The subconscious, accessed through hypnosis, dreams and therapy is top of the list. The submarine is associated with deep sea excursions and therapists, particularly Jungians, seek to explore the depths of the subconscious mind. If your subconscious is running your real/waking life to the point where you don’t actually feel as if you’re captain of the vessel any more, you may be experiencing a serious Neptune transit.

The Internet and Boundaries
The internet is a good example of Neptune. Even the name (which hides the word ‘net’) reminds us of fishing nets. The internet is also where we find phishing. As the whole world moves through the Neptune in Pisces cycle, the internet is washing away or subtly eroding boundaries. Good manners – gone. Privacy – gone. Anonymity rules and so does hacking, stalking and surveillance.

If you are feeling Neptuned, you may be spending too much time online, or you may be too wide open to the strange ‘transparency’ of the web. Just as sea water (Neptune) is transparent if it’s unpolluted, the idea of seeing straight through everything and everybody is typical of this cycle. Yet, there is also distortion. Just as the water distorts the shells on the ocean floor, we are not really experiencing true transparency with the internet at all.

Fakes and Imitations

The word ‘cod’ refers to Britain’s most famous fish, but it’s also a slang term for fake. Cod was once the cheap imitation of more expensive fish, so a ‘cod’ is a version – not the real thing. The internet is full of fake names and faces. Avatars and false identities. All these Neptune/Pisces ideas are typical of the cycle.

Flakes and Flakey People
Flake is another famous fish, this time in Australia. We speak about ‘flakey’ people who are unreliable, late, missing, slippery, elusive, evasive and all the rest. It is very common to be strongly affected by flakey people on a Neptune cycle.

Art, Photography, Film and Television
We associate art movements like Impressionism and Surrealism with Neptune. If life feels surreal then you may have a Neptune transit on your hands. If life is blurred, unclear, losing its sharp edges – then you may be living an impression of reality, not the real thing at all! Alcohol of course blurs the vision. That is why so many French Impressionists drank Absinthe.

imgres 4 - Dazed and Confused? It's Your Neptune Cycle!
Absinthe and Impressionism.


Boundaries Contain and Control Neptune Cycles

Just as the ocean can be controlled – as much as is possible – by sea walls – so can a Neptunian person, situation or organisation be contained by the conscious setting of boundaries. Water actually obeys rules. Fish can be put into a fish tank. Natural pools on the beach can hold (even) the sea. If you hold that image of using walls, plugs, dams, barriers and so on – you can find a way to work with who/what surrounds you.

A very common issue with this cycle is a lack of punctuality. There may also be forgetfulness. There could be messiness (more chaos). Not remembering or knowing what the date is, also points to Neptune. More seriously, you could hit something/someone that goes way beyond random, to downright dangerous illegality. The magic word for any Neptune cycle is NO. The magic symbol to keep in your mind’s eye is a stop sign.

This image from @tomfishpaw on Twitter which appeared on my timeline as I was writing this story sums it up really well. The rather surreal, strange, dreamlike nature of the fish tank suits Neptune. Note the STOP sign.

Via tomfishpaw on Twitter - Dazed and Confused? It's Your Neptune Cycle!
From @tomfishpaw on Twitter.


Your Questions For Me

If you are a Premium Member then you can ask me a question about Neptune – your personal astrological birth chart will pop up so I can address issues directly and give you some idea of the timing of the cycle – and what to watch out for. This painting by Monet shows how an uncontrolled Neptune transit can feel. There are some tried, tested and trusted ways to stop the overwhelm, chaos and typical ‘all at sea’ atmosphere, though. I can go into this more, with your questions.


Neptune Monet copy 600x450 - Dazed and Confused? It's Your Neptune Cycle!



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196 Responses

  1. Hi Jess
    So I have been very confused about what to do with my life , I can’t seem to settle on anything , I think I will like something and when I do it , I realise I don’t really want to after all , can you give me some advice ?



    1. Okey dokey, so you have Mars at 10 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, home, property and place – your town or country. Your natural urge with your people or your place in the world is to push, push, push and make things happen, but you currently have Neptune hanging around at 10 Pisces, so this usual drive you have is very much affected. At the same time you were born with the Ascendant at 9 Virgo, so Neptune at 9 Pisces is right opposite that (this is your image, role, title, label, reputation) and with the Descendant at 9 Pisces, Neptune is conjunct. No wonder you feel confused and you can’t settle. This is pretty natural on a cycle like this. I can even give you the dates. Neptune was hanging around 9/10 Pisces in April 2015-September 2016 then back on your case January 2015, intensifying through to March this year. He will then move back to 10/9 Pisces from August this year through to February 2017. So this is a short-term cycle. It does, however, affect your relationship with a former, current or potential partner as well (the Descendant). The best way to handle Neptune transits is to reduce the Neptune in your life! So look at how drugs and alcohol affect you or those around you. Look at (alternatively) a lack of boundaries if there are people crossing the line all over the place. Do non-Neptune things like gardening, walking on grass, cooking/building – anything practical and hands-on that keeps it real and keeps you grounded. This is not the time to be pursuing dreams, psychics, too much meditation and all those other Neptunian joy rides that unground you. The confusion will pass but in the meantime just gently remove whomever/whatever is ‘Neptuning’ you.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the article! Always love reading your work.

    I have Neptune at 8 Capricorn, Ceres and Diana at 8 Aquarius as well as Proserpina at 9 Capricorn. Could these explain my feeling all at sea with my career-associated group? (In my line of work, the ‘group’ you belong to is like a name tag that people identify). And the best way to handle this?

    Another factor I have that matches the numbers is Venus at 11 Pisces that also almost square Mars at 10 Sagittarius. Perhaps you could give me an insight if and how these two factors might be affected bt the Neptune cycle?


    1. Thank you very much. So you have Neptune at 8 Capricorn natally in your Tenth House of career, status, success and ambition. You were born to pursue a position, mission or ambition which is a holiday from reality. Tied into this, constantly, is your role as go-between (Proserpina conjunct Neptune) keeping two rather powerful people or organisations (or two sides) content, within your chosen field or work sphere. The group psychology of some kind of community, network or tribe – particularly involving friends – will always play a part in the story, though perhaps at a distance. So yes, you have accurately spotted Neptune passing over 8/9 Pisces (he moves back there shortly) as the ‘all at sea’ cycle. You should see the issues end when he finally moves off 9 Pisces for good, from January 2017. A separate story altogether is Venus at 11 Pisces square Mars at 10 Sagittarius. You will have Neptune conjunct natal Venus for large parts of 2016 and 2017, so look at your subconscious, your dreams, your channelled information – or on a more practical note, any role you play behind the scenes, or any plans you make where you are virtually invisible, operating very much in secrecy. This is a big one! Hit ‘Venus’ on Search on this website to find out more about how this planet operates in your Twelfth House. Be sharply aware of people, organisations or situations which have no boundaries. The square to Mars suggests that your pursuit of travel, or travel in the mind, would be affected at the same time. Mars is in the Ninth House ruling relocation or journeys to other districts, regions or countries – but also the intellectual journeys of the internet, academia, education and deep involvement with foreign cultures or belief systems.

  3. Hi Jessica when does the Neptune cycle end?
    Also what purpose is this neptune cycle for and what part of my chart is affected? Is this about setting boundaries and saying no (that is what i got from the blog)?
    Will i be washed up in a different perspective?
    I am a psychic and a Clinical hypnotherapist and mind travel is what i do for myself and my patients to heal.
    You are right that is how i have felt dazed drunk wishy washy (lol) drifting with high tides and low!
    But i have learnt to handle and go with the flow.

    1. Neptune will be in Pisces until 2025 so this is a long cycle. You have Pluto at 11 Libra and the Ascendant at 11 Pisces and Descendant at 11 Virgo – so you are powerfully affected by transiting Neptune at 11 Pisces in 2016 and 2017. It’s so unusual to have Neptune conjunct your Ascendant that you may want to look at how you are seen, and how you appear. Is there any distortion there? Is there any confusion for yourself and others about your brand, name, reputation, image, photograph and so on? With so much emphasis on Libra (Seventh House) and the Descendant (the other person on the scales, across from you) you might also want to look at how Neptune is blurring the issue with a former, current or potential partner – perhaps alternatively an enemy.

  4. So interesting! I feel as if I’m affected, especially feeling lost at sea at times, could be a result of the people around me, but can you go into more detail based on my chart? I’m curious to know. Thanks!

    1. You have Mercury at 11 Capricorn and Uranus at 11 Scorpio (another reader also has Mercury at 11 Capricorn!) As a result of this sextile in your birth chart, Neptune at 11 Pisces is certainly having an impact on your career (Capricorn) and your money, property or business (Scorpio). Something or someone is drifting through, in 2016 and 2017, having quite an impact on confidential matters – or any role you play behind the scenes. Of course when we talk about sexually intimate financial arrangements like mortgages or settlements (or joint bank accounts) it’s usually under wraps. Ditto the last will and testament or legacy – it’s often taboo to even talk about it. Yet – it might not be a bad idea to look at all this while Neptune is passing through. Clear the mist.

  5. Hi Jessica

    Another really informative article – I’m actually starting to learn, well a bit.

    So. After being on the receiving end of Neptune triggering Mercury 11(thank you for that feedback) I’m obviously very interested in what I need to watch out for and over what period. Any insight on this would be very appreciated. Neptune certainly got my attention.

    Many thanks

    1. I am glad the astrology is making sense. Aesculapia is at 11 Virgo and Mercury is at 11 Capricorn in your chart. Neptune at 11 Pisces in May, June, July, August – and for large chunks of 2017 – is having an effect on your work (Virgo) and career (Capricorn). Look at your body, too, and the way your physical condition is intricately connected to your feelings about serving others, succeeding, doing your duty, ‘making it’ or staying at the top.

  6. Dear Jessica,

    I hardly have any planet/asteroid in 7-11 degrees and only one asteroid Ops in Pisces. Am I then under the influence of this Neptune cycle in any way? Asking this question because lately I am completely at sea about my relationship with both my former and potential partner. I do not know where I stand with them, shall I stay, shall I move on,have I been betrayed or, am I assuming things. Is this state of confusion related to my Neptune?

    Also, I generally feel that my personality is more Pisces than Aries. But how can I have Pisces influence on me when I have no major planet in that sign? Would very much appreciate your insightful comments in this regard.

    1. You have Fortuna at 12 Libra and Neptune has been passing over 11 Pisces and will reach 12 Pisces in days. This is enough to make you feel all at sea about your former and potential partners. Look up Fortuna in Search. Fortuna in your chart describes how you unconsciously ‘blindly’ make things happen in love. Become more aware of what you do and say, and how you send everything up and down with your lovers. Look at the images of Fortuna in art as well. She is the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot – the blindfolded goddess who spun the wheel of destiny for men. When they were up, they were up. When they were down, they were down. The good news is you will fix this pattern in your life, if you want to, starting September 2016.

      1. I feel similar to what the reader had mentioned about not knowing where I stand. Would Fortuna mean the same thing in my chart or is it the Libra placement here that gives it that meaning?

        1. Fortuna in Libra is something you need to analyse a bit more closely as she is famously blindfolded, so this is where you ‘fly blind’ or function without realising what you are doing. It is easy to say that the upsets (the extreme highs and lows of being on top of the world sexually/romantically or down at rock bottom) are because of a lover. Or you could even blame something larger than yourself. You have a lot to gain from backtracking with exes though and finding out how you unwittingly, unknowingly (at the time) contributed to the topsy-turvy nature of what went down. The pattern is often repeated over a lifetime.

