Astrology, Science and Statistics

Can astrology be proven by statistics? That might satisfy science. It might even convince a few sceptics. Unfortunately, it never works.

Can astrology be proven by statistics? That might satisfy science.  It might even convince a few sceptics. Unfortunately, it never works. In fact, it’s quite wrong to test astrology using statistics, for the following five reasons.


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The transits, or travelling planets, asteroids and points, form patterns which are like the images you see at the end of a kaleidoscope. They fall together in different ways, each time. Even next Wednesday, in astrology, the patterns you have in your horoscope now are unrepeatable in your lifetime – and the lifetime of any scientist looking for proof.



In the world of horoscopes, the personal chart of the astrologer (the person peering into the future) is just as important as the birth chart of her subject. Why? She might have a birth chart which makes her a poor predictor of events. In the quantum world the observer affects the experiment. It’s the same in astrology. The stargazer is a factor.

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In  1999 when I wrote Astrology for Women (HarperCollins) a famous sceptic and scientist challenged me on the radio. He wanted to talk about statistics. I was trying to explain to him how astrology actually worked. He talked over the top of me. He valued computers over the people who actually make the horoscope happen.


There was a study of suicide in New York some years ago. It tried to prove that astrology could predict who would take their own lives and who would not. Of course it failed.  Astrology has no symbol for suicide. There is no zodiac sign nor planet which translates as death, even. Testing astrology for this is like testing fish for tap-dancing. It is amazing how often people test horoscopes with trials it was never designed for. When astrology ‘fails’ however, it is the test which is the problem, not the horoscope.


Just as you need to take the personal birth chart of the astrologer and her situation or abilities into account, when you test astrology – you also need to look at the questioner. Is the scientist a Leo? That will affect the research until 2018. Why? Uranus is transiting Leo’s solar Ninth House of academia. At this point any scientist who starts scoffing should probably just give up and go home. They are not suited to test astrology.

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The combination of the questioner, the client, the time the question is asked (the transits) and the nature of astrology itself makes for alchemy. You might call it a cocktail, or a unique recipe. There was only one Moon Landing. We will never have the kaleidoscope patterns of July 20th 1969 back again. We will never have the unique combination of those two astronauts (and their horoscopes) back again. And we haven’t even factored in the charts for NASA.

I’ll give you another example. People complain that twins are different. Well – of course. They may have the same birth charts and transits, but the alchemy of the areas they move to and work in – and most importantly, their lovers, parents, friends, children, colleagues – creates a cocktail that is unique to them. Some factors will be the same, but many will change.

If you want to test astrology try testing the Moon Landing. Try repeating the experiment. You can’t do it. Astrology is about who and what is unique owing to the combination of factors involved.  There are a handful of horoscopes which are involved in this famous film footage, below. They made up a kaleidoscope pattern which is unrepeatable and thus can never be tested by hypothesis and statistics.

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Supermoon February 2019


On the day that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon, the world experienced the historic meeting of two planets. Jupiter stood at 0 Libra and Uranus stood at 0 Libra. A conjunction like no other.

It is a good example of The Moment of Astrology, to quote the book by Geoffrey Cornelius.  Horoscopes were never about statistics, and never will be.

Jupiter – Expansion. Hope. Optimism. Growth. Opportunity.
Uranus – Revolution. Independence. Freedom. Progress.
Libra – Partnerships. Duets. Pairs. Balancing Acts.

Only one Neil Armstrong, only one Buzz Aldrin, only one NASA, only one date in 1969. You cannot run the astrology of the Moon Landing through a hypothesis and statistical test but the horoscope is still telling the truth about the symbolism of the event.

And that’s what astrology is. It’s synchronicity. And you can’t test that on a computer!

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25 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica, for your articles, advice and generosity, thank you! I truly believe astrology is synchronicity ….you mentioned the Moon Landing and I’ve always felt an odd connection to space, astronauts and NASA…maybe having a parent in the air force and watching endless reruns of I Dream of Jeannie as a kid growing up in Oz is the reason? Have been trying to figure out if 27 Feb 97 9.43 am Canada is the real connection, thank you!

