Astrology and Sinead O’Connor

Sinead O'Connor is a classic Sagittarian, with her passionate views on religion, and so she often turns up in astrology books as a typical example of the sign.

Sinead O’Connor is a classic Sagittarian, with her passionate views on religion, and so she often turns up in astrology books as a typical example of the sign. This is her astrological birth chart, below. (Click to enlarge). It also holds insights about her May 2016 disappearance.


Sinead OConnor Horoscope 600x332 - Astrology and Sinead O'Connor
The Sinead O’Connor birth chart using modern astrology.


Sinead O’Connor’s Personal Horoscope

The chart is set for 12 noon in Dublin, as we have no recorded birth time. This makes it impossible to find the Moon sign, which is important (it may be in Libra or Scorpio) but other information about Sinead’s horoscope remains the same, no matter what time she came into the world.

Sinead is an unusual woman and she has an unusual birth chart pattern. The people who have come into her life, the organisations which have influenced her, the places she has lived and the cycles she had gone through, have taken her from unusual to extraordinary.

Sinead was born with  Mercury at 25 Scorpio, Aesculapia at 25 Capricorn and Fortuna at 25 Capricorn too. Every time this woman deals with her ever-changing career (she is destined to see her success peak and crash with this placement) this pattern in her birth chart is triggered. And with it comes the urge to write and sing about sex and death, true Scorpio themes.

No wonder she’s such a superstar. Everyone born in the Sixties with Neptune in Scorpio – in their millions – has been drawn to her, at one point or another. She articulates all the obsessions of a whole generation, with that pattern led by Mercury the Messenger in Scorpio, the most intense sign of the twelve.


S1 - Astrology and Sinead O'Connor
Sinead OConnor has a Scorpio-Capricorn signature.

The Scorpio in Sinead O’Connor

Mercury rules Sinead’s way with words and ideas. Aesculapia is associated with resurrection and rebirth. Fortuna is associated with the Wheel of Fortune that takes Sinead up and down. This is an exact pattern in her chart and it repeats at regular intervals.

Sinead’s most famous song is Nothing Compares To You which has all the passionate intensity of Scorpio, a water sign – hence the tears. It also made her a global superstar as everyone related.

Yet – Sinead’s chart also puts her on a Wheel of Fortune professionally. She swings up and down. Every high is a low on the way. Every low is a high on the way. It’s enough to make anyone want to vanish, but that’s not the reason Sinead O’Connor disappeared, according to the chart.


url - Astrology and Sinead O'Connor
The horoscope tells the story of Sinead’s disappearance.

Why Did Sinead Disappear in May 2016?

There is a story about Sinead’s vanishing act in May 2016  in the horoscope. She was born with Saturn at 23 Pisces, Venus at 23 Sagittarius and Salacia at 23 Capricorn.

Saturn in Pisces is about the unconscious mind, secrecy, and all that is psychological and psychic. Saturn can be a tremendous weight to carry here. In astrology we associate it with lead and there can be a dull, dark, ‘leaden’ feeling with this planet, whenever it surfaces in our lives.

Saturn in the Twelfth House in Pisces is a symbol of ‘skeletons in the closet’ in the horoscope. It often describes secrets which must be covered up and carried, over a lifetime. We never choose them. The whole experience of hiding things is inflicted upon us. It’s a load to carry. It’s an area of our lives and personalities that needs a ton of work, even though most of the time it is buried, ignored, neglected or just unconscious.

There is usually more than one cover-up job going on in the life, when Saturn is in Pisces and the Twelfth House. At the same time anyone born with this placement needs to look at how protected she is (or how under-defended she is!) when it comes to the things she conceals from other people.

There are usually issues here about being  paranoid, or at the other extreme, avoiding and evading the buried matters one is trying to hide, to the point where one is actually left wide open. The astrologer Sue Tompkins has written a lot about Saturn and the tendency to either under-defend or over-defend.

Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House is also about the psychic world, and the aura and chakras here are a very serious matter indeed. The trick with Saturn is always to learn – to do the homework – to ask questions and seek expertise and experience.