  7. I think I have a highly neptunian chart, and neptune transiting through pisces doesn’t help my descendant. My husband is not available(his Dob : Apr 10, 1974, 1305 hrs, Bombay) in my life due to his career and his basic emotional make up is rather cold and detached. He doesn’t bother respecting his promises or remember anything to be done. I feel like I am constantly ‘gaslighted'(to use the Ingrid Bergman movie reference), and doubting everything I do and feel. It is tough living like a single parent to a special child, full of self doubt and an absent partner.

    How much neptune in my chart can I deal with without drowning thus? How do I cope with other neptunian people around me?

    1. Yes, Neptune rules gas so feeling ‘gaslighted’ is a sure sign that you are going through this cycle. It ends, so take heart. Your issues with your husband will be resolved one way or another from September and no later than the final quarter of next year. Stay or go, the problems will be over. In the meantime, quit the self-doubt. This has nothing to do with you, or who you are. Are you writing down your dreams? Your dreams will help you enormously. In fact, explore the world of dreams and their interpretation. My friend Jane Teresa Anderson is a very good online dream coach with many free features – at Dreamsight.

      1. This is with reference to a reply above. My Fortuna is at 16 Aquarius. Would that influence my groups? That area is a concern too though with my partners too I have this lost feeling of wondering if it’s truly over, and it’s time to move on but I still cling to hope.

        It’s the Pisces moon that makes me so lost? And natal Neptune squaring it and opposing mercury though Pluto trines it too.

        Thanks in advance for your help. This is a wonderful service you offer to lost souls.

        1. Ah, thank you. You are very Piscean/Neptunian. You have Neptune exactly opposite Mercury in your chart which is a big deal in your horoscope. Mercury is at 8 Gemini and Neptune is at 8 Sagittarius. Every time you use the internet, you study, write emails, send text messages, use your voice (across any medium) – you run into Neptune. Any person born with stuff at 8 degrees will trigger the pattern too – I am not sure if the people in your groups have this, or your former partners. It’s easily managed if you are just aware of the fact that writing/surfing the web will really bring it on. Keep an eye on the time you are spending online in particular. You also need to keep it real when it comes to travel, moving (or fantasising about either) as Neptune is in your Ninth House of journeys, emigration, foreigners and so on. The best antidote to Neptune is often a normal, common-sense outsider who can cut through the fog for you.

          1. I am fed up of Neptune. I struggle with clear communication, both transmission and reception.

            My former partner has Mars at 8 Taurus (north node and Sun at 18 Aries, Saturn at 15 Aries, Mercury at 1 Aries, Chiron 0 Aries, Venus at 28 Pisces and Moon at 10 Leo). His Neptune at 26 Scorpio opposes my Sun. His Pluto at 20 Virgo is close to my Ascendant. He wants to us to be good friends, which I am not very comfortable with. But at the same time, I have been unable to close that chapter completely.

            Please guide me out of this no-mans land.

          2. Oh okay, so your former partner has Neptune at 26 Scorpio opposite your Sun in Taurus (one degree orb). I suspect karma is at work here as you both recently had the North Node and South Node going through Scorpio and Taurus. The last issues fade from 2nd August when Mars Retrograde is finally out of Scorpio. That is the cycle behind this unfinished emotional business and the unresolved issues.

  8. Hi Jessica
    this is a great article and boy am I feeling this right now! i am about to go before a town council early june) to get permission to develop property where i live so I can move on. the heritage group opposes it. so when you say: More seriously, you could hit something/someone that goes way beyond random, to downright dangerous illegality. The magic word for any Neptune cycle is NO. The magic symbol to keep in your mind’s eye is a stop sign.

    what do you mean by this?
    would it be better to withdraw and wait for a better time. I feel i am floundering and have so many unanswered questions in the process.

    thanks – always look forward to your insightful articles.

    1. Thank you. I think I’ve looked at your issues with this town council and your property before. You are going to face fierce opposition with this timing because we have a stellium moving into Cancer, the sign which rules the past, heritage, property and tradition – and it’s all opposite Pluto, so this is quite a battle – I am not sure if you want that. In actual fact, your big property revolution starts in 2018, although I do realise that is quite far into the future.

      1. yes you have written to me about this before and I appreciate it very much. is 2018 a better time to do this? i live on this property and want to sell it. i could withdraw my application now.

        1. The decision is yours to make, but if you want the maximum information, you may want to wait until the Sun moves into Cancer (at least) from the final week of June 2016, as it will slowly shed more light on the whole situation, through to the third week of July. The more information you have, obviously, the better – and Cancer has always ruled property, patriotism, locals, the land and so on.

          1. Hi Jessica
            Please forgive me for emailing you again. I would not normally be so pushy but I am so confused by it all. i changed my date to 7/14. my only other choice.

            i am wondering how the last week in june could impact this since we will not have talked – either side as yet.

            again thanks

          2. That’s okay. This is obviously a big concern for you. You are the only person who can really make the final judgement call. I can only repeat that in the short term, you will have a fight on your hands (the Cancer-Capricorn clashes ahead are about belonging, place, identity, land – versus ambition, business, growth, goals). So the issue is, what is peace of mind worth to you, short term? Only you can figure out what price you are prepared to pay. Longer term you will be involved in what I can only describe as a financial revolution post 2018. It is global and it is internet/phone based.

  9. Hi Jessica
    Another interesting article. i am starting to learn a lot through them and really appreciate it.
    So, I think that Neptune cycle is affecting me in my home life, my health etc.
    Can you give me an insight about it?
    Thank you!

    1. Yes you have Apollo at 11 Virgo in your chart in the Sixth House, which rules your lifestyle, daily routine, housework, paid work, unpaid work – and very particularly your body – so food, drug, drinks, doctors, healers, fitness and so on. Neptune at 11 Pisces has been right opposite that and he will hang around for a while. The best way to handle it is to ‘do’ your Virgo more strongly. Read more widely about Virgo and what it means and throw yourself into that way of being!

  10. Hi Jessica,
    is this affecting me?!
    I definitely have issues with saying NO, and so on…
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Neptune is at 13 Sagittarius in your birth chart and you were also born with the Ascendant at 13 Virgo and Descendant at 13 Pisces so that’s a T-Square. The ‘T’ stands for tension so there is great tension between that part of you that wants to be nice and allow everyone/everything in – and be accommodating – and another part of you which realises life can become quite wobbly when that happens. You also have Diana at 13 Aries too. Basically, any time a slow-moving planet gets to 13 degrees (it’s been happening this year) the whole pattern is set off. Awareness is all it takes to fix things. Just be super conscious of the way you let everybody/everything cross the line and nip it in the bud.

    2. you mean be very careful about my health too, except my every day life?
      An issue has arise about my health and will find out on 6th of June..(2nd opinion)
      So I have to re examine the results ? Like a true Virgo would have done?
      Thank you again!

      1. Yes please, go over everything to do with your health in a true Virgo style. Beyond that, the key to the body (in astrology) is the subconscious mind and the way it drives the bus for us. Have a look at that. Hypnosis and dreams are two classic ways into the subconscious. The reason we link them in your horoscope is the opposition between Pisces and Virgo. Pisces is the floating ‘mind’ and Virgo is the head-to-toe physical stuff.

  11. Hi Jessica and thank you for this great service. I feel like I have been neptuned by a former partner ( pisces rising) starting a bit more than 5 years ago, i left him a bit more than 3 years ago, most disastrous relationship of my life as he was a psychopath, no kidding. Last july a former lover (piscean) returned for a 7 month fling. Relationships have been dissillusioning and oh dear if that trend continues until 2023….currently trying to unravel my huge defence mechanism that has made me commitment phobic. At the moment I am indecisive about my home and country, wanting to make a wise move with real estate and be closer to grand children in australia but i feel it is almost the right time, yet confused and impossible to get decisive one way or the other. I feel a move to OZ for the above reasons is inevitable but the timing question is elusive.

    1. It’s a pleasure. You were born with Uranus at 17 Leo in your Fifth House, which rules your grandchildren and also your lovers. The reason you have been feeling squeezed is the transit of Pluto at 17 Capricorn and in more recent times Uranus at 17 Aries. So this isn’t about Neptune at all (don’t worry you won’t be saddled with Neptunian lovers until 2023). What is going on is actually the reshaping of your relationship with your grown-up children and grandchildren, and also the reshaping of your approach to love. It might help to read more about Uranus and to understand that you are always going to have tons of freedom, space, excitement and independence in your love life, yet the certainty and guarantees will not be there. Neither will the predictability and for that you should be grateful. There will never be anything dull, boring or routine about your sex life and sometimes it’s easier to just make friends with that idea. Commitment phobia is common. The Australia/emigration question is different altogether. If you are going to do this, do it quickly – your timing is immaculate up until the opening days of September.

  12. Hi Jessica

    I have quite a few Pisces factors but also MC at 11 Scorpio, Jupiter at 12 Taurus, Pluto at 11 Virgo and sun at 13 Gemini, so a range of conjunctions, trines and that square with my natal sun. Things really shifted in last two weeks to a place of ill ease whereas prior to this all was balanced and calm. Any chance Neptune’s at work here and what to do to counter or balance this effect?

    1. Yes, you have Neptune bouncing around your horoscope at quite sensitive points. Neptune’s opposition to your natal Pluto in Virgo is a case in point and it’s probably the most important transit. Have a look at what you subconsciously do, to get in your own way – with your work, your daily routine, your lifestyle and specifically your body. There are quite a few people born with Virgo factors ruling their jobs, housework, unpaid work, drugs, food, drink, doctors, healers and so on right now – and they all have what you are going through, which is a Neptune opposition. This classically results in slipping and sliding around. When in doubt, do your Virgo side. That means reorganising your working day and the way you approach your body, mind and spirit so that you have something you can stick to – even rigidly – to counterbalance the Neptune transit.

  13. Wow – every time you write about Pisces my jaw drops because I relate to EVERYTHING you say – very interesting and TRUE! I actually saw a red stop sign drawn on a letter on my kitchen table recently and I really noticed it – it was moved and then it popped out at me again; after reading this, I felt like it truly was a sign. I have a tough time with this having 3 Pisces factors in my chart and now understanding how many planets in my chart are effected with those degrees. There are so many examples that are happening, from the internet (fake accounts being created) to my daily routine to boundaries at work that you mentioned in this post that are exactly describing my life recently. This year more than any, I have had it with Pisces/Neptune drama; it’s been a tough ride. Any and all advice from you would be lovely. Thank you, Jessica. 🙂

    1. Thank you. Yes, the key is in the Stop sign. Sometimes it helps to get things out of your head and write/draw them in a notebook so you can actually see who/what is confusing you, or creating the drama. Then make a list of what to control and contain – and maybe who/what to ditch. Lists are ruled by Virgo and opposite Pisces in the zodiac. Anything Virgo is a truly good antidote for Pisces.