    1. You win the prize for the most original question of the year! Sagittarius is the sign which rules outer space, and you have Mars, Vesta, the Ascendant and Bacchus in that sign. Sagittarius used to rule sea voyages in the horoscope, centuries ago, but ever since the Sixties we have learned to associate it with NASA as well – and also UFOs. It is fascinating to know that as Saturn goes through Sagittarius, Hillary Clinton has promised she will declassify secret UFO information for the public, if she wins. You can’t beat astrology sometimes.

  2. Dear Jessica,
    I am testing astrology and have been this past year. I found that your reports are so accurate – some days have taken my breath away! then I can’t wait for the next weekly report – almost like a chapter in a continuing story. I appreciate your definitions of the planets and the asteroids – helps so much. presently my story is a scary one. trying to develop property and could be going before the village soon but i have opposers for history reasons and could have tragic results. can’t decide to continue or stop. i would love to hear your thoughts. in usa.

    1. You have Uranus at 10 Cancer (property, the village) opposite Chiron at 10 Capricorn in your chart (ambition, achievement) which is almost an exact opposition. Your IC or Immum Coeli is at 8 Cancer, also very closely tied into this clash in your horoscope. You have to ask yourself what matters more to you – peace of mind and a comfort zone – or pursuing your property ambitions. Any opposition is like having a tug-of-war inside yourself and if you chase this, you are going to find stress increases as Jupiter slowly moves to 8,9,10 Libra and forms what they call a T Square. T stands for tension and it feels tight and taut! Jupiter moves to Libra on September 10th 2016 so the cycle is pretty close, now. Please look up Uranus and also Cancer on this website (hit Search) and also in astrology books so you can see what is going on. There is a part of you which needs to do your own thing, independently, creatively and perhaps rather rebelliously when it comes to houses and apartments. That is perfectly fine but there are ways to pursue that, which do not make you feel scared. You are the kind of person who could make a Tiny House work, or a shipping container with solar panels, or the most original kind of vertical garden – you have that kind of chart. This T-Square is about to be well and truly ignited, though, so if you don’t want the tension then figure out a different way to ‘do’ your Uranus in Cancer side.

  3. Dear Jessica, I am totally enamored with the gift you share with the world. We’re lucky to have you and I find that every article you write expands my understanding, not only of myself, but the world at large, as well as all those in my immediate orbit. Your pragmatic approach has delivered a sense of calm, allowing me to see the greater picture. I am now waiting until all the dots connect before making my next major life change! As a Taurus who has gone through hell and back since 2012, I take your guidance to heart. Many thanks for offering this amazing banquet of food for thought!

  4. Dear Jessica,
    Ur predictions always accurate,,ur articles always enlightening!!
    My daughter DOB 12th Feb 2003 , 7.10 a.m, India …..reading abt NASA and the theory of synchronization in ur article I wonder which field is best suited for her to excel in life? NY insights in particular tht CD help her choose the apt field in synchronicity with the universe?
    Does it HV to do with aeronautical area or SM other area or field??? Thanks

    1. Thank you, I’m glad the predictions are accurate for you. Your daughter will be given the opportunity to pursue a subject, field or talent at which she excels, in the year 2018 and that will help her choose her ultimate path.

  5. Hi Jessica, great article!

    Can my natal chart indicate what sort of career path/vocation I would be best suited to? I just can’t seem to even narrow anything down. My mind is very restless but I know office life is not for me. Can you please offer me some of your wisdom? Thank you, Melanie

    1. Cheers! You have some beautiful trines to Bacchus, Salacia and Proserpina in Aquarius, the sign which rules clubs, teams, charities, political parties, rock bands and all groups of people who are bound together in a community. I think you would have a good time working for/around this kind of tribe. It would also be a holiday from the real world – yet you would take on the very real task of being the go-between or human ‘bridge’ who connects two powerful people at the top, or perhaps two powerful organisations. It’s not so much the ‘what’ as the ‘who’ with you, because you are so well suited to those clusters of people who come together for a common cause, no matter if it’s an ensemble cast or a good cause. The fact that everyone is friends, makes it more social – and it’s always nice to work with people who might also become your new friends too.

      1. That’s so awesome! I totally love hanging out with people who have a common cause, I never even thought about it from a vocational perspective…thank you SO much!