It is tremendously important to manage drugs and alcohol wisely with this placement, because they leave one wide open to all planes of existence and with Saturn here, there could be quite heavy learning experiences. All of this occurs as I look at Sinead’s horoscope and that dominant Saturn in Pisces.


51LLlwpBVpL. SL500  - Astrology and Sinead O'Connor
Nothing and nobody compares to Sinead O’Connor.


Rare Triggers in May 2016

In May 2016 Mercury Retrograde moved over 23 degrees of Taurus, at the same time that Chiron was moving over 23 degrees of Pisces. Chiron came along and sat on, or made a conjunction to, her natal Saturn in Pisces, and Mercury criss-crossed, backwards and forwards, also triggering the pattern.

Saturn was woken up in Sinead O Connor’s chart. This is rather like opening your eyes to discover a rather heavy, unavoidable, hard-work aspect of your personality (some say Saturn is where the pure fear rests in your chart) has come to life again. Each time it happens it becomes easier, as experience kicks in, yet it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of horoscope help either.


Sinead in 2016 and 2017

Healing and help is on the way, if Sinead O’Connor is open to it – the transits are really clear about that. The story continues in June, as Uranus moves to 23 Aries and Mercury finally concludes his long retrograde at 23 Taurus.

In August, Jupiter moves to 23 Virgo, which is very helpful. Uranus goes back to 23 Aries in September and this is quite liberating. In January 2017 Saturn himself moves to 23 Sagittarius as Jupiter moves to 23 Libra – and the patterns continue.

Astrology can’t make anybody do anything – but there is some powerful assistance here, too.  It’s timely and in many ways it’s a crossroads that could only come now!

More on May 2016

It’s rare to see a chart pattern like this being triggered so heavily. Yet, there was even more going on  in May 2016 when Sinead O’Connor vanished. She was born with the Sun at 15 Sagittarius, North Node at 15 Taurus and South Node at 15 Scorpio.

She went through a cycle which can only happen every 29 years, as transiting Saturn moved to 15 Sagittarius and set the whole thing off.

That is the second appearance of Saturn in the chart and he is commonly associated with tests and trials in astrology. The astrologer Liz Greene called him, ironically, ‘the old devil’ and he is a force to be reckoned with.

Yet, again – there is hope. Jupiter moves to 15 Virgo in June 2016, just in the nick of time, after such a tough set of transits. We associate Jupiter with people and organisations which are ‘the gift that goes on giving’ as they are all about the life force, solutions, hope for the future and progress. Jupiter will form a stunning trine to Sinead’s North Node at 15 Taurus. You have to want Jupiter. You have to be proactive – but this cycle is there for the asking.


Sinead O Connor Throw Down Your Arms Cover - Astrology and Sinead O'Connor
Sinead O’Connor has Venus in Sagittarius, the sign of religion.


The Crossroads Sinead Faces

Whenever you see slow-moving horoscope factors like Saturn, Uranus or Chiron crossing the exact same degrees as birth chart factors, you just know people are going to hit an Elvis Presley moment. For Sinead O’Connor it is indeed ‘It’s Now Or Never.’ The choices are hers to steer.

What is remarkable about her chart is Aesculapia in her horoscope in Capricorn, in the career zone. He is a 2000+ year old symbol of resurrection, rebirth and revival. His symbol is also the snake. Snakes are all over the CD cover above.

I’m going to take that as a wonderful piece of synchronicity and hope that yet again, the remarkable and wonderful Sinead O’Connor can relaunch herself and come back to us, just like a snake shedding its skin. We need her!

For more on Aesculapia (also known as Aesculapia) please read this extract from Asteroid Astrology, below.