  14. Hi Jessica, I guess I’m a Neptunian (with 3 factors in Pisces) surrounded by what seems to be large organisations of Neptunians!
    Can definitely relate to feeling a little lost at sea this past year. However your horoscopes and articles have kept me from feeling a little less dazed and confused, thank you! I know I should be setting better boundaries but I’m not sure how to do that….sometimes I’m not sure if I should just keep swimming where I am or swim away to a completely different part of the ocean? Any tips for this transit would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    1. Thank you. The key to Neptune transits is to very deliberately minimise the amount of Neptune ‘stuff’ or people in your life. So move away from after-work drinks in particular, and if you are using prescribed or unprescribed drugs, have a look at that. To the long Neptune list to minimise, we might add sleeping too much, taking dreams too seriously, getting too immersed in the psychic world, escaping too often/too long into television or books…you also need to say a firm but polite ‘no’ to people who cross the line with you. People who don’t have any boundaries. It’s surprisingly simple to do. Non-Neptune things like rewarding but boring tasks and chores at home or really physical sport are good ways to get through this cycle. Surrounding yourself with utterly sensible, down-to-earth people is another good way to get some balance.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Uh oh, I have a number of at horoscope factors at 7-11, including Aesculapia at 9 Pisces. Since I’m involved with a Pisces I’m guessing this cycle is going to have some impact on my love life. Any advice, or anything else you see on my chart affected by this Neptune cycle?

        1. This person had one/both parents fail to set boundaries in childhood (unable to say ‘No’) and yet it is surprisingly easy for you to do the same in adulthood. This will certainly help.

  16. Hi Jessica, I don’t seem to have Neptune in the degrees you mention but for the last 4 years or so there have been what seem to me to be nefarious goings on behind the scenes in my career. I thought this might have all worked itself out by now but rather than flushing out the issues, the waters appear to have been further muddied. There are on-going confidential matters but is there anything I need to watch out for do you think? And, when might I be able to get a satisfactory resolution? Romance seems also to be very confusing – someone was on the scene (18/10/1967) but dropped off the radar very recently – suddenly with no warning. I am wondering if this situation was not as it appeared either…

    1. You have Saturn at 14 Pisces in the Twelfth House of secrecy, subterfuge and yes – nefarious activity. I am sure you know Saturn is about ‘hard work karma’ and what you are handed to deal with and ultimately successfully manage. The reason this has all been going off lately is transiting (travelling) Saturn at 14 Sagittarius, so you have what is known as ‘Saturn square Saturn’ in astrology. The trick with this cycle is to make sure you are protected properly. Use your common sense about who/what gets under your radar or has access to your personal world, especially in terms of your life on the internet. May has been intense. The issue then eases, but the closing days of October and opening days of November 2016 will either repeat the same story, or give you the same theme – with a different story. That is when you nail it for good and it’s out of your life. Please don’t worry about the disappearing Libra. You are up for the most stunning cycle in 12 years for love, sex and commitment, starting in the opening days of September 2016. From that point until 2017 you will either resolve the issue that is preventing a proper relationship or find (having done the work) a big door opens.

  17. Hi Jessica

    Confusion and more confusion especially as many doors appear to be closing for me interms of options for future career, life path and happiness. I am in the early planning stages of divorce ( papers are almost ready to serve to him) and I have had to make decisions about relocation for me and my children( we are living overseas) parental plans etc however my professional registration( nursing) is about to lapse and if this happens my dream of emigrating to Australia will never happen to start a new life.. We are all from Uk but I don’t think UK is where I meant to be post divorce…. I need to act now with regards revalidating my prof qualifications. Yikes not enough time. Panic!!!

    1. Okay, so you were born with Saturn at 11 Taurus in your Second House of money, houses, apartments and salary. What is happening to you is Neptune at 11 Pisces, forming a pattern there – you will get back on your feet eventually, but 2016 and 2017 are ‘grounding’ years when you have to work hard to keep things on an even keel. That’s the financial part of the equation. You are a born nurse, with Minerva and the MC (Midheaven) at 21 Cancer and 24 Cancer respectively. Find out more about Cancer, the sign, by hitting Search. The reason you are dealing with temporary challenges to your role as mother and nurse is the square from Uranus across 21 and 24 degrees of Aries. It should help you focus more powerfully on what sort of (future) nurse and mum you want to be, and really recommit to the business of caring and nurturing, one more time. Emigrating is another story again! With Neptune at 0 Sagittarius, it really is your dream to travel or move to another country (and that is a lifelong pattern). You should be thrilled with what unfolds in November and December 2018 when the biggest and best travel and emigration trends in 12 years arrive. You may be still in the UK then or well and truly outside it, yet the ultimate relocation or round-world trip is offered to you then, if you want it. The most urgent concern is revalidating your qualifications, of course you must get on with that right away. You are over the worst, as I am sure you know.

  18. Well Done Jess – another uncanny blog.

    ‘Overwhelmed’, ‘lost-at-sea’ and ‘boundaries’ are re-occuring thoughts and patterns for me lately. Especially regarding career (???) and finances. Any insights would be appreciated?

    With Thanks x

    1. You have a bunch of horoscope factors at 9 degrees so Neptune passing over 9 degrees of Pisces is washing over a huge part of your personality, life and times. Factors at 9 Libra, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces in your chart are all being ‘Neptuned’ but the good news is, you are almost out of this cycle. Virgo in particular rules your career, so that may explain why you have been feeling all at sea. (Neptune at 9 Pisces has opposed your Virgo 9 placement). Having faced this April-August last year and February-March this year, you now have the last part of the cycle, September 2016 through January 2017, then it’s out of your life. The best way to deal with this transit? Get a notebook. Make a list. All the boring-but-real stuff works really well to contain and control what is going on.

    2. Born with the Nodes at 22 Taurus/Scorpio the issue is not so much Neptune as the fact that you have Mars going backwards and forwards very close to this spot, at 23 Scorpio. Time will fix this. In fact from 2nd August you will know exactly where you are headed and why.

  19. Hi Jessica. Can you take a look at my chart please as to how Neptune is affecting my current status? thank you.

    1. You have Fortuna at 11 Pisces in the Twelfth House. Neptune at 11 Pisces is conjunct (or sitting on) this. At the same time as you can see from your chart, you have other patterns at 11 degrees too. There are four areas of your life which are commonly a big deal with this cycle. The first one is the secrets you deliberately conceal from people who are close to you (often for good reasons). The second one is any role you play behind the scenes, where you duck out of sight and allow others to be the name or face. The third one is your subconscious mind, and the part it plays in your waking life. The fourth and final one is your etheric or astral body, described by your aura and chakras – which you use when you are working psychically, astral travelling or dreaming. Ask yourself which of the four most hovers around you now and target that as the possible core of whatever is unseating you. Chances are there are zero rules with it and that’s half the issue. Also look up Fortuna online. You ‘spin your own wheel’ here and you do it quite blindly so I would say your subconscious mind is a big driver on whatever is going down in your life.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    A great, well timed article for how I currently feel! I feel like since January I have been in a state of flux, a bit aimless. Knowing that something needs to change, but not sure what. As an Aries it’s a strange thing for me as I usually have an aim or goal in sight. I’ve thought about changing jobs/careers/location but can’t make a decision. It’s causing me a great deal of anxiety. From my chart I don’t think I’m what you describe as neptunian but I noticed I have Juno at 11 Pisces. Do you think this is affecting me right now and how do you see this playing out?


    1. Thank you very much. Juno at 11 Pisces is huge, as you seldom see Neptune conjunct (or sitting on) this placement in your chart. Juno is the wife of Jupiter. She rules commitment. She also rules the pros and cons of commitment; the loss of freedom and autonomy that comes from ‘wedding’ yourself to someone or something. Of course, one also gains security and comfort, and a certain status. This all sounds suspiciously like your situation, and Neptune will either work as an atmosphere (confused and confusing, like fog or sea mist descending) or via people who ‘Neptune’ you in some way. This will pass. Please do not be anxious about it. It’s like foggy weather! As you go into 2017 you will learn how to deal with it. Once the cycle is over that year, it is over forever. I suspect the bigger issue is how powerful you want to be, because you could be very powerful indeed. You will see why by 2024.

  21. Thank you.
    I don’t like Neptune at all for some reason. I used to write excellent essays at school, won prises too. As Taurus ascendant he is in eighth house, I have a lot of sexual fantasies. My natal Neptune is in sag at 3 degree. What does it say?
    Your reply is much appreciated.

    1. With Neptune at 3 Sagittarius, your escape from reality is to fantasise about travelling or emigrating. You are moving through a ‘get real’ cycle in relation to this as Saturn passes through Sagittarius – but it is not just you. As you can see from the headlines, the whole world is having issues about borders, passports, airlines and so on. The cycle ends by 2018.

  22. Hi. This may explain so much. Thanks in advance. I have 10 Pisces in Vulcano; 11 Capricorn South Node; 7 Capricorn Mars; 10 Virgo in Uranus; 9 Jupiter Aries; 21 Minverva Pisces; 8 ops Virgo and 11 Cancer in North Node. Sun in Sag 22. Would welcome ANY thoughts.

    In murky situation w/ partner who has 10 Virgo in Pluto; 9 vesta in libra; 0 pisces in vulcano; 14 pisces in chiron; 10 scorpio in pscyhe; 7 gemini in desc; 29 minerva in pisces

    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. Your Neptune at 12 Scorpio is the issue here (Scorpio rules sexually intimate agreements about the house, possessions, money or apartment). If your partner has Psyche at 10 Scorpio that’s pretty close, so 2016-2017 is about clarifying the communication over who owns what/who shares what. Try to reinstate boundaries in writing if you can, or put them in for the first time. This is rather like a promenade a deux between two scorpions! Read more about Scorpio by hitting Search.

      1. I’m afraid I may have been a bit confusing in the previous query. I have Neptune in Scorpio 12. Partner has Neptune in 16 Scorpio. Still a scorpio promenade a deux?

        I also have the following in 7,8,9,10, 11 and Pisces — Pluto in Virgo 10; 9 vesta in libra; 0 pisces in vulcano; 14 pisces in chiron; 10 scorpio in pscyhe; 7 gemini in desc; 29 minerva in pisces.

        Partner has 10 Pisces in Vulcano; 11 Capricorn South Node; 7 Capricorn Mars; 10 Virgo in Uranus; 9 Jupiter Aries; 21 Minverva Pisces; 8 ops Virgo and 11 Cancer in North Node.

        Do you still see the same issues? Sorry for the confusion.

  23. Hi, this explains me a lot I think. Even more so the last week has been awful with me forgetting things and generally messing things up at work. Can you explain for me further? Thank you

    1. You have Mercury at 25 Capricorn in your chart sextile Neptune at 25 Scorpio. Mercury is about your mind, your use of e-mails, paperwork and your communication with people – it’s in the Tenth House of career. Neptune is just what you read – that washing away of boundaries which keep things real, organised and practical! You may want to read more widely about what it means to be born with Mercury Sextile Neptune. Like everything in astrology it just requires awareness. It also needs an outlet. Do you write poetry, keep a journal or take your dreams seriously enough to interpret them? Do you work with your psychic side (it’s there). If you set aside an hour every night or on the weekend to ‘do’ your Mercury/Neptune it might leave you in peace at work. By the way have a look at prescribed medication, drugs and/or alcohol over the course of your whole lifetime – look into what you put into your body.