  6. I believe in synchronicity…when I’m stressed my sixth sense isn’t too sharp. Following advice you have given recently ‘re asking for guidance from dreams and recording in a journal…..I had visitations from Oracle cards…..I can recall Minerva n aescaplia and a lovely sense of well-being. Had to share!!

  7. Hi Jessica, I have always been extremely introvert person and it effected me deeply growing up in India where people think there is something wrong with you if you are quiet. I have learned to be social around family and work situations . Right now I am going through a lot of guilt due to not being able to connect with ‘friendly’ neighbors and mom’s group at my kids school where you are expected to stay for good 20 minutes during drop offs and pick ups and do casual chit chat which I hate to .I think I am sensitive to people judging me. To make things worse I have my in laws living with me including my husband’s brother, his wife and their child plus husbands parents. I keep to myself mostly but feel guilty about not being good DIL. Is there anything in my chart that explains that.
    Also I am at a point in my life where where I want to grow in my career but can’t decide between updating my qualification or changing to a public sector ( I am assistant nurse) with the same position. I love being a nurse. I also have huge interest in alternate therapies like flower essence, EFT etc. What does my birth chart tell about my choice of career and if I will grow in this field any further.

    Sorry about the long post. I am so thankful for you generosity and your precious time.

    1. The long post is fine, please don’t apologise – it sounds as if there is a lot going on at the moment. The issue here is Uranus, the planet of freedom and independence, going through the solar Sixth House of your chart, which rules the daily round, your work as an assistant nurse, your lifestyle and your housework as well. It would be a miracle if you were not seeking something different, along with a lot more space. You will be in the ideal position to do this in June-August and please don’t feel guilty about wanting changes, or even a revolution if that is what is required. I am sure once you have some time and space to yourself you will be able to come up with some clever ways to rejig the domestic situation as well as the children’s school pick ups. Actually you are in a cycle when you are here to invent a new way to do everything. This also applies to nursing. You will have some fascinating options in the second half of July – go on a fact-finding mission then as the right person, at the right time, has the right information for you about either updating your qualification or switching to a public sector – or even taking alternative therapies on board part-time.

  8. Another interesting and informative blog, Jessica! Learning so much about astrology through your insightful blogs. Thanks.

  9. Hello Jessica. I am working on my communication and relating skills,(the latter seem to be non existent in me) if my family and social ties are anything to go by. I am a recluse though I can be the life of a party with my wit and humour, on the rare occassions I do venture out. I have not built any deeper nourishing bonds that last a life time. I must admit it is important to me only now since I am trying to build a community network for my child with special needs(dob:Aug 11, 2003, at 0715 hrs Bombay). I have not been too successful in getting my husband(dob:apr 10, 1974, at 1330hrs Bombay) on board in daily parenting and decision-making necessary for his development. He has a demanding career no doubt, but we cannot communicate to reach a common ground without fireworks. I keep thinking its a constant power struggle due to his need for domination/lack of responsibility, which aborts any rational discussion soon enough.(or is it my Pluto acting up)

    Which aspects of my chart kill my mercury, and make my moon volatile? I have to stabilise things on my own for the long term(think fifty years), and want to remain calm and focussed for my son’s sake. I would like to use astrology as my tool to tweak the emotional storms that are a natural part of life of a special parent.

    Any insight will be really appreciated.

    1. You have Mars, Saturn, Apollo and Ops in Cancer in the Fourth House of family. Even the word ‘needs’ is Cancerian and you mention your special needs son, parenting and family quite a lot. I completely understand this and I admire you for taking on the job of mothering. Here is a tip though. Saturn is the toughest part of our chart. Don’t overdo your Saturn sign and house. Don’t do too much Cancerian stuff in your life – it only triggers the issues! Saturn describes the situations we did not ask for, and cannot avoid – yet it also shows where we can be stuck, slow and sometimes self-sabotaging. Read more about Saturn on this website by hitting Search – and read about the zodiac sign of Cancer too. Bring in your other stuff! Bring in your Jupiter in Pisces by exploring meditation, the aura, the chakra system, yoga, mediumship, and all matters psychological (Jung), psychic (crystals, oracles) or spiritual. Jupiter negates Saturn and the more you do your Pisces side the more balanced you will feel. It’s fine to be a recluse with this placement. You actually need solitude. Yet you also deserve good people around you and once you realise that being Mrs Cancerian is actually really draining/demanding you should be able to find a way to do your Mrs Pisces side and yet also connect with like-minded people who truly understand the more esoteric or mysterious side of life.