AESCULAPIA JPEG 432x600 - Astrology and Sinead O'Connor


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18 Responses

  1. Another insightful piece, Jess. But you know I worry about my Saturn placement in Pisces …

    1. Astrology is there to help you figure out a new way of doing things, and when Saturn moves to 16 Sagittarius in November 2016 and squares your own Saturn at 16 Pisces, you can look at the whole issue of your Twelfth House. Covering up one or two really big secrets in your life is a common outcome of this placement, and November is the time to look at how covered you actually are, and if it’s not the time to become more flexible about what you hide – loosening up, so to speak. It’s really your choice. That is also the time you may want to look at the time you spend alone, and the way you deal with the psychic world if that affects you. Saturn makes it necessary to really ‘work’ all this and make it function for you, otherwise it can end up being a bit of an issue – you will find ways to address this in November as the aspect becomes exact.

      1. Thank you! I must say, you’re not only incredibly gifted, you’re very generous with your talents.

  2. Thank you for this lovely piece. Sinead is and has always been an enigmatic and intense figure. Lots of interesting patterns also. Sineads Fortuna in capricorn is reflecting her career ups and downs. My Fortuna is in Libra in opposition to Chiron in aries and square ascendant/descendant axis. So is it ups and downs always in relationships? How could I best handle this pattern in my chart? I have lots of scorpio and libra placements too but really have always imagined to be rather independent and not too eager to commit and compromise. Thank you again for your time and effort!

    1. Thank you – I agree – there is something very special about Sinead O’Connor. You have picked up on the importance of Fortuna, and that’s correct – she is at the heart of a major pattern in your chart. Fortuna at 13 Libra is tied into a sextile with Mercury at 12 Sagittarius (one degree orb), Chiron at 13 Aries (exact opposition) – and she is involved in aspects, with one degree orb, to your Ascendant at 12 Capricorn and Descendant at 12 Cancer. This is the rare Grand Cross. If you were to draw lines between Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn you would have a perfect cross, which is always a cross to bear, as I am sure you know! This is certainly going to be about the kind of relationship you have with your former, current and potential partners, as Fortuna is in the Seventh House of love, sex, commitment and separation – and of course your Descendant rules past, present or potential love, as well as the disputes we can have when we break up with people. Only you can figure out which part of your personality is working in love. Is it Fortuna, who is that part of you that blindly spins the wheel of fate and fortune for your lovers, sending the relationships high and low? Or is it Chiron in Aries, which is that part of you who is very concerned with her image, title, role, persona and profile – and wants to see what she can get away with. I have written about Aries on this website if you want to have a look at that. One other way of decoding the way this pattern works for you, is to look back at major relationship events and see if the slow moving planets and points were around 12/13 degrees at the time. This will help you unlock the pattern and that is the whole key to progress.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    This was a fascinating, illuminating read. Thank you. I’ve felt tremendous change and deep transformation & secrets in my life, which I now know makes sense given my 23 degree, 12th House Capricorn sun!

  4. Hello Jessica . Wanted to know what these placements in my natal chart mean . I have aesculpia conjunct Diana at 18 degree Capricorn . Also considering one degree orbit , I have fortuna at 17 degree Taurus and desc at 17 degree Leo . Taurus Leo is a square but Capricorn – Taurus and Capricorn – Leo is trine . I’m a bit confused on how to co relate them . Thanks for your insight .

    1. You do have quite a pattern there at 17 and 18 degrees, and one way to find out how it works for you, is to watch what is going on in May 2016 as Pluto is at 17 Capricorn, setting the whole thing off (until June 3rd). I suspect you already know, as this is about your career, unpaid work, university degree or full-time parenting role. You are dealing with people, organisations or trends which take over and seem to take as well. You can feel dominated – yet ultimately the situation will return to balance. Diana in Capricorn is about your tremendous need for independence and autonomy in your chosen field, industry, business or profession. You need space here and do not need to be tied down. Conjunct Aesculapia it is clear that you can also revive your roles, projects or positions, even when they appear to be over, or on the way out. You can also play the role of miracle worker in your particular field, resurrecting companies, concepts or plans which are on their last legs or have even been written off by people. Because your Ascendant, Descendant and Fortuna are also tied into the pattern, it is really clear that what goes down in your career or other role in life, affects three other departments of your world at the same time! And it works the other way too. Your personal life in particular (Descendant in Leo) and your money (Fortuna in Taurus) can impact how successful you are. Have a look at Pluto on this website as this is what you are dealing with right now and the issue will return when Pluto goes back to 17 and 18 Capricorn in January and February 2017.