      1. Would this ‘doing’ of mercury Neptune by writing a journal apply to my mercury opposite Neptune aspect too? And I found out in January I had toxic levels in my blood due to over dose of vitamins. That seriously caused foggy headedness, exhaustion and feeling out of control. Here I was feeling safe with Neptune since I don’t do drugs or alcohol, and am particular about purity in food and other habits, and that too back fired !! 😉

        1. Yes, with Mercury at 8 Gemini and Neptune at 8 Sagittarius, January 2016 was a trigger, when Neptune moved to 8 Pisces and created a T-Square. The good news? It’s temporary. There are creative ways to ‘do’ Mercury-Neptune which I am sure you have stumbled across before. Transits can destabilise the best intentions, though. Sometimes the trick is to just avoid pushing Mercury-Neptune stuff when transiting Neptune is triggering it all. Minimisation has a great deal to recommend it.

  24. Hi Jessica , very interesting article as always . I have been feeling lost from a very long time . Sometimes I feel like I’m unable to decipher what is real and what is not . I feel like I’m just drifting away . It’s been like this from last 6 years . Im not sure if Neptune aspects are affecting me

    1. Thank you M. You have Minerva, Pluto, Cupido all locked into an exact pattern at 29 degrees with Neptune in Sagittarius. That’s actually your whole issue, because any time a transiting (travelling) planet hits 29, the whole thing unfolds. I am not surprised you feel as if it has been affecting you for years; this is something you need to look at for the rest of your life. You have Neptune in the Ninth House so you will ‘drift’ and lose touch with what is real, when you do Ninth House things. What are they? Travelling or emigrating. Fantasising about travelling or emigrating. Studying or teaching. Losing yourself in the world of foreign people and their religions, cultures or ideas. Publishing and the internet, as a whole. As a general rule, if you want to feel more grounded, then just minimise the Ninth House stuff in your life (or at least pull it way back into line so you can control it, and contain it). This will make you feel a lot more earthed. This whole pattern could work really well for you but it needs a nice firm grip. Anyone who has stuff at 29 degrees in his/her horoscope will also trigger it with you, so classically people born at the end of their Sun Sign.

      1. Thanks Jessica . Divorced partner has sun in 27 Capricorn and now current one has vulcano and aesculupia at 29 Leo .

        1. Okay, so these people are all about 27, 28, 29 degree patterns. You are basically dealing with Mars Retrograde over 29, 28 degrees but by the time you read this, a rather prolonged and stressful situation is virtually over. The second half of July and first half of August gives you total closure as Mars goes past one more time – then you move on. And so do they.

  25. Hi Jessica

    I have quite a lot of factors from 7 to 11 I suppose can you please suggest how this cycle is affecting me and how can I work with it to my advantage ? As per the information given by you in past couple of years I have been concentrating upon my shared resources and have made certain amends just finished up with a long cycle with an old friend who was giving me wrong information I was having in the court but thankful to god I have settled my debt on my own successfully and chucked him out of my life . Currently single though I m sharing my account with my father who is scorpio rising but I think I need to plug this one as well . Can you please guide how this cycle will play out based upon my chart so that I can do more improvisation.


    1. Yes, Neptune is triggering a lot of stuff in your chart. The best thing to do is minimise the Neptune in your life and maximise the non-Neptune. Pull back on meditation, mediumship, Tarot cards, chakras, auras, drugs, alcohol, television, films, fantasy computer games and even too much time in the water. More specifically look at Neptune people who may be confused and confusing and have zero boundaries. (They cross the line all the time). What to bring into your life – gardening, walking barefoot on grass/sand, cooking, DIY and anything that is ‘earthy’ so practical, structured, crafty, sensible, and just a bit basic.

  26. Hi Jessica, I have Neptune in Sagittarius and 4 horoscope factors in Pisces. I’ve been battling with an addiction which I finally feel I’m getting a control of. My close family is battling with the same addiction and they are still “all at sea”. Is there anything you could tell me regarding this? I do not wish to distance myself from my family but I also feel this is the first time I’ve been able to set healthy boundaries in my life.

    1. I don’t have your birth chart in front of me unfortunately, but if you have a Pisces stellium then yes, you are vulnerable to ‘too much escape, not enough reality’ and that can often manifest as addiction to drugs or alcohol. Neptune in Sagittarius is about travel or travel in the mind. You can literally get away from the family by study. Neptune is in your Ninth House. You can also do it by hiking, backpacking – or just getting on a bus and exploring some district near you on your weekend. Look up Neptune in the Ninth House for more ways to substitute the usual way of escaping, with something which is actually going to work for you. Reading/education is another way.

  27. Hi Jessica, can you please tell me how Neptune will personally affect me? Thank you.

        1. You have Pluto at 6 Libra and the MC at 11 Libra which has distracted me a little from your Neptune Cycle. Why? Because it’s all about the alchemy you have with former, current and potential partners. It’s about the chemistry you share with your ex, existing other half or potential lover. What I can see as Jupiter the problem solver and life enhancer goes over 6 and 11 Libra in October and November 2016 is pretty fabulous, so do focus hard on that key person, then!

          1. Thank you so much for taking the time out to reply, this is super interesting! I really appreciate all you do for us all xx

  28. Hi Jessica,
    I haven’t ever asked you anything before as I am so new to this that I don’t really know where to start with questions really. I note that I have planets at 9 and 10 in Pisces. I am currently awash with a massive amount of data for a 65,000 word thesis, although with moments of clarity. Is this the main thing that Neptune is affecting or is there more?
    Thanks for any insights.
    Best wishes

    1. Welcome to Premium Membership. Your question is fine, T and you can ask me about your horoscope queries any time. Okay, so the issue is not Neptune it is actually that you were born with Mars at 21 Gemini square Apollo at 21 Virgo and you are actually a lean, mean, writing (and researching) machine. Right now Uranus is passing over 21 Aries so no wonder the thesis is such a huge concern. Mars is in your Third House of writing and study. Apollo is in your Sixth House of work. Uranus is passing through your First House of name, reputation and image. This is going to work out brilliantly for you, but with all that mental energy, you need plenty of time outdoors, exercise and grounding. June is the turning point as you get one ‘Aha’ moment after another about how to do this thing.

  29. Hi There,
    I left the following comment 2 days ago:

    Gypsy May 29, 2016 at 8:42 pm #
    Thanks for the grounding advice. I’ve been looking at my own Lenormand Deck but not getting much sense from them. I feel as though my career limbo will end when more information comes to light – it seems out of my control…bring on the 2nd of August! And can you explain further re: Mars playing with my Nodes?!?! 🙂 Apparently there are alot of influences ‘swimming’ around my chart at the moment. Financially, I’m wanting to tie things up with my former partner at the end of this financial year (26/06/1968 @ 0610hrs BNE Aust). Poor timing?

    Click to EditRequest Deletion
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    When I’m logged in as a premium member I can see it for viewing and that it is waiting moderation. However, the comment does not display unless I’ve signed in. Has this comment actually reached Jess or is lost in cyberspace somewhere? Cheers

    1. Reply to TR: Sorry, there have been some issues with replying to your questions – last days of Mercury Retrograde Shadow – even poor astrologers are not immune! Okay so you have the double whammy of being a Sun Libra with Mars Retrograde in your Second House of cash – and also, as you say, the Node in Scorpio. You have been going through Mercury Retrograde in Taurus (money, across your Taurus Node at 22 degrees and opposite your Scorpio Node at 22 degrees). Then, just for good measure, Mars has been stuck at 23 Scorpio, which is only one degree away – hanging around the Nodes again! The good news is, Mercury finishes his cycle for you, well and truly, after the first week of June. Mars is out of your hair from 2nd August. You may prefer to wait until that’s all gone before you tackle your ex. Long-term you’re so happy though, just wait until Jupiter (the biggest and the best) moves through Scorpio from the end of 2017 into 2018.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    I most certainly do feel dazed and confused. Could you please look at my chart.
    Best wishes

    1. You have Chiron at 12 Taurus in your zone of money, charity, shopping, selling, rent, investment, business, mortgages and so on. You have Neptune sextile Chiron at 11 Pisces (very close) and he will zoom around 12 degrees (exact) into early 2018. This is basically about how you will deal with what you own, earn and owe after 2018. The whole world will be in a massive revolution about all this, by that point. You will be affected by the world, and the world will also affect you. It’s like The Financial Review bent out of shape. All your angles, discoveries and inner decisions about lovely money in the next two years will play their part. Whole new ballgame ahead.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    I have three factors in Pisces – Mercury at 6deg, Venus at 28deg & Bacchus at 8deg. Also Fortuna is in 9deg Sagittarius. I always feel a push pull for each and everything I do. I also create a fantasy world around me, though I’m very well aware of the reality. How will this Neptune cycle affect me.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Like a lot of people posting comments on this story, you actually have a lifetime Neptune transit going on! In other words Neptune is so tightly bound into your horoscope that the fuzzy/foggy feeling is frequent. On the plus side you get to experience a total holiday from the real world more often than most people will ever know. Treat your life like an Impressionist painter. Throw yourself into the journey. Take breaks. Clean your brushes. Remember to eat. Most of all, remember other people have their own reality and you have to fit in with them. Those are key Neptune tricks of the trade (Neptune rules Impressionism).

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I have Moon in Pisces at 12. How will the Neptune retrograde cycle in Pisces this year affect me?


    1. Neptune conjunct your Moon at 12 Pisces is about the following issues: psychic mediumship, the chakra system, the aura, Tarot cards, spiritual healing, crystals, meditation, the etheric body…and in the scientific realm, quantum mechanics, theoretical physics, the multiverse theory and so on. You are drifting into a fascinating yet utterly ungrounded time, through to 2017. That’s fine. Just keep gardening and cooking. Sometimes this cycle corresponds to major issues about dreams, the subconscious mind, Carl Jung, archetypes and the collective unconscious. Take the trip (you will need more time and space to yourself) but come back to us afterwards. Be sharply aware of the impact that prescribed or illegal drugs, and alcohol, can also have on the human constitution. My last word on this transit is – avoid cults. Especially when they are cults pretending to be something benign.

  33. Hey Jessica- great article 🙂 I can really relate to this, and see this with other people too!! I have a lot in my chart at the 7,8,9,10,11 degrees, but not much Pisces- what do I do?!?! Thanks and much love! 😉

    1. You have Mars at 11 Virgo so Neptune at 11 Pisces is right opposite your Mars – clashing with it – so in 2016 and 2017, you will find that your everyday working life, your housework, your lifestyle, your daily routine – is affected by temporary situations which send you out of your normal way of operating. Be very aware of confused and confusing individuals, places, organisations or set-ups and push back. You can read more about this cycle by hitting ‘Pisces’ and ‘Virgo’ on search. Anyone born with stuff at 11 degrees in his/her horoscope may be a trigger. And thank you!

  34. Hi Jessica!

    Thank you for such an insightful article – it certainly helped me understand the Neptune cycle better.

    I would really appreciate your views about the Neptune Cycle in my chart, especially
    regarding relationship dynamics between myself and a group of younger female colleagues and my manager at work. There seems to be quite a bit of underhanded ‘influence and persuasion’ tactics going on, unfortunately. and I’m not handling it very well.. Any advice or comments?

    thanks in advance!