      1. Wow that makes so much sense!! I embody Cancer. I am forever playing the ideal homemaker and the background support system for husband’s life. Its only when I started exploring my spiritual or creative side in 2011 did I see there was another side to life too. I learnt Reiki, psychology, meditate and practise yoga for my chakras and overall balancing, spiritual astrology(now my north node would fall in the ninth in the natural house system, i thought it was in the fourth with virgo ascendant). I try to swim whenever I can to deal with Neptune. I have also started music and dancing which makes me happy.

        Its nice to know I deserve good people but my benchmark for good used to be ridiculously high, and I am working on accepting people for what they are, without bringing in my orthodox moral compass or subtle contempt for the superficial. Why are the Piscean types mostly Bohemian? 😀

        It has been challenging to turn my focus away from home, so I have given up my career despite having post graduate professional degrees. I am looking at entering the financial world of investments and stock markets, which can be done from home. Of course, my mercury in Gemini makes me a sponge when it comes to learning but fickle at the same time. Any advice on how to activate my Sagittarius node?

        So much internal conflict…I come across as an extremely confused character, don’t I? Sigh….

        1. I’m glad your horoscope is working for you. The symbol for Pisces is the two fish swimming in opposite directions, and it is common to find people with Pisces chart factors feeling confused, conflicted – and thus confusing those around them – which creates a kind of feedback loop of muddle. It’s rather like being a famous professor of theoretical physics who lectures people on the ‘truth’ of the multiverse, while scoffing at astrology because it’s not rational. IT can be rather useful to sit down with yourself and figure out what pulls you in opposite directions. Who or what creates the inner conflict? Then figuring out a way to please both sides.

          1. If I lean on my pisces Jupiter to negate cancer Saturn, I also activate neptune which is drowning me currently. My natal neptune is in Sagittarius squaring the current neptune transit. I am trying to do my virgo ascendant by sticking to routine, schedules etc. I believe I have a mutable grand cross which keeps me stuck, and makes communication challenging. Any advice is most eagerly awaited.

          2. Actually your issue is Pluto, moving back and forth across 16 Capricorn, triggering your chart, which has a stellium at 16 degrees of the signs. You are being changed by life and other people. I am sure you know that. It has been taking place for a while and the process will not finish until Pluto is well and truly past 16 degrees of Capricorn, at the end of 2017. The trick to this cycle is to draw on your willpower and self-control. This empowers you. It also transforms you. Please read more about Pluto on this website – hit Search.

          3. I have this long term girl friend, who swears I am her best friend but her behaviour screams otherwise. I can’t get myself to trust her, and get very affected with our interaction. Her DOB is July 9, 1974, 72E50, 18N58.

            She has a Piscean moon too, to match her Cancer Sun. Should I stay away from all Pisces entirely for my sanity?

  10. Hi Jessica, It was really interesting to read about the effects of the astrologer and his/her relationship with the client on the resulting astrological reading.
    We have the same issue in the social sciences: when we research a phenomenon, we have to accept that, as social researchers, our own beliefs and behaviour will impact the findings – whilst scientists are looking for universal truths. (Whether they are able to find them is another matter as Kuhn showed that science is also a matter of faith up to a point). So astrology may just be a wonderful type of social science! In that regard, I also think that although we cannot find proof (in the narrow scientific meaning of the term), we can definitely find patterns. In a recent social get-together of about 15 academics (all social scientists), someone asked: please raise your hand if you are born in August or September (she meant to look for Virgos): at least 7 out of 10 people gathered there were born under Virgo as a sun sign and the remainder were either Leos or Librans, born in late August and early September. We were all amazed. It would be interesting to look for clustering in certain professions: not proof in itself but definitely ‘patterns for thought’.

    1. I was interested to hear that in social science you accept your own mind affects the outcome – so yes, as you say, astrology may be a kind of social science. I suspect it’s even stranger than that. The clustering effects (patterns) are unrepeatable, although always compelling. So it probably strays into territory which science has no word for. Of course, this does not stop rationalists from criticising what we do – they would have a real issue with your Virgo example – yet actually, it is precisely what astrology is all about!

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