  5. Hi Jessica . Could you please explain me the effect of aesculpia conjunct my vulcano at 29 degree Leo in my natal chart . Also I have a stellium in Leo – have 7 planets . How does this affect me in my life .

    1. The sign of Leo is associated with courtship and heirs. The lion is an ancient symbol of monarchy and so we think about the importance of marriage, as it produces the children who later become King (and keep the monarchy going). We also think about issues like fertility, and sex itself. The word ‘courtship’ comes from court, of course. Babies, children and young adults and the activities that bond them to adults are also a Leo concern, so this is why music and riding are often mentioned in connection with Leo/the Fifth House. It is perhaps the sign to associate with pregnancy, termination, illegitimate children – but more happily, the sons or daughters who inherit the legacy of your personality; the godchildren you can be proud of; the work with (or for) the young, which you do in your life. The Vulcano-Aesculapia conjunction suggests that you can always resurrect relationships which appear to be dying or dead. For this reason you may find a so-called ex, is never really an ex in your life – maybe you have done this a couple of times with different people. It also means that any paid or unpaid work you do with babies, children or teenagers is never actually over – it has a habit of returning or resurrecting, years later. Have a look at the myth of Vulcano in relation to courtship. He was married to Venus who betrayed him with Mars. He caught them in bed together, but rather than become violent (he was a blacksmith) he controlled his rage and perhaps his desire for his wife too and ended up having the high moral ground. He rose above them, and rose above the betrayal. We associate Vulcano with tremendous inner strength and self-control – the kind that makes one powerful.

  6. Mercury Retro, Jessica. Read over that last line of yours: “For more on Aesculapia (also known as Aesculapia) . . .” Did you mean to say “also known as Asclepius?”

  7. Ahhh . . . either and also then, lol; Aesculapius being the one that did not appear in the above article. Thank you, Jessica.

  8. Hi Jessica, super interesting article. I’ve always had a soft spot for Sinead. Hopefully she’ll pull through this time. Cheers, Melanie.

  9. Hi Jessica

    As is the case with my question in the Neptune post, I am posting my question again as there seem to have been a problem and it was not answered. Let’s hope the end of the Mercury retrograde period will help!

    This was my question:

    Hi Jessica, thank you for another mind-opening and enlightening post.

    I share a Saturn placement at 27 Pisces but I am not sure what ‘secrets’ I am hiding? 27 also appears as the degree in my MC (Scorpio), IC (Taurus), ASC (Capricorn) and DESC (Cancer). When a number repeats like that, does it have any meaning? And are these placements linked to the ‘secret’ I am not clear about?

    Thanking you in advance for any further insight on this astrological journey of discovery. It is really improving my life all the time.

    1. Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House is certainly at a key degree in your chart. It just means that whenever one story in your life begins, several more are automatically triggered. If you go back through time to find out what was happening in the final week of May 2011 (for example) when Jupiter hit 27, you might begin to see the patterns. The Twelfth House rules the subconscious mind. We associate it with Neptune and Pisces in astrology so the idea of submarines comes to mind – whatever is ‘sub’ is below, and the ocean is very much about what lies beneath. It is common for people to ‘forget’ their Saturn secrets or relegate them to the subconscious with this placement. Sometimes it is better not to remember certain things, or not to admit them to oneself. It can happen.

  10. Namaste,as someone who was born 3 weeks after her and also a musician i would like to add that according to Indian Vedic astrology,she has been going thru Sade sati,the the approximately 7 years of Saturn affecting her Libra moon. Also starting in August,Jupiter will be transiting her 12fl house,which is considered mostly unfavorable for her. She could fast on Thursdays for Jupiter and give charity to mitigate any inauspicious results.

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