    1. Your situation with these people is temporary and it will be over, one way or another, by the end of June. Looking further ahead you will be thrilled by the new role, project or position in the final quarter of this year. My sympathies about these people and the games going on, but you will be so delighted with your achievements by 2017 you will realise this too also had its purpose.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I have a question about my chart details.
    I’ve done plenty of charts on and other sites and the following angles have always been the same or close to this whether I’ve used Brunswick or Melbourne as my birth location – ASC 22 06 Virgo & IC 25 35 Sagittarius
    But when I enter my birth information into your chart calculator I have a Leo ASC and the IC/MC degree is different, but everything else is right.
    I know you use a different house system, but at one of your events I received a personal birth chart with 0 degrees Aires on the horizon like the one we can access on your site, that you printed out for me which had all the asteroids listed and the Virgo ASC I’m used to and the correct IC degree.
    So I’m not sure why the online chart has given me a different ascendant.
    I’ve tried putting in the longitude and latitude different ways but I never come up with a Virgo ASC.
    Am I doing something wrong or do I indeed have a Leo ASC because it is the first time this has happened in all the years I’ve had charts done.
    I left a similar message with your support team, and they think it may be due to daylight savings, but doesn’t and solar fire etc. take that into account already?
    Sorry for straying off the topic, but It has been driving me crazy

    1. This is a computer programming question for James, Justin and Alyas, who sound as if they are already on the case. Alternatively it may be that the information was entered with a typo (typing error) or there are some daylight saving issues. I should also say that Mercury Retrograde is still with us, and that can cause this kind of question! I will follow it up with them now. In the meantime, as a general rule, if you have Leo Rising then you become well-known (for better or worse) for your involvement with children or young adults. It can be paid or unpaid work involving this much younger generation, or you are the parent or substitute parent who truly takes that role on. Your love life can also make you stand out – once again, for better or worse. Virgo Rising? Again, for better or worse, you become known for your physical condition. Your body. You might be a naturopath or have chronic illness. You may lose a lot of weight in a spectacular way, or be rather well-known for carrying too much. I’ll come back to you about this, anyway!

  36. Jessica I am totally dazed and confused, in all of my reading I feel like a surprise baby is in the cards for some one I care deeply about and my boss is going to leave to pursue personal interest. Am I about to be abandoned on all fronts? My birth chart is ripe for milestones on all the important dates this month, I just wonder if any of this will equal a positive outcome for me on the love front and professionally?

    1. Born with Neptune at 17 Sagittarius and Diana at 17 Scorpio, you are very Neptunian. This means unless you close down your chakras and protect your aura, you will pick up ideas, images and information all around you – and sometimes ahead of time. Do you know how to do this? You can read your own future very easily with this combination (you do not need an astrologer, nor a psychic) but it is crucial that you ‘do’ the rules. Google Gordon Smith, Robert Brown, Margaret Dent, College of Psychic Studies, Betty Shine – I recommend all these teachers.

    2. See my other comment. You are psychic/telepathic/mediumistic with an exact Neptune-Diana semi-sextile. This means chakra and aura hygiene are crucial. Google Gordon Smith, Betty Shine, Margaret Dent, Robert Brown, College of Psychic Studies, Ivy Northage for more.

  37. Hello Jessica
    I would like if you could look ay my chart and tell me alittle about june. Im loking for my dream job now, with art ,can you see if im getting ant luck this month?, i also need to aproach a lawyer that i can trust and i wonder it this month is good for that , whith neptune and all retrogrades in june?.
    Best regards Liz

    1. You will gather information about your dream job, as well as your real jobs, in June that helps you get to Christmas so ask as many probing questions as you can. This is information gathering time even if it does not deliver immediately. If your lawyer search is about an enemy, rival or opponent (I assume) then actually take a step back and look at the person/organisation against you in far more detail. Check out which lines they have crossed or may still be able to cross. It is often very subtle and never official.

    2. See other comment – June is research time – ask questions that help you later on, with work. With the lawyer, go back a step and look at the person against you. Are you protected against him/her crossing the line all the time?

  38. Hello Jessica , I have a whole lot of planets at those degrees and a stellium at 9 degree. I have hygia 8 cancer , at 9 degree I have Pluto / libra , Apollo / Leo , panacea / Aries and Neptune in saggi . At 10 degree I have moon / Scorpio and cupido / libra . At 11 degree I have Minerva / libra and ops in saggi . What does this say ? And how should I overcome ?

    1. This is quite a long cycle for you, but the more you get used to saying ‘No’ to confused and confusing people (or organisations) the easier it becomes. You also need to be sharply aware of influences which are Neptunian in nature – so prescribed or illegal drugs, alcohol, and even healthy pursuits like meditation (which might go on for too long) or hypnosis, psychics, mediums and the rest. Basically, treat 2016 and 2017 as Neptune journeys, when a little awareness of fog/fuzz helps you in avoiding it. Foggy, fuzzy situations, organisations, substances and places are best handled very firmly. It’s okay. You just need to navigate a bit.

  39. Hi Jessica
    Mars will reverse back to 24° scorpio soon. I have a natal neptune at 24° scorpio. Can you tell me how this might effect me, and any dates to watch out for. I may have an important decision to make about ex partner/enemy and a potential new partner in June. A decision about the ex is linked to how I could go forward with the new partner. Thank you as always.

    1. Sure, you will feel the Mars Retrograde conjunct natal Neptune. The cycle falls around the 14th to 18th of June and then you have the final closure July 13th through 17th. Allow time and space for the wheels to turn backwards and forwards. The future looks fantastic, by the way – long-term.

      1. Thanks Jessica! I look forward to my new future life, as the current one has been really challenging….I can’t wait for it to be past me
        So interesting reading your articles. You have an incredible ability with language and describing archetypes.
        Just one more question, is a conjunction positive or negative?
        Thanks again.

        1. Ah, thank you very much. A conjunction is like two children tied together in a three-legged race. (This analogy comes from Sue Tompkins, author and astrologer). You can’t have one horoscope factor without the other one, automatically coming along for the ride. It can be hard work or easy, depending on the actual nature of the two factors. So, Saturn conjunct your Sun requires tremendous effort because every time you try to shine, along comes your fear. Jupiter conjunct Venus can result in a whole lifetime of landing people in the sack, but this is where astrology becomes subjective. You either want that or you don’t!

  40. Hi Jess,

    I’m feeling very confused in my relationship. He has Pisces in Saturn (retrograde) at 10. Trying very hard here to give him space and time but feel lost about it all.

    1. I think you mean he has Saturn at 10 Pisces? If so, then he has Neptune right ‘on’ his Saturn and this cycle will pass, in time. You may have to deal with his confused and confusing presence until Neptune is moving right away from 10 Pisces, which takes place in November 2017. Of course, by then, you may decide you want something/someone more rock solid in your life. It’s hard to say more without seeing his chart, but this does get better for you!

      1. I meant his natal Saturn is retrograde. Does that only amplify this transit for him? Thanks!

  41. Dear Jessica, thank you for the opportunity to ask you questions. Your responses are a great help to me. I have several aspects to Neptune & have felt lost a sea for quite some time on a personal level, minor health issues & lacking a sense of direction. (The Chiron return was especially tough & I guess Neptune nearby & in opposition to my Virgo stellium played a role in this too). I can certainly relate to feeling Neptuned by others, especially a newish friend (dob 7am, 5/5/1955, 170n40, 52w07), where I have a strong sense that she can’t be trusted. Also, an estranged part of my family, my fathers side, no contact in 30+ years, wants the cousins to reconnect & I feel very reluctant to do so.The same goes for a couple of old friends who wishes to reconnect online. I’m usually a very trusting person & feel baffled by my reaction.

    This may sound odd, but I experience these sudden bouts of ‘a sense of dread’, that something unpleasant & hard to control is hovering on the horizon in a not too distant future. A very unusual happening for my down to earth disposition, I have shrugged it of as being related to hormonal changes, my physical condition affects me a great deal, but my intuition also tells me that maybe I ought to listen closer & figure out how to best prepare myself. Reading your article made me ponder if this is related to Neptune energies & not just my mind playing tricks on me? Your thoughts on how this Neptune transit plays out in my chart will be greatly appreciated. <3

    1. You have strong Virgo patterns in your chart which mean your body affects your mind, and your state of mind affects your body. It’s not so much the Neptune cycle – this is just something you are here to figure out, and it will keep getting in your way until you find a way of handling it that works for you. Some people try meditation. Some people need to go for second, third and even fourth medical opinions until they master it. There is a ton of research out there to explore. The sense of dread is not showing in your chart – there is nothing and nobody to be fearful of coming from outside. What you are experiencing is your nervous system, which Virgo rules, having a huge impact on the way you think about life. The more you can look into that and find something tried, true, trusted and tested to lean on – the better. It would actually change your life. Have a look at your body and start from scratch – food, drugs, drink, fitness, relaxation, sleep, healers – the lot. It is very common with a big Virgo pattern to have no idea just how much your physical condition affects the way you think and feel – about everything, from friends to family.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    I am having some issues with this transit I think. I had a major breakup the first week in March, and I am not facing it with any resilience. I am writing a major project and I have not made any headway even though my future depends upon its completion. I am battling my Pisces ex in court, a very lucky fellow, and he may get away with not paying child support as he hides major assets. Thank you in advance for any guidance or suggestions you can provide!

    1. It will be resolved so well for you – trust the process – once Jupiter moves into Libra from September, you are on your way to total closure over the break-up. Your Pisces ex can also be managed far more successfully than you might think, at the moment – and again, it’s from September. The New Moon in the first half of October is the new beginning you need with your past, present and future love life. On a more spiritual note, if child support worries you, write down your concern or say it out loud over a candle – and aim to reach your guides. Children are very precious to spirit and wheels will turn for you. No child should be unsupported.

  43. Hi Jess – I’m reposting this because there seems to have been a glitch.
    I’m often dazed and confused! (Hence the questions!) Career, relationships, homeland, life direction. I tend to float. Although with a few Pisces chart factors I’ve come to understand where that comes from.
    I’ve got a few factors in other signs at the degrees you mention. Is there anything specifically I should be looking at?
    Despite my confusion, your articles are very helpful and illuminating!

    1. Sorry, I have replied once, but not sure where the reply went (typical Mercury Retrograde). Okay, you have several factors at 10 degrees of the signs, so when Neptune goes to 10 degrees of Pisces, two or three departments of your life all get affected by people/organisations/situations which are mysterious, elusive, slippery, confused and confusing. Be aware of this, second half of August 2016, September 2016, January-February 2017 – then you are mostly left alone by this cycle. A firm ‘No’ is always useful.

  44. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for this article!
    Could you please explain me, how this Neptune cycle will affect me? Your every word is very important for me.
    Thank for your help,

    1. Aha. You have posted twice – which is a very Neptune/Mercury thing to do! You were born with Mercury at 22 Aquarius square Neptune at 22 Scorpio. Every time you engage with the group/team/club/society/social media/collective/community you need to talk about it. Or write about it. Yet, whenever you do this, you have to push against the confused and confusing tide of Neptune. To fix it, work harder on your Mercury (communication, computers, voice, internet). Similarly, every time you ‘do’ your Neptune in the Eighth House and try to escape from reality with money, possessions, houses, charity, business, apartments – you run into issues about the group. This group usually contains one or two friends.

  45. Dear Jessica,
    Thank for this article! Could you please tell me, how this Neptune cycle will affect me. Your every word is important for me.
    Thanks for all your help.

    1. I’m afraid you haven’t given me your time, place and date of birth (or your Sun Sign which is also useful) so I can’t help you. Thank you.

  46. Hi Jessica, my previous reply didn’t get answered, but I hope you can still tell me how this Neptune cycle will affect me. I’m a premium member. Much appreciated.

    1. You have Salacia at 16 Aquarius in your house of groups, friendships, societies, teams, clubs, bands, charities, political parties and networks of genuine friendship – and allies. You are not being affected by Neptune at the moment, but you are having a cycle which can only happen once in your lifetime, in June 2016. Jupiter and the North Node move to 16 Virgo and Pluto moves to 16 Capricorn. They ‘massage’ your Salacia so you will find yourself drifting into an escape from the real world – a vacation from reality – with a very important circle of people, amongst whom you have genuine friends. Together you can change the world. You may also be asked to join a new group.

  47. Dear Jessica, My comment is still awaiting moderation, so I am resending it.

    Hi Jessica, I have lots of factors on 7 to 11 degrees. Could you tell me how am I going to be effected by this transit. I feel confused and often pulled between who I really am and what I should be to fit in with friends, family and groups. Reputation and how I am seen is often the issue. I am premium member.


    1. I am so sorry about the comments disappearing on this post! Thank goodness Mercury Retrograde is nearly over. You have the Moon at 27 Aries and Ceres at 6 Aries. This rules your reputation, and how you are seen. What you are actually feeling is not Neptune. It is transiting (or travelling) Ceres herself, passing over 6 Aries on May 1, 2, 3 and then moving on to Aries 27 on July 5, 6, 7, 8. In other words, my friend, you are having your Ceres Return. Read more about Ceres by hitting Search on this website. Basically, when it comes to your title, appearance, role, reputation, profile and persona – you need to share. You need to compromise. You need to accept that you can’t always get what you want and need, and sometimes you have to accept Autumn and Winter as well as Spring and Summer. The good news is, Spring and Summer always return. The way you look and appear – even the title you have, the reputation you have, the clothes you wear – is your weapon. You will always be able to use it, just remember it won’t be 100% of the time. I also wrote quite a lot about Aries – hit Search for that too.

  48. Hi Jessica
    I have four aspects in Pisces and I have been very confused about what to do with my work life, I can’t seem to settle at anything, I think I will like something and when I do it, I realise I don’t really want to after all or I get bored after a couple of years. I was made redundant in 2008 from a grant-making job I really liked as a result of the financial crash in GB and I’ve been unable to find anything as fulfilling since.
    Is this uncertainty a Neptune effect and if so, how long will it last? Will I ever find something that I will like doing for a sustained length of time?
    (I originally posted this on 30th May but it seemed to get stuck in moderation and I didn’t see a reply!)
    best wishes

    1. I am sorry about the moderation issue with Comments – hopefully you can read this now. Wow, eight years is a long time to spend without professional satisfaction. I always look at Virgo and Capricorn in the chart to see work issues and sure enough you have a massive pattern in Virgo. Virgo rules the tasks you can/do/will perform in life – the work – as a result of your physical condition. Your age. Your energy. Your gender and sexuality – being a woman. If you think about the way the virgin/maiden of the family was saddled with housework and female work over the last 2000 years you’ll figure out the symbol. You have Virgo placements as follows – Mars 6, Uranus 1, Pluto 9, Juno 17, Vesta 24, Ceres 14, MC (Midheaven) 22. You were bang-on to spot Neptune as the culprit because while he has been in Pisces, he has been opposite your Virgo stuff (opposing it or clashing with it) at Pisces 6 opposing Mars, at Pisces 1 opposing Uranus – and he’s not going away any time soon. What is happening to you is that you are forgetting you are strongly Virgo. I also think your body has a lot to with this. Your basic health, energy and wellbeing. Have you been checked out recently by a doctor? Beyond the physical stuff, get to know Virgo well in astrology books, websites and forums. Don’t get Neptuned, do more Virgo. There are major issues here about serving other people and doing your duty. Virgo is the wheel that makes the machine turn around. I am stunned that you are asking me this question now as Jupiter in Virgo is fixing all your issues – in fact if your birth time is right, you will experience Jupiter conjunct the MC (Midheaven) when he moves to 22 Virgo in the first four days of August. That is a major solution or opportunity for your career. Good luck.

      1. Thanks Jessica – I’m now looking forward to the start of August! It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I have had a quite successful time over the last six months or so in what I do now, which is charity fundraising, but I don’t enjoy it as much as the grantmaking job I used to do. Being made redundant really affected my mental wellbeing. Maybe I shouldn’t try to compare the two? I also work part-time now which I really like – it’s a good balance. And I always do feel like I have to be of service to people in what I do 🙂
        It’s interesting that you highlight my health – I do have health issues – I have chronic kidney disease, which although it doesn’t affect my overall health at the moment, it does affect my blood pressure. That’s one of the reasons I like to work part-time and try not to get too stressed.
        Thanks for all the insights – it helps to make sense of what’s going on.

  49. Hi Jessica

    Could you take a peek at my chart please? I’m interested in the impact of the asteroids to this transit. I have Ops (Virgo) at 7 degrees and Apollo (Virgo) at 10 degrees. My MC (Scorpio) and IC (Taurus) are also at 7 degrees and my Saturn is in Aries at 11 degrees. I’m heavily Virgo and have had huge life changes since 2012. I’ve tried to make sense of it myself to no avail!



    I think my question was chewed up by Mercury R shadow so I’ve opted to resend it.

    1. You have some sensitive spots at 21, 22, 23 degrees and Uranus (radical change) has been triggering that in your chart. Neptune is also at large, of course. I am sure you have been through massive changes since 2012 but it does ease up – one of the reasons you may have been stuck with things particularly at the moment is the number of retrograde cycles we’ve been having. You can’t resist change on this cycle but what you can do is make your own change – in other words, choose your own style of revolution, not what other people are trying to foist on you.

  50. Hi Jessica, I posted this in May but I believe you had some issues with comments then. Although I do have Pisces factors in my birth chart, they don’t seem to be triggered at this time. I do have other points in my chart at the degrees you have mentioned in Gemini and Saggitarius that could be the cause of my inability to make any concrete headway in life right now. Is there any advice you can give me that will give back some clarity specifically for my career. I am feeling I should go in a whole other professional direction. Thanks for your insights Jessica.

    1. You have Ops conjunct Salacia at 21 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. You have been going through Uranus square that, at 21 Aries so you are in a temporary cycle when you can’t ‘square’ the old ambitions or position. You will find it a lot easier once June is behind you, as in the other chart method I use for you, there is a Full Moon to show you what/who does not add up this month and once you’re over that you can begin to make some decisions.

  51. Hi Jesica,

    I am reposting a comment that was never answered as I saw that there had been problems with posts awaiting moderation. Basically, this was my question:

    Hi Jessica, feeling confused about what I should or would like to do has been a pretty much permanent feeling throughout my life with complete and sudden u-turns imposed on me by often external events. So I have just learned to live with this and astrology and your posts and insights are rally helping in the past year or so.

    My Neptune is at 19 Scorpio, with Venus at 19 Leo and Uranus at 19 Leo. When will Neptune reach 19 Pisces (I guess some time before 2025) and how is this likely to affect me?

    Many thanks again!

    1. Neptune will first reach that spot in March 2020 which is a long way off. However – just be aware of people or organisations which are dazed and confused, or affected by drugs or alcohol in a way that befuddles you or them. Be sharply aware too of anything which also takes you away from reality (and prescribed drugs can sometimes have that effect). Knowing about Neptune is enough to help you avoid some of the more common situations. More positively, if you limit experiences like meditation, for example, or hypnosis, at this time – you can experience Neptune in a controlled way.

  52. I love reading your blogs regularly and re reading them . I am not quite sure about Neptune cycle but one of my close friends is experiencing just this (DOB 01/26/1986). His PHD plans did not work out and his stay in USA is questionable but he is here for now after grad degree. Although the final result will come out in September we are actively trying and hoping that any way his talents get a chance in this country and he does not have to return back to his homeland with a point of no return to USA. But it’s the exact way you’ve described above, that is exactly what he is going through

    I had to repost my question too.

    Thank you for all your hard work

    1. Thank you – and sorry about the need to repost the question. (Mercury Retrograde = repost!) Whenever I hear about emigration and academia in combination I always look for Sagittarius and Ninth House chart factors and your friend has Saturn at 7 Sagittarius and Uranus at 20 Sagittarius. The issue of course is not Neptune, it is Saturn himself, travelling through. The planet of all that is slow, stuck and serious is making the Saturn Return to this person’s chart (it was exact in November 2015 and early December 2015). The Ninth House of course rules foreigners, travel, study, teaching, migration and the rest. Saturn will conjunct his Uranus at 20 Sagittarius at Christmas 2016 so he is caught between two cycles. Saturn leaves Sagittarius and his Ninth House on December 20th, 2017.

      1. Does that mean he will not be able to figure things out till Dec 2017? That will be too late. By that time he will be deported back home

        1. No, it just means your friend has to do all his learning now through Christmas 2017. The learning is about reality checks (the real world) which usually come with Saturn, the taskmaster of astrology. Becoming older and wiser is normal on this cycle, then one can apply the lessons for the Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle, which arrives in late 2018 and 2019. This is when travel and academia really open up.

  53. Hi Jessica, I’ m a 12 degrees Aquarius sun (born on February 1) and I would like to know how I will be affected by the Saturn-Neptune square in June 2016. Thank you.

    1. Okay, so you have Saturn at 12 Sagittarius sextile your Sun at 12 Aquarius and Neptune at 12 Pisces semi-sextile your Sun at 12 Aquarius. This is about your friend and your group. Your old friendship and the team, club, society, band, committee, association (or similar) around you. Time to look at the way you are, in a community. You are being taught quite a big lesson in June, about the way friendship works, or does not work. Also, of course – the hive mind.

  54. Hi Jessica,
    I wonder how the Neptune cycle is affecting my situation right now which is basically unchanged from a few months ago when I last wrote to you on a different blog. As the mutable Grand Cross where Saturn and Neptune are so very much involved continues, when is this foggy and blurred financial and career situation going to clear up for me?
    Earlier on, you had said that it could be September or October 2016 before things improve.
    It is no fun being without a job, debts to pay off and the living situation very difficult.
    I appreciate all you do, religiously read all your daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes but just “broken up” inside as to when I might see some relief as I try to cope with each day. It has affected my sleep tremendously where I might be lucky to get 2-3 hours of sleep per night.
    Thank you.
    M M S

    1. You are a super-Taurean type and are going through Mars opposite Taurus, in Scorpio, for an unusually long period of time. It does get better. In fact, you are over the worst. I am sure you have been held back by the events of 2012-2015 when Saturn was also in Scorpio and also opposite all your Taurus placements. What is the point of all this? Because, from 2018, you radically change the way you earn, own or owe money. You revolutionise the way you live. You will be free. And you would not be ready to do all that, in two years, without having gone through this situation now. In the short term you will be feeling a great deal better about the debts and lack of steady salary by August 2nd. What works best for you overall? Nothing to do with cash or work. It’s meditation, dream work, hypnosis, self-hypnosis and other Piscean things. You have Jupiter in Pisces. When in doubt, close the door, put in your earplugs, hang up a sign that says ‘Do Not Disturb’ and use proven techniques (the Tibetan Buddhists have many) to access your inner world. You will be stunned at how much better you feel. Most Jupiter in Pisces people need to do this every single day, to feel good.

      1. Dear Jessica,
        Thank you! Your comments and advice have been noted.
        I do meditate 2-3 times a day, 10-15 minutes each time.
        Currently reading “Fear” by Thich Nhat Hanh and then “How to Meditate” by Pema Chodron – a great help, I must admit.
        Roll on August 2nd!!! Can’t wait!!
        I must admit that at times I feel so overwhelmed with all the issues in life that I am at a loss as to what to do! Surely, as you say, it cannot get any worse. It can only get better from now. 2018 seems so far away………….
        You are awesome and as before, just love your website, how you present everything, I often wonder where you get the time and energy to respond to so many questions. Amazing!! – I probably visit your site 3-5 times a day.
        Thank you for your prompt reply to my question.
        M M S

  55. Since morning when I looked up the current planetary positions, I have been struggling to draw and math ‘what is what’ all in vain. Please help me figure it out. Right now neptune in pisces is conjunct my natal north node in pisces at 12, the coming full moon in sag at 29 will conjunct my natal saturn in sag at 29 as well as uranus in sag at 28, saturn forms a square to my natal mars in aries at 0. Further more psyche 10 in sag will conjunct saturn 11(referring to neptune-saturn square). Other patterns at 12 are- minerva is conjunct my natal south node in virgo at 12,vulcano retro at 11 gemini. I am a scorpio sun.

    The issue is both a past relationship and an awful secret. I guess that fits perfectly into my situation. To go on the path of good karma i had decided to pay for my secret. What happens now?

    1. Okay, so you do have a secret. Neptune at 12 Pisces in June 2016 is sitting on your North Node at 12 Pisces. He is still pretty close in July and back again in March 2017, after which your issues disappear. What do you do in the meantime? Get this out of your head and onto paper where you can read it, in the cold light of day. Write it down, then shred it. Make your peace with it. Find a point of view you can lean on. Use it for relief and release so you don’t do head miles. It’s out of your life completely within months so hang onto that too, please. The other transits are also an issue but the main one is your Twelfth House transit and it is so easy to become introspective and get things out of perspective! If you cannot confide or confess then write it down, get it shrunken down to manageable size, then shred it. And don’t forget what made sense to you, when you did that – lean on it like a rock and stop the over-thinking. That’s my thought about the horoscope information you ahve given me.

  56. Thank you thank you thank you!!
    I have been writing it down as raw as it is, and yes it is peaceful thenafter. I dont lie to myself when I write it. To say hardcore truth.

    But it is linked to the past relationship as I have mentioned above. If I spill it, it does no good and if I manipulate it then I earn bad karma. And it is so much linked to my reputation. Only God knows I was a weak pathetic kid way back then! It will come into picture if I ever get back back in touch with the person in question. What will you suggest in such scenario because you have told me that I may solve issues with this person once jupiter moves into libra.

    1. I guess my ceres at 17 pisces will give you a better picture!
      My issue is intense but I really love the way astrology lets me play with it!

  57. Hello Jessica, Wow, after reading this article and then your very accurate weekly horoscope, I have been feeling the influence of Neptune in my life for sometime now. For weeks and weeks in the area of my finances and joint finances with my husband , it has been very hazy and unclear. Working on business projects (with my husband) and as free lance, I’ve been finding it quite hard to understand how much I actually earn ! Making ends meet has been quite a struggle lately. Thanks to one of your previous horoscopes which suggested I get a reality check with my finances, I went to see an accountant…and oh did he make me see clearly ! Basically for the past two years I have been working for nothing and it amazes me that I haven’t been able to see things the way they should be, though I have been having a hunch that something was not right. This week I am now seing the big picture, and it “ain’t” nice ! I hope to find solutions to make things better after all Jupiter IS in Virgo ! 🙂 Do you see anything in my chart about this ?Thank you so much !

    1. Great, I am glad the weekly horoscope has helped prompt you to see an accountant about the business projects with your husband. The money signs are Scorpio and Taurus in your chart. You were born with Ops at 21 Scorpio, the North Node at 26 Scorpio and South Node at 26 Taurus. There are past life debts and credits with your husband and they will be balanced, either with him or with the universe, in February 2018, April 2018, September 2018, October 2018 (that last month will change your life for the better). In the meantime of course you have to be proactive. The reason all this is coming up now, is Mars Retrograde in Scorpio at 26 degrees, going exactly over your North Node and opposite your South Node. You are over one episode, from June 6th through 8th). The final one will clear everything up, one way or another, in the second half of July. Never work for nothing again. One of your karmic life lessons is to value what you do, and put a price on it. See what others are getting/ receiving for what they do. Why not you as well?

  58. Dear Jessica,
    As written above in my comment to you, so many thanks for your prompt reply. I will also try hypnosis.
    I don’t want to take up all of your time as you have so many other readers/subscribers to attend to. But there is one more thing I would like to ask, please……
    The Full Moon on June 20 is at 29 degrees in Sagittarius and my Rising Sign is Pisces at 29 degrees 25 minutes, a perfect square. Can you tell me what I will be facing then? Full Moons are usually endings or a culmination of sort, correct? Not being paranoid but what do you see that I do not.
    Thank you again.
    M M S

    1. It’s a pleasure. Please do try hypnosis as some people find amazing relief from depression with it. St. John’s Wort is also recommended by many people. Okay – this Full Moon. Whenever the Rising Sign is mentioned I always hope there is an accurate birth time, because if your mother is even slightly out, your entire Rising Sign can change, or the degrees may be way out. Assuming she has given you spot-on accuracy, just allow more time and space over June 19th, 20th, 21st and don’t necessarily make big judgement calls or take sweeping action. You’ll feel the Full Moon as inner conflict or real-world issues you have to deal with. Thus, you may have to sort something out, mentally or emotionally, which is already quite hard work. You can do this, but make it easier for yourself by not adding to the mix, over that Full Moon.

      1. Thank you very much!
        My Rising sign was derived at by the rectification process carried out by a professional astrologer close to where I live. He determined my birth time as 02.43 am.
        Unfortunately, in those days, they did not record birth times.

        In any case, you use the whole sign house system – which is rather very accurate I must admit.

        Thank you again.
        M M S

  59. Oh boy, am I ever being affected by Neptune right now. Please help me see why I am feeling so disorganized and unclear about everything. I thought it was depression onset but I am beginning to wonder if it’s all about this Neptune transit. Thanks, Jessica!

  60. Dear Jessica,
    I’ve just joined your group, having been uncannily directed by your Brexit and weather predictions.The past 10 to 12 years have been very unsettling for my health, my career (i now seem to only have a job, no longer a career),my finances and any glimmers of a romantic life. I was compelled to write after seeing the pile up of placements in Pisces (Hygea @ 6; Moon @ 9; Chiron @ 10; Jupiter and IC @ 12) and directly opposite in Virgo (Venus, Vulcano & Pluto @ 8; Apollo@ 11; MC @ 12; Phsyche @17 and Panacea @ 21). I have become more and more introverted over these testing times and wondered if you could pinpoint a way to get back to my old self. I heed your warnings on prescription drugs as I have quite complex pain relief plan. I am very lost

    1. Yes, you do have a huge pile-up in Pisces. Okay, you need to look at the mind, body and spirit connection quite deeply. Try what you have not tried before. I strongly recommend you look at what your dreams might tell you. My friend Jane Teresa Anderson is an online dream coach and is very generous with her information, if you want to Google her. The Pisces-Virgo oppositions suggest that your subconscious mind or spirit/soul (however you wish to define it) is driving your ‘bus’ in life. It’s like being on the road while the journey is being controlled from the boot, by unseen navigators. To dig deeply into this use dreams. Also use The Astrology Oracle on this site. Keep asking questions until you get to what might help you take a new path. I feel very sorry about your pain issues but have a look at meditation and hypnosis, as good alternatives for pain relief. Look closely at Reiki too – my friend Kerry McNally, online, is brilliant and also a powerful psychic.

      1. Thank you, Jessica! I will look up your friends (I have some awful yukky nightmares) and use the Astrology Oracle. When you say, “try what you have not tried before”,do you mean in all areas of life? I’m quite not up to swinging from the chandeliers, but you have made me start to think.
        At what point do you think this neptunian quagmire will dissipate? Thanks again

        1. Please do pursue Jane Teresa Anderson’s dream workshops online – she is amazing – a scientist who decided to specialise in dream work. I’m not sure what you mean by your question, sorry.

  61. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this insightful article!

    I have quite a few horoscope factors between 7 and 12 – ASC/DESC, Sun, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Proserpina (also, Tr. Neptune is approaching my South Node at 14 Pisces). I have been through some major challenges in the past few years during the Pluto/Uranus square (and I guess those aren’t over yet), especially regarding family (the death of my father, my mother’s illness), work/career and income. Now, with these Neptune transits, I feel … lost and confused about what to do with my life, especially in the areas of work/career, life path/mission. I would very much appreciate any advice you can give me about the meaning of these neptunian energies, and on how to work with them and counterbalance their more negative and nebulous effects?

    Thank you in advance for your insights!

    1. Neptune on your Nodal axis will do it every time – yet you can manage this. Minimise the Neptunian people, set-ups or pursuits in your life. Maximise the non-Neptune. This too shall pass, but while the fog is upon you, do things which are sensible, down-to-earth, grounded and practical. Watch out for the impact prescribed or unprescribed drugs has on you, and alcohol too. Avoid people who are flakey, allegedly psychic, dazed and confused, muddled and muddling. Long-term your career and life mission is fine.

  62. Thank you so much for your reply Jessica!

    So you don’t see a change – or a need to change – my course of action? To clarify a bit I must say that, some years ago, I desired a change work and career-wise. I work as a freelance translator and, back then, it came to point that I felt so tired, lonely and disheartened that I wanted to give it up, but was unable to have sufficient courage to take that step. Well, the Universe took care of that change and I have gone through a long period of little or no work at all. Now, after all the changes and losses I have been through (also in other areas of my life, as I said in my first post), I learned to value the work I do. I have much less work now than I had before and there is a greater degree of uncertainty as well, but I am trying to accept this fact without any particular plan of action or objective. But deep inside I have this nagging feeling that I need some kind of change in my life, perhaps a change towards a more creative work/service or towards a service to others. I don’t know… Could this be an illusion or delusion caused by the Neptunian fog (Neptune is also squaring my ASC/DESC at 11 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius)? Sorry to bother you with another question and thank you once again!

    1. You nailed it with ‘service to others’ and fixed your own issue. The best way out of Neptune fog, especially with work, is to find your feet and then slowly get back to shore. Virgo is service, opposite Pisces, which Neptune rules. Even part time unpaid efforts for others will restart your chart. You need to get the wheels turning again and then the entire machinery of your horoscope will be up and running.

  63. Hello Jessica, Thanks for writing about Neptune. I need something to mop up this feeling of overwhelm. Have been unemployed since arriving in Australia 4.5 years ago, except for 6 months working as teaching support in a Steiner school, as well as the unpaid carer for my ageing mother who died 2 years ago. Whenever I go to look for a job I get so much wobbliness or I find excuses why I can’t do this or that job. In the past, in the UK I have usually found work through unusual routes or through contacts, I suppose that is Uranus in my 6th? I want to be more creative but I just spend too much time online as you say in your piece. What insights are you able to please bring to this sorry story…….?

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have been between jobs. Yes, you are being ‘Neptuned’ but you also needed time out to heal from the passing of your mother. You lost your mum and also your job with her, too. You will slowly come back to earth/the real world. I strongly recommend you try even unpaid work immediately and get back into the Sixth House groove. Different country, different national horoscope, different challenges. To tune into Australia tune into her Aquarius spirit. Hit ‘Australia’ on search.

  64. Hi Jessica,

    I wasn’t sure where best to ask this, but I suspect Neptune may be the issue so here I am.

    on Sept 21 new career opportunities started to open up, as expected, and some backward / forward movement due to, I think, Mercury did occur – again no surprise there! However, this has continued with two agencies, in my assessment, grossly misleading me. I don’t mind not getting the job due to another candidate who can better provide the skills needed at that time, but I do REALLY MIND being strung along and basically lied to. Ok rant over – sorry.

    So, is there anything in my chart that can explain this as this keeps happening and I am just so, so fed up with it? And I’m such an honest person she wails…….

    Also, I note that pesky Mr Neptune is retrograde and going back over my Pisces placements and is currently conjoint (?) Diana. Could you please advise as to how you would expect that to play out. Thank you a millions times x

    1. Thank you. Okay, you were certainly affected by the Mercury Retrograde cycle in Virgo in your Sixth House of work. September 21st was in the zone. Many people were offered amazing projects or jobs August-September which fizzled by October, unfortunately. Not your fault. Flakey people or chaotic organisation – lies are typical of this cycle, too (or weasel words). Your Pluto and Aesculapia in Virgo tell the tale. Anyway – this is over now and you know where you stand. There is one more straight question you could ask and this time you might get a straight answer. Neptune in Pisces in your Twelfth House conjunct Diana is about what you cover up below the surface (secrets) or what you do at a distance, unseen and unrecognised (life behind the scenes). This is where you have a tremendous need for freedom and independence – space. I suspect what is happening, as Neptune slowly passes over your Pisces stellium, is the need to beat a retreat. If you want to be alone; meditate; engage in mediumship/clairvoyance – that would be typical of this cycle. In fact, you may need it.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thank you for this. Can I just probe a bit please?

        In the Cap monthly horoscope you wrote “if you let the opportunity or solution pass you by near Saturday 1st October, Monday 10th October, Tuesday 11th October you will be missing out on a dazzling answer or brilliant chance to achieve your goals. These may revolve around your chosen field, business, profession or career…………. Trust the process, Capricorn, even if you hit obstacles along the path in the middle of October.”

        Even though the recruitment dance began on Sept 21 it took a positive step on Monday 10 October so I was very hopeful that mixed communication was behind me, unfortunately one week later (17th) the truth came out. So, I’m a bit confused about where the opportunity lay as I experienced a blurry confusing disconnect that involved, at best, a lack of transparency. Does the astrology indicate this particular process leading to something else? Or, is it just the start of Jupiter inspired opportunity? I’ve eagerly anticipated Jupiter in my 10th house and I’m wondering what can undermine this influence – Neptune? Mercury retro.?How can I counter this? Or, is it just early days yet?

        Thank you as always for your input.

        1. Only you will know the career solution or opportunity you were given near 1st October, 10th and 11th October. I suspect there is another branch on the tree you are missing. In other words, you didn’t get what you wanted, but there may be another person, option or chance that was there, perhaps as the result of what you went through. You will have success by next year so don’t worry – and this will turn out to be have been part of the story. It is rather like applying for a promotion, being rejected, but having one of the panel remember your name and skills for a project later on. This is usually the man in the lift you didn’t bother speaking to on the way down! That kind of thing!

  65. I have,

    Sun 10 Virgo
    Vesta 8 Virgo
    Neptune 19 Scorpio
    S Node 18 Scorpio

    My husband has been drinking heavily for a while, I need to move on but worry how I can do this and keep my children stable.

    1. If you are going to leave your alcoholic husband and take the children, you would be better off finalising discussions or paperwork before 1st December as Mercury Retrograde Shadow begins from that point and you may go backwards and forwards, or hit delays, from that point until early February 2017. If you have to go ahead after that date, read the fine print and get everything in writing – and allow for waiting games or changes of mind about the details, on his side, the children’s or yours. It is hard to comment any more than that as I don’t have your full chart or your husband’s. However as a general rule, when Mercury Retrograde goes through your Fifth House of parenthood, as it does from 1st December, you will typically go on a zig-zag path which is why it’s better to move earlier, or from February next year. I wish you the best with this. I am sure you know all about Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups, and people I know, swear by them.

  66. 3rd September 1966 9.16am

    I am also worried about the financial side of things, my job situation is slowly improving, and then stops again. The last few years have been horrendous in all areas.
    I am staying strong, a tiny glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel would be nice!
    Do you see anything?

    1. The future is so bright it’s dazzling. Opportunities and solutions for your money have been there since 10th September. You have been given two interesting chances to make or save cash since then – and even if they have only been mildly encouraging, you can do more with them in 2017. The purpose of the cycle you have been in, for years now (it ends in May 2018) is to teach you to do your own thing and invent your own way to spend, save, shop or handle the usual issues about property, business and so on. There will be more of that, by October 2017 and applying the new economic and business trends to your own life will help you. The falling pound is one example of that.

  67. Hi I have aesculapia at 9 degrees in Pisces. I’m self employed and recently my business seems to be very quiet. Should I be worried ! Have you any advise Jessica.

    1. Aesculapia in Pisces is not about your business – it is about the secrets you keep. Business has been quiet because (in astrology terms) everyone is waiting for this New Moon in Scorpio just before Halloween to make their choices about pounds and dollars. In the real world, business is quiet because everyone is waiting for the new President and the markets will go nuts. Watch the wheels turn again, second and third week of November as big wheels on Wall Street spin the small wheels where you are.

  68. Hi Jessica,

    I have numerous planets at 7-11 degrees, including Sun in Sag 8, Diana in Gemini 11, Uranus in Scorpio 9, DESC in Aries 8, and Ops in Taurus 8. I also have the following (referred to in October’s horoscope): ASC in Libra 8, Fortuna in Libra 29, Mars in Sag 6, North Node in Scorpio 3, and Juno in Scorpio 7. Any insights or advice?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. You are being well and truly ‘Neptuned’ by Neptune in Pisces which is now about to pass over 9 Pisces, so trine your Uranus at 9 Scorpio and very close to those factors at 8 degrees. If you feel dazed and confused, you may notice it as the classic ‘brain fog’ of a Neptune transit, which usually has its roots in what you eat, drink and do with your body on a daily basis. This is because Neptune at the moment is travelling directly opposite your Sixth House, ruled by Virgo, which also rules your physical condition and physical state. Neptune can be very subtle and unless you monitor what you put into your body (or even breathe, like cigarette smoke) very carefully and consciously, it is all too easy to be affected physically and end up feeling ungrounded, uncentred, unfocussed and the rest. How do you fix this? By attending to the tiny, daily details of diet, lifestyle and wellbeing, from the way you sleep, to what you eat for breakfast and when you have it. The other classic manifestation of a Neptune transit is being powerfully affected by people, organisations or pastimes which take you away from reality. As Neptune hovers around 8 degrees, for example, it squares your Sun in Sagittarius, so you may find it hard to square who you are – with the other influences around you. I have seen people be taken over by dodgy mediums on Neptune-Sun aspects. It is also textbook in the cases of people who join cults, though of course they never refer to themselves as such. Neptunian people with drug or alcohol issues can turn up on this cycle. Sleeping too much, dreaming too much, getting lost in television, video games or the internet is also really common. So now you know! The best way to deal with Neptune, as this planet will still be affecting you next year – is just to be aware. To switch on your Neptune radar and avoid who/what is “Neptuning” you and return to planet earth.

  69. Hi Jessica

    This just popped out at me, sitting in the very early hours of the morning, unable to sleep. Neptune at 7 Sagittarius, hmmm? I’m always writing something but there is a project and it’s linked to a family member you once mentioned, a repeating pattern. It feels very fated, very linked to sisters and daughters and it could be quite epic in scale. It feels like it needs to be done and done in partnership with my sister.

    Essentially, I feel this could be my purpose. I’d love your thoughts if you have a moment, your advice is always on point

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the astrology is on point for you. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis of your chart is purely about writing and publishing, both digitally and traditionally, and right now we have some powerful transits going across that part of your birth horoscope. Christmas will see you able to make a milestone choice about that – not only because it obviously puts your sister on the radar as it’s a time for families – but also because we see a very unusual line-up with Saturn at 20 Sagittarius, Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries, which is very close to your Sagittarius-Gemini patterns. Just be aware – this would be hard work, for the long haul, and would need to take a long and winding road in 2017 if you persist.

  70. Hi Jessica! Thank you for such an insightful article. I have Neptune in Capricorn in my chart which means that I experience the need for painstaking exactness or thoroughness. I can’t really deal with any Pisces people ever. I endeavor to be a person not a river. However, I also think this stops me from finding what I want in love and my career. Based on my chart, any predictions for the future or remedies to help me get over these challenges. Thanks a lot for your valued counsel and time – Sanam

    1. Sanam, Neptune in Capricorn does not actually mean that – it just means you use your career, ambition, status, position, success – as a way of escaping from the real world. There will always be something not quite real – rather a bubble – about this part of your life. You have Neptune in the Tenth House if you want to look it up. Actually your entire career will transform in 2019, 2020. Read 2020 Astrology (free to download) to find out why.

  71. Hey Jessica,

    I am being well and truly Neptuned as Neptune exactly crosses my ASC for the final time this week. I’ve been running an online biz for the past 18 months, doing what I love (astrology) – yet I feel so drained by all the boundary-less time I spend online. Boundaries are obviously not my forte. And I definitely don’t feel connected to spirit as strongly as I’d imagine to right now…

    Saturn’s crossed my MC and headed into my 10th, which gave me the drive to make my vision a reality, and is now moving towards my natal Neptune – will this bring some much-needed structure to my vague ideals? I’m prepared for disillusionment in some capacity, but I also want to make the most of it. But it’s so damn hard to get a good picture of myself right now!!! After Saturn crossed my Jupiter/Uranus/MC recently I felt my restless ambitions and grandiosity curbed, probably for the best, and had my nose to the grindstone in a pretty compulsive way.

    I know that I need to get my biz (and life) in order but I feel things slipping through my fingers instead of coming into clarity… My relationship is dissolving after a few years of illusions and playing the victim, and I’m ready to move onto the next stage there. I’m trying to put a health routine into practice, but again, setting time boundaries is a challenge!!

    Am trying to stay optimistic about all this – any insight you have is much appreciated.

    1. Your Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces Virgo angles are definitely in the zone for transits at the moment. In the Natural House system Saturn is crossing your Ninth House, not your Tenth House. If you’re feeling Neptuned, you probably are, though – and we recently had that extreme conjunction between Mars at 9 Pisces and Neptune at 9 Pisces. Vulcano, Apollo and Jupiter in your chart were all hit by that, which is really no way to start a new year. Neptune issues tend to clear up when you take them out of your head and put them down on paper, on a list. If your thoughts/feelings/ideas/concerns stay in your mind, they remain firmly in Neptunian territory, which is the imagination and the unconscious. That’s when you can feel all at sea. When you write everything down, even if you have to rip up one page after another to get your thoughts in shape, you move things away from Neptune territory into the real world – and you do a Virgo thing (list making, ticking boxes) which is a good fix for Pisces, the sign opposite. You say it’s so damn hard to get a picture of yourself right now. True. You have ‘me” floating around inside your head. What you might want to do is cut up pictures from magazines into collages, make sketches and so on, to get some clarity. Most of all, though, you need a to-do list based on real time, and the real calendar. The technique known as Space Clearing may help. Look at the work of Denise Linn and Karen Kingston online and read their reader feedback for inspiration!